Western Visions 2015 Magazine

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Words to live by during the Fall Arts Festival Tarrant: “Living with fine art is one of life’s great pleasures. Support the museum! Go to the galleries. Buy art from living artists. And thank the artists you know for making the world more interesting, more meaningful, and more strange and beautiful.”

“Jackson Hole is the most civilized, uncivilized place I know” – Warren Adler

Dennis Ziemienski, The Gros Ventre Painting – Oil on canvas 18 x 24 inches | $5,900

Howard Post, Early Morning Visit Painting – Oil 24 x 24 inches | $9,000

About the Altamira Gallery Wild 100 Artists in 2015 “Altamira Fine Art is honored to have several artists in the elite Wild 100 Group in 2015. We represent esteemed sculptors Steve Kestrel and Simon Gudgeon as well as painters Mary Roberson and Ted Waddell, all artists who have work included in the museum’s permanent collection. Long-time favorite R. Tom Gilleon will be exhibiting again this year. Gilleon is a leading figure in western contemporary art; his work with color and composition has influenced other artists. California artist Dennis Ziemienski also returns. He is known for his nostalgic images of classic Americana: His paintings conjure treasured memories of vacations past, evoking intangible experiences in wild spaces. In addition, Donna Howell-Sickles and Howard Post have sent new work to the Wild 100 and I believe this will be the first year for Thom Ross. It has been especially gratifying to watch September Vhay’s work develop and mature. She has become very comfortable with larger format drawings and paintings.” September echoes this praise back at Altamira: “[My] relationship with Altamira Fine Art has amplified my creativity due to the architecture of the space, the support of their team, and the gift of time to create art. The space is inspiring, as the ceilings are tall and the art is sparely hung, which has inspired my large (40 x 80) charcoal drawings. Secondly, the enthusiasm from everyone at Altamira fuels my fire to continue to make art. Lastly, but certainly not least, is that the gallery does such a good job at representing artists and this frees up my mind to do what I do best—making art.” 

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