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New trade deal worries supply management

Farmers due for volatile weather

Canada invited to join Trans-Pacific Partnership BY BARRY WILSON OTTAWA BUREAU

Canada has been invited to join the Trans-Pacific Partnership negotiations, and agricultural exporters could not be happier. However, supply managed sectors are in defensive mode, knowing that Canada will be under pressure to drop high tariffs on dairy, poultry and egg imports as the price of joining the TPP. Exporters were thrilled. “Joining the TPP is a major step towards Canada integrating into more trade relationships with other countries in the Asia-Pacific region,” said Grain Growers of Canada executive director Richard Phillips. The cattle, pork, beef, grain and oilseed sectors see an opportunity for hundreds of millions of dollars in new sales opportunities once a deal is signed, likely several years away.

Weather cycles | 800 years of data BY ED WHITE WINNIPEG BUREAU

DES MOINES, Iowa — Concerns about dryness in the United States Midwest have driven up crop prices in Canadian and international markets, yet few people actually believe that a severe drought is about to hit the region. For that matter few traders express a belief that wild weather will ravage crops anywhere. Most talk about being confident that the world’s farmers will experience normal weather, even if some isolated crops see market declines. But that’s not a safe way to think, said Iowa State University weather analyst and crop production expert Elwynn Taylor. The kind of weather most people consider to be “normal” is really just one half of a two-part cycle, he said, and the dangerous second part is set to begin soon. “What we know is we’re ending a period of stability and going into a period of volatility,” Taylor said during a recent weather outlook session. “We expect to be in a period of volatility for the next 20 to 25 years.” Taylor said the past two decades have seen tame swings in weather patterns and have produced generally rising corn and soybean yields in the U.S. Midwest. That predictable trend is likely to end this year or next year, ushering in an age of huge swings in yields. SEE VOLATILE WEATHER, PAGE 2





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Justin Laventure of Biggar, Sask., makes a muddy landing while pursued by Shot Glass at a rodeo held as part of Guy Weadick Days in High River , Alta., June 24. | MIKE STURK PHOTO

INSIDE: CANADA’S FARM PROGRESS SHOW COVERAGE | PAGES 4, 65, 69 Healthy bodies, healthy brains

Crushers in expansion mode

A three-month study shows seniors can reduce body fat, improve blood flow to the brain and consequently, improve intellectual health by staying active. | See FARM LIVING, P. 21

Canola growers will soon have access to another 1.7 million tonnes of crush capacity when Richardson Oilseed Ltd. expands its facility in Yorkton, Sask. | See AGFINANCE, P. 76

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Volatile weather coming Taylor’s predictions, if they come true, would have major implications for crop markets around the world because Midwest U.S. prices have a big impact on world prices. World vegetable oil crop prices, including Canadian canola, take their lead from U.S. soybean prices, and world feedgrain prices, including Canadian oats and barley, closely follow the path that U.S. corn takes. Taylor claims that centuries of weather evidence, including corn yields for more than a century and tree ring data for 800 years, shows a pattern of interchanging periods of volatility and stability. In a period like the 1980s, droughts and other major weather events wreak havoc on crop


production, leading to wild swings in crop prices. Weather conditions are generally benign year after year in a period like the late 1990s to the present, allowing crops to come close to their potential in most years. He doesn’t know what causes the pattern of periods switching between volatile and stable, but he is convinced that the long, stable period that most farmers and consumers have become accustomed to is ending. He is also sure that the kind of unpredictable weather and crop production that characterized the 1980s is coming back. “About now,” Taylor said.

WILL WEATHER WREAK HAVOC ON CORN YIELDS? Elwynn Taylor believes 800 years of weather evidence suggests that the relatively steady yield gains of the past 20 years are likely to be replaced by a period of wild weather swings like the 1980s that could limit yield growth.

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U.S. historical corn yields (bu./acre) 180


160 140 120


100 80 60


40 20 0 1950






Prairies have just entered a 30-year wet phase that will be followed by a dry phase. 4 STRIPE RUST: There are indications that stripe rust spores are overwintering in prairie fields. 5 BARN SWALLOW: Farmers are questioning the need to include barn swallows on a list of threatened birds. 14 RAIL SERVICE: Ottawa is preparing rail service legislation for the fall. 16 FOOD AID: Humanitarian groups try to increase awareness of a growing crisis in West Africa. 19

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Experts estimate that modern cattle stem from only 80 ancient females. 20 POWER LINE: Landowners in rural Alberta are up in arms over a new power line proposal. 27 BOVINE PLASTIC: Scientists figure out how to make bioplastics out of SRMs. 63 MARKETING HELP: A new Saskatchewan program helps businesses expand their world market presence. 74 EGG CAGES: Alberta egg producers are advised to adopt alternative laying cages when building new barns. 75




Deal worries supply management trade agreements, and it’s not an impediment at all.” The dairy and chicken sectors issued statements proclaiming faith in the Conservative government’s promise to preserve supply management while creating more trade opportunities for export sectors. “The Canadian government has successfully concluded several trade deals and maintained supply management,” Dairy Farmers of Canada said. “We expect the government will maintain its position to defend supply management in all international forums and bilateral trade negotiations.” Political defenders of the system were not so sure. Liberal trade critic Wayne Easter demanded that the government make clear if it made pre-condition concessions to be invited into the talks. “Canada was undoubtedly forced to make concessions as a condition of being accepted into the trading partnership,” he said. “We are asking the Conservative government to be transparent and provide all details of this trade negotiation.” Hall Findlay clearly hopes the worst fears of her former Liberal caucus colleague are correct. “The TPP is a great opportunity to do the right thing and to transition out of this wrong policy,” she said. The aim of the talks is to create a trade zone of more than 600 million people, including some of the fastest growing markets in the world.

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“In the absence of Canadian membership in these critical negotiations, Canadian meat exports would have become increasingly disadvantaged in the dynamic and growing trans-Pacific marketplace,” said Canadian Meat Council executive director Jim Laws. However, the announcement put supply management supporters on edge during a week when domestic pressure grew for politicians to end the 40-year-old system of production controls, import restrictions and price setting. “It simply is time for politicians to understand that this is bad policy and must be changed,” former Liberal MP, trade critic and likely future Liberal party leadership candidate Martha Hall Findlay said June 21 as she released a report calling for the dismantling of supply management. The United States, Australia and New Zealand have argued that a commitment to negotiate supply management should be a condition of allowing Canada to join the ninenation talks that have been underway for several years. When he announced Canada’s invitation to join the TPP negotiations last week, prime minister Stephen Harper insisted Canada did not agree to pre-conditions. “We’re thrilled to be at the table,” agriculture minister Gerry Ritz added in Regina June 22. “We’re going to make a deal; not take a deal.” He responded to a question about supply management by citing history. “We’ve completed a number of


Solar sewage: An Alberta county builds a new kind of sewage treatment plant. See page 62. | MARY MACARTHUR PHOTO


76 29 18 9 78 10 12 24 79


Exchange wants to be the hedging home for Canadian spring wheat. 7 CANOLA INFLUENCE: Soy meal prices may soon lose their influence over canola as soy oil makes a comeback. 8


» ON THE FARM: This farm near Saskatoon »

sometimes resembles a war zone as paintball becomes a successful venture. 24 HISTORY BOOK: Residents of Montmartre, Sask., produce one of the most comprehensive small-town history books. 26




LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION: The designer of a new triple shoot opener says it’s all about location. 66


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called the weak link in efforts to eliminate hog disease. 70 BSE CRISIS: Statistics show that animal welfare survived the BSE crisis, despite the aging cow herd. 71


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expansion is the latest project to boost canola crushing capacity. 76 PAYMENT INSURANCE: Farmers of North America offers an insurance program for producer-sold grain. 77





Stampede marks centennial with sculpture Stampede set for July 6-15 | Bronze artwork shows cowboys’ and horses’ struggle to cross Bow River BY BARBARA DUCKWORTH CALGARY BUREAU

The unveiling of a larger than life sculpture depicting horses and cowboys struggling to make a river crossing marks the past and future of the Calgary Stampede. By the Banks of the Bow was created by two artists from Longview, Alta., who have been working together on the piece for four years. The sculpture is intended to represent the past, present and future of the Stampede’s western heritage. Rich Roenisch took over the pieces that show horses from 100 years ago traversing the Bow River while Bob Spaith created the modern bucking broncs. The unveiling was the first time the two had seen the completed bronze, which includes two cowboys and 15 horses. “It’s how we pictured it,” said Roenisch. The concept was intended to be realistic while still encouraging viewers to use their imagination. “We wanted the action to make sense. There was a reason for what each horse was doing,” he said. The work builds like a Chinook cloud on the horizon and then fades into the future. T h e t w o a r t i s t s w o rke d u nt i l almost the last minute, applying the last lacquers that will protect the bronze and keep it from oxidizing too quickly. Over time, the work will take on a green patina. “Bronze gets better as it ages,” Roenisch said. They started with a small concept, in which the horses’ heads were no more than 10 centimetres long, and then scaled it nearly eight times to its present size. The work was cast in Kalispell,

By the Banks of the Bow, a new bronze sculpture to mark the Calgary Stampede centennial, was unveiled June 23 in front of the agriculture building. The work was commissioned and started about four years ago and represents western heritage from the past, present and future. | BARBARA DUCKWORTH PHOTO Montana, because there wasn’t a nearby foundry large enough to handle the work. Each horse was cast separately and the entire work consisted of 700 panels that were cast,

welded and sand blasted. The work was placed in a plaza in front of the Stampede agriculture building, which was built in 1920. The sculpture and renovations to

the agriculture building were part of a $4.4 million face lift given to the site to mark the Stampede centennial. Construction will start on a major

agriculture events centre to the south as soon as this year’s fair is over. The provincial and federal governments have each contributed $25 million to the project.


Review period extended for $6.1 billion Viterra takeover deal BY BRIAN CROSS SASKATOON NEWSROOM

The federal government will take another month to review a proposed multibillion-dollar takeover of Canada’s largest grain handling company. Industry Canada was to have completed its review of a proposed $6.1 billion takeover of Viterra by June 18. However, Viterra confirmed last week that the review period has been extended by one month. Officials from Glencore International, the proposed buyer, also confirmed the one-month extension but said they still expect to have all necessary approvals in place and the transaction completed by July 31. “Glencore remains focused on achieving all regulatory approvals, including those under the Investment Canada Act, in time for the closing of the transaction, which is expected to be by the end of July 2012,” the Swiss company said in a June 17 news release.

Approval by Industry Canada is one of the last remaining regulatory hurdles facing the Glencore deal. Canada’s Competition Bureau indicated May 3 that it would not challenge the transaction. The deal has also gone through antitrust proceedings in the United States, and Australia’s competition regulator, the Australian Consumer and Competition Commission, has granted unconditional approval for the transaction. Stefanie Power, a media relations spokesperson for Industry Canada, said officials could not comment specifically on the Glencore-Viterra deal for confidentiality reasons. However, Power said industry minister Christian Paradis would OK Glencore’s application for Industry Canada approval if the deal is deemed to be a net benefit to Canada. Factors that could influence the minister’s decision include: • the effect of the investment on the level of economic activity in Canada, including employment,

resource processing and the use of parts, components and services produced in Canada • the degree and significance of participation by Canadians in the Canadian business • the effect of the investment on productivity, industrial efficiency, technological development, product innovation and product variety in Canada • the effect of the investment on competition within any industry or industries in Canada • the compatibility of the investment with national industrial, economic and cultural policies • the contribution of the investment to Canada’s ability to compete in world markets “In making a determination, the plans, undertakings and other infor mation submitted by the investor are all carefully considered,” said Power. Liberal MP Ralph Goodale said the Industry Canada review must be conducted thoroughly and carefully

to ensure that Canadian farmers and Canada’s economy are not adversely affected. The review should include a thorough investigation of Glencore’s past business practices, its labour practices and its environmental record in other countries, he said. “There has been a lot of controversy surrounding this company and it’s about to become one of the biggest corporate citizens in Canada,” Goodale said. “There needs to be a very thorough examination of who Glencore is and what their established business practices are. Surely that will be part of the Government of Canada determining net benefit or not.” Although the Competition Bureau has said it will not challenge the Glencore-Viterra deal, it has yet to weigh in on side deals involving the proposed transfer of Viterra assets from Glencore to Calgary-based fertilizer manufacturer Agrium and Winnipeg-based grain handling company Richard-

son International. Goodale said the Agrium deal is particularly worrisome and could leave farmers operating in a less competitive environment. “That’s one area where there was a pretty clear consensus,” he said. “People from all ends of the spectrum said there is a risk of diminished competition (in the crop nutrients sector) that would work to the disadvantage of farmers.” He also said Canada should seek assurances from Glencore that it will carry through on its promise to establish a North American agricultural head office in Regina. “It will be important to get the detail of exactly what does that promise amount to?” Goodale said. “Is it symbolic or is it substantive … and if it is substantive, how are you going to enforce that substance? What are the levers that the Government of Canada will have to make sure that those promises of jobs and corporate (investment) … in Regina are in fact real?”






Unusual weather may be the norm Extremes more common | While some areas are hot and dry, the Prairies are in a wet phase BY KAREN BRIERE REGINA BUREAU

Three Plentywood, Montana, farmers are dwarfed by a Balzer 2000 bushel grain cart. Mike Jensen, top, Gary Jensen and David Cybulski check out the big gear at Canada’s Farm Progress Show in Regina, June 22. “Just when you thought the equipment couldn’t get much bigger, then you come to Regina and bang, it got bigger again this year,” said Mike Jensen. | MICHAEL RAINE PHOTO

Prairie residents shouldn’t expect an end to extreme weather anytime soon. Dave Sauchyn, a climate researcher at the Prairie Adaptation Research Collaborative, said volatility will continue to be more common as the climate changes. “It’s pretty well understood now that as you heat up the world, you can expect more severe weather. There’s just more energy in the atmosphere and so the climate is warming,” he said. “Extreme dryness and wetness is the kind of weather we expect with a warming climate, and so we can expect more of this.” The weather we consider unusual will become more normal as those extremes become more common, he said. The Prairies are already home to the most naturally variable climate on the planet because of the effects of the oceans. “In fact, it’s even hard to detect global warming in our part of the world because temperatures are all over the place,” said Sauchyn, who is based at the University of Regina. However, while it is getting warmer and drier overall, the region has entered a 30-year wet phase. Sauchyn said the flooding seen through much of the area the last couple of years signaled the start of the wet phase of the 60-year climate cycle. Scientists discovered about 10 years ago that approximately 30 years of wet conditions are followed by 30 years of dry conditions. “We need to think 60 years at a time,” he told a Canada’s Farm Progress Show forum. “We’ve only been here about 100 years.” Tree ring studies have shown that over the last 950 years, the most water in the North Saskatchewan River was during the 30-year period of the 1880s to 1910s. That is when the Prairies were populated, Sauchyn said.

The droughts have usually been more severe than the flooding, particularly in the mid-1850s when they la sted f o r mu ch lo nger tha n a decade. There is evidence that in 1796 the North Saskatchewan River completely dried up, he said. It could happen again. “We are bound to get a drought like the 1850s or 1790s,” he told his audience. The wet phase that the region has just entered means it is mostly the young people who start farming during the good moisture conditions who will have to deal with drought in 30 years time. “You have my sympathy,” Sauchyn said. Meanwhile, he said the small temperature changes that will occur as the climate warms could add a month to the prairie growing season. Data from 12 prairie weather stations shows warming of about 15 degrees since the 1880s. The effects are greater when those changes occur around -2 to 0 C. Sauchyn showed data from April and October 2010 in one location that could have seen the last spring frost come two weeks earlier than it did and the first fall frost happen two weeks later if a few nights were just two degrees warmer. However, he cautioned there will still be June frosts and other events that throw a wrench into what farmers actually experience. “Weather is what we get, climate is what we expect,” he said. Climate change is defined as a statistically significant variation in the mean state of a climate, or its variability, that persists for an extended period. A warmer climate would have advantages for farmers, including increased productivity, the potential to grow new crops and longer seasons. However, there are disadvantages: increased insect infestations, heat damage, more soil erosion, more problems with weeds and disease and increased moisture stress and drought.


Farm Progress considered among top shows in North America Attendance, industry support strong | Glencore has agreed to take over sponsorship of the show from Viterra through 2014 BY KAREN BRIERE REGINA BUREAU

Organizers of Canada’s Farm Progress Show said that last week’s 35th edition saw a stronger international presence and record number of exhibitors. Final numbers weren’t yet available, but show manager Rob O’Connor said more than 640 international visitors from more than 50 countries attended, surpassing the goal of 600.

As well, at least 52 foreign exhibitors set up shop at the show. “I do know that inside of the international business centre, the offices have been full. I’ve never seen them so full in my history here at the show,” O’Connor said. The show, which rebranded itself from “Western Canada” earlier this year, hosted a record 806 exhibitors. The show is now considered the largest in Canada. “We are bigger than any show in Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary, any-

where,” said outgoing chair Larry Gregga. “We are it.” Regina mayor Pat Fiacco said it’s safe to say the city could be branded as Canada’s agricultural business centre. “We understand the economic spinoff of shows like this,” he said. Tobias Eichberg, a consultant from Germany who has been advising show management, said there is more room for the show to grow and evolve. The three main indicators of a show’s success are attendance, the number

of exhibitors and floor space. “If you put all these together, I would say Canada’s Farm Progress Show is among the top three or four in North America,” he said. The trade show business is volatile, he added, with some disappearing and others being created. The Regina show is on solid footing with attendance of 42,000 to 45,000 each year over the three-day event and strong support from exhibitors. Last week, Viterra announced it had renewed its sponsorship through

2014 and that Glencore had agreed to honour the commitment. Incoming chair Rene Carpentier said the show consults with larger farmers identified by its stakeholders to make sure it continues to meet their needs. Organizers also want to make sure the show offers information along with the latest in farm innovations. O’Connor said at least 24 new products were launched at the show this year, including a combine, air seeder, grain cart and truck.





Prairie growers on alert for fast spreading disease Stripe rust | Wet weather this spring has provided ideal growing conditions BY BARB GLEN LETHBRIDGE BUREAU

A winter wheat field near Burdett, Alta., is the proverbial canary in the coalmine for stripe rust. The large field, up to 40 percent infected with the disease, showed the potential for infection in other winter wheat fields, as well as possible spread to susceptible varieties of spring wheat. “It’s definitely showing up in a lot of the (winter wheat) fields we’re looking at now,” said Agriculture Canada plant pathologist Denis Gaudet. “It’s showing up at low levels in a number of different areas of southern Alberta so we’re sort of on the watch for it.” Saskatchewan has had only one report of stripe rust so far this crop season. It was found in winter wheat in the Wolseley area and has put crop experts in that province on alert. “We know that we had the disease last summer at higher levels than we were used to seeing,” said plant disease specialist Faye Dokken Bouchard of Saskatchewan Agriculture. However, she said wind trajectories forecast by Environment Canada indicate only a moderate risk of stripe rust spores spreading from the U.S. Pacific Northwest. In the case of the Burdett field, how-


ever, Gaudet said it appears stripe rust overwintered. The leaf disease also overwintered in 2010-11, which led to severe infestation and yield losses in winter and spring wheat last year. Stripe rust usually arrives in Canada later in the growing season via spores borne on winds from the United States. By then, it is too late to do major crop damage but the spore cloud spreads the disease and creates a risk that stripe rust will overwinter. Gaudet encouraged wheat producers to scout their crops every two or three days for signs of stripe rust, which is characterized by orangeyellow stripes of pustules that grow in lines parallel to the leaf veins. Stripe rust flourishes in cool, wet conditions, which have been common across the Prairies this spring. A hot, dry spell could eliminate the threat. Even if discovered, Gaudet urged producers to carefully consider whether spraying with fungi-

cide is warranted. “What we would like to see is only spraying if it becomes necessary to control stripe rust, because at trace levels, stripe rust is not going to do any damage at all.” Winter wheat is now in the heading stage in southern Alberta, and the crop cannot be sprayed after flowering. However, Gaudet said there is danger the disease could spread to spring wheat crops. “There is a potential there for real problems because obviously that rust can move from a more mature winter wheat to a very early development stage spring wheat.” The most popular varieties of spring wheat are resistant to stripe rust, he added, so producers should not be compelled to spray if they’ve planted one of those types. Stripe rust, like many pathogens, can change rapidly, and researchers are hard-pressed to keep up with it. A high-temperature strain evolved 10 years ago, and it is now causing problems in Kansas and Nebraska. Thirtysix different strains have been identified in Canada. Dokken Bouchard said stripe rust is easy to identify, though it can sometimes resemble leaf spotting diseases. If the spores come off when leaf pustules are rubbed with a finger, it’s stripe rust.

Stripe rust is spread by spores so there is a danger the disease will spread from winter wheat to spring wheat crops. | FILE PHOTO



Growers should take close look at millet as late seeding option

Weevil invades alfalfa crops; up to 80 percent damage BY SEAN PRATT SASKATOON NEWSROOM


Reynald Gauthier says all is not lost for growers confronted by flooded fields. He sells a crop that might work for them. “Millet right now is probably the only option that they have, being it’s getting late,” he said. “You can seed millet until about July 20 for cow feed.” Gauthier, who owns Millet King Seeds of Canada Inc. in St. Claude, Man., said seeding that late would probably result in half of a normal millet crop, but that might be a better option than summerfallow. Growers who can get on their fields by July 5 might be able to produce seed for the birdseed market and straw for their cattle. If not, it could be a good swath grazing option. “C ow s ju s t l ov e m i l l e t,” s a i d Gauthier. Grant McLean, a cropping management specialist with Saskatchewan Agriculture, said millet could be an option for growers in eastern Sas-

Millet is an alternative to fall planting because it can be seeded until mid-July. | FILE PHOTO katchewan, where there has been considerable flooding. “Certainly individuals have in the past used that as a late season alternative to oats, particularly for forage,” he said. Millet is a C4 crop like corn and sorghum that can be planted late and will thrive under hot and dry conditions. However, the crop will have trouble competing with the weeds if July and August are cool and damp. “In its initial stages, it’s a pretty

wimpy little thing,” said McLean. There can also be nutritional problems for cattle that eat the crop if it freezes in the fall. Farmers will have to weigh whether they want to experiment with planting a late-seeded crop like millet or leave their flooded land unplanted until the fall, when they can seed fall rye or winter wheat, said McLean. Gauthier sells his millet seed for 40 cents per pound. Growers will need to seed at a rate of 30 lb. per acre for a total cost of $12 per acre. Seed sales were disappointing this spring so he has enough left over supply to plant 30,000 acres of the crop. A millet crop could yield 32 bushels per acre under ideal growing conditions, which would result in a potential return of $7.50 per bu. based on a price of 15 cents per lb. if the seed was sold into the birdseed market. Gauthier said the crop is ideally suited for seeding on summerfallow or a flooded canola field, in which case it would require 60 lb. of nitrogen per acre. The crop would need 75 lb. per acre if seeded on stubble.

A pest that was a blip on the radar screen in Saskatchewan has suddenly become a bright light. Saskatchewan Agriculture started surveying for alfalfa weevil in 2009 and discovered noticeable populations of the newcomer to the province. Regional forage specialist Lorne Klein said the infestation level rated a three on a scale of one to 10. A year later, a survey of the same fields showed the pest had almost disappeared. “In 2011, bingo, there they were again. They came right back to 2009 levels,” he said. And then came the 2012 survey. “It really took us by surprise. Like holy cow, they just exploded.” Klein said he’d rate this year’s outbreak an eight out of 10 on pure alfalfa stands in areas of southeastern Saskatchewan. “It’s very, very significant,” he said. “If you’re a hay grower, it’s kind of a big issue for you down here. People are certainly getting their hay bines out quicker than they intended to.”


Don Payak, an alfalfa seed grower near Weyburn, Sask., said the insect has inflicted severe damage in his area of the province. “It’s kind of catching everybody by surprise. We’re starting to learn a lot.” The damage is particularly severe in pure alfalfa stands, where yields could be reduced by 50 to 80 percent. “Some of them are pretty much decimated. I don’t know what you could do. Maybe just cut them and hope for regrowth.” Payak fared better than most. He sprays his fields for lygus bugs in the spring because he is a seed grower and inadvertently killed off the weevils in the process. However, even his farm didn’t escape unscathed. “I have one hay field of my own that probably isn’t even up to my knees and it’s really brown and just a lot of damage,” he said. Many alfalfa fields were late blooming last year. People blamed it on excess moisture and disease, but in retrospect Payak thinks it was probably due to the weevil. Saskatchewan Agriculture advises growers to hay early to control the pest. They die as the vegetation dries up.




Winter wheat? Visit for a retailer near you.

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Wheat stocks below expectation Falling stocks-to-use ratio | Cutting India and China out of the forecast suggests tight supplies BY SEAN PRATT

Viterra deal widens CWB delivery options


World wheat supply is a lot tighter than it appears at first blush, according to U.S. Wheat Associates. The U.S. Department of Agriculture is forecasting the second largest world wheat supply on record in 2012-13. However, a closer look at the numbers reveals “a more fragile wheat market,” said USW market analyst Casey Chumrau. It appears there will be ample global supply when China and India are lumped in with the rest of the world. However, while those two countries comprise 30 percent of world wheat production, they account for a mere one percent of global trade of the commodity. Taking production from those two mammoth producers out of the equation provides a picture of available wheat supply rather than total supply. That picture shows that production in the five traditional wheat exporting countries and the three major Black Sea exporters, which together account for 88 percent of world wheat exports, is expected to fall three percent below the fiveyear average. Meanwhile, consumption outside of India and China is expected to rise three percent above the fiveyear average. “We have less wheat being produced but higher consumption,” said Chumrau. That is reflected in the ending stocks-to-use ratio of 22 percent when excluding China and India, which is below the five-year-average of 24 percent. It would be the lowest stocks-to-use ratio for available supplies since 2007-08, when it fell to 19 percent. A falling stocks-to-use ratio generally means higher prices. Chumrau advised buyers to consider purchasing U.S. wheat today because any further restriction in supplies could considerably reduce the amount available to meet growing demand for the product. “It’s definitely going to be something that will affect markets if we start seeing some supply disruptions,” she said. Chumrau noted that Argentina’s agriculture minister has said the country is reducing acreage and Australia’s forecast is for a smaller crop than the last two years. However, there’s an even bigger risk in a more important production region. “We’re really watching the Black Sea because we don’t know yet what the extent of their winterkill is going to be. We’re already getting indica-


Acreage and production is down in several key wheat producing countries, including Argentina, Australia and the Black Sea. | FILE PHOTO tions out of those countries that their production is going to be lower than originally estimated.” SovEcon, a Russian grain analyst, is forecasting 50 million tonnes of wheat production in that country, which is down from the USDA’s forecast of 53 million tonnes. Ukraine’s national weather centre is forecasting 43 to 44 million tonnes of total grain production, which is below the USDA’s estimate of 45.8 million tonnes. USW spokesperson Steve Mercer isn’t drawing parallels to 2010, but he said it provides a good glimpse of what can happen to wheat prices if Russia decides to ban exports because of inadequate supplies. The USDA was forecasting 25 million tonnes of U.S. wheat exports that year. “After Russia closed its doors, we ended up selling 35 (million tonnes). We were all shocked at the impact on price,” he said. Mercer also pointed out the dete-


It’s definitely going to be something that will affect markets if we start seeing some supply disruptions.

Global wheat stocks are expected to drop by about 10 millon tonnes by the end of 2012-13, but production problems in the Black Sea region and Australia could push the number down further.


World wheat stocks (million tonnes)


2003-04 135.57 riorating condition of the U.S. corn crop. Wheat prices are heavily influenced by corn prices, and the corn crop is shrivelling in the field because of a lack of meaningful rainfall and high temperatures. The USDA rated 56 percent of the corn crop in good to excellent condition as of June 25. That’s down from 77 percent six weeks ago, which puts the USDA’s forecast of a record 166 bushel per acre yield in jeopardy. A smaller crop would push corn and wheat prices higher.

2004-05 155.96 2005-06 153.52 2006-07 133.94 2007-08 128.16 2008-09 167.81 2009-10 200.55 2010-11 197.23 2011-12 195.56 2012-13 185.76* *estimate Source: USDA | MICHELLE HOULDEN GRAPHIC

REGINA — The CWB has reached grain handling agreements with six more grain handling companies, including the country’s largest, Viterra. The new agreements, announced June 21 in Regina, mean western Canadian grain farmers who sell wheat or barley through CWB pools will now be able to deliver grain to roughly 100 additional delivery points across the West. The Viterra deal will also give the CWB commercial access to Viterra’s export terminal facilities and will not be affected by the proposed takeover of Viterra assets by Swiss commodities trader Glencore International. Earlier this year, the CWB reached similar grain handling agreements with Cargill, which operates 30 primary elevators in Western Canada, and the South West Terminal, located near Antelope, Sask. Last week’s announcement, which also included deals with Mission Terminal, West Coast Road and Rail, Delmar Commodities, Linear Grain, Agro Source and the CMI Terminal near Naicam, Sask., brings the total number of eligible delivery points for CWB customers to nearly 130 in Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta and British Columbia. The CWB is continuing to negotiate with other grain handling companies and will soon have nearly all of the primary elevator points available to take delivery of contracted grain, said CWB president Ian White. Agreements have yet to be finalized with four of Western Canada’s top six grain handlers : Louis Dreyfus, Parrish & Heimbecker, Paterson Grain and Richardson International. Richardson, Western Canada’s second largest handler, operates more than 50 country elevators and boasts a total storage capacity of nearly one million tonnes. White said negotiations with Viterra and other grain companies took longer than expected because of the complexity of agreements, which include transportation, handling and delivery arrangements. Some observers had suggested that prolonged negotiations would put more pressure on the CWB and would benefit grain handling companies by improving their bargaining positions. However, White said he didn’t feel grain companies were deliberately delaying the process. “I can say that all the grain companies have been fairly forthcoming in CONTINUED ON NEXT PAGE






MGEX touts wheat hedging contract Promoting contract on Prairies | The Minneapolis Grain Exchange wants to be where Canadian wheat is hedged BY ED WHITE WINNIPEG BUREAU

MINNEAPOLIS, Minn. — A new era is about to open for the Minneapolis Grain Exchange. The exchange expects to become the hedging home for the giant western Canadian spring wheat crop. “So far we haven’t see any big roadblocks,” said James Facente, the MGEX’s director of market operations. “There are quite a few little nuances (between the Canadian and U.S. commercial markets), but nothing large.” A fierce battle broke out this winter for the hedging business of Canadian farmers, grain companies, grain buyers and speculators, pitting three major agricultural derivatives marketplaces against each other. The existing MGEX spring wheat contract has been put up against the Chicago Board of Trade’s soft red winter wheat contract and the Intercontinental Exchange’s new Winnipeg-based hard red spring wheat contract. With the ending of the CWB’s monopoly Aug. 1, many believe there will be significantly more futures and options trading for Canadian hard red spring wheat as the free market takes over risk management from the CWB’s pooling approach. The MGEX has been aggressively promoting its 129-year-old spring wheat futures contract to Canadian farmers. It has made many modifications to the contract to convince farmers and commercial grain players that its prices will accurately reflect cash market prices in Canada as well as in the United States. For instance, non-American wheat can now be delivered against the contract. The CWB was a major user of the MGEX, using it as a price basis for many of its Producer Payment Options and as a way to reduce the danger to the federal government’s financial guarantees. However, individual grain farmers did not use it much because CWB pool prices often diverged greatly from futures prices. Whether or not the Minneapolis contract truly represents the prairie

c o m m e rc i a l ma rke t p l a c e s t i l l remains to be seen. Many in the grain trade say forward commercial sales of prairie wheat have been lighter than usual because of the unsettled nature of the postCWB environment. No one knows what kinks might appear as the open market dawns. The prairie provinces and the U.S. northern Great Plains states grow the same type of wheat but generally different varieties. Both crops are high-protein spring wheat crops, but specification regimes have been different across the border. The two wheat crops are exported by different railways, and the American crop has an extra export outlet that the Canadian crop does not: the Gulf of Mexico. As well, the American crop relies on



their negotiations … acting in good faith with us,” he said. White said the CWB will compete directly with grain handling companies, but those companies need the volumes of grain that the CWB can attract through its pooling systems and other contracts. Farmer confidence in CWB contracts will increase as more grain companies agree to receive wheat and barley from the board, he added. Kevin Bender, president of the Western Canadian Wheat Growers Association, said the CWB-Viterra agreement comes as welcome news to grain farmers, particularly those who have limited delivery options. With close to 100 delivery points across Western Canada, Viterra is ideally positioned to accommodate

The Minneapolis Grain Exchange hopes to attract Canadian interest by developing a North American wheat contract. |


the export market for only 48 percent of its sales, while the Canadian crop is overwhelmingly exported. Does any of this mean the Canadian crop will see significantly different pricing on the Prairies compared to North Dakota or Montana, which would make the MGEX’s Americanbased contract risky for Canadian users? Most analysts don’t expect significant cash market price spreads. The MGEX is pushing the idea that the Minneapolis contract isn’t just lumping in the Canadian crop with an American crop contract but is trying to develop a North American wheat contract. “Eventually, I just want it to be Nor th Amer ican spr ing wheat instead of Canadian and U.S.,” said Rita Maloney, the MGEX’s director of marketing.

# of elevator location capacity elevators Man. Sask. Alta. B.C. (million tonnes)

1. Viterra







2. Richardson







3. Cargill







4. Parrish & Heimbecker 19






5. Paterson Grain







6. Louis Dreyfus







Note: Bold listings denote companies that have reached handling agreements with the CWB. Source: Canadian Grain Commission, Grain Elevators in Canada as of Feb. 2012. | WP GRAPHIC

CWB business. Bender said growers in northern B.C. and Alberta’s Peace River region were particularly concerned about the lack of delivery options. Until last week’s announcement,

farmers in those regions had only one delivery option — a Cargill facility located near Rycroft, Alta., 530 kilometres northwest of Edmonton. “I think the agreement will come as comforting news to a lot of farmers,”


“I’m trying to blur in my own mind that border because North Dakota goes right up into you and Montana goes right up into you.” Maloney said the MGEX hopes to solidify its futures contract as the world’s premium quality and protein wheat hedging tool, representing a huge pool of high protein wheat and a large part of the world’s export stocks. The MGEX contract already diverges from the CBOT soft red spring wheat contract and the Kansas City Board of Trade hard red winter wheat contract because of supply and demand fundamentals and world protein values. Maloney hopes more volume from increased Canadian use will strengthen that independent life. Canada’s reputation for high quality wheat could help the American

crop piggyback into higher values. “People love Canadian wheat,” said Maloney. “There are countries that will only buy Canadian spring wheat. It’s also our job to convince those people that we have great wheat, too.” MGEX analyst Joe Victor spent a lot of time on the Prairies this winter promoting the MGEX contract. He’s hoping increased use will allow the vast size of the spring wheat crop to bring higher visibility for its main derivative instrument. The Chicago winter wheat contract is by far the most traded wheat derivative, but the North American spring wheat crop is a much, much larger crop, larger even than the hard red winter wheat crop. “As (spring wheat trading) grows, maybe it’ll get a little more notice out in the world,” said Victor.

said Bender. “The timing might be a bit late, but late is better than never.” In Manitoba, grain farmer Doug Chorney also welcomed news of the Viterra agreement but suggested the timing of the announcement came far too late in the crop year. Chorney, president of Keystone Agricultural Producers, said farmers in his area were contracting grain early this year and were eager to take advantage of strong wheat prices. Many producers would have been willing to commit a portion of their crop to CWB pools, but the lack of handling agreements and limited delivery options convinced them to deal elsewhere, he said. “We’re operating in a pretty time sensitive environment,” said Chorney. “It (the Viterra agreement) is a good development for farmers, but it’s a little late for many and unfortunately, I

think it’s probably going to affect the CWB’s operations this year because of the time that it’s taken.” Gord Flaten, the CWB’s vice-president of grain procurement, said farmers are choosing CWB pools for a large portion of their cereals. He said favourable contract terms, such as the act of God clauses, and flexible payment arrangements are designed to minimize producer risk. “Farmers aren’t taking any risks by electing to use (CWB) contracts, and that is appealing,” White said. Producers need to act soon if they want to be involved in the pool because many contracts are filling up and they are on a first-come basis. Initial payments will likely be above the typical 65 percent because of strong marketing by the board, government guarantees and the potential backing of other financial parties, he added.






Soy meal may lose influence on canola: analyst

Supply management not fodder for EU trade deal

Soybean oil is expected to make a comeback soon BY SEAN PRATT SASKATOON NEWSROOM

Canola prices have been bolstered recently by strong global meal demand, but an analyst says that relationship could be headed for divorce. Harold Davis, author of Prairie Crop Charts, thinks it’s time for soybean meal to take a rest and allow soybean oil to resume its usual leadership role as the main driver behind canola prices. “I think the meal story is coming to an end,” he said. Chicago soybean meal prices “have gone through the roof ” in recent months while soybean oil languished in a bear market until last week. The rise in soybean meal prices coincided with China banning rapeseed meal shipments from India in January because it contained traces of malachite green, a hazardous chemical. Chinese officials are scheduled to visit India by the end of July to sort out the issue. Davis thinks there is a good chance the two countries can come to a resolution. “That could spell the end of that driver,” he said. Davis said there is a chance canola prices might test the downside of the market during the “indigestion” of switching from a meal-driven to an oil-driven market. Canola meal prices have been lifted by the surge in soybean meal values, but crushers say demand for the product has been rather lackluster. “Apart from the last four to six months, meal demand in the U.S. has actually been a little softer than it had been in 2008 and 2007,” said Pat Van Osch, vice-president of Richardson Oilseed Ltd. Global demand for meal products is strong, but Canadian crushers are more influenced by nearby North American demand for their product, and that has been static. Joel Horn, chief executive officer of Legumex Walker Inc., a Canadian grain company building a canola crush facility in Warden, Washington, recently told investors during the company’s annual general meeting the byproduct is still generating strong revenues for crushers. “On the canola meal side, we haven’t necessarily seen a growth in the amount of consumption but we’ve seen an increase in the price that the poultry farmers and the dairy consumers are willing to pay for canola meal,” he said. Van Osch isn’t concerned about the lack of growth in meal demand despite 1.7 million tonnes of additional canola crush capacity either planned or under construction in Western Canada and the northwest United States. “We’re focused more on the oil. Not that the meal isn’t important. You’ve still got to move 60 percent of your production out as meal,” he said. “But from a revenue perspective, you’re far more influenced by the demand of oil than you are by the demand of meal and that side of the equation certainly shows more strength than weakness.”


A new federal initiative could double U.S. pulse acres over the next eight years. | FILE PHOTO U.S. FARM BILL | AGRICULTURE POLICIES OUTLINED

U.S. health initiative ignites excitement in pulse industry Senate proposals | New funding would boost pulse research BY SEAN PRATT SASKATOON NEWSROOM

Peas, lentils, beans and chickpeas received a big boost in the Senate version of the 2012 U.S. farm bill. “For the pulse crops, there is a lot of really good provisions here in this bill on a lot of levels,” said Tim McGreevy, chief executive officer of the American Pulse Association. The Senate passed its version of the farm bill last week, which establishes national agriculture, nutrition, conservation and forestry policy for the next five years. The House of Representatives, which along with the Senate forms the two arms of the U.S. Congress, is expected to have its agriculture committee start work on its version of a new farm bill in mid-July. The two houses then have to develop with a compromise bill to vote on before it goes to the White House. Included in the Senate bill are two policies that McGreevy said will help expand the market for pulse crops grown in the United States and Canada if they make it through to the final version, which must still be approved by the House of Representatives and president Barack Obama. One is the Pulse Health Initiative, which authorizes research

grants of $25 million per year over the next five years for research exploring the health and nutrition benefits of pulses. It would be a sizeable increase over the less than $3 million now spent annually on pulse research in the U.S. “We’re confident that these crops will perform quite well, but we just don’t have much science to back it up,” said McGreevy.


$25 million PER YEAR FOR RESEARCH INTO HEALTH BENEFITS The other main focus will be to significantly improve pulse crops’ productive capabilities. “The truth is that yields on pulse crops have really lagged behind cereal grains,” he said. McGreevy believes the initiative could easily double U.S. pulse acres over the next eight years. Growers planted 528,000 acres of lentils, 468,000 acres of peas, 142,200 acres of chickpeas and 1.67 million acres of beans this year. McGreevy said the American

pulse industry is working closely with Pulse Canada to ensure there is no duplication with health and nutrition and sustainability research conducted in Canada. “We consider (research) to be pre-competitive. We’re trying to raise the boat for all pulse crops,” he said. The other important pulse initiative in the Senate bill was a last-minute amendment to create a pilot program to incorporate more pulses into national school breakfast and lunch programs, which feed 55 million children every school day. The program will provide the agriculture secretary with $10 million until 2017 to buy pulse crops for school meals. Few pulses are now used in those meals. “Burritos is the closest that we get to getting into the school meal programs,” said McGreevy. The pilot will determine which pulses are best suited to school breakfasts and lunches and how they influence the nutritional levels of those meals. “If successful, then we’ll have a customer for life. We’re trying to get at the younger people who need to eat more healthy foods,” said McGreevy. “I think it will have a significant impact on pulse consumption for the long term.”

Getting a deal in Canada-European Union free trade talks will not be a question of trading supply management protection for meat export access in Europe, says Canada’s chief negotiator. Steve Verheul, who once was Canada’s top agriculture negotiator at World Trade Organization talks, told the House of Commons trade committee last week that substantial agricultural texts have not yet been exchanged. However, he said that while significant differences remain or have not yet been negotiated, both sides insist they want a deal by the end of this year. The next negotiation is in Brussels next month. The EU has made it clear it wants better access in Canada for European cheese, but Verheul said Canada does not see meat access to Europe as a trade-off against European designs on Canada’s dairy market. “We’re responding to the EU’s most offensive issue, which is government procurement,” he said. “We’re going a considerable way on issues related to intellectual property that are also of concern to them, and we’re expecting the balance to be achieved through the achievement of greater market access for us when it comes to those types of products, including beef and pork.” Later, he said the Conservative government has remained clear in its instruction to negotiators in the Comprehensive Economic Trade Agreement (CETA) with the EU that supply management protection for dairy, chicken and eggs are not on the table for compromise. “Certainly within the CETA negotiation, there will be no threat to the system of supply management,” he said. “It remains as it is now. I’ve seen no flexibility on that issue with respect to any agreements.” As one of the most sensitive issues in any trade negotiation, agriculture is usually one of the last topics raised and often in the end is sidelined because of its domestic political sensitivities on all sides. Verheul said negotiator instructions have not changed. “We’ve consistently protected supply management throughout all of our international trade agreements,” he said. At the end of April, EU ambassador to Canada Matthias Brinkmann told Ottawa journalists that there is a clear link in the negotiations between prairie beef and pork exporter hopes for better European access and Europe’s interest in the Canadian cheese market. “It’s the overall balance which is important,” Brinkmann said. “For the Prairies, the beef issue is a big one and there will be no deal without dairy. It’s almost a foregone conclusion.”





Potential crude oil price meltdown bad for grain, oilseeds MARKET WATCH


Corn and soybean prices are connected to ethanol and biodiesel prices


ould a melt down in oil prices drag down crop values? It is worth pulling our heads out of weather forecasts and supply and demand reports to consider whether outside forces could deliver a blow against agricultural commodities. I was shocked into this after listening to an interview with Jeff Kennedy, chief commodity analyst at Elliott Wave International. Elliot Wave analysis is a strictly technical way of looking at the market. It identifies patterns that are linked to human psychology and the way people react to market events. Kennedy said last week that West Texas Intermediate crude oil will test the $38 per barrel low set in late 2008 and then pause before falling anoth-

er 50 percent to the low last seen in 2001. He also believes the U.S. dollar will continue to rise. Ke n n e d y ’s a na l y s i s i s o n t h e extreme end of market opinion, but he is not alone. If this plays out, it would be hard for grain prices to remain where they are because of the connection between oil and corn and soybeans due to ethanol and biodiesel. Also, such a downdraft in crude would indicate a major retreat from all risk assets, such as commodities. Elliot Wave considers neither supply and demand fundamentals nor economic forces in its analysis, but the likely spark that would drive oil down to such low levels would be Europe’s failure to find a solution to its debt and slow growth problems, leading to a collapse into recession. However, there are also supply and demand reasons for the recent weakness in oil prices. The weak international economy is slowing demand and supplies are up. Already, oil is down more than 25 percent from its recent peak set in late February. In the United States, the world’s largest oil consumer, crude oil inventories as of June 15 increased to the highest level since 1990. Horizontal drilling and fracking has caused U.S. domestic oil pro-

duction to jump 25 percent since 2008 and now stands at 6.35 million barrels a day, the most since February 1999. Supply from the Organization of Petroleum Producing Countries is running nearly two million barrels per day above its own production ceiling target of 30 million barrels per day. Canada’s production is expected to climb from three million barrels per day in 2011 to 3.8 million by 2015, 4.7 million by 2020 and 6.2 million by 2030, according to the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers. Philip Verleger, economist and founder of PK Verleger LLC, who has a long and distinguished career in government and academia, including a stint as David E. Mitchell/ EnCana professor of management at the University of Calgary’s Haskayne School of Business, is another analyst who believes oil prices are about to tumble to $40 per barrel. In an interview last week on Bloomberg Television, he said the Saudis will keep pumping at the highest rate in decades rather than reduce production because they want oil prices to fall to aid the world economy and to put economic and political pressure on fellow oil exporters Iran (over its nuclear program) and Russia (over its support for Syria).

prices there. Beef trim prices were also lower, and the two events pressured Canadian prices off their recent highs. Commercial auctions reported that half to two-thirds of the offering were butcher cattle. Butcher cows fell $3-$3.50 per cwt. from the previous week’s records. D1, D2 ranged $75-$88 to average $81.50 and D3s ranged $65-$79 to average $72.43. Rail bids fell $6 to $148-$154. Butcher bulls fell 50 cents but are $12.50 higher than the same time last year. The northwest U.S. is getting dry, which could weaken export demand. Non-fed values will likely fall $2-$3 this week.


Verleger also thinks that a fairly rapid move to fuel efficient cars in the U.S., the U.S. ethanol mandate, soaring North American natural gas and oil production and greater use of cheap natural gas as a vehicle fuel will make the U.S. a net exporter of energy in 10 years and usher in a long period of low cost energy for the U.S. Oil and grain prices do not move in lockstep, but they have closely followed the same trend since about 2005.

We can’t ignore the following: • global oilseed stocks are expected to fall by the end of 2012-13 • a revival in corn stocks depends on getting a record crop in the U.S. • the global wheat surplus looks like it will be much less burdensome than forecasted a few months ago However, if oil and other markets crash, grain won’t be able to avoid the chaos. Follow D’Arce McMillan on Twitter @darcemcmillan.

CANFAX REPORT CANADIAN FED PRICES RISE Rising corn prices due to hot, dry Midwest weather and the weakening world economy drove Chicago fed futures lower, which pressured Canadian cash cattle. The Canfax weekly average fed steer price was $109.83 per hundredweight, down $3.13, and heifers were $109.15, down $3.24. Almost all dressed trade was $185$186 per cwt. delivered. Packers have had a significant supply of captive cattle recently, which has also weakened the cash market. No significant Saskatchewan cash trade was reported. There was light U.S. buyer interest, but only a few Canadian cattle traded south. Not all cattle sold and some will be added to this week’s show list. Volume was 16,489 head, down 14 percent from the previous week, and down 29 percent from last year. The Alberta fed cash-to-futures basis widened to -$9.13. Weekly fed exports to June 9 were 6,128 head, up 39 percent from the Memorial Day shortened week. So far this year, exports to the United States are down two percent from last year. Weekly western Canadian fed slaughter to June 16 at 39,462 head was down one percent from the previous week. Projected marketings into July are expected to be steady, but beef demand beyond the July long weekend remains uncertain. Prices will face downward pressure.

COWS FALL FROM HIGHS The dry weather in the U.S. is pushing more cows to slaughter, lowering

CANADIAN FEEDERS RISE Rising corn prices are raising feeding costs and lowering Chicago feeder futures prices. However, western Canadian feeder prices rose last week, with steers up $1.95 per cwt., while heifers were up 73 cents. The spread between steers and heifers has widened for four weeks and now stands at $11.92 per cwt. The few uniform packages of fallborn calves at market are testing the top end of the Canfax price range. Auction volume was 11,039 head, down 17 percent from the previous week. Weekly feeder exports to June 9 totalled 3,138, down 14 percent. Feeder exports to the U.S. have already surpassed last year’s total. Western Canadian feeder prices will likely fall, if futures continue to fall and barley follows corn higher. However, despite current feeding losses, demand for quality bunk replacements should remain strong.

U.S. cut-out values fell $1-$2 on moderate demand and offering. Orders for the July 4 Independence Day weekend are mostly filled and follow-up demand is questionable, given America’s economic problems. Beef prices might fall, but recent strong pork cut-out values will limit the fall. The U.S. Choice-Select record spread is widening, which analysts attribute to the new Walmart Choice beef program that includes TV ads that say consumers can buy restaurant quality steaks at its meat counters. Weekly Canadian AAA cutouts to June 15 were $199.04 per cwt., up from $198.08, and AAs were $195.06,

up from $193.04. The Montreal wholesale for delivery this week was anticipated steady at $210-$212 per cwt.

U.S. CATTLE ON FEED SURPRISE Declining, dry pastures in May caused producers to put 15 percent more cattle in U.S. feedlots than last year at the same time. The U.S. cattle-on-feed report June 22 showed May placements at 2.087 million head, the largest placement total for the month since 2.159 million in 2007. Traders expected a 13 percent increase. The number was also increased by more Mexican cattle going to southwestern U.S. feedlots as persistent drought hurt pastures there.

The high placements drove the June 1 total up to 11.082 million, up two percent from last year and the most since 2007. Traders expected a 0.6 percent increase. Marketings in May were up only one percent, well below traders’ forecast of almost five percent. Analysts attributed the low number to week fed cattle prices in May.

This cattle market information is selected from the weekly report from Canfax, a division of the Canadian Cattlemen’s Association. More market information, analysis and statistics are available by becoming a Canfax subscriber by calling 403275-5110 or at

WP LIVESTOCK REPORT HOG PRICES STEADY Tight market-ready hog supply and strong pork prices continued to support hog prices in the United States. The tight supply is the result of rapid weight gain earlier this year, which allowed producers to market hogs, early, causing today’s shortage. Packer margins were negative despite rising pork cutouts. U.S. frozen pork supplies at the end of May were 636.08 million pounds, down four percent from the previous month but up 16 percent from last year. The amount was less than the 643.3 million lb. that traders had expected. Iowa-southern Minnesota held at about $75.50 US per hundredweight June 22, the same as the previous week.

U.S. pork carcass cut-out values rose to $100.81, up from $94.12 on June 15. Analysts expect pork demand will drop at these prices. The U.S. federal weekly slaughter was estimated at 1.954 million, down from 1.957 million the previous week.

BISON PRICES SUPPORTED The Canadian Bison Association said marketers say they have adequate supplies for the summer. There are also reports that some marketers are marketing trim at discounted prices. There may be inventory build‐up of some cuts, but with anticipated tight supplies of animals to process in the future, the inventory does not appear to be problematic. Grade A bulls in the desirable

weight range were $3.65-$3.90 Cdn per lb. hot hanging weight. Grade A heifers were $3.65-$3.90. Animals outside the desirable weight range and parameters may be discounted. Slaughter cows and bulls ranged from $1.60-$2.50. In the live market, heifers born in 2011 were $2-$2.30 per lb. and bulls were $2.20-$2.40. Bulls and heifers born in 2010 were $1.90-$2.

LAMB PRICES DOWN Ontario Stockyards Inc. reported that 1,133 sheep and lambs and eight goats sold June 18. All sheep, goats and light lambs sold steady. Heavy lambs traded at prices $5-$7 cwt. lower.





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Food safety changes need backing for plan to work


t’s about time that Canadian food producers enjoyed oversight legislation that did not make them, in some respects, second class citizens in their own country. Imported food has generally flowed into Canada with less evaluation than food that is locally grown or processed. And there is much to evaluate: Canada imports food from 190 countries, amounting to more than $28 billion in 2010. Imported food should be at least as strictly regulated as Canadian grown and processed food, from both safety and competition perspectives. While not all imports compete directly with Canadian products, there is considerable crossover with food ranging from bakery products to fat and oil. The Conservative government’s recent legislation, the Safe Foods for Canadians Act, is partly intended to improve on imported food inspection and regulation. It will consolidate several other pieces of legislation to theoretically provide a more streamlined food safety process. The act, which has passed second reading in the Senate, came out of the Weatherill report on the 2008 listeriosis outbreak. It recommended that the government “modernize and simplify federal legislation and regulations that significantly affect food safety.” This looks like it may be a piece of legislation that, at least in intent and theory, the government is managing to get right. Even some farmers agree with it. Ontario Federation of Agriculture president Mark Wales recently described it as an improvement. “Levelling the playing field for imports has been a long-standing issue for OFA members,” he said in a statement. “New import controls will include the power to prohibit the importation of unsafe food commodities.” This has long been an issue. As the Canadian Food Inspection Agency points out, imports pose control challenges because there is less information on, or direct control over, foreign manufacturing processes and the resulting products.

Under the new legislation, importers will require a licence from the CFIA, complete with a licence fee. The licence will not be a simple identification tool. It will signify that the importer has developed a written preventive food safety control plan, which outlines “the actions and measures that the importer takes to make sure their food is safe and complies with Canadian legislation,” says the CFIA. In addition, the importer will have to maintain its records at a Canadian location, have a written recall plan and notify the CFIA within 24 hours if any public hazard issues arise. Another potentially beneficial part of the act is that it will give the CFIA authority to certify Canadian food for export. Because official certification is being demanded by importing countries, this could smooth the path for food exporters and open up new markets. However, the question remains whether there are enough CFIA inspectors to put teeth into the legislation. After the federal budget was released in March, there was considerable outcry about a reduction in front-line inspectors, coming largely from the Public Service Alliance of Canada, the union representing the inspectors. The CFIA has said that the number of field inspection staff was 3,534 in March, 500 more than six years ago. However, PSAC has said that many of those additional inspectors were auditing reports and not actually inspecting food. If there are too few inspectors, the legislation will be relatively meaningless. It is also not yet clear how much more inspection, if any, will take place. PSAC estimates the present amount at two percent, and those inspections are mainly to check for biosecurity rather than safety of consumption. The theory behind the Safe Foods Act has merit. The government has to make certain that it also works in practice.


Any proverbs about weather are doubly true during a storm. TERRI GUILLEMETS THE QUOTE GARDEN

Bruce Dyck, Terry Fries, Barb Glen, D’Arce McMillan and Joanne Paulson collaborate in the writing of Western Producer editorials.


Political drool factor not always good indicator of things to come NATIONAL VIEW



ne of the little-analyzed political indicators is the drool factor. Sometimes it is a positive thing. Forty five years ago, a relatively unknown Montreal intellectual, union activist, iconoclast and Leonard Cohen buddy Pierre Trudeau decided to run for the Liberal party leadership. Among backroom party operatives

and young (female) Liberals, drools all around. It worked out OK because starting from June 25, 1968, the Liberals under Trudeau enjoyed 16 years in power. Now, son Justin is being promoted as the next leader of the muchdiminished Liberal Party. Again, for those who see the Liberal Party as a vehicle to power, drools all around. The name, the charisma, the political connections, the natural instincts, the star power. This time, though, it probably is wasted. There is no indication yet of depth, ideas or any ability of Trudeau Jr. to rescue a party in dire straits. Meanwhile, for enemies of the protectionist supply management system, last week was a week to enjoy a drool or two.

A confluence of events seems to indicate it is under attack. After months of criticism and opponent campaigns, last week was the icing on the cake for the critics. Influential former Liberal MP Martha Hall Findlay produced an explosive report that called for the abolition of the supply management system. The same day, new Ottawa policy think tank the Macdonald-Laurier Institute issued a scathing report calling supply management an attack on poor Canadians. The same week, Canada was invited to join Pacific Rim trade talks that had supply management critics joyfully speculating that agreeing to negotiate an end to import tariffs, price setting and the bureaucracy of production controls had to be part of the deal.

Among the supply managementsupporting crowd, there was fear that Conservatives had sold them out. Among the anti-supply management crowd there was much drooling as the stars seemed to be aligning to finally get rid of the system that a critic in Ottawa last week called “the last dinosaur walking the earth.” They should probably hold that thought. For reasons beyond ideology, beyond politics, beyond electoral prospects, this Conservative government is unlikely to abandon supply management. For reasons not entirely clear, the Conservatives have become the party of supply management — perhaps because they have decided it works, that the farmers who benefit from it are never a drain on government

funds and those industries are stable. Or maybe it is politics, a wish to regain some traction in Quebec. Whatever it is, the critics who imagine that after the CWB, supply management is next have little to support their case. Trade negotiations will be a challenge for the government. Business lobbyists will continue to advocate for an end to protectionism in agriculture (ignoring what most other countries do). Hall Findlay might even make the Liberal party less a predictable supply management supporter. But at this point, there is not a shred of evidence the Conservatives are wavering. Preston Manning, son of an Alberta premier and dairy farmer, must be shaking his head.






Supply management key to food security

Gasoline prices not following oil price drop



anada is a trading nation, blessed with abundant natural resources and a skilled workforce. On average, we export 80 percent of our farming and manufacturing production. While trade is important, we cannot negotiate away those agricultural institutions that give us a competitive advantage to simply increase our market access — most notably, our system of supply management. Simply put, supply management is vital, not just to farmers and rural communities but to all Canadians. It is at once a buy local program and key to Canada’s food security and food sovereignty. As we continue negotiations toward the Canada-Europe Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement and as we start our negotiations for entry into the TransPacific Partnership, it is vital that we have this conversation if only to ensure that Canadians understand the important role supply management plays in our economy and agricultural sector. More than 40 years ago, a Liberal minister of agriculture, Eugene Whelan, oversaw the creation of marketing boards that administer the quota system instituted to provide stable, predictable prices for dairy, chicken, broiler hatching eggs, turkey and eggs. He knew then what we know now — that stability is essential in our modern agricultural sector. Across the world, governments recognize the unpredictable and volatile nature of agriculture and acknowledge the necessity of government intervention.

Canada’s dairy, poultry and egg producers earn more than $10 billion in farm cash receipts. | FILE PHOTO Supply management is a system in which domestic demand is predicted and controlled through a quota, and the price is pre-set and adjusted to reflect the cost of production. This guarantees that hardworking Canadian farmers get a workable price for their produce while coming at no additional cost to the taxpayer. It has often been said that farmers do not want to earn their income from a government cheque in the mailbox. Canada’s dairy, poultry and egg producers earn more than $10 billion in farm cash receipts, and the

industries provide almost 107,000 direct jobs to the Canadian economy and employ more than 300,000 Canadians altogether. Across the country, 17,238 farms contribute $24.5 billion to Canada’s gross domestic product and pay $4.8 billion in taxes. There is no doubt that Canada’s participation in the Trans-Pacific Partnership can create new markets, yet admittedly, there is significant resistance internationally to our entry. Critics at home and abroad argue supply management is an

unfair trade advantage other countries don’t enjoy, either unaware or ignoring the fact that agriculture in countries like the United States, among the vocal opponents of supply management, rely heavily on government subsidies. Critics also argue that supply management comes at the expense of the consumer and make the misleading argument that lower-income Canadians are disadvantaged. Twenty-one cents from a $2.25 glass of milk at a restaurant goes to the farmer, 11 cents to the processor and $1.93 to the restaurant. Without supply management, the risk of the farmer getting a lower price is significant, while it is wholly unlikely that the price charged by the restaurants would drop. In fact, a litre of milk is more expensive in New Zealand, which dismantled its supply management system, than in Canada, while its farmers are receiving among the lowest prices for milk in the world. In 2005, the House of Commons unanimously passed a motion supporting supply management, and all political parties have recently reaffirmed their support. It is important as we move forward and expand our market access that we keep our trade advantages, such as supply management. It is also important that Canadians understand exactly what the system entails so they can make informed decisions when they hear criticism of the system by Canadians, including former cabinet ministers, who well know supply management’s benefit to Canadians. Frank Valeriote is the agriculture critic for the Liberal party and MP for the riding of Guelph, Ont.


Farm equipment will get smarter, not bigger HURSH ON AG



ow big can we go? It’s a question many producers ask each year as they attend Canada’s Farm Progress Show in Regina. When I first started wandering around the show back in the early 1980s, I remember marvelling at the size of the tractors, cultivators and combines. Who could afford this stuff? Surely, the practical limits of size would soon be reached. Like many small to moderate-sized farmers, I’m well behind the technology and size curve. In my case, I’m using equipment that was state of the

art 10 to 20 years ago. At the time, it was considered pretty large. I’ve no doubt that technology will continue to advance, and fortunately much of that technology can be retrofitted onto older machines. However, I’m still waiting for the raw size to reach a plateau. Is it practical and efficient to haul a seed cart that has capacity for more than 1,000 bushels? Fewer stops to fill with seed and fertilizer is a big time saver. Most farmers wish they could afford to buy and pull a bigger cart, but more than 1,000 bu.? At some point, the horsepower and fuel required and the potential problems with soil compaction should put a limit on cart size. Saving a couple of hours on fill time every day is great, but it needs to be weighed against the cost. And what about drills that are 80 or 90 feet wide? They may be fine for wide-open land with no sloughs or other obstructions, but much of the prairie landscape isn’t like that. And

the equipment still has to be able to fold up so it can be transported on a road. Equipment size isn’t the limiting factor on a lot of farms — it’s the labour to make everything happen. Treating workers well and paying them competitively can reduce the money spent on ever-larger iron. And there are other ways to gain time during seeding and harvest. Field peas can be seeded early and crops such as barley and oats can be seeded later. And if you can get winter wheat into the ground in the fall, it reduces pressure in the spring. A mix of crops also staggers harvest work. Field peas or red lentils might be the first crop off, with canaryseed and chickpeas being the last. Some operations seed only 50 acres for every foot of drill width. For instance, they may have a 60 foot drill for 3,000 acres. Others may do 150 or even 200 acres for every foot of drill. To accomplish this, the outfit typically has to run 24 hours a day during

much of the seeding season. Interestingly, it isn’t always the operations with the lowest acres per foot that finish first. Breakdowns, family dynamics, poor decisions, lack of labour and off-farm distractions can all take a toll on seeding progress. You can buy a bigger drill, but it’s better to just address the issues. Twenty or 30 years from now, if there are still enough farmers around to justify a Farm Progress Show, will the air drills be 200 feet wide with 2,000 bu. carts? I doubt it. More likely, the drills will be a moderate size with several outfits run remotely by one operator sitting in front of a bank of monitors. Efficiency gains will continue, but increasingly those gains are going to come from technological advances rather than bigger iron. Kevin Hursh is an agricultural journalist, consultant and farmer. He can be reached by e-mail at



Falling oil prices aren’t a good sign that the global economy is recovering


ere is how Statistics Canada opened its commentary on the consumer price index June 22. “Consumer prices rose 1.2 percent in the 12 months to May, following a two percent increase in April. This 0.8 percentage point difference was mostly attributable to declines for gasoline prices.” Ap p a re n t l y , g a s o l i n e p r i c e s dropped 2.3 percent, following 22 months of increases. Really? You would not have suspected a drop significant enough to bring down the CPI based on the pump prices I have seen, and I suspect it’s not much different wherever you are. The last price I drove by last week was still $1.259 per litre. I would not mind higher pump prices quite so much if the oil price was holding up its end, which is an important economic factor in Saskatchewan and Alberta. But oil prices have been sagging for weeks and managed to duck under 80 bucks June 22 on the NYME. Brent crude was holding up at about $90 per barrel. In theory, oil has fallen 20 percent in the last year, not 2.3 percent. We’ve heard it all before. Despite a falling oil price, there’s not enough refinery capacity, or there’s plenty of gas in the pipeline that was refined at an earlier, higher price. There’s always a great reason why pump prices fall much more slowly than the oil price. The falling oil price is obviously not a good sign of a recovering global economy. Slower growth in China, a U.S. recovery that is at best limping along and the debt-mired disaster that is the euro zone are making things look a little less wonderful every day that goes by. If you want to look at the bright side, however, that little (or large) pile of debt is not about to grow any time soon, unless one blows more cash on a new chunk of land. There is no way Bank of Canada governor Mark Carney is about to throw Canadians to the interest rate wolves with all this going on. His latest view was that there was a “sharp deterioration in financial conditions,” and that was before oil dropped below $80. For now, I’ll take lower gas prices, if and when they ever come, and a cheap mortgage. But this economy is eventually going to bite us if the Europeans don’t pull it together.





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The contemptuous treatment of Canadian farmers-citizens by the (Stephen) Harper Conservatives is unbelievable. It should make most who voted Tory cringe in shame. Harper, (Gerry) Ritz and (David) Anderson destroyed the Canadian Wheat Board, which was operated by a board of farmers elected by farmers, paid for by farmers and worked on the behalf of all farmers. They reduced the role of the Canadian Grain Commission, which protected farmers from unscrupulous grading by grain companies. They eliminated the Canadian

Food Inspection Agency’s role in protecting consumers from unsafe drugs and food products, false advertising, and enforcing food labelling, all for the benefit of consumers. More recently they cut the Prairie Farm Rehabilitation Administration, which operates 85 community p a s t u re s, w at e r ma nag e m e nt, grants for wells and dugouts and provides trees for farms, community development, municipal governments, etc. These pastures continually moved their bulls around, thus eliminating the need for farmers-ranchers buying expensive breeding bulls every few years. Ritz had the gall to announce that the government was setting up a $25

million grant … to boost the amount of grain shipped through the Port of Churchill. Who will get this money? Certainly not the farmers. It will go to the likes of Pioneer Grain (Richardson) with terminals at Vancouver, Thunder Bay and Prince Rupert: Alliance Grain Terminal (Vancouver and Thunder Bay); Parrish & Heimbecker (Vancouver and Thunder Bay); Cargill (Vancouver, Thunder Bay and Prince Rupert); Viterra (Vancouver, Thunder Bay and Prince Rupert); ADM (Thunder Bay) and OmniTrax Rail. Is anyone naive enough to think that these corporation will utilize Churchill when they already own terminals at other ports? Add to this the thousands of people

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they have fired, the changes to the Employment Insurance and increased eligibility for OAS from 65 to 67, and they have proven, without a doubt, that their loyalty lies with the corporate sector of the world and not the Canadian citizen. At the same time they have reduced the corporate tax rate from 21 percent (2007) to 15 percent (2012). Small wonder they have deficit budgets. Joyce Neufeld, Waldeck, Sask.

SUPPLY MANAGED BENEFITS To the Editor: I would like to comment on Mr. (Terry) James’ letter to the editor (WP May 17) on supply management. While supply management does keep an orderly flow of management products (milk, eggs and poultry) to consumers, it also protects consumers as all these products are inspected for pathogens that could cause illness or death. Look south where there is no supply management and few inspections: 47 million get food poisoning, 300,000 people are hospitalized every year from food poisoning and 5,000 people die. Many of these deaths are from milk, milk products, eggs, poultry and meat. Figures are from the U.S. CDC. Leaving aside the inspection of food, let’s look at cost increases Mr. James blames on supply management. The only way I see to compare our supply management products prices is with countries similar to ours who have no supply management, in Canadian dollars: • New Zealand — milk, $3.75 per two litres; eggs, $3.20 per dozen; chicken breasts, $16 per kilogram • Australia: milk, $1.40 per litre; eggs, $3.50 per dozen; chicken breasts, $13 per kg. How do these prices compare to our prices? I’ll let you judge. I am sure you will want to quote U.S. prices, which are lower than ours. However, do you want to risk hospital or death for a few dollars? I don’t. Put the blame where it belongs, on the middlemen and the chain stores. For example, apples, for which farmers get 15 to 20 cents a pound, sell in the stores at $1.69 to $1.99. How many of your poor people can afford  “an apple a day?” That’s 700 to 900 percent profit. Most farmers make a reasonable working man’s living, and supply management gives them that. We Canadians have some of the cheapest, safest food in the world. In 1961, Canadians spent 19.1 percent of their income on food, today that figure is 9.3 percent. Be happy, Mr. James, we have it good. Mervyn Coles, Nelson, B.C.

WALL PRIORITIES To the Editor: Saskatchewanians need to question premier (Brad) Wall’s priorities that destroy progressive programs that led to Saskatchewan’s leadership role in social services, health, labour and arts in Canada, all with-


out constituent consultation: promised no privatization of crowns and then sold their assets and took their profits; and took school boards’ educational funding responsibilities, refuses to fund increased enrolments and sends an ad, at taxpayers’ expense, refuting the boards’ requests. Despite its mandate to fund the two school systems, Wall chooses to provide education grants to private religious schools. His government oversees the removal of 345 assistants that provided classroom help for special needs students. Wall took $8 million from the Station 20 core community project to provide needed health, training, library and nutritional food services but can find $1.7 million to fund condo development on the Whitecap Reserve — not his jurisdiction. His cuts to the “revenue returning�

film industry, the Saskatchewan Arts Council, the Western Development Museum, residential welfare cases and Nipawin’s support program for First Nation’s youth are despicable. The latter saved millions in social, health and justice costs. Wall (is) privatizing surgeries, reading of CT and MRI scans and laundry services. Minister (Bill) Boyd signed trade agreements, TILMA with British Columbia and Alberta and North West Economic Agreement with six states, B.C. and Alberta. The ramifications of these are yet to be realized. Wall is also developing non-renewable resources with reckless abandon of environmental issues. I’m tired of his incoherent ramblings “full of sound and fury signifying nothing.� Joan Bell, Saskatoon, Sask.

LYME DISEASE AN ISSUE To the Editor: It has come to my attention that Lyme disease is a prevalent issue in Manitoba. Over the past legislative session, numerous cases have come to my attention in which testing and treatment plans have proven to be insufficient, leaving patients to suffer. Many patients have been forced to travel outside the province to be properly diagnosed, and with that diagnosis, can be treated. Without early treatment, this disease can mask other devastating health conditions, and ruin a lifestyle. While I have the utmost confidence in the doctors of this province, I am aware that the infrastructure that this government has to deal with this disease is lacking.

The state of Minnesota can diagnose over 1,000 cases a year, while this province can only diagnose 25. We are all aware that deer ticks do not stop at the border and check in, so legitimate questions arise when we see cases in this province that are improperly diagnosed. My office has received dozens of cases where treatment and diagnosis plans have failed. Cases like Mason French of Dominion City, whose mother had to take him to four doctors to receive a proper diagnosis, or Marie Hughes, who after years of fighting the bureaucracy still does not have a proper diagnosis, or Michelle Miller, who has to go on $2,000 IV treatments to curb the symptoms, provide a snapshot into this disease and the effects it can have on someone. I want to encourage all those affected to contact my office with their story, as I feel that this government

needs to hear the importance of this issue, and needs to properly act on it. Cliff Graydon, MLA, Emerson, Man.

“Here comes that guy who always wants fresh eggs.�


Never too late to right wrongs SPIRITUAL VIGNETTES

What do YOU need?



t’s never too late to right a wrong and to do it honourably. I think of the story of a woman who worked at the same place for 38 years as secretary-bookkeeper. Late on a Friday afternoon she was told her services where no longer required. It was the only job she had ever had. Even more devastating was she was single and no other employees were present that late in the day. The employer was obviously more concerned over his own task of “belling the cat� than he was over the wellbeing of the devastated employee. His thoughtlessness inflicted cruel results that distorted the woman’s outlook for several years. That precipitating incident happened several years ago. Gradually there have been healing moments that helped her move forward. She won the lawsuit for her mistreatment. Colleagues came together to express their appreciation for her and her work. And her own spiritual resources nurtured her. It was at first hard for us to believe, but there is evidence now that it’s never too late to right a wrong, and to do it with honour. She was informed by the current director where she worked that she was to be granted the highest honour the organization could bestow in recognition of the many years of service she so willingly gave. I applaud the decision-makers for their wisdom and willingness to see that justice prevails. I tell this story because I’m proud of the key people involved in what is happening. But I tell it also because each of us have had the experience of being on one end of this type of situation. No matter how much time has passed, wrongs can be righted and forgiveness given.  This kind of truth lies at the heart of the Gospel message. Joyce Sasse writes for the Canadian Rural Church Network at www.canadian

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Habitat dwindles for barn swallow Designation questioned | Some producers want it removed from the threatened species list BY KAREN BRIERE REGINA BUREAU

The familiar swooping flight and forked tail of the barn swallow are not as common as they used to be. A year ago, the Committee on the State of Endangered Wildlife in Canada added the species to its list of threatened birds. Some have questioned COSEWIC’s decision, including the Saskatchewan Stock Growers Association. Producers at the recent SSGA annual meeting voted in favour of a resolution to lobby for the bird’s removal from the COSEWIC threatened list. Those who spoke to the motion said there appear to be just as many if not more barn swallows than there have been in the past. Christian Artuso, manager of the Bird Studies Canada Manitoba program, said it’s true the bird is still common, but it was once abundant. “There have been massive declines at a precipitous rate and if this trend continues it would be devastating,” he said in an e-mail. “The reason it is still common is only because of the former abundance from which it is falling.” He said the declines appear particularly steep in Eastern Canada and the far western regions of Western Canada, but not so much on the Prairies. “This is why many people in Mani-

Barn swallows are in decline, particularly in Eastern Canada and the far western regions of Western Canada. Their numbers are less of a concern on the Prairies. | FILE PHOTOS

Generally, there are far fewer farm buildings out there. The countryside used to be dotted with wooden grain bins and there aren’t nearly as many big barns. GARRY SEIB NATURE SASKATCHEWAN

toba and Saskatchewan, for example, have a hard time understanding this listing,” he said. Gary Seib, general manager of Nature Saskatchewan, said the problem is habitat. Barn swallows prefer to live inside wooden buildings. “Generally, there are far fewer farm buildings out there,” he said. “The countryside used to be dotted with wooden grain bins and there aren’t nearly as many big barns.” He also said the barn swallow decline is happening in concert with fewer insect-eating birds overall. Insect control programs are likely one factor. The threatened status means the swallow is likely to become endangered if nothing is done to reverse the trend. COSEWIC said the barn swallow population has declined up to 76 percent in the last 40 years.


Calgary Stampede Foundation receives historic centennial gift BY BARBARA DUCKWORTH CALGARY BUREAU

A Calgary businessperson has donated a portion of the historic OH Ranch to the Calgary Stampede Foundation. Bill Siebens donated 8,000 acres, the buildings and the OH brand to commemorate the Stampede’s centennial. The gift is worth $11 million. “I thought it was a good time to remind everyone what a special institution it is. I see it as an important link to Alberta’s past,” said Siebens, who has lived in Alberta for 54 years. He also owns the neighbouring Tongue Creek Ranch. Daryl “Doc” Seaman bought the

land in 1987. He had the 16,000 acre site designated heritage rangeland to protect it from development and turned over its management to the Nature Conservancy of Canada in 2008. Siebens bought the ranch after Seaman died in 2009 with the intention of turning it over to the Stampede foundation to preserve the property’s environmental and cultural heritage. The OH is a working ranch west of Longview and south of Calgary in the foothills. Stampede president Mike Casey said the foundation will develop a plan to continue it as a working operation and a heritage site. An environmental management plan is already in place, and the Stampede does not

want to change that, he added. “We will take it slowly and do the right thing,” Casey said. The ranch was founded in 1883 and has had five owners, including entrepreneur Pat Burns, one of the four founders of the Stampede. The OH brand was first registered in 1881 to Orville Hawkins Smith and Lafayette French, who raised cattle on the site. The ranch is protected to sustain native fescue rangelands by maintaining grassland ecology and through the use of grazing. It is not a recreational site. The land is home to a number of rare species and is beside a grizzly bear habitat in Kananaskis Country, a provincially protected area.


$11 million

The Calgary Stampede Foundation will keep the donation of ranch land as a working operation and heritage site. | FILE PHOTO





Hall Findlay calls policy regressive, expensive Diminished dairy influence cited | Liberal MP says politicians have little to fear from changes to supply managed systems BY BARRY WILSON OTTAWA BUREAU

Former Liberal MP and trade critic Martha Hall Findlay issued an explosive call June 21 for an end to supply management. An hour later, MPs gathered in the House of Commons down the street from her news conference for the last question period before the 12-week summer break. There was not a single question to the government or by government MPs about her call for an end to the 40-year-old system of production controls, import tariffs and cost-ofproduction pricing. Findlay could not have been surprised. She told an Ottawa news conference that there is an unspoken political agreement that the issue shall not be raised, mainly because of the fear that any challenge to the supply management system would carry a strong political price. “What has frustrated me over the years is the number of politicians who have said behind the scenes that we understand supply management has to go but we don’t think we can, we are worried about the vote, we don’t want to lose the next election,” she said. Hall Findlay, in a study published by the University of Calgary School of Public Policy, argued that electorally, politicians have nothing to fear. There are fewer than 13,000 dairy farmers and in every riding, they are vastly outnumbered by farmers who export and by tens of thousands of voters with no direct attachment to the industry. She called supply management a regressive policy that costs Canadian families hundreds of dollars more each year for basic commodities such as dairy, poultry and eggs. Poor Canadian families are particularly

Martha Hall Findlay and former Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff take questions during a news conference in this 2009 file image. | hard hit, she added. She called on sectors hurt by the policy to “rally around” a call to dismantle it. Hall Findlay said dairy’s voter influence has fallen dramatically since the system was created 40 years ago and no longer determines electoral results. Even if the Conservatives dismantled supply management and “all hell breaks loose” and dairy farmers and their supporters vote against the government, Conservatives still would win a majority based on last election results, she said. “Put simply, the dairy farmers, as wonderful as they are, do not represent the same political force they

might once have,” she said. “Politicians should do what is right and not what they think is politically necessary.” The former MP, defeated in the 2011 election but hoping for a return, proposed that Canada do what Australia did 12 years ago: end tariffs and price setting but use a consumer retail levy to compensate dairy farmers during an extended transition period. While politicians were largely silent, supply management opponents in media and business piled on with predictions that the study published by a potential Liberal leadership candidate and trade critic could be a game changer.

There were columns about Canada’s trade-suppressing supply management system and newspaper editorials on the issue. Jack Mintz, director of the conservative University of Calgary School of Public Policy that has been a major influence on the current Conservative government, told the news conference the government’s ability to end the 70-year-old CWB sales monopoly this year is a symbol of how agricultural sacred cows can be tackled. “On the supply management issue, I think we are at a very important j u n c t u re i n C a n a d i a n h i s t o r y because we can ask ourselves if we want to be a major trading country diversifying trade and looking at


emerging markets or are we going to be a country that is going to be like a turtle that puts its head and feet back into its shell,” he said. “Supply management is an issue I think we have to deal with.” He said getting rid of the system would be a milestone similar to Canada’s 1988 free trade deal with the United States. “I think this report is also a milestone in Canadian history, and I do hope we are sowing the seeds of change.” The supply-managed sectors issued a statement that said Hall Findlay’s analysis was misleading. For the most part, the politicians steered clear.



MP spreads false information: marketing agencies

Lawsuit pending over Alta. oil spill


Canada’s supply management marketing agencies are accusing a Liberal politician of using misleading numbers and false arguments as she promotes the end of the system. Last week, former Liberal MP and trade critic Martha Hall Findlay issued a University of Calgar ysponsored report that argued supply management penalizes consumers with higher prices, jeopardizes poor families who have to pay hundreds of dollars more each year for milk and hurts Canada’s trade interests and agricultural exporting sectors. Hall Findlay is expected to announce soon that she will run for the second time for the federal Liberal leadership. She said last week dairy product prices are as much as three times higher in Canada than in the United States and

cited U.S. figures that four litres of milk cost on average $9.60 in Canada. She touted the example of Australia, which ended dairy supply management 12 years ago and paid farmers a transition fee funded by a consumer levy. “The Australian dairy industry is thriving,” she said. The same day, the Ottawa-based Macdonald-Laurier Institute issued its own report damning supply management. It was called Defending the Indefensible and included an essay from George Morris Centre senior researcher Larry Martin, who argued that the “overwhelming financial burden” from supply management falls on Canada’s poor. Dairy Farmers of Canada had a three-word response: wrong, wrong and wrong. The DFC said in a June 21 statement that the normal price for a four-litre milk pack is $3 to $4 less than Hall Findlay cites, supply management has

The Australian dairy industry is thriving. MARTHA HALL FINDLAY FORMER LIBERAL MP

not stopped Canada from negotiating trade deals and Australian farmgate dairy prices have been volatile since deregulation and have not kept up with increasing consumer prices. The report’s “inaccurate assertion that Canada’s supply management system for dairy products overcharges consumers and interferes with international trade negotiations is based on deeply flawed research,” it said. A survey of consumer dairy prices shows average Canadian retail prices are lower than those in Australia and New Zealand, which have ended

dairy regulation, said the DFC. DFC president Wally Smith said dairy producers in the United States and the European Union, which are lobbying to undermine supply management, are subsidized so that consumers pay twice: in the store and through their taxes. He also noted that Canada has concluded many trade liberalization agreements without compromising supply management. Although the industry is concentrated in Quebec and Ontario, the British Columbia dairy farmer said dairy is one of the two top agricultural sectors in seven provinces. “Supply management works for farmers, processors, consumers and governments,” Smith said in a statement. Still, DFC directors were in full defence mode following Hall Findlay’s report, fending off increasingly numerous criticisms from a variety of academic, industry and media sources.


A $75 million class action lawsuit has been launched against Plains Midstream Canada in connection with an oil spill near Sundre, Alta. About 475,000 litres of light sour crude oil spilled into the Red Deer River earlier this month and eventually flowed into Gleniffer Lake near Innisfail in central Alberta. About 90,000 people rely on drinking water from this system. Merchant Law Group in Calgary plans to seek compensation for damages incurred for those living and working in the area. There is no cost to those who wish to join the action, said the firm’s website. If the action is successful, landowners affected by the spill may be entitled to compensation for damage to water and property. Plain Midstream declined comment.





Legislation to follow lack of resolution in rail service review Railway, shipper issues unresolved | Legislation expected to be tabled after Parliament resumes sitting in late September BY BARRY WILSON OTTAWA BUREAU

Transport Canada officials have the summer to prepare rail service legislation imposing rules on both railways and shippers negotiating shipper service agreements Legislation is expected to be tabled after Parliament resumes sittings in late September. “We have been contacted and told to have our comments in by the end of July,” Coalition of Rail Shippers chair Bob Ballantyne said. “We

expect legislation in the fall for sure.” Last week, after a five-month process failed to close the gap between the two railways and shippers, which includes farmers, former Alberta treasurer Jim Dinning recommended June 22 that both sides use a fivepoint plan to try to create voluntary service agreements. Transport minister Denis Lebel issued a statement urging both sides to voluntarily negotiate commercial agreements and service standards. But after his attempt to find common ground between the two sides,

Unless there is a threat of legal consequences, then the railways won’t respond because they have the market power. RALPH GOODALE REGINA LIBERAL MP

it was clear Dinning failed to bridge the gap.

“The two unresolved key issues were to have the dispute resolution apply to the establishment of initial agreements and the timelines for resolving disputes,” he said in his report. They were not minor issues. Shippers worry about railways playing major and minor shippers off against each other with “tiered” service promises. “Really, CN came to the table saying that the status quo was fine, not really ready to make any compromises,” said Ballantyne. “That is why we need


PROFITS. Don’t let pressure from pests rob your Nexera canola crop of yield and profit.


Whether it’s diamondback moths, cutworms or flea beetles, if there’s one thing insects prefer, it’s a warm winter and this year will be no exception. Canola growers across western Canada are advised to scout early and treat for pests to protect their investment.

May to early June may be at high risk of flea beetle damage when warmer weather returns. At that point, seed treatments will be losing their effectiveness, so a foliar application should be considered where feeding has caused 25 per cent defoliation and flea beetles are still active.

Diamondback moth. Diamondback larvae feeding can include mining inside the leaf by first instars. Later instars will chew from underneath the leaf, leaving only the top waxy layer – giving a window pane look. Later instars will also chew through the leaf or at leaf edges.

According to Canola Watch [http://www.canolawatch. org/], diamondback moth larvae are reaching thresholds much earlier than usual across the southern prairies. Insecticide seed treatment will not protect canola from diamondback moth larvae, so growers should monitor their fields and consider spraying if thresholds are reached. One thing to keep in mind is that, as canola values increase, the level of acceptable insect activity should decrease – a fact of particular importance when considering a high-value Nexera canola crop.


Wireworms. They feed only underground, and will often leave bare patches, just like a cutworm. In this case, scouting is essential. If wireworms are the cause, spray will not reach them and is ineffective. If cutworms are the cause, spray can be effective.

Because of the cool, wet conditions, canola seeded mid-

Courtesy of Canola Watch, here’s how to ID insect damage: Cutworms can eat canola plants before they emerge, leaving blank patches. Some species can cut plants off at the surface, leaving a toppled plant on the ground. They also climb the foliage and munch away. Flea beetles take small nips out of the topside of leaves, and in windy or wet conditions, can take small nips out of the underside of leaves and on stems. With many nips in one place, they can clip off entire cotyledons or stems.


If you are seeing uneven growth, it may not be due to insect damage. Grab a trowel and dig around damaged plants. You’ll find cutworms and wireworms in the top 4” of soil. Examine the roots for signs of disease damage. Stems and roots that are mushy or thin are often caused by seedling disease.

For more information, or to discuss crop protection options for your high-value Nexera canola crop, call the Solutions Center at 1.800.667.3852.

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legislative back-up to give the process some teeth.” Canadian National Railway issued a statement June 22 arguing that shipper demands for more government intervention and regulation were the problem. The government should simply let the private negotiation system work, said the railway. The rail freight service review process already has produced improvements in company performance and collaboration with customers, said the Montreal-based railway. Ballantyne said the company concession that it improved service after the government-ordered rail service review started shows that the carriers respond only when there is a threat of government action. “I think that really reinforces our view that legislation with penalties for missing service level guarantees is needed to force compliance,” he said. Regina Liberal MP Ralph Goodale, a former agriculture minister, said that the CN statement “proves the point” that the railways will respond only under threat of sanction. “Unless there is a threat of legal consequences, then the railways won’t respond because they have the market power,” Goodale said from Regina.


Cows, horse shot in shooting spree BY MARY MACARTHUR CAMROSE BUREAU

Five cows and one horse, including a young girl’s 4-H animals, were shot and killed by someone on a shooting spree west of Edmonton. Stony Plain RCMP insp. Gary Graham said the shootings happened in three different farmyards. Graham said the shootings of the animals appear random. “Some of highway signs appear to be shot. Our best guess is it may have been done around the same time. An irresponsible individual thought it was sporting fun,” said Graham. “The animals were targeted.” Duffield 4-H Club member Kassidy Thordarson owned a cow, calf and heifer that were shot. RCMP, with the help of a local veterinarian, has recovered portions of the bullets from the animals to help with the investigation. “We’ve recovered some portions of bullets to give us some idea of what was used,” he said. Graham said they are following several leads, including a description of the possible suspect vehicle and statements from neighbours, but must rely on people who possibly saw suspicious activity, he said. “It’s difficult in a sense, we weren’t there and didn’t see it happen. We have to rely on somebody who saw it go down.”





ALBERTA SOUTH All crops are generally in good condition. Frequent rain showers have limited the need for irrigation in the southeast. Some canola and peas are in flower. Diamondback moths and cabbage seedpod weevils have been reported in canola. Cutworms are also a problem in some areas. Producers are urged to scout wheat crops for signs of stripe rust. Cooler than normal temperatures are affecting corn crops, which need more heat. Alfalfa haying and baling is underway. Hay crops and pasture conditions are good to excellent. CENTRAL All crops are generally in good condition. Timely rain right after seeding got crops off to a good start, and rapid growth continues. Canola is leafing out, limiting weed pressure. Spotty hailstorms have caused minimal damage. Cutworms and flea beetles have been reported. Typically dry regions around Oyen and Monitor are uncharacteristically green because of good rain. Some silage operations have begun. Hay fields and pastures in good condition. NORTHEAST All crops are generally in good condition, but more heat would be welcome. Moisture is rated good to excellent. An isolated hailstorm near Ponoka caused major crop damage. Localized outbreaks of wireworms, cutworms and flea beetles have been reported. Herbicide spraying is nearing an end as crops develop. Hay and pastures are in good condition.

Forty to 70 millimetres of rain fell in the region last week. Standing water is an issue in some areas, but overall soil moisture conditions are rated as good to excellent. Rain has hindered herbicide spraying operations. Tame hay and pasture conditions are rated as good.


and heading stages. Canola crops are moving toward flowering, with the earliest seeded crops already in bloom. Weed control has been sporadic because of the weather. Hay and pastures are good but need warmth. CENTRAL

Continued rain drenched cropland, but the arrival of warm, sunny weather at the end of last week raised hopes that saturation damage could be minimized. Scattered and severe storms buffeted some fields. Flea beetles and cutworms have caused some reseeding. Farmers are having trouble with weed control because soaked fields have prevented spraying. Winter wheat crops are showing damage from overly moist conditions. Pastures and hay fields are in good condition but need warm weather to be more productive.

The arrival of warm, dry weather has relieved some of the saturation stress. Cereal crops are advancing well, with some reaching the heading stage in eastern regions, while canola crops are in many stages of development up to early flowering. Oat crops are reporting bacterial blight. Wheat streak mosaic and barley yellow dwarf are also present. Sclerotinia control is underway and farmers are assessing diamondback moth larvae counts. Saturated soybeans have yellowing and iron chlorosis. Farmers are having trouble spraying because of the wet conditions. Dry weather is needed for proper crop management. Pastures and hayland are in good condition.



Warm, dry weather has brought relief to farmers who are struggling to get onto fields to manage crops. There is concern about disease. Wild storms hit some areas. Hail was reported near Ochre River. Some fields have significant ponding and the worst-hit fields have patches of dead crop and yellowing. Dry weather is necessary to save many crops. Winter wheat is flowering while spring cereals have reached the flag

Wet weather was replaced by dry weather at the end of last week, so saturated crops have had a chance to advance. Farmers are having trouble with weed and disease control because of the wet soil. Winter wheat and fall rye are flowering and heading. Spring cereals and canola are advancing. Most crops are doing OK because the rain was not as extreme in eastern areas as it was further west.


Most pastures and hayland are in good condition, but there are dry areas in the southern part of the region.

SASKATCHEWAN Saskatchewan farmers have finished seeding all but a few acres of this year’s crop. Planting, which was 98 percent complete as of June 18, was further delayed last week by widespread rain that added more moisture to already wet cropland. Excess moisture and lack of heat have delayed crop development across the province. Crops that have emerged are in good to fair condition with some areas experiencing moisture stress and yellowing. Overall, crop development is normal to behind normal, depending on the region. Farmers across the province are dealing with wet soil conditions, and spraying is delayed in many areas. SOUTH Seeding is mostly complete in southern regions, and crop development is normal to behind normal. Most areas received more rainfall last week, with amounts ranging from a few millimetres to 100 mm in the Tantallon and Gull Lake areas. Some areas received hail and suffered crop damage. Crop stress is evident in some regions because of excess moisture. Saturated fields have also delayed spraying. Hay crops are heavy, and pastures are in good shape. Haying is expected to begin early. The usual variety of crop pests is evident, including flea beetles, cutworms, cabbage seedpod weevils and gophers in the southwest.

NORTHWEST All crops are generally in good condition, although more heat would be welcome. Soil moisture is rated as good. Hay crops and pastures are rated as good, but more heat would help them, too. Scouting is underway for bertha armyworms and cabbage seedpod weevils. Heavy rainfall reported last week in the Grande Cache region. PEACE All crops are generally in good condition.

WE CAN DO BETTER. Having a new digital electron microscope for the province at St. Paul’s Hospital could provide those results in just one week. Help us raise $1.4 million to bring this equipment home to advance diagnoses for kidney, cardiac and neurological illnesses. Donate at or call 655-5821 or Toll Free: 1-888-345-0330

“You should have called me sooner.”

CENTRAL Topsoil moisture in east- and west-central Saskatchewan is roughly 60 percent surplus and 40 percent adequate. Most regions received more rain last week, adding to already abundant water supplies. In some areas, producers are dealing with severe flooding and crop damage because of hail and excess moisture. Some communities around Saskatoon and Yorkton have now received more than 350 mm of rain since April 1. Tornadoes were reported west and north of Saskatoon. Crop development throughout the region has been slow, and spraying is delayed in some parts. Farmers were busy last week controlling weeds, monitoring crops and preparing haying equipment. NORTH Seeding is mostly complete across Saskatchewan’s northern grain belt. Topsoil moisture across the region is adequate or excessive. Many crops are developing slowly because of lack of heat. Crops in the northwest and northeast are showing signs of moisture stress. Some, particularly canola in the northeast, may not recover completely without warm weather. Weed infestations are becoming a concern and spraying has been a challenge, particularly in the northeast. Pastures across the north are excellent and hay yields should be average to above average. Cereal and oilseed crops in the northwest are reported in mostly good condition. Crops in the northeast range from fair to good.




COMING EVENTS June 28: Saskatchewan Forage Council tour and meeting, Touchwood Hills Conservation Ranch, Lestock, Sask. (306-867-8126, office@saskforage. ca, July 10: Manitoba Oat Growers Association meeting and crop tour, Canad Inns, Portage La Prairie, Man. (306-530-8545, July 10-11: Farm Leadership Council Leaders in Growth Workshop, Regina (888-569-4566, July 10: Oats: 2012 and Beyond, Cereal Research Centre, Winnipeg (Jennifer Mitchell Fetch, 204-983-1460, July 11: Scott Field Day, AAFC Scott Research Farm, Scott, Sask. (Anne Kirk, 306-247-2001; Sherrilyn Phelps, 306-446-7475) July 12: Agronomy in Action, Semiarid Prairie Agricultural Research Centre, Swift Current, Sask. (Yantai Gan, 306-

AG NOTES 778-7246, July 17-21: North American Belgian Championship, Keystone Centre, Brandon (Brenda Hunter, 204-7643789, July 18-22: Westerner Days Fair and Exposition, Westerner Park, Red Deer (403-343-7800, askus@westerner., July 18-22: Agricultural Awareness during Westerner Days, Westerner Park, Red Deer (403-343-7800,, www. July 18: Melfort Field Day, Melfort Research Station, Melfort, Sask. (Cecil Vera, 306-752-2776, ext 229, July 21: Manitoba Hereford Association field day, RSK Farms, Brandon (Rae and Stephanie Kopeechuk, 204-7634459 or Andrew and Tiara Kopeechuk, 204-573-9529, rskfarms@hotmail.

com, July 22: World Hereford conference, Brandon Research Centre, Brandon (Ron Kristjansson, 204-578-3601,; Hushton Block, 204-578-3602, hushton., Andrew Kopeechuk, 204-578-3618, Andrew.kopeechuk@, July 23: Ecological and Organic Farming Systems field day, Carman, Man. (204-474-6077, outreach/naturalagriculture) July 24: Indian Head Crop Management, Indian Head Research Farm, Indian Head, Sask. (Guy Lafond, 306-6955220,; Danny Petty, 306-695-4200, dpetty.iharf@ For more coming events, see the Community Calendar, section 0300, in the Western Producer Classifieds.

