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Art –Fall & Spring Semester Course Syllabus Instructor: Laura Lehman Phone: 503/435-9091 (feel free to text me with any questions) School email: Course Description: This Art class is to provide the beginner art student with a basic well balanced knowledge of the most common art mediums. This class is also designed to be adaptable for any level of art student. I will introduce students to various aspects of art through hands-on projects, art exploration, and problem solving. The basic skills of drawing, color theory, painting, sculpture and design theory will be covered. Goals and Objectives: My goal for this class is for you to have a well balanced knowledge of the art world gained through hands on “studio” time and some independent research. You will acquire basic knowledge design elements and design principles and how they effect our visual culture. You will have hands-on experience with a range of mediums. (i.e.: painting, drawing, typography, collage, sculpture, hand built ceramics and more.) We will also discuss color theory, art history, and learn to critique art while discovering our own personal preference. Materials & equipment: Most materials will be provided by your instructor. There are a few things you will need to get for class. These items will be unique to your assignment. Let me help you brainstorm and quite often I will have something similar. Grading: Grading is based on a point system. Points are earned by completing assigned work, class room participation, consistent clean – up habits and a final project. Each assignment will have it’s own point requirements. Class Behavior Expectations: Respectful of others, being on time, quiet during lectures, treating others with kindness, not gossiping and coming prepared are all things that are expected while in the art room. All students need to complete

photocopying and research prior to class.

Personal clean up is essential and your grade will suffer if it is not completed. Once the work session is started you are expected to work independently. Please let me know if you need to use restrooms. Only the teacher’s aide or the instructor has permission to use the office photo copier. The Library copier is available to use on your own time unless it’s discussed with me. Work expectations: You will be given enough time to complete each project in class. I expect you to execute each project with careful attention to detail and in a professional manner. Projects that I feel are slapped together will be given ½ credit and with an opportunity for a re-do on your own time. ] Absences: Excessive absences (for whatever reason) will lower your grade. Since class is structured like a “lab” period you will be asked to make up time if absences are excessive. If you are making up work because of an extended illness, all work needs to be handed in PRIOR to the last day of the grading period.

Assignment Check off list & due date (as discussed in class) 1._______________________________________ 2._______________________________________ 3._______________________________________ 4._______________________________________ 5._______________________________________ 6._______________________________________ 7._______________________________________ 8._______________________________________ 9._______________________________________ 10.______________________________________ 11.______________________________________ 12.______________________________________ Artist Research Project: (fill in name of Artist chosen)

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