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Yearbook – Fall / Spring Semester Course Syllabus Instructor: Laura Lehman Phone: 503/435-9091 cell / text School email: Course Description: This class is responsible to create, distribute and sell Western’s Annual Yearbooks. Fulfilling deadlines, taking photos, fundraising and interviewing are all required during throughout the year. A yearlong commitment from you is essential. Goals and Objectives: My goal for this class is for you to have a well-balanced knowledge of printing, graphic design basics, coverage techniques, photography guidelines for journalists and Advertising creation. All these things will be used online throughout the year and are essential creating the “yearbook”. We use the online Jostens website to do the actual layout so knowledge of this program is required. In the process of covering this year’s events, you will gain knowledge of Photoshop software, become aware of the power of typography and photography styles. We will also discuss Color Theory and Design Principles fulfilling state curriculum requirements. Course Content: This is a performance based class. The structure of the course is contingent on completing necessary requirements to fulfill your personal yearbook deadlines in addition to assignments created to train for those steps. Those basics include: 1. photography basics 2. journalism techniques 3. graphic design terms and guidelines 4. knowledge of the printing process 5. Photoshop software use & assessment Materials: Any materials needed in class will be provided by your instructor. Cameras are provided, but you are welcome to use your own camera. While using the school’s camera utmost security and care is required. If you are asked or it is needed for you to use the new Canon Rebel camera you will need to sign a release stating responsibility for replacement if stolen or damaged. Grading: Grading is based on a point system. Points are earned by completing, training assignments, Planning sessions, creating assigned pages, attendance/classroom participation, event photography, photo editing and meeting deadlines. Some assignments are required to use time outside of the school day. Please be prepared to contribute in this way to earn required points. Class Behavior Expectations: Respectful of others, being on time, quiet during lectures, treating others with kindness, not gossiping and coming prepared are all things that are expected in Yearbook. Often students need to complete research prior to classroom session. Daily needs are to be accomplished in a

timely manner. Weekly/ monthly photo editing and deadlines need to be met or an exception cleared prior to actual day of deadline. Mature behavior while completing yearbook tasks outside of the classroom or while attending events is essential. Disciplinary actions will be taken if reports of problems are brought to my attention. Work expectations: Time management is very important while on Yearbook Staff. Class time flexibility is possible if students attend after school events or pre-arrange overtime work after school or at home. I expect you to execute each yearbook page with careful attention to detail and in a professional manner. I reserve the right to alter or correct facts, photos and or entire layouts if needed. Each page is to be proof-read by the creator, the instructor and one additional ADULT before submission. Your enrollment in this class is a priviledge and your behavior and professionalism is very important.

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