CROP WALKS FOR CONTROLLED TRAFFIC FARMING The Controlled Traffic Farming Alberta project team plans three crop walks this year. Each of the crop walks includes area specific features and are designed for producers who already practice controlled traffic farming and those who are considering it as a beneficial management practice. June 14, Rolling Hills: Robert Ruwoldt, a controlled traffic farmer from Australia, will talk about his years of experience with controlled traffic farming. As well, in-field and adapted equipment will be discussed and demonstrated. July 4, Morrin: Steve Larocque will provide an update on year three of his CTF practice. In addition, the crop walk and soil pit tour will deal with

soil compaction, roots and rooting, tires to minimize compaction and an overall project update. July 9, Jarvie/Dapp: This crop walk will look at the second year of Jackson Farms’ controlled traffic farming. There will also be a discussion of soil compaction, roots and rooting, tires to minimize compaction and an overall project update. AGRIBUSINESS GIVES AWAY $50,000

Dean Pederson of Kyle, Sask., has won $50,000 through JayDee AgTech’s giveaway contest. The grand prize winner was the last man standing in a field of 125 contestants through an elimination draw conducted by MNP. RURAL CHILDREN PARTICIPATE IN AG SAFETY PROGRAM

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The largest rural safety and health education program for children in North America was held June 14. More than 13,500 children and adults participated in Progressive Agriculture Safety Day events hosted by the Canadian Agriculture Safety Association and the Progressive Agriculture Foundation. More than 70 events are scheduled across rural communities this year, with most taking place between May and August. This year’s Safety Day events are supported by more than 3,000 volunteers. Events include hands-on educational activities that teach children how to stay safe on the farm. Communities select activities based on local rural safety issues, such as sun safety, recognizing and avoiding chemical exposure and safe animal handling. Safety Days education is helping communities improve their children’s awareness of farm risks and prevent farm injuries. An average of 13 children die every year in Canada as a result of farming activities. The deadline for applications is July 15.   For more information, visit www.  ALBERTA NAMES TOP 4-H MEMBER

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Jacob Onyschuk of Legal, Alta., has been awarded the 2012 Premier’s Award, 4-H Alberta’s most prestigious award. Onyschuk, 20, is a student at the University of Alberta. He was chosen from the province’s top 4-H members. He is a member of the Bon Accord 4-H Beef Club and the Vimy Dunrobin 4-H Multi club, where he showed goats. Onyschuk will represent Alberta 4-H at events throughout North America. One of his first trips will be to the Montana 4-H Congress in Bozeman July 8-15. Onyschuk became involved in 4-H in high school and says he regrets not taking the opportunity earlier. He has also contributed at the district and regional levels by facilitating workshops and chairing the Northwest Regional Beef Committee. As well, he has advanced to Provincial Communications this year with his public speaking skills and was one of 14 finalists at the event held at Northlands in Edmonton in April.





Federal cutbacks could diminish aid Government plans more focused aid

A girl stands outside a hut in Niger’s capital of Niamey. Canadian aid organizations warn that 18 million people living in the Sahel region of West Africa could starve without enough aid. | REUTERS/RICHARD VALDMANIS PHOTO


West Africans face starvation, hunger Humanitarian Coalition appeal | War, crop failure, high input costs lead to food crisis STORIES BY BARRY WILSON OTTAWA BUREAU

A coalition of Canadian food and development aid organizations is warning that a humanitarian crisis is unfolding in West Africa as 18 million face hunger or starvation without help. The Humanitarian Coalition is appealing for Canadian help in the West African Sahel area where drought, harvest failure, high input costs and war have put millions at risk. Rosemary McCarney, president of

Plan Canada, said Canada has been generous in its support of the growing crisis in the Sahel. “Canada and CIDA (Canadian International Development Agency) were one of the first to respond to the crisis with $41 million,” she said. However, individual Canadians have not responded with contributions that could persuade Ottawa to match private donations as it has in past crises. “It is a bit of a dilemma for us because once aroused, Canadians are incredibly generous,” said McCarney.

“But there has been little media coverage of the crisis, and that’s what it takes. We hope to ignite an understanding of the crisis so that Canadians will respond as they always do.” Canadians had donated $650,000 by June 21, although the government has not yet agreed to match the private donations. McCarney said Canadians will become more generous if they understand Ottawa will match or exceed their contributions. “I think Canadians want to know the government has some skin in the game as well,” she said.

The crisis in West Africa has developed because of spotty rain and brutal military conflicts that have left hundreds of thousands of people as displaced refugees. Families have had to sell their mainstay cattle to pay bills and eat their seed grain to survive rather than planting it for next year’s harvest. McCarney said the hunger being experienced among children in the Sahel region will have lasting effects because it will stunt their ability to be productive in the future. The Sahel appeal can be reached at


New program encourages more private sector investment in food aid Prime minister Stephen Harper won praise from foreign aid and development activists last week for announcing a new international program that encourages the private sector to invest in food projects. During the G20 leaders’ meeting in Mexico, Harper championed a food program called AgResults, which will see governments set money aside to contribute when private investment has produced results for food production in developing countries. Canada committed $40 million over five years, and other countries, including the United Kingdom and Australia, also pledged funds. “AgResults involves donors allocat-

ing relatively small amounts of public sector money to leverage private sector research and development on food security challenges that would otherwise go unaddressed due to market uncertainties,” said the government announcement. Harper said it was a Canadian-led effort that helps ensure “people around the world have access to sufficient, safe and nutr itious foods.” World Vision Canada praised the announcement as a potential breakthrough. “Children and families living in poverty can know their voices have finally made it to the table as a whisper, thanks to Canada’s leadership on food security and nutrition,” World Vision

food security specialist Sherri Arnott said in a statement from Los Cabos, Mexico, where G20 leaders met. She called development of the AgResults program in consultation with aid activists “the most inclusive and transparent G20 process that World Vision has experienced.” Oxfam Canada policy co-ordinator Mark Fried also praised the initiative and Harper’s leadership. “It’s great that Canada is leading on n e w a p p ro a c h e s t o f i n a n c i n g research and development to help the world’s poor and hungry farmers,” said Fried. “If done well, the AgResults initiative could provide incentives for the private sector to come up with innovative solutions.”

He said the program w ill not replace the need for effective food and development aid but could be an important supplement. The government said the intent of the program is to attract private investment into projects such as more effective livestock vaccines, better fertilizers and systems to reduce post-harvest losses. This year, the first projects will concentrate on improving corn production in sub-Saharan Africa, targeting smallholder farmers. Harper said it will be a “pay-onresults” program that will provide financial support only when private investment results in measurable improvements in developing world food production.

Canada’s international development and food aid reputation is strong but in the process of being diminished, says an international report card. It recommends a shakeup in government aid agencies and more financial commitment to the file. The Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development’s Development Assistance Committee (DAC) worried last week that after a decade of expanded aid, recent Canadian budgets have started to reduce that support. It also said the Conservative government has announced a more focused aid and development support plan that concentrates on target countries. Still, Canada remains one of the most generous in the world in responding to aid and food crises. “The DAC welcomes Canada’s efforts to make its assistance more focused while improving accountability,” the June 19 OECD report said. “It now recommends establishing a clear, simple and consistent vision for Canadian aid, one that is anchored sustainably within its foreign policy and that remains stable over the long term.” The OECD repor t noted that Canada doubled its aid budget to $5.3 billion from 2001 to 2011. “However, some of these gains are likely to be reversed, given that Canada’s (aid budget) shrank by more than five percent in real terms between 2010 and 2011 and is set to fall further in 2012.” The most recent federal budget targeted international aid for major cuts in the effort to get Canada out of deficit. The report said Canada’s aid contribution of 0.31 percent of the national economy makes it the eighth largest OECD aid contributor. However, the goal agreed to by Canada and set by former prime minister Lester Pearson is more than double that level. “Canada still needs to draw up a timetable for achieving the international commitment of giving 0.7 percent of its gross national income,” the OECD said. The report noted that Canada has reduced by more than half the number of countries it targets for support. It said the government should write that new strategy more explicitly into its foreign policy vision. The aid and development policy requires “a clear, simple and consistent vision for Canada’s aid along with details of how its new approach to development co-operation is to be translated into objectives, strategy and programs.” The OECD report also delved into personnel matters at the Canadian International Development Agency, suggesting that staff discontent is part of the problem.





Experts estimate modern cattle stem from 80 animals Domestication difficult | With few wild aurochs in captivity, the progenitors of founder herds were few BY MARGARET EVANS FREELANCE WRITER

LINDELL BEACH, B.C. — Modern science has told us taurine cattle descended from wild aurochs about 10,500 years ago. But it took the combined analysis of archaeozoological and genetic data using mitochondrial DNA from 15 Neolithic to Iron Age Iranian domestic cattle fossils to estimate

that only 80 female aurochs were initially domesticated to form the founder herd. This information fits with archaeological data suggesting that domestication was not widespread, but took place in a restricted area, most likely because of the difficulty of containing, managing and breeding dangerous wild oxen. According to the research paper, modern Taurine cattle descended

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An auroch skeleton is on display at the Zoologisk Museum in Copenhagen, Denmark. | from a small number of near-eastern founders. It took almost 2,000 years from the earliest years of taming wild aurochs to clear evidence of their domestication. The low number of 80 founder females indicates a restricted number of initial captures and calculates to less than two animals per generation, which is extremely low. Aurochs were common throughout Europe and Asia so there would have been many opportunities to capture and contain them. Centuries of managing just a few wild animals could feasibly have been done by a small community such as a couple of Neolithic villages. Two sites in particular fit that profile. Dja’de and Cayonu are rich in human and animal artefacts and they reveal the earliest signs of wild auroch domestication. Geographically, these two sites were close enough — less than 250 kilometres apart — to allow an exchange of skills and husbandry techniques at a time when people were shifting from being nomadic to settling down and committing to animal husbandry. “The best way to describe a wild auroch is like a moody, angry lorry (truck),” said Mark Thomas, geneticist at the UCL Research Department of Genetics, Evolution and Environment and an author of the study. “There were a whole series of processes going on here (with the domestication of) goats and the cultivation of crops. When it came to cattle, it required some conditions, like being sedentary. It’s very difficult to imagine people domesticating wild aurochs while they were mobile. There weren’t the technologies in place and they would have had to start breeding them for docile characteristics very quickly.” Managing the wild cattle would have been difficult if the people had not stayed in one location. Handling large, aggressive males was likely overwhelming, resulting in limited successful cattle domestication and few progenitors for founder herds.


Some method of containment to control those early animals had to have been developed to some extent because, as Thomas pointed out, aurochs turned up in Cyprus during the early stages of domestication. He hypothesized those animals must have been taken by boat, likely as calves. Containment and early handling of calves would have made them more amenable to being worked as there is evidence of their use to carry loads in the early stages of domestication. “We simulated different scenarios (in a computer) with different numbers of animals that were first domesticated then tried to see which of those different simulations gave us the best data that looked like the real data today. It turned out that the ones that were the best had a small number of animals initially domesticated. We modelled it as a single event,” Thomas said. Secrets lie in DNA He said researchers were looking at mtDNA, the female line from early cattle. The problem with looking at modern mtDNA is that the genetics fall into different lineages and do not show how the animals first became domesticated, or how many. “So what we really needed to do was get DNA from very early cattle.” He said if there had been more than one domestication event and each event had fed its genetics into today’s modern cattle stock, then greater genetic variation would have been preserved by chance. The effect of that is that fewer animals would have been needed for domestication in the first place to get the genetic pattern that exists in cattle today. He said those first cattle couldn’t have added up to more than 80 animals. One of the challenges of the study was extracting reliable DNA that hadn’t been contaminated. “If the (samples) were in Lapland (where it’s cold) they would be


fine,” said Thomas. “But they were domesticated in quite a hot place and the absolutely critical factor when it comes to DNA either breaking down or being preserved in bones over a long time is temperature. These samples aren’t from a cold place. It was a lot of work done by (the team) and they managed to produce some reliable things from some samples.” While the cattle’s value as animals to haul goods and provide meat was evident early on, their contribution as milk producers is less clear, especially given that the onset of domestication happened during the Early Pre-Pottery Neolithic period 10,800 to 10,300 years ago. “I don’t think we are able to really say whether an animal was being milked,” said Thomas. “There are two ways to tell whether an animal was used for dairying. One is to detect dairy fats on pottery. The other one is to look at the age and sex ratios. The idea is that if you are using animals for milk you will slaughter most of the bulls but keep the cows to a decent age. If you are going to use cattle for traction, bulls are stronger than cows so you’ll keep most bulls alive to a decent age. These are the economic activities as to which sexes you slaughter and which you keep. There’s no reason why that approach couldn’t have been applied to those very early animals.” The results of the study conducted by scientists from the National Centre for Scientific Research and the National Museum of Natural History in France, the University of Mainz in Germany and the University College London in the United Kingdom were published in the journal Molecular Biology and Evolution. The archaeological digs included sites in the Middle Euphrates Valley and the High Tigris Valley in today’s southeastern Turkey and northeastern Syria, as well as the northwestern corner of Iran. Along with northern Iraq, the region forms an arc that is part of the ancient Fertile Crescent, the cradle of farming.






A COMMUNITY’S HISTORY Montmartre, Sask., and area are the subject of an extensive three volume community history book project. | Page 26



Exercise good for aging brains New study links exercise, healthier brains | Seniors can lower health risks by staying active BY BARBARA DUCKWORTH CALGARY BUREAU

They pulled on their sweat pants, laced up their runners and agreed to get off their fannies and exercise. Within three months, 125 older men and women participating in a University of Calgary study saw positive results. The study, which examined the effects of exercise and blood circulation, sought people who exercised little. After three months, participants showed reduced body fat, improved blood flow to the brain and consequently, improved intellectual health. “Exercise is really important for providing the fuel for your brain to make new connections,” said psychologist and researcher Stewart Longman.

Physical and intellectual tests were conducted on people older than 55. Physical exercise, as well as activities such as crossword puzzles, reading and listening to music, can contribute to a healthier brain. Lead researcher Marc Poulin said regular cardiovascular exercise is vital to keeping minds intact and avoiding chronic diseases associated with aging such as dementia. The study is being run in phases, and results are still preliminary. Full results will be available in 2014. The first early study involved 42 women aged 50 to 90. About half admitted to being sedentar y. Researchers found that the group had improved blood flow, and cognitive test results showed a 10 percent improvement. The next study is also showing positive results.

Poulin hopes to follow up on the participants six months after they leave the program to see if the benefits persist. Initial results show that participants had more vigour with a three percent improvement in physical fitness after three months of aerobic exercise three times a week. Blood flow to the brain improved 8.7 percent, and people could handle higher doses of carbon dioxide. Mental flexibility improved by 23 percent. “We think the implications are enormous. Demographics are shifting with a large share of the population over 65,” said Poulin. He expects more people could reach 100 in the future, but that increased longevity also comes

with greater risk of costly chronic diseases. Studies like this hope to find alternatives to improved quality of life rather than relying heavily on pharmaceuticals, he added. “There is little research to say people will live longer, but with exercise they can improve their quality of life,” he said. The first group of baby boomers turned 65 in 2011, and the proportion of people older than that is continuing to grow. One-quarter of Canadians will be seniors by 2030. The study is looking for more participants, particularly men older than 55. For more information, contact 403-210-7315 or brainmotion@



• your brain weighs about three pounds • your brain has an estimated 100 billion neurons

• about 750 millilitres of blood pumps through your brain every minute • your brain is consuming 24 watts of power right now, enough to power a light bulb



New members needed to revive womens’ institutes BY SHANNON MONEO


• your brain uses 20 percent of the total oxygen pumping through your body

Diane Dammann of Alliance, Alta., bid on a scarf at the FWIC conference in Sidney, B.C. |

Initial results from a study examining the effects of exercise on blood circulation show that participants had more vigour with a three percent improvement in physical fitness after three months of aerobic exercise, three times a week. | FILE PHOTO


SIDNEY, B.C. — As the Federated Women’s Institutes of Canada moves closer to its 100th birthday in 2019, the 19th triennial convention here June 12-16 focused on how to attract younger members. Membership stands at 10,300 in 827 branches, a drop from 13,000 members in 1,000 branches a few years earlier. B.C. WI president Jill Copes said her group’s membership has dropped to 664 members from 55 branches since 2009, when there were 792 members in 65 branches. “This decrease in membership and branches is alarming and affects the entire structure of women’s institutes,” she said. Despite declines, Saskatchewan WI president Lynn Ballhorn is determined to continue working for her members. “WI officials are aware of challenges facing the WI,” she said. FWIC past-president Ruth Blenkhorn, current president Marie Kenny and president-elect Linda Hoy say the membership is strong in parts of Eastern Canada. “We need to build on our historical past as a way to enhance growth,” said Kenny, a Prince Edward Island church pastor. As her term begins, Kenny intends to spur expansion by improving recruitment, province-to-province contact and communication between the national office and provinces. She believes that the WI is where personal growth can happen. “We have to be willing to move out of our comfort zone,” she said. Because the WI is family-oriented, it can be a support system for those dealing with challenges such as raising children, caring for elderly parents or health problems. CONTINUED ON NEXT PAGE





Online course assists health-care providers to promote healthy living Doctors look at sickness rather than wellness, said the president of the Canadian Nutrition Society. Leah Gramlich, a gastroenterologist at the University of Alberta’s Faculty of Medicine, said more focus is needed on promoting health by eating and exercising properly. “If you think about modifiable risk factors for chronic disease, it relates to food and activity,” she said at the Alberta Livestock and Meat Agency’s Future Fare June 19 in Calgary. Gramlich said too many sick people suffering from chronic conditions are given drugs when improved nutrition could complement their treatment. The university hopes to improve and change that approach by launching an online, three credit course to teach health-care students, including doctors, nurses, nutritionists, pharmacists and dentists, about the value of exercise and proper diet. The website, called Wellness Rx, will be launched later this year with support from ALMA. About 40 percent of the provincial government is spent on health care. “In Alberta, we have the capacity to generate grassroots strategy and facilitate a shift from illness-based health-care system to a wellnessbased health system,” Gramlich said. In preparing the program, the university found a need for specific training because there was inconsistent knowledge about lifestyle modification. Physicians probably do three to seven years of post-graduate training and it often does not include food knowledge. Gramlich admitted the course was difficult to integrate into the medical curriculum. It needs to be interesting and students do not need more instruction about the Canada Food Guide for healthy eating since most schoolchildren are taught about it. They need concepts to build understanding and help patients think about the food they eat. “We also wanted learners to improve their own health and then have the ability to improve the health of their future clients. “Health-care professionals need to be viewed as a credible source of information,” she said. — BARBARA DUCKWORTH



Producers offer fresh options Coupon book | Healthy nutrition, discounts to boost farm business BY MARY MACARTHUR CAMROSE BUREAU

Alberta schoolchildren may have a new healthy fundraising option with a farm fresh coupon book. The tradition of selling chocolates to raise funds has hit a snag with many schools banning chocolate sales under a policy of emphasizing healthy eating. A new initiative by the Alberta Farm Fresh Producers Association hopes to combine school fundraising with healthy nutrition while also boosting business for local producers. The pilot project is testing how having schoolchildren sell the Farm Fresh Coupon Book works as a fundraiser. Promoters of the plan hope children will go with their parents to the farms, corn mazes and markets and learn more about fresh, local food. In turn, market gardens, greenhouses and agriculture tourism operators will attract new customers. Ron Erdmann, president of the Alberta Farm Fresh Producers Association, said some producers are excited about it, while others aren’t keen on the idea. “The agritourism people are really excited about it,” said Erdmann, who operates a greenhouse and market garden.

Erdmann plans to have a coupon that offers a discount on spring vegetables included in the pack, as well as a coupon on fresh vegetables in the fall and one redeemable in the late fall for vegetables like cabbage, carrots and potatoes. For Erdman, it’s one more way to attract customers to his Sherwood Park farm on the outskirts of Edmonton. “How many new people can we get interested in coming here?” he said. Annette Anderwald, Alberta Agriculture’s dietitian, said the coupons should help get young people and good, local food together. “We want to create an environment where it’s easy to eat well and hard to eat badly.” About 20 producers have registered for the program, but Anderwald hopes about 120 producers will include coupons in the book. Alberta Agriculture will fund the designing and printing of the coupon books in the pilot project year and hopes to have the coupon booklets ready to sell by January. Anderwald said the project is a win, win, win. Kids win because they find out where fresh food comes from, schools win because they have a new healthy fundraising option and farmers win because they attract new customers.

There are now fruit and vegetable options instead of chocolates and cookies for Alberta school fundraisers through the Alberta Farm Fresh Producers Association’s initiative. | FILE PHOTO

» CONTINUED FROM PREVIOUS PAGE Kenny is keen to strengthen links with government. Last February, she and three other non-governmental representatives accompanied MP Rona Ambrose to New York City as part of the Canadian delegation to the 56th United Nations Commission on the Status of Women. The session focused on the empowerment of rural women and their role in poverty, hunger eradication and gender equality. “It was an incredible learning experience and an opportunity to highlight what we do,” said Kenny, who also later met with Agriculture Canada staff. In addition, Kenny and Blenkhorn


We make a difference in the lives of women. In many communities, we’re the fabric that holds them together. MARIE KENNY FEDERATED WOMEN’S INSTITUTES OF CANADA

were invited to attend the Governor General’s Caring Canadian Awards at Rideau Hall in April in Ottawa, another opportunity to spread the word about WI work. Du r i n g h e r t h re e - y e a r t e r m, Blenkhorn has worked to increase FWIC’s profile.

She said that WI’s humble nature may be why they don’t get a lot of media attention despite being a national organization that deals with social issues from rural child care to food labelling to women’s health. “We have to try to become more visible,” Blenkhorn said. Kenny is keen to bolster their membership through new immigrants. “We need to reach newcomers to Canada,” she said. The three FWIC women all expressed confidence in the group’s future. “We’re a solid organization that has endured,” Kenny said. “We make a difference in the lives of women. In many communities, we’re the fabric that holds them together.”


Always tell the truth in business and at home SIDNEY, B.C. — Businessman Peter Legge believes in telling the truth. Speaking at the Federated Women’s Institutes of Canada triennial convention June 15, he told delegates to guard their integrity and moral principles. “There’s no such thing as business ethics. It’s all ethics,” said the chair and chief executive officer of Canada Wide Media Limited. “Always tell the truth. Truth is timeless. You can’t tell a lie backwards.” He cited data showing that 86 per-


cent of successful business leaders have remained married to their first spouse. His advice, which included learning to get along with people and cleaning up your life, made an impact on FWIC members. “Organizations must have integrity and a focus,” said Alberta WI president Brenda Willsie of Wetaskiwin. “Being positive and being honest are extremely important to the women’s institute.” Alberta WI is having its provincial convention in Camrose this month and Willsie plans to use Legge’s presentation to develop a working plan and focus for the meeting. B.C. FWIC member Jean Johnson appreciated how Legge invigorated the group by encouraging the group to set targets that it can achieve. “Our membership is diminishing. We need to rethink and set goals, look to the future,” said Johnson of Grand Forks. Legge encouraged members to do more than they are asked. “This organization is about others,” he said. “You know who you are, but do you have a clear idea where you’re going?” Legge said FWIC represents a worthy ideal. “Find out what you can do, what’s within you,” he said. — SHANNON MONEO

Linda Hoy, left, Ruth Blenkhorn and Marie Kenny attended the FWIC triennial convention in Sidney, B.C., June 12-16. | SHANNON MONEO PHOTO






Dishes to enjoy at the cottage or in the backyard Some tests

not required





ummer days are here again. School doors are locked for the holiday and children are ready for summer fun. The following are some of my favourite picnic recipes. Try them for the upcoming Canada Day weekend.


Do you think that doctors prescribe too many unnecessary medical tests? I am sure this is partly what is driving up health care costs. I sometimes feel that doctors do tests so that they do not have to bother doing a full physical examination to make a diagnosis.

SIMPLE PICKLED EGGS They are a great snack or appetizer that delivers a nutritional kick. Hard boil the eggs and cool. Peel and place them in a large sterilized jar or glass container. Mix a solution of equal amounts vinegar and water, enough to fill the container. Place in the refrigerator for at least 12 hours and enjoy the zing that these eggs deliver.


GRILLED STEAK MARINADE This marinade is good on steak, but it can also be used on ribs or chicken. Honey and lemon are the keys to the right sweet to sour taste. Serve with baked potatoes and toppings of your choice and a marinated bean or vegetable salad.

Dip strawberries, pineapple or melons into fruit fluff. Add a monster cookie or a light snack. |



1/4 c. 1/4 c. 2 tbsp. 2 tbsp. 1 tbsp. 1 tbsp. 2 tbsp. 2 tsp. 2 tsp. 1 tsp. 1/2 tsp. 6

chopped onion oil lemon juice soy sauce sugar vinegar honey minced garlic/ or garlic seasoning Worcestershire sauce salt pepper steaks

60 mL 60 mL 30 mL 30 mL 15 mL 15 mL 30 mL 10 mL

for about eight hours on low (or four hours on high). This recipe can also be made in the oven by placing chicken in a casserole dish and baking at 350 F (180 C) for one hour. Serve over rice. Adapted from www.grouprecipes. com.

10 mL


In a large, resealable flat container, combine the first 11 ingredients and add steaks. Seal container and shake to coat the meat. Refrigerate for about four hours. Drain and discard marinade. Grill steaks, covered, over medium heat for six to 10 minutes on each side or until meat reaches desired doneness (for medium-rare, a meat thermometer should read 145 F (63 C), medium, 160 F (71 C), well-done, 170 F (77 C). Serves six.

SLOW COOKER SAUCY CHICKEN If standing over a grill doesn’t suit you, dig out the slow cooker. I use it at the cottage. The food is not dried out and chewy if I decide to stay on the water for an extra few minutes. 1 bottle Russian dressing 475 mL 1 envelope dry onion soup mix 1 1/4 c. apricot jam 300 mL 6 sliced chicken breasts salt, pepper and seasoning salt In a mixing bowl, combine the first three ingredients. Season the chicken and place in the bottom of slow cooker. Pour mixture over chicken. Cook

While on holidays, we often eat only brunch and dinner. The rest of the day, we snack on appetizers. This dip is best made the day ahead. Serve with fresh vegetables and crackers. 1 small onion (or 2 green onion), finely chopped 1 generous dash of Worcestershire sauce 1 block cream cheese, 8 oz. softened 1/2 c. mayonnaise 125 mL 1 tsp. horseradish 5 mL 2 tbsp. ketchup or 30 mL chili sauce 2 tsp. fresh dill weed 10 mL 1 tsp. lemon juice 5 mL dash of each salt and pepper to taste 2 cans (106 g) shrimp, drained Mix ingredients together, then add shrimp. Chill.

FRUIT FLUFF This chilled vanilla dip is refreshing on a hot day served with strawberries, grapes, pineapple and melons. 2 (4 serving size) packages instant vanilla pudding mix 1 c. milk 250 mL 1/2 c. orange juice, 125 mL freshly squeezed

1 container frozen whipped topping, thawed 1/2 c. Greek yogurt

500 mL 125 mL

In a medium bowl, mix together the vanilla pudding mix, milk and orange juice. Beat in the thawed frozen whipped topping and Greek yogurt. Chill at least one hour in the refrigerator before serving to allow for thickening. Substitute half the orange juice for amaretto if desired.

MONSTER COOKIES I remember filling up on these cookies while playing at the beach as a child. With oats and peanut butter, these treats have great staying power. 3 eggs 1 c. packed brown 250 mL sugar 3/4 c. white sugar 175 mL 1 tsp. vanilla extract 5 mL 2 tsp. baking soda 10 mL 1/2 c. butter, softened 125 mL 1 1/2 c. peanut butter 375 mL 4 1/2 c. rolled oats 1.12 L 1/2 c. semisweet or 125 mL dark chocolate chips 1 c. M & M’s 250 mL Preheat oven to 350 F (180 C). In a large mixing bowl, beat the eggs. Add the remaining ingredients in order, mixing well. Chill the dough for about 10 minutes. Scoop out dough with an ice cream scoop and place on an ungreased cookie sheet, flatten slightly with a fork. Bake for 12 minutes. Do not overbake or make the cookies too small. Yield: four to five dozen. Jodie Mirosovsky is a home economist from Rosetown, Sask., and a member of Team Resources. Contact:

WHAT TO BARBECUE? You can spend a little or a lot on steak. Here are the most common of the more expensive cuts: • Tenderloin: Medallions or filets cut from the loin section are the leanest, most tender and most expensive • Strip loin: Often called New York steak, it is not as tender as tenderloin, but some consider it the tastiest cut • T-bone: It has tenderloin on one side of the bone and strip loin on the other. Both sides are flavourful • Porterhouse: Similar in appearance to T-bones but they have a larger piece of tenderloin. If priced the same, choose porterhouse over a T-bone • Top sirloin: Usually a thick cut. It is a little tougher than rib and loin cuts, but flavourful • Rib eye: Considered an alternative to tenderloin, a rib eye has fine texture and should be delicately marbled. Source: Canadian Living and staff research

U.S. medical associations have recently made recommendations to save health-care costs. Nine associations recently released a list of 45 tests that they felt were not always necessary and should no longer be ordered automatically. Most of these tests are expensive and would not help the patient live longer than if they had not been performed. For example, if you have a normal result from a colonoscopy, you would not need another test for at least 10 years, assuming you have no family history of colon cancer. They also felt that patients who had simply fainted but did not have seizures,did not need a brain scan. Patients who had no signs of having had a coronary thrombosis did not need a heart imaging stress test. People with most types of back pain did not need complicated X-rays and scans. One of the most controversial recommendations was for cancer specialists to stop treatment in endstage cases, where the patients had not previously responded to multiple therapies, and were not suitable candidates for experimental treatments. Many of these treatments and tests are not without considerable sideeffects and risks and they should be carefully considered. Is it worth chemotherapy that makes you ill for months to gain a few months of life? The situation is not as extreme in Canada. Despite this, we have a slightly greater life expectancy than those living in the U.S.

DESIGNER ASPIRIN MAY HELP FIGHT CANCER Researchers at City College in New York, led by professor Khosrow Kashfi, have developed an aspirin that is safer than the old version. This drug is also a powerful cancer fighter. It may help with colon, pancreatic, lung, prostate and breast cancer and leukemia. Kashfi feels that it could be used to shrink tumours by as much as 85 percent before chemotherapy or surgery. The main side-effects of aspirin are internal bleeding and kidney toxicity, but these side-effects have been minimized in this experimental drug that combines two earlier types of the drug to form a hybrid they call NOSH-aspirin. Clare Rowson is a retired medical doctor in Belleville, Ont. Contact:





Farm visitors armed for shootouts, leave satisfied Paintball business | Owner says the adrenaline rush has even the quietest of customers sharing their battle stories BY SEAN PRATT SASKATOON NEWSROOM

Shooting people has become a divisive issue on the Manning farm. George likes it. It has given rise to his first viable business venture: paintball. Edna hates it. She grew up in a Mennonite household that believed in pacifism. “I just feel that it’s kind of a brutal and violent thing and I just have a little bit of an issue with that,” she said. George shrugs off the criticism of his Merrill Dunes paintball and laser tag business. On the surface, it appears to be an anti-social activity where the object is to kill one another. Delve deeper and you’ll find a hobby that unites the participants. “People come in after a paintball event and they’re wired, they’re adrenalized and they talk. Even the most quiet person will have his war story. As a result, it’s a tremendous mixer,” said George. Those bonding moments tend to be more profound with paintball, which involves more pain, bruising and mess than laser tag. “The reason is the fear factor with paintball because when you go out with paintball, you know there is a risk of getting hit and you’re a little bit

scared and the adrenaline flows and that makes everything much more memorable,” said George. The paintball operation on the Mannings’ 80-acre farm located south of Saskatoon got its start 16 years ago after George and Edna’s two sons got their first taste of the extreme sport during a hockey windup. One of the boys prodded his dad to set up a paintball field on the back of their property. “It was a father-son lark. It’s one of the few things I’ve done, I guess you could say, that was successful. It’s not as if it’s Facebook or anything but it has generated more revenue than just about anything else that I’ve done.” George was raised on a grain farm on the outskirts of Rosetown, Sask. He said the paintball business has similarities to farming. It allows him to avoid the nine-to-five lifestyle he abhors. “I’m a typical farm boy who was spoiled by freedom and just like a wild horse doesn’t like to get put in a fence. I’m not prepared to sacrifice freedom for a zoo cage,” he said. Edna grew up on a small cattle and chicken farm near Sonningdale, Sask. She takes care of the yard, works in the garden and tends to their chickens, milk cow and 16 head of cattle. Creating wholesome food for the

Writers wanted The Saskatchewan 4-H Council is looking for writers to develop fun, hands-on educational Reference Manuals and Activity Guides on such topics as: Cake Decorating Crafts Scrapbooking Small Pets ATVing/Snowmobiling Archery Fashion Design Performing Arts (theatre, dance, drama, singing) Welding Introduction to 4-H Culinary Arts Entertaining at Home Bicycling

Or other topics that may be of interest to 4-H members ranging in age from 6-25. Excellent writing skills and the ability to write for a young audience are essential. Writing samples are required.

For more information, contact: Kim Kennett Communications Manager Saskatchewan 4-H Council (306) 933-8268

Deadline to apply: June 30

family is her passion. “A lot of my time does go into food preparation because we grind our own wheat to make bread. The meals are made more or less from scratch,” she said. “We’re kind of into the organic side of things as far as our own food supply.” During the winter months, Edna keeps herself busy freelance writing for various publications. She distances herself from George’s paintball business and keeps her objections to herself. “I do my job and he does his job. I just keep my mouth shut,” said Edna. George used to operate a welding shop on the farm. At one point, he created a toy manufacturing business but it was a flop. “The toy business was incorporated and built up tremendous losses,” he said. Paintball has rescued the corporation while allowing George to pursue his passion of making cool stuff for people. There are two separate paintball fields on the farm and a third laser tag field is in the works. George recently purchased a mechanical bull that will be used in conjunction with the laser tag field.

George Manning likes creating fun and challenging environments for customers of his Merrill Dunes paintball business near Saskatoon. The latest addition is a mechanical bull. Edna Manning, left, sticks to her passions, which are raising and preparing wholesome food for the family and freelance writing. | SEAN PRATT PHOTOS The business employs up to four part-time staff during the peak summer months, including their daughter, Lindsay. George has enough guns and masks to equip 100 people at a time. The fields are constantly evolving with different obstacles to hide behind. There are 1,200 garbage dumpsters, 20 buses, two massive wooden towers, parts of an old army tank, an aircraft fuselage and a bunch of trenches and wooden structures.

George derives as much pleasure from designing the fields and building the structures as he does from running the business. All of the paintball customers are private groups. He refuses to accept walk-in traffic because one bad egg can spoil the experience for everybody. “It’s a band of brothers experience. They’ve done this thing together. They’ve got all these exciting little incidents. They’ll talk about it two weeks later,” he said.





Role of crown prosecutor A PRAIRIE PRACTICE



ne of a crown prosecutor’s most difficult roles is communicating with and managing the expectations of victims and families of victims in high profile criminal cases. Our criminal justice system is set up in such a way that, when someone is charged with a criminal offence, it is the crown that is the opposing party rather than the victim. Criminal cases are cited as Rv. (name of accused) to indicate that the accused person’s dispute is with Her Majesty the Queen, the Queen being the symbol for society generally. In the United States, the equivalent symbol is “The People.� In Canada, the “R� stands for “Regina,� the Latin term for the Queen. The job of the crown prosecutor is to present the crown’s evidence to prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt, which is the high standard necessary to produce a conviction. The crown will have a number of witnesses in most criminal trials, usually including the victim of the crime. However, the victim, who is often referred to as the complainant, is not the person who has the case against the accused person. Sometimes a victim or his family may sue the criminally accused person in a civil action, in which the victim will be the plaintiff and the opposing party in the litigation. However, those proceedings are different and kept separate from the criminal proceedings. It is important to remember that the victim of a crime is not a party in a criminal matter. That role is carried out on behalf of Her Majesty the Queen by the crown prosecutors. What that means in practical terms is that the victim of a crime is not the crown prosecutor’s client. It is not the prosecutor’s job to advocate on behalf of that person or his family. There are various agencies and legislation to provide assistance for victims of crime, but the purposes of the criminal justice system are much broader than to provide vindication for them. According to Canada’s criminal code, objectives of the criminal justice system include denouncing unlawful conduct, deterring the offender and other persons from committing offences, separating offenders from society where necessary, assisting in rehabilitating offenders, promoting a sense of responsibility in offenders and providing reparations for harm done to victims or the community. The media often portrays a criminal trial as a process over which the victim or the victim’s family has control. Victims are asked about their reaction to verdicts and sentencing, and their reaction is important. However, it is only part of the process. Although victims and their families must be, and generally are, treated

with compassion and respect by the crown, those persons do not usually command a decision-making role in the conduct of the proceedings. As a wise crown prosecutor has observed, victims and their families need to make use of counselling and other resources to help them deal with the impacts of the crime. “If they are coming to the criminal trial just to find healing, peace or closure, that is probably not going to happen.� This article is presented for informational purposes only and does not constitute legal advice. The views expressed are solely those of the author and should not be attributed to McDougall Gauley LLP. Contact: g.wartman@


Bill Kelland of Daysland, Alta., made a plywood barn quilt for his wife, Petra. The couple saw barn quilts on a motorbike trip through Ohio four years ago. “Wouldn’t that be wonderful if there was a whole route of barn quilts in Alberta,� said Petra. | MARY MACARTHUR PHOTO







3,000 $ 25,995 Well equipped plus AWD from




PRESTIGIOUS ALG AWARD “2012 Best Mainstream Brand� for the Highest predicted resale value of any mainstream brand.



8.3 City/5.9 Hwy (L/100 km) 34 City/48 Hwy (miles per gallon)


Well equipped plus AWD from



TOP MARKS ACROSS THE BOARD. The Only manufacturer with 2012 IIHS Top Safety Picks for all models.

CANADIAN BLACK BOOK 2012 Residual Value Awards Winner For Best Retained Value.


Open 24 Hours @



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Pages detail lives of early pioneers Stories documented | Community history books contain photos and stories from a century ago BY CHRISTALEE FROESE FREELANCE WRITER

MONTMARTRE, Sask. — After 50,000 hours and four years of research, writing and editing, a group of Saskatchewan volunteers has produced a 1,500-page history book about Montmartre, Kendal, Candiac, Moffat, Mutrie and Carry the Kettle Reservation. Frank Korvemaker, an appraisal archivist with the Saskatchewan Archives Board, said Montmartre: History of the Village and RM 126 is one of the most comprehensive Saskatchewan community histor y books he has ever read. “They’re almost like an encyclopedia because you can thumb through and find all kinds of interesting things that you weren’t expecting.” Korvemaker said the book has extensive coverage of the Assiniboine Reserve No. 76 (Carry the Kettle First Nation). “If you pick up this book, you’ll be able to read about First Nation’s history in a way that you just haven’t done before. It’s refreshing and very surprising to see that kind of story

We hope when people read the book that they have a sense of pride in all the things people endured and all the things that were accomplished. MARRIANNE COUCKUYT BOOK COMMITTEE VOLUNTEER

being told in a regional history book.” The committee included Marrianne Couckuyt, Sandra Brown, Marianne Bast, Andre Perras, Gail Leippi, Wanda Eberle and Colleen Fink. Bast, who was responsible for researching and writing the Assiniboine Reserve section, conducted interviews with elders and collected personal photos to construct a history of the Assiniboine Indians that dates back to 1640. The three books take readers back in time to 1893 when eight families from France established their homesteads in southeastern Saskatchewan.

Food relief of fish, cheese and apples for farmers arrived on train boxcars in the 1930s in Montmartre, Sask. | MONTMARTRE HISTORY OF THE VILLAGE AND RM 126 PHOTO

The book begins with the trials and tribulations experienced by the French settlers who came to Saskatchewan believing they were coming to a scenic land where log cabins, food provisions, livestock and farm equipment would be provided. “No log houses awaited them, no trees broke the rolling grassland seen below them from the hills, there was no river in sight. They spent their first night under the stars being eaten by mosquitoes.” The committee was aided by community members who submitted

family histories, as well as information about everything from churches to schools and sports teams to businesses. Jim Lynch submitted the following memory: “It was around Christmas 1918 when my grandfather, Mr. John Lynch Sr., decided to move a wooden grain bin a half mile in the dead of winter to Latham School to host the Christmas dinner.” Couckuyt cited a family history recounting the death of a child on a train and a burial that had to occur

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Prairie strong, worldwide

while the locomotive was in motion. “We hope when people read the book that they have a sense of pride in all the things people endured and all the things that were accomplished,” she said. Korvemaker said the book is one that should be read by anyone interested in prairie history and everybody living in those communities. “Even if you don’t read it from beginning to end, you can flip through over and over again and you can always find something interesting,” he said.





Opposition group debates need, feasibility of power line Based on wind generation potential | If government subsidies drop and wind farms fail to materialize, producers say the line won’t be needed BY BARB GLEN LETHBRIDGE BUREAU

TWIN BUTTE, Alta. — AltaLink has a fight on its hands with a proposal that would erect a 240 kilovolt electrical line through southwestern Alberta. More than 100 people gathered in Twin Butte June 20 to discuss how to prevent the Goose Lake to Etzikom Coulee line from being built. Members of the Chinook Area Land Users Association, who organized the meeting, were supported by Joe Anglin, the Wildrose MLA for Rimbey-Rocky Mountain House-Sundre, who is well known in the province for his opposition to power line construction in central Alberta. “I’ll join the fight,” Anglin told the group. “I will stay with you as long as you stay organized … because this thing has to be stopped.” The power line, part of the Southern Alberta Transmission Reinforcement plan approved in 2008 by the Alberta Electric System Operator (AESO), is designated to go near Waterton Lakes National Park, cross scenic ranching country and skirt native grasslands. It will connect a transmission station near Pincher Creek to another near Etzikom, potentially going near Glenwood, Cardston, Spring Coulee, Magrath, Raymond and Stirling, depending on the route AltaLink deems least disruptive. Anglin said his review of the AltaLink plans indicates the company has suggested building in areas outside the “needs approval” region for the line, meaning the area approved by AESO. That will give the Chinook group grounds for fighting the line. “You can win this,” he said. “You

hire a lawyer and start the fight. You’ve got to cost AltaLink money.” AltaLink has said at open houses that the line is needed to connect wind turbine projects to the provincial electrical grid. Some of the wind farms are only proposals at this stage, which is one of the things that concerns landowners. “I am 100 percent opposed to it,” said Pincher Creek area rancher Quentin Stevick. “I don’t feel that the line itself is even necessary because its for a projected 2,700 megawatts of potential wind energy. This is a lot like building a six lane highway when you don’t

even know if you’re going to have any traffic on it. It’s looking to me like a chicken and egg thing, where the wind generation won’t be built unless the transmission line is in place, but the transmission line, to me, doesn’t need to built unless the wind generators are there.” Stevick said AESO’s 2008 plan may have made sense then, but questions are now being asked about the viability of wind power generation. “If you take away some of the government subsidies and you take away some of the carbon offsets, are these wind generators really as efficient as people say they are?”

Anglin’s support revived a meeting that had grown quiet after land agent Darryl Bennett recounted specifics from his fight on behalf of 30 Coaldale area landowners against the Montana Alberta Tie Line, which is now in at least temporary limbo. Bennett said landowners have little power when dealing with AESO, AltaLink and the Alberta Utilities Commission. “You’re just something they have to go through to get the line built,” he said. Dealings with the provincial surface rights board are also problematic when the utility applies for and

receives right of entry. “The board’s not going to visit your land. You’re not going to be able to challenge AltaLink’s submissions to the board,” Bennett said. Anglin said agencies and utility companies intentionally route power lines through rural areas. “They pick on farmers and rural people because they don’t fight and they don’t organize,” he said. The Chinook group now intends to ask for a public meeting with AESO and AltaLink. Other landowner groups in the region are also planning meetings to fight construction of this power line and other projects.

TD Canada Trust

With the right advice, the Martins were able to raise more than cattle. Matthew Martin Dairy Farmer

Dalton Potter TD Canada Trust Agriculture Specialist


DuPont sued for infringement KANSAS CITY, Mo. (Reuters) — Monsanto, the world’s largest seed company, is suing chief rival DuPont. Monsanto is accusing DuPont and its agricultural crop subsidiary of treading on Monsanto’s technological turf by copying key new plant breeding innovations. Monsanto’s suit claims that a “seed chipping ” invention, which it unveiled in 2007 as a way to speed up plant breeding, has been duplicated by DuPont in a “laser-assisted seed selection” tool introduced in 2008. Monsanto claims its business is suffering “irreparable harm” as a result. DuPont spokesperson Dan Turner said the lawsuit was “without merit.” “Monsanto continues to use litigation in an attempt to limit Pioneer from being an effective competitor,” he said. “This tactic has not worked in previous cases, and it will not work in this matter.” Monsanto spokesperson Tom Helscher said the company would not comment on its lawsuit, which was filed June 18 in U.S. District Court in St. Louis. Monsanto is seeking a permanent injunction and damages for what it calls “willful infringement”.

TD is committed to helping farmers build for the future. When the Martin family wanted to raise the productivity of their dairy business, they turned to Dalton Potter for guidance. Dalton is a seasoned TD Canada Trust Agriculture Specialist and a farmer himself, and with his help, the Martins were able to buy a new farm in a prime location. Our understanding of agriculture and financing, combined with a personalized approach, is how we’re helping families like the Martins get exactly what they’re looking for. For more information, visit a branch or go to

Banking can be this comfortable

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Thanks from Canadian Foodgrains Bank to all our corporate and business supporters! Our 2011-12 budget year was a great success! Altogether, Canadians donated $15.8 million to Canadian Foodgrains Bank to help people who don’t have enough to eat in the developing world. Combined with support from the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA), we were able to provide over 40,000 tonnes of food worth $43.9 million for 2.1 million people in 36 countries. This assistance was made possible by the generous support from corporations, businesses and elevators that provided products, services and donations to over 200 growing projects across the country. With their help, Canadian farmers were able to donate 19,396 tonnes of food grains worth $5.5 million to the Foodgrains Bank. We are grateful to each and every business and person who provided support last year; with your help, we are working towards our goal of ending global hunger.

Jim Cornelius, Executive Director Alberta 5 Suns Transloading Ltd 652918 Alberta Ltd. 799742 Alberta Ltd 985091 Alberta Ltd A. Wronko Farms Ltd. Accufarm Ltd Agrium Alberta Box Centre Inc Alberta Financial Services Corporation (AFSC) Alberta Prime Beef Crop Albion Ridge Farms Ltd Allen Dickson Trucking Alliance Pipeline Ltd. Alpine Drugs Alve Farms Anderson Seed Growers Ltd Andrukow Group Solutions Arysta Asset Insurance Brokers ATB Financial B.W. Bouwan Pluing Ltd Bank of Montreal Barow Ranches BASF Bayer Crop Science Lethbridge Beamish Seed Farms Ltd Benalto Agri Services Ltd Berdina Farms Bethel Windows Big “S” Automotive Parts Ltd Bill Bates Turcking Bos Sod Farms Bouius Custom Work Bydevaate Produce Ltd. C&M Contracting Ltd Canterra Champion Feed Services Ltd Chin Ridge Seeds Ltd Chinook Crop Care Ltd Christian Credit Union Claasen Farms Ltd Coaldale Food Market Coaldale Insurance Country Commodities Ltd Courtney Berg Industries Ltd Crop Production Services Crop Protection Services Cyre Seed Farms D & L Nieboer Farms Ltd. D&H Equipment Daniel Vanden Bosch Trucking Deerline Sales DeKalb Del & Dale Poultry Farms Ltd Demeters’ Solutions DJ Norlin Inc. Doornenbal Dairy

The Canadian Foodgrains Bank is a partnership of 15 churches and church-based agencies working to end global hunger. More information at

Double D Agro Sales & Service Ltd Dow Agrosciences DuPont Dutchie Dirt Moving Ltd Dynapro Farms Ltd Eagle Agro East End Iron Edgebrook Farm Ed’s Auto and Truck Services Edwards Garage Limited Elanco Optiflex Exact Harvesting Farm Credit Corporation Farmers Edge Favour Holsteins Fehr Reunion Ferndale Farms Flying T Farm Ltd Foothills Tank Rentals Ltd G & A Van Vistelrooy Farms Ltd Gateway Carriers Getz & Associates Gladacres Farm Ltd0 Gray’s Ltd Gregory Harriman & Associates Groonenboom Farms Ltd Groonenboom Holdings Inc. Groonenboom Land & Cattle Co. Ltd. H& R Block Haney Farms Hank’s Feedmill Service Ltd Harry’s Auto Service Harwood Farms Heather Thompson Real Estate Ltd Helen Hunley Insurance Inc. Huvenaar Seed Farms Huxted Waste Disposal J.F. Murray Farms Ltd Jackson Agri-Business Ltd Jaydel Farms Ltd Johnsons Hwy 36 Farm Ltd Kock Fuel Products Ltd Lamontapne & Songs Ltd. Lar-Don Rentals Ltd Leduc Co-op Ltd Lewing Veterninary Services & Herd Health Loewen & Associates Loman Farms Ltd Louis Dreyfus M & N Construction Mac’s Agri Services Maxwell Realty Strathmore McLean & Son Farms Meinczinger Seed Farms Micotel Mixcor Aggregates Inc. MMD Sales Ltd Moores Industrial Services Monsanto

Mor-West Ventures Mountain View Credit Union Limited Neufeld Petroleum Newco Commodities Limited Nexerra Noble Concrete (1987) Ltd Nokede Enterprises Ltd North Paddock Farms Northern Whitetail Contracting Ltd NuFarm O 3 Equipment Hauling Omex Papworth Farms Ltd Parlake Feeders Ltd Pelleboer Farms Ltd Peter Heins & Sons Ltd. Peters Seed Farms Picture Butte & District Ag Society Pilsworth Trucking Ltd Pinnacle Poultry Pioneer Hi-Bred Ltd Ponoka Ag Society Ponoka Co-op Oils Praeker Farms Ltd Prairie Crop Management Inc Premium Sausage Inc. Proven Seeds Providence Grain Group Inc. QU Investors R.P.H. Irrigtion Services Ltd Rain & Hail Insurance RBC Agencies RCL Metalworks Revrok Farm Limited Robert Farms 97 Ltd Rocky Ridge Financial Inc Rogers Sugar/Lantic Sugar Roough Farms Saik Management Group Inc Scheff Farms Ltd Schneider’s Building Supplies Schwab Pontiac Leduc Scotiank SeCan Association Senneker Construction Ltd Signature Real Estate Signature Service Real Estate SMRID SonRise Poultry Farm Ltd South Peace Distributors Stolte Farms Ltd Stop & Go Strathmore Value Drug Mart Summit Motors Sunset Transport Syngenta Target Airspray Ltd TD Bank TFS Expanse Ltd

The Rental House Treetech Contracting Ltd Unisphere Global Centre Unity Sand & Gravel Van Bezooyen Farms Vandendool Farms Vegerville News Advertiser Virgin Farms Ltd Viterra W. Pidhirney Welding Ltd. Webb’s Machinery (Vegreville) Ltd West Country Realty Ltd Western Feedlots Ltd. Westlock Terminal Westmor Terminals Inc. Wild Rose Co-op Wildeboer Farms Ltd Witdouck Farms Wowdzia Enterprises 2010 Ltd

Manitoba A&W A.M.P. Farms tshof Farms Ltd Access Credit Union Artel Farms LTD BDT Buhler Farms Bluestone Farms Ltd. Boissevain Select Seeds Bunge Prairies CAMA Manitoba Carman Co-op Centennial Farm Supply Ltd CIBC Claude Saurette Seed Farm Ltd Cornerstone Ministries Dauphin Plains Credit Union Dauphin Vet Clinic Delmar Commodities Ltd Dow Agrosciences Dudgear’s Upper Lye Seeds Dupont Enns Cattle Co Ens Quality Seed Farm Credit Canada Flaman Fred Fast Farm Friesen Seeds G.J. Chemical G.K. Enterprises LTD Green Valley Equipment Ltd. HB Agriseed High Ridge Feeders HJ Sawatzky Farms Ltd. Horizon Agro J & C Enterprises (Deloraine) Ltd Jackson Seeds Ltd James Richardson International Prairies Kane Acres ltd.

Kens Crop Care Keystone Grain Ltd Lakeside Equipment Ltd Lakeside Fisheries Lakeview Insurance Brokers Limited Landmark Feeds Linear Grain Little Morden Service (1987) Ltd. Lode King Industries Manitoba Agricultural Services Corporation (MASC) Maple Farm Equipment McCallum’s Mid Sa Ag Midland Manufacturing Miller Farm Equipment Ltd. Mission Terminal Monsanto Moore Building Centre Nutreco Nykolaishen Farm Equipment Orlando Friesen and Sons Inc Parrish & Heimbecker Limited Party Lites Paterson Grain Pine Tree Custom Applicators Prairie y Aviation Ltd Redfern Farm Services Richardson Pioneer Ltd RNT Enterprises Roland Air Spray Rosenort Agro Rosenort Credit Union Sawatzky Farms Inc. Shur-Gro Ltd Sneaths Strilchuk Funeral Services Ltd St. Joseph Co-op Ste. Agathe Canola Processing Syngenta T&L Woodwork Tri Lake Agri Ltd Tri-Lake Agri TSL Industries Operations LP Twinn Valley Co-op Valley View Ventures Viterra Von Ast Construction (2003) Inc Wawanesa Belmont Transfer Ltd Westfield Industries Westman Aerial Spray 1994 Ltd Wiebe Investments (2004) Ltd. Parrish & Heiecker Limited

Saskatchewan Acme Towing & Storage Additional Mutual Hail Insurance ADM Agri-Industries Company Advantage Credit Union Affleck Farms Inc.

Canadian Foodgrains Bank A Christian Response to Hunger

Aerfield Farms Ltd Bayer Crop Science Becker Farms Ltd. Bissma Bulyea Co-op Association Carefoot Ag Ventures Ltd Cargill Clary Electric (Leader) Ltd. CMI Terminal Crop Pro Consulting Cropper Motors Cut Arm Agro DaenckaertEstates Inc. Dart Servicing Dow Agrosciences E.I. Du Pont Canada Company F & M Hoffman Farms F.P. Bourgault Tillage Tools Farm Credit Canada Gardiner Dam Terminal Gayle’s Clip ‘n Curl Gerrydale Trucking Golden West Radio Great Sandhills Terminal Green Key Solutions Inc Hope Centre for Newro-Educational Development Ldm Foods Yorkton Loewen Agencies Novozymes BioAg Group McKen Farms Inc. Millsap Fuel Distributors Ltd Monsanto Naicam Community Thrift Store Naicam Co-op Ltd North West 7 Ranch Inc. North West Terminal Ltd Pioneer Co-operative Association Ltd Pound Maker Agventures Ltd Prairie West Terminal Rajchyba Holdings Ltd Rapid Transit Farm Corp Richardson International Saatchewan Crop Insurance Corporation Silver Sand Ag and Air Inc South West Terminal Limited Southland Pulse Spalding Co-op Ltd Spectra Energy Syngenta Teulon Service Ltd. Thorton Sales Ltd Viterra West Central Road & Rail Weyburn Inland Terminal Whispering Willow Farms And thanks to any we missed! Thanks also to the Western Producer!



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Prairie Conference


CESSNA 172G SKYHAWK (1966), $35,500 OBO, no damage history, complete logs and manuals, maint. history, TTAF 5915, Cont. O-300, 945 SMOH, Sensenich 74DCThe b ig g est c o n feren c e o n 0-56 620 TTSN, Horton STOL, S-Tec 50 autopilot, KR86 ADF, 4 place int., KI209 n a tive pra iries, b ein g held fo r VOR_LOC and GS, KT76A Mode C, KMA24 the first tim e in W estern Ca n a d a audio panel, KX155 TSO’D NAV/COMM, EI a t the U o fM B, W in n ip eg . digital EGT CHT and R-1 prec RPM, electric flaps. All AD’s up to date, full set of winF EATUR IN G dow and wing covers, much more! Fresh 5 K eyn o tes, 70+ P resen ta tio n s annual. 204-648-4970, Grandview, MB. a n d P o sters, Field Trips, 1966 CITABRIA 7GCAA, red and white, M a n i to b a M u seu m Ba n qu et, new factory wings in 2001, new cylinders in 2007, 1540 TT, 360 CH, intercom, David P ra i ri eTra d e Sho w , a n d m o re. Clark headsets, hangared. 306-868-4707, AUGUST 6 th- 1 0th,201 2 Avonlea, SK. Fo r i nfo : w w w .n a pc 201 108-3 STINSON currently on EDO 44-2425 floats with wheels and federal A-2500A o r 204 - 83 2- 01 6 7 skis, engine Continental 0-470-J, 377:20 EARLY -BIRD EN DS JULY 6 SMOH propeller, McCauly 2A34C50 22:05 SMOH, total A/F time 2739:15. Lac du Bonnet, MB. 204-756-2636, 204-785-3227, 204-345-8032. 1987 SYLVAIRE BUSHMASTER II, basic Ultralights, Rotax 503, SCSI, 48HP, 90 hrs. SMOH, 420 hrs. TTAF, 2 seats, side by side, basic VHF instruments, 3 gal./hr., FRIEDENSTAL CENTENNIAL HOMECOM- $16,500. 204-768-2455, Ashern, MB. ING, Fairview, Ab. July 6, 7, 8. For more 1962 PIPER CHEROKEE, PA28-160, information call Phil, 780-835-5430, or go 2021 TTSN, 1185 SMOH, Mode C, good rato dios, 4 place intercom, COA done April 2012, $30,000. 780-826-4751, Bonnyville, AB. Email: 1969 CITABRIA 7GCBC 775 TTSN, wheels, FLEE MARKET, ANTIQUE and craft show, skis and floats, $70,000. 306-768-2612, Craven, SK. rink, July 13, 14 and 15th, 306-768-2548, Carrot River, SK. during the Big Valley Jamboree. Crafts, ACROSPORT I PROJECT, 160 HP, 350 TT, baking, woodwork, glassware, jewelry, single seat, needs completion and assemcoins and cards, etc. For table rentals call: bly, major repairs done. Trade for C90-8F 306-545-1243 or 306-545-9694. engine, $10,500. 403-948-2125 Airdrie, AB

1968 CITABRIA 7ECA, 1490 TT, floats, wheels, restoration with new Ceconite, new radio, built in inter com in 2007, $49,600. Interested in trade for wheeled aircraft. 306-425-3257, La Ronge, SK. Email CHAMPION 7ECA and 7EC w/C90 82 SMOH, total restoration, radio, mode C, intercom, new tires, Cleveland brakes, Scott tailwheel, strobe, wheelpants, $35,000. 780-826-3684, Bonnyville, AB. 1947 PA-11 Cub Special, 2250 TT, always shedded, skis, radio, shoulder harness, well maintained, very clean, $39,000. For pics call: 403-746-3679, Eckville, AB.

1975 CITABRIA 7GCBC, 150 HP w/flaps, 1200 TT, 700 SMOH, new metal spar wings exc., extensive annual w/many new or OH parts, $75,000. 403-948-2125, Airdrie, AB 1975 C182P, 2725 TT, new leather int., long range tanks, hangared, $89,500. 306-752-4909, Melfort, SK. 2003 DIAMOND DA20-C1; 2006 Diamond DA20-C1 w/GNS 430 and GTX 327 transponder. 403-637-2250, Water Valley, AB. MUST SELL: 1969 Piper Cherokee. Full IFR panel, ILS, DME, dual Nav/Coms, dual ADF, XPDR, GPS, intercoms, good radios, recent annual inspection, $30,000 firm. 306-445-3690, Battleford, SK.

1976 CARDINAL RG II IFR 1840 TT, 24 SMOH, 24 on new 3-blade Hartzell, Apollo TAYLORCRAFT BC12D float attach kit, not BOB AND ARLENE ANDERSON, MacGreradio stack, hangared, blue and white. Pics certified. Boissevain, MB. Can ship. $1200. gor, MB., Antique and Collector Equipment available. Abbotsford, BC., 604-309-4692. 204-215-0080. Auction Sale, Monday, July 30th at 10:00 1 mile west of MacGregor, 1 mile 1976 PIPER PA-23-250 Aztec “F” Turbo, 1970 PA39, turbo twin Comanche, CR, AM. Feature large cast “J.I.Case” eagle 3135 TTAF, 773 TSO, Garmin GNS 530, full 4580 TT, new paint/int., NDH, rare air- south. 4.5’ high, excellent; Antique tractors, atDe-Ice. Call John Hopkinson & Assoc. craft. 306-752-4909, Melfort, SK. tachments and crawler; Antique and col403-637-2250, Water Valley, AB. lector cars and parts; Antique and collecfarm machinery, stationary steam AIRPLANE HANGAR, located at CYXE MGK AERO: LIGHT aircraft and engine tor boilers and related parts, also colSaskatoon, 1470 sq. ft. (42x35’), concrete parts, propellers, C23 new surplus parts. engines, lector tools and toys; Farm and shop tools. 204-324-6088, Altona, MB. floor, Diamond aviation bi-fold door, finWe are selling all Anderson’s antiques and ished and heated. Asking $89,900. For demachine collectable, many rare and intertails and pics call/text: 306-717-0709. esting items. Contact Bob and Arlene Anderson 204-685-2137. For full listings and CESSNA 140, all metal air frame, recent pictures go to engine top end overhaul, paint 8 out of 10, or, or, call new rubber, c/w skis. Ph. 306-747-3755 or Murray Rankin Auctions at 306-468-2878, Shellbrook, SK. WIRELESS DRIVEWAY ALARMS, calv- 204-534-7401, Killarney, MB. or, call ing/ foaling barn cameras, video surveil- R o s s Ta y l o r A u c t i o n S e r v i c e at 1974 SKYMASTER P-337G, 2300 TT, lance, rear view cameras for RV’s, trucks, engines approx. 600 hrs. SMOH, extensive combines, seeders, sprayers and augers. 204-877-3834, Reston, MB. annual complete, sacrifice $80,000. Phone M o u n t e d o n m a g n e t . C a l g a r y, A B . R i c k W i l d f o n g 3 0 6 - 7 3 4 - 2 3 4 5 o r 403-616-6610, 306-734-7721, Craik, SK.

CLASSIFIED AD SUBMISSION FORM Complete name, address and phone number need not appear in your ad, although we must have this information for our files. NAME ________________________________________________________________________ DAYTIME PHONE# ___________________________ CELL# _________________________ EVENING PHONE# __________________________________ ADDRESS ________________________________________________ TOWN _________________________________________ PROVINCE _____________

RICHMOND ANTIQUE and Collectible Auction for Pauline Weppler and The Late Jim Weppler, Morse, SK. Location: Morse, SK., Hwy. #1, East of Swift Current, SK. Saturday, July 7, 2012, 9:00 AM. Jim had many years in the Small Engine Repair Business and attended many auction sales purchasing and refurbishing his many purchases. There is a great selection of shop tools and supplies as well as some very interesting collectibles! Due to the quantity of items, we will be selling with 2 rings most of the day! 1929 Model A, 5-window Coupe. Collector Tractors: 1939 General; 1939 Ford 2; Case VA; Case LA; Case 500; IH W30; Massey 30; MM.V; Case 4’ one-way; Tumblebugs. Stationary Engines: Stover, Gould, Shap Ley, Ideal, Judson, Lister, Chore Boy, Johnny Boy, JD, Fairbanks, Massey Harris, LA IHC, 7M “D”, Cushman, washing machine motors, plus more; Case D power unit; 32V power plants; many Pails and Tins: LUT engine oil and antifreeze; White Rose, Nanouk, Husky, Esso, Co-op, Shell, Zonc, Polar, Frost Cap, misc. tins; license plates; selection of signs; Vendo 44 Coca-Cola dispenser, excellent cond.; tins and glass; great selection of shop tools and supplies; numerous yard tractors and riding mowers, (most are rebuilt); 1997 Dodge Ram, ext. cab; 1976 Ford 1/2 ton, good cond.; 1982 22’ Empress motor home, 460 auto, rebuilt eng. Call Marshall 306-648-7429, PL #321230. For a complete list and photos view:

LARGE UNRESERVED QUALITY Antique Auction Monday, August 6th, 9:30 AM, Fort Qu’Appelle, Saskatchewan. Visit for many pictures. Phone 306-332-5382. PL #1-914399.

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33. Black Snake ___ 36. She starred in the First Wives Club (2 wds.) DOWN 1. She plays a mysterious traveller in Cowboys & Aliens (2 wds.) 2. He played Dr. Bruce Banner/Hulk in 2008 (2 wds.) 3. Canadian who played the White House Chief of Staff in 2012 (2 wds.) 4. The third film to feature Reese Witherspoon and Paul Rudd (4 wds.) 5. Canadian who stars on Rookie Blue (2 wds.) 6. Film Renee Zellweger won a Golden Globe Award for (2 wds.) 7. He was Simone Signoret’s husband 10. Dick ___ Patten 12. House on ___ (2 wds.) 21. He starred in I, the Jury 24. Thieves Like ___ 26. Film starring Sean Penn and Jennifer Lopez (2 wds.) 27. She starred on the TV series Men in Trees 28. The King ___ (2 wds.) 34. The Devil’s ___ 35. Dinner ___ Eight


WANTED: MINNEAPOLIS 708 fuel injection pump for Perkins diesel or Fordson major longhorn; Also need new rebuilt or very good head for 382 MH (model 55 or 555) gas engine. Not a wheeler/dealer, going to a good home. 403-350-3440. WANTED: COCKSHUTT 50, years 1950 to 1954, gas, in good running order. 780-645-3503, St. Paul, AB. OLDER 3 PTH ATTACHMENTS for Ferguson tractors, plow, harrow, transfer bucket, p u l l b l a d e , r o u g h c u t f l a i l m o we r. 306-742-4565, MacNutt, SK. MASSEY 30, SANDBLASTED, engine rebuilt, ready to paint and reassemble. Phone 306-935-2258, Milden, SK. 1952 JD 5020 tractor, running, always shedded; Stook loader; Square bale loader; Hand crank sheaf cutter; Two Fresno scrapers; 40’ square bale loader. Located near Kincaid, SK. Phone 306-648-2544. CASE VA TRACTOR w/extra hood, please call again, 306-863-2603, Star City, SK. SATURDAY, JUNE 30, 9:00 AM Eisners Auction Centre Swan River. Selling JD 820 running, 4 seat restored Democrat, 2 seat Doctor Buggy, two JD B’s need restoring. Check Lawrence Eisner Auctions 204-525-2225, Minitonas, MB. NEW TRACTOR PARTS and engine rebuild kits. 150,000 parts available. Great quotes. Service and owners manuals, and decals. Our 38th year. 1-800-481-1353. 1928 JOHN DEERE D restored, painted, front steel, rear rubber, $2900. Call George 780-689-7373, Athabasca, AB.


JIM’S CLASSIC CORNER, a selling service for classic and antique automobiles, ARTIFICIAL ICE PLANT, used 60 TR, 2 carrier comps, on steel frame. Prewired contrucks, boats. 204-997-4636, Winnipeg MB trol panel 575/3/60. Good for arena, curl1933 CHEVY 1.5 TON, no rust, restoration ing rink or combination, avail. immediately started. 306-357-4700, Dinsmore, SK. $30,000 OBO. 306-846-2203 Dinsmore, SK 1975 GMC CABOVER, 350 DD, 13 spd., 40,000 rears; 1957 Dodge D700 tandem, 354 Hemi, 5&3 trans., 34,000 rears; 1971 GMC longnose tandem, 318 DD, 4x4 trans. Sterling 306-539-4642, Regina, SK. 1946 VA CASE, S/N 5054877, completely restored, engine overhauled, new tires, reCOLLECTOR CAR AUCTION, July 20 and wired, $5000. 780-939-5780, Morinville AB 21, 2012. All Indoors - Credit Union Event FERGUSON 20, 3 PTH, good condition; MH Plex, Evraz Place, Regina, SK. Now accept44, high arch, good; McCormick W4, good ing consignments. David 306-693-4411, condition. 306-784-2953, Main Centre, SK. 306-631-7207 or Bob 306-690-6263, 1923 MCCORMICK DEERING 15-30, totally Country Boy Ent. Inc . PL #318206. restored, $2150 OBO. 204-764-2015, Hamiota, MB. 1963 OLDSMOBILE STARFIRE 2 door SATURDAY, JUNE 30, 9:00 AM Eisners 394 auto, V8, buckets, console, Auction Centre Swan River. Manitoba’s TWO GOOD RUNNING 1955 Farmall Cubs hardtop, windows, runs and drives nice, largest 42nd Annual June Equipment Conand attachments, $3400 for both. Pictures power $5,500. 306-865-4166, Hudson Bay, SK. signment Sale. 100’s of items: tractors, available. 250-862-7782, Kelowna, BC. LINCOLN MARK V, 60,000 kms, grey, trucks, farm, haying, harvest, sporting, anINTERNATIONAL 624 DIESEL tractor, 3 1978 tique items, tools, misc., trees and shrubs. 460 motor, stored inside, mint condition. PTH, Allied loader to fit. Regina, SK. 306-487-7920, Midale, SK. Pancake Breakfast 7:30-9:00. Don’t miss 306-531-5088. this popular sale! Lawrence Eisner AucFOR SALE: 1954 Meteor Rideau, Flathead tions, check BUYING TRACTOR CATALOGUES, bro- V8, 2 spd. auto. trans.; 1950 Dodge 2 door 204-525-2225, Minitonas, MB. chures, manuals, calendars, etc. Edmonton Model D35; 1956 International half ton; AB. Barry 780-921-3942, 780-903-3432. 1952 Plymouth Belvedere 2 door hardtop. JOHN DEERE 720 diesel, Serial #7221866, 403-362-3278, Brooks, AB. or email: $3500; 204-724-6309, Rapid City, MB. 1964 DODGE 500, w/hoist, $500; 1951 Ford F5, w/hoist, $500; 1946 International K32749, $400. Call 780-663-2201, 780-679-5606, Ryley, AB.

OLD MOTORCYCLES OR Parts Wanted, any condition, size or make. 1979 or older. Will pickup, pay cash. Call Wes 403-936-5572 anytime, Calgary, AB. 1976 MERCURY GRAND Marquis sedan, fully loaded, 75,025 orig. miles, 1 owner, show quality. All reasonable offers considered. 306-296-4527 eves., Frontier, SK.

STEAM TRACTION ENGINE, duplex pump; 2” internal flue cutter; 1 1/2 - 2 1/2, 3 - 5, HP IHC water cooled engines; Hardie verTUNE-RITE TRACTOR PARTS: New tical double 2 piston water pump, driven parts for old tractors. Tires, decals, repro- by water cooled engine. 306-773-5165, 1953 GMC 9430 grain truck, B&H, good duction parts, antiques and classic. West- Swift Current, SK. shape, $4900 OBO. Bob 403-934-4081, ern Canada m.e. MILLER tire dealer and STEINER dealer. Phone Don Ellingson,. I H W 6 S TA N D A R D , s t u c k , $ 5 0 0 . Mossleigh, AB. 1-877-636-0005, Calgary, AB. or email 306-464-4710, Lang, SK. FORD BRONCO 1977, 4X4, 302 V8, 3 spd. FORD 8N TRACTOR w/5’ rotary mower, 3 std, 2 dr, completely restored less paint, 194? TD45 INTERNATIONAL Caterpillar, PTH, excellent cond., $3500. Call Henry $20,000 OBO. 403-357-9097, Red Deer, AB c o m p l e t e , o f fe r s . Way n e N i c k a s o n 306-726-2261, Southey, SK. 1952 MERCURY half ton, V8, 3 speed, 306-357-4636, Wiseton, SK. 45,360 original miles, $7500. Phone: THREE IHC TRACTORS, W4 and W6, re204-724-6309, Rapid City, MB. stored; Also W9 gas, as is. About 1950 1953 DODGE 1 TON flat deck, flat head 6 LOOKING FOR BREN gun carrier project, Models. Ph. 780-755-3763, Edgerton, AB. cyl., 4 spd., exc. cab, no rust, great resto- built in Windsor, Ont. by Ford Motor Co. 1946 CASE S tractor, restored with new ration truck, $2800 OBO. 306-253-4553 or during WWII. 416-438-2595, Email: paint, runs perfect, $2400 OBO. Call 306-280-2145, Aberdeen, SK., Scarborough, ON. 306-792-4704, Springside, SK. 1976 FORD F250, blue, 4 door crewcab, IHC MOTOR, UD16 6 cylinder, runs good, 2WD, 390 4 barrel, 4 spd., no rust, very $1000. 780-679-8125, Bashaw, AB. good cond, $15,000, will have MB safety. WANTED: GLASS TELEPHONE and tele204-761-3196, Rapid City, MB. TRACTOR COLLECTION for sale: Cockgraph insulators. Top prices paid for one shutt 20 and 20 Deluxe, JD’s 420 Hi-crop 1950 MERCURY MONARCH Sport sedan, or a thousand. No clear glass. Contact Jim (rare), 420 N, 430 TW, M, MTW, MTN, LA, suicide doors, all original, new upholstery, at 403-240-3199 or BW and 2 H’s. 403-660-8588, Calgary, AB. recent paint in white w/blue bottom. Very Calgary, AB. HORSE DRAWN JD gang plow #221, good good driver, orig. 255 flathead and manual ANTIQUE WINDOW IN frame, for a house; shape, open to offers. 780-853-2031 or trans, 6 volt electric fan added for parades, A l s o h o m e m a d e s o a p f o r s a l e . radial tires, 6 volt elec. fuel pump, $9000 780-581-4035, Vermilion, AB. 306-654-4802, Prud’Homme, SK. OBO. 780-675-5002 eves, Athabasca, AB. WANTED: JD 55 Series 3 or 4 bottom ALLIS CHALMERS Power Unit Model B12 plow. 250-808-4240, Kelowna, BC. c/w clutch and gear reducer, Serial # PU 106864. 306-773-9718, Swift Current, SK. 1940 FARMALL M, narrow front, older restore, excellent condition, $3500. CASH PAID FOR womens clothing, foot306-442-4621, Pangman, SK. wear and accessories, 1940 to 1970, in good cond. 306-373-8012, Saskatoon, SK. 1955 MINNEAPOLIS MOLINE GB, good original condition, good running order, VINTAGE POWER MACHINES 32nd Annual $2000. 306-778-3858, Swift Current, SK. Threshing Festival, July 21st and 22nd at the VPM site, 10 kms SW of Prince Albert JD MODEL R for parts or could be rebuilt, on Hwy 11. Saturday is Family Day and will 18x26 tires. 306-567-4682, 306-567-7967, also include celebrating the RM of Prince Davidson, SK. Alberts 100th Anniversary. Free admission ADRIAN’S MAGNETO SERVICE Guaran- 1930 FORD MODEL A Sports Coupe, 2 on Saturday. All venues open- threshing, teed repairs on mags and ignitors. Repairs. door, rumble seat, green, soft top, all blacksmithing, horseshoeing, sawmilling Parts. Sales. 204-326-6497. Box 21232, original, $21,900. Phone: 306-381-7241, demos. Museum, silent auction, farm ani306-220-4454, Saskatoon, SK. Steinbach, MB. R5G 1S5. mals, clowns, magician, music, conces75 STATIONARY ENGINES up to 10 HP, 1964 CHEV 1/2 ton, 4x4, $1800. Pics by sion, ice cream, stationary’s, old equipmagneto’s, igniters and other parts. Email: email. 306-295-4062 or 306-295-7012, ment, etc. Sunday is Vintage Tractor pulls with all venues also open. Parking at site. Ph: 306-697-2723, Frontier, SK. Grenfell, SK. 1972 BUICK HARDTOP, 2 dr., 455 engine, WANTED: TRACTOR MANUALS, sales broCO-OP E5 GAS tractor; Co-op E2 tractor, automatic; 3 Model A engines and trans- chures, tractor catalogs. 306-373-8012, Saskatoon, SK. missions. 403-504-0468, Medicine Hat AB. good condition, best offer. 204-766-2643.




W e d ., July 11, 2012 @ 11 AM

V ie w in g: S a le d a y fro m 9AM to s a le tim e Ca s h, Cheq u e (w ith Pro p er I.D.), Deb it(IfCo vera ge) Dire c tio n s : Fro m K iplin g: 6 m ile s Ea s t, 1 m ile S o u th, 1/2 m ile Ea s t- W a tc h fo r S ign s L is tin g to In clu d e: Ca s e IH 2394, 7655 Hrs ; Ca s e 2090 w ith L eo n 707 F E L , 6045 Hrs (S o ld w ith Ba le Pro n g); 1977 Do d ge 700 4 T o n Gra in T ru ck; 1966 Do d ge 400; In tern a tio n a l 1460 Axia l F lo w Co m b in e; IH810 Pick Up Hea d er; S w a th Ro ller; New Ho lla n d 116 Ha yb in e; Vers a tile 20’ Pu ll T yp e S w a ther; Vers a tile 4400 24’; Ca s e IH RBX561 Ro u n d Ba ler; 2 Ba r 27 Deep T illa ge w ith M o u n ted Ha rro w s ; M o rris 27’ Deep T illa ge w ith M o u n ted Ha rro w s ; Jo hn Deere 16’ T a n d em Dis c; F lexi Co il S ys tem 82; 60’ T in e Ha rro w Ba r; In tern a tio n a l 7200 Pres s Drills ; 2-14” w ith T ra n s p o rt Hitch; Utility T ra iler; Ru b b er T ired Ba le W a go n ; In tern a tio n a l 530 M a n u re S p rea d er; S a kin d ra k HD8-1600, 8” X60’; Bra n d t 35’ Gra in Au ger w /K o hler; 16hp ; W es teel 1650 S teel Bin ; Pa n els Aera tio n ; M eta l In d u s tries 1800 6V Ho p p er Bin ; W es teel Ro s co ; 1650 6V Ho p p er Bin ; Hyd ra u lic E n d Ga te Drill F ill; L in co ln 180 W eld er S T HL Cha in s a w ; M a kita 7” An gle Grin d er; Do w id a t 3/4” S o cketS et; W en in ger Hyd ra u lic Bin S w eep ; Ho n d a 3” T ra s h Pu m p (L ike New ); 2” T ra s h Pu m p ; 65 Ga llo n S lip T a n k w /12V Pu m p ; Ro lls Of Ba rb W ire; M eta l w /Ru b b er F eed T ro u gh; F ro n t E n d Off A Do d ge 1/2 T o n ; 7’ Po s ts 5-6” ; 6’ Pickets 3-4” ; 100 Ga llo n S lip T a n k; 12V Pu m p ; 8’ S teel Co rra l Pa n els ; 10’ S teel Co rra l Pa n els ; S w is her 50” ; 23 Ho rs e Po w er, Zero T u rn M o w er; Po la ris X Plo rer 400; 2007 5X8 Ra m p T ra iler & M UCH, M UCH M o re!

Preeceville, SK • Thursday, July 5, 2012 • 10 am

Bid s C los e Every M ond a y a t N oon! 2- 2007 F o rd F 250 Crew Ca b , 6.4 Dies els ; 2005 GM C 2500HD Ga s ; 2006 F o rd F 550XL S D Picker T ru ck w / F a s s i F 45 Picker; 2008 F o rd F 350XL S D Crew Ca b ; 1997 F regithlin er Go s hen Co a ch 25 Pa s s en ger Bu s ; Ca t V80 F o rklift, Pro p a n e; Jim m a 404 Dies el T ra cto r- o n ly 2 ho u rs ! R/ T Hi L ift F o rklift; Argo 8-W heel AT V w / W in ch & T ra cks ; JD 420, 3p t-hitch w / 60” ’d 3 Rea r M o u n t Deck; 1995 L o d e K in g 48’ T ria xle Deck T ra iler; 2- Y a m a ha Bra vo S n o w m o b iles ; 2- 1995 Grea t Da n e 48’ T /A Va n T ra iler w / Ca rrier Reefer; 40’ High Cu b e S to ra ge Co n ta in er; 1998 Peterb ilt 379; Za m o b o n i Ice Res u rfa cer; 2007 S helb y 16’ T /A T ra iler; 20’ T /A Pin tle Hitch; 22-Dra w er W o rk S ta tio n T o o l Co u n ters ; M S 10 Pla te T a m p er; 2007 Ca s e 1840 S kid s tter; Ca t RT 100 T eleha n d ler & M u ch, M u ch M ORE !

5 M i. E. o f R egin a o n Hw y. #1 in G rea tPla in s In d u stria lPa rk TELEPHO N E (306) 52 5- 9516 w w w .grea tpla in sa u ctio n w w w .glo b a la u ctio n gu id m S ALES 1stS ATUR DAY O F EV ER Y M O N TH P.L. #91452 9

McSHERRY AUCTION SERVICE Ltd. Auction Sale. Doris Hamblin (late Wallace). Saturday, July 7 at 10 AM. Winnipeg Beach, MB. South 4 miles on Hwy #9 then West 1 mile on #225 Hwy, then North 1/2 mile on McKenzie Rd #2764. Contact: 204-389-5421 or 204-284-8504. 1966 Nash Rambler American 4D, solid original; 1976 Ford 250, 351 auto, 56,900 miles; Ford 8N 3 PTH, 540 PTO; 1939 M Moline Z narrow front row crop; McCormick WD9 diesel; McCormick W6; Along with yard tools. Call: Stuart M c S h e r r y, 2 0 4 - 4 6 7 - 1 8 5 8 o r 204-886-7027.


P H: (306) 75 7-175 5 orTOLL FR EE (8 00) 2 63-4193

W W W .M CD O UG ALLBAY.CO M L IC.#31448 0

UNRESERVED FARM AUCTION: Bobcat, JD tractor, forklift, equipment, trailers, motor bikes, mobile home, trucks, quad, tools, pipe and steel and much more. No buyers fee! 10:00 AM, Saturday, July 7th, Amisk, AB., Scribner Auction, 780-842-5666,




TUES . AUG US T 14TH @ 8 AM Hw y #3 Ea s t, Tis d a le , S K .


Full a n d P a rtia l Fa rm D is pe rs a ls ; C o m b in e s ; S w a th e rs ; G ra in trucks ; H a rve s tEquipm e n t; In d us tria l; C a rs ; Trucks ; ATV’s ; R V’s & M o re




Toll Free Anytime 1-866-873-5488 PH: 306-873-5488 TISDALE, SASK. PL #912715



WED. JULY 11 at 11:00 AM, Bar 5 Dining Lounge and Nite Club contents, Southridge Mall, 37th Street and 50th Avenue, Lloydminster, AB. Complete dispersal of all equipment, contents, signs and posters. Stewart Auctions, Vermilion, AB. Call office at 780-853-4725 or, 800-269-8580,



From Preeceville, SK go 1.6 km (1 mile) South on Hwy 47, then 21 km (13 miles) West on Grid 755 (Hazel Grid), 3.2 km (2 miles) South, 3.2 km (2 miles) West, 0.4 km (0.25 miles) South


1978 Versatile 835 4WD • 1976 Case 1270 2WD • Case 1070 2WD • 1966 Case 730 • 2005 John Deere 9760STS • 1982 New Holland 970 24 Ft Rigid Header • Creative Enterprises 24 Ft Header Transport • 2008 Massey Ferguson 9220 30 Ft Swather • 1995 Ford L9000 T/A • 1980 Ford F700 S/A • International 1600 S/A • 1974 Chevrolet Custom 10 • Bourgault 3642 36 Ft Air Seeder • Degelman 42 Ft Cultivator • Morris 50 Ft Heavy Harrows • Flexi-Coil 50 Ft Harrows • Flexi-Coil 45 Ft Harrow Packer • Flexi-Coil 75 40 Ft Packers • 1986 Case IH 3650 Round Baler • New Holland 273 Hayliner Square Baler • Brandt 60 Ft Field Sprayer • 2010 Wheatheart BH851 8 In. x 51 Ft Grain Auger • Craftsman 46 in. Riding Lawn Mower....AND MUCH MORE!

For up-to-date equipment listings, please check our website:

Ritchie Bros. Territory Manager – Dan Steen: 306.361.7652 Toll Free: 1.800.491.4494




Ch e ck W e b s ite for FULL Lis tin g, De ta ils & Ph otos ! On lin e Biddin g w ill b e Ava ila b le !

Regin a

Dennis Fuchs: 306.547.2850 FOR MORE INFORMATION:



Fo r M o re In fo rm a tio n Ca ll: Glen M cCa rthy: (306 ) 736 -2344 o r the o ffice: (8 00) 26 3-419 3

Fuchs Farms


McSHERRY AUCTION SERVICE Ltd. Auction Sale, Abe’s Cylinder Head Clinic Ltd., Wed, July 4th at 4 PM, Steinbach, MB. Industrial Park (West Lowen Windows), 114 Millwork Drive. Contact 204-326-4424 for apt. to view. Retirement Auction. Modern; Specialty; Engine Rebuilding Equip; along with regular comparable mechanical repair tools. Stuart McSherry 204-467-1858 or 204-886-7027, Go to web:

PBR FARM AND INDUSTRIAL SALE, last Saturday of each month. Ideal for farmers, contractors, suppliers and dealers. Consign now. Next sale June 30, 9:00 AM. PBR, 1 0 5 - 7 1 s t S t . We s t , S a s k at o o n , S K . , 306-931-7666.

\#57%%'55(7.5#.'W+5#'-74#7%6+1055#.'^[ Are You Thinking Auction?

Equine Business Opportunity Sale Method – Private Treaty The owners of MP Stables would like to provide an opportunity to a new owner, to continue on with this exciting, established business. Forged after 30+ years in business, the selected new owner, will continue to service their on going relationships with existing clients and cultivate new business relationships. Visit for complete details or Corey @ 780-898-5600




2007 Roa d Ru n n er21’ RV Tra iler; 2010 Ca m ero; 2010 Ha rley Da vid s on


“ BUY N OW ” – IM M ED IATE S ALE 2005 JCB8017 Tra ck hoe; 2007 Ca s e 430 S k id s teer& M ore




See w eb site for p hotos,term s,c ond itions & exc lusions w w w .Sa s ka toon .M cdouga llAuction .com P hon e : (306 ) 6 52-4334 Lic #318116

Offers Close August 15, 2012

Unreserved Auction Sept 15, 2012 Horse Drawn Carriages, Sleighs, Wagons & Trimming Chute, Horse Trailers, Flat Decks & Trucks, Tractor, Sea Can, Root Rake & Yard Equipment, Harness, Saddles, Tack & Misc Items, Antiques & Collectables, Livestock Equipment, Building Material & Structural Steel, Yard & Shop Equipment, Feed, Horses Internet Bidding Available For more information call Morris or Evelyn @ 780-973-3352

Full Details for all Auctions are available on our website Drayton Valley 780-542-4337

Westlock 780-349-3153



Cred itUnion EventP lex Evra z P la ce – R egina , S K.



N O-RES ERV E V EHICL ES • 41 Pa c ka rd 120 4 Dr. S e d a n • 3 6 Pa c ka rd 4 Dr. S e d a n • 3 9 In d ia n S c o u t Ju n io r M o to rc yc le • 67 S kyla rk 2 Dr. HT • 50 S tu d e b a ke r 1 To n Tru c k • 84 Bo m b a rd ie r lltis S n o w m o b ile & Tra ile r • 02 La n d ro ve r 4 d r. • 80 Lin c o ln M a rk V l 4 Dr. S e d a n • 79 Po rc he 911 C o u pe • 66 To ro n a d o 2 Dr. • 3 1 Fo rd M o d e l A Pic k Up • 60 M o n tc a lm C u s to m 2 Dr HT • 2012 S te a lth 24’ En c lo s e d Tra ile r • 90 Lin c o ln S ign a tu re S e rie s G o ld C a rd C a r • 66 Be e tle 2 Dr HT • 89 C o rve tte C 4 C o n ve rtib le • 69 C a m a ro C o n ve rtib le • 57 Be l Air C o n ve rtib le • 63 C o rve tte S plit W in d o w C o u pe • 57 C he v 2 Do o r Po s t • 69 C o rve tte C o u pe • 95 Be n tly C o n tin e n ta l R • 56 Fo rd V ic to ria • 83 C he v C 10 1/2 To n • 77 AM C Je e p J-10 Pic k Up • 70 C a m a ro Z28 - 2 Dr C o u pe • 2000 Pro w le r C o n ve rtib le & M a tc hin g Tra ile r • 75 T-Bird 2 Dr HT.

RES ERV ED V EHICL ES • 28 Fo rd A Ro a d s te r 1/4 To n C o n ve rtib le • 68 K 10 1/2 To n 4x4 S ho rtb o x • 50 Bo m b a rd ie r S n o w m o b ile • 2010 Ho m e b u ilt C ru is e r M o to rc yc le • 74 C a m a ro 2n d G e n e ra tio n • 72 El C a m in o S S Trib u te • 57 Be l Air 4 Dr. • 74 C ha lle n ge r C o u pe • 07 C ro w n Live 23 ’ S S Bo a t& Tra ile r.

Ad m is s io n : $15 .00 (w ris tb a n d go o d fo r b o th d a ys ) C h ild re n 14 & Un d e r: Fre e Bid d e rs N um b e r: $20.00 Cheq ues W ill Be Ac c ep ted W ith An Irrevoc a b le Ba nk Letter Of Cred it

NOW ACCEPTING CONSIGNMENTS DON’T DELAY CONSIGN TODAY! Da vid : (306) 693- 4411 (306) 631- 72 07 Bob : (306) 690- 62 63 w w w.thecollectorca rgroup .com COUNTR Y BOY ENT. INC. P L#318 2 06

2008 DODGE TRUCK BOXES: 2008 Dodge long box dually, red w/sprayed in box liner, tailgate decent, $2500; 2008 Dodge 3/4 ton long box, white, clean, tailgate nice, $1500. 306-821-0260, Lloydminster, SK. K-B TRUCK PARTS. Older, heavy truck salvage parts for all makes and models. Call 306-259-4843, Young, SK. WRECKING USED VOLVO trucks: Misc. axles and trans. parts; Also tandem trailer suspension axles. 306-539-4642 Regina SK WRECKING SEMI-TRUCKS, lots of parts. Call Yellowhead Traders. 306-896-2882, Churchbridge, SK. VS TRUCK WORKS Inc. parting out GM 1/2- 1 ton trucks. Call Gordon or Joanne, 403-972-3879, Alsask, SK. SOUTHSIDE AUTO WRECKERS, Weyburn, SK, 306-842-2641. Used car and truck parts, light to heavy. We buy scrap iron and non-ferrous metals. SASKATOON TRUCK PARTS CENTRE Ltd. North Corman Industrial Park. New and used parts available for 3 ton highway tractors including custom built tandem converters and wet kits. All truck makes/models bought and sold. Shop service available. Specializing in repair and custom rebuilding for transmissions and differentials. Now offering driveshaft repair and assembly from passenger vehicles to heavy trucks. For more info call 306-668-5675 or 1-877-362-9465. DL #914394 TRUCK PARTS: 1/2 ton to 3 ton, gas and diesel engines, 4 and 5 spd transmissions, single and 2 speed axles, 13’-16’ B&H’s, and many other parts. Phoenix Auto, Lucky Lake, SK, 1-877-585-2300. ONE OF SASK’s largest inventory of used heavy truck parts. 3 ton tandem diesel motors and transmissions and differentials for all makes! Can Am Truck Export Ltd., 1-800-938-3323. WRECKING TRUCKS: All makes all models. Need parts? Call 306-821-0260 or email: Wrecking Dodge, Chev, GMC, Ford and others. Lots of 4x4 stuff, 1/2 ton - 3 ton, buses etc. and some cars. We ship by bus, mail, Loomis, Purolator. Lloydminster, SK. WRECKING LATE MODEL TRUCKS: 1/2 tons, 3/4 tons, 1 tons, 4x4’s, vans, SUV’s. Also large selection of Cummins diesel motors, Chevs and Fords as well. Phone Edmonton- 1-800-294-4784, or Calgary1-800-294-0687. We ship anywhere. We have everything, almost. TRUCK BONEYARD INC. Specializing in obsolete parts, all makes. Trucks bought for wrecking. 306-771-2295, Balgonie, SK.


SCHOOL BUSES: 1991- 2001, 36 to 66 pass., $2600 and up. Phoenix Auto, Lucky Lake, SK., 1-877-585-2300. DL #320074.


780- 678- 3581


Trailer Sales And Rentals

1975 MERCURY METEOR Montcalm, red, 2 door, mint condition. For details call after 6:00 PM, 306-478-2461, Mankota, SK. 2008 LINCOLN TOWN CAR Signature Ltd., 51,000 kms, metallic silver, Michelin tires, loaded except sunroof and NAV, smoke free, senior owned, shedded, $19,900. Call Norm 780-490-8857. 2009 VW JETTA Highline TDI, leather, sunroof, Bluetooth, 65,000 kms., 50+mpg, $21,000, no tax. 306-458-2642, Midale, SK


2005 LODE KING Super B grain trailers, 22.5, 80% rubber, current safety, gd. cond., $48,000. 204-281-2260, Benito, MB.

SANDBLAST AND PAINT your grain trailers, boxes, flatdecks and more. We use industrial undercoat and paint. Can zinc coat for added rust protection. Quality work2011 CHEVY IMPALA, was $30,000 new, manship guaranteed. Prairie Sandblasting 4 2 , 0 0 0 k m s . , $ 1 6 , 5 0 0 n o t a x e s . and Painting, 306-744-7930, Saltcoats, SK. 306-554-2824, Wynyard, SK. DL #907914. 2009 DOEPKER SUPER B grain trailers, white, lift axles, alum. slopes, new 5th wheel, tires 80%, tarps 1 yr old, fresh safety March 2012, good clean unit, $70,000 OBO. 403-443-0108, Three Hills, AB. NEW WILSON SUPER B’s, tridem and tandem; 2011 Doepker Super B, lift axles, near new; 2008 Lode-King Super B’s; 2005 and 1996 Super B Lode-King alum., alum. budds, air ride; 1997 Doepker Super B and 1998 Castleton, air ride; 2001 tridem Lode-King, air ride, 3 hopper; 1992 Doepker 31’ tridem; Tandem and S/A converter, drop hitch, certified; Tridem axle 20’ and tandem axle 18’ pony pups, BH&T. Phone 306-356-4550, Dodsland, SK. DL# 905231, 2007 WILSON 3 axle hopper grain trailer, new electric tarp, 2 hopper LED lights, 84” sidewalls, 51’ long, 102” wide, new MB. safety, spread 50-50-68, rear 1 lifting axle, very good cond., can deliver, $38,000. Phone 204-743-2324, Cypress River, MB.

Distributor for Vanguard, EBY, Trail-Eze, J.C. Trailers & Felling Trailers

Visit our website at:

D ecks

2013 F ellin g F T 50 T iltT a g 2013 F ellin g F T 50 T iltAir Ra m p s


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2013 F ellin g 48’ S tep Bea verta il 2013 F ellin g 53’ T ri- Bea verta il 2013 F ellin g 53’ T ri Deta cha b le eq u i pm en ttra iler, a lu m p u l l o-u ts

Wilson Aluminum Tandem, Tri-Axle & Super B Grain Trailers

Com in g S oon EBY Alu m in u m Deck Over F al tDeck L ightE q u i pm en t tra ile rs u p to 14,000 lb GVW

Live s toc k Tra ile rs

2013 E BY Gro u n d L o a d 53-2 Alu m 2012 E BY Bu ll Rid e 53-3 L in er

G oos e n e c k Tra ile rs

Call for a quote Andres specializes in the sales, service and rental of agricultural and commercial trailers. Fina nc ing Is Ava ila ble! Ca ll Us Toda y!

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M a verick 20’ 2-7K S la tS id e W ra n gler 22’ 2-7K S la tS id e M a verick 30’ 3-7K S la tS id e M a verick 24’ 2-7K S la tS id e

D ry V a n s

Toll Free 1-888-834-8592 - Lethbridge, AB Toll Free 1-888-955-3636 - Nisku, AB

2009 Va n gu a rd 53 x 102 C a ll fo rAva ila b ility a n d P ricin g Fin a n ce R e po ’s Acce ptin g Offe rs

Regina - 1-800-667-0466 Keefe HallCell- 306-535-2420 w w w D.L#909069

2010 CORNHUSKER hopper trailer, 80” side walls, 42’ long, A/R new 285.75 R24.5 tires, brakes and drums, MB safety, alum rims vg cond. LED lighting. Cypress River, 2009 LODE-KING SUPER B, air ride, alum. MB. Phone 204-743-2324. Can deliver. wheels, stainless fenders, silver and green, $63,000 OBO. 403-308-1196, Nobleford AB 1984 GOERTZEN GRAIN trailer, 28’ with 2008 DOEPKER SUPER B, great shape, auger in bottom of trailer, $5500 OBO. rims and tires 80%. 2005 Doepker Super B 403-664-2191, Oyen, AB. alum., very clean, 1 owner, good shape, new safety and good rubber. 2013 Doep- PINTLE HITCH GRAIN pup trailers (2), ker Super B’s in stock and lots of colors to tandem axles, tarps in great shape both pick from. Many more used and new trail- black, 600+ bu., one w/Western box, the ers arriving daily. Great summer pricing. other w/Cancade box and silage endgate, In stock, 2013 Doepker end dumps. New side delivery augers available for both as line of Lowboys 35 to 100 tons now well as rear pintle hitches, units have been available for your specialty heavy hauling pulled together, $16,000 each or both at needs. 1-800-665-6317. Please visit our $30,000. 306-694-0883, Moose Jaw, SK. website: Southern Industrial is the proud supplier and service shop for Neville Built trailers.

