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54 Issue No.54 (August 2011)

Delivered to 18,000 homes throughout Hamilton’s western suburbs

Only a few more sleeps.... Supporters get to pose with ‘our’ cup at The Base last month. See article on Page 2.

West Hamilton Pharmacy NewNawton Mall, Nawton. Phone 846 3121. Facsimile 846 3165

Managing Constipation, Staying ‘Regular’ Bowel habits vary widely between individuals. For some people, being ‘regular’ means having a bowel motion every day; for others, passing a motion every two days, or even less frequently, is ‘regular’ and normal for them. “It is when changes occur to your bowel motions and their usual pattern – particularly if you ‘go’ less than 3 times per week, and you have to strain regularly to pass them, that you can consider you have constipation”, say Self Care pharmacists. What ever the frequency, having regular bowel motions is part of being healthy and helps to avoid problems such as haemorrhoids (piles). Most cases of constipation in adults are mild and occur infrequently. Usually it can be linked to lifestyle factors such as not eating enough fibre in your diet or drinking enough fluids, and lack of physical activity. Not responding straight away to the urge to pass a bowel motion can lead to constipation. Some medicines, and some medical conditions, can also be the cause. Your Self Care pharmacist will provide you with more information on these. People with emotional stress and worry can become constipated, and hormone changes during pregnancy can lead to women having problems passing bowel motions. When you are constipated your stools can become lumpy or hard, or form a large bulky mass. In both cases, bowel motions are difficult to pass without straining. Regular straining to pass the stools can lead to haemorrhoids. After passing a motion, you may feel that there is more still to pass, or you may have a feeling of blockage in the bowel. “Before treating constipation with medicines, consider first making some simple lifestyle changes”, recommend Self Care pharmacists. “Drink plenty of fluids (water is best), since fluids soften the stools

and make them easier to pass. Six to eight glasses of water throughout the day is a good amount; more if you eat a lot of fibre. If you are ‘bunged-up’ because you don’t have enough fibre in your diet (adults should have about 18-30g fibre a day) then slowly, over a few weeks to prevent wind in the gut, increase the amount you eat to keep your bowel motions soft and easy to pass. Fresh fruit and vegetables, and whole grain cereals and breads, are good sources of fibre. Our Self Care fact card on Reducing Your Cholesterol has helpful information on a heart-healthy diet which is also useful for preventing constipation”. Being active and mobile is a way to prevent constipation, and taking regular exercise, such as walking everyday, will get your bowels ‘moving’. “However, if these lifestyle measures do not work, or you have severe constipation, laxative medicines can help. There are many different types, each working in different ways. Some work quickly and others take a few days”, indicate Self Care pharmacists. “For example, softeners work within a few hours on hard stools; stimulant-type laxatives work directly on the bowel to increase its activities in passing faeces. Other products act like fibre to bulk-up the stools for easy passing. These bulking-forming agents are good for long-term control of constipation and are not used for rapid relief”. Self Care pharmacists caution that “if these measures don’t help your constipation or it gets worse, or if you notice blood in the stools, have unexplained weight loss, fever, nausea or vomiting, you need to see your doctor”. And they advise that long-term use of laxatives is best to be under the doctor’s supervision. For more information, talk to your Self Care pharmacist, and ask for a free copy of the Self Care fact card on Constipation.

Te Rapa, Pukete, St Andrews, Beerescourt, Whitiora, Maeroa, Forest Lake, Frankton, Dinsdale, Aberdeen, Templeview, Nawton, Livingstone, Western Heights, Rotokauri, Crawshaw, Brymer

The Passing of one of ours

KEVIN LAWSON, Founding Principal, Crawshaw School Crawshaw School was synonymous with Kevin Lawson. As the founding Principal, his passing in July has bought great sadness to the pupils, staff and community of Crawshaw. Following the news of his sickness, the school created a quilt for Mr Lawson. Crawshaw school was blue. It wasn’t the weather, although that was dull and damp: and it wasn’t that the term was dragging its feet. No the source of the sadness emanated from the absence of the heart of the school. The children and staff missed Mr Lawson more than they could express in words and so the quilt evolved.

Rugby World Cup Roadshow – in west Hamilton Welcomed by the Samoan Methodist Church Youth Group

The Rugby World Cup Roadshow rolled into Hamilton on Saturday 23 July, and more than 1000 people turned out at The Base in Te Rapa to have a photo taken with the William Webb Ellis Cup, and to take part in the activities and competitions. A highlight was the grand entrance of the Webb Ellis Cup, delivered by helicopter to the site with Martin Snedden and current Waikato ITM Cup squad player Ben May. Supporters of the teams to play in Hamilton during the Rugby World Cup - Wales, Samoa,

Attention Cats!

Coming to the       $20 Cat De- Sexing plus free flea and worm treatment.

27th and 28th September.

Fiji, Japan and New Zealand – attended the two-hour Roadshow stopover, with many dressed in traditional costume, fancy dress or proudly wearing their teams’ jerseys. The fans who attended the Roadshow were also entertained by the Samoan Methodist Church Youth Group (see picture), who performed traditional dance and songs for the crowds. The Samoan contingent braved chilly conditions, but dressed in their colourful floral dresses they added a summery feel to the event.

Attention Cats!

Coming to the       $20 Cat De- Sexing plus free flea and worm treatment.

Contact the Centre 8474873 to register or for more info.

2 Western Community News - August 2011

27th and 28th September.

Contact the Centre 8474873 to register or for more info.

Lifeless calico became bright and full of wonderful memories. Little hands would hug Mr Lawson when he was lonely; smiling faces would bring him joy; the school wings would provide the strength and support for him to move forward. The children created snazzy ties he would adore and painted Mr Lawson portraits that were incredibly life like. Tom Sawyer was even there to take him on the adventure of a life time. Warmth radiated from the rainbow colours. It would provide a cocoon of love, whisper him to sleep, and guide him back to us in our dreams.

St Mark’s big heart & vision for Community St Mark’s buildings are getting much use every week and we are now running out of space. So the people of St Mark’s have a big vision, to build a new large centre to replace the old hall complete with offices, large kitchen, lounge and a large enough auditorium to play sports. This is to be a centre which the whole community can use and will be used by current groups and will serve the community especially the Crawshaw part in providing services and support for young people, families and local groups. The current hall building was built on Avalon Drive in the 1950’s and is one of our neighbourhoods most well used buildings. With the new centre we plan to expand the community facing activities of St Mark’s and grow our current ones to meet a bigger need. The church building of St Mark’s which is a familiar sight to many will be moved forward to make more room for the centre to be build behind it. The church which has seen 50 years plus of worship, funerals, weddings, baptisms and of course much prayer will be painted so it can continue to be a place of worship to God in our community. The big vision to build a new centre of course requires much faith as the centre comes at a cost; we are praying earnestly that money and resources will start to come in to enable us to build this community facility. If you are interested in supporting this then please get in contact with us as we do need money and resources ASAP. Meanwhile with the school holidays coming to an end St Mark’s is back in full swing. Here are some of the activities at St Mark’s you are

welcome to be a part of; Tuesday: 3:15pm -4:30 After School Club, for children aged 5-12, games, prizes, afternoon tea. Wednesday:10am Play Group for Parents with under 5’s. Wednesday: 1:30pm monthly Women’s fellowship, guest speakers and afternoon tea Thursday: 10am Women’s group, morning tea, fellowship & bible study. Friday: 7pm Youth Group, 12 years old to 18years, Games, Trips out. Sunday: 9:30am Worship Service Sundays: 4pm Family Activities for Children, Touch Rugby for men, community meal follows. All activities are in a Christian environment and open to all. Any enquires please contact the Reverend Joel Rowse at St Mark’s Cnr Dominion rd and Brekons Av, ph 8504131.

