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Western Mennonite School Bridge to Algebra 2 Course Syllabus Course Description: This course will explore practical mathematical applications with a focus on reinforcing algebra skills. Topics will provide students an opportunity to connect real-world math problems with algebra and consumer math problems. This course is designed for students who have 2 years of math credit but are not yet ready for Algebra II. Goals and Objectives: Students will be given the opportunity to 1. model real-world situations with direct and inverse variation 2. use linear functions to make predictions 3. explore systems of equations using business applications 4. model growth and decay using exponential functions 5. relate mathematics and finance 6. use trigonometry 7. plus additional areas of study Course content:  

The content of this course will be taken from some of the chapters in the textbook, Modeling with Mathematics: A Bridge to Algebra II, published by W. H. Freeman and Co. Additional textbooks may be made available as the year proceeds. It takes 2 to 4 weeks to complete each chapter.

Materials: Provided by school: textbook Provided by student: pencils and erasers, spiral notebook, dry erase pen, loose leaf paper, calculator (Note: Without a calculator, you cannot be successful in this class. Cell phone may NOT be used as a calculator) Assessment: 6 weeks grading period: 40% of grade from Chapter tests 35% of grade from Homework/Class participation 20% of grade from Quizzes 5% of grade from chapter reviews Semester Grading period: Each 6 weeks grade = 30%  total of 90% Semester final exam = 10% 90% + = 80% - 89% = 70% - 79% = 50% - 69% = Below 50% =


Rules and Behavior Expectations: 1) Glorify God in ALL things you do 2) Respect your parents, teachers/staff, schoolmates, and respect yourself

Contact Information: E-mail address: Telephone : (503) 363-2000 ext. 245 Home phone: (503) 269-1733


We have read the course syllabus and understand its contents and requirements.

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