Trailers In Stock: • 38.5’ tandem on air, 78” high side, side chutes, loaded.............$34,500 • 45’ Tri-Axle, 78” high sides, 2 hopper, air ride................$42,500 New Trailers Arriving Daily! Call for quotes.

53’ Equipment Trailer 5’ Beaver Tail and 5’ Ramps. $


Call Today for your Equipment Trailer Needs.


2007 MILLCOSTEEL TRI-AXLE ground load stock trailer, 53’x8’, exc. cond.; Wanted: 30’ alum. tri-axle livestock trailer and 20’ 2005 TRAIL KING aluminum end dump, air ride, 3 axle, 36’, vg condition, electric tarp. horse combo. 306-893-2714 Maidstone SK New brakes, drums and cams, tires 85%, 1988 REAL INDUSTRIES 16’ 5th wheel M B . s a fe t y, $ 3 9 , 0 0 0 . C a n d e l i v e r. stock trailer, $1500. Phone 306-736-9116, 204-743-2324, Cypress River, MB. Visit: Kipling, SK. 2013 FEATHERLITE 8117-0020, all alu- GOOSENECK TRAILER, 20’ deck, 4’ beaver minum, center gate, 6’7” wide, $13,900. tail spring assist ramps, 2- 7000 lb. axles, Stock #DC125028. Unbeatable selection l i ke n e w, $ 5 8 0 0 . A d a m M o r e l a n d , on Featherlite at Allan Dale in Red Deer. 306-961-9130, Christopher Lake, SK. 1-866-346-3148 or GOOD TRAILERS, REASONABLY priced. 2010 KIEFER GENESIS demo 3 horse an- Tandem axle, gooseneck, 8-1/2x24’, Beagle haul trailer w/4’ dressing room. Darin vertail and ramps, 14,000 GVW, $6900; or triple axle, $7900. All trailers custom built 204-526-7407, Cypress River, MB. DL 4143 from 2000 to 20,000 lbs., DOT approved. NEW AND USED MERRITT aluminum stock Call Dumonceau Trailers, 306-796-2006, trailers. Call Darin 204-526-7407, Cypress Central Butte, SK. River, MB. KNIGHT GRAVEL TRAILER 30’, single DL #4143. point suspension, aluminum box. WWW.DESERTSALES.CA Trailers/Bins 306-717-6450, Saskatoon, SK. Westeel hopper bottom bins. Serving AB, COMPONENTS FOR TRAILERS, Build, BC and SK. Wilson, Norbert, gooseneck, Repair and Manufacture. Free freight. See stock and ground loads. Horse / stock, “The Book 2011” page 165. DL Parts For cargo / flatdeck, dump, oilfield, all in Trailers, 1-877-529-2239, stock. 1-888-641-4508, Bassano, AB.

WANTED: SUPER B grain trailer for farm use in good condition. Len 204-324-6298, Altona, MB. ARRIVING SOON, NEW D&B open end 38’ grain trailers, $35,995; Also new 38’ alum. Timpte. Call Neil for details. Humboldt, SK. 306-231-8300.

35 MISC. SEMI TRAILERS. Pictures and p r i c e s v i e w : w w w. t r a i l e r g u y. c a 306-222-2413, Aberdeen/ Saskatoon, SK. NEW TRIDEM MUVALL single drop, 10’ wide, ext’s to 15’, 20,000 lb. winch, hyd. tail; 53’ and 48’ tridem and tandem stepdecks; 53’, 48’ and 45’ tridem and tandem highboys, all steel and combos; Super B and B-train highboys; Tandem and S/A converter w/drop hitch; 53’-28’ van trailers, 48’ w/side doors; tandem lowboy. Dodsland, SK. 306-356-4550. DL#905231.

DROP DECK semi style sprayer trailers Air ride, tandem and tridems. 45’ - 53’. SK: 306-398-8000; AB: 403-350-0336. 24’ GOOSENECK Tridem 21000 lbs, $6990; 2004 DOEPKER SUPER B grain trailers, Bumper pull tandem equip: 18’, 14,000 fresh safety. Phone 306-873-4969, Tisdale, lbs., $3975; 16’, 10,000 lbs., $3090; 16’, 7000 lbs, $2650. Factory direct. SK. 888-792-6283 2008 DOEPKER SUPER B, 24.5 rubber, steel rims, flat fenders, fresh safety. May- 28’ HIGHBOYS, spring ride, w/wo single or m o n t , S K . 3 0 6 - 4 8 1 - 6 6 6 7 c e l l , tandem axle converters. 306-356-4550, Dodsland SK. DL #905231. 306-389-4602. 2006 TIMPTE HOPPER, 40x96x72, alum. wheels, stainless back, air ride, alum. sub frame, $26,000; 2007 WILSON hopper, 38Lx78Hx102W, air ride, Ag hopper, alum. w h e e l s , $ 2 8 , 5 0 0 . C a n d e l i v e r. 204-736-4854, 204-226-7289, Sanford, MB.

QUALITY USED/CLEARANCE Trailers. Large selection of enclosed, flatdecks and dumps. 14’ L270 Trailtech dump trailer, (2) 7000 lb. axles. $9,995. Call Flaman Trailers in Saskatoon, SK. 1-888-435-2626, or

1975 WILLOCK TANDEM axle drop low2010 WILSON GRAIN bulkers, 11R22.5 boy, WB suspension, 7’ neck, 20x9’ deck, tires, lift axles, Michel’s tarp, exc. cond. 3 ’ 6 ” b e ave r t a i l , s a fe t i e d , $ 1 8 , 5 0 0 . 204-795-9192, Plum Coulee, MB. 306-648-7766, Gravelbourg, SK.

Pho n e :

403-7 82-47 7 4

Fa x: 403-7 82-6493 LAR G E FLEET PUR CHAS E M AN Y 48’ TAN DEM DR Y V AN ’S TO CHO O S E FR O M .

FEATUR ED TR AILER S & TR UCKS • 1979 Chev C70 w /16’ G ra in Bo x Ho ist& Ta rp, 67,000 km • 2 8’ to 53’ S to ra ge & FreightV a n s S ta rtin g a t$1,500 • S in gle & Ta n d em - Lo n g o rS ho rt To n gu e Co n verters • 2 - 05 M a n a c 48’ T/A S tep Decks • 2 - 97 W a b a sh 48’ TR IS tep Decks • N ew M a n a c S tep Deck Tro m b o n e 51’- 71’ • 2 013 TR ITro m b o n e HIBo y 51’ • N ew V ikin g 53’ TR IS tep Decks, Tw o AirliftAxles • N ew V ikin g 48’ T/A S tep Decks • 2 012 Dra ke 40’ Ta n d em Ho pper G ra in Tra ilerc/w Ta rp • 2 - N ew V ikin g 48’ TriAxle Alu m in u m Co m b o Hi-Bo ys • 2 001 Tra il-Eze 48’ TIA Equ ipm en t Tra iler • 2 006 XL Do u b le Dro p Deta ch • 2 006 BW S Do u b le Dro p Deta ch • 2 004 R a ja 35’ S tep Deck Equ ip Tra ilerw ith Hyd ra u lic Ta il • 2 004 R o a d Bo ss T/A 30’ S pra yer Tra ilerPin tle Hitch • 2 003 XL Do u b le Dro p Deta ch • 2 006 Utility R eeferV a n 53’ TR I • 2 000 S co n a 50’ 16 W heelerFlo a t • 1996 R eitn o u er48’ Ta n d em Alu m in u m S tep Deck • 2 001 Ken tu cky 53’ TIA Fu rn itu re Van • 1996 Ken tu cky 48’ Fu rn itu re V a n • 1995 IHC S in gle Axle Tra cto r • 1987 B- Tra in 30’- 30’ w /Ba le R a ck

1988 TRAILMOBILE EQUIPMENT trailer, 24’ deck, tri-axle, pintle hitch, 21 ton, $10,000. 306-302-9067, Big River, SK.

2006 WILSON TRI-AXLE cattleliner, exc. condition. 403-795-2850, Coaldale, AB.

MR. B’s TRAILER SALES, Norberts and Rainbow, lease to own. Ph. 306-773-8688, Swift Current, SK.

La c o m b e AB

1997 ASPEN HYD. DETACH tri-axle is 8.6 wide, tires 97%, air ride, steel rims, 60” axle spacing, 24’ well, new MB safety, Honda pump, vg cond., new paint, $54,000. 204-743-2324 Cypress River, MB. 2008 LORNES TRI-AXLE gravel trailer, 2006 MAC END DUMP tandem alum trailer, Sask safetied, $47,000 306-865-4141, $28,000; 2011 Gravhaul end dump triple ALSO AVAILABLE Hudson Bay, SK. axle alum., $42,000; 2012 Midland end S tep Deck s , Hi Bo ys , Freight V a n s , dump triple axle, front/rear axle lift, alum. DOEPKER SUPER B’s, 1999, inspected, re- wheels, tires good as new, $52,000; 2005 S to ra ge Un its a n d Jo b s ite Tra ilers & M o re cent paint, nice condition, $25,000. Travis triple axle 39’ belly dump, alum., 306-267-4552. W EBS ITE $42,000; 2007 tri-axle crude oil tanker, w w w .la co m b etra ilers a les .co m 2011 LOADLINE TRIDEM belly dump grav- $52,000; 2007 Merritt tri-axle cattleliner, el trailer, alum. wheels, lift axles, vibrator, $46,000. Can deliver. Peter 204-226-7289, PRECISION TRAILERS: Gooseneck and Sanford, MB. elec tarp, $52,900 780-307-4662 Clyde AB bumper hitch. You’ve seen the rest, now wn the best. Hoffart Services, WAYNE’S TRAILER REPAIR. Specializing o306-957-2033, in aluminum livestock trailer repair. Blaine Lake, SK, 306-497-2767. SGI accredited.

2002 20’ BERGEN cattle trailer, recently painted; Highline 7000 hay processor. 306-368-2494, Lake Lenore, SK.

Hwy. Jct. 13 & 39 Weyburn, SK

NORMS SANDBLASTING & PAINT, 40 years body and paint experience. We do metal and fiberglass repairs and integral to daycab conversions. Sandblasting and paint to trailers, trucks and heavy equip. Endura primers and topcoats. A one stop shop. Norm 306-272-4407, Foam Lake SK.

TOPGUN TRAILER SALES “For those who demand the best.” Agassiz - Precision Rainbow (open and enclosed cargo) trailers. Stock and horse trailers. 1 - 8 5 5 - 2 5 5 - 0 1 9 9 , M o o s e J a w, S K .


2008 GRAVHAUL TRI-AXLE end dump, steel tailgate, new ram, tires 80%, Michel’s tarp, factory updates on frame, excellent shape, $45,000 OBO. Call 780-205-4296, Lloydminster, AB. 2012 TANDEM AXLE pintle hitch trailer, 25’, 20,000 lbs., flip down ramps, $8,900; 2007 HD car hauler, 20’ w/2-7000 lb. axles, $2,900; 2006 enclosed gooseneck cargo trailer, 40’, used very little, $14,900. K&L Equipment and Auto, call Ladimer 306-795-7779, Chris 306-537-2027, Ituna, SK. DL #910885.

THIS 2008 MIDLAND End Dump is ready to go to work right now. Current MB safety valid across Canada. Good rubber all around, asking $46,500. Call Wes at 204-266-1685, Beausejour, MB.

2007 CHEV SILVERADO 1/2 ton, 5.3L, ext. cab, 4x4, loaded, power buckets, exc. cond Must see! 780-672-6500, Camrose, AB. 2007 DODGE DIESEL 4x4, SLT pkg., tow pkg., Command Start, Bluetooth, auto, spray-in boxliner, 167,000 kms, $27,900 OBO. 780-387-1573, Millet, AB. 2008 DODGE 2500 SLT diesel, 4x4, box liner, 115,000 kms, tube steps, BMW gooseneck hitch. 306-626-3612, Success, SK. 2008 FORD 250 4x4 King Ranch truck for sale, very clean interior, 110,000 kms. 306-634-9911, Estevan, SK. 2008 FORD F250 DIESEL, 4x4, two tone grey, 5th wheel hitch, job box, extra fuel tank, custom box cover, 100,000 kms, immaculate, $33,500 OBO. 306-374-9204, 306-221-3231, Saskatoon, SK. 2008 FORD F350 crewcab C&C, 6.4 diesel, duals, 4x4, auto A/T/C, PW, PL, ready for bale deck or service body, 115,000 kms, $19,500 SK tax pd. 306-375-7642, Kyle, SK 2009 IMMACULATE GMC Canyon SLE 4X4 crew cab, loaded, 146,000 highway kms., $12,000 OBO. 306-221-1700, Saskatoon.




Financing Available, Competitive Rates O.A.C. GRAIN 2013 WILSON TANDEMS ................... IN STOCK 2013 WILSON TRIDEM ........................ IN STOCK 2 & 3 HOPPERS 2013 WILSON SUPER B........................................ STARTING AT ............$89,980.00 (IN STOCK) USED GRAIN 2012 WILSON TRIDEM ......................$44,980.00 2011 CASTLETON SUPER B ............$69,980.00 2010 WILSON SUPER B...........CALL FOR PRICE 2010 CASTLETON SUPER B ............................... (VERY CLEAN) .............................$59,900.00 2009 WILSON SUPER B’s ..................$68,980.00 2008 DOEPKER SUPER B..................$52,500.00 TANDEM AXLE PINTLE HITCH GRAIN DUMP TRAILER (2 AVAILABLE) ............$15,000.00 2005 LODEKING ALUMINUM SUPER B .........................................$49,000.00 1998 TIMPTE 40’ TANDEM ..............$16,980.00

GOOSENECKS NEW WILSON 30’ ..................................IN STOCK NEW WILSON 24’ ................................ON ORDER LIVESTOCK 2013 WILSON GROUNDLOAD .......ON ORDER 2011 WILSON GROUNDLOAD .......$49,000.00 EQUIPMENT 2012 MUV- ALL DOUBLE DROP & HDG...................................... ON ORDER DECKS NEW WILSON STEP & FLAT DECKS TANDEM & TRIDEM ......................................ON ORDER 2013 WILSON 53’ TANDEM ..............IN STOCK GRAVEL 2013 TECUMSEH TRIDEM END DUMP & BELLY DUMP...............................AVAILABLE 2009 TECUMSEH TRIDEM END DUMP ...................................$43,000.00 2012 USED TECUMSEH TRIDEM END DUMP .........................CALL FOR PRICE

2010 F150, fully loaded Lariat SuperCrew, Sony navigation radio, rearview camera, 40/20/40 leather heated seating, 180,000 kms, exc., $19,800 without cap. Paul 204-764-0502, 204-764-2362, Decker, MB. 2010 FORD F250 XLT, 4x4, diesel, crewcab, auto, 53,000 kms, grey, excellent condition, $31,900. 306-248-3362 or 306-248-7923 cell, St. Walburg, SK. CHEVY SILVERADO 1500 PICKUP LT 4x4, w/warranty until Feb./14 or 160,000 kms. Currently only 87,094 kms, 5.3L flex fuel V8, HD cooling pkg, spray-in boxliner, Bluetooth. 306-321-2323, Saskatoon, SK. NEW 2010 FORD F-150 Platinum SuperCrew, fully loaded, only 200 kms! Phone 306-497-2544, after 8 pm. Blaine Lake, SK.


Golden West Trailer Sales & Rentals CHECK US OUT AT

Moose Jaw (877) 999-7402

Brian Griffin, Harvey Van De Sype, John Carle

Saskatoon (866) 278-2636 Danny Tataryn | Cell: 306-260-4209

2003 DODGE DUALLY crew cab, 225,000 kms., 6 spd., chipped, air bags, loaded, $22,000. or trade for Toy hauler RV. 306-683-8641, Grandora, SK.



2003 F250, 7.3 powerstroke dsl, 4x4 auto, 359,000 kms, very clean and solid, asking $8000. 306-476-2520, Rock Glen, SK. 2003 FORD E-350 one ton, dual rear wheels, 7.3L diesel auto, 4x2, new 10’6” deck, 180,000 miles, $6500 OBO. 306-432-4444, Dysart, SK. 2004 FORD F250 Supercab, Powerstroke, 200,000 kms, excellent condition, $10,000. 306-963-2736, Imperial, SK. 2004 SILVERADO 2500 HD, LT, Duramax, loaded, new tires, leather, only 116,000 kms, $24,000. 306-752-4909, Melfort, SK. 2005 FORD XLT Supercab, loaded, immaculate, 4X4, 118,000 kms., $10,500 OBO. Ph: Jill 306-261-6605, Saskatoon, SK 2006 DODGE 3500 Mega Cab, 5.9L dsl., black in color, loaded w/leather, new tires, gooseneck hitch, Stage 2 AFE intake, 213,000 kms, many new parts, $24,500 OBO. 306-867-8766, Outlook, SK.

1967 DODGE 2 ton, not running, good box and hoist, and good transmission. Odessa, SK., 306-762-4723. 1982 CHEVY 1/2 ton, 2WD, motor needs work, aftermarket rims, sunroof, buckets, lots of potential, $1750 OBO. Ph Bernie 204-825-8558, St. Leon, MB. 1991 GMC SIERRA Z71, 4 WD, regular cab, runs well, needs tranny, approx. 300,000 kms, alum. rims, $1750 OBO. Bernie 204-825-8558, St. Leon, MB. 1992 HIJET MINI truck, new motor, 2012 safety, $5000 OBO. 306-984-4729 or 306-984-7658, Leoville, SK. 1995 DODGE 3500 dually, 5.9 Cummins, 5 spd. trans. Engine covers, brakes, transmission, rear springs all redone. New drive tires, needs body work, $5500. 306-254-4255, Dalmeny, SK.


(Medicine Hat, Alberta) 2006 INTERNATIONAL 9400i 435 HP Cummins ISX Engine, 10 Speed Eaton Autoshift Transmission, New 20’x64” Cancade Grain Box, Remote Hoist and Endgate Controls, Fleet Maintained Southern Truck.

PARTING OUT: 1983 GMC 7000, single 2 speed axle 366, 5 speed. Phone 306-845-3119, Livelong, SK.

2001 IH 4900 tandem w/21’ deck and ramps, 466 diesel, Allison auto, 62,000 miles, premium Calif. truck without rust, only $38,500. 306-946-8522, Watrous, SK

2001 FORD F350 w/12’ landscape dump, 7.3 diesel, auto, $12,900; 2002 IHC 4200 S/A w/10’ gravel dump, 444E diesel, auto, $13,900. K&L Equipment and Auto, Ituna, SK. Call Ladimer 306-795-7779, Chris 306-537-2027. DL #910885.

USED BELTING, 12” to 54” wide for feeders and conveyors, 30” wide by 3/4” thick for lowbeds in stock. Phone Dave, 780-842-2491 anytime, Wainwright, AB.

CALL ABOUT THESE OTHER FINE UNITS: • Automatic, Autoshift and Ultrashift. • Grain and Silage boxes. • Self Loading Bale Deck trucks. • DAKOTA Aluminum Grain Hopper Trailers.

2009 PETERBILT 386, 390 ratio, Cummins engine, 242” WB, 18 spd., 811,000 k m s , $ 6 2 , 5 0 0 . F i n a n c i n g ava i l a b l e . 204-864-2391, 204-981-3636, Cartier, MB.


SURPLUS GOVERNMENT TRUCKS and equipment. 3/4 ton-5 ton, cab and chassis, service trucks, bucket trucks, etc. ARE and Range Rider canopies and service caps. MID PRAIRIE ELECTRIC Inc. Complete Saskatoon, SK., 306-668-2020 DL#90871. service electrical contractor and trenching. 2006 IHC WATER TRUCK, S/A, only 4000 Will travel, 306-631-4856, Moose Jaw, SK. miles, front and rear spray bar; Tandem water truck. 780-878-4142, Camrose, AB

1976 CHEV C60 grain truck, with 16’ steel box, roll tarp, 350, 4&2, 36,230 miles, exc. condition. 306-283-4747, 306-291-9395, 306-220-0429, Langham, SK. 1979 CHEVY C60 T/A, new leaf springs all around, shocks and brakes, 19’ Western Ind. grain box and Michel’s sidewinder tarp, $16,000. 306-554-8119, Wishart, SK.

20’ GRAIN BOXES: Starting at $14,500, includes mounting, hoist, roll tarp, many other features. Call Berg’s Prep and Paint, 204-325-5677, Winkler, MB. 2000 FREIGHTLINER FL120, tandem, 470 Detroit, 10 spd., air ride, AC, 20’ Ultracell box pkg., no rust, California truck, $57,500. 306-946-8522, Watrous, SK. 2001 KENWORTH W900, w/20’ alum. grain box, tarp, 430 HP, 10 spd., dual ex2006 FORD F250 XLT diesel, white, PW, haust, premium US no rust truck, only PL, DVD, 4x4, toolbox, exc., $18,500 OBO. $65,000. 306-946-8522, Watrous, SK. Call 306-581-5651, Regina, SK. 2002 FREIGHTLINER 120 Columbia 08 GMC 4X4 Crew $18,955. 8 more GM w/20’ ultracel B&H pkg., air ride, AC, no 4x4’s in stock. DL #909250 Phone Hoss at rust California truck, cert., ready to go, 1-800-667-4414 $57,500. 306-946-8522, Watrous, SK. 1996 FORD F-150 XL, reg. cab, 4x4, 2005 CIM SILAGE box, 8-1/2x48x22 c/w A/T/C, 5L eng., auto, longbox, new tires, grain, silage endgate. Never hauled a load shocks and brakes, 342,000 kms, $3200 of silage, good condition, $11,995. Can OBO. 306-278-3095, Porcupine Plain, SK. supply hoist. Call Neil for details. Hum2000 GMC 3500 Series, 1 ton dually, gas, boldt, SK. 306-231-8300. 4x4, 130,000 kms, fully loaded, Supercab, 2006 IH 9200, AutoShift w/clutch, 475 C&C, exc. shape, $5000. 780-914-4553, ISX Cummins, BH&T; 1991 Western Star, 780-878-0005, Hay Lakes, AB. 60 Series Detroit, 20’x64” CIM ultracel, si2001 FORD F250 - Lariat extended cab, lage gate, 15 spd., 11x24.5 tires (near white, 7.3L diesel, 232,000 kms., vg cond. new), pintle hitch, $9000 work order; 2002 T800 Kenworth, M11 Cummins , new 20’ $10,250 OBO. 306-861-7500, Kronau, SK. BH&T, 306-356-4550, Dodsland SK. DL 2006 FORD F-350, diesel, 4x4, crewcab, #905231. longbox, good tires, 147,000 kms, runs great, $15,500. 780-942-3394, Gibbons, AB. Email: 2008 RAM LARAMIE Mega Cab, diesel, $34,970 plus GST at 1-800-667-4414. DL #909250. NEW 2012 RAM LARAMIE crew, dually, 4x4, Cummins, $57,897. 0 down, $327 biweekly. 1-800-667-4414, DL #909250. 2006 KENWORTH T800, AUTOSHIFT 10 WE HAVE 15 GMC pickups from $8900, ex- spd., new B&H, ISM Cummins, very clean ample 2008 Sierra SLE Crew, $18,955. Call truck; Also, avail. trucks w/ISX Cummins Hoss at 1-800-667-4414. and no box. 204-673-2382 Melita MB DL #909250. 2007 MACK VISION, 460 Mack eng., 480 HP, 10 spd., AutoShift, 20’ B&H, new paint, rear controls, safetied, exc. tires, $68,500. Freightliner, 450 HP Mercedes, 10 1965 FORD F600 tandem, 360 V8, 4+2, 2007 AutoShift w/clutch, 20’ BH&T, rear 15’ steel box, 48,538 miles showing. spd., A/T/C, Jakes, 12/40 axles, alum. Phone: 306-283-4747, 306-291-9395, controls, wheels, $68,500; 2003 IH 9200, Cat 400 306-220-0429, Langham, SK. HP, 18 spd., new 18’ BH&T, rear controls, 1972 CHEV C40, 6 cyl., 12’ box, 26,000 $51,500; 2001 Western Star, ISX Cumorig. miles. Langham, SK. 306-283-4747, mins, 10 spd., 19-1/2’ BH&T, rear controls, $49,500; 2010 36’ grain trailer, air ride, al306-291-9395, 306-220-0429. um. wheels, new cond., $33,500. All trucks 1972 GMC TRUCK, 15’ wood B&H, 427 eng, safetied. Trades accepted. Arborfield, SK. 5&2 trans., air brakes, approx. 70,000 orig. 3 0 6 - 2 7 6 - 7 5 1 8 , 3 0 6 - 8 6 2 - 1 5 7 5 o r miles. 403-312-4202, Linden, AB. 306-767-2616. DL #906768. 1973 IHC 1800 LOADSTAR, tandem, B&H, 4 new tires, ideal for water or fuel truck. COMMERCIAL INDUSTRIAL MFG. for grain box pkgs., decks, gravel boxes, HD $3300. 306-663-5748, Weyakwin Lake, SK. combination grain and silage boxes, pup 2000 IH 4700, 466 diesel, Allison auto, trailers, frame alterations, custom paint, no rust, w/new 16’ box pkg., $36,500. complete service. Visit our plant at Humboldt, SK or call 306-682-2505 for prices. 306-946-8522, Watrous, SK.

20’ GRAIN BOX NeuStar Manufacturing 1470 Willson Place Winnipeg, Manitoba 1-204-478-7827

2010 IH Lon e S ta r, 500 HP Cu m m in s IS X, 18 s p , 12/ 40, 3:55 g ea rs , 4-w a y d iff. lock s , 22.5” a lloy w heels , 244” W B, 73” m id -ris e bu n k w ith tw o bed s , 650,752 k m . $90,000 2009 M a c k G ra in Tru c k , 445 HP M P8, 10 s p A u tos hift, A S 3, 3 p ed a l, 12/ 40, 22.5” a lloy w heels , 3:70 g ea rs , 215” W B, n ew Ca n ca d e g ra in box, 651,000 k m . . $80,000 2-2009 M a c k D a y Ca b , 445 HP M a ck M P8, 10 s p A u tos hiftA S 3, 3 p ed a l, 12/ 40, 22.5” a lloy w heels , 3:70 g ea rs , 215” W B, 727,262 k m . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $55,000 2009 M a c k CXU6 13, 445 HP M P8, 10 s p A u tos hiftA S 3 3 p ed a l, 12/ 40, 22.5” w heels , 3:70 g ea rs , 215” W B. 70” con d o bu n k s , 612,000 k m . . . . . $54,000 3-2008 IH P roS ta r, 425 HP Cu m m in s , IS X, 10 s p Ultra s hift, 12/ 40, 22.5” w heels , 3:73 g ea rs , 72” m id -ris e bu n k , 226” W B, 800k m . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $39,000 2-2007 Ke n w orth W 900L, 565 HP Cu m m in s IS X, 18 s p , 12 fron t46 rea r, 4:10 g ea rra tio, 24.5” a lloy w heels , 3-w a y d iff. lock s , 244” W B, m id -ris e bu n k , 905,317 k m . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $75,000 2007 M a c k Ra w hid e , 460 HP M a ck , 18 s p , 12/ 40, 244” W B, 3-w a y d iff. lock s , 22.5” a lloy w heels , 906,719 k m . . . . $49,000 2007 IH 9900I, 500 HP IS X Cu m m in s , 18 s p , 12/ 40, 3:70 g ea rs , 22.5” a lloy w heels , 244” W B, 72” m id -ris e bu n k , 830,233 k m . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $49,000 2007 IH 9200I, 425 HP Ca tC13, 12 s p A u tos hiftM eritor, 12/ 40, 3:42 g ea rs , 22.5” w heels , 220 W B, 72” m id -ris e bu n k , 432,845 k m . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $39,000 2006 P e te rb ilt 379L, 475 HP Ca tC15, 18 s p , 12/ 40, 24.5” a lloy w heels , 3:90 g ea rs , 244” W B, m id -ris e bu n k , 1.1M k m . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $55,000 2006 W e s te rn S ta r 4900FA, d a y ca b, 450 HP M erced es M BE4000, 10 s p A u tos hift3 Ped a l, 12/ 40, 22.5” a lloy w heels , 244” W B, 1.1M k m . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $38,000 2006 W e s te rn S ta r 4900, 450 HP M erced es , 10 s p A u tos hift3 p ed a l, 12/ 40, 22.5” a lloy w heels , m id -ris e bu n k , 1.1M k m . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $32,000 2003 IH 7400, 260 HP DT466, 10 s p , 16,000 lbs . fron t, 40,000 lbs . rea r, 224” W B, 4:11 g ea rs , d ou ble fra m e, 254,149 k m , w etk it. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $31,000 2001 S te rlin g D a y Ca b , 430 HP Ca t C12, 15 s p , 12/ 40, 4-w a y d iff. lock s , 3:90 g ea rs . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $18,000 d lr# 0122. P h. 204-6 85-2222, M a c G re g or M B. To vie w p ic tu re s of ou r in ve n tory vis it w w w .tita n tru c k s a le s .c om

1984 MACK TANDEM gravel truck, 350, 12 PINE AND POPLAR: 1” and 2” V-joint, ships p e e d , n i c e 1 5 ’ b o x a n d h o i s t . lap, log siding, etc. Phone 306-862-5088, 306-631-7054, Moose Jaw, SK. Nipawin, SK. 2010 PETERBILT 388, 600 HP, 46 rears, full 4-way lockers, double frame, Platinum 1980 IHC PAYSTAR model 50-50, 6x6, low interior, in-dash GPS, HD susp. wet kit, miles, 466 diesel engine, Allison auto, $91,000 OBO.; Also 2010 386 w/low miles. $15,000. Call 306-267-4552. Can deliver. Peter 204-226-7289, Sanford, MB. or view:

2010 T660 KENWORTH, 13 spd. trans. 40,000 rears, 485 ISX Cummins, 349,000 kms., heated leather seats, tires 75%, Thermo King tri pac, automatic greaser, GPS, studio bunk, PDL, 3 way lockers, $88,000. 204-743-2324, Cypress River, MB

ATTN FARMERS/GRAVEL HAULERS: 2004 Mack Granite CV713 daycab, 460 HP, 18 spd. Eaton Fuller, full lockers, new SK. safety, only 629,000 kms, $39,500. 306-242-2508,

2007 GMC 5500 4x4 truck, w/6.6 Duramax diesel engine, Allison auto., Wilson cattle trailer, 32’ long x 7’9” inside, will consider selling separately. 306-445-9312 or 306-480-2036, North Battleford, SK.

DIMENSIONAL HARDWOOD lumber, quarter cut Oak, Elm, Black Walnut, Hickory, Edge Grain Fir, quarter cut Cherry. Limited quantity. Inventory at 511- 3rd Street, Davidson, SK. 403-318-7589 (AB cell). O.S.B. ODD SIZE Specials, 8’x24’ panels; 19/32 $95; 23/32 $108; 4’x12’x1-1/8, $33; 4’x8’ sheets; 5/8” $14, 3/4” $17; 7/8” $20; 1-1/4 $32. 306-237-4748, Perdue, SK

2005 C4500 CREWCAB horse or RV hauler, DuraMax dsl., chipped, Allison automatic, new rubber, 100 gal. additional fuel tank, 133,400 kms. $37,500 or trade for Toy hauler RV. 306-683-8641, Grandora, SK. 2002 IHC TANDEM gravel truck, new B&H and tires, rollup tarp, nice truck, $39,000 INDIVIDUALLY WRAPPED, ENGINEERED OBO. Bob 403-934-4081, Mossleigh, AB. glulam beams, retail $130 to $150 each, 2005 INTERNATIONAL GRAVEL truck, cut from BC fir, 5’x6’x9’2” beams $50.00 model 7600, only 273,000 kms., like new, each, 5’x5’x11’ beams $60.00 each, delivc/w tridem pup, fresh safety, $110,000. ery can be arranged on volume purchases; also, cases of hangers, pails of 4.5” lag 306-536-5055, Lumsden, SK. bolts and commercial heavy gauge hangIH 1850 w/15’ van, DT466, near new con- ers available. Phone for more pictures. dition, only 34,000 kms; 2 fire engines 403-823-6199, Drumheller, AB. with 100’ ladders; 20 other fire engines, some being parted out; 1979 Western Star CEDAR AND PINE LOG Cabins, sidings, w/8V92 $5000; Kenworth w/Detroit 6-71, paneling, decking, Fir and Hemlock flooronly 94,000 miles, $5000. 204-667-2867, ing, timbers, special orders. Rouck Bros., 1-800-960-3388, Lumby BC fax: 204-667-2932, Winnipeg, MB. ROUGH LUMBER: 2x6, 2x8, 2x10, 1” boards, windbreak slabs, 4x4, 6x6, 8x8, 10x10, all in stock. Custom sizes on order. 2007 YUKON DENALI, 175,000 kms, exc. Log siding, cove siding, lap siding, shiplap, cond., fully loaded, $20,000 OBO. Bjork- 1” and 2” tongue and groove. V&R Sawing, 306-232-5488, Rosthern, SK. dale, SK. 306-886-2073 or 306-873-8526. BIRCH LUMBER SALE: 2200 bd ft 1x6x8’ rough, $1100; 1200 bd ft quarter sawn 1” random width, 3 to 6”x12’, $900. Delivery in SK available. Adam Moreland, Christopher Lake, SK. 306-961-9130.


1996 FREIGHTLINER, 18 spd., with sleeper, $13,000. Call 306-821-6044, Lloydminster, SK.

CONTINUOUS METAL ROOFING, no exposed screws to leak or metal overlaps. Ideal for lower slope roofs, rinks, churches, pig barns, commercial, arch rib building and residential roofing. For info. call 306-435-8008, Wapella, SK.

1997 PETERBILT CUMMINS diesel, 12 speed Ultrashift, air ride, safetied, premiu m U. S. t r a c t o r, n o r u s t , $ 2 8 , 5 0 0 . 306-946-8522, Watrous, SK. 1998 KENWORTH T2000, new steering tires, newer drives, new tranny, clutch, new injector cups, 1.3m kms, drives great, safetied, 475 HP Cat, 13 spd. Ph: Bernie 204-825-8558, St. Leon, MB.

STARTER KITS FOR nucs and splits incl. laying queens. New assembled bee boxes. 306-373-2315, Saskatoon, SK.

WANTED: LEAF CUTTER bee boxes, must be wood, will pay good money for good 2007 ADVANCE 100 BARREL STEEL quality boxes, anywhere on the prairies. TANK, 406 crude spec., coated, vg cond., 403-363-7327, Rosemary, AB. c/w rear floater tires and rims, 4” Bowie pump, pintle hitch, needs truck. Call Rick at 204-851-1000, Elkhorn, MB.


1994 FREIGHTLINER FL80, automatic, 85,000 orig. kms, 20’ B&H, roll tarp, diff. locks, 1 owner farm truck, $55,000 OBO. 1997 FORD XLT F350, 4x4, quad cab, long- 306-784-7545, Herbert, SK. box, 7.3L diesel, auto, 128,000 orig. miles, show condition, loaded, tow package, many custom features, $13,500. 778-549-5124, Riverhurst, SK. 1999 FORD XLT 150 SUPERCAB 4x4, 198,000 kms, $4500 OBO. 306-366-4810, 306-231-7054, Englefeld, SK. DIESEL 1982 CHEV 6.2, auto, air, Arizona truck, no winter use, exc. cond, 35 MPG. Must see. 780-672-6500, Camrose, AB.


AUTOSHIFT TRUCKS AVAILABLE: Boxed tandems and tractor units. Contact David 306-887-2094, 306-864-7055, Kinistino, SK. DL #327784.

2008 T-660 KENWORTH, Cat 475, Super 40’s, 775,000 kms; 2007 and 2005 IHC 9900i’s, 18 spd.; 2005 Pete, Cat, 18 spd., clean; 2003 W-900L KW, Cat, recent work orders; 2002 T-800 KW, M-11 Cummins, 10 spd.; 2001 Western Star, 4964, N-14 Cummins, 13 spd; 1999 IH Cat, 18 spd.; 2001 Mack, CH613, 42” bunk, 18 spd. Eaton, 460 motor, alum. rims; 1996 Volvo 425, 13 spd.; 1997 and 1992 379 Pete’s, 18 spd., Cat. 306-356-4550, Dodsland, SK. DL#905231. REIMER MOBILE MIXER / Volumetric Mixer Truck. 10 yard mobile mixer, mounted on 2002 Volvo truck, total recondition in 2010, 375 HP, Cummins 15 spd. trans., front tire 425/65/R.22.5, rear 11R.22.5, 90% tire remaining, new MB safety, truck is job ready, excellent working condition, $98,000. Can deliver. Ph. 204-526-0321.

1985 FORD F-250 4x4 service truck, 300-6 cyl. 4 spd., new clutch and exhaust, c/w general service body, pintle hitch, trailer brakes, $4900 plus GST. 306-731-7186, Craven, SK.

1999 F112 FREIGHTLINER C&C, just flipped, 300,000 kms, fresh cert., $26,500. Danny Spence, Speers, SK. 306-246-4632. 2002 FREIGHTLINER COLUMBIA, flattop sleeper, 500 Detroit, 18 speed, 46 rears, fresh Sask. safety, $23,500. Call Richard 306-325-2021 or 306-547-7680, Lintlaw, SK. DL# 304675. 2002 INT. 9900i, 475 Cat, 72” bunk, new 22.5 tires, alum. wheels, fresh safety, MACK STAINLESS, 4400 gallon water tank, $26,500. 306-264-3794, Meyronne, SK. PTO 3” water pump with road spray bar at2005 FREIGHTLINER COLUMBIA, flat- tached, rebuilt E7-400 Mack engine, 18 top sleeper, 500 Detroit, 15 spd., Super 40 spd. trans, new MB safety, road ready, vg rears, fresh Sask. safety, $27,500. Call condition. Can deliver. Ph. 204-743-2324, Richard, 306-325-2021 or 306-547-7680, Cypress River, MB. Lintlaw, SK. DL # 304675. 1979 FORD 9000 CEMENT TRUCK, 2006 PETERBILT 379L, red, 70” standup 36,640 miles, 855 Cummins rebuilt 2,000 bunk, fridge, leather int., 570,000 miles, kms ago, 4/5 trans., pumps new on motor 475 Cat, 18 spd., 3-way diff locks, alum. and hyd. pump, new shoots, new leaf rims, full stainless fenders, 6” stacks, 1 springs, 8 yd. cement truck, 425-65R22.5year drivetrain warranty remaining, 250” 70%, 11R24.5- 60% avg., $12,000. Jordan WB, rubber over 50%, $64,500 OBO. anytime 403-627-9300, Pincher Creek, AB. 306-692-1999, Moose Jaw, SK. GRAVEL TRUCKS AND end dumps for sale 2006 PETERBILT 386, C13, 13 spd., or rent, weekly/ monthly/ seasonally, 9 9 0 , 0 0 0 k m s , n i c e , o n l y $ 4 3 , 9 0 0 . w/wo driver. K&L Equipment, Regina, SK. 306-795-7779 or 306-537-2027, email: 204-324-6298, Altona, MB. 2006 VOLVO, 485 HP, 13 spd., 40 rears, lockers, heaters, 11x24.5 on alum., vg 1997 IH 9400, 430 Detroit, 10 spd., 5 year old 15’ gravel box, new clutch, injectors, cond., $32,500. 306-752-4909, Melfort, SK AC, pintle plate, 24.5 alum. budds; 2000 2008 ARNE’S TANDEM end dump gravel FL-80, Cummins, 6 spd., 24’ van body with trailer, excellent condition. 306-278-7880, power tailgate. 306-356-4550, Dodsland, Porcupine Plain, SK. SK. DL#905231.

197 5 FOR D LOUIS VILLE M o d el 750, T a n d em (ta g a xle), 20’ Gra in b o x & ho is t w /s eed fu n n el d ivid er in gra in b o x, en gin e lo w ho u rs . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $14,000 OB O M c Le a n , S K .

3 06 -6 9 9 -76 78 (C ) | 3 06 -6 9 9 -7213 (H) o r e m a il: gra n tw ils on @ s a s kte l.n e t 1994 IH 4900 18’ flatdeck w/hoist, 466 diesel, very good condition, only $28,500. 306-946-8522, Watrous, SK. 2001 FREIGHTLINER FL80 tandem, furniture van, 30’ w/side doors and rear barn doors, 3126 Cat, 10 spd., air ride, AC, vg, only $32,500. 306-946-8522, Watrous, SK.


1 To n D o d ge D ua lly $8,000 OB


CINDER BLOCKS - CONCRETE and wood chip block, takes screws and nailing, lighter than concrete, have R value, size 1’x2’x6” or 8”. 780-636-3972, St. Paul, AB.

W IN D O W S !W IN D O W S !


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Take Home Windows Feature! Low E ✔Argon ✔No Charge ✔ Sealed Picture Windows .........From $99.99 Horizontal/Vertical Gliders......From $129.99 Casement Windows...............From $225.99 Basement Awning Windows. .From $163.80 Storm Doors .........................From $159.99 Steel Insulated Door Units.........From $149.99 Patio Door Units ....................From $549.99 Garden Door Units ................From $799.99

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Burron Lumber

306-652-0343, Saskatoon, SK 3 To n C h e v, 5 s p d ., 60,000 km s o n NEW Cu m m in s en gin e, a p p ro x. 350,000 km s , $30,000 OB O M c Le a n , S K . 3 06 -6 9 9 -76 78 (C ) | 3 06 -6 9 9 -7213 (H)

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PRIVE BUILDING MOVERS Ltd.! Bonded, licensed for SK. and AB. Fully insured. Moving all types and sizes of buildings. Call Andy 306-625-3827, Ponteix, SK.


GOVERNMENT GRANTS, LOANS for new and existing farms and businesses. 1-800-226-7016 ext. 10. OKANAGAN BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY. Coffee Shop for sale in medical professional building in sunny Kelowna, BC. State of the art coffee making equipment. Established clientele and catering. One block from Okanagan Lake beach. Currently operated Monday to Friday, but potential for 7 days a week operation. Owner retiring, owner will train. 250-712-1263 or Email: OPPORTUNITY TO OWN your own business. Well established Hair and Tanning Salon with excellent clientele. Upgraded 2250 sq. ft. bldg on main St. in Melville, SK. Furniture and inventory included. Owner ready to retire. Financial arrangements can be arranged. Call 306-728-7147. FULLY EQUIPPED RESTAURANT, 2500 sq. ft., w/1500 sq. ft. attached newly renovated four bedroom living quarters, in thriving community of Hamiota, MB. $138,000 OBO. 204-365-7783 or 306-745-2338. JOIN ONE of Western Canada’s fastest growing tire chains today! TreadPro Tire Centres is always looking for new members. TreadPro offers group controlled distribution through our five warehouses located in BC, AB, and SK. Exclusive brands and pricing for each TreadPro Dealer, 24/7 access to online ordering backed up with sales desk support. Our marketing strategies are developed for the specific needs of Western Canadian Dealers. Signage, displays, vehicle identification, group uniforms also important for visual impact and recognition are affordable with the support of the TreadPro Group. Product and sales training arranged according to your needs. Exclusive territory protection, reinforced with individual territory managers and home office support. Find out more about the unique features of the TreadPro group today. Our team will be happy to arrange a personal meeting with you to further discuss how TreadPro is the right fit. Contact 1-888-860-7793 or go online to TURNKEY BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY! New state of the art, 8-bay carwash for sale in thriving Saskatchewan community. Located on 3 acres with great location on highway. Great customer base! Selling due to health concerns. Serious inquiries only please! Call 306-232-4767. FOR SALE BY RETIRING OWNER: Logging and sawmill operation in Bissett, MB. Includes: 11 acres property; 750 chord (1875 cu. meters) yearly government soft wood quota; sawmill; planer; feller buncher; 3 skidders; slasher; dozer and misc. equipment. Property has electricity w/good road adjacent and access to sewer and water. Bissett is a gold mine town in the middle of hunting and fishing paradise, $350,000. For more info. 204-635-2625 or 204-268-5539 (cell).


CUSTOM LARGE SQUARE BALING. Green Ridge Farms Ltd. Now booking, cutting, raking, baling and stacking. Modern equipment, reasonable rates, great service. Mark 306-570-5454, Canora, SK WANTED: SOMEONE TO cut and bail 400 acres of hay in the Langham area, SK. RESTAURANT/EQUIPMENT FOR SALE Phone 306-283-4666 in Vermilion, AB, (5030-49th Ave). 2380 sq ft, walk-in cooler, freezer, full line of china, cutlery and assorted related chattels, A/C, water conditioning system. Lots of street WANTED: CUSTOM COMBINER for apparking plus on site parking. Built 1988. prox. 5,000 to 12,000 acres on large grain Lot 75’x120’. MLS#46496. Call for a view- farm with great facilities. Land is well ing or more info, toll free 1-866-262-1649, grouped this year and consecutively. Call website: Sam for details 306-873-9868, Tisdale, SK. WANTED: CUSTOM COMBINER for approx. 7000 acres on large grain farm. Call for details 306-287-8062, Watson, SK.

BOOMING BUSINESS in Assiniboia, SK. 3000 sq. ft. car/truck wash with water vending. Completely upgraded, renovated. Low maintenance. Reduced $599,900 OBO. 306-640-8569. LOOKING FOR A new home based business? We are looking for distributors for all areas for one of the fastest growing companies in Canada. Fantastic income opportunity and growth potential! Join a dynamic team and be part of a new healthy lifestyle and wellness movement! This has already changed our lives, what are you waiting for? For more info call: Sandra at 780-808-1767 or check out the website at You’ll be glad you did!

GILBRAITH FARM SERVICES now taking bookings for 2012 silage season. Claas forager, trucks, mowing, swathing, packing and bagging services available. Call Peter 204-379-2843, 204-745-0092, St. Claude, MB. Check us out on Facebook! ALLAN DAIRY is taking bookings for the 2012 silage season. All crops. Will travel. 204-371-1367 or 204-371-7302, Manitoba. CUSTOM SILAGING for alfalfa, cereal and c o r n c r o p s . B o o k n o w. C a l l B e n 306-744-7678, Saltcoats, SK. FEITSMA SERVICES is booking for 2012! New reliable equipment. Both trucks and high speed tractors w/high floatation chain-out trailers are available. References available upon request. Call Jason 306-381-7689, Hague, SK.

KSW CUSTOM CHOPPING, JD SP chopper, live bottom trucks, 20 yrs. experience, reasonable rates. For all your alfalfa cereal and corn silage needs call Kevin 306-947-2812, 306-221-9807, Hepburn SK ERW CUSTOM SILAGING for alfalfa and cereal crops at reasonable rates. To book call 306-370-0776, Hague, SK. UNRUH FARM SERVICES custom chopping grasses, cereals, corn. Will travel. Call ANITA EHMAN MEDIATION And Con- Warren 204-662-4494 or 204-851-1751, sulting Services, C MED. Extensive expe- Cromer, MB. rience in farmer/lender cases. Confidential, professional service. Regina, SK, 306-761-8081, CUSTOM GRAIN BIN MOVING, all types up to 22’ diameter. 10% spring discount. Haul farm equip. and swathers. Sheldon’s DEBTS, BILLS AND charge accounts too Hauling 306-961-9699, Prince Albert, SK. high? Need to resolve prior to spring? Call CUSTOM BALE HAULING, with 2 trucks us to develop a professional mediation and trailers, 34 bales per trailer. Call plan, resolution plan or restructuring plan. 306-567-7100, Imperial, SK. Call toll free 1-888-577-2020. NEED A LOAN? Own farmland? Bank says no? If yes to above three call 1-866-405-1228, Calgary, AB. PRIVATE MORTGAGE FUNDS available for commercial and agricultural properties. HAVE IRON WILL travel. Custom dirt Bad credit and difficult situations wel- work, contracting, basements, all concrete come. Toll free: 1-877-995-1829. work, cat work, excavating, gravel, crushFARM/CORPORATE PROJECTS. Call A.L. ing, developments, dugouts, hauling, lowManagement Group for all your borrowing bedding anywhere in Canada. One call and and lease requirements. 306-790-2020, we c a n d o i t a l l ! 3 0 6 - 7 6 4 - 1 0 2 3 o r 306-961-2777, Prince Albert, SK. Regina, SK. BRUSH MULCHING. The fast, effective way to clear land. Four season service, competitive rates, multiple units. Borysiuk Contracting, 306-960-3804, Prince Albert, SK.

TURNKEY BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY. Fully equipped restaurant in 3 year old building in central AB. Close to lake properties and industrial areas. Great customer base. Call 780-898-1129, Tomahawk, AB.

WWW.EHAIL.CA Crop Hail Insurance Compare lowest prices & all options. GOOD OPPORTUNITY TO start up or add to your fleet. This company is completely set up to spread drilling fluid. Equipment: (3) Western Star vacuum trucks, 18 spd. 46000 R.E., full lockers, big block C15 Cat engines, floater tires, gallop agitators, boss air, 820 blowers. 8 hoses and all connections on each. Trailers are 3 axle with kitchen, living room, bedroom and 3 piece bath. Air conditioners, propane furnace and tank heaters. 450 litre diesel tanks and pumps on board. Trucks and trailers have just been certified. For more info. please call 780-842-8387, Lloydminster, AB. OWN YOUR OWN Business. Looking for online trainers. Flexible hrs, work from home. Free information and training. PRIME BUSINESS in the Northwestern part of Saskatchewan. Industrial services and sale. Excl #167. Dorothy Lehman 306-446-8800, Re/Max of the Battlefords North Battleford, SK. COMMERCIAL SIGN BUSINESS for sale serving southern Sask. CSA approved sign manufacturer. Installation and service provider for various national and local businesses. Includes inventory, customer list, trucks and equipment. $389,000. Building available for lease. Serious inquiries only. Email or fax 306-525-3533, Regina, SK. LIQUOR STORE FOR SALE: Thriving business in a small town in central AB. Computer system, security cameras, plus other security system etc. For more information call 780-879-0003 or WAKAW, SK. COMMERCIAL/ Residential/ farmland properties for sale. Call 306-233-7405. COFFEE SHOP, seats 24, Espresso bar, very close to downtown Provost, AB. Well established, good clientele, 15 years in business. Retiring. Phone residence after 7, 780-753-2614.

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BUIT CUSTOMER SERVICES for manure hauling. 3 trucks, Bunning vertical beaters, G P S , a n d w e i g h s c a l e o n l o a d e r. 403-588-1146, Blackfalds, AB. FROESE CUSTOM SWATHING, M150 MacDon swathers w/30’ header attach. WWW.EHAIL.CA and GPS. Will swath grain and canola. In AB and SK. 403-952-4422, Bow Island, AB. A.C.S. MOBILE PRESSURE WASHING. Buildings, heavy equipment, etc. Saskatoon and surrounding area. 306-380-7999. CUSTOM BALING, $12./bale, 1200 lb. BUTCHER BUSINESS CLOSURE: All bales. Custom mowing w/16’ haybine, equipment for sale. Walk-in coolers, freez- $16./acre. Call Eric 306-858-2333 or er, compressors, saw, grinder, tables, well 306-858-7507, Lucky Lake, SK. saw, sausage press, meat hooks, paddy PRAIRIE CUSTOM FARMING LTD. Servmachine. All 220 volt. Selling pieces or ing Alberta and western Saskatchewan package. 306-722-7411, Osage, SK. with over 10 years of custom farming exUSED KINGS CHOICE 250 lb. SS Smoker, perience. Call and book your 2012 liquid humidity controlled, $20,500. Call Vern, manure hauling and silage. Silage service includes: Swathing, chopping, hauling, 306-781-2830, 306-536-5330, Regina, SK. bagging, and packing. All of our equipment is current and reliable with the ability to handle large jobs. Contact Barry Hofstra at: PURSUIT HERBICIDE. Overstocked brand or 780-361-9736, Millet, AB. name BASF. Will sell for generic pricing. TURBO CORRAL CLEANING. Two trucks 306-542-7639, Kamsack, SK. with spreaders and Cat. Reasonable rates. 306-228-2466, 306-228-8355, Unity, SK. MULCHING - TREES, BRUSH, stumps, cararanas, etc. 12 years of enviro friendly FARM CHEMICAL/ SEED COMPLAINTS mulching. Call today! 306-933-2950. Visit: We also specialize in: Crop insurance ap- peals; Chemical drift; Residual herbicide; MAGILL FARM & FIELD SERVICES is Custom operator issues; Equipment mal- now booking swathing acres for the 2012 function. Qualified Agrologist on staff. Call cropping season. Late model MacDon Back-Track Investigations for assistance swathers. For all your swathing needs regarding compensation, 1-866-882-4779. email: or call Ivor at 403-894-5400, Lethbridge, AB. 4T CONTRACTORS INC. Custom fencing, mulching, corral cleaning and 2006 SULLAIR, 425 CFM, portable air bobcat services. Metal siding and compressor, 4694 hrs, $17,500. Financing roofs. Will do any kind of work. available. 204-864-2391, 204-981-3636, 306-329-4485 306-222-8197 Asquith Cartier, MB. SK,

Call 888-539-2485

RANCHOIL CONTRACTING LTD. has 3 vertical beater truck mounted manure spreaders and JD wheel loader for hire in NW SK. and NE AB. For all your corral cleaning needs please call David or Joanna 306-238-4800, Goodsoil, SK. NEUFELD ENT. CORRAL CLEANING, payloader, Bobcat with rubber tracks and vertical beater spreaders. Phone 306-220-5013, 306-467-5013, Hague, SK. REGULATION DUGOUTS: 120x60x14’ $1900; 160x60x14’ $2700; 180x60x14’ $3100; 200x60x14’ $3500. Saskatoon, SK, 2007 BROTHERS CUSTOM STRUCTURES. Phone: 306-222-8054. 12’x60’ office trailer, skid mounted c/w AC, large propane bottles, mint condition. Never used in oil patch or moved off pavement. As new, asking $80,000 OBO. Phone Mike 403-861-8100, Calgary, AB. ELGIN PELICAN street sweeper, CAT #80 HYD. SCRAPER, flat btm, new 1999 miles, $14,900; 2005 Johnson edges and corner bits recently, vg tires, vg 20,000 s t r e e t s we e p e r w i t h 1 1 , 0 0 0 m i l e s , cond. Rick 204-851-1000, Elkhorn, MB. $29,900. K&L Equipment and Auto, ItuON HAND: 19 skidsteers, 12 backhoes, 9 na, SK. Call Ladimer 306-795-7779, Chris telescopic lifts, 17 loaders, 2 crawlers, 3 306-537-2027. DL #910885. excavators, 3 graders, 2 Ditch Witches. Website: or phone THREE 621 CAT Motorscrapers, 23H Series, canopy, $25,000 each. 204-795-9192, 306-231-8111, Humboldt, SK. Plum Coulee, MB. JD 772CH, 2004, AWD, 14’ MB, 17.5 tires, D7E HH STANDARD and winch; Also one ripper, 7750 hrs., $95,000. Ripper (new), D7 rebuilt engine. Phone 780-322-2535, fits Cat 140M. 403-291-1010, Calgary, AB. Peace River, AB. D6C, 310 JD backhoe, 945 Liebherr excaFOUR CAT 463 cable pull scrapers to vator. Call 204-352-4306, Glenella, MB. choose from. F.O.B. Plum Coulee, MB., JD 544A PAYLOADER, $15,000 firm; 3.3 204-325-2550. salt and sand sander, as new, $6000; 2003 D7R series II w/SU blade and ripper, EXCELLENT SELECTION Used skidsteers, track loaders, fork lifts, zoom booms, mini $185,000. 306-845-3407, Turtle Lake, SK. excavators. Visit for more EQUIPMENT RENTALS: Excavators, Doz- details, specs and prices. Glenmor, phone ers, Loaders, Compactors, etc. Conquest 1-888-708-3739, Prince Albert, SK. Equipment, 306-483-2500, Oxbow, SK. WANTED: LARGE INDUSTRIAL rototiller ROME PLOW AND KELLO DISC blades for land breaking, PT or SP, any condition. and bearings, 24” to 42” notched disc Phone 403-333-8462. blades. 12’ 6-WAY MINI PULL DOZERS; 8’ to 14’ 1-888-500-2646, Red Deer, AB. tilt land levelers. 403-312-4202, Linden, 1984 ARNE’S 11’ WIDE 16 wheel single AB. drop scissor deck, new safety, $22,000. Pics and details: WHEEL LOADERS: 1997 CAT 928G, AC c a b, n ew t i r e s , c o u p l e r, Au t o S h i f t , 306-222-2413, Aberdeen/ Saskatoon, SK. $52,900; 2004 KOMATSU WA250-5, 3rd 2006 D-6-R CAT Series II LGP, less than valve, aux hyd, quick coupler bucket, 7800 1000 hrs. on UC, quad rails, S-dozer w/tilt, hrs, $72,000; 1992 JD 544E, quick coucab and canopy, new paint, 6670 hrs., pler bucket; 1990 JD 544E, 3rd valve, aux $150,000. 204-871-0925, MacGregor, MB. hyd, 4-in-1 bucket, new tires. LOADER LOW LOW PRICES, Partial listing, over BACKHOES: Four CASE 580SM’s, years 700 pieces of equipment and attachments 2002, 2004 and 2006 all w/cab, extend-ain our Winnipeg and Hwy No. 1 yards. 20 hoe, 4WD, good rubber, $31,500 to crawlers, loaders and tractors; 7 skid- $42,000; Three DEER 310G’s, 2004, all steers; 2 walk behind Toro Dingo’s; 85 w/cab, extend-a-hoe, 4WD, exc. rubber, skidsteer attachments; sweepers and at- a u x h y d , 3 2 0 0 h r s , $ 3 9 , 9 0 0 . tachments; 2 Case 580C 2 WD backhoe 204-256-2098, loader; Backhoe attachments; 4 post Treherne, MB. pounders; 20 rakes for Crawlers, loaders CAT 936E LOADER, 3 yard bucket, Quik and excavators; 150 buckets for loaders, coupler, 3rd valve, reasonable, service tractors and excavators; Ditch bank mower records. 780-990-9604, Edmonton, AB. and others; 12 water pumps from 2” to 10”; 5 tree chippers; 60 light plants from 3 to 193 kw; 15 fire engines; 3 fire engines w/100’ ladders; Kenworth and Western Star pair, $9500; 35 forklifts and over 50 sets of pallet forks; 400 new and used hyd. cylinders; 700 pieces of new corrated galv. metal sheets; IH 1850 truck w/34,000 kms, only $9500; large manlift 80’ reach; 5 to 40 ton Peterbilt cranes; 150 new and used const. and farm tires; 1/2” cable 2007 BOBCAT VR723 VERSAHANDLER (used) 10,000’ only, $0.59/ft; 14 and 18 23’ reach, 7000lb lift. 3,465 hrs. $44,800. yd. Reynolds and Icon hyd. scrapers; New Trades welcome. Financing available. 12 volt inline fuel pumps, 36-PM only 1-800-667-4515, $59/ea; New 12 volt tractor lights, $19; New HD 3 PH top links, only $99. Ph. 257 CAT TRACK LOADERS, $14,800 to 204-667-2867, fax: 204-667-2932, Winni- $22,000. Pics, details: 306-222-2413, Aberdeen/ Saskatoon, SK. peg, MB. 2005 TEREX TS14G twin engine motor CAT IT28G LOADER, quick change, buckscraper, only 4400 orig. hrs., x-County ma- et, forks, 3rd valve, exc. cond., service records. 780-990-9604, Edmonton, AB. chine, exc. 780-878-4142, Camrose, AB D7G POWERSHIFT, ripper, tilt; UH-122 trackhoe; Cat 631 scraper; Komatsu WA320-1 loader; Bomag BW170PD vibrator packer; 306-236-8023, Goodsoil, SK.

CONTERRA GRADER for skidsteers and tractors. Excellent for road maintenance, floating and levelling. 518S-SS, $2499. Conterra manufactures over 150 attachments. Call 1-877-947-2882, view online at CAT D6B, SN 1134, standard shift w/Johnson bar and hyd. angle dozer, good undercarriage, pup start. Tractor in good shape, ready to work, $15,000 OBO. 204-669-9626, Winnipeg, MB. GOLD RECLAIMING EQUIPMENT: Domine Trommel 6x18 double deck El-Russ mobile screen deck, 2- 8” dredge pumps, 4” elec. submersible pumps and generators, IHC 6x6 tandem auger testing truck. For sale or trade. 306-267-4552. BOX SCRAPERS: 10’, $2600’ 12’, $2800; 14’, $3000; 3 PH Leon 5-way blade, $2500. 204-723-2820, Treherne, MB. LOW HOURED CATERPILLAR and other heavy equipment. Crawlers, loaders, excavators and trucks. 815-239-2309, Illinois. BUCKET 3 YARD LOADER, new/unused, BOE, reasonable. Call Ken 780-990-9604, Edmonton, AB. 18’ DECK WITH HIAB picker plus PTO, plus pump, $4900. Call 306-231-8111, Humboldt, SK. P&H OMEGA 20, 1982 crane, 80’ boom, current cert., $36,500. Danny Spence, Speers, SK. Ph: 306-246-4632. CAT IT 28 wheel loader, $33,000; JD 650, w i d e p a d s , 6 - w a y d o z e r, $ 2 8 , 0 0 0 . 780-878-4142, Camrose, AB. CAT HYD. PULL SCRAPERS: 463, 435, 621, 80, 70, and 60, all very good cond., r e c e n t c o n v e r s i o n . C a n d e l i v e r. 204-793-0098, Stony Mountain, MB. HYDRAULIC PULL SCRAPERS 10 to 25 yds., exc. cond.; Loader and scraper tires, custom conversions avail. Looking for Cat cable scrapers. Quick Drain Sales Ltd, 306-231-7318,306-682-4520,Muenster SK.

CHAMPION GRADER PARTS, Model D600 to 760, 1972 to 1986, engines, trans, hyd. pumps, etc. Call Wes 306-682-3367 leave message, Humboldt, SK. WHEEL LOADERS: 2006 JD544J, 4800 hrs., Q/A bucket and forks, new tires, asking $115,000; 2005 Daewoo 200-V, 3000 hrs., asking $65,000; 2003 JD 544H, 10,300 hrs., Q/A bucket and forks, 3rd valve asking $75,000. Edquip. Phone Jerry 780-915-5426 or Bob 780-446-9254, Spruce Grove, AB. SKIDSTEERS: BOBCAT S220, Cat 277B. Conquest Equipment, 306-483-2500, Oxbow, SK. TWO TEREX 3305 ridged frame trucks for sale, lots of extra parts, $50,000/ea. 306-634-9911, Estevan, SK. 1996 CAT 416B loader/backhoe, 8892 hrs., 4x4, extend-a-hoe, full cab w/heat, 24” digging bucket, excellent condition, $26,900. Call Jordan anytime 403-627-9300, Pincher Creek, AB. CASE 680 BACKHOE, 4x4, extend-a-hoe, cab with heat, very clean, runs excellent. 306-338-2674, Kuroki, SK.

2008 KENWORTH T800 dump truck, 5600 kms, 265 hrs, 425 Cummins ISM, 18 spd, 16.5 Nahanni box, air ride, 20000 front axle, 46000 rears, plumbed for trailer $120,000. Serious enquiries only, no tire kickers, wholesale enquiries, or low ball offers. This truck is immaculate and worth much more to replace, don’t waste my time. 250-743-7837, Cobble Hill, BC.

N E W 1 0 ’ A N D 1 2 ’ B I G D O G B OX SCRAPER heavy duty, tilt, avail. in 24’’ and 42” high back. Starting at $3600. Also new B.I.L. box scrapers and centre pivot up to 20’. Wholesale pricing to western provinces. or call 204-871-1175 or 1-866-862-8304. 1989 JD 544E payloader, 4-1/2 yard bucket, 20.5x25 tires 50%+, $39,500 OBO. 780-307-4662, Clyde, AB. 1989 FORD L8000, c/w 1996 Arnes 15’ gravel box, new tires and trans., current MB safety. Needs engine work, Ford 7.8L engine, $12,500 OBO. 204-878-9948, 204-791-4187, Ile Des Chenes, MB. D6R-XW 2001 6-way, complete history file, UC 70%, $165,000. Phone Ron 780-842-1908, 780-842-2195, Wainwright, AB, D 8 H C AT 46A 18543, good old Cat w/brush rake, ripper and twin tilt dozer, new top end, 40% UC, $34,000 OBO. Call Greg, 780-919-5920, Wildwood, AB. WANTED: D3C CATERPILLAR CAB, also piling blade; Int. 466 turbo diesel engine, complete. Call 403-638-2232, Sundre, AB. GRADALL XL5200 Telescopic excavator, 31” tracks, 70” bucket, $35,000 F.O.B. 204-795-9192, Plum Coulee, MB. 2003 CAT 928 WHEEL LOADER, 13,000 hrs., 3rd valve, 2 3/4 yard bucket, tires 60%, vg condition, $62,000. 780-963-0641 or 780-203-9593, Stony Plain, AB. JD 690 ELC HYD. EXCAVATOR, c/w hyd. thumb, Cat walks, new UC, exc. cond. 780-284-5500, Westlock, AB. HYDRAULIC SCRAPERS: LEVER 60, 70, 80, and 435, 4 - 20 yd. available, rebuilt for years of trouble-free service. Lever Holdings Inc., 306-682-3332, Muenster SK STEEL SERVICE TOOL BOX, for 1/2 ton, 3/4 or 1 ton truck, 6 compartments. 79” wide, 8’ long. Good shape, $1000 OBO. 204-669-9626, Winnipeg, MB. CAT D7, hyd. angle dozer sweeps, canopy, and ripper, excellent condition. Delivery available. 780-284-5500, Westlock, AB. 2006 NH LT185B skidsteer, dsl., cab with heat, 2200 hrs., $22,000; 2004 ASV RC50 skidsteer, dsl., 1306 hrs., cab, bucket, fork, $17,000. 306-338-2674, Kuroki, SK. ROAD GRADERS CONVERTED to pull behind large 4 WD tractors, 14’ and 16’ blade widths available. Call C.W. Enterprises, 306-682-3367, 306-231-8358, Humboldt, SK, 2006 HITACHI 200 excavator; 2001 Western Star semi; 2000 50 ton 10’ wide lowbed; One tandem end dump. 204-648-4902, Gilbert Plains, MB. 1991 CHAMPION 720 grader, Cummins eng., 8 spd. powershift, 14’ mold board, snow wing, 9,000 hrs, $30,000; 41’ Carelift telehandler, 5.9 Cummins, 3 spd. auto, $21,000. Terry 306-554-8220, Dafoe, SK. TELEHANDLER: 2003 Manitou MLT 633 LS, 5800 hrs, ideal for feedlot. Conquest Equipment, 306-483-2500, Oxbow, SK 1976 D5 CAT, 12,877 hrs, 10’ blade, 3 spd. powershift, good running condition, asking $20,000. 204-746-5165, St. Jean, MB. CASE W14 wheel loader, well maintained, $17,500; Case 450 crawler dozer, 6 way blade, $17,500; Cat 931 crawler loader, $13,500. 204-525-4521, Minitonas, MB. CLIFF’S USED CRAWLER PARTS. Some o l d e r C at s , I H a n d A l l i s C h a l m e r s . 780-755-2295, Edgerton, AB.

1990 CASE 580K extend-a-hoe, 6300 2001 JD 750 CRAWLER, 6-way dozer, hrs., good condition, $22,500 OBO. wide pads and winch, very low hours. 306-287-4119, 306-231-8173 Englefeld SK 780-284-5500, Westlock, AB.

Your source for new,used, aftermarket and rebuilt Cat parts. OEM Dealers for Prime-Tech Mulchers and Hyundai Excavator’s and Wheel Loaders. Let us source ALL your heavy equipment parts. Regardless of manufacturer. Our new web site is under construction at check it out.

TOLL FREE:1 877-413-1774


$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ 7 5 TR UC KLOAD S $ $ $ 29 G AUG E FULL H AR D 100,000 P S I $ H IG H TEN S ILE R OOFIN G & S ID IN G $ $ $ $ 16 C OLOUR S TO C H OOS E FR OM $ B-G r. Colou red . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 70¢ ft2 $ $ M u lti Colou rM illen d s . . . . . . . 49¢ ft2 $ $ $ BEAT THE P RICE $ $ $ $ IN C R E A S E S AS K ABO UT O UR BLO W O UT $ $ CO LO RS AT $0.6 5 S Q . FT. $ $ CALL N O W $ $ $ $ F o u illa rd S teel $ $ S u p p lies L t d . $ $ S t . La za r e, M a n . $ $ 1- 8 00- 5 10- 3303 $ $ $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$


2005 CAT 950G Series II wheel loader; 2008 Case 580 Super M Series III back hoe; 2008 Case 450 skidsteer; 2006 Hitachi ZX270 LC hyd. excavator, 2 buckets; 2006 325DL hyd. excavator, 2 buckets; 2004 Cat 325CL hyd. excavator, 2 buckets; 2001 Cat 420D 4x4 extend-a-hoe loader backhoe. 780-361-7322, Edmonton, AB. STOLEN: PLEASE BE on the lookout for a 1997 JCB 214 extend-a-hoe backhoe, FWA, rubber tired. Stolen from the Hay L a ke s , A B . a r e a , M a r c h , 2 0 1 2 . S / N #SLP214TCTE0446237 Model #214. Paint in good cond., bucket painted yellow (not black). $2000 reward for any information leading to the recovery of the hoe. Call Tom at 780-608-0168 or your local RCMP. HYDRAULIC PULL SCRAPERS, 6-40 yards: Caterpillar, AC/LaPlant, LeTourneau, etc. pull-type and direct mount available; Bucyrus Erie 20 yard cable, $5000; pull-type motor grader, $14,900; tires available. Phone 204-822-3797, Morden, MB.

PARTING OUT: Daritek double 8 parallel parlor w/milk meters, 3� milklines and receiver group, Bender wash system, 7.5 HP lobe vac., pump, etc.; Also 2008 Delaval 4000 gal. milk tank and compressor. Phone 403-740-5488, Stettler, AB.

JOHN DEERE 4045 diesel w/Berkeley pump, low hrs., 1500 GPM capacity at 60 PSI, $6500. 778-549-5124, Riverhurst, SK. 3406B, N14, SERIES 60, running engines and parts. Call Yellowhead Traders, 306-896-2882, Churchbridge, SK.


BEHLEN STEEL BUILDINGS, quonsets, convex and rigid frame straight walls, grain tanks, metal cladding, farm - commercial. Construction and concrete crews. Guaranteed workmanship. Call your Saskatoon and northwest Behlen Distributor, Janzen Steel Buildings, 306-242-7767, WISCONSIN MOTOR PARTS for VG4D: Osler, SK. Crank shaft, heads, fly wheel, starter, m a n i f o l d a n d c a r b , $ 1 0 0 0 O B O . POLE BARNS, WOODSTEEL packages, hog, chicken, and dairy barns, grain bins 204-669-9626, Winnipeg, MB. and hoppers. Construction and concrete CUMMINS 99 HP diesel engine, brand crews available. Mel or Scott, MR Steel new, never run. Mounted on factory rails Construction, 306-978-0315, Hague, SK. w/factory rad. and intercooler. Perfect replacement for the engine in your swather DIAMOND CANVAS SHELTERS, sizes or as a power unit. Paid over $16,500, ranging from 15’ wide to 120’ wide, any Asking $9500 OBO. 306-381-8839, email: length. Call Bill 780-986-5548, Leduc, AB. WANTED: MINNEAPOLIS 708 fuel injection pump for Perkins diesel or Fordson major longhorn; Also need new rebuilt or very good head for 382 MH (model 55 or 555) gas engine. Not a wheeler/dealer, going to a good home. 403-227-4071.


Westrum Lumber

1-888-663-9663 Rouleau, SK


• H igh P ro file • B ig O verh ea d Do o rs • Eq uip m en t • Gra in • F ertilizer • P o ta to es • S h o p s

REMANUFACTURED DIESEL ENGINES: GM 6.5L, $4750 installed; Ford/IH 7.3L, $4950 installed; New 6.5L engines, $6500; 24v 5.9L Cummins, $7500 installed; GM Duramax - Ford 6.0L, $8500 installed. Other new, used, and Reman. diesel engines available. Call 204-532-2187, 8 AM to 5:30 PM Mon. to Fri., Thickett Engine Rebuilding, Binscarth, MB.

1-888-6 92-5515 D errick - Cell

306 -6 31-8550

w w w .z ip p e rloc k .c om

WANTED: FORD 7.8L engine, 270 HP to fit Ford L8000. 204-878-9948, 204-791-4187, Ile Des Chenes, MB.


4� x 6’ R e cycle d P la s tic Fe n ce P o s ts .......................$5 .85 e a .

A ls o S pecia lizing in NU-FORM

EX CELLENT FOR B A RNS & COM M ERCIA L B UILDINGS • In s u la te d • Bright • Ea s y to C le a n • No thin g to Ro t


• Dim e n s io n a l Fra m e • Po s tBu ild in gs • En gin e e re d S te e l Bu ild in gs

Plea s e feel free to ca ll w ith a n y q u es tio n s

3 06 229 3 749 E -m a il

dia m on dcon cre te @ s a s kte l.n e t BIN MOVING, all sizes up to 19’ diameter, 34’ high, with or without floors. Call Lorne 306-468-7916, Canwood, SK.

Now In S tock ~ P H ON E FOR P R IC IN G ~

1-866-974-7678 FREE QUOTE


w w w .go o do m

w w w .skyw aygrainsystem HU TCHIN SO N G rain Pum ps LA M BTO N Bucket Elevators LA M BTO N Drag Conveyors (Seed Com patible Conveyors) Rail Load-O ut System s Pulse Crop Equipm ent W ESTEEL G rain Bins SU KU P A eration & Bins G rain G uard Bins and A eration

Fo r A llY o ur Fa rm , C o m m ercia l& Industria lN eeds

8 1615 FRIESEN FERTILIZER BINS. All excellent cond; No skids. 4 have aeration and fan, $10,000 for non-air bins, $11,000 for others; 2- 1350 bu. Trail-Rite hopper bins c/w aeration and fan, no skid, $4000 each. Can send pics. 306-631-7099, Moose Jaw, SK. Email FOR ALL YOUR grain storage, hopper cone and steel floor requirements contact: Kevin’s Custom Ag in Nipawin toll free: 1-888-304-2837. MERIDIAN GRAIN MAX 4000 and 5300 bu. bins are in stock and ready for immediate delivery. See your nearest Flaman store today or call 306-934-2121, or visit LIFETIME LID OPENERS. We are a stocking dealer for Boundary Trail Lifetime Lid Openers, 18� to 39�. Rosler Construction 2000 Inc., 306-933-0033, Saskatoon, SK. USED 4500- 7500 BU. steel grain bins, c/w fans, steel skids and hoppers, $2/bushel. 306-230-2723, Colonsay, SK. LIMITED QUANTITY of flat floor Goebel grain bins, at special prices. Grain Bin Direct, 306-373-4919, Saskatoon, SK.

1-800-665-0470 S to ny Pla in O ffice 780-975-3748 O lds O ffice 403-586-0311 M B S a les 204-534-2468 S a sk. S a les 306-737-8788 V erm ilio n O ffice 780-581-5822


CHIEF WESTLAND AND CARADON BIN extensions, sheets, stiffeners, etc. Now avail. Call Bill, 780-986-5548, Leduc, AB.



Yo rk to n S K - S ervic ing Alb erta , S a s ka tc hew a n & M a nitob a BEHLEN HOP P ER COM BO S P ECIALS

USED, REBUILT or NEW engines. Specializing in Cummins, have all makes, large inventory of parts, repowering is our specialty. 1-877-557-3797, Ponoka, AB.

Pa ck a g e of(2)-10,000Bu Com bo- $50,000.00 or$2 .50PerBu Pa ck a g e of(2)-9000Bu Com bo-$46,000.00 or$2 .55PerBu Pa ck a g e of(2)-7200Bu Com bo-$37,000.00 or$2 .56PerBu Pa ck a g e of(2)-6200Bu Com bo-$32 ,000.00 or$2 .58PerBu

FARM AND INDUSTRIAL ELECTRICAL motor sales, service and parts. Also sale of, and repairs to, all makes and sizes of pumps, generators, phase converters, etc. Tisdale Motor Rewinding 1984 Ltd., 306- AFAB INDUSTRIES POST frame buildings. 873-2881, fax 306-873-4788, 1005A- 111 For the customer that prefers quality. Ave., Tisdale, SK. 1-888-816-AFAB (2322), Rocanville, SK.


26/(56$6. 3+   )$;  

Building Supplies & Contracting

%22. 12: 726(&85(35,&,1* '(/,9(5<  /($6(<285%,16  8372<($57(506$9$,/$%/( 

Hague, SK P: 306-225-2288 F: 306-225-4438

Quality Workmanship Material & Service Leading Suppliers & Contractors of: $//+233(5%,1&20%2 6 ,1&/8'(7+(6( 67$1'$5')($785(6 8167,))(1('6,'(:$//3$1(/6 :$// 522)/$''(56 5(027(/,'23(1(56 6$)(7<),//  6$)(7<5,1* 5$&. 3,1,21*$7(6 0$1+2/($&&(66,1&21(

â&#x20AC;˘ â&#x20AC;˘ â&#x20AC;˘ â&#x20AC;˘

Shops & Pole Sheds Post & Stick Frame Building Riding Arenas D airy, H og, & C hicken Barns









See us for competitive prices and efficient service!





SCOTTâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;S CELL FOR M ORE INFORM ATION: TAISHAâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;S CELL (3 06 )6 21-53 04 OFFICE: (3 06 )78 2-3 3 00 (3 06 )6 21-3 025 EM AIL: ATLASBINS@ HOTM AIL.COM W EBSITE: W W W .ATLASBUILDINGS.NET

w w w .Ca llBertF orSu ku p.c om

O u rPrice

S u ku p 2 407 Un stiffen ed Bin s (10,62 8 b u shels)

$9,990.00 Delivered W ithin 100 m iles o f S a ska to o n o rR egin a

S teelBin pa cka ge O

n ly !

Do es n o tin clu d e a flo o r, o rerectio n .



Allco m b o s c/w Au to Lid O pen ers, La d d ers, S kid s a n d La b o u r. Freight,A irS ys tem s and Leas ing A v ailable.

Check O u t



Pa ck a g e of(3)-3400Bu Com bo- $2 7,000.00 or$2 .64PerBu Pa ck a g e of(3)-5000Bu Com bo-$37,600.00 or$2 .51PerBu

Introducing Zakâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Pre-Engineered Laminated Post!



A GRICULTURA L â&#x20AC;˘ Da iry Ba rn s â&#x20AC;˘ S ila ge Bu n ke rs â&#x20AC;˘ C hic ke n Ba rn s â&#x20AC;˘ S ho p Fo u n d a tio n s â&#x20AC;˘ Bin Pa d s Â

29 g u . G a lva n ized Ultra Vic. M eta l Cla d d in g 8â&#x20AC;&#x2122;, 10â&#x20AC;&#x2122;, 12â&#x20AC;&#x2122; & 16â&#x20AC;&#x2122;.

Fen ce Po sts & Ba rb w ire

Buildin g Com p a n y (2005) In c.

O rde r N O W for 2012 Cons tru c tion



C o lo re d ro o f m e ta l, co lo red w a lls a n d trim s (o u ts id e co rn ers , b a s e fla s h, ea ve fla s h, ga b le fla s h, J cha n n el, d rip fla s h), S teel In s . W a lk In Do o r a n d L o cks et. 48x7 2 - 18â&#x20AC;&#x2122; tre a te d 6x6 po s tb ld g. c/w 28x18 a ll s teel s lid in g d o o r. $22,268.94 Pho n e w ith yo u r b u ild in g s ize req u irem en ts fo r a free es tim a te.


290 CUMMINS; 350 Detroit; 671 Detroit; Series 60 cores. Call: 306-539-4642, Regina, SK


Es te va n , S K . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 306-6 3 4-5111 M cLe a n , S K . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 306-6 9 9 -728 4 Tis da le , S K . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 306-8 73 -443 8

w w w .w ood-coun #1 G R AD E H IG H TEN S ILE



DIESEL AND GAS ENGINES for tractors, combines and swathers. JD, IH, Perkins, Cat, Ford. Early and late models. One year w a r r a n t y. P h o n e 1 - 8 0 0 - 6 6 7 - 4 5 1 5 .




Pa cka ge in clu d es a n o u tsid e la d d er, rem o te lid o pen era n d a n a u gerchu te in d o o r. These a re u n stiffen ed b in s tha ta re b etterb y d esign fo rsteelflo o rs. S teelFlo o rs a va ila b le. S pecia lPu rcha se. O ffergo o d w hile sto ck la sts. S u b jectto cha n ge w itho u tn o tice. Alw a ys rea d the sm a llprin to n so m e co m petito râ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s a d vertisem en ts.

C a ll BERT S a les Inc . (306) 664- 2378



BBB BIN CONSTRUCTION- Erections, WESTEEL BINS: (7) 2750’s, four with air, extensions and repairs in SK. Fully insured. all on wood floors, $1.00/bu. Allan, SK. 306-257-3897. 306-716-3122, Eston, SK. BROCK (BUTLER) GRAIN BIN PARTS 1 ONLY 2150 bu steel hopper bin w/steel and accessories available at Rosler Con- skids, low profile, $5000; 1- 2000 bu. steel bin, requires new floor, $1000. Ph Jerry afstruction. 306-933-0033, Saskatoon, SK. ter 6 PM, 306-257-3674, Elstow, SK. CUSTOM GRAIN BIN MOVING, all types 2700 BUSHEL 3 compartment railcar, w/3 up to 22’ diameter. 10% spring discount. HP aeration fan and railroad tie base, Accurate estimates. Sheldon’s Hauling, $1800. 306-638-4507, 306-535-7117, Be306-961-9699, Prince Albert, SK. thune, SK.



Em a il: s a les @m kw eld

14’ HOPPER CONE up to 2000 bu. bin with 8x4 skid, 7 legs

18-5 SAKUNDIAK HOPPER BIN (approx. 5000 bu.) with double 6x4 skid, 12 legs


14’Hopper 8 Leg H/Duty ..............$2,4 50 14’Hopper 7 Leg S/Duty ..............$2,325 SKID BASE & AERAT IO N EX T RA C HARG E


Only$ 11,410.00


19’ HOPPER CONE up to 4000 bu. bin with double 6x4 skid, 12 legs

24-5 SAKUNDIAK HOPPER BIN (approx. 9000 bu.) with double 8x4 skid, 16 legs



Only$ 19,295.00 O ther Skid Sizes Available.

Phone and ask about“SpecialPricing” for H opper cones w ith Sakundiak bin packages. Prices subjectto change – Q uantities are Lim ited.




PRAIRIE STEEL FARMWEST AG 306-933-1141 306-789-0606

Unique Features

CUSTOM BIN MOVING SASK. ONLY. Up to 21’ diameter. 306-220-7915, Marty, Blaine Lake, SK. THE



Lease at 3.95%


Self Unloading Trailers

Set up

Trained crews w/pickers


5 year bin/20 year floor


Canadian Built Insurance Certified Bin Anchors


WESTEEL, GOEBEL, grain and fertilizer bins. Grain Bin Direct, 306-373-4919.


• 10’ & 12’ GRAIN BAGGER M ODEL AV AIL ABL E • 16 ” (10’ M ODEL ) & 20” (12’) FIL L IN G AUGER • UP TO 550 BU./ M IN . CAPACITY

• This d evice M OUN TS T M AGN ETICAL L Y to the b o tto m o f yo u r ho pper b in . • Allo w s yo u to o pen the chu te w id e o pen w ith N O CHAN CE OF S PIL L S . • REDUCES s plittin g o f pea s a n d ca n o la b lo w in g a w a y in the w in d . S ee w eb s ite fo r m o re d eta ils o r Ca ll


BEHLEN GRAIN BINS for sale. Three 11,300 bu. on 21’ concrete floors; Six 5700 bu. on 19’ concrete floors, all w/aeration and 3 ph power, 60¢/bu. 306-469-2178 or 306-469-7731, Big River, SK. TWO 250 BUSHEL steel hopper bins; One 2000 bushel steel bin on wood floor. 306-738-2034, Riceton, SK. FOR SALE: WESTEEL Rosco bins, no floors, six 1650 bu. $1500 each; one 3300 bu. $3000. 306-252-2227, Kenaston, SK. BIN MOVERS. Lil Truck Hauling Ltd. Good rates, call for more information. Merle or Fred 306-338-8288, 306-338-3921. FOUR 45’ STEEL grain rings, 4’ walls, w/tarps, wall anchors, edge coverings, hardware, used 1 season, excellent cond., $1500 ea. OBO. 306-576-2111, Wishart SK USED LARGE GRAIN bin hydraulic jack set. 306-759-2572, Eyebrow, SK.


Direct To Customers

1 year Set-up YOUNG’S EQUIPMENT INC. Spring bag and bagger promo on now! 1-800-803-8346. ASSORTED STEEL GRAIN bins, w/wood floors, 1 wood hopper bin, 2000-5000 bu., $1/per bushel. 306-631-8854, Moose Jaw, SK. Email:


If a n y co m petito rtries - W e w illBea t theirprice G UARAN TEED !



Call 403-994-7207 or 780-206-4666


D ARM AN I G RAIN S TO RAG E 1-86 6 -6 6 5-6 6 77 One Phone Call = One Best Price GUARANTEED Design

Have dealers in Saskatchewan.

New La rger Ca pa city 30” Gra in Conveyor A va ila b le for 2012

w w w .fullb in s upe rs e n s o m


GRAINBIN DIRECT 306-373-4919

GRAIN BAG EXTRACTORS- 9108 grain extractors for sale starting at $14,900. Reengineered auger drill, field ready! Visit your nearest Flaman store or call 1-888-435-2626.

9’, 10’ and 12’.

306-228-297 1 o r 1-87 7 -228-5 5 98

“Saskatchewan Owned Manufacturer of Grain Bins”



Brow n le e s Truckin g I nc. Un ity, S K



FIVE 3300 BU. Westeel Rosco bins, must be removed off concrete. $3300/ea. Ph: 306-843-3315, 306-843-7853, Wilkie, SK.

Fla tb ottom w /S teel floor a nd Air (4300-20,000b ushels) Hop p er b ins w /s kid a nd Air (4750b ushel)


(403) 78 4-3518

w w w .ren n m m



• Fla tBo tto m & Ho ppe rG ra in Bin Te c hn o lo gy • M o s tOptio n s Are S ta n d a rd Equ ipm e n tOn Ou rBin s !




Now offering Temporary Storage up to 60,000 bushel bins

• Re pla c e yo u ro ld flo o rs a n d a d d u p to 1500 b u s he ls c a pa c ity to yo u r e xis tin g b in s . • No m o re fightin g w ith yo u ro ld d o o rs . Ou rpa te n te d JTL d o o r is gu a ra n te e d to m a ke yo u s m ile e ve rytim e yo u u s e it!

S a s k a tchew a n /Alb erta 1-306 -8 23-48 8 8 S tettler, AB 1-78 0-8 72-49 43 S o u th/Ea s tS a s k a tchew a n , M a n ito b a & U.S .A., 1-306 -224-208 8

Ava ila b le in Cu s to m s izes u p to 122,000 ga llo n ca pa city.





La rge Dia m eter Bins w ith Unloa d a nd Full floor Aera tion Aeration Fans (3 hp –10 HP) Temp monitoring Systems Steel bin floors (14-30` in diameter)



REN N M ill Cen ter In c.

Melfort, Sask. w w w.m kw eld

TOP QUALITY BEHLEN/SAKUNDIAK BINS. Book now for best prices. Example all prices include skid, ladders to ground, manhole, set-up and delivery within set radius. Behlen Hopper combos: 3500 bu. $10,450; SPECIAL 5000 bu. $13,990. We manufacture superior quality hoppers and steel floors for all makes and sizes. Know what you are investing in. Call and find out why our product quality and price well exceeds the competition. We also stock replacement lids for all makes and models of bins. Leasing available. Hoffart Services Inc., 306-957-2033, Odessa, SK.

Pio n eerCo -o p S w iftCu rren t|Tu rtlefo rd |Ha ffo rd S hellb ro o k |Prin ce Alb ert|L a n d is Ro s eto w n |Tu ga s k e |S o u thla n d Co -o p As s in ib o ia M ed icin e Ha t|Dru m heller|V ird en


bushel pkg:

• • • • • • •

Ladder/Inspection hole LevAlert fill indicator 2-Mushroom Vents 12 leg Hopper Double 8x4” skid Manhole 6’-7000 Rocket aeration



14’ Cone with 8 legs and 8x4 skid



Dwayne Enterprises Box 46 • Beatty, SK S0J 0C0 • Ph: 306-752-4445 Fax: 306-752-5574 •

+ setup and delivery (can be arranged)


• • • •

Call for all other DE hopper bin packages from 4000-19000 bushels! DE retrofit hopper bottoms from 9-27’ any brand bin Grain Guard Products (rockets, fans, heaters...) Bin Anchors Aeration socks

R M 99 C a le d o n ia (S o uth o f C o rrin e ) Ho pper w /Air 6x4000b u Behlin Ho p p er w ith Air 6x 2000b u W es teel Ho p p er b in s w ith Air 2x1500b u Bu tler Ho p p er w ith Air 2x2000b u T w is ter Ho p p er w ith Air 2x2000b u ChiefW es tla n d Ho p p er w ith Air Ho pper w /o u t Air 1x3000b u T w is ter Ho p p er Fla t Bo tto m w /Air 1x 4000b u Gra in Va u ltw ith Air 3x6000b u W es teel 3x3000b u ChiefW es tla n d 2x7000b u W es teel w ith Air 1x 3500b u Behlin w ith Air 3x7500b u T w is ter w ith Air Fla t Bo tto m w /o u t Air R M 15 6 In d ia n H e a d (Ea s to f In d ia n H e a d ) Ho pper w /o u t Air 9x3300b u S m o o th W a ll Ba d er Ho p p er b in s R M R us s e ll M B. (W e s to f R us s e l, M B) Ho pper w /o u t Air 1x3600b u ho p p er b in Fla t Bo tto m w /o u t Air 4x 4000b u Behlin 2x1350b u W es teel 3x2000b u Behlin 1x2000b u Behlin R M 186 Ab e rn a th y (S o uth o f Ba lca rre s ) Fla t Bo tto m w /o u t Air 2x4000b u Bu tler 1x2000b u 4x1350b u R M 338 La ke s id e (Quill La ke , S K) Ho pper w /o u t Air 2x3000b u Ho p p er b in 2x1350b u Ho p p er b in 1x1500b u Ho p p er b in Fla t Bo tto m w /Air 2x8000b u S q u a re PitAera tio n 6x5300b u S q u a re PitAera tio n R M 121 M o o s o m in (Lo ca te d N o rth o f M o o s o m in ) Ho pper w /Air 1x2500b u Ho p p er b in T w in Air Ho pper w /o u t Air 1x1500b u S m o o th W a ll Ho p p er 1x1000b u S m o o th W a ll Ho p p er Fla t Bo tto m w /o u t Air 15x3000b u F la t 1x1500b u F la t 2x2000b u F la t R M 15 1 R o ca n ville (lo ca te d W e s to f R o ca n ville ) Fla t Bo tto m w /o u t Air 7x4000b u S a ku n d ia k 3x2500b u 2x2000b u 1x1500b u **Acceptin g Rea s o n a b le Offers ** **Bin s s ize s a re e s tim a te d ** **S o m e Ae ra tio n fa n s a va ila b le b u t w ill b e s o ld s e pa ra te ly** Fo r in fo rm a tio n a n d pic tu re s p h on e Tim @ 3 06 -53 0-759 3 or e m a il: tim @ h cive n ture s .ca GOOD USED BINS: (2) 1700 bu. Westeel bins, w/1 Caldwell aeration fan; (1) 2000 bu. Butler bin; (1) 3300 bu. Butler bin, $ 6 0 0 0 t a ke s a l l . Need new floors. 306-497-2710, Blaine Lake, SK. USED 9’ MAINERO grain bagger with hopper, $16,995. Flaman Sales in Saskatoon, SK 306-934-2121 or 1-888-435-2626

s a les @ jtlin d u s tries .ca


’ WR Sale on 14’ and 19 rs n tie hoppers, extentio es ag ck pa ll fi and door


bushel pkg:

• • • • • • •

Ladder/Inspection hole LevAlert fill indicator 2-Mushroom Vents 12 leg Hopper Double 8x4” skid Manhole V-Trough aeration



+ setup and delivery (can be arranged)


306-934-1414 10 USED 2250 BU. WESTEEL ROSCO bins on new SDL hopper cones, 2x4x4 skid 220 ladder, openers, $6000 each; Aeration a d d $ 5 9 5 . Tr u c k i n g av a i l a b l e . P h 306-324-4441, SDL, Margo, SK. TWO HOPPER BOTTOM BINS, Weninger (Westeel) high profile, smooth wall, 102 tonne, roof and wall ladders, aeration tubes, triple 4x4 skids, roof inspection lids, lid openers. 306-586-0265, Langbank, SK. YOUNG’S EQUIPMENT INC. Spring bag and bagger promo on now! 1-800-803-8346. POLY HOPPER BINS, 100 bu., $900; 150 bu. $1250. Call for nearest dealer. Buffer Valley Ind., 306-258-4422, Vonda, SK.

Grain Bin Direct Factory To Farm Grain Storage Galvanized • Flat Floor • Hopper Bins Smooth Walls • Fertilizer • Grain • Feed Aeration • Rockets • Fans • Heaters Temp Cables Authorized Dealer

Saskatoon, SK

Phone: 306-373-4919

WINTER STOCK: 6- 3500 bu. Behlen bin/ hopper combos, $9995 FOB Regina, SK. Ask for Len 306-789-2444.


KEHO/ GRAIN GUARD Aeration Sales and Service. R.J. Electric, Avonlea, SK. Call 306-868-2199 or cell: 306-868-7738.


Full Bin Alarm For your Safety and Convenience

Never Spill Spout Inc. !NEW MODEL! “NO SNAG SPOUT”!

KEHO/ OPI STORMAX/ Grain Guard. For sales and service east central SK. and MB., c a l l G e r a l d S h y m ko , C a l d e r, S K . , 306-742-4445, or toll free 1-888-674-5346

BATCO CONVEYORS, new/used, grain augers, grain vacs, SP kits. Delivery and leasing available. 1-866-746-2666.

Available now! Includes Flex Spouts Installation in 15 Min.

3 days delivery to your farm

*Alarm sounds when bin is full *No batteries needed *Light - convenient to move auger to different bin at night. *Available for 10, 13 and 16 inch augers

(Value Priced from $515 to $560+ shipping)

2011 BATCO 1845 conveyor, with elec. - Over 2500 Spouts sold in Canada, USA motor mounting kit and wind guards. Reg. If you don’t like it and New Zealand ELEVATOR FOR SALE by Tender at Cabri $19,225, Demo Special $15,250. Phone send it back after - Proven Design Since 2003! SK. 200,000 bu. storage, digital scale, two 306-648-3622, Gravelbourg, SK. harvest for a refund - Enclosed Sensor legs, updated office and new paint 3 years 1-866-860-6086 ago! Call 306-587-7531 for more info! BUILD YOUR OWN conveyors, 6”, 7”, 8” John and Angelika Gehrer Niverville, MB Please forward offers to Cabri Elevator, and 10” end units available; Transfer veyors and bag conveyors or will custom Box 271, Cabri, SK. SON OJO. Accepting offers till July 11, 2012. Owners reserve build. Call for prices. Master Industries SAKUNDIAK GRAIN AUGERS: Hawes SP Inc. Phone kits and clutches, Kohler, B&S engines, gas the right to refuse any or all offers! 1-866-567-3101, Loreburn, SK. and diesel. Call Brian “The Auger Guy” 204-724-6197, Souris, MB. SAKUNDIAK GRAIN AUGERS available 20’ AND 40’ SEA CONTAINERS, for sale in Calgary, AB. Phone 403-226-1722, FERTILIZER STORAGE TANKS- 8300 Imp. with self-propelled mover kits and bin gallon tanks avail. Contact your nearest sweeps. Contact Kevin’s Custom Ag in Ni1-866-517-8335. Flaman store or call 1-888-435-2626 or pawin toll free 1-888-304-2837. visit USED WHEATHEART AUGER, 10x41 with FLX 3010 FLOATER, 3725 hrs, 66x43x25 35 HP gas motor, field ready, $11,400. tires, very good cond., asking $114,500. P h o n e F l a m a n S a l e s i n S a s k at o o n , 306-934-2121 or 1-888-435-2626. 780-522-7983 cell, Ruthilda, SK. USED FERTILIZER SPREADERS, 4 to 8 ton, 10 ton tender $2500. 1-866-938-8537 RITE-WAY LC 5500 Coulter liquid fertilizer applicator. 306-771-2527, Edenwold, SK.