Photo: Computer generated image of St Mark’s with the purposed community facility behind it

Your Say: What is your best memory of Mr Lawson ?

Jahnard Sean He always made He would always me laugh because beat everyone at he has funny Chess he was rejokes. ally good at Chess.

Jesse-Rae He always gave us Duffy books to read.

Jacqui-lee Tainui He always used to He always encourcome into my class aged me when I to help me with my played rugby. work.

V.I.P. finds the best Fish and Chips!

Shaeleigh Waiata-Rose He was really He always cheers nice to me and he us up when we are never growled me. blue.

Harmonpreet He was really smart, his brain worked like a computer.

Vision He was a nice guy and his door was always open to me.

Zyana Mr Lawson made sure my brother and I got home safely each day

Time to Groove

In the first week of the school holidays the V.I.P zone from the Western Stars Holiday programme took the obiter bus around Hamilton judging different Fish and Chip shops. In the V.I.P zone was Rhian Johnson, Aleisha Ferguson, Mackenzie Richards, Kees Lane, Emma Stokes, Naya Ewington, Taylah Fransen, Cameron Trott, Charity Davis and the Zone Leader Anne-Marie Maikuku. The fish and chip shops were getting judged on flavour, customer service, colour, presentation, size of chip, tidiness of the shop and also how long it took to receive the chips. V.I.P Zone came to a decision that New Double happy takeaways on Ellicott Road was the overall best out of the 5 different shops we went to, the winning shop will receive a Western Stars Fish and Chip run certificate for Winning.

After an amazing competition in 2010, Supreme Dance Academy (SDA) once again proudly presents GROOVE NZ National Hip Hop competition. Groove NZ is back in Hamilton City this time at Founders Theatre 24th September 2011. Dance crews from all over the country will be competing at Groove NZ for a place to represent Aotearoa at Hoopdreamz’s “World Supremacy Battlegrounds” (WSB), the largest Australasian International Hip Hop event. World Supremacy Battlegrounds will be held in Sydney, Australia this year with over 12 countries competing. Groove NZ crews are easily able to register and find information they need online at website. Contact is Iwa on 0211787590 or email groovesda@gmail. com. Tickets are available; from or 0800TICKETEK Prelims $10 p/p and Finals $25 p/p. Make sure to keep an eye out to take advantage of our three (3) day ‘Early Bird’ ticket special for Finals at $15 p/p from midnight Tuesday 16th August till midnight Friday 19th August. (note booking fees apply). The Groove NZ team encourages all shapes and sizes, all youth, young people and young at heart to come; “Get Your Groove On”. Support your dancers, support your crews, support street dance and hip hop. This event is truly FUN for all.

Hamilton youth to be celebrated in Recognyz Youth Awards Well-deserved recognition and $2000 dream dollars are up for grabs for Hamilton’s top young achievers, with nominations now open for the Recognyz Youth Awards 2011. From talented musicians and awe-inspiring artists, to strong leaders and cuttingedge innovators, the annual Recognyz Youth Awards showcase the amazing and often unnoticed contributions that young people aged 12-24 years make to Hamilton. Nominations for this year’s awards close on 12 August, with an awards night to be held at Founders Theatre on Friday 30 September. As well as winners in seven award categories, one finalist will be presented with the Supreme Award and receive $2000 towards furthering their aspirations. Throughout the night a line-up of local youth acts will take to the stage. Hamilton City Council Acting Social Development Advisor Hannah Banks said the Recognyz Youth Awards 2011 are an opportunity to showcase local youth in a positive light and will build on the momentum that the annual awards have achieved over the past seven years. “All too often our city’s youth receive negative publicity, however the reality is that there are plenty of young people who are achieving amazing things and making huge contributions to Hamilton,” she said. “The Recognyz Youth Awards 2010 were a true celebration of our young people -

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Supported by the Tidd Foundation and the Hamilton City Council



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acknowledging the achievements of over 60 nominees, local design and film students, Students Against Driving Drunk and the success of our amazing finalists in front of a crowd of several hundred people. “This year promises to be even bigger and better, so if you know someone aged between 12-24 years who is doing great things in Hamilton then make sure you get your nomination in.” The seven award categories for the Recognyz Youth Awards 2011 are: • Manaakitanga - for community involvement and volunteering • Youth 4 Youth - for leadership of other young people • Innovation - for innovative and creative ideas and projects • Dream Team - group award for community involvement and volunteering • Beat Street - for achievement in arts, music and culture • Kia Kaha - for overcoming adversity • Enviro - for outstanding contributions to the environment and/or sustainability of Hamilton Visit to make an online nomination or email hannah. for a nomination form.

The Western Community Centre uns me r eks m a e r 9w . prog The he first l term is o t for ch schot sportek. ea feren y we t r e A difyed eve t of w mme n a a e r pl he ev g o p In t er the lled. th ance a e w is c pm to

46 Hyde ave 847 4873 ex5

We also provide an after school programme based at our centre. Children are picked up from Aberdeen and Nawton School. Western Community News - August 3

Tagging & Burglaries up in the West Hello Hamilton West, As many of you are aware we have been experiencing a very high amount of Tagging and Burglaries in the area and this as always creates a strain on Police resources and causes unease in our Community beyond comprehension. Many of those committing the offences are young and have no understanding of the frustration they are causing due to their own greed and self interest. Although the tagging remains on the fence until cleaned off often the public do not see the offenders being identified and spoken to by the Police. Our Youth Aid team then work with the family and the young person until a series of achievements are recorded. So often we see promising youth dragged back down by those individuals that repeatedly ignore the help being made available to them. As a Community we ask for calm when confronting the offenders, report what you know to the Police because we have avenues for them and obviously the more information we have the more we can assist with keeping a watchful eye on them.

On a positive note I would like to extend my on going thanks to Bunning’s Warehouse Te Rapa with their magic support of our Community Garden, Burger King Te Rapa and Waikato Basketball following their support of Bluelight initiatives. The Export Meat Warehouse and Countdown Food market at the Nawton Shopping Centre for huge smiles and willingness to participate whenever required, please support their businesses whenever you can. Well done to all those people using the bus network this winter and easing the traffic volume on the Roads. I would also like to acknowledge and support the hard work of our Parking Attendant at the Nawton Shopping Centre, not only does Daryll keep the spaces free for our permit holders but he also deals with other complaints and liaises with me going far beyond his requirement at the mall continuously. This is not easy work and he is a key contributor toward making the Centre a safer place for everyone. Community Constable Paul TIERNEY - Dealing with Community related crime and safety problems

Community Gardening Project launched

The Waikato International Community Gardening Project (WIC) was launched on the 29 July. The Healthy Eating Healthy Activity (HEHA) initiative led by K’Aute Pasifika Services is focused on supporting Pacific, refugee and new migrant communities to get gardening in community, home and/or container gardens. Increased physical activity will

4 Western Community News - August 2011

over time contribute to improved health and well being, as will as providing an affordable source of fruit and vegetables. Participants will have the opportunity to learn how to cook what they grow using healthy techniques. Many members of the target groups face particular challenges such as getting to grips with the Waikato climate and soils, unfamiliarity with the crops grown here, unfamiliarity with where to get gardening resources (including information), low incomes and the challenge doing all this in a second language. In a time of rising food prices it is empowering to be able to produce at least some of your family’s food. The project runs until December 2012, but the goal is that participants will have the skills, resources and networks to continue on being active through growing their own healthy food. For more information contact Kathryn at K’Aute Pasifika Services, ph 834-1482 email nz


