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Welcome to Where You Belong

From the beautiful natural environment to the welcoming community of individuals inhabiting it, Western is a breath of fresh air and a wonderful place to call home. As the premier undergraduate-focused university in the Pacific Northwest, Western offers the personal attention, small class sizes and support of a small college, along with the academic choice, resources and student life of a large university. A trailblazing spirit has fueled us from our beginnings 125 years ago. Today, students continue to drive us forward, consistently receiving recognition for their commitment to making change—from developing and marketing solar windows to fighting for positive social and economic transformation. So get ready to collaborate with faculty who are equal parts expert and mentor, have real conversations, make deep connections, and develop innovative solutions to problems that matter.



By the Numbers 15,915 students


average class size






classes taught by faculty, not graduate assistants


acres of forest adjacent to campus

academic programs

student-to-faculty ratio


student-run clubs and organizations

Western is within 100 miles of two world-class cities: Seattle, WA and Vancouver, B.C.


Among the nation’s 100 best values in education, combining an outstanding education with economic value Kiplinger’s Personal Finance

Most Popular Majors Biology

#1 public, master’s-granting university in the Pacific Northwest for 19 years in a row U.S. News & World Report

Business Administration Computer Science Elementary Education

Among 40 campuses in the world selected as an Ashoka U Changemaker for providing students and faculty with interdisciplinary, entrepreneurial and solution-oriented skills to succeed and make a positive difference in the world.

Among the top communities in the country for outdoor lovers Outside and National Geographic Adventure magazines

Engineering & Design Environmental Science Marine Biology Pre-Medicine Psychology


Academic Programs WWU.EDU/MAJORS

A Accounting, BA American Cultural Studies, BA Anthropology Anthropology, BA * Anthropology/Biology, BA Anthropology/Social Studies, BA Archaeology Concentration, BA Biocultural Concentration, BA Applied Mathematics, BS Art History, BA Art Studio, BA, BFA *

B Behavioral Neuroscience, BS Biochemistry, BS Biology Biology, BA * Biology/Anthropology, BS Biology/Mathematics, BS Ecology, Evolution & Organismal Biology Emphasis, BS General Emphasis, BS Marine Emphasis, BS Molecular & Cellular Biology Emphasis, BS Business Administration Business Administration, BA Finance Concentration, BA International Business Concentration, BA Management Concentration, BA Management Information Systems Concentration, BA Marketing Concentration, BA


Operations Management Concentration, BA Business & Sustainability, BA Business & Sustainability – Energy Studies Concentration, BA

C Canadian-American Studies, BA Chemistry, BA, BS * Chinese Language & Culture, BA * Communication Sciences & Disorders, BA Communication Studies, BA Community Health, BS Computer Science, BS

D Dance, BA, BFA Design, BA, BFA

E Early Childhood Education, BAE Early Childhood Special Education, BAE Earth Science (Elementary or Secondary), BAE East Asian Studies, BA Economics, BA Economics/Accounting, BA Economics/Environmental Studies, BA Economics/Mathematics, BA Economics/Political Science, BA Economics/Social Studies, BA Elementary Education Professional Program Energy Policy & Management, BA Engineering Electrical Engineering, BS Manufacturing Engineering, BS Plastics & Composites Engineering, BS English Creative Writing Emphasis, BA * Literature Emphasis, BA * Environmental Education, BA Environmental Policy, BA

Environmental Science Environmental Science, BS Marine Science Emphasis, BS Freshwater & Terrestrial Ecology Emphasis, BS Toxicology Emphasis, BS Environmental Studies, BA * Environmental Studies/ Journalism, BA Exceptionality & Disability, BAE

F Fairhaven College of Interdisciplinary Studies Interdisciplinary Concentration, BA, BAE Interdisciplinary Concentration – Law, Diversity & Justice Emphasis, BA Financial Economics, BA French, BA * French/German, BA French/Spanish, BA

G General Science (Elementary, Middle or Secondary), BAE Geography, BA * Geography/Social Studies, BA Geology, BA, BS Geophysics, BS German, BA * German/Spanish, BA

