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Fraser High School’s Junior Girls’ A Volleyball team in action in their home gym in the Waikato Champs semi-final against Matamata. Fraser players in blue are Jessica Forkert (14), Talia Davies (16) and Eden French-Putu (12). See article on Page 4.

West Hamilton Pharmacy NewNawton Mall, Nawton. Phone 846 3121. Facsimile 846 3165

High Blood Pressure When you think of blood pressure, think of water in a hosepipe. A certain amount of pressure is required to get water from a hosepipe so in the same way it’s important for us to have blood pressure so that blood can be circulated around our body. The first published measurement of blood pressure was made in the 18th century, although it wasn’t until about a hundred years later that it was suggested that high blood pressure could be the cause of disease. High blood pressure, also known as hypertension may eventually cause health problems such as heart disease, stroke, heart failure and kidney failure. In New Zealand 20% of adults are thought to have high blood pressure, with both males and females being affected. During the course of the day our blood pressure goes up and down depending on a number of things, including what we are doing, how busy or how stressed we are, our physical activity and also the amount of caffeine, alcohol and tobacco being taken. Therefore when measuring blood pressure it means that several readings may need to be taken. People are considered to have high blood pressure when repeated measurements show a raised reading above a certain level and stays at a higher level even when they are relaxed and sitting quietly. The problem with high blood pressure is that often people do not experience any symptoms at all and feel quite well, until the blood pressure is very high and causing other health issues. This is why it is important to have your blood pressure checked regularly. This can be done by your doctor, nurse or pharmacist. Blood pressure should be measured at least once a year if you are over 40 years of age, or more often if you already have high blood pressure. There is no such thing as one “normal” blood pressure measurement, but there

is a range which is considered desirable. When your blood pressure is measured two readings will be obtained. If the lower of these two readings (the diastolic pressure) is greater than 90, then treatment may be recommended. The upper reading (systolic pressure) is usually over 100, but varies and usually increases with age. A few people with early-stage hypertension may experience dull headaches, dizzy spells or nosebleeds. However these symptoms generally don’t occur until hypertension has reached an advanced stage. The only way a person can find out if their blood pressure is high is by having it tested regularly. For 90-95% of adults with high blood pressure, the cause is not known and high blood pressure tends to gradually develop over many years. Some people are at higher risk of high blood pressure because of their age, their race and their family history, all risk factors which cannot be changed. However there are other risk factors which can be changed and these include being overweight, doing very little exercise smoking, alcohol consumption, salt intake and stress. High blood pressure can’t be cured, but it can be controlled. For all of us this means a healthy lifestyle and for some it also means taking medicines as well. There are a number of different medicines currently available and these medicines generally have to be taken every day on a regular basis and it is important not to miss taking any of them. If you are unsure about your blood pressure or any of your blood pressure medications then talk to your Self Care pharmacist and get your Self Care card on High Blood Pressure. It may be a good idea to get your blood pressure checked at the same time.

Te Rapa, Pukete, St Andrews, Beerescourt, Whitiora, Maeroa, Forest Lake, Frankton, Dinsdale, Aberdeen, Templeview, Nawton, Livingstone, Western Heights, Rotokauri, Crawshaw, Brymer

Kiwi Can Crawshaw School Project Hamilton’s Kiwi Can Leaders Alex and Terry have done an amazing job working with Crawshaw Primary on their ‘Values Mural’ as a part of their 2013 ‘Kiwi Can School Project’. This mural has been entered in the Resene School Mural Competition and as a result Crawshaw were provided Resene paint vouchers to contribute to their master piece. Thank you Resene! Each student at Crawshaw School had a part to play in the creation of this mural. They all had the opportunity to put their hand print on the wall which can be seen all the way from the road. This is a great reminder of the Kiwi Can Values that are embedded in Crawshaw School - respect, integrity, positive relationships and resilience. There were a lot of people who contributed to this project and a special mention goes out to Ioana from Hamilton City Council for encouraging the Kiwi Can Leaders to enter the competition. Thank you all for your support helping FYD Waikato to ‘Grow Great Kiwi Kids’. Kiwi Can is a values and life skills programme delivered to year 1 to 8 students (5 to 12 year olds) in primary and intermediate schools throughout New Zealand. Trained Kiwi Can leaders deliver high-energy, fun, safe and interactive lessons that align with the schools’ goals, curriculum and include a range of physical, mental and creative challenges. If you would like more information on this programme please email

Pharmacist publishes novel

What can you do if you are considered intellectually inferior, simply because you have inherited your exceptional physique from a Rugby superstar? What can you do if the education system in your country does not endorse your intelligence the way it should? What happens if you love non-vegetarian food and consequently strict vegetarians label you insensitive and barbaric? Kailash, a part Maori and Indian boy is facing these challenges while seeking an admission in a unique school. Moreover, his spirits are dragged down by alleged sexual misconduct of his father with an underage girl. That allegation leads to painful separation of Kailash from his father. Sanjay, pharmacist of the West Hamilton Pharmacy, has written a novel - ‘Pratibhashali – The Talented’ around the struggle of this fictional character. Kailash finds it hard to adjust in ‘Pratibhashali’. He battles against many issues. He relentlessly fights back and ultimately gains respect for his credentials. From spiritual and scientific base, the novel gradually builds up suspense .The thriller part at the end details how the strong and determined Kailash defeats the sinister plan of mercenaries and that should make it a good reading for everybody. The novel deals with many important issues like misplaced non-violence, overemphasis in Indian curriculum on bookish learning, corrupt practices that have sneaked in Hindu religion, communal and narrow thinking of certain sector of Indians, teenage drinking in New Zealand. Sanjay thinks opportunity of working in a predominantly Maori area provided him with the seed to this story and thanks for the enormous support all along.

2 Western Community News - December 2013

Social Workers in our schools

SWiS (Social Workers in Schools) is a voluntary and free service to the whanau and tamariki who are enrolled in Nawton, Crawshaw and Frankton Primary schools. The service provides advice, information, whanau support, one on one support for children and also social skills programmes. The aim of the service is to provide early prevention and interventions to support children reach their full potential within the school environment. SWiS are employed by Family works and are based within the schools. Brochures are available at schools for further information and contact details for the social worker within your area.

Reducing stigma through storytelling

People sharing their story can help others understanding more about their recovery. Noeline Kuru from Progress to Health Like Minds Like Mine, and her team, will share their own personal story of mental distress and their own self stigma which is often a barrier to receiving the right treatments and therapies. The “know me before you judge me” (quote) is the most effective strategy in countering stigma and discrimination surrounding mental illness, and having a meaningful interaction between people with experience of mental illness and those without. In this way myths and stereotypes about mental illness can be broken down, resulting in less fear and anxiety around mental illness and those who experience it. Noeline and Danielle would like to offer their workshops to the community and families in a safe, relaxed, and often with humour, environment. Its about the journey from mental distress to mental health, and offers hope and inspiration to all in the community. If you would like to find out more please do not hesitate to call or 0800 77 57 57.

Your Say: What are your plans for the school holidays?

Api Going to the Islands Fiji to see some family

Charleigh Going camping in Raglan at Karakariki Christian camp

Wesley Going to Hastings, then a Softball Tournament in Wellington for U15 Waikato

Matthew Work and Sports. Softball and 7s for Fraser High

Warena Working the whole holidays making the Money. Getting all the girls.

Ayden Going to Christchurch to see the family

Kyle Going to my Mums, then maybe oz for 2 weeks then Youth group camp.