By Hamilton West MP Tim Macindoe

A tötara has fallen Last month, along with many in our community, I attended the funeral of the founding Principal of Crawshaw School, Kevin Lawson. It was a moving and memorable experience, not least because of the many wonderful tributes paid to Kevin by his former pupils and colleagues, and by his children. The unstinting service of Kevin and his late wife, Anne, throughout their careers was remarkable. Their constant encouragement of the numerous children they taught undoubtedly changed many lives for the better, but they sought no accolades. Few occupations can have a more positive influence in nurturing enquiring minds and healthy citizens than teaching. In honouring Kevin’s life and career, I also acknowledge all our city’s teachers for their dedication to the ideals that Kevin and Anne always believed in and imparted. To mark his passing, I placed the following resolution on Parliament’s Order Paper: That this House note with sadness the passing of Kevin James Lawson, founding Principal of Crawshaw School in Hamilton, who served in that role from 1988 until his death in June, and acknowledge that his dedication to his profession, love of learning, practical leadership and compassionate care for his pupils and staff over a lifetime of service enriched his community and touched and inspired all who had the privilege of knowing him.

Word on the Street

What’s the Word on the Street? It’s Community Radio Hamilton’s latest Access radio show live on air every Wednesday from 4.30pm and podcast weekly from www. Hosted by Cambridge High School year 13 student Regan Schoultz the show presents a range of local opinions on topical and sometimes controversial subjects, and features candid interviews with members of the public. As an aspiring news journalist, Regan is not shy about getting up close and personal with people on a range of issues. “I find it easy to talk to strangers,” she suggests. Regan hopes the show will give her a head start on a future career in the media, “Eventually I’d like to get into television presenting,” she explains. Her first show looks at the debate around the availability of legal highs such as Kronic, as well as asking if Hamiltonians are prepared for a disaster on the scale of the Christchurch earthquakes. Regan encourages people to contact her with issues they’d like discussed on the show, email her at Listen to Word on the Street during Community Radio Hamilton’s Drive Zone – live on 1206AM, 106.7FM or, where on-demand podcasts are also available for download each week or subscribe via iTunes for automatic updates.

Parenting with Pio

Q & A Show
with Jill Buckton from The Awareness Corner Jill Buckton is amazing, gifted and talented and will be giving a live stage performance. The purpose and intention of the night is to offer insight about your life experiences by exploring the very questions you offer to use as examples to explain a wider teaching of ourselves.
 The evening takes place on Wednesday 24th August, 7pm to 9pm at the Western Community Centre, 46 Hyde Avenue, Nawton, Hamilton. 
Door sales are $20 or email Jill to buy your tickets on line.
Supper will be provided and we would love to see your teenagers encouraged to come along.
Interactive, Insightful, Enlightening, Helpful and Entertaining
There will be a special gift for the best asked question of the evening. The Awareness Corner, a place where we explore the meaning of our experiences, the intangible aspects to our nature and our very own minds abilities. Whether you want an entertaining night out or an entertaining night in, a personal consultation, a team building experience, a connection to spirit or you may want to learn how to develop your own intuitive abilities, the Awareness Corner provides it all, nationwide, with affordable rates. So welcome everyone, enhance your journey in life and make the ordinary become extraordinary. For more info contact awareness corner jill@ or visit

Entertainer Pio Terei loves his family. “And my whānau is pretty big too,” he says. “It’s not just Deb and the kids: there are lots of people in our lives that we call family. I think a lot about whānau and try to learn what things make family life richer and stronger. I’m delighted to put some of these ideas into my new Parenting Show”. The “Parenting Show with Pio” is a new programme that combines songs, stories, and videos with great parenting ideas. It gets across vital messages about happy, healthy family life in a way that really ‘clicks’ with the audience. It is designed with Māori in mind, though the show has a wide appeal to all audiences. Pio focuses on positive solutions rather than just dwelling on the problems themselves. For example, instead of focusing on violence in the home, he talks about other ways to express strong emotions, solve problems and control children; he gives people alternative tools so that they don’t fall back on to hitting and yelling. “This stuff is so important because whānau – kāore i tua atu: ‘family is everything’. But how do you get it across to people? No one really wants to sit and listen to a lecture. I reckon the secret is to mix this kaupapa in with some great entertainment. They soak up the stories and the songs… and the good parenting ideas just slip in as well. I love that!”

Free seminar on buying your own home Are you paying $400 + rent per week? Did you know that buying your own home isn’t as hard as you think? Well we have the answers… Don Ha owns the independent Real Estate company – Don Ha Real Estate. It is our job to make buying property easy for you. Don Ha can help you into: • the RIGHT home at the RIGHT price with the RIGHT finance package • becoming your own landlord • paying low interest rates or unforeseen costs Benefit from Don Ha’s contacts who will manage: • you into a proper bank loan with an interest rate as affordable as your rent (don’t let unpaid debts for phone, power etc… stop

you!) • a deposit that will help you get into your own home with packages from 5% deposit – subject to bank’s approval. Learn Don Ha’s easy steps to buying your own home, at this complimentary seminar DATE: Thursday the 25th of August TIME: 6:30pm till 8pm VENUE: BNZ, Level 1, 354 Victoria St. Hamilton COST: No Charge RSVP: Before Monday the 22nd of August Call, text or e-mail Susie Morris (09) 2626702 or (021) 953596

Gamble Free Day - September 1st (every year) Gamblefree Day on the 1st September is a time to free yourself from the shackles of gambling whether it be pokie machine gambling or some other form of gambling. The Problem Gambling Foundation of New Zealand in association with Poverty Action Waikato are holding an event in Garden Place from 11.30 a.m. – 1.30 p.m. as a part of the Choice not Chance campaign. Events include the rock band “Mill Road”, street theatre, stalls, speeches and heaps of give aways. The national Day started in 2004,

after a Community Gamblign Awareness conference organised in Hamilton called for greater community involvement in the fight against unrestricted and almost unregulated gambling. Come along and join in the activities and meet the team.

Max Llewelyn – Health Promoter – Problem Gambling Foundation of NZ

Autism NZ – Waikato Branch

It is very disappointing that so soon after moving into the great premises at 108 Grandview Rd the branch has had to go into partial recess. Most staff finished work with Autism NZ on 3rd August; however, Fran Greenfield continues with the Holiday Programme and the Teenage and Youth group. Parents will still be able to get support through Autism NZ’s 0800 AUTISM (0800 288 476) where there are a number of qualified support people to assist. There are also a number of other local agencies who are available in Hamilton including Parent to Parent and Altogether Autism. We are working hard with local funders to re-establish the branch in a new format and will keep you all informed. A number of national programmes will also continue to be offered in the Waikato region. We wish the staff well as they move on to new work and look forward to being back in the premises later this year.

Thriving on a Shoestring Learn valuable, practical skills to help you simplify your life. Tues 6th Sept

Workshops 9.30am - 12pm

Cheap and Cheerful Gifts Tues 13th Sept

Tasty Meals and Shopping on a Budget Tues 20th Sept

A Toolbox of Services to Support your Family !