BEAVER CONTAINER SYSTEMS, new and used sea containers, all sizes. 306-220-1278, Saskatoon and Regina, SK. 20’ TO 53’ CONTAINERS. New, used and modified. Available Winnipeg, MB; Regina and Saskatoon, SK. 306-933-0436.



1 800 667 8800

2008 CASE 4020, 330 HP, auto, 70’ flex air, 2000 hrs., reduced to $178,000; 2006 Loral 6300 w/DT 570 auto, AirMax 1000 bed, 2200 hrs., $126,000; 2002 Loral 400 HP, auto, AirMax 1000, 3600 hrs., $96,000; 4x4 1999 Loral, AirMax 5 bed, $71,000; 1999 AgChem, 70’ booms, $68,000; 1997 AgChem, 70’ booms, $38,000; 1996 Loral AirMax 5 bed w/chemical bins, 8700 hrs., HORNOI LEASING NEW and used 20’ and $36,500; 1996 Mertz 2 bin w/chemical 4 0 ’ s e a c a n s fo r s a l e o r r e n t . C a l l bins, $37,000; 2001 Case 3 wheeler, 70’ booms, $67,000; 1994 GMC w/new leader 306-757-2828, Regina, SK. 2020 bed, $34,500; 25 ton Raymond verticle tender bed, no trailer, $26,500; 18 ton S i m o n s o n t e n d e r w / ve r t i c a l a u g e r, $14,500; 16 ton Tyler tender w/back auger, $9500; 8 ton Doyle vertical blender, 40 HP, new auger, $18,500; 5 ton Tyler blender, 40 HP, $7500; 30,000 gallon NH3 holding tank, $56,000; 10 propane trucks w/2800- 3000 gal. tanks, from $26,000 to $33,000. Northwest largest used selection of fertilizer equipment. 406-466-5356. Choteau, MT.

SAKUNDIAK AUGERS in stock. Variety of 2011 models still available in 8” and 10” sizes and lengths. Used 12”x72’ Sakundiak SLM/D, $14,900; 1- 2008 12”x78’ Sakundiak SLM/D, $15,900; 1-10”x72’ Sakundiak SLM/D, $6500; 1-2008 TL 10-1200, $3500; Convey-All conveyors available. All units have leasing options. Call Dale, Mainway Farm Equipment Ltd. 306-567-3285, 3 0 6 - 5 6 7 - 7 2 9 9 c e l l , D av i d s o n , S K , 12’X61’ SPRAY-AIR, very good condition, hydraulic swing, lights, $8900 OBO. Call Brad at 403-888-5563, Nanton, AB. SALE: WHEATHEART AUGERS: BH 8x51 w/mover, clutch and 30 HP, reg. $13,500, cash $11,750; BH 10x41 w/mover, clutch and 35 HP Vanguard, reg. $14,300, cash $12,500. 306-648-3622, Gravelbourg, SK. SAKUNDIAK AUGER 8”X45’, Wheatheart mover, bin sweep, adjustable downspout, 24 HP linear motor, elec. clutch, $7500 OBO. 306-231-8337, Leroy, SK.


8 ,000 OB O



40’ STORAGE UNITS, solid, all steel, rodent and weatherproof storage container with lockable double doors and natural air vents, offers instant storage and ground level access, highly secure. Ideal for storage of farm equip., commercial and industrial goods. Will deliver. 1-866-676-6686.



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SHIPPING CONTAINERS FOR SALE. 20’53’, delivery/ rental/ storage available. For inventory and prices call: 306-262-2899, 1 800 667 8800 Saskatoon, SK, TWO STORAGE VANS: 48’ c/w side door, older condition, $2650; 51’, very clean, TERRAGATOR 50’ FERTILIZER spreader, excellent cond., $15,000. 306-693-2660, $5250. 306-922-2837, Prince Albert, SK. 306-681-9030, Moose Jaw, SK. USED SEA/STEEL Storage Containers for sale. 20’, 40’, 40’ HC, 48’ HC, etc. Guar- WANTED: VALMAR FERTILIZER spreader anteed wind, water and rodent proof. Ask 7600 or equivalent. Phone 306-333-4829 about modifications and accessories for Abernethy, SK. your container (ramps, electrical kits, new 1997 LORAL FERTILIZER floater, Airmax 5, paint, etc.) Call Bond Industrial Direct, excellent condition. Phone 306-383-3599, 306-373-2236, 306-221-9630, Saskatoon, Quill Lake, SK. SK.

NEW DESIGN! Wheatheart’s new R series auger is faster and stronger. Improved features include: higher capacity, larger bearings and a smooth, quiet operation. KEHO, STILL THE FINEST. Clews Storage Come see this new auger at your nearest Flaman store or call 1-888-435-2626. Management/ K. Ltd., 1-800-665-5346.

P O W ERLES S AERATIO N GRAINAIRTUBES AERATION BOOSTER • The Ae ra tio n Bo o s te r in c re a s e s the e ffic ie n c y o fe xis tin g a e ra tio n s ys te m s . • The pe rfo ra te d tu b e e a s e s a ir m o ve m e n tthro u gh the b in ’s pe a k. • Pro vid e s b e tte r a ir m o ve m e n t, re d u c in g d ryin g tim e a n d c u ttin g e le c tric ity c o s ts • S a ve s fa rm e rs tim e a n d m o n e y!

VENT-A-LID • No ha s s le b in ve n tila tio n . • 10” ho le re le a s e s he a t a n d m o is tu re . • C o m pa tib le w ith m o s tlid s & o pe n e rs . • Pre ve n ts pige o n pro b le m s . • Elim in a te s b in lid m a n a ge m e n t. • M a ke s yo u r life e a s ie r


CANAD IAN TAR P AUL IN M AN UFACTURERS L TD. SASKATOON, SK. Pho n e: (3 06 ) 9 3 3 -23 43 F a x: (3 06 ) 9 3 1-1003

T o ll F ree: 1-8 8 8 -226 -8 277 | W e b s ite : w w w .ca n ta rp .com

M c Le a n , S K .

3 06 -6 9 9 -76 78 (C ) | 3 06 -6 9 9 -7213 (H) o r e m a il: gra n tw ils on @ s a s kte l.n e t 2001 SPRA-AIRE AUGER Model #4061, complete, excellent working order, asking $ 5 9 0 0 O B O. C a n d e l i ve r. C a l l We s 403-936-5572 anytime, Calgary, AB. SAKUNDIAK GRAIN AUGERS. Innovative Hawes Agro auger movers, elec. clutches, bin sweeps, reversible gearboxes and all makes of engines. Call Bob at Hawes Industries, toll free 1-888-755-5575, your #1 auger dealer in Canada, for great cash prices. Regina, Saskatoon, Semans. 45’ BELT CONVEYOR (Batco field loader 1545) c/w motor and mover kit. 6000 bu./hour, ideal for unloading hopper bins. Gentle handling of pulse crops. Call your nearest Flaman store or call 1-888-435-2626. 2005 FARM KING 13x85 grain auger, c/w hyd. swing auger, good condition, $10,000. 306-536-0891, Weyburn, SK. 8” E-KAY BIN SWEEP, complete unit, great condition, $900 OBO. Call 306-834-8100, Major, SK. WESTFIELD 10x61 GRAIN auger, PTO, nice shape. 306-478-2798, 306-478-7550, Mankota, SK. AUGERS: NEW and USED. Wheatheart, Westfield, Sakundiak augers, Auger SP kits; Batco conveyors; Wheatheart post pounders. New and used. Good prices, leasing available. Call 1-866-746-2666. USED BATCO conveyors- check out this 90’ 1590 conveyor, swing away, only one year old! $24,385. Call Flaman Sales in Saskatoon, 306-934-2121 or 1-888-435-2626.

S A K U N D I A K A U G E R S I N S TO C K : 2010 GSI 116 grain dryer, c/w propane swings, truck loading, Hawes Agro SP tank, $50,000. 780-818-9414, Edmonton, movers. Contact Hoffart Services Inc. AB. Odessa, SK, 306-957-2033.cb NEW GSI GRAIN dryers. Propane/Natural Gas, canola screens, 1 or 3 phase, simple and accurate. Also some used grain dryers J&M GRAIN CARTS- Order now to get your and DMC blower systems available. Call choice of options and pick your favorite Vince Zettler, 204-998-9915, Altamont, colour. Now with the new Side Shooter, MB. for a much farther reach! See your nearest ALLIED GRAIN DRYER, 400 bu. batch, caFlaman store today or call 1-888-435-2626 nola screens, good dryer, great price. or visit 306-290-6495, Saskatoon, SK. 2010 BRENT 1594 grain cart, c/w weigh scale, green in color, used 1 season, shedded, as new, $91,000. 306-536-0891, Weyburn, SK. CLEARANCE on all in stock 2011 J&M Grain carts. Tarp and scale options available. See your nearest Flaman store or call 1-888-435-2626. N E W 4 0 0 B U. G R AV I T Y WAG O N S , $6,700; 600 bu., $12,000. Large selection used gravity wagons 250-750 bu. Used grain carts 450-1050 bu. 1-866-938-8537,

JD 567 round baler, silage and mega wide, all but wrap, purchased Nov. 2005, not used in 2010, 2011, done only approx. 1100 bales, excellent shape. 204-937-7562, Roblin, MB 2005 CASE RBX562 round baler, hard core, gathering wheels, bale count under 1000, $22,000. 780-963-5268, Stony Plain, AB. 1033 NEW HOLLAND bale wagons, field ready. 306-882-3141, Rosetown, SK. NH 664 ROUND BALER, very good shape, shedded, 540 shaft, $7,500. Super 1049 NH bale wagon, 160 bales, good shape, $10,000. 306-372-4679, Luseland, SK. 1982 JD 430 BALER, hyd. PU, gauge wheels, big tires, belts replaced, asking $2500 OBO. 306-452-3956, Redvers, SK. 2001 JD 567 round baler, mega wide with kicker, under 10,000 bales, good condition Phone 306-862-5207, Nipawin, SK. 14 BALE INLAND bale picker, excellent shape, $12,750 OBO. Call 306-747-2514, Shellbrook, SK. 1999 JD 335 round baler; 2001 Jiffy bale shredder; 2005 Lewis cattle oiler. Clayton Thompson, Elrose, SK. 306-378-2935. REMAN LARGE SQUARE bale stacker, picks and stacks 3’ to 4’x8’ bales, stack and hauls 24-3x8 bales, $14,500. 306-773-2503, 306-741-9784, Swift Current, SK. ROUND BALERS: Ford 551, Gehl 1500, Hesston 5500, $750 for choice. 306-395-2668, 306-681-7610, Chaplin, SK. JD 510 ROUND baler, exc. shape, $4000; Tri-Haul self-unloading 9 round bale mover, $4000. 306-484-4433, Strasbourg, SK. 4865 NEW IDEA, electric tie, field ready. Phone 306-374-7788, Saskatoon, SK. NH BB 960, 3x4 square baler, 6000 bales, always shedded, $50,000. 250-702-7392, Belle Plaine, SK.

USED GRAIN CARTS: 450-1050 bushel. Large selection. Excellent prices. New and used gravity wagons. 1-866-938-8537. FARM FANS GRAIN DRYER AB190 w/ la screen, low hrs, c/w augers, electric 700 BU. UNVERFERTH GRAIN CART, motors, and wiring. Phone 204-476-6024 with tarp, $12,000. Phone 204-723-2820, or evenings 204-368-2421, Arden, MB. Treherne, MB. SUPERB GRAIN DRYERS. Largest and 2010 BRENT 880 grain cart, c/w both hyd. quietest single phase dryer in the industry. and PTO drive, always shedded, like new. Over 34 years experience in grain drying. 306-273-4301, Canora, SK. Moridge parts also avail. Grant Services 2010 DEGELMAN 1150 shuttle cart, PTO Ltd, 306-272-4195, Foam Lake, SK. drive, adjustable unload auger, as new NEW GSI AND used grain dryers. For price condition. 204-851-0745, Elkhorn, MB. savings, contact Franklin Voth, Sales Rep 2009 BRENT 882 grain cart, PTO, tarp, fo r A x i s F a r m s L t d . , M a n i t o u , M B . $38,000; 1997 Bourgault 1100 bushel 204-242-3300, grain cart, w/new tarp, PTO, $27,000. A.E. FARM FAN CFAB 270 natural gas grain dryChicoine Farm Equipment 306-449-2255, er, new outer canola screens last summer, Storthoaks, SK. BALE SPEARS, high quality imported good shape. 204-745-3117, Carman, MB. from Italy, 27” and 49”, free shipping, ex2011 KILLBROS Model 1950 1100 bu. cart, cellent pricing. Call now toll free scale, 900 Trelleborg tires, stored inside. 1-866-443-7444, Stonewall, MB. Will trade for trackhoe. 306-752-3777, 306-921-6697, Melfort, SK. 2007 JD 567, excellent condition; 566 JD, good condition. Field ready. Phone: DEGELMAN SHUTTLECART 800, tarp, both 306-726-2151, Southey, SK. large and small PTO shafts, good shape, $23,000. Ph. 403-485-8116, Vulcan, AB. 2003 HESSTON 956A baler, MegaWide PU, mesh wrap/twine with Valmar applicator, 1991 BRENT UNVERFERTH grain wagon, fully automatic, shedded, good condition 650 bu., like new, $15,000. 306-693-2660, 306-969-4403 evenings, Gladmar, SK. 306-681-9030, Moose Jaw, SK. BRAND NEW MF 1839 square baler for sale. Approx. done 500 bales. 1/4 turn GSI GRAIN DRYERS. Ph. Glenmor, Prince chute. 780-645-2263, St. Paul, AB. Albert, SK., 306-764-2325. For all your CUSTOM COLOR SORTING. All types of commodities. Call Ackerman Ag Services grain drying needs! We NEW HOLLAND 660, $7900; 855, $3900; New Idea 486, $3300; Vermeer 504C, are the GT grain dryer parts distributor. 306-638-2282, Chamberlain, SK. $1400. Pro Ag Sales, 306-441-2030 anyFARM FAN AB120 AutoBatch grain dryer, time, North Battleford, SK. DUAL STAGE ROTARY SCREENERS and Kwik Kleen 5-7 tube. Portage la Prairie, natural gas/propane, canola screen. Ph: 2002 567 ROUND baler for sale, net wrap, or call 306-725-7908, 306-484-4612, Govan, SK. silage kit, $17,400. Phone: 306-625-3674, 204-857-8403. FARM FAN AB8 grain dryer, 2300 hrs, Ponteix, SK. CIMBRIA DELTA MODEL 108 Super Clean- good condition. Phone 204-242-2050, MF 228 SQUARE baler, exc. shape; NH 315 er, right hand model with center clean Manitou, MB. and 311 square balers. 306-283-4747, product discharge. Purchased new in 2000 306-291-9395, 306-220-0429 Langham SK and has seen approx. 15 million bu. of usage. Unit to be sold as is, shipping the reNH 1049 SP bale wagon, excellent cond.; sponsibility of the purchaser. Tendered bid NH 1033 PT bale wagon, (105 bales). to be received by mail or in person by July Phone 306-283-4747, 306-291-9395, 13, 2012. Three Hills & District Seed Plant 306-220-0429, Langham, SK. reserving the right to accept or reject any or all bids. For any further info. please contact Greg Andrews at 403-443-5464. Box 1235, Three Hills, AB. T0M 2A0. $ 200 BPH BUCKET elevator, 12’, $1000. CNT. Email: or call: 306-249-2824, Unity, SK. Ca ll K evin o r Ro n

JIFFY 714 RAKES Summer 16 ,700 Special


USED SEED CLEANERS: LMC model 601 Destoner, 400 bu. per hour, $16,780; LMC model 401 Gravity, 100 bu. per hour, $14,000; LMC Marc 500 Gravity, $40,000; Clipper 668-2-4, $38,500; Carter Day #3 Indent, $1800 each; Carter 6 roll Grader, $3000; Superior T4A Indent, $1200; Northland large Grader drum $3500; Carter Day 6 cyl. Indent, complete rebuild, $26,000. Steven 800-667-6924, Saskatoon


ELEVATOR FOR SALE by Tender at Cabri SK. 200,000 bu. storage, digital scale, two legs, updated office and new paint 3 years ago! Call 306-587-7531 for more info! Please forward offers to Cabri Elevator, CUSTOM COLOR SORTING chickpeas to Box 271, Cabri, SK. SON OJO. Accepting mustard. Cert organic and conventional. offers till July 11, 2012. Owners reserve 306-741-3177, Swift Current, SK. the right to refuse any or all offers! GRAIN CLEANING SCREENS and frames NEW AG DUTY bucket elevators, 10-20’ for all makes and models of grain cleaners. discharge height, 100-600 bu/hr. c/w moHousing Western Canada’s largest in- tor, gearbox, buckets and hardware. Startventory of perforated material, we’ll set ing at $2195. 1000-10,000 bu/hr. cayour cleaner up to your recommendation. pacities also avail. Call Sever’s Mechanical Ask us about bucket elevators and acces- S e r v i c e s I n c . , W i n n i p e g , M B . a t sories too! Call Flaman Grain Cleaning 1-800-665-0847, email: t o l l f r e e 1 - 8 8 8 - 4 3 5 - 2 6 2 6 . We b s i t e for pricing. DUAL SCREEN ROTARY grain cleaners, great for pulse crops, best selection in We s t e r n C a n a d a . 3 0 6 - 2 5 9 - 4 9 2 3 , 306-946-7923, Young, SK.

1-8 00-8 03 -8 3 46

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1200 BUSHEL/HR. galvanized bucket elevator, 32’ high, single discharge, ladder w/safety cage, service platform, 3HP, 3 phase motor. Completely assembled w/belting and cups installed, w/6” down spout. Call Martin 780-220-8144, Legal, AB LARGEST SUPPLIER of bucket elevator buckets and accessories in Western Canada. Call Sever’s Mechanical Services at 1-800-665-0847, Winnipeg, MB. For all your bucket elevator upgrades and replacement buckets.

ROUND BALE WRAPPER WANTED: mobile or stationary, okay if repairs needed. Used on small acreage. 1-877-945-8282. 2008 VERMEER 605M baler, Super M style idler and drive rollers installed, twine tie, hydraulic kicker, shedded, 5000 bales, $29,500. Kerrobert, SK, Bill Reynolds 306-834-2885, cell 306-834-8338. 556 JD 5x5 ROUND BALER, bale ramp, shedded, good condition, $9000; 336 JD small square baler, bale turner, shedded, good condition, hardly used last 15 years, $2500. 306-625-3701, Ponteix, SK. BALE SPEAR ATTACHMENTS for all loaders and skidsteers, excellent pricing. Call now 1-866-443-7444. 2 HESSTON 4800 big square balers, one w/autolube; Also 4490 Case tractor to spine balers; Avco New Idea Model 279 flail mower, great for rough areas. Bruce 306-482-8801, Carnduff, SK. CASE/IH ROUND BALER, model 3650, $3500. 780-373-2675, Bawlf, AB. 2006 AGCO HESSTON 956A baler with monitor, done approx. 1000 bales, like n ew, a l w ay s s h e d d e d . S o l d c at t l e . 306-661-7251, Golden Prairie, SK. HAUKAAS QP10 BALE hauler- quick and gentle, move 1000 bales a day. Field ready at $21,900. Call Flaman Sales in Saskatoon today 1-888-435-2626.

CONEYAIR GRAIN VACS, parts, accessories. Call Bill 780-986-5548, Leduc, AB. 2003 HESSTON 8550S SP DISCBINE, 185 HP, 15’3” header, 1700 hrs, $50,000. BRANDT 5000 EX grain vac., new in 2008, 2006 Hesston 956 round baler w/inoculant low hrs., excellent condition, shedded, kit ($2000), $17,500; 2006 Vermeer R23A V-Rake, does 23’, hyd. driven, $10,000. All $18,500. 306-728-9033, Melville, SK. equipment exc. cond. and field ready. Call Bruce 306-740-7771, Stockholm, SK. BR780A, 2006, net wrap, twine, mega 2006 BRANDT 10x70 PTO drive, low propickup, big tires, stored inside, less than file swing away auger. 403-638-0660, 1000 bales. 403-654-0228, Hays, AB. Madden, AB. 8465T CASE/IH round baler, used last 2 NH BALE WAGON #1069, 1979, air, one REPLACEMENT seasons, good condition. 306-228-2330, owner, 160 bales per load, $25,000 OBO. 306-692-1512, Moose Jaw, SK. Unity, SK. FLIGHTING FOR 852 NH round baler, AutoWrap, new apron augers, seed cleaning plants, NH 575 SQUARE BALER, low bales, always chain, oiler, shedded, good condition. grain cleaners, combine shedded, exc. cond., $8500 firm. Duck $3500 OBO. 306-967-2770, Leader, SK. bubble-up augers. Lake, SK, 306-467-4834, 306-212-7097. BALER TWINE. Large sq. baler twine, Rosetown Flighting Supply CLEAN SEED in your own yard. 26x24x25’ building, c/w seed cleaning equipment. 2000 JD 566 round baler, twine/net wrap, 100 spools, 4000’/spool, 500 knot 1-866-882-2243, Rosetown, SK For more information call 306-749-2745, fully loaded, Mega PU, Valmar hay saver, blue, strength, questions/offers/pics, $2000. $15,000. 306-648-2880, Gravelbourg, SK. 306-961-7444 cell, Birch Hills SK. takes it all. Melfort, SK. HART UNIFLOW 32 PK-4 indent w/aspirator; Silverline AS-10T air and screen dust collection system; hyd. drive, variable spd. augers and conveyor legs; Katolight 40kW genset, 3 phase electric motors, 110V plug-ins, fully self-contained, 300-500 bu/hr., screens for wheat, barley, oats, peas, canary. 306-287-8487, Watson, SK.


VERMEER 605L ROUND BALER, auto-tie, gathering wheels, kicker, hyd. lift, excellent condition, $8000. Call 306-695-2050. Indian Head, SK. FOR SALE: JD 566 round baler, good shape, $9500 OBO. Phone 306-252-2227, Kenaston, SK. 2001, 2004, 2006 JD balers, 1000 PTO, MegaWide, new chains, stored inside, very good, net wrap; 1475 NH haybine 18’, 1000 PTO, good. Call 403-308-4200, 306-726-7455, Arrowwood, AB. NH 853 BALER, premium unit, $3500. Call 306-423-5983 or 306-960-3000, St. Louis, SK. 2011 JD 568 round baler, mega wide PU, large tires, hyd. PU, bale kicker, auto chain o i l e r, m o i s t u r e t e s t e r, 1 1 0 0 b a l e s , $32,900. 403-391-9779, Red Deer, AB. NH HAYBINE 1475 w/2300; NH Inverter 166; NH round baler 664; Highline 7000 processor. 306-368-2494, Lake Lenore, SK. VERMEER 605K, 15,000 bales, no ditches or sloughs, extra heavy rollers, shedded, $7200 OBO. 306-272-3928, Foam Lake, SK VERMEER 605XL round baler, shedded, exc. condition, $10,900. 306-781-4613, Regina, SK. 2002 CASE/IH RBX561, hard core baler, 1000 PTO, autowrap, new belts, silage kit, moisture monitor, shedded, exc. $14,000 OBO. 306-792-4704, Springside, SK. HESSTON 550 ROUND baler for sale, $3500 OBO. 306-622-2240, Tompkins, SK. JD 330 ROUND baler, makes 4’x4’ bale, 540 PTO, belts in gd. cond., rest of machine in gd. cond., asking $4000. Contact Curtis at 306-237-7571, Perdue, SK.


1994 VERMEER 605 Super J very reliable hard core round baler, 540 PTO, gathering wheels, auto-tie, $5000. 306-648-3583, Bateman, SK. 1981 NH 851 BALER, recent chain, oiler, 2 twine hyd. tie, shedded, excellent cond. $1000. 306-424-2271, Montmartre, SK. PT NH BALE WAGON #1000, 55 bales, fully automatic, vg condition. 306-452-3582, 306-452-7015, Redvers, SK. 2002 NEW IDEA 6365 ROUND BALER, (same as Hesston 856A), 5x6 hard core, large tires, MegaWide PU, new monitors last year, shedded, good cond., steal of a deal $9200! 306-357-4827, Wiseton, SK. JD 535 BALER, 1000 PTO, bale kicker, dual twine arm, stored indoors, vg cond., $6500. JD 530 baler, 1000 PTO, stored indoors, vg cond., $4500. 306-762-2122, Vibank, SK. NEW HOLLAND 116 haybine, new rollers; 535 JD round baler; 8 bale Morris hay hiker. 306-467-4973, Duck Lake, SK. 1997 HESSTON 4590 square baler, mint cond., always shedded, frequent Greenlight service. 306-528-4422, Nokomis, SK.

2007 MF HESSTON Series 2656A, AutoCycle 5x6 hard core baler, w/short crop kit, moisture tester installed. Will bale behind a rotothrash combine. Only 3616 bales made, shedded, exc. cond, $22,000 OBO. 306-209-6446, 306-538-2230, Kennedy, SK. BALER NET WRAP: New premium 64” or 67” in 8000’ lengths. Will deliver to AB. and SK. Call Ryan for details at 403-608-8259, Strathmore, AB. SILAGE SPECIAL JD COVEREDGE, netwrap or twine, 2007 #582 (#854), Silage SpeNH 1049 BALEWAGON; JD 336 square cial w/14 spring loaded serrated knives for baler; Versatile 400 15’ windrower with dense pack option, reverser, 4’ wide x5’ c r i m p e r, s h e d d e d , f i e l d r e a d y . dia., shedded and JD inspected. GR 204-534-7843, Killarney, MB. 306-545-6100, Lumsden, SK. NH 1034 bale wagon, 104 bales w/single 2007 RBX 563, bale command, Mega unload, shedded, exc. cond., $8000 OBO. wide PU; 2004 RBX 562, autowrap, low acres. Both in excellent condition. 780-374-2404 780-678-6800 Daysland, AB 306-747-2514, Shellbrook, SK. 1998 NEW HOLLAND 664 baler, like new condition, $7000 OBO. 306-693-3947 after 2009 JD 568 BALER, net wrap, mega wide, big tires, hyd. PU, on-board moisture 6:00 PM, Caron, SK. tester, shedded, 13,000 bales, excellent $23,750. Call 306-946-9659, or E arly Book ing Program ! condition, 306-259-4923, Young, SK. Netw rap -H igh qu a lity,im ported from G erm a ny HARD CORE BALER, JD 385, 4x5’ bales, 67 ’’startin g at$215 hy d . t i e , s h e d d e d a n d fi e l d r e a dy. 64’’startin g at$210 306-563-5976, 306- 563-7083, Kenora, SK. 8000ft.rollsalso available! 2009 NH BR7090 BALER, wide PU, Sila ge B a lew ra p - startin g at$84 ready to go, $22,000; Also 855 NH baler, taking offers. 306-459-2731, Pangman, SK

Phone:403-994-7 207 or 7 80-206-4666 w w na dia nh a ya ndsila

566 JD BALER, always shedded; Highline 6800 bale processor; 12’x6’ tandem stock t r a i l e r, a l l i n ve r y g o o d c o n d i t i o n . 306-682-3055, Humboldt, SK. VERMEER 605XL ROUND baler, excellent condition. Asking $17,500. 204-739-3667, Eriksdale, MB. ROUND BALERS: 2001 NH 688, AutoWrap, $7000; NH 664, NetWrap, $6500. 204-636-2448, Erickson, MB. NH 660 ROUND baler, bale command, excellent condition, shedded, 12,369 bales, $7900. 306-948-2906, Biggar, SK. 1997 VERMEER 505 Super I, Equalfill monitor, 540 PTO, autotie, hyd. lift, gathering wheels, has made under 5000 bales. $8000. 306-287-4104, Engelfeld, SK. 565A HESSTON 5x6 baler, large tires and kicker, good condition. NH #166 inverter. 306-436-4526, Milestone, SK. NEW HOLLAND 1033 BALE WAGON, good condition, $7500 OBO. 306-699-2669, Qu’Appelle, SK. 2001 NEW HOLLAND baler 688, not used last 3 years, very nice, always shedded, bought new. Used on 100 head farm, $14,000. 204-657-2319, Fork River, MB. HESSTON 4720 medium square bale accum u l a t o r, g o o d c o n d i t i o n , $ 9 0 0 0 . 204-728-4784, Brandon, MB. FOR SALE OR TRADE, 814 Hesston baler, soft core, 2006 Model, 7200 bales. Contact Jim 780-853-0610, Dewberry, AB. 2004 HESSTON 4760 3x3x8 square baler, done 18,000 bales, Asking $28,000. 306-744-2762, 306-744-7779, Salcoats SK JD 336 SMALL square baler, exc. cond.; NH 1033 bale wagon, 105 bales, exc. cond. 306-672-3666, Gull Lake, SK. JOHN DEERE 346 square baler, 540 PTO, 5’ PU, new rubber, nice shape, $3500. 306-353-4830, Riverhurst, SK. 2000 HESSTON 545 round baler, silage special, good condition, $4750. 306-736-9116, Kipling, SK. NH 1032 BALE WAGON, very good condition, $1800. 306-874-5709, Lac Vert, SK. NH 688 BALER, Auto-Wrap, excellent cond., endless belts, $9500. St. Louis, SK. Call 306-423-5983 or 306-960-3000. NEW IDEA 4855 round baler, electric tie, very good shape. Phone: 306-788-4819, 306-630-5451, Marquis, SK.

2005 JD 4895, 105 HP, 1790 hrs., c/w 18’ 895 header, steel crimper, $62,500. Wayne at 306-648-2880, Gravelbourg, SK. 2002 CASE/IH 8312 discbine, hydroswing, small acres, asking $12,000. 780-963-5268, Stony Plain, AB. 116 NEW HOLLAND Haybine, field ready. Phone: 306-726-2151, Southey, SK. 2006 JD 946 13.5’ MoCo, impeller, hyd. t i l t , l ow a c r e s , v g c o n d . , $ 2 7 , 5 0 0 . 306-749-2477 leave msg, Birch Hills, SK. 2000 CIH SC416 McCo 16’, 1000 PTO, new knives and batts, shedded, exc. $14,000 OBO. 306-792-4704, Springside, SK. NH 1475 18’ haybine, 1000 PTO, 1 owner, field ready, $12,500. Ph. 306-874-5401, Naicam, SK. 2004 MACDON 5020 haybine, 16’, field ready, good cond., steel rollers. Whitewood, SK. 306-735-2596 or 306-434-7184. NH 114 HAYBINE, 14’, or Vermeer 605J round baler, both good, $3000/ea or trade for round hay bales. Phone: 306-763-1540, Spruce Home, SK. 2002 MACDON 922, 14’ haybine header, $13,500. 780-853-7205, Vermilion, AB. 922 MACDON hay header, $20,000 OBO; NH 495 12’ roller reel header, very good, $5500 OBO. 306-647-2708, Theodore, SK. 945 JOHN DEERE Moco discbine, very nice low acres, totally serviced, ready to work. 306-961-6499, Prince Albert, SK. NH 114 HAYBINE, used very little since total rebuild, new front auger, new rubber rollers, bearings, sprockets, chains. $4500. Ron at 306-896-2337 or 306-745-7550, Churchbridge, SK. 16’ JD MOWER conditioner/haybine, sickle drive, model 1216, bought new in July 2007. 306-369-2708, Bruno, SK. 2004 MACDON 5020 16’, steel rollers, $14,500 OBO. Gerald 306-445-9833, 306-441-6923, Whitkow, SK. NH 2331 DISCBINE HEADER, fits NH TV-140/TV-145/T-6070 bi-directional tractors, 400 acres on unit, asking $25,000 Pics. avail. on request. Athabasca, AB. 780-212-1430, NH 415 DISCBINE, field ready, $6500. 780-672-6688, Bittern Lake, AB. JOHN DEERE 956 14.6’ discbine, 2002, hydraswing; Tubeline 5500 bale wrapper. 306-232-4705, Hague, SK.

Q uick P ick B ale C arrier

QUICKER, STRONGER and Better Bales

(306) 355-2718 See video at

1993 MACDON 5000 mower conditioner, 14’, hydra swing, excellent condition. 204-725-2569, Brandon, MB. NH 1431 DISCBINE, 13’ hydraswing, great shape, shedded, low acres, $10,900. 306-948-2906, Biggar, SK. 16’ AUGER TABLE for 8840 CIH or 8400 Hesston, very good shape, new hyd. motor and new top conditioner roller, $11,000; 8840 CIH tractor unit for parts. 306-662-7477, Maple Creek, SK. 1994 HESSTON 8100 w/Cummins diesel and 1998 Case/IH auger header in nice c o n d i t i o n , 2 0 0 0 h r s . $ 1 7 , 0 0 0 O B O. 403-625-2177, Claresholm, AB. 2001 NH 648, Silage Special, ramps, 4x5, sale $7750; 2001 NH 688, tandem wheels, ramps, 5x6, sale $7750; 2001 JD 567, std. PU, monitor, push bar, 5x6, sale $14,750; 1998 NH 664, auto tie, ramp, 5x6, shows nice, sale $8750; 1996 NH 664, autotie, ramp, 5x6, sale $7750. Call: Gary Reimer 204-326-7000, Steinbach, MB. 2000 MACDON 5010 mower conditioner, 14’, 2100 acres only, original owner, steel rollers, vg cond. 306-492-4642, Clavet, SK. 2008 NH H8040 HAYBINE 16’, 400 hrs., l i ke n e w, $ 7 8 , 0 0 0 . 3 0 6 - 8 2 5 - 2 4 4 0 , 780-872-6461 cell, Lloydminster, SK. 16’ HAY HE ADER for Case/IH 8820, $8,500. Phone 204-564-2527, Shellmouth, MB.

2006 36’ MASSEY 9220, 18.4x28 tires, hyd. tilt, PU reel, with fore/aft, large back wheels, mtd. swath roller, always shedded. Exc. cond, $72,000. Also 36’ JD Premier PT, batt reel, 2002, used very little, shedded, $4800. Phone: 306-453-2828 or 306-577-7580, Carlyle, SK. 2006 MF 9420, Cummins engine, 1249 hrs, 30’ 5200 draper, Schumacher knife, 2007 9125 18’ hay header, hyd. tilt, steel rollers, always shedded, $79,900 OBO. Call Ryan 780-787-2195 Mannville, AB. JD 2360 SP 18’ swather, 1550 hrs., always shedded, vg, $15,000. 780-656-8416, 780-358-2416, Waskatenau, AB. 2011 MACDON M205 w/2012 35’ D60D header, showing 6700 acres. Asking $138,000. Call 308-750-2396, Innisfail, AB 8230 CIH PTO swather, shedded, good cond. Asking $5,000 OBO. 204-747-3065, Deloraine, MB. or email 2008 NH 8040 36’, single reel, dbl. knife, Roto-Shear, new canvases, stored inside. 306-752-3777, 306-921-6697, Melfort, SK. 1996 PRAIRIE STAR 4920 w/960 25’ header, 1414 hrs., good cond., shedded, $39,500 OBO. 306-742-4771, Calder, SK. JD 30’ 590 PT swather, always shedded, new reels, $4500 OBO. 306-476-2588, Rockglen, SK. PMI 722 (MASSEY 200) 1994, 22’ grain header, 16’ hay header, 3650 hrs., good condition, $18,900 OBO. 306-220-6885, Delisle, SK. 2000 CASE/IH 8860 swather, diesel, 25’ h e a d e r, 1 2 6 6 h r s , $ 4 5 , 0 0 0 O B O . 780-920-9339, Myrnam, AB.

2011 JD 996 16’ discbine header, steel rolls, as new condition, $25,500. 204-851-0745, Elkhorn, MB. 2004 HESSTON 8020 hay hdr., 16’, great cond, can fit CIH 8860 windrower $10,000 2005/2006 (622HRS/647HRS) Case WDX OBO. 306-424-2720, Montmartre, SK. 1202 25’ swathers, dual knife drive, PU 1981 JD 1380 13’ hydraswing haybine, reels, tilt. One unit with dual roto shears. new steel rollers, new rebuilt platform and Located at Madden, AB. 403-638-0660 or w o b b l e b o x , f i e l d r e a d y, $ 3 0 0 0 . 306-842-5074, Weyburn, SK. 2010 CIH 1903, 36’, roller, $128,000; 2010 2003 NH 1475 14’ mower conditioner, CIH 1203’s 36’, $111,500- $119,900; H Pro good condition, small acres, $12,500. (MD) 8140, 30’, $69,900; MD150, 35’, 306-773-0843, Swift Current, SK. $114,000; WW (MD) 9200, 30’, $43,500; 3 730, 30’, PTO, $3500; CIH 736, 36’, TWO 16’ HYDROSWINGS. New Holland CIH $2500; 2008 JD 4895, 30’, $89,000. 116 and Hesston 1170. Ph: 306-948-2037, PT, Hergott Farm Equipment 306-682-2592, 306-948-7291, Biggar, SK. Humboldt, SK. 2000 NH 1441, disc, rubber rolls, 15’, 1986 JD 2360 30’ swather, UII PU reels, sale $13,750; NH 415, disc, rubber rolls, gas, 2250 hrs., $12,000. 306-925-2245 or 1 0 ’ , a s i s , s a l e $ 4 9 5 0 . C a l l G a r y 306-485-8770, Glen Ewen, SK. 204-326-7000, Steinbach, MB. 30’ PT MACDON swather, PU reels; 25’ PT swather, PU reels. Field ready. 2003 1475 NH haybine, 16’, 1 owner, 8000 Macdon acres, 1000 PTO, shedded, exc. cond., Phone: 306-726-2151, Southey, SK. $19,990 OBO. Phone 306-467-2108, 1993 CASE IH 8820, UII pickup reel, rear 306-467-4820, Duck Lake, SK, hitch, Rotoshear, good tires. Phone 306-755-2053, cell. 306-228-8533, Tramp2009 MACDON A30D, 18’ hay header, ing Lake, SK. used one season, low acres, like new, CI 742 42’ header, centre canvas exten$30,000 OBO. 306-245-3301, Tyvan, SK. tion, mounted canola/pea roller, Isuzu enJOHN DEERE 990 14’ disc mower header, gine, $12,000 OBO. Call 306-249-2824, fits JD 4990 SP swather. 403-443-2162, Unity, SK. Email: 403-443-9495, Three Hills, AB. E AV Y D U T Y F U L L L O A D 5 wheel 2004 CASE/IH 18’ hay conditioner, one H WAT H E R C A R R I E R , $ 2 5 0 0 O B O. owner, shedded, excellent shape, $16,500. S 306-944-4431, 306-944-4448 Watrous, SK 306-345-2523, Stony Beach, SK. 2004 MACDON 2952i, 30’, PU reel, Keer 2005 HESSTON 9260, c/w 15’ 9070 disc Shears, 2 spd. trans., tires, $70,000 header, 25’ 5200 draper, with fore and aft, OBO. Bjorkdale, SK. large 306-886-2073 or triple delivery, PU reels, approx. 2000 hrs., 306-873-8526. very good cond. $62,000. 780-963-0641 or 780-203-9593, Stony Plain, AB. 1990 JD 590-30’ PT windrower, $4900. SCHULTE 26’ ROTARY MOWER with 306-424-7511, Montmartre, SK. double mulching blades, low acres, always 1998 WESTWARD PREMIER PT swather, shedded, excellent condition, $23,900. 30’, batt reel, low acres, asking $5000. 306-728-9033, Melville, SK. Phone 204-746-5165, St. Jean, MB. 497 NH HAYBINE, field ready, $1800 OBO; 2005 HESSTON 9260, c/w 15’ 9070 disc Farm King hay rake, $800. Call Robert header, 25’ 5200 draper, with fore and aft, 780-967-0316, Onoway, AB. triple delivery, PU reels, approx. 2000 hrs., 2009 JD 4995, 315 eng. hrs., 285 header very good cond. $62,000. 780-963-0641 or hrs., like new, 14’ disc, flail conditioner, 780-203-9593, Stony Plain, AB. large tires. 403-845-0707, Caroline, AB. 4750 VERSATILE, 25’ shift table, PU reel, 2000 HESSTON 1270 14’ haybine, dual double knife, new canvases, 1750 hrs., knife, 540 PTO, premium condition, $9200. good condition, $15,000. 306-662-7477, Maple Creek, SK. 306-648-3583, Bateman, SK. WESTWARD 9300, 2 spd., turbo, 30’, NH 114, 14’ haybine, 540 PTO, new tires, 1997 header, large rear tires, 2000 hrs., field ready, $3500 OBO. 306-395-2668, 960 $36,000 OBO. 306-365-7179, Nokomis, SK. 306-681-7610, Chaplin, SK. 2008 JOHN DEERE 4895 w/30’ Honeybee, NH 1100, cab w/air and radio, diesel, 2800 800 eng. hrs, Greenstar ready, shedded. hrs., 2 spd. hydro. w/116 hay header and 306-257-3897, Allan, SK. c r i m p e r, 1 6 ’ , l o w h r s , $ 7 5 0 0 O B O. 306-424-2210, Montmartre, SK. 590 JD 36’ PT swather, wide swath openalways shedded, field ready, $4900 NEW IDEA 540 PTO 14’ hydraswing hay- ing, bine, rubber rollers, field ready, $5500. Big OBO. Bob 403-934-4081, Mossleigh, AB. River, SK. 306-469-2027 or 306-479-7070. IHC 925 PULL TYPE swather, field ready, 116 NEW HOLLAND, 14’ for sale, $7000 $2000. 306-782-4366, Yorkton, SK. OBO. 306-622-2240, Tompkins, SK. 1984 MASSEY 885 MacDon swather, PU reel, 21’, new 18.4x16.1 tires, CAHR, like new knife and guards, gas engine, 2170 hrs, shedded, field ready. 306-278-2690, 2940 PREMIER 2003, 859/1160 hrs., 25’ Porcupine Plain, SK. 972 MacDon header, includes Trailtech mover, $70,000; 9250 Westward 2003, PRE-HARVEST BLOWOUT. Case/IH 736 1593/2028 hrs., 25’ 972 MacDon header, 36’ PT, batt reel, $2900; CCIL 26’ PT, batt includes new knife and mtd. freeform roll- reel, $1900. Pro Ag Sales, 306-441-2030 er, $65,000. Both field ready, good cond. anytime, North Battleford, SK. 306-882-3278, 306-831-6390, Fiske, SK. VERSATILE 400 SP 20’ swather, hyd. drive, WESTWARD 7000 30’ swather, PU reels, PU reel, cab cooler, very good condition, new canvas, new knife, 1450 hrs., shed- rubber canvas and knife are reel good, $3600. 306-882-6671, Rosetown, SK. ded, $32,000. 306-742-4779, MacNutt, SK. 2002 MACDON 30’ 2950 swather, always, 1976 JD 800 21’, batt reel, regularly sershedded, excellent condition, 1007/1210 viced, good tires, $1900; MF 35 24’ PT, good cond $500 306-788-4502 Marquis SK hrs. Call 306-334-2216, Balcarres, SK. 1998 MASSEY 220 w/26’ header, 1125 WANTED: CASE/IH 8820 swather 21’ in hrs, shedded, $33,000. Call 204-479-6665 good condition. 306-249-2257, Saskatoon, SK. or 204-353-2670, St. Francois Xavier, MB. 1997 MACDON PREMIER 2920; 1998, 962 header, 30’, 2000 eng. hrs, new guards, knife, canvases, power wheels, large rubber, good cond. 306-675-6110 Kelliher, SK 2009 JD 4895, 25’, w/PU reel, double swath and transport, exc. shape, 550 hrs, $87,000. 780-877-2513, Ferintosh, AB. WESTWARD 7000 SWATHER, 30’, diesel, pickup reel, double swath, 3100 hours, $15,000. 306-483-7367, Glen Ewen, SK. CASE/IH 8825, 30’, UII PU reel, $22,000 OBO; Case/IH 8820, 30’, UII PU reel, $16,000 OBO. 306-252-2227, Kenaston SK. CO-OP 722, 30’ MacDon PU reels, mtd. swath roller, air ride seat, 1546 hrs. $19,500. 306-725-7820, Strasbourg, SK.

1997 MASSEY FERGUSEN 220, w/25’ header, 1450 hrs., Shumacher cutting bar, shedded, well maintained, 1 owner. 204-825-2782, Mariapolis, MB. 1999 PREMIER (MacDon) 2930, 2 spd. turbo, 3260 hrs, w/2003 972 25’ double s w a t h h e a d e r, 1 4 3 0 h r s , $ 3 5 , 0 0 0 . 403-485-8116, Vulcan, AB.

NH DISCBINE 1432; Buhler 10 wheel RAKE; Mole Hill leveler. All excellent cond. Phone 204-564-2540, Shellmouth, MB.

WANTED: 2002-2007 MACDON Premier Westward swather/tractor unit only, w/500-70R24 drive tires and low hours. Phone 204-773-2868, Russell, MB. 2011 MACDON M205, c/w 40’ MacDon D60 header, double knife drive, free form hyd. lift swath roller, Greenstar AutoSteer r e a d y, s h e d d e d , 1 0 9 h r s , a s n e w, $152,000. 306-536-0891, Weyburn, SK. MF 25’ PT swather, hole widened for canola, field ready, $500. 306-277-4444 res., 306-921-7445 cell, Ridgedale, SK. 885 MASSEY SP swather, 30’ and 21’ header and mover, new HoneyBee knife system and canvas, $12,000. 36’ Case/IH PT swather, new guards, $3,000. Luseland, SK. 306-372-4679.

BALE WAGON 1069, very good condition, 160 bales, retrofitted with 5.9 Cummins, $24,000. 780-220-4677, Leduc, AB. NH 7460 DISCBINE, only cut 1000 acres. shedded, high stubble kit, c/w new parts; NH HT154 16 wheel rake, single side open kit; JD 535 round baler, shedded, good cond., c/w parts. Gone out of cattle. Ross Barlow, 306-567-3207, Davidson, SK.

FREE CIRCULAR HARROWS, 100’ c/w main drawbar and all drive wheels, chains etc. Fair condition. Used for spreading straw in spring. 306-658-4629, Landis, SK.

HAYBINE SX100 (NH model with rubber conditioners), 16’ cut, like new, $15,000; JD 466 baler, 4x6 bales, good cond.; Jiffy bale shredder, $6800; NH swath inverter, $2500. 306-771-2672, White City, SK.

FRONTIER MC12-16 16’ haybine; 8220 CIH 25’ swather, UII PU reel; CIH auto 8465 round baler; Bale King 880 Vortex JD 580 PT 21’ swather, new rubber can- processor; 12’ gooseneck cattle trailer. v a s s e s , g o o d k n i f e , s h e d d e d . 306-963-2736, Imperial, SK. 306-228-4502, 306-228-7930, Unity, SK. VERSATILE SP 103, 21’, good shape, lots of extra parts, $800. 306-693-8839, Moose Jaw, SK. 1984 NH MODEL 1100, 21’ table, Perkins diesel, 1825 hrs.; Also Smith-Roles 3 wheel swather transport. $9000 for both. 306-275-2249, St. Brieux, SK. CASE/IH 736 PTO swather, 36’ with split reel, $4500 OBO. 403-326-2237, Cereal, AB. 2012 MACDON M205 c/w 40’ MacDon D60 header, double knife drive, zero hours. 306-537-9636, Riceton, SK. 1986 JOHN DEERE 2360, gas, 25’ PU reel, new knife guards and drive tires, very good condition $13,000. 306-426-2045 or 306-426-7645, Smeaton, SK. 3PN corn row header for FP240 or 16’ HEADER w/PU reel and hay crimper to NH forage harvester, exc. cond., $9500 fit Case/IH 5000 swather. Bill Reynolds, FP230 OBO. 403-332-1329, Lethbridge, AB. Kerrobert, 306-834-2885 or 306-834-8338 8’ SWATH ROLLER in excellent condition. E arly Book ing Program ! 306-642-5766, 306-642-8392, Assiniboia, Netw rap -H igh qu a lity,im ported from G erm a ny SK. 67 ’’startin g at$215 64’’startin g at$210 8000ft.rollsalso available! NH 1033 BALE WAGON, 104 bale capacity, good condition, shedded. Lloydminster, Sila ge B a lew ra p - startin g at$84 AB. 780-875-6323 or 780-871-2905. Phone:403-994-7 207 or 7 80-206-4666 FOR SALE: 2001 JD 3975 forage harvester, w w na dia nh a ya ndsila good shape, shedded, $15,000. Phone: 306-327-5325, Kelvington, SK. 9 BALE lift-off self-unloading bale hauler, good condition, $1800. 306-773-0843, Swift Current, SK. MILLER PRO SET 1150 and 2150 rotary rake, $10,000. Phone 306-225-4678, cell BELARUS 8420, new in 1999, 1000 hrs, 306-232-3462, Hague, SK. c/w PU header and 25’ straight cut flex 2009 FRONTIER 1212C hay rake, low header, $15,000 OBO. Quit farming. acres, like new condition, $12,000. Call: 204-648-5125, Sifton, MB. 306-749-2477 leave msg., Birch Hills, SK. SUPER 1049 NH bale wagon, 160 bales, field ready, new back tires, $12,000 OBO; Grain Chief 300 bu. batch grain dryer, CASE/IH COMBINES and other makes and models. Call the combine superstore. $2500. Call 204-773-2805, Russell, MB. Trades welcome, delivery can be arranged. NH 664 ROUND baler; NH 116 haybine. Call Gord 403-308-1135, Lethbridge, AB. 306-642-5766, 306-642-8392, Assiniboia, 1997 CASE/IH 2188, 2700 hrs., 1015 PU SK. header, nice condition, cheap, $43,000. KIRCHNER HAY FLUFFER, hydraulic drive, 306-654-7772, Saskatoon, SK. $1800. 403-664-2191, Oyen, AB. 2006 2388 CASE combine, 560 rotor hrs, 2005 BOURGAULT 1650 bale wagon, 14’ Swathmaster pickup, AFX rotor, also h o l d s 1 6 r o u n d b a l e s , $ 2 4 , 0 0 0 . 2010 35’ 2152 draper header, loaded pea 403-588-1146, Blackfalds, AB. auger, fore/aft, transport. 306-452-7870 NH 1063 PT BALE WAGON, 162 bales, or 306-452-7549, Antler, SK. good condition, shedded, $10,000 OBO. 1991 1680 with all updates/upgrades that 306-577-8824 cell, Wawota, SK. bring it up to 2388 specs. Cummins, long auger, fore and aft, auto header height, grain loss monitor, shedded, specialty rotor with exceller kit, rocktrap, reverser, Redseal c/w IH PU head, hopper topper, Toll Fre e : field ready, 3641 eng. hrs., $29,000 OBO. 204-325-2166, Winkler, MB. 1-8 6 6 -8 42-48 03

CONTINUOUS FEED HEADER AUGERS * Cro ps tha t a re hea vy, light, ta n gled o r lo d ged w ill n o lo n ger b e a pro b lem fin gers a re in serted a lo n g the en tire len gth o f the a u gerfo ra very co n sisten t, fa ster feed in g, sm o o ther flo w o f cro p. These a u gers w illea sily pick u p m a n y va rieties o f cro ps. * Alla u gers a re b u ilt to O EM specs a n d a re m a d e w ith a hea vier ga u ge co n stru ctio n .

1550 Hw y. 39 Ea s t, W eyb urn, S K

1981 1460, 3900 eng. hrs., Westward PU, good tires, regular maintenance, shedded, 306-228-4502, 306-228-7930, Unity, SK 2008 8010 COMBINE w/20.8x42 duals, 550 thrashing hrs, Outback Auto Steer, c/w 16’ PU and 36’ HoneyBee straight cut header with pea auger. 403-502-6332, Schuler, AB. 1990 CIH 1682 PT, Rake-Up PU, one season on tires, several replaced parts, needs some work. 306-642-4025, Assiniboia SK. 2006 CASE 8010 AFX, 1084 thresh hrs., 2016 header with lat tilt, tank ext., pro 600, Y&M, fine cut chopper, HID lights, all upgrades, nice shape. 403-638-0660, Madden, AB. 1984 1480 CASE/IH combine, 4247 engine hrs., 12’ Rake-Up pickup, good shape, always shedded, $10,000. Wayne Nickason 306-357-4636, Wiseton, SK.

1990 VERSATILE 4750, 2700 hrs, AC, heater, 25’ PU reel, shedded, new canvases, new tires. 306-231-2222, Watson, SK. RETIRING: 2005 MF 9420, 770 hrs, 25’, PU reel, gauge wheels, Roto-Shears, triple delivery, $65,000. 780-777-4153, Fort Sask., AB. 1982 VERSATILE 4400 22’ SP swather, pickup reel, $3900 OBO. 204-638-0911, Dauphin, MB. 2010 JD A400 swather w/30’ Honeybee hdr, 60 hrs., new condition; 2009 JD 4895, 30’ header, 650 hrs., always shedded. 204-851-0745, Elkhorn, MB.


Purchase, Rent or Lease.


(306) 664-2378



1984 860 V8 hydro, hyd. reverser, AC, heater, 1800 hrs, chopper and chaff s p r e a d e r, l o n g u n l o a d i n g a u g e r. 306-231-2222, Watson, SK.

2008 N H C X 8080, 417 thra s hin g hrs , 350 HP, 330 b u ., $210,000 OB O

(Ap p ra isa l & Lea sing p ossib le)

2001 CASE/IH 2388 w/2575 sep. hrs., $62,500; 1996 Case/IH 2188 w/2761 sep hrs., $47,000. Both come with 1015 PU header, always been shedded. Melville, SK. 306-641-5609. 2011 9120, duals, $347,000; 2009 9120 Magna cut, $279,000; 2011 8120, duals, $352,000; 2006 8010, $210,000; 2006 8 0 1 0 t o p p e r, $ 1 9 9 , 0 0 0 ; 8 0 1 0 S M $183,000; 2388, AFX, Y&M, big top, $ 1 1 0 , 0 0 0 ; 2 3 8 8 A F X , Y & M , t o p p e r, $128,000; 2388 hopper ext. $99,000; 2388 AFX, $129,000; 2188 exceller, Mav, Swathmaster, $76,000; 2188, exceller, Swathmaster, topper, $65,000; 1666 Rake-Up, 2656 eng. hrs., $33,000; 1680, shedded, $17,500; IH 1480, 210 HP, $11,900. Call Hergott Farm Equipment, 306-682-2592, Humboldt, SK. 2008 CASE 2588, 2015 PU, 478/594 hrs., yield and moisture, Pro 600 monitor, rice tires, heavy soil machine, $193,000. 204-981-5366, 204-735-2886 Starbuck MB 1660 CI COMBINE, 3900 hrs., lots of new parts, good condition, Kirby spreader, 1015 header w/Rake-Up. Asking $14,500. 306-892-2158, Meota, SK.

N o tus e d in 2011, Fa rm re n te d o ut

CASE/IH 1688 COMBINE, 1993, 3386 engine hrs., specialty rotor w/accelerator, chopper, chaff spreader, hyd. fore/aft, well maintained, always stored inside, field r e a d y, $ 4 5 , 0 0 0 . N i p a w i n , S K . 306-862-4100 or 306-862-7956. LOW HOURS, 2388 combine, original owner, stored inside, meticulously maintained and serviced from day one, rock trap, AFX rotor, hopper cover, chopper, yield and moisture, 2 spd. hydro., Mud-hog rear wheel drive, 950/1200 hrs, cw/14’ PU header, $137,000. can deliver; also, 25’ MacDon 973 header cw/Case/IH adapter $26,000. Both units field ready, need nothing. Jerry at 250-262-9091, Taylor, BC.


P ra irie S ta r Turb o 4930, S w a ther M a cDo n 960 hea d er, 1,200 hrs . 36’w /ro to s hea rs , s in gle kn ife, p ick u p reels , cro p lifters , n ew p la n eta ries , n ew w o b b le b o x, $5 0,000 OB O TR /TX Ad a pte r fo r S w a th e r H e a d e r to T R o rT X co m b in es , $5 ,5 00 OB O M c Le a n , S K .

3 06 -6 9 9 -76 78 (C ) | 3 06 -6 9 9 -7213 (H) o r e m a il: gra n tw ils on @ s a s kte l.n e t (2) NH TR70’s w/PU headers. (1) 3208 Cat hydro., 1450 hrs; (1) Ford eng., variable speed, 1927 hrs. Both good shape, always shedded. 780-878-3851, New Sarepta, AB.

1990 NH TR96, chopper, PU, (roughly $26,000 spend to rebuild inside on insurance), nice shape, quit farming, $28,000 CASE 1682 PT, internal chopper, spread- OBO. 306-256-3529, Cudworth, SK. er, done 2000 acres since $11,000 work o r d e r, r u n s e x c e l l e n t , $ 7 0 0 0 O B O. TWO TR86, 1 w/Cat eng. (1383 sep.) and Ford engine (2156 sep. hrs.), $14,000 ea. 403-741-6860, Stettler, AB. 780-662-3002, 780-915-1358, Tofield, AB. 1993 CASE/IH 1680, 1993, Cummins diesel, specialty rotor, long auger, approx. NH TR98, PU, hopper extensions, fine cut 2850 eng. hrs, straw chopper, rock trap, chopper and spreader, yield and moisture hopper topper. Well maintained and very monitor, aux. fuel tank, large work order reliable, shedded, asking $35,000 OBO. Jan./2010, field ready, 25’ straight cut. Priced to go. 306-595-2180, Pelly, SK. 204-744-2501 204-825-0001 Somerset MB 1987 1680 CIH, 3195 engine hrs., good 2009 CR9060, 720 thr. hrs., SwathMaster shape, shedded, $18,000 OBO. Phone: PU, Y&M monitors, lateral tilt, Mav. chopper, 900 tires, Michel’s elec. topper, asking 306-726-4570, Southey, SK. $179,000. 204-683-2562, St.Lazarre, MB. WANTED: 1688, 2188, 2388 combine, good shape, chopper, under 3000 hrs. In 1999 TR99 LT, Rake-Up, $55,000; 2008 CR Sask. 306-449-2212 or 306-452-7378, 9070, Swathmaster, yield and moisture, Redekop, field tracker. Hergott Farm Storthoaks, SK. E q u i p m e n t , y o u r C I H D e a l e r, 1993 CASE/IH 1688, with 4100 hrs., no 306-682-2592, Humboldt, SK chopper, straw spreaders, Kirby chaff spreader, 1015 PU, shedded, field ready. 1997 TX66 SUNNYBROOK cylinder and $30,000. 306-634-4343 or 306-421-7602, concave, 14’ Rake-Up PU, 2034 sep. hrs., Macoun, SK. HH, auto reel spd., chaff spreader, fine cut chopper, header reverser, new clean grain 1985 CASE 1480, 3900 hrs., 1015 header, chain. 780-927-3385, Fort Vermilion, AB. $9500; 1980 1460, 3100 hrs., new feeder and elevator chains, $6500. Both shedded, field ready. 306-795-2749, Ituna, SK. 2001 CASE/IH 2388 with 1147 sep. hrs., LARGE CAPACITY GLEANER C-62, CumY&M, chopper, hopper topper, 2015 mins engine, PU header and 36’ straight Swathmaster PU, specialty rotor w/AFX cut draper header, new concaves, rub bars kit. Annual dealer inspections and repair and feeder chains, 1 owner, shedded, field records available. Premium low hour ma- ready. 306-634-4456, Estevan, SK. chine, $110,000; Two Case/IH 1010 30’ headers also available. 1 batt reel, 1 PU 1989 R50 1760/2302 hrs., good cond., replaced feed/clean/return chains, threshreel. 204-546-3075, Grandview, MB. ing cage, helical and cylinder bars. Con1688 CASE/IH combine, only 1850 sep. cave and accelerator rollers have approx. hours, SP rotor w/Accellerator kit, fresh 300 hrs. Engine cooling fan rebuilt. Melroe Greenlight, always shedded, too many up- 378 w/new PU belts. 27’ Agco 400 straight grades and new parts to list. $45,000 OBO. cut header. Machine has been stored inside. Asking $20,000 complete. Call Steve Call: 204-365-7254, Strathclair, MB. 306-587-7851 or 306-587-2486, Cabri, SK. LATE MODEL 1680, 2950 HRS, Cummins, crossflow, long shoe and auger, 300 2007 GLEANER A85, new in 2008, 657 hrs. on AFX rotor, lots of new parts and eng. hrs., 493 sep. hrs, Mav straw chopper, service, $23,500 OBO. Ph: 306-699-2442, autolube, 20.8x42 radial duals, Field Star II mapping and yield monitor, all factory McLean, SK. updates, c/w Gleaner 4200-16 PU header, Swathmaster PU. 24 months interest free. Call Dennis at 204-759-2527, Shoal Lake, 2001 480 CAT, 1 season on new rub bars, MB. Trades welcome. sieves, shoe bushings, Ag Leader yield GLEANER R70, 2272 engine hrs, 1533 monitor, 1700 hrs., field ready, $80,000. sep. hrs, Sunnybrook rotor and concaves, Also avail 2006 25’ HoneyBee header, Super 8 PU, $19,500 OBO. 780-994-3225, $25,000. 403-748-4408, Bentley, AB. Wetaskiwin, AB. 2001 CAT 450, 2656 eng. hrs., P13 PU, R72, 2002, 1224 rotor hours, $90,000. work orders avail. for 2010 repairs, 2 spd. Phone 306-295-4062 or 306-295-7012, cyl., 2 sets of concaves, always shedded, Frontier, SK. asking $55,000; Also 30’ header available. 306-228-7970 or 306-228-7997, Unity, SK.

2003 NH CX860, 1550 hrs, Swathmaster PU, exc. cond., big rubber, yield and moisture, header tilt, shedded, MAV chopper, offers. 780-206-1234, Barrhead, AB. 1988 TR96, extra good shape, new rub bars, rotor balance and more, Swathmaster PU, Redekop chopper, halogen lights, $19,000; 1984 TR95, extra good shape, field ready, Rake-Up PU, lots of new parts, halogen lights, $14,000. 306-824-2108, 306-280-6193, Rabbit Lake, SK. NEW HOLLAND, 2500 hrs., Victory pick up, chaff spreader, good condition, $17,500. 306-782-4366, Yorkton, SK. COWBOY COMBINE, 1983 TR96, 4080 hrs; Terrain Tracer (auto header height control), rebuilt feeder house and new table floor, 14’ Victory Super 8 PU, needs rotors and concaves, $10,000; Redekop straw spreader/collection hood and large chaff cart, $3000; 1994 HoneyBee header adaptor and Massey 220 26’ draper header with UII PU reel, $12,000. Call 306-249-2824, Unity, SK. Email: 2010 NH-CR 9090, 320 sep. hrs., Intelli-Cruise, spd. rate control, auto-guidance, Terrain Tracer, deluxe cab w/leather seats, Opti-Clean system, HID full lighting pkg., 27’ unloading auger, 620x70R42 factory duals. 306-287-7707 days, 306-383-2508 after 8:00 PM, Quill Lake, SK. 1999 TR 99, recent rebuild, hopper topper, chaff spreader, 1932 threshing hours, Swathmaster PU, shedded, $75,000 OBO. Brad at 403-888-5563, Nanton, AB.

2002 JD 9650, 2,235 hours, $25,000 work order done, loaded w/ Greenstar, $89,800. Trades welcome. Financing available. 1-800-667-4515. See video at:

1991 JD 9600, 3370 sep. hrs., 914 PU, chaff spreader, long auger, Sunnybrook 1980 WHITE 9700 w/930 straight cut cyl. and straw beater, new 30.5-32 drive header, always shedded, $10,000 OBO. tires, always shedded and well maintained, 204-776-2008, 204-534-7304, Minto, MB. very nice cond., $52,500. 204-743-2149 or 204-526-7805, Cypress River, MB. JD 7720 COMBINE, SP, hydro., c/w reverser, 12’ PU, chopper, $17,000 OBO. 306-283-4745, Langham, SK. 2007 JD 9660WTS, only 528 sep. hrs., auto header height control, auto reel speed control, hyd. fore/aft, grain loss monitor, rock trap, 21’6” unloading auger, hopper topper. Just been Greenlighted! Excellent shape! $169,900. Call Jordan 403-627-9300 anytime, Pincher Creek, AB.

1985 JD 8820 TITAN II, 4872 hrs, SN#611149, 2 spd. cyl., header height control, chaff spreader, straw chopper, 7 b e l t P U, l o n g a u g e r, b l o c k h e at e r. 306-468-2771, Debden, SK. USED COMBINES. Why go to auction? 2010 JD 9870, JD 615P, dual wheels, 332 sep. hrs., fully equipped, one owner, shedded, like new, $285,000. Warranty. Financing available. Delivery available. Greenlight check done. Call Dwayne Murray at D. B. Murray Ltd., Melita, MB, 1-800-805-0495, cell 204-522-0142. 1993 JD 9500, w/JD 914 PU, 3705 sep. hrs., 2 spd. cyl., long unloading auger, chaff spreader, Redekop chopper, excellent condition, always shedded, $41,000. 306-648-7721, Gravelbourg, SK. 2007 9860 STS PREMIUM, 694 hrs., bullet rotor, mapping, long auger, 615 PU, 900 tires, shedded, extras, exc. cond. 780-206-1234, Barrhead, AB. 2000 JD 9650W, 2800 sep. hrs., $29,000 in recent work orders, $89,900 OBO. 306-231-8111, Humboldt, SK. 1995 JD 9600 w/914 PU, chaff spreader, fine cut chopper, Sunnybrook cylinder, 3774 eng. hrs., 2698 sep. hrs., $57,500. 204-564-2345, 204-937-7052, Inglis, MB. JD PEA CONCAVES 50 Series, like new. Sell or trade on 60 Series pea concaves. 306-478-2451, Kincaid, SK. 2009 JD 9870 STS 4 WD, 613 hrs., 20.8x42’s w/duals, CM w/5 spd. reverse, SLS, chopper w/powercast tailboard, shedded, $205,000 US. 320-848-2496 or 320-894-6560, Fairfax, Minnesota. USED COMBINE SALE, one of a kind, 2005 JD 9760 STS, JD 914P, 1046 separator hours, fully equipped, AutoTrack valve, new 900/60-32 Trelleborg tires, Greenlight done, $169,000. Financing available. Call Sales Dept., D.B. Murray Ltd., Melita, MB 1-800-805-0495 or 204-522-3341. RETIRING: 2009 JD 9870 STS, 435 rotor hrs., long auger, hopper extension, power cast chopper, yield and moisture, Greenlight inspection, $275,000. 780-777-4153, Fort Sask., AB. 2004 JD 9760, 2400 sep. hrs., recent Greenlight done, field ready, asking $112,000; 2007 615 PU head may be available. Call 306-421-2308, Torquay, SK. 2008 JD 9870 STS, duals; 2006 JD 9760 STS; JD 9760, yield and moisture. Phone Hergott Farm Equipment, your Case/IH Dealer, 306-682-2592, Humboldt, SK. 7720 HYDRO, field ready, airfoil, fine cut chopper, chaff spreader, 2 spd. cylinder, $15,000 OBO. 306-842-4596, Weyburn, SK JD 9610, 2253 sep. hrs., 2973 eng. hrs., sep. rebuild at 1872 hrs. ($27,000 in parts), dual spd. cyl., 914 PU header, 930 straight cut c/w new PU reel, new feeder chain, shedded, $89,000. 403-545-6468, 403-527-1258, Bow Island, AB.

2000 JD 9650W, only 1,457 sep. hrs., auto header height control, dial-a-speed, chaff spreader, chopper, hopper topper, 30.5-32 drive tires, 14.9-24 rear tires, JD 914 PU header, always shedded, excellent condition, $119,000. Call Jordan 403-627-9300 anytime, Pincher Creek, AB. 1998 JD 9610 MAXIMIZER w/2480 hrs., 2004 JD 9760 STS combine, 847 sep. hrs., c/w 914 PU, fine cut chopper, always long auger, yield, grain loss and moisture shedded, $70,000. Also available 930 flex monitors, auto. header heigth control, in- header. 306-843-3132, Wilkie, SK. cab concave adjustments, always shedded, premium condition, $175,000. Retiring. 2002 JD 9750 STS, 2200 threshing hrs., $112,000; 2003 9760 STS, 2000 hrs., 780-632-2554, Vegreville, AB. $ 1 3 7 , 0 0 0 . 9 1 4 p i c k u p s av a i l a b l e . 1990 JD 9500, 2217 sep. hrs, 912 PU, 2 306-861-9930, Weyburn SK spd. cylinder, many new and updated 1997 JD 9600 c/w JD 914 PU, Greenparts, Redekop chaff saver, 4 new tires, re- lighted every year for past 6 yrs., have all cent Greenlight, field ready, always shed- records. 2780 sep. hrs, auto header height, ded, mint cond. 204-748-8391, Virden, MB Dial-A-Speed, fore and aft, grain loss 2000 JD 9650W, 1480 sep. hrs., fresh monitor, data center, long unloading auGreenlight, chaff spreader, $120,000. ger, dual cyl. spd, chaff spreader, new pickup belts and chrome rub bars, too 780-973-6042, Edmonton, AB. many parts to mention, $57,000. 2000 JD 9650 STS, 2300 hrs., c/w 914 PU 306-654-7657, Prud’homme, SK. header, good shape, $78,000 OBO. Call NEW TIDUE 36” combine tracks to fit JD 306-252-2858, Kenaston, SK. combines. Selling at wholesale price. Call 1994 JD 9600, 3500 sep. hrs, 4700 eng. Ray 204-825-8121, Morden, MB. hrs, chopper and spreader, well main- 1986 7721 TITAN 2, chaff spreader, choptained, good condition, $35,000; 1999 per w/new knives, feeder reverser, field MacDon 962 draper header 30’, c/w 871 ready, $7500. 306-725-7820, Strasbourg. JD adapter, PU reels and transport, $17,000, or both for $50,000; JD 924 flex 1998 JD CTS II, 2000 sep. hrs., loaded, header, PU reels, large auger, tilt kit, GreenStar, P914 PU, shedded, field ready. $5500. 306-476-2712, Rockglen, SK. 306-695-2623, Indian Head, SK. 1997 JD 9600 4 WD combine, only 2000 FARM CHEMICAL/ SEED COMPLAINTS sep. hrs., very good condition, c/w 30’ flex We also specialize in: Crop insurance appeals; Chemical drift; Residual herbicide; header. Best offer. Call 204-766-2643. Custom operator issues; Equipment malJD 6601 COMBINE with chopper and function. Qualified Agrologist on staff. Call chaff spreader, good condition, $1500. Back-Track Investigations for assistance Located in SE Sask. Phone 306-483-8103. regarding compensation, 1-866-882-4779. 1986 JD 8820 Titan II, 5100 eng. hrs., 2001 9650 STS, c/w 914 PU, 2000 sep. 925 straight cut header w/PU reels and hrs., field ready, $88,500; Also, 2005 630 trailer, 214 header w/914 PU. $28,000 for flex header, $21,000. Phone 306-948-3949 all. Call 306-594-2896, Norquay, SK. or 306-948-7223, Biggar, SK.

7721 TITAN II, mint front to back, always shedded, $7500, or trade on mower conditioner. 306-338-2710, Hendon, SK. 1996 JD 9600, Greenlighted, 2716 sep. hrs., 914 pickup, AutoSteer, yield and moisture. 306-625-3674, Ponteix, SK. 1996 JD 9600, gone over every winter in shop, good condition, chaff spreader, 914 header, etc., $50,000 0BO. 306-960-3483 or 306-749-3159, Birch Hills, SK. 2002 JD 9650W, 1640 separator hrs., chaff spreader, hopper topper, 914P pickup, moisture and yield monitor, premium cab, 1 yr. on green light, new walker bearings, concave, rubbers, shedded, field r e a d y, $ 1 0 5 , 0 0 0 . 3 0 6 - 7 5 3 - 7 6 1 8 , 306-753-7615, Macklin, SK. 2011 JD 9770, Premier cab, 615 PU, small grains concave, Contour-Master, 22.5’ auger, duals, 55 engine hrs., like new. 204-467-2109 (after 8 PM), Stonewall, MB.

2010 45’ MACDON D60-D DRAPER HEADER w/ JD single-point hook-up, excellent condition, $69,800. Other adapters available. Trades welcome, financing available. 1-800-667-4515. See video at:

2008 JD 936D, 36’ draper header, single point hook up, hyd. fore/aft, always shedexc. cond., $38,000. 780-878-1550, CHOICE OF 2 shedded 30’ HoneyBee head- ded, ers, TR adapters, pea augers, $26,000. Camrose, AB. 306-873-2841, Tisdale, SK. 2006 JD 630 30’ flex header, 50 Series stubble lights, poly skid plates, 2002 JOHN DEERE F930 flex header, with hookup, header height sensing, $25,000. new transport trailer, $19,500 complete. auto 306-854-2053, 306-533-3202, Elbow, SK. 306-773-8705, Wymark, SK. HONEYBEE SP36 (Gleaner ADP.), $20,900; 2003 NH 94C, 42’ straight cut draper CIH 1010, 30’, w/PU reel, $7400; CIH header, PU reel, factory transport, double 1020 30’ flex header, $11,900; CIH 2052 knife drive, hyd. fore/aft, $32,000. 36’ draper, $45,500; MacDon 973, 35’, CIH 306-647-2344, Theodore, SK. adapter, $39,900; JD 635, 35’, $57,000; CIH 1010, 30’ w/transport, $8500; CIH 1020 30’ flex, HFA, poly skid, $13,500; MD D60 35’ w/JD kit, $56,000; Two MD 974 36’ w/CIH kit, $49,900 each; JD 635 35’ ext. auger, transport, $54,500. Ph Hergott Farm Equip 306-682-2592, Humboldt, SK. 1991 NEW HOLLAND 971 30’ straight cut header w/Hart Carter PU reel, transport, $8000. 306-968-2947, Marengo, SK. 1993 JD 930R-30’, header with pickup reel, $7900. 306-424-7511, Montmartre, SK. 25’ MACDON 960, w/JD adapter and transport, PU reel, gauge wheels, stored inside, $12,900; JD 224 w/transport, stored inside, $3000. 306-472-5719, Lafleche, SK.

JD 7700 DIESEL, CAHR, always shedded, exc. cond., $4500 OBO. Quit farming. 204-648-5125, Sifton, MB. 2004 JD 9760, eng. 969 hrs, thresher 647 hrs, high speed unload, shedded, JD Performax done, vg condition, $185,000. 204-328-7441, 204-724-7949, Rivers, MB. 2006 JD 9760 STS, bullet rotor, 950 sep. hrs., fully loaded, exc. condition. JD 615 PU platform like new, $185,000; JD 936D draper header, PU reel with upper cross auger. 403-344-2160, Aden, AB.

2005 JD 635F, Contour, fore/aft, good poly and fingers, $22,000; 3 CASE/IH 1020 headers, 1997, 2002 and 2004, starting at $13,000; 2001 JD 930F, 30’, fore/aft, $14,000. 204-256-2098, Treherne, MB. 2004 MACDON 973 draper header, 30’ PU reel, gauge wheels, Case adapter only cut 1986 JD 7721 Titan II, 212 PU, 2 cylinder, cereals, $30,000; 1999 Case 1020 flex exc. condition, shedded, asking $9500. header, poly, fore and aft PU reel, $9500. Both w/transport have seen only stone 306-372-4868, Luseland, SK. free land, are shedded and in excellent 1997 CTS JD combine, 2391 threshing condition. 306-831-8190, Rosetown, SK. hrs., deluxe cab, big top c/w extension (300 bu.), Sunnybrook cyl. and beater, fine HONEYBEE 30’ HEADER, w/NH combine cut chopper, extra long auger 30.5x32, adapter for TX66. Will fit others. UII PU and 23x28 tires, 914 PU header, shedded, reel, hyd. fore and aft, poly skid plates, well maintained, no rocks, $50,000. gauge wheels, factory transport, very good condition, always shedded, $29,500 OBO. 780-837-8047, Falher, AB. 780-853-0821 cell, Vermilion, AB. 2003 JD 9750, 12.5L engine, Canadian 1020 CASE/IH 30’ flex header, done less Special, 1700 sep. hrs., A-1, $115,000. Len t h a n 1 0 0 0 a c r e s , m i n t c o n d i t i o n . 204-324-6298, Altona, MB. 306-795-3482, Ituna, SK. 2002 JD 9650W, 2035 sep. hrs., 910 PU 230/930 STRAIGHT CUT rigid headers, header, chaff spreader, hopper ext., starting from $5750. Phone: Bernie GreenStar, $85,000; 1999 JD 9610, 2100 sep. hrs., chaff spreader, hopper ext., 204-825-8558, St. Leon, MB. G r e e n S t a r , 9 1 4 P U , $ 6 8 , 0 0 0 . JD 635 draper header, dual knife drive, 204-723-2820, Treherne, MB. gauge wheels; JD 930 draper header, dual knife drive, gauge wheels. 204-851-0745, Elkhorn, MB. 1997 JD 9600 Anniversary Edition, c/w 914 PU, REM chaff spreader, 2681 sep., 3912 eng. hrs., extensive Greenlight done winter 2012. 204-365-0966 Shoal Lake MB 2001 JD 9650 STS, 914 header, 3339 engine hrs., 2481 separator hrs., $75,000. 306-424-2726, Montmartre, SK.

1987 MF 860 std., c/w wide pickup, long auger, 30’ straight cut header and new trailer, approx. 2400 hrs., always shedded, exc. shape. 403-740-5996, Castor, AB. MF 851’s and 852’s PT combines for sale. One for parts, 3 in running order, asking $400-$750 OBO. Call Robert, Redvers, SK. 306-452-3393 or 306-452-3956 after 6PM. 1983 MF 860, 6 cyl. std., 2400 hrs., new rub bars and beater rubbers, good shape, shedded, c/w table, Melroe PU header, MF 9030 straight cut header and MF 9024 flex header, $9500 OBO. Phone 306-631-6684, Moose Jaw, SK. 1985 MF 860 6 cyl. std., 3616 hrs., RakeUp, chopper, chaff storm, shedded, excellent condition, $5500. 306-424-2271, Montmartre, SK. 850 MASSEY COMBINE, pickup, straw chopper, 3491 hrs., shedded, reason for selling- downsized and have two, $7000; 1033 NH bale wagon, holds 105, $2500. 306-682-3293, Humboldt, SK.

BRAND NEW 16’ PW7 PICKUP HEADER comes w/ Swathmaster pickup, in stock. JD 615 replacement $ 25,800, CIH 2016 replacement $ 26,800, NH 9070 $ 26,800. Trades welcome. Financing available. 1-800-667-4515. 24’ JD 924 HEADER, Rigid, batt reel, stainless steel table, very good condition. 306-374-9770, Hanley, SK. 1998 36’ HONEYBEE draper header, fore/aft, UII PU reel, NH TR adapter. 306-625-7775, Ponteix, SK. FLEX HEADS: JD 925, $6500; JD 930, $7500; Case/IH 1020, 25’, $6000; 820, $2000; 1015 PU header. 1-866-938-8537. NH 970 COMBINE HEADER, good shape, 24’, w/transport trailer, priced to sell, $3500. Bob 306-883-7817, Spiritwood, SK. 2003 MACDON 872 combine adapter, excellent condition, came off a TR combine, $4000 OBO. 403-741-6860, Stettler, AB. 1992 30’ MACDON header, Gleaner adapter, including transport, vg cond., $14,000. 306-584-3731, Moose Jaw, SK.

SOLD THE FARM: 2003 Honeybee 36’ 2008 JD 630F flex platform w/PU reel, full with JD adapter, pea auger, shedded. finger, 60 Series, stubble lights, poly skid plates, automatic header height sensing, 306-297-6205, 306-297-7978, Admiral, SK auto reel spd. control, stone protection WANTED: TR ADAPTER for MacDon 960 guard platform, hydra flex, low hrs., header. 306-246-4251, Mayfair, SK. $27,500. 204-743-2324, Cypress River, MB 30’ HEADER TRANSPORT, like new. Phone 306-253-4454, Aberdeen, SK. CIH 1020 25’ flex header with PU reels, and aft with transport, $13,500. 1997 930 FLEX, fore/aft, poly skid, plus fore header trailer, exc . cond., $15,500. 306-896-2817, Churchbridge, SK. 36’ MACDON 973 and 36’ MacDon 972 with 780-877-2513, Ferintosh, AB. JD 70 Series adapters, hyd. fore/aft, poly MACDON 974 FLEX DRAPER 36’, JD skids, stored inside, good drapers, knife 70/60 series adapter, single point hook guards, reel fingers, 973- $31,000, 972up, split reel, pea auger, fore/aft, hyd. tilt, $29,000. Call Ron 204-941-0045 or new poly skids, new canvas, Schumacher 204-322-5638, Rosser, MB. knife, slow spd. transport package, always shedded. Asking $42,000 OBO. Bob at 2009 MACDON D60 35’ header with JD adapter, $55,000. Phone 306-861-9930, 780-608-7363, Daysland, AB. Weyburn SK MACDON 973-36’, with 873 JD combine adaptor, 2007, loaded, $44,500; MACDON 960-36’ 1989, with combine adaptor $7900. 306-424-7511, Montmartre, SK. 2006 MACDON 974 36’ flex header, single point hookup, was on 9750 STS, fore and aft, gauge wheels, pea auger, $41,500. 306-759-2733, Eyebrow, SK.

1993 8570 COMBINE, 3700 hrs, 240 HP Cummins, hyd. rotor, long auger, MAV chopper, PU header, including 24’ str. cut header with PU reel, always shedded WANTED: MF 9122 flex header in good $22,000 OBO. Call 403-546-2405 email cond. Ben 306-297-2942, Shaunavon, SK. Acme, AB. COMPLETE SET (10) wear plates for 930 1985 MF 860, V8 hydro, long auger, 2500 JD rigid header, heavy, 3/16” thick, asking hrs., $6500 OBO; 1980 MF 760, V8 hydro, $2800. Call Anton 306-267-4411, cell: 3400 hrs., $3500 OBO; MF 9024 24’ 306-267-7556, Coronach, SK. s t r a i g h t c u t h e a d e r, $ 2 6 0 0 O B O . RECONDITIONED rigid and flex, most 204-638-0911, Dauphin, MB. makes and sizes; Also header transports. WANTED: MF 8780, low hours or Premi- Ed Lorenz, 306-344-4811, Paradise Hill, um 8570 combine. 780-662-2617, Tofield, SK, AB. HONEYBEE 42’, fore/aft, UII reel, newer 1993 MF 8570, rotor, Crary chaff spreader, canvas, twin reel drive, $17,500. Frontier, 2413 eng. hrs, 1237 sep. hrs, shedded, SK. 306-295-4062 or 306-295-7012. exc. cond., $55,000 OBO. 780-920-9339, RETIRING: 2009 JD 635 draper header, Myrnam, AB. double knife drive, pea auger, full skid 1982 MASSEY 850 combine with 24’ plates, excellent, $58,000. 780-777-4153, straight cut header, always shedded, Fort Sask., AB. $5000. Call 306-739-2646, Wawota, SK. 2007 JD 635 HydraFlex, CWS air bar, A-1 MF 9690, 1070 eng. hrs, 760 sep. hrs, condition, $34,900; 4 wheel header trailer, exc. shape, $150,000. 30’ draper, Agco $3900; CIH 883, 8 row, 30” corn head, 5 1 0 0 , 30’ A g c o 8 0 0 0 flex header. good condition, $5900. Delivery available. 204-324-6298, Altona, MB. 306-846-2130 306-867-4167 Dinsmore SK

BRAND NEW HONEYBEE SP40 HEADER in stock, HHC, double knife drive, light kit, new style factory transport, $64,800. Adapters to most combines available. Trades welcome. Financing available. 1-800-667-4515. See video at:

2004 973 25’ draper header, PU reel w/metal fingers, c/w 801 MacDon bi-directional adapter, under 3000 acres on machine, shedded. Mint! $16,000. 204-866-4261, Anola, MB. 2009 NH 94C, 30’, double knife, AFX/ CR/CX adaptor. Unused, $49,900 OBO. 306-563-8482, 306-782-2586, Rama, SK. 9024 MASSEY straight cut header, 24’, new HoneyBee knife, very good condition, shedded, with transport, $5900. Call Brad 403-888-5563, Nanton, AB.



20’ JD 220 straight cut header, PU reels, w w w .p la st ict u b in gon lin $1500. 780-994-3225, Wetaskiwin, AB. Ca n a d a ’s La r gest in ven t or y a n d 2006 25’ HONEYBEE header, pickup reel, b est p r ices on n ylon , vin yl, transport, gauge wheels, crop lifters, p olyet hylen e t u b in g p lu s $25,000. 403-748-4408, Bentley, AB. p n eu m a t ic a n d b r a ss f it t in gs. GLEANER 30’ PU reel and carrier, $9800; 20’ MacDon PU reel, $1800. Pro Ag Sales, Go to ou r w eb site a n d see everythin g. 306-441-2030, North Battleford, SK. Ca lga ry - P h - 1 (8 55)6 6 6 -5524 2005 HONEYBEE SP-30 header, PU reel, pea auger, gauge wheels, always shedded, ALLISON TRANSMISSIONS Service, JD 50 and 60 series hookup, vg cond., Sales and Parts. Exchange or custom re$32,500 OBO. 306-723-4799, Cupar, SK. builds available. Competitive warranty. 1993 MACDON 960, 36’ PU reels, NH TR Spectrum Industrial Automatics Ltd., Red adaptor, only used on cereals, good condi- Deer, AB. 1-877-321-7732. tion. 306-666-3075, Fox Valley, SK. AGRICULTURAL PARTS STO RE 2004 MACDON 974 header 30’, JD adapter, upper cross auger, PU reel, one H ydra ulic Pa rts owner, always shedded, excellent cond., $39,500. 306-648-7721, Gravelbourg, SK. & D oin g H ydra ulic R e p a ir 2002 30’ MACDON 972 HEADER, Cat Ca ll NODGE Firs t adapter, PU reel, hyd. fore&aft., pea auger Swift Current, SK and vine lifters, always shedded, $32,500. • S e e d Bo o ts & Tips • Pic ku p Be lts 306-228-7970, 306-228-7997, Unity, SK. & Te e th • Air S e e d e r Ho s e 1993 MACDON 960 25’ swather header, • Pa c ke rW he e l C a ps • Ele va to r C ha in s triple delivery, PU reel, very straight, no & S pro c ke ts • Nic ho ls S ho ve ls dents, excellent condition, $12,500 OBO. • Fe e d e r C ha in s • Ha rro w Tin e s 403-741-6860 Stettler, AB. & S pro c ke ts • Ba le r Be lts • C o m b in e pa rts • Ha yin g & Ha rve s t • C a n va s Pa rts & S u pplie s • Tra c to r Pa rts JD 212 PICKUP with table, nearly new w w w .n od gem fg.c om belts. 306-784-2953, Main Centre, SK.


1-800-667-7421 1997 TO 2002 CIH 1020 flex platforms, 25’, 30’, reconditioned, sale $9950$14,900; 2007 CIH 2020 flex platforms, 35’, sale $24,900; 1990 to 1995 JD 925, 930 flex platforms, steel pts., poly skids, sale $6900; 1996 to 1999 JD 925, 930 flex platforms, poly pts, reconditioned, new PU teeth, poly skids, cutter bar, mint, sale $12,900; 2000 to 2003 JD 925, 930 flex platforms, F/F auger, PU reel, poly skids, sale $13,900 to $17,900; 2007 JD 630 hydra flex platforms, reconditioned, like new, sale $28,900; 2004 JD 635 hydra flex platform, reconditioned, sale $24,900. Install a JD flex platform on your combine any make. We make adapter kits. Delivery anywhere in Western Canada. Call Gary Reimer 204-326-7000, Steinbach, MB, AXCELLER KITS, speciality rotors, Makeeff, and feeder reverser kits for Case/IH combines. Call 306-843-2934, Wilkie, SK.

NEW WOBBLE BOXES for JD, NH, IH, MacDon headers. Made in Europe, factory quality. Get it direct from Western Canada’s sole distributor starting at $995. 1-800-6674515.

Harvest Salvage Co. Ltd. 1-866-729-9876 5150 Richmond Ave. East Brandon, MB

TOP $$$ PAID for scrap batteries. Call 306-761-1688, Regina, SK. GOODS USED TRACTOR parts (always buying tractors) David or Curtis, Roblin, MB., 204-564-2528, 1-877-564-8734.


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L O S T C I T Y S A LVAG E , parts cheap, please phone ahead. 306-259-4923, 306-946-7923, Young, SK. TRIPLE B WRECKING, wrecking tractors, combines, cults., drills, swathers, mixmills. etc. We buy equipment. 306-246-4260, 306-441-0655, Richard, SK. SALVAGE TRACTOR ARRIVALS, Ford 8340, 8210, 7710, 7610, 7600, 6600, 5000, 4000, 3000, 1720, 800, 8N, Super Major, County. IH 8940, 5488, 885, 784, 844, 574, 624, B275. MF 8120, 3165, 35. Nuffield 10/60, 4/65. JD 7700, 3140. Volvo 650, 810. Case 1690, 1394, 1190. 2255 and 66L loaders. Ph. 306-228-3011, Unity, SK. COMB-TRAC SALVAGE. We sell new and used parts for most makes of tractors, combines, balers, mixmills and swathers. Phone 306-997-2209, 1-877-318-2221, Borden, SK. We buy machinery. G.S. TRACTOR SALVAGE, JD tractors only. 306-497-3535, Blaine Lake, SK.

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YOUR ONE STOP FOR NEW , USED & REBUILT AG PARTS. Dis m a n tlin g a ll m a jor m a ke s a n d m ode ls of tra ctors , com b in e s , s w a th e rs , b a le rs a n d fora ge h a rve s te rs . Plu s M u ch M o re!

1-8 00-340-119 2 Bu yin g Fa rm Equ ipm en t Fo rD ism a n tlin g

THE REAL USED FARM PARTSS UPERSTORE O ver2700 Un its forS a lva g e Tra ctors Com b in e s Sw a th e rs Dis ce rs Ba le rs

WATROUS SALVAGE Ope n M o n .thru Fri., 8 a .m .-5 p.m . w w w .w a tro u s s a lva m Em a il: s a lv@ s a s kte l.n e t

Tractors Combines Swathers


LOEFFELHOLZ TRACTOR AND COMBINE Salvage, Cudworth, SK., 306-256-7107. We sell new, used and remanufactured parts for most farm tractors and combines.

W a trou s , S a s k . Ca llJo e, Len o rDa rw in 306- 946- 2 2 2 2 Fa x 306- 946- 2 444 New Used & Re-man parts

Precision Seeding


IHC 4166 TRACTOR for parts, dual wheels all around, engine seized due to weather, offers. Donald 306-868-7705, Avonlea, SK.

DEGELMAN 6000 ROCKPICKER, PTO drive, good condition, $10,500 OBO. 780-522-7983 cell, Ruthilda, SK. DEGELMAN STONE PICKER, semi high lift, ground drive, 4 batt reel, $3500 OBO. 306-374-9770, Hanley, SK.

M e d icine Ha t Tra ctor Sa lva ge I nc.

NEW 320 SCHULTE jumbo rockpicker for sale. 403-545-2580, Bow Island, AB.

Specia lizing In N ew, Used & Reb uiltAgricultura l And C onstruction Pa rts Call Today

1-877-527-7278 M edicine Ha t, AB .

B uying Ag & Construction Equipm ent For D ism antling



Seedbed Preparation Simplified.



Crop Residue Management

1-866-733-3567 WANTED: CHAFF SAVER with cyclone for JD 9500 or 9600. Call 204-548-2248, Gilbert Plains, MB. SIDE PANELS to fit Case 9120 or 7120 combines. Best offer. Includes shipping. 701-370-2150 cell, Crystal City, MB.

NEW TRACTOR PARTS and engine rebuild kits. 150,000 parts available. Great quotes. Service and owners manuals, and decals. Our 38th year. 1-800-481-1353. STEIGER TRACTOR PARTS for sale. Very affordable new and used parts available, made in Canada and USA. 1-800-982-1769

Combine World 1-800-667-4515, www.; 20 minutes E. of Saskatoon, SK on Highway #16. Used Ag & Industrial equipment, new, used & rebuilt parts, & premium quality tires at unbeatable prices! 1 yr. warranty on all parts. Canada’s largest inventory of late model combines & swathers. Exceptional service. JOHN DEERE PT 7721 combine for parts. Call 306-784-2953, Main Centre, SK. AGRA PARTS PLUS, parting older tractors, tillage, seeding, haying, along w/other Ag equipment. 3 miles NW of Battleford, SK. off #16 Hwy. Ph: 306-445-6769.


John Deere Model 530 -535 3 ply Diamond top laced with alligator lacing Complete Set - $2189.00 • New Holland Model 660-664-668 3 ply mini rough top laced with alligator lacing Complete Set - $1689.00 Case IH/Hesston model 8460/8560/560/565 3 Ply Chevron w/alligator lacing

Complete Set - $2,289.00 Com plete s ets form os tm akes ...Call forpricing • B u lk B eltin g M os t Sizes • En dles s B elts Too


Rub Bars, Concaves, Cages, Rotor Cones, Vane Kits, Walkers, Feeder Chains, front drums and sprockets, augers, auger troughs, top chaffers and bottom sieves, (air foil and standard), shoe frames.


S a ska to o n 1- 800- 667- 3095 R egin a 1- 800- 667- 9871

Huge Inventory Of Used, New & Rebuilt Combine & Tractor Parts. Tested And Ready To Ship. We Purchase Late Model Equipment For Parts.

1985 MF 785 SP swather, 18’, no cab, 6 cyl. Chrysler. 306-839-2304, Pierceland, WRECKING CASE 2090 for parts. A.E. SK. E-mail: Chicoine Farm Equipment Ltd., Storthoaks, SK, 306-449-2255.


M a n ito b a 1- 800- 387- 2 768 Ed m o n to n 1- 800- 2 2 2 - 6594

FYFE P A R TS w w w .fyfepa rts .com

DEUTZ TRACTOR SALVAGE: Used parts for Deutz and Agco. Uncle Abes Tractor, 519-338-5769, fax 338-3963, Harriston ON MURPHY SALVAGE: new, used, rebuilt parts for tractors, combines, swather, tillage and misc. machinery. Always buying. Website: Phone 1-877-858-2728, Deleau, MB.

'.6 Dealer for Logan potato boxes, conveyors and Tristeel Mfg. potato polishers, tote fillers, washline equip. Largest inventory of used potato equip. Dave 204-254-8126, Grande Pointe, MB. 120 CLODHOPPER, always shedded, vg cond.; Watts flip plow, 5 moleboard; Honda mini truck. 306-628-4116, Leader, SK.

