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Some of the other things that stand out to me include our achievement in sustainability. The real-time energy Dashboard is a phenomenal tool. Not only does it allow us to archive our energy consumption, it also helps us set aggressive conservation targets and gauge our progress. In November, we launched Western’s first sustainability newsletter, Purple&Green online. Dear FM Colleagues, Before we flip to the calendar to 2013, I’d like to take a moment to reflect on the past twelve months. Over the past year we were presented with a number of successes and challenges. As always, our team demonstrated tact and professionalism. For example, in May, the south substation experienced a massive equipment failure, leaving much of the south end of campus without power. Our Electrical Shop, the Power Plant and several members of the Division quickly got the campus back online with temporary measures and worked to get the equipment replaced in the meantime. Also, as storm ‘Sandy’ made its way toward London, members of the Division cleared roof drains and catch basins, had generates fuelled, and sump pump and chain saws on standby. The storm showed restraint in South Western Ontario after pounding the East Coast. One of our twitter followers, @marissajoffre shared our relief and wrote; “Glad to know you are prepared and as always keeping the community safe #bestcampusintheworld #thankyou”.

Our Division was instrumental in bringing Western its first Ontario Business Achievement Award for Corporate Governance, recognizing our sustainability record. For example, our commitment to green cleaning products, our recycling program, and own Green Awards program. We are making physical changes to Facilities Management’s offices in Support Services Building. The renovations will deliver an improved customer experience and reflect our renewed commitment to our service delivery. Finally, I’d like to thank those who participated in the WE SPEAK culture and engagement survey. With your feedback we can contiune to strengthen the Division and meet the needs of our staff. Please, have a safe and happy holiday season. Sincerely,

Roy Langille Associate Vice-President Facilities Management

Vision: To be recognized as the leader in facilities management among researchintensive universities worldwide. Mission: Our integrated Team provides excellence in creating and maintaining Western’s facilities and in serving the community.

Making a Connection

Roy Langille hosted the fall FM Connects to share Division-relevant news and info about the global adjustment, our new Enegry Dashboard and Library Services. The following is a summary of the FM Connects and feedback from attendees. Comments and questions written on the facilitators notes are answered. Introduction/Update: AVP, Facilities Management, Roy Langille provided an overview of recent projects and initiatives. He described some specific successes with the Strategic Plan, including a communication plan, the addition of a process manager role, the development of a customer survey, and the creation of a central location for job descriptions. More importantly, the next round of objectives are underway and will be wrapped up in 2013. Progress on those is found on the FM Website in the Employee Area. Some rumours were addressed. Gary Bridgens represents a change in organizational structuring. Moving forward, Roy’s direct reports will all have the same title; Director, Facilities Management. They will still preside over their units. For example, Gary still leads Operations & Maintenance and Jerry Minler leads Caretaking Services. There was also a rumour about our involvement with Research Park. To which Roy announced that there is currently no formal agreement for our Division to maintain the buildings. Roy also announced that all uniforms will now be sourced from the same supplier and caretakers, trades, and plant operators will have the same uniform style. He also mentioned that the purple shirts (with Facilities Management down the side) are considered as uniform. Each member of the Division was given one and can

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Making a Connection (cond’t from page1) wear them through the week. Staff are encouraged to wear them each and every Friday to demonstration their collegiate spirit. On the sustainability front, Western owes much of its success in receiving the Ontario Business Achievement Award. We are stewards of the built and natural environment on campus and our green cleaning solutions, recycling program, energy initiatives, LEED buildings, etc are major factors. Everyone in the Division should be proud of their contribution to this prestigeous award. The Staff Recognition Committee saw record numbers at their Employee/ Familty events. For example nearly 600 people participated in the East Park Family Day & BBQ. Roy announced the success of the FM Walk a Mile in Her Shoes campaign. The five walkers, organized by Kayla Lagerwerf, raised $1,800 for Women’s Community House. The Division has now shifted its attention to the United Way campaign in support of Western’s $727,000 goal. Events are posted on the Western United Way website and information will be made available for Division events as they happen. Energy Initiatives: Global Adjustment is a way for the government to pay for the excess power that we purchase to avoid outages during peak or high consumption days. Facilities Management was the only University in Ontario to successfully predict and respond to all five peak energy use days. By dialing back our chillers on these days, we saved Western roughly $900,000. During the summer, Facilities Engineering also developed the University’s first realtime energy dashboard. Now anyone with a connection to the internet can see the performance of virtually all the buildings on campus. The benefits include trending consumption for benchmarking, setting targets, and verifying the success of energy initiatives. Library Services: Jennifer from Western Libraries walked us through some of the key features of the Library system that are available for staff. In both a professional and leisure capacity, our libraries have a great deal to offer. She encourages everyone to get familiarized with them and don’t be afraid to ask for help.