Tues 27th Sept

Car Maintenance Tues 4th Oct

Vegetable Gardening


Pick and choose what workshops to attend. t


te egis


The Western Community Centre

Just a Gold coin

46 Hyde ave Nawton ph. 8474873 Western Community News - August 5

FRASER HIGH SCHOOL Te Kura Tuarua o Taniwharau

Medal for Distinguished Service

Mr Ian Stuart, our retired school site supervisor, was presented with the NZ Defence Medal (Regular) at a recent full school assembly. It is awarded for a minimum of three years efficient service to territorial and compulsory military training. He has added this to his collection of medals that he has already received for his distinguished service in a number of countries. They are: Northern Ireland Combat Medal, Long Service and Good Conduct Medal (18 years), Mr Ian Stuart being presented with his NZ British Army of the Rhine Defence Medal by long serving teacher, Mr Greg Brown. Medal (West Germany). During his long Mr Stuart is currently enjoying military career he served with the retirement in Te Awamutu and Canadian Army in Germany and was seconded to the Kuati Army continues his long association with the Returned Services Association. as an Adviser.

New members elected to School Board of Trustees At a recent election the following two candidates were successful in being elected on to the Fraser High School Board of Trustees

Paul Willard

A parent of two girls who are attending Fraser High School. I have been actively involved in the school since my eldest started at Fraser four years ago. I can provide the board of trustees a “best practices” approach to board governance; having completed a New Zealand School Trustees Association training programme in 2008/2009 and attending the 2009 School Trustees Association conference, which was a crash course on how to be a board member. I have high moral integrity and will encourage transparency in the boardroom. It is important to me that the community is aware of what is happening in the boardroom. This is the part of the organisation that shapes the future of our school and I want to make sure everybody has a say in how that future looks.

Jade Chase

“As a Fraser High School Board of Trustees member I intend to ensure that we never lose sight of what is most important – the students!” Kia ora, bula, talofa, salaam, malo e lelei, kia orana, Konnichi wa, bonjour, ni hao, hello! My core mission in life is to contribute to the growth of young people/rangatahi, families/whanau and communities. I am a strong advocate of equality and believe that everyone – regardless of their background – can succeed and reach their full potential given the right tools, quality education and opportunities. I hope that my youth/Māori health, project management and strategic leadership backgrounds, coupled with my experiences in leadership roles (including the previous co-chair role on the Fraser High School Board), will offer the school community something of worth thus contribute to the growth of our school and its people.

Classic Students Journey to Greece and Italy

Pope John Paul II’s tomb at the Vatican.

The Pantheon in Rome

Brendon Connolly drinking from a replica Greek vase.

6 Western Community News - August 2011

During the school holidays, 16 students and 4 adults from Fraser High left New Zealand for the trip of a lifetime to Greece and Italy as part of a Classical Studies trip. With a long flight ahead, the group met at the Auckland International Airport on the first Saturday and boarded a flight to Athens with a stopover in Dubai. For many of our students it was their first experience of flying and most certainly had not experienced a flight of this distance. Classics is all about the study of Ancient Greek and Roman life and our first experience was to visit the Parthenon in the Ancient Acropolis at the centre of Athens. For all involved, it was an opportunity to see the architecture we had studied in books first hand, and provided the students with an invaluable experience prior to sitting the NCEA exams at the end of the year. Our students got to stand in the centre of Athens at the Agora where Socrates was known to speak to those who would listen on matters important in Greek philosophy. Walking was All the Fraser students in front of the Parthenon at the the order of the day and a good pair of shoes was needed to Acropolis in Athens. climb the Acro-Corinth, Epidaure and Nafplio. The highlight for many was the visit to Olympia, the birthplace of the Olympic Games, which provided everyone with the opportunity to run on the original Olympic track. The temperatures in Greece were over 40 degrees at the time, which made the pool and beach that much more appealing at the end of every day. Our adventures took us to Delphi, the site of the Temple of Apollo before we boarded the overnight ferry travelling from Patras in Greece to Bari in Italy. We were met by our tour guide who took us to Pompeii and Herculaneum where we saw Mount Vesuvius in the distance and were taken around the remains of the town completely covered in ash. It was an incredible experience seeing the remains of humans and animals who did not have time to react to the volcanic explosion. We then journeyed on to Rome, which for our students The students take front row seats at the Epidaurus Theatre provided a once in a lifetime experience, as they got to experience real life Roman culture, in homestays. The challenges of the language barrier certainly challenged our students to find alternative ways of communication with their host families. Our first full day in Rome saw a trip to the Colleseum which was capable of seating 50,000 spectators and was used for gladiatorial contests, with an afternoon trip to the Vatican City really highlighting the amazing features of Roman art and architecture. Further visits to the Pantheon and Navona Square capped off a wonderful experience that reflected the time and effort that had gone into the planning. From our experiences, we hope that future Classical Studies classes will make this trip as it could be one of the greatest experiences in many of their young lives. Special thanks goes to Mrs Karyn Porton and Mr Gordon Sim for all the work and planning that went into making this trip happen, and to the parents, for all the energy and support they gave during the The students gathered outside the Colosseum. fundraising efforts.

FRASER HIGH SCHOOL Te Kura Tuarua o Taniwharau

Significant Improvements Recognised in 2011 ERO Report We are pleased that the staff and the community’s efforts to make significant improvements and to provide meaningful and effective learning programmes for our diverse student body, has been recognised and highly commended by the ERO team. For the last 18 months the school has undergone a lot of change to achieve our mission: providing our students with quality learning and teaching experiences in a safe environment. We are proudly building upon the firm educational foundation of Fraser Technical College to ensure our students are prepared for the exciting world that awaits them when they leave Fraser. Fraser High School does not seek to imitate other schools in the Waikato or Hamilton area. We are unique in our own right. There is no other co-educational school that caters for a such a diverse community and student body as Fraser. We are able to provide varied and specific learning programmes and learning support services to address the needs of our students. Fraser seeks to serve our community. We would like to thank the school community and the wider community for their support and confidence in Fraser. The following exerts are from the 2011 ERO report on Fraser High School: The purpose of ERO’s reviews is to give parents and the wider school community assurance about the quality of education that schools provide and their children receive. An ERO school report answers the following question “How effectively is this school’s curriculum promoting student learning – engagement, progress and

achievement?” The school has responded positively to the areas for review and development identified in the August 2010 ERO report.


• Student achievement in all year levels had improved in 2010. • At Years 9 and 10… they are able to show significant gains in English, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies and other curriculum areas. • In 2010, the proportion of students gaining qualifications in the National Certificate in Educational Achievement (NCEA) Levels 1, 2 and 3 represented a significant improvement compared to results in the previous four years. • A range of initiatives has been developed to affirm, acknowledge and celebrate student achievement and success, and improve engagement and behaviour. • Students are well supported by the school’s support services, such as learning support, careers advice and guidance, ESOL, special needs education and health and pastoral care services. • The school’s achievement information shows that Maori students make significant gains in Years 9 and 10.


• The school’s curriculum continues to provide a wide range of choices and opportunities for students. • The good teaching practices identified in the 2010 ERO report were still evident during this review.

Students complete University of Waikato first year paper in Computer Programing

Congratulations to students (left-right) Joshua Holland, Kyra Nagel, Benjamin Templeton, Mitch Turnbull, Stuart Wilson and Billy Zhou for completing the University of Waikato first year paper in Programing. Many of the students gained an A grade with the top mark being an A+. They now move onto preparing for the Waikato University Computer Science Scholarship worth $5,000.