96’ FLEXI-COIL SERIES 62 PT sprayer, wind screens, pump only 4 yrs. old, 800 gal. tank, foam markers, $2175. Ph: Bernie 204-825-8558, St. Leon, MB. 2007 NEW HOLLAND SF115, 130’ PT sprayer, Flexi-Coil autorate, 1600 gal. tank, triple body nozzles, rinse tank and chemical mix tank, excellent condition, $23,500. OBO. 306-278-7784, Weekes, SK. COMPUTER SPRAY, $5900. Pro Ag Sales, 2006 CLAAS 870 SPEEDSTAR w/380 HD 306-441-2030, North Battleford, SK. PU and 8 row Kemper corn head, fully loaded and just rebuilt, Mercedes engine MODEL 62 FLEXI-COIL 95’ sprayer, tank w/2480 hrs. on cutter head, Steinbauer tires and hyd. pumping unit new in last 2 power/fuel chip, spout camera, spout ex- years, c/w air induction nozzles, asking tensions, rock stopper, autolube, rear $2500. Swift Current, SK. 306-773-9733, weights, $199,000. For more info and pic- 306-774-5669. tures call 780-914-2768, Leduc, AB. 2008 SRX 160, 1350 gal. wheel boom 2005 FP240 forage harvester, stored in- sprayer, 134’, autorate, windguards, markside, good condition, field ready, $18,000. e r s , d u a l n o z z l e s , $ 4 0 , 0 0 0 O B O . 306-648-7766, Gravelbourg, SK. 306-232-3462, 306-225-4678, Hague, SK. COMMERCIAL SILAGE, TRUCK BODIES, FLEXI-COIL 65 PT sprayer, 90’, autofold, trailers. Well constructed, heavy duty, ta- autorate, chem tank, rinse tank, end nozpered w/regular grain gates or hyd. silage zles, windscreens, disc markers, 800 gal., new hyd. pump, and newer tires, $5000 gates. CIM, Humboldt, SK, 306-682-2505. OBO. 204-836-2838, 204-825-8180, MariRICHARDSON HIGH DUMP silage wag- apolis, MB. on, good condition, $3500 OBO. Call 2001 FLEXI-COIL MODEL 67XL, 100’, 1250 306-423-5983,306-960-3000, St.Louis, SK. gal. tank, wind screens, disc markers, auNEW HOLLAND FP240 forage cutter, torate, triple nozzle, asking $12,500. 2005, bought new, well maintained, in 306-962-4518, Eston, SK. good shape, $29,500 OBO. Call Mike 7 8 0 - 7 7 7 - 5 3 6 4 , L e d u c , A B o r e m a i l : NH SF110 SPRAYER, susp. boom, 90’, windscreens, foam marker, double nozzle bodies. Ph. 780-361-7641, 780-352-6279, 2003 NH SP 230 forage harvester, 29P PU, Wetaskiwin, AB. used only 3 seasons, c/w set of new knives, good condition, asking $19,000. 2003 FLEX-COIL 67XL, suspended boom, 90’, 1250 gal. tank, double nozzle body, 306-329-4780, 306-371-7382, Asquith, SK. autorate, foam marker, always shedded, NH FP 240 forage harvester 29PW PU $27,000. 306-476-7248, Fife Lake, SK. h e a d e r, p u r c h a s e d n ew 2 0 0 8 , o n ly chopped 800 acres, always shedded, like 1994 JETSTREAM “go like hell” SPRAYER, new. Located at Swan River, MB. Call 60’, yellow tank, twin line, foam markers, half round fenders, air induction nozzles, 403-758-3509 res., or 204-734-0541 cell shedded, $3950. 306-594-2708, Hyas, SK. E arly Book ing Program ! 2002 FLEXI-COIL 67, 80’, 800 gal., good condition. Lloydminster, AB. 780-875-6323 Sila ge B a lew ra p startin g at$84 or 780-871-2905. Sila ge C overs -32 feetto 120 feetw ide,a ny length FLEXI-COIL SYSTEM 60, wind screens, marker, 830 gal. tank. 306-467-4973, Duck Phone:403-994-7 207 Lake, SK.

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2006 CLAAS 870 forage harvester, 1085 2011 SCHULTE 30’ mower for sale, like eng. hrs, 855 harvesting hrs, rock-stopper, new. Call 403-545-2580, Bow Island, AB. spout camera, 1 owner, near new cond. 2000 FL80 Freightliner feed truck, c/w 575 Harsh mixer. 306-342-4447, Glaslyn, SK. RICHARDTON 1200, 700 and 770 hi-dump wagons; Several forage wagons, JD 3970 harvester. MINT, 2006 BRANDT SB4000, 90’ susp. Phone: 866-938-8537. boom sprayer, 1600 gal. tank, 200 gal. 1996 JD 3970 silage cutter; 1996 Rich- rinse, frost kit, wind cones, 3 nozzles. GPS ardson 700 cu. ft. silage wagon. Phone o p t i o n a l . Ve r y few a c r e s . $ 3 4 , 5 0 0 . 306-445-5472, North Battleford, SK. 306-584-1425, 306-526-6100, Regina, SK. 2004 JF 1350 SILAGE CUTTER, done LATE MODEL FLEXI-COIL 65, 800 gal. 3000 acres, $37,500; Jiffy 700 Hydump. tank, 100’ booms, $7500. 306-423-5983, 306-960-3000, St. Louis, SK. 403-323-2349, Bashaw, AB. 1999 JD 6750 Forage Harvester, redone BRANDT SB4000 PT, bought new in blades, blower and spout liner last year, 2008, 100’ suspended boom, 1600 gal. US tank, rinse tank, Raven controller, Norac 60,000 OBO. 204-365-7186, Hamiota, MB boom height, chem handler, wind cones, MH 9500 AG BAG silage bagger, 6 cyl. triple nozzle bodies, 5 section plumbing, Cummins, 250’ cables, 11’ tunnel, new frost kit, 380/85Rx46 tires, exc. cond., conveyor belt, w/(3) 200’ bags, $45,000 $38,000; 30.5Rx32 tires on rims available. firm. 204-759-2710, Shoal Lake, MB. 204-635-2625, 204-268-5539, Stead, MB. 2007 CLAAS FORAGE HARVESTER 850 GE BRANDT QF 1500, 70’, 830 Imp. gal. tank, with 380 HD header, exc. cond., 1672 dual nozzles, chem handler, all new tires cutter head hrs, new knives, new shear and new hyd. pump in 2011, good cond. bar, ready to work, $190,000 OBO. Phone 306-836-4613 306-946-9645 Simpson, SK Ryan at 250-219-0778, Dawson Creek, BC. 2007 AGSHIELD HIGH clearance PT spray1990 JD 5730 forage harvester, SP unit er, 120’, shielded boom, auto ground folwith PU, excellent condition, low time en- lowing booms, triple nozzles, 850 gal. gine, ready for work. 306-587-2388 (H) or tank, 12.4x38 tires, autorate controller, 306-741-2006 (C), Cabri, SK. c r o p d i v i d e r s fo r t r a c t o r, $ 3 5 , 5 0 0 . FOR SALE: MODEL NH 355 windrow PU 204-748-3413, Virden, MB. header, fits FX series, exc. cond. Email: 2003 FLEXI-COIL 67XL, susp. boom, 90’, call 204-476-6476, 1250 gal. tank, double nozzles, autorate, will send pictures, Neepawa, MB. foam marker, shedded, exc. cond., no welds, $24,500. 306-731-8193 Holdfast SK SILAGE PLASTIC: New black/white pit covers. All sizes and thicknesses avail. Will 1997 BOURGAULT 950, 100’, autorate, deliver to AB. and SK. Call Ryan for best chem handler, triple nozzle bodies, wind curtain, exc. cond., $10,000. prices at 403-608-8259, Strathmore, AB. 306-536-3416, Wilcox, SK. CASE/IH 8750 forage harvester, $12,900; Supreme 900 mix wagon, $47,900. Pro Ag 83’ SETTER SPRAYER, 3 PTH, 500 gal. tank, variable rate controller, sectional Sales, 306-441-2030, North Battleford, SK. boom control, foam marker. Many newer YOUNG’S EQUIPMENT INC. For all your p a r t s , h y d . p u m p r e b u i l t , $ 5 0 0 0 . silage equipment needs call Kevin or Ron 204-785-3626, East Selkirk, MB. toll free 1-800-803-8346, Regina, SK. 1999 FLEXI-COIL XL67, 1250 gal. tank, T U B E L I N E BA L E W R A P P E R fo r s a l e . 130’ boom, wind curtains, dual nozzle bod780-349-2591, Westlock, AB. ies, rinse tank, chem. handler, autorate 2011 NH FR9050 forage harvester, brand controller, foam marker, $13,500 OBO. new, full 2 yr. warranty. Kirriemuir, AB. Phone 306-965-2747, Coleville, SK. 403-552-3753, 780-753-0353. 2003 BRANDT QF2500, 120’, hyd. pump, gal. tank, foam marker, exc. cond., 2003 FP 230 FORAGE Harvester, 1 owner, 1500 less than 1200 acres, shedded; Jiffy Hy- $11,000. 306-424-2271, Montmartre, SK. dump, excellent condition; 4- 200’x9’ Up JETSTREAM SPRAYER, 60’, foam markers, N o r t h s i l a g e b a g s . 3 0 6 - 8 5 9 - 4 6 2 1 , good condition, shedded, $4500 OBO. 306-859-7756 cell, Beechy, SK. Phone 306-873-5483, Tisdale, SK.

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1-800-667-6700 306-948-5335 Box 1496 Biggar, SK SOK OMO

• All makes and models • Outlasts & Outperforms all others • Universal Concave that saves you time & money • Increase Capacity, Improve Thrashing, and Save Grain

MAXIMIZE YOUR COMBINES POTENTIAL!!! 1 1/2 Miles WEST of Biggar, SK on Hiway #14

2005 NH SF115, 100’ wheel booms, wind screens, heavy axle, 3-way nozzles, excellent condition, $23,000 OBO. Call Oscar or Lee at 306-324-4315, Margo, SK. 90’ VERSATILE 3800 w/Flexi-Coil style booms, new hydraulic pump, $2000 OBO. 306-256-3529, Cudworth, SK. HIGH CLEARANCE 90’ Brandt QF 2000S, split tank, twin boom, $8000 OBO. 306-476-2588, Rockglen, SK. 2007 FLEXI-COIL 68XL, 134’ boom, 1650 US gal., triple nozzles, autorate, AutoBoom, stored inside. The cleanest machine you’ll find, great condition. $39,000. 306-584-5050, Regina, SK. FLEXI-COIL 65 SPRAYER, 90’, autofold, disc markers, chem handler, 800 gal. tank, $6500 OBO. 306-231-8337, Leroy, SK. FLEXI-COIL 65 SPRAYER, 90’ boom, 800 gallon tank, good condition, $4000. 204-683-2267, St. Lazare, MB. CHEAP 100’ BRANDT, quick-fold 2000, 1200 gal., big tires, wind cones, sprays 250 acres/tank. 306-654-7772, Saskatoon.

COMPUTORSPRAY, 60’, $2500. Call Ken 780-523-0760, 780-523-3786 or email High Prairie, AB.

1994 MELROE SPRA-COUPE 220, 1150 hrs, GPS Outback, Raven control, 60’ hyd. boom, 2 sets of tires, $9500. 306-873-2268, Tisdale, SK. TERRAGATOR 90’ APACHE spray boom, SS tank, autorate controller, auto trans., new Cummins engine, $15,000. 306-693-2660, 306-681-9030, Moose Jaw, SK. MELROE SPRA-COUPE 215 52’, 4 wheel, $8900. Call 306-231-8111, Humboldt, SK. 1995 PATRIOT WIDE TRACK, 2 sets tires, 4 are new, 175 HP JD engine, 700 gal. SS tank, all new electronics (2011), EnvizioPro, AutoSteer, Raven 450, 6 valve sectional SmartBoom, active suspension, hyd. downdraft air curtain, $60,000 OBO. 306-268-4371, Bengough, SK.

4X4 HY-TRUX SPRAYER: 1980 GMC w/350 auto., 14.9x26 tires, 350 gal. tank, 72’ booms, $9500 OBO. 204-855-2409, Oak Lake, MB. 1996 SPRA-COUPE 220, 640 hrs., 60’ hyd. boom, Raven controller, foam marker, tow hitch, $14,000 OBO. Ph 306-647-2708, Theodore, SK. ROGATOR 854, big and small tires, $55,500. 306-563-6651, Canora, SK. 2010 ROGATOR 1184, 97 eng. hrs, 100’, 1100 gal. SS tank, Viper Pro, Smartraxx, AccuBoom, AutoBoom, HID lights, 3” front inside load, fence row, hyd. adj. axles. 306-527-8843, 306-737-8286, Regina, SK. 2000 AG-CHEM Rogator 854, 4570 hrs., SS tank, new tires, 100’ boom, Raven monitor, $64,000. 204-648-7129 Grandview MB 2005 SPRA-COUPE, c/w 80’ booms, 400 gal. tank, roboflush system, 2 sets of tires and rims, tow hitch, triple nozzle bodies, 1550 hrs, shedded, exc. cond., $65,000. Call Warren 306-747-2428, 306-747-7628, Shellbrook, SK. 1996 WILMAR 765 SE, 90’, 600 gal., new s p r ay p u m p , wo r k s e x c e l l e n t , G P S, $34,000 OBO. 306-948-2906, Biggar, SK. 1997 HAGIE 284 High Clearance sprayer, 800 gal., 90’ booms, AutoBoom, Outback GPS, double body w/air bubble jet nozzles, excellent condition, $55,000. Call Derreck 306-229-6161, Cudworth, SK.

1996 WILLMAR 6400, 80’ booms, new tires, air-ride suspension, Mid-Tech Arc 6000 controller, $34,900. Trades welcome. Financing available. 1-800-667-4515. See video at:


FARM CHEMICAL/ SEED COMPLAINTS We also specialize in: Crop insurance appeals; Chemical drift; Residual herbicide; Custom operator issues; Equipment malfunction. Qualified Agrologist on staff. Call Back-Track Investigations for assistance regarding compensation, 1-866-882-4779.


NEW TRAILTECH SPRAYER TRAILERS in stock now. Haul up to 2000 gal. of water and your sprayer. Available in gooseneck and pintle. Call Wendell at Flaman Sales BLUMHARDT 62â&#x20AC;&#x2122; TRUCK mounted sprayer, Ltd., 1-888-235-2626, 306-726-7652, autorate GPS, good shape; Also available 1993 F350 Dually w/flatdeck, auto trans., Southey, SK. 4x4. Sold together or separate. Bruce 1994 ROGATOR 664, 5.9 Cummins, 4162 306-482-8801, Carnduff, SK. hrs., rebuilt head, four new 385x85R34 TRIDEKON CROP SAVER, crop dividers. Firestone tires, 2 sets of nozzles, 4.4 Reduce trampling losses by 80% to 90%. and 7.5 gal., 68â&#x20AC;&#x2122; boom, foam marker. Call Great West Agro, 306-398-8000, Cut 780-875-8238, Lloydminster, AB. Knife, SK. 2008 APACHE 1010, 1100 hrs., 2 sets tires, fenders, Raven flow control, EZ-Steer 500 w/sectional control, AutoHeight, cap stand sharp shooters, 90â&#x20AC;&#x2122; boom, 1000 gal. tank, $123,500. 306-594-2981, Norquay, SK. 2000 AG CHEM rogator 854, 4590 hrs., 800 gal. SS tank, 2 sets of tires, runs excellent, 60/90â&#x20AC;&#x2122; booms, Raven monitor, $67,900 OBO. Ph Bernie 204-825-8558, St. Leon, MB. SPRAYTEST REMOTE BOOM CONTROL Use handheld remote to select and turn on individual boom section for nozzle checks. Easy install with harness to plug in to your sprayer. Models for up to 16 sections. Ph: 306-859-1200 2003 CIH SPX3200 AIM, 90â&#x20AC;&#x2122; chem inductor, 2955 hrs, fenders, 380 and 650 tires, dividers, Auto-Steer, EZ-Boom, 1000 gal., winter inspected, $10,000 work order done, $115,000 OBO. Nathan 306-529-2964, Vibank, SK.

1996 TYLER PATRIOT 150 SPRAYER 90â&#x20AC;&#x2122; booms, new tires, 800 gallon poly tank, 5 body nozzles, $43,900. Trades welcome. Financing available. 1-800-667-4515. CIH SPX4410, AIM, 100â&#x20AC;&#x2122;, 1750 hrs, 2 sets tires, Outback GPS w/mapping, AutoSteer ready $158,000. 306-295-7012 Frontier SK 1994 WILLMAR 765 sprayer, 3000 hrs., new 84â&#x20AC;&#x2122; booms, 2 sets tires, crop dividers, sprayers in very good shape, $35,000 OBO. 306-449-2253 evenings, Storthoaks, SK. NEW TRAILTECH SPRAYER trailers now in stock. Haul up to 2000 gal. of water and your sprayer together. Avail. in gooseneck and pintle hitch. Ph Al, Flaman Sales, Saskatoon 306-934-2121, 1-888-435-2626. SPRA-COUPE MODEL 220, 52â&#x20AC;&#x2122;, 4 wheel, rear dual wheels, 750 hrs., foam marker, Outback GPS, tow bar, asking $14,500. 306-962-4518, Eston, SK. AG SHIELD 60â&#x20AC;&#x2122;, manual fold boom, triple nozzle heads, will sell with or individually. 500 gal. tank, foam marker, sprayer monitor and 1980 3/4 ton with flatdeck. 306-672-3666, Gull Lake, SK. 2005 SPRA-COUPE 4650, 1180 hrs., 80â&#x20AC;&#x2122; boom, Outback AutoSteer ready, triple nozzle bodies, 5 spd. standard, 2 sets rears 14.9x24, 230/95 R32â&#x20AC;&#x2122;s, 2 Tridekon crop dividers, shedded, excellent cond., $70,000. 306-287-7660, 306-287-7217, LeRoy, SK.

2010 BOURGAULT 65â&#x20AC;&#x2122; 3310, single shoot, MRBs, 10â&#x20AC;? spacing, 2010 6550 w/duals, 3 tank, single fan, 591 monitor, canola bag lift, Agtron blockage monitors, seeded 10,000 acres total. $259,000. Call 306-776-2238, 306-529-7574 Rouleau, SK

JD 787 230 bu. TBT and 787 TBH 170 bu. w/3rd tank, dual castors, blockage. Both units very clean c/w all components to SPRAY COUPEâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;S FOR SALE: Model 220 and hook together as one unit. $32,000. 103, asking $2500 and $400. For details 306-429-2770, Glenavon, SK. call Robert in Redvers, SK. 306-452-3393 1994 JD 787/730 air disk drill, 44â&#x20AC;&#x2122;, new or 306-452-8220. disks, carbide scrapers, many bearings, DROP DECK semi style sprayer trailers shovels, markers tank is like new, always Air ride, tandem and tridems. 45â&#x20AC;&#x2122; - 53â&#x20AC;&#x2122;. shedded, field ready, $21,900. Ph: Bernie 204-825-8558, St. Leon, MB. SK: 306-398-8000; AB: 403-350-0336. NEW 710/70R38 rims and tires for JD 52â&#x20AC;&#x2122; JOHN DEERE 1820 air drill, DS, 430 bu. 4710, 4720, and 4730. 9 0 0 / 5 0 R 4 2 tank - model 1900 w/duals, $65,000 OBO. Michelin for 4930 JD, 650/65R38 for JD 306-497-3322, Blaine Lake, SK. 4 8 3 0 ; 6 5 0 S f o r C a s e 4 4 2 0 . RETIRING: 2006 NH SD440A 58â&#x20AC;&#x2122;, 12â&#x20AC;? 306-697-2856, Grenfell, SK. spacing, 550 lb. trip, 5.5â&#x20AC;? rubber packers, GEORGE WHITE TRUCK mount sprayer, 2000 acres on Stealth openers, SC430 250 gal., 40â&#x20AC;&#x2122;, 3 section controller. Phone variable rate, TBH cart. 780-777-4153, 306-935-2258, Milden, SK. Fort Sask., AB. â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;BOURGAULT PURSUING PERFECTIONâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; 2002 Bourgault 5710, 54â&#x20AC;&#x2122;, MRB, steel packers, w/5350, $119,000; 1998 Bourgault 54â&#x20AC;&#x2122; 5710, MRB, rubber packers, w/4300 DS tank, $99,000; Bourgault 5710, 54â&#x20AC;&#x2122; single shoot, rubber packers, $75,000; 1993 Flexi-Coil 5000/2320, single shoot, 3.5â&#x20AC;? steel, $59,000; 2010 Bourgault 6000 90â&#x20AC;&#x2122; mid harrow, w/3225 Valmar, $49,000; 2010 6000 90â&#x20AC;&#x2122; mid harrow, $36,000; 2010 5710, 74â&#x20AC;&#x2122;, 5.5â&#x20AC;? packers, $195,000; 2010 Bourgault 5810, 62â&#x20AC;&#x2122;, DS, 5.5â&#x20AC;? packers, $185,000; 84â&#x20AC;&#x2122; Bourgault 7200 heavy harrow, $32,500; 1990 70â&#x20AC;&#x2122; Flexi-Coil S82 harTANKER TRAILER, ALUMINUM 47,000 liter row bar, $6500. RD Ag Central, Bourgault tank for fuel or water, tandem tandem, 22â&#x20AC;? Sales, 306-542-3335 or 306-542-8180, wheels, $6500 OBO. For more info and pic- Kamsack, SK. tures call 780-914-2768, Leduc, AB. 1998 34â&#x20AC;&#x2122; MORRIS MAXIM air drill, 7180 bu. tank, single shoot, $33,000. Everett Sanderson 306-831-7194, Rosetown, SK. FLEXI-COIL 5000, 57â&#x20AC;&#x2122;, 9â&#x20AC;? spacing, rubber press, double fan, double shoot, 3rd tank, A-1, $57,900. 204-324-6298, Altona, MB. 30â&#x20AC;&#x2122; CROSS SLOT on Flexi-Coil 6000 BOURGAULT 5350 AIR cart, dual fan, 3 frame, new discs and blades, built in 2010 tank metering, $42,500. 306-423-5476, used for 6500 acres, Flexi-Coil air mani- Domremy, SK. folds, best no till drill you will ever buy. Going to a new 42â&#x20AC;&#x2122; cross slot, needs to be 2009 NEW HOLLAND P2060 70â&#x20AC;&#x2122; air hoe sold before winter, $139,500. Lacombe, drill and New Holland P1060 tow between tank, 10â&#x20AC;? spacing, double shoot, 3â&#x20AC;? tapered AB. 403-396-5714. steel packers, 4 sets of rollers, tank w/du2011 BOURGAULT 3310-55 air drill, 54â&#x20AC;&#x2122;, al fans, 30.5x32 tires, (tank split- #1 12â&#x20AC;? spacing, double shoot, side band Bour- f r o n t / 1 8 6 b u , # 2 m i d / 1 0 2 b u , # 3 gault knives, all-run blockage monitors, back/142 bu). For sale by auction, July 18, c/w 2011 Bourgault 6700 air tank, w/Top- Maidstone, SK. Call 306-445-5000 for dec o n m o n i t o r, 3 0 0 0 a c r e s a s n e w, tails or visit: PL $290,000. Available with 2003 Challenger #914618. MT865, 36â&#x20AC;? belts, PTO, 5 hyds, GPS, 4800 h o u r s , p r e m i u m u n i t , $ 1 8 0 , 0 0 0 . DAVIDSON TRUCKING, PULLING AIR drills/ air seeders, packer bars, Alberta 306-536-0891, Weyburn, SK. and Sask. 30 years experience. Bob David2009 BOURGAULT 3310, 55â&#x20AC;&#x2122;, 10â&#x20AC;? spacing, son, Drumheller, 403-823-0746 MRBâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s, 2â&#x20AC;? tips, 4.8 pneumatic packer tire, single shoot, walking axles, rear dual tires, 2000 FLEXI-COIL 7500 50â&#x20AC;&#x2122; air drill, Slim exc. cond. 306-675-6110, Kelliher, SK. Jim, $15,000. Call Moose Jaw, SK., 2008 MORRIS CONTOUR air drill 47â&#x20AC;&#x2122; Series 306-693-2660, 306-681-9030. 8, 370 TBT plus 3rd tank, 450 bu. total, 12â&#x20AC;? CASE/IH CONCORD ATX5010, 50â&#x20AC;&#x2122;, 10â&#x20AC;? spacing, blockage monitors, shedded, exc. spacing, exc. cond., w/Case/IH 2300 tank, cond. 780-835-2236, Fairview, AB. 3-1/2â&#x20AC;? Dutch openers. Lots of mainteFLEXI-COIL 5000 air drill 39â&#x20AC;&#x2122;, 9â&#x20AC;? sp, 1720 nance done last 2 years, $34,900. Elie, MB, TBH tank, dual front castor wheels, single 204-391-1011, shoot dry, DS liquid, 350 gal. attached liquid tank, 2,000 gal. liquid caddy, $45,000 OBO. 306-587-7685, Swift Current, SK. 2004 JD 1820/1910 41â&#x20AC;&#x2122; air drill, 10â&#x20AC;? space, double shoot, 5â&#x20AC;? Dutch low draft openers, 4â&#x20AC;? rubber packers, 3 compartment 350 bu. tank, paddle auger, c/w monitor and canola roller, serviced/ field ready, needs nothing! $95,000. 403-901-3024, Standard, AB. 2012 SEEDMASTER 66â&#x20AC;&#x2122;, lift kit, complete blockage monitors, will take newer 51â&#x20AC;&#x2122; Flexi-Coil 10â&#x20AC;? spacing on trade. Rob 306-630-9838,306-759-2689, Brownlee SK W

1995 844 ROGATOR sprayer, 90â&#x20AC;&#x2122; booms, 2 sets of tires, 23.1x26 and brand new 230/9.5x48. Raven rate control, foam marker, triple nozzles, 4500 hrs., asking 1910 JD 430 TBH air cart, 8 run, 3 tanks, $50,000. Lipton, SK. 306-336-2508. 4 rollers, DS, new 30.5x32 tires - 1 season, all new couplers and hoses, hitch and ext., 2003 859 APACHE, 90â&#x20AC;&#x2122;, 1400 eng. hrs, conveyor, power calibration, monitors and 850 gal. tank, 0 hrs on new 1010 front axle brown box, $56,000. Can deliver. Swan a n d t i r e s , O u t b a c k A u t o S t e e r. Lake, MB, 204-836-2270, 204-526-7414. 306-527-8843, 306-737-8286, Regina, SK. WANTED: BOURGAULT tow between air 2006 AG CHEM rogator 1074, 2900 hrs., tank. Call 780-878-1479, 780-672-7340, 1080 ga. SS tank, 60/100â&#x20AC;&#x2122; booms, Raven Camrose, AB 5 0 0 0 m o n i t o r, Au t o S t e e r m a p p i n g FLEXI-COIL 5000 33â&#x20AC;&#x2122;, TBH, Agtron, markequipped, 4 new floaters, 2 new skinny ers, splitter valve, packer caps and beartires, runs exc., field ready, $139,900. Ber- ings, scrapers, manifold update, dual casnie 204-825-8558, St. Leon, MB. tors. 306-642-4025, Assiniboia SK. â&#x20AC;&#x153;The Air Bubble Jet consistently produces droplets that are 200-550 microns in size. Too big to drift - too $ 25 11 small to run off.â&#x20AC;?


Drift occurs when droplets are smaller than 200 microns. Standard sprayer nozzles drift because they produce droplets that are 50-300 micron in size with a large percentage under 200. With a droplet range of 200-550 microns, the Air Bubble Jet has 90% less drift than standard nozzles.


$ 95


Run off occurs with big droplets - 600 microns and over. Depending on the manufacturer, other low drift nozzles produce droplets that range in size from 250-1000 microns. That is why run off can be a problem. With a droplet size of 200-550 microns, your chemical stays on the plant when applied with the Air Bubble Jet. New Twin Air Bubble Jet. With the twin cap, you can use 2-5 gallon nozzles rather than 1-10 gallon nozzles. The advantage is you get over twice as many droplets per square inch for superior coverage. Air Bubble jet nozzles operate at 30-45 psi and have an overall range of 20-90 psi.They can be used to apply fungicides, insecticides and herbicides to any crop including potatoes and pulse crops. Ag Canada tested.


40â&#x20AC;&#x2122; 8800 BOURGAULT w/4300 tank, new tires, new secondary hoses, new shanks and bushings, poly packers, chem kit, exc. cond. Rob 306-630-9838, 306-759-2689, Brownlee, SK.

2001 NH SF550 sprayer, equivalent to Rogator 554, 2300 hrs., 5.9 Cummins, 660 gal. SS tank, 90â&#x20AC;&#x2122; booms, pressure washer, chem. inductor, EZ-Steer, EZ-Boom, mapping, triple nozzle bodies w/5 and 10 gal. tips, 2 sets of tires 23.1x26 and 9.5R44, exc. cond. Will deliver. Minnedosa, MB., 204-763-8896.

Murray Purvis Brandon, MB. 204-724-4519 | Gary Moffat Lethbridge, AB. 403-330-9085


â&#x20AC;&#x153;NOâ&#x20AC;? TO STRIPS

2008 BOURGAULT 5710 air hoe drill, 47â&#x20AC;&#x2122;, 10â&#x20AC;? spacing, 3/4 openers, 3/4 side wing, Pattison variable rate liquid 500 gal. Alpine kit, 3.5 rubber packers; Bourgault 6350 air cart, single fan, 591 monitor, 3 compartment tank metering w/liquid 2400 gal. tank., dual walking axles, 18R42 tires, with 440 Raven monitor. Seeded 2012 crop, vg working cond. always shedded, $170,000 OBO. Can deliver 204-743-2324 2012 JD 350 bu., TBT air tank, duals, air seeder hopper w/2012 50â&#x20AC;&#x2122; Seed Hawk air drill, Raven anhydrous rate controller, m a ny o t h e r o p t i o n s . M ay s e p e r at e . 306-365-7179, Nokomis, SK. 2009 NH SD 440, 39â&#x20AC;&#x2122;, 10â&#x20AC;? spacing, Dutch low draft openers, with NH SC 430 variable rate cart, very good condition, unit only s e e d e d 5 6 0 0 a c r e s , $ 1 1 7 , 0 0 0 O B O. 403-443-0108, Three Hills, AB. 5710 BOURGAULT AIR drill w/MRBâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s, 6450 TBH tank, Flexi-Coil 67XL 100â&#x20AC;&#x2122; sprayer with autorate. 403-312-4202, Linden, AB.

WANTED: JD 655 AIR TANK, in good or premium condition. 780-662-2617, Tofield, AB. 2011 42â&#x20AC;&#x2122; SEEDMASTER, w/Smart hitch, 3450 mechanical drive Flexi-Coil air cart, w/completely new metering system, chains and tank seals (work order avail). Also c/w 5 metering rolls plus parts to make up 2 more, and new hyd. fan motor, $139,000. Chris 306-718-7238, Cupar, SK. BOURGAULT 2155 air seeder tank, 155 bu. grain tank, w/rear hitch, good cond., $7000. 204-683-2267, St. Lazare, MB. MORRIS 9000 47â&#x20AC;&#x2122; and Flexi-Coil 1720 tank, $26,500; Bourgault 8810 60â&#x20AC;&#x2122;, 3â&#x20AC;? packers, w/5540 tank, $118,000; Bourgault 8800 36â&#x20AC;&#x2122;, liquid packers, 3195 tank, $28,900; Bourgault 2155, $4500; Bourgault 8800 40â&#x20AC;&#x2122;, MRBâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s, NH3 and packers, $36,800; Leon 2500 air tank, unused, call. Hergott Farm Equip., 306-682-2592, Humboldt, SK 1994 BOURGAULT 8800, 32â&#x20AC;&#x2122;, 8â&#x20AC;? spacing, added MRBâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s, various additional openers, c/w 4350 air cart, 2 sets tires, and 2 fans. Call Murray 204-326-0790, Steinbach, MB. 1986 JD 655 28â&#x20AC;&#x2122;, Peacock precision attachments w/5â&#x20AC;? paired row openers and packer wheels. 306-945-2378, Waldheim, SK.

2012 BOURGAULT 6700 ST air tank, fully loaded, duals, $150,000. 306-398-4079, 1997 RITE-WAY 41â&#x20AC;&#x2122; land roller, hyd. Millhouse Farms Inc., Cut Knife, SK. fold and lift. Excellent cond! $19,900. Call anytime, 403-627-9300. Pincher Creek AB 2002 PHOENIX ROTARY harrows, 45â&#x20AC;&#x2122; HD 1 7 , $ 1 5 , 0 0 0 . C a l l M o o s e J aw, S K . 306-693-2660, 306-681-9030. ALLIED 60â&#x20AC;&#x2122; DIAMOND harrow drawbar. 306-771-7527, Edenwold, SK. FLEXI-COIL 60â&#x20AC;&#x2122; 5-bar harrow, newer tines/tires, $4500. Phone: 306-295-4062, 306-295-7012, Frontier, SK. 2012 K-HART air drill, 42â&#x20AC;&#x2122;, double shoot, MRBs, c/w 430 bu. NH P1060 air cart, 2004 RITE-WAY 70â&#x20AC;&#x2122; heavy harrows, new $215,000. Will consider trades. Call 9/16x26 tines, $29,000. 306-594-2981, Norquay, SK. 306-587-7531, Cabri, SK. BOURGAULT 5710 40â&#x20AC;&#x2122;, MRBâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s, NH3, 3225 50â&#x20AC;&#x2122; WRANGLER MORRIS packer/harrow tank from $69,900; Bourgault 5710 47â&#x20AC;&#x2122;, P30 packers, new tines, $10,000 OBO. MRBâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;S, DS, NH3, $69,900; Bourgault 8800 780-920-9339, Myrnam, AB. 40â&#x20AC;&#x2122;, MRBâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s, packers, NH3, $36,800. Hergott 70â&#x20AC;&#x2122; DEGELMAN HEAVY harrow, equipped Farm Equip., 306-682-2592, Humboldt, SK w/Valmar, very good condition, $32,500. 306-423-5476, Domremy, SK. 40â&#x20AC;&#x2122; FLEXI-COIL 6000 disc drill, 10â&#x20AC;? spacing, double shoot w/2320 air tank, good 72â&#x20AC;&#x2122; BERGEN heavy harrow. Located in Viscondition. 780-645-5374, 780-645-8188, count, SK. Phone 403-312-5113. St. Paul, AB.

2001 BOURGAULT 4250 air seeder tank, c/w single shoot manifold to suit 40â&#x20AC;&#x2122; air seeder. All hoses are included! 2 bin tank total 250 bu., hyd. loading auger. Excellent shape! $19,900. Call Jordan anytime, 403-627-9300, Pincher Creek, AB. WANTED: FLEXI-COIL 820, 25â&#x20AC;&#x2122;-35â&#x20AC;&#x2122; or 50â&#x20AC;&#x2122;-60â&#x20AC;&#x2122;. Please call 403-586-0641, Olds, AB. BOURGAULT FH 536-40 40â&#x20AC;&#x2122; air seeder, w/Bourgault 1000 tow behind w/harrows, $16,500. 403-345-3156, Coaldale, AB. JD 33â&#x20AC;&#x2122; MODEL 610 w/777 air tank, 160 bu., with hyd. winged packer bar; Morris 37â&#x20AC;&#x2122; Model 8900 w/130 bu. air tank, also w/hyd. wing packer; Morris CP 731 with Flexi-Coil 110 air tank; JD 610 40â&#x20AC;&#x2122;, Dutch openers and gang packers. Yorkton, SK 306-621-5136 days, 306-782-7749 eves.

Know your rates with the new

Wireless ART

Air Seeder Rate and Blockage Monitor


Evolution of the ART Monitor The WIRELESS ART Rate and Blockage monitor takes the uncertainty out of air cart operation. You will know if your seeding system is having any of these common problems: â&#x20AC;˘ Seed Blockage/No Seed Problems â&#x20AC;˘ Rate Problems

WANTED: VALMAR AIRFLOW seeding unit, capable of 60â&#x20AC;&#x2122;-80â&#x20AC;&#x2122;, model 3255 or older. Ph 204-635-2600, Stead, MB. DUTCH INDUSTRIES OPENERS, 80 complete bodies to fit Bourgault paralink drills, 3320 or 3310, universal series 4310 granual tube 4305, and left and right openers 2819 and 2821. Also 81 semi pneumatic 4â&#x20AC;? packer tires. Call 306-691-5284 eves, Moose Jaw, SK. WANTED: JD 787 air cart. Must be 230 bushels and in good shape. Cart only. 306-533-4891, Gray, SK. WANTED: FLEXI-COIL hydraulic power pack for air seeder. 780-645-5374, 780-645-8188, St. Paul, AB.

HUTCHMASTER 25â&#x20AC;&#x2122; ROCK flex disc, $9500; Phoenix harrows, H14, H17; Summers 70â&#x20AC;&#x2122; heavy harrow, $15,000; DMI ripper, 5 shank, $10,900; 7 shank, $12,900; Melroe auto reset plows, 7-18, 8-18. Phone 1-866-938-8537. KELLO-BILT 8â&#x20AC;&#x2122; TO 16â&#x20AC;&#x2122; OFFSET DISCS c/w oilbath bearings, 26â&#x20AC;? to 36â&#x20AC;? blades. The Successful Farmers Choice. 1-888-500-2646 CULTIVATORS: Morris 25â&#x20AC;&#x2122;; JD 35â&#x20AC;&#x2122;; Morris 35â&#x20AC;&#x2122;. All with good shovels. 306-478-2798, 306-478-7550, Mankota, SK. 41â&#x20AC;&#x2122; JD 1610 CULTIVATOR, 1655 Valmar, new Morris harrows never used, new shove l s a n d t i r e s , ve r y g o o d c o n d i t i o n , $10,500. 306-561-7780, Davidson, SK.

1981 CARRARO ROTOCAR 29 7â&#x20AC;&#x2122; rototiller, oil bath, chain drive, 540 PTO, 3 spd. variable, good condition, used 150 acres or less, $3000. Phone 306-662-3995 or 306-672-4423, Gull Lake, SK. 34â&#x20AC;&#x2122; CIH #4700 vibra chisel cultivator, premium condition. Phone: 306-332-5279, Fort Quâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;Appelle, SK. 53â&#x20AC;&#x2122; MELCAM CULTIVATOR, $4500; 42â&#x20AC;&#x2122; Int. cultivator with double treader, $4500; 48â&#x20AC;&#x2122; Morris cult. w/harrows, $3500; Bush Hog tandem disc, 28â&#x20AC;&#x2122;, $4500. 306-693-2660, 306-681-9030, Moose Jaw, SK. 42â&#x20AC;&#x2122; Eze e On dis c m ode l 8 700 LTF, De m o 2011 m o d el. No tched b la d es o n fro n t, s m o o th o n b a ck. On ly u s ed 1000 a cres . New ca s h p rice $97,500. Buy this d em o for $84,500. F o r p ics em a il: p hil.fla m a n @ fla m a n .co m Fla m a n Sa le s Ltd, 1-888-235 -2626 o r 306-7 26-4403, S o u they, S K . MORRIS CP 745 Magnum II, w/harrows; Morris 8900 35â&#x20AC;&#x2122; w/anhydrous kit; Morris CP 743-47â&#x20AC;&#x2122; Magnum I; Morris 731-35â&#x20AC;&#x2122; Magnum II; Morris CP 725-29â&#x20AC;&#x2122; Magnum I. 306-621-5136 days or 306-782-7749 eves, Yorkton, SK. JD 1610 CHISEL PLOW, 40â&#x20AC;&#x2122;, 3 bar harrows, good condition, $10,000. 306-548-4344, Sturgis, SK. 14â&#x20AC;&#x2122; ALTEEN BIG G disc, offset tandem, $14,000. 780-754-2391, Irma, AB. 272 28â&#x20AC;&#x2122; WHITE DISC with front notched blades and cushion gangs, excellent, field ready, $17,000 OBO. Ph 780-798-2280, Plamondon, AB. FRIGGSTAD 7-70â&#x20AC;&#x2122;, DT, $14,000; Friggstad 5-49â&#x20AC;&#x2122;, DT, $12,500. 306-295-4062 or 306-295-7012, Frontier, SK. WANTED: 60â&#x20AC;&#x2122; DEEP TILLAGE cultivator in good shape. 306-378-4007, Elrose, SK.

COMPLETE SHANK ASSEMBLIES: JD #1610-$135.; #610 (Black) - $180.; #1600-$90.; #100-$45.; Morris 7 series Magnum $135. 306-259-4923 or 306-946-7923, Young, SK.

1997 AGCOSTAR 8360, N14 Cummins, 360 HP, 18 spd., 20.8x42 duals, 4 remotes, shedded, 3760 hrs., great, $65,000 OBO. 306-948-2896, Biggar, SK. 8015 COOP IMPLEMENTS, 65 HP diesel w/cab, FEL and 3 PTH, exc. cond., fully serviced, ideal for acreage and haying. 306-961-6499, Prince Albert, SK.


(Windows Phone, Apple and Blackberry â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;Appâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s are in development) No wires to the cab means quicker startups, and no worries about towing the seeder with the monitor harness! The WIRELESS ART works with todayâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s large single Shoot and Double Shoot seeding systems. Up to 240 runs can be monitored on double shoot systems (separate seed and fertilizer runs). Use the WIRELESS ART to confirm your calibration for seed and fertilizer rates using the Seed Rate Wizard. Seeds per acre (or pounds per acre) and Fertilizer pounds per acre are displayed.

242 Robin Cres. Saskatoon, SK Canada S7L 7C2 Ph 306-934-0640 Fx 306-668-7666 Email:

40â&#x20AC;&#x2122; BOURGAULT 9200 deep tiller, 500 lb. trips, 4 bar harrows, Nichols Nok-On clips, NH3 kit w/Dickie John autorate controller. To be sold June 30 at Eisner Auctions 204-238-4973, Swan River, MB. 2004 EZEE-ON 22â&#x20AC;&#x2122; HD tandem disc, real clean, $20,000; 16â&#x20AC;&#x2122; Ezee-On tandem disc, $5000. Lyle at 306-246-2141, Mayfair, SK. JOHN DEERE 1650 cultivator, 50â&#x20AC;&#x2122; w/1 year o l d H o n ey B e e d e a d r o d , $ 1 2 , 0 0 0 o r $10,000 w/o deadrod. 306-472-5798 home or 306-472-7880 cell, Lafleche, SK.


Use your Google ÂŽ Android ÂŽ Phone to keep track of our air seeder operation with an â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;Appâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;.


BUSH HOG TANDEM DISC 19-1/2â&#x20AC;&#x2122;, mud scrapers, nice shape. 306-266-4222, Fir Mountain, SK. WISHEK HEAVY DISCS- 1,000 lbs. per foot. These are the heaviest discs on the market! Call Flaman Sales, Saskatoon, 306-934-2121 or 1-888-435-2626, or visit BOURGAULT 536-42 CULTIVATOR, 230 lb. trips, 3 bar harrows w/new teeth, $3500 firm. 306-548-4344, Sturgis, SK. FARM KING HEAVY DUTY field discs are now available at Flaman Sales. Model 1225-15â&#x20AC;&#x2122; offset disc with T215 bearings and upgrade options. $24,734. Visit your nearest Flaman store or call 1-888-435-2626.




1988 4450, MFWD, 3 PTH, powershift, 4500 hrs.; 1990 4455, MFWD, 3 PTH, powershift, 4800 hrs. Both Greenlighted, immaculate. 306-744-8113, Saltcoats, SK.

2002 AGCO ST25, 3 cyl. diesel, 950 hrs, MFD, PTO, 3 PTH, 60â&#x20AC;? belly mower, Allied FEL. Sells at Eisner Auction, June 30, 204-238-4973, Swan River, MB.

ALLIS 7000, 3 spd. power shift, stadium lights, exc. cond., $9500. 306-394-4901, or 306-631-7181, Courval, SK. 1987 DEUTZ 7085, FWA, open station, 85 HP, 3 PTH, 5900 hrs., Allied 794 FEL, $17,000. Ph. 204-525-4521, Minitonas MB. Visit: 1985 DEUTZ 6.3, 9000 hrs, 3 hyds., dual PTO, CAHR, with Allied loader, $12,000. Phone 306-233-8200, Cudworth, SK. 1976 AC 7000 tractor, 106 HP, 18.4x38 tires, $5200 OBO. Call 306-423-5983, 306-960-3000, St. Louis, SK.

1985 WHITE 4-270 tractor, 270-300 HP, PTO, 4 spd. PS, 4300 hrs., asking $26,500. 204-322-5483, 204-461-0854, Warren, MB WHITE 2-110, excellent shape, new rubber all around, $14,500. Call 306-631-7181, or 306-394-4901, Courval, SK.

2005 McCORMICK MTX 125, MFWD, 5300 hrs., FEL c/w grapple and bale fork, $40,000 OBO. 306-236-6916 evenings, Meadow Lake, SK. 1981 2090 CASE tractor, and 530 5x6 John Deere baler, $13,000 for the pair. Phone: John 306-945-7791, Hepburn, SK. 1986 CASE 4894, duals, PTO, 14â&#x20AC;&#x2122; Degelman blade, 8400 hrs, plumbed for Outback AutoSteer, had since new, $33,000. Phone 780-375-2443, Kelsey, AB. 2009 CASE 535 quad, 2416 hrs., no PTO, 30â&#x20AC;? belt, excellent condition, $225,000. 403-345-3156, Coaldale, AB. 2003 MXM175, 2200 hrs, MFWD, 18 spd. powershift, LH reverser, large and small 1000/540 PTO, LX172 loader, 96â&#x20AC;? bucket, pallet forks, stored in heated shop, $79,900. 306-843-7757, Wilkie, SK. 4586 IH 4 WD tractor, 20.8x38 tires, runs good, $8000 OBO. 306-395-2668, 306-681-7610, Chaplin, SK. 2594 CASE, 24 spd. trans., 8500 hrs., vg cond., DT 710 radial duals, $19,000. Mark Perkins 780-842-4831, Wainwright, AB. 435 QUAD TRAC, 30â&#x20AC;? tracks, 1500 hrs., diff. locks, shedded, nice, asking $219,000. 204-324-6298, Altona, MB. 2470 CASE, 12â&#x20AC;&#x2122; Leon 4-way blade, good rubber, good condition, $8500. Phone 306-778-2357, Waldeck, SK. 2001 CASE MX120, self-levelling L655 loader, grapple, MFWD, 3 PTH, 6200 hrs. 204-734-4379, Swan River, MB. CASE 9230, PTO, powershift, AutoSteer, 300 hrs. on new pins, bushings and couplers, 7300 hrs., $45,000 OBO. 306-644-4742, Loreburn, SK. 2011 STEIGER 350HD, PTO, factory warranty, powershift, diff. locks, 710R38 duals- 80% plus, 4 hydraulics, 55 gpm pump, deluxe cab, AutoSteer ready, 1600 hrs., $187,000. 204-851-0582, Virden, MB. 1980 CASE 2390, dual wheels, weights, 160 HP, 5200 hrs., $10,500. A.E Chicoine Farm Equipment Ltd., Storthoaks, SK. 306-449-2255. 870 CASE, in great shape, runs good, good rubber. Phone 780-645-2263, St. Paul, AB. 2290 CASE w/FEL, new rear tires, 400 hrs on redone powershift, $16,000. Maple Creek, SK, 306-558-4444, 306-558-7133. FOR SALE: 1998 CASE/IH 9380 4 WD, 5400 hrs., triples, very clean, $89,500. Call 306-423-5476, Domremy, SK. 1980 CIH 4890, totally redone, exc. cond., $20,000; 1980 CIH 4490, totally redone, $16,000; 1978 IHC 1066, $8000. Moose Jaw, SK. 306-693-2660, 306-681-9030. CASE MX110, loader and grapple, MFWD, 3 PTH, 7000 hrs, $35,000 OBO. 403-308-1238, Taber, AB.

PRICE REDUCED: 1992 CIH Magnum 7110, 1284 original hours, shedded, duals, premium condition. Call 306-283-4747, 306-291-9395, 306-220-0429 Langham SK 1997 CASE STEIGER 9390, 6420 hours, almost new 520/85Rx42 triples, 4 hyds., 24 spd., weights, very good, $96,000. 204-635-2625, 204-268-5539, Stead, MB.

2011 JD 9430, deluxe cab, 18 spd. powershift, 315 hrs., 78 GPM high flow hyd system, 710-70R42 Firestone, Premier lighting pkg., 1-3/4â&#x20AC;? PTO, hyd. case drain, full weight pkg., $290,000. 306-690-1140, Caronport, SK. 1981 JD 4440, good running condition, factory duals, never used as a loader tracRETIRED: JD 6430 Premium, FWA, 2700 tor, $20,500. 306-862-9393, Nipawin, SK. hrs., 673 loader, power quad w/reverser, premium condition. Asking $70,000. JD 4955, FWA, 7000 hours, recent work order good condition, $50,000. 306-771-2672, White City, SK. 306-329-4400, 306-227-4393, Asquith, SK. 2007 JD 7630, 1750 hrs., 746 loader/ grapple, also 8â&#x20AC;&#x2122; bucket, bale spear, 3 PTH, STEVEâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;S TRACTOR REBUILDER looking exc. condition, $129,000. 306-921-5935, for JD tractors to rebuild, Series 20s, 30s, 40s or 50s, or for parts. Will pay top dollar. Melfort, SK. Email: Now selling JD parts. 204-466-2927, (2) JD 158 LOADERS, $4250 each; JD 204-871-5170, Austin, MB. 3130 tractor 2WD, 3PTH, $13,500. Call 403-308-1238, Taber, AB. 1998 JD 7810 MFWD, 740 self-levelling 7500 hrs., very good condition, 1983 JD 4250 quad, CAHR, dual hyd and loader, PTO, factory duals, newer inside tires, $70,000. 306-577-9020, Wawota, SK. good condition, 10,300 hrs., $22,500 OBO. 2003 JD 7810, MFWD, 4500 hrs., power quad w/LH reverser, JD 840 loader, grap306-699-2442, McLean, SK. ple fork and joystick, excellent condition. JD 7710 MFWD; JD 7810 MFWD; JD Financing available. 780-674-5516 or 8110 MFD, JD 6420 MFD, all low hours, 780-305-7152, Barrhead, AB. can be equipped with loaders. 204-522-6333, Melita, MB. JD 3010, 46A loader, premium, 5000 hrs, shedded. Ph. 780-352-3179, 1994 JD 6400, CAH, MFWD, PQ with RH always rev, 3 PTH, JD 640 ldr, 5200 hrs., one 780-361-6879, Wetaskiwin, AB. owner, sale $37,750; 2008 NH T6040 Elite, JD 4955 MFWD, 1991, 11,500 hrs, 3 PTH, CAH, MFWD, LH rev, 3 PTH, NH 840 TL ldr, front weights, good mechanical condition 2440 hrs., one owner, sale $64,750. and well maintained, 20.8x42 duals, Call Gary $39,500. 306-548-4344, Sturgis, SK. 204-326-7000, Steinbach, MB. 2008 JD 6430, Premium Model, IVT 40 4630 TRACTOR w/5700 original hrs., tires kms/hr, LHR, 3 PTH, command centre, are excellent, has powershift. Paint is ex- 1900 hrs., Michelin tires, shedded, very cellent, tractor in showroom condition, clean, warranty, $64,500; 1985 JD 4050 $25,000. 403-502-6332, Schuler, AB. 2WD, 6000 hrs., 15 spd PS, 3 function joyBEN PETERS JD TRACTORS LTD. 7810 stick, 3 PTH. 306-276-2080, Nipawin, SK. MFWD, power quad, LHR, 3 PTH, new JD 4020, factory cab, w/Ezee-On 100 tires, low hrs; 7710 MFWD, PQ, LHR, 3 loader, $7500 OBO. 780-307-6997, Busby, PTH, new tires, low hrs; 7710 MFWD, PQ, AB, RHS, 3 PTH, vg rubber, low hrs; 4650 MFWD, 15 spd; 4455 MFWD, 3 PTH, 15 WANTED: 1970â&#x20AC;&#x2122;s JD 6030 tractor, need spd; 4455 MFWD, 15 spd; 4250 MFWD, 3 not be running. 204-766-2643. PTH, 15 spd; 2950 MFWD, 3 PTH w/260 1958 JD 530 row crop, Roll-O-Matic, S/N self-levelling FEL; 2950 MFWD, 3 PTH 5301300, restored, new tires, $15,000. w/740 self-levelling FEL and grapple; 4440 1959 JD 630 row crop, single front tire, quad, factory duals; 4240 quad, 3 PTH; rare, S/N 6304946, restored, new tires, 2755 MFWD, 3 PTH, w/245 FEL; 2555 $11,000. 780-619-0212, Edmonton, AB. MFWD, 3 PTH w/245 FEL, grapple; 2555 CAH, 3 PTH, 4600 hrs, w/146 FEL. All trac- 1993 JD 8570, 4600 hrs. Also 2008 AG tors can be sold with new or used loaders. SHIELD 100â&#x20AC;&#x2122; PT High Clearance sprayer. Call Mitch Rouire 204-828-3628 shop, Both excellent and always shedded. Willing t o s e l l s e p a r at e . $ 9 5 , 0 0 0 fo r b o t h . 204-750-2459 cell, Roseisle, MB. 306-628-3306, Mendham, SK. 2007 JD 7730, MFWD, 4600 hrs, 746 loader and grapple, rear wt. pkg., 3 PTH, 3 1997 JD 8400, 4021 hrs, 4 new tires, 3 hyds., Greenstar ready, wide metric tires, PTH, FWA, $84,000. Phone 306-231-3993, fenders, mirrors, optional HID lights, Humboldt, SK. $97,500 OBO. Call Rob 403-933-5448, JD 4640, 7616 hrs., new front tires, rear 403-608-1116, Calgary, AB. tires at 40%, new batteries, always shedJD 4850 FWA, 3 hyds. Outback ready, ded, good running condition, $20,000 g o o d c o n d i t i o n , $ 3 9 , 0 0 0 O B O. P h . OBO. 306-835-2806, Raymore, SK. 204-539-2529, 204-734-8080, Durban, MB 2010 JD 7330, 98 hrs., factory warranty to JD 8870, 95% radial duals; Big Budd Dec. 2012, MFWD, air, heat, 20 spd. trans., 450-20, rebuilt, 1150 Cummins, 0 hrs, 3 PTH, drawbar, 3 hyd., loader ready c/w 30.5x32 duals. Both plumbed for air drills, joystick, shuttle shift, $95,000 OBO. Phone 306-775-1564, Regina, SK. excellent. 403-833-2135 eves, Burdett, AB. JD 3140, 148 loader, joystick, 3 PTH, new paint and tires. JD 2550, 146 loader, joys t i c k , 3 P T H , n ew p a i n t a n d t i r e s . 306-795-2800, Ituna, SK. 1985 4250 MFWD, quad, rubber 90%, exc. shape, loader available; 1990 4255 MFWD, PS, 3 PTH, rubber 90%, 4200 hrs, immaculate. 306-744-8113, Saltcoats, SK. 2000 JD 6410 w/640 FEL, grapple, 4300 hrs., $49,500. 780-307-4662, Clyde, AB. 1972 JD 4320 tractor, 115 HP, dual hyd., dual PTO, crank bearings recently done, runs nice, good appearance, quit farming, $9500. 204-365-0368, Shoal Lake, MB. JOHN DEERE 70, diesel, pop motor, good tires, running; JD 820, diesel, pop motor, really good running condition. Call James 403-845-5193, Rocky Mountain House, AB.

2010 NEW HOLLAND 9050 4WD tractor, 485 engine HP, full powershift trans (16F/2R), Intelliview Service Plus II monitor, factory AutoSteer, 710/70R42 Firestone radial duals, wheel weights, 6 hyd. Mega-Flow, 380 hrs. showing; For sale by auction, July 18th, Maidstone, SK. Call 3 0 6 - 4 4 5 - 5 0 0 0 fo r d e t a i l s o r v i s i t : PL #914618. 2007 TL-100A MFWD tractor, 1600 hrs., loader, shuttle, open station. $31,000. 306-595-4930, Benito, MB.

1995 FORD 9030 bi-directional cab end 3 PTH, tractor is a complete ground up rebuild. Engine, recond hydro, new rims, paint, decals, centre pins, bushings, injectors, etc. c/w loader and grapple fork. $42,000 OBO. Can also supply snowplow. Call Neil for details. Humboldt, SK. 306-231-8300.

FORD 8670, 9000 hrs., 8 new tires, powershift, 3 PTH, 4 hyd. outlets, transmission rebuilt, $45,000. 306-231-3993, Humboldt, SK.

2007 JD 7420 loaded tractor, IVT trans., 2090 hrs., 135 HP, MFWD, fenders, JD 741 SL loader w/grapple, 3 SCVs, pass. seat JD, elec. single lever joystick, 540/1000 PTO, LH reverser, 3 PTH, premium cab, Goodyear 20.8R38 rear tires, $99,900 OBO. 204-743-2324, Cypress River, MB. 1998 JD 9400, 4000 hrs., like new, loaded up, weight package, shedded, $110,000. 306-681-9030, Moose Jaw, SK. 1969 4020, 7800 hrs., vg tires, second owner, good running tractor, $9500. 306-783-4407, 306-641-9104, Yorkton, SK 1967 JD 4020, 3 PTH, live 540/1000 PTO, $5950. Ph. 306-867-7848, Outlook, SK. 1990 JD 1070 2 WD tractor, 4 cyl. Yanmar diesel, 35 HP, 4575 hrs (ex-city tractor), c/w mid-mount 72â&#x20AC;? mower deck, 6â&#x20AC;&#x2122; 3 PTH rear blade and 7â&#x20AC;&#x2122; 3 PTH cultivator. Runs excellent and uses no oil, $9500. 306-468-2807, Canwood, SK.

VOLVO 800, exc. condition, $6900; Leon 8â&#x20AC;&#x2122; dozer, $1000; Yanmar 16 HP diesel, 4 WD, $3900; Kubota B5100, $4500; HD 4â&#x20AC;&#x2122; 3PTH tiller, $1800. Pro Ag Sales, 306-441-2030 anytime, North Battleford, SK.

2006 JCB 8250 tractor, 3000 hrs., 260 HP, CVT trans, 65 KPH top speed, full suspension front and rear, ABS brakes, dual rear PTO, rear 3 PTH, 4 rear remotes, front 3 PTH, 2 front remotes, brand new rubber all around. Deluxe cab with AC, heat and radio. Very clean! $129,000. Call Jordan anytime 403-627-9300, Pincher Creek, AB. DO YOU NEED a FWA tractor with loader 90 HP to 130 HP for less $$$? Call 306-231-5939, Saskatoon, SK. McCORMICK MXT 150 tractor for sale, 790 MF 35 with 3 cylinder Perkins diesel. Half hrs, excellent condition. 306-634-9911, tracks for soft areas. Runs great, $4000. Estevan, SK. 250-744-9213, located in Stony Plain, AB. RITE 4 WD, 350-750 HP, 20 spd. auto trans, new or rebuilt. Phone 403-504-0468, Medicine Hat, AB. 2012, 97 HP, 4 WD LS tractor, CAH, 2010 NH T7040 180 HP, 1600 hrs., NEW CD stereo. Self leveling loader, hiMFWD, Auto Command, 860TL loader, AM/FM low power shuttle, 40 spd. trans, push butw/grapple and manure forks, joystick, 3 ton independent 540/750/1000 RPM, hyds., deluxe cab, OH reverser, 1000/540 3 sets remotes, 5PTO year warranty. The TracPTO, fenders, pallet forks, bale spear, EZ- tor Company, Osler, SK, 306-239-2262. Steer, EZ-Guide 500, $135,000. Call: 306-749-2477 leave msg., Birch Hills, SK. 1206 IHC, Minneapolis G, Minneapolis 2003 NH TG285, 5500 hrs., new front 670. Call 204-352-4306, Glenella, MB. tires 600/70-30, new back tires 710/70-42, $90,000. Call 306-231-3993, Humboldt, SK. or 1999 NH TV140, 7614 loader/grapple, CATERPILLAR D7G, new idlers, new rear 2950 hrs., good condition, $50,000 OBO. drive sprockets, ripper, angle and tilt blade, good condition. 204-734-2239 leave 306-493-8201, 306-493-7631, Delisle, SK. msg., Swan River, MB. 2009 TV6070, bi-directional, 3 PTH, grapple, manure tines, 800 hrs., like new. 2010 DEGELMAN 6-WAY, 14â&#x20AC;&#x2122;, 7900 dozer blade/silage guard, fits up to 2011 Dave 403-556-3992, Olds, AB. Case/IH quad trac , vg cond., retail 2002 TV140, 3200 hrs., 3 remote hyds., $38,000., asking $22,000. Call Rick at both cab and engine end, plus high flow, 2 204-851-1000, Elkhorn, MB. drawbars, loader with grapple, 3 PTH cab e n d , s h e d d e d . M i n t ! $ 5 5 , 0 0 0 . CASE 24B 4x4, 2.5 yard 123 HP loader, shedded, $17,900. Will deal. 204-866-4261, Anola, MB. 204-324-6298, Altona, MB. 2000 FORD TM125, FWA, 95 PTO HP, 4950 hrs., 3 PTH, loader/grapple, exc. cond. 2002 BOBCAT 753, open cab, 2250 hrs., Phone: 306-283-4747, 306-291-9395, exc. cond., $13,900 OBO plus taxes. Call Ladimer at 306-795-7779, Ituna, SK. 306-220-0429, Langham, SK.

2000 FORD TM125, FWA, 95 PTO HP, 4950 hrs., 3 PTH, loader/ grapple, excellent condition. 306-283-4747, 306-291-9395, 306-220-0429, Langham, SK.

2011 JD 9430, deluxe cab, 18 spd. powershift, 882 hrs., 48 gallon hyd. pump, 710-70R42 Firestone, Premier lighting pkg., 1-3/4â&#x20AC;? PTO, hyd. case drain, full weight pkg., $275,000. 306-690-1140, Caronport, SK. WANTED: JOHN DEERE 8570 or 8770 4WD tractor, low hrs., prefer 4 hyds. and 24 PTO 2004 JD 9520, near new 800â&#x20AC;&#x2122;s, IH 434, gas, 38HP, 3PTH, 1 hyd. control, spd. trans. 780-768-0007, Two Hills, AB. GreenStar ready, 4380 hrs., $159,000. good rubber, PS, great yard tractor, $3500 2120 JD TRACTOR, loader, 3 PTH, 7-1/2â&#x20AC;&#x2122; 306-948-3949, 306-948-7223, Biggar, SK. OBO. 306-372-4507, Luseland, SK. 3 pt. cult., 6-1/2â&#x20AC;&#x2122; PT rotary mower, 8â&#x20AC;&#x2122; 3 1982 CASE 4490 with big singles, good PTH blade, 8â&#x20AC;&#x2122; dual stage hyd. chute snowshape, tires exc., AC, works great, 7700 blower 306-933-3999, Saskatoon, SK. B7610, 24 HP diesel hydro, 3 PTH, c/w Kuhrs. Bruce 306-482-8801, Carnduff, SK. JD 4320, 8000 hrs with JD 148 loader and bota loader, 750 hrs., $10,500. or $12,500. grapple fork, good rubber, good shape, w/JD tiller. 306-554-2901, Wynyard, SK. LIZARD CREEK REPAIR and Tractor. We buy 90 and 94 Series Case 2 WD, FWA $15,000. 306-692-1010, Moose Jaw, SK. tractors for parts and rebuilding. Also have 1996 JD 8870, 4800 hrs, tires- 80%, KUBOTA L3430 MFD cab, loader, hydro. r e b u i l t t r a c t o r s a n d p a r t s fo r s a l e . Greenlighted yearly, 4 hyds., GreenStar trans., L4 tires, 3 PT, like new, 35 hrs. Call 306-784-7841, Herbert, SK. ready, 12 spd., weights, chipped to 420+ Ken, 780-990-9604, Edmonton, AB. , excellent condition, $93,000 OBO. Call AIR RIDE CAB KIT for Case/IH quad trac- HP tors, rides like a Cadillac . Call Milt Jon at 306-230-2736, Assiniboia, SK. 306-229-1693, Hepburn, SK. JD 1994 7700, MFWD, power quad, triple WRECKING FOR PARTS: 1155 Massey hyd, very clean, $35,500. Barrhead, AB, c/w very good running engine, excellent RETIRING: 2009 CIH 535 HD, 773 hrs, PS, 780-674-5516, 780-305-7152. sheet metal. 1-877-564-8734, Roblin, MB. 5 hyd., diff. lock, 2 aux. hyd., weights, deluxe cab, Trimble 252, AutoSteer, PRO 2004 9320, POWERSHIFT JD AutoSteer, WANTED: OLD MF 1130 tractors, in good 6 0 0 , H I D l i g h t s , 8 0 0 / 7 0 R 3 8 d u a l s , nearly new 710x38, 7200 hrs., $114,900. running cond. 1130, 1135, 1150, 1155. Call Ben 306-297-2942, Shaunavon, SK. $255,000. 780-777-4153, Fort Sask., AB. 306-948-3949, 306-948-7223, Biggar, SK. CASE/IH STEIGER built, 4 WD/Quads; Plus other makes and models. Call the Tractor Man! Trades welcome. We deliver. Gord 403-308-1135, Lethbridge AB 1979 IH 1486, 145 HP, 1000 PTO, 20.8-38 duals, AC, heat, 3414 hrs, $16,000 OBO. 780-920-9339, Myrnam, AB.

MF 8120, 130 HP, 540/1000 PTO, 1900 orig. hrs, tires 80%, stored in heated shop, no loader, $56,500 OBO. Downsizing. 403-285-9855, Calgary, AB.

1980 VERSATILE 935, approx. 5200 hrs., duals, 4 inside tires are brand new, Cummins 855, 280 HP, 4 hyds., std. trans., asking $14,000. 780-645-5475, Elk Point, AB. 1982 VERSATILE 835, 235 HP, 20.8 tires, 5100 hrs., air ride seat, Outback AutoSteer equipped, runs excellent, $17,900. Phone: Bernie 204-825-8558, St. Leon, MB. 1979 VERSATILE 500, approx. 4500 hrs., tires are fair, nice shape. 306-478-2798, 306-478-7550, Mankota, SK. 2003 BUHLER VERSATILE 2335 w/3800 hrs., 710x38 metric duals, $92,000. 306-734-2762 or 306-567-7895, Craik, SK. 1985 VERSATILE 836, 12 spd. powershift, P TO , 8 5 0 0 h o u r s , $ 2 5 , 0 0 0 . J a s o n 204-365-0173, Dropmore, MB. 1984 VERSATILE 835, PTO, 5818 hrs, new tires 2 yrs. ago, very clean, always shedded, $32,500 OBO. Can email pics. 306-245-3750, 306-536-0207, Francis, SK. RETIRED: 2008 VERS. 535, 12 spd, 210 hrs; 2008 Bourgault 6450 tank, all shedded. 306-445-5642, North Battleford, SK. 1995 FORD VERS. 9280, 300 HP, only 2400 hrs., 20.8x38 radial duals, always shedded, needs nothing, exc. cond. Must be seen to appreciate. Wonâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t find a better one! $72,500. 403-350-9088, Delburne, AB 1978 VERSATILE 825 Series II, 250 HP, newer inside drives, batteries, new seat, Outback AutoSteer equipped, 600 hrs. on new engine, AtomJet kit, $13,750. Ph. Bernie 204-825-8558, St. Leon, MB.

2010 JCB 8250 tractor with 2000 hrs., 260 HP, fully loaded, Trelleberg tires, vg condition, asking $140,000. Call Merlin Scott 204-835-2087, McCreary, MB. GRATTON COULEE AGRI PARTS LTD. Your #1 place to purchase late model combine and tractor parts. Used, new and rebuilt. Toll free 888-327-6767.

J D 8 4 0 L O A D E R w/new 8â&#x20AC;&#x2122; bucket, mounts for 7000 series tractors, excellent shape. 780-398-2554, Waskatenau, AB. 2003 CAT 928 WHEEL LOADER, 13,000 hrs., 3rd valve, 2 3/4 yard bucket, tires 60%, vg condition, $62,000. 780-963-0641 or 780-203-9593, Stony Plain, AB. ALLIED LOADER MODEL 850, long reach, vg condition, c/w double spool hyd. valve, $1650. Call Bob 204-759-2156, Midwest Truck and Tractor, Hwy. 16 East, Shoal Lake, MB. JD 344 loader w/grapple, rebuilt hydrostatic drive, low hrs, exc. cond. 403-552-3753 780-753-0353 Kirriemuir AB ALLIED 580 FEL quick detach, $2000. Call 780-914-4553 or 780-878-0005, Hay Lakes, AB. EZEE-ON FEL, new 72â&#x20AC;? bucket, mounting for a Massey 90, $1000; 12â&#x20AC;&#x2122; dozer, $1000. Phone 306-464-4710, Lang, SK.


VXEMHFWWRDYDLODELOLW\ DEGELMAN 14â&#x20AC;&#x2122; PTO rock rake; 26â&#x20AC;&#x2122; homemade land roller, 42â&#x20AC;? diameter, made to use water for weight; ten P30 Flexi-Coil packers. 306-929-4945, Meath Park, SK. JOHN DEERE 3 POINT hitch blade, heavy duty hyd. tilt and turn, asking $1900. Phone 306-631-8854, Moose Jaw, SK. ODESSA ROCKPICKER SALES: New Degelman equipment, land rollers, Strawmaster, rockpickers, rock rakes, dozer blades. Phone 306-957-4403, cell 306-536-5097, Odessa, SK. SUMMERS SUPERCHISEL 2003, 54â&#x20AC;&#x2122;, 700 lb. trips. Comes with Raven SuperCooler for NH3, dutch knives, and new NH3 manifolds, 3-bar heavy harrow, field ready, $45,000. 204-523-3340, Killarney, MB. DONâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;T GET STUCK without a Tow Rope! Best selection of tow ropes and straps in Canada. For tractors up to 600 HP. See your nearest Flaman store or call 1-888-435-2626 or visit SCHULTE 1500 batt wing 15â&#x20AC;&#x2122; rotary m o w e r, f i e l d r e a d y , $ 1 1 , 5 0 0 . 204-723-2820, Treherne, MB. NEW DRIVE BELT 851 MF combine; 60â&#x20AC;&#x2122; Blanchard sprayer, good; Diamond harrows and many packers; 7200 IHC drill w/transport. No reasonable offer refused. 306-567-5470, 306-261-6724 Kenaston SK FOR SALE: QUALITY farm equipment and trucks, 403-357-9192 or 403-358-0456, Tees, AB. ROCK-O-MATIC ROCKPICKER, PTO; Also Rock-O-Matic land leveler. 306-642-5766, 306-642-8392, Assiniboia, SK. 1063 BALE WAGON, great working condition, can haul 2 to 3 loads per hour, $10,000 OBO. 403-350-1706 Lacombe, AB. 1976 1175 CASE tractor, duals; 24â&#x20AC;&#x2122; 360 MF discer on Martin hitch (complete); JD LT 1 3 3 r i d i n g l a w n m o w e r, 3 8 â&#x20AC;? d e c k . 403-548-5758, 306-662-2814, Golden Prairie, SK. DOUGLAS GYRO MOWER, 6â&#x20AC;&#x2122;, 3 PTH, like new, $1000. 306-464-4710, Lang, SK. FOR SALE: 4494 CIH 4WD tractor; 8900 White combine; CIH PTO swather; 3 fuel tanks, 300 and 500 gal.; misc. equip. 306-242-3631, Saskatoon, SK.

ACREAGE COMBINE: 1977 White 8800, hydrostatic drive, Perkins diesel, 10â&#x20AC;&#x2122; PU, 20â&#x20AC;&#x2122; straight cut header, main shafts monitored, AC cab, slide ahead straw chopper, used in 2010, good cond. Serious offers only. Call 306-497-2975, Blaine Lake, SK. COMPLETE SHANK ASSEMBLIES: JD #1610-$135.; #610 (Black) - $180.; #1600-$90.; #100-$45.; Morris 7 series Magnum $135. 306-259-4923 or 306-946-7923, Young, SK. FRIGGSTAD 33â&#x20AC;&#x2122; DT, 12â&#x20AC;? spacing, 3 bar harrows, $4200 OBO; AtCo style camp trailer, 13x40â&#x20AC;&#x2122;, kitchen, bath, bdrm., propane, wood and oil heat, triple axle, $5500 OBO; All steel port. circular sawmill, 48â&#x20AC;? blade, $5500 OBO. 204-638-0911, Dauphin, MB.

TECMA 60â&#x20AC;? 3 PT finish mower, $1000; 600/65 R28 RIW as new, slight face cut, $1300; Koenders 8â&#x20AC;&#x2122; swath roller, $990; Trail-Rite 6â&#x20AC;&#x2122; tapered roller, $290. Hergott Farm Equip 306-682-2592, Humboldt, SK. 1989 FORD 846; 1987 Gleaner R60; 35â&#x20AC;&#x2122; Morris 6180 Maxim air drill; 30â&#x20AC;&#x2122; Westward 3000 PT swather; 1987 Westfield MK 10-51 grain auger. Located near Weyburn, SK. Phone 403-863-5594. Info and photos email: IH 5288 TRACTOR w/duals, $15,000; Westfield 61â&#x20AC;&#x2122; PTO auger, $3500; Houle 4450 gal. liquid manure tank, PTO spreadWIRELESS DRIVEWAY ALARMS, calv- ing, $20,000; 1976 Int. 3 ton, steel B&H, ing/ foaling barn cameras, video surveil- rollup tarp, $3000. 306-228-4213 Unity SK lance, rear view cameras for RVâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s, trucks, combines, seeders, sprayers and augers. M o u n t e d o n m a g n e t . C a l g a r y, A B . 403-616-6610, LOOKING FOR: Land clearing root rake. SUNFLOWER HARVEST SYSTEMS. Call Will arrange for trucking to pick up. Phone for literature. 1-800-735-5848. Lucke Mfg., 867-851-6406, Teslin, YT. WANTED: Older and newer tractors, in running condition or for parts. Goods Used Tractor Parts, 1-877-564-8734. WANTED: 25â&#x20AC;&#x2122; OR 30â&#x20AC;&#x2122; MacDon swather header w/PU reel, double knife drive, triple delivery. 403-854-2550, Hanna, AB. WANTED: JD 3 PTH to fit JD 4230. Ph. 306-567-3287 or 306-567-7477. Please leave message if no answer.

SK 1-888-435-2626 AB 1-800-352-6264

2007 JD CX15, 10â&#x20AC;&#x2122; single wing rotary mower, 540 PTO, 5 wheels, front/rear chains, new blades, stump jumper, new tubs, exc. cond, ready to work $9500+ GST OBO. 780-808-3141, Lloydminster, AB 346 JD SQUARE baler; 1033 NH bale wagon; 6200 SP swather, w/18â&#x20AC;&#x2122; UII PU reel; 1981 Holidaire trailer, 24â&#x20AC;&#x2122;. Semans, SK. 306-524-4921, cell: 306-746-7170.

WANTED: HAND STEERING PUMP for 4840 Massey tractor. 306-896-2817, Churchbridge, SK. WANTED: 36â&#x20AC;&#x2122; CASE/IH 6200 press drills w/factory mover. Must be in good condition. Phone 403-843-6810, Rimbey, AB. WANTED: COMPLETE ATOM JET air seeder hydraulic system for 835 Versatile in good cond. 204-638-5414, Dauphin, MB. WANTED: MF #36 DISCERS. Will pay top dollar and pick from anywhere. Cupar, SK. Email: or Phone 306-723-4875. WANTED: MF #36 DISCERS, all sizes, prompt pick-up. Phone 306-259-4923, 306-946-9669, 306-946-7923, Young, SK. WANTED: FARMHAND OR AJAX stack mover with wood beams, shape not important. 306-266-4211, Wood Mountain, SK. WANTED: DOUBLE BAR sickle mower. 306-773-9718, Swift Current, SK. WANTED: USED, BURNT, old or ugly tractors. Newer models too! Smithâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Tractor Wrecking, 1-888-676-4847. 30 - 35â&#x20AC;&#x2122; PT SWATHER, must have PU reel and be in excellent condition. Phone 306-456-2660, Weyburn, SK.



2011 NH SP275F 120’ Front Boom, 1200 Gal SS, Autosteer ................................... $279,000 2011 NH SP275F 120’ Front Boom, 1400 Gal, Autosteer.................................. $332,000 2009 Miller Pro A75 103’ Air Boom, 1000 Gal, Smartrax, AutoBoom........... $205,000 2010 Hardi 6600 134’ Susp, 1850 Gal, Triple Bodies, Hyd pump............................$59,900 2000 Flexi-Coil 67 100’, 1000 US Gal, Wheel Boom, Auto Rate.................$19,800 2000 Flexi-Coil S67 100’, 850 Gal, A/Rate, W/screen, Markers............................$16,000 2005 NH SF115 120’, 1500Gal, Markers ................................................$20,900 2002 Flexi-Coil 67XL 120’, 1500 Gal, Auto Rate, Curtains, Hyd Pump .............$21,900 2004 Brandt SB4000 100’ Suspended, Wind Cones, Double Nozzle.....................$29,900


2008 Case IH 8010 16’ Belt PU, 900 Tires, Long Auger Y&M ...............................$240,000 2009 Case IH 9120 15’ Belt PU, 900 Tires, Long Auger, Chpr, HID Light ........$283,267 2000 JD 9650W 914 PU, Conventional, Y&M, Chpr, Chaff Sprd................................... $88,900 2009 JD 9870STS 615 Header, Duals, Contourmaster ...................................$320,000 2008 JD 9870STS 615 Header, Duals, Contourmaster ...................................$271,900 2005 JD 9760 914 PU Hdr., 800 Tires, Hpr Ext., FC Chopper ..........................................$148,500 1997 JD CTS JD Pu, 30.5 Tires, GPS, Chaff Spreader...................................... $69,000 1991 NH TX36 14’ S8 Pu, Chopper .... $20,000 1993 NH TX36 14’ SM Pickup, NH Chopper ......................................... $24,900 1994 NH TX66 S8 Pickup, Chpr, Chaff Sprd, Hopper Cvr............................................. $35,900 1996 NH TX66 14’ Rakeup, 800 Tires, Chopper, Chaff Spreader ................. $39,900 2006 NH CX860 16’ SM PU, Y&M, Chpr, 900 Tires.................................................$197,000 2008 NH CX8080 14’ SM PU, Cast Cyl, 800 Tires.................................................$219,000 2005 NH CR960 14’ SM P/U, Dlx Chpr, 800 Tires, Dlx Cab ..............................$159,000 2005 NH CR960 800 Tires, Dlx Chopper, Dlx Cab..................................................$159,000 2004 NH CR960 14’ SM, 800Tires, Y&M, Dlx Chpr.................................................$149,900 2005 NH CR960 14’ R/U P/U, Dlx Chpr, 900 Tires .........................................................$157,500 2003 NH CR960 900 Tires, Long Auger ......................................... $114,900 2004 NH CR960 14’ SM PU, 900Tires, Dlx Chpr, Long Auger ..............................$143,900 2006 NH CR960 14’ R/U, 900 Tires, KPAB Chopper, Y&M, TT..............................$169,900 2009 NH CR9060 14’ SM, 800 Tires, Dlx Chpr, Dlx Cab, Y&M .......................................$230,000 2008 NH CR9060 14’ SM Pickup, 800 Tires, Dlx Chopper ........................................$209,000 2007 NH CR9060 14’ SM, 800 Tires, Y&M, Dlx Chopper ................................................$189,900 2007 NH CR9060 14’ SM, 800’s, Dlx Chpr, Y&M .........................................................$192,000 2010 NH CR9060 900 Tires, Dlx Chopper, Abrasive Pea Concave.....................$227,000 2004 NH CR970 14’ SM, Duals, Dlx Chpr, Y&M, Dlx Cab.......................................$189,000 2003 NH CR970 14’ SM PU, 900 Tires, Chopper, Long Auger......................$163,900 2004 NH CR970 14’ R/U, 900 Tires, Dlx Cab, Long Auger ..........................................$174,900 2003 NH CR970 16’ Rakeup, 900 Tires, Chopper, Long Auger......................$179,900 2009 NH CR9070 900 Singles, Dlx Chpr.................................................$257,900 2007 NH CR9070 14’ SM PU, Duals, Dlx Chpr, Compressor .........................................$225,000 2011 NH CR9070 16’ SM, 900 Tires, Dlx Chpr.................................................$292,900


2011 NH CR9070 16’ SM, 900 Tires, Dlx Chpr.................................................$292,900 2011 NH CR9080 15’ P/U, 620/70R42 Duals, Dlx Chpr, Y&M .....................................$359,000 2009 NH CR9080 16’ SM, Duals, Dlx Chopper, Long Auger ..........................................$279,000 2009 NH CR9080 16’ SM, Duals, Dlx Chopper, Long Auger ..........................................$279,000 2011 NH CR9080 15’P/U, Dlx Chpr, Duals, HID Lights .............................................$360,000 1990 NH TR96 R/U Pickup, EST, Long Auger, Chpr, Chaff Sprd................................... $16,900 1996 NH TR98 14’ Pickup Hdr, Redekop, Topper ...................................................... $35,000 1997 NH TR98 13’ SM, Rede Chpr, Topper, EST.............................................................. $43,500 1999 NH TR99 14’ SM, MAV Chpr, Hopper Topper ...................................................... $83,900 2001 NH TR99 14’ SM, 30.5x32 Tires, EST, 2 spd Rotor ............................................. $82,900 2000 NH TR99 14’SM, Duals, Redekop Chopper .............................. $92,900 1996 NH TR98 14’ R/U, Redekop Chopper .............................. $39,900 1996 NH TR98 S8 Pickup, 30.5 Tires, EST, Topper ...................................................... $51,500


2007 Mainero 2230 10’ Grain Bagger ................................$16,900 2010 Akron EXG300 540 PTO, 10’ Extractor ........................................$34,600 2000 Parker 710 Parker 700bu, Tarp, PTO & Hyd............................................$18,900 1997 Unverferth 760 750bu, Hyd Drive, Tarp.........................................................$23,500 2007 REM Mfg 2500 Shedded, Floor Sweep ........................................$15,000


2007 Case 4555 45’ Flexdraper, PUR, Hyd F/A ..........................................................$59,900 2009 Case 2020 35’ Auger, PUR, Hyd F/A .................................................$35,900 2008 Honey Bee SP36 36’ PUR, CR/CX, Hyd FA, Transp/guage Whl .....................$52,000 1998 Honey Bee SP30 30’, PUR, NH TR/TX Adapter, X-Auger ..............................$33,600 1997 Honey Bee SP30 30’ Draper, CR/CX Adap, PUR, Auger Guage Whl......$24,900 2002 Honey Bee SP25 25’, PUR, Hyd F/A, CR Adapter, Transport ...........................$36,900 1998 Honey Bee SP36 36’ Draper, PUR, Auger, Guage Whl, NH Adapt ......$26,900 2001 Honey Bee SP36 36’, PUR, NH CR Adapter, Transport, Xauger...........$38,900 1995 JD 925F 25’ Flex Auger, PUR, Transp, Lifters ........................................................$9,000 2005 MacDon 974 36’ Draper, PUR, CR Adap, Transport .................................$42,000 2006 MacDon 974 36’ Flex, JD, PUR ..$49,900 1991 MacDon 960 36’ Draper, TR/TX, Bat Reel, Transport ...........................$21,900 2001 MacDon 962 36’ Pick Up reel, Transport, 2388 Adapter................$25,900 1991 MacDon 960 36’ Draper, PUR, 2388 Adapt, Trans, Auger..........................$12,900 2004 NH 94C 36’ Draper, Single Knife, PUR, Trans.......................................................$42,900 1997 NH 971 30’ Auger, PUR, TR/TX $10,800 2006 NH 94C 42’O/S, Dbl Knf, PUR, Transport, Guage Whl .....................$46,900 2005 NH 94C 36’ Draper, CR/CX Adap, UII PUR, Auger, F/A .................................$39,900 2008 NH 74C 35’ Flex Auger, Air Reel, CR/CX Mount......................................$38,900 2004 NH 94C 42’ Draper, PUR, Guage Whl, Auger .....................................................$44,900 2006 NH 88C 36’ Flex, CR/CX, PUR, AHHC .....................................................$59,900 2005 NH 94C 36’ Draper, PUR, CR/CX, Dbl Knife, Transp, Auger .........................$49,900




â&#x20AC;&#x153;Limited Availibility - Call Todayâ&#x20AC;?

- 0 *UDLQ&DUWV ),1$1&,1* ),1$1&,1* $$9$,/$%/( $9 9$,/$%/( +<'5$8/,& +<'5$8/,& '5,9(81,76 '5,9(81,76 $/62$9$,/$%/( $/62$9$, 9 /$%/(

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:,6+(.',6&6 22â&#x20AC;&#x2122; Wishek 842NT, 2004, Front blades 25.5â&#x20AC;? Rear blades 26â&#x20AC;? . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $45,500 Nisku Heavy Harrows Call for exact tine measurement 2002 Brandt Comander 5000 Heavy Harrow, Like new condition . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $30,500 Nisku


45â&#x20AC;&#x2122; Riteway Landroller, 2008, . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $26,500 Leth


Leon 1000, 10 Cubic yards, 2008, Ser# 20010009, zzz9083 . .$26,900 Inn Leon 1000, 10 Cubic yards, 2006, Ser# 8570710, zzz000710 $24,500 MLK Leon 1000, 10 Cubic yards, 2006, Ser# 8250605, zzz06103 .$24,500 Barr Leon 1000, 10 Cubic yards, 2007, Ser# 8640802, zzz08102 . $25,500 Daw


Schulte Flex Arm, 2003, Rough shape,Ser# A1010011306 . . $2,500 Nisku Schulte Flex Arm, 2003, Good condition, Out of nisku rental ďŹ&#x201A;eet . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $4,250 Nisku Schulte 5026 26â&#x20AC;&#x2122; Mower, 1000 PTO, Aircraft, Ser#c50201251901 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $27,900 Leth


2011 J&M 1326-22, Green, PTO Drive, Scale kit, Walking axles . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $62,900 Leth 2010 J&M 1326-22, Red, Scale/ 460 Mon, Camera kit, Slider, Tarp . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$60,000 Inn 2008 J&M 1150-22, Red, Std Auger, 900 Tires, Scale, Tarp . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $41,900 Falh 2011 J&M 750-18, Red, Slider, Tarp, Hydraulic Drive, #4657 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$31,500 Cam 2011 J&M 750, Green, PTO Drive, Tarp, 18â&#x20AC;? Slider auger, Ser# 4713 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $30,000 Nisku



Rem 1026, Good shape, Ser# RM95-1026-2295 . . . . . . . . . . $7,500 Nisku Rem 2500, 2007, 1000 PTO, 40â&#x20AC;&#x2122; of Hose, Ser# 9585, zzz08303 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $14,900 Nisku Rem 2500, 2007, 1000 PTO, 40â&#x20AC;&#x2122; of Hose, Ser# 9305, zzz07301 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $15,500 Nisku Rem 2700, 2010, 1000 PTO, 284 hours, Ser# 1516 . . . . . . . $17,900 Nisku Rem 2500, 2008, 1000 PTO, 247 hours, Excellent condition, Ser#2500-9496 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $19,000 Leth Rem 2700, 2009, 1000 PTO, Ser# 0129, equ0129 . . . . . . . . $17,500 Nisku Rem 2700, 2009, 1000 PTO, 423 hours, Ser# 1379, equ1379 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $17,500 Nisku Rem 2500, 2008, 1000 PTO, 40â&#x20AC;&#x2122; of Hose, . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $10,900 Lloyd Flaman Pro Grain Baggers 2011 1110 Pro bagger, 23â&#x20AC;&#x2122; Connveyor w/ Mover, No Hopper, #11027 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$32,000 Cam 2011 1110 Pro bagger, 23â&#x20AC;&#x2122; Conveyor w/ Mover, No Hopper, #11036 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $29,900 Nisku 2011 1112 Pro bagger, 23â&#x20AC;&#x2122; Conveyor w/ Mover, No Hopper, . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $31,000 Nisku


Tridekon 1210 HD, 2010, 360 Degree unload auger, Ser# TRI-10-???? . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $31,900 3hills Tridekon 1210 HD, 2010, 360 Degree unload auger, Ser# TRI-10-1086 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $31,900 Nisku Tridekon 1210 HD, 2009, 360 Degree unload auger, Ser# TRI-10-1065 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $31,900 Veg Tridekon 1210 HD, 2009, 360 Degree unload auger, Ser# TRI-10-1062 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $28,900 Leth Tridekon 9108, Good condition, all updates complete, Tri-08-1003 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $17,900 NK Akron Unloader, Passenger side unload, 12â&#x20AC;? Auger . . . . . . . . $22,500 HP


Leon 585, Walking beam axle, Floatation tires,

Hydraulic push system, 2007, 585 bushel, Horizontal beaters, Ser# 7125, 1000 PTO . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$27,900 Barr 3- Leon 425, Vertical beaters, Walking beam axle, 1000 PTO, Hydraulic push system, 2009, 1 unit in Lethbridge . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $25,500 NK 2 x 2006 Leon manure spreaders, Hydraulic push, Walking axle . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $14,900 Lloyd

%$/(&$55,(56 Haukaas 10 bale mover, 2006, Ser# 021-026 Haukaas 10 bale mover, 2008, Ser# 052-018 Haukaas 10 bale mover, 2008, Ser# 054-018 Haukaas 10 bale mover, 2008, Ser# 034-017

. . . . . . . . . . . . $18,900 CST . . . . . . . . . . . .$21,500 Barr . . . . . . . . . . . $23,500 Lloyd . . . . . . . . . . . . $22,500 Veg

+$<5$.(6 (All used Rakes missing teeth will come with spares) 12 Wheel Sovema V Rake, 2008, Ser# 108799, Single axle, zzz08446 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $10,500 Verm 12 Wheel Sovema V Rake, 2008, Ser# 108905, Tandem axle, zzz08440 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$11,500 Barr 12 Wheel Sovema V Rake, 2009, Ser# 114884, Tandem axle . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $11,750 Leth 12 Wheel Sovema V Rake, 2009, Ser# 118642, Tandem axle . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $11,750 Leth Augers, Conveyors & Grain Equipment Wheat Heart 8â&#x20AC;&#x2122;x 46â&#x20AC;&#x2122; grain auger, 25Hp Robin motor, No mover kit . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $5,900 NK Mayrath 7â&#x20AC;? Auger, Includes motor and sweep . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $695 LETH Batco drive over pit conveyor, 1800 series, 18â&#x20AC;? Belt, 14â&#x20AC;? Tube, 7000 bph . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $13,900 NK Kwik Klean grain cleaner, 572 model, Used for 6 hours, Like new, #8 Round . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $7,900 NK 18â&#x20AC;? Sukup heater, propane or natural gas ďŹ red . . . . . . . . . . . . $2,195 NK 21â&#x20AC;&#x2122; Case IH 8120 pull type swather, Pick up reel, Excellent shape . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$8,900 Cam


+$< *5$66(48,30(17 Agripac bale bagger, 9 hp Honda, One man operation, Field ready . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $6,500 GP 8â&#x20AC;&#x2122; Brillion grass seeder, 3 pth, 2007, Brome box w/ agitator, Excellent shape . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $8,500 NK

'((37,//$*( Kello Built 3 shank sub soiler . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $5,500 Leth Tye Agco paratill, 6 shank sub soiler, 3pth or tow behind good shape $14,500 Warburg Farmking single shank ripper, 3 pth, Brand new old stock . . . . $1,000 NK Tree Chippers & Planters Bandit 95 XL, 50 Hp Kubota, 9â&#x20AC;? material, Hydraulic feed control $21,900 NK Bandit 65 XL, 24 Hp Honda V-twin, 4â&#x20AC;? material, Hydraulic feed, Yellow . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $8,500 NK Bandit 65XL, 24 Hp Honda V-twin, 4â&#x20AC;? material, Hydraulic feed, Green . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $10,500 NK 8â&#x20AC;? Bear Cat chipper, PTO drive, manual feed, 35Hp Ideal . . . . . $5,900 NK

32,17+,7&+(48,30(17 Sovema Roto tiller 60â&#x20AC;? RP-2 150, Great shape . . . . . . . . . . . . . $2,500 NK 74â&#x20AC;? Schulte BX74, Hydraulic chute and deďŹ&#x201A;ector, Excellent shape $3,950 NK 6â&#x20AC;&#x2122; Kodiak rotary mower, Rough shape out of yellowhead rentals $1,000 NK

0,6&1(:$1'86('&/($5(1&( 2000 Bushel Westeel on wood ďŹ&#x201A;oor . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$2,750 Cam Husqvarna lawn sweep, Good working order . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$325 NK Toro lawn vacuum includes suction hose and trash bag . . . . . . .$650 NK 2011 Kodiak 10â&#x20AC;&#x2122; 3pth Rotary mower, Excellent condition . . . . . $4,600 NK

Nisku (Edmonton)  Local (780) 955-3400 Lethbridge  Local (403) 317-7200 Medicine Hat (New Location) 




20 min. E of Saskatoon on Hwy. 16


2,235 hrs., $25,000 work order done, loaded w/ Greenstar............

Numerous pictures available on our website -




90’ booms, 800 gallon tank, new tires .................


‘07 BOBCAT VR723



23’ reach, 7,000 lbs. lift, 3,465 hrs.................




‘07 CIH 2020 35’ FLEX

‘94 CIH 1020 30’ FLEX

HHC, light kit, double-knife-drive, in stock ...................

Double-knife drive, full-finger auger, excellent shape .......

Hyd. fore-aft, new reel fingers/bushings ........



‘10 MACDON D60 45’ draper, JD single-pt. hookup, factory transport ......






‘93 HB SP42 ............................ $15,900 ‘96 HB SP36 ............................ $11,900 ‘97 HB SP39 .............................. $9,900





Worried about freight costs? 20.8-38 12 PLY .....................

16.9-28 12 PLY .......................




18.4-38 12 PLY ........................

14.9-24 12 PLY .......................





‘89 CIH 1010 25’ ...................... $8,900 ‘93 CIH 1010 25’ ...................... $6,800 ‘89 CIH 1010 30’ ...................... $6,800


Pay no more than: • $19/sm. tire • $49/med. tire )5(,&:*+, 7 &$3 *8$5$17 • $79/lg. tire ((

for shipping anywhere in Western Canada!

Excellent shape, add $5,800 for optional Crary air reel ............





23.5-25 24 PLY ..............



30.5L-32 16 PLY ..............




Excellent shape with 704 engine hrs., on Kubota diesel .......



NEW & USED PARTS • 1 YR. WARRANTY USED PICKUP HEADERS’ ‘00 CIH 2015 w/ pickup ............................... $17,800 ‘02 JD 13’ Precision w/ Rake-up............................. $11,900 ‘95 NH 971 ............................... $3,800 ‘95 CIH 1015 new paint, rebuilt auger ............................. $3,980


WE WANT YOUR RIMS AND TIRES ON TRADE!! JD STS kit, c/w 20.8-38 or 42 new tires ...................... $14,900 CIH 88 series kit, c/w 20.8-38 new tires ........... $13,900 JD 9400-9600/10/CTS/CTSII .. $11,800 New clamp-on dual kits, fit any machine, c/w new tires, spacers and hardware ........................... $4,300

NEW WOBBLE BOXES Macdon (Old-Style) ................... $1,448 Macdon (New-Style) ................. $1,695 JD 200/900 .................................. $995 CIH 1010/1020 ......................... $1,550 CIH 4000/5000 ......................... $1,495


23.1-26 12 PLY .................

Updated daily! Buy online! More pictures of equipment, parts & tires. See videos of equipment in action! iPad-friendly!


‘05 JD 635F





‘05 CIH 2062 36’ FLEX Same as Macdon 974, CIH 88 series hookup, pea auger....

w/ Swathmaster pickup, in stock. JD 615 replacement .............. $25,800 CIH 2016 replacement ........... $26,800 NH 9070 ................................ $26,800

JD 900/200 pickup headers to single point hook-up .................. $595 JD 900 rigid/flex to JD 50/60/70 STS Series ..................... $895 JD 914/912 pickup headers to JD 50/60 STS Series .................. $755


IN STOCK Hart Carter UII 25’................$5,300 ........... $6,830 30’................$5,900 ........... $7,900 36’................ $7,900 ........... $8,900

NEW STRAWCHOPPERS IN STOCK CIH 80/88 Series ........................ $4,310 JD STS 70 Series........................ $5,145 JD 9600/10 fine-cut .................. $3,845 JD 9400/9500 fine-cut .............. $3,495 USED STRAWCHOPPERS ALSO AVAILABLE







Single Front-Folding Auger Design

Upper Auger Spout Design

The unloading auger is turned to throw grain perpendicular to the semi-trailer, maximizing auger side reach and throw for a complete fill every time.

Dimension B Effective Side Reach (Throw) 1326-22 9’-9” 1151-22 10’-5” 1000-20 10’-5” 875-18 11’-0” 750-18 11’-0”

B Effective Side Reach (Throw)

Patented Hydraulic Flow Control Spout easily corrects auger position on too close or too far away approaches.

Reach Further The Side-Shooter Spout throws the grain directly towards the semi-trailer, not at an angle, maximizing side reach.

. . . way Further!

Saskatoon 1-888-435-2626 (306) 934-2121

Southey 1-888-235-2626 (306) 726-4403

Moosomin 1-855-780-2626 (306) 435-4143

Nisku 1-800-352-6264 (780) 955-3400

Prince Albert 1-888-352-6267 (306) 764-6004

Yorkton 1-888-296-2626 (306) 783-1689

Swan River 1-855-331-2626 (204) 734-9999

Lethbridge 1-888-883-8081 (403) 317-7200

Medicine Hat 1-855-535-2636 (403) 526-4426


Grain Systems



Your Complete Systems Manufacturer


GRAIN DRYING Portable, Stacked, Tower & Process Dryers


GSI Grain Dryers are available in several styles and models for all your grain quality and capacity requirements.