H History, BA * History/Social Studies, BA Human Services, BA Humanities History of Culture, BA Religion & Culture, BA Humanities & Social Sciences Student/Faculty Designed Major, BA, BS Huxley College of the Environment Student/Faculty Designed Major, BA, BS

I Industrial Design, BS

J Japanese, BA * Journalism News/Editorial, BA Public Relations, BA Visual Journalism, BA

K Kinesiology Health & Fitness Specialization, BS Movement Studies Specialization, BS Sport Psychology Specialization, BS

L Language, Literacy & Cultural Studies, BAE Linguistics, BA

M Manufacturing & Supply Chain Management, BS Mathematics, BA, BS * Mathematics/Computer Science, BS Multidisciplinary Studies, BA Music Music, BA, BMus Composition Concentration, BMus History & Literature Concentration, BMus Performance Concentration, BMus Music Education P-12, BMus

P Philosophy, BA Physical Education & Health P-12, BAE

Physics, BS * Political Science, BA Political Science/Social Studies, BA Politics/Philosophy/Economics, BA Psychology, BS *

R Recreation, BA

S Science Education, BAE Secondary Education Professional Program Sociology, BA, BS * Sociology/Social Studies, BA Spanish, BA * Special Education, BAE Statistics, BS

T Theatre, BA *

U Urban Planning & Sustainable Development, BA

W Women, Gender & Sexuality Studies, BA

BA = Bachelor of Arts BS = Bachelor of Science BAE = Bachelor of Arts, Education BFA = Bachelor of Fine Arts BMus = Bachelor of Music * Related Bachelor of Arts, Education (BAE) degree or teaching endorsement available This list of academic programs is subject to change without advanced notice.

A DDITION A L A CA DEMIC OPPORTU N ITIES In addition to the bachelor’s degrees listed, you can enrich your academic experience through the Honors Program, Distinguished Scholars programs, certificates, & over 90 minors, including these: Arabic & Islamic Studies Arts Enterprise & Cultural Innovation Business Analytics Cybersecurity Diversity in Higher Education Embedded Systems Energy Policy Entrepreneurship & Innovation Film Studies Foreign Cultures International Studies Internet Resources Creation & Management Leadership Studies Queer Studies Raza Latina Studies STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art & Mathematics) Sustainable Design User Experience (UX) Design Women’s Literature

PRE- PROFESSION A L PATH WAYS While these are not majors, pre-professional pathways can be incorporated into or taken alongside the 160+ majors offered at Western. Pre-Chiropractic Pre-Dentistry Pre-Law Pre-Medicine Pre-Nutrition Pre-Occupational Therapy Pre-Optometry Pre-Pharmacy Pre-Physical Therapy Pre-Physician Assistant Pre-Veterinary


What’s the Big Idea? You Code, Girl Western’s Computer Science Department is participating in ongoing research and training with the National Center for Women in Information Technology to improve representation of women and other underrepresented groups in computer science programs.

Your Energy = Clean Energy Western’s Institute for Energy Studies students and faculty work together to tackle complex challenges that require innovative solutions and take into account the science, technology, policy, business and economic aspects of energy systems. Students come out well versed in a wide range of issues facing the production and use of energy on both a local and global scale.

Level Up Receive industry-certified certificates in web development while earning any bachelor’s degree at Western through our Internet Studies Center. Certificates include E-Commerce Developer, Web Content Developer, Web Programmer, and Cybersecurity and Privacy.

Juan Galvez President of Mariachi Bahía Azul and coordinator of Western’s first mariachi conference


Steven Simmons Helped build a re-entry program at Skagit Valley College for students who have been incarcerated

Whether you want to confront wasteful consumption practices packing our landfills or inhumane treatment of undocumented immigrants, Western’s IDEA Institute will help you work your way to a solution in a community that thrives on collaboration, innovation and entrepreneurship. IDEA Institute students learn to recognize a need, consider opportunities, link them to innovative solutions, and bring people together to make change happen. The Institute is home to the IDEA Changemaker Fellows, leaders from majors across campus driven by a commitment to their communities and to solving societal problems.