• Curriculum development and assessment are being well led by the leaders of curriculum and learning. • The initiative to group students in classes according to curriculum levels is being successfully extended and embedded by leaders and teachers. This is helping to ensure that students are working and achieving at levels that meet their learning needs.

are highly engaged and committed to furthering their education. • TPU staff know students well and work collaboratively, maximizing individual teacher strengths to provide challenging programmes and activities that motivate, engage and extend students. • Consultation with the TPU’s Maori community has improved.


• The TIC has made a good start in developing a curriculum that is closely linked to the base school’s curriculum, and which reflects the special character of the TPU. • Teachers are providing timely feedback to students through regular and documented conversations about progress towards individual goals. • A feature of the curriculum is the increasing number of students who are taking mainstream subjects, ensuring access to a broad academic curriculum. The profile of careers education has been enhanced through access to current careers information, closer alignment with Gateway and Secondary Tertiary Alignment Resource (STAR) and exposure to positive role models within the community.


A number of strengths identified in the previous report continue to be sustained. These strengths include: • Clear strategic direction and goals that are well aligned to staff professional development and appraisal • Rigorous and well-documented self review based on student achievement information and other evidence • Good quality documentation that guides school curriculum and operations • High quality curriculum leadership • Well developed support structures for students • The commitment and collegiality of staff

Positive Review for Teen Parent Unit LEARNING


• Students are provided with an appropriate range of programmes. These are differentiated to meet students’ learning needs and to support them in their unique role as young mothers, who

ACE kicking off again in Term 3!

After a wildly busy and successful term 2 Adult Learning courses are just kicking off again for term 3 with 80 courses on offer. Many classes are now full and have waiting lists so sometimes you have to be on the ball. However there are still some places on courses that start in the third week of the school term. Don’t get caught sitting on the bench, relegated to the side lines…book a course today! Call 847 1074 or go to www.fraserace. to find out what is on offer and how to get into the game. Despite the Rugby World Cup distracting us there will be many more courses and opportunities available in term 4.

The TPU is well placed to sustain and improve its performance as a result of the increasing focus on student learning and academic success. The full report may be accessed from the ERO website.

Student a Winner in Manu Kōrero Ko tā te rangatira kai he kōrero; Ko tā te ware he muhukai The Tainui Regional Manu Kōrero Speech Competition was held recently at the WEL Energy Performing Arts Centre at the University of Waikato. This is a competition for the crème de la crème of young and upcoming orators from throughout Tainui waka to go head to head. Fraser High School was represented by Alex Whale who entered in the Māori Language section for senior students. This was only the second time that Alex has entered this

competition and the first in the Senior section. This put her up against students from not only other mainstream schools but also total immersion schools from throughout Tainui. Alex did extremely well under very tight deadlines. She was awarded the trophy for the best Senior Female speaker in Te Reo Māori. Special thanks must go to Hōhepa Hei for his undying commitment to Te Reo me ōna Tikanga, Te Whānau Hei and Alex’s family and friends, who gathered to support her on this auspicious occasion.

Want to advertise in the…

Contact Ioana on 849 5170 - or - Tim on 847 9044 or email:

for a competitive rates chart & publication schedule

The welding course on Wednesday night is always popular and held in Fraser’s well equipped workshops. This course is tutored by Joseph Sopers.

Above: The trophy for the best Senior Female speaker in Te Reo Māori being presented to Alex Whale by Principal, Mrs Crawford, at a recent school assembly.

Western Community News - August 7

FRASER HIGH SCHOOL Te Kura Tuarua o Taniwharau

Fraser Teacher Elected President of ANZAAE At the recent Aotearoa New Zealand Association of Art Educators (ANZAAE) biannual conference, Sam Cunnane was elected president of the association. Cunnane is Leader of Curriculum for the Arts at Fraser High School, and he will continue with the school while fulfilling the role of president. His position with the ANZAAE will see him representing visual arts educators for early childhood through tertiary level to government, media, and other organisations for the next two years. Sam Cunnane has been an art teacher at Fraser for the past eight years, specialising in photography. In addition to his teaching he frequently works with the New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA) on the development and trialing of visual arts assessments, and is one of two Visual Arts writers working with the Ministry of Education (MOE) to develop national Teaching and Learning Guides for the Arts. This involvement with national level projects keeps the Fraser Art Department at

My Stay in a Strange Country

the forefront of developments in New Zealand visual arts education. “Working on resources like the T&L Guides challenges me to make sure we’re providing the very best opportunities Mr Sam Cunnane for success for our students.” The ANZAAE conference was held at Wintec’s City Campus during the recent school holidays, and involved educators from throughout New Zealand. Speakers included internationally renowned art assessment expert Doug Boughton from the USA, Australian early childhood creativity specialist Susan Wright, award winning New Zealand performance artist and architect Dorita Hannah, and Maori artist, educator and writer Robert Jahanke. In addition to the focus on visual arts education, the conference organisers took the opportunity to showcase the best of local products, with a range of exhibitions at local galleries, and a conference dinner featuring food and wine produce in this region and entertainment from Keynote speaker, Dr Dorita Hannah, addressing the conference the Trons and the Big members in the Wintec Atrium. Muffin Serious Band.

Students perform well in High School Business Challenge Fraser Student, Bronwyn Laundry (Dev Tech’s leader), giving her presentation to the judges In late June, 16 Year 11 students took part in a joint Melville-Fraser High School Business Challenge. Students attended a three day practical business education workshop during which they: • formed ‘virtual’ companies • researched and decided on a

product or service to produce wrote a business plan, and presented an oral presentation to a panel of judges. Students found the challenge fun, at times frustrating and overall enriching. Thank you to Melville for hosting the event and making us so welcome. • •

When I came to New Zealand I was both together. Therefore I can assure, without afraid and curious, given that I had never any doubt, that after these six months, I been away from home for more than three can definitely call you “brother”. Sure, weeks, and there I was, ready to stay for we argued a lot, almost always for stupid six months in a new, completely unknown, things but we always had the time to clarify country. the situation, to admit our mistakes and First I met my host brother, Konstantin to reinforce our brotherhood. You are my Zickwolf, a 15 year old German boy, at the brother and my best friend, you were with airport, the older son in his family and used me most of the days, playing, arguing or to being the “boss”. I first thought he could talking, staying with me. And you were have been like me but he definitely wasn’t, always someone to count on. he was very different from me. I want to thank Fraser, especially my The day we arrived at my host family’s teachers, my soccer coach and manager, house our host-mum was there, laughing and the people working in the International and smiling, a pure smile representing Centre, who have always been nice to me happiness and excitement. That signed the and to the other international students. I beginning of my “kiwi experience”. want to say thank you to my friends, who After almost six months spent in have made this experience more beautiful Aotearoa I can surely say that at that time I than it could have ever been. was the luckiest boy in the world. With my Pauline, Lloyd, Lisa and Kon, thank you host family, or I reckon it’s better to say, for this beautiful, unforgettable experience with my family, I visited many places in that I will always remember with love. The the North Island, such as the Coromandel same love I feel for you, the same love I Peninsula, Bay of Islands, Northland, feel for New Zealand. seeing a lot of beautiful beaches, cities, Therefore I can proudly say that I will fields and landscapes. On these trips I got to always have a home, a family, and a part know the kiwi people, to learn the kiwi way of my heart and soul, here in New Zealand. of life: generosity and kindness are the main —Giovanni Bona points related to the kiwis, especially to my family. They were always there for us, especially at the beginning of the experience, helping us, staying with us, making us feel like we were at home. They were always nice and I cannot find enough words to thank them for what they have done for and to me. I want to say thank you to Kon, because the fact that we were, we are, different, was in the end positive. We both learnt a lot from each Giovanni Bona (left) with fellow student and host brother (from Germany), Konstantin Zickwolf. other and we grew up a lot

Top 5 finish for Chemistry students

Four Year 13 students from Fraser High School won fourth place in this years’ annual Analytical Chemistry Competition, held at the University of Waikato. The team was Christina Korebrits (left), Kimberly McEwen (centre left), Rowan Sutton (centre right) and Mikala Watene (right). The competition challenged over 50 Year 13 students in the university laboratories. Their task was to analyse and work out the

chemical formula of a sample using different analytical techniques, methods that would be beyond the resources of a secondary school. Professor Brian Nicholson of the department of Chemistry at the university organised and judged the competition. The winning teams were very

close and were only distinguished by consistent duplicates, clear calculations, and by sensible use of significant figures. Sixteen teams from the Waikato/Bay of Plenty regions entered in this years’ competition. They were treated to lunch at one of the university’s halls of residence, sponsored by The New Zealand Institute of Chemistry. The top five teams received prizes donated by Hill Laboratories.