Treats in the Park

WOW, what a day. If you missed ‘Treats in the park 2013’ where were you? We had a big turn out from community and a range of fun activities happening at Elliot Park on Thursday the 31st of October. Treats in the Park is a community event to encourage children to attend instead of going Trick or treating in the neighbourhood. Treats in the Park has be running for 11 years. The event could not be possible without the support of our Funders and volunteers who we must recognise. Thank you to our funders Hamilton and Grassroots trust. Our on stage entertainment was organised by Matt Smith from the Salvation Army Grandview thank you Matt and his many volunteers from the Salvation Army for organising some great entertainment and thank you to our wonderful on stage performers. Thank you to MORE FM our MC. Volunteers are a vital component of the event and each year this event is supported from a range of organisation’s and community volunteers. Thank you to the organisations

who manned our treat stations Destiny church, Dinsdale Community Link, Fraser High Cadets, LDS Church and our many community volunteers. Thank you the Enrich Plus team for helping with set up on the day. Thank you to our local community constables Paul, Aimee and Todd. Many thanks to Ani and Te Aroha from Te Wananga o Aotearoa for running our Under 5s area, Andrew from Going digital and Wintec. Thanks to BBz sports club for helping with the pack down of the event and Thank you to John Gavin from Dinsdale Lodge. Pierre organised the annual Skate competition, thanks Pierre and his team. Placings were: Scooter Comp – Greg, Open grade – 1st: Simon Doddrell, 2nd: Lewis Rewi, 3rd: Tom Champion. High school aged – 1st: Deacon King, 2nd: Yorlin Phillips, 3rd: Tim Geoghegan and Under 13s – 1st: Seth Phillips, 2nd: Dallin Simon, 3rd Callum Trevors. These are our preferred Organisation that have supported

Pip Going to Youth group camp in Waihi, and having an awesome Christmas.

Treats in the Park over the years they include Hire pool, Smile Entertainment for the Rides, Rent a Fence, John Jamieson Food stall, King Seeds, Pete’s Packing, Gilmour’s, Cory Tyler – The Espresso Effect, Donut dudes, BIDVest, Countdown, Davis food and Dominions Pizza. Lastly a big thank you to all Western Community Centre staff, volunteers, board members and Hamilton City Council Community Development and Leisure team members for supporting ‘Treats in the park 2013’. And before I forget, thank you to those that attended and enjoyed the event. If you attended the event and were given seeds, Don’t forget to plant them! We gave away 15,000 pea seeds and 18,000 sunflower seeds. We are looking forward to seeing lots of sunflowers popping up around West Hamilton. Post up your photos on The Western Centre Facebook page for us to see. Ani Nock – Hamilton City Council Community advisor and Treats in the Park Event Coordinator

Summer Holiday  Programme...  Summer  Holiday  Programme...  

Week One... Mon 20th Jan - Fri 24th Jan

Early Bird - $70. after early bird $80. Daily Rates - $20.

Monday - Extreme battles Tuesday - Lake Wednesday - Arts n Crafts Thursday - Water Sports Friday - Raglan!

Based at The Western Community Centre

Week Two... (4days)

Week Three... (3days)

Tues 28th - Fri 31st Jan

Early Bird - $100. after early bird $110. Daily Rates - $25.

Mon 3rd - Wed 5th Feb

Tuesday - Gardens Wednesday - Arts n Crafts Thursday - Water Sports Friday - Auckland Zoo!

Early Bird - $70. after early bird $80. Daily Rates - $27.

Enrol at

The  Western  Com

Monday - Waihi Beach Tuesday - Raglan Beach Wednesday - Kawhia Beach


Programme hours

ity Centre   46 Hyde Ave. Web site www.westernc ommunitycentre.o Email westernstars ph 84 74874 ex5

8.30am - 5pm

Avengers 5-13years... Earlybird cut off date: Mon 23rd Dec 2013, 5pm... Oscar subsidies may be available... Western Community News - December 2013 3

Fraser teams off to volley against rest of Island Junior boys and girls teams from Fraser High School were taking on the best of the North Island in Mt Maunganui as this issue of Western Community News went to print. The Mike Polley-coached girls in particular, had a great season, finishing Waikato Champions in the largest field of teams seen for many years. Beating Matamata College (see photo) in the semifinal 25-17, 25-22, and then Te Awamutu 25-14, 26-24 in the final in front of about 200 spectators at Fraser High School on 14 November – a great crowd for this growing sport. Fraser’s Kayla Polley also took out the Most Valuable Player trophy. In the boys final the same night, Hillcrest High ran out narrow winners over Hamilton BHS 14-25, 25-16, 16-14. Volleyball is becoming one of the region’s most popular sports, with the Waikato Association’s Kiwisport programme now reaching over 8,000 primary and intermediuate aged kids annually; over 200 teams playing socially on Sundays and Mondays at Te Rapa Sportsdrome and Hillcrest High, beach volleyball in the summer on

By Hamilton West MP Tim Macindoe Lower legal blood alcohol limit will improve road safety

Wednesday evenings also at Te Rapa, and large school senior and junior competitions. People of any ability and age can play, especially in the indoor and beach social competitions, so get a team together and contact Volleyball Waikato on 021-477 388, or email

What to plant now?

By John Gavin (Ex MITRE 10/ Greens Garden Centre)

Vegetable Garden

Dwarf and Runner Beans Dwarf Beans won’t need staking or a netting trellis where the runners will. I still think seed is the best way to go but garden Centre’s should have punnets available now. Good varieties are Dwarf: Butterbean (Yellow) Runners: Scarlet Runners Tender green (Green). When they are finished leave the plant to die down, next year you maybe lucky with them coming up.


Marigolds These are awesome plants with a good range of colours and sizes of flower heads. They are also good planted in the Veggie Garden to deter pests. Questions: If you have a garden question tips; Please write into Gardening Western Community News - Western Community Centre 46 Hyde ave or email Best Question or tips will receive a $10 plant voucher from the writer.

How is life going for you?

Nearly 20 years ago the Crosslight Trust first began moves to establish a counselling service as part of their outreach to the Hamilton community. Today the service is still flourishing with a team of four qualified counsellors with many years of experience between them. They offer a confidential and caring service which is not expensive as fees are adjusted to people’s ability to pay. Counselling – what is it and why have it? For many people the thought of going to see a counsellor is really scary, and yes, as with any new situation we acknowledge that can be so for some people. However, counselling can greatly help people with many of the life issues they face today, such as relationship problems, anxiety, grief, trauma, addictions, and unresolved past experiences which intrude into the present.

4 Western Community News - December 2013


Supervision - It is also very important for counsellors and others working in the social service sector to receive external supervision. We are excited to inform you that we now have the ability to offer a supervision service for counselling students, counsellors, social workers and other social service professionals. Supervision is offered at a realistic cost and is available on a Tuesday by appointment. If you think one of our counsellors can help you, or you would like to make a supervision appointment or perhaps you would just like to know more, please do pick up the phone and contact our friendly team at (07) 847-2998, or email for further information. Photo – from left: Ruth, Linda, Raewyn and Mark

Want to advertise in the…

Contact Ioana on 849 5170 - or - Tim on 847 9044 or email:

for a competitive rates chart & publication schedule

I welcome the decision to lower the legal blood alcohol limit from 80 to 50 milligrams of alcohol per 100 millilitres of blood for drivers aged over 20. Legislation to bring about this change will be introduced to Parliament before Christmas. It’s an important aspect of our strategy to make New Zealand roads safer and to secure further reductions in the annual road toll. The zero blood alcohol limit for drivers under 20 will remain. Alcohol impairment is a major cause of road accidents, with an average of 61 fatalities, 244 serious injuries, and 761 minor injuries every year caused by drivers who have been drinking. The social cost of these injuries and fatalities is $446 million. A two year review of the impact of lowering the legal blood alcohol limit suggests 3.4 lives will be saved a year and 64 injury-causing crashes avoided. Police data over the past 22 months shows 53 drivers were involved in fatal and serious injury crashes with blood alcohol readings of between 51 and 80 milligrams per 100 millilitres of blood. Drivers testing positive with between 50 and 80 milligrams of alcohol per 100 millilitres of blood will receive a $200 fine and gain 50 demerit points. Testing positive to over 80 micrograms of alcohol per 100 millilitres of blood while driving will remain a criminal offence. Drivers with very high blood alcohol concentrations, and recidivist drink drivers, are responsible for a much higher proportion of alcohol related road fatalities, so we believe this fine-based approach at the lower end strikes the right balance.