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Global Adjustment / Real Time Energy Dashboard Introduction & Updates Raw Feedback: • Like addressing rumours/comments (helpful) • Read the M.V. … if it is as important as you say • Informative • It’s important to recognize achievements  • Too long • Ray at his “coolest” and best!  • Roy spoke quietly more volume • The delivery is just so uninspiring. I know they are not entertainers, but put some energy into it! • He never really answers a question politics • We could hardly hear Roy at the back. Soft spoken or poor mic

BBQ in the summer. We distributed shirts to staff prior to the event. Once all sessional staff had returned, we gave each of them a purple FM shirt and sent out information in October. The email was sent to all staff to acknowledge that Facilities Mangement is teaming up with the Western Mustangs and that every Friday is a Purple Friday. As a side note, the purple FM shirts issued to staff are also considered to be part of our “uniform”. As Roy mentioned at the FM Connects, they can be worn any day of the week, but it is highly encouraged that staff put them on to celebrate Purple Fridays. - Brandon Watson Q. So what?!

Comments/Questions & Answers: C. Over half of the people do not know what an RFQ or RFP are. A. A request for quotation (RFQ) is used when discussions with bidders are not required (mainly when we know what product or service we want, like with our uniforms) and when price is the main factor in selecting the successful bidder. A RFQ may also be used as a step prior to going to a full-blown request for proposal (RFP) to determine general price ranges. With the uniforms, we have opened up the process for competitive bidding from suppliers. To call for those bids we send out an RFQ and the suppliers will repond with a service agreement and fee schedule. We select the supplier based on those quotes. - Roy Langille. Q. How was “Purple Fridays” promoted? None of the six people at my table had heard this. A. Purple Fridays really began at the

A. The work we do as a Division is far reaching and being aware of what our colleagues are doing is essential to both recognize them as other parts of our larger community and to remain informed about Division priorities. If we hope to break down ‘silos’ and become more inclusive as a Division, I encourage all staff to feel that good news for one area is good news for all of Facilities Management. That said, we are always looking for better ways to be more engaging at our Connect’s sessions. The agendas are developed by your peers as representatives from our service areas. If you have an idea for the next FM Connects get it to your representatiive; Chris Yates (Operations & Maintenance), Brenda Stonehouse (Facilities Engineering), Adam Rybka (Caretaking), and Krystyna Marciniak (Business Operations). Suggestion can also go directly to Brandon Watson (bwatso5@ - Roy Langille

Energy Initiatives Global Adjustment / Real Time Energy Dashboard Raw Feedback: • Was really interested by Paul Martin’s speech • Should be a need to know meeting not relevant to all staff • Although the topic was dry I found it very informative. Useful info as it explains why we should care about global adjustment. • I think we are not being considerate enough towards caretakers who are literally drenched in sweat cleaning apartments and residences during the summer. Saving a bit of $$ on A/C is not worth risking the health of your staff • Bored – could have been told to turn off lights • I would like to see you working in humid, doing steam cleaning and waxing. Thank you. To save money we could use flash lights to collect garbage. Good idea, yes?! • Good information • Great initiative. There will always be complainers but I think it was great (GA)! • Heard a lot of positive feedback on this initiative this summer. Is there any way we can conserve energy like this all the time and not just the peak times? • Important to save energy/cost • Too technical • Too much time explaining something too simple • Paul – very clear!! Jamie voice drops • Informative • Should have looked more big picture with broad strokes • Lost interest too technical

• Power usage… what about the evening caretakers • Zzzzzz rather be working! Comments/ Questions & Answers: C. Like the way Paul made GA into a big feel good overall. A. Thank you. It is great news for Western and continues to demonstrate FMs commitment to steward the university’s resources. So, it bodes well for future initiatives, as well. - Paul Martin Q. Why was what we were doing with the chillers over the past summer so poorly communicated with staff/ customers? A. The Global Adjustement initiative was communicated in a number of ways. Roy sent an email to all staff and faculty, we wrote an article in the Western News, put an announcement on our Website, displayed the information on all the monitors (Visix) accross campus, and engaged External Communication & Public Affairs to build a campaign around the program, called AMPing Down. It sounds like our message didn’t reach everyone, but there was a high volume of communication developed

for the program. - Brandon Watson Q. Jamie – need to speak more clearly when presenting in front of a group! A. Thanks for the feedback. - Jamie Whitty Q. Campus caretaking staff works afternoon shifts up to 11:00 pm or 2:00 am Restorative cleaning is being done during the summer months. How we could will accommodate them and provide them opportunity to work in a cool and pleasant work environment? A. There is a conscious effort to minimize the effects when we reduced chiller loads during peak days this summer. Fans were alternated during the handful of days we believed to be high temperature days. The chillers are returned to their regular schedule at 6pm and would have no impact beyond that time. Paul Martin