Fraser HigH scHool Copy Centre

• Photocopying • Spiral Binding • Image Scanning • Stationery

• Laminating • Colour Printing • Digital Printing

! s e c i r P e v i t i t e p m o C y r e V t Talk to us FIRST A We welcome your enquiries call us on 846 8640

The team from Fraser High School.

8 Western Community News - August 2011

72 Ellicott Road, Hamilton — email: m.atkinson

FRASER HIGH SCHOOL Te Kura Tuarua o Taniwharau

Following the Flame

A Celebration of Shakespeare

At Fraser High, this year, a flame was lit and Shakespeare’s insights were illuminated. The culmination came when Y12 students performed ‘their take’ on his famous word. (Top left) Jessica Dodunski and Lyndia Tan kindled the evening with evocative performances of Lord and Lady Macbeth. Following were Emma Brooks (upper centre left) as Lady Macbeth, Zac Stokes (lower centre left) in a hypnotic rendition of Macbeth, and Rebecca Ensing also as Macbeth. To continue along the tragic path was Jordan Simmons (bottom left) performing heroically as Romeo, Angela Crow as the beautiful yet haunted Juliet and Reno Bolstad (below) as the mesmerizing Mercutio. The final play was the tragic-comedy of The Merchant of Venice. Kimberly

Project K Students Graduate

Andrew Stroud, nine times NZ Superbike champion and winner of superbike races at Daytona (where he holds the top speed record) and in Europe, was guest speaker at the recent Fraser High School graduation ceremony for the 2010 intake of Project K. Andrew spoke about his humble beginnings, his gratitude for the mentoring he had as a teenager and the value of grasping opportunities and aiming high. His own career took off when he had a chance meeting with someone from Team Honda on a plane coming back to New Zealand after racing overseas. The Project K graduation ceremony was held in a very pleasant venue at the Wintec Hub, with one of the students, Martha Baiteke, doing an excellent job as master of ceremonies. Each of the Project K students gave a speech about what Project K had meant to them. They all have memories of how hard the wilderness programme was some of the time and how Project K has made them into stronger people. Thanks were expressed to Foundation for Youth Development and Fraser High School for providing Project K for these twelve Fraser students. To graduate, each of the students took part in the Project K wilderness programme, community journey and twelve months mentoring. Congratulations to each and all of these students. May they inspire all of us to set goals and give things a go.

Wilkinson performed as a feisty Portia and Rachel Knight as Bassanio (below), Jessica McGregor was the first of many excellent performances of Shylock and she was followed by Georgia Henderson (bottom right) in an evocative rendition of Jessica, the daughter of Shylock. India Vernall followed with a ruthless performance of Portia, and she was followed by Daniel Reyes as Antonio with Cody Abellanosa as Shylock (lower centre right). Kettie Speed and Amanda McGuren (upper centre right) followed as Portia and a bemused and stunned Shylock. One of the many highlights of the evening was Park Chatchawalit’s (top right) stunning and authentic performance of Shylock followed by Tanwen Ward’s charismatic portrayal of Launcelot Gobbo. It was an Evening of Excellence where the Bard’s words burned brightly. Lorena Strother, TIC

Great Result for Waka Ama Girls Earlier this year the Fraser High School Waka Ama team competed at the National Secondary School Sprint Championships held at Lake Tikitapu, Rotorua. Like any competition there were ups and downs, but the team was very competitive for novice paddlers. In April they again took to the water competing in a longer 8km event in Raglan. They proved their worth by winning the junior girls division, finishing well ahead of teams from Auckland and as far away as Wellington. A big thank you must go to the girls as well as their very supportive parents. A special thanks to whaea Donna for her continued support throughout the year.

Success for Cavaliers In-Line Hockey Team

Above: Andrew Stroud, being interviewed by Project K students, Simon Pitts, Karleigh Lang and Joe Turner.

Well done to our Cavaliers Inline Hockey team, who won the A Grade final, for Term 2. They played Hamilton Boys High School “Shake n Bake” and won 5 nil. It was a very intense first half but the Cavaliers stepped up their game in the second half to dominate and take control with some great moves and set plays. A big thank you to Sheryl Swetman and her son Sean for coaching and managing the team. We look forward to another great round of In-line in Term 3.

Success for Student at Rock ‘n’ Roll Worlds

Fraser Student, Courtney McCullough, recently competed at the World Freestyle Rock ‘n’ Roll Championships held in Australia placing: 1st in Best Dressed, 1st in Triples Section, 1st in Same Sex section, 2nd in Mix & Match and 3rd in Under 18, over 18s.

1st XV player chosen for U17 Harlequins Rugby team

During the school holidays the Waikato Rugby Union ran a 2 day training camp for those players who showed potential. Latrell Tither-Babbington was nominated by the Fraser High 1st XV management team to attend this camp. We are proud to announce that Latrell was selected as part of the U17 Harlequins squad for 2011. This is an amazing achievement and a credit to Latrell as

a rugby player and the skills he possesses. The 1st XV and Fraser High community would like to congratulate Latrell on his selection and we look forward to seeing him in rugby action representing both Fraser and Waikato. Below: Three Hillcrest players tackle Latrell in the HillcrestFraser game, won by Fraser on 9 July.

Western Community News - August 9

What’s on out West Calling Community Members, Community Forum at Crawshaw School Do you have any new initiative or any ideas for Crawshaw? Want to share your talent with the community and help others? Please come along, for a cuppa and a korero, with Ioana and Ani in Room 30 at Crawshaw school or email us on and ani. contact phone number 07 849 5170.

4873. Gett off your Butt Dance classes are BACK Starting on the 8th of August 2011, Monday night at the Western Community Centre. Classes are $20 for the term, 3.30pm till 4.30pm age 10 years and over. Enrol on the day, Places are limited. Programme information and enrolment forms can be collected from the Western Community Centre 46 Hyde Avenue, Hamilton 07 847 4873 ext 4, or email

then please contact us – we are planning to have daytime and evening courses in 2010.

Hamilton Scottish Country Dance Meet every Wednesday 7.00 pm Nawton School Hall for fun social dancing, no experience necessary, no partners required, children welcome and are free $2 adults and for more information contact Shelley on 849 7792

WESTERN STARS HOLIDAY PROGRAMME AND AFTER SCHOOL CARE Check out the Western Community Centre website for more information WEBSITE

OVER 60’s SOCIAL GROUPS – We have two groups for the “over 60’s” and both groups have a day trip and a morning tea each month (well for 11 months of the year). Group one meets on the 2nd and 4th Thursdays and Group two on the 1st and 3rd Thursdays each month. If you are over 60 and live in the general area boundaries of Nawton/ Dinsdale/Frankton (parts of Forest Lake are also included) and would like to join, please phone us.