New Playgroup in the West Malo e lelei! K’aute Pasifika would love to invite all Tongan and non-Tongan families in the western community to come along with your child/children to join our Tongan Playgroup. It will be a time of fun learning in an environment where the children will be able to learn the basic Tongan language and where parents can gain skills in assisting the development of their child. There are so many benefits associated with ‘CHILDREN’ learning an additional language so we extend the invitation to all families with young children. I forgot to put in ‘children’. We are excited to have Natasha Talakai facilitate our Tongan playgroup. With eight years of early childhood experience she has a passion to share her knowledge and experiences with those in the community. Come along and we look forward to seeing you on Monday 2nd December at 108 Grandview Rd, 9.30-11.00 am and it’s FREE to join. For more information you can contact Natasha - email:, or 027-896 4151 / 849 2615.

Community Garden Celebration It was a time for mucking in at The Church on the Hill (Northwest Baptist) in Rotokauri Rd when they planted their community garden recently. With the help of some hard working diggers and willing planters from Nga Taiatea College (pictured) the garden came to life. The church see the garden as part of their vision to be more involved in the community. Pastor Glenn Duthie said that one of the issues in our neighbourhood is the challenges some families face to feed their children.

The garden as a very practical way we can help those families. More than Pots in Gallagher Dr kindly donated a wide range of veggie plants including tomatoes, cabbages, broccoli and silver beat. Pastor Glenn said the challenge will be to find some kids who like Brussels Sprouts. Anyone is welcome to come up to the church and help out with watering, weeding and caring for the garden. We want it to be owned and used by families in our community.

D ec


embe -8:3a0 m p Wa udelands 4 r , 13th 2013 ik d, Cl ato M oa ary R igrant R esource Centre, Bound

Want to enjoy an evening out in the park? Come along…to the Weave Twilight Market! Held at the beautiful Claudelands Park behind the Waikato Migrant Resource Centre, the Weave Twilight Market celebrates the ethnic communities in Hamilton, particularly refugee communities. The event is organised by New Zealand Red Cross Refugee Services, who has resettled over 120 refugees in Hamilton this year. This market is a great opportunity to celebrate the journeys of those who have arrived in our community – and share in their unique cultures. From the authentic and delicious food

stalls, handmade crafts, cultural performances and music, there is a lot for families to come and enjoy. The range of food stalls includes Colombian, Afghan, Burmese, Congolese, Filipino, Malaysian, Korean, Mexican, Latin American, Japanese and more. Many of these foods are not available to buy in Hamilton so it’s a great opportunity to come and taste some unique and delicious foods. We welcome you all to join in the celebration at the Weave Twilight Market this year. Friday December 13th, starts at 4pm and finishes at 8.30pm. Have dinner in the park, browse the stalls and enjoy the atmosphere!

Recognyz Youth Awards are coming! Free FM is proud to be one of the principal sponsors of the Recognyz Youth Awards. Held each year, the awards celebrate the achievements of Hamilton young people. It is entirely run by the Hamilton Youth Council who oversees nominations, promotions, deciding on recipients and the logistical management of the awards night. There will be winners from seven categories plus an overall supreme winner. Held in the Atrium at Wintec the evening is shaping up to be a good one with plenty of refreshments, entertainment and of course recognising what our young people have been up to. Previous winners have gone on to illustrious academic, professional and sporting careers.

Jason Sebastian, chair of Hamilton Youth Council says “it’s a great way to Recognyz the achievements of Hamilton’s young people and showcasing the amazing talent we have in our city’. Entry to the awards ceremony is free and is happening Thursday December 12 from 7pm at Wintec. Free FM is proud to sponsor the Innovation category which celebrates entrepreneurship and creative thinking. Interested in a career in radio or just want to give radio a try? We offer a comprehensive training programme to all our volunteers and an opportunity to host a weekly show. All completely free of charge! Get in touch with Silvana, our Programme Director on 07-834 2170 or Western Community News - December 2013 5


Te Kura Tuarua o Taniwharau


Matthew Tini

Proxime Accessit

Distinction Chemistry High Distinction Art Design High Distinction Painting High Distinction Classical Studies High Distinction English Awarded Excellence in Senior English Cup Awarded Excellence in the Visual Arts Year 13 Awarded Cup for Excellence in the Arts Year 13 Awarded PhotoLife Award (Camera) Awarded Whampoa Fraser Memorial Award for scholastic ability, personality and school interest Awarded Top Male Maori Academic Student Graduation with Honours

Year 12 Outstanding Achiever

Denzel Belbin

Distinction Science High Distinction Chemistry High Distinction Mathematics with Calculus High Distinction Mathematics with Statistics High Distinction Physics Awarded The Peter Hampton Award for Overall Excellence in Year 13 Science Graduation with Honours

Year 11 Outstanding Achiever

Gabriel Wong

Distinction Chemistry Level 8 Distinction Science Level 8 High Distinction Music High Distinction Spanish High Distinction Mathematics with Statistics Level 8 Awarded the King Cup for best piano performance Awarded Excite Trust Science Award for Top Year 12 Science Student Awarded Morrison Cup for Academic Excellence Year 12 Graduation Certificate

6 Western Community News - December 2013

Phoenix Cross

Distinction Photography and Design Distinction Classical Studies Level 7 Distinction English Level 7 High Distinction Drama High Distinction Outdoor Education High Distinction Mathematics Awarded Yvette Rumney Trophy for Outstanding Performance in the Performing Arts Awarded Joint Winner Best Year 11 Mathematics Student Awarded Kay Cup for Academic Excellence at Year 11

FRASER HIGH SCHOOL Te Kura Tuarua o Taniwharau

The Senior Prizegiving – Celebrating Excellence

Year 13 High Achievers Anthony Gaskin

High Distinction in Digital Technology Awarded Joint Winner The Brown Cup for Excellence in Digital Technology Level 8 Gained A+ in the Waikato University first year Introduction to Computer Science paper Graduation Certificate

Sarah Carswell

Distinction in Biology and Physics Awarded Beatrice Fraser Memorial Award for scholastic ability, personality and school interest Graduation with Honours

Arielle Christiansen

Distinction in Legal Studies High Distinction in Media Studies Awarded Senior Media Cup and Principal’s Award for Service to the School Graduation Certificate

Deaan Marchioni

Awarded Tupper Trophy Sports Council Award and Hughes Cup for Leadership in Tutor Group Graduation with Honours

Bronwyn Laundry

Connor Stewart

Distinction in English High Distinction in Drama & Classical Studies Awarded Top Year 13 Classical Studies Student Awarded Kay Brassell Trophy for Music and Drama Awarded Gibb Cup for Dedication in the Performing Arts Graduation with Honours

Distinction in English Awarded Dinsdale Lions Club Citizenship Award Awarded Joint Winner of the Humanitarian Shield Awarded Principal’s Award for Service to the School Council Graduation with Honours

