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Win One Month Free Trash Service Several lucky residential customers will receive one month of free trash service for finding their names in this newsletter! If you find your name, call our Customer Service Department at 303-444-2037 to receive credit on your account for one month of free service. Sorry, names mentioned as part of the stories are not eligible.

Holiday Schedule For up-to-date information about our holiday schedule, call our Holiday Hotline at 303-448-2280 or look it up at The following holidays are observed by Western Disposal: • • • • • •

Independence Day .......July 4, 2012 Labor Day ..................Sept. 3, 2012 Thanksgiving Day .....Nov. 22, 2012 Christmas Day ..........Dec. 25, 2012 New Year’s Day.............Jan. 1, 2013 Memorial Day............May 27, 2013

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Ban the Bag: Western Supports Banning Single-Use Plastic Grocery Bags The Boulder City Council is considering various options to reduce the amount of plastic and paper sent to landfills from single-use bags. Fees on each bag, bans on certain types of bags or a combination of both a ban and a fee are being developed by city staff for a final decision likely this summer. During April and May, Western’s staff commented at public meetings about the need to simply cut to the chase and ban plastic bags. “We support reducing the presence of plastic grocery bags as these items never really “go away”, says Western’s CEO Gary Horton. “While they may be less expensive, to use them only once and then have them last for decades is foolish and bad for the environment. The wind catches loose plastic bags and blows them into trees and the landscape where they are an eyesore.” As of our newsletter deadline, the potential for a fee on plastic and paper bags rather than a ban appears to be the likely choice by Boulder City Council. Charles and Mary Zabel. You can find more information on this topic at; look under Latest News items for our full statements and links to more details from the City.

Western’s Trash Bash Raises $100,000 for Kids The fourth annual Trash Bash fundraiser hosted by Western Disposal in February brought together a happy and generous crowd of supporters for the Crayons to Calculators (CtoC) program. With an old west theme and several auction items, the event celebrated the strong partnerships Western has with numerous vendors and our commitment to supporting kids’ education. The CtoC program provides thousands of St. Vrain Valley and Boulder Valley school kids who otherwise can’t afford them with backpacks filled with appropriate school supplies. See details at The crowd was entertained by the Angevine Middle School Jazz Band – the first time they’d played to an audience and their excitement was contagious! Huge thanks as well go to our vendors Autocar, ShoCo Oil, Transwest Inc., Bridgeport Manufacturing, Lockton Companies, Industrial Hydraulics & Machine and Tire Distribution Systems. Their generous contributions helped make this event a success!

Free DocumentShredding Days

Closing the Loop on Food and Organic Wastes

As a thank you to our customers, Western Disposal is partnering with Shred-It, a document destruction company, to offer free shredding days again in 2012.

Western Disposal collects food and organic wastes from our residential and business customers and we use it to make a highquality compost product. Placing your compostable materials in your organics container instead of the trash is in essence recycling those materials – no need to landfill something that has value and allows us to close the loop. Common waste materials that are compostable include food waste, pizza boxes and paper towels. Spoiled food is fine. Go to our web site for details on what can go in your cart.

Our two remaining event dates will be: Sunday, August 12th Sunday, October 7th Event hours: 9:00 a.m. until 12:00 p.m. Event location: Western Disposal’s Trash and Recycle Center, 5880 Butte Mill Road, Boulder We have scheduled our shredding event on Sundays, when we are normally closed, so that we are not competing with the traffic of our own equipment and the public bringing in trash, recyclables, yard waste and wood waste. Bring your confidential materials such as tax returns, medical forms, bank statements, etc., for safe and secure destruction.

Food waste is a valuable component to the compost process because it speeds up decomposition and improves the nutrient value of the final product. Western sells the compost we make from the materials we collect from you; and, additionally, we hold three customer-only compost and mulch giveaway days in the spring to help you close the loop. Here are the results: 䊳

1542 customers came to the events,

802 yards of compost were given away, and

488 yards of mulch were given away.

If you participated, thank you for helping close the loop! 䡲 Volume limit: 5 copy boxes or 32-gallon bags weighing no more than 35 lbs. each 䡲 No separating required 䡲 Clips and staples are okay 䡲 Folders, notebooks and binders are okay 䡲 No phonebooks, catalogs or magazines will be accepted 䡲 No electronic media will be accepted—paper only! This is a free shredding event of confidential materials; other recyclables are not accepted. Jeff and Christy Nedrow. The event is open to Western Disposal customers only as an appreciation for your business and your loyalty. Our events are not open to the general public and non-Western customers.

Our event partner, Shred-It, was founded in 1988 and has more than 130 branches on five continents and is one of the world’s leading document destruction companies. For document destruction done right and at your site in the Boulder area, just call Shred-It at 303-293-9170.

