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Gifts made July 1, 2014 through June 30, 2015

OUR MISSION: To provide financial leadership and support of the Western State Colorado University vision while offering an ever-improving and remarkable learning environment.


MONICA NEWMAN 1953 – 2015 Monica Newman, a Western Emeritus Professor of Accounting, former Chair of the Department of Business, Accounting and Economics and, with her husband, Scott, a generous supporter of the Western State Foundation, passed away at her home in Gunnison on June 11, 2015. She was surrounded by people she loved and who loved her. A native of the Pacific Northwest, Monica earned her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology (with a minor in Accounting) from Western Washington University. She then spent five years working as a Legislative Assistant for a Michigan State Senator. After earning a Master’s in Taxation degree from Baylor University, she worked in public accounting for two years and became licensed as a CPA in Texas. After getting an opportunity to teach at Baylor University, she earned her Ph.D. in Accounting from the University of Texas in 1988. She taught at Lewis and Clark College in Portland, Oregon before coming to Western in 1990. Monica volunteered in the Gunnison community, most notably helping acquire the funding for the Tenderfoot Child and Family Development Center. However, Monica’s greatest impact was as a professor and academic leader at Western. During her 25 years as a faculty member, Monica advised hundreds of Business and Accounting majors and oversaw the graduation of more than 400 Accounting majors. Her advising skills were legendary, often emulated by other faculty, and student appreciation of her time and commitment to their personal, professional and career growth was enormous. She made a difference in the lives of Western students. Monica’s leadership was a vital force to Western including her 12 years as Chair of the Department of Business, Accounting and Economics. Her tenure was marked by the fundraising and building of the Borick Business Building. Monica’s favorite pastimes included doing anything Disney and being with Scott, her husband of 25 years, and their daughter, Katharine (Kat). One of the most special moments in Monica’s life was watching Kat graduate magna cum laude from Mount Holyoke College this past spring, and it was with great joy that Monica welcomed her future son-in-law, Michael Hanger, into all of their lives. Monica’s integrity, expertise and professional perspectives were much sought after by students and colleagues; however, it was her love, friendship and humor that will leave the largest hole in the community and her family. - From the Gunnison Country Times

We dedicate this publication in memory of Monica Newman, professor, friend and supporter of Western State Foundation. Last year, the Scott and Monica Newman Accounting Scholarship was established in honor of Monica and Scott, also an Emeritus Professor of Accounting, to provide scholarship assistance to Western students majoring in Accounting. Western alumni and friends, led by Boyd (’95) and Sharalee (’96) Pederson, created this fund to express their appreciation to Scott and Monica for their devotion and mentorship to the Accounting students at Western. In 2013, Clare Hutton Kelly Zecher (’96) and Philip David Zecher established the Monica D. Newman Accounting Fund to provide unrestricted support to the Accounting Program in honor of Monica. For more information about these funds, please contact Deborah Hoskins at the Western State Foundation,


FOUNDATION PRESIDENT GERRY SHEAR Dear Western Alumni and Friends, I am honored to write my first letter to you as President of the Western State Foundation. First I want to say: THANK YOU! We are so grateful to you and all of our donors who continue to make Western a remarkable place. This year the theme of the Report of Appreciation is “Difference Makers,” and you will see in the following pages stories of just a few of these people who represent so many others who have given so generously. When you reminisce of your days at Western with others, you are making a difference. When you tell potential students about the outstanding University you know Western truly is, you are making a difference. When you make a gift to Western, you are making a difference. I say this to you because my personal experiences in giving to Western have been incredibly fulfilling and make a difference! In a very real and tangible way, each of our donors listed here in the Honor Roll of Donors is responsible for all of our successes at Western. In this report we speak of your many kindnesses and thank you for remembering our great University. You make it all happen for Western’s students. You are a Difference Maker. I appreciate everything you do and I know everyone at Western shares my gratitude. Thank you for continuing to Western Up! Best regards,

Gerry A. Shear (’92) President, Western State Foundation


MONICA WESTERN NEWMAN. PRESIDENT 1953-2015. GREG SALSBURY Fellow Mountaineers, It has been a transformational year for Western, one punctuated by enrollment growth, an enhanced focus on advancing the University thanks to our partnership with the Western State Foundation, and the addition of new programs and facilities. This fall, as students returned to classes in Gunnison, Western was one of only two, four-year public colleges in Colorado to grow in both overall enrollment and the number of full time equivalent students. I believe that much of the forward momentum we’ve achieved has been thanks to the accelerated marketing and recruiting efforts made possible by the support of the Western State Foundation. Our market research showed clearly that one of largest reasons for Western’s stagnant enrollment has been simple lack of recognition within the target markets. Thanks to our partnership with the Western State Foundation, the University has secured the necessary funding to greatly increase and improve our marketing efforts – through radio and billboard advertising, recruiting events large and small, improved and expanded collateral for the schools, an updated welcome center, and new web presence. Western also added a number of new academic programs in 2015, all of which have helped to improve Western’s competitive advantage. These included a new School of Business along with a new Dean. This will enhance what has traditionally been Western’s most popular major by enhancing career opportunities for graduates. The School of Business has added an Office of Career Success, designed to help Business students find appropriate internships, polish their resumes, and hopefully land better employment upon graduation. Our new High Altitude Exercise Physiology program is a two-year residential graduate program leveraging Western’s high elevation and builds on undergraduate research that has been conducted for years. Our Master in Environmental Management launched in August, 2014, produced a much larger than expected first class. Lastly, our Master of Arts in Gallery Management prepares students for a career in managing, collecting and selling art, as well as designing, installing and curating exhibits. As Western charges forward, the world is noticing. Colleges of Distinction featured Western as one of only five colleges in Colorado to receive the honor. ranked Western as the #5 best college in the United States to study Environmental Science. Best Value Schools included Western as one of the Top 100 Most Affordable Small Colleges in America. This year, as crews are hard at work adding $25 million in upgrades to Quigley Hall, you can feel the momentum on campus. The Western Nation is rising and with your continued support and encouragement, the future is bright. We thank you for all of your support. Sincerely,

Greg Salsbury President, Western State Colorado University


EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR TOM BURGGRAF My Friend, If you only knew how much good you’ve accomplished; how many winding roads you’ve made straight; how much fear you’ve turned into confidence; how many books you’ve bought; classes you’ve paid for; trips you’ve funded; scholarships you’ve provided. If you could only see the dreams you’ve launched; the hopes you’ve kindled; the futures you’ve secured; the burdens you’ve lifted; the faces you’ve brightened; the eyes you’ve opened; the minds you’ve set free. If you could only hear the celebrations you’ve birthed; the shouts of victory you’ve evoked; the mighty choruses you have aroused; the sighs of deep, appreciative relief you’ve brought. If you could only sense the potential you’ve built; the doubt you’ve turned into faith; the questions you have turned into quests; the students who now possess an unstoppable, unquenchable sense of mission on their lives. Do you ever wonder if one of the students you’ve helped will find the cure for cancer? Or teach the next president? Or wear the gold medal as our national anthem plays? Or do equally applause-worthy things like lead a community; be that coach who turns young players’ lives around; help build the bridge between energy and environment; raise a strong healthy family, when they had no point of reference for that; move hearts with their songs, notes or film; paint a picture that reveals to us who we are and what we can become; change the world? I hope you do. I hope you know, see, hear, sense and wonder all of that. Because it’s all true. And in the crowded busyness and pace of your days, it can be so easy to forget that you have added light to the world, blessing to young lives, and hope to students with world-changing potential. Because you gave to Western. That’s what happens when you give. And I wanted to make sure you knew it. And that you never forget how much you are treasured, appreciated and loved. Western and its people are thriving, because of you. May the awareness of the good you’ve done and the difference you’ve made, fill your mind with joy and your heart with peace. Thank you. Warm and grateful regards, Thomas F. Burggraf, Jr. Executive Director, Western State Foundation (& Chief Appreciator)


THE PRESIDENT’S CLUB The President’s Club is a giving level of those difference makers who make gifts of $1,000 or more to the Western Fund (Unrestricted Fund) or to an academic fund (excludes the Mountaineer Athletic Association). Although the President’s Club promotes unrestricted giving, donors are recognized for directed gifts as well. Unrestricted giving is important to Western. Gifts that are unrestricted make it possible for us to preserve the very best traditions of Western while enhancing programs, adding new technology and strengthen our services to faculty and students, so they have the very best environment in which to teach and learn. First-time donors to the President’s Club will receive a 9” sculpture of a rock actually from “W” mountain. The “W” holds a special place in the heart of all members of the Western Nation, and now all members of the President’s Club can have their very own piece of the “W” to honor the important role in making a difference in the lives of students. President’s Club members are the backbone of the Western Nation. It is because of you and other members that Western is able to continue providing opportunities for the future difference makers the world so desperately needs. For more information regarding this giving level, please contact the Western State Foundation.


“We give to Western primarily because we have always thought that our success in our working lives is due to the educational foundation we received while earning our degrees. We met at Western during our years there and celebrated our 50th wedding anniversary last June. Needless to say, Western will always be a place that has much meaning to both of us.”


OWNER, HIGH MOUNTAIN LIQUOR AND SQUEEKY KLEAN AUTO WASH “Always happy to support Western when I can... I believe the University is the heart of Gunnison and I wouldn’t want to be here without it.”


“I was challenged by my experience at Western, notably the quality of the faculty coupled with the unique setting, and intend to pass along this opportunity to others.”


ANN HUNT HIERONYMUS Years ago, Ann Hunt Hieronymus (’50) told the Western State Foundation staff that she wanted to do something special for Western upon her death. She did indeed do something special. Ann made an estate gift of $369,000 to Western. The Bookstore in the University Center is named in her honor, so the celebration of her gift can continue making a difference for many generations of future Western students. Ann sadly passed away on April 27th, 2013, in Colorado Springs, Colorado. She was 87. “Ann was such a special person, and a dear friend of Western. I smile gratefully as I think about her each time I go into the Bookstore that bears her name,” said Tom Burggraf, Executive Director of the Western State Foundation. Ann graduated from the Colorado Springs High School in 1946, attended Colorado College and went on to receive her Bachelor’s Degree in Education from Western in 1950. After teaching 2nd grade for several years, Ann met Edward H. Hieronymus and they married on August 28, 1953. Ann worked alongside her husband for the two businesses they co-owed: “Music and TV Center” and “StyroMolders.” After Ed passed away in 1992, Ann began working at the Colorado College Alumni “Tut” House in 1993. Ann is survived by her two sons, Walt, of Colorado Springs, and Edward “Whit” of Los Angeles, California.


WHEN YOU GIVE TO THE UNIVERSITY CENTER! Western’s University Center is a Colorado Enterprise Zone! All donors who make a gift of $50.00 or more to the University Center, who also pay Colorado State Income Tax (regardless of tax bracket), qualify for a 25% tax credit for the amount of their cash gifts from the State, up to $100,000 credit per year (for a $400,000 gift) with a 5-year carry-over if they cannot use the entire credit in a single year. In-kind contributions are eligible for a 12½ percent credit. Combined with the State and Federal Income Tax deductions, that means that Colorado tax-payers may make gifts to the University Center at a significant discount! This is a powerful way to steer your State tax dollars exactly where you want them to go! It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3:


Donors make a contribution online at, or by check, $50 minimum amount to $400,000 maximum amount, to the Western State Foundation for the University Center, indicating “Enterprise Zone” on the memo line of the check.


Donors send check to: Western State Foundation Post Office Box 1264 Gunnison, CO 81230


Within 60 days, Western State Foundation sends the donor the appropriate paperwork for their State tax credit (as well as State and Federal tax deductions).

Please note: ALL donations submitted to the Enterprise Zone for tax credit must now include a tax ID or social security number, per new Colorado State requirements. If a number is not included with your gift, you will be contacted by the Foundation Office for your information, should you choose to receive the Colorado tax credit. To contact the Western State Foundation: Post Office Box 1264, Gunnison, CO 81230, (970) 641-2237,



John and Margie Haley, who reside in Dallas, Texas, did not attend Western. Yet like so many alumni and other Western friends, the Haleys believe in Western’s vision, and wanted to make a difference for Western students and help make the University even more remarkable. John and Margie donated $100,000 to Western’s Master in Environmental Management (MEM) program, a new graduate program that began in 2014. John, who is an Ophthalmologist, and Margie, a philanthropist and activist, directed half of their gift to support the Master projects for the 35 students per year completing the MEM program. This has already included efficient stoves in Kenya, a sustainable transportation plan for Salida, programs for minorities in National Parks, and sage grouse research. The other half of John and Margie’s gift was directed to invest in our international education efforts, in partnership with Finca Bella Vista in Costa Rica. This portion of their generous donation moved the effort to the first 10% to build an experiential environmental education center at Finca Bella Vista, matching Finca’s previous generous gift of a $200,000 land donation. “The Center for Environment & Sustainability seeks generous partners like the Haleys, whose opening gift challenges us to match their investment in globalizing Western’s unique, experiential, place-based education,” said John C. Hausdoerffer, Professor and Director of the Master of Environmental Management Program; Professor of Environmental Sustainability & Philosophy; Director, Headwaters Project.

Ralph “Butch” Clark III (’73), who donated $100,000 last year to provide support to the MEM Program, gave an additional $50,000 to create a new faculty position. Luke Danielson is now serving as the Clark Sustainable Development Chair and member of the MEM Graduate Faculty. Luke is splitting his time between teaching duties at Western and directing the new Coldharbour Sustainable Living Center, about eight miles east of Gunnison.

John and Margie donated $100,000 to Western’s Master in Environmental Management (MEM) program, a new graduate program that began in 2014.

The property, at the intersection of U.S. Highway 50 and Colorado Highway 114, was also donated by Ralph and his wife, Judy Clark, who have long supported sustainable solutions for the Gunnison area. The Gunnison Housing Foundation is contributing $150,000 to help fund the position with Coldharbour.


STEVE BORICK MAKES A DIFFERENCE FOR SCHOOL OF BUSINESS Steven Borick (’75) made a gift of $100,000 through the The Louis L. Borick Foundation to the School of Business to create and privately fund the new position of Director of Career Services. This new position will coach students in preparing for internships and interviews, bring employers to campus, and create opportunities for students to take their first success steps toward their postWestern careers. On July 1, 2015, Chelsea Dalporto McDowell joined Western State Colorado University as the inaugural Director of Career Success in the School of Business. Peter Sherman, Dean of the School of Business stated that “Chelsea has already had a significant impact on campus. We are providing career opportunities for our students that were out of reach a year ago. Her efforts significantly increase the return on investment for students at Western.” In this role, Chelsea is charged with increasing placement rates and starting salaries for business students. To accomplish these goals, Chelsea works with students to ensure they are prepared, but also reaches out to top companies to have them recruit on the Western Campus. In the fall of 2015, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Cisco Systems, Wells Fargo, Target and Crested Butte Mountain Resort all recruited students from Western. The School of Business hopes to place three students with internships at Dell Corporation this summer. Chelsea’s enthusiasm for the position has been infectious. “I am excited to be joining the Western community in the School of Business as the new Director of Career Success! As I work to develop the Office of Career Success, it is my goal to provide professional development training to students preparing to enter the world of work. An integral component to my position is to ensure that students in the School of Business graduate with the professional skills and experience necessary to be competitive and competent applicants in the job market. “I work one on one with students during internship and employment exploration by helping them to identify opportunities that will propel them toward reaching their professional goals. To ensure that students are building strong portfolios, I perform professional development counseling and train them on interviewing skills, resume and cover letter creation, and job placement techniques. I also work in collaboration with industry professionals during recruitment initiatives. Whether it is through our alumni networks or industry outreach I will strive to identify motivated students who will serve as excellent additions to organizations. “I look forward to working with students, alumni, faculty, and staff as the Office of Career Success establishes opportunities that increase our students’ success while here on the campus of Western and beyond!” The success that has been achieved would not be possible without the generous contributions of the Borick family.


BEVERLY (YOUNG) PIERCE 1926 – 2015 Beverly Pierce died on June 26, 2015, in Farmington, New Mexico, secure in the love of her family and friends. She was 88. Beverly made leadership gifts to the Western State Foundation totaling $165,000 over the past few years to various funds, including the University Center, Mountain Sports and the Western Fund (Unrestricted Fund). Beverly’s son, David, and his wife, Maxine, also make generous gifts to Western. Maxine, a 1974 Western graduate, is currently serving as Secretary for the Western State Foundation Board of Directors. Beverly earned her Bachelor’s degree at the University of Chicago at the age of 19, a startling achievement now and rather more so at the time. Soon after she met Martin Pierce, they married and moved to Aztec, New Mexico, to work at the Citizens Bank, owned by Martin’s father. Martin and Beverly took up the cause of Wasatch Academy in the early seventies. The school was experiencing a difficult transition, and the couple brought expertise, energy and financial support to the school. Wasatch Academy is now an elite college preparatory institution. In 1982, Beverly became a member of Al-Anon, a program for people who love, as she did, alcoholics. She brought her usual energy to the program and was able to help others better understand their loved ones and their own challenges. She will be fondly remembered by several generations of Al-Anons. Beverly traveled with Martin extensively. She also enjoyed volunteering her time to read to young children at various elementary schools. Beverly was a loving wife and mother, an adoring grandmother, a confidant for the troubled, a philanthropist, a strong advocate for education and a friend to children everywhere. She was preceded in death by her husband, best friend and partner in all things, Martin, after a 65-year marriage. Beverly leaves behind her children: David and his wife, Maxine; John and his wife, Clare; Susan Nelson and her husband, Steve; and her grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Family and friends are grateful for the time they had with Beverly.