Check out The Western Community Centre Facebook page to keep updated with our services and events! Fruit & Vege Packs - $10 is a real deal for 3 fruit and 3 vegetables. Pay at reception before 4pm Wednesday, and collect after 10am Thursday at 46 Hyde Avenue, Nawton WCC Health room: Midwife clinics – Our very own local Midwife Lena Williams holds clinic every Monday. Plunket outreach clinics - Plunket Nurse Clinics weekly on Wednesdays and fortnightly on Fridays. WCC Counselling Services For anyone experiencing challenges with life, difficultly in relationships, loss or grief, abuse call us. Call the Western Community Centre for an appointment with Margaret Higgins on 07 847

C.A.F.E. (Creative Activities for Elderly) - home visits to those who like to have a some company, a chat, craft, game of cards, scrabble and who are feeling lonely, depressed, or have short or longterm health problems. COUNSELLING – is available at very reasonable fees – if you need someone to talk those difficult issues through with, please feel welcome to make an appointment with one of our counsellors. FOODBANK – If you are in need of assistance with food and are on a benefit, we ask that you see Work and Income first. If you have used all your entitlement, then please ask them for a letter to bring to us. Foodbank interview times are Monday to Friday from 10.30 a.m. – 12.30 p.m. Please also bring your community services card or other ID. NZ SIGN LANGUAGE COURSES – Sign Language is one of the three official languages in NZ. If you would like to learn the basics of signing

Crawshaw Family Fun Day

On Saturday 30th July Crawshaw Park came alive with sports, healthy food and other activities. This was the 1st of many things that will be taking place in Crawshaw Park with Hamilton City Council’s, Neighbourhood Sports Coordinator, Andrea Timings moving to the community. Andrea is moving to Crawshaw/Nawton after a successful year in Fairfield where the local park has come alive with more activities and sport. Fairfield Park is now a safer place to play for Whanau and friends, with regular positive activities occurring. Andrea is part of a Hamilton City Council, SPARC and Sport Waikato project. Her focus will be working with the community to create more sport opportunity, developing youth leaders, providing support for continuing programmes and improvements to infrastructure in the parks. She will be working alongside Ioana Manu (HCC Neighbourhood Advisor), Ani Nock (HCC Youth Advisor), Western Community Centre, local sports clubs and other local organisations. If you have anything that you would like support with please don’t hesitate to contact her. Andrea Timings, Ph 8386699, cell 021807034 or e-mail andrea.timings@hcc.

Contact Ioana on 849 5170 - or - Tim on 847 9044

SUPPORT FOR DEAF AND HEARING IMPAIRED – If you are deaf, hearing impaired or have a family member or someone you know who is deaf-blind and would like some support, Jean is here on a Monday to help you.


O’Sheas Barristers & Solicitors are a leading Hamilton based legal practice. We can provide you with legal services in a number of areas including: • Maori Land • Treaty • Family • Employment • Wills & Estates; & • Immigration O’Sheas now offers a free legal advice service available through several community centres

Two-week Yogathon

Yogathon New Zealand, a division of Hindu Council of New Zealand, is launching a nationwide ‘Health for Humanity’ Yogathon 2011 which aims to increase awareness about the science of yoga, and its techniques in achieving a healthy body, mind, and spirit in balance with each other. During the two-week ‘Health for Humanity’ Yogathon runs from 13 to 27 August 2011, Yogathon New Zealand and participating organisations across the country aim to collectively perform 100,000 repetitions of ‘Surya Namaskar’ (Sun Salutation). A repetition of Surya Namaskar consists of a series of simple yoga postures in rhythmic movements, linked with simple breathing technique. The purpose of Yogathon is to promote yoga widely in a scientific perspective of health, to help introduce it as a part of school curriculum, encourage healthy living, and connect yoga schools and practitioners in New Zealand through participation in this planned annual event. This is going to be first of its kind. Yoga initiative for collective practise of Sun Salutations in New Zealand. Yogathons have been successfully organised in other parts of the world. For more info Visit !

ZUMBA Classes at The Link, corner of River Road and Te Aroha St (behind St Andrews Church). Tuesdays and Thursdays at 5:30pm and Wednesdays at 12:15pm. Zumba is suitable for all levels of fitness and no dance experience is necessary. It’s pure fun, and improves your coordination, flexibility and fitness. Join our licensed ZUMBA instructors for a fun and energetic class. $5 per class and $3 CS card holders. ZUMBA Classes at 7 Edgar St, Frankton. Mondays and Wednesdays at 6:00 pm and Saturdays at 9:00 am. Zumba is suitable for all levels of fitness and no dance experience is necessary. It’s pure fun, and improves your coordination, flexibility and fitness. Join our licensed ZUMBA instructors for a fun and energetic class. $5 per class and $3 CS card holders.

Volleyball in Hamilton

Social Volleyball - played every Monday night during school terms at Te Rapa Sportsdrome, Church Rd, Pukete. Next competition starts 31st October - Grades for teams from beginners to guns. Cheaper fees for school student teams. Intermediate age (Yrs 7 & 8) Volleyball - at Te Rapa Sportsdrome, Mondays after school,Term 4. KiwiVolley (for Primary school-aged kids) -, contact Tim below. Junior High School competition: starts near the end of Term 3. Beach Volleyball - at the new Te Rapa Beach Sports Centre, Wednesday night 2-a-side competitive comp and 4-a-side social comp. Starts again in late October. Contact Dave on 021-477 388, or email for enquiries & entries.

Jump Jam

Jump Jam! Kids love it and it has inspired many to achieve when they may not have thought that they could. It is, in brief, exercise to music. Brett Fairweather developed the programme when he saw a need for children to be fitter. It is loved by the teachers at Maeroa and teams compete each year to achieve first place in a school wide competition. In the last few years teams have put more and more effort into costumes as well as the routines themselves. While only a third of the routine is able to be changed for the competition, teams practise different formations that make their item stand out from the rest. A school team is then selected with the opportunity to compete in regional events – Jump Jam Challenge, North Island and South Island. These entries are submitted via DVD or Youtube. There’s also Jump Jam Idol where entries are also submitted via DVD or Youtube. The Jump Jam organisers recognise that it is not always financially viable to have students travel to events. At Maeroa judges are invited from outside school to come in. This year’s judges came from Sport Waikato. While they went away to deliberate – a difficult decision – a famous group of Jump Jammers, otherwise known as teachers, entertained the students in the auditorium with their superior physical skills. So, Jump Jam is definitely for everyone and, at Maeroa, the competition is keen!

Nawton School ‘loyalty’ points...

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OP SHOP – is open Monday to Friday from 9.00 a.m. – 4.00 p.m. Don’t forget to look out for our specials and also the garage sales we have two or three times during the year. We have a wide variety of clothing, books, bricabrac, small electrical appliances etc (we don’t usually stock large furniture items).

Hamilton wide. If you would like to know more, please contact us 838 3109 or contact The Western Community Centre 8474873.

for a competitive rates chart & publication schedule

Western Community News is produced by the Western Community Centre, Inc. and Hamilton’s Fraser High School every 2 months. Staff and volunteers working on this issue were Jan Plumley, Ani Nock, Tim Atkinson, Ioana Manu, Neil Tolan, Dave Macpherson and all those who contributed articles.

