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(free admission to all shows).

Sunday, January 14th

Tuesday, January 16th

Wednesday, January 17th

Thursday, January 18th

Friday, January 19th

Opening Day, 2pm PST

Telematic Robots and

Local Long Distance |

Songs of Place.

& Saturday, January 20th

on the Internet.

the Electro-Gaia-Gram.

Art's Birthday!

Wiencouver (Kunstradio

Mawhrin-Skel robotics

Daytime web-streaming

Live performance and

Installations. Exhibition of the installation

<-> Western Front) with

and World Briefing by

performances and exchanges

screening of Steve

pieces: robots, World Briefing,

Anna Friz, Glenn Gear,

Oliver Hockenhull -

with: Don Chow in Tokyo,

Heimbecker's Songs of

and video works. (The

and Absolute Value of

performance and

Guy van Belle in Prague, the

Place Vancouver and Songs

exhibition that opens on

Noise in Vancouver and

exhibition opening,

Long Radio Night at Kunstradio

of Place Springwater, at

January 16th will grow as

Volkmar Klien in Vienna

at 8pm PST.

and the EBU, and others.

8pm PST.

time passes. The robots

at 2pm PST (23:05 - 23:45 CET on ORF 1 in Austria). Opening of the

will be joined by World

Noon to 6pm PST.

Briefing, and the DVD

(Exhibition space open from noon - 5pm PST,

Anna Friz, Glenn Gear, and

versions of works by

Jan 17th - 20th.)

Absolute Value of Noise

Robert Paci Dalò and Steve

performance, at 8pm PST.


online diaries by Elizabeth

Noon to 5pm PST.

Fischer and Lori Weidenhammer.

Screening of Petróleo México by Italian artist Roberto Paci Dalò, at 9pm PST (following the performance).

Artist in Residence in connection with Art's Birthday Roberto Paci Dalò January/February 2007 Italian artist Roberto Paci Dalò will visit Vancouver to screen his work "Petróleo México", engage in network activities on January 17th, and develop a new collaborative network project for 2008. The Upgrade! Vancouver - Artist Talk Series a monthly gathering on art, technology and culture, curated by Kate Armstrong. Check the website for dates in February

Photo: Jillian McDonald

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Front Magazine January February 2007  

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