Hugo Sanchez Garcia

Maria José Palacios Figueroa

Gwen Larned

Developed solutions for valuing and compensating students of color for executing cultural events

Reimagined language education to connect Spanish Heritage Speakers across the Bellingham community

Using workshops and digital tools to inspire individuals and organizations to reduce their trash production

“Most Changemaker Fellows don’t self-identify as entrepreneurs and innovators, and that’s important. It speaks to the limits of words. Entrepreneurial and innovative people exist in all disciplines, sectors and communities. IDEA exists to help them build their dreams.”

Danica Kilander Associate Director, IDEA Institute

Phil Swisher

Victoria Matey Mendoza

Exploring ideas for decreasing greenhouse gas emissions from rental housing and commercial spaces

Challenging inhumane narratives about undocumented immigrants through public speaking

Stephanie Arroyo Created a welcoming, culturallyrelevant fitness program for womxn of color

Lead the Change

The persistence of inequality may fool some of us into believing that we are helpless to fight against it. As individuals, however, we have the power to dismantle structural oppression—this is one of Professor Glenn Tsunokai’s favorite lessons. Tsunokai, a professor of sociology, often shares the inspirational story of Charlene Teters, a member of the Spokane tribe. While in graduate school, Charlene carried a sign that read “Indians are human beings” to every sporting event on her campus to protest the use of an artificial Native American chief as the university’s official mascot. Her beliefs and actions became the catalyst for a movement that sought to stop the misappropriation of Native American culture, traditions, and imagery. Charlene’s story serves as a springboard for students to apply their knowledge in class by creating a movement to fight for social issues important to them.

“The overall goal is to make my students realize that anyone can be a powerful social agent for positive change.”

Dr. Glenn Tsunokai Professor of Sociology

For 15 years, Tsunokai has supervised and collaborated with students on research projects, provided guidance to upwards of 60 students completing independent research projects and/ or senior theses, mentored more than 200 student-teaching assistants, and co-authored papers with undergraduates. Much of his current research explores two opposing themes: love and hate. He's looking at interracial dating preferences, as well as the recruitment, ideology, and ritualized behaviors of white supremacists in the 21st century.


The Ethnic Student Center Established in 1991, the Ethnic Student Center (ESC) is home to 19 multicultural clubs, and is often referred to as a “home away from home.� From organizing cultural events on campus to advocating for the creation of a new Multicultural Center, students in the ESC are dedicated to supporting historically underrepresented students. AS.WWU.EDU/ESC

Speak Truth to Power With seven student-run on-campus newspapers, magazines and journals, expect to be heard while getting real experience writing, reporting and editing for award-winning publications. If you prefer the pavement to the pen, join the Associated Students in registering the campus community to vote. Western students received national recognition for the number of people they registered to vote in the 2016 election.

Lend a Hand Whether you want to help restore salmon habitat or build a website for a local non-profit, join the students, faculty, staff and administrators who provide approximately 1 million hours of community service each year.


See Outside the Box Ellie James passionately describes biochemistry as “somewhere along the pathway where chemistry becomes life,” and it has captivated her since high school.

She had dreams of pursuing the field and helping advance medicine, so it wasn’t surprising when she decided to pursue Biochemistry at Western and immerse herself in research. But then, her senior year, Ellie signed up for a class that challenged her to examine the field she loves, and her own notions of right and wrong. In Instructor Paul Dunn’s bioethics class, taught through Western’s Honors Program, they discussed big-picture issues from a variety of viewpoints. One topic focused on the ethics of clinical trials, in which a control group gets a placebo instead of the best drug on the market. “Giving the control group the best drug would almost certainly be better for the patients’ outcomes,” Ellie said, “but could potentially lessen the number of scientifically-relevant discoveries made during a clinical trial.”

"Students like Ellie who have gone deep into specialized research, but maintain an interest in how it relates to society and daily life, bring so much to the classroom and are a delight to teach."