Kitchen compost collection is pretty easy. The ideas below may reduce problems with odors, fruit flies and animals. 䡲 Empty your kitchen container into your cart outside every day or so. 䡲 Rinse your container every time you empty it and regularly wash it with soap. 䡲 Use a compostable liner or add a layer of used paper towels, newspaper or a paper bag to the bottom of your bin to absorb moisture. 䡲 Keep food scraps in your freezer until your pick-up day. 䡲 If you store your carts outside, place a brick or similar object on the lid of your cart to keep animals out. Please remove the brick on your collection day. We are frequently asked why Western cannot collect residential organics every week instead of every other week, especially during the summer months. The answer is that our trucks and drivers are fully utilized with the current collection schedules. In order to provide weekly compost collection with the same amount of equipment and drivers, we would have to change trash service for all households we serve to every other week. Alternatively, we could add trucks and drivers which would increase monthly service rates. Rest assured that we are always evaluating ways to better serve you with the least impact to your costs.

Help Conserve Water and Leave your Grass Clippings on your Lawn!

Special Events

Our mild winter brought a significant drop in snowpack percentages across the state and our warm spring is also bringing snowmelt earlier and faster than previous years.

If you are planning an event, try our easy-touse and affordable boxes to manage trash, recyclables and organics. You can buy these 32-gallon boxes plain or with lids, decals and color-coded liners for trash, recyclables and organics. Farah Ibrahim. For larger events we can provide a dumpster and disposal service for all of your materials as well as a diversion report summarizing the quantity of recyclables, organics and trash generated. Other event services include portable toilets and sinks. We may also be able to include your event details in our social media efforts. Call us to discuss your event and how we can help you make it a success and work toward zero waste.

Most forecasts say that we should see stream flows at less than 50% of average for the summer season. On the positive side, Colorado’s reservoir volumes remain above average, but there is a potential of late season shortages. Even if communities do not impose restrictions this summer, we should all do our part to conserve our water reserves as we do not know what next winter will bring. Why should you leave your clippings on the lawn? 䡲 Grass clippings are 75 to 85 percent water and decompose quickly, which returns moisture to the soil… thus reducing your need for watering.

Recycling, organics and trash services for your next event

䡲 Grass clippings left on the lawn will shade your grass roots and help keep the soil cool. 䡲 Use a lawn mower with a mulching blade to breakdown grass clippings and let them fall back on the lawn… as they decompose, they release nutrients (nitrogen, potassium and phosphorus) back into the soil. The grass clippings act as a natural organic fertilizer, and they allow you to reduce the additional amount of commercial fertilizer you need to apply. Best watering practices to help conserve more water: 䡲 Only water when your grass really needs it. 䡲 One inch of water is enough to wet the soil to a depth of 4"6". (To measure your water output, place an empty can under the sprinkler to measure when an inch has been applied.) 䡲 Water deeply and less frequently to encourage deep root growth. 䡲 The best time to water is in the morning because less water is lost through evaporation and transpiration.

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Did You Know? 䡲 Delivery pizza boxes go into your compost cart 䡲 Frozen food boxes are not recyclable or compostable 䡲 Plastic caps can be recycled if left on the bottle 䡲 Check out more recyclables and compostables guidelines at

Free Mulch Now Available Three-inch mulch, made from yard waste dropped off at Western Disposal, is available year-round on the site where the old recycle drop-off center was located at 5301 Pearl Parkway. This address is not labeled; the entrance is on the north side of Pearl Parkway between 55th and 49th streets. Look for the “City of Boulder Mulch Pile” sign on the east side of the street. Please bring containers, gloves, and a shovel or pitchfork to load your mulch.

Western’s Natural Gas Truck at the Expo Western Disposal’s newest natural gas-powered truck—a front-loader for commercial routes – was featured in the annual disposal industry Waste Expo in Las Vegas, NV in May. Jennifer and JP O’Brien. This event brings over 7000 industry experts together to discuss the latest trends and technologies in waste management.

Extra Trash Stickers TO REORDER: 303-444-2037 Extra Trash Recycling Saves Prepaid Tag You Money!

If you have weekly residential trash service and have extra bags of trash to set out on your collection day, you have two options to pay for additional trash: 1) purchase prepaid stickers for $3.20 each and attach one to each 32-gallon bag of trash; or 2) set extra bags out without a sticker and $4.25 per 32-gallon bag will be charged to your account. There is a 25% savings if you purchase the prepaid stickers. See purchasing options below. If you live in Lafayette or Louisville, prepaid stickers are only available for purchase from the city offices. The price of the stickers is determined by the city. Stickers can be acquired by contacting Western Disposal via the options in the box below; minimum purchase of five unless purchased in person.


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Summer 2012 Western Disposal Newsletter  
Summer 2012 Western Disposal Newsletter  

This month's articles include Western’sTrash Bash Raises $100,000 for Kids, Support for Plastic Bag Ban, Organic Waste Guidelines, Free Mulc...