Glenmor introduces the Joker from Horsch Anderson. The Joker tillage system is versatile and able to handle any type of crop residue in wet, dry, rocky, or extremely saturated soils. No other tillage system gives you the speed, durability, moisture conservation and finishing capabilities that the Joker does. No matter what cropping conditions are dealt, you will never be outmatched with a Joker in your hand.

FOR SIMPLE OPERATION, EASY MAINTENANCE AND QUALITY RESULTS, THINK GSI. 250 to 1000 BPH — Delivery and set-up across Western Canada. Farm machinery trades considered.

HORSCH ANDERSON Farming with Passion

Old Hwy No. 2 South Prince Albert, SK S6V 5T2 1-888-708-3739

For more information contact Glenmor for either the MT, RT, or PT series or go to



Im15 US GAL.

Im00 US GAL.





Plus a free all-in-one banjo ball valve with the purchase of a 1260. Your choice of color: black, white or blue.





Your choice of color: black, white or blue.





Sale 306.253.4343 or 1.800.383.2228




795 While supplies last. Sale ends June 30, 2012








Bourgault FH536-40 ................................................... $19,900 2 - Bourgault 6550 â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;10.............................................. $129,900 Bourgault 5350 â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;00, 2 tank meter, NH3 line, RTH ........ $32,900 Bourgault 135 â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;96, load/unload, hydraulic fan ...............$8,900 Bourgault 2115, load/unload..........................................$4,500 5 - Bourgault 3310 â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;10 & â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;09, 55â&#x20AC;&#x2122;, 65â&#x20AC;&#x2122; & 75â&#x20AC;&#x2122;..............................................Starting @ $199,000 3 - Bourgault 5710 â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;06 -â&#x20AC;&#x2122;98, Call............. Starting @ $44,900 Flexi-Coil 5000 â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;97, 57â&#x20AC;&#x2122;, 3/4â&#x20AC;? carbide, 3.5â&#x20AC;? steel pkrs.. $29,900 Flexi-Coil 5000 â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;95, 57â&#x20AC;&#x2122;, 7â&#x20AC;? sp, 3â&#x20AC;? stl pkr, sng sht ........ $34,900 Flexi-Coil 3450, â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;97, load/unload ................................. $34,900 Flexi-Coil 2320, â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;98, semi hopper, sng fan ................... $19,900 Flexi-Coil 1610 Plus, load/unload, tow hitch................ $11,900 Bourgault 7400, 70â&#x20AC;&#x2122; .......................................................$6,900 IHC 496, â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;82 disc, 32â&#x20AC;&#x2122; ................................................... $27,900

2 - A86 â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;10 & â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;09, 429 hrs & up, call ......Starting @ $239,900 R76 â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;09 w/4200 hdr, loaded ....................................... $239,000 R66 â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;10, 16.9x26 rear tires, 900/60R32 frt, 247 hrs .... $229,000 R66 â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;09, beacon lts w/sensor, sep cage, chrm, high hyd reel fore/aft, HID lt, hella, R1 FS, 900/60R32 R1W 16.9x26 10 ply, stone trap, fine cut chpr, hyd sprdr sngl, 12â&#x20AC;? deck ext, 240 hrs ...................................... $219,000 2 - R75, â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;08, 635 hrs & up .......................................... $199,500 R75 â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;03 w/4000 hdr, Rakeup, 14â&#x20AC;? auger, yield & moisture, loaded,1249 hrs ........................................ $125,000 R75 â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;03, SM pu, hi-wire sep grate, E-Z close stone trap, chrm helical bars, 1435 hrs .............................. $119,900 R72 â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;01, 4000 hdr, 1509 hrs ....................................... $129,900 R65 â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;08, w/4200 hdr, yield moisture & map, GB sensor, ladder deck ext, spout for 14â&#x20AC;?, 484.4 hrs...... $209,000 R65, â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;03, 14â&#x20AC;? unload, hi-wire sep grate, fine cut chpr, hyd straw sprdr, 1906 hrs................................. $100,000 R62, â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;01, 30.5 rubber, fine cut chpr, hyd sprdr, 14â&#x20AC;&#x2122; Swathmaster approx. 1600 hrs ................................... $89,000 R62, â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;00, SM pu, fine cut chpr, elec concave adj ........... $69,900 Case 1680 â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;91, rebuilt, w/Rake-up pu........................... $27,900 MF 9795 â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;10, 350 bu, adj strng axle, CL8 beacon lt, bin sensor deck ext 145â&#x20AC;? tread, HID lt, hella, elec adj, 28Lx26 R1, adj, FS 900/60R32 R1W, Mav chpr ......... $269,000 3 - MF 9795 â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;09, heavy duty axle, 28Lx26 rear, 18.4R42 duals, Y&M, airfoil chaffer, Redekop Mav chpr, HID lights, add. hyd outlet .............................................. $229,000

TRACTORS AgcoStar 8425 â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;98 ...................................................... $99,000 Fendt 712V â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;09, CVT, loaded, approx 1001 hrs .......... $149,900 Fendt 412 â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;05, w/460 ldr, 2563 hrs .............................. $89,900 Fendt 926 â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;02, frt 3pt & PTO, 3000 hrs ...................... $159,000 MF 7480 â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;10, w/965 ldr.............................................. $108,000 MF 5480 â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;08, w/ldr, 1250 hrs ....................................... $89,900 MF 5475 â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;10, w/965 ldr................................................ $76,500 NH 9060 â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;08, 492 hrs ................................................. $279,900 2 - NH 9880 â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;94, call, 6500 & 6771 hrs .... Starting @ $89,900


Brent 1394 â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;08, scale, tarp, walking axles .................... $59,900

SWATHERS CI 742, 42â&#x20AC;&#x2122; ................................................................... $19,500 MF 9435 â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;10, 30â&#x20AC;&#x2122;, loaded, auto steer, 75 hrs .............. $119,000

For a complete listing visit our website


MF 9435 â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;10, 36â&#x20AC;&#x2122;, 514 hrs, loaded ............................. $119,000 MF 9430 â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;11, 30â&#x20AC;&#x2122;, 100 hrs, auto steer, loaded ............ $119,000 MF 9430 â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;09, 36â&#x20AC;&#x2122;, 400 hrs, loaded ............................. $105,000 MF 220 â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;96, 30â&#x20AC;&#x2122; ........................................................... $34,900 2 - Macdon M150 â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;10, w/35â&#x20AC;&#x2122; D50 hdr, trspt, 600 metric, Trimble AS, 209 & 221 hrs ............................ $139,500 NH H8040, â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;09, 36â&#x20AC;&#x2122; dbl knife drive, 608 hrs ............... $119,000 NH HW325 â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;05, 30â&#x20AC;&#x2122;, 1150 hrs, loaded ......................... $79,500

STRAIGHT CUT HEADERS 2 - HB SP36 â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;10........................................ Starting @ $64,900 2 - HB SP30 â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;10, Glnr adapt w/hyd detach trspt, cross auger, cntr mt, UII pu reel, sngl knife dr ............. $59,900 HB SP30 â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;09, sng knife, UII, hdr tilt, cross auger, detach trspt, Case 2388 adptr, fore/aft ....................... $54,900 HB SP30 â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;05, UII reel, sngl knife dr, detach trspt, cross auger, Gleaner adapt, low block ........................ $44,900 HB SP30 â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;04, UII reel, Glr adptr, pea auger, detach. trspt ........................................................................... $34,900 HB SP25 â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;08, UII reel, poly on skid, detach. trspt., pea auger, transport canvass ............................................. $39,900

HAY EQUIPMENT Case IH 8465 â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;98, 5x6, auto......................................... $15,000 Case IH 8730 Forage Harvester ....................................$7,200 Hesston 956 â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;03, 5x6 .................................................. $24,900 Highline 7000 â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;01 ..........................................................$7,900 MacDon A40-D Hay Header ........................................... CALL NH 900 â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;99 Forage Harvester .................................... $12,900 New Noble 716 Hay Header, 16â&#x20AC;&#x2122; for MF 200 or CCIL 722, steel on steel rollers .................................... $11,900 NI 4865 â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;97, hyd .......................................................... $12,900

Greg Shabaga

H (306) 864-3364 C (306) 864-7776

Randy Porter

H (306) 864-2579 C (306) 864-7666

Lyle Mack

H (306) 752-2954 C (306) 921-6844

Farren Huxted

H (306) 752-3792 C (306) 864-7688

Kinistino, SK â&#x20AC;˘ email:



4-H7460 Discbines, 2-H7450 Discbines, 1-1400 Hay Hiker, 2-HT154 Wheel Rakes, 6-BR7090 Balers

Get the most out of every hay season with round balers that deliver the highest capacity in the industry — the NEW BR7000 Series Roll-Belt™ round balers from New Holland. The proven combination of rolls and belts forms uniform, dense bales in any crop from dry hay to silage to corn stalks. And, BR7000 balers pack more of your valuable crop into every bale with these added features: XTRASWEEP™ PICKUPS ARE THE WIDEST IN THE INDUSTRY TO GET EVERY BIT OF CROP CROPCUTTER™ OPTION PUTS MORE CROP IN EVERY BALE FOR MAXIMUM DENSITY AND FEWER BALES TO TRANSPORT AND STORE EDGEWRAP™ OPTION PROVIDES OVER-THE-EDGE WRAPPING FOR MORE PROTECTION AND EASIER HANDLING ©2010 CNH America LLC. New Holland is a registered trademark of CNH America LLC

2008 NH CR9070

2009 NH CX8080

1997 NH TR98










2003 NH SP30 Header

2005 HoneyBee SP30 Header

2005 HoneyBee SP36 Header








2004 HoneyBee SP39 Header

2003 HoneyBee SP42 Header

2008 JD 936D Header

2004 MacDon MF9420

1997 Prairie Star 4920





W/ 960 MD HDR 97, 25 FT PU REEL. #W21836B. KINISTINO.








2011 NH H8040





















856 Hesston Round Baler

2003 JD 567 Round Baler







HWY. #3, KINISTINO, SK — Bill, David H, Jim, Kelly SPRAYER DEPARTMENT, KINISTINO — Jay, David J., 306-864-7603


HWY. #5, HUMBOLDT, SK — Paul, Tyler


235 38TH ST. E., PRINCE ALBERT, SK — Brent, Aaron


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2012 CHEV AVALANCHE LTZ 4WD 5.3L V-8, loaded, sunroof, DVD, NAV, White Diamond with DK.LT. Cashmere Leather. MSRP $66,540 3 in Stock Starting at .................... Sale Price $56,995 2012 CHEV AVALANCHE LT 4WD 5.3L V-8, loaded, sunroof, black with ebony cloth MSRP $59,690 ........................... Sale Price $41,995


50 IN STOCK!! NEW 2012 EQUINOXS Stock #C1438 Starting At .....................................................$28,995


2012 3/4 TON, 1-TON REG CABS, CREWCABS + EXT. CABS 2012 GMC SIERRA SLE 2500 S/BOX 4WD CREWCAB 6.0L V-8, Loaded, Mocha Steel Metallic with Ebony cloth .....................................................................$45,995 25 - 2012 CHEV + GMC 2500 H.D S/BOX 4WD CREWCAB With Duramax Diesel, Loaded, Starting at ............$53,995 2012 GMC SIERRA “DENALI” 2500 H.D 4WD S/BOX CREWCAB Duramax Diesel, Loaded, Sunroof, NAV, Stealth Grey with Ebony Leather. MSRP $77,113. 3 in Stock Starting at Stock #C1192 .............. Sale Price $63,995 2012 GMC SLE 3500 H.D 4WD CREWCAB LWB SRW Duramax Diesel, Loaded, White with Ebony Cloth..............................................................$56,995 2012 GMC SLT 3500 H.D CREWCAB 4WD LWB SRW Duramax Diesel, Loaded, White with Ebony Leather. MSRP $71,895 ........................... Sale Price $60,995 2012 CHEV 2500 H.D 3/4 4WD REG WT 6.0L V-8, Automatic, O/D, LS Package, Air, Tilt, Cruise, Power Locks, Remote Entry, White. MSRP $44,260 ........................... Sale Price $38,995 2012 GMC SIERRA H.D 2500 (3/4) 4WD REG CAB Duramax Diesel, Allison Auto, SI Package, Air, Tilt, Cruise, Power Locks, Remote Entry. MSRP $56,025 ........................... Sale Price $46,995


6 CHEV ORLANDOS Starting at..............................................$24,995


2007 CHEV UPLANDER LS Ext, Auto O/D, Fully Loaded, CD Player, Power Seat, Dark Blue, 216,857km ................................................................$6,995 2004 CHEV VENTURE LS EXT Fully Loaded, Power Seat, Power Door, Keyless Entry, Rear A/C, Teal, 186,906km .........................................................$5,995 2002 HONDA ODYSSEY LX Fully Loaded, CD Player, 4-Bucket Seats, 7-Passenger, Gold 218,000km ................................................................$7,995 2002 CHEV VENTURE EXT Fully Loaded, Power Seat, 7-Passenger, Sandstone, 195,013km ................................................................$3,995 2000 PONTIAC MONTANA 3.4L V-6, Auto, O/D, Fully Loaded, CD Player, White, 201,662km ................................................................$2,995


2006 HONDA CRV EX AWD 2.4 4 Cyl., Auto, Fully Loaded, CD Player, Aluminum Wheels, Sunroof, Ebony Leather, Dark Red, 202,845 kms .......... $12,995 2006 CHRYSLER PACIFICA TOURING FWD 3.5L V6, Auto O/D, Fully Loaded, CD & Cassette, Power Seat, Aluminum Wheels, Rear A/C, 7-Passenger, Ebony Leather, Dark Blue,160,344km ...................................................... $11,995 2005 FORD ESCAPE XLT 4X4 SPORT 4DR V6, Fully Loaded, 6 Disc CD, Power Seat, Keyless Entry, Aluminum Wheels, Blue 180,303km .............................................$8,995 2003 GMC YUKON XL DENALI 4X4 6.0L V-8, Auto, Fully Loaded, CD Player, power Heated Seats, 8-Passenger, Grey Leather, Black, 106,994km.............. $14,995 2002 GMC ENVOY SLT XL 4.26 Cyl, Auto, Loaded, DVD, Black with Grey Leather, 194,000km ................................................................$7,995 2002 FORD EXPLORER XLT SPORT 4X4 4.0L V6, Auto O/D, Fully Loaded, CD & Cassette, Dk Red, 177,981km ................................................................$6,995 2002 FORD EXPLORER XLS AWD 4.0L V6, Auto, O/D, Fully Loaded, CD Player, Hitch, Boards, Dark Blue, 146,939km.........................................................$6,995 2001 TOYOTA RAV4 Auto, Fully Loaded, CD Player, Sunroof, Grey Leather, Silver, 154,067km ................................................................$9,995 1990 CHEV SUBURBAN 2WD 7.4L V8, Auto O/D, Fully Loaded, Am/Fm Cassette, Bucket Seats, Keyless Entry, Aluminum Wheels, 5-Passenger, Blue, 119,591 Miles ............................................................$4,995



2012 SPORT UTILITIES 2012 GMC YUKON SLT 4WD 5.3L V-8, Loaded, Sunroof, White Diamond with Ebony Leather, MSRP $68,795 ............... Sale Price $61,995 13 - 2012 BUICK ENCLAVES Starting at Stock #C1009 .................................$40,995 10 - 2012 GMC ACADIAS Starting at Stock #C1028 .................................$34,995 2012 GMC ACADIAN DENAI AWD 3.6L V-6, Loaded, DVD, Sunroof, Carbon Black Metallic with Ebony Leather. MSRP $61,980...... Sale Price $56,995

5 - 2012 CHEV TRAVERSES AWD Starting at Stock #C1010 .................................$35,995


2012 GMC “DENALI” 1/2 TON CREWCAB 6.2L V-8, Navigation, Sunroof and More! 0% FINANCING 4 to Choose From Starting at ...................$49,995


2008 CHEV SILVERADO LT CREW CAB 4X4 4.8L V-8, auto, O/D, fully Loaded, CD Player, Aluminum Wheels, Split Bench Seat, Hitch, White, 277,405km ......................... $12,995 2007 CHEV SILVERADO LTZ CREW CAB 4X4 5.3L V-8, auto, O/D, Fully Loaded, 6 Disc CD Player, Power Heated Seats, Touch 4x4, Keyless Entry, Aluminum Wheels, Hitch, Roll Top, Rails, Nerf Bars, Ebony Leather, Dark Blue, 177,869km .. $16,995 2007 GMC SIERRA SLE 3/4T EXT CAB 4X4 Auto O/D, Fully Loaded, Split Bench Seat, White, 175,706km ............................................................. $13,995 2006 FORD F250 LARIAT SUPER CAB 4X4 6.0L Diesel, Auto O/D, Fully Loaded, CD Player, Power Heated Seats, Keyless Entry, Hitch, Leather White, 162,840km ............................................................. $19,995 2005 CHEV SILVERADO LS EXT CAB 4X4 Fully Loaded, CD Player, Split Bench Seat, Aluminum Wheels, Black, 176,289km ............................................................. $13,995 2004 CHEV SILVERADO LT 3/4T EXT CAB 4X4 6.6L Duramax Diesel, Auto, O/D, Fully Loaded, Touch 4x4, Aluminum Wheels, 4” Lift, Nrf Bars, Chrome Kit, Pushbar, Box Cover, Ebony Leather, Black, 262,469km............................... $15,995 2004 GMC SIERRA SLE 3/4T EXT CAB 4X4 Fully Loaded, Auto, O/D, CD Player, Split Bench Seat, Power Seat, Aluminum Wheels, Dual Air Zone, Red, 212,314km ....... $15,995 2004 GMC SIERRA SLE CREW CAB 2WD 5.3L V-8, Auto, O/D, Fully Loaded, CD Player, Split Bench Seat, Power Seat, Silver, 183,405km ......................................$9,995 2004 CHEV SILVERADO CREW CAB 4X4 5.3L V-8, Auto, Fully Loaded, CD Player, Power Heated Seats, Leather, White, 309,225km ...........................................$9,995 2004 CHEV SILVERADO LT 3/4T CREW CAB 4X4 6.6L Duramax Diesel, Auto O/D, Fully Loaded, Power Heated Seats, White, 217,289km .................................................... $19,995 2004 CHEV SILVERADO LT 3/4T EXT CAB 4X4 6.6L Duramax Diesel, Auto O/D, Fully Loaded, Touch 4x4, Aluminum Wheels, 4” Lift, Nerf Bars, Chrome Kit, Push bar, Box Cover, Ebony Leather, Black, 262,469km ............... $15,995 2004 CHEV SILVERADO LT EXT CAB 4X4 5.3L V8, Auto O/D, Fully Loaded, CD Player, Power Seats, Beige Leather, White, 249,433km ...........................................$9,995

Automatic, Air Conditioning, CD, XM Radio

2011 CHEV IMPALA 4DR. LTZ 3.9 V-6, loaded, buckets & console, white with titanium leather. MSRP $34,610 ................ Sale Price $27,995

2003 GMC SIERRA EXT CAB 4X4 Fully Loaded, CD Player, Red, 206,018km ................... $11,995

2006 CHEV COBALT LT SEDAN 2.2L 4-Cyl, Auto O/D, Fully Loaded, CD Player, Aluminum Wheels, Spoiler, Silver, 198,487km ............................................$6,995 2006 PONTIAC VIBE AWD 4-Cyl, Auto O/D, Fully Loaded, Aluminum Wheels, Blue Green, 170,500km ................................................................$8,995 2003 PONTIAC GRAND PRIX GTP SEDAN 3.8L V-6, Auto, O/D, Fully Loaded, CD Player, Power Seat, Aluminum Wheels, Heads up Display, Sunroof, Black Leather, Silver, 170,070km ................................................................$6,995 2007 CHEV IMPALA SEDAN 3.4L V-6, Auto, Fully Loaded, CD Player, Keyless Entry, Sandrift, 222,890km ................................................................$4,995 2003 PONTIAC GRAND AM GT 3.4L V6, Auto O/D, Fully Loaded, CD Player, Power Seat, Aluminum Wheels, Spoiler, Sunroof, White,142,273km .....................$7,995 2003 OLDS ALERO COUPE 3.4L V6, Auto O/D, Fully Loaded, CD Player, Bucket Seats, Aluminum Wheels, Sunroof, Silver, 199,170km .................$5,995 2002 PONTIAC GRAND PRIX GTP SEDAN 3.8L V-6 SC, CD Player, Power Heated Seat, Aluminum Wheels, Heads Up Display, Keyless Entry, Tan Leather, Red, 214,717km ................................................................$3,995 2002 NISSAN ALTIMA S SEDAN 2.5L 4-Cyl, Auto O/D, Fully Loaded, Power Seat, Aluminum Wheels, Sunroof, Grey, 129,760km ............................................$8,995 2000 PONTIAC GRAND AM SEDAN 3.4L V-6, Auto, O/D, Fully Loaded, Am/FM Cassette, Aluminum Wheels, Blue, 152,251km .............................................$5,995 2000 PONTIAC GRAND AM SE 3.4L V6, Auto, Fully Loaded, CD Player, Bucket Seats, Red, 155,779km ................................................................$4,995 1999 BUICK PARK AVENUE SEDAN 3.8L V6, Auto O/D, Fully Loaded, Power Seats, Leather, Beige ............................................................. $5,995

$19,895-143 Bi-Weekly

2002 CHEV SILVERADO EXT CAB 2WD 5.3L V-8, Auto, O/D, Fully Loaded, CD & Cassette, Split Bench Seat, Power Seats, Aluminum Wheels, White, 150,621km ..........$8,995 2001 CHEV SILVERADO EXT CAB 4X4 5.3L V-8, Fully Loaded, Split Bench Seat, Power Seats, Touch 4x4, White, 266,044km .......................................................$6,995 1998 GMC SIERRA EXT CAB 2WD 5.7L V8, Auto, Fully Loaded, CD Player, Split Bench Seat, Power Seat, Red, 155,195km .................................................$8,995


2007 GMC SLT CREW CAB 4X4 “BIG DOOLEY” Duramax Diesel, Allison Auto, Loaded, Pewter with Ebony Leather, 174,902km ............................................................. $27,995


2000 GMC 8500 TOPKICK 3126 275 HP Caterpillar, Allison Auto, A/C, Tilt, Split Bench Seat, 20’ Ultra Cell Box with 60” Sides, Michaels Roll Tarp, Grey, 118,260km .............................................. $69,995


1989 FORD E-350 BUS 2WD 7.3L Diesel, Auto, 24-Passenger, Air Ride, Front A/C, Cruise, Tilt, White, 79,432km ...................................................$7,995


2009 CHEV IMPALA LS SEDAN 3.5L V6, Auto O/D, Fully Loaded, CD Player, Power Seat, Keyless Entry, 5-Passenger, Charcoal, 181,638km .......................$8,995 2008 CHEV MALIBU 2LT SEDAN 2.4L 4-Cyl, Auto O/D, Fully Loaded, Power Heated Seat, Black, 180,680km .......................................................$9,995 2006 CHEV IMPALA LTZ 3.4L V6, Auto O/D, Loaded, Heated Buckets, Ebony Leather, Bronzemist, 161,145km ...............................................$8,995 2006 PONTIAC GRAND PRIX GT 4DR 3.8L V6, Loaded, Stealth Grey, 169,196km ....................$6,995

1996 CHEV CAMARO COUPE 3.8L V6, Auto O/D, Fully Loaded, CD Player, Keyless Entry, Aluminum Wheels, Blue, 158,663km ........................$7,995

1994 CHRYSLER INTREPID ES Auto O/D, Air, Tilt, Cruise, Power Windows & Locks, Power Seat, Blue, 190,581km.........................................................$1,995

Rebates to Dealer



MON-TUES-WED-SAT – 8:30AM-6:00PM THURS-FRI–8:30-9:00PM





Mon.- Fri., 7:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m. Sat. 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

Home Centre

South Railway Street West P.O. Box 1000, Warman, Sask. S0H 4B0

Ph: 306-933-4950 Toll Free: 1-800-667-4990

Mt. Blanchard

Great Prices, Even Better Service

Reg. $183,509 — SALE PRICE

5W^MQ\\W\PMTISM \PQ[[]UUMZ Size 16 ft. Walls

Materials Material & Labour (Coloured Walls) Built on Site

Size 16 ft. Walls

Materials Material & Labour (Coloured Walls) Built on Site





































PACKAGES INCLUDE: •29 Gauge #1 Colored Metal Walls and Galvalume Roof •1 Large Sliding Door •1 Steel Walk-In Door OPTIONS: •Other Sizes and Wall Heights Available •Windows •Overhead Door


.93/lin. ft.

2 profiles and several colors to choose from! In Stock Quantities Only!

Wedgewood blue Soffit & Facia Material Soffit



While supplies last

R2015 $

Reg. $14.59





Reg. $198,367 — SALE PRICE








Toll-Free 1-866-933-9595



While supplies last









WAS $29,995 NOW







2008 GMC SIERRA 2500 SLT



2007 DODGE RAM 2500 SLT 6.7L DIESEL, LOADED 4X4, 99,000KM, PST, PD, 6 SPD




2006 CHEV SILVERADO 1500 LT LOADED, 4X4, PST, PD, 135KM, 5.3L










JUST IN!!!!!!!





2010 FORD F250 XLT




5.4L LOADED 4X4, 119KM


2008 FORD F150 XLT PST PD 4X4 5.4L LOADED, ONLY 119KM!




2011 GMC SIERRA 1500 LT

5.3L, LOADED, 4X4, 33KM













$41,995 DL#311430







0.5% — OR —



AND UP TO $3,000





“2012 Best Mainstream Brand” for the Highest predicted resale value of any mainstream brand.


The Only manufacturer with 2012 IIHS Top Safety Picks for all models.

2011 FORD F150 XLT













2008 FORD F150 LARIAT 4X4

2007 FORD F150 LARIAT 4X4



2012 Residual Value Awards Winner For Best Retained Value.







2007 CHEV SILVERADO 1500 LT Z71 4X4

86,334 KMS U0664


CALL 2009 NISSAN TITAN 40,407 KMS U0721

LOADED, 103,740 KMS SK-S2451A





2011 FORD F150 XTR







34,797 KMS







2008 FORD F350 SD LARIAT SK-U0640









2005 INFINITY G35 M6












Open 24 Hours @

SUBARU OF SASKATOON 471 CIRCLE PLACE • 306-665-6898 OR 1-877-373-2662

Open 24 Hours @




ONE TIME FENCING, sucker rod fence posts for sale. 1-877-542-4979 AB or SK 1-888-252-7911.

HOME OF REINKE ELECTROGATOR II. Reinke centre pivots, Reinke laterals, Reinke genuine parts. Can design to your needs. Trades welcome. 306-858-7351 Lucky Lake, SK. IRRIGATION TURBINE water pumps, 6-8”, 4 cyl. dsl or PTO, 600-1000 gal/min, very efficient. Also buying oilfield pipe and casing. Jake 403-878-6302, Grassy Lake, AB.

CUSTOM FENCING with rubber track Morooka, or self-propelled Heavy Hitter pounder. Contact Parkside Farm & Ranch, K e n n e d y, S K . 1 - 8 7 7 - 3 7 1 - 4 4 8 7 o r 306-577-7694, SOLIDLOCK AND TREE ISLAND game wire and all accessories for installation. Heights from 26” to 120”. Ideal for elk, deer, bison, sheep, swine, cattle, etc. Tom Jensen ph/fax: 306-426-2305, Smeaton, SK. SPEEDRITE ELECTRIC FENCERS and accessories. 306-725-4820, Bulyea, SK.

SKYJACK SJ7027 4x4 SCISSORLIFT, factory reconditioned, $15,000; 1991 Michigan(Volvo) L70 loader, new rebuilt engine, Q/A, c/w bucket and forks, $35,000. Financing available. CUSTOM CATTLE FENCING. We do cat- 204-864-2391, 204-981-3636, Cartier, MB. tle, horse, and buffalo fencing. 25 years experience. References available. Saskatoon, SK. 306-979-2627, 306-270-2767. HI-LITE MFG. Selling Ezee-roll wire roller. Call Wes at 306-984-7861 or email: 112 TREATED POLES, 9’ to 12’, $10 each. Forklifts and Parts 306-277-4444 res., 306-921-7445 cell, New and Used Ridgedale, SK. All makes and models CUSTOM FENCING SPECIALIZING in barbwire, corrals, hitensil. Will travel. Call 306-931-3397 or 306-381-7358. Ph Marie @

1 888 440 2700

SOS CUSTOM FENCING. Timely, top quality agricultural fencing solutions. Will travel. To book call Stacey 306-696-7697 or e-mail: CUSTOM BARBWIRE FENCING. Will travel within 200 mile radius from Two Hills, AB. For info. call John 780-603-0023. GUARANTEED PRESSURE TREATED fence posts, lumber slabs and rails. Call Lehner Wo o d P r e s e r ve r s L t d . , a s k fo r R o n 306-763-4232, Prince Albert, SK. CUSTOM FENCING AND corral building, no job too big or too small. 306-699-7450, 306-699-2327, Qu’Appelle, SK. 5 x 1 0 P O RTA B L E C O R R A L PA N E L S starting at $55. 403-226-1722, 1-866-5178335, Calgary, AB, MILLS CUSTOM FENCING, all terrain. Will travel. Taking bookings. Earl Grey, SK, 306-726-7550, 306-939-2057. BISON FENCING 10’, 8’, 7’, posts pressure treated, 10-60-12 page wire fencing. Call 204-746-0462, Winnipeg, MB. MULCHING - TREES; Brush; Stumps. Visit us at: Also see section #6136 Pastures. JK CUSTOM FENCING: We build wire fence or corrals. Call Jeb at 306-961-8246 or 306-749-3440, Birch Hills, SK.

L& M

or e mail


N.A.P.S. SOLAR STORE offers solar panels, windmills, components or complete solar systems and energy efficient appliances. 780-835-3682, 1-866-835-6277, Fairview, AB., or check out: 1999 JCB 940 forklift, 8000 lbs. lift, side shift, 30’ high, enclosed cab, vg cond., 3200 hrs., diesel, can deliver, $26,000. 204-743-2324, Cypress River, MB.

2004 INGERSOLL RAND zoom boom forklift, model VR843, 8000 lb. capacity, 43’ reach, $32,500. Financing available. Cartier, MB. 204-864-2391, 204-981-3636.

Fi na n c i ng and L ea sin g

R egin a , S K 3 0 6 -3 47-0 774 o r To ll F ree a t 1-8 6 6 -8 9 9 -9 9 6 5

If Y o u F in d It . . . W e C a n L ea s e It.

2 0 0 2 DA E W O O F O R K L I F T, m o d e l GC25E, 3 stage, side shift, 5000 lbs. capacity, brand new factory complete drop in engine, $10,000. Financing available. Cartier, MB. 204-864-2391 or 204-981-3636.


1984 SP LITTAU BERRY harvester, exc. cond. Can harvest saskatoons, raspberries, black currants, chokecherries and some sour cherries, very well maintained, c/w 50+ fruit trays. For more info. call Bert 403-625-0558, Claresholm, AB. can deliver

FIREWOOD: SEMI LOADS, self-unloading truck, or pick up on yard. Hague, SK. Phone: 306-232-4986, 306-212-7196. BLOCKED SEASONED JACK Pine firewood for sale. Contact Lehner Wood Preservers Ltd., 306-763-4232, Prince Albert, SK. Will deliver. Self-unloading trailer. 40 CORDS, $60/cord; Plus 300 Poplar sawing logs, 7” to 20” widths, 8’ to 10’ long. 306-883-3290, Spiritwood, SK. BIRCH, SPRUCE, TAMARAK split in semi load lots, self unloading truck and trailer. LOWEST PRICES IN CANADA on new, high 306-538-4487, Kennedy, SK. quality generator systems. Quality diesel generators, Winpower PTO tractor driven alternators, automatic / manual switch gear, and commercial duty Sommers Powermaster and Sommers / Winco portable generators and home standby packages. 75+ years of reliable service. Contact Sommers Motor Generator Sales for all CUSTOM FIREWOOD PROCESSING, cut y o u r g e n e r a t o r r e q u i r e m e n t s a t and split up to 22” lengths. 306-538-4487, 1-800-690-2396 Online: Kennedy, SK.

BEV’S FISH & SEAFOOD LTD., buy direct, fresh fish: Pickerel, Northern Pike, Whitefish and Lake Trout. Seafood also available. Phone toll free 1-877-434-7477, 306-763-8277, Prince Albert, SK.

FORKLIFTS: JCB 940 8000 lbs; JCB 930, 6000 lbs; Eagle pitcher R80. Conquest Equipment 306-483-2500, Oxbow, SK. BARREL AND FORKLIFT, 12 volt, best offer. 306-965-2504, 306-463-8385, Coleville, SK.

SWEEP ALL LAWN sweeper, 5’ width, w/3 PTO or can be towed. 204-523-7734, Killarney, MB. 430 JOHN DEERE diesel tractor w/rototiller, mower, blade. Phone: 306-668-4975, Vanscoy, SK. RESTORED FORD 8N tractor, recond. motor, new tires and rims, c/w attachments, asking $4000. 306-858-7103, Birsay, SK. TS44 VERMEER TREE SPADE on 1977 D o d g e 6 0 0 t r u c k , e x c e l l e n t s h ap e , $20,000. Phone 306-723-4964, Cupar, SK. MOWER AND TILLER to fit #14 Massey tractor. 306-279-4710, Tway, SK. 8N FORD TRACTOR, 3 PTH, new battery and new carb. kit, 6’ 3 PTH cultivator, NEW AND USED Outback STS, S3 mapping good running condition, $2500 OBO. units. Baseline and AutoSteer units. Trades 204-655-3362, 204-638-1744, Sifton, MB. welcome. 306-397-2678, Edam, SK.

DIESEL GENSET SALES AND SERVICE, 12 to 300 KW, lots of units in stock, used and new, Perkins, JD, Deutz. We also build custom gensets. We currently have special pricing on new 90 KW Perkins units. Call for pricing 204-792-7471, Winnipeg, MB. GEN SETS: (2) 1000kW, natural gas gen. sets, low hours; (2) 600kW diesel gen. sets, low hours; (1) 400kW Volvo gen set, 170 hrs; (1) new 415kW JD 480V. Please call 1-888-300-3535, Airdrie, AB. NEW AND USED PTO driven alternators, ready to go; Also, used portable 20kW diesel, trailer mounted irrigation units. Please call 1-888-300-3535, Airdrie, AB. NEW AND USED generators, all sizes from 5 kw to 3000 kw, gas, LPG or diesel. Phone for availability and prices. Many used in stock. 204-643-5441, Fraserwood, MB.

Blu e po n d d ye , C la rifie rs Ae ra to rs , Fo u n ta in s , Alge e c o n tro l pro d u c ts , w in d m ills & m u c h m o re FREE S hipping on s elec t ord ers Ac ke n b e rry Po

n d Pro S u pplies

Pho n e: 78 0-8 78 -38 39 w w w .a cken b errytro u tfa rm s .co m w w w .p o n d p ro .ca

RED AND BLACK Angus 2 yr. old bulls, semen tested, vaccinated, Dectomax, ready to go. Call 403-556-2725, 403-559-7104, Olds, AB.

185 BWF 1st calf heifers with May calves available Oct. 1st. 60 day BA bull exposure p r ov i d e d , b u l l r e l e a s e n e g o t i a b l e , $2600/pr. 306-638-3051, Moose Jaw, SK. STILL HAVE 4 - 2 year old bulls and a good 45 YEARLING BLACK ANGUS bulls, ex- selection of yearlings, polled, horned, cellent quality, $2000-2500; And some 2-4 white and red factor. Semen tested, delivered and guaranteed. Prairie Gold Charoyr. old bulls, 204-835-2087, McCreary, MB. lais, 306-882-4081, Rosetown, SK. 2 YR. OLD Black Angus bulls. 2 yr. old Black Maine cross Angus bulls; Heifer 2 YEAR OLD and yearling bulls. Semen bulls. Semen tested, ready to go, we deliv- tested and delivered. Guy Sampson, er. Sharpley Angus, 403-325-1245, Strath- 306-567-4207, Davidson, SK. more, AB. YEARLING CHAROLAIS BULLS. Will semen MIDNITE OIL CATTLE CO. has on offer test and deliver. Layne and Paula Evans, semen tested yearling bulls for sale. Call 306-252-2246, Kenaston, SK. 306-734-2850, 306-734-7675, Craik, SK. PUREBRED CHAROLAIS YEARLING and TOP QUALITY YEARLING Black Angus two yr old bulls. These bulls have quiet bulls for sale. Argwen Angus Ranch, David disposition, mostly polled and are white, tan and red. Delivery is available. Bar H Pope, 403-886-4742, Penhold, AB. Charolais, Grenfell, SK. Call: Kevin Haylock 2 YR. OLD BULLS, easy calving for your 3 0 6 - 6 9 7 - 2 9 0 1 o r L aw r e n c e H ay l o c k heifers, stout and rugged for your cow 306-697-2988 Email herd. Everblack Angus, Ernest Gibson, WHITECAP CHAROLAIS YEARLING bulls 780-853-2422, Vermilion, AB. for sale, semen tested and guaranteed. BLACK ANGUS BULLS, calving ease and Call Mike 306-631-8779 or 306-691-5011, performance, good travelling, above aver- Moose Jaw, SK. age testicles, quiet disposition, semen tested. Will delivery when needed. Double REGISTERED CHAROLAIS BULLS, white, calving ease, growthy and very quiet. SeP Angus, 306-825-6082, Lloydminster, SK. men test and deliver. Qualman Charolais, 306-492-4634, Dundurn, SK.

2 YEAR OLD Red Angus and yearling Black Angus bull, semen tested and ready to go. Randy 306-231-6969, Viscount, SK. REG. PUREBRED yearling Red Angus bulls for heifers and cows. Maple Ridge Acres. Les Saunders, 306-997-4507, Borden, SK,

• 7100 F eet

• 4.500” O .D . x .188 W all


• L en gths: 40’ – 600’

• W eight: 8.56#’

P RICE @ $1.00/ FT

A W P IP E & S T E E L S A LE S LT D .

Call Arnie @ Ph : (306) 955-3091 Cell: (306) 230-4892 STOCKED AT CAM ROSE ALBERTA YARD

Also available 3” – 6” Pipe & Land Roller Pipe Inquire about delivery to your area

REGISTERED CHAROLAIS BULLS, 2 yr. olds and yearlings, polled and horned, some red. Quiet bulls. Hand fed but not overfed. Bulls available privately at the f a r m . C a l l W i l f, C o u ga r H i l l R a n c h , 306-728-2800, 306-730-8722, Melville, SK RED FACTOR BULLS, yearlings and 2 year olds, red, white and tans. 306-931-8069, Saskatoon, SK.

POLLED PUREBRED 2 yr. old and yearling BULLS: 1 AND 2 years, red or black, rea- bulls, some Red Factor. Kings Polled sonable prices. Tom Ward 306-668-4333, Charolais, 306-435-7116, 306-645-4383 or Clark Ward 306-931-3824, Saskatoon, SK. 306-645-2955, Rocanville, SK.

6 YEAR OLD Legend coal boiler w/auto feed, was used to heat a 10,000 sq. ft. 48” HUSQVARNA RIDING lawn mower shop w/or without 2,000 bu. hopper bin. w/hydrostatic drive, like new cond., $2200 Call Ladimer at 306-795-7779, Ituna, SK. OBO. 306-734-2970, Chamberlain, SK. or for pics DEINES 1800KT zero turn mower, 60” ALL CANADIAN Coal and wood pellet hy- deck, 18 HP, 750 hrs, very good condition, dronic heaters. Save up to 70% on your $3500 OBO. 306-771-2776, Balgonie, SK. h e at i n g b i l l . N ova M e t a l Te c h L t d . , 7 8 0 - 9 2 2 - 2 4 8 0 , S h e r wo o d Pa r k , A B . DKF RED AND BLACK ANGUS BULLS AT DKF Ranch. Quality heifer and cow bulls. Agent for solar and wind water sysWWW.NOUTILITYBILLS.COM - indoor tems and Allen Leigh calving cameras. coal, grain, multi-fuel, gas, oil, pellet and propane fired boilers, fireplaces, furnaces REGISTERED BLACK ANGUS BULLS for Dwayne or Scott Fettes, 306-969-4506, and stoves. Outdoor EPA and conventional sale by private treaty. Top quality genet- Gladmar, SK. wood boilers, coal / multi-fuel boilers. ics. Yearlings, $2600-$4500 OBO. Semen WINDY WILLOWS Reg. Red Angus bulls, Chimney, heat exchangers, parts, piping, tested, full vaccination program. Pickup performance tested, semen tested, guarpumps, etc. Athabasca, AB, 780-628-4835. save! Volume discount. 306-460-8520, anteed, many suitable for heifers, delivery Kindersley, SK. For complete listings visit available. 306-677-2507 or 306-677-7544, Hodgeville, SK. BLACK ANGUS 2 yr. old and yearling bulls 2 YEAR OLD and yearling bulls for sale. BIRD WATCHERS CALL To The Far North! for sale, good selection. Nordal Angus, Semen tested and delivered. Call Guy Bird stands and natural locations available. Rob Garner 306-946-7946, Simpson, SK. Sampson, Davidson, SK., 306-567-4207. Year round bird and wildlife watching. Tree stands, ground blinds, and natural lo- WINDY WILLOWS Reg. Black Angus bulls, YEARLING AND 2 year old AI sons of Fully cations available. North Western Sas- performance tested, semen tested, guar- Loaded, Goldbar King and Sakic. Ready to katchewan. Ron Kisslinger 306-822-2256 anteed, many suitable for heifers, delivery work. 306-773-6633, Swift Current, SK. available. 306-677-2507 or 306-677-7544, or email: Hodgeville, SK. WHEELER’S STOCK FARM has quality bulls for sale. Calving ease and performance bulls for every budget. Semen tested and USED OIL WELL TUBE: 1.66 O.D. $19; 2 ready to go. 306-931-8471, 306-230-3582, inch, $25; 2-7/8” $31; 3-1/2” $39; 22 ft. 306-382-9324, 306-260-7336, Saskatoon. 3/4” Co Rod, $5. 1-888-792-6283. YEARLING AND 2 YR. OLD Black Angus bulls. Semen tested, vet inspected, fully guaranteed. Gerlei Angus 306-424-2332, 306-424-7676, Montmartre, SK. RAIN MAKER IRRIGATION Zimmatic piv- YEARLING ANGUS BULLS sired by Connea- REG. 2 YR. OLD RED ANGUS BULLS ots/Greenfield mini pivots, K-Line towable ly Impression, DM Upward 2W. Call David structurally sound, strong performance, exceptional maternal pedigrees. Sell with irrigation, spare parts/accessories, new McLean, 306-455-2503, Arcola, SK. papers and breeders guarantee. $2500 and used equipment. 31 years in business. Outlook, SK 5 GOOD QUALITY 2 year old Black Angus and up. Call 306-525-2509. Located at Call 306-867-9606. bulls for sale by private treaty. All semen Prairie River, SK t e s t e d . C a l l H e r b F r i e s e n a t REGISTERED RED ANGUS yearling bulls, IRRIGATION/WATER PUMP: High vol- 306-363-2203, 306-360-7465, Drake, SK. semen tested, calving ease, guaranteed ume JD 4045, diesel w/Berkeley pump, low hrs, 1500 GPM capacity at 60 PSI, ask- PUREBRED BLACK ANGUS long yearling breeders. Little de Ranch 306-845-2406, bulls, replacement heifers, AI service. Turtleford, SK. ing $6500. 778-549-5124, Riverhurst, SK. Meadow Ridge Enterprises, 306-373-9140 HIGH PERFORMANCE, MUSCLED up, Red IHC 605 NATURAL GAS pumping engine or 306-270-6628, Saskatoon, SK. Angus bulls for sale. Elmer Wiebe at c/w Paco pump, $4500. 403-345-3455, SELLING: BLACK ANGUS bulls. Wayside 306-225-5720, 306-381-3691, Hague, SK. 403-308-2180, Coaldale, AB. Angus, Henry and Bernie Jungwirth, HOWE RED ANGUS: Yearling and 2 yr. NEW, USED IRRIGATION systems, pivots 306-256-3607, Cudworth, SK. old bulls for sale. Semen tested and guarand pumps, gas, diesel and electric, mainYEARLING BLACK BULLS. Canadian blooda n t e e d . C a l l M i ke 3 0 6 - 6 3 1 - 8 7 7 9 o r line, wheelmoves, irrigation travelers, lines. 306-877-2014, 306-877-4402, Du306-691-5011, Moose Jaw, SK. Bauer parts. New-Way Irrigation, your Albuc, SK. berta Zimmatic dealer, 1-800-561-4608. REGISTERED YEARLING BULLS. Easy WESTERN IRRIGATION, large supply of MANTEI FARMS yearling Angus bulls for calving, semen tested, vet inspected, sale. Performance and semen tested, guaranteed breeders, delivered. B-elle used irrigation equipment: pumps, pipes, Red Angus, 306-845-2557, Turtleford, SK. motors and new and used traveling guns. guaranteed. 306-634-4454, Estevan, SK. We buy and sell used irrigation equipment. 2 YEAR OLD BULLS Complete listing and Email: Call 306-867-9461, Outlook, SK. video at Tom RED ANGUS 2 yr. old and yearling bulls for sale, good selection. Nordal Angus, Rob THINKING OF IRRIGATING or moving Blacklock, 306-668-2125, Grandora, SK. water? Pumping units, 6” to 10” alum. BLACK ANGUS BULLS FOR SALE, Year- Garner 306-946-7946, Simpson, SK. pipe; Also Wanted: 6” to 10” pipe. Call lings and two year olds, semen tested, REG. RED ANGUS yearling bulls, semen Dennis, 403-308-1400, Taber, AB. 40 years guaranteed breeders, delivery available. tested, excellent heifer bulls, good temof experience, not a Dealer. Email: 306-287-3900, perament; Also reg. heifers. Sundown 306-287-8006, Englefeld, SK. Red Angus, Saskatoon, SK, 306-978-1569


RED ANGUS BULLS FOR SALE yearlings and two year olds, semen tested, guaranteed breeders, delivery available. Website: Ph 306-287-3900, 306-287-8006, Englefeld, SK.

RED FACTOR CHAROLAIS BULLS, yearlings. Red, white and tans. Wheatheart Charolais, 306-882-6444, Rosetown, SK. BULL PROBLEMS? Need a bull ph Perrot Martin Charolais can help. Bulls semen tested and del. John 306-874-5496 at Naicam SK PB CHAROLAIS BULLS, 2 yr olds and yearlings. Whites and tans. Mutrie Farms, Glenavon, SK. Call: Richard 306-429-2711.

DEXTERS COW/CALF pairs, yearling heifers, 1 and 2 year old bulls. 403-845-5763, Rocky Mountain House, AB.

POLLED YEARLING GELBVIEH bulls and Red Angus Gelbvieh cross. Birthweight from 72 lbs. Wayne at Selin’s Gelbvieh 306-793-4568, Stockholm, SK. GELBVIEH AND ANGUS yearling bulls. Call Collin 306-997-4917, Borden, SK. KNUDSON FARMS has red and black polled yearling and 2 year old bulls. For details call James 306-322-4682, Archerwill, SK. POLLED YEARLING GELBVIEH BULLS for sale, from our 33 year breeding program. Semen evaluations to be done in March. Winders Gelbvieh 780-672-9950, Camrose, AB.

PUREBRED REGISTERED, 10 cow/calf pairs, horns off. Selling for health reasons. 306-796-4410, Central Butte, SK. 2 YR. OLD HEREFORD BULLS horned and dehorned. Fully guaranteed. Will deliver Good selection. Little Red Deer Hereford Farm. Call Wilf 403-318-4791, Innisfail, AB QUALITY POLLED HEREFORD bulls, yearlings, 2 year olds, and 2 proven 3 year olds. Deposit holds until needed. Brian Longworth 306-656-4542, Harris, SK. REGISTERED POLLED HEREFORD bulls for sale, semen tested. Phone Harold or Tim Strauch, 306-677-2580, Shamrock, SK JOHNER STOCK FARM BULLS, polled Hereford and Black Angus, 2 year olds and yearlings. David 306-893-2714 or Justin 306-248-1305, Maidstone, SK.

FRESH AND SPRINGING heifers for sale. Cows and quota needed. We buy all classes of slaughter cattle-beef and dairy. R&F Livestock Inc. Bryce Fisher, Warman, SK. Phone 306-239-2298, cell 306-221-2620. HOLSTEIN HEIFERS, fresh, ready to calve or open. Please contact John at 403-382-1963, Fort Macleod, AB.

M I L K Q U OTA A N D DA I RY H E R D S NEEDED Fresh cows and heifers avail. ToDairy Consulting. Tisdale, SK. Rod York BOUNTY B RANCH: 2 year old and year- tal ling registered Red Angus bulls, semen 306-873-7428, Larry Brack 306-220-5512. tested. 306-796-4907, Central Butte, SK. WHEELER’S STOCK FARM has quality bulls for sale. Calving ease and performance bulls for every budget. Semen tested and ready to go. 306-931-8471, 306-230-3582, 306-382-9324, 306-260-7336, Saskatoon.

GOOD SELECTION of stout yearling and 2 year old red and black Limousin bulls, good disposition and calving ease. QuallyT Limousin, Rose Valley, SK, 306-322-4755 or 306-322-7554.

YEO’S RED ANGUS YEARLING bulls for sale, semen tested. Call Garry and Dianne SPRINGER BROS. LIMOUSIN have 2 year 306-873-5662, Tisdale, SK. old and yearling red and black bulls for sale. For details call Merv 306-272-4817, KC CATTLE CO. has top quality AI-sired Ernie 306-272-4774, Leslie, SK. yearling Red Angus bulls. Phone 306-290-8431, Saskatoon, SK. View online GUTEK LIMOUSIN yearling red and black at: polled bulls. Thick beefy bulls from Western Canada’s leading sires. 306-338-2112, SOUTH VIEW RANCH has Red and Black Hendon, SK. Angus yearling and two yr. old bulls for sale. ROP, semen and ultrasound tested. RED AND BLACK polled 2 yr. old Limousin Keith 306-454-2730, Shane 306-454-2688, bulls, good selection. Nordal Limousin, Rob Garner 306-946-7946, Simpson, SK. Ceylon, SK.


BIG ISLAND LOWLINES Farmfair Int. Premier Breeder. Fullblood/percentage, Black/Red Carrier, females, bulls, red fullblood semen, embryos. 780-486-7553 Darrell, 780-434-8059 Paul, Edmonton AB.


40 REPLACEMENT HEIFERS, blacks, reds, SUFFOLK PUNCH horses herd reduction. tans, 725-825 lbs., $1075/ea. Prefer to M a r e s w i t h f o a l s a n d y e a r l i n g s . sell as group. 306-783-0284, Yorkton, SK. 780-698-2564, Rochester, AB.

BULLS FOR SALE: Gelbvieh cross Red Angus, 3 yr. olds and 15 month olds, $3000 OBO. 306-531-5088, Regina, SK. HERD DISPERSAL: BLACK and Red Angus PUREBRED VIRGIN 2 year old red and cow/calf pairs. Can pasture until Oct., red/white Maine-Anjou bulls. Will semen $2400/pair, minimum 80 pair lots. test. Performance info. available. Contact 306-528-4431, Nokomis, SK. Falloon’s Maine-Anjou, Carman and Laura 150 BLACK AND RED Angus, good quality, Falloon, 204-842-5180, Birtle, MB. young bred cows. Call 306-773-1049, CANADIAN MAINE-ANJOU ASSOCIATION. Swift Current, SK. Power, performance and profit. For info on Maine-Anjou genetics 403-291-7077, Calgary, AB. or WANTED: CULL COWS for slaughter. For bookings call Kelly at Drake Meat Processors, 306-363-2117, ext. 111, Drake, SK. RED POLL BULLS, 2 reg. yearlings; 1- 2 yr. old, easy calving, naturally polled calves. 780-892-3447, Wabamun, AB.

PUREBRED YEARLING BULLS, Red 4TH ANNUAL PRAIRIE HARVEST Horse polled, delivery available. 780-542-5782, Sale, Sunday, August 26, 2012, 1:00 PM at Drayton Valley, AB. Johnstone Auction Mart, Moose Jaw, SK. We are accepting entries for quality ranch/pleasure/show geldings and mares, well started younger geldings and mares, SHORTHORNS FOR ALL the right reasons. brood mares, yearlings and 2 yr. olds, and Check out why and who at 306-577-4664, teams–registered or grade. Entries online: Carlyle, SK. and are due July OPTIMIZE HYBRID VIGOR in your herd. 16. For more info. call Scott Johnstone Yearling and 2 yr. old bulls for sale. Bender (auctioneer) 306-631-0767 or Glen Gabel (consultant/marketing) 306-536-1927. PL Shorthorns, 306-748-2876, Neudorf, SK. #914447. SELLING YEARLING BULLS, red factor and Simmental cross Red Angus. McVicar S t o c k F a r m s L t d . , C o l o n s a y, S K . 306-255-2799 or 306-255-7551. FOR SALE OR RENT: Red, black and fullblood Simmental bulls. A.I. breeding, semen tested, reasonable prices. Phone Dale 780-853-2223, Vermilion, AB. PUREBRED YEARLING RED bulls, semen tested. North Creek Simmental, 306-997-4427, 306-230-3123, Borden, SK. Check our website again for more facts and more to come. 306-893-2974, Waseca, SK. OPPORTUNITY TO PURCHASE complete small purebred Speckle Park herd. Legecy, Chibri, and Red Neck Breeding. Call 306-550-2686, Qu’Appelle, SK. 3 BULLS FOR SALE, 1 adult and 2 young. Phone 306-344-4749, Paradise Hill, AB.

2 6 t h A N N U A L R O C K I N G W FA L L HORSE SALE. Sept. 1st, Keystone Centre, Brandon, MB. Trainer challenge competition and Performance Horse Preview, August 31st. Catalogue deadline July 15th. For more info call: 204-325-7237 or email: Held in conjunction with Northern Lights Barrel Racing Faturity. SASKATOON ALL BREED Horse & Tack Sale, July 10. Tack 1:00 p.m. Horses to follow. Open to broke horses (halter or riding). Sale conducted at OK Corral, Martensville, Sask. To consign call Frederick 306-227-9505 SINCLAIR’S FLYING S RANCH Summer Spectacular Production Sale. August 11th, 2012 at 2:00PM at the ranch, 10.5 miles East of Spruce Lake, SK. Featuring: Broke horses, brood mares and 2012 foals. AQHA Bloodlines of Shinning Spark, Hollywood Jac 86, Barry Pine, Poco Bueno. APHA Bloodlines of Mardelle Dixon, Prairie Gold, Mighty Awesome and Mr. Norfleet. Palomino’s, Buckskin’s, Black Overo’s and Red D u n ’ s . V i ew c at a l o g u e i n c o l o r at : or Phone 306-845-4440.

35TH AND FINAL Shamrock Quarter Horse ALBERTA TEXAS LONGHORN Association Breeders Production Sale, Aug. 6th, 1 PM. 780-387-4874, Leduc, AB. For more info. Consignments accepted. 306-677-2589, 306-690-3029, 306-355-2784 Shamrock, REG. TEXAS LONGHORN BULLS available SK. in solid black, red and colored. Have good supply of strong yearling and 2 yr. olds. All classes of reg. stock also available. Call REG. MAMMOTH DONKEYS including one Dean at 403-391-6043, Stauffer, AB. Jennet with young foal at side. 204-535-2141, Baldur, MB. Can be seen on for sale page: POLLED WELSH BLACK Bulls. All ages. For- MAMMOTH CROSS JACK, 3 yrs. old, 13.3 age raised. For the most efficient cross HH, will breed horses, asking $800. bred cows you will ever own, use Welsh 204-425-3933, Steinbach, MB. Black. Studer’s 204-748-1251, Virden, MB. 2 YR. OLD John mule, quiet and well han35 REPLACEMENT HEIFERS, excellent Red dled, $600. Call Merle 306-845-2202 at and Black, Simm and Angus influenced, Turtleford, SK. home raised heifers with all pre-breeding vaccinations, $1600. Also have two Black Angus heifer bulls. 306-594-7949 or 306-594-2454, Norquay, SK. SEVERAL PAINT PONY mares, some w/spring foals; also 2 Paint pony stallions. 306-752-3712, Melfort, SK.

10 YEAR OLD GREY PERCHERON gelding, 17 HH, 1850 lbs., well broke to drive, asking $2000. Phone 306-699-7242 or 306-536-6189, McLean, SK.

VIRGIN 2 YR. OLD BULLS, ready to go. Ultrasound, linear measurement and DNA tested for carcass quality, fertility and efficiency. Semen tested. Black and Red with birthweights ranging from 60 to 90 lbs. Fullblood Welsh Black, Galloway and Angus bulls. Caroline, AB. Randy Kaiser 403-333-6653, 100 COW/CALF pairs for sale. Contact Jason 306-435-3098 or 306-435-6910, Moosomin, SK.

TEAM OF BLACK Percheron, well matched and broke, 16 HH, $2500; 1 black Percheron cross, 14 HH, drives double, single and ride, $1200. 306-228-2921, Unity, SK.

2 AND 4 YR. old bay mares, great pedigree, quiet and ready to start riding, $600 and $800. 306-845-2202, Turtleford, SK.

TEAM OF SUFFOLK/PUNCH geldings, well matched and broke. Phone 306-492-4621, Dundurn, SK.

HORSES, HORSES, HORSES. All makes and models for sale for various skill levels. Over 50 animals to choose from, minis to heavies, pets to ropers, we have a horse for you. Call for details 306-960-4166 or 306-961-2777, Prince Albert, SK. WWW.ELLIOTTCUTTINGHORSES.COM 35 plus years of training, showing, sales, clinics, lessons. Clifford and Sandra Elliott, Paynton, SK. Phone 306-895-2107. 2012 BLOCK HORSE FOALS, and a few yearlings for sale. Please call 403-664-2046 after 6:00 PM, Oyen, AB. TRIM BOSS: The Power Hoof Trimmer. Take the work out of hoof trimming. Trim wall, sole and flare on saddle horses, drafts and minis. Call 780-898-3752, Alder Flats, AB. VERY QUIET RIDING horse, good for kids; also good driving team, cheap. 306-742-4565, MacNutt, SK.

WANTED: BELGIAN DRAFT HORSE. Blue roan, mare or gelding, 3 to 10 years old. Between 16 hands to 17 hands. Broken or not. Please call Raymond Custeau in French at: 1-819-845-2591 or call Louis in English at: 1-819-845-5934, Quebec.

NORTHFORK- INDUSTRY LEADER for over 15 years, is looking for Elk. “If you have them, we want them.” Make your final call with Northfork for pricing! Guaranteed prompt payment! 514-643-4447, Winnipeg, MB.


12 V or Hydraulic drive. Options include digital scale, HD 3PTH, trailer kit and mixinga uger.

Call For Your Nearest Dealer


Also now available through your local Co-op Agro Center.

PHEASANTS AND WILD TURKEYS. w w w .reim erw eld ing m fg .com Gamebird netting. Dirt Willy Gamebird Farm and Hatchery, 780-922-6080, Ar50 MILKING GOATS, Saanen Toggenburg ATTENTION LIVESTOCK PRODUCERS: drossan, AB. cross and 34 open doelings from CAE free 5 bar panels, 30’; 30’ windbreak panels; 30’ silage bunks; 30’ all steel grain troughs; healthy heard. 780-789-0002, Warburg, AB 30’ bale shredder bunks; 20’ Texas gates and round bale feeders. Weld on and bolt CARFIO HATCHERY. Pheasants; Wild turon clamps for sucker rod and pipe, 3/4” to keys; Guinea Fowl; Partridges; Bobwhites; 3-1/2”. We will build equipment to your Jumbo Quails; Ducks; Geese; Broiler specifications. Delivery available. Authorchicks; Bantams and lar ge Heritage dealer for feed box, pellet and grain breeds. 1-877-441-0368, BISON SORTING PENS for sale, 6x8’ w/ ized feeders. We also handle a complete line easy roll doors, professionally built by of wood and steel fence posts and rough TWO ROBBINS I- 14 chicken incubators, Hard Rock Game Ranch. 403-526-4051, cut lumber. An authorized dealer for SaOne Robbins I- 14 turkey, duck incubators, Medicine Hat, AB. kundiak grain bins, we manufacture hopTwo Robbins H5 hatchers. 604-541-8799 per cones. Ph: 306-538-4487, Kennedy, or 604-219-1444, Surrey, BC. SK. WANTED: ADULT CHICKENS; Egg laying c a g e s ; E g g w a s h e r ; E g g g r a d e r. 204-937-2658, Roblin, MB. WHITE LOHMANN PULLET laying hens, ready to go, good hearty layers and good producers. 306-225-4446, Hepburn, SK.

BAD HILLS TRAIL RIDE, D’Arcy, SK, July 26, 27 and 28th. Night entertainment. For more information contact: Wally 306-460-7835, Angie 306-831-8365, HEATERS, PAN FEEDERS, feed tanks, email: scales , chicken slats, nipple drinkers, bell RIDING LESSONS: All ages, 6 years and drinkers, Cumberland single belt nests, up. JE Ranch, Holdfast, SK. Contact Mi- medicators. 780-636-3972, St. Paul, AB. chelle 306-488-4408. 10’ 3 PTH AUGER for leveling sawdust in CERTIFIED FARRIER. Holdfast, SK. Call poultry barn, $1000; 1/2 ton 3 PTH grain hopper for chick starter grain, $1000. Jacob at: 306-488-4408. 780-987-2044, Spruce Grove, AB. CANADIAN FARRIER SCHOOL: Gary Johnston, Email 403-359-4424, 403-637-2189, Calgary, AB. CONSIGNMENT 4-H TACK SALE: Fri. July 6 t h , N o o n - 5 : 0 0 P M a n d S at . J u ly 7 , 10:00AM-2:00PM. Ag Building, Prairieland GOOD QUALITY ALPACAS for sale. Please Park, Saskatoon, SK. Sharon 306-978-1636 v i s i t w w w. t i g e r l i ly r a n c h . c a o r c a l l or to consign your items. 306-397-2993, Edam, SK.

ANDRES TRUCKING. Call us for a quote today. 306-224-2088, Windthorst, SK. BISON WANTED - Canadian Prairie Bison is looking to contract grain finished bison for a growing market in Canada, US and Europe. Paying top market $$ for all animals. For more information contact Roger Provencher, or 306-468-2316. Join our Producer-owned bison company and enjoy the benefits. LARGE SELECTION OF Bison breeding STAGECOACH MADE TO Concord specs, stock. Both females and bulls. Wood cross $19,500 OBO. Phone: 780-853-2031 or and pure Wood; Some stock originating in Whitehorse, YK available. Phone Ryan at 780-581-4035, Vermilion, AB. 306-646-7743, Fairlight, SK. GEORGE’S HARNESS & SADDLERY, makers of leather and nylon harness. Custom saddles, tack, collars, neck yoke, double trees. Call WANTED: CARMEN CREEK Gourmet Meats 780-663-3611, Ryley, AB. and High Plains Bison are purchasing WANTED: HEAVY HORSE COLLAR(S), 28, calves, yearlings and finished slaughter 29 or 30. 306-699-7242 or 306-536-6189, bison year round. Prompt Payment. Advance deposits and long term contracts Mclean, SK. are available. For more information contact: or: or call: 303-962-0044. 20 BISON HEIFERS for sale. For more info. phone: 204-447-3332, St. Rose, MB. PRAIRIE ALL BREEDS Ram Sale, Sept. 8, 2012, Johnstone Auction Mart, Moose 4 PURE WOOD BULLS, 2 and 3 years old, Jaw, SK. Entries open until Aug. 01. Entry semen tested, Beaver Creek bloodlines, form online at:, not pushed, grass fed. Excellent for cross 306-693-4715, breeding, big frames that will result in calves that will produce. Arctic Bison or PL# 914447 Ranch 204-623-1954, The Pas, MB.

REG. 2 YR. old blue roan QH gelding, saddled and lunged; reg. 2 yr. old red roan mare, saddled, lunged and been on her back. Both quiet dispositions and good looking horses, asking $2000 each nego19 COW/CALF PAIRS, and 1 polled tiable. 780-806-6341, Hughenden, AB. C h a r o l a i s b u l l , p a c k a g e $ 4 2 , 0 0 0 . TOP END WELL bred QH’s, yearlings, geld306-424-2717, Francis, SK. ings, mares, 10 yr. old stallion, 2 yr. old 500 COW/CALF PAIRS for sale. Grass stallion. Reasonably priced. Olson Quarter available until September. 306-482-3224 Horses, Dundurn, SK. Don 306-492-2180. or Cam 403-820-2135 (cell), Carnduff, SK. 10 SPOTS AVAILABLE for training, 30 plus years in the round pen and the arena. If RK AN IM AL S UPPL IES ca rryin g you want a solid foundation on your colt or fu ll s to ck o fAn d i s clip p ers filly or just want a tune up on your horse for the summer, this is the place for you. a n d b l ad es . SELLING DORPER RAMS, herdsires and N EW RK PURE gro o m in g For info and training rates please call commercial rams. Join the change to p ro d u cts n o w a va ila b le. Dorpers. Call Ram H Breeders 1-866-317-8520. C a ll fo r d e ta ils a n d a fre e c a ta lo gu e 403-932-3135, Cochrane, AB. IRON CROSS RANCH selling 8 reg. ranch 1-8 00-440-26 9 4. horses in various stages of training. w w w .rka n im a lsu m Phone Cody 1-866-317-8520, Veteran, AB. DORSET EWE LAMBS for sale: 40 Dorset MILK COWS FOR sale, also milk goats. Call sheep, plus 1 ram. 306-273-4248 or Gord 780-878-3515, Hay Lakes, AB. YEARLINGS 2, 3 and 4 year olds, black, cross 306-621-4428, Yorkton, SK. grey, red and blue roans. Priced rea15 CHAROLAIS REPLACEMENT heifers, s o n a b l e . C l i f f a n d B o n n i e C l a r ke , white and red factor. Call 306-882-4081, 306-776-2310, Rouleau, SK. Rosetown, SK. CATTLE FINANCING available for feeder cattle and bred heifers/cows. Competitive interest rates. Call Marjorie 2012 BLOCK HORSE FOALS, and a few Blacklock, Stockmens Assistance y e a r l i n g s f o r s a l e . P l e a s e c a l l Corp., 306-931-0088, Saskatoon, SK. 403-664-2046 after 6:00 PM, Oyen, AB.

WANTED: ENERGETIC WORKING partner to work with existing White-tail deer ranch. Must be self-motivated and pasBUYING WILD BOAR pigs/swine for 20 sionate about working with White-tail years, all sizes. 1-877-226-1395. Highest deer. Excellent deer facility and handling shoots already in place. Open to ideas on $$$. growth and future developments. If you are interested please contact Jim, 306-332-3955, Fort BERKSHIRE, TAMWORTH CHESTIER white Qu’Appelle, SK. boars and gilts. Also cross breed bred gilts. Nationwide delivery at cost. Ph Troy at St. Claude, MB, 204-379-2004, 204-828-3317, ATTENTION ELK PRODUCERS: AWAPCO 204-750-1493, 204-750-2759. is a proven leader in elk meat sales. If you NOW AVAILABLE. Registered Purebred have elk to supply to market, give AWAPBerkshire semen. Call Magnum Swine Ge- CO a call today. Current price $7.50/kg netics at 1-888-553-4844. Live breeding hot hanging, no marketing fees. Nonanimals coming soon! Call or visit: members welcome. or call 780-980-7589. 780-674-5135, Barrhead, AB. VALLEY RANCHES, buying all ages WANTED: ALL BERKSHIRE pigs/swine, ELK elk. Ph Frank 780-846-2980, Kitscoty, all sizes. 1-877-226-1395. Paying highest of AB or email $$$.

2010 PLAINS BISON heifers. #35 top quality breeding stock. McBride Bison Ranch Ltd., Edgerton, AB. 780-755-3790 (home) or 780-842-8816 (cell). NORTHFORK- INDUSTRY LEADER for over 15 years, is looking for finished Bison, grain or grass fed. “If you have them, we want them.” Make your final call with Northfork for pricing! Guaranteed prompt payment! 514-643-4447, Winnipeg, MB. HERD DISPERSAL: 11 head of Woodsplains cross Bison. Kurt 306-240-7679, 306-236-3961 evenings, Meadow Lake, SK. SEMEN TESTED 2 yr. old Plains breeding bulls, 1300 to 1400 lbs. MFL Ranches, 403-747-2500, Alix, AB. THREE WOOD CROSS 3 year old breeding bulls, your choice of one. Call Marvin 306-929-2775 evenings, Prince Albert, SK.

SHEEP DEVELOPMENT BOARD offers extension, marketing services and a full MATURE REINDEER BULLS for sale. Call l i n e o f s h e e p a n d g o a t s u p p l i e s . Jim or Connie, Fort Qu’Appelle, SK., 306-332-3955. 306-933-5200, Saskatoon, SK.

80 IDEAS, plus layouts, for low cost onem a n c at t l e c o r r a l s , 1 5 0 d i a g r a m s . 2003 HOULE 6” lagoon pump, 52’, used very little, great condition, $10,000 OBO. 780-914-2768, Leduc, AB. BRANDT 2007 BALE COMMANDER VSF-X, well equipped, next to new. 306-369-2708, Bruno, SK.

AQUA THERM A pasture proven trough. Winter water problems? Solved! No electricity required. 3 sizes - 100, 200 and 525 ga l l o n . Ke l l n S o l a r, L u m s d e n , S K . 1-888-731-8882, 2005 REM 3600R bale processor w/grain attach., round and big square bales, used little, exc., $11,000; Easy Way 200 bu. creep feeder, $1600; Fibro post pounder, 2011 LUCKNOW 4 auger HD TMR, mixer trailer type $500. 306-736-9116 Kipling SK feeder wagon, model 900. New, never used. Tandem axle, loaded, hyd. raise and lower discharge chute, scale. Can deliver $55,000. Cypress River, MB. 204-743-2324

MORAND INDUSTRIES Builders of Quality Livestock Equipment, Made with Your Safety in Mind!


SVEN ROLLER MILLS. Built for over 40 years. PTO/elec. drive, 40 to 1000 bu./hr. Example: 300 bu./hr. unit costs $1/hr. to run. Rolls peas and all grains. We regroove and repair all makes of mills. Apollo Machine, 306-242-9884 or 1-877-255-0187, H E AV Y D U T Y 2 4 ’ PA N E L S , W I N D BREAKS, bale feeders, calf shelters and more for sale. Inquire: 403-704-3828, or email Rimbey, AB.

2007 SUPREME 600T, TMR, twin screw, scales, RH discharge, hay ring, used very little, $45,000. 780-789-2104, Thorsby, AB 2010 FARM AID 560 feed wagon, like new cond, $30,000. 306-887-2103, Weldon, SK MACK R600 MCKEE manure spreader, hyd. drive. Ph. 403-552-3753 or 780-753-0353, Kirriemuir, AB. YOUNG’S EQUIPMENT INC. For your livestock feeding, cutting, chopping and handling headquarters. 1-800-803-8346. LENGTHS OF 2” galvanized pipe; Chore Time augers w/plastic pipe and drops; 5 drive heads w/worm; Exhaust fans w/fan controls; Hog feeders, mostly 4-hole; Farrowing crates w/SS troughs. Taking offers on all equipment. Call 306-691-5284 eves, NET WRAP! NET Wrap! Net Wrap! Top Moose Jaw, SK. quality wrap, great pricing, free delivery. NEW-WAY PUMP AND power supplies, C a l l t o d a y t o s e c u r e y o u r o r d e r. applicators, spreader bars, draghose and 306-227-4503, Saskatoon, SK. reels. Call New-Way at 403-223-3591 or 2- NH 791 manure spreaders, 1981 and Alfons Poppe 403-795-4196, Taber, AB. 1982, tandem axles, good condition, GREG’S WELDING: 30’ freestanding heavy $5000 ea. OBO. 306-675-6110, Kelliher, SK duty fence panels and windbreaks; Also calf shelters and custom gates, etc. Deliv- PAYSEN CALF TIP table, like new. Phone 306-374-7788, Saskatoon, SK. ery avail. 306-768-8555, Carrot River, SK FREESTANDING PANELS: 30’ windbreak panels; 6-bar 24’ and 30’ panels; 10’, 20’ and 30’ feed troughs; Bale shredder bunks; Silage bunks; Feeder panels; HD bale feeders; All metal 16’ and 24’ calf shelters. Will custom build. 306-424-2094, Kendal, SK. STEEL VIEW MFG.: 30’ portable windbreaks, HD self-standing panels, silage/ hay bunks, feeder panels. Quality portable p a n e l s at a f fo r d a b l e p r i c e s . S h a n e 306-493-2300, Delisle, SK. FROSTFREE NOSEPUMPS: Energy free solution to livestock watering. No heat or power required. Prevents backwash. Grants available. 1-866-843-6744.

H-1000 HAYBUSTER TUB GRINDER, clean, good condition. 403-588-0958, Alix, AB. TEXAS GATES and 4.5, 7 and 8-5/8” pipe fo r s a l e , f u l l l e n g t h s a n d c u t o f f s . 403-504-3120, Medicine Hat, AB. 357 NH GRINDER mixer, vg cond., gear box rebuilt, $3500. Gary at 306-896-2640, or 306-621-1959, Churchbridge, SK. WANTED: new or used roller mill used for rolling grain. Phone: 306-747-2909, cell 306-981-2766, Mayview, SK. 1999 FORD F350, regular cab, 4x4, V10 automatic w/2008 Hydra-Dec bale deck. Call 306-626-3612, Success, SK.


2002 956 JD MoCo, flail, hyd. tilt, good cond., $21,000; 1992 535 JD baler, auto kicker, hyd. PU, belts resized to full length, chain guard, oiler, fire ext., $10,500; stock trailer, 6-1/2â&#x20AC;&#x2122;x20â&#x20AC;&#x2122;, 5th wheel ball hitch, side door, good shape, $6500; 8â&#x20AC;&#x2122;x16â&#x20AC;&#x2122; flatdeck, triple house trailer axles, new tires, rear ramps, $1800; Hi-Hog maternity pen, self catch headgate, $2300; Hi-Ho g squeeze chute w/exts., self catch headgate, $4000; round bale feeders, $150 each; rect. feeder, feeds 40 animals, $850; 3- 8â&#x20AC;&#x2122;x16â&#x20AC;&#x2122; tin sheeted calf shelters, $650 ea; 2- infrared heaters, $140 ea; 6-bulb heat lamp, thermostat controlled, $75; 1/2 a bundle new 6â&#x20AC;&#x2122;x8â&#x20AC;&#x2122; treated posts; Dr. Franks calf puller, chains, handles, and snare, $200; livestock prod, $100. Call Delmer 306-548-4653 days, 306-548-4764 eves, Danbury, SK. SOLID DEAL: over the tire rubber tracks for skidsteer, $2900. Phone 306-561-7733, Kenaston, SK.

AVAILABLE BACHELORETTE. I have no real problem in attracting men. I think I just have a magnet for the wrong type of man, big mouth, big ideas, fast cars, loud, rude and in your face. Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;m looking for a guy who is a gentle, sensitive type, a dad who has motorcycles, toys, cooks a great barbecue. He has friends heâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s known for a long time, likes women, has a good relationship with his parents. I know I should have my own dating show, or write a book. I have all this advice to give my girlfriends, but I have no one in my life. How could my advice be duh? I love to have fun, the life of the party and love people. I have been bungee jumping in Jamaica, zip lined in Mexico. I love horses, bikes, planes, fine dinning, but I also want to learn to play golf. I enjoy time to myself, read, garden and deep down inside, I am just a little olâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; farm gal from the sticks. At 42, Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;m in great shape, 5â&#x20AC;&#x2122;7â&#x20AC;?, 141 lbs. I have a wonderful relationship with my ex. I work out, take care of myself, have a very successful career that I love. I enjoy traveling, skiing, boating and life. I can see myself married with a man who is smart, caring, loving, respectful. He can be allot older than me, and needs to be passionate. Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;m a loving lady. Matchmakers Select 1-888-916-2824. Specializing in farm, ranch, rural, remote, isolated communities. Thorough screening process, customized memberships, guaranteed service Est. 12 yrs. Must be seeking a permanent relationship and be financially secure.


GOLDEN RETRIEVER PUPS, ready to go. TIMBERLANE RESORT, (COMOX Valley) Phone Ed 306-272-3848, leave message if Vancouver Island, BC. 2.2 acre walk-on not in. Foam Lake, SK. waterfront resort on sandy Saratoga Beach. 10 fully self contained units, 6 newer studio suites (7 yrs old) plus 4 rustic cabins. Full package avail., prime waterRED AND WHITE Border Collie pups, front. Priced at $2.3 million. Neil Woofrom working parents, ready to go, $450. d r o w, R oy a l L e p a g e C o m o x Va l l e y, 250-338-3349 306-587-7169, 306-773-3476, Success, SK or view REG. BORDER COLLIE pups, 8 wks. old, first shots, dewormed, off good working 30 ACRES in the Shuswap w/hwy expoparents, $250. Lee Suteau 306-237-4754, sure. 2 bdrm home, serviced mobile home pad, horse barn, equip. shed, workshop Sonningdale, SK. and more.Visit BONIFIED WORKING STOCK DOGS, reg. 13.15 PICTURESQUE ACRES in beautiful Australian Kelpie pups, sire Australian im- Armstrong Spallumcheen Valley, set up for port. Parents work at Community Pasture. horses and/or business w/highway access, Also started cow dogs and stock dog train- a 92x30â&#x20AC;&#x2122; shop w/16â&#x20AC;&#x2122; covered wings, 3 plus i n g ava i l a b l e . Wat k i n s o n C ow d o g s , stall barn w/heated tack rm and hay stor306-692-2573, Moose Jaw, SK. age, spectacular custom built 5 bdrm, 5 BLUE HEELER FEMALE, 9 wks. old, working bath family home w/all the added extras, parents, good temperaments, vet checked, plus it has a carriage house and a second suite for added income, $1,125,000. For 1st shots, $500. 403-363-4112, Brooks, AB full details on this outstanding property, KUVASZ/PYRANEES PUPPIES born Janu- contact Mike Beck at 250-307-1600, email a r y 8 t h , 4 f e m a l e s , f a r m r a i s e d . MLSÂŽ10048857, VantageOne Realty, Vernon, BC. 403-502-9470, Medicine Hat, AB. AUSTRALIAN SHEPHERD pups ready early July, black triâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s and biâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s, males and females. Hangin Tree bloodlines, bred to work stock, pics available. Reasonably priced to farm and ranch homes. 204-859-0064 or Rossburn, MB.

CENTRAL WATER & EQUIPMENT Services Ltd. Portable Pump and Pipeline Sales, Service and Rentals. Local phone: 306-975-1999, Fax: 306-975-7175, Toll free 1-800-561-7867.

DEEDED LAKEFRONT PRIVATE lot on Diefenbaker Lake at Hitchcock Bay, 3 bedroom open beam cottage w/4 car garage, natural gas fireplace, potable and summer water. Phone for pictures. Ron or Judy at 403-581-1346, Medicine Hat, AB.


CABIN #2 LAKE FRONT PROPERTY! S a nd y Bea c h, AB: N E 36 â&#x20AC;&#x201C; 51 â&#x20AC;&#x201C; 28 â&#x20AC;&#x201C; 3 L 2 TEN DER CL OS ES :

LOG HOMES, custom built, hand crafted, Pike Lake, SK. Phone 306-493-2448 or 306-222-6558, SERVICED LOT 50x120â&#x20AC;&#x2122;, in town of Strasbourg, SK., 211 Blackstock St. Phone 306-775-1578.

JULY 16 , 2012 @ 2P M OPEN HOUS E V IEW IN G:

JULY 7th & JULY14th 10AM â&#x20AC;&#x201C;4P M 126 0 S q Ft â&#x20AC;&#x201C; 3 Bed ro o m â&#x20AC;&#x201C; 1 Ba th â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Do u b le Ca r Ga ra ge w ith S epa ra te L o ft Ab o ve CHECK W EBS ITE FOR FUL L TERM S & CON DITION S , DETAIL S & PHOTOS ! S ub jec tto Ap p rova l of Conc erned Pa rties.


TO BE MOVED: 1-1/2 storey house in the Wakaw, SK area, 775 sq. ft. on main, 2 bdrms., 1 full bath. Taking offers. E-mail for more info/pics. Call 306-233-5254, leave message.

M CDOUGALL AUCTIONEER S LTD. 1-8 00-2 63-4193 Regin a


SHUSWAP COUNTRY ESTATES. Mfd. homes starting at $69,900. Retire with usâ&#x20AC;Ś on timeâ&#x20AC;Ś on budget. 250-835-2366 Salmon Arm, BC. RANCH WITH 1088 acres, (300 acres in grass hay, produces 1 cut/yr). Large yard w/4 bdrm, 2 1/2 bath home. Calving barn and quonset. Only 1 hr from Kelowna, BC and 1 hr to Osoyoos. Call 250-484-5676. CUSTOM BUILT WATERFRONT HOME, ANGLEMONT, BC. WHOLESALE priced, panoramic views of Wekusko Lake, a winterized log home on 1/2 acre lot on quality masterpiece, outdoor living in your the sunny side of the Shuswap Lake, 2464 front yard, great potential. Pine View Realsq. ft., 3 bdrms., 2.5 baths., full walkout ty Ltd., phone 1-888-760-2300, or email basement with fireplace. Close to 9 hole, The Pas, MB. Photos golf course, beach, marina and seniors and more info at hall. Enjoy summer and winter activities, asking $235,000 OBO. 250-770-0977, TURTLE LAKE, SOUTH BAY, 3 lots, side by side, to be sold as unit. Power, well, septic 250-492-3333 or 250-462-5634. tank, w/telephone and gas at property GOLD LEASE, THE CANYON, CASSIAR, line. Cabin, boat house, pontoon boat, deBC. Licenses in place, mining equipment, tached guest room, â&#x20AC;&#x153;nature loungeâ&#x20AC;?, accommodations. 100 acres, breath taking $375,000. 306-626-3535, 306-750-9900, recreational area on McDame Creek on Success, SK, Hwy. 37 and very private. For sale or trade. 306-267-4552.

WANTED: SELF-CATCHING HEADGATE or chute; Wanted: approx. 1000 bu. steel hopper bin. 306-252-3015, Kenaston, SK. PHILâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;S IRRIGATION SALES, pump, travPAYSEN LIVESTOCK EQUIPMENT INC. eling guns, pipe. Can design and install. We manufacture an extensive line of cattle Call 306-858-7351, Lucky Lake, SK. handling and feeding equipment including squeeze chutes, adj. width alleys, crowding tubs, calf tip tables, maternity pens, gates and panels, bale feeders, Bison equipment, Texas gates, steel water troughs and rodeo equipment. Distributors for Cancrete concrete waterers, El-Toro electric branders and twine cutters. Our squeeze chutes and headgates are now available with a neck extender. Phone 306-796-4508, email: GT2006 GOPHER TRAPS by Lees Trapwebsite: works Ltd. See them in action at COMMERCIAL BUILDING, 5440 sq. ft. built $17 each. Call in 2008 for sale in Carlyle, SK. Prime loca306-677-7441, Swift Current, SK. tion. Call 306-577-7809 for details. RODENATOR ALBERTA LTD. The goCOSTA RICA PACIFIC coast beach propphers, moles, badgers, etc. are back. We erty, zoned commercial, permits in place offer the only BOSS OF THE BURROW to rebuild. For sale/trade. 306-267-4552. that not only eliminates the pests with one 2.7 ACRES COMMERCIAL property with CANADA ORGANIC CERTIFIED by OCIA concussive blast, but also destroy the bur3300 sq. ft. heated shop located at WynCanada. The ultimate in organic integrity row so they wonâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t be back. Order yours toyard, SK. For more info ph 306-813-7292. for producers, processors and brokers. Call day. Bob at 403-620-4038, High River, AB. Ruth Baumann, 306-682-3126, Humboldt, PROBLEMS WITH RODENTS OR MICE? SK,, Rodents Odor Free can help you prevent PRO-CERT ORGANIC SYSTEMS Royalty all this. Prevent spread of Hanta Virus- AlSASKATOON Ideal for students who want free organic certifier. Family owned, expe- lergen Free! Go to to aquire equity rather than pay thousands Edm onton rienced, affordable. Phone 306-382-1299 to contact a Dealer near you. in rent. A fully upgraded 1166 sq. ft. 3 or email Saskatoon SK. bdrm. 2 bathroom 1983 mobile home on bus route to U of S and SIAST. 5 appliances, large porch and deck, move-in ready. $74,900. 306-270-9160, Saskatoon, SK. WANTED: BUYING ORGANIC screenings, delivered. Loreburn, SK. Prompt payment. 306-644-4888 or 1-888-531-4888 ext. 2 PELICAN LAKE waterfront cabins, lakeFARMER DIRECT CO-OP has sales for cerhomes, lots, RV sites. Fay 204-537-2270 tified organic feed wheat. Please call year round. 306-352-2444, Regina, SK.

RW ORGANIC LTD. currently looking for all grades of wheat, immediate pickup. Also offering fall contracts. 306-354-2660, Mossbank, SK.

WANTED: ORGANIC CALVES, stockers from 600- 900 lbs. Also producers remember to certify cows and calves for 2012. Kelley 306-767-2640, Clem 306-862-7416, Ted 519-868-8445, Zenon Park, SK.

CKC REG. GERMAN Shepherd pups, exc. working bloodlines, big square and strong, extremely intelligent, farm raised w/kids and all animals, tattooed, first shots, reference available on past litters. Ready to go. 306-753-2667, Macklin, SK. CHESAPEAKE BAY RETRIEVER CKC regâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;d, excellent pedigrees, large, gentle, intelligent, superb Retrievers. Take home July 30. Vet certificate and 1st shots. $850. Don 780-921-2407, Bon Accord, AB. REG. GERMAN SHEPHERD pups, 16 weeks old, 1 male, 1 female, black and tan, 1st and 2nd shots. 306-287-4063 Englefeld SK

GERMAN SHEPARD PUPS, ready to go May 24th, $800. 306-887-4333, Kinistino, SK. Email: TO GIVE AWAY cross Wolf pups, all vaccinated, in good health, born Dec. 20th. 74 YEAR OLD lady looking for male com- 780-383-3805 780-742-4334 Warspite, AB panionship and for travel. Approx. same age, in good health. Box 2001, c/o West- GERMAN SHEPHERD PUPS for sale, black, ern Producer, Saskatoon, SK. S7K 2C4. tan and sable, ready July 5th, will have first shots. 4 males and 4 females, $500 each. Kincaid, SK, 306-264-3834. SINGLE? MEET THE MATCHMAKER The only way it works! In-person interviews July 6th to 8th, Yorkton, Saskatoon and Regina. Membership $700 plus taxes. 18 years experience. Have matched thousands of people! Camelot Introductions, or call 204-888-1529 to book your appointment with an award winning Matchmaker! GOOD MEN are hard to come by - or are they? Ladies receive free membership by Call Cheryl at 1-877-247-4399.

MALTESE POMERANIAN CROSS puppies, first shots, ready to go, $400. Call 306-232-5592, Rosthern, SK. CAIRNS TERRIER- (Mother)/ Shih Tzu(Father) cross pups, born May 7th, $400 each. 306-842-1501, Weyburn, SK. CANE CORSO MASTIFF cross Pitbulls: Five females (2 brown brindle, 3 black brindle), One male (black brindle), tails docked, dewclaws removed, first shots, 8 weeks old, ready to go, asking $500/ea. Pictures available. 306-482-8414, Carievale, SK. Email:

USED MIDLAND 70-1337 VHF 2-way radios, 1 yr. warranty, small, exc. shape, $250. New Vertex radios. Antennas and radio repairs. Glenn, Future Communications, 306-949-3000, Regina.

FENCED HORSE PASTURES with shelters. 16 acres, w/lots of water, 2005 mobile home w/outbuildings, asking $329,000. 250-375-0061, Monte Lake, BC.


Ask Us Abou t Cu stom M O N T A N A II â&#x20AC;˘ 1,455 sq. ft.â&#x20AC;˘ M ain floor laundry Hom es â&#x20AC;˘ Triple pane w indow s â&#x20AC;˘ Optionalfront veranda


J&H H OM ES ... W ES TER N C AN AD Aâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;S M OS T TR US TED R TM H OM E BUILD ER S IN C E 1969

RTM HOMES by SWANSON BUILDERS. Come see our show homes for sale. Call 306-493-3089, Saskatoon, SK. area. Visit us at: or email to: FOR SALE: Cozy 3 bedroom home w/new 22â&#x20AC;&#x2122;x28 garage and a huge private back yard. Includes fridge, range, dishwasher, washer and dryer. Located in quiet neighborhood in Flin Flon, MB. 12â&#x20AC;&#x2122;x14â&#x20AC;&#x2122; shed. Lots of updates to home, was $125,000, reduced to $115,000. Call 204-687-4275.

3 BDRM BUNGALOW, single garage, large 90â&#x20AC;&#x2122; frontage corner lot, 6â&#x20AC;&#x2122; fence, 1 block to school in Irvin, AB, 20 minutes from Medicine Hat, Hwy #1. $149,900. Financing arranged OAC. No down pmt, monthly pmts about $795. 403-487-1960 or leave msg. KERROBERT, SK., 2 STOREY house, 1700 sq. ft., 5 appliances, garage, large garden, $69,000. 780-993-8488, Edmonton, AB.



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Custom Designed Custom Built






starting at



/sq. ft.

HOMES & COTTAGES starting at




TO BE MOVED: 1951 home w/200 sq. ft. addition, total 1100, 3 bedroom, 1 bathroom, solid framework, offers, Saskatoon, SK. 306-682-3082.

TWO BEDROOM HOME, basement completely re-done, new deep freeze, washer, dryer, water heater and softener, detached garage, large garden area. Can be purch. furnished. 306-736-8363, Kipling, SK.


GREEN LAKE, SK, Fishing Lodge subdivision, 2 lots with 16x80â&#x20AC;&#x2122; beautiful mobile home, like new, fully furnished, woodstove, many extras, 24x28â&#x20AC;&#x2122; double garage. Excellent fishing. Must be seen. $289,000 OBO. Phone 306-832-2191. ECHO LAKE COTTAGE- 5 kms from Fort Quâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;Appelle, SK. 2 decks on main level provide a panoramic view of Echo Lake. 150â&#x20AC;&#x2122; of lakefront protected by gaboin baskets. Move right in as all household, appliances, patio furniture, BBQ, boats, yard tractors are incl. Asking. $395,000. 306-584-3045. LAKEVIEW, BRAND NEW at Hitchcock Bay, Lake Diefenbaker, SK., 1440 square ft., titled, AC, 2 bath, 2 bdrm. on main, 2 decks, $273,900. Call 306-573-4800. 3 SERVICED LAKEVIEW lots, $105,000 to $160,000; 1462 sq. ft. winterized cabin, NG, electric, well, phone. All at beautiful Weyakwin Lake, SK. Ph 306-663-5748. 1/3 ACRE VACANT lot, Blind Bay on Shuswap Lake, BC, $85,000. Phone 306-982-2171 or email BEAUTIFUL LAKEFRONT 70â&#x20AC;&#x2122;x120â&#x20AC;&#x2122; lot, Dixon Lake, 1 hr. north of Saskatoon, SK. Power, year round access, $48,000. 306-652-0971

HOUSE TO BE MOVED: Character home, 1928, 2 storey, 1680 sq. ft., 4 bedroom, 1 bathroom, stucco finish, hot water heated, boiler and hot water heater incl., $10,000 OBO. 306-253-4703, Aberdeen, SK.

2 LOTS TOGETHER, one serviced for mobile home, 3/4 of an hour east of Saskatoon, SK. on Hwy. 16. Nicely treed, clean town. $15,000 for both. 306-593-7089 or 306-593-2272.

2â&#x20AC;?- $295.00 3â&#x20AC;?- $335.00

ORGANIC SEED: yellow blossom sweet clover; Single and double cut red clover; alfalfa; Timothy; Oxley II cicer milk vetch. F r e e d e l i ve r y o n l a r g e r q u a n t i t i e s . 306-863-2900, Star City, SK. FOR POST-EMERGENCE WEED management- Harriston 60â&#x20AC;&#x2122; tine weeder, excellent condition; Also 20â&#x20AC;&#x2122; and 15â&#x20AC;&#x2122; JD 400 rotary hoes. 306-382-9024, Saskatoon, SK.

WYNYARD, SK. Two bedroom bungalow, many updates, main floor laundry, two decks, concrete basement insulated and plumbed, $94,250. Ph: 306-554-2624.

(306)652-5322 2505 Ave. C. N orth, Saskatoon

1-877-6 6 5-6 6 6 0

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/sq. ft.

Hague, SK Ph. (306) 225-2288 â&#x20AC;˘ Fax (306) 225-4438

YOUR WAY, THE RIGHT WAY, ZAKâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;S GUARANTEES IT!! *Applicable taxes, moving, foundation, and on site hookups are NOT included



1980 MADCO 16’x72’, new exterior, many upgrades, exc. cond., $27,000. Located near Wainwright, AB. 855-380-2266 FOR SALE BY OWNER: Lot #10, Tamarack Estates, 6.45 acres nestled between cat Mountain and the Virginia Hills of Pink2004 SRI MOBILE HOME, bought new in ham Creek, near Rexford, MT. Semi parked 2005. 16’x76’, 3 bdrm., 1.5 bath, jacuzzi out backing onto national forest reserve. tub, front living room, all appliances, c/w Power and telephone available at entrance 12’x20’ deck, priced to sell at $70,000 OBO to property. Circular driveway delivers you to your choice of building sites. 15 min. 780-205-2334, Lloydminster, SK. from Lake Koocanusa, RVs welcome, spa1976 14’x68’ mobile home, appliances op- cious and well suited for multi-family tional, on wheels ready to move from farm gatherings or dwellings. Wildlife in abunyard south of Unity, SK. 306-228-3184 dance with privacy and 1000s of acres of forestry to explore. Pictures and directions MEDALLION HOMES 1-800-249-3969 available on request. Asking $95,000 USD. Immediate delivery: New 16’ and 20’ Motivated and open to all offers. For furmodular homes; Also used 14’ and 16’ ther info. email: homes. Now available: Lake homes. or call: 403-274-8123 or 403-813-1394. Medallion Homes, 306-764-2121, Prince Albert, SK. SAM’S MOBILE HOMES. We buy used mobile homes. Get the lowest prices on new modular homes, save 1000’s of $$$. 16x80 starting at $62,900, 20x80’ starting a t $ 8 5 , 9 0 0 p l u s f r e i g h t a n d t a x . GREAT 230 HEAD CATTLE RANCH, low 306-781-4130, Pilot Butte, SK. operating costs, 828 acres, 5 titles, 240 acres of tame hayland, flood irrigated, 230 FACTORY DIRECT PRICING. 1 only, new head, 7 month range permit adjacent to modular home, over 1200 sq. ft., unit incl. deeded lands, older 3 bdrm, 1 bath house, appliances, and delivery within 300 kms of ample outbuildings. Located 1 1/2 hours Regina, SK, $79,900. 306-205-8480. southwest of Williams Lake. Court Smith, ATCO SIERRA 14X64 2 bedroom mobile 250-302-1176 at Cariboo Team Realty, home, to be moved, $8000 OBO. Phone: 306-726-4570, Southey, SK. 240 ACRE RANCH on the Kootenay river in BRAND NEW single wide homes available the Rocky Mountain Trench. Half is pasnow at awesome pricing. These homes are ture, other half timber. Abounds with 16x76 and are manufactured by one of the game, two species of deer, elk, bear, leading modular builders in North Ameri- ducks, geese and wild turkeys. Great fishca. CSA certified and available for immedi- ing in the spring before run off and in ate delivery. We have 7 different homes September, October and early November. priced from $71,500 to $76,000 (FOB Re- Species include Cutthroat, Dollyvarden, gina). Pricing does not include taxes, site Burbot, Whitefish and spawning Kokanee set up or delivery from Regina, SK. Take in September, October. Improvements inadvantage of this special pricing as these clude a rather ancient two-storey house, units will go fast. Call 306-539-1027 for three hay barns, corrals and a loafing barn. Ranch is just off the main hwy. about 20 more details and floor plans. miles north of Cranbrook. 250-426-3377 SHERWOOD MODULAR HOMES, SRI during office hours, or factory built, 16’, 20’, 22’, sectionals. Full set-up and service in house. Phone Regina 1-866-838-7744. Estevan 1-877-378-7744. 635 ACRES in Lone Prairie, BC. Scenic mountain valley community, 300 acres hay, 335 acres tree grazing/bush with 1 NEW AFFORDABLE HOMES. GO TO mile of creek. 1368 sq. ft. home w/recent renos, shop, barn, corrals. Lakes, rivers, closeby. Outdoor enthusiasts dream. CANDLEWOOD HOMES: Ready-to-move skiing operates as cow/calf ranch. Ad1490 sq. ft. home features: deck w/porch Currently jacent ranch land avail. Second home site roof, James Hardie siding, 6/12 roof and established. Economy thriving in nearby ceiling, 3 bedroom, open living area, mas- Chetwynd, $635,000. Larry Peterson at ter walk-in closet and bath, $136,500 plus or taxes and delivery. Taking orders for sum- phone 250-787-7618 or 250-262-7125. m e r d e l i ve r i e s . Ke n Pe n n e r, P h o n e : 204-327-5575, fax: 204-327-5505, cell: LARGE RANCH FOR SALE in Northeast 701-330-3372,, BC. Approx. 8756 acres in one block. 3000 Halbstadt, MB. acres under cultivation. More info and at Call Rick NEW RTM CABIN, 24x32’ 2 bdrms, loft, photos 2x6’, green tin roof, PVC windows, interior 250-262-1954, Fort St. John, BC. done in pine and poplar, $56,900. Pics. available. 306-862-5088, Nipawin, SK.