Paul Dunn

Bioethics Instructor


“Every subject is connected somehow. There have been times when a concept came up in a humanities class that we learned about in a science class.”

Ellie James

Kelso, WA Biochemistry, Honors

Western Honors Program Recognized as one of the best in the nation, Western’s Honors Program promotes an environment where students and faculty actively seek to challenge themselves and each other. Honors curriculum is compatible with any major and gives students access to small classes taught by award-winning professors. The Honors housing option in historic Edens Hall provides a vibrant atmosphere for first- and secondyear students. WWU.EDU/HONORS

Build Your Own Major Through Western’s Fairhaven College of Interdisciplinary Studies, students can design their own majors, called interdisciplinary concentrations. Fairhaven faculty work closely with students through intensive advising and classes of 15-20 students, and curriculum focuses on social and environmental justice and diversity.

Combine Your Interests Western is rife with opportunities to fuse fields you’re passionate about. Earn a bachelor’s in Business and Sustainability. Put your environmental knowledge to work writing for The Planet, the nation’s oldest undergraduate environmental journalism magazine. Work with students and faculty from a variety of majors to tackle complex energy challenges through Western’s Institute for Energy Studies.


Support Sustainable Communities What if you could take what you were learning and use it to solve real problems in real cities before you graduate? Western’s Sustainable Communities Partnership takes students into Washington communities to do just that. Most recently, a team of about 100 Western students and faculty spent a year helping Stanwood residents. They collaborated with city officials who were looking for solutions to alleviate flood risks, keep their historic downtown viable, and reduce the cost of flood insurance. Rising costs over the past five years have become a problem for some locals, and with increased storms due to climate change, they’ll continue to see costs go up. Geography major Nyla Thursday served as an intern for the project. Nyla’s job was to get the data needed to develop a webbased flood education tool for the community. The tool includes a map that allows residents to click on their homes to reveal flood risk and other factors that affect flood insurance costs. It also explains how both city officials and individual residents can reduce flood insurance premiums.

“I deeply appreciate working with people on an issue as important as community vulnerability, both in terms of a hazard and housing affordability.”

Nyla Thursday Madison, WI Geography


Join the community at Western’s Huxley College of the Environment. The first dedicated environmental college in the nation, Huxley is a recognized leader in producing the next generation of environmental professionals and stewards.

Build a Tiny Dream Home In an effort to address affordable housing and environmental sustainability needs, a team of 15 students from majors across campus is designing and building a zero-net-energy tiny house. When completed, the house will produce at least as much energy as it consumes through a solar array, energy efficient systems and smart building design.

ReCycle Your Power Sean Petersmark, a Business and Sustainability major, teamed up with friends to make a change on campus—they reduced the electrical footprint of the Wade King Recreation Center by installing electricity-producing bicycles. The project was funded by a $24,000 grant from Western Sustainable Action Fund, which supports innovative student projects that reduce Western’s environmental impact.

Save the Salmon In collaboration with colleagues in the Nooksack Tribe, Environmental Science Professor Jim Helfield is improving habitats for Chinook salmon, whose populations are suffering due to rising river temperatures. Their solution: build deep pools for salmon to rest in while making their way upstream. So far results are positive.






360° Inspiration Live and learn in a location nationally recognized for its breathtaking beauty and endless outdoor possibility. With a vibrant downtown, thriving arts and music scenes, and an easy drive to and from Seattle and Vancouver, B.C., Bellingham is a place students love to call home.

