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52 Issue No.52 (April 2011)

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Frankton back on the map

V8s on again in Frankton - see P.2

Councillor Angela O’Leary gives the thumbs-up to the new Frankton Village logo - see article on Page 2

West Hamilton Pharmacy NewNawton Mall, Nawton. Phone 846 3121. Facsimile 846 3165

Thrush – common but easily-treated

Thrush is a common fungal infection caused by the micro-organism candida. Candida, along with many other micro-organisms, lives quite harmlessly in our bodies, and in body cavities such as the vagina. These organisms usually cause no problems, until something upsets our bodies’ normal balance, allowing candida to multiply and symptoms of thrush to appear. Thrush infections can occur in many different sites, but vaginal thrush is the most common. The normal vaginal discharge changes from a clear, or slightly milky, fluid to a thick white consistency, like cottage cheese. Other symptoms – such as itching, burning on the outside of the vagina when passing urine, or soreness around the vagina – indicate a vaginal thrush infection. Most women at some stage in their lives will experience these symptoms. The first time you do, you should see your doctor to ensure the cause is identified properly, and other problems - such as diabetes – are ruled-out Vaginal thrush is more common if you are pregnant, going through menopause or taking the contraceptive pill. Some women can get it just before or just after their periods, and women with diabetes are more likely to experience these infections. Taking some antibiotic medicines can result in vaginal thrush. In addition, wearing tight-fitting pants, or underwear, made of synthetic fabric, or using vaginal deodorants, bubble baths or certain soaps, also can increase your risk. Your Self Care pharmacist will explain why these are all ‘triggers’ for vaginal thrush. Pharmacies have a wide range of medicines for vaginal thrush. Treatment can be topical

- using antifungal vaginal creams and pessaries (special preparations for placing high inside the vagina), or oral (by mouth). “Treatment timeframes vary in length depending on the product used”, advise Self Care pharmacists, “so talk with us to get the best for your situation. “And remember”, they caution, “to finish the whole course of treatment so your infection is cleared-up completely.” Not all vaginal pain and discomfort is thrush in origin. “If your vaginal discharge has a greenish colour or an unpleasant smell, a different organism is the likely cause. If you have vaginal thrush symptoms as well as pain in your stomach and you feel unwell, you may have a more serious infection. In these cases, you need to see your doctor as soon as possible.” Some thrush medicines can damage the materials from which diaphragms and condoms are made, preventing them from working properly. Tell your pharmacist if you use these contraceptive devices so you receive the most suitable vaginal thrush treatment. For further information and advice ask your Self Care pharmacist for a copy of the Vaginal Thrush fact card. It provides good tips on preventing the infection, and reducing the discomfort if you do get it. For further information and advice ask your Self Care pharmacist for a copy of the Vaginal Thrush fact card. It provides good tips on preventing the infection, and reducing the discomfort if you do get it.

Te Rapa, Pukete, St Andrews, Beerescourt, Whitiora, Maeroa, Forest Lake, Frankton, Dinsdale, Aberdeen, Templeview, Nawton, Livingstone, Western Heights, Rotokauri, Crawshaw, Brymer

Frankton Village - the old ‘new’ kid on the block The Frankton beautification plan arose out of the community desire to bring back their identity. It was started the end of last year and is due to be completed by December. In the 3 years I’ve been involved in Frankton I have heard several things that became key drivers of the plan. “We need more colour”, “Bring back the old ‘Welcome to Frankton sign’”, “we want some identity”. There are some amazing stories down in Frankton and some of the businesses have been there for 35 years or more, as have some of the people who own them. They remember the Massey Street Bridge being built and they remember when the train pulled into the Frankton Junction Railway Station on a regular basis. They’ve seen many changes, not all of them good - like the disappearance of their Welcome sign.