Kaelyn Kingi

Distinction in Geography Awarded The Dianne Yates Citizenship Award Awarded The Waata Roore Eruera Edwards Ngati Mahanga Award For the Ma-ori Student who exemplified the school’s core values of perseverance, integrity, and respect, coupled with outstanding effort throughout the entire year. Awarded Principal’s Award for Service to the School Council Graduation with Honours

High Distinction in Music Awarded Senior Music Cup for Academic Excellence Graduation Certificate

Matthew Barnett

High Distinction in Digital Technology Awarded Joint Winner The Brown Cup for Excellence in Digital Technology Level 8 Gained A+ in the Waikato University first year Introduction to Computer Science paper Awarded Principal’s Award for Service to the School Council Graduation with Honours

Jonathon Lee

Alex Whale

Distinction in Drama & History High Distinction in Science & Geography Awarded Top Year 13 Geography Student Awarded Top Senior Geography Student Trophy Awarded Fraser Tech Past Pupils Assn Service Award Awarded Principal’s Award for Service to the School Council Graduation with Honours

Joshua Sharp

High Distinction in English, Health & Sports Science Awarded Joint Winner Humanitarian Shield Awarded The Frankton Rotary Tray Awarded Principal’s Award for Service to the School Council Awarded University of Waikato ViceChancellor’s Academic Excellence School Leaver Scholarship. Awarded on the basis of student’s NCEA results Graduation with Honours

Distinction in National Certificate in Electronics Awarded Rumney Family Trophy for the Board of Trustees Representative

Terrina Chapman

Year 12 High Achievers Shaun Mackie

Distinction Mathematics with Statistics Awarded Progress in Physics Award

Karlos Tai-Rakena Hirawani

Distinction Agriculture Returning Student Scholarship Award Awarded Bernie Parker Service to the School Award Awarded Altrusa Award for scholastic improvement, community involvement, attitude and sportsmanship

Vainiu Milo

Awarded Russell Polley Memorial Scholarship Sportsperson of the Year All Rounder

Bethany Evitts

High Distinction Technical Academy Awarded Engineering Shield Award

Kayne Kohu

High Distinction Engineering Practice Awarded Fuji Xerox Trophy for Excellence in Design Technology Returning Student Scholarship

Amber Palmer

High Distinction Outdoor Education Awarded The Oratory Trophy Award

David Dai & Michael Wilson

High Distinction Office Technology Awarded Joint Winners Kara Cup for Office Technology Level 7

Tylah Alexander

High Distinction History Awarded John Quinnell Award for Top year 12 History Student High Distinction Legal Studies Awarded Top Year 12 Legal Studies Student

Candace Kite

Distinction Outdoor Education High Distinction Mathematics with Statistics and Digital Technology Awarded Horlor Cup for Excellence in Digital Technology Level 7

Shaynesse Wise

Distinction History and Chemistry High Distinction English and Biology Awarded Linda Danrell Memorial Trophy for Excellence in Biology

Sarathavy Kor

Distinction Design and Visual Communication High Distinction Mathematics with Calculus, Sports Science and Accounting Awarded Top Year 12 Accounting Student Returning Student Scholarship

Alissa Tobin

Distinction Gateway High Distinction Food Technology, Geography and Tourism Awarded Top Year 12 Tourism Student Awarded Principal’s Award for Service to the School

Nadine Corcoran

Distinction Economics Awarded Top Year 12 Economics Student High Distinction Fabric Design Technology, Media Studies and Tourism Awarded Cherie Cooke Award for Technology Fabric Awarded Probert Family Award for General Excellence Year 12 Awarded Principal’s Award for Service to the School

Year 11 High Achievers Hannah Jensen

Courtney Brunton

Distinction Mathematics and Music Level 8 High Distinction Sports Science Awarded the Kylie Morrison Memorial cup for Musicianship and Performance

Awarded Joint award winner Russell Polley Memorial Scholarship Sportsperson of the Year Highest Achiever

Courtney Kelly

Distinction Mathematics High Distinction Health and Biology Awarded Joint Winner of the Travers Trophy for Excellence in Level 6 Biology

Distinction Science, Child Care Level 7 & Health High Distinction Mathematics Awarded Scientific Supplies Ltd Prize for Progress in Year 11 Science Awarded Joint award winner Russell Polley Memorial Scholarship Sportsperson of the Year Highest Achiever

Jaymie Whale

Distinction English High Distinction Te Reo Ma-ori Level 8 Awarded Te Roopu Kaumatua - Most Outstanding Senior Student Awarded Wilcox Cup for Outstanding Academic Achievement in Ma-ori

Jasmine King

Devon Davies

Distinction Biology High Distinction Spanish, Physics Level 7 and Mathematics Awarded Cup for the Top Year 11 Science Student and Joint Winner Best Year 11 Mathematics Student

Euonika Coetzee

Mohamedbaqir Rassan

Distinction Hospitality & Earth, Space Science Level 7 High Distinction English, Science and Accounting Awarded Top Year 11 Accounting Student

Michaela Beer

Distinction English Level 7 and Science High Distinction Sports Science, Economics & Biology Awarded Top Year 11 Economics Student Award Awarded Joint winner of theTravers Trophy for Excellence in Level 6 Biology Awarded Top Female Ma-ori Academic Student

Distinction English Level 7, Mathematics and Sports Science High Distinction Science and Classical Studies Level 7 Awarded Ian Edgerley Trophy for Comprehensive Excellence at Year 11 High Distinction Food Technology, English Level 7 and History Awarded Top Year 11 History Student

Taisha Abbott

Western Community News - December 2013 7

FRASER HIGH SCHOOL Te Kura Tuarua o Taniwharau


Frasernet says THANK YOU for your support

Frasernet – Fraser High School Careers & Gateway – would like to thank all the businesses who have supported the Gateway programme during 2013. The following businesses have given students experience in the workplace enabling them to gain practical skills and knowledge. And for employers, this is an opportunity to have an extra pair of hands in the workplace, give something back to the community and to access potential future employees. We would like to encourage the Fraser High School community to support these businesses that have so generously supported us this year. We could not run the Gateway programme without their kind generosity. If you have a business and would like to offer students a work placement in 2014 – please contact Frasernet on 07 847 9044 ext. 803. Affordable Auto Services – Agora Café – Anglesea Clinic Physiotherapy – Animates – Anita’s Hair Design – ANZ Frankton – Astra Lodge – Automotive Technicians Ltd – Avalon Tyres – Back Door Surf – Beauty Express – Black Sheep Creative – Browning Orchids – Buccaneer Boats – Canary Enterprises Ltd – Cantec Services – Carpet Court – CES Engineering – Chartwell Panel & Paint – Chris Peebles Electrical – Landcorp Farming – Collins Road – Café Fresca – Cinnamon Café – City Fitness – Contact Electrical & Pumps – Coombes Farms – Coombridge & Alexander – Corbett Farms – Dan Fenwick Builders Ltd – DB Chartered Accountants – Deloittes – Dinsdale Pharmacy – DMW Trailers – Dress for Success – Dr Plumber Ltd – Eastside Physiotherapy – Espresso Workshop – Falling For You Tree Services – FB Hall & Co Ltd – Fleet Image – Focus Vets – Fosters Construction – Frankton Car Clinic – Free FM – Galbraith Kindergarten – Glenn Diffey Builders Ltd – Gibson & Cooke Electrical Ltd – Habitat for Humanity – Hamilton District Community Law Centre – Hamilton Handimen Hamilton City Council – Seddon Park/Waikato Stadium – Hamilton Gardens – Duke St Theatres – Hamilton Operatic Costume Hire – Hamilton Sewing – Heathcote Appliances, The Base – Huntly Joinery – Indiefilm Productions – Jim Wright Nissan – John McDonald Builders – JP Marshall Engineering – Jukebox Diner – Karioi Lodge – Keith Weir Motors Ltd – Kids to Five Melville – Kingsgate Hotel – Kmart – Laser Electrical – Les Mills – Fraser’s Little Feet – LOLA Café – Longveld Engineering – McDonalds – Mainline Sheetmetals – Maeroa Intermediate School – MediaWorks – MOAA Architects – Oceania Group – Trevellyn Village – Ovaland Motorhomes Ltd – NDA – North Beach, The Base – PB Tech – Playworx Kindy – Proform Plastics – Prolife Foods – Promax Computers – Pukete Primary – Raglan Backpackers – Raglan Physio – Red Rat Retail – Rotokauri School – Rebel Sport, The Base – Red Cross – Regal Joinery – Richmond Barr Electrical – Sanson Electrical – Sayer Drainage – Scott Sound & Lighting – Shane Hawkins Concrete – Smart PC – Smo’s Café – Snap Fitness – SPCA Waikato – Stafford Engineering – Stewart Hanna Builders – Stucchi Designs – Studio 801 – Stiles and Hooker – Sugarbowl Café – Sunset Motors – Superior Pak Ltd – Supreme Panel & Paintworks – Te Rapa Mowers & Chainsaws – The Designers Library – The District Espresso & Eatery – The Plant Place – The Room Hair & Beauty Studio – The Warehouse, The Base – Thorburn Engineering – Trends – Car Stereo – Tracie H Photography – Tidd Ross Todd Ltd – Van’s Body Shop – Waikato Bricklayers – Waikato District Health Board – Waikato Equestrian Centre – Waikato Waldorf School – Wally Smith Home Kills – Wintec ITS – Western Community Centre – Whaingaroa Kohanga Reo – Zig Zag Hair Design.

