19 January 2016

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Frogs on call after Hastings & District Community Bank Branch

IN HASTINGS FOR THE LONG HAUL! A MESSAGE FROM THE CHAIRMAN Seven years ago the local community got behind the concept of a community bank. And so the Bendigo Bank (Hastings Community Bank Branch) was started. The branch offers a complete and very competitive banking service including business banking facilities, housing loans, deposits, etc. as well as insurance and financial planning services But more than that, in the past seven years we have given back over $300,000 to the local community. That’s $300,000 to make our community stronger. That’s because we are here for the long term. We believe in the future of Hastings and the power of a community that believes in itself.

WE ARE NOT GOING ANYWHERE. SWITCH YOUR BANKING TO US. We make it easy and hassle free. Ask us how today. BUT IT’S BIGGER THAN THAT. You will be helping to build a stronger community. IT’S SUPPORTING YOUR LOCAL COMMUNITY Your Community Bank invests it’s profits into your local community, so just by banking with us you automatically become part of something bigger. Bigger than a bank!

FROGS become more obvious after summer rains. Often heard but not seen, some of the common species to look out for are the common froglet, striped marsh frog and growling grass frog. To encourage the frogs to stick around, the Backyard Buddies program of the Foundation for National Parks and Wildlife has issued tips on making a pond. “Water is incredibly important for Australia’s wildlife, especially our huge variety of frogs,” foundation CEO Susanna Bradshaw said. “A pond can offer an easy, permanent water source for your local amphibian buddies and will also benefit lots of other native animals too. “Australia is home to over 200 species of frogs that are found nowhere else in the world. Sadly Australia also has one of the highest rates of amphibian extinction in the world. So anything that can be done around Frankston or the Mornington Peninsula to provide habitat for them will be a big help.” Ms Bradshaw said frogs are facing threats from Chytrid fungus, water pollution, drought and predation from introduced pests. “Their numbers haven’t plummeted like this since the extinction of the dinosaurs,” Ms Bradshaw said. Providing a pond was “the best thing you can do for local frogs”. The presence of frog indicated a healthy ecosystem “as they are very sensitive to chemicals and environmental degradation” and cautioned against touching frogs as they reacted

to sunscreen or insect repellent. “We strongly advise that you do not relocate frogs or tadpoles as you could unintentionally be spreading the deadly Chytrid fungus,” she said. “While not all frogs live around ponds, they all need a water

Heart attack jolts bank into action WHEN a local Men’s Shed member collapsed suffering a heart attack last year he could have been dead within minutes had it not been for the quick action of one of his colleagues applying CPR while waiting for an ambulance with the necessary equipment. The member survived the attack but the incident lead to a discussion with the Hastings Community Bank (Bendigo Bank branch) around the need for an on-site defibrillator. Investigation revealed a statistically higher than normal risk of heart attack at Men’s Sheds because of the ages and health issues of some members, many of whom spend considerable time at the shed. Consequently the Community Bank decided to purchase defibrillator units for both the Peninsula North (Baxter) and the Western Port (Hastings) Men’s Sheds. Recently the Hastings group conducted a training session to ensure members were confident in using the machine quickly if it became necessary. The training course focused on the ease of operating the machine by following simple verbal

instructions programmed to start when the machine is switched on. The defibrillator machine has inbuilt sensors which help the operator as well as a diagram on the pads to assist in their placement. The training session also demonstrated the importance of a clear airway and applying CPR (heart massage) as complimentary and important elements when using the defibrillator. Men’s Shed secretary Colin Proud thanked the Hastings Community Bank and said how much the members appreciated the support. “Members can be confident that they now have a much better chance of surviving a heart attack should such an event occur at the Shed. In addition they have the added confidence of being much better prepared to help someone else in that situation as well.” Both Men’s Sheds meet regularly and always welcome visitors and new members. Contact details can be obtained from the Hastings Community Bank.

Life saver: Western Port (Hastings) Men’s Shed secretary Colin Proud (centre, in blue) and training officer Andrew Clinkaberry show off the new defibrillator.

Hastings & District Community Bank Branch Drop into the branch today at 88 High St, Hastings Or call us on 5979 2075


Western Port News 19 January 2016