The plan will bring back some of these elements and more to give Frankton back their identity. A new brand has been created that embraces their historical links to rail but also looks to the present and future by representing the huge amount of trade businesses that are in Frankton. The changes have already started taking shape with road, curb and footpath repairs being done. Street furniture is all being repaired and spruced up with a new lick of paint. Along with new ‘Welcome to Frankton’ signs there will be flower pole baskets, story boards, Frankton branded umbrellas, new seating and more. There is also the possibility of a new playground. It’s been my pleasure to have worked on this project for Frankton and along with Council, look forward to this being a wonderful new beginning for them. Cr Angela O’Leary

V8’s back in Frankton

The countdown is on with only a couple of weeks until New Zealand’s largest annual sporting event, the ITM400 Hamilton, hits the streets and transforms central Hamilton into an adrenalin filled hub of motorsport and entertainment action! The 2011 event will be bigger and better than ever before with the much anticipated ‘race by day, rock all night’ format being introduced for the first time. Not only will fans be able to take in the heart-stopping action on track but they’ll also be in with world class live performances from rock legends ZZ Top and punk pop group Good Charlotte. A dedicated Kids Zone, merchandise village and a chance to check out the Westpac Waikato Air Ambulance helicopter up close will make a great day for all the family. Single day ticket from just $28 are also now available. Go to to get your tickets now.

H ave yo u r s a y o n h ow yo u r r at e s a r e s p e n t . . . Hamilton City Council’s Proposed Annual Plan is open for public consultation between 21 March and 21 April. The Annual Plan outlines where your rates are going and what projects the city is investing in. This year, Council is facing significant financial pressures and some tough decisions are needed to make sure we are looking after our city’s future. As a first step to dealing with this financial challenge council is proposing the following: • Saving of $1.2 million across all areas of Council expenditure • Delaying $18 million in capital works projects. • Transferring $2.3 million into a fund to pay for future asset replacements. • An increase in user fees and charges, generally in line with inflation. These proposals will result in • A reduction in projected Council debt at 30 June 2012, from $463 million to $445M • An 8% average rates increase for existing ratepayers. As part of making savings across all areas of Council expenditure, a number of projects have either been deleted or deferred, the list below provides a selection of some projects: Deferrals Rotokauri Passive Parks Development Programme. $132,000 Repair and upgrade of Seddon Park Oval perimeter pathway. $335,400 Gallagher Aquatic Centre carpark extension. $117,200 Gallagher Aquatic Centre staff facilities upgrade. $211,800 Minogue Park traffic precinct improvements – investigation and design. $105,000 Cycleway construction programme. $1.826m

2 Western Community News - April 2011

Programme to improve pedestrian/cycling outcomes at ‘hot spots’ throughout the city. $1.049m Riverbank and parks shared walking/cycling routes programme (deferred to 2013/14). $778,400 Rototuna and Rotokauri roading for future city growth. $1.019m Rotokauri stormwater network pipes for future city growth. $850,000 Rototuna and Ruakura wastewater trunk mains for future city growth. $1.730m Peacocke water supply trunk mains for future city growth. $88,000 Deletions: Reduction of the City News publication budget. Reduction in funding the employment transition programme, also funded by the Ministry of Social Development. Deletion of the discretionary community sponsorship grant. Reduction in the Youth Council budget. Deletion of the riverside Kowhai tree planting programme for 2011/12 $30,000 Reduction in advertising costs for refuse collection on public holidays. $3,500 Deletion of recycling bins in the city for the Rugby World Cup. $19,000 Reduction to the Councillors’ operating budget. $30,000 Deletion of the Passenger Transport Bus Super Stop project and associated costs. $371,600 Reduction in street lighting hours. $55,000 Reduction in the frequency of mowing grass verges. $20,000 Reduction in the frequency of off-street carpark cleaning. $29,000 Reduction in the frequency of road re-marking that is not required for legal purposes. $27,500 Reduction in IT system maintenance budget. $100,000 Reduction in the frequency of cleaning Council-owned buildings. $64,500

Your Say: During the Winter I get into......?

TK age 11 Daniel age 11 Hockey for Reading and going Crawshaw School to the Western Stars Sports Programme

Shanelle age 12 Netball, touch, rugby and ripper tag for Crawshaw school

Hinengawari age 10 Playing Netball its heaps of fun.

Reid age 10 Basketball hard out and hockey

Shayne age 12 Touch rugby with my friends and family

Matiria age 10 Bat down I like playing it with my class its fun.