10 Western Community News - August 2011

These points can then be redeemed for goods and services The Board of Trustees and Staff of Nawton School believe that the Nawton Community have unlimited at Nawton School e.g. stationery, camp fees, kapahaka fees, potential, cultural advantages and are capable. We believe trips, sports fees, homework centre fees to benefit a pupil at our school (approved items are listed) that by investing and working with our community, together we For example if a parent mended can all bring our own skills and books, or helped make displays or tailor education at our place, to attended a reading workshop on provide special opportunities and how to help your child read, each distinctiveness to help our children hour of attendance would translate realise their potential. to one Nawton School Point. 1 hour = 1 point ($1) Nawton School is encouraging Parents, Whānau and the This reward is recorded on Community of Nawton School timesheets and entered into a to contribute their time through database (on the school site) no completing or participating actual cash changes hands. These in programmes, workshops, Nawton School Points equal supporting learning, making dollars which can then be spent on resources, maintaining grounds, buildings, equipment (an purchasing stationery, class trips, uniforms… approved list of jobs will be published or perhaps you have special skills or knowledge that could be shared in learning 1 point = $1 school dollar programmes e.g. weaving, sewing, carving…) which will Nau te rourou, naku te rourou. Ka ora te manuwhiri. earn Nawton School Points.

With your skills and ours we will educate them.

Auala 2 Success Programme The Auala 2 Success Programme took place in the second week of the July school holidays at Enderley Computer Clubhouse, supported and funded by Hamilton City Council. This programme supports students to develop and recognise their potential and to look at positive choices for a successful career path in the opportunity to gain better qualifications. This programme focuses on Maori and Pacific students attending secondary school, to look at the barriers they face while they go through their journey towards tertiary education. Students demonstrate this by way of

digital story. It is also aimed to build self confidence so students can take more responsibility for themselves and the choices they make. A highlight of the week was the presentation night. This was an opportunity for all students that participated to present their story to family and friends. We would like to acknowledge and thank Te Rapakau Pacific Trust, Ministry of Pacific Island Affairs, Western Community Centre, Enderley Computer Clubhouse, Police, Stephen Harlow and Jamie McCormack.

It’s all go at Frankton Primary Frankton Primary has completed a very busy term with a variety of learning activities. For the first time students led their own conferences from making invitations inviting whanau to come to their classroom and be personally introduced to their teacher, and then sharing their in their child’s learning. Teachers taught the skills of oracy and literacy so that each child felt successful with their own ‘student led conference’. Each child from 5 years onwards was able to explain where he or she was in reading, writing and mathematics and where they needed to be by the end of the year. Parents and caregivers gave certificates to their children writing virtues they showed. For many children this was the first time

they had ever received written feedback from parents. Parents also received certificates from teachers affirming their role as teachers. Juniors held their speech competitions, made paper cloths for the Fashion Show and held an Art Symposium, all supported by the community. The middle and senior school had their Basic Fact Competition and, winners competing against their parents with quick fire basic facts, was a highlight. The Student Councillors “The Fellowship of the Virtues” organised a Red Socks Whole School Leadership Assembly and Solomon Sitini was presented with a special Sir Peter Blake leadership medal by Kay Tangaroa Westpac. The school Pizza oven was well used during the last week of term for classes making, cooking and eating pizzas.

Project K gives student courage to take centre stage MC was a huge progress for Martha whose second language is English. Guest of Honour for the evening was Andrew Stroud, New Zealand Superbike Champion. Andrew shared stories about his own teenage years and sent the message of the importance of following your dreams and never giving up, which Martha says was truly inspirational. “It was great to hear Andrew talking about never giving up, I think that’s the key message I got from him, never give up and always set goals that will push you, but that you can see as being achievable.” The evening was a celebration of eleven students, and their very dedicated volunteer mentors, completion of the Project K Programme which involves a Wilderness Experience, a Community Challenge and a 12 month Mentoring Partnership.

“Looking back now I reckon I’m a different person compared to who I was last year, without Project K I don’t think I could ever have the courage and confidence to stand up in front of people like I’m doing right now”. Martha Baikete proudly shared what Project K has meant to her as she joined her ten pairs in graduating from the Foundation for Youth Developments Project K Programme of 2010/2011 run through Fraser High School. As well as sharing her experience throughout the Project K journey in her speech, Martha also volunteered for the role of Master of Ceremonies for the evening, a considerable task which she presented with ease. Kerry Ann Norman, Project K Coordinator of the Foundation for Youth Development Waikato said that committing to the role of

Young Workers’ tips (pun intended) The Young Workers’ Resource Centre (YWRC) works to empower young people in the workforce, we want young people to have positive employment experiences with the satisfaction that they achieved the harmonious workplace relations on their own. As Educator Coordinator or the YWRC I meet a number of young workers’ who due to lack of experience and knowledge may have made one or two little mistakes which have impacted them negatively in the workplace. Below I have provided a few tips for young people (or anyone) starting a job or currently in employment. • The good faith principle underpins the employment relationship, “Working in good faith is using practical common sense and treating others in the employment relationship in a manner that you yourself would wish to be treated” it’s about (among other things) honesty, fulfilling employers expectations, and respect etc. what a lot of

young workers’ don’t realize is that it is an on-going thing, so every day at work you should be working as hard as you did on your first day of work. • Good faith goes both ways- so just as you should be acting in good faith so should your employer • Always read your employment agreement, make sure you understand it, show a third party and if you have any questions you should raise them with your employer • Join the collective agreement if there is one, often they have benefits written into them over what you would be able to bargain for individually. • Always read your workplace health and safety policies and follow the procedures, they are there to keep you safe ☺ If you have any further questions, or would like to listen to one of our workshops please contact kylie on 07 834 7124, kylie@

Pimping Out Crawshaw Another successful Pimp Out Crawshaw event funded by Hamilton City Council. This project was held during the school holidays at Crawshaw School. This was a great opportunity for Crawshaw residents to come and dump all their unwanted general rubbish, including any green waste or scrape steel. It was great to see our community taking advantage of these bins and making sure their rubbish was dumped and taken

away. All community donations received on this day will be used towards the Christmas in Crawshaw event which will be happening in December at Crawshaw Park. We would like to acknowledge and thank all our volunteers that supported and helped us on the day. Contact Ani Nock or Ioana Manu for more details on these community pride activities.

Western Community News - August 11

Tim Macindoe


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12 Western Community News - August 2011

It’s snowing in Nawton! Wednesday 27 July 2011 there was Snow in Elliott Park along Hyde Avenue. A small community event run by the Western Community Centre and led by a group of enthusiastic young leaders. The event called Chill in the Park created a lot of positive buzz in the community with many of the community attending on the day and others throughout Hamilton. Four tonnes of snow was delivered by truck to Elliott Park where everyone got a chance to play. Other activities at this event included food competitions, volleyball, relays, table tennis, play station, free sausage sizzle, free soup, hot drinks and ice slushies.

This event has generated a lot of interest and other community groups across Waikato are looking at holding the event idea within their own community. The goal is to hold Chill in the Park as an annual event especially after the positive feedback received from the community. This event could not be possible without the support of The Ministry of Youth Development, Western Community Centre and Hamilton City Council. Special thanks to Whai Marama Youth Connect, SkyCity, Boulevard and Westfield shopping centre. Lastly a big thank you to all the volunteers involved on the day especially Sandra and Emma.

Western Community Centre August 2011  

A local community newspaper produced by The Western Community Centre and Hamilton's Fraser High School.