Farewells, assemblies and celebrations have been taking place in all corners of the community. This year Fraser has been host to young people from France, Japan, Germany, Denmark, Hong Kong, Estonia, China, Brazil, Finland, Argentina and Chile. Some students live and learn in the Fraser community for a year or more and some for just a few weeks or months. All of them experience the kindness and thoughtfulness of the staff, students and families connected to Fraser. Our students all wonder at the amazing country that we are privileged to live in and cherish the Kiwi friends they have made, and families they have adopted, in their short stay here. Not only do they take fantastic memories home but they leave a bit of themselves and their culture with us. We all learn from each other and celebrate what makes us the same and what makes us different. Thanks to those students who are leaving, for choosing to study at Fraser. We wish them well on their continued adventures. They will always be a part of us and their Fraser experience will be part of them. KA KITE ANO!

TPU Student Successes for 2013

Salamasina Mataoa (right) with Dr Midgley 2013 has been a memorable year for staff and students in the Teen Parent Unit. Much has been experienced and accomplished within the unit. We congratulate Salamasina Mataoa on her acceptance at the University of Otago to study Health Science. Olivia Budgen has gained her National Certificate in Tourism and Childcare and has been accepted for further study at Wintec. Holly Groome and Jessica Lyall have also been accepted for further study at Wintec in 2014. If you are interested in enrolling in the Teen Parent Unit next year, you are invited to attend the open days on 22 and 23 January, 2014, 9am - 3pm, at Fraser High School’s Teen Parent Unit, 72 Ellicott Road. For further information contact: Sue Ford, 07-846 8621 We would like to take this opportunity to thank the many people who have made it possible for the students in the Teen Parent Unit to continue on their educational journey: Plunket (Lisa Wilson), the team at the Western Community Centre, Te Wanaga o Aotearoa and Dr Aleina Midgley, who has dedicated time to share her tertiary journey with Salamasina.

Wanted: any Old Photos and/or School Records If any past pupils of Fraser High School, or Hamilton Technical College, have any school records, photos,

8 Western Community News - December 2013

magazines, uniforms or other memorabilia they would be happy to lend to the school for copying, please contact the School Archivist, Angela Davison, at school on 07-847 9044, ext 745. The combined schools will be having their 100 year celebrations at Labour Weekend in 2020. If you are interested in joining a group of past pupils to help with forward planning, please contact Angela now!

Team members from Hamilton Technical College’s 1941 6th Grade Rugby team.

Maria Vakmann from Estonia receives her final certificates and other documents from Deputy Principal, Peter Robinson.

Students to attend Summer School

Three Fraser students have successfully been accepted to, and received funding for, Science summer schools at Waikato University. Gabriel Wong – rotary scholarship for the Hill Laboratories Waikato Science Summer School. The Hill Laboratories Summer School is open to Year 12 students who have an interest in science, and who will be going on to study Year 13. It is a residential course, and all participants stay in accommodation on the University campus. Students must apply to their local Rotary Club to be considered for the Summer School. Those who are selected enjoy a fun-packed week of activities, including an overnight field trip to collect samples, laboratory sessions at the University of Waikato Faculty of Science & Engineering, a visit to Hill Laboratories and accommodation and meals at Waikato University. Taisha Abbott and Porchea Popata – Scholarships for the Waikato University Biology Summer school Te Huakirangi – Biology Summer School is a week-long biology experience at Waikato University. This Summer School is open to Year 11 students who have an interest in science, and who will be going on to study biology in Year 12. It is also a residential course, and all participants stay in accommodation on the University campus. This is the first year that this programme has been run. Below: Gabriel Wong, Porchea Popata and Taisha Abbott

Justices of the Peace

Do you require services of a Justice of the Peace (JP)? A JP can: • witness your signature on a document. • certify copies of documents, including cellphone texts and computer displayed results. • complete an affidavit for you. This is a document that is sworn on oath or affirmed and is normally used in a legal proceeding. • complete a declaration for you. This may be a statutory declaration made under the Oaths and Declarations Act 1957 or some other statute which provides for this to be done.


can be found at the following locations: Western Community House, Hyde Street – Mondays from 8 – 9 am Garden Place Library – Fridays from 12 – 2 pm Glenview Mall – Saturdays from 10 am – 12 noon. Hamilton District Court – Mondays & Thursdays from 10 – 12 noon. Westfield Mall, Chartwell – Mondays & Wednesdays from 12 – 2 pm. All service centres are open during the hours stated, except on public holidays and public holiday weekends)

FRASER HIGH SCHOOL Te Kura Tuarua o Taniwharau

Waikato Secondary School Sports Awards The Waikato Secondary School Sports Awards were held on Sunday 3 November at Hoyts Cinema, Te Awa. Each school in the Waikato Region from Taupo to Te Kauwhata and all over the Coromandel, were asked to submit a name (male and female) for each sport that is affiliated to the NZSSSC. The highest achieving student from each sport was nominated on behalf of their school. From there Regional Sport Organisations selected three finalists – the three highest achieving of all the nominations. Fraser High School had nine students nominated in the top three for their sport in the region. These students were: Connor Stewart (Volleyball) Waikato U18 Representative Delroi Heu (Basketball) Waikato U19 and U21 Representative Courtney Brunton (BMX (Bike)) NZ Age group Representative ranked 9th in the world Courtney Kelly (Gym Sport) NZ Gym Representative ranked Top 3 in NZ.