DIFFERENCE MAKER Beverly made leadership gifts to the Western State Foundation totaling $165,000


WESTERN STATE FOUNDATION DRIVES BUS HOME After a successful fundraising campaign by the Western State Foundation and the giant generosity of many donors, Western student-athletes will be much safer traveling from campus! Part one of the “Safe Travels” campaign came to fruition in August, 2015, when a brand new 34-passenger bus arrived on campus. The second part of the “Safe Travels” campaign is currently underway as more funds are being raised to purchase a second bus. This bus would only be a dream had it not been for the generosity of the Western State Foundation Board President Gerry Shear (’92). Gerry personally committed $75,000 to turn this into a reality, and his lead gift was followed by other donations from Foundation Board members, including Maxine Pierce (’74), Donna Faulkner (’68) and Terry Brace (’74;‘78). Other Western alumni and parents also got behind the campaign and made generous gifts as well. The new Mountaineer bus comes with state-of-the-art technology to ensure safety and comfort for Western studentathletes traveling to compete on other campuses. With OnSpot Automatic Tire Chains, Telma Electromagnetic Drivetrain Retarder to guarantee frictionless and instantaneous full breaking power, the strongest floor in the industry, a full perimeter steel frame and a three-point safety belt system, this bus will help relieve some of the stress of traveling over mountain passes late at night. The bus also relieves stress for student-athletes that are preparing for a competition or coming back to campus for classes. With 34 seats, entire teams will be able to travel together, rather than be split into different vans. The bus also features rear floor heaters, reading lights, overhead luggage racks, high back reclining seats, and side slider seats for more

room. These features will keep student-athletes comfortable and well-rested so they can compete at a higher level. A 32” flat screen TV and Wi-Fi on-board will give Western studentathletes and coaches a competitive edge as they will be able to watch opponents’ films while traveling. Wi-Fi also allows extra time for student-athletes to complete assignments and study while on the road. While phase one of the “Safe Travels” campaign is underway, Western still needs your help in completing phase two. “We are so grateful for these generous friends. You can see the difference they have made. As we moved forward in seeking the funding to purchase the bus, we quickly realized that Western is a two bus family,” Western State Foundation Executive Director Tom Burggraf explained. “Our various athletic teams are most often heading in different directions at the same time. In order to keep them all as safe as possible, we will need two buses, not one.”

While phase one of the “Safe Travels” campaign is underway, Western still needs your help in completing phase two. To help secure Western a second bus, please visit to give by credit card. Checks can also be made out to Western State Foundation with “Bus Fund” on the memo line and sent to Western State Foundation, Attention Bus Fund, Post Office Box 1264, Gunnison, CO 81230.

GERRY SHEAR Western State Foundation Board of Directors President proudly wears his “thank you” jacket signed by Western’s student-athletes.


MAXINE PIERCE Secretary, Western State Foundation Board of Directors

DONNA FAULKNER Member, Western State Foundation Board of Directors

TERRY BRACE Member, Western State Foundation Board of Directors


OFFICERS OF THE BOARD GERRY A. SHEAR, PRESIDENT Gerry A. Shear, President of the Foundation Board, is a 1992 graduate of Western and the Managing Principal of GSA Management. Gerry holds a BS (Business Administration) from Western, an MBA from University of Nevada Las Vegas and the CCIM designation. In his free time he enjoys hiking, skiing and travel with his wife, Jenny, and is an avid sports car racer.

ROBERT WRIGHT, VICE PRESIDENT Robert Wright, a 2000 graduate of Western, serves as Vice President of the Foundation Board. Rob is the Co-Founder and CEO of Bungalow Clothing, a disruptive, online clothing retailer. Before Bungalow, Rob served as Co-Founder and Executive Vice President of ReachLocal, Inc. (Nasdaq: RLOC). Prior to ReachLocal, Rob served as Director of Business Development for WorldWinner, Inc., where he was responsible for offering WorldWinner’s tournament platform to the Internet’s leading game portals, including,, Gamesville., and Prior to WorldWinner, Rob was Director of Business Development for LineUp Technologies, a streaming media syndication company. Rob lives in Agoura Hills, California, with his wife, Wendy, and daughter, Ella.

MAXINE PIERCE, SECRETARY Maxine Pierce, currently serving as Secretary of the Western State Foundation Board of Directors, attended Western from 1970-1974 studying Business and Accounting. After graduating in 1974 she went to work in banking, working in the Bookkeeping Department, the Computer Department, and ending her full-time banking career as Auditor. After furthering her education she did consulting work for the bank and also worked at various businesses for friends that needed temporary/parttime help. Volunteering as a tutor with the local literacy program was a favorite project during this time. Since her husband, David, retired they have spent time traveling, pursuing their hobbies. He races vintage motorcycles in a national series. She trains and trials her Border Collie, Cooper, in agility. They have also established and are Co-Directors of the Topper Foundation.

HENRY “HANK” D. WINDMOELLER, TREASURER Henry “Hank” D. Windmoeller, a 1973 graduate of Western, serves as Treasurer of the Foundation Board. He is currently the Chief Financial Officer of Sills Cummis & Gross, PC. He was previously the Chief Operating Officer of Connolly Gallagher, LLP, a law firm located in Wilmington, Delaware. Hank’s experience includes 15 years as Chief Financial Officer and seven years as Chief Operating Officer in the legal services industry in the Washington, DC, and Philadelphia metropolitan areas. Prior to the legal services industry, Hank spent six years in homebuilding and eight years in public accounting with Arthur Andersen. Hank is a certified public accountant and holds a Master’s degree in Accountancy and Business Administration from the University of Denver Daniels School of Business and completed the Executive Development Program at Georgetown University.


PETER BIRKHOLZ graduated from Sam Houston State University with a BBA in 1975 and an MBA in 1976. For 25 years, Peter was a sports promoter, television announcer and television producer. After selling his sports franchise, Peter taught Marketing and Management courses for three years at the University of Houston at Clear Lake, and then taught for another 10 years at Sam Houston State University. He also served on the first Sam Houston State University Alumni Board, the Rotary Club of Huntsville and the Board of Trustees for the Boys and Girls Club of Houston. Currently, Peter is the managing partner of the Sam Houston Group, LP, which is a real estate partnership that owns commercial property in Huntsville, Texas. Peter has a home on the Taylor River in Almont, Colorado, and also resides in Huntsville. Peter and his wife, Kaye, have five boys and five grandchildren. He enjoys writing and has just published his first book, When Wrestling Was Rasslin’. TERRY BRACE received his BA degree from Western in 1974 with majors in History and Political Science, and his MA degree from Western in 1978, as well as earning his Doctoral degree from California Coast University. He was Superintendent for three school districts in California, and he served as a principal, counselor, teacher, and coach before then. He was selected to be a member of the National Center for Educational Research and Technology, a prestigious national group of superintendents; was a founding member of the Merced Anti-Violence (Gang) Task Force; and served on the California State University Stanislaus Education Doctoral Board, Merced College President’s Circle, and the Nevada Interscholastic Activities Association Board of Control. Terry has also made presentations at national and regional conferences on improving student achievement, strategic planning, strategic/organizational leadership, and time management. Terry is an active cyclist, hiker, skier, and kayaker. He is currently President and CEO of Brace Leadership Associates, LLC. He lives in Colorado Springs with his wife, Mary (’74).


TRAVIS BERRY, a 1992 graduate of Western, founded Politicalworks in 2002 and has been involved in lobbying and state and national politics since 1990. Prior to starting Politicalworks he served as Deputy Legislative Director for Governor Roy Romer from 1994-97. In this capacity he helped develop and implement the Governor’s legislative agenda. During his tenure he forged strong relationships with members of both sides of the aisle and successfully lobbied on a full range of public policy issues. Travis has held senior positions with numerous statewide campaigns and remains highly active in state and national politics. He has served as Senior Advisor to the Chairman of the Democratic National Committee and as Vice President of the Dutko Group, a Washington, DC lobbying firm. This diverse set of experiences and long history in lobbying and politics has provided Travis with the skills, knowledge and relationships to represent clients effectively before the state legislature and administrative agencies. Travis has forged strong bipartisan ties in the legislature and has a reputation as a talented and principled advocate for his clients.



DONNA FAULKNER, a 1968 graduate, taught in Georgia, Arizona, and eventually at Phillips University in Enid, Oklahoma, where she earned her M.Ed. In 1978, Donna and Doug Faulkner (’66) started Faulkner Corporation, an oil and gas company and a related drilling company, where she served as Comptroller for twenty-five years. Donna is still involved in the oil and gas industry with her own investment company and also continues in the business with her son, Drew, as a partner in West Elk Resources and other ventures. Drew continues the family business with his company, Olympia Oil, which is involved both nationally and internationally in oil and gas exploration. Drew also is CEO of HWD, a horizontal well drilling company. Donna and her partner, Mickey Smith, live on their ranch outside of Crawford, Colorado, where they raise hay and horses and enjoy the good life. DENISE LARSON HALLIGAN, a 1978 Western graduate, majored in Business. She currently works in Commercial Lending for Colorado Business Bank in Downtown Denver. Previously she was a computer programmer for US West and Lockheed Martin. Denise lives in the Arvada area with her husband, Gerry. They have a daughter about to graduate with a Masters in Fine Arts from UNLV, a son working in California, and a son who recently graduated from Western who is now working in Crested Butte. VALERIE HASTINGS, a 1983 Western graduate, has over 32 years of experience in Accounting, Tax and Business consulting. After receiving her Western degree in Accounting, Valerie then proceeded to get her Certified Public Accountant certificate and is licensed to practice in the State of Colorado. She is also a member of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants and the Colorado Society of Certified Public Accountants. When she is not working in the Tax and Accounting world, Valerie spends time with her son, Corbin. Valerie is a retired volunteer firefighter/engineer for the City of Golden Fire Department. DON JACKSON graduated summa cum laude from Western in 1980, and cum laude from Baylor Law School in 1983, where he was a member of the Baylor Law Review. Currently, Don is Managing Partner of the Ware, Jackson, Lee, O’Neill, Smith & Barrow law firm in Houston, Texas. Previously, he was a partner at Ware, Snow, Fogel and Jackson, and an associate and then partner at Vinson and Elkins. Don began his career as a Briefing Attorney for the Supreme Court of Texas. Named a Texas Super Lawyer (2003-2015), a Top 100 Lawyer in Houston (2011, 2013-2015) and a Best Lawyer in America, Don is board certified in personal injury trial law and civil trial law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization. An advocate in the American Board of Trial Advocates, he is also a member of the Houston Bar Association, State Bar of Texas, Texas Association of Defense Counsel, American Board of Trial Advocates and Texas Bar Foundation, as well as the author of numerous articles, papers and presentations.


BRIAN JOHNSON is a 1980 Western graduate with undergraduate degrees in Geology with a Business minor. He completed a Master of Science degree in Mineral Economics and Finance at the Colorado School of Mines. After spending 14 years in Australia and the United Kingdom, Brian has returned to the U.S. to set up a limited liability company called Sheldon Kye Energy, focused on energy infrastructure project development and advisory. Previously, Brian was Executive Director of the Energy and Utilities advisory team in Melbourne at PricewaterhouseCoopers. Prior to PwC he was based in the UK where he was Director and Senior VP at Caminus (NASDAQ) leading a team providing strategy and risk management advisory services, along with risk management software solutions, to Europe’s energy and utilities industries. Prior to Caminus, Brian was a Director at Oakvale Capital in Sydney, providing energy and mining clients with financial/treasury and strategic risk management advisory services. Starting his career as a Petroleum Geologist, Brian has also held management and leadership positions at the New York Mercantile Exchange and Colorado Coal and Coke. SEAN MARKEY is a 1993 graduate of Western. He earned his medical degree in 1997 from the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center, where he also completed his surgical internship and neurosurgery residency. He is board certified by the American Board of Neurological Surgery. Sean has served as the Director of Neurosurgery at Littleton Adventist Hospital and currently serves as the Director of Neurosurgery at Parker Adventist Hospital. He also serves as faculty for a number of medical device companies, which includes on-going work in the development of new spinal surgery techniques. He has been listed in 5280: Denver’s MileHigh Magazine as one of the city’s top doctors for his work with brain and spine disorders. He currently serves as the Neurosurgical Consultant to the Denver Broncos. Sean is an active member of the American Association of Neurological Surgeons, the Colorado Neurosurgical Society, the Congress of Neurological Surgeons and the Western Neurological Society. Sean and his wife, Kristina, currently reside in Denver and have three daughters. Outside of medicine Sean enjoys skiing, biking and automobiles.


STEVE JAQUITH is a 1983 graduate of Western. Steve started his long and successful career in the airline industry at Trans-Colorado Airlines before joining Continental Airlines, where he held a range of management and leadership positions across the country. Currently, Steve is the Managing Director of the Denver Hub and Colorado Region for United Airlines, Inc., managing all companyrelated activities in the airline’s fourth largest hub. While attending Western, where he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration, Steve participated in student government, served as Concert Director for the student body, and was a Residence Hall Advisor and Director. Married, with two daughters and an eight-yearold son adopted from Russia, Steve enjoys sports, reading, music, travel and spending time with family and friends.



ROBERT McGRAW, JR. is the President of McGraw and McGraw, CPA and a 1977 graduate of Western. A practicing Certified Public Accountant since 1982, his firm specializes in accounting for small businesses, personal and corporate tax planning/preparation, as well as small business consulting. The firm is led by Bob and run in conjunction with his two sons, serving clients across Colorado. Bob is licensed in the State of Colorado and is a member of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants and the Colorado Society of Certified Public Accountants. He has served on the Board of Directors for multiple publicly-traded companies as Audit Committee Chairman, as well as on the boards for several nonprofit organizations. Bob resides in Westminster, CO, with his wife, Marjie. JAMES SHAFFER, a 1973 graduate of Western, is President of Streetscapes, Inc., a dealer/distributer of furniture and site amenities for public spaces and a pedestrian amenities consultant. Prior to starting Streetscapes in 2005, James was a manufacturer’s representative in the contract furniture industry for more than 25 years. James is actively involved in the Urban Land Institute and is on the advisory board for WalkDenver – a Denver based pedestrian advocacy group. James and his wife, Marilyn, reside in Aurora, Colorado. James is an avid reader and enjoys photographing petroglyphs and pictographs and riding trains. MARK STEWART, a 1979 Western graduate in Geology, has worked 36 years for Schlumberger Technology Corporation and is currently serving as a Senior Account Manager in Denver. Since graduating, Mark has worked in numerous locations, including Denver, Houston, Los Angeles, Boston, Dubai, Aberdeen, Luanda and Paris. Helping to extract oil and gas from new shale plays, Mark can say without hesitation, that Western provided an excellent education, comparable to any large, “big name” university. As such, Mark is both loyal to and proud of his Western education and grateful for the many opportunities it created. As a second year member of the Western State Foundation Board, Mark enjoys working with a very diverse and dedicated group of Board members all trying to help improve the University in a variety of ways. Married for 30 years, Mark and LaTricia are extremely proud of their two daughters, the oldest who is an architect in Dallas, Texas and the youngest daughter who is working as a mechanical engineer for Royal Dutch Shell in the Gulf of Mexico. Residing in Parker, Colorado, Mark’s hobbies include cycling, fishing, reading and operating two small agricultural ventures in Colorado.


BRYAN TUTOR is Chief Operating Officer at RS Investments, a global investment management firm based in San Francisco. Prior to joining RS Investments, Bryan was Senior Vice President of Strategy, Finance and Operations at Guardian Life Insurance Company of America in New York. Beginning his career as a consulting actuary for both PricewaterhouseCoopers and Deloitte and Touche, Bryan has over 25 years of experience in the financial services industry. A native of Gunnison, Bryan and his wife, Paula, currently reside in Alamo, California, where they are avid golfers. Bryan is a 1987 graduate of Western State Colorado University with a Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics. DAN WENZINGER graduated Western in 1976, majoring in Accounting and Business. He is currently a Principal/Cofounder of Tierra Development and Triton Communities and President of Tierra Funding, LLC. Dan has been involved in residential development, construction and land banking for the last 16 years. His experience includes functioning as Chief Operating and Chief Finance Officer in the twelfth largest residential home builder along the Front Range of Colorado. His residential real estate experience has crossed all functions including land acquisition, entitlements, land development and vertical construction. Dan has also held various financial executive positions in the oil and gas industry and provided financial consulting as a Certified Public Accountant. Dan and his wife, Cheryl, currently reside in Golden, Colorado.