30 MINUTES FROM Calgary, 160 acres, fully fenced native pasture, seasonal creek/irrigation canal. Asking $432,000. MLS C3519685, call Verlin 403-852-6459, Discover Real Estate Ltd., Beiseker, AB.

ALBERTA LAND FOR SALE: TABER: Nice modern broiler farm, 278 acres, 2011 Valley corner pivot, home, quonset, office building, equipment shed, 4 barns, no quota included. State of the art operation. (#1879, Chris/Blaine). BROOKS: Very nice irrigated crop farm, home, heated shop, large quonset, grain storage, pivots, surface revenue. (#1892, Ben). HANNA: 5 quarters, home, barn, heated shop, storage shed, corrals, 320 acres native grass, 294 acres cultivated, 170 acres hay. More land available MLS® (#1880, Nathan). ROLLING HILLS: Irrigated land, 3 pivots, nice row crop land, all in one block. (#1884, Ben). BROOKS: Very nice row crop farm on paved road, newer pivots, surface revenue. (#1867, Ben.) ROLLING HILLS: Excellent land with 2 valley pivots, home, quonset. (#1856, Matt). BROOKS: Nice irrigated farm, 313 acres, 2 Zimmatic pivots, home, $21,000 surface lease revenue. (#1873, Ben). COMPEER: 2000+ acres farmland, 10 quarters deeded, 4-1/2 quarters grazing lease, 14 spring-fed dugouts, fenced, annual oil revenue approx. $50,000. (#1832, Barry Lowe). BROOKS: Irrigated cash crop farm, 1146 acres deeded, possibly up to 1951 acres lease, good soil, beautiful home, 3 other homes, large shop, 3 huge hay storage buildings, full line of equipment. (#1756, Ben). Farm & Ranch by Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Signature Service, or phone 640 ACRES for SALE/LEASE, between 1-866-345-3414. Lang and Milestone, SK. south of Hwy 39. Flat topography, good producing land, oil NAMPA-EAST, 2050/1600 hay and pas- activity in the area, assess. $60,000/quarture, good buildings, lots of water, 400+ ter, asking $1300/acre. Ph 778-885-6513 cow/calf pairs; Central Peace, 4100 or acres, good house, shop, 400-450 cow/calf pairs; Dawson Creek SW, 3500 7 QUARTERS FARMLAND for sale. Located acres, one block, good fences, lots of wa- near Burstall, SK. Call 403-928-7740. ter, 500+ cow/calf pairs; Chetwynd, BC. NE, 7495/5500 acres, hay and pasture, RM PRAIRIEDALE #321, Smiley, SK. 150 good oil revenue, one block, 1,000-1200 acres, oil leases, water, on pavement, cow/calf pairs. Contact Albert Dallaire, house, buildings, $240,000. 306-838-0055 R o y a l L e P a g e C a s e y R e a l t y , 120 ACRES: 100 acres in hayland, located 780-625-6767, Peace River, AB. 4 miles from Big River, SK, $75,000. Phone 306-302-9067. LOOKING TO CASH RENT pivot irrigated land for forage production prefer Strathmore/ Brooks, AB. area, but would consider all areas; Also want to CASH RENT RAN CH IN S AS K ATCHEW AN DRY LAND for alfalfa production east of Hwy. #21, north of Hwy #1. Will consider OR AL BERTA buying established alfalfa stands as well. tha tco u l d a cco m m o d a te Long term lease preferably. 403-507-8660. 600-1000 co w /ca lf p a irs .


PASTURE LAND: 3 quarters deeded, 5 quarters lease, all in one block touching Ribstone Creek, ample water, new fencing and cross fencing, good access. Call Kirby Nanias owner/broker, Buffalo Realty Inc.,, 780-842-7653 or toll free 1-888-842-9888 Wainwright, AB.

1960, 3 BDRM house to be moved from HOUSE AND ACREAGE FOR SALE- 250 farmyard, $20,000 OBO. Phone Dennis at acres, Trail, BC. Stunning views, river 306-739-2923, Wawota, SK. views, exceptional growing abilities, 2128 TWO BEDROOM BUNGALOW, cottage roof, sq. ft. home, development potential, motinew shingles, siding, windows, eves vated sellers, $2,400,000. Chris Hauk, troughs and laminated flooring, w/fridge 6 0 4 - 6 8 4 - 8 8 4 4 e x t . 7 0 9 o r c e l l : Nea r Ba ro n s S W -14-12-24-W 4. and stove, $25,000 OBO. 306-547-2926, or 778-245-4285, Klein Group, Royal LePage City Centre. 150 a cres w a ter rights , cell 306-547-9498, Preeceville, SK. 130 u n d er p ivo t. ACRE RANCH near Cranbrook, conREADY TO MOVE HOMES, 1490 sq. ft., 320 three titles, two residences and a $136,000 plus tax and delivery. CSA ap- tains Plea s e ca ll M a rcel a t403-350-6 8 6 8 home pad. 200 acres seeded to p r o v e d . C o n t a c t K e n P e n n e r mobile M a rcel L eBla n c Rea l Es ta te In c. and irrigated by four pivots. 701-330-3372, 204-327-5575, Altona, MB, alfalfa/grass Included with the ranch is a Crown lease permitting 82 cow/calf pairs for roughly 5 ONE SECTION in a block, new fence and months (May to October). 250-426-3377 cross fenced, about 85% open grazing, 2 during office hours or dugouts, also oil revenue, NE of Czar, AB., road allowance on 2 sides. Call Kirby Nanias owner/broker, Buffalo Realty Inc. at 780-842-7653 or toll free 1-888-842-9888, ATTENTION HUNTERS! Quarter section BLOCK PACKAGE OF LAND: 4 deeded Wainwright, AB. prime recreational land, backs on to the and 8 grazing lease quarters, fenced and Green Zone all the way to Swan Hills. In- crossfenced. 1 quarter serviced. 25 miles BROILER FARM W/WO QUOTA, central cludes fully serviced recently renovated SE Lac La Biche, AB. Highway access near AB, located within 60 kms of Edmonton. m o b i l e h o m e w i t h m a n y u p d a t e s , Jct. Hwy 866 and Hwy 55. 780-672-4035. Farm has 6 barns with a total of 161,600 $155,000. 780-552-6447, Valleyview, AB. ft., Other buildings incl: 22,000 sq. ft. 169 ACRES, new small log cabin, new sq. BRIGHTSAND LAKE, SK. 5 acres lake barn, new 4200 sq. ft. shop, fresh water shop, 600 sq. ft. generator shed, 2,100 sq. ft. office w/shop, 2,560 sq. ft. manure view, $150,000 OBO; 25 acres 1/4 mile line, subdivided, all equip. in shop incl., storage shed w/16’ high ceilings. Two resilakefront, $750,000 OBO. 306-845-3177. $650,000. 403-818-8615, Nobleford, AB. dences on property, main house is 2,400 sq. ft. 2 storey w/fully finished basement, 2nd residence is 900 sq. ft. bungalow w/fully finished basement which sits on 65 acres. Full list of equipment negotiable with sale. For more info on this fantastic opportunity please contact Rick Weiss 780-312-6131



80 ACRES WITH 55 acres of permanent irrigation rights with pressurized pipeline, 1200 sq. ft. house, 56x32 shop, 28x24 log barn and other shop, mature trees, dugout, corrals, on private road 3 kms to #1 hwy, $425,000. Email:, phone: 250-427-5517. 1) GREAT PRODUCING PROPERTY: 2080 acres, fertile soil, all fenced, all properties attached, approx. 90% open. Seeded to grass, could be cropped, good water, creeks, dugout, wells. Yardsite, buildings and home. Views Snipe Lake. Great fishing and hunting. Three properties together in Sunset House area. 2) 5280 acre ranch, cattle or bison. Deeded and Crown lease land. Surface lease revenue. Two very good homes and ranch buildings. Lots of water, borders secluded lake, Smoky Lake area. 3) Deluxe Recreational 160 acres, log home, two cabins, log shop and barn, revenue, gravel deposits, two creeks, Clearwater River frontage, west of Caroline. Must see! 4) Deluxe 700 cow/calf ranch, spring water, land all attached, surface lease revenue, gravel deposits. Great yardsite, private and exclusive. Call Don Jarrett, Realty Executives Leading, Spruce Grove, AB, 780-991-1180. 3300 ACRES, 5 deeded quarters, balance is a lease and runs lengthways with the Little Smokey River, great pasture, hunting and fishing, over 600 acres of tame grass, lots of water, completely fenced and cross fenced, approx. 2000 sq. ft. log home, w/lots of new improvements, $1,200,000. For info call 780-524-3174, Valleyview, AB.

5650 ACRE RANCH in South Central Alberta, 1760 deeded and 3890 leased. Fenced and cross fenced w/dugouts in each pasture. 1700 acres sewn to hay, $50,000 yearly surface rights. For more information call 403-807-7485. WE ARE ON the quest for a dairy farm to rent/lease to own. We are a young couple looking to get into our own dairy farm in Alberta only. Please contact Jeroen at 403-341-9035.

Plea s e ca ll M a rcel a t403-350-6 8 6 8 M a rcel L eBla n c Rea l Es ta te In c. RM OF MEDSTEAD- 2.5 miles north of Medstead. Quarter section, 2 storey family home 4 bdrm., 3 bath, custom built with 2x6 construction, double attached garage, maple hardwood floors, fireplace, mature landscaped yard, outdoor swimming pool, 135 cult. acres all seeded to a hay mixture. MLS ®426144. Ph Shawna Schira-Kroeker, Re/Max of the Battlefords, 306-446-8800 or 306-441-1625, North Battleford, SK. SASKATCHEWAN GRAIN FARMS: If you are looking for quality grain farms, please call John Cave, Edge Realty Ltd., I have approximately 20,000 acres of grain land for sale in various sizes. 306-773-7379,, Swift Current, SK. FOR SALE OR LEASE: Ideal property for custom grazing operation near Yorkton, SK. 160 acres for sale with furnished house and quonset; Also 960 acres tied up in a long term lease. All pasture land is cross fenced into 100 meter by 800 meter paddocks, RM #274, $160,000. Call 306-576-2003 evenings, leave msg. EXCELLENT GRAINLAND, small or large parcels. Ready to retire and looking for offers. Phone: 306-593-4518. SOUTH CENTRAL SASK: 225-250 cow/calf hard grass ranch for sale. In the big muddy area, very unique property w/endless tourism opportunities. 306-969-4705

RM W INSLOW 1 q tr w /ho m e & b u ild in gs . . . . $26 4,000 RM W INSLOW 20 a cres w /ho m e & b ld gs . . . . $3 15,000 RM KINDERSLEY. 1 q tr. . . . . . . . $205,000 RM PROGRESS. . . . 2 q trs . . . . . . $150,000 12,000 SQ FT co m m ercia l b u ild in g o n 1.57 a cres o n # 7 Highw a y (fo rm erly Ca n a d ia n T ire) . . . . . . . $6 9 9 ,000 C a ll Jim o r S h e rry to d a y

3 06 -46 3 -6 6 6 7

G ro up W e s tR e a lty Kin d e rs le y, S K

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L A N E R E A LT Y CO R P. Are you planning to build a home in 2012. Wood Country will build you a RTM or a custom built home on site to meet your requirements. Wood Country prides itself on building top quality homes with a high level of customer satisfaction since its inception in 1980.

C al lL ei gh at 306 -6 9 9 -7284 M cL ean , S as k. Ce rtifie d Hom e Builde r

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Saskatchewan’s Farm & Ranch Specialists™ 124 REGISTERED SALES SO FAR THIS YEAR.

P HO N E: 306 -56 9-3380 To view fu ll colorfea tu re s heets fora ll ofou rCURRENT LIS TING S a n d virtu a l tou rs ofs elected p rop erties , vis itou rw ebs ite a t:

MINERAL RIGHTS. We will purchase and or lease your mineral rights. 1-877-269-9990.

To:Doug R ue

Hi Doug, we would just like to thank you for the excellent service you provided us in finding a buyer for our land in Benson, SK . We look forward to dealing with you in the future. BREATH TAKING QUARTER section 1 mile south of Tobin Lake, completely set up for game farm, 125 acres fully fenced, heated shop and barns with handling facilities, 2152 sq. ft. show room quality house w/natural gas fireplace, dbl. attached garage. More land available, elk not included. Contact Linda Swehla at 306-862-4800,, MLS#413472 Re/Max Nipawin

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T hank you!J anice J oe & PURCHASING:


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John C ave Y our F arm & R anch E x pert – Selling F arm s & R anches

Em a il: s a s kfa rm s @ s h a w .ca w w w .Ca Fa rm la n SASKATCHEWAN GRAIN FARM: 5760 acres with full set of buildings. John Cave, Edge Realty Ltd. 306-773-7379,

122-12 C headle StreetW ., Sw ift C urrent, Sask (306)773-7379 or (306)750-8876 Fax:(306)773-7387 Farm jcave@ NEEDED: FARM & RANCH LAND *LAND PRICES CONTINUE TO BE STRONG* Demand for Farm & Ranch property is good. Please call ME to discuss land values in your area. FARM & RANCH LISTINGS RM 168: Approx. 480 acres grain land, 5 steel bins, 1 gas well. EXCLUSIVE LISTING. SOLD RM 18: 5760 acre grain farm. Full set of buildings. NEW LISTING. EXCLUSIVE RM 18: 5120 acres of native and tame grass. Excellent water and fences. RM 168: 160 acres, 1400 sq. ft. house, shop, barn, corrals. NEW LISTING. EXCLUSIVE RM 167: Approx. 800 acres of deeded land. Adjacent to Sask Landing Provincial Park. Very scenic. House, shop, corrals. Exclusive listing. A must see. NEW LISTING RM 109/110: 640 acres pasture. NEW LISTING/ SOLD RM 135/136: 640 acres of native and tame grass. Modern bungalow, shop. NEW LISTING RM 167: Lake Diefenbaker: Approx. 30 min. from Swift Current. Approx 60 Acres, House, Barn, Corrals & Quonset. VERY SCENIC! RM 51: 3200 acres with full set of buildings. Gas well revenue. Excellent farm. NEW LISTING RM 18: 4320 acre grain farm. Excellent farm. SOLD RM 168: 640 acres grain land. NEW LISTING. SOLD RM 394: 1500 Acres Ranch. Excellent buildings. River front property. NEW LISTING RM 290: 320 acres highly assessed grain land. SOLD RM 136: 320 acres grain land. SOLD RM 107: 160 acres hay/grain land. House, steel Quonset. RM 250: 640 acres hay/pasture with buildings. RM 256: 640 Acres Farm/Hayland. SOLD RM 166: Approx. 1000 acres grain land with 8 hog barns. RM 136: 480 acres. Approx. 6 miles East on Airport Road. RM 225: 1400 acres native grass. RM 224: 640 acres with buildings. RM King George: 960 acres farm land. RM 12: 1760 acres with buildings. RM 229/230: 2000 acres with buildings. RM 193: 2560 acres of grass and hay land with buildings.

SASKATCHEWAN LAND FOR SALE: PANGMAN: Good farmland, 280 acres cultivated. (#1833, Gordon). NIPAWIN: 480 acres, character home, private location, 20 mins. to Sask.’s best recreational fishing area. (#1767, Elmer). Have cash buyers for 6,000 - 10,000 acres of good cultivated farmland. Farm & Ranch by Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Signature Service, 1-866-345-3414, RM BLAINE LAKE. Approx. 4471 feet of river frontage, estimated to have 300,000 yards of gravel. 528 acres of grazing land. All fenced. Pump house (insulated and heated) w/6 watering troughs. Priced as an investment property because of the river frontage and gravel. Seller will sell any portion or all as a package. MLS® 425102. Call Roger Manegre, Re/Max of the Battlefords, North Battleford, SK, 306-446-8800, RM OF LUMSDEN #189: 240 acres located only 14 miles north of Regina. Subdivided into (6) 40 acre parcels. Asking $575,000. Keith Bartlett 306-535-5707, Sutton Group Results Realty, Regina, SK. FARM FOR SALE in RM of Canwood, SK. 320 acres, 260 acres cultivated, 60 acres of bush and timber. 1998 16x80’ SIR mobile home, gas heat, 1220 sq. ft., 12x24’ lean-to w/2 bdrms, 40x80’ quonset, 32x64’ workshop, 32x48’ barn, w/entertainment centre in loft. Lots of good water, asking $450,000 or open to offers. Contact Ray at 306-468-2028 or email: 160 ACRES, 1/2 trees and 1/2 grassland, good building site or pasture, close to all services, 13 miles west of Prince Albert, SK., asking $150,000. 306-922-8215 eves.

SOUTH SASKATCHEWAN RIVER: 800 acres with buildings adjacent to South Sask. river, very unique scenic property. Exclusive listing. John Cave, Edge Realty. 306-773-7379, RM OF MAYFIELD #406: 480 acres of approx. 338 cultivated, balance is excellent pastures and river valleys. Parts of 1 quarter runs along the river hills. Great big game and bird hunting, 35 acres in tame hay. Approx. 30 miles to North Battleford and 50 to Saskatoon on divided highway. MLS®431356. Call Lloyd Ledinski, Re/Max of the Battlefords, North Battleford, SK. 306-446-8800 or 306-441-0512.

4180 ACRES FARMLAND in Southern SK., all in one block, excellent water, w/river, dugouts and well. Abundant grass, some cultivated, priced very reasonable. Contact Harry Sheppard, Sutton Group Results Realty, Regina, SK. or 306-530-8035.

LAND FOR SALE OR CASH RENT: RM 347, Biggar, SK. Part of NW-26-35-13-W3; p a r t o f S W- 2 6 - 3 5 - 1 3 - W 3 ; P a r t o f SE-26-35-13-W3. Total approximately 280 acres cultivated and 307 acres deeded. Inquire to: Box 301, Black Diamond, AB, T0L 0H0 or E-mail: SASKATCHEWAN GRAIN FARMS: 2 large grain farms for sale. 3200 acres with surface lease, full set of buildings. 5760 acres with full set of buildings. Exclusive listing. John Cave, Edge Realty Ltd., 306-773-7379 TURNKEY CUSTOM FARMING operation in east central Saskatchewan. 3600 acres of farmland near Foam Lake, SK within a 6 mile radius. 76,860 bushels of storage included, 82% hopper bins. Opportunity for 25 to 35%+ return. 900 acres leased until 2013, balance custom. Flexibility to continue current semi-passive approach to farming - custom and lease or restructure to individual needs. Huge upsides in land and crop appreciation and infill purchasing of farms that come up for sale by locals. $4,000,000. Call Darren at 403-607-6046. RM ORKNEY #244. Five quarters (620 cult.) w/yardsite for sale. Serious inquiries only. 306-792-4458, Springside, SK. RM CLAYTON #333. 10 quarters, 2 yardsites, house, buildings, cattle facilities, fences, lots of water, in high producing area, $1,500,000; 5 additional quarters avail, $700,000. 306-594-2919 Norquay SK GRAVEL PIT FOR LEASE in RM of Grant No. 372. Phone 306-654-4802. Q u ick Clo su re – N o Co m m issio n

306-5 84 -364 0 in fo @ m a xcro



REN TERS W AN TED w w w .m a xcro


RM OF PARKDALE: 30.80 acres 7-1/2 miles NE of Glaslyn. 1300 sq. ft. 3+2 bdrm 1+1 bath home. There are many recent upgrades. 30x60 cement block shop with two 12x14 doors. Good open pasture and some fairly heavy bush. A well for water supply. Lar ge sheltered yard MLS® 435085; RM OF PARKDALE: 17.55 acres, Lot C at the very East end of the lake. It does have a fairly large hill which overlooks most of the lake. This is a very quiet and peaceful area, with a great golf course. 5 minutes from Glaslyn, 50 minutes from North Battleford. Lloyd Ledinski, RE/MAX of the Battleford 306-446-8800 or 306-441-0512.

INVESTORS AND FARMERS: 17 quarters, 2690 acres, 2120 cult., 80 tramped, 490 bush and pasture, 2 yard sites w/buildings, good drinking water. Also 18 acres yard and buildings. Phone for website 204-858-2555, Hartney, MB. 1/2 SECTION SANDY loam soil, 285 cult., good house, 1600 sq. ft. insulated shop, some granaries, South Central MB, $320,000. 204-571-0928, 204-856-7722, Brandon.

MULCHING - TREES; Brush; Stumps. Visit us at: 2560 ACRE RANCH: Located in RM #193. Also see section #4400 Fencing. Home quarter and 15 quarters of grazing, hay land. John Cave, Edge Realty Ltd., SUPERVISED PASTURE for rent, 50- 100 cow/calf pairs. Lots of grass, water, good 306-773-7379. corrals. 306-386-7713, North Battleford SK 1/2 SECTION: Approx 100 acres grain, PASTURELAND FOR RENT, can carry up to balance pasture/grass land. West of Blaine 300 yearlings or 200 pairs, managed pasLake, SK. Includes yardsite w/1380 sq.ft. ture, you buy salt and medication, I will house featuring open kitchen, dining, liv- maintain herd and fence, 12 miles north of ing room design, 3 bedrooms, 2 bath- Drayton Valley, AB. 780-542-1894. rooms, full basement and a great view. Other buildings include: 45x80 barn, gar- LAND FOR RENT, 23 quarters, 22 currently age/shop, and some minor outbuildings. native and seeded grass, 1 is cultivated, Yard is landscaped and treed w/ever- willing to rent for pasture or convert back greens. The grass/pasture area is well to crop land, located in RM of Walpole fenced and cross fenced. Good quality soil #92 in SE SK., 306-435-7223. on both quarters if it is desired to bring some of the grassland into crop produc- PASTURE FOR RENT: Well supervised tion. For sale by auction, July 24th, 12 pasture available for 15 pairs. Rates comnoon, Blaine Lake, SK (High bid subject to parable to community rates. Don’t sell seller’s approval). Call 306-445-5000 or your investment because pasture is scarce, visit: for details. place them where they will be well looked after. Call 306-742-4566, Calder, SK. PL# 914618. RM OF MEDSTEAD- Half section farmland 16x28’ barn w/6 stalls, corral system surrounding barn, 24x32’ shop w/dirt floor, several other outbuildings, quarters are fenced, cross fenced, all cult. acres seeded to pasture grass. 5 bdrm., 2 bath 4 level split home, attached single garage, MLS ®431980. Ph Shawna Schira-Kroeker, Re/Max of the Battlefords, 306-446-8800 or 306-441-1625, North Battleford, SK. FARM CHEMICAL/ SEED COMPLAINTS We also specialize in: Crop insurance appeals; Chemical drift; Residual herbicide; Custom operator issues; Equipment malfunction. Qualified Agrologist on staff. Call Back-Track Investigations for assistance regarding compensation, 1-866-882-4779.

URGENT SALE! 21 acres within 40 min. from downtown Calgary, AB. 1700 sq. ft. bungalow, two double garages, large quonset, riding arena, water rights. MLS #C3511951 or call 403-681-8320. _listings.html


GOOD CROP PRODUCTION L AN D IN S AS K ATCHEW AN AN D AL BERTA FOR CAS H BUYERS . Plea s e ca ll M a rcel a t403-350-6 8 6 8 M a rcel L eBla n c Rea l Es ta te In c. QUARTER SECTION, RM REDBERRY #435, 152 acres, cash renter in place. Along side #340 Hwy. MLS® 408578. Mike Janostin, Realty Executives Battlefords, 306-481-5574, North Battleford, SK. Email FARM/RANCH/RECREATION, Buying or Selling, Call Tom Neufeld 306-260-7838, Coldwell Banker ResCom Realty.

FARM S FO R S ALE: 2390 ow n ed a cres p lu s 4464 Crow n lea s e in RM ofA lon s a . Bea u tifu l 1700 s q ftbi-level hom e. Exten s ive corra llin g a n d In d oorp roces s in g a rea . A s king Price: 1,675,000.00 575 a cre m ixed fa rm /recrea tion p rop erty. 240 a ra ble a cres . 1 m ile from Rid in g M ou n ta in Na tion a l Pa rk w ith u n s p oiled Crow n la n d in betw een . Deceivin g 2-s torey hom e. Perfectfor the a vid ou td oors m a n . A s king Price: $749,900.00 For deta ils on th es e,a n d oth er properties ca ll: S a n d y D on a ld , Roya l Le P a g e M artin L ib erty Realty, Bra n d on , M B (2 04) 72 4 5743 o r a m d @ m ym ts.n et QUARTER SECTION near Inglis, MB. Mix of pasture, water and bush. 900 sq. ft. dwelling completely renovated. Various outbuildings, well sheltered yard, garden. Asessippi Ski and Lake of the Prairies minutes away. Karen Goralak Salesperson. 204-773-6797, 204-937-8357, NorthStar Insurance & Real Estate, Roblin, MB. PASTURELAND- 2100 ACRES, located just north of #16 hwy. on #50 hwy. Year round access, good fence. Alonsa ranch with picture book yard, borders #50 hwy. 204-239-6086, Portage la Prairie, MB.

2007 FLEETWOOD REVOLUTION LE diesel pusher, 40’, 39,000 kms., loaded w/options. Full wall and bedroom slides, 400 HP Cat eng., 7.5 Onan generator, autofold satellite, auto level, etc., no pets or smoking, mint condition, $170,000. 780-745-2498, Rivercourse, AB.

GORGEOUS COUNTRY HOME only 15 minutes North of Dauphin, MB on a paved highway. This country residence includes 18.98 acres with a spacious 3 bdrm, 1632 sq. ft. bungalow. Features: workshop, small barn, loafing shed, corrals and many more pluses, $289,000. Contact us at: 10 ACRES w/6 yr old 1950 sq ft bungalow, 3 bdrm, 2 bath, hardwood, tile flooring, high efficient furnace and wood fireplace. Attached double heated garage, 2 sheds, all fenced. One mile from golf course and town of Sedgewick, 45 min. east of Camrose, AB. $389,000 OBO. 780-385-8580. Email: ACREAGE FOR SALE, located just north of the hamlet of Tangent, AB. secondary Hwy #740, 18 acres plus house, 6 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, cold room, large laundry room and pantry upstairs. House is solid, well built, renos have been started but need to be finished, 2 dugouts w/great clear water, 4000 gal. cistern as well. Lots of trees in yard and large garden plot, quonset, huge heated shop, 30,000 bu. of bin storage and other outbuildings. Can email pictures. Serious inquiries only, looking to sell ASAP. Call Cory 780-837-6601, or email

FARM CHEMICAL/ SEED COMPLAINTS We also specialize in: Crop insurance appeals; Chemical drift; Residual herbicide; Custom operator issues; Equipment malfunction. Qualified Agrologist on staff. Call Back-Track Investigations for assistance regarding compensation, 1-866-882-4779. WANTED: MOTOR FOR 230 Suzuki quad in good condition. 306-795-5096, Leross, SK. HAUL YOUR QUAD! 5x8 steel utility trailer, flat folding gate, 2000 lb. axle, metal floor. Only $1,295! Call us today at Flaman Trailers, Saskatoon, SK., 306-934-2121 2010 HONDA 500, 4x4, manual shift, only 1700 miles, mint cond.; Also brand new Honda Rublicon, 500 auto, w/power steering, no miles. 306-745-3851, Esterhazy, SK 1985 HONDA TRX 125, 4 wheeler, new tires. 306-634-9911, Estevan, SK.

39 ACRES, 1 mile West of Maple Creek, SK on Hwy. 271. Ranch style home, 10 yrs. 1996 HONDA TRX300, 4x4, 5 spd. manual old. Landscaped yard, well treed. 34’x112’ trans, new brakes, exc. cond. Call Richard metal clad shop/storage, lined and insu- 306-944-4252, Viscount, SK. lated. Corrals, and 2 metal clad cattle sheds, 24x30’ metal clad building, 20’x28’ metal clad hip roof barn. 306-662-5048. NEW 2012 TAHOE 24’ pontoon boat, 90 HP 28 ACRES, 8 miles west of Harris, SK. on Mercury 4 stroke, tandem trailer, full warMarriott Rd. All hay, 3 quarters fenced, ranty, all taxes paid, $29,995. Phone good dugout, underground power and 306-867-3660, Elbow, SK. telephone, on school bus route. Will consider offers. Bill Wagner 306-656-4435 or 306-831-7840. LUMSDEN/ REGINA, SK. ACREAGE, new 2006 KEYSTONE MONTANA 3400RL 5th home, $350,000. Phone 306-536-5055. wheel trailer with Arctic Insulation package in exc. cond., 4 slides, new propane PRICE REDUCED: Bladworth, SK, 17 tanks and battery. Can deliver. Call Conacres, 1900 sq. ft. 1-1/2 storey house, ad- rad, 204-648-4970, Grandview, MB. dition 1982, 26x30’ garage, 52x80’ Behlen quonset, 22x60’ wooden quonset, 12x34’ 2003 FRONTIER 24’ 5th wheel, sleeps 6, wooden bin, 14x28’ storage building. 15 awning, 2 door fridge/freezer, microwave, acres fenced pasture, corrals w/open tub shower, CD/radio, lots of storage, mint condition, reduced price $9500. faced shelters, water bowl. 306-561-7733. 306-946-3856, Watrous, SK. 2 MILES NORTH of Nobleford, AB., 3 acres, serviced, mountain views, $65,000. Call 2002 CEDAR CREEK 32’ fifth wheel, double s l i d e , a l l o p t i o n s , u s e d ve r y l i t t l e . 702-762-8246, 403-818-8615. 204-534-7911, Boissevain, MB. 20 ACRES OF raw land near Elkton, AB. 45 min. drive from either side of Calgary, 2007 31’ PIONEER trailer, 2 slides, sleeps 8, used very little, ext. warranty available $385,000 OBO. 403-638-2232, Sundre, AB. until 2014, c/w load leveller hitch, Beautiful 35 $16,000 OBO. 306-338-7405, Wadena, SK. acre river front property at the Petrofka Bridge. 1644 sq. ft. bungalow nestled KODIAK FIBERGLASS TRUCK camper, amongst mature landscaping. Currently a fridge/stove, bathroom, sleeps 4, vg. Seriprogressive Apple Orchard with process- ous call only. 306-726-4616, Southey, SK. ing/ retail area with acres available for 2008 JAYCO EAGLE 32.5’ travel trailer, 2 market garden or to develop your dream slides-out, hardwall, elec. jack, awning, business. Great value priced opportunity AC, non-smoker, sleeps 4, $22,000. with highway frontage, $789,900. MLS® 306-625-3790, 306-625-7663, Ponteix, SK. 410521. Ed Bobiash, Re/Max Saskatoon, 2005 SPRINGDALE 29’ w/double slideSK., 306-222-7770. out, AC, and all amenities, asking $16,900. COLONSAY, SK. AREA ACREAGE. 1470 306-937-2616 306-441-8852 Battleford SK sq. ft. 5 bdrm, 3 bath, mint bungalow, double garage, on 40 acres of rolling land. 1996 VANGUARD 22’ fifth wheel, sleeps 6, City water, shed/shop, manicured yard. queen bed, 3 piece bath, fridge, stove with New hardwoods, windows, doors, shingles, oven, microwave, newer AC, new battery, $395,000 MLS. Coldwell Banker ResCom and rear scissor jacks, 2 propane tanks, awning, $8,000. Call 306-883-2847, Realty, Tom Neufeld, 306-260-7838. 306-883-7309 cell, Mildred, SK. 17 ACRES East of Camrose, AB. 1700 sq.ft. home, large cold storage, 2 wells, dugout, 27’ ALJO 5th wheel trailer, exc. cond., l e a s e d l o t , 1 0 3 C a n d l e L a ke G o l f well treed, $280,000. 780-373-2510. Course, SK. Maintenance free large deck. Sun from noon until set, $18,800. Close to all amenities. 306-717-6240.


We have CASH BUYERS in SK and out of province WANTING TO BUY SMALL, MEDIUM AND LARGE PARCELS of SK farmland. We have had a record setting year selling a very large number of farms and more are required.  Our goal is to make the sale of your land a simple, easy, enjoyable & profitable experience.  Satisfied client references available upon request.  Ask about our NO COMMISSION Program.

Email or call today to discuss what we can do for you: E-mail: Cell: 306-530-8035


+DUU\6KHSSDUG5HDOW\3URI&RUS Sutton Group-Results Realty Regina, SK

2012 RIDGELINE 36REQ. Absolutely amazing, no options missed! Hot water on demand, 4 slide outs, 8 year extended protection plan included, stock #4466, $47,900. for more info or call: 1-866-346-3148. TRIPLE E TOPAZ Touring Edition 30.5’ 5th wheel, exc. cond., low miles. Loaded w/double and single slides, queen bed, separate bathroom, large kitchen with pantry, table/chairs, hide-a-bed sofa, 2 recliners, 2 TV’s, cable, dish, antenna ready, near new tires, AC, “fantastic fans” and awning. Deluxe oak trim, winter package. Pics available. 306-421-1458, Torquay SK. 2008 CORSAIR EXCELLA 5th wheel, 29 CKS, exc. high quality RV, clean, no pets, no smoking. Call for details. 306-287-4133 or 306-287-7777, Watson, SK.

IMMACULATE 2009 Thor Magellan 36’, 22,500 kms, 3 slides, fireplace, queen bed, Ford V10, Amsoil synthetic, StarChoice 2007 KUSTOM KOACH Legacy, 30’, made sat., washer/dryer ready, Demco tow bar, in Canada-Red Deer, huge awning, 27” and elec. awning. 306-291-8750 Saskatoon, SK 24” tv’s, electric power jacks, 2 slides, ext. 2006 Holiday Ramshower, ext. stereo, Fantastic fan, roof air, bler Admiral, 31’, Ford, V10, 2 slides, central vac, large skylight, 2 leather reclin- 11,000m, $49,900; 1999 Tiffin Allegro Bus ers, dual pane-reflective windows, en- 35’. 300 Cat, 1 slide, 59,000m, $42,900. closed underbelly, great counter space, Financing available for SK residents. Ph: bright-open layout, $24,900 OBO, Sask. 306-974-4223, 411 C 48 St. E, Saskatoon, Reg. Call Bob for pics at 780-679-7680, SK. Open Tues to Sat, 8:30 to 5 PM, DL Ferintosh, AB. #326237. CAMEO, MODEL F32RIK3, 3 slides, rear island kitchen, computer desk, freestanding 2007 BAY STAR 32’ motorhome, 2 slides, table, many more extras, $18,900. Can sleeps 6, V10 Ford motor, 11,000 miles. send pictures. Phone 306-877-2120, Phone 306-476-2362, Rockglen, SK. 306-745-8046, Dubuc, SK. 1995 TRIPLE E Commander 34’, 230 tur2012 INFINITY 3250RL Absolutely amaz- bo charged Cummins dsl., Allison 4 spd., ing, triple slide and loaded with many op- 130,000 kms. 306-842-2621, Weyburn, SK tions! $57,800, Stock #CC661177. Visit or 1-866-346-3148. 2006 AMERIC AMP 5th wheel trailer F299RLS, 2 slides, microwave, table and 1 9 8 3 H O N DA G O L D W I N G To u r i n g , chairs, Fantastic fan, large fridge, hide-a- 136,000 mi., 1100 CC, saddle bags, Asking bed couch, AC, like new cond., asking $4100. 306-663-5748, Weyakwin Lake, SK. $20,500. 780-854-0087, Vermilion, AB.

Malt Barley/Feed Grains/Pulses best price/best delivery/best payment

2010 POLARIS 600 Rush, 562 miles, rode once this winter, new battery, electric start. Asking $9400. Ph 306-663-5748, Weyakwin Lake, SK.

Licen s ed & bon d ed 1- 800- 2 58- 7434 ro ger@ seed - m PARTING OUT Polaris snowmobiles, 1985 to 2005. Edfield Motors Ltd., phone: CERTIFIED #1 CDC COPELAND, AC 306-272-3832, Foam Lake, SK. M E T C A L F E , 98% germ. Lepp Seeds 306-254-4243, Hepburn, SK. 1996 WINNEBAGO ADVENTURER, $15,000 Complete tune-up last fall, new batteries, auto. leveler jacks, 83,000 miles, sleeps 6, runs great, air ride, 32’, lots of storage (inside and out). Ken at: 306-922-7761 or after 5 PM: 306-960-9024, Prince Albert, SK.

CERTIFIED #1 AC MORGAN, 99% germ. Lepp Seeds 306-254-4243, Hepburn, SK.

2004 LAREDO 33’ fifth wheel, 2 slides, U shaped kitchen, central vac, new tires, DVD, TV, AC, nonsmoking, no pets, clean. 306-933-4683, 306-221-0473 days, or 306-933-2417 evenings, Vanscoy, SK. 2004 MONTANA 32’ fifth wheel, triple slides, on leased lot at Ambrose Trailer Park, Emma Lake. Deck, shed and more. 2012 lease paid. $39,900. 306-931-0105, 306-221-4072, Martensville, SK.

FIG TREE BED & BREAKFAST, Vancouver area Coquitlam, BC. Special weekly rates. Phone 604-464-4024. See website For reservations TOP QUALITY CERT. alfalfa and grass email seed. Call Gary or Janice Waterhouse ON THE GREENS COTTONWOOD, AZ. 306-874-5684, Naicam, SK. Gated 55 plus manufactured home golf course community located in the heart of CERT. ALFALFAS AND GRASSES, free Verde Valley just 20 mins south of Sedona, delivery. Dyck Forages & Grasses Ltd., Elie, 1 hr from Phoenix, Prescott and Flagstaff. MB, 1-888-204-1000. 2003 TERRY LITE 5th wheel, 24.5’, 1/2 All homes come complete with garage, CERTIFIED #1 ALGONQUIN, 92% germ., ton, towable, excellent condition, $12,500 covered deck and landscaping. Land lease $2.70/lb., $2.60/lb. for mini bulks. Call OBO. 306-729-4556, Regina Beach, SK. fees include $1 million clubhouse, large in- Rob 306-759-2700, Phil 306-759-2076, door lap pool, hot tub and complete gym. Eyebrow, SK. Also includes water, sewer, trash pickup and reduced golf fees. For information call 2007 HOLIDAY RAMBLER Scepter 40 1-800-871-8187 or 928-634-7003. PDQ, quad slide, Class A, diesel coach, auto sat. dish, Roadmaster chassis, loaded, 1 owner, always in heated shop, 41,212 miles. Selling at Unreserved Auction, July 23, Dalemead, AB. 403-485-8123. 2006 TRIPLE E COMMANDER, A3202FB WED. JULY 11 at 11:00 AM, Bar 5 Dining 70,000 kms, clean, no pets, non-smoker, Lounge and Nite Club contents, Southridge stored indoors, several options, $65,000 Mall, 37th Street and 50th Avenue, Lloydminster, AB. Complete dispersal of all firm. 204-322-5696, Grosse Isle, MB. equipment, contents, signs and posters. Stewart Auctions, Vermilion, AB. Call ofWANTED fice at 780-853-4725 or, 800-269-8580,

GrainEx International Ltd.


SAWMILLS – Band/Chainsaw - Cut lumber any dimension, anytime. Make money and save money. In stock, ready to ship. Call GrainEx International Ltd. Starting at $997. 1-800-566-6899 ext. for current pricing at $78,800. 2004 40’ alfa diesel. Well main- 168. 306-885-2288, Sedley SK. tained, with many features. Need to see Visit us on our website at: to appreciate. Also, 2004 XL7 Suzuki, $6,900. Will consider offers for entire pkg. 306-630-6344, Moose Jaw, SK. 1977 26’ PACE ARROW, fully loaded, tires as new, 42,000 miles, shedded, rear bath., $6500. 306-383-2867, Quill Lake, SK. 2001 HOLIDAY RAMBLER Endeavor 40’, two sliders, 330 HP Cummins, 7.5 KW dsl. BUYING CANARY SEED, farm pickup. gen., 64,500 miles, Roadmaster chassis, Call 1-877-752-4115, Naber Specialty hardwood floors, satellite, 2 TV’s, exc. Grains Ltd. Email: $58,000. 204-325-2550, Plum Coulee, MB

CUSTOM CLEANING AND bagging all types of mustard for seed or processing. Color sorting available. Also looking for low g r a d e m u s t a r d . C a l l A c ke r m a n A g 306-638-2282, Chamberlain, SK.

2006 FLEETWOOD DISCOVERY 35’, 21,000 miles, 330 HP Cat, auto, 3 slides, sleep no. bed, central vac, washer/dryer, leather couch/chairs, satellite, stored indoors, $115,000. 1-800-938-3323, Delisle, SK. DL #910420. 28’ CLASS C BT CRUISER, V10 Ford, 450 chassis, 1 slide out, walk around bed, powerplant, 97 hours, camera, power canopy, A/T/C, tv, 35,500 miles, no scrapes, no pets, lots of storage, Sask. safetied, $36,500; Also a 2012 AutoTow dolly, $1650. Package deal, $37,500, GST paid. 306-873-4486, Tisdale, SK. 1979 PACE ARROW A, 26’, completely selfcontained, low mileage, sleeps up to 8 adults. 306-859-4925, Beechy, SK. 1988 CITATION E CELLA Motor Home, 36’, 454 gas motor, sleeps 6. Asking $30,000. Call 306-259-4927, Young, SK. 1989 WINNEBAGO SUPER CHIEF, instant cottage, 73,000 miles, Ford 460, 40’ tandem, well maintained and serviced, queen size bed, ample storage, awnings all a r o u n d , p h o t o s ava i l a b l e , $ 1 3 , 5 0 0 . 306-244-5882, Saskatoon, SK.

1 9 8 8 D O D G E P L E A S U R E WAY van, CUSTOM COACH LEGACY Model, 1997, fridge, stove, AC, toilet, sleeps 2, hitch, av31’ 5th wheel w/slide, completely loaded, erage 16.2 MPG, nice shape, asking $13,000. 306-573-4602, Birsay, SK. $13,000. 306-741-9541, Swift Current, SK

BESCO GRAIN LTD. Buyer of all varieties of mustard. Call for competitive pricing. Call 204-736-3570, Brunkild, MB.

WOOD-MIZER PORTABLE SAWMILLS, eight models, options and accessories. COMMON SEED OATS, cleaned, 93% germ. 1-877-866-0667. very nice sample, 900 bu, $5.50. Montmartre, SK. 306-424-2271, 306-424-7761 cell. COMMON #1 HIGH yielding seed oats, 99% germ. Lepp Seeds 306-254-4243, GRAIN CART SCALES. Order now for ear- Hepburn, SK. ly season discount. Typical 750 bu. grain cart, $3150. Phone toll free 1-866-862-8304, ELIAS SCALES MFG., several different TOP QUALITY CERTIFIED and common ways to weigh bales and livestock; Plat- #1 forage seeds. Periodic delivery to form scales for industrial use as well, non- many locations. Call Richard Walcer electric, no balances or cables (no weigh 306-752-3983 anytime. If no answer meslike it). Shipping arranged. 306-445-2111, sages left will receive replies. Melfort, SK. North Battleford, SK. TOP QUALITY ALFALFA, variety of grasses custom blends, farmer to farmer. Gary 70’ SCALE, 6 load cells, asking $25,000. and Waterhouse 306-874-5684, Naicam, SK. 306-726-7938, Southey, SK. FULL LINE OF FORAGE seeds. Phone Tom, 10x14 PLATFORM SCALE, $12,500.; Williamson’s Seeds, 306-582-6009, Pam8x10 scale deck, $8500. Ask about our brun, SK. Farm Progress Show specials. Check out our website at or COMMON #1 GRASSES, legumes, blends. Trawin Seeds, 306-752-4060, Melfort, SK. call 1-866-862-8304.



ALFALFAS/ CLOVERS/ GRASSES, hay blends and pasture blends. Custom blends no charge. Free delivery. Dyck Forages & Grasses Ltd., Elie, MB, 1-888-204-1000. Visit us at ALFALFA CLOVER GRASSES, Custom hay and pasture blends, delivery possible depending on quantity purchased and distance. For fast, friendly service call Thomson Seeds, toll free at: 1-877-781-8189, Alexander MB.

COMMON #1 Meadow Brome, Smooth brome, Timothy, Crested wheat, Yellow clover, Cicer Milkvetch, Alfalfa. Also have Certified seed. Grower Direct. Blending and delivery available. Competitive prices. Call Siklenka Seeds, 306-342-4290, 306-342-2189, Glaslyn, SK. ALFALFA CLOVER GRASSES, Custom hay and pasture blends, delivery possible depending on quantity purchased and distance. For fast, friendly service call Thomson Seeds, toll free at: 1-877-781-8189, Alexander MB.

WANTED D am aged C anola C ontact the Seed D ivision at M ILLIG A N B IO TEC H

BUYING ALL FEED GRAINS Heated/spring Thrashed Light Weight/green/tough, Mixed Grain - Barley, Oats, Rye, Flax, Wheat, Durum, Lentils, Peas, Corn, Canola, Chickpeas, Triticale Sunflowers, Screenings Organics And By-products


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WHY NOT KEEP MARKETING SIMPLE? You are selling feed grains. We are buying feed grains. Fast payment, with prompt pickup, true price discovery. Call Gerald Snip, Jim Beusekom, Allen Pirness or Dave Lea at Market Place Commodities Ltd., Lethbridge, AB. Ph.: 1-866-512-1711. Email




BUYING : HEATED OATS AND LIGHT OATS M USGRAVE ENTERPRISES Ph : 204.8 3 5.2527 Fa x: 204.8 3 5.2712


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SweetGrass CONTRACTING Linden, AB

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D AV E K O EH N 4 03 - 54 6 - 006 0 L i nd en , AB

B uying Feed G rain B arley,cereals and heated oilseeds CG C licensed and bonded Sa sk a toon 306 -37 4 -1 51 7

John Su therla nd

GRAIN LACKAWANNA PRODUCTS CORP. Buyers and sellers of all types of feed grain and grain by-products. Call 306-862-2723, Nipawin, SK. TRITICALE FOR SALE, 5000 bu., $6 per bu. Call 306-283-4747, Langham, SK. BUYING: FEED GRAINS, all types of screenings, damaged canola. Quick payment. Call Joy Lowe or Scott Ralph at Wilde Bros. Ag Trading 1-877-752-0115 or 403-752-0115, Raymond, Alberta or email:


FEED BARLEY, WHEAT, RYE, TRITICALE and ALL TYPES OF SCREENINGS! Also AGENTS for Chickpeas, Lentils, Field Peas COMPETITIVE! PROMPT PAYMENT! Swift Current, SK Toll Free: 1-877-360-0727 E-Mail:

CGC L icen s ed & Bo n d ed

WANTED FEED/ OFF-GRADE LENTILS or pulses and other heated, tough grains or screenings. Prairie Wide Grain, 306230-8101, 306-716-2297, Saskatoon, SK. WANTED: FEED GRAIN, barley, wheat, peas, green or damaged canola. Phone Gary 306-823-4493, Neilburg, SK. FEED GRAINS WANTED: Wheat, Barley and Durum; Also Oats, Peas and Flax. Premium prices, FOB farm. Prompt payment. Stan Yaskiw, Birtle, MB, 1-866-290-7113. PASKAL CATTLE COMPANY at Picture Butte, AB is looking for feed barley. Call Roxanne at 1-800-710-8803

SOLID CORE ROUND alfalfa, alfalfa grass, g r e e n fe e d , g r a s s , s t r aw. D e l i ve r e d . 306-237-4582, Perdue, SK. SMALL SQUARE HAY, mixed and alfalfa. Close to Regina, SK. Call 306-539-6123. GOOD QUALITY ALFALFA/ grass mix, horse, or cattle feed, 1200 lb. bales, $30. 403-664-2046 evenings, Oyen, AB. 250 ACRES STANDING grass hay, intermediate wheat grass, near Dundurn, SK. Call 306-492-2621.

130 ACRES STANDING alfalfa grass for sale. Bales must be removed within a week after you cut and bale. Hayland located just 5 miles west of Dalmeny Hwy on Auction Mart Road. Call for details 306-229-7924, Saskatoon, SK.

SMALL SQUARE HAY BALES, alfalfa and alfalfa/ grass. Taking orders for 2012 crop. Call 306-375-7761, Kyle, SK. DUST FREE HIGH quality flood irrigated grass hay, average 1400-1500 lbs. Murray Evans, 306-492-4810, Dundurn, SK. HAY FOR SALE, 1250 alfalfa or grass mix round netwrap bales, no rain. Straw also. Alan Coutts 306-463-8423, Alsask, SK. 330 ACRES standing hay, alfalfa grass mix, west of Swift Current, SK. 306-674-2461, 306-750-9454.

LATHE: PRATT & WHITNEY older flat belt drive, medium size, $1400 OBO. 204-236-4684, Birch River, MB. 103 -3240 Id ylw yld Dr. N .

9 3 3 -1115





2010 ALFALFA CRESTED WHEAT MIX round bales, good condition, $20/bale. Contact Bryce 403-866-6937, Hilda, AB. CUSTOM BALE HAULING, with 2 trucks and trailers, 34 bales per trailer. Call 306-567-7100, Imperial, SK. STANDING HAY approx. 320 acres for sale. Call Walter 306-453-6010, Carlyle, SK. OVER 200 AG and construction tires, new 600 LARGE ROUND bales, approx. 1500 and used. Phone: 204-667-2867, fax: lbs. last years hay, $50/bale in yard, truck- 204-667-2932, Winnipeg, MB. ing also avail. 306-466-2261, Leask, SK. TWO IMPLEMENT RIMS, 24”x8” with 8 LARGE ALFALFA/BROME round bales for h o l e s , $ 6 5 e a c h . 3 0 6 - 6 9 3 - 2 1 4 2 o r sale, approx. 300 bales, near Balgonie, SK. 306-631-7531, Moose Jaw, SK. Ph 306-771-2923 or 306-535-0922 cell. WANTED: NEW OR USED 2- 700x20 or BUYING PURE ALFALFA STANDING 650x20 tires with tubes. 306-776-2239, AND BIG BALES. Pure alfalfa wanted Rouleau, SK. standing or put up in big bales for 2012 harvest and beyond. Dryland or irrigated. S AV E . . . S AV E . . . S AV E ! ! ! B r a n d n ew Full custom work and trucking available. 305/55/20 BFG, All Terrain TKO, $1700 403-634-1559 or 403-394-6967. Email: OBO. Ph: 306-921-7703, Saskatoon, SK. or 14 11-225 semi tires, good tread; 16 11-24-5 semi tires, good tread; 12 11-245 500 ACRES OF STANDING hay for sale in LoPro tires, $80/ea. Call Neil for details. Ogema, SK area. Call 306-459-2602. Humboldt, SK. 306-231-8300. 250 ACRES of standing alfalfa/brome for SAVE HUNDREDS!!! Brand new RBP 97R sale, in the Swift Current, SK. area. Would rims 20x9, 8 bolt, hub 78, ET-25 6.5, flat consider long term lease. 306-773-1918. black, will fit Chev or Dodge, $1700. 80 ACRES STANDING native/alfalfa grass 306-921-7703, Saskatoon, SK. for sale, 20 min. NW of Saskatoon, SK. 1/2 NEW HANKOOK DWOI’s, 16 ply, 11R24.5, 35-37-07-W3. Call 905-395-0006 or email: b l o w o u t p r i c e $ 4 5 0 e a c h ! P h o n e 306-497-2544 after 8 PM, Blaine Lake, SK. ALFALFA, ALFALFA/ GRASS and grass big r o u n d b a l e s , 2 0 1 1 c r o p . F e e d t e s t BIAS PLY TIRES 8- 20.8x42, with good available, $50/ton; Also 2012 crop, sidewalls, approx. 20% tread, used for snow plowing, $650 OBO. 780-853-0821, $65/ton. Call 306-375-7761, Kyle, SK. Vermilion, AB. WANTED: SASK. FARMLAND BEAR TAGS in Zone 54 and 53. 306-883-2960, Spiritwood, SK. or email WELL ESTABLISHED HUNTING outfit for sale in North Western Alberta. For info call 780-998-4976 or email:

w w



FIBERGLASS SEPTIC TANKS- Various sizes available, starting from 250 gal. up to 34,000 gal. See your nearest Flaman store today or call 1-888-435-2626 or visit

Green and/or heated Canola/Flax, Wheat, Barley, Oats, Peas, etc. BOW VALLEY TRADING LTD.

1-877-641-2798 GRAIN MARKETING HEADQUARTERS 10 years serving producers! Wanted: All grains in any condition. On farm pricing. Quick payment assured. Double Z Ag Sales, Weyburn, SK. 306-842-2406.

“Canadian Made”



PHO N E: 306- 933- 2 343 FAX: 306- 931- 1003

TOLL FREE: 1-8 8 8 -226 -8 277 w w w .ca nta NUVISION COMMODITIES is currently purchasing feed barley, wheat, peas and WANTED: ALFALFA HAY large square bales. Will buy all qualities including with milling oats. 204-758-3401, St. Jean, MB. rain. Priced according to quality, in Southern Alberta. Call 1-800-291-1432.




BUYING PURE ALFALFA STANDING for 2 0 1 2 h a r ve s t , d r y l a n d o r i r r i gat e d . 403-507-8660 or 403-994-0042, Olds, AB. HAY WANTED: 2010-2011 or 2012 new crop. Large square bales only (3x3 or 3x4). Pure alfalfa or alfalfa/brome mix. Call Wayne, 519-374-1109 or 519-364-4036. STANDING HAY up to 6 quarters, priced by the ton. 2 quarters, mostly alfalfa. 2 quarters, mixture (alfalfa, bromegrass, crusted wheat). 2 quarters, alfalfa. Located north of Mazenod, SK. Call Dan or Juanita at 306-648-2811, 306-227-5961.

SMALL SQUARE BALES, alfalfa/grass, good quality, sheltered, $3 to $4.50 per bale. Phone 306-945-2378, Waldheim, SK.


LARGE SQUARE 3X4 ALFALFA bales, $60. per ton. 306-631-8854, Moose Jaw, SK.





Phone:403-994-7 207 or 7 80-206-4666 w w na dia nh a ya ndsila

Co s ta Rica

~ January 2013

S o u th Am erica

~ February 2013

In d ia

~ February 2013 Portion oftours m a y b e Ta x Ded uc tib le.

Se le ct Holida ys 1- 800- 661- 432 6 w w w .selectho lid a m

LOBSTICK TRAVEL & TOURS: Maritimes Sept. 21, $4300; Hostfest Sept. 25, $1095; Mediterranean Oct. 23 outside $5176.19, balcony $5576.19; Branson Nov. 4, $1499; Panama Cruise Nov. 21, inside $2995, outside $3341, balcony $3682; Hawaii Cruise Jan. 10, inside $3595, balcony $3995; Arizona Jan. 21, $2499; Texas Feb. 1, $2599; Australia/NZ Feb. 3, $9976; Antarctica Feb. 28, $8995; Come live your dreams with us! 306-763-7415, 306-752-3830. NORSK HOSTFEST BUS TOURS Sept. 24-28 and Sept. 26-30th. VIP seats and motel in Minot. Call L.A. Tours Inc., Birch Hills, SK., 306-749-3521 for a brochure.

New, used and retreads. Call us, you’ll be glad you did! 1-877-814-8473. Winnipeg, MB.

Hours: 8:00 AM- 4:30 PM.

NEW 20.8-38 12 PLY $866; 18.4-38 12 ply, $783; 24.5-32 14 ply, $1749; 14.9-24 12 ply, $419; 16.9-28 12 ply, $498. Factory direct. More sizes available, new and used. 1-800-667-4515, 4 TITAN SPRAYER tires, 12.4x42 10 ply, $300 ea. 204-236-4684, Birch River, MB. FOUR 320/80R46 SPRAYER tires and wheels on 8 bolt rims; Four new 20.8x38 sprayer tires and wheels, 10 bolt rims; Two 35.5x32R2 combine tires and 10 bolt wheels, new cond.; Complete set 20.8x42 triples- 80% from JD tractor, c/w all hardware; JD combine rims 27x32; 28Lx26 tires and rims for JD 4 WD combine. Best offer. Call 204-766-2643. EIGHT 24.5x32 TIRES, good rubber; two good tubes. 306-834-5079, Kerrobert, SK.

NEW SRS CRISAFULLI PTO water pumps. Available in 8”, 12”, 16” and 24”, PTO, elec. or engine driven available. These pumps can move up to 18,000 GPM. We have 16” PTO 15,000 GPM in stock, ready to deliver. For more information call your SK dealer T.J. Markusson Agro Ltd. Foam Lake, SK. 306-272-4545 or 306-272-7225 See COMBINE DUAL KITS, IN STOCK JD STS w/ new 20.8-38 or 42 tires, $14,900; JD 94009610/CTS/CTS II w/ new 18.4-38 tires, $9,800; CIH 1680-2588 w/ new 20.8-38 tires, $ 13,900. New clamp-on duals also available w/ new 18.4-38 tires, $ 4,300. Trade in your tires & rims. 1-800-667-4515.

PRAIRIES WATER TREATMENT LTD., High River, AB. ( Servicing BC. AB. SK. and MB. Oxydate and ionize single tap to whole house to commercial units. No salt, no chlorine, no chemicals. Custom built and guaranteed. Now with water softening and scale control capaRADIAL ARM DRILL, Asquith Archdale, bilities. Ph or email for info and free quote. Model P30320, 12” dia. column, 5’ arm, 403-620-4038. power feed on quill, 16 rpm choices (from 40-2040), 8 feedrate choices (from .002-.040 per revolution), 24”x36” box ta- ECOSMARTE/ADVANCED Pure Water. ble, #5 Moores taper in spindle, vg work- New scientific technology in Canada, guaring cond., $8500. Selling because bought antee 99% pure water. No salts, no chemilarger equipment. 306-873-5437, Tisdale, cals, no chlorine. Phone 306-867-9461. Distributor for BC, AB, MB, SK. SK. Email: HYDRAULIC PRESS BRAKE, 110 ton Promecam RG-103 press brake, 10’ long, includes: foot treadle, 4-way V die, straight punch and gooseneck punch, $12,000. Smith Industries Ltd., 306-373-7622, Saskatoon, SK. COMPLETE WELDING AND MACHINING equipment: welders, lathes, milling CINCINATTI MILLING MACHINE, metal shop tooling hyd. press brake, bandlathe, 10’ Chicago brake, truck/tractor tire machine, saws, hand tools, forklift and more. Swift changer. 204-352-4306, Glenella, MB. Current, SK. 306-773-7695, 306-741-1939. 1981 WHACHOEN LATHE, 20.5x80”, 15 HP, 220 volt, including all misc. accessories, $4900. 780-307-4662, Clyde, AB.

Progressive Yard Works Ltd. 1-306-244-6911 3423 Millar Ave., Saskatoon, SK


WATER WELLS, Heron Drilling Ltd. specializing in water wells, E-logging, sandscreens and gravel pack. Government grants available. Drilling, boring, cleaning. Call us. 49 yrs. experience. 306-752-4322, fax 306-752-7399, Melfort, SK. HAYTER DRILLING LTD. Over 50 yrs in groundwater industry specializing in 5” 30” wells. Premium quality materials used in new construction. Old well servicing and rehab. New equipment and experienced crews. 1-888-239-1658, Watrous, SK.

E arly Book ing Program ! Netw rap -H igh qu a lity,im ported from G erm a ny 67 ’’startin g at$215 64’’startin g at$210 8000ft.rollsalso available! Sila ge B a lew ra p - startin g at$84

K en ya /Ta n za n ia

~ January 2013

We’ve got ‘em all.

2012 HAY from Bridesville, BC area avail. l at e J u ly / Au g u s t . $ 1 3 0 / t o n b r o m e , $160/ton alfalfa/grass. Ph 780-665-3486.


Au s tra lia /N ew Zea la n d

~ January/February 2013


WANTED HAYLAND TO RENT: alfalfa or alfalfa grass mix. Ideally crop share in SW TARPCO, SHUR-LOK, MICHEL’S sales, service, installations, repairs. Canadian SK. or AB. Call 1-800-291-1432. company. We carry aeration socks. We GREAT HORSE HAY, no dust, no mold, now carry electric chute openers for grain tested, round bales. Phone Ken Qualman, trailer hoppers. 1-866-663-0000. 306-492-4634, Dundurn, SK. SHUR-LOK TRUCK TARPS and replacement ALFALFA AND ALFALFA/GRASS mix round tarps for all makes of trucks. Alan, bales, net wrapped, G&G Walkeden, Trib- 306-723-4967, 306-726-7808, Cupar, SK. une, SK. 306-681-6849 or 306-681-7782.

! S T TY E I L B A U Q



400 LARGE ALFALFA bales, hard core, 1500+ lbs. 306-436-4526, Milestone, SK.

or visit


Vis it o u r w eb s ite @

w w w .w es tern co m m o d ities .ca


w w w .m illiga n biote c h .c om

N ow B uyin g O a ts!

CAN M ARKET YOUR FEED GRAINS & DAM AGED OIL SEEDS. & p ro vid e u s w ith yo u r e-m a il a d d res s to receive o u r w eekly e-m a il, w ith p ricin g in d ica tio n s a n d m a rkettren d s .


BUYING YELLOW AND GREEN PEAS, all grades, farm pickup. Naber Specialty Grains Ltd., 1-877-752-4115, Melfort, SK. email:

Western Commodities Inc.

C a ll for s izes / p ricin g

CERISE RED PROSO COMMON MILLET a n d c o m m o n C row n m i l l e t s e e d , $0.40/lb., 90% + germ., 0% Fusarium Graminearum, makes great cattle feed, swath grazed, silage, dry and silage bales, drought tolerant, very high in protein and energy. Delivered in 50 lb. bags at nearest points in SK. and AB. Call Reynald at Millet King Seed of Canada Inc., St. Claude, MB., 204-379-2987, 204-526-2719 leave msg, cell and text 204-794-8550, all calls returned. Visit email Over 2000 satisfied producers and our 9th year in business. FOR ALL YOUR forage seed needs. Full line of alfalfa/grasses/blending. Greg Bjornson 306-554-3302 or 306-554-7987, Viking Forage Seeds, Wynyard, SK.


C a ll for s izes / p ricin g

COMMON SWEET CLOVER; single and double cut red clover; alsike; creeping and taproot alfalfa; sainfoin; prefoil; smooth brome, meadow brome, crested wheat, Timothy; cicer milk vetch. Also organic. Other grasses, call for info. Free blending, pasture mixes. Free delivery on larger orders. 306-863-2900, Star City, SK.

• • • •

Above ground & below ground • Sectional in-door water tanks Sewage holding and two-compartment 150 gallons to 10,000 gallons Ask us about our easy burial “drop and go” 1000 gallon tanks

Visit our website at:

STAUBER DRILLING INC. Environmental, Geotechnical, Geothermal, Water well drilling and servicing. Professional service since 1959. Call the experts at 1-800-919-9211 DOMINION DRILLING, 5” water wells, government grants available up to 50% of well, will be gravel packed, e-logged and screened, 25 yrs. experience drilling in SK. Email: call 306-874-5559, fax 306-874-2451, or cell 306-874-7653, Pleasantdale, SK.


U-DRIVE TRACTOR TRAILER Training, 25 years experience. Day, 1 and 2 week upgrading programs for Class 1A, 3A and air brakes. One on one driving instructions. 306-786-6600, Yorkton, SK.

MOTOR GRADER OPERATOR. The RM of Foam Lake is currently accepting applications for an experienced Motor Grader Operator. The position is seasonal, duties to commence immediately. The position offers an attractive compensation package that includes health and dental, disability and pension plans (with some conditions). Must have valid Class 5 driver’s license. Please submit a letter of application accompanied by a detailed resume and 3 work related references by Tuesday, July 10th, 2012 to: RM of Foam Lake No. 276, Box 490, Foam Lake, SK, S0A 1A0, Phone: 306-272-3334, fax 306-272-4722, Email: Only applicants selected for an interview will be contacted. HEAVY EQUIPMENT OPERATORS for late model Cat motor scrapers (cushion ride) and dozers for road construction work. Camp job. Competitive wages plus R&B. Valid drivers license required. Send resume and work references to: Bryden Construction & Transport Co. Inc, Box 100, Arborfield, SK SOE 0A0. Fax 306-769-8844 Email:

C ock b urn C ons t. L td .

North B attleford,SK . R eq u ires 2 exp erienc ed


for ou r gra vel c ru shing op era tion.

V a lid driver’s lic ense req u ired. C om p etitiv e w a ges w ith a hea lth p la n. F ax resum es w ith references to 306-446-4141 or em ailto:ccl@

FARM LABOURER REQUIRED immediately to maintain and operate large modern equip. Must have Class 5 but prefer 1A. Top wages paid based on experience. Potential for full-time employment. Located in Yellow Grass, SK area. Contact Ryley Richards 306-861-5733, fax/email resume to 306-842-0824 or

BROADACRE: LARGE GRAIN farm located in south SK. is seeking experienced Truck Drivers and Machine Operators. Seasonal and permanent full-time positions available. $16-$25/hr. depending on experience. Accommodations available. Driver’s license required and Class 1A an asset. Email/fax resume: 306-382-3337 or visit WANTED: TRUCK DRIVERS (Class 1 or 3) and Swather Operators for custom silage season in Peace Country area from July to October. Phone Ryan at 250-219-0778, Dawson Creek, BC. FARM RESTORATION. Seeking hard working couple to restore a small heritage farm in southwest BC Gulf Islands. Live on the ocean and restore one of the longest running farms to its former greatness. Energetic, dependable, self-motivated, nonsmokers in good health. Small scale fruit and vegetables, practical approach but organic when practical. Handyman and carpentry skills a plus. Housing accommodations provided. Long term commitment. Please send resume with references to RANCH HAND WANTED: Must have experience riding horses and young colts. We run a bison feedlot, a 450 cow/calf operation and a well established AQHA breeding and training program. Room and board available. 780-808-1592 or 780-808-5903, Lloydminster, AB. LARGE PROGRESSIVE FARM East of Regina, looking for seasonal and full-time help. Equipment operators, truck drivers, labourers apply. 1A an asset, but not necessary, will train the right applicants. Tyler 306-533-8834 or Trent: 306-540-5275. FULL-TIME PERMANENT position available on farm/ranch in Cypress Hills, SK. Cattle experience and Class 1 would be beneficial, machinery and basic mechanical experience a must. Stable job record, reliability, work history, resume and refere n c e s r e q u i r e d , h o u s i n g ava i l a b l e . 306-295-4050, Eastend, SK.

COW/CALF OPERATION requires person for general farm and ranch work. Calving and pasture riding experience necessary. House w/utilities and appliances supplied. Consort, AB. Phone 403-577-0011 or email references to: FULL-TIME FARM HELPER required year round for mixed cow/calf farm. Duties include feeding, calving, grain hauling, etc. Experience an asset, but not necessary. Board and room avail. 780-768-2125, Two Hills, AB.


COMBINE OPERATORS WANTED for 2012 Australian wheat harvest, September to January. Case equipment, good wage, food and accommodation supplied. Must h ave c o m b i n e e x p e r i e n c e . E m a i l for more info.

V E RY B O R E D E X - FA R M E R , h e a l t h y mid-60s, looking for summer work on farm or ?, BSc. in agriculture, experienced fishing guide in NWT, familiar and competent w/outboard motors and chain saws, drivers license, can go anywhere, good food and congenial environment much more OLDS, AB. FEEDLOT requires immediate- important than the big bucks. Contact ly 2 full-time employees for equipment op- Brian via email at, eration and maintenance; Animal health or Box 55, Black Creek, BC. and pen checking. Cattle experience an asset. Separate home and acreage supplied. KEJA FARMS is looking for a farm Top wages and benefits. Fax resume equip. operator, welder, machinist, 403-556-7625, or plasma table operator, salesman for full-time year round employment. Top FULL-TIME/ PERMANENT FEEDER wages will be paid for Class 1A license and needed for large dairy 10 min. south of farm equipment experience. Accomm. Saskatoon. Duties include feeding 400 avail. Jason 306-642-3315, Assiniboia, SK milk cows plus young stock with TMR mixer, along with other farm chores. Must be NORENDA CONSTRUCTION a farm and able to operate machinery. Wage depend- construction business in Gerald, SK. is ing on abilities and experience. Please fax looking for 2 Farm Labourers. Will assist in r e s u m e 3 0 6 - 3 7 3 - 2 8 3 6 , o r e m a i l the seeding, spraying, harvesting tions along with general day to day farm Must be able to operate large equip. FULL/PART-TIME GUY/GAL required for tasks. experience an asset. Room and horse and cattle ranch, physically fit and Farm board Home every night. Unlimited reliable with ability to run modern haying hours. avail. Wages $17.00/hr start. Ph Dallas equipment and tractors. 306-731-2821, 306-740-8710 or Clayton 306-740-8704. Lumsden, SK. WANTED: EXP. RIDER, male or female to advance started young horses and to start some colts. Riding facility and living quarters on location. Period of employment from June to Sept. Also have other rider onsite. For more info ph. 780-724-2358 email: FULL-TIME PERMANENT WORKER required on mixed farm/ranch operation. Experience w/cattle and machinery required. Class 3 license an asset. Housing w/yard available. Family welcome. Wage negotiable depending on experience. Phone: 403-575-0214, Veteran, AB, email:

FULL-TIME YEAR ROUND position on grain farm. $50,000- $60,000 plus benefits per year depending upon experience. Must have 1A and experience operating large farm equip. 306-497-7720, Blaine Lake, SK STRATHMORE AREA FARM and ranch is seeking a self-motivated, mechanically inclined employee for machinery maintenance and operation. $18-$25/hr. Class 1 preferred. Email: Call Paul at: 403-325-0118 or fax resume to: 403-901-1550.

ROY HARVESTING now hiring for the 2012 harvest. Need truck drivers and combine operators. Call Chuck 306-642-0055, FEEDLOT IN CENTRAL AB is looking for or Chris 306-642-0076, Glentworth, SK. Feed Truck Operator. Must have Class 3 with air, experience an asset, and me- CENTRAL AB. FT permanent or seasonal, chanically inclined. Duties include: feed- large modern grain farm, must have expeing, machinery and facility maintenance. rience, be equipment/operations ready, 10 days on, 4 off schedule. Please fax re- mechanical, Class 1 w/progressive attisume to 403-638-3908, ph 403-638-4165, tude. We strive for excellence and enemail Sundre, AB. joyable work environment. Off farm housing available, competitive wage based on AJL FARMS is seeking full-time help to experience. Fax resume to 403-364-2004, operate and maintain modern farm and email to or construction equipment. Year round work phone Barry 403-364-2129, Delia, AB. including general shop, yard maintenance and some cattle work. Must be mechani- AUSTRALIA / NEW ZEALAND dairy, beef, cally inclined. Benefits, RRSP plan and sheep, crop enterprises have opportunities competitive wage, $18- $23/hr. Phone for applicants aged 18-30 to live and work 780-723-6244. Fax or email resume to: d o w n u n d e r. A p p l y n o w ! P h o n e : 780-723-6245, 1-888-598-4415, Niton Junction, AB. CENTRAL AB ELK ranch seeks Ranch Su- FARM HELP? FARM WORK? We can pervisor w/min. 3 yrs. experience working help you find an employee or find a good with ranched elk. Basic welding knowledge ag related job. Contact Agri employment an asset. Fax resume to 780-490-1070. at Call 403-732-4295 for job vacancies or help with employment Qualified applicants will be contacted. LARGE GRAIN FARM east of Yorkton, SK is hiring immediately for the 2012 growing season. Must be mechanically inclined, and able to work unsupervised when needed. Class 5 license is mandatory, but would prefer Class 1A. We pay top wages and benefits for the right individuals. Jobs include operating farm equipment as well as hauling seed and fertilizer with semis. There’s the possibility of full-time employment for the right person. Call Dennis 306-621-5173. Send resumes to: Fax 306-273-4743

FARM HELP REQUIRED in east central AB. Reliable person with interest and experience with livestock. Housing, utilities and appliances supplied. Wages based on experience. Please fax resume w/references to 403-552-2359, Altario, AB. or email KOROVA FEEDERS, 50 miles northeast of Calgary is seeking Maintenance Person, Processors and General Farm Help. Competitive wages, benefit package. Please fax resume to 403-546-4231, Acme, AB.

A re yo u lo o king to fu rther yo u r a gricu ltu re/ca ttle ca reer?

C om e an d spen d som e tim e w ith u s at W estern F eedlots L td. ––M ossleigh

H ealth/P en R iders – M ossleigh,A B R equ irem en ts: M u stenjo y a tea m a ppro a ch a nd a desire to w o rk w ith ca ttle sa fely,hu m a nely & efficiently.A bility to a ssess ca ttle hea lth,a nd fo llo w reco m m ended trea tm entpro to co l.A bo ve avera ge ho rsem a nship, skills a nd su ita bly tra ined ho rses fo r this enviro nm enta re necessa ry. B a sic C o m pu ter skills requ ired to enter da ily reco rds a nd pu llrepo rts.   W estern Feedlo ts L td . is a diverse co m pa ny specia lizing in feeder ca ttle m a na gem ent, so ftw a re develo pm ent,a nd co m m o dities. W e o ffer co m petitive w a ges,a benefits pa cka ge,a nd enco ura ge the gro w th a nd develo pm ent o f o ur em plo yees.  If you valu e a respectfu l,prou d,team orien tated en viron m en t w ithin a very u n iqu e “W estern C u ltu re”, please forw ard you r application /resu m e to:

W es tern F eedlo ts L td. E m ail:ds peers @ w es ternfeedlo ts .co m tel: 403-652-3933 F or fu rther in form ation ,please visit ou r w ebsite at w w w.w es ternfeedlo ts .co m

RANCH POSITION FOR COUPLE. Looking to hire Ranch Manager under share crop arrangement for our Cariboo Ranch. Persons must have cattle management and care skills and expertise, horse training, vetting and care background and skills. Farm machinery and equipment operational abilities with welding skills, and farming and haying experience, skills and competence. Prefer couple who have or who want to build own cattle herd and develop with us a solid cattle business. Reply with resume to: PROGRESSIVE RANCH North of Cranbrook, BC. is seeking a highly motivated full-time employee. Clean driver’s license required and Class 1 an asset. Applicant must be hard working and versatile in all aspects of cattle ranching. Benefits and lodging are provided. Wages negotiated based on experience. Please send letters and resumes to: PO Box 6841, Station D, Calgary, AB, T2P 2E9 or fax to: 403-264-7455. Call 403-232-6252 for more info. ALLAN DAIRY CUSTOM SILAGE is looking for operators for the 2012 silage season. 204-371-1367, 204-346-0571, MB.

PREVOST HARVESTING is now hiring Combine Drivers. Prefer Class 1A, but not necessary. Farming background an asset. Must be US admissible with valid passport. Email resume to: or call 306-322-7100. SEASONAL FARM LABOURER HELP. Applicants should have previous farm experience and mechanical ability. Duties incl. operation of machinery, including Tractors, truck driving and other farm equipment, as well as general farm laborer duties. $12-$18/hr. depending on experience. Contact Wade Feland at 701-263-1300, Antler, ND. HELP WANTED ON DAIRY FARM, fullor part-time, dairy and maintenance work. 306-493-8201, 306-493-7631, Delisle, SK. JOIN A LARGE cutting edge grain farm. Operate modern, high tech. equipment with our team for the harvest season. If you are flexible and independent with experience in farm equipment operation, maintenance and repairs, we want to talk to you! Class 1 licence preferred but not required. Starting wage is $20/hr, based on experience. Meals and housing available. There are tons of great experiences to be had in scenic Peace River, Alberta! Email or fax your resume today! fax: 780-353-2885 FULL-TIME PERMANENT RANCH help required at Sturgeon River Ranch, Rockyford, AB. We are presently looking for a full-time employee who is self-motivated, mechanically inclined and has a good knowledge of cow/calf operations. Experience with irrigation is an asset, as well as a Class 3 driver’s license. We provide our employee and family with a 2011 3 bdrm. mobile home if required. Wages negotiable upon exp. Please email resume to: or fax 403-533-3775 or call Warren at cell: 403-325-7580. CENTRAL ALBERTA WORK on large cow/calf and grain operation. Assisting with day to day farm operations including: feeding, fencing, sileaging, harvesting, and cattle handling. Mechanical skills, Class 1 license and welding experience an asset. Wages based on experience. Fax resume with references to 780-376-0000 or call 780-376-2241 for more info. FULL-TIME EMPLOYMENT for Ranch Operations Manager for purebred cow/calf operation. Must be experienced in all aspects of cow/calf, mixed farm operations and have aptitude for time management and attention to detail. Will consider husband and wife team depending on qualifications. Competitive wages and perks. Accommodations included. For more info: Contact Rob at 403-540-3186 or email: MODERN 400 COW dairy, east of Lacombe, AB. is looking to fill 2 full-time positions. Applicants must have keen interest in dairy and be self-motivated. Experience preferred. Wages $17-$21/hr. Fax resume to 403-784-2911, Tees, AB. RANCH HAND WANTED in central Sask. Cattle and horse experience a must. Some haying, no farming. Seasonal but could be full-time for right person. Room and board provided. 306-939-4480, Earl Grey, SK. FULL-TIME EMPLOYEE WANTED for 5000 acre grain farm in Young, SK area. Must be motivated, able to work independently and contribute to a positive atmosphere. Families welcome. Duties are operating all farm machinery, including high clearance sprayer, 1A license an asset, wages competitive, housing allowance negotiable. Fax resume with references to: 306-259-2058. Email: or call 306-259-2057, cell. 306-917-7388.

REPUTABLE EXTERIOR FINISHING Co. in Calgary, AB. is seeking an employee for full-time work in eavestroughing, siding, soffit and fascia. Experience preferred, but willing to train. Must be hardworking, dependable and punctual, have own basic tools, driver’s license and transportation. Must not be afraid of heights. Year round work. Wages commensurate with experience. Email resume to Sterling Exteriors s t e r l i n g e x t e r i o r s @ s h aw. c a o r c a l l : 403-208-6930.

APIARY TECHNICIAN, NOC 8253, $13 to $15/hr. for the 2012 beekeepng season, June to Nov. Must have 2 yrs. beekeeping knowledge, must be able to work with live bee colonies, accommodations provided. Also require 2 apiary labourers, NOC 8431, wages starting at $11.20/hr. for July to mid-Sept., 2012. Send resume to: Matt Nolte at RR #1, Morinville, AB. T8R 1P4, email:

FEEDLOT FOREMAN: Ideal candidate must have understanding of farm and feedlot operations, computer skills, animal health, bunk management, machinery operation and maintenance experience, Class 3 license, clean driver’s abstract and min. 2 years experience as a foreman or other supervisory farm related position. Competitive wages negotiable based on experience. Send resume to: GRADER AND MOWER OPERATORS. or fax 403-638-3908, ph. 403-638-4165. The RM of Stonehenge No. 73 is accepting Only qualified applicants will be notified. applications until July 4, 2012 for the seasonal positions of Grader Operator and BEEKEEPER HELPERS REQUIRED for exMower Operator. Duties for both positions tracting plant. From mid July to end of are set to commence immediately. Re- September to assist in the process of honsumes should clearly state experience, ey extracting. Wage $11.04/hr. Hilbert education and references. Please state Honey Ltd. Humboldt, SK. 306-682-3717 which position you are applying for: RM of leave a message or 306-231-7966 (cell). Stonehenge No. 73, Box 129, Limerick, SEEKING MOTIVATED INDIVIDUAL to S K . , S 0 H 2 P 0 . 3 0 6 - 2 6 3 - 2 0 2 0 , f a x : work on maintenance crew truck. Com306-263-2013, e-mail: petitive wages and health benefits. ExperiOnly applicants selected for an interview ence an asset, but will train. H2S and first will be contacted. aid tickets required. Criminal record check our request. Fax resume: 403-552-2350 HUNTING GUIDES REQUIRED. Estab- at lished hunting operation is adding to our or email to: Pro staff of big game hunting guides. We offer a full slate of spring and fall work. CO PELAN D SEED S LTD . Moose, goat, bear and deer. No experience Ros etow n , S K necessary. Will train the right person. Is looking for a G E N E RA L Good wages and health plan available. L A BO U RE R a n d a p ers on w ith Please fax resume 250-964-4232 or email View a 1A D RIV E RS L IC E N S E . w w w. d o m e c r e e ko u t fi t t e r s . c o m a n d Both positions are fulltim e and w e Contact Mark have a benefits package as w ell. for details 250-320-8880, 250-964-4241, O ur facility is located 20 m inutes Prince George, BC. south ofRosetow n,SK . RM GARDEN RIVER 490 is currently acFor m ore inform ation contact: cepting applications for Maintenance/ Bo b a t 3 06-3 7 8 -2 2 8 6 Experienced Grader Operator. This is a S end resu m es to em a il: casual part-time operator that could lead co pela nd.seeds@ sa sk to full-time. Duties will include, but not Fa x:3 06-3 7 8 -2 3 66 limited to: rock picking, sign maintenance, M a iling a ddress: ditch mowing, road maintenance and variBo x 1 1 50,Ro seto w n,S K S 0L 2 V0 ous other duties. Applicant must have valid driver’s license, operator experience. Salary commensurate with experience. Anyone interested in this position may apply by sending a resume and salary expected to: RM Garden River 490, Box 70, Meath Park, SK., S0J 1T0, phone 306-929-2020, fax 306-929-2281, email: Applications will be accepted until 3:00 PM, Monday, July 9, LOADERMAN REQUIRED for log haul in 2012. The RM wishes to thank all who ap- North central Alberta, $20/load rate, inplied however, only those individuals with cludes accommodation. Must be experiinterviews will be contacted. enced, have a pickup and grease gun. Fax contact numbers to 780-675-9206. LOOKING FOR A GREAT opportunity to join a family owned and operated company BLUE HILLS PROCESSORS (2003) LTD. that has a fun and friendly environment, located in Avonlea, SK is accepting appliJ&H Builders Warehouse is looking for cations to fill a full-time permanent posiyou, we offer competitive wages, dis- tion as warehouse and shipping personnel. counts on building materials and benefits. BHPL is one of Canada’s leading special Email resume to, crops processors handling all pulse crops. 306-652-5322, Saskatoon, SK. Duties may include but are not limited to loading railcars, containers, and trucks with both bagged and bulk product; misc. outdoor tasks; maintaining a clean and safe workplace. Prior experience is preW ellEsta blished M u ltilin e ferred but not required. We offer competiAgricu ltu ra lDea lership in Ea st tive wages and an excellent benefit pkg. Cen tra lAlberta IsLo o kin g Fo rAn Both male and female applicants are encouraged to submit their resume with refHo n est,Aggressive & Am bitio u s erences to Mr. Ray Briggs, General ManagPARTS PERSO N . er, in person or email: Agricu ltu ra lBa ckgro u n d a n d Co m pu terExperien ce W o u ld Be An Asset. Fu ll-Tim e Po sitio n , $15 to $20 per ho u r.Ben efits,(a fter6 m o n th perio d ). Is a pro gre s s ive , e xpa n d in g MAINTANANCE WORKER REQUIRED for Riviera Motor Inn (Saskatoon, SK.) Must have basic plumbing, electrical and carpentry skills. Wages dependant on skills and experience. 306-244-2535 or email: for more info.



Plea se Fo rw a rd Resu m es to M a rc a t G ra tto n Co u lee Agri Pa rts Ltd ., B o x 4 1,Irm a ,AB T0B 2H 0 o r S en d Fa x to 780-75 4 -2333.

APARTMENT MANAGER to operate 36 suite apartment in Wainwright, AB. Duties include: cleaning of common area, outside maintenance, dealing with tenants, performing minor repairs, and organizing contractors for repairs and maintenance. Suitable for couple. For more info call 780-842-9172 or fax resume to 780-842-6321, AGRIVENTURE=Adventure+Agriculture! Live and work in Europe, Britain, Australia, New Zealand, or Japan on agricultural and horticultural operations, ages: 18-30, 4-12 month programs, 1-888-598-4415,

a gric u ltu ra l s a lva ge pa rts c o m pa n y s pe c ia lizin g in la te m o d e l tra c to r a n d c o m b in e pa rts a n d lo c a te d a tIrm a , Alb e rta . W e a re looking for


(4 va ca n cies ) Perm a n en t, fu ll tim e p o s itio n s -44 hrs p er w eek. S a la ry $19.25 to $20.00/hr. Va lid d rivers licen s e. Previo u s exp erien ce a n a s s et. To a pply fo r a po s itio n w ith u s , plea s e e-m a il res u m e to : m a rc@ gcpa rts .co m o r s en d fa x to 78 0-754-2333 Atten tio n : Alvin W a n n echk o



Ag Management Solutions Consultant (AMS) St. Paul, Lloydminster, Vermilion, Alberta

Excellent permanent, full time long term career. Agland is a top notch company with excellent compensation packages looking for individuals who will represent the company in a positive manner ensuring excellent customer service and satisfaction! â&#x20AC;˘ â&#x20AC;˘ â&#x20AC;˘ â&#x20AC;˘ â&#x20AC;˘ â&#x20AC;˘ â&#x20AC;˘ â&#x20AC;˘ â&#x20AC;˘

positively represent company, driven; self-starter, independent & team player; current seed-chemical-fertilizer knowledge; installation/operation of farm guidance systems; record keeping and computer knowledge; understand marketing plan, yield mapping; top interpersonal/customer on-site service; top communication/customer service skills; assist producer with analysis/programs/support.

PULSELINK LTD. SEEKING Operations Manager. Pulselink Ltd. operates 3 legume processing plants. Our main products consist of red and green lentils plus a modern red lentil splitting plant. The operations managerâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s duties will include, but are not limited to: Supervise plant staff efficiently and safely to achieve the companies objectives; Grain processing, including bagged packaging and rail bulk loading; Inbound and outbound road and rail logistics; Small repairs and maintenance of an effective Maintenance Program. Experience: Minimum 2 years (flexible if demonstrate strong contributing assets). Applicants must have: Knowledge and understanding of grain processing, mechanical aptitude and excellent organizational skills. Pulselink offers a competitive compensation package including comprehensive benefits and pension plan. Wage/Salary: DUE. Location: Zealandia, SK. Apply with resume by fax: 306-882-3668 or email:


H i-C oun try E n v iron m en talS erv ices L td.

Is lookin g for an in div idualw ho is en thusiastic, en ergetic an d in terested in w orkin g in the reclam ation field. T here w ill be opportunity to w ork on a variety of challenging,hand s-on projects W e are  lookin g for: - E xperience w ith farm equipm ent - E xcellent interpersonal and oral com m unications - S trong problem solving and d ecision m aking skills - Initiative to think outsid e the box - V alid d riverâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s license - preference given to those w ith a C lass 3 - C om m and of the m etric system - M ust have ow n transportation - M ust be w illing to relocate to the P incher C reek,A B or surround ing area H i-C oun try offers: C om petitive salary,bonus and benefits | T raining on the job

H i-C o u n try E n v iro n m en tal Serv ices L td. A ttention B ox 2770,P incher C reek,A B , T 0K 1W 0 R ud y Z alesak P hone: 403-627-5429 | F ax: 403-627-2446 C ell: 403-308-1992 or C ell: 403-308-8764 E m ail: rz alesak@ p latin u m .ca

Q ualified can didates can subm ita resum e to

This individual will have; Ag Eng., Ag Bus., Crop Specialist, or related fields, and/or farming experience preferred but not a requirement.

Vacuum & Water Truck Operators Needed Bulldog Vacuum Service Ltd. is an Oilfield company based in Mannville, Alberta since 1996. We are currently looking for experienced Vacuum & Water Truck operators for this up and coming season. Requirements are a minimum Class 3 license with air and a good drivers abstract also oil field tickets necessary. Successful candidates will have lodging supplied and a choice of work in Alberta, Saskatchewan or Manitoba. We strive for excellence and for that reason, our employees are an important part of our business and we offer top wages and an excellent benefit package. Interested parties please forward a copy of your resume, drivers abstract & oil field tickets to: Email: Fax: 780-763-6472 Phone: 780-763-6473

Please contact or send an up to date resume, cover letter and references to:; 780-875-4275/780-808-5736







JODALE PERRY CORP. is currently accepting applications from energetic and qualified individuals to join our Morden team for the following full-time position: CAD Specialist. The CAD Specialist is responsible for the design process in the development of new products at Jodale Perry. The CAD Specialist reports to the Engineering Manager/EIT. The ideal candidate will have experience and abilities in the following: Diploma in Engineering Design and Drafting Technology; CAD Software proficient - Pro Engineer would be preferred, but not required; Competent in Microsoft Office programs such as Excel; Competent in BOM maintenance in electronic database software; Manage design responsibilities according to scheduling plan provided by Design Mgr; Develop detailed lists of materials as per design; Provide Engineered Mechanical dwg. packages for mfg. purposes; Communicate effectively with production staff and CAD team. Excellent communication skills. Must be able to work independently and within a team. For more info regarding Jodale Perry Corp., visit our website at: Please send your resume along with references in confidence to: Jodale Perry Corp., 300 Route 100, Morden, MB. R6M 1A8. Fax 204-822-9111 email: We appreciate all applicants for their interest, however only candidates selected for interviews will be contacted.


FULL-TIME POSITION for 4th year apprentice or Journeyman mechanic at a central AB farm equipment dealership. Benefits, competitive wages. Bryan 403-318-4101 or Wayne 403-318-4102, Eckville, AB. HD TRUCK MECHANIC required for small trucking company in Lloydminster, AB area. License an asset but not necessary. Competitive wages based on experience and qualifications; Also looking for Mechanic’s Helper. Please call John or Ginette at 780-846-0002 or fax resume to 780-846-0005. VISA TRUCK RENTALS has been supplying light duty vehicles to the industrial markets for 40 years. We are presently accepting applications for Automotive Techs for our Grande Prairie, AB. service facility. Journeyman positions, 2nd, 3rd apprentice available. Must have valid driver’s license, references, and transportation. We rig, repair, and recondition our own fleet of trucks as well as those of our lease customers. Please contact Darrin at 780-532-0636 for interview.

LOOKING FOR A CHANGE? Truck Driver wanted in the Town of Wainwright, AB. Must have Class 1 and some experience. Job is hauling scrap bins and scrap metal. Will pay top wage. Please call 780-842-8622.

1A DRIVERS WANTED to haul oil and produced water in Flaxcombe, SK. area. Need H2S live, First Aid and CPR tickets Can provide housing. Call Pat 306-460-6024. Fax 306-856-2077.

CLASS 1A TRUCK Drivers needed to run water truck in Fort McMurray, AB area, starting immediately. Water hauling experience would be an asset. Current 1A, First Aid, CPR, TDG, H2S, Confined Space. Drivers abstract and references required. ApA VERY BUSY south central Alberta live- plicants must be willing to travel and live stock hauling company is looking for a in camp setting. Phone: 306-937-7427, Lease Operator to haul cattle. Must have 306-441-0603 for more information. their own truck and livestock experience a must, 98% Alberta miles. Home most nights depending on where home is. If 5 LEASED OPERATORS REQUIRED for you’re looking for a change and want to be RV transport with 1 ton pickup or 3 ton a p a r t o f a g r e at t e a m , c a l l M e r v deck truck, US/Canada. Ph Dealers Choice Transport 780-939-2119, Morinville, AB. 403-948-7776, Airdrie, AB. VAC TRUCK DRIVER NEEDED ASAP, must have experience, valid Class 1 license, up-to-date safety tickets and a good clean abstract. Competitive wages paid and health benefits avail. For more info. call Urs at 306-398-7709, Cut Knife, SK.

NORENDA CONSTRUCTION a farm and construction business is looking for 2 Truck Drivers to haul grain and gravel with Super Bs. Must have valid 1A license. Room and board available. Home every night. Unlimited hours. $20.50/hr. Call D a l l a s at 3 0 6 - 7 4 0 - 8 7 1 0 o r C l ay t o n 306-740-8704, Gerald, SK.

SELECT CLASSIC CARRIERS immediately requires Leased Operators with new model 1 tons and 5 ton straight trucks, tractors; Also Company Drivers. Transporting RV’s/general freight, USA/Canada. Clean abstract required. Competitive rates. Fuel surcharge/benefits. 1-800-409-1733.

BEXSON TRANSPORT IS currently seeking individuals that possess a valid Class 1 licence for oilfield transport hauling. Applicants should have a minimum of 3 years driving experience, though we would be willing to train the right individual. At Bexson we offer competitive wages and benefits in a team atmosphere. If you feel you are the right individual for the position, please apply by fax or email. We thank all applicants, however only those selected for an interview will be contacted. 14802 89th Street, Grande Prairie, AB. Phone 780-538-3474, Fax 780-814-5367, Email: LOOKING FOR DRIVER: Must have all oilfield tickets, 7 days on, 7 days off. Working in Unity/Luseland, SK. area. Phone 306-372-7892.