Benefits of Working At Western Western Library Services Raw Feedback: • Presentation well done!!! Not a good meeting too long • Good to know but too much info. Too long. Lost interest after a while. • Not that relevant to FM staff for that long of presentation • Also informative about access and capabilities • Boring too long • Good info • Took too long – shorten it up. Way too long • Why? • Good to know

• Organized…clear… thorough. Tops!  • Lots of useful info and demonstration of course a “dry” topic though • Too long • Great speaker  • Very informative looking forward to using this • Very informative section • Very informative • We could hear Jennifer clearly at the

back of the room! • Lots of good info • Well organized & presented

Annoucement/News shorts New Hire Announcements In the new year, Facilities Management will be sending out new hire announcements on a quarterly basis. Announcements will come from the Communications Officer, using photos and employee profile info from supervisors. The first announcement in the New Year will back date to the summer of this year and then continue to report new hires on a regular three month schedule. FM staff raise $5,500 to buy toys

“Oppa FM Style!”

Photography by Phil Scott

Winter Social puts FM in the holiday spirit Winter Social event organizers, Kathleen Webster, Tracey White-Lockwood, and Charlie Price can look back on the event with a smile. One because it was such a success and two, because their hardwork on the event wraps up for another year. Not long ago, the holiday get together was geared towards CUPE staff and was tied into their union dues. As with many new inititatives, there is a conscious effort to make this FM event inclusive - opening the celebration to all members of the Division.

Management employees, they can offer a shared experience that will translate in the workplace. That said, the top priority is to unwind and have fun. The division is also instrumental in getting the event off the ground (and on the dance floor). AVP, Roy Langille commits each year to funding a portion of the total cost. Organizers are thankful for the help of Barney Hughes (Bouncer), Andy Merucci (DJ), Katie Carswell (Music), Paul Martin (Financial support), Phil Scott (Photography), Jerry Matthews and Luiza Grabarczyk (United Way 50/50 draw).

The organizers agree that by opening up the Winter Social to all Facilities

Mustang’s mascot JW seeks Purple on Friday Western Mustang mascot, JW has been prowling the campus handing our prizes to anyone proudly wearing purple on Fridays. He is also taking pictures with purple wearing Westerners for the Mustang`s facebook page - like these shots (at right) of AVP, Roy Langille and FM employee, Adnan Hamsic. Not only that, JW is handing out tickets to upcoming sporting events including hockey, volleyball, and basketball. In the New Year, Western Mustang Althetics is partnering with Facilities Management to provide FM exclusive events - giving unique opportunities for the members of our Division. The details will be announced, once they have been finalized with the Mustangs.

Caretaking Supervisor, Kirsten Roy, organized the 6th annual Charity Silent Auction and Brunch at Spencer Leadership Centre. The event raised $5,500, sending a group of volunteers to the North London WalMart to buy toys for kids in need. Walmart contributed by withholding the taxes on all their purchases. All the toys have been picked up by the Military in support of Toys for Tots to be distributed to families. Green writing courses offered by Continuing Studies Are you curious about energy use, the water supply, nature, where garbage goes, the air you breathe or why local food is so important? This course helps you take your interest in the environment and hone your non-fiction writing skills. Writing about environmental issues requires reliable sources of information - not green wash. You will try a variety of writing assignments from blog entries to web copy to articles. The objective is to take a subject you are passionate about and get the tools you need to get published. Course Details Green Ink: How to Write About the Environment April 17, 2013 to May 22, 2013

In the meantime, show your spirit, wear your purple on Fridays and you just might get a visit from JW and get a prize.

Cost: $175 Western employees (advanced funding for eligible employees) To register:

For story submission, questions and comments, please email Brandon at:

FM Conduit - DEC2012  

[WesternU] Facilities Management's internal newsletter. Offering current and relevant news to our the Division's employees.

FM Conduit - DEC2012  

[WesternU] Facilities Management's internal newsletter. Offering current and relevant news to our the Division's employees.