MATT TREDWAY and his wife, Dana, are 1983 graduates of Western. Steamboat, Colorado is home, and Matt has been very involved in that community for 29 years. Matt’s two daughters work together in their own clothing design business in Nashville. Matt was a student of Western’s first outdoor education semester, and that experience shaped his life. Matt was an instructor for The National Outdoor Leadership School and founded Everything Outdoor Steamboat, designed to give students a chance to experience rock and ice climbing, backpacking, winter mountaineering, 14ers, kayaking, and horse packing. Climbing is Matt’s passion, and he has been on expeditions around the world, including Alaska’s Denali, peaks in Canada, Peru, Kilimanjaro, Cho Oyu in Tibet, and an ‘06 Everest bid. Matt heads a construction company, and is managing partner in a real estate development company. He serves on a variety of boards, including the Steamboat Springs Winter Sports Club. He teaches alpine skiing for Steamboat Ski and Resort Corporation. Matt is excited to carry on a family tradition of promoting Western that dates back to 1963.



Herb Dorricott*

Mike Matthews

Jean Smock

Shannon Armstrong

Malcolm Drake*

Bob McCollum

Ginger Soderlund

Bob Baker

Ann Duckett

David McEntire

Lee Spann

Mary Elaine Barbour

Jerry Dusa

Les Mergelman

Clinton Spencer*

Barry “BJ” Beal, Jr.

Ruth Eastman

Claudia Metroz

Linda Helken-Squirrell

Bill Boris

Whitman Eastman*

Ken Moffitt

Richard (Dick) Stephenson

L. Richard Bratton

Steve Frazee*

Howard Morrison

Wesley E. Strain

Harlan Bryant*

Gary Garland

James Musgrave

James Sullivan

Elizabeth Callaway*

Carol Gossard

Owen P. O’Fallon

Bill Sweitzer*

Clay Campbell

Craig Haase

Ty Petway

Tom Swineford

Louie Carleo

Art Harter

Gary Peyton*

Lawrence J. Tacker

Jay Carlile

Roy Hood

Jack Porter

Dan Thornton*

Claudia M. Carpenter

Nancy Houston

Don Prosser

Kip Tindell

Chance Chase

Garland Ingraham

Paul Rady

Steve Trippe

Jim Christian

Roy Johnson*

Tom Rais

Jerry Uhrlaub*

Barry Clifford

Stuart Kaplan

Sandy Read*

Edwin Vitt

Chuck Cliggett

Dave Kirvin

Donley Rees

Jyl Voss

Rob Costello

Anne Law

Steve Reynolds

Malte vonMatthiessen

Thom Cox

Mason M. Light*

Ethel M. Rice

Pat Wiesner

Karl F. Crass, Jr.

Kathy Lutito

James Richards*

Pat White

Chip Creager

Jim MacAllister

John Roberts*

Sven Wiik

Peter Dea

Doug MacGregor

Curtis Robinson

Robert R. Williams*

Robert Decker*

Leon Mark*

C. Gale Sellens

Dan Dennison

Sandy Mark

Bud Smock









In-Kind Gifts




TOTAL: $3,955,142

TOTAL CONTRIBUTIONS 2000-2015: $60,000,000


MOUNTAINEER ATHLETICS The Mountaineer Athletic Association (MAA) is the official booster club of Western State Colorado University Athletics. Western and your Mountaineers would not be one of the most successful programs in NCAA Division II without the support of the MAA, and fans can directly benefit the Mountaineers this season. Almost all the funds collected go to the scholarship needs of the most successful student-athletes in the nation.

Another successful year in the classroom! Department-wide GPA of 3.06 for the 2014-15 academic year.

“Mountaineer Athletes have been able to not only succeed in competition, but in academics as well. Achievement in both areas is no accident; it comes from the encouragement and financial support of MAA members,” Western Wrestler Corbin Bennetts said. “This unprecedented support not only inspires my fellow athletes and me, but also enables us to focus on our sport and education rather than how we will be able to afford it. The MAA is a catalyst for the Mountaineer experience.” The MAA operates under the umbrella of the Western State Colorado University Foundation, a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization, meaning that your donations are fully tax-deductible. The MAA is in its 52nd year as Western’s Athletics booster club. Originally known as the Century Club, the name was changed to the Mountaineer Century Club in 1988 and became the Mountaineer Athletic Association in 1995. The MAA offers individuals and businesses a chance to contribute. As an MAA Corporate Partner, your organization can choose among four primary options, ranging from $1,000 to $15,000. The primary use of this money is to go toward scholarships for student-athletes.


Along with the exposure of becoming a Corporate Partner, other opportunities for further promotion will be available exclusively to MAA Corporate Partners at specific levels. For more information on becoming an MAA Corporate Partner, please contact the Mountaineer Athletics Department at 970-943-2079.


ACADEMIC ACHIEVEMENTS Western State Colorado University student-athletes completed another successful year in the classroom by capturing numerous individual and team academic awards and recording a department-wide GPA of 3.06 for the 2014-15 academic year. Being recognized for their academic achievements on the national stage in 2014-15 were Luke Arnold (Track & Field), Corbin Bennetts (Wrestling), Austin Ekeler (Football), and Ryan Haebe (Cross Country, Track & Field), who all earned Capital One Academic All-America honors. Arnold, Bennetts and Haebe were first team selections while Ekeler was named to the second team. In July, the Mountaineer Football and Swimming & Diving programs were honored with the 201415 Brechler Award for having the highest team GPAs in the Rocky Mountain Athletic Conference (RMAC) in their respective sport. Western Football posted a 2.96 GPA for the academic year while the Swimming & Diving team finished with a 3.56 GPA, the second-highest among all Mountaineer programs this season. The Swimming & Diving Team also claimed College Swimming Coaches Association of America (CSCAA) Scholar All-America Team honors in February. The Women’s Cross Country Team recorded the highest GPA among all Western teams with a 3.6. The squad was named a U.S. Track & Field and Cross Country Coaches Association (USTFCCCA) All-Academic Team in 2014, and tied a nation-best seven USTFCCCA All-Academic individual selections. The Women’s Indoor and Outdoor Track & Field Teams also garnered USTFCCCA AllAcademic honors with GPAs of 3.17 and 3.16, respectively. The Men’s Cross Country Indoor and Outdoor Track & Field Teams were also named USTFCCCA All-Academic teams in 2014-15. The Cross Country Team posted a 2.95 GPA while the indoor team finished with a 2.8 GPA and the outdoor squad recorded a 2.83. The Women’s Soccer (3.28) and Volleyball (3.16) teams also recorded GPAs of 3.0 and higher for the 2014-15 year. In addition to their eighth-place finish at the NCAA Championships in 2015, the Mountaineer Wrestling Team showed success off the mat with a 2.96 GPA. The Mountaineers earned the sixthhighest GPA (3.309) in Division II, as calculated by the National Wrestling Coaches Association (NWCA), by averaging the cumulative GPAs of 10 Wrestlers of which eight must have competed in their team’s NCAA Division II national qualifying tournament. The Men’s Basketball Team improved their team GPA from the fall semester, finishing with a 2.86 GPA on the year, while the Women’s Basketball Team recorded a 2.74.


For the first time since 1996, the Western State Colorado University Men’s Track and Field Team swept both the indoor and outdoor conference titles. Hosting their first Rocky Mountain Athletic Conference (RMAC) Indoor Track and Field Championships in program history, the Western Men’s Track and Field Team captured the RMAC title at the two-day event in the Mountaineer Field House. At the outdoor conference championships, the Mountaineers entered in second place, 9.5 points behind Colorado School of Mines. Western received contributions across the board in the final day of competition to claim the championship. In the process, the Mountaineers took down three top-25 programs in Number 6 Adams State, Number 12 Colorado Mines and Number 24 CSU-Pueblo for their first outdoor title since 1999. Also earning RMAC Indoor Men’s Coach of the Year and RMAC Outdoor Coach of the Year honors was Western’s Chris Bradford.


THE HERITAGE SOCIETY There are a variety of ways to Western Up and show your support with a planned gift to Western. The Heritage Society formally recognizes those donors who have included Western in their wills, trusts or estate plans. We thank them for their kind and generous support.

Leona E. Antholz* Mary Kay Arbuthnot Robert Barr* Roberta Barr* James Bartlett, Jr.* Jane Bartlett* Robert L. Beitler Elsie A. Bennett* Ruth Berg* Edmund L. Bevens* J. Howard Blackburn* John Brach Nancy Spann Braswell* James A. Brewer* Joe Brimus* Gerald Caplan Martha A. Carr* Hugh R. Christenson* Janet S. Christenson Gary R. Counterman James H. Cox* Margaret Darr Crager* Jeanette M. Dalton* George Davidson* Marguerite Davidson* A. Joseph DeGrazio Tony Delmas* Donald S. Eastman* Harry W. Endner* Mary E. Erickson* Jeane D. Fair* Robert D. Foster*

Agnes D. Giles* Cecil Giles* Paul Gillis William H. Gould* Carol Greenlee Jim Greenlee* William Greer Robert C. Haas* Delia Fay Haefeli Evelyn Haley Mary Alice Hansen* Larry Heesch Linda Heesch Ann Hunt Hieronymus* Constantina Herzberg Peter Herzberg Kevin Hettler Kenneth E. Heuer Clarence T. Hurst* Jean Race Johnson Henry “Hank” Kaufmann May Dye Kearney* Bruce A. Kolisek Alice Downing Lain* Patti Burritt Locke Robert W. Lowe, Jr. Jim Mahaffey Mary E. McDaniel Marquardt Richard E. Marquardt Mitchell W. Mateik* John McCarthy David R. McEntire

Sarah McEntire Keith Milheim* Wayne Milheim* Barbara J. Minard* Christopher M. Minard Marvin Newby* Reva Sapp O’Connor* Dennis Pearson Harry Peterson Sylvia Peterson Ralph E. Porter* Marjorie Porter* Fletcher Y. Rainer, III* Sandy Read* Edwyl Redding* Lois T. Reed* Fred A. Reichle* Olivia L. Reichle* Ethel M. Rice Rachel W. Rice* James R. Richards* Freda T. Roof* Joseph A. Ruggerio* Mary A. Scherer* Stephen T. Semegen Gerald Shear Alma L. Sheff* George R. Sheff* Anne Shrake Tom Shrake Deborah Shoop Kirkton Shoop

Burton Smith* Elnora Smith* Bill Smith Janet Smith Ida LaDean Stobaugh* William H. Stobaugh* Marion A. Stoerker Mollie G. Stoerker* David Stremme Jan Stremme Dan Thornton* Jesse Thornton* Melanie Torpey James T. Tully Eric Vanden Brink C. E. Veirs* Francis T. Visconti John P. Vloyantes* Malte vonMatthiessen Pam vonMatthiessen Elva Lea Wise* Hazel Wright* Mary F. Wright* Paul W. Wright* Mickey Zahradka* Nona Zahradka* George Zavislan* Selma Zavislan* Ann Zugelder* Anonymous (8 individuals) *Deceased



JOHN STANDISH ROBERTS 1936 – 2015 John Roberts, a longtime generous friend of Western and Gunnison, died May 17, 2015 in Grand Junction. He was 79. John created two scholarships at Western, one named the John Sievers Memorial Wrestling Scholarship. John created this scholarship in memory of John Sievers, a State wrestling champion at Gunnison High School and a Western student serving in Vietnam where he was killed in 1970. This fund provides for students participating in the Western Wrestling Program. John and his wife, Lois, also established the Denver Cherry Memorial Scholarship in honor of Cherry (‘69), Lois’ brother-in-law, for students majoring in Accounting. A man who always made giving a top priority, John always kept Western on the list of many charities and organizations he supported in Gunnison. John was a member of the Western State Foundation Board of Directors, and was Vice President during a term. He also served on the President’s Advisory Council. Although John never sought recognition for any of his gifts, a meeting room in Western’s University Center was named after him and Lois by their Gunnison friends wanting to express their appreciation for all that the Roberts have done for the Gunnison community. John graduated from high school in Lincoln, Nebraska in 1953. In 1957, John earned his degree in Business Administration from Colorado University. John married Lois Haisington in Palisade, Colorado in 1960, and they moved to Gunnison in 1986 to establish John Roberts Motorworks, a car dealership that still bears his name. John retired in 2006 and the couple moved to Grand Junction. In addition to his support of Western, while in Gunnison John was a Past-President of the Gunnison Chamber of Commerce, a member of the Gunnison Valley Hospital Board, a member of the City of Gunnison’s Challenge Grant Committee and a member of the Gunnison Rotary Club. He was also an Elder for Bethany Baptist Church. John is survived by Lois, and their three children, seven grandchildren, four great-grandchildren and other family members. He will be dearly missed. “John was a shining example of what happens to a person when the love of God overwhelms their life,” said Tom Burggraf, Executive Director of the Western State Foundation. “John was a blessing to so many people, and he touched the lives of many at Western and in Gunnison.”

John and Lois Roberts with one of the many students helped with their generous scholarships.



JACK ALFRED MACALLISTER 1927 – 2015 Jack A. MacAllister, a long-time supporter and friend of Western, passed away February 14, 2015 after a lengthy battle with Parkinson’s disease. Jack and his wife of nearly 65 years, Marilyn, through the MacAllister Foundation, generously established the Presidential Honors Scholarships, assisting Western’s high caliber students. After a short stint in the Navy as WWII ended, Jack enrolled at the University of Iowa, pursuing a Business degree. It was there that Jack met the love of his life, Marilyn Anderson. They married right after they graduated in 1950. Jack was promptly recruited by the telephone company, known as “Ma Bell” at the time, as a telephone installer. Before he started the job they honeymooned in Colorado, returning home with about $5 between them. He and Marilyn rented a basement apartment, began their life together, and raised three children, Steve, Jim and Sue. Jack moved upward through the ranks of the telephone company, moving every two years or so. The final tally was 19 moves in five states. He liked to say he had pretty much performed every job there was to do and knew the company inside and out. Jack was a much beloved and legendary figure within the company. After serving as President of Northwestern Bell in Omaha, Nebraska, his career culminated in 1982 with his appointment as the Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of US West, which was then one of the “Baby Bells,” the offspring of the government mandated divestiture of AT&T. He held that position until his retirement in December of 1990.

As we were going to press of this publication, we learned the sad news that Sue MacAllister, Jack and Marilyn’s daughter, passed away on November 2, 2015. The Foundation staff sends heartfelt condolences to the MacAllister family and friends during this difficult time.

Although his accomplishments are too numerous to recount, Jack built US West into a Fortune 500 company. He chaired the work-based learning advisory commission of the Department of Labor, was a board member of the National Parks Foundation and numerous other boards, both corporate and non-profits. One accomplishment he was most proud of was establishing the US West Foundation, dedicated to funding philanthropic community efforts in the 14 state US West region. In addition to their generous support of Western, Jack and Marilyn were instrumental in establishing a computer lab at Gunnison High School, the Dance Studio at the Gunnison Arts Center, Paradise Place preschool in Crested Butte and Gunnison County’s first county wide animal shelter. Jack will be greatly missed but remembered for a life lived fully and well.

Jack and Marilyn MacAllister with recipients of the Presidential Honors Scholarships.

- From the Gunnison Country Times



GEORGIE DOROTHY KINCAID 1922 – 2015 Georgie D. Kincaid, wife of John Kincaid, Emeritus Professor of Music at Western for many years, passed away peacefully at home on March 16, 2015. She was 93. Georgie graduated from Littleton High School, attended Barnes Business School and enrolled at Western, where she met her future husband, John Kincaid. They graduated together in 1947, and married on June 7, 1947, enjoying 67 anniversaries together. John and Georgie have been involved with Western and the Department of Music for many years. They both were members of the band and orchestra while undergraduates. John was a Music major, and after many years of graduate school and experience in the teaching field he returned to Western as a member of the Music faculty. John retired in 1986. John and Georgie have been adamant supporters of Western’s Department of Music. They established the John and Georgie Kincaid Music Education Chair Fund with a seed gift of $25,000 in 2012, hoping other Music alumni and friends will make gifts to the fund to grow to $1.5 million for it to become operational so the Chair can become inaugurated and filled. This Chair will meet the critical need of providing a faculty member to teach Music with an Education emphasis. In addition, John and Georgie also established the John and Georgie Kincaid Instrumental Music Scholarship. John and Georgie and friends previously established this scholarship for students who are instrumental musicians. They also established the Mabel deKoevend Memorial Music Scholarship, which assists Western students majoring in Music, and the Brass Band Fund. Georgie, a teacher, received her Master’s degree at Western in 1965, and taught at various places including Western. In 1961, John and Georgie took up permanent residence in Gunnison. Georgie taught CPR for the Red Cross throughout the Western Slope of Colorado for 25 years. She was an active member of the Football Widows Bowling Club, the Top O’ The World Garden Club and Chapter HK of the PEO Society. For decades, Georgie knitted bonnets for babies born at Gunnison Valley Hospital. “We in the Department of Music are saddened by the passing of Georgie,” said Bob Barrett, Chair of the Department of Music. “John and Georgie have always given kindly to help struggling students. The impact the Kincaids have had on the lives on countless students and colleagues is enormous.” -From the Gunnison Country Times

John and Georgie Kincaid with their proud scholarship recipients.



