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Date: November 28, 2006 3:45:42 PM PDT From: mymatrix To: Re: Celebrated Author and Quantum Mind Tech Facilitator

Dear Editor,


I have twelve years of experience facilitating the development of creative potential via the marriage of quantum science with the nature of us as divine beings on our journey of evolution towards genius. I would very much like to share inspiring information with you and your readers. Please visit for my personal website and click on the interview for information about my novel and screenplay. Yours, Aryan Date: November 11, 2006 12:11:13 AM PST From: "Ekaterina B." To: Subject: Ekaterina, still waiting for your reply

Hi! I am Ekaterina. I am a kind, sociable woman. I have a lot of tenderness inside my soul which waits for somebody to be given to. I dream someone to steal my heart one day - I want to love and to be loved! People say I have a strong personality, but I am weak inside and like every woman I want to be defended by some strong knight in this world! I have some questions for you if you want to get to know me


Photo: Billy Marchensky performing at HIVE, 2006

closer: 1. Are you interested in serious relations with Russian woman? 2. Are you planning to visit Russia? 3. Would you like to correspond or to talk by phone? 4. Why are you


interested in Russian lady? 5. Have you ever been to Russia? 6. What is important for you in relations and am I right for you? Would you like to know me better and to meet me? Waiting for your reply, Ekaterina.

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