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Western Horse UK - April 2019

Fireworks, love them or hate them, they now seem to be a year round occurrence. Julie Doorne has been highlighting across social media, how this issue affects horse owners, and is campaigning for change to help keep us all safe.

Fireworks now are a whole different ball game. There are cakes, barrages, mines and multi-shots - a new breed of firework, which are boxes of fireworks that only need one point of ignition. Light the blue touch paper and retire to a safe distance, to hear 60 shots (bangs) in 13 seconds. Is it any wonder that our animals become distressed? These barrages sometimes come out of nowhere. Maybe your neighbours are very considerate and let you know they are having a firework party in June? Maybe they don’t? Maybe they haven’t let the old lady down the street know, and now she thinks she is back in the blitz!

Designer Riikka Kemppainen brings her creativity to life, offering bespoke western show clothing. Beautiful and unique, her creations are sure to make you stand out in the show ring.

When attending a western show, one of the things that jump out is the gorgeous show outfits in all their sparkling glory. It is obvious that competitors pay a lot of attention to their appearance, and have meticulously prepared their outfits. When you look back at the history of western show clothing, you start to notice that the styles have followed fashion trends along the decades, whilst retaining their own take on things.

Today’s trends include; very fitted shirts and jackets, shiny fabrics and a plethora of embellishments. With technological advances in fabric manufacturing, show clothes are most often now made with sports fabrics that are hard-wearing, easy to care for, and come in every possible colour

The Vaquero style of horsemanship has a rich culture, seeped in history. Brandon McAuslan speaks with leading horseman Jeff Sanders, to find out more about the traditions and techniques integral to this unique western art form.

Author Dee Brown informs us in his book ‘The American West’, that they were “of sturdy Andalusian stock, sharp horned fighters, fast as wild deer”. A small clue to an oft-unexplored area of history pertaining to western riding lies in that innocuous statement. The fact is that the Spanish did not only import cattle to the Americas in the 16th century, they also brought with them their unique horsemanship culture too. It was a culture entrenched in what we today regard as the Classical Method. Later Spanish horsemen would take great stock in the teachings of Francois Robichon de La Guériniére (1688-1751, considered to be one of the great Classical Dressage masters), and this influence can be seen in the carriage and conformation of the working California Bridle Horse to this day. This culture of horsemanship evolved from the geographic landscape of (what is now) northern Mexico and the south-western United States, and is known as the Vaquero, or California Bridle Horse tradition. 


UK Barrel Horse Association

Florence Fisher has been riding since she was 9 months old. Her pony, Panache, is 38 inches high and aged 17 years. Florence and Panache started in barrels in Feb 2019. Previously, Florence had done some showing. Her mum was keen for her to progress and couldn’t be more supportive. However, she was also extremely nervous at the concept of her daughter moving to the next stage in her riding. After seeing Western saddle and watching YouTube footage, Florence decided she wanted to be a cowgirl. Her mum, Rowena, found 4 Strides Equestrian UL Ltd - Barrel Racing via Google. She arrived that February morning on the lead rein, but Florence didn’t do anything by halves and by the end of the day was off the lead rein and cantering parts of the barrel pattern! Needless to say, she took home the biggest rosette for ‘most improved’ that day.

UK Paint Horse Association

We hope to see our members out and about, at many of our shows and clinics this year.Thank you to all the fabulous venues who support our classes - we are continuing to branch out to cover as most of the country as we can.A quick reminder to everyone to apply for ‘Amateur status’ as this will be needed for the APHA Summer Sizzler and for The Gathering.