COLONEL JACOB P. ACCOLA 1916 – 2015 Jacob Accola, a longtime supporter and dear friend of Western, passed away on September 25, 2015. He was 99. Jake graduated from Western in 1937. He was always extremely grateful to Western for the opportunities it opened to him. Jake was deeply committed to Western, particularly to the Unrestricted Fund, the “W” Mountain Maintenance Fund, the Western Football Team Fund and the Mountaineer Athletic Association. Jake was the first athlete to be awarded a lifetime pass to Western Athletic Conference sporting events. Jake was an early member and one-time President of the Western State Foundation Board of Directors. After graduating from Western, Jake secured a job as a teacher and assistant coach in football and basketball at La Junta High School. Only the threat of the WWII draft induced Jake to leave La Junta. In March of 1941 he enlisted in the Army Air Corps and graduated from Mather Field navigation school in November. He was assigned to the 19th bomb wing flying the B-17 heavy bomber, and was at Hamilton Field, California, scheduled to leave with a B-17 crew when the Pearl Harbor disaster occurred. Because the Honolulu-Hickam air route could be used, he was reassigned to the 77th squadron of the 28th composite group. The 77th flew the Martin B-26 medium bomber and was on its way to Alaska and the Aleutians in January, 1942. In April, 1943, Jake was assigned to a B-25 training wing at Columbia, South Carolina. There he met and soon married Mary Kathryn Derrick in August, 1946.

Jake was the first athlete to be awarded a lifetime pass to Western Athletic Conference sporting events.

Jake and Mary had three children: Thomas in July, 1947 and twins John and Robin in June, 1950. The family enjoyed tours in Hawaii, England, Nebraska, and Illinois. Jake retired in April, 1971, choosing to locate with Mary in Colorado Springs because of the US Air Force Academy and its excellent medial and athletic facilities. Early on Jake was involved in community organizations such as the Homeowners’ Association, of which he was a member and a former President. He was also active in Republican Party affairs. Jake was a charter member of the Air Force Academy Athletic Association. Jake is survived by his son, Tom; his daughter, Robin; and his grandchildren. Jake’s wife, Mary, preceded him in death on January 10, 2013, and his son John, a wellknown reporter for the Rocky Mountain News, was lost in June, 2006 after a sudden heart attack. “I got to know Jake when I was President of MAA. He was a very active supporter of athletics. He never missed Homecoming, and hosted meals for teams when they were in Colorado Springs. A great supporter of Western,” said Glenn Calkins (’62).



ALICE DOWNING LAIN 1923 – 2015 Alice Lain, a 1946 graduate of Western, passed away in Omaha, Nebraska on April 8, 2015. She was 91. Alice was a longtime supporter of Western, and made a bequest of $15,000 to the Western State Foundation. Alice lived a life of service to her community. She loved her chosen career of teaching for 42 years. She served the First United Methodist Church in Raton, New Mexico and the McClave United Methodist Church in McClave, Colorado. During her time in Omaha, Alice attended the Living Faith United Methodist Church. As a member of Queen Esther Chapter #1 O.E.S., Alice served as Worthy Matron, organist and other officers for over 47 years. In Raton, she was a member and officer of Beta Sigma Phi, Delta Kappa Gamma and Retired Teachers. She also belonged to Daughters of the Nile and Delta Omicron. Alice is preceded in death by her husband, Joe. She is survived by her daughter, Maril (Bernard) Hauber; grandchildren, Andrea (Michael) Nelson (Andrea is a 2003 Western graduate) and Curtis Hauber and fiancée Christina Rabenold; and two great-grandchildren, all of Omaha, Nebraska. - From The Lamar Ledger

NONA ZAHRADKA 1917 – 2015 Nona Mearl Newby Zahradka, a longtime friend of Western, passed away April 22, 2015. Nona, a loyal supporter of Western, established a Charitable Remainder Annuity Trust through a planned gift to the Western State Foundation for Unrestricted Funds. Nona graduated from Hayden Union High School in 1936, then attended Western where she earned a BA in 1941 and a Lifetime Teaching Certificate in 1946, an MA in Special Education in 1959 and an Education Specialist in School Administration in 1968. In 1938, Nona married Paul C. “Mickey” Zahradka (’40;’59). Mickey was the Director of the Western Alumni Services for ten years, and also served as Director of Admissions for many years. They had two children, George “Mike” Zahradka and Zona Zahradka. Nona’s career as a professional educator spanned 40 years. She taught in Mt. Harris, Ouray, Durango and finally Gunnison. In 1957, Nona began teaching first grade in O’leary School. After three years she began working in Special Education. She retired from RE1J School District as Director of Special Education in June of 1979.

After her retirement she and her husband “Mickey” traveled the world as members of Ports of Call Travel Club. They both enjoyed camping in Colorado and the Four Corners area. Nona was preceded in death by her husband in 1999 and her daughter, Zona, in 2003. She is survived by her son George M. and daughter-in-law Barbara and her grandchildren. Nona will be missed by all who knew her. - From the Gunnison Country Times



OLIVE B. GIFFORD 1911 – 2015 Olive B. Gifford, a former Librarian at Western, passed away in her sleep on Sunday, January 18th, 2015. She was 103. Olive earned her Bachelor’s in Music from Dana’s Musical Institute (now of Youngstown University) in 1933, then a Bachelor of Science in Education with a major in Music at Kent State University in 1936. While there she met her future husband Herbert Gifford (also a Music major). In 1940, she married Herbert and they opened a music store in Ravenna, Ohio. In 1953, they sold the store and moved their family to Denver so Olive could attend Denver University Library School, where she earned an MA in Librarianship in 1955. That same year she became Canon City High School’s Librarian, and in 1961 to 1963 she was Head Cataloguer at Willamette University in Salem, Oregon. Wanting to get back to Colorado, Olive took a job as Cataloguer at Northeastern Junior College in Sterling from 1963 to 1964. In 1964, the family moved to Gunnison, where she worked as a librarian at Western until she retired in 1979. She also served as the head election judge for many elections. Olive picked up the tuba in junior high, and from 1980 to 1989 she travelled to Silverton every August to play her tuba in the Great Western Rocky Mountain Brass Band, and after that played with the British Band Workshop at Western every summer until putting down the tuba for good in 1997 at age 86.

Olive worked as a librarian at Western until she retired in 1979.

Olive loved gardening (earning the Gunnison “Yard of the Week” several times), sewing, knitting booties, quilting and tatting. She enjoyed singing in her church choir until her hearing declined. She loved to travel, so every summer was a road trip to a different place in the U.S. She is survived by her sons, Dr. Lt. Col. USAF Norman (Phyllis) and Bruce; three granddaughters; two greatgranddaughters; 14 nephews and 14 nieces; and many grand and great-grand nephews and nieces. - From the Gunnison Country Times


LIFETIME HONOR ROLL The Circles of Distinction are Western’s most distinguished support group. This Lifetime Achievement level is for those whose lifetime total giving exceeds $50,000.

We have alphabatized each category, and the Western State Foundation has made every effort to include everyone who has made lifetime gifts of $50,000 and more. We are indebted to and grateful for the following philanthropists, who represent thousands of others, who have made the world a better place by advancing Western’s mission and changing the lives of our students.


Estate of Louis Borick Steven Borick The Louis L. Borick Foundation John Brach IHS Landmark Graphics Corporation LIATIS Foundation

Van Nuys Houston Houston Grand Junction Oklahoma City Houston Houston


Robert Little W. A. “Tex” Moncrief Paul & Katy Rady Ethel M. Rice Gerald & Jenny Shear Bill & Janet Smith Estate of Dan & Jessie Thornton

Phoenix Fort Worth Englewood Gunnison Las Vegas Sun City West Gunnison



VISIONARY CIRCLE ($500,000 TO $999,999)

Anonymous - 1 Boettcher Foundation Denver CO Daniels Fund Denver CO Carol Greenlee Gunnison CO Craig & Charlotte Haase Gunnison CO Lutfseben Scottsdale AZ

P2 Energy Solutions Steve & Paula Reynolds Stephen & Sarah Trippe Malte & Pam vonMatthiessen Estate of Ann Zugelder

Denver Broomfield Key West Yellow Springs Gunnison


PILLAR CIRCLE ($250,000 TO $499,999)

Anonymous - 1 City & County of Gunnison Gunnison Ralph “Butch” Clark III Gunnison Crager Family Trust South San Francisco Peter & Cathy Dea Golden Donna Faulkner Gunnison Estate of Gus & Loretto Grosland Gunnison Art & Susie Harter Centennial Estate of Ann Hunt Hieronymus Colorado Springs Michael & Mari Johnson Malibu


Estate of May Dye Kearney CO The MacAllister Foundation Gunnison CO Sean & Kristina Markey Castle Rock CO Estate of Wayne Milheim Cape Coral FL Mabel Musgrave Centennial CO Jim & Sue Oates Gunnison CO Pepsi-Cola Company Montrose CO David & Maxine Pierce Farmington NM Estate of Sandra Read Dorset VT

LEADERSHIP CIRCLE ($200,000 TO $249,999)

William Boris Chamberland Orthopaedics Chip & Robin Creager Encana Oil & Gas (USA) Inc. Great Outdoors Colorado

Gig Harbor Gunnison Aurora Denver Denver


Matt & Erica Hogan Crested Butte John & Georgie Kincaid Gunnison Estate of R. Keith Milheim Denver James Nauman San Diego The Estate of Burton & Elnora Smith


LEGACY CIRCLE ($150,000 TO $199,999)

Alpine Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine Louie & Dorsey Carleo Gates Family Foundation Gunnison Valley Housing Foundation Martin Maslonka & Janna Campbell

Gunnison Pueblo Denver Gunnison Stateline


Ken & Barbara Moffitt Beverly Pierce John & Lois Roberts Dick Stephenson

Crested Butte CO Farmington NM Grand Junction CO Rifle CO


PATRON CIRCLE ($100,000 TO $149,999)

Anonymous - 1 Estate of Ralph Clark, Jr. Gunnison Jerry & Greta Dusa Santa Cruz El Pomar Foundation Colorado Springs John and Margie Haley Dallas J & W Catering Gunnison John Roberts Motor Works Gunnison Bill & Ginger Kaczmarek Bainbridge Island KUBC-AM/KKXK-FM Radio Montrose David & Sarah McEntire Las Vegas Ty & Lindsey Petway Jacksonville Donald & Donna Prosser Denver QEP Resources Denver


Estate of Cal Queal Palisade Marguerite Rule Walnut Creek Kirkton & Deborah (Hurt) Shoop Denver SM Energy Denver Sweitzer Ski Foundation Crested Butte Temple Hoyne Buell Foundation Denver The Voss Family Gunnison Dan Warner Centennial Wells Fargo Bank Gunnison Western State Dining Services by Sodexo Gunnison Whiting Oil & Gas Corp. Denver Estate of Elva Lea Wise Emporia


HORIZON CIRCLE ($50,000 TO $99,999)

Anonymous - 1 Jake Accola Colorado Springs CO Alpine Banks of Colorado Glenwood Springs CO Bank of the West Gunnison CO Estate of James & Jane Bartlett Binghamton NY Estate of Ruth Berg Rogers City MI Jo Billmeyer Royal Oak MI Dick & Donna Bratton Gunnison CO Chesapeake Energy Corporation Oklahoma City OK Coca-Cola Foundation Matching Gifts Program Princeton NJ Estate of James H. Cox Watertown NY Bob & Media Dawson Horseshoe Bay TX Stanley Elmaleh White Plains NY The Energy Cup Greenwood Village CO Natalie Everett Carolina Beach NC Facilities Connection, A HB/PZH Company El Paso TX Jeane D. Fair Charitable Trust Colorado Springs CO Estate of Doug Faulkner Enid OK Erich & Beth Ferchau Gunnison CO Greater Milwaukee Foundation Milwaukee WI Gunnison Energy Corporation Denver CO Valerie Hastings Denver CO Estate of Dorothy Heiny Sharon Springs KS Jay & Dawn Helman Gunnison CO Paul & Enid Holden Gunnison CO

Jeffrey & Karen Holway Deerfield Roy & Doris Hood Seabrook Helen K. & Arthur E. Johnson Foundation Denver Estate of McDonald Jones KEJJ FM 98.3 Gunnison Patti Burritt Locke Englewood Bill & Monica McKenny Marquette Greg & Monica Mikesell Monument Estate of Margaret White O’Leary Gunnison The Paper Clip Gunnison Estate of Rachel Rice The Estate of Jim Richards Delta Walter & MaryJane Scherr Kingwood Estate of George & Alma Sheff Colorado Springs St. Mary Land & Exploratin Company Denver Nancy Tredway Grand Junction Martha Violett Gunnison Jyl Voss Lone Tree Harry Warner Bloomfield Hills Western Lumber, Inc. Gunnison Wet Grocer Gunnison Pat & Janet Wiesner Castle Rock Rob & Wendy Wright Agoura Hills Yellow Book Cedar Rapids YSI Foundation, Inc. Yellow Springs



HONOR ROLL OF DONORS The following individuals, corporations and foundations made gifts in Fiscal Year 2015 (July 1, 2014 to June 30, 2015). Every attempt was made to accurately cite each donor. Please notify the Foundation of any corrections.

Your most recent gift may not be reflected here if made on or after July 1, 2015 (we look forward to recognizing your gift in our next issue).

The Benefactor’s Club

The Summit Society - Gold

($100,000 to $999,999)

Steven Borick The Louis L. Borick Foundation John & Margie Haley Estate of Ann Hunt Hieronymus LIATIS Foundation Robert Little R. Keith Milheim, Trust

($25,000 to $49,999) Houston Houston Dallas Colorado Springs Houston Phoenix Denver


The Platinum Club ($50,000 to $99,999)

Ralph Clark Art & Susie Harter Michael & Mari Johnson The Michael & Mari Johnson Charitable Foundation Bill & Ginger Kaczmarek Beverly Pierce David & Maxine Pierce Gerald & Jenny Shear

Gunnison CO Centennial CO Malibu CA Malibu Bainbridge Island Farmington Farmington Las Vegas


Anonymous - 1 Daniels Fund Denver CO Ethel M. Rice Gunnison CO Temple Hoyne Buell Foundation Denver CO

The Summit Society - Silver ($10,000 to $24,999)

Anonymous - 2 Alpine Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine Gunnison CO Boettcher Foundation Denver CO Louie & Dorsey Carleo Pueblo CO Chamberland Orthopaedics Gunnison CO Chance & Claire Chase Artesia NM Chase Foundation Artesia NM Pat (Norma) Crain Grand Junction CO Greater Milwaukee Foundation Donald P. Timm Fund Milwaukee WI Gunnison Energy Corporation Denver CO Valerie Hastings Lakewood CO Herbalife International of America, Inc. Los Angeles CA Holiday Inn Express Gunnison Gunnison CO Jeffrey & Karen Holway Deerfield IL Ingersoll-Rand Charitable Foundation Davidson NC

33 Gunnison CO Gunnison CO Omaha NE Pueblo CO Scottsdale AZ Castle Rock CO Crested Butte CO Crested Butte CO Castle Rock Montrose Denver Denver Englewood Broomfield Montrose Denver Agoura Hills


The Summit Society

($5,000 to $9,999)

Anonymous - 1 Anadarko Petroleum Corporation Princeton NJ Peter & Kaye Birkholz Huntsville TX Bradsby Group Denver CO Carrizo Oil & Gas, Inc. Houston TX Nancy Chisholm Lakewood CO Colorado Gym/Colorado Fitness Gunnison CO CS Irwin, LLC Jacksonville FL Econo Lodge Motel Gunnison CO Stanley Elmaleh Boca Raton FL Jeane D. Fair Charitable Trust Colorado Springs CO Gunnison Construction & Septic Service Gunnison CO Gunnison Trails Gunnison CO High Mountain Liquor Gunnison CO I-Bar Ranch Gunnison CO JMJK, LLC/McDonald’s of Gunnison Glenwood Springs CO Kenney Brothers Foundation Denver CO Patti Burritt Locke Englewood CO Mario’s Pizza and Restaurante Gunnison CO Sheldon & Kathleen Maskin Anna Maria FL Leland McGill Denver CO Bob & Marjorie McGraw Westminster CO Merit Energy Company Dallas TX Middle Park Land Trust Granby CO Mt. Crested Butte Water & Sanitation District Mt. Crested Butte CO The Nature Conservancy Arlington VA The Paper Clip Gunnison CO Quality Inn Gunnison CO Estate of Lois Reed Missoula MT John Roberts Motor Works Gunnison CO John & Lois Roberts Grand Junction CO Schmalz Construction Gunnison CO The Sign Guys & Gal!, Inc. Gunnison CO Mark Stewart Parker CO Tulsa Community Foundation Tulsa OK TWC Foundation, Inc. Centennial CO TYCO, Inc. Charity Trust Account Reston VA Daniel & Cheryl Wenzinger Golden CO Western State Dining Services by Sodexo Gunnison CO Nell Whiting Gunnison CO Yates Petroleum Corporation Artesia NM Estate of Nona Zahradka Gunnison CO