Vancouver, BC



Tacoma Spokane Olympia


Portland, OR

89,000 Western was ranked as one of the top 10 colleges with the best perks by Huffington Post Teen, thanks to our student-operated Associated Students Outdoor Center

population of Bellingham, WA

663 inches of annual snowfall at Mount Baker, the most of any ski area in the world

32°F to 72°F typical weather: pleasantly mild and temperate


Research Your World When you do research as an undergraduate student, your lab could be just a lab. Or it could be a coastal research vessel, an old growth forest, or a mountain top in another country. One of these international research opportunities is offered through Western’s Mountain Environments Research Institute (MERI), an interdisciplinary team with an overall goal of developing the next generation of skilled mountain researchers. Through a MERI student-exchange partnership, Western students are working in the Peruvian Andes, and students from Peru will spend time in the U.S. North Cascades. The exchange project seeks to improve access to study abroad opportunities for underrepresented groups, and will help students gain a greater understanding of the issues facing climate research in the mountain ranges. “These two mountain ranges have so much in common, but more importantly, our students have so much to learn from each other when they go abroad,” said John All, MERI director.

"In the end, that’s what it all really comes down to— getting our students into these places to see for themselves how the Earth’s climate is changing so very quickly; then allowing their data and their experiences to help tell the story. Taking it to the next level—that’s going to be their job.”

John All

Director of MERI and Research Professor of Environmental Science


Study Abroad Earn credit while experiencing other cultures and languages during a quarter, semester or yearlong study abroad trip. One exclusive opportunity is the Adventure Learning Grant—each year, three students in Western’s Fairhaven College of Interdisciplinary Studies receive this $20,000 grant that allows them to travel abroad for 10 months. STUDYABROAD.WWU.EDU

Study the Sea Experience natural marine habitat while working in sophisticated labs and on a fleet of research vessels at Western's off-campus coastal research facility, the Shannon Point Marine Center. It's the ideal location for marine studies.

Investigate Brains Western’s Behavioral Neuroscience Program integrates elements of biology, chemistry, mathematics, physics and psychology. Research opportunities for undergraduates include working with world-renowned Huntington’s Disease expert Dr. Jeff Carroll and addiction researcher Dr. Jeff Grimm, who investigates the similarities between drug addiction and the body’s craving for sugar.

Explore Space A Professor of Geology and Astronomy at Western, Dr. Melissa Rice is also part of NASA's Mars Curiosity Rover Science Team—a role that provides significant opportunities for collaboration between the Curiosity team and Rice’s undergraduate students.


Home Sweet Home From our 16 residential communities to the Wade King Student Recreation Center, campus is alive with activity. Just decide what you want to explore, and then go for it! Get ready to try new things, make new friends and learn new skills.

New freshmen who meet deadlines are guaranteed housing their first year

More than 90% of freshmen choose to live on campus, even though it's optional

All residence halls feature nearby dining, free on-site laundry facilities, study lounges, TV and game rooms, and bike storage

Residential communities include international and Honors Program clusters, gender-inclusive options and substance-free areas

You can request to live with a friend, let us assign you a roomate, or search for one using our portal



Winner of the 2015 Active Minds Healthy Campus Award, recognizing Western as one of the five healthiest schools in the country

“This is your chance to be flexible and adventurous. It’s your time to figure out who you are and who you want to be. Be easy on yourself and try everything that interests you.”

Simrun Chhabra

Associated Students President, Human Services Western is home to 200+ student-run clubs and organizations, all supported by the Associated Students (AS). You’ll find clubs for every interest, including academic, service, art, environmental, recreational, and many more. The AS also produces awesome campus concerts, cultural events, and engaging speakers series. Whether you want to join a club, start your own, or run for student-body president, the AS makes it easy to get involved.

From kayaking to sailing to paddleboarding, Western’s Lakewood property is water sports central.

Western’s state-of-the-art Wade King Student Recreation Center has a rock climbing wall, a pool, an indoor track, weight rooms, a cardio floor and much more.

The Sehome Arboretum borders campus and offers easy access to 180 acres of woods, six miles of trails and quiet study nooks.

At Western’s Underground Coffeehouse you can hear live music, study with a good cup of coffee or just hang out with friends on comfy couches.

The AS Outdoor Center will outfit you with everything you need for backpacking, hiking, skiing or mountain biking. Resources include equipment rentals, a bike shop, outdoor excursions, educational materials, instructional clinics and an uber-knowledgeable staff.


