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in calculating the emotional status of our epoch, i’ve come to a rather glaring statement at the base of my inventory. it reads: ‘insufficient funds’. the deficiency is a result of excess spending and shortage of supply. everyone is in demand, and in the age of disposable everythings, upon receipt of an emotional purchase, it is not uncommon that we are not satisfied. it sounded different in the online description! item is not as advertised! send it back before its warranty expires! but, contrary to what we might think about the investment gone wrong, the failure to reach repletion perhaps lies within each one of us. taking stock of said imbalance, i’ve reached the following conclusion: no one wants to feel anything anymore. not with any depth or severity of intent anyway. fair enough! by now we’ve all gotten a pretty clear sense of what can happen as a result of freely dispensed ‘feelings’. we invest, invest, invest! only to be bought out, ripped apart, used for unintended proposes, sold at bargain prices, put on the back burner and forgotten about in some abandoned warehouse in some seemingly vacant heart. Above: The Season of our Discontent, Source: The Xenographic Society, 2006


Front Magazine January February 2007  

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