The “W” Mountain Club ($2,500 to $4,999)


J & W Catering KEJJ FM 98.3 Estate of Alice Downing Lain LDC Santa Fe Luftseben Sean & Kristina Markey David & Sarah McEntire Ken & Barbara Moffitt Neurosurgical and Spine Trauma Associates, PC Pepsi-Cola Company Hugh Pitcher QEP Energy Company Paul & Katy Rady Steve & Paula Reynolds Robert Rosette SM Energy Robert & Wendy Wright

Anonymous - 1 Todger & Shannon Anderson Denver CO Bank of the West Gunnison CO Timothy Bergquist Arvada CO Travis Berry Denver CO Reid & Susan Bicknell Broomfield CO Tom & Cherie Burggraf Gunnison CO Gerald & Betsy Caplan Boulder CO Comfort Inn Gunnison CO Community Foundation of the Gunnison Valley Gunnison CO Zachary Cordel Clovis NM Creager Mercantile Denver CO Bob Dawson Marble Falls TX Days Inn & Suites Gunnison CO Bob & Cindy Drexel Gunnison CO Embroidered Sportswear Company Gunnison CO Equip Creative, LLC Gunnison CO Falcon Sports Shots Falcon CO The Samuel Gary, Jr. Family Foundation Denver CO Carol Greenlee Gunnison CO Balie & Beverly Griffith Austin TX Gunnison County Electric Association Gunnison CO Gunnison Country Times Gunnison CO James Hahn Gunnison CO John & Kitty Hasche Denver CO Anne Hausler Gunnison CO Catherine Hausler Gunnison CO Roy & Doris Hood Seabrook TX Island Acres Motel, Inc. Gunnison CO Don & Michelle Jackson Houston TX Brian Johnson Cherry Hills Village CO Robert E. Jones Ellensburg WA Andy & Heidi Keck Gunnison CO David & Brigette Kirvin Las Vegas NV Landman Scholarship Trust Fort Worth TX Marathon Oil Company Houston TX Kirk Martinez Bismarck ND MDU Resources Foundation Bismarck ND MillerCoors Golden CO Richard & Belva Moyle Ogden UT Dale Myers Livermore CA James Nauman San Diego CA Newfield Exploration Company The Woodlands TX Jim & Sue Oates Gunnison CO Margaret Olmsted Fletcher NC Daniel & Jeanne O’Shaughnessy Englewood CO Palisades Restaurant & Saloon Gunnison CO Permian Basin Landmen’s Association Midland TX Powerstop Gunnison CO Donald & Donna Prosser Denver CO Stanley & Patricia Pursley Lakewood CO The Quivira Coalition Santa Fe NM Nancy Russell Gunnison CO Greg & Marian Salsbury Gunnison CO Team Prep USA, LLC Crested Butte CO The Inn at Tomichi Village Gunnison CO Three Rivers Resort Almont CO The Topper Foundation Farmington NM Martha Violett Gunnison CO Jyl Voss Lone Tree CO Mark & Paula Voss Wausau WI Water Wheel Inn Gunnison CO Western Lumber, Inc. Gunnison CO



Western State Colorado University Bookstore Wet Grocer Todd & Laura Wheeler

Gunnison CO Gunnison CO Castle Rock CO

The President’s Club

($1,000 to $2,499)

Anonymous - 3 5 B’s BBQ Gunnison CO AAUW Gunnison CO Jake Accola Colorado Springs CO Joan Adair Cotopaxi CO AM Salvage Gunnison CO The Anschutz Corporation Denver CO B & B Printers Gunnison CO B & H Sports Grand Junction CO Brad Baca Gunnison CO Robert M. Barr and Roberta Armstrong Barr Foundation Durango CO Bearings Branding, LLC Littleton CO Morris Belzberg Palm Desert CA Benson Sotheby’s Realty Crested Butte CO Black Canyon Audubon Society Delta CO Borah-Borah Petroleum, Inc. Casper WY Terry & Mary Brace Colorado Springs CO Dick & Donna Bratton Gunnison CO Brenda Breeding Oklahoma City OK BSN Sports Dallas TX Michael Busby Montgomery TX Bruce Byrd Fraser CO Castle Creek Guitar Company, LLC Gunnison CO Arthur Chaput Denver CO Thomas & Sheryll Chavira Oxnard CA Jim & Pam Christian Gunnison CO Linda Clark Denver CO Tom & Carolyn Corbett Ladera Ranch CA Estate of James H. Cox Watertown NY Crested Butte Music Festival Crested Butte CO Crested Butte Nordic Council Crested Butte CO Critter Sitters & Gunnison Vet Clinic Gunnison CO Carolyn Ann Crutchfield Peachtree City GA DAPL Scholarship Fund, Inc. Denver CO David Davenport Denver CO Glen DeBroder Winston-Salem NC Desert Schools Federal Credit Union Phoenix AZ Jennifer Deweese Carbondale CO Dove Graphics Gunnison CO Energy Investments, Inc. Denver CO Frank & Linda Fialkoff Alpine NJ Matthew Fricke San Jose CA Jeff & Laurie Garren Gunnison CO Gene Taylors Sporting Goods Gunnison CO Gentle Dental Care Gunnison CO Donald & Janet Gerardi Midlothian VA Bill & Sharon Gern Laramie WY Bill & Linda Ginsberg Parker CO Ronald & Lynette Goodrich Pueblo CO GreatLand Log Homes Gunnison CO Gary & Linda Greenstreet Lubbock TX Carla Gross Honolulu HI Gunnison Bank & Trust Company Gunnison CO Gunnison Country Guide Service Gunnison CO Gunnison Family Dentistry Gunnison CO Gunnison Valley Aviation Gunnison CO Gunnison Vitamin & Health Food Store Gunnison CO Gunnison Volunteer Fire Department Gunnison CO

Mervin Guy Colorado Springs Delia Fay Haefeli Greeley Christine Cummings Hall Richmond John & Judy Hansen Hendersonville Ron & Connie Harmon Boulder Fred & Leta Haverly Gunnison Daniel & Gina Heepke Fort Morgan Larry Heesch Littleton Thomas Hensley La Canada James & Karen Hill Gunnison Joel & Barbara Hirsh Woodridge Mary Hodges Pueblo Thomas & Deborah Hoffman South Pasadena Paul & Enid Holden Gunnison Hoskin, Farina & Kampf, P.C. Gunnison Houston Association of Professional Landmen Houston Timothy & Christianna Howell Edwards Independence Tube Corporation Chicago Matt Johnson Severence Robert & June Just Englewood Michael Kaczmarek Pembroke Pines KBUT Radio Crested Butte Jon & Nancy Knickerbocker Eagle Kathy Kregel & James Smith Fort Collins Marcia Landwehr Gunnison LaSada Hunting Service Russell Law of the Rockies Gunnison Michael & Kathy Lutito Lakewood Doug MacGregor Gunnison Jim & Dee Mahaffey Anchorage Stacey Mark Davidson Sarah Mattern Centennial Rick Mayer The Woodlands John McCarthy & Melanie Torpey Gunnison Debby McGlathery Arvada John McGovern Denver Michael & Mary McVay Hobbs Jeanie Miller Salida Marshall & Lyria Miller Bremerton Misty Mountain Floral Company Gunnison Robert Mitton Ridgway Monarch Pass Search & Rescue Gunnison Monarch Realty, Inc. Gunnison Monty’s Auto Parts Gunnison Mountain West Insurance Montrose Bud & Karen Najvar Houston Jeanette Nichols Kansas City James Ochu Littleton O’Hayre, Dawson & Norris, P.C. Gunnison Heather Orr Gunnison Bruce Otten Littleton David & Jennifer Paddock Boulder Tristan & Micah Paddock Blacksburg Parish Oil Company, Inc. Montrose William T. Parr III West Point Pat’s Screen Printing Gunnison James & Teresa Peay Denver Gary & Mary Pedersen Georgetown Phillip & Joan Perkins Gunnison Harry & Sylvia Peterson Middleton Dan & Linda Pierce Gunnison Jerry Piquette Gunnison James Pobrislo Greenwood Villlage Gaar Potter Denver Skip Pritchard Walla Walla RE/MAX Community Brokers Gunnison John & Cynthia Riesgo Tucson



The Partners’ Club

($750 to $999)

Guy & Connie Barr Carlisle PA Bryan & Dawn Bernhard Fort Lupton CO BRRR Refrigeration & Design, Inc. Denver CO Connie Elliott Trafalgar IN Peter & Nancy Gauss Gunnison CO Ginny Hayes Gunnison CO Heights Physical Therapy Gunnison CO Hi Country Carpet & Tile Gunnison CO Frank & June Nails Las Vegas NV William Pacioni Rochester Hills MI Greg Perkins Farmington NM Bob & Margo Riggan Wenatchee WA Southern Oregon Ashland OR Phillip & Carolyn Virden Lake City CO Rob & Vicki Wheeler Englewood CO WPX Energy Denver CO

The Collegian’s Club

($500 to $749)


Steve Roch & Lorie Moreno-Roch Louisville CO Rocky Mountain Frames & Trophies, Inc. Gunnison CO Freda T. Roof Estate Winston-Salem NC Meyer Saltzman Denver CO The Sam Houston Group, L.P. Huntsville TX Scenic River Tours, Inc. Gunnison CO Shell Matching Gifts Princeton NJ Sherwin-Williams Gunnison CO Melanie Smith Denver CO Florian Smoczynski Madison WI Spallone Construction Gunnison CO Bryan Specht Oconomowoc WI Virgil & Helen Stan Tucson AZ Steamboat Concrete Works Steamboat Springs CO Anne Steinbeck Gunnison CO Dick Stephenson Carbondale CO Super 8 Motel Gunnison CO Stephen Swaim Parker CO Tamarack Properties, Inc. Centennial CO TCF Services, Inc. Casper WY John Thyfault Peyton CO John & Julie Tobin Highlands Ranch CO Richard & Joanie Todd Centennial CO Robert Todd Dickinson ND Matt & Dana Tredway Steamboat Springs CO Ronald & Kimberly Tressler Swanton MD True Value Gunnison CO John & Deanna Valade Lambertville MI Jeffrey & Jonelle Vold Tucson AZ John & Barbara Walker Tucson AZ Jim Wallace La Junta CO Gene West Foxfield CO Western State Colorado University Music Department Gunnison CO Cary & Debbie Wheeland La Mirada CA Barbara Wheeler Grand Junction CO Williams Construction Contractors Norwood CO Audrey Wilson Lakewood CO Peter Winograd Albuquerque NM

Anonymous - 1 Appraisal Group of Western Colorado, LLC Gunnison CO John Bailey Fort Collins CO Javin & Wendy Baker Pueblo CO James & Debora Barbuat Gunnison CO Bruce Bartleson & Deirdre Fotescu Gunnison CO Douglas Barton Omaha NE Bayhurst Foundation Chestnut Hill ME Robert & Susan Beeken Fruita CO Berfield’s Stage Stop Gunnison CO Allen & Lois Borkowski Sioux City IA California Polytechnic State University San Luis Obispo CA Clay & Keely Campbell Denver CO David & April Canelis Lake Oswego OR Janie Chermak Albuquerque NM Judson & Betty Clifton Beaverton OR Community Church of Gunnison Gunnison CO Carol Coon El Cerrito CA Tammie Knutson Craven Los Alamos NM Marshall & Jane Crouch Golden CO Culebra Range Community Coalition Trinidad CO Cultural Studies Center New York NY Kristine Curtis Fairfax VA Jerome & Donna Dayton Carpinteria CA George & Peggy Delaney Castle Rock CO Brian & Janice DeMoss Hernando FL Rick & Eileen Desch Centennial CO Stephen & Lea Ann Devlin Ft. Collins CO Troy Dolan & Julie Rosensteel Blairsville PA Jim & Sharon Erwin Parker CO Maria Escalante San Antonio TX Sharon Squires Fanning Castle Rock CO John & Stephanie Flanigan Denver CO Donald & Victoria Foley Spearfish SD Paul Gillis San Jose CA Mary-Lynn Goberis Golden CO Dave & Renie Gorsuch Vail CO Bradley Groselak Lemont IL Gunnison Business Women Gunnison CO Gunnison Photo, Inc. Gunnison CO Douglas & Kathleen Hagen Fresno CA DeAnn Hanson Montrose CO Henry Hoffman & Heidi Servilla Rumson NJ Ed & Patti Holthaus St. Louis MO Michael & Debbie Hubbell Des Moines IA Bruce & Jane Humphries Greenville DE Walter & Julia Jackson Durango CO Lloyd & Gail Jacobs Irvine CA Dan & Susan Julio Boulder CO Suzanne Jurgens Estes Park CO Gregory & Margaret Kaiser Chubbuck ID Henry Kaufmann Morro Bay CA Phyllis G. Knight, Attorney at Law Denver CO David & Carol Kuhns Billings MT Charles Lamar Pitkin CO Charles Lamar Frisco CO Edwin Lehrburger Denver CO Lockheed Martin University Matching Gift Reston VA Nicholas & Amanda Maas Littleton CO Mark & Rita Macomber Issaquah WA Paul & Sharel Martin Tomah WI Margaret Masias Pueblo CO Dale & Jodie McDonough Iowa Falls IA



Mark & Anne McMullen Littleton CO The Merchant Store Austin TX James Millensifer Oakley KS Christopher Minard Carlsborg WA Richard Minot Laguna Hills CA Bill & Anna-Marie Moncrief Fort Worth TX Linda Morton Littleton CO Ralph & Dee Nance Arvada CO Samuel & Karen Nelson Colorado Springs CO Bill & Stephanie Niemi Crested Butte CO Jade Norton Pueblo CO Patagonia Denver CO Boyd & Sharalee Pederson Gunnison CO Stephen Phillips Grand Junction CO Bill Riffle & Ruann Ernst Scottsdale AZ Michael & Mary Jo Roark Golden CO Rouge Dock Company, LLC Clare MI Ruby Mountain Chiropractic Center Elko NV Ramona Rukavina Providence UT Steve & Karla Schaefer Montrose CO James Shaffer & Marilyn King Aurora CO Bret Shaw Greeley CO Tom & Anne Shrake Reno NV Amy Smith Warwick NY Cathy Strange Lafayette CO Christopher Sutter Henderson NV Today Realty Gunnison CO Tomichi Tire - Towing Service Gunnison CO Amy Ullrich Madison NJ United Chapters of Alpha Kappa Delta Syracuse NY Villa Beaute’ Gunnison CO Jeffrey & Elizabeth Vosler Eaton CO Wagner Equipment Company Denver CO Elizabeth Warren Colorado Springs CO Bruce & Luann Weyhrauch Juneau AK Blair & Laura Woodall Dallas TX Yampa Valley Embroidery Steamboat Springs CO

The Crimson & Slate Club

($250 to $499)

Patricia Aden Frisco CO James Akers Lakewood CO Kevin & Lori Alexander Gunnison CO Marvin & Bonnie Allen Niangua MO Shaunte & Deborah Anderson Hesperia CA Janice Andrew Colorado Springs CO Ace & Andrea Apodaca Northglenn CO AT&T Foundation Carrollton TX Auto Corral Gunnison CO Vicky Avants Vancouver WA Roberta Baumgard Aurora CO Craig Beebe Tallahassee FL The Benevity Community Impact Fund Hudson OH Thomas & Carla Bennett Gunnison CO Jason Benton Monte Vista CO George & Joy Besse Gunnison CO Milton Binford Bella Vista AR Robert & Carol Bishop Grand Junction CO Blackgold Supply, Inc. Brush CO Dave & Karla Blain Pueblo CO Jacqueline Haines-Bobbitt Colorado Springs CO John & Susan Boogaard Bellflower CA Michael & Judith Braun Sandy UT The Bridges Golf Club Montrose CO William Brinckerhoff Littleton CO