Reremoana age 10 Netball for my school and Touch

Pius age 10 Touch every day if I can and Hockey

Youth free bus scheme a success

Shoe Box of Love

Western Stars after school care programme is participating in Shoe Box of Love campaign. Our after school care programme will be sending boxes filled with goodies down to Whakaoranga OSCAR After school care programme. This programme is currently running out of a temporary building and will be thankful for any help they can get over the next couple of weeks our children will be making cards and writing letters to put in the box. The families of Western Stars after school care programme are gifting the goodies to put in the shoe boxes along side of the Western Community Centre. If you are interested in doing Shoe box of love go to www.shoeboxoflove

London are currently trialling a scheme that provides free travel 24/7 for two target groups, youth aged 12-17 who are studying, training or working, and the elderly/ disabled. The Youth Scheme is known as the Oyster Card. It provides free travel on most forms of public transport in London, and on those that it is not free, it is heavily discounted. Alongside the creation of the Oyster Card, a behaviour code was also established, by which anyone with an Oyster Card must abide by, or risk having their Oyster Card revoked. The production of the Oyster Card, and along with it, the behaviour code, has lead to a decrease in inappropriate behaviour on public transport, and an increased sense of independence. The scheme for elderly/disabled is known as the Freedom Pass, and is similar to what we already have, with the Super Gold Card for elderly. The response has been positive,

and the elderly felt as though free bus travel was something they deserved because they had worked and paid their dues their whole lives. The main benefits arising from a scheme such as this include the expansion of one’s geographical knowledge, a reduction in social isolation, a knock-on effect for general wellbeing, and the explicit linking of rights with responsibility. A cost versus benefit analysis is required to determine whether or not the economic impact of a scheme like this outweighs the positive benefits and impacts that it has on society. London appears to be on the leading edge of public transport, and Hamilton has the potential to be right up there beside them. by Renee Junger (Renee travelled to Auckland last month with Councillor dave Macpherson to hear a seminar given by Dr Alasdair Jones from London.)

h t u o y l a c o l s t e e

m a n Ta

Three lucky Foundation for Youth Development Waikato students recently had the chance to meet All Black legend and current Chiefs player, Tana Umaga. The Waikato Rugby Union generously offered FYD game tickets and the regional team decided what better way to utilise them then to get some kids along to the game. Dylan Thompson and Karleigh Lang, Project K students from Fraser High School, and Weston Inia, a Kiwi Can

student at Crawshaw School, were invited to come down to Waikato Stadium and have their tickets presented to them by Tana. “He’s one of the best players in New Zealand, a role model for kids who want to play rugby,” said Karleigh Lang. FYD Waikato Programme Director, Karen Blue, says it was amazing for the students to meet a role model like Tana. “It’s great for these kids to see that popular figures such as

Tana Umaga understand the value of Project K,” she says. “He was very interested in Dylan and Karleigh’s progress asking them questions about what they had achieved through the programme and how they were enjoying it.” FYD Waikato staff and previous Project Students showed their gratitude towards receiving the free tickets by helping to sell programmes at the game, with the money raised going to the Canterbury Earthquake appeal.

Western Community News - April 2011 3

Workshops to change life

If you are looking for the tools to create a more meaningful and sustainable future, an Workshops to create change upcoming series of creative empowerment workshops may be what you need. The six interactive workshops aim to inspire and support people from all walks of life in goal setting and motivation, creativity, communication skills, problem solving strategies, resolving self-defeating patterns, overcoming financial difficulties and attaining financial independence, building confidence in the workplace and creating a support network. These creative empowerment programmes incorporate elements of creativity, fun, relaxation and personal development. Workshop facilitator Debbie Brock says the workshops are segments of one programme. ‘‘There’s a lot of bonding and trust that is built up amongst participants. It’s very interactive and personal and a chance for people to look at how they would like to create their ideal life.’’The free workshops run by Figjam Workshops Charitable Trust will be held at the From Thursday 12 May – Thursday 9 June 10:00am – 12:30pm at the Western Community Centre 46 Hyde Ave Hamilton. To book your place contact Workshops to create change (07) 847-4873 ext 0.

You are invited...

We welcome you to drop by for coffee/tea and cake – free of charge – on Wednesday mornings between 10:00 and 12:00. You will find us opposite the Crosslight Trust Op Shop, in the main car park at West Hamilton Anglican Church on Rifle Range Road. This is not a commercial venture, but rather a drop in style place to come for a cuppa and a chat in a relaxed atmosphere – check out our Op Shop at the same time!

Photo: Diana (left) and Yvonne (right) look forward to seeing you!