Join the Crew

Western is a fierce NCAA Division II competitor, but when it comes to athletics it’s less about watching the competition and more about getting involved. Cordell Cummings was looking for exactly that “get involved” spirit when he was researching schools. Western provided him with an immediate family of 100+ fellow track and field athletes, many of them juniors and seniors he could study with, hang out with and get invaluable advice from. Having regular practices also helped Cordell unwind, de-stress, and provided an outlet in the form of a sport that he loves. In addition to 13 D-II sports, Western boasts 23 club sports and a generous number of intramural sports that allow athletes at all levels to compete, including beginners.

“Coming to college can be overwhelming, but being part of a team helped me make new friends quickly. The team also gave me access to upperclassmen who give great advice about academics and other aspects of college life. It is a great networking tool.”

Cordell Cummings

Arlington, WA Business Administration—Management 2018 GNAC Outdoor Championships 110m High Hurdles Champion, 2nd in 400m Hurdles (two-time All-GNAC selection)


2018 GNAC Indoor Championships 3rd place in 60m Hurdles to be named All-GNAC

2017 GNAC Outdoor Championships 400m Hurdles Champion

NCAA Division II Sports: basketball, soccer, cross country, indoor and outdoor track & field, golf, softball, women’s volleyball, and women’s rowing WWUVIKINGS.COM

2016-2017 NCAA Division II National Champions: Women’s Soccer and Women’s Rowing (8th title)

9 Western teams were represented at the 2017-2018 NCAA Championships

During the 2017-2018 academic year, Western had 75 student-athletes named to the GNAC All-Academic team—9 earned All-America honors

One of just 32 NCAA Division II schools to earn the NCAA President’s Award for Academic Excellence during the 2017-2018 academic year for having an academic success rate of 90% or higher


Art Your Heart Out Jacob Bernado likes to sing with his friends. This is one reason why the senior Vocal Performance major organizes fundraising events on his own time to support important causes.

Jacob teamed up with a few other students to produce a fundraising event called "Patchwork." It combined different mediums of art to highlight LGBTQ+ performers and bring awareness to the continued HIV/AIDS crisis. Proceeds supported the Sean Humphrey House, a local organization that provides care and housing for low-income people living with HIV/AIDS. The year before “Patchwork,” Bernado put on a production that raised money for the Mt. Baker Planned Parenthood. While he organizes these events simply because he enjoys singing with friends, he chooses issues he’s passionate about. After he graduates, Jacob wants to continue combining the arts to support important causes. His dream is to own a small opera company and stage productions that challenge people’s notions about what opera can be.

"With the Sean Humphrey House this year, it was really important to me to highlight LGBTQ+ performing artists at Western. It doesn’t happen enough that people take time to make sure that everyone’s voices are heard and experiences are shared that might be different than their own.”

Jacob Bernado Issaquah, WA Vocal Performance

Story by Jordan Carlson Photo by Jon Pendleton


Arts In the Community The Bellingham community is loaded with art: the Downtown Art Walk (first Friday every month), the Commercial Street Night Market (Friday nights during the summer), live music nearly every night, dance, three main theaters for live performances, three independent film screens, and museums.

Arts On Campus Western offers 15 arts majors, has three professional on-campus art galleries, two smaller galleries dedicated to exhibitions of Western students, and one of the top 10 outdoor sculpture collections in the country.


annual performances and exhibits of student work


campus concerts produced by the Associated Students in 2017 AS.WWU.EDU/EVENTS


Build Your Future

Sameen Ahmad graduated from Western with a degree in Computer Science, a robust resume, and a job lined up in Seattle as a technical analyst. Driven by a desire to create products that are sustainable, affordable and helpful, Sameen also wants to break down barriers for groups that may not have resources and support to pursue STEM fields, such as women and students from underrepresented communities. As a student, Sameen was eager to put her passion and skills to work. She began teaching an after-school coding club at a local elementary school. She also found the perfect campus job as a student web developer and analyst. Sameen built analytics reports and was part of a team responsible for developing and maintaining Western’s website. She gained technical knowledge that complemented what she was learning in class, and learned a skill of high importance to employers— collaboration. “I learned a lot from other student employees and full-time staff at WebTech," Sameen said. "This position gave me great resources and references when I began looking for jobs after graduation."