Michael & Sally Bruce Granite Bay CA Andrew Buyok Aztec NM Glenn & Leila Calkins Gunnison CO Center for Maximazed Living, LLC Johnston IA James & Elta Cherry San Marino CA Chevron Humankind Matching Gift Program Princeton NJ Gordon Churchill Colorado Springs CO Carl Clay Montrose CO Casey & Christy Cochran Kempner TX Joseph Coniglio APO AP Julie Conn Katonah NY Brian Cooney Austin TX Corporate Graphics Moorpark CA Mary Coxsey Thornton CO Suzy Coykendall Gunnison CO Linda Crouse Crested Butte CO Brian Cummings Colorado Springs CO Bruce & Sharon Custer Hoisington KS D & D Drywall Loveland CO Tracy Damrell Evans CO Daytona, LLC La Canada CA Paul Depp Broomfield CO Franklin & Hazel Dickey Searcy AR Mark Donovan Lynnfield MA Dos Rios Golf Club Gunnison CO Doug’s Handyman Service Sterling CO Elmer & Elaine Dudden Golden CO Peter & Susan Dunda Almont CO Jennifer Dutton Rock Springs WY Frank & Carol Edlin Wheat Ridge CO Empire Company Insurance Services, Inc. Rancho Cucamonga CA Encana Oil & Gas (USA), Inc. Denver CO Steven A. Enea, D.D.S, PC Colorado Springs CO Dallas Everhart Fort Collins CO Peg Foster & Heidi Daughan Gunnison CO Liz Fuller Gunnison CO Fullmer’s Ace Hardware Gunnison CO Kolman & Dorathea Gabel Bent NM Bienvenido & Maria Garcia Daly City CA Lucas & Logan Gerlock Gunnison CO Gettin It Done, LLC Colorado Springs CO Maria Gianaras Carbondale CO David & Loureen Gibeault Madera CA Jim Giesler Glen Ellyn IL Michael & Dana Ginsburg Reno NV Golden Plains Motel, LLC Holyoke CO Gracey & Dudden, PC Arvada CO Roddy & Dee Grantham Evans CO Grasso Masonry, Inc. Grand Junction CO Tim Griggs Whitewater CO Gunnison Savings & Loan Gunnison CO Gunnison Trucking, Inc. Gunnison CO Lucile Hadley Cortez CO Richard & Noelle Hagan Gunnison CO Jim & Ginger Halford Whitehouse TX Roberta Harper Gunnison CO James & Theresa Hart Grapevine TX Josh Hatner Gunnison CO Lisa Havens West Harwich MA Hawk Building Ferndale WA Thomas & Nada Healy Hansville WA Ted & Linda Heath Omaha NE JoLynn Heil Denver CO Robert & Patricia Heneage Driggs ID Lawrence Hill Medical Lake WA Brenden Hisao & Stacy Hisao-Smythe Honolulu HI

37 Winter Park Weston Batavia Ft. Collins Englewood Houston Lakewood Monmouth Lenexa Aurora Greeley Broomfield Orlando Las Vegas Gunnison Highlands Ranch Louisville Baxter Boulder Loveland Estes Park Waipahu Littleton San Diego Huntley Broadview Heights Reno Fountain Valley Norwood Denver Benicia Couer D’Alene Parker Pearland Olmitz Fountain Olathe Telluride Eagle Arvada Gunnison Avon Dallas Greeley Aurora Windsor Grand Junction Boulder Fruita Gunnison Olathe Stratton Gunnison Broomfield Houston Greeley Nashville Centennial Marietta Peyton Salida Fort Collins Powderhorn Georgetown Gunnison Pueblo Gunnison


John Murphy Jack Myers Donald Najvar Brett & Becky Narlinger Narrow Gate Saddlery Neil Newcomb Theodore Nitka Thelisa Nunley Steve Ogden Nathan & Kristin Olson Doris Palmer Les & Amy Paull Thomas & Marjorie Pazell William Pero John & Colette Perusek Angelo & Karen Pinterpe William & Norene Piquette Steven Powers Curtis & Sanja Prock Jeanette Prock QC1 Research Foundation Qualcomm Incorporated Dean & D. Ann Rainbolt John & Leslie Randall Bill Rex David Rhoades Dean & Susan Rodewald Gordon & Ruth Rogers Albert & Angela Roper Ashtyn Rossman-Histed Stacey Rowe-Dooley Nancy Ruehle Marguerite Rule David Rush Hamead & Donna Salman Bradd & Jada Schafer Emil Scheffler Joanne Schilling Paul & Sharon Schlegel Pete Sherman Douglas & Brooke Shortridge George Sibley & Maryo Ewell Sigma Industries, Inc. Skico Realty, Inc. Dennis & Joanne Snyder Michael & Katie Solondz Jonathon Spitzer Trenton & Christina Staley Dean & Kathy Stevenson Summers Law, Ltd. Clinton Sunada Kenneth Sunada Douglas & Stacey Swinehart Christopher & Pamela Theisen There and Back Transport, Inc. Charles Thompson John Thompson Jerry Tincani Marvin Toreson Michael Towne Traders Rendezvous Harry Truitt Ernest & Judy Trujillo The Turquoise Junction Van Gelder, Inc. Thomas & Kaye Van Hee Christian Vega

Erie CO Troy MI Houston TX Lone Tree CO Gunnison CO Woodbridge VA Austin TX Los Angeles CA Gunnison CO Helena MT Sacramento CA Littleton CO Tijeras NM Jerome ID Gunnison CO Peyton CO La Junta CO Portland OR Aurora CO Castle Rock CO Davenport IA Princeton NJ Carmel IN Elizabeth CO Golden CO Tucson AZ Highlands Ranch CO Vero Beach FL Gunnison CO Evans CO Cypress TX Gunnison CO Walnut Creek CA Blair NE Montgomery TX Gunnison CO Hinsdale IL Birchwood WI Gunnison CO Crested Butte CO Mineral VA Gunnison CO Greenwood Village CO Salida CO Pueblo CO Aspen CO Salt Lake City UT Castle Rock CO Portland OR Grand Junction CO Honolulu HI Honolulu HI Ranchos de Taos NM Dubuque IA Niangua MO Longmont CO Aurora CO Aurora CO Gunnison CO Great Falls MT Gunnison CO Franktown CO Hutchinson KS Gunnison CO Telluride CO Fowler CO Vallejo CA


Todd Holzwarth Carl & Jessica Horton Mike & Sharon Horton Wayne Hunter Michael Huseby Bart & Herminia Ibarra Phil & Kathy Inscoe Duke & Rita Iverson Frankz & Amie Jacobsen Tyron James William & Dolores Jamieson Pete Javorek John & Laurie Jensch Joaquin Johnson Ralph & Marilyn Johnson Scott & Linda Johnson Thomas Johnson & Victoria Simpson Travis Juhl Nicholas Karahalios Gary & Kelly Keefauver Kent & Janet Keller Eric Kikuyama Kenneth Kimminau & Teri Hernandez Ali & Victoria Kirtay David & Gloria Kittelson Timothy Klodnick Doug & Marilyn Knuth Paul Kos Robert & Mary Anne Krason Geoffrey Kreusser Michael Kristie & Dawn Allan Joseph Krutulis Mark & Sheila Lake John Lampson Tom & Carol Larson Mark & Stephanie Lee Legg Appraisals, LLC Lenny & Michelle Liljegren Jeff & Kelli Linder Terri L. Livermore Keith Longpre Angelo & Lynette Loria Judy Luther Maurice & Marianne Lyons Victoria MacKay Gerald & Penny Madsen Glenn Mallory Richard & JoAnne Malmgren Greg & Samantha Marengo Sandra Mark Gene & Barbara Markley Kenneth & Beverly McArthur Ryan McDonough Mark & Jackie McGlashan David McKenney Steven & Denise McMurren Patrick & Carla McNally Robert & Wendi Meehan Elizabeth Miller Charles Moody Moot Point, LLC Dick & Karen Morgan Michael & Debra Morris Wilson Morris Mountain Windows Patricia Mullin Courtney Murphy



Michael Vieregge Gunnison CO Jan Visintainer Reston VA Mike Wallace Seneca SC Ryan Walstrom La Salle CO Gregory Warneke Denver CO Nathan & Amy Wasser Martinez CA Duane Weisshaar Sioux Falls SD Wells Fargo Education Matching Gifts Princeton NJ Jonathan Wente Basalt CO Michael & Lindsay West New Castle CO Roy Whiterhound Raton NM Wiesbaden Hot Springs Spa and Lodging Ouray CO Wildwood Casino Cripple Creek CO Marilyn Wilgocki Downers Grove IL Kirk & Jan Williams Carbondale CO Dave Withrow Spearfish SD John Wolkowski Jewett City CT William Woodward Kingman KS Andrew & Alexis Woodyard Centennial CO Joseph & Valerie Yurko Westminster CO Frank & Marlene Zanetell Gunnison CO Sherwood Zimmerman Tucson AZ

The Cornerstone Club ($100 to $249)

Anonymous - 4 3M Matching Gifts Program St. Paul MN Richard J. Abato Great River NY Suzane Adams Ault CO Terry & Lindsay Adams Firestone CO Garry Adrian La Porte IN Ryan & Amanda Allen Gunnison CO Richard Almgren Insurance Agency, Inc. Gunnison CO Almont Resort Almont CO Larry Alstatt Northglenn CO Altitude Running Fort Collins CO Pete & Kathleen Alvarez Lancaster CA Craig Anderson Albury, NSW Australia Gary Anderson & Kathleen Ryan Delta CO Harold & Donna Anderson Hansville WA Ken Anderson Westminster CO Joel & Ann Marie Antolini Braintree MA Frank & Michelle Aragon Corona CA Robert & Pamela Armstrong Thornton CO Gene & Karen Arnold Park City UT James & Cindra Asthalter Great Falls MT Armando Avila-Portillo Gunnison CO Harold Bailey Greeley CO Jaskaran & Sukhi Bains Gunnison CO Mohan & Daljeet Bains Clovis CA Mike Baldino Salida CO David & Patricia Balkenbush Fruita CO Josh & Jennifer Barchers Dillon CO James & Bonnie Baril Gunnison CO Carol Bartsch Gunnison CO Kevin & Keyla Bass San Pedro CA Stephen Baumgarten Aurora OH Heath & Suzanne Becker Brush CO Paul & Sunny Becker Sonora CA Benjamin & Frances Bendele Hondo TX Skip Bennett & Draxy Buckley Georgetown CO D. & S. Bennetts Arvada CO Mary Jo Bennetts Buena Vista CO Rick & Gloria Besecker Gunnison CO Besse Family Gunnison CO

Camille Besse Lisa Biddle Menon Billingsley Ken & Shirley Blair Christopher Blakeslee Michael Bleakley John & Charla Blizzard Robert & Nancy Blose Mason Bode The Boeing Company Kevin & Sally Boggs Frank & Carolyn Bonadies Lorenzo Bonvicini Debra Bonzek Cornelius Boogaard Bookworm Lee & Ivy Boozel Candi Borah Box Canyon Lodge & Hot Springs Robert & Jenny Boyce Karen Brown Shane & Amanda Brown Richard Buck Allan Bucknell & Kimberlee Walsh Ronald & Dorothy Buksar Tom Burbank & Janeen Berberian James & Kathleen Burr Steven Bussey Jeff & Pamela Butler Howard & Mary Ann Byrd Kendall & Mary Byrd Kimberly Anne Callis R. E. & Angie Camier Campaign Sports, LLC William & Claudia Campbell Wayne & Shirley Carle & Carlyle Sharpe Roger & Sharon Carleton Jason & Erin Carmichael Larry & Connie Carpenter Todd & Mishele Carroll David Carter Brian Casey Michael Cassidy Cattlemen’s Days, Inc. Charles & Evelyn Chambers Raymond & Carmen Chavira Clair & Mary Jo Chermak Ruth Clark Thomas Clark Clarke Agency Kurt Clay Ritchie Clendenin Chris & Angela Cline Cobble Creek Golf Club Marshall & Ann Cochrane J.P. & Julia Cockrill B. L. & B. E. Coker Joseph Colacicco Holiday & D’Arcy Cole John & Deborah Cole Randall Cole Ken & Tracey Coleman Marguerite Collard Howard & Janet Colling Courtney Collins Columbus Hotel Darlene Bagley Comstedt

Gunnison Riverside Crested Butte Gunnison Centennial Gunnison Eagle Wappingers Falls

CO CA CO CO CO CO CO NY CO Chicago IL Grand Junction CO Wayne NJ Denver CO Palisade CO Colorado Springs CO Gunnison CO El Cajon CA Gunnison CO Ouray CO Simi Valley CA Salt Lake City UT Brush CO Chandler AZ Denver CO Pueblo CO Glendale AZ Tujunga CA Littleton CO Denver CO Hendersonville NC Perrysburg OH Seattle WA Gig Harbor WA Manalapan NJ Littleton CO Springfield MO Colorado Springs CO Gunnison CO Alamosa CO Evergreen CO Colorado Springs CO Milton FL Colorado Springs CO Gunnison CO Portales NM Oxnard CA Hotchkiss CO Westminster CO Lakewood CO Gunnison CO Delta CO Boulder CO Elizabeth CO Montrose CO Martinez CA Marion AR North Little Rock AR Newtown PA Vail CO Castle Pines CO Denver CO Gunnison CO Grand Junction CO Cedaredge CO Albuquerque NM Ouray CO San Francisco CA

39 Parker Ada Denver Arvada Barnesville Corralitos Pitkin Indianapolis Centennial Tracy Prescott Hotchkiss Gunnison Granby Montrose Gig Harbor Aurora New London Pueblo West Gunnison Gunnison Gunnison Longmont Thornton Grand Junction Greeley Slidell Gunnison Merced Cambridge Norwood Kerrville Cripple Creek Rancho Cucamonga Port Orange Leadville Basehor Naperville Minneapolis Ohio City Gunnison Sarasota Colorado Springs Las Animas Greeley Denver Centennial Frederick Erie Arvada Sidney Valley Village Gunnison Grand Junction Gunnison Arvada Highlands Ranch Arvada Tulare Colorado Springs Fort Collins Loveland Austin Jackson Gunnison Morrison Crested Butte


Gordon Fletcher Robert & Karen Fletcher Dale & Betty Folks Theresa Frank Todd & Kelly Frank Larry & Andrea Frattini Jon Frazier Charles & Catherine Freericks Harry & Elizabeth Freet Jean Friedlund Timothy & Cynthia Frison Jon & Maria Fuqua Janice Gabert Richard & Jeanne Gallegos Samuel & Catherine Gallinger R. Dale & Donna Garrett Jasper Gary Douglas & Judy Gaswick Marilyn Gaswick Martha Gentry Toni Gill Randy Girtin Thomas & Mary Glor Alfred & Laura Goffredi Taylor Goin & Lisa Notaro-Goin Dan & Doris Gonzales Susan Gore Gothic Cricket Club Donna Granere William & Melynie Greaser Chris & Mariah Green Clea Greenawalt Greenwood Insurance Agency William Greer Fredrick Griffin Michael Gross Brittany Grote Neil Grudzen John Gunnison, Jr. Gunnison Shipping, LLC Gunsmoke Travel Plaza Daniel & Dianne Haberman Brian Haenisch Byron Haflich Hair Biz By Ann Hair Repair II William & Lee Ann Halligan Darren Hammond Eric Hannah Bill & Cec Hanrahan Julie Hansmire Kathryn Hart Thomas & Julie Hartley Terry Hartnett Houston & Emma Jean Harvey Robert & Colleen Haven Edward & Mary Healy T. & Denise Heare Robert Heath Heights Performance Bruce Heller Grace Helms JoAnn Henderson Holly Henning Jason Hensley Mike & Tina Hepp Mark & Wendy Hermann

Villa Park Raleigh Edmond Seattle Kirk Napa Fort Lupton Scottsdale Santa Barbara Grand Junction Colorado Springs Aurora Georgetown Descanso Walnut Creek Gunnison Silver City Imperial Hay Springs Gunnison Highlands Ranch Denver Somerset Grand Junction Scottsdale Mesa Gunnison Crested Butte Montrose Amarillo Gunnison Gunnison Orange Colorado Springs Bella Vista Honolulu Billings Denver Anaheim Gunnison Buena Vista Gunnison Valley Mills Noblesville Honolulu Gunnison Arvada Bloomfield East Lansing Santa Fe Mack Pueblo West Aurora Tulsa Los Angeles Louisville Temecula Kersey Carmine Gunnison Durango Alamosa Fruitland Leadville Bothell Westminster Danville



Joseph & Mary Coniglio Charles & Laura Conrad Daniel & Jennifer Cook Casey, Sarah & RC Coons Frederick Cooper Cooper & Cooper Associates Bill & Jane Corn Cornerstone Companies, Inc. Steven Correa John & Alisa Correia Douglas & Charlotte Cotner Lois Cotten Dave Covington William Cowgill Kenton & Nanci Cox Martin & Tammy Croissant Steven & Trina Cron Justin Cross Tyra Cruz Culligan/High Mountain Water Curves of Gunnison Rachel Dando Kathryn Danskin Bryan & Leah Davey Kathleen Davis John De Money Donald Derham Sid & Audrey Dickinson Sam & Lucille Diele Russell Dobson Doc Williams Landscaping, Inc. Alan & Lynn Dotter Double Eagle Hotel & Casino DSF Mortgages/1 DUNNDL, Inc. Gail Dunn & Melodi Hotaling Arthur Dupont David Durham Thomas & Tina Dvorak Bill Dwyer Jeffrey Dykes Eddie’s Barber Shop Bill & Linda Edelman Kelley Smoote-Eichman George Eidinger Bob Ekeler Ashleigh Ellis Mark & Lisa Ellis Scott & Jodi Elnicki Michael & Kathleen Embler Daniel & Jane Emich Patrick & Ann Engle Christophe Ertaud Carrie Esquibel Mary Kay Esterbrook Lester Evans Sandra Everett Steven & Jean Ewen Christopher Farley Eric and Jennifer Farrenkopf Paul & Tamara Farris Alan & Brenda Felker Danny & Ruth Felker Robert & Mary Felsman David Fett Spencer & Arlene Fickel Larry & Linda Fitzsimons Flatiron Sports