By Hamilton West MP Tim Macindoe

Latest figures show the Waikato District Health Board is performing well in the delivery of core services. They are moving ever-closer to achieving the government’s main health targets which include more elective surgery, shorter stays in emergency departments, more immunisation of children under two, shorter waits for cancer treatment and better diabetes and cardiovascular services. Waikato DHB is providing faster emergency department services. In the three months to December 2010, 85 per cent of patients were admitted, discharged or transferred from emergency departments within six hours. In the same period, 99 per cent of planned elective surgeries were delivered. 88 per cent of Waikato children under the age of two were immunised - great news for our children who are now better protected against diseases such as measles, whooping cough, and diphtheria. Around the country, all cancer radiation treatment patients are starting treatment within six weeks of their first specialist assessment, which is fantastic. People with diabetes or needing cardiovascular services are also benefiting from better management of their conditions. National has invested an extra $1.2 billion in health over the last two years to improve core services. Local results reflect the dedication and hard work of doctors and nurses in our hospitals and all Waikato DHB staff. They deserve our warmest thanks.

Maeroa Kapa Haka

Our fantastic Kapa Haka group last year achieved high marks in the Regional Championships. Their third placing ensured them a place representing this region at the National Competition this year in Whangarei in November. This was a massive achievement for these hard working students, their tutors and support team. Many hours, including weekends and after school, were spent practising.

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Staff and volunteers working on this issue were Ani Nock, Tim Atkinson, Ioana Manu, Neil Tolan, Dave Macpherson & all those who contributed articles. 4 Western Community News - April 2011

They require a huge amount of funding to support them in their journey for accommodation, food and costume. The school community is so proud of them and as a group are getting behind them to make their journey a success as part of the ‘service we give to others’. Last week there were “Boogie Burgers” on sale for Friday and chocolates are also being sold. A ‘Monster Garage Sale’ was held at the school on March 26th. Throughout the year there will be hangi, Boogie burgers (fried bread burgers), a

‘Batons Up’ (auction) evening and a ‘Dinner and Cultural Show’ held, as well as other events. If there is anyone in the community who feels they have something to offer or ideas for help, please come to the office and let us know about it. Whaea Robin, Whaea Kokiri and Matua Hohepa are in charge of the Kapa Haka with a group of kaiako as support committee. E-mail:

What has Rauawaawa and their “Nga Matauranga Taonga” been up to? Rauawaawa have had an exciting start to the New Year with us hosting the BNZ Financial Literacy Presentation in February under the auspices of the Tainui Regional Council of Maori Women’s Welfare League. Over 80 people attended to hear Fleur from BNZ answer their questions on loans, fees, credit cards, interest rates, overdrafts etc. The presentation was finished off with a scrumptious lunch and our attendees reported they want another session this year! A major event hosted by Rauawaawa on the 2nd – 4th March at Kingsgate Hotel was the National Kaumatua Service Providers Conference. The theme was Kaumatua Care: Future Pathways. One of the key aims of the conference was to gain an understanding of what the future directions are for Kaumatua Care across various key sectors so that as Providers we are informed and prepared for the landscape that we will be operating under in meeting Kaumatua needs. It was aimed at any organisation delivering services to Kaumatua or any of those interested. We were very fortunate to secure speakers from local, regional and national organisations including Ministers, community sector leaders, experienced professionals and government officials. The days were exhausting with valuable information gained from each of the speakers, and a number of events such as the launch of two National Kaumatua resources, the beginnings to the formation of the National Kaumatua Service Providers Collective and the submission by delegates of what they felt were issues for Kaumatua both urban and rural within each

of their areas. We had 162 attendees across the three days which was slightly more than we anticipated. In summary feedback was extremely positive with evaluation reports commending Trustees, Kotahitanga, Volunteers and staff for manaakitanga, professionalism, and a well supported and run conference. Something makes me think it may have had to do with the lovely nature of the delegates we were privileged to host as well. A website is in progress for Rauawaawa and aims to go live by the end of April. Details pertaining to the conference and all our events both past and up and coming will be made available on the website. All of these events and our efforts to achieve “Hei Manaaki Nga Kaumatua” would not have been possible without the continued support of our much valued “Nga Matauranga Taonga”, Funders, as well as the dedication, commitment and passion of our Trustees, Staff, Kotahitanga and Volunteers. A note for the oncoming months 2011 has started at running pace, and continues, not to be missed is the famous Rauawaawa end of term Gala Day set for Friday, 15th April

Impact!! Holiday Programme Presents

It’s Simple and Fun!