WANTED: CLASS 1 DRIVERS with end EXPERIENCED HOUSEKEEPER/ NANNY dump experience and Class 3 drivers for seeks full-time employment. Phone: WANTED: OWNER OPERATORS for corral cleaning. Fax resume and driver’s 204-224-0433, Winnipeg, MB. abstract to 780-582-2365 or call Liz at grain and fertilizer hauling, based in KeCLASS 1A TRUCK DRIVER with tank naston, SK. Phone Leon at TLC Trucking 780-582-2260, Heisler, AB. truck experience needed for SE Sask., 306-252-2004 or 306-567-8377. LONG HAUL SEMI DRIVERS AND OWN- hauling crude oil. Based out of Regina, SK. CLASS 1A DRIVERS WANTED for Cana- ER/OPERATORS REQUIRED to haul RVs Clean abstract and resume required. Will da/USA to haul SP farm machinery, over- and general freight. Drivers paid 40¢/run- train above average individuals. 5 days on, sized load experience an asset. Benefit ning mile+pick/drop/border. O/O paid 5 off. Long term positions. Fax resume and plan avail. Fax resume to 306-776-2382. 85% of gross revenue. Benefits, Company abstract to: 306-245-3222, Weyburn, SK. More info. call 306-776-2349, Rouleau, SK. fuel cards and subsidized insurance. Must have valid passport and be able to cross TRAIL-X EXPRESS immediately requires border. Call Jeremy at 1-800-867-6233. 1 ton diesel trucks and load and tows to haul RV’s, full-time employment with top rates. Must be able to enter the US. Email Toll free 1-866-585-6770, visit

NOW HIRING Ow n e r/Ope ra to rs

w ith o r w itho u tS u pe r-B gra in tra ile rs to ha u l gra in /fe rtilize r thro u gho u tAB S K & M B. 2 ye a rs e xpe rie n c e is re qu ire d w ith c le a n a b s tra c t& po s itive a ttitu d e . G re a te a rn in g po te n tia l w ith b e n e fits . Fa x re s u m e & c u rre n ta b s tra c tto

Cementing Field Supervisors for Pressure Pumping Services


o r em a il: 4d tra n s @ s a s kte l.n e t

Schlumberger Canada is hiring experienced Cementing Field Supervisors for all Western Canada locations. Work with the latest technology, the best people and the highest HSE standards. Responsibilities include organizing, overseeing, and performing all types of cementing jobs for a company that strives for flawless service quality and zero HSE incidents. Work schedule is 15 days on/6 days off, with opportunities for international assignments on a rotating basis. Industry leading compensation includes a lucrative bonus based on job revenue. Candidates must have a high school diploma or equivalent, and 3 years of cementing experience. Read more at To apply please email your resume to

NOW HIRING Apply Online At

AUTO BO DY JO URNEYM AN or APPRENTI CE required Com petitive w ages,lots of w ork ,benefits, large up to date certified collision Centre. Ifyour looking atm oving from the sm alltow n and looking for a greatopportunity contact Terry or Blaine atDodge City Collision






The Cynthia model of sewage treatment Sewage plan | The hamlet of Cynthia, Alta., builds a solar greenhouse to treat its sewage with plants and bacteria BY MARY MACARTHUR CAMROSE BUREAU

CYNTHIA, Alta. — It’s a question facing hundreds of small hamlets and villages across the Prairies. What happens when the sewage lagoon needs replacing? The councillors at Brazeau County in Alberta decided not to build another smelly lagoon at the edge of town. Instead, they built a solar greenhouse that treats the sewage with plants and bacteria. County officials took a chance on new technology for the tiny hamlet of Cynthia, population 60, that they hoped could be a model for sewage lagoons across the country. Brazeau County reeve Wes Tweedle said it was an experiment. They had to do something with their existing sewer system and took a chance on the alternative technology. The $1.8 million Solar Aquatic Systems plant works well when it is working and fails dramatically when it fails, said the county’s Darcy Mulroy. “It’s wonderful when it’s working,” said Mulroy, who has been in charge of repairing the Cynthia facility since it was built in 2009. The 2,000 sq. foot glass-fronted building looks more like a greenhouse than a waste water treatment plant. It is designed to clean 88 cubic metres of effluent a day. Sewage from the hamlet is piped into a large 20 cubic metre surge tank and then into six aerobic and anaerobic tanks inside the facility. Bacteria grow on the tank walls and on the roots of tropical plants floating in the water, which provides more surface area and increases the number of bacteria in the water. “The more bacteria the better,” said Mulroy. However, the new sewage plant has been plagued with problems from the beginning. EcoTek, the company from Langley, B.C., that designed and built the plant, had built only two other plants, both in warm climates : British Columbia and Cuba. Last fall, the aeration system and

Visitors look around the operation at the Solar Aquatic System waste water treatment plant at Cynthia, Alta. | boiler needed replacing. The passive solar building faces west rather than south and gets too hot during winter days. The solar panels were filled with water and stopped working after they froze. Recently the surge tank pipe separated and needed repair. This spring, Mulroy’s biggest problem was trying to keep ground water out of the sewage lines. Despite the problems, Mulroy still believes the system has its benefits. It was the sewage treatment facility that enticed Mulroy to start working in the county’s water and sewer department. “This is definitely a viable option,” said Mulroy, who has led tours from other municipalities at the facility. “I don’t want other people to deal with the same mistakes as we have.” Tweedle said the system will be a good alternative for small towns and villages once the problems are

ironed out. With no smell, the facility can be located inside a community. “If we can get it working good, it is an excellent alternative,” he said. The plant may need to be expanded because of new oilfield camps hooking up to Cynthia’s water and sewer system. Mulroy believes an A-frame building with roof openings to regulate the heat would be an easy addition and help fix some of the light and heat issues. The plant is designed to be a continuous flow system with sewage flowing in and clean water flowing out continually. Alberta regulations require enough lagoon storage capacity for nine months. The sewage is pumped into the old lagoon once it is cleaned. Twice a year, the clean water is pumped from the lagoon to a nearby waterway. The lagoon was drained June 18 and the water quality was “phenom-


The system has aspects that look more like a greenhouse than a sewage facility. Bacteria inside tanks helps break down sewage. The roots of the plants add more surface area for the bacteria. The more bacteria, the more quickly sewage is broken down. enal,” said Mulroy. “You could see right through the

water to the bottom when we were discharging. It was clean.”


Irradiated food gaining consumer acceptance: survey Technology gains acceptance | A recent Consumers’ Association study suggests 67 percent of Canadians want irradiation technology put to use BY BARRY WILSON OTTAWA BUREAU

Canadian consumers are ready to accept food irradiation, a consumer lobbyist told a parliamentary committee recently. Consumers’ Association of Canada president Bruce Cran told the Senate agriculture committee that consumers overwhelmingly see the once-controversial irradiation technology as one answer to their food safety worries. He said Canada spent $86 million to develop the technology several decades ago, but it has never been

put into widespread use. Instead, technology developed here is now being used in the United States. “We just did a survey on that (and) we know that 67 percent of Canadians would like to see that available as an option,” he said. “This technology is available to us now and would be the single most obvious factor that I can think of to improve agricultural products in Canada if it were available.” He said irradiated food should be properly labelled. A limited number of Canadian products are now eligible for irradiation.

“We hear from Canadians who say they would rather have irradiated food than risk dying or being sickened by E. coli or listeria, both of which are killed by irradiation,” he said. Consumers’ Council of Canada board member Elizabeth Nielsen said her members are concerned about the safety of imported food. “Consumers express concern over the fact that 70 percent of Canadian food and products are imported from 190 countries with various levels of food safety controls,” she said. “Although the Canadian Food Inspection Agency is planning to intro-

duce new regulations to better control imported products, consumers are not confident in government’s ability to oversee the safety of these products.” She said a recent consumer survey by Underwriters Laboratories found that 74 percent of consumers are concerned about food safety. Nielsen also argued that consumers find current labelling requirements inadequate. “Unfortunately, current food labels leave consumers confused and illinformed.” She said governments make little effort to involve consumers in policy

or regulatory planning. Neilsen noted that she took part in consultations on planned changes to CFIA policy and practices. “I was the only consumer there at the table, and I felt very much that the whole thing was manipulated, that decisions had been made prior to the consultation and there was really no opportunity to provide a policy analysis or consumer input into the process.” Cran said he thinks his work as a consumer representative on Agriculture Canada’s Science Advisory Board has made a difference on policy development.





Boys and girls from the Parkland Colony southwest of Nanton, Alta., head out to the colony’s garden for weeding duty after school is out for the afternoon. Weeding onions and corn was the extracurricular activity of the afternoon. | MIKE STURK PHOTO


Specified risk materials find new life in recycled plastics U of A research | University asked to find creative uses for undesirable products of livestock industry BY BARBARA DUCKWORTH CALGARY BUREAU

Getting rid of specified risk materials is a 300,000 tonne problem. These materials are the suspected carriers of BSE and under Canadian law must be destroyed and removed. However, destroying the disease agents found in brains, spinal cords and other potentially infected bits is costly. Enter researchers at the University of Alberta, who were asked to find creative uses for an undesirable product. “The industry came to us and said, ‘we have a problem, we have a lot of material that we can’t send anywhere,’ ” said chemical microbiologist David Bressler. He estimates separation and disposal costs are $70 to $200 per tonne. His research team is looking at making plastics and adhesives with high value, industrial uses. “I wanted to take that protein, render it safe and now make something more valuable,” he said. His laboratory had to be able to accept everything from raw to rendered material for the experiments.

“At the university lab I have more requirements for handling SRM than I do handling radiation material,” he said at the Alberta Livestock and Meat Agency conference June 19 in Calgary. ALMA provided funding for the research. The early work looked at turning blood and bone meal into firefighting foam. The next step was breaking down the proteins to the lowest molecular form to see if they could make bioplastics or wood adhesives. About two years ago they started figuring out what the plastic would look like. It has been tested for stress, strength and water absorption to make sure it does not dissolve in water. It proved to be a strong, durable product. While some industries are looking at using SRM for energy or fertilizer, Bressler thinks there is higher value in bioplastics and adhesives used in car parts, fence posts and other heavy duty plastics. It will never be used to package food. Researchers are also working on strengthening the plastic by combin-

Researchers at the University of Alberta are making plastics from the protein found in specified risk materials, the cattle body parts suspected of harbouring BSE. They have made flexible and rigid plastics as well as wood adhesives to make plywood. | BARBARA DUCKWORTH PHOTO ing it with other renewable products such as hemp or flax to cross bind it.

Adhesives were developed to make plywood, but a more probable appli-

cation will be to make pellets that are burned for energy.


Alberta to sell mobile poultry slaughter plant that can process 100 birds per hour BY MARY MACARTHUR CAMROSE BUREAU

Alberta Agriculture is selling its 53-foot, self contained, mobile poultry abattoir. The unit has its own generator and water and sewer system, which Bert Dening of the department said will allow even an inexperienced chicken plucking crew to process more than 100 birds an hour. The Mobile Poultry Abattoir has

four rooms. The birds enter in the back room, where they are stunned, scalded and plucked. The second room has an eviscerating line with 20 hangers. The third room is a cooler, where up to 700 birds can be air chilled. The last room contains all the systems needed to operate the abattoir, including the generator, pressure systems and bathroom. Dening said the birds could be killed during the day and then

cooled, packaged and sold directly from the trailer that same evening. The project was designed to test the concept of slaughtering and inspecting animals in a clean and hygienic manner on the farm. It’s the second mobile abattoir partnership between Olds College and Alberta Agriculture. A red meat mobile abattoir was tested in 2008 and sold to the County of Big Lakes near High Prairie in 2010. Dening said the point of these trials isn’t to get into the mobile abattoir

construction business but to evaluate and test the concept. The trials have proven that mobile abattoirs are a viable alternative, especially in areas where there are no slaughter plants, he added. “We can actually go to a farm and slaughter legally with this plant. We built it as an example.” Dening said there is more interest in the chicken mobile abattoir than the red meat abattoir, which was designed to slaughter bison, beef and sheep.

“I’ve had quite a few phone calls about the plant,” he said. Dening estimates it would cost $700 a day to operate the plant. Staff slaughtered 1,000 birds last summer at five farms in close proximity to each other. He estimates it costs about 20 cents to process a bird in the plant, depending on several factors. “The point is it can be done and done quite efficiently. The beauty is it can be done on the farm.”





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The Prairie Farm Account Book is designed for farm and ranch use. Whether it’s your primary bookkeeping method or a supplement to computer programs, the Prairie Farm Account Book is a simple, portable and affordable ledger to help you keep the books straight.



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LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION It’s all about proper placement when dealing with triple shoot openers. | Page 66

P ROD U CT ION E D I TO R : M I C H A EL RAINE | P h : 306- 665- 3592 F: 306-934-2401 | E-MAIL: M IC H AEL.RAIN E@PRODUC ER.C OM


Versatile enters N.A. combine market Tested in action | The RT490 has operated through four harvests overseas under the name Torum 760 BY MICHAEL RAINE SASKATOON NEWSROOM

REGINA — Versatile’s first combine, the RT490, might be new to Versatile, but it’s not completely new to the world of harvesting. The 490 h o rs e p owe r, C l ass 8 machine has been used in Europe, Russia and the former Soviet republics as the Torum 760. With four years of production, parent company Rostselmash offers the combine in Europe with either a Mercedes or Russian engine. The new Versatile gets the 11.9 litre QSX 490 h.p. variable geometry turbocharger-stuffed Cummins engine. The machine relies on a Claas driveline, three speed hydrostatic transmission and hydraulics and Winnipeg’s Macdon for pickups and draper headers up to 35 feet. “Rostselmash has been refining the machine since it came out, and we have two years of advising them about where it needs improvements and modifications for the North American market,” said Adam Reid of Versatile, who attended the release of the new machine at Canada’s Farm Progress Show, which ran June 20-22 in Regina. The machines have been in tested in Western Canada for two years and in the United States for one. “We put the 490 through its paces with wheat and barley. Canola and lentils do very well in the rotary. “We ran it in corn and soybeans. We knew it worked in corn from Russian experiences. We even tried it last season in rice in Arkansas. Big rotaries are typically good in most crops with a few adjustments and this is no exception, and we think the design makes it better than most.” While the drive train and crop gathering components were developed by other manufacturers, it’s all Rostselmash when it comes to threshing. A counter-rotating concave that turns at eight r.p.m. enables the rotor to push the crop mat and thresh over the entire processing surface rather than missing the top of concave as happens in most machines. Three adjustable concave sections surround the rotor and provide 8,371 sq. inches of threshing area. The technology is called the RCR360 and has been around since 2005, when it received an innovation award from the large Paris farm show SIMA. The concave is rotated with a large drive chain, while the cylinder spins via hydraulic drive. The rotor can run from 250 to 1,000 r.p.m. A secondary cylinder at the top of the grain return reprocesses material that is sent back to the cylinder. A cross auger distributes the grain across the processor to avoid over-

The RT490 employs a Claas driveline, three speed hydrostatic transmission and Macdon pickups and draper headers up to 35 feet. | MICHAEL RAINE PHOTOS loading one side or area of the rotor and concave, which causes grain to be carried over the back end. The machine’s threshing surface puts it in the Class 8 category, while the engine is closer to Class 9. A pair of beaters and a pair of oppositely footed cylinders get material to the front end of the 30 inch rotor. This combination provides initial threshing and creates a uniform crop mat that flows into the cylinder. This is a technology not unlike the process used by Claas in its Lexion machines. The Versatile has a pre-sieve to handle the early threshing that is located under the front of the concave and rotor. “It produces a very clean sample and it is highly adjustable and serviceable,” said Reid. The 340 bushel grain hopper can be emptied in about two minutes, or three bushels per second. “To work in Russia and the Ukraine, the machines can’t be relying on a lot of highly trained service technicians and repair facilities,” Reid said. “They have to be reliable and farmers need to be able to look after the maintenance.” The 490’s service access has an open design. The access to the threshing or drive components allows for full access to the systems. “We brought over $200,000 in parts with the first production machines for final testing and for the dealers to experience. We didn’t end up using any of them,” said Reid.

The RCR360 rotating concave spins at eight r.p.m. counter to the rotor inside it. The result is full use of the threshing surface, says Versatile. Access to the Versatile RT490 is excellent with components like the threshing system easy to reach with the removal of a few panels. Most maintenance items are located outside of covers and set out from the frame for easy access. A limited number of machines will be available in Canada for this fall, but the company is planning to have the combines widely available in Canada and a limited release in the U.S. for next year. The new Russian-made machines are inspected when they reach Winnipeg, and one change is made on each. The Eastern European operator and training seat is replaced with a more comfortable version for the North American market. Noticeable in the machines’ shiny

black paint are the traditional side grinder marks from cleaning up the steel and coarse casting surfaces that are more common on machines from Eastern Europe. However, the large glass surfaces and firm, well-fit controls and solid feel share the Versatile heritage. A two-wheel-drive version has a list price of $389,000, about $40,000 less than comparable machines of similar capacities. An hydraulically powered all-wheel-drive version costs $399,000.

The Versatile RT490 is powered by the QSX 11.9 litre Cummins that dwells beneath the engine cowling. The variable geometry turbo charger is intercooled and emission controlled. The Claas hydraulics and drives are fed by the American engine in the nonEuropean model. At home, it is powered by Mercedes or Russian engines.





Triple opener designed with location in mind Triple shoot opener | Precise placement of liquid start-up phosphate, nitrogen blend and row location are vital RON LYSENG WINNIPEG BUREAU

Vic Wickstrom said he believed triple shoot openers currently on the market had shortcomings, so he designed a new one. Wickstrom, owner and chief engineer at VW Manufacturing in Dunmore Alta., developed the VW30PR paired row. “There’s a whole trainload (of triple shoot openers), but they fail to remember that old saying about location is everything if you want to succeed.” He said precise locations for liquid start-up phosphate, the nitrogen blend between and slightly below the paired seed rows, and the location of the two seed rows are vital. “To succeed, you have to get all three components in exactly the correct location once they’re in the soil.” Wickstrom said research shows the importance of singulation is not exclusive to corn. It’s important in all crops, even wheat. “It’s very important in small seed crops. Think about what a single wheat plant looks like when it gets away to be on its own with plenty of room to grow,” he said. “The darned thing turns itself into a bouquet. It becomes huge, with tons of tillers, heads and kernels. That’s why uniform seed distribution is so important in all crops. It gives each plant the optimal amount of space to reach its full potential.” Wickstrom think his new VW30PR is just about as close to corn-caliber uniformity as anyone can get with an air drill. He said it works as well with small seeded crops as it does with large seeds. The seeds are not spread out across the width of the openings but end up in a narrow straight line. “When we stop and dig into the seed trench with a knife, they’re all lined up like little beer bottles in a row. There’s no clumps or bunches of seeds and no empty gaps,” he said. Many people think singulation with a drill depends on the air delivery system, manifolds, seed runs and the boot, but that’s not the whole story, said Wickstrom, who has been designing, manufacturing and marketing openers for 30 years. “A seed comes blasting down the line, down the front tube of our boot. But the question of why it ends up where it does in the soil depends on what happens when it goes through the opener. It’s all about location,” he said. He said the VW30 has a raised ramp on the middle of the floor in its chamber. It splits the seeds equally — one group for the left seed row and one group for the right seed row. “The ramp sends the seeds right out to the walls of the chamber, and they remain tight against the walls until they exit the opener. That’s how we get such a straight, narrow line of seeds. They never get blasted helter skelter like birdshot from a shotgun.” He said the two seed rows are almost exactly 2 ½ inches apart. Each seed is one inch off to the side of and 3/8 inch above the nitrogen band that runs down the middle. The bottom side of the opener has a heel that rises 3/8 inch from the flat

Gavin, left, and Colin Greenwald look at an opener on their air drill during a field day held on their farm June 12. |


ABOVE LEFT TO RIGHT: The ramp in the middle of the chamber floor has a peak in the centre to divide the seeds equally between the left and right rows. Seeds are blown against the side walls of the chamber, exactly 2.5 inches apart. They maintain their 2.5 inch separation in two straight narrow rows after they exit the opener. The 3/8 inch heel on the bottom of the opener clears a trench for the nitrogen fertilizer blend. The two seed rows end up one inch to the side and 3/8 inch above the nitrogen trench. The body is 28 percent industry-standard chrome, while the heel and all wear points are carbide plates welded to the body. The church shaped recess in the bottom surface is cosmetic. The two blue plastic tubes dribble liquid start-up fertilizer into the seed rows. The VW30PR opener itself is the same for all air drill models. Different boots are designed to adapt the opener to different drills. | RON LYSENG PHOTOS surface. It cuts a groove so that the nitrogen fertilizer blend coming down the rear pipe ends up located midway between the seed rows and 3/8 inch below the seed rows. “That’s not a whole lot deeper than the seed, but remember at one time, in days gone there was a belief that nitrogen had to be buried all the way down to China. That has finally been

proven false in most people’s eyes. “But now some people say seed and nitrogen fertilizer can be on the same plane. So I decided 3/8 inch below the seed level and one inch from the seed row is the best location.” The two blue plastic tubes for liquid startup fertilizer line up with the seed rows. Wickstrom said he is considering the possibility of running high-

pressure anhydrous down the rear fertilizer tube. The opener body is made of 28 percent industry-standard chrome steel. All the applied, hard-surface plates welded to the body are carbide, including a carbide plate at each rear corner so the body doesn’t wear into a canoe-shape. “We have carbide plates at every

wear point so the opener always maintains its original shape,” he said. “It’s basically an expanded version of the VW11FC opener that seeds millions of acres around the world every year, so we use the same steel and carbide that works on the VW11FC.” CONTINUED ON NEXT PAGE





Planter precision cuts canola cost Midwest technology | Research in Alberta works to discover if singulation valuable BY MICHAEL RAINE SASKATOON NEWSROOM

Nice row spacings were evident as producers showed up for a triple shoot opener field day in Leader, Sask., June 12. | WILLIAM DEKAY PHOTO SEEDING | TOOLS

Farmers try triple shoot openers Paired rows work well on weedy, sandy land BY RON LYSENG WINNIPEG BUREAU

Three complete sets of the new VW30PR openers hit the soil this spring, along with dozens of openers bought by farmers who wanted to install just one as a comparison. Brothers Gavin and Colin Greenwold of Fox Valley, Sask., installed the new openers this spring on their 45 foot Flexi-Coil drill, which is equipped for full liquid fertilizer. They seeded 3,200 acres into mud. “It was ugly stuff; pure mud,” Gavin Greenwold said. “Behind the tires, the odd opener did plug. Maybe once or twice a day, but that will happen with any opener. And we were going too soon to try and get it done.” Greenwold said they could see good separation between the paired rows, despite the mud. “We could really see the difference today (June 20) when we were trying to spray,” he said. “We got three inches of rain this week. When I drove down the rows that were under water, you can really see the distinct separation between the pairs of rows. They’re absolutely straight and true and the spacing between the rows looks perfect.” Greenwold put the openers on 10

Vic Wickstrom debuted his VW30PR triple shoot opener this spring, with an introductory price of $250 including the boot. | WILLIAM DEKAY PHOTO

inch row centres, leaving a maximum gap of seven inches between each pair of rows. The brothers have a mixture of heavy and sandy land. “On the sandy soil, weed control is too difficult with too much space between the rows. That’s why paired rows works so well for us. If we had gone with 10 inch row spacing and a single row, I know we’d have worse weed problems.”


The flat bottom side of the opener has an unusual hollow recess shaped like the front of a traditional church building. Wickstrom said it’s purely cosmetic. Material isn’t needed in that area so they made the recess to save the cost and weight of the 28 percent chrome steel. The same VW30PR paired row opener fits all paralink, C-shank and Edge-On drills sold on the Prairies. VW Manufacturing simply makes


different boots for each model. For more information, contact Wickstrom at 403-528-3350 or visit

REGINA — An Alberta farmer has spearheaded research that may help canola producers increase yields and reduce costs. “For the guy with the precision air drill, he can still do a bad job of seeding canola by going too fast or having too much air or too much (fertilizer) going down with the seed,” said Craig Shaw of Lacombe. “I wondered about 50 percent mortality (in canola seedlings). If we could refine the planting process, maybe we could save a pound or two on the rates by keeping more plants alive.” Shaw convinced Alberta Canola and some partners to buy a planter that is typically used in the U.S. corn and bean belt and put it to work on farms and at Agriculture Canada’s research facility in Lacombe. “If we can even up the canola crop, have it not compete with itself for nutrients and stunting out and killing smaller seedlings and generally be more efficient in our production, it might be five bushels more (yield) and save a couple of pounds of seed. Is that $70 dollars an acre, or more?” he said while attending Canada’s Farm Progress Show in Regina. “We are trying to find that out using the planter.” Agriculture Canada researchers and Lacombe area farmers are working with a heavy duty Monosem planter. It is 12 feet wide and set to 15 inch centres. Shaw said researchers and producers are learning how to use the machine in Canadian stubble and trash. “It’s new to us,” he said. Brian Sieker of Monosem said farmers have used vacuum planters for years to seed canola in the south-

Brian Sieker, left, Australian farmer Robert Ruwoldt and Lacombe, Alta., producer Craig Shaw discuss planters for canola. | MICHAEL RAINE PHOTO ern United States, where it is grown as a fall seeded crop. “It’s not a large crop (in the U.S.), so the expertise is limited in canola. So having it being used in the home of canola is big,” he said. The Monosem planter’s metering system can handle crops with large, irregular seeds such as kidney beans as well as seeds that are smaller than canola. The disc type planter uses swappable discs, and the canola unit, which is more typically used with onions, has 90 holes per disc. A fan driven vacuum holds the seeds to the disc plates and a brass knife peels the seed from the disc and drops it down a gravity seed tube into the furrow, which is created by a single Ingersoll disc with a gauge wheel

for depth control. “It’s very simple, very low maintenance and very precise. We custom build them so we are looking at different options for putting fertilizer down,” said Sieker. Each seed run has its own seed pot and is independent from its neighbour, unless it is paired for twin row planting. A gas-filled, coil over type shock helps the seeding unit follow the soil’s surface. Fertilizer delivery for single pass planting can be accommodated, but Sieker said the system is usually paired with liquid and anhydrous for midrow banding with a framemounted coulter. “We are set up to accept in-row fertilizer, including dry and liquid products, like Alpine, but we leave the fertilizer delivery to the producer,” he said. The planter system in Alberta is still being refined. Researchers are experimenting with different row spacings. “I am thinking a 15 inch spacing might be good and with a twined row system,” Sieker said. “It canopies in well and still leaves good room at the ground for air movement to keep disease down.” He said the ability to do precision planting, without high airflows and battering from fertilizer and distributor turns, should result in more evenly maturing crops. Sieker said trash managers and different closing wheels will be in place for canola planting next season in Canada. More trials this fall in Colorado and in the southern and midwestern U.S. will benefit from what has been learned in Alberta. Shaw said the system seems to be working well this season, “but everything looks good this year. We’ll know more at the end of harvest.”

CLOCKWISE FROM TOP: These seeding units on the drill are being used at Agriculture Canada in Lacombe, Alta. A canola seed is held in place on the rotating disc through vacuum until a brass knife peels it from the vacuum’s grip. It then falls into the bottom of the seed row. Monosem planter discs come in sizes that can handle large seeded crops such as chickpeas and beans down to crops tinier than canola. The canola disc has 90 holes. | MICHAEL RAINE PHOTOS




Politics behind solar panel prices divides makers and installers ENERGY FIELD


Solar industry says cheap Chinese panels hurt sector

Ontario is the only province in Canada to offer incentives to businesses and residents to install solar energy systems. | FILE PHOTO


hose of you following renewable energy may have noticed that solar photovoltaic panel prices have dropped dramatically in the last two years.



New Holland is the Clean Energy Leader. The new CR Series Twin Rotor® combine is more proof. New Tier4 ECOBlue™ SCR technology reduces fuel use by up to 10% and extends engine service intervals up to 600 hours. Take those savings to the bank. ECO Blue — which meets the tougher 2012 emissions requirements — also boosts horsepower and torque on all models compared to prior Tier3 models. Keep more profits in your pocket next harvest season. Stop in today and see the new clean-breathing CR combine.

Camrose Farm Equipment Ltd. Camrose, AB ..............................780-672-9136 Moody’s Equipment High River, Olds, Lloydminster, Calgary, AB ................................403-652-1410 Vanee Farm Centre Inc. Lethbridge, AB ...........................403-327-1100 Linden Agri-Centre Linden, AB..................................403-546-3814 Hammer New Holland Red Deer, Edmonton, Westlock, Barrhead, AB ....................... 310-HAMR (4267) Tri-Ag Implements Ltd. Wainwright, St. Paul, Consort, AB................................780-842-4408

Markusson New Holland of Regina Emerald Park, SK .......................800-819-2583 Lazar Equipment Ltd. Meadow Lake, SK ......................306-236-5222 Novlan Bros Sales Paradise Hill, SK ........................306-344-4448 Moody’s Equipment Perdue, Unity, Saskatoon, Kindersley, SK .........306-237-4272 E. Bourassa & Sons Radville, Pangman, Assiniboia, Weyburn, Estevan, SK ...............877-474-2491 John Bob Farm Equipment Tisdale, Outlook, SK ..................306-873-4588


In fact, they are now half the price or less. That doesn’t mean that most readers will have seen roof after roof of solar installations. This is because most Canadians live in jurisdictions where conventional electricity is still fairly inexpensive, ranging from five to 15 cents per kilowatt hour. As well, there are few incentives, except in Ontario. Certainly, Ontario residents have seen large increases in PV installations, which are less attributable to solar PV prices and more to the fact that there has been a strong and popular program to encourage residents and businesses to create energy to compensate for decommissioning of the province’s coalfired power generators. Many Ontario residents are using the feed-it-tariff (FIT) and microFIT programs to set up their own power generating systems to feed back into the grid. However, PV growth has been enormous in the United States. The Solar Energy Industries Association indicates that solar installations doubled in 2011 over the previous year, with more than 1.8 gigawatts installed, enough to power 370,000 homes. There is a wide variety of incentives to help people who want to install a solar PV system in the U.S. Many are state policies rather than national policies, including grants and rebates, loans, tax credits, property tax incentives and higher power rates. The most significant factor in the huge growth of solar PV installations in the U.S. has been the decreased cost of solar panels. Cheaper prices for solar panels sounds like a great thing, and it has been for the installation sector. However, a significant number of American solar PV manufacturers have declared bankruptcy as prices dropped. It seems like a contradiction to have problems when the market is at its best. To understand this, think about the possible source and pricing of solar panels. As in so many other industries, an increasing amount of solar PV manufacturing is being done in China, which forces the price down. Cheap Chinese solar panels showing up in the American marketplace should not come as a surprise. However, American PV manufacturers claim that China is dumping cheap solar panels into the U.S. market. The term dumping implies that a company or country puts their product into someone else’s marketplace at a price below the cost of production. U.S. manufacturers are claiming that the Chinese government was providing subsidies for the solar industry. However, unlike the U.S., which aims its subsidies at the purchaser, the Chinese were providing money directly to the manufacturers. This implies that besides the cheap labour and lower working standards inherent in Chinese goods, the competition was implicitly unfair. U.S. manufacturers convinced the U.S. government to do an investigation. When the smoke cleared, the American government agreed that

the Chinese were guilty of dumping and assessed a significant tariff on Chinese companies selling PV cells or panels made from them. The duty will be 31 percent for 60 companies and 250 percent for the bulk of the Chinese companies. Some U.S. firms who have direct interest in Chinese manufacturing companies have complained, but they will have to live with it as well. For some, the tariff is seen as a calculated political move in a year of a presidential election, while others say it is a long-overdue response to China and its attempt to dominate the solar industry by false means. The effect this tariff has on the stabilization of the U.S. solar manufacturing and installation sectors will be seen over time, but at the moment there is a division in the U.S. solar industry. Some for, some against The Coalition for American Solar Manufacturing was formed to lobby the government to institute such a tariff, believing that the cheap, dumped panels were crushing the U.S. domestic solar industry. However, companies that supply polysilicon, which is the fundamental component of current solar panels, suggest that such a tariff will be devastating for the growth of solar technology in the U.S. The distribution and installation components of the U.S. solar industry formed the Coalition for Affordable Solar Energy, which suggests the tariff will slash solar installations in the country. It argues that this will have more dramatic results for the U.S. economy. Because the tariff is a U.S. national policy, there are no direct effects on other countries. However, Europe is also considering imposing tariffs. Canada’s PV manufacturing is entirely situated in Ontario and is a direct offshoot of that province’s solar PV policies. As part of the Ontario FIT and Micro-FIT programs, a minimum of 60 percent of an installed system must be manufactured in Ontario. Labour is included in installation costs, but labour is less of a component in solar PV systems than in many other installations, so much of the rest of the materials, including racking systems and panels, wiring and electrical components, must be made in Ontario for a project to qualify. In a way, this has blocked the cheapest panels out of the Ontario market. Cheap Chinese silicon cells are likely being used, but the panels themselves are made in Ontario. Because there are no PV manufacturers in other parts of the country, our government is not likely to follow the U.S. lead, so cheap panels will continue to be available. It still doesn’t make installed systems inexpensive at this point, but with increasing electrical rates and decreasing solar prices, it is just a matter of time before installations start to climb throughout Canada. Will Oddie is a renewable energy, sustainable building consultant with a lifetime interest in energy conservation. To contact Oddie, send e-mail to






Drill size grows Available next year | Bourgault adds more feet and flotation to the new 86 foot seed drill BY MICHAEL RAINE SASKATOON NEWSROOM



White cockle is a tough weed to control once it reaches its short-lived perennial stage. The weed’s proper name is Lychnis alba and is also known as evening lychnis and white campion. It produces large numbers of seeds, has a tough, deep taproot and once established is challenging to remove from fields. Mature plants are 10 to 30 inches tall and have oblong, hairy leaves with smooth edges. Flowers are fragrant, white and about an inch across. They open at night. University of Saskatchewan research indicates that a two stage approach to the weed is the most effective.

Dicamba, Banvel mixed with 2,4-D or MCPA are used in cereal crops when the weed is in the two to four leaf stage. Dicamba is applied at a rate of .12 litres per acre, while 2,4-D or MCPA, in a 500 gram formulation, are applied at .35 litres. A pre-seed burn-off will control seedlings but often not perennials. Ken Sapsford of the U of S suggests that a second application of herbicide can be effective in a cereal crop after glyphosate or a mix of glyphosate and florasulam, Prepass or tribenuron and metsulfuron, Express Pro, or 2,4-D. Group 2 combination products that can control white cockle in spring wheat include thifensulfuron, tribenuron and metsulfuron or Precision Pac 23235, tribenuron with 2,4-D and dicamba and Precision

Pac 2525, as well as thifensulfuron, tribenuron with the addition of MCPA. Tribenuron and metsulfuron should not be applied if the burndown application contains those products. In alfalfa and clover, white cockle is treated with 2,4-DB products like Cobutox, Embutox or Caliber (the 625 grams per litre formulation). Timothy, alfalfa and clover seed growers find white cockle seeds impossible to clean from their crops. In established pasture, a mix of dicamba, 2,4-D and mecoprop-p, DyVel DSp, can be applied at a rate of 1.3 litres per acre. There is a 30 day grazing restriction on these products. Steel is a control option for this weed.

REGINA — Bourgault has added a few more feet and a lot more flotation to its drill. “We see the need for more flotation when drills get this big, and the new hitch has the benefit of letting us manage skew as well,” said Bourgault Industries engineer Deven Lung. His group developed the company’s latest drill, an 86 foot version of the Paralink 3320 design the company offers. He said the new drill will be on the market for next season, and it was a hit with farmers during testing this spring. Lung said a pair of steerable 800/65R32 tires on the front of the

main frame carry the added weight of the drill, which is relatively minor, and provide better control because of the hydraulic control that locks the drill’s hitch perpendicular to the toolbar. As well, the frame gets a set of 16.5 x 16.1 duals at the back to increase flotation in the field. Lu n g s a i d B o u r gau l t ow n e r s stopped at the company’s booth at Canada’s Farm Progress Show June 20-22 in Regina to ask if the steering flotation units were available on smaller drills. “Not for 2013, but from all the interest, it might be an option down the road,” he said. Another benefit of the steerable axle is improved trailing in transport, Lung added.

At 86 feet, the 3320-86 Paralink drill is the largest Bourgault makes. The drill’s steerable, high flotation axle improves skewing due to the ability to lock it into place when seeding. During a turn, it releases the pressure on the system, allowing it to steer easily. | MICHAEL RAINE PHOTO

THE BEE IS BACK! You wanted better quality and improved performance in our headers, and we are delivering with the newly revamped Honey Bee product line. We added heavier duty de drive shafts and redesigned the hydraulic system to increase knife power and reduce oil driv temperatures by up to 100° F. We’ve added the “Raptor” series draper, which provides tem longer-lasting performance, and new-style castoring gauge wheels that give the header lon eight inches of float. And beyond that, we also have the lowest profile cutterbar in the eig industry. Honey Bee headers raise the standard for smooth, efficient harvesting. ind Ha Harvest performance you can count on – that’s our promise to you.

Greg & Glenn Honey Owners, Honey Bee






RESEARCH ON FOUR LEGS The dairy research and education centre in Agassiz, B.C., is a working dairy farm that also studies animal health, welfare and behaviour. | Page 72

L IV EST O C K E D I TO R : B A R B G LEN | P h : 403- 942- 2214 F: 403-942-2405 | E-MAIL: BARB.GLEN @PRODUC ER.C OM | TWITTER: @BA R B GLE N


Rest sustains pastures Riparian areas need care | Minimize grazing during sensitive periods BY DAN YATES SASKATOON NEWSROOM

Darrel and Peggy Walker have adopted new cattle management methods on their farm at Langham, Sask. | DAN YATES PHOTOS

Hardworking ranchers are advised to keep rest in mind. Lorne Klein told a recent pasture school program in Saskatoon that a generation ago, the word “rest” might not have been in a prairie producer’s vocabulary or in his plans for pasture. “Up until 20 years ago, up until 30 years ago, the level of pasture management in Saskatchewan, in Western Canada, was really pretty low for the majority of people,” said Klein, a regional forage specialist with Saskatchewan Agriculture. “The average family had a few cows and they had one pasture and they put the cows out there all summer.... In the last 30 years, we have just come so far with understanding that you manage pasture.” As herd sizes have grown, so too has many producers’ understanding of the role rest plays in an effective grazing management plan. Under such a system, cattle are moved through pasture to allow adequate times for forages to grow while also understanding producers’ needs to maximize livestock weight gains per acre. Over his career, 61-year-old Darrel Walker has watched cattle management practices change. “This didn’t come easy for me. There’s a lot of changes in cattle handling methods and feeding cattle and extended grazing periods,” Walker told fellow producers at his ranch


near Langham, Sask. “All of this is new to me and I’m old school. I started out with a cattle prod chasing cattle really hard and making them do what I wanted them to do. I started with much smaller herds and keeping cattle confined much more than we are now.” Dustin Ostrander, a range management specialist with Agriculture Canada, reminded producers to minimize grazing during sensitive periods. He said riparian areas are a particular concern. Rest after grazing could total 30 to 60 days on a tame pasture and as much as a year on a native range. “Grazing management is really a combination of science and art,” said Ostrander. He said the art is adapting that information to the unique environment and challenges posed by a producers’ land. Walker and his wife, Peggy Walker, toured producers through pasture on their ranch outside Langham, Sask. Walker said his business has undergone a large expansion over the last few years from 220 head to more than

1,000 today as he rebuilds a herd that was pared down during the BSE crisis. Next year he will calve more than 800 first-calf heifers. The Walkers took on more rented land to facilitate the expansion and are allowed to manage the pasture themselves. “We’re free to rotate the pastures as we want, keeping in mind that we envision this to be a long-term relationship with our landowners,” said Peggy. “So we’re going to look after the pasture. We’re not going to abuse it because we need it for the following year and the year after that. So we do a lot of things differently. Stockpiling grass was a term you’d never hear a few years ago and now that’s one of our major objectives.” The couple runs three herds, rotating them through a system of 50 quarter sections in which most individual pastures are a quarter section in size. Cattle are on straight grass by late April and will stay that way until December. Most of the land is grazed only once a year. “It works pretty good,” said Darrel. “But depending on the year and the amount of grass, we’ve found the last two years we’re moving faster than I’m used to and I struggle with that. I want to take every blade of grass and I’m having a hard time getting over that.” He said the moves can be difficult and take several days, which makes good hired help essential. The Walkers’ ranch has one full-time employee, but in the summer they’ll have up to five extra workers.


Truckers big carriers of viruses, bacteria Contamination risks | PRRS, circovirus and parvovirus can be killed by proper sanitation, cleaning procedures BY ED WHITE WINNIPEG BUREAU

DES MOINES, Iowa — Lots of lethal bacteria and viruses crawl around on hog transport truck trailers, but the most dangerous organism sits in the cab. “The driver is the greatest risk on the truck today,” said Butch Baker of Iowa State University, a former PIC veterinar y and disease control expert. “They’re the ones who can contaminate the trucks, they’re the ones that recontaminate the trucks, they’re the ones who break the rules, they’re the ones you’ve got to watch and they’re the ones you’ve got to train.”

Baker said sterilizing trucks is a difficult and intensive process, but research and many pig breeding companies have proven that it can be done. PRRS, circovirus and parvovirus can all be killed by diligent cleaning, disinfecting, drying and super heating. However, he said it is all pointless if the truck driver gets out and talks to the guys washing and disinfecting the truck and then drives to the next farm and gets out to talk to the barn workers there. “The only way you’re going to make this thing biosecure is to fix the driver situation,” said Baker. “You have to monitor and you have to verify that things are done right.”

Baker said his experience at PIC while PRRS was being eliminated from the company’s pigs helped him develop the belief that the disease can be eradicated and kept from spreading. Strict cleaning and drying protocols with the company’s trucks ended the chance of breeding animals taking the virus to buyers. A full fleet of PRRS-negative trucks servicing PRRS-negative herds ensured the disease was not trucked around. “We never delivered PRRS to another customer by truck,” said Baker. PRRS can be easily controlled. “PRRS is a wuss,” compared to circovirus or parvovirus, which “take a flamethrower to kill,” he said. However, everything has to be done

right. Cleaning facilities are useless if they recycle untreated water that just spreads the virus to other trucks. Disinfectants need to reach every part of the truck and every place the disease is hiding. Drying needs to dry everything, which can involve leaving a truck for 24 hours or longer after being cleaned. Heating requires highenough heat for a long-enough time. Baker said most over-the-road truck cleaning set-ups don’t eliminate the disease and probably spread it to every truck that goes through. Cleaning systems need to ensure that clean trucks are segregated from dirty areas and emerge sterilized. However, farmers also need to ensure the trucker doesn’t re-infect

his truck through negligent behaviour, Baker said. Fortunately, GPS tracking allows companies to track where their trucks and drivers are and that “they’re not sitting for eight hours at a truck stop beside four slaughter hog trucks.” Another procedure that works is to put seals on cleaned trucks that are only removed at the next farm. That’s what his company did. “If it showed up without a seal, the lowest-paid person on the farm was empowered to send it back,” said Baker. “Pretty soon the drivers became the best inspectors because they didn’t want to have to go through the process again.”





Animal welfare survived BSE crisis, statistics show BSE’s darkest days | Welfare of older cows was at risk following BSE crisis but record was good BY BARB GLEN LETHBRIDGE BUREAU

SASKATOON — Cow welfare held up surprisingly well during the dark days of Canada’s BSE crisis, according to data collected by the cattle industry. Market prices plummeted when the border closed to all Canadian cattle after an Alberta cow was found to have BSE. Four months later, the U.S. border re-opened to boneless young beef, but prices for cows were so low that producers kept them on the farm. Industry officials worried about the older cows’ ability to withstand transport when it came time to market these older animals. Reynold Bergen, science director for the Beef Cattle Research Council, said statistics show that transportrelated animal condemnations never exceeded the pre-BSE number during the post-BSE cow marketing period of 2003-09. “The prevalence of negative transport outcomes did not increase for Canadian cattle, even when economics were extremely challenging,” Bergen told the recent International Symposium on Beef Cattle Welfare. He attributed some of that success to a concentrated communication program that urged producers not to ship old, thin and weak animals. “Don’t do anything that you’re not willing to explain on the national news and always act like somebody might be watching because they could be,” Bergen said. “That message really resonated with a lot of producers.” He said the Canadian Food Inspection Agency kept producers informed about laws surrounding animal welfare. It also operated its BSE surveillance program and was alert to unfit animals. At about the same time, the cattle

Lessons learned about market cow transport during the BSE crisis are paying off today. These heifers in a pasture along Yarrow Creek in southern Alberta won’t have to face shipping for a few years. | BARB GLEN PHOTO industry developed the Certified Livestock Transport program to train livestock truck drivers, while packers strictly enforced truck load limits and arrival times. Packers and auction markets deducted money for animals that were condemned upon arrival or had to be destroyed and disposed of after getting to auction. That discouraged many producers from shipping cows best handled on the farm. The factors that preserved animal welfare during BSE continue to be used and modified in today’s cow marketing, said Bergen.

“Some animals are more valuable than others and we need to provide the same standard of care for these less valuable animals as we do to the ones that are highly valuable.” Bergen said in an interview following his presentation that market cows are at highest risk of injury or death in transport because they are older and have often just come off pasture or just off the milking line, often in less than ideal body condition. “They are less able to withstand the rigours of a long trip, especially in winter.” The industry has tried to quantify

the number of dead or downed cows, with the goal of making regulatory amendments that protect both cow health and beef quality, he said. Information about proper cow shipping and on-farm retention and euthanasia will again be distributed in coming months, this time to Ontario and the Maritimes now that the Levinoff-Colbex cull cow plant has closed in St. Cyrille de Wendover, Que. Cows that used to be shipped there will now face longer transport times to Toronto, Guelph or Pennsylvania, all of which are at least 600 kilometres farther away.

A similar situation arose in 2009 when the XL cull cow plant closed in Moose Jaw, Sask., and cows had to be shipped another 500 to 700 km to Alberta plants in Brooks or High River. At that time, the CFIA and the Canadian Cattlemen’s Association urged producers to use common sense and compassion when deciding whether to ship weaker animals. “We think it helped, so the messaging … we’re making it available to the Ontario cattlemen and to the Maritime Beef Council so they can use the same messaging, or they can ask us to do it for them,” Bergen said.


Producers must know cow’s health history when buying Testing and diagnosis | Risk factors include using commercial colostrum replacer, commingled animals in community grazing systems BY BARBARA DUCKWORTH CALGARY BUREAU

Improved testing and an increase in live animal trade shows that Johne’s disease is more common than previously suspected, said a University of Calgary veterinary researcher. Steve Hendrick of the university’s veterinary faculty told a recent beef health conference in Calgary that producers who buy cattle with an unknown health history are welcoming infections to their farms. “As producers try to expand quickly to take advantage of different market signals, much as we love biosecurity, it is the economics that drive it,” he said. “If you don’t already have Johne’s disease, for heaven’s sake don’t buy it. Ask lots of questions.”

The disease was first described in 1895 and is caused by the bacterium Mycobacterium avium paratuberculosis (MAP). All provinces have agreed to a voluntary screening program. Hendrick said some international markets could be lost without surveillance. Johne’s is a distant relative of leprosy and tuberculosis, and three strains have been identified for cattle, sheep and bison. It appears the animals can pass the different strains among themselves. T h e re i s a n a s s o c i at i o n w i t h Crohn’s disease in humans but no one knows the precise connection. Various studies have found that in some countries up to three percent of retail milk carries MAP bacteria. It is a progressive infection that harms the lining of the intestine, resulting in the villa being unable to

absorb nutrients. Cows eat well but develop diarrhea and become thin. It takes three to six years before the animal is noticeably sick. The bacteria does not multiply outside the cow but may survive more than six months in low pH soils. Some research shows it may survive freezing for up to 12 months. Young calves seem to be most susceptible, but the biological basis is unknown. “The immune system of those calves is still developing and as a result they are the most susceptible,” Hendrick said. A survey in the United States found cows that were strong positive on the blood tests had lower weaning weights of up to 50 pounds. Weaning weights were reduced by 70 lb. if the mother cow was shedding bacteria in manure because it could not pro-

duce enough milk. Canadian studies have looked at blood samples, fecal cultures and farm water samples. MAP has been found at low levels in blood and manure. Testing does not provide an accurate diagnosis because tests won’t find it if the animal is not passing the bacteria. One of the risk factors is using commercial colostrum replacer on the farm because pasteurization does not kill the bacteria. Beef producers are advised not to use dairy colostrum. Animals commingled in community grazing systems could be exposed to infected manure. Cows on intensive grazing systems could pick up the disease because they are in close contact with one another. Forcing cattle to clean the pasture

to the ground could be riskier than allowing them to clip the grass and move on. However, there is no research to prove this is a direct transmission route. Researchers have also collected wildlife specimens from gophers, sparrows, mice, voles, rats, deer and rabbits, but no tests came back positive, even though MAP was present on nearby farms. Hendrick said producers need to focus on calf health. “Whatever you are doing to control scours, good bedding and hygiene will go a long way to prevent Johne’s infections,” he said. He recommended raising heifers separately from adults. Some producers allow heifers to graze a pasture after the cows are finished, which is another good way to spread disease.





Researchers share info gleaned in dairy barn Practical studies | Information on animal welfare, feed rations, pain management and calf weaning shared with producers BY BARBARA DUCKWORTH CALGARY BUREAU

AGASSIZ, B.C. — Farmers may sometimes feel that they are from Venus, while scientists may seem like they are from Mars. Bringing the two into the same orbit is one of the goals at the University of British Columbia’s dairy education and research centre in Agassiz. The centre was established 15 years ago as a working dairy farm, where 250 registered Holsteins are milked twice each day. As well, graduate students and researchers from around the world study the animals’ behaviour, welfare and health. Much of the research is directed at answering farmers’ questions about feed intake, improved illness diagnosis, handling lameness and improved heifer development. “Our research program is on the cow end, animal welfare and behaviour,” said facility manager Nelson Dinn, who grew up on a dairy farm and is a UBC graduate. “All the research we do here is applicable to our producers and is useful to the Canadian dairy system.” The work is intended to offer hands-on, practical solutions. For example, research from the centre contributed in large part to the most recent dairy code of practice. The centre is self supporting and does not receive subsidies from the university or its landlord, Agriculture Canada. Income comes from sales of milk and cattle. The centre grows most of its own forage. There are six staff besides the researchers and students. The students can live on the site and do farm chores in exchange for rent. Animal welfare and improved cow comfort dominate. “The animal welfare program at UBC is one of the most recognized animal welfare programs anywhere, and so the demand to come here and study is here,” Dinn said. Students from 30 countries have worked at the site in the last decade. “The more students we are able to put through here, the more research gets done,” he said. About 500 animals live at the centre. All wear electronic ear tags, some may wear special necklaces or ankle bracelets and a few have had a dye job with special markings so they can be further observed on video. The farm raises its own replacement heifers, and no new animals are introduced from other farms. Bull calves that aren’t involved in a research program are sold and probably end up in the Alberta feeding system. Local farmers buy surplus heifers. Regular research reports written for laymen are released to all B.C. dairy producers and are included on the centre’s website. Some of the research has reversed common practices. For example, research is changing the way newborn calves are fed. The old code of practice recommended giving a calf 10 percent of its body weight in milk. However, research at the Agassiz centre has shown these growing

ABOVE: A dry cow visits the computerized feed bunk at the University of British Columbia’s dairy education centre in Agassiz, B.C. Each cow wears a neck collar that sends a signal to the feeder. It may or may not allow the cow access to the feeder depending on the feed ration it is on. LEFT: A young dairy heifer suckles from a milk feeder as part of a weaning study. The calves have access to milk as well as solid feed. Everything they consume is measured and analyzed to determine how well they grow under various feeding regimes. |

Our research program is on the cow end, animal welfare and behaviour. All the research we do here is applicable to our producers and is useful to the Canadian dairy system. NELSON DINN FACILITY MANAGER

youngsters need more. Calves traditionally received a bucket of milk in the morning and the evening, but the centre provides nipple feeders and allows the calves to suckle on demand. “We’ve done a lot of research feeding the calf as much as it wants. On average, a calf given free choice will drink 10 to 12 litres of milk per day, which is about 20 percent (of body weight),” said Dinn. “It takes advantage of that early growth potential of the calf.” The new re commendation is included in the most recent code of practice. The centre is also testing calf housing. Instead of rearing a calf alone in a pen, calves are placing two to a pen for better socialization. Calves reared as a pair appear to adapt to new feeding systems within a few hours. Those reared individually take up to 50 hours to figure out the new feed regime and often start to lose weight. Pairing also stabilizes calves as they move into larger groups and new situations. “That is one advantage of group housing, is the early socialization of calves,” he said. A study is also starting to assess the impacts of leaving calves with their mothers for longer periods. A student from Norway is leading this project. Weaning studies are using computerized feed and water systems to measure how much each calf con-


sumes per day. Each trough sits on an independent platform that sends all feeding and drinking data to a computer. Calves’ body weight is recorded when they drink milk or water. The calves also wear a special wrap on their ankles containing a directional switch. It tells the computer if the animal is standing or resting. Cameras observe behaviour around the clock. Pain management studies encouraged the centre to change its dehorning practices. At four days of age, the animal receives a small amount of sedative, the horn bud is shaved and caustic paste is used for dehorning. “From a calf pain standpoint, that worked very well,” Dinn said. Research projects also include adult animals. Researchers have learned that cows suffering from metritis after calving had markedly different eating behaviour up to two weeks before calving. The computerized feeding

equipment indicates this change before the onset of disease. Nearby pastures serve as a living laboratory for lameness studies as well as behavioural observations. “Four weeks of pasture access had a significant improvement on their degree of lameness,” Dinn said. However, not all farms can release cows onto pasture. They may not have enough land or the ability to produce enough nutrition to maintain a modern, heavy milking cow on forage alone. That has led to improving barn features to mimic pasture. A better barn design that allows cows to more easily move around helped with foot health. Lameness was reduced significantly when cows were able to stand with four feet on a dry surface. Many people may think that cows prefer living outdoors, but the centre has found they split their time evenly between the pasture and barn. When temperatures are above 22 C, the cows prefer indoors where they

can eat or lie down in stalls filled with sand. Sand has proven better than shavings or straw bedding. Urine is absorbed and the cows tend to clean the stalls themselves by kicking out sand during the day. Manure is cleaned out while the cows are in the milking parlour. The sand is eventually spread back on the land. Cow comfort is another primary area of study. Researchers have assessed stall width and design, and producers can use those findings when building or remodelling a barn. Manure management is a major issue for this heavily populated region of the Fraser Valley with its high precipitation levels of 1,800 millimetres per year. Winter spreading isn’t allowed, and farmers need to have storage for at least five months. UBC engineers have patented technology to remove phosphorus from human waste, and a student pilot project is now working on a similar approach to manage dairy manure.





Vaccine terminology needs clarification to avoid confusion ANIMAL HEALTH



ore mistakes are being made because of a fuzzy understanding of what diseases a vaccine controls. The confusion centres on the “way” vaccines. Outsiders, new employees, volunteers and even staff and professionals at veterinary clinics find the terms confusing. I once saw a wreck where a producer was giving a five-way viral, thinking it contained blackleg protection, and ended up with a blackleg outbreak. Another producer had a tetanus outbreak after using an eightway that didn’t contain tetanus. In the old days, the way vaccines — two-way, three-way, seven-way and eight-way — all referred to protection against clostridial organisms. They provided varying coverage in the blackleg family of vaccines, but that is not always the case today. Perhaps we need a slightly modified way of explaining things. Producers mistakenly think every blackleg vaccine is the same. They are not. Today we have seven-way, eightway and now the new, essentially nine-way vaccine called Covexin Plus. The latter means eight-way “plus” and provides protection against nine clostridial organisms, including true blackleg, tetanus and redwater (clostridium hemolyticum) disease. Two-way and three-way vaccinations were also available in the early years of blackleg vaccination. In our area, almost everyone is using the broader coverage multivalent vaccines, which are still cheap as far as vaccines are concerned. Different clostridial organisms are cropping up in different parts of the country, from hemolyticum in west-central Alberta to shigella near the Saskatchewan-Manitoba border. To confuse matters somewhat, the seven- or eight-way clostridials are often combined with histophilus in the same vaccine. Not all clostridials are created equal. Some have tetanus and some don’t, so make sure the diseases you want protection against are included

New Production Period starts April 1, 2012

in the vaccine you buy. Tetanus must be in your vaccination protocol if you band older calves. The big mistake is made with the four-way and five-way viral vaccines. They are commonly used to prevent respiratory disease in calves and the feedlot as well as to prevent reproductive diseases causing abortions in cow herds. We should emphasize the word “viral” in the name of these vaccines to make it clearer for everyone. Producers make the mistake of thinking there is blackleg protection in these vaccines. Most large pharmaceutical companies produce one of these vaccines or several in combination with

bacterial components. The difference between four-way and five-way virals is that five-way has another type of bovine viral diarrhea (BVD) added. The term “way” really means the number of organisms or groups of organisms the vaccine protects against, whether bacterial or viral. No vaccine has 100 percent protection, and successful disease control depends on the immune response, exposure to the number of organisms, proper vaccination technique, parasite burden and nutrition level. However, vaccination is a good biosecurity defense. The trend is toward broader disease protection with the five-way vac-

cines. Years ago, we started with three-way virals having infectious bovine rhinotracheitis (IBR), BVD and parainfluenza-3 virus (PI3), but soon bovine respiratory syncytial virus (BRSV) was added and now the second type of BVD, which provides more comprehensive and cross protection. As mentioned, some fiveway vaccines also have the pneumonia bacterials pasteurella multocida and mannheimia hemolytica. Producers who have cows with lepto and vibrio can add protection for that to the five-way virals. The most important point is to know the diseases you want to prevent and then rely on your veterinary clinic to recommend the best combi-

nations for your farm and geographic area, keeping exposure potential in mind. You can see the confusion we create with these colloquial terms. I once had a smar t and wellrespected lawyer in a legal case ask me, “isn’t an eight-way vaccine twice as good as a four-way vaccine?” You can see how loose terms make it confusing. Take time to examine and question vaccines you buy. Herd health and productivity depends on careful selection of the proper vaccine combinations. Roy Lewis has a veterinary practice in Westlock, Alta. and works part time as a technical services veterinarian with Merck Animal Health.


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Program to help ag firms market abroad BY KAREN BRIERE REGINA BUREAU

Saskatchewan agriculture minister Lyle Stewart used the backdrop of Canada’s Farm Progress Show to announce a new $1 million international market development program. The program is designed to help businesses and organizations establish or expand their international market presence, host or attend more trade missions and expand market access for producers. Stewart said Saskatchewan is Cana d a’s t o p e x p o r t i n g p rov i n c e. Agri-food exports are up 60 percent since 2007 and topped $10.2 billion in 2011 to edge out Ontario for top spot. In particular, canola seed exports have gone up from $856 million to more than $2.1 billion. The province exports 96 percent of Canada’s lentils, 88 percent of its

Staff from ConveyAll in Winkler, Man., set up a 100-foot grain and fertilizer conveyor before the opening of Canada’s Farm Progress Show in Regina June 20-22. The TCH 10100-SO is the largest the company makes and it hopes it will be a hit with farmers. | MICHAEL RAINE PHOTO peas, 87 percent of its canaryseed and 86 percent of durum, Stewart said. Farm equipment exports are also strong.

Saskatchewan will be there as people around the world increasingly look for safe, reliable food, he told those gathered for the official open-

Writers wanted The Saskatchewan 4-H Council is looking for writers to develop fun, hands-on educational Reference Manuals and Activity Guides on such topics as:

Cake Decorating Crafts Scrapbooking Small Pets ATVing/Snowmobiling Archery Fashion Design Performing Arts (theatre, dance, drama, singing) Welding Introduction to 4-H Culinary Arts Entertaining at Home Bicycling

ing of the 35th show. “We have a great story to tell.” The new market development program will provide approved applicants with up to 50 percent of eligible costs, to a maximum of $100,000 each. Eligible expenses will include travel to international trade shows and missions, bringing buyers to Saskatchewan and producing marketing material and advertising. Farm Progress Show manager Rob O’Connor said the show could use the help to bring even more international visitors to Regina than it already does. This year, more than 600 were expected from 55 countries. Surveys have shown that the economic impact of each international guest is $2.5 million. “I think the return on investment is one that anybody would take,” he said. Canadian Western Agribition also focuses on international marketing, and chief executive officer Marty Seymour said the show would likely take advantage of the new program. Last year the show attracted more than 800 guests from 79 countries.

The ultimate goal is to further expand markets for our agricultural products. Ag will remain a priority of our government. LYLE STEWART SASKATCHEWAN AGRICULTURE MINISTER

Seymour said the provincial government has recognized the need to connect buyers and sellers. “We have to focus on bringing people in,” he said. Stewart added that the Saskatchewan Trade and Export Partnership, which receives government funding and membership fees, does good work to bring in foreign buyers and promote the province’s industry and producers. This program will supplement that work. “There are probably options that are seen by others in the industry as well,” he said. “The ultimate goal is to further expand markets for our agricultural products. Ag will remain a priority of our government.”

Or other topics that may be of interest to 4-H members ranging in age from 6 to 25. Excellent writing skills and the ability to write for a young audience are essential. Writing samples are required.

For more information, contact:

Kim Kennett Communications Manager Saskatchewan 4-H Council (306) 933-8268

Deadline to apply: June 30


STARTING AT $24,400 780-484-2224 or Toll Free 1-877-854-2224 10635 184 Street Edmonton, AB

Financing Available





Update to B.C. animal health act fails to pass muster Proposed bill | B.C.’s privacy commissioner criticized one section of the bill that could prevent disease information disclosures BY DAN YATES SASKATOON NEWSROOM

Last month’s controversy over a proposed update to British Columbia’s Animal Health Act was overblown, say livestock officials. B.C.’s Liberal government had tried in May to pass a bill that would have established a new process for disease outbreak detection and containment. However, a section of the act concerning privacy drew criticism from B.C.’s information and privacy commissioner and opposition MPs. “A person must refuse, despite the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act, to disclose ... information that would reveal that a notifiable or reportable disease is or may be present in a specific place or on or in a specific vehicle,” reads Section 16 of the act, which would also increase the maximum penalty from $2,000 to $75,000. The bill was one of four in the B.C. legislature not passed when the spring session ended at the end of May, although officials expect the bill to return in the future. “Who knows what will happen in the fall or the spring sittings. We’re not sure, because we are in an election next year,” said Geraldine Aus-

ton, general manager of B.C. Pork. “No one is really sure how quickly this will come back.” N D P a g r i c u l t u re c r i t i c L a n a Popham applauded the bill’s demise. “British Columbians expect their government to follow our Freedom of Information law, and not to try and hide animal disease information from the public,” she wrote in a blog. B.C. Cattlemen’s Association general manager Kevin Boon, whose organization was consulted before the bill’s appearance in the legislature, said the act isn’t designed to prevent the disclosure of information, but instead is intended to allow government and other officials to conduct an unimpeded investigation free from interference. Previous false reports of anaplasmosis and brucellosis outbreaks have hurt producers and industry in the province, he said. “We have to make sure that these allegations don’t get made without the proper investigation.” The update also proposed new surveillance zones to monitor areas around a quarantine zone and increased disease control measures, which would require producers to keep records of an animal’s origin and movement and report any dis-

ease or unusual illness. “What I gathered out of what was going on was more a political issue than it was actually the meat and bones of what the act said and what the act could do or couldn’t do,” said Boon. “It was more to do with the process and the definitions of who the people were.” Many of the proposed updates to the act, which was last updated in 1948, were intended to harmonize the legislation with that of other provinces and trading partners. “If some neighbour phoned up the media and said, ‘I think there’s something going on on that farm,’ they’re permitted to do that and they’re not going to be sued for it,” said Auston. “So public and media and everything, it’s still the same as it always was. They can report on something, it’s just that nobody would be able to confirm their story until something was actually confirmed on a farm.” A new animal health framework is one of the goals outlined in the B.C. government’s agrifood strategy, which sets the goal of expanding business in that sector by almost $4 billion in the next five years by increasing domestic and international markets.


Producers urged to plan for new cages Egg Farmers of Alberta | Change part of growing movement to larger housing BY MARY MACARTHUR CAMROSE BUREAU

Egg Farmers of Alberta is following Manitoba’s lead and recommending that producers adopt alternative egg laying cages if they retrofit or build a new barn. The organization’s board of directors made the recommendation during its recent annual meeting, said marketing and communication manager David Webb. Webb said switching from conventional cages is not mandatory but is recommended because of the growing trend away from conventional egg laying cages. “We strongly take that into consideration when they make that decision,” said Webb. The European Union made it illegal in January to sell eggs from hens kept in battery cages. Instead, hens must be housed in alternative aviary systems including free-run, free range, enriched or furnished cages. In the United States, United Egg Producers announced last July it would phase out conventional cages over the next 15 to 18 years. Brenda Bazylewski, director of communication with Manitoba Egg Farmers, said new or retrofitted egg facilities will be required to have alternative systems as of 2018.

Centennial Column Celebrating 100 years of students at the College of Agriculture and Bioresources. The Centennial Column is a weekly feature highlighting the history and present successes of the college.

CTV/Bellmedia, 2011.

Market Prospects “Better Farming Trains” of the 1920s were an early mechanism for conducting extension by the University of Saskatchewan, providing rural citizens with access to university personnel. The annual Farm and Home Week became a January tradition over the next several decades, where farmers and their spouses could hear presentations at the university on the latest in technology, marketing, prices, agronomics and world events. The extension focus of the Department of Agricultural Economics during the 1960s and 1970s used various forums including regional extension programs. Some larger centres conducted three-day programs where marketing and price outlooks were important components along with the latest in agronomics and land management. The mode of delivering marketing information evolved when, in 1984, Grain Market Prospects began as a one-day program produced at the University of Saskatchewan. Professors Ken Rosaasen and Gary Storey of the Department of Agricultural Economics and Professor Glen Hass of the Extension Division developed this program which was delivered via satellite television to farmers gathered in several centres across Saskatchewan. The program provided highquality market situation and outlook information for the major prairie grains, oilseeds and special crops prior to spring seeding. Expert speakers provided extensive presentations and viewers could telephone in from the various locations to ask questions. Over several years, the program expanded its delivery to additional centres across the province. The program was renamed Market Prospects in 1995 to be inclusive of both crops and livestock and moved to commercial broadcast television where it continues to be presented as an annual series. Guest speakers include a wide range of world class experts from Saskatchewan, across Canada and abroad including an annual appearance by the Chief Economist of the United States Department of Agriculture. Professors Ken Rosaasen and Robert Roy and Research Associate James Lokken co-ordinate guest selection and questions. Market Prospects can be viewed weekly on CTV Saskatchewan’s Farmgate program for 15 to 19 weeks each winter season and is available via satellite television across Canada. The content is also available globally on the website

With EU and U.S. producers moving to different cages, it’s likely Canada will follow suit. | FILE PHOTO “It’s the right thing to do,” said Bazylewski. In Manitoba, nine farmers have already have installed or are in the process of installing enriched cages. Another five have free run and one has free-range barns. Enriched cages cost 30 to 40 percent more than conventional egg laying cages. Egg prices have increased 75 percent in the EU since the new rules came into place. Webb said Alberta’s announce-

ment isn’t a ruling but a recommendation that egg farmers study egg cage options closely. With EU and U.S. producers moving to alterative cages, it’s only a matter of time before Canadian egg producers will be forced to follow suit. “Sooner rather than later it will be here,” said Webb. “This is a soft recommendation.” Canada’s first enriched cage housing system was built on an Alberta egg farm in 2010.

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1.20% 1.00% 5/18 5/28

0.970 6/4

0.960 5/18 5/28

6/11 6/18 6/25

Bank of Canada 5-yr rate


6/11 6/18 6/25

June 25

A G F IN ANC E E D I TO R: D ’ A RC E M C M ILLAN | P h : 306- 665- 3519 F: 306-934-2401 | E-MAIL: DARC E.M C M ILLAN @PRODUC ER.C OM | TWITTE R : @ D AR CE MCMILLAN

AG STOCKS FOR JUNE 18-22 A wave of worse than expected economic reports for the U.S., Europe and China pressured stock markets lower. For the week, the TSX composite fell 0.8 percent, the Dow fell 0.9 percent and the S&P 500 lost 0.6 percent while the Nasdaq rose 0.7 percent. Cdn. exchanges in $Cdn. U.S. exchanges in $U.S.



ADM Alliance Grain Bunge Ltd. ConAgra Foods Legumex Walker Viterra Inc. W.I.T.


CLOSE LAST WK 29.28 12.80 59.36 25.36 6.00 16.13 13.32

31.44 12.63 58.13 24.96 6.60 16.10 13.32



Assiniboia FLP OTC Ceapro Inc. TSXV Cervus Equip. TSX Ridley Canada TSX Rocky Mtn D’ship TSX

CLOSE LAST WK 48.09 0.09 17.93 8.02 10.51

48.09 0.09 17.90 7.98 11.07



BioExx Hormel Foods Maple Leaf Premium Brands Smithfield Sun-Rype Tyson Foods


CLOSE LAST WK 0.11 29.27 11.46 18.58 20.99 5.99 18.94

0.10 29.69 11.73 17.95 19.22 5.95 18.75

FARM EQUIPMENT MFG. Richardson Oilseed Ltd. opened its Yorkton, Sask., canola crushing plant two years ago, and recently announced a 25 percent expansion, raising total crush to about one million tonnes a year. | FILE PHOTO CANOLA | CRUSH CAPACITY

Crushers in expansion mode Canola oil in demand | Richardson Oilseed Ltd.’s plans to increase capacity by 1.7 million tonnes BY SEAN PRATT SASKATOON NEWSROOM

North American canola growers will soon have access to another 1.7 million tonnes of crush capacity, which is the equivalent of adding two new Yorkton-sized plants to the landscape. Richardson Oilseed Ltd. is the latest industry player to announce a construction project. It is expanding its facility in Yorkton, Sask., to an annual capacity of a little more than one million tonnes from 840,000 tonnes. Construction will begin this fall with completion expected by late 2013. “We certainly are seeing strong demand both domestically and internationally for canola oil,” said company vice-president Pat Van Osch. The mounting demand for healthful oil has prompted a rash of projects across Western Canada and the U.S. northwest. Bunge is boosting the capacity of its facility in Altona, Man., to 875,000 tonnes from 385,000 tonnes. The project is expected to be ready to process canola in time for this har-

vest. The company is also more than doubling the 297,500 tonne capacity at its plant in Fort Saskatchewan, Alta., an expansion that is expected to be completed in 2014. Bunge did not respond to an interview request to provide an update on those two projects. Northstar Agri Industries’ new plant in Hallock, Minnesota, reached its 350,000 tonne operating capacity June 6. Legumex Walker Inc.’s similarsized plant under construction in Warden, Washington, is on target for completion by early 2013. Exporters, crushers compete The new projects are providing plenty of new capacity for an industry where crushers are already in a fierce tug-of-war with exporters over seed supply. Van Osch said Canadian growers have shown they’re up to the challenge of keeping pace with increased demand for their product. “This year we’ll be north of 20 (million acres) and whether we hit 21, time will tell,” he said. Simple math shows the crop may


be approaching its acreage limit. Western Canada has 60 to 66 million acres of land in production any given year. The recommended onceevery-three-years rotation would cap canola at a maximum of 20 to 22 million acres. However, growers are pushing rotations and breeders are improving yields, so there is still room for growth in production. Van Osch said there is a risk that U.S. biodiesel demand may be negatively affected by growing anti-biofuel sentiment in that country, but he doesn’t believe the federal mandates will be reduced because the government has expressed strong support for the industry. There is also a risk of waning demand for agriculture commodities

because of the slumping global economy, but he doubts demand for healthful oil will “fall off a cliff” anytime soon. Bunge will be the largest canola crusher in Western Canada when all the expansion and new construction is complete, followed by Cargill in second place and Richardson in third. Richardson will reclaim the title of the biggest canola crushing plant in Yorkton. That honour was snatched away from the company on Sept. 7, 2006, shortly after Richardson’s morning announcement that it was building a $170 million, 840,000 tonne facility in the east-central Saskatchewan city. That afternoon, Louis Dreyfus Canada issued a news release saying it was constructing a slightly larger 850,000 tonne crush plant in the same city. Van Osch kept one eye on the news wires when Richardson announced its expansion plans on the morning of June 20. “I was expecting (a Louis Dreyfus) announcement to come out Wednesday afternoon,” he joked.



AGCO Corp. NY Buhler Ind. TSX Caterpillar Inc. NY CNH Global NY Deere and Co. NY Vicwest Fund TSX

CLOSE LAST WK 40.64 5.49 84.96 37.52 75.53 8.78

42.11 5.68 86.90 37.56 75.35 8.66



Agrium TSX BASF OTC Bayer Ag OTC Dow Chemical NY Dupont NY BioSyent Inc. TSXV Monsanto NY Mosaic NY PotashCorp TSX Syngenta ADR

CLOSE LAST WK 86.86 68.34 66.68 32.82 49.93 0.68 78.44 50.60 41.38 64.59

83.89 71.02 67.82 32.89 50.22 0.58 78.71 49.71 39.29 64.31





CLOSE LAST WK 85.85 74.48

83.06 73.38

Toronto Stock Exchange is TSX. Canadian Venture Exchange is TSX Venture or TSXV. NAS: Nasdaq Stock Exchange. NY: New York Stock Exchange. ADR: New York/American Depository Receipt. OTC: Over the counter. List courtesy of Ian Morrison, investment advisor with CIBC Wood Gundy in Calgary, a division of CIBC World Markets Inc. Member of CIPF and IIROC. Listed stock prices come from Thompson Reuters and OTC prices from Union Securities Ltd. Sources are believed to be reliable, but accuracy cannot be guaranteed. Morrison can be reached at 800-332-1407.

ConAgra profit rises (REUTERS) — ConAgra Foods Inc. saw profits grow as new acquisitions and price increases offset the impact of commodity cost inflation and sales volume declines. Earnings from continuing operations for its fiscal fourth quarter ending May 27 were 51 cents per share. The company posted a net loss of $86.2 million due to a change in the way it accounts for pensions. A year earlier it reported a net profit of $250.1 million.





Draw up balance sheet to measure financial performance PERSPECTIVES ON MANAGEMENT



enowned management consultant Peter Drucker once said, “if you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it.” There are literally dozens of ratios and indicators — the measurements — that can be used to manage financial performance on a farm. Two key measurements look at the return farmers are getting from their financial investment in the business and the relationship between the assets and liabilities of the business. The analysis and related management requires that a preliminary step be taken that first defines what it is that is actually being measured. The challenges lie in the balance sheet. Balance sheets and unincorporated farms The Canada Revenue Agency does

not require unincorporated farmers to file an annual balance sheet, which is often referred to as a statement of net worth. Lenders will expect that an annual statement be provided, especially if a significant amount of debt exists. However, while they would prefer that the farmer uses the same date every year when compiling the balance sheet, that is not always possible. Time is usually the limiting factor: busy work schedules, trips and family situations can all affect when the statement is completed. But inconsistent dates can really reduce the effectiveness of balance sheet analysis so it is best to get organized and stick to one date. The date of the balance sheet determines which transactions are included and that affects assets and liabilities: inventory sales, assets b o u g ht o r s o l d a n d l i a b i l i t i e s decreased or increased. The impact on the balance sheet and related analysis can range from nominal to considerable, to the point where any year-over-year comparative analysis is of little value. Another common problem lies in the reporting: • There can be inconsistency in what is included in the statement. • Assets and/or liabilities can be missed from year to year. • There can be inconsistency in the

basis upon which the values are reported, such as using a different method to value assets or inventory. These inconsistencies can also render the information of little value for management purposes. For these reasons, it is best to use the same date each year when developing your balance sheet. Establish and apply a consistent approach to what is included in the statement and how the information is valued. Both will improve the measurement, which in turn will result in better information for management purposes. Balance sheets and incorporated farms The year-end date when the state-

ment is developed is not a problem with incorporated farms, but determining what is included in analyzing a balance sheet is a concern. Two issues are associated with asset ownership: • Land is often owned personally and therefore not included in the company’s balance sheet. • If the company owns land, it will be included in the balance sheet at its original cost. The ownership structure of some farms can also be problematic from a measurement perspective. For various reasons, some farms will comprise multiple companies, all working together but making it difficult to analyze the whole farm picture. To compensate for these issues, I encourage farmers to develop con-

solidated balance sheets, which aggregate multiple companies in one statement. I also suggest that land and quota, both corporate and personally owned, should be recorded at market value. Liabilities related to personally held assets must also be included. Applying a consistent approach to valuing market inventory is also important. Inventories can be large so small deviations from year to year in how the inventory is valued can have a significant impact on the measurement and related information for management purposes. Terry Betker is a farm management consultant based in Winnipeg, Manitoba. He can be reached at 204.782.8200 or terry.


Program assures farmers receive pay for grain BY BRIAN CROSS SASKATOON NEWSROOM

Farmers of North America has launched a program that ensures growers will be paid for the crops they sell. Farmers who join the MarketPower Assurance program and deliver grain to an insured grain buyer will receive a credit note that can be taken to any financial institution and presented as collateral against new borrowings. “By providing insurance on sales, Market Power Assurance ensures that growers will get paid and that (the) receivable is bankable,” said an FNA news release. FNA vice-president Terry Drabiuk described the program as an insurance on income receivables. “Farmers can now go and sell anywhere and as long as the buyer is insurable, we will insure the farmer for (as much as) 90 percent of the sale,” Drabiuk said. “So whether it be a feedlot in Lethbridge or a flour mill in the United Sates some place or Ma and Pa Ramesh in India, farmers can now make that trade, get it backed up by … (an underwriter) and then be guaranteed payment.” The cost to use the program will depend on the geographic location of the buyer and the terms and duration of protection being sought. Protection for grain sales involving buyers in continental North America o r Organization for Economic Co-operation and Developments countries is expected to be less expensive than protection on sales to buyers in Africa, Asia or the Middle East.

In all cases, insurance premiums are expected to amount to less than one percent of the sale’s total value, Drabiuk said. A $100,000 canola sale to a crusher in North Dakota would likely cost around half a percent, or $500, he added. Protection will initially be offered for a 90-day term, although longer terms are likely in the future. Other partners in the program include Atradius Credit Insurance, Export Development Canada and Panagea Global Risk Management. Over time, the program will create a global pool of credit-worthy buyers and will enhance direct marketing opportunities for Canadian growers. Primary producers who use the program will reduce their marketing risk and be able to sell products directly to foreign buyers and end users with a greater confidence. “This is a program that will work well for small to mid-sized farmers as well as the really big guys,” said Drabiuk. “Using it, farmers will become their own global traders, keeping more of the margins (that are) currently taken by middlemen.” The program will particularly benefit farmers who previously sold grain through the CWB but are now in a position to expand their own marketing programs. The proceeds are not taxable because the insurance note is similar to a capital loan or a cash advance. However, interest payments and insurance premiums associated with the program are tax deductible. For more information, visit mpa. or call 877-362-3276.

FLEXIBLE. DURABLE. ACCURATE. New Holland air drills and carts combine innovation and simplicity to deliver reliable, precise seeding performance. And we give you the flexibility to create a system that matches the way you seed: THREE P2000 SERIES AIR DRILL MODELS WITH WORKING WIDTHS FROM 27 TO 70 FEET PAIRED ROW BANDING OR SIDE BANDING MODULAR STEALTH™ OR NOK-ON™ OPENERS RUBBER OR STEEL PRESS WHEELS

Moody’s Equipment Calgary, High River, Olds, Lloydminster, AB...............403-295-7824 Camrose Farm Equipment Ltd. Camrose, AB ..............................780-672-9136 Vanee Farm Centre Inc. Lethbridge, AB ...........................403-327-1100 Linden Agri-Centre Ltd. Linden, AB..................................403-546-3814 Hammer New Holland Red Deer, Edmonton, Westlock, Barrhead, AB ...... 310-HAMR (4267) Bill’s Farm Supplies Inc. Stettler, AB .................................403-742-8327 Markusson New Holland of Regina Emerald Park, SK .......................800-819-2583

Moody’s Equipment Kindersley, Perdue, Unity, Saskatoon, SK .................306-463-2335 E. Bourassa & Son Radville, Pangman, Assiniboia, Weyburn, Estevan, SK ...............877-474-2491


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CATTLE & SHEEP Slaughter Cattle ($/cwt)

Steers 600-700 lb. (average $/cwt)

Grade A

Alberta $175 $170 $165 $160 $155 5/14 5/18 5/28



6/11 6/18

Saskatchewan $165 $160

Steers Alta. Ont. Sask. Man. Heifers Alta. Ont. Sask. Man.

Live June 15-21

Previous June 8-14

Year ago

Rail June 15-21

Previous June 8-14

109.00-110.75 111.68-122.72 n/a 100.00-105.00

110.80-113.00 109.43-123.39 n/a 101.00-106.00

102.20 110.21 n/a 90.75

183.50-184.50 198.00-205.00 n/a n/a

187.00-190.00 197.00-202.00 n/a n/a

110.00-110.75 105.33-123.21 n/a 99.00-104.00

n/a 109.56-123.68 n/a 99.00-104.00

101.54 107.26 n/a 89.25

184.50 197.00-204.00 n/a n/a

187.00-189.85 196.00-201.00 188.00 n/a

*Live f.o.b. feedlot, rail f.o.b. plant.



Source: STAT Publishing, which solicits bids from Maviga N.A., Roy Legumex, CGF Brokerage, Parrish & Heimbecker, Walker Seeds and Alliance Grain Traders. Prices paid for dressed product at plant.

Barley (Oct.) $190 $185 $180 $175 $170 5/14 5/18 5/28


6/11 6/18


6/11 6/18

Durum (Oct.) $290 $285 $280

$150 $145 5/14 5/18 5/28

Feeder Cattle ($/cwt) 6/4

6/11 6/18

Manitoba $165 $160 $155 $150 $145 5/14 5/18 5/28


6/11 6/18

Heifers 500-600 lb. (average $/cwt) Alberta $165

Sask. Steers 900-1000 115-132 800-900 125-140 700-800 135-155 600-700 148-169 500-600 160-180 400-500 170-190 Heifer185-210 800-900 121-134 700-800 125-148 600-700 131-154 500-600 139-163 400-500 146-170 300-400 no sales

Cattle Slaughter




no sales 128-144 133-156 140-167 155-184 165-198

125-138 135-148 145-159 154-173 167-188 180-197

no sales no sales 132-158 140-165 146-169 155-175

115-132 123-145 128-151 140-160 145-172 no sales

122-135 128-144 136-153 147-164 150-172 165-190

no sales no sales 126-147 144-157 143-160 no sales Canfax

$160 $155

Average Carcass Weight

$150 $145 5/14 5/18 5/28


6/11 6/18


Steers Heifers Cows Bulls

Saskatchewan $170 $160

June 16/12 856 807 687 1074


June 18/11 813 731 682 1018

YTD 12 874 823 676 1021

YTD 11 839 773 675 1026

U.S. Cash cattle ($US/cwt)

$140 $130 5/14 5/18 5/28


6/11 6/18

Manitoba $155 $150 $145 $140 $135 5/14 5/18 5/28


6/11 6/18

Slaughter cattle (35-65% choice) National Kansas Nebraska Nebraska (dressed)

Steers 115.83 115.82 115.67 118.15

Heifers 115.87 115.86 115.50 189.11

Feeders No. 1 (800-900 lb) Steers South Dakota 135.00-144.50 Billings n/a Dodge City 145.00-158.00

Trend -2.0-4.0 n/a steady/+1.0

Cash Futures -9.57 n/a -1.92

Close Close June 22 June 15 Live Cattle Jun 116.90 116.15 Aug 116.90 116.65 Oct 121.20 121.12 Dec 124.62 124.20 Feb 127.00 126.60 Feeder Cattle Aug 152.80 156.02 Sep 154.90 157.42 Oct 156.07 158.47 Nov 157.32 159.32 Jan 157.25 158.92

-9.13 n/a -2.00

Canadian Beef Production million lb. YTD % change Fed 909.2 +3 Non-fed 158.4 -3 Total beef 1,067.5 +2

Exports % from 2011 270,532 (1) -2.8 92,761 (1) +92.4 83,210 (3) +8.8 108,142 (3) +4.0 Imports % from 2011 n/a (2) n/a 8,379 (2) -6.1 71,382 (4) +0.9 95,324 (4) +3.6

Sltr. cattle to U.S. (head) Feeder C&C to U.S. (head) Total beef to U.S. (tonnes) Total beef, all nations (tonnes) Sltr. cattle from U.S. (head) Feeder C&C from U.S. (head) Total beef from U.S. (tonnes) Total beef, all nations (tonnes)

(1) to June 9/12 (2) to Apr. 30/12 (3) to Apr. 30/12 (4) to June 16/12


Agriculture Canada

+0.75 +0.25 +0.08 +0.42 +0.40

113.05 113.50 119.75 122.70 123.45

-3.22 -2.52 -2.40 -2.00 -1.67

138.60 139.53 139.70 140.05 138.93

This wk Last wk Yr. ago 210-212 210-212 191-193 Canfax

Sheep ($/lb.) & Goats ($/head) June 15 Previous Base rail (index 100) 3.00 3.08 Index range n/a 100.90-104.12 Range off base n/a 3.10-3.20 Feeder lambs n/a 1.40-1.80 Sheep (live) n/a 0.30-0.40 SunGold Meats

June 18 2.00-2.40 1.88-2.25 1.80-2.05 1.70-1.91 1.50-1.85 1.75-2.05 0.75-0.85 0.75-0.85 75-120

2.00-2.40 1.88-2.32 1.80-2.18 1.90-2.00 1.30-1.55 1.65-2.00 0.75-0.85 0.75-0.85 75-120

Ontario Stockyards Inc.

Index 100 Hog Price Trends ($/ckg) Alberta $170 $160 $150 $140 $130 5/14 5/18 5/28

n/a 6/4

6/11 6/18

Jul 15-Jul 28 Jul 29-Aug 11 Aug 12-Aug 25 Aug 26-Sep 08 Sep 09-Sep 22 Sep 23-Oct 06 Oct 7-Oct 20 Oct 21-Nov 03 Nov 04-Nov 17 Nov 18-Dec 01 Dec 02-Dec 15


Sltr. hogs to/fm U.S. (head) Total pork to/fm U.S. (tonnes) Total pork, all nations (tonnes)

$180 $160 $140

(1) to June 9/12 6/4

(2) to Apr. 30/12

To date 2012 To date 2011 % change 12/11

Fed. inspections only U.S. 50,378,704 49,596,735 +1.6 Agriculture Canada

Alta. Sask.

182.80 189.02

Export 378,431 (1) 107,110 (2) 387,219 (2)

Man. Que.

176.00 182.71 *incl. wt. premiums

Import n/a 93,127 (3) 99,394 (3)

(3) to June 16/12

% from 2011 n/a +8.3 +4.0 Agriculture Canada

$200.0 $185.0 $170.0 $155.0 6/4

6/11 6/18

Ju1 Aug Oct Dec

Close Close June 22 June 15 94.92 93.02 91.37 91.20 81.55 81.05 79.02 77.85

Trend +1.90 +0.17 +0.50 +1.17

Year ago 96.00 95.20 88.68 85.70

Feb Apr May Jun

EXCHANGE RATE: JUNE 25 $1 Cdn. = $0.9702 U.S. $1 U.S. = $1.0306 Cdn.

Close Close June 22 June 15 81.45 80.00 83.10 82.40 87.30 87.25 89.05 88.25

Trend +1.45 +0.70 +0.05 +0.80

Year ago 87.60 88.83 92.40 94.40

June 25 Avg. June 18 22.50-26.00 23.81 23.81 12.50-18.00 13.90 13.90 19.50-22.00 20.25 20.25 24.00-34.00 27.88 27.88 13.00-18.00 14.25 14.25 15.75-19.75 17.78 17.78 13.50-14.50 14.10 14.10 8.50-12.00 10.86 10.86 10.30-10.50 10.47 10.47 7.50-8.30 8.08 8.08 8.05-8.30 8.21 8.21 8.25-8.50 8.42 8.42 3.50-5.50 4.83 4.83 36.75-37.75 37.25 37.25 30.75-32.75 31.42 31.42 25.75-27.75 26.75 26.75 24.50-26.50 25.72 25.72 26.10-27.50 27.22 27.22 30.90-32.50 32.10 32.10 22.30-23.50 23.20 23.20 22.30-23.50 23.20 23.20

Cash Prices

Canola (cash - July) No. 3 Oats Saskatoon ($/tonne) No. 1 Rye Saskatoon ($/tonne) Snflwr NuSun Enderlin ND (¢/lb)

$640 $630 $620

June 20 June 13 Year Ago 163.58 160.45 179.88 160.24 160.24 158.43 24.20 24.70 36.25

$610 $600 5/11 5/18 5/24




No. 1 DNS (14%) Montana elevator No. 1 DNS (13%) Montana elevator No. 1 Durum (13%) Montana elevator No. 1 Malt Barley Montana elevator No. 2 Feed Barley Montana elevator

$20 $15 $10 $5 $0 5/11 5/18 5/24




Feed Wheat (Lethbridge) $260 $255 $250 $245 $240 5/11 5/18 5/24




Flax (elevator bid- S’toon) $560 $550 $540 $530 $520 5/11 5/18 5/24




W. Barley (cash - July) $255 $250

Basis: $8




Canola, western barley are basis par region. Feed wheat basis Lethbridge. Basis is best bid.

Corn (July) $660 $630 $600 $570 $540 5/14 5/18 5/28


6/11 6/18

$1480 $1440 $1400 $1360 6/4

U.S. Grain Cash Prices ($US/bu.)


Canola (basis - July)

6/11 6/18

Oats (July) $360 $340 $320

June 22 7.60 7.07 7.00 11.50 8.75

Grain Futures June 25 June 18 Trend Wpg ICE Canola ($/tonne) Jul 626.30 607.40 +18.90 Nov 586.40 568.90 +17.50 Jan 588.80 573.10 +15.70 Mar 588.80 577.00 +11.80 Wpg ICE Milling Wheat ($/tonne) Oct 265.00 252.70 +12.30 Dec 272.30 260.00 +12.30 Mar 281.30 269.00 +12.30 May 284.30 272.00 +12.30 Wpg ICE Durum Wheat ($/tonne) Oct 275.50 275.50 0.0000 Dec 280.00 280.00 0.0000 Mar 286.60 286.60 0.0000 May 290.60 290.60 0.0000 Wpg ICE Barley ($/tonne) Oct 189.00 183.00 +6.00 Dec 191.70 185.70 +6.00 Mar 194.70 188.70 +6.00 Wpg ICE Western Barley ($/tonne) Jul 237.00 237.00 0.0000 Oct 208.00 210.00 -2.0000 Chicago Wheat ($US/bu.) Jul 7.2425 6.3025 +0.9400 Sep 7.4100 6.4850 +0.9250 Dec 7.5925 6.7250 +0.8675 Mar 7.7525 6.9125 +0.8400 Chicago Oats ($US/bu.) Jul 3.4875 3.1600 +0.3275 Sep 3.2400 2.9900 +0.2500 Dec 3.1700 2.8700 +0.3000 Mar 3.2200 2.8925 +0.3275 Chicago Soybeans ($US/bu.) Jul 14.8250 13.8425 +0.9825 Aug 14.6700 13.7025 +0.9675 Sep 14.4000 13.5050 +0.8950 Nov 14.2550 13.3925 +0.8625 Chicago Corn ($US/bu.) Jul 6.3100 5.9950 +0.3150 Sep 5.9125 5.3700 +0.5425 Dec 5.9400 5.3400 +0.6000 Mar 6.0500 5.4625 +0.5875 Minneapolis Wheat ($US/bu.) Jul 8.8000 8.0250 +0.7750 Sep 8.1600 7.5225 +0.6375 Dec 8.2125 7.5925 +0.6200 Mar 8.2775 7.6575 +0.6200 Kansas City Wheat ($US/bu.) Jul 7.3300 6.5050 +0.8250 Sep 7.4900 6.6675 +0.8225 Dec 7.7075 6.9000 +0.8075

Year ago 578.30 565.20 572.10 576.30 n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a 205.00 205.00 6.2275 6.5075 6.9575 7.2975 3.3300 3.3600 3.4100 3.5200 13.2975 13.2275 13.1675 13.1500 6.6075 6.4425 6.2675 6.4050 8.0575 8.0275 8.0850 8.2100 7.2850 7.4700 7.7300

$300 $280 5/14 5/18 5/28

Chicago Hogs Lean ($US/cwt)

Laird lentils, No. 1 (¢/lb) Laird lentils, Xtra 3 (¢/lb) Richlea lentils, No. 1 (¢/lb) Eston lentils, No. 1 (¢/lb) Eston lentils, Xtra 3 (¢/lb) Sm. Red lentils, No. 2 (¢/lb) Sm. Red lentils, Xtra 3 (¢/lb) Peas, green No. 1 ($/bu) Peas, green 10% bleach ($/bu) Peas, med. yellow No. 1 ($/bu) Peas, sm. yellow No. 2 ($/bu) Maple peas ($/bu) Feed peas ($/bu) Mustard, yellow, No. 1 (¢/lb) Mustard, brown, No. 1 (¢/lb) Mustard, Oriental, No. 1 (¢/lb) Canaryseed (¢/lb) Desi chickpeas (¢/lb) Kabuli, 8mm, No. 1 (¢/lb) Kabuli, 7mm, No. 1 (¢/lb) B-90 ckpeas, No. 1 (¢/lb)

Cash Prices

$1320 5/14 5/18 5/28

% from 2011 -14.7 +5.7 +3.7

6/11 6/18

Soybeans (July)

Index 100 hogs $/ckg

6/11 6/18


$140 5/14 5/18 5/28

Canada 9,312,997 9,327,956 -0.2


Chicago Nearby Futures ($US/100 bu.)

Hogs / Pork Trade


$120 5/14 5/18 5/28

To June 16

$230 5/14 5/18 5/28

$235 5/11 5/18 5/24

Hog Slaughter

Maple Leaf Hams Mktg. June 22 June 22 171.24-171.71 170.95-171.42 165.22-165.69 165.48-165.95 155.81-162.39 156.06-162.66 150.07-150.54 150.09-150.56 150.07-150.07 150.09-150.09 150.07-150.32 150.09-150.34 144.19-148.43 144.20-148.45 140.80-143.25 140.43-143.26 136.56-137.50 136.18-137.12 135.61-137.50 135.24-137.12 141.74-141.74 141.37-141.37



HOGS Fixed contract $/ckg



June 25 Wool lambs >80 lb. 1.57-1.60 Wool lambs <80 lb. 1.65 Hair lambs 150-1.55 Fed sheep 0.40-0.55 Sask. Sheep Dev. Bd.

Due to wide reporting and collection methods, it is misleading to compare hog prices between provinces.

Milling Wheat (Oct.)


Trend Year ago

Est. Beef Wholesale ($/cwt)

New lambs 65-80 lb 80-95 lb > 95 lb > 110 lb Feeder lambs Sheep Rams Kids

$270 5/14 5/18 5/28


Chicago Futures ($US/cwt)


Cattle / Beef Trade


To June 16 Fed. inspections only Canada U.S. To date 2012 1,297,192 14,768,780 To date 2011 1,326,434 15,478,842 % Change 12/11 -2.2 -4.6



Alta-Neb Sask-Neb Ont-Neb

Pulse and Special Crops

ICE Futures Canada


6/11 6/18

Minneapolis Nearby Futures ($US/100bu.) Spring Wheat (July) $840 $810 $780 $750 $720 5/14 5/18 5/28


6/11 6/18

Canadian Exports & Crush (1,000 To To tonnes) June 17 June 10 Wheat 221.2 144.9 Durum 33.1 83.9 Oats 11.7 10.3 Barley 50.2 20.0 Flax 12.1 0.4 Canola 143.0 129.7 Peas 8.9 6.8 Canola crush 119.5 99.2

Total to date 12217.2 3338.4 1028.2 1131.6 231.2 7884.1 1480.1 5936.7

Last year 10936.9 2861.5 910.0 1234.0 284.0 6240.7 2283.5 5337.2




Ella Dusyk, 4, feeds a Mo Muhren pony that measured about 46 centimetres tall when it was born near Montmartre, Sask., this spring. | CHRISTALEE FROESE PHOTO

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June 28 - July 4 (in mm)

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Assiniboia Broadview Eastend Estevan Kindersley Maple Creek Meadow Lake Melfort Nipawin North Battleford Prince Albert Regina Rockglen Saskatoon Swift Current Val Marie Yorkton Wynyard

24.8 24.5 22.2 24.7 25.3 24.2 24.8 22.5 24.5 24.2 24.5 25.7 23.4 24.0 23.7 24.4 23.1 22.9

9.2 2.4 14.7 11.6 15.0 16.2 5.8 6.2 0.0 1.8 4.2 13.5 22.8 2.1 10.3 6.7 10.6 5.2

8.9 7.7 5.2 8.4 7.7 5.8 5.4 5.8 5.0 4.8 6.7 5.8 8.0 5.9 7.7 3.7 5.9 6.3

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24.3 20.3 24.2 24.2 25.0 23.2 27.1 22.5 24.1 25.0 24.3 24.6 20.8 21.9 18.7 27.0

5.9 6.0 5.4 6.4 5.1 7.6 6.0 6.0 7.8 6.6 6.7 8.3 4.2 6.9 6.0 5.4

Precipitation last week since April 1 mm mm %

44.8 31.3 18.0 12.7 10.7 13.9 2.6 24.3 6.1 50.6 43.8 9.2 66.5 15.4 57.4 3.1

208.6 260.5 127.8 207.8 143.0 161.6 63.0 189.3 172.2 209.7 195.3 146.5 186.9 197.3 244.4 134.9

185 178 111 179 102 138 64 147 140 194 131 133 114 129 148 112

Temperature last week High Low

Brandon Dauphin Gimli Melita Morden Portage La Prairie Swan River Winnipeg

25.4 24.1 25.0 25.0 25.6 26.4 23.6 25.8

Precipitation last week since April 1 mm mm %

7.3 7.0 7.2 7.3 10.0 8.2 4.7 6.3

9.6 28.7 2.5 8.6 10.1 2.3 6.1 4.3

153.8 200.3 154.6 143.9 137.5 136.9 241.4 192.3

111 142 107 101 86 92 170 124

3.4 7.2 10.1 7.9 8.3

25.7 5.9 24.1 25.0 16.6

146.4 162.8 101.9 143.0 185.9

122 137 152 148 143

BRITISH COLUMBIA Cranbrook Fort St. John Kamloops Kelowna Prince George

24.6 24.4 30.0 27.8 27.2

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June 28, 2012 - The Western Producer  
June 28, 2012 - The Western Producer  

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