James & Roseann Hetrick Donald Hickman Curtis Hisao Danny & Ellen Hisao Henry & Elva Hise Lee & Val Hitchcock Lee Hitchcock Stephen Hoch Carol Hogsett Joe & Carol Holeman Glenn Honda David Hopkins Hotchkiss Automotive, Inc. Hank Hotze Dale Houghtaling House of China Thomas & Jeanette Huge Jeanne Hull Brittni Hulsizer Bill & Margo Humenczuk Jack Hunt Carl & Anita Hunter Curtis & Dawn Hunter Benjamin Hutto John & Jacqueline Ingham J. Barry Custom Weed Control, Inc. Janis Jacobs Jay & Thelma Jenkins Ashley Johnson Kari Johnson Larry & Nancy Johnson Robert Johnson Ryan Johnson Suzanne Johnson Carl & Judith Jones Marvin & Beatrice Jones Dana Juniel & Denise Rosa Maurine Karabatsos Phillip Kauti Randall Kaya David Kaye Frederick Kayne Gary & Elizabeth Keiser Gary & Janette Kell David Kendrick Curtis Kennedy Joseph Kerr Ronnie & Karen Kibler Richard & Linda Kieffer John Kiesel John & Georgie Kincaid Kathleen Kinkema Robert Kirby Leo & Judy Klinker Susan Klinsing Robert Konrad Jerry & Arlene Kowal KPA Sheetmetal & Raingutters Scott Kruse Kenneth & Diana Ladley K. Diane Lane D. L. & Barbara Larson Alan Leach Kelly Ledwith & Laura Shaw James & Jeannette Lee Richard Lent Matthew Lewis

Moose Pass Merrifield San Jose Honolulu Clinton Mesa Mesa Whitefish Bay Santa Fe Broomfield Honolulu Riverside Hotchkiss Montrose Alamosa Gunnison Wildwood Gunnison Lancaster Shawnee Mission Golden Loveland Lincoln City Atlanta Crested Butte Gunnison Creede Montrose Valley Village Denver Westminster Lafayette Rock Springs Colorado Springs Crested Butte Pueblo Denver Phoenix Fruita Honoluu Lakewood Marco Island Crested Butte Broomfield Denver Salt Lake City Conroe Gunnison Littleton Arvada Gunnison Gunnison Walnut Creek Montrose Buena Vista Centennial Gunnison Lancaster Golden Spring Loveland Savage Ft. Worth Gunnison Golden Concord Centennial


Rodney Lewis John Lichterman Gillian Lie & Chris Benedetti Betty Light Rhoda Lindholm Jimmy & Tonya Linton Wilma Linton Christa Lloyd Lodge Casino-Black Hawk Kent & Pamela Long Roger & Pat Long Loomis Insurance Services Kirk & Carolyn Lorimer Linda Loveland Gregory Luning David Lynn & Katie Kellerlynn Ronald & Barbara Mack Butch & Jayne Magnuson Malyka Korgan Insurance Agency Jeanette Mann Thomas Manoogian Greg Markley Todd Markley Marsh & McLennan Companies, Inc. Curtis & Rochelle Martin Ruben & Annette Martinez Barbara Mason Thomas Masone & Meredith Woodyard Robert & Trudy Matarese Bill Matthews Financial Advisor Jeffrey & Shari Matthews Kenneth Matzick & Amy Barrymatzick Scott & Zoe Mayer William McCabe Joseph McCann & Kelsey Light Kelly McCloskey Derek McCoy Jim & Rita McDermott Larry McDonald R. & T. McElhaney Tom & Michelle McGannon Charles & Deanna McGee Leo & Joan McGrane James & Rosemary McGregor Keith & Penny McIntosh Henry & Judy McKitterick Don & Marian McLaurin John & Patricia McMahon Vicki McNamara M. Michael & D. P. McNulty Brent & Dallas Mehling Gary & Joyce Messenger Joseph & Susan Meyer Microproteins, Inc. Midwest Leasing, Inc. Lou & Sue Mikkelsen Leland & Peggy Miles Michael & Michelle Mileski J. Bart & Carol Miller Ralph Miller Malinda Miller-Huey Jim & Shannon Mills William & Lisa Mills Sam Mitchek Tyson Mitchek Sara Moher Robert Molitor

Arvada CO Memphis TN Gunnison CO Tucson AZ Thornton CO Parker CO Portales NM Silverthorne CO Black Hawk CO Aurora CO Parker CO Jurupa Valley CA Gunnison CO Reno NV Bonita Springs FL Salt Lake City UT Grand Junction CO Greeley CO Fort Lupton CO Dahlonega GA Littleton CO Montrose CO Cedaredge CO Princeton NJ Fallon NV Bloomington IL Crested Butte CO Petersburg NY Vail CO Gunnison CO Colorado Springs CO Arvada CO Bozeman MT Centennial CO Aurora CO Jackson WY Bayfield CO Gunnison CO New Castle CO Colorado Springs CO Oklahoma City OK Oklahoma City OK Littleton CO Fort Myers FL Tucson AZ Piedmont SD Hot Springs Village AR Tulsa OK Portland OR Houston TX Lincoln NE Rapid City SD Cedaredge CO Pocatello ID Crested Butte CO Calhan CO Klamath Falls OR Gunnison CO Atlanta GA Montrose CO Westminster CO Napa CA Aurora CO Cheyenne Wells CO Cheyenne Wells CO Scottsdale AZ Castle Pines CO

41 Real Estate of Winter Park, Inc. Winter Park CO Thelma Reece Gunnison CO Galen Reed Parker CO Chuck Reid Littleton CO Arlene Reitze Kent WA Jean Reitze Walnut Creek CA Alexander Rende Pelham NY Barry Rhoads Mount Joy PA Joseph & Patricia Richmond Charlottesville VA Mark & Michelle Riley Aurora CO Berna Rizer Pueblo CO Dave & Blanche Roberts Montrose CO Rocky Mtn Pro-Tek Evergreen CO Paul Rogers Hartsville SC Leroy & Sally Romero Gunnison CO Robert & Julie Ross Strasburg CO Cherye Roussel Baton Rouge LA Ruby Electric Thornton CO Chas & Janet Rugh Bellvue CO Stephen & Calae Runge Golden CO Ronald & Ronda Rust Camas Valley OR Richard & Julie Ruybal La Jara CO Stephanie Ruybal Gunnison CO Jarral & Anne Ryter Gunnison CO Donald & Dorothy Sammons Gunnison CO Trent Sanderson Gunnison CO Marjorie Sandoval Colorado Springs CO Susan Sandstrom Aurora CO Matt & Carleen Savoren Salida CO Jody Sawdo Gunnison CO Jennifer Schaefer Golden CO Thomas Schirmer Fort Collins CO James & Karen Schlaich Bend OR Jan & Janet Schmidt Florissant CO Schmidt Consulting, LLC Windsor CO H. Carlos Schoellhorn Lakewood CO Duane & Jayme Schroder Westminster CO Schumacher & O’Loughlin, LLC Gunnison CO Catherine Seidel Columbia MD Ray & Nana Serna Robert & Lynn Seward Marion IN Shannon Equities, Inc. Denver CO Burton Shepherd St. Augustine FL Gary & Diana Sherman Gunnison CO Bruce & Beth Shipman Gunnison CO Roberta Shockey Loveland CO Rebecca Mathis Sickles Highlands Ranch CO D. & Linda Silver Long Beach CA Charles Sjolander Colorado Springs CO Richard & Elizabeth Skinner Humble TX Pat Smart Arvada CO Edward & Sue Smith La Veta CO Eric Smith Manzanola CO Jeffrey Smith Bethesda MD Kenneth Smith Ephrata PA Lee & Rebecca Smith Ormond Beach FL Patricia Smith Elmhurst IL Susan Smith McCall ID Source Nine Development, LLC Chicopee MA Victor & Judith Sower Huntsville TX Elinor Spielberg Brooklyn NY Donna Spier Brighton CO Travis Spore Tucson AZ Dennis & Cheelone Spritzer Gunnison CO Donald Spritzer Missoula MT Jim & Linda Squirrell Cimarron CO George & Kathy Starkey Rohnert Park CA


Angel & Kassie Montalvo Peyton CO James Montgomery Gunnison CO Richard Montrose Durango CO Ellen Morgan Las Cruces NM Adon Moskal Dunedin New Zeland Mountaineer Village Associates, LLC Gunnison CO Judith Moyle Salt Lake City UT Allan & Dallas Mulvin Firestone CO Gilbert Munoz Colorado Springs CO Robert Murdock Castle Rock CO George & Bonnie Murphy Park City UT Tom & Kristi Murtaugh Gunnison CO Michele Nasatir Santa Monica CA G. Ronald & Ruth Ann Neely Thornton CO John & Linda Nelson Gunnison CO Jon & Layne Nelson Montrose CO Rick Nelson Insurance Agency Gunnison CO Richard Neumann Strasburg CO Andy & Alice Newberry Grand Junction CO John Newman Aurora CO Oren & Rosemary Nicholson Sterling CO Randy & Brenda Nicholson Severance CO Dale & Donna Nielsen Gunnison CO Gilbert Noice Covington GA Scott & Mary Nordberg Gunnison CO Jeffrey & Lawanza Norris Lynwood CA Robert Oettinger Colorado Springs CO Helen C. Ortega Rental Property Los Alamos NM Chris Osmundson Crested Butte CO Darrell Otsu Irvine CA Oxbow General Partnership Gunnison CO Pacific Brass Band Salinas CA William & Gail Palmer Rangely CO Joseph Pannunzio Tuscaloosa AL Joseph & Barbara Pannunzio Pueblo CO Panoview Subdivision-Graham Family Gunnison CO Paradise Ponds & Landscaping Monument CO Dennis & Sue Parker Boerne TX Sue Parks Highlands Ranch CO David & Stacy Pazell Bayfield CO Dennis Pearson Canon City CO Bradford Pech Denver CO Ernie Pelech Denver CO John Pelliciotta Kingston WA Des Pennartz Gunnison CO James Perkins Gunnison CO Jeff Peterson Portland ME John & Marti Peterson Gunnison CO Scott & Jayna Petty Aurora CO Scott & Linda Pickert Berthoud CO John D. Pieper, LLC Midland TX Chelsea Pierotti Erie CO Gary & Shelly Pierson Gunnison CO Ruth Pietz Greenwood Village CO Phillip & Kathleen Pitchford Riverside CA James & Toni Pleau Lake Almanor CA Plotts Mini Storage Gunnison CO Sonja Pluess Edgerton WI Stan Poladsky Denver CO Poppy House Jewelry Designs Gunnison CO Thomas & Shaunalee Prather Gunnison CO Thomas Prochazka & Theodora Berglund Seward AK Professional Contractors, Inc. Gunnison CO Al & Cathy Pryor Gunnison CO R & L Electric Stratton CO Holly Rae Montrose CO Fritz & Margie Rapp Long Beach CA



Donna Steger Marcella Stelzer Jeanenne Stepleton Tyron Stern Marion Stoerker Mike Stoll & Anne Lincoln Steven & Annette Stone George & Caroline Stowell Wesley Strain Robert & Carol Strazer Gerald & Audrey Strekal David Such & Renee Haip Steven & C. Such Richard Sullivan Clayton & Cathy Sunada Miki Sunada Sunset Business Services Larry & Sharon Surdez Gary & Muriel Swallow Andrew Swope Ray & Loretta Szallar David Tafoya Calvin & Tracey Takahashi George Takao Ernest & Barbara Teed Lynette Tellez Bobby & Jacquelyn Terroade Treva Teskey Larry Thiel James Thompson, III Timothy & Katherine Throckmorton Todd’s Body Shop Tomichi Cycles Treads ‘N’ Threads Kyle & Dawn Treude Linda Tripp James Tully Brian Turner Troy Turner Carl & Janice Turnquist Jerry Twigg & Edith Keller U.S. Bank Foundation Julius Uhrlaub United Country Gunnison Real Estate Valley Precast, Inc. Miles & Tonya Van Hee Vanco, LLC Rafael & May Velazquez Janel Verhagen Linda Vest Audra Viar Shirley Vidmar Leonor Villalobos Kristofer & Judith Vogt Milton Voss Joe Waggoner Mick & Stephanie Warth Adam & Chere Wasser Robert & JoAnn Watson Waunita Hot Springs James & Carol Weaver Margaret Webster Jack & Mary Weir James & Leota Welsh Todd Wente Dan & Kristy Weprin Western Slope Fire & Safety

Clearwater Colorado Springs Englewood Inglewood Highland Pagosa Springs Strasburg Gunnison Las Cruces Red Feather Lakes Medford Lyons Phoenix San Rafael Colorado Springs Colorado Springs San Pedro Salida Rifle Middletown Gunnison Montrose Honolulu Torrance Loveland Fort Collins Denver Fruita Englewood Littleton Middle Haddam Reno Gunnison Gunnison Scottsdale Colorado Springs Littleton Crested Butte Story City Concord Estes Park Princeton Littleton Crested Butte Buena Vista Gunnison Greenwood Village Scottsdale Florence Yucca Valley Firestone Kingsport Bell Gardens Rossmoor Almont Gunnison Gunnison Cedaredge Littleton Gunnison Chula Vista Loveland Centennial Niwot Denver Lafayette Gunnison


Western Slope Garage Door Gunnison CO Western Wildflowers Gunnison CO WEW, Inc. Denver CO Madelyn Wheat McKinney TX Randall V. Wheat Consulting, Inc. Denver CO William & Nancy Whitacre Stanley Whitaker Englewood CO Andrea White Brighton CO Glen White Pasadena TX Scott & Karen White Centennial CO Faith Wilbers Greenwood Village CO Andre Wilkins Salida CO Shelley Willemsen Aurora CO Alice Williams Harvard MA David & Lu Ann Williams Lakewood CO Hank & Stephanie Williams Norwood CO Leonard & Sandra Williams Norwood CO Troy Williams Richmond TX Joe & Sheila Winegardner Grand Junction CO Doug & Jean Winter Conifer CO Douglas Winter Marshall IL Marshall Wollum Houston TX James & Mary Woodyard Seattle WA Jeffrey & Sarah Woodyard Minnetonka MN Ted Worth Erie CO Ed & Ruth Woytek Lakewood CO James & Cori Woytek Gunnison CO H. David Wright Double Oak TX Blaine Wuensch Madison WI Patricia Wunder Las Vegas NV Xcel Energy Foundation Matching Program Princeton NJ Yale Commercial Rental Account Gunnison CO Yantzer Fam and Cattle Company, LLC Hotchkiss CO Norman & Deborah Yoast Craig CO Adam & Mallory Zeidler Colorado Springs CO Kevin & Cheryl Zimmerman Aurora CO Paul & Lynn Zimmerman Thornton CO Paul Zorsky & Sharon Stones Amarillo TX

The Commencement Club

($1 to $99)

Anonymous - 1 J. Allen & Mary Abeyta Delta CO Mohamed & Kathleen Abouzahra Burlington ME Edward & Lisa Adamczyk Macomb MI Andrew Adamich Gunnison CO Janell Adams Mitchell SD Ernestine Adson Pueblo West CO Bruce & Ellen Ahlbom Corte Madera CA Dennis & Kathleen Ahonen Temperance MI All Reach Property Lighting Northglenn CO George & M.C. Allen Arvada CO Lorenzo & Pete Alvarez Lancaster CA Gary & Annmieke Ambrosier Grand Junction CO Brenda Anderson Fort Morgan CO Charles Anderson Aurora CO Chet & Kristy Anderson Longmont CO Kristin Anderson Seattle WA Rich Andrzejewski Aurora CO Marc & Lynette Apodaca Thornton CO David & Debra Araujo San Jose CA Sheri Archer Upland CA Craig Arnold Pueblo CO Josephine Arnold Pueblo CO Anna Ash North Bend WA

43 Venture Fort Collins Gunnison Amarillo Tracy Chino Hills La Vista Brush Grand Juction Cerritos Alum Creek Aurora Colorado Springs San Antonio Reno Denver Litchfield Creve Coeur Brush Laport Thornton Denver Littleton Fair Oaks Ranch Grand Junction Loveland Aurora Wiggins Boulder Redmond Redmond Colorado Springs Newberg Falmouth Golden Valencia Laguna Niguel Centennial Ft. Smith Longmont Gilby Fort Collins Highlands Ranch Aurora Sioux Falls Pagosa Springs Arvada Parker Colorado Springs Montrose Fort Collins Golden Meeker Vail Fort Morgan Peyton Descanso Descanso West Chester Tucson Denton Grand Chain Colorado Springs Greeley Shaftsbury Phoenix Boulder


Robert & Judy Brown Curtis Bryant Joseph & Karen Buchanan Buen Tiempo Scott & Beth Bugosh Mike & Robyn Burton Robert & Janice Bush Rose Butler-Arney James M. Byrom Robert Caires Jacob Callicutt Robert Camenzind Joel Cantalamessa Captain Clean David & Stephanie Carabajal Caribou Chalet, Inc. Jim & Erma Carolita Fermin Chavarria Scott & Melanie Chitwood Robert & Shirley Church Cimmaron Enterprises Dale & Christine Clark Lianne Clark Patricia Clark Scott & Shelly Clark Clarke Sports, LLC Kiera Classen Leonard & Marlene Cline Kent & Margie Cloud Debra Cole & Kristen Cole Wayne & Kelle Coleman John & Melissa Collins Lex & Donna Collins Doug Collumber Whitney Connors Consultants in Healthcare Russell Corbett Raymond & Cheryl Cornell Vernon Cornell Matthew & Jane Cowley Timothy Coy Michael Crawford Julia Crawmer Jan Cressman Crist Electric, Inc. Cortney Croft Pedro Cruz Lynn Cudlip Dale Culver Deborah Cutkomp Joy Cutler Susan Danner Krista Darschewski Nicholas Darschewski Ronald & Nancy Darschewski Ralph & Marion Daugherty Jean Decker Defurio Custom Homes, Inc. Gery DeKoevend Patricia DeLong Nina Den Beste Tasshi Dennis Thomas Dennis John & Marie Denton Kenneth & Donna Deslongchamp Daisy Diaz Amy Dickens

Edmonds WA Flippin AR Santa Barbara CA Ouray CO Monument CO Oakley CA Centennial CO Washington IN Grand Junction CO Riverside CA Gunnison CO Mills River NC Parker CO Rapid City SD Brighton CO Estes Park CO Palm Desert CA Chandler AZ Waxhaw NC Los Gatos CA Grand Junction CO Shelley ID Crestview FL Lakewood CO Arvada CO Englewood NJ Denver CO Colorado City CO Temecula CA Castle Rock CO Richmond TX Loveland CO Meeker CO Wheat Ridge CO Kenmore WA Colorado Springs CO Eldersburg MD Longmont CO Edgemont SD Chandler AZ Louisville CO Frisco CO Fort Collins CO Gunnison CO Rustburg VA Clifton VA Denver CO Gunnison CO Center CO Peyton CO Goodyear AZ Montrose CO Brighton CO Brighton CO Brighton CO Tulsa OK Gunnison CO Buena Vista CO Littleton CO Denver CO Paonia CO Boulder CO Gunnison CO Montgomery TX Lakewood CO Kissimmee FL Boulder CO


Associated Realtors Piper Aune Gregory Austin Steven & Jane Austin Elias & Audra Avila Catherine Azubuike Mary Bahmuller R. & Sandra Baker Rocky Baker Maria Baldonado Eugene Ball & Jonathan Hathaway Dennis & Christi Barela Jose & Lucille Barela Timothy & Rhonda Barela James Barmore Catherine Barnes Richard Barnthouse John & Patricia Barolak Jerry & Barbara Bass Bassage Family Trust David & Iona Bathke Don & Gracie Batt Gerald & Deborah Bauer Bruce & Deborah Baum Daniel & Debora Baum Trey & Deborah Beard Colby & Kristin Becker Kenneth & Carol Becker Reese Beeler Robert Belknap Zachary Belknap Dana Bell Eugene & Ardis Bell Robert & Eleanor Bent Michael & Gail Berkery Rachelle Berkery Robert & Cora Berkery James & Karin Bernie Gimo Berry Verne & Beverly Berry W. G. Bert & Nathalie Dickson Joseph & Nancy Bertles Kathleen Bigelow Craig Billings Gary Bills Melissa Bir Delmar Bishop Raymond & Elnore Bishop Steven & Lori Black Black Canyon Golf Club Brian Bledsoe Betty Bloom Blue Sky Ranch Richard & Susan Bbock The Body Firm Fitness Center, LLC Eric & Magdalina Boogaard Steven & Karen Boozel Boozel Hay and Trucking Sibyl Borden Gene Bower Kay Branum Edmond Bridewell Kenn & Lori Briggs Nyla Bristow Erlon & Frances Broomhall Alfred Brown Keith Brown



Allen & Kelleen Diepho Fort Collins CO Jim & De An Dillard Eaton CO Don Dillehay Brush CO Dorman & Betty Diller Pagosa Springs CO Roger & Barbra Diller Weston CO Jeanette Dillon Sun Lakes AZ Keith & Patty Doak Fowler CO Ellen Dobbin Mt. Crested Butte CO Melissa Doss Thornton CO Lee & Sharon Droege Aurora CO Dale & Jill Dunbar Meeker CO Monica Duran Fruita CO Betty Dwire Santa Rosa CA John Eddy Colorado Springs CO Charles Edson New Port Richey FL Gayla Edwards Grand Junction CO Gregory & Loraine Ehlinger West TX Amy Ekeler & Nikole Ekeler Omaha NE Michelle Ellington Lakewood CO Amber Ellis Fruita CO Franklin Emery Raymond ME Hadley Emmons Fruita CO John Epley Lakeview AR Harvey & Shirley Ernst Longmont CO Kelsey Erps Pueblo CO Roger & Lila Jean Escheman Alamosa CO Patricia Eskoz Castle Rock CO W. & Patricia Ewen Montrose CO F & S Farms Alamosa CO Liliane Fadlallah Rancho Palos Verdes CA Sherrie Fagan Strasburg CO Joshua & Tanya Fairchild Roy UT Stephen & Carolyn Farmer Fayetteville TN Albert & Joan Fedel Ouray CO Richard & Beverly Feller Centennial CO John Ferber Allyn WA Steve & Kari Ferber Redmond OR Paul & Kimberly Ferris Arvada CO Bruce & Shawna Fisch Highlands Ranch CO J David & Debra Fisher Colorado Springs CO Forrest Flaagan Rapid City SD Richard & Midge Fleishman Flagstaff AZ Charles Flittner & Marsha Smith-Flittner Elmwood NE Oscar & Yadira Flores Tehachapi CA Sandra Flynn Monument CO Timothy Foley Bennington VT Renee Foote Westminster CO Kit & Annika Franz Longmont CO Barbara Frase Gunnison CO Ronald French Ballwin MO Barbara Fruhwirth North Platte NE Michael & Cynthia Fry Kansas City MO Gil & Alice Fuld Keene NH Theodore Fuller Lafayette CA Teresa Funke Watauga TX Michael Gabriel Arvada CO Mildred Gallaway Atwater CA Michael Garamoni Mundelein IL Peter & Connie Garin Lakewood CO Robert Garrett & Nancy Weber Berthoud CO Dale Gaubatz Gunnison CO Nathan Gehle Loveland CO Herbert & Alicia George Montrose CO Michael George Parker CO Diane Germain Aurora CO George Gibson Lincoln NE Jonel & Thi Heo Gilbert Colorado Springs CO

Rebecca Gillespie Donna Girard Glass Act Property Services, Inc. W. G. & Murielle Goddard Jerry & Amy Goeden David Goetzman & Carol Chrysler Bonnie Gollhofer Charles & Tamara Gonzales Paula Goolsby Alan & Rhonda Gora Keith & Angela Gora Lorraine Gora Miles Gorham Patrick & Luann Gourley Grassroots Gardening Marsha Gray Dennis Green Eula Mae Green Casey Griffin Lila Jo Griffin William Griffin Andrew & Susan Groeger Cristina Haguisan Kim Halbmaier B. E. & Kaye Haldorson Gloria Halligan Sharon Halligan William & Eleanor Halligan Lana Hammons Kerby & Brenda Haney David & Jennifer Hansen Linda Hansen Pamela Harmes Richard Haro & Anne Sipes John & Eileen Harrington Gary & Adrianne Harris John & Nancy Harris Judson Hart Ronald & Janet Hart Glena Haskin Christine Hathorn Lewis & Betty Hathorn Hawk Ranch Judith Heiks Kenneth & Sharon Heinrich Kenneth Heller Robert & Agnes Heller Arlo & Teal Henderson Harry & Sharon Henderson Joann Henderson Kirby & Amie Henderson Richard & Marion Hewson J. R. & Bonnie Hickman High Country Beverage Kim Higuera Gene Hill Richard Hime Mary Himens David & Nancy Hinchliffe Donald & Barbra Hjelmstad Stephen & Lorel Hohl Mary Holaday William & Bonnie Holland J. David & Alyse Hollingsworth Jeptha & Dorothy Holloway Stacey Honda J. & Susan Hopko

Colorado Springs CO Torrance CA Glenwood Springs CO Nepean ON Windsor CO Alamosa CO Gunnison CO Westminster CO Springfield MA Dublin OH Bemidji MN Hilliard OH Pueblo CO Lafayette CO Kingston WA Salida CO Telluride CO Sterling CO Joes CO Pueblo CO Pueblo CO Fort Collins CO Daly City CA Hastings NE Colorado Springs CO North Kingstown RI Cumberland ME Naples FL Tracy CA Lake Forest CA Fort Lupton CO Paonia CO Arvada CO Fort Collins CO Barnstable MA Los Angeles CA Loma CO San Francisco CA Longmont CO Center CO Guthrie OK Oklahoma City OK Crawford CO Oak Harbor OH Denver CO Port St. Lucie FL Buena Vista CO St. Louis MO Yorkville IL Farmington NM Eckert CO Loveland CO Aurora CO Loveland CO Greeley CO Gunnison CO Pueblo CO Champaign IL Huntington NY La Junta CO Tomball TX Westport CT Morrison CO Brevard NC Edmond OK Monterey Park CA Englewood CO

45 Michael & Sandy Ley Marshall & Wilhelmina Light Liming Feed Service James & Marjorie Lincoln Steve & Char Lindner Don & Kristi Lloyd J. M. Long Hanna Lott William & Carol Lucier Antonio & Remedios Lumba Vivian Lutschg Barbara Lyles Wilson & Emily Lyles Gerald Lyons M Squared Home Improvements, Inc. Macallen Chemical, Inc. MacGregor David MacGregor Marilyn MacGregor Edward & Cheryl Madsen Barbara Magnuson L. & Joan Manley Stanley Mardeusz Roger & Ruby Marengo William & Marjorie Marshall Curtis & Karen Martin George & Janice Martin Randy & Lisa Martin Wilfred & Marjorie Martinez Yolanda Martinez Richard & Jacqueline Massaro David & Marjorie Mateer Jonathan & Lisa Matney Joanne Mattes Jordan Mattson Keith & Janice McClellan Mark McClurkan Martha McCulloch & Phyllis McCulloch Robert McCulloch Janet McDonald James & Jeanne McEachron Esther McGann Maureen McGinn Scott & Sandra McGonagle Margie McGrane David Meissner Joseph Mendicino John Meyer Matthew & Kathleen Miles Bradley & Kristie Miller Dale Miller Gary Miller W. Roger Miller Keith & Jayne Minch Walter Moeller Kevin & Kathleen Moffitt Shayne Momber Trevor & Kari Monat Robert & Rebecca Monson Seiglinde Morency & Sarah Kornrumpf Ashley Morris Joseph & Julia Motylinski Kenneth & Madonna Mulmat Peter & Julia Munson Pat & Julie Murray Todd & Lisa Murray Andreas & Andrea Muschinski

Littleton Aurora Kirk Pagosa Springs Canon City Colorado Springs Colorado Springs Aurora Griffin Aurora Lancaster Denver San Francisco Jersey City Fort Collins Monroe Santa Barbara Post Falls Coeur D Alene Thornton La Salle Fort Collins Sun City West Ormond Beach Pueblo Sparks Calhan Byers Pueblo Colorado Springs Salida Niwot Phoenix Sandy Denver Thornton Gunnison Houston Montrose Lake City Greeley Laramie Lakewood Naperville Ft. Collins Fort Benton Pueblo West Denver Arlington Heights Firestone Colorado Springs Westcliffe Missoula Littleton Bennett Castle Rock Larkspur Akron Mooresville Aurora Littleton Westminster Naples Arvada Howe Colorado Springs Boulder



Gage & Carolyn Hornung Boulder CO Melodi Hotaling Laurens NY Brenda Howell Prescott AZ John & Heather Hull Pueblo CO Florence Hunt Pueblo CO P. & Sharon Hunt Clifton CO Donald & Dorothea Igel Boulder CO Pauline Ikawa Manchester NH Warren Ikawa Hampton NH Innogive Foundation Casabasas CA Integrity 1 Motors, L.P. Amarillo TX Charles & Beth Isaacs Superior CO Tom & Tammy Jackson Joes CO Deborah Janos Erie MI James Jenkins Jackson WY Harvey & Bobbie Jensen Cedar City UT Kent & Linette Jesperson Cheyenne WY Todd Jirsa Estes Park CO Bonnie Johnson Colorado Springs CO Janet Johnson Grand Junction CO Josef & Pamela Johnson Firestone CO Segal & Alice Johnson Wichita Falls TX James Johnston Franklin MA Mary Jones Christopher & Shelia Juniel Denver CO Roderick & Patricia Juniel Denver CO Terry & Dora Juniel Commerce City CO Peter Kane Greenwood Village CO Karen & Jim’s Restaurant Casper WY Barbara Kastellic Montrose CO Toby & Brianne Kechter Vona CO Hans Keetz Cotopaxi CO Carline Kem Davenport ID Donald & Susan Kennedy Denver CO Susan Kern Boulder Junction WI Jeremy & Candra Kerns Byers CO Harold & Ann Kessler Bethany OK Dan & Beth Keyes Kettering OH Frank & Catherine Keyser Ventura CA Timothy Kidd & Terri Johnson Maple Grove MN C. Kikuyama Pearl City HI Kori Kikuyama Pearl City HI Raymond & Jacquelyn Kinder Hendersonville NC Gregory King Norwood CO Theodore Klinka Winnetka IL Martin Klinowski Gunnison CO Joanne Knapp Hartford SD Janos Kollonitsch Basking Ridge NJ Joseph & Deborah Krabacher Grand Junction CO The Kroger Company Foundation Cincinnati OH James & Lynn Kujawski Maumee OH Jeremy & Bobbi Jo Kyte Gretna NE Ann Laguens Gunnison CO Reino & Arlene Lake Iron Mountain MI Dejohn Lakey Aurora CO Richard & Lynette Lane Alto NM Gerard Lanser Montrose CO Lee Lanzen Durango CO Dennis & Rose Larsen Santaquin UT Robert & Karen Larson Westminster CO Judy Laursen Cheyenne WY Larry & Susan Leader Arlington SD L. & Shirley Leapley Punta Gorda FL Raymond & Cynthia Leaycraft Estes Park CO Betty Levesque Castle Rock CO John & Lisa Lewis Keswick VA Kathleen Lewis Boulder CO



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Can you imagine, 3,000 students at Western?! That hasn’t happened since the 1970’s! And it’s coming again! W3000 is an effort to elevate Western’s enrollment to 3,000+ students. Impossible? The thrilling news is we are now on track to reach 3,000 students within the next few years! Western is one of very few schools in Colorado to post increasing enrollment year-over-year for the past three years. And during that time, student retention has risen by 15% to the highest point in recent history, reflecting extraordinary student and parent satisfaction.

WE NEED YOU TO KEEP THE MOMENTUM GOING! Your gift to W3000 will provide:

Scholarships (merit, need, diversity, academic, athletic) Marketing to high school students and guidance counselors (62% of front range high school students have never heard of Western) Support programs for new students, from campus visits to academic success and campus life Retention programs to uplift struggling students with peer and faculty mentors Engaging alumni to reconnect, and tell their Western story to reach the next generation of the Western family

Western is climbing to historic heights -- reestablishing its reputation as a thriving university. Deep pride. Passionate alumni. Community partnership. Changed lives. Discovered dreams. Bright futures. A resurgence of the Western mission that transformed your life and so many others. You love Western. And there has never been a more crucial time to express that than right now. Your gift to W3000 will be matched 1:1 by the Western State Foundation (between now and Dec. 31, 2015) whether it’s $3, $30, $300 or $3,000, to have TWICE THE IMPACT! Your gift of any size will help make W3000 an unstoppable force, lifting Western, its students and the Western Nation to their rightful place...the mountaintop. Don’t let anything stop you from Giving Today. Please find the enclosed return envelope in this report, or make your gift online at Thank you!


From left to right: Deborah Hoskins, Associate Director of the Western State Foundation; Tom Burggraf, Executive Director of the Western State Foundation; Debbie Johnson, Staff Assistant/Assistant to the Executive Director; Pam Johnston, Financial Manager/ Annual Fund Officer.

Western State Colorado University Foundation Post Office Box 1264 Gunnison, CO 81230 (970) 641-2237 phone (970) 641-2239 fax

The Foundation is the primary depository of private gifts in support of Western State Colorado University. It is responsible for the management, investment and disbursement of charitable gifts according to donor stipulations. The Western State Colorado University Foundation, Inc. is tax-exempt under Sec. 501 (c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code and gifts to it are deductible under Sec. 170 (b)(1)(A)(iv). Photo courtesy: Neil Santarela, Jim Garrison





909 E. Escalante Drive Gunnison, CO 81230

Report of appreciation western 15 ap prnt 1 small  

The Annual Report of Appreciation, 2015-16, Western State Colorado University

Report of appreciation western 15 ap prnt 1 small  

The Annual Report of Appreciation, 2015-16, Western State Colorado University