Something BIG and something small

We are an OSCAR and CYFs Approved and Accredited Holiday Programme Provider Subsidies for fees are available to eligible parents It is advisable to apply for your subsidy as early as possible before the starting date of the holiday programme. We are limited to 40 spaces 26th-29th April - Cost $55 Register Now to Avoid Disappointment Phone Lewis on 850 9399/0273 767 136 Or at the Nawton Community Presbyterian Church On 847 0868

You’ll love attending ZUMBA fitness classes. My name is Kelly and I invite you to join the Party at my very first class. I was introduced to a ZUMBA fitness class roughly about 8 months ago by a good friend. I developed a healthy addiction so much so that I decided to become a certified ZUMBA Instructor. ZUMBA fitness classes combine fast and slow rhythms that tone and sculpt the body targeting all the right areas from our legs to the most important muscle in the body the Heart. ZUMBA delivers an effective, innovative and exhilarating workout, the music, the steps, the moves, the class, the energy…… nothing compares to a ZUMBA fitness Party. Classes will be held on Monday, Tuesdays and Thursdays at 10.30am. First class commencing on Monday 18th April. The place to be is Nawton Hall, Crawford Rd off Avalon Drive. First class is a Koha (Gold Coin) and then classes will be only $3 for a solid 50 minutes of fun, music and a chance to unleash your own magic. Concessions will be available. Any enquiries feel free to email me Kelly.tiepa@ or contact The Western Community Centre 8474873.

10am – 2pm (tables are available for purchase should you wish to sell any of your wares – contact reception on 847 6980) and the extremely competitive Kaumatua Idol will be held 6th May. To all our supporters and those who wish to sponsor, contribute in any way or just be involved in any of these events - Naumai! Haere mai! We would love to hear from you.


We offer The Incredible Years 6 to 12 year old programme over 12 weeks free to parents. This is well researched and successful programme that is designed to develop positive family relationships and empower parents to make changes and manage difficult behaviour. Incredible Years Parenting Programmes offer a range of courses e.g. babies &toddlers, 6 to 12 year old programme. They are designed to develop positive family relationships, empower parents to make changes and to manage difficult behaviour. The course involves practical step by step suggestions that help parents handle everyday situations. Topics include play/involvement, praise/rewards, limit setting, coaching, discipline, problem solving, communication and school involvement. Courses are offered over a 12 to 16 week period. Weekly sessions with in-home coaching available. Sessions involve DVD, discussion, home tasks. 192Kent St, Hamilton. Contact: 847 2585 or 0274322908 or www.

Western Community News - April 2011 5

FRASER HIGH SCHOOL Te Kura Tuarua o Taniwharau

Our Student Leaders for 2011 Trent Webby – Head Boy

Born and raised here in Hamilton, I began my education at Frankton Primary, moving onto Maeroa Intermediate and now, I can be found attending this awesome school. I have many interests which include beach and indoor volleyball, surfing, the Spanish language, business, Buddhism and my academics.

Jess Bean – Head Girl

I have attended Fraser since Year 9 and have always looked up to our Senior Council hoping that one day I would be on council. I have been offered some amazing experiences and made life long friends at Fraser. I hope to inspire the younger students as I was inspired by previous Head students.

Jacob Camilleri – ­ Deputy Head Boy

I began taking an active role at Fraser last year, having realised the many opportunities offered by the school. My interests include sports, music and my academics.

Natasha Forkert – Deputy Head Girl

I was born and raised in Hamilton and attended Aberdeen, Maeroa and then came to Fraser. I am a New Zealand and Waikato Diving Representative. I have passed Level 1 and 2 NCEA with endorsements. I also like fishing, scuba diving, skiing, going to the beach, and hanging out with friends and family.

Ben Templeton – BOT Student Representative & Communications Leader

I like Fraser because it is a very diverse and accepting school. At Fraser you can be whoever you want to be!

Briar McGowan – Te Arawa House Leader

I like Fraser because of all the great opportunities that are offered to all students and the way Fraser has a strong focus on academics.

Katelyn Matthews – Te Arawa House Leader

I wish to promote and encourage all students at Fraser to participate in all the opportunities Fraser has to offer. I enjoy participating in many sports, especially Athletics.