We'll connect you with internships! Western students have interned for Microsoft, Boeing, the Washington State Legislature, Merrill Lynch, REI, Swedish Hospital, the Seattle Mariners, the White House, Tesla, NASA, the National Wildlife Federation, the United Nations and K2 Sports, and many more.

Western ranks in the top 10 nationally for grads who go on to earn research doctorates among master’s-granting institutions Survey of Earned Doctorates


89% of bachelor’s recipients are either employed or continuing their educations within 6 months of graduating 2016-2017 Graduate Outcomes Report

Katie Brown ’00, Cultural Anthropology, Secondary Education

2014 Washington State Teacher of the Year

Debora Juarez

’83, Interdisciplinary Studies Attorney; former King County judge; first Native American on Seattle City Council

TJ Martin

’05, Interdisciplinary Studies 2012 Academy Award winner (Undefeated); 2017 Emmy Award winner (LA 92)

118,000 alumni

Jesse Moore

’05, Political Science Former White House Associate Director for Public Engagement; founder and principal consultant at Common Thread Strategies

Harrison Mills

’12, Graphic Design

Clayton Knight

Vini Elizabeth Samuel ’84, History and English

Attorney; Montesano, Washington’s first female mayor; first Indian-American woman elected mayor in the country

Andrew James Dumont ’11, Finance and Marketing

Founding partner at Curious Capital; award-winning technology executive

’12, Physics

Founders of twotime GRAMMYnominated ODESZA

Photo by Tonje Thilesen


Cost of Attendance Earning a college degree is one of the smartest decisions you will make, and at thousands less than private colleges and large research universities, you will find that Western is a great value, and competitive in terms of quality and cost.

SCHOLARSHIPS AND FINANCIAL AID Western is dedicated to helping students save money through a variety of financial aid options, and has a long tradition of making college affordable for families who cannot afford full tuition and expenses. Eligible students have access to: • Scholarships that recognize academic achievement, leadership potential, special talents and multicultural achievement. • Scholarships for non-resident students, including our highly-competitive Western Undergraduate Exchange (WUE) program and other awards. • Need-based financial aid and low-interest loans to students whose Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) demonstrates they could not otherwise afford to attend. Washington residents ineligible to complete the FAFSA due to immigration status may apply for state financial aid by completing the Washington Application for State Financial Aid (WASFA). • Need-based work study (FAFSA dependent) and other on- and off-campus employment opportunities.

One of the 100 best values in the nation among public colleges for combining educational excellence with economic value Kiplinger’s Personal Finance

Western disbursed more than $18 million in scholarships during the 2016-2017 academic year


One of the best “Bang for the Buck” schools in the nation, based on graduation rates and low loan default rates Washington Monthly




$6,387 +


includes one-time confirmation fee, technology, health services, student recreation center, public transport, etc.


Housing and Meals*

Books and Supplies*

Personal Expenses*

Getting Around*










Costs represent annual expenses for full-time students (10-18 credits) * Not fixed costs; varies depending on student, living arrangements and meal plan


Application Timeline EARLY SEPTEMBER


ADMISSIONS.WWU.EDU/APPLY In the fall and early winter students should: • Take the SAT or ACT • Request to have high school transcripts sent • Visit campus, in person or online • Contact our helpful Admissions Counselors with questions


FINANCIAL AID FILING BEGINS File the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) or the Washington Application for State Financial Aid (WASFA)* beginning October 1. Your FAFSA or WASFA must be submitted by January 31 (Western’s priority filing date) to be considered for the most favorable financial aid. File the FAFSA at— Western’s school code is 003802. File the WASFA at *Washington state residents ineligible to complete the FAFSA due to immigration status may apply for state financial aid by completing the WASFA.


EARLY ACTION DEADLINE Why wait? Students who complete their admission application by November 1 will be considered for Early Action, which guarantees an admission response by December 31 as well as expedited scholarship review and financial aid notification for admitted Early Action students. Students admitted to Western via Early Action have until the May 1 National College Decision Day to confirm their intent to enroll.


Financial aid award notification begins for admitted Early Action students who submitted a valid FAFSA for financial aid consideration at Western.

REGULAR DECISION DEADLINE, FINANCIAL AID PRIORITY DEADLINE & PRIORITY SCHOLARSHIP DEADLINE Last day to submit your application for fall quarter to Western before it’s marked late. Admission decisions are made on a rolling basis—most applicants will receive an admission decision by early April. On-time applicants get full consideration for merit scholarships. Merit scholarship recipients are notified by mid-April.


NATIONAL COLLEGE DECISION DAY Deadline to accept your offer of admission. If you haven't already, apply for oncampus housing.


NEW STUDENT ORIENTATION Western’s new student orientation, advising, and registration program for incoming freshmen.



STANDING OUT IN THE ADMISSION PROCESS While your academic achievement is the most significant factor in the admission decision, we know there is a lot more to you than your GPA and test scores. We want to learn about your involvement in your school and community, how you choose to spend your time and what interests, passions and talents you will bring to campus. That’s why our comprehensive review process considers your grade trends, course rigor, contributions to community, achievements, and diverse experiences, as well as your GPA and test scores. Challenge yourself by taking classes that push you to think in new ways, explore tough topics, and support you in becoming a well-rounded student. A full load of standard academic courses, Advanced Placement (AP), International Baccalaureate (IB), Cambridge International, Running Start or other College-in-the-High-School and Honors courses provide an excellent foundation for college success. For a full list of high school course requirements, visit



SAT middle 50%



GPA middle 50%

ACT middle 50%


ADMISSIONS.WWU.EDU/TEAM Western Washington University (WWU), in compliance with applicable laws and in furtherance of its commitment to fostering an environment that welcomes and embraces diversity, does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, creed, religion, national origin, sex, disability, age, veteran status, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, marital status or genetic information in its programs or activities, including employment, admissions, and educational programs. See WWU’s Policy on Providing Equal Opportunity and Nondiscrimination. Inquiries may be directed to the Vice Provost for Equal Opportunity & Employment Diversity, Title IX Coordinator, Equal Opportunity Office, Western Washington University, Old Main 345, MS 9021, 516 High Street, Bellingham, WA 98225; 360.650.3307 (voice) or 711 (Washington Relay); WWU is committed to providing reasonable accommodations to qualified individuals with disabilities upon request. To request an accommodation, please contact disAbility Resources for Students, Old Main 120, 360.650.3083 (voice) or 360.650.7175 (VP), One week advance notice appreciated. To request this document in an alternate format, please contact the Associate Director of Admissions, Office of Admissions, 360.650.3440, As part of Western’s commitment to maintaining a healthy and safe living, learning and working environment, we want to make you aware of our Annual Security & Fire Safety Report. This report, which contains information about campus safety, fire safety, crime prevention, crime statistics, prevention and wellness initiatives and more, is available for download at To request a paper copy of this report, please contact the Vice President of Enrollment and Student Services Office at or (360) 650-3839.


Office of Admissions Old Main 200, MS 9009 516 High Street, Bellingham, WA 98225



Take a 90-minute walking tour of campus led by a current student, see inside a residence hall, and learn all about the exciting opportunities Western has to offer. ÂĄSe ofrecen giras del campus en espaĂąol!

Large open-house style events for prospective students occur in the fall and spring. Check our website for the most up-to-date information regarding special visit opportunities.

DISCOVERY DAYS In addition to a campus tour, our Discovery Days program includes an admission presentation and a panel where you and your family can ask questions of an Admissions counselor, a faculty member and current students. View our residence halls, visit academic department open houses, learn about student support resources, tour the Wade King Student Recreation Center, and more.

OFFICE OF ADMISSIONS (360) 650-3440 | Instagram: @ourwestern

Profile for Western Washington University

WWU 2018-2019 Viewbook  

WWU 2018-2019 Viewbook