Connor Stewart

Delroi Heu

Jahvaya Wheki

Courtney Kelly

Hannah Jensen

Scott Swetman

Wesley Sinnott

Satvir Singh

Courtney Brunton

Hannah Jensen (Inline Hockey) NZ and Waikato Representative Scott Swetman (Inline Hockey) NZ U18 Representative Wesley Sinnott (Softball) Waikato U15 Representative Satvir Singh (Cricket) Hamilton U17 Representative Jahvaya Wheki (Badminton) Waikato U15 Representative Ranked #1 in Waikato Scott Swetman and Courtney Kelly were both voted winners for their categories and all the students have made Fraser proud by becoming finalists in these awards. The final award, and probably the most prestigious because it is voted for by their peers, was the People’s Choice Athlete of the Year Award. (This is where anyone can go onto Facebook and “like” their favourite athlete). Fraser’s Connor Stewart was always one of the top five most liked athletes from the start and was the eventual winner of this award. A well-deserved award for a hard working athlete, student and coach. Congratulations to all the finalists and winners.

2014 Waikato Trades Academy Courses

The Waikato Trades Academy allows Years 11, 12 and 13 students to study at Wintec AND at school. If you’re interested in a trade and want to get a head start before you leave school then the Academy is the opportunity that you may be looking for. With some hard work and dedication, you could finish school with a minimum of NCEA Level 2 and a nationally recognised trade qualification from Wintec. In 2014, the Waikato Trades Academy will be offering four programmes: • Introduction to Construction and Infrastructure (Electrical Engineering, Construction and Plumbing and Gas fitting) • Introduction to Manufacturing and Technology (Automotive, Mechanical Engineering and Collision Repair & Paint); • Introduction to Service Sector (Hair & Beauty or Hospitality and Tourism); • Introduction to Primary Industry (Agriculture). Each programme is a two year course and students will attend both school and Wintec. Applications are open to students who are currently in Year 10 or Year 11 and are planning to attend school for another two years. If you are interested in participating in the WTA or would like further information, please contact Melanie Tooke at Frasernet on 07 846 8643 or or, check out the WTA website www.wintec.

Students Embody LEAD Principals

Trey Katipa, Nathan Tini and Lennox Whitiora discussing themes in novel study with their teacher, Gillian Cotter. Fraser’s extension Year 9 class are an exceptional group of students called 9 Pohutukawa. As a group they embody the key elements of our school philosophy, LEAD, and put them into action in every lesson. They are extremely strong individually, but even stronger and more impressive as a unit. Their camaraderie, willingness to help and support one another is inspiring and humbling to behold. Alongside this, is their determination and focus to succeed academically, which outstrips anything I have ever seen. They are a stunning collective, who bring so much positivity to the school and their broader community. It has been an absolute pleasure to be their teacher. – Gillian Cotter Reflections from the students of 9 Pohutukawa. “My first year at Fraser is a memorable one. It is probably going to be one of the defining moments that determines who I am in future years.” “High school was new and exciting and soon it became a routine for an average day. A day which I am glad to say is a good one.” “The teachers were warm and welcoming. They helped students get to know each other. ” “The students are cheerful people who all have their own unique talents.” “Together we are a class of many talents and strengths.” “Our teachers love teaching our class because we show a lot of enthusiasm.” “We learnt new things about each other and came together.” “Fraser’s teachers have a warm

spirit with fun teaching methods.” “I learnt many new things that I had never been aware of before. I have met a lot of new people this year.” “Throughout the year my leadership skills have grown stronger. Everybody is so supportive and kind, I love Fraser High School. ” “I can remember my first day at high school, I was scared and anxious but the warmth and kindness of the teachers and senior leaders made me feel welcome.” “I felt how welcoming Fraser was and all my wonderful teachers showed me the path of LEAD from the very first day. I felt as if I had a second home.” “Since coming here I feel that I have achieved lots and learnt many important things. I have learnt a lot about myself. Fraser changes you; it helps you see things about yourself that you didn’t know before.” “I have a good class, good friends and good teachers and that’s all I can really ask for.” “I naturally felt scared and apprehensive about going to such a large school.” “Fraser has a way of making you feel part of its unique community.” “I have liked being in a core class. You lean on each other and you grow with one another. You find your family outside of family at Fraser.” “I was afraid that I would be an outcast in my classes. I realise how wrong I was.” “I am in a class of friendly students who respect who I am. I am a student from a helpful school that provides ample opportunities for my academic goals.”

For Sale by Tender A large playhouse, built by Fraser High School students.

School Commencement Dates for 2014

WED 22 & THURS 23 JANUARY Year 12 and 13 course reenrolments 9am to 12 noon, 12.30pm to 1.30pm MONDAY 27 JANUARY Anniversary Day TUESDAY 28 JANUARY Teacher Only Day

WEDNESDAY 29 JANUARY Years 12 & 13 attending Year 13 on Leadership Camp THURSDAY 30 JANUARY Years 11 & 12 attending Year 13 on Leadership Camp

FRIDAY 31 JANUARY Year 9 students only attending MONDAY 3 FEBRUARY Whole School Attending


Please phone or visit the school for more information. Appointments can be made from Wednesday 22nd January. For an appointment phone 847 9044 Ext 0. Our school has a limited number of out of zone enrolments.

This fantastic playhouse will make an awesome present for your children or grandchildren. It has over a $1000 worth of materials used in its construction. The Hard Technology department are willing to assist with transportation if you live in the area.

The proceeds from the tender will go to OXFAM for use to help typhoon victims in the Philippines. To view the playhouse or obtain further information, phone Mr Sopers, or Mr Iti on 07-847 9044 extension 851. Tenders close on Friday 13 December 2013 and can be submitted via email to The successful tenderer will be advised by Monday 16 December. Western Community News - December 2013 9

What’s on out West

The Western Community Centre

Contact 8474873,, 8474873, Check us out on Facebook! Community Information, photocopying, send a fax, free phone for local calls, table and chair hire, venue hire and much more! Fruit & Vege Co-op $10 per pack for a minimum selection of 3 fruit and 3 vegetables. Order before 4pm Wednesday, pick up Thursday after 11.30am. Free Legal Advice Niemand Peebles Hoult are offering free legal advice on Wednesdays at the centre. Appointments take place between 9am – 10am. To book contact 8474873 or email English Language Classes These classes are for adult learners who have Permanent Residence and only 0-6 years of schooling in their own country. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday 12.15-2.45pm Contact - Phone (07) 853 2188 Tai Chi We offer 2 community Tai Chi classes for seniors each week, Monday and Thursday Cost $3 per session. Tai Chi has been proven to improve mobility, flexibility and balance. Maureen Leong is the primary tutor. Western Community Centre Radio Show, Free FM Tune into to 89FM every Friday 10.30am - 11am to stay updated with news and information from the Centre. Visit for podcasts of the show and further info. Community Family Support Worker Providing social work and family support. Available Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday Contact Margaret on 847-4873 extn 3 for an appointment. Plunket Outreach Clinic Hamilton West Plunket nurse Lisa Martin runs weekly clinics at our Centre every Wednesday. Appointments can be made through Richmond Street Plunket on 839 3982. Nawton Kickboxing at the Centre It’s Free and all ages! Mondays 6pm – 7pm Wednesday 6pm – 7pm Tuesdays 6pm – 7pm – Women’s Self Defence If you are interested you can call Andy on 846 7181, email: Or contact the Western Community centre Mainly Music This programme takes place here at the centre 10am every Wednesday, facilitated by Westside Church. Fun, interactive music sessions for young

children and their parents/caregivers. Complimentary first session, Thereafter $2, $3 per family. Floral Lessons with Elsie Moorman Contemporary Floral work for the home and gifts. Learn from an experienced Tutor, NZFAS Teacher and Judge. Enquiries to Elsie Phone 07 855 6439. Mondays 10 am- 12 noon. Contact Elsie to find out the dates for 2014. Western Wheel Learner Licence Course Our next course takes place Friday 13th, Monday 16th, Tuesday 17th December from 9am – 3pm. Course cost is $20 plus $97 for the NZTA Test Licence Fee. To book or for more info contact Aileen 8474873 ex 1, Senior Christmas Trip Our next trip is to Cambridge to enjoy the Christmas Festival at St Stephen’s. Leaving by bus from our centre at 9am and returning at 2pm you will enjoy a great day including a yummy lunch and a Christmas Show. Cost for the Trip is just $16. To book or for more info contact Aileen 8474873 ex 1, Senior Luncheons Monthly on second Thursday of each month at 12pm, the luncheons provide an opportunity for seniors in our area to meet, socialize, interact and enjoy some local entertainment. Transport is provided for those unable to drive. The luncheons are potluck and a great way to network and make new friends. Western Stars Park based Sports Programme Hey Kids! Come along and play some fun sports! Mondays at Elliott Park and Thursdays at Crawshaw Park. A different sport is played each week all you have to do is turn up and lookout for the Western Stars flags. 4pm – 5pm and it’s Free!

“One O Eight Grandview”

Our Centre at 108 Grandview Road Little Stars Playgroup Every Tuesday from 9.30am- 11.30am bring the children along for a morning of fun! Email Kairangi Mills at da_island_kween@hotmail. com or contact the Western Community Centre 8474873 for more info. Iloha Club- Japanese Playgroup The Iloha Club is a Japanese playgroup for mums and dads who can speak Japanese and for children aged 0 to 5 who are learning Japanese in the Waikato. It is a great opportunity to meet other families. They have a lot of fun with a focus on language, Japanese music, stories, crafts and cooking. For more information please contact Meeting Time: Friday 10am – 12:30pm Donation per session is 50c per child Tongan Playgroup Ages 0-5 years, Starts Monday 2nd December, All are welcome For more info contact Natasha on 027-896 4151.

New direction for Labour Party

Local Labour MP Sue Moroney has been promoted to the roles of Chief Opposition Whip and Spokesperson for Social Development and her colleague Hauraki-Waikato Labour MP Nanaia Mahuta is taking on Treaty Negotiations and Māori Regional Development. This is a signal by new Labour leader David Cunliffe that regional development and Hamilton is high on the Labour agenda. These roles will be significant for this region if Labour wins next year’s election. There has been a genuine hum of excitement around the leadership contest and party members across the country have passionately embraced the new election process. The contest stimulated a lot of interest in the Waikato region and Labour membership has increased in Hamilton as a result. This signals a clear dissatisfaction with the present Government and its inability to provide real solutions to the problems Kiwis face, including rising unemployment, escalating living costs and lack of economic growth to name a few. David has said that any Labour Government he leads will champion full employment and a fair go for all New

Zealanders. We all know jobs mean more than money; they represent dignity and a stake in the future. Job losses in the Waikato have been many and the exodus to Australia has taken a toll on the region. The search for new work is increasingly frustrating for jobseekers but the Labour Government with David at the helm will offer a solid programme of economic development and a promising future for New Zealanders.

10 Western Community News - December 2013

Venue Hire: Board Room - Great for group meetings, can sit up to 14 people. The Lounge - A comfortable relaxed meeting room, can sit up to 8 people. Large Room - This room can seat up to 100 people. Training Room - This room can seat up to 40 people own Kitchen included. 108 Grandview - This venue is set up to cater for children, ideal for playgroups or children’s birthday parties. (We are not able to cater for functions with Alcohol) Our Little Wish List The centre is on the look out for donations of lego, kitchen utensils, pens, stationery items, scrap paper, material and craft items. If you can help, feel free to drop off to our centre at 46 Hyde Ave. The Western Community Centre administration will close for Christmas break Monday 23rd December at 5pm and reopen Monday 20 January for urgent matters please call 027 575 1987.


Crosslight Trust

Nga tikanga o te Taha Maori taonga

1 Johnson St, Dinsdale, Hamilton – Ph 07 847 2998 – Our current services and programmes are: Op Shop: open Mon-Fri 9.00a.m.–4.00p.m. and Saturday from 9.00a.m.–12.00 p.m. is located in the Anglican church carpark, 158 Rifle Range Road, Dinsdale C.A.F.E. (Creative Activities for Elderly) – home visits and Friday morning activities programme– members must live in Dinsdale/Frankton/ Nawton/Forest Lake areas. Contact Jennifer – email café Counselling – income related charges. All our counsellors are qualified and available by appointment. Supervision available for those working in the social service field (reasonable fees). FAA – a new support group for Families (or friends) Affected by Addiction (contact Ruth) – meets twice month on Wednesday evenings Foodbank – we are a member of the Hamilton Combined Christian Foodbank – food parcel interviews Mon-Fri 10.30 a.m. to 12.30 p.m. – if you are a beneficiary please bring letter from Work and Income and ID – if employed please bring ID. Over 60s Social Groups – meet on Thursdays – new members welcome – groups meet twice a month – members must live in the Dinsdale/Frankton/Nawton/Forest Lake areas. (contact Penny or Chris) Social Housing – in partnership with Habitat for Humanity – (60 yrs+), studio type units available for low income seniors. (contact Chris). Support for Deaf and Hearing Impaired (and Deaf/blind) – practical support. Basic NZ Sign Language courses available. (contact Jean) – deaf@ Other! We will do our best to help with other enquiries, refer you to other agencies or give you information or lend a listening ear. Please feel welcome to contact us Chris Wright, Manager – email: or

West Hamilton Healing Rooms

Located at Northwest Baptist Church 95 Rotokauri Road, Nawton Contact 850 6313 Are you sick of being sick? Why not try us. Jesus still heals today, sometimes instantly, sometimes progressively. Testimonies available. No charge, no appointment required Open 1st and 3rd Mon of each month 7.00pm – 9.00pm and every Wed 10.30am – 12.30pm Closed on public holidays Coffee, Craft and Conversation every Tuesday 10.00am – 11.45am Friendship group at Trinity Reformed Baptist Hall, Miro St, Maeroa. During school term only. For more information, phone Lois on 846 3575 or Jill 843 7554

NAU MAI HARAE MAI KEI TE PAPAOROTU MARAE SATURDAY THE 14TH DECEMBER FROM 9AM ONWARDS On Saturday the 14th December we will be hosting Taha Maori whanau. All whanau through out the motu are welcome to attend and participant in the following Taonga Maori. Taha Hinengaro Taha Hinengaro services offers educational wananga re: whakapapa (from IO). Taha Hinengaro will awhi whanau to reconnect with their Tupuna and themselves as Maori. Taha Tinana Taha Tinana offers Miri Miri (Massage) service to awhi the whanau to heal and relax the body/Tinana. Taha Wairua Taha Wairua offers spiritual healings service that heals, removes, and restores whanau wairua to find peace within. All Whanau can participant in any of the three Taonga Maori, Venue: Te Papaorotu Marae (145 Maori Point Road Whatawhata) Entry by KOHA For more information contact Noeline Apiata or Liza Kirkwood on 8472941 or 021 894362


available at fun, loving nurturing environment with flexible times, pick up and drop offs available most days, experience art and dance classes, playgroups, nature walks and much more - Txt or call Natasha 0278964151

Volleyball in West Hamilton

Social, School, Club and beach volleyball - all played in the west. Contact Dave Macpherson on 021-477 388, or

Xmas Greetings from Crosslight Trust

It’s simply incredible how quickly the year seems to pass by! Here we are at the end of 2013 and looking at another Christmas and holiday season. This year has been another busy one for our team. We have again had highs and lows, the highs including the taking over ownership of the units in Johnson Street in partnership with Habitat for Humanity CNI. During the year Habitat have had their builder and wonderful teams of volunteers busily renovating and decorating the units. There are still two or three to be completed but we hope these will be ready for tenants to move in in December or January. Currently we have ten tenants and it’s a real privilege to be their landlord. Our partnership with Habitat is a real blessing and is going really well. Our closing hours over the Christmas and New Year holiday time are: Op Shop – closes 4.00 p.m. Friday 20th December and re-opens on Tuesday 07th. Office – closes on Tuesday 24th December and re-opens on Monday 06th January. If you are in need

of a food parcel (normal criteria applies) the office will be open on Monday 30th and Tuesday 31st from 10.00 a.m.-12.30 p.m. only. As for our other programmes and services, all are going very well – you can read about them in the “What’s on Out West” column in the last couple of pages of this edition. We are always happy for you to come and have a chat or phone us to see if we can help you in any way. Our contacts are: phone 07 847 2998 or you can contact me by email – From all the Crosslight Trust team – trustees, staff and volunteers – we wish you all a very happy, safe, healthy and relaxing Christmas and New Year holidays. We thank Ioana, Ani, Dave, Neil and the Western Community Centre staff for their support and for all they have done in the community during 2013. Remember that Jesus is the reason for the season. Chris Wright, Manager. Photo - From left to right: Jean, Chris, Linda, Lynda, Penny, Mark, Jennifer

Hello Hamilton West 

The suburb of Nawton provides the perfect platform for the MEN initiative to launch. With ready made infrastructure such as the Western Community Centre MEN will coordinate a series of forums relevant to specific age groups designed to help MEN help the family and ultimately move the Community a further step toward fulfilling your potential.

mily/Whanau" Fa y lth a he te ea cr "Engaging men to


e change MISSION:forum to empower men to becos"m mmunitie ”Providing a ily/Whanau and co m agents in their Fa


1 "


aim to damaged relationships with an Through Role modelling restore of: address and reduce incidents e Violenc a Physical and Emotional Traum young people bled trou with es issu l ura Behavio Suicide te agencies, community & Network, promote and celebra . committed to their Community sport groups and churches

Thanks to the Western Community News. It is my great pleasure to introduce an exciting new community-based initiative formed as a result of meetings involving MEN committed to providing accessible help for those who need it most.

The logo was designed and originally sketched by local George Ryder before being passed on to Hamilton-based Media PA for Graphic Design. George explains the meaning behind the image:The Koru (curved shape) signiÞes "unity", a bond between father and his Whanau (Family)
 The whiore (curved ßicks/tail) represents the attributes in his life.
  The colours also have signiÞcant meaning.  Dark blue represents the Waikato Awa.  We acknowledge this being the main river running through Hamilton.  Light blue represents the many streams that ßow into the Waikato Awa which also means all the different ethnicities in the Western community.  Purple is a colour that can be worn by male or female gender it also represents the future.

# "Kia tü Kaha, Kia tü Kotahi!” Stand Strong, stand as one!

Because MEN is community-based and focused it is important we all pitch in and help, your assistance is invaluable - The whole Community can benefit from this initiative and therefore the whole Community are invited to participate. A Facebook page is now up and running so go to Facebook, find ‘MEN Initiative' click 'like' and keep in the loop with what is happening. As events are planned and run we're going to need as many people as possible helping with food preparation, security, mentors and role models so if you are someone serious about sharing your life experiences or wanting to contribute toward helping Communities reach their potential MEN is for you.
 There is an ever growing list of support for MEN as promotion begins so it is with great thanks we acknowledge endorsement from the following: Patron, Sir William Gallagher & Gallagher Group; Hamilton West MP Tim Macindoe; Hamilton City Councillor Philip Yeung and Community Waikato advisor Josiah Teokotai. Significant and on going support is also been shown from the NZ Police; Western Community Centre; Media PA and McCosh Photography. By: Paul Tierney


3 "


drug use.. Reduce risks associated with alcohol and

hood.. Liaise with community groups to restore pride in Father



ce for at risk fathers and young To create an educational environment that provides practical assistan . hip. men to develop new skills of confidence, responsibility and leaders When formed on the 19th July 2013 the committee agreed upon the above statements creating purpose and direction.

Hamilton Scottish Country Dance Society The Hamilton Scottish Country Dancers celebrated the end of another year of dancing with a pot luck dinner with family and friends, followed by some dancing. The club has met on Wednesday nights at Nawton School hall for at least 20 years. We are a friendly group that enjoys introducing Scottish Country Dancing to people of all ages. We are not all of Scottish decent but enjoy the dances of Scotland for the exercise and social interaction. Beginners and school age children dance from 7.00 ’til 8.15 pm, then after supper there is more complex dancing until 9.30 pm.This year we had no children dancing regularly at our club, and we missed their

enthusiasm. Overall, 2013 has been a successful year learning new dances, with new people becoming confident dancers and enjoying themselves. The club says Merry Christmas to all, and looks forward to the new year, hoping to welcome local children and adults to experience the fun of dancing.

Avoiding Toxic substances I began purchasing Young Living’s essential oils more than 4 years ago, beginning with a great deal of scepticism. I have undertaken training in 2010 as well as this year to gain better understanding just how nature does make a big difference to our wellness. I have never found the oils and/or the supplements – without toxic substances – fail me. Skin rash, gum disease, superbug infection, insect bite, sunburn, colds/ influenza, epilepsy, callouses, diabetes, cancers, arthritis, hyperthyroidism,

rheumatic fever, sleeplessness, immobility, serious wound, shock, overcoming fatigue in sporting activities, sprains, bone injuries are just a few examples these oils have removed, for me and others. Whatever the issue, I have become aware that 100% pure therapeutic essential oils - only being available from Young Living who demand nothing less – hold nature’s solutions for all our needs: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Plan to come and enjoy a chat, — Don Frommherz 846 1388 - Western Community News - December 2013 11

Tim Macindoe MP FOR HAMILTON WEST Junior Government Whip Thanks to everyone who supported Buddy Day this year, and the wonderful team at Child Matters for such an imaginative response to one of our country’s most serious challenges - child abuse. We all need to be able to recognise signs of it and to respond appropriately. Our children need our help! Special thanks to Room 3 at Te Rapa School for creating and sharing “Burt” with me! 5 King Street, Frankton


PO Box 382, Hamilton 3240 |



P: 07 846 0055

Funded by the Parliamentary Service and authorised by Tim Macindoe MP, 5 King Street, Frankton

MP for Hauraki-Waikato 430 Ulster Street, PO Box 611, Waikato Mail Centre P 07 839 6811

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Crawshaw School Kapa Haka Celebrations Crawshaw School had the privilege of participating in the Pare Hauraki 40th Kapa Haka Competition Celebration this year which was held in Thames on the 19th October. Crawshaw has not had a kapa haka for around 7 years so the 40 strong students were really excited to be part of this festival. Initially, around 100 students’ trialled out for the team, however only 40 could stand due to the number restrictions. A number, which is generic across any other haka competition. The kapa haka worked really hard completing their whole bracket in what amounted to around 35 hours. Thanks must go to the tutors, who are staff members also, Henare King, Maraea Te Pou, and Missy Clarke. Te Kura Takawaenga o Maeroa must also be acknowledged for their support by way of lending their piupiu which was very much appreciated.

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12 Western Community News - December 2013

Western Community News 68 Dec 2013  

The Western Community News A local community newspaper produced by The Western Community Centre and Hamilton's Fraser High School.

Western Community News 68 Dec 2013  

The Western Community News A local community newspaper produced by The Western Community Centre and Hamilton's Fraser High School.