Sam Erueti – Mataatua House Leader & Māori Representative

My goals for 2011 are to encourage participation in the inter-house competition and raising the achievement of Māori students in the academic arena.

Latrell TitherBabbington – Mataatua House Leader

I like Fraser because it’s culturally diverse and offers many opportunities.

Kendall Visser – Tainui House Leader

I am a Year 12 student at Fraser High School. I attended Aberdeen Primany and Maeroa Intermediate. My goal this year is to raise participation and house spirit in the interhouse competitions. Encouraging Tainui to become Number 1! When I leave Fraser I will go to Otago University and study to become an Orthodontist.

Alo Sotogi – Tainui House Leader & Pasikifa Representative

I like Fraser because it’s a really cool school to be at. I like the fun activities and the cool teachers we have at Fraser.

Emma Brooks – Tokomaru House Leader

Natasha Disher – Aotea House Leader

I am a Year 12 student at Fraser. I hope to encourage Aotea students to participate in all the events that Fraser offers and for Aotea to be the top house in 2011.

Danyon Togia – Aotea House Leader

Fraser is an amazing school because it gives us so many opportunities to get involved and participate in academic, sporting, artistic and cultural activities.

I am a year 12 student at Fraser High School. I play waterpolo, tap dance and am involved in the Air Training Corps. I like Swimming, Shooting, flying planes, chemistry and Japanese. After I leave school I wish to join the Royal NZ Air Force and train as a Medic.

Dana McLachlan – Tokomaru House Leader

I attended Te Kowhai Primary School until coming to Fraser, with the dream of

6 Western Community News - April 2011

being on Senior Council. I enjoy watching and playing sport and spending time at the beach with good friends and family.

Tanwen Ward – Student Liaison Leader

I am a Year 12 student at Fraser. I was born and raised in Hamilton and attended St Peter Chanel Catholic School before coming to Fraser. I enjoy singing, playing guitar and dancing ceroc. My goal this year is to become the top year 12 student.

Shaunna Polley – Academic Leader

I went to Vardon Primary then Maeroa Intermediate before coming to Fraser High School. I enjoy many different sports but mainly Volleyball and Hockey. I also enjoy reading, playing the keyboard and anything to do with science.

Jozef Mendrun – Academic Leader

I was born in Wellington and now live in Waingaro, which makes commuting to school interesting. I am a Year 13 student, studying Physics, Chemistry, Biology, English and Geography and wish to go to Otago Medical School in 2012. My goals for 2011 include encouraging academic achievement across all fields at Fraser and to promote the Fraser High School Cadet Unit.

Eliza Webster – Arts Leader

I began my schooling at Frankton Primary, then to Maeroa Intermediate. I then came to Fraser. This school has given me so many

awesome opportunities like Stage Challenge, Transfusion Painting Competition and many more. My interests include painting, all forms of visual art, playing video games and I love fixing and riding motorbikes.

Henry Liu – Arts Leader

I was the 2010 Student Representative for the Board of Trustees. My main focus for 2011, as an Arts Leader, is to bring out the creative and talented side of art loving students. I know that Fraser has given many talented and passionate artists the opportunity to thrive in both the visual and performing arts. I would love to provide a key to unlock the door of opportunity for our exceptionally talented visual and performing arts students.

Issac Brouwer – Sports Leader

I enjoy Fraser and all the opportunities that it has given me. I enjoy playing many sports, especially Volleyball.

Sam Court – Sports Leader

I enjoy Volleyball and a range of other sports that Fraser offers. I look forward to an exciting year encouraging participation in some form of sport by all students at Fraser.

Charlotte Sanson – Student Liaison Leader

I am a part of the Exceptional Talent Programme offered at Fraser High School. I like Fraser because the environment is great to learn in with so many different opportunities offered in all areas of the school.

FRASER HIGH SCHOOL Te Kura Tuarua o Taniwharau

Excellent Participation by Students in School Sports Events

There was excellent participation by students in both the athletics and swimming sports held recently and some great results were produced.

Athletics Champions

Junior Boys: Micah Kumar (1st in 100m, 200m, 400m, 800m and 1500m and 3rd in high jump). Junior Girls: Janina Galewski (1st in 100m, 200m & javelin. 2nd in long jump and discus). Intermediate Boys: Trent Hilliam (1st in 400m, long jump & high jump and 3rd in 200m). Intermediate Girls: Quin Runga (1st in 200m, 2nd in long jump & discus and 3rd in shotput). Senior Boys: Josh Gaby-Sutherland (1st in 200m, 400m & 800m and 2nd in 1500m)’ Senior Girls: Shaunna Polley (1st in 100m, 200m, long jump, high jump and discus). Athletics House Competition Points: Mataatua 1st (704 points), Te Arawa 2nd (621), Tokomaru 3rd (596), Aotea 4th (424) and Tainui 5th (412).

Swimming Champions

Year 9 Boys: Zachery Gaby Year 9 Girls: Brittany Furborough Year 10 Boys: Hayes Retemeyer Year 10 Girls: Ashlee Jacobs Senior Boys: Josh King Senior Girls: Christina Korebrits Swimming House Competition Points: Mataatua 1st (426 points), Tokomaru 2nd (331), Tainui 3rd (275), Aotea 4th (219) and Te Arawa 5th (217).

Western Community News - April 2011 7

FRASER HIGH SCHOOL Te Kura Tuarua o Taniwharau

School Cadets Get Involved

Fraser Hosts Cadets from Singapore Cadets help 4th Medium Battery In December 2010, Fraser High School We shared with them a short play on the Cadet Unit hosted 40 Cadets and Officers Maori creation myth of Rangi and Papa, from Par Res Crest Secondary School Cadet followed by a selection of Maori songs and Unit from Singapore and the Hamilton City concluded with the entire group giving a Cadet Unit for a weekend bush camp. After rousing rendition of the haka “Ka mate, ka our guests arrived at Fraser High School mate”. on 3 December, the group proceeded to On 5 December, we broke camp and the western slopes of Mt Pirongia for the headed back to Fraser High School where a weekend. The weather was perfect and final parade was held. Gifts were exchanged we were able to carry out a full weekend as a token of appreciation, new friendships programme that consisted of a combination and future exchanges. Amidst the exchange of training, sport, bonfires and friendship. of emails and facebook details, many The programme enabled our guests from cadets exchanged personal items with some Singapore to participate in a number of new fortunate enough to exchange berets and experiences such as; building emergency other uniform items. As a final gesture we shelters; surviving on 24hr ration packs; were invited to Singapore in the near future cooking with hexamine solid fuels; night as guests of the Par Res Crest Secondary tramping; river crossings; not having the School Cadet Unit. It is our intention to use of a shower for three days; drinking honour that invitation. fresh water from a running stream; playing Lt R Kerapa, Unit Commander, Fraser touch rugby and using a Department of High School Cadet Unit Conservation long drop. They thought it smelt like “lemongrass”, Of course our cadets had a slightly different interpretation of the smell. On the final night, we enjoyed each others’ company around a bonfire and each group provided entertainment. They shared with us a short play on the history of Singapore and the National Cadet Corp, followed by enthusiastic singing of their patriotic Singaporean cadets being instructed in the art of constructing a ‘bush bivouac’ by a Fraser cadet. National Cadet songs.

Cadet Receives Marksman’s Badge

ATC cadet, Emma Brooks, has received the Cadet Forces Marksman Badge after she shot over 80% in the Wallingford Competition shoot. This badge can only be awarded in this competition, and Emma is the first person to receive this award in the 70 year history of No.7 (City of Hamilton) Squadron. Emma, who holds the rank of Sergeant within her ATC Unit (Air Training Corps), has also been selected for the upcoming ATC National Gliding Course to be held during the April school holidays. (Right) Emma receiving her Marksmans badge from Lt Commander Mills.

Recognition of Cadet Achievement 23 March 2011: Congratulations to the following cadets who received promotions in February and March 2011 (their new rank is listed) Sergeant Logan King Corporal Jozef Mendrun Lance Corporal Travis Dawson Congratulations to the following cadets who completed their first year in cadets and received their Senior Corp Belts: Cadet Jack Aspin Cadet Ethan Clingin Cadet Sam Worthington Congratulations to the followings cadet who received their proficiency badges: Basic (1st Year) Badge Cadet Jack Aspin Cadet Ethan Clingin Cadet Sam Worthington

Corp (2nd Year) Badge Lance Corporal Travis Dawson Advanