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Nov/Dec 2018

A Morning at the Chippewa Valley Museum– RSVP Partnering Site On Wednesday afternoons when you arrive at the Chippewa Valley Museum, you may be greeted by RSVP volunteer and history buff Larry Motzer. He has been a RSVP volunteer for 8 years. Larry is a Vietnam Veteran who spent 17 years in the Air Force. During that time he was able to travel the world. He spent two years in Germany. Larry can speak German fluently and a few other languages, enough to be polite. This makes it very easy for Larry to communicate with visitors from Germany and Switzerland, making them feel welcome at the Chippewa Valley Museum. Larry’s volunteer duties at the front desk include greeting visitors, answering the phone, and sometimes running the register for the souvenir shop. When asked why Larry volunteers at the museum, he says that it is a place where volunteers can be valued and make a contribution to their community. It also allows for 1-on-1 connections with a variety of people you meet that you wouldn’t normally come in contact with. A great example of this is when a German gentleman and his grandson came to the museum a couple of years ago and were touring the schoolhouse during the summer. Larry was proud to say that he was able to hold a conversation with the visitors in German about the schoolhouse’s history. Larry is proud to share historical information with anyone who comes through the museum’s doors. He states that in 1974 the Chippewa Valley Museum opened its doors in Carson Park. He has a wealth of knowledge about Eau Claire history even stating that in 1872, Eau Claire was recognized as a city. Larry recommends that you contact the RSVP Program if you would like to volunteer in your community because it’s a great place to get started. It was after his meeting and the realization of his love of history and wealth of knowledge that RSVP Program Director, Cheryl Padula, matched him with the Chippewa Valley Museum. It was a great fit. The Chippewa Valley Museum is one of many RSVP partnering sites. Larry stated that the museum is a great place to volunteer because he is cared about by the staff and it fits his interests. Angela Allred, the Program Coordinator at the Chippewa Valley Museum, stated that Larry is a great asset to the museum. He connects and engages museum guests very well and is supportive of the museum and its mission. He is highly enthusiastic about the museum and is great at promoting the site.

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Western Dairyland EOC Inc. is a private, nonprofit community action agency established in 1966 for the purpose of alleviating povertyrelated conditions and assisting low-income families to achieve their economic self-reliance. We welcome your comments & suggestions about the Western Dairyland RSVP program. RSVP Contact Information Address: Western Dairyland EOC Inc. RSVP Program 23122 Whitehall Road Independence, WI 54747 Office hours: Monday - Friday from 8 a.m.- 4:30 p.m. Website: RSVP Program Director Cheryl Padula 715-985-2391 Ext. 1205 RSVP Program Assistant Erika Hobbs 715-985-2391 Ext. 1232 Mary Back 715-985-2391 Ext. 1207

Welcome New Volunteers!! William Pecha

Carol Pecha Marlene Waldera

Have You Moved? We want to hear from you! The RSVP Program has had the pleasure of working with many wonderful volunteers and watching the impact each person has made in their own community through volunteerism. We ask that you please help the RSVP office stay updated. Are you still volunteering? Perhaps you are not feeling well or maybe you have been physically unable to volunteer due to an illness or surgery? We also know summers are busy and you may be enjoying more time with your family which may result in being too busy to volunteer at this time. Whatever the reason, we would really like to hear from you. To insure that you receive RSVP volunteer recognition and to assist you with future RSVP volunteer opportunities, we ask that you be sure to record all volunteer hours at your volunteer work site. Feel free to contact us at anytime; we welcome your input, concerns and volunteer stories.

Call us at 1-800-782-1063 ext. 1205 or 1232. We look forward to hearing from you! The RSVP Birthday Box Project uses 8 1/2” x 11” copy paper boxes with lids (see picture below) to assemble birthday boxes. We are always in need of them — especially right now! The boxes can be brought to the Western Dairyland office in Eau Claire or the Western Dairyland office in Independence. You can also call our office to arrange for pick up at 715-985-2391 Ext. 1205, 1207 or 1232.

Thank you!

Debbie Nichols Marcia Wantock Catherine Reiter

Birthday Boxes: Before & After



Continued from Page 1... For example, this past Halloween, Larry took it upon himself to bring a bowl of candy to give to visitors and even dressed up for the occasion. Angela also shared that Larry has had a lot of opportunities to put his history knowledge to good use. He has a positive impact on anyone that comes through the museum doors on Wednesdays while he is volunteering. Angela also added that Larry embraces change very well. Larry was quick to add that he is happy that Angela is here now, along with additional new staff, because they bring a new perspective to the museum and he appreciates the new ideas coming in. Larry stated that, because of everyone’s teamwork, the museum’s exhibits were all updated just recently in 9 months! There will also be some traveling exhibits coming through the museum in the near future which is very exciting. We had the pleasure of touring the museum with Larry as our guide. There are a lot of many great exhibits from the Chippewa Valley and you really step back in time when visiting. No matter what your interests are, there is truly something for everyone to appreciate. The Chippewa Valley Museum is located in Eau Claire at 1204 East Halfmoon Drive and is open Tuesdays from 1-8 pm, Wednesday through Friday 1-5 pm and Saturday’s from 10-5pm. To date, over 22,000 individuals have visited the museum and over 4,000 students have come to tour on field trips. If you are interested in becoming a volunteer at the Chippewa Valley Museum, please give our office a call to learn more. See below for current opportunities. Visitor Services: Perfect for people who value connecting with others. Scheduled year-round for 3- or 4-hour shifts to handle museum admissions, gift shop sales, or operate the museum’s ice cream parlor. These positions require operating cash registers, may involve answering phones, & do require regular transitions from sitting to standing. The ice cream parlor is more physically demanding, & requires lifting & bending. Exhibits and Facilities: Requires a crew of willing & able volunteers to assist with exhibit installation & maintenance & facilities upkeep. Tasks may include painting, deep-cleaning, light carpentry work, & exhibit installation/takedown. Exhibit & facilities work is physically demanding, requiring lifting, bending, & using hand tools. Curatorial: Care for & organize artifacts in the museum’s collection. These opportunities are perfect for volunteers who enjoy detail-oriented tasks & enjoy working alone. Curatorial volunteers attend carefully to cleaning artifacts, filling out accession forms, & taking artifacts into storage. Curatorial work requires periods of both sitting/standing & moving up & down stairs. Docents: Outgoing volunteers who enjoy presenting tours to groups. Museum guides are trained by & work under the supervision of the museum’s Educator. Most often, these tours are for children on school field trips, but tour groups range in age from preschool- adult. These opportunities require longer periods of standing on a concrete surface & efficiently moving groups through exhibits on a schedule. Docents may be expected to listen & respond to visitor questions & accommodate last-minute changes to tour schedules. Training to be a docent involves attendance at scheduled in-services. Docent opportunities vary by season.



On Saturday, October 20th, RSVP volunteers gathered at the Waumandee House in Waumandee. Over 100 attendees came to enjoy a meal, program, and drawing of raffle prizes. Prizes for the raffle are donated by local businesses who support volunteerism by RSVP volunteers in their community.

Buffalo County Department of Aging Corporation for National & Community Service Green Bay Packer Foundation Kwik Trip, Inc. McDonald’s Midtown Foods (Winona) Mondovi Health Mart Pharmacy Scheels All Sports Waumandee House Western Dairyland RSVP

For ad info. call 1-800-950-9952 •

Western Dairyland, Independence, WI

A 4C 02-1030



36328 Main Street PO Box 37 Whitehall, WI 54773


Charlie Tiffany, Managing Broker and Auctioneer 392 Red Cedar St. #3 | Menomonie, WI 54751 office 715-838-2136 | cell 715-495-1022

For ad info. call 1-800-950-9952 •

Augusta Location 1214 West Lincoln St P.O. Box 410 Augusta, WI 54722


Pigeon Falls Location 40214 S. Ekern Ave. P.O. Box 489 Pigeon Falls, WI 54760


Western Dairyland, Independence, WI

B 4C 02-1030


RSVP VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITIES Trempealeau County Tax Assistance- Do you enjoy doing taxes or are you willing to learn? This short-term volunteer opportunity (February through April) offers a 3-day training in La Crosse. We are also looking for a volunteer to come to the Western Dairyland office in Independence to schedule tax appointments during the upcoming tax season. Call to learn more!

Tax Assistance- Jackson County is in need of 3-4 volunteers to prepare individual tax returns. Volunteers will attend a 3-day training in either La Crosse or Eau Claire depending on preference; mileage reimbursed for the training portion. This short-term volunteer opportunity offers a big impact. Current RSVP volunteers love what they do. Don’t miss out on this opportunity! RSVP Advisory Council (Buffalo, Eau Claire, Jackson & Pepin counties): The RSVP Program is looking for members in several counties to join the RSVP advisory council. This is a great opportunity to share ideas and come up with new ways to serve your community. Meetings are held three times a year at the Western Dairyland office located in Independence from 1-3 pm. RSVP Volunteer Caregivers (Trempealeau County): Volunteers are needed to provide practical assistance to those in need. You choose when and where you volunteer and what services you are willing to provide. No personal cares. This opportunity offers a small time commitment with a big impact! Visit us at: to learn about the current opportunities/locations OR call our office to get started!

Atrium Post Acute Care (Black River Falls: Individuals are needed to provide 1-on-1 visiting and/or assist with programs, as well as helping residents get to and from programs. Call to get started today!

Volunteer Drivers (Jackson County): The Veterans Service Office in Black River Falls is seeking volunteer drivers to take veterans to their medical appointments roundtrip. Drivers are needed during the week and the schedule is flexible. Volunteer drivers are reimbursed .54/mile. This includes trips to Tomah, La Crosse, Eau Claire, and occasionally the Madison VA. The only lifting required is an occasional walker. Drivers must have their own reliable vehicle, proof of insurance, and valid/current driver’s license. Please call RSVP to get more information.

Please call the RSVP office to learn more about all of our volunteer opportunities. If you are a RSVP partnering site & are in need of volunteers, we would be happy to help recruit volunteers for your site. Call us today! 715-985-2391 Ext. 1205



Dining Site Managers (Trempealeau County): Volunteer is responsible for greeting participants, assisting participants with registering for their meal by showing them where to write their name and put their donation. Volunteers would participate in an annual training with the ADRC staff (paid for by the ADRC) one time per year, and required to inform the ADRC staff of any feedback/concerns from participants. Site managers are needed at the following locations: Sunflower Café in Whitehall: Monday—Friday 11:30-12:30 pm Rainbow Restaurant in Blair: Monday—Friday 11:30-12:30 pm Dove Healthcare in Osseo: Monday—Friday 11-1 pm Boondocks in Galesville: Tuesday, Wednesday, & Thursday 11-1 pm Pammy K’s in Eleva: Thursdays from 5-6 pm

American Red Cross (Eau Claire): Looking to utilize your customer service skills and/or gain new skills? The Red Cross is currently seeking a Donor Ambassador to welcome, greet donors and provide general assistance throughout the blood donation process. The volunteer would also be responsible for making reminder calls, re-scheduling appointments, completing follow ups as needed and attending to donors in the Hospitality Area to ensure they are recognized for their contribution. Orientation provided by the Red Cross. If you are interested in volunteering at the Red Cross, please give us a call today for a more detailed description for either of the featured Red Cross volunteer opportunities. American Red Crosse (Altoona): A volunteer is needed to perform building inspections as well as general basic interior and exterior maintenance. The hours are flexible- 1 day/week during regular business hours. Orientation provided by American Red Cross and includes one-on-one operations training. Gundersen Tri-County (Whitehall): The Care Center is seeking a committed volunteer to come in in twice a week for one hour each time to wash the display windows, water the birds, and clean up the bottom of the display. Please call us to learn more about getting started with this opportunity! Food Distribution (Buffalo, Eau Claire, Jackson, Pepin & Trempealeau counties): Volunteers are needed in each county to distribute food to pantry participants, stock shelves, and/or to help unload the delivery truck. Call today for more details!

RENTAL HOUSING ASSISTANCE • All Housing Authority Owned Units • We Offer All Bedroom Sizes • There Is A Short Wait For 3-Bedroom And Handicapped Accessible Units

Looking for an apartment? The Housing Authority of the City of Eau Claire can help. Applications are currently available for all Housing Authority housing programs.

• Subject To Housing Authority Selection Criteria Which May Include: Background Check, Landlord Reference Check, Credit History • Must Meet Federal Household Income Limits

For ad info. call 1-800-950-9952 •

Please pick up an application from the Housing Authority office at 203 South Farwell Street or call the Housing Authority at 839-4943 for more information. You can also contact the office if you require voice TDD, specialized needs due to handicap (such as sign language interpreter, wheelchair accessibility, reader) or if you need a bilingual interpreter. Call the Housing Authority for application, income guidelines, and other qualifications

Western Dairyland, Independence, WI

C 4C 02-1030



OOPS!! In our last newsletter, we featured RSVP’s partnering site, Ye Old Schoolhouse Shoppe, and did not mention some important information. We apologize for the oversight. The Thrift Shoppe is open Tuesday-Thursday 9-3 pm and Friday and Saturday from 9-12 pm. Ye Old Schoolhouse Shoppe is located in Buffalo City at 8th and Humboldt Street. Below is a submitted photograph from volunteers at the Ye Old Schoolhouse. Thank you for sending this wonderful photo to the RSVP office so we can share it in our newsletter!

Pictured: Back row left to right: Faye Peil, Ruth Schaffner, Sheila Rotering, Kathy Kochenderfer, Annette Graettinger, Shirley Fetting, Barbara Helwig, Norma Isakson, Kathy Loewenhagen, Ruthmary Farner, Ruth Leahy, Kathy Kosidowski, and Diane Bossert. Seated left to right: Irene Dittrich, Pat Doerflinger, Diane Servais, Mary Ann Przybylla, and Lois Fetting. Not pictured: LuAnn Flury, Carrie Duellman, Marge Peterson, Mary Brown, Karen Lodermeier, Wanda Noah, and Ken Shirley.

MOJO’s Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning

We are your choice for

Residential & Commercial

and adults with disabilities.

Carpet & Upholstery Water Extractions Pet Urine Stain Removals Automobile Interiors Tile • Hard Surfaces

715-985-FAST or 715-530-0676

Long-Term Care for Seniors Helping you remain safe, independent, and active in your community.


For ad info. call 1-800-950-9952 •

Western Dairyland, Independence, WI

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We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of you for being a RSVP Volunteer. Together, we are providing valuable service and impact in your community. We are excited for a new year with all of you! We wish you & your loved ones Happy Holidays! Cheryl

Erika Mary


Care & Comfort for those nearest & dearest to you...

Welcome to our home! 715-672-3710

Call for a free quote with no obligations.

We also offer critical care and cancer coverage. Your independent agent for 22 years

Catherine Gunnarson 715-495-1262

1103 E. Laneville Ave Durand, Wisconsin

We offer the most competitive medicare supplements in the state.

For ad info. call 1-800-950-9952 •

Western Dairyland, Independence, WI

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THE HOLIDAYS & MAINTAINING YOUR HEALTH Tips for Keeping Seniors Healthy Over the Holidays

1. Make Healthy Choices- Plan meals with other events in mind. If you plan to have a big dinner, eat a lighter lunch. 2. Stay Hydrated- Not drinking enough water could cause hospitalization. Have water easily accessible, keep bottled water in a purse or bag when running errands. 3. Follow Dietary Restrictions- Whether a diet that is low in sodium, sugar or etc., it may be difficult to adhere to a particular diet during the holidays, especially if there aren’t other options available. To make it easier to follow dietary guidelines, keep healthy options like fresh-cut vegetables/fruit on hand. 4. Drink in Moderation-Drinking can impair functions & sometimes there are certain medications that can have adverse side effects when paired with alcohol. Consider offering fun, alcohol-free drinks so everyone can celebrate. 5. Keep Exercising-To stick to an exercise regimen, bundle up & take a walk around the block if the sidewalks are dry. If it’s snowing or icy outside, drive to an indoor shopping mall & walk a few laps while window-shopping. 6. Shake Up Traditions- Hosting a big meal can be a source of stress. Consider having younger generations take over the family tradition or have them volunteer clean up or prepare part of the meal. 7. Decrease Gifts- The holidays can be a financial challenge due to purchasing gifts for many family members. Consider having a family grab bag where everyone contributes one gift. 8. Rest After Traveling- During the holidays, sometimes long travel is required to visit family & friends. Sometimes it is necessary to rest upon arrival. Offer options of watching television or taking a nap instead of planning a day of shopping & visiting. 9. Make Homes Accessible- Be mindful of hazards in the home. Use nightlights in the hallway & bathroom. 10. Take Breaks- If you are planning an all-day outing, carve out some time for a nap or a way to relax a bit. 11. Stay Involved- It’s fine to help reduce your stress or someone else’s by changing traditions/locations, etc. but it is important to stay involved. *See more at: Independent Living Solutions Certified Age-In-Place Specialist

Aging and Disability Resource Centers are the first place to go with your aging and disability needs~

ADRC’s are “Information Stations”!

1-866-578-2372 ADRC of Buffalo, & Pepin Counties

For ad info. call 1-800-950-9952 •

Financing available and all major credit cards accepted

Brent Megahan P:612-743-7373 MN LIC# BC630902 E:

Make your house a home for a lifetime.

Mention this Ad for a 10% discount.

Western Dairyland, Independence, WI

F 4C 02-1030

For ad info. call 1-800-950-9952 •

Western Dairyland, Independence, WI

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RSVP Volunteer Office 23122 Whitehall Road PO Box 125 Independence, WI 54747


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Western Dairyland’s RSVP program serves Buffalo, Eau Claire, Jackson, Pepin and Trempealeau counties.


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November/December 2018 RSVP Newsletter  

November/December 2018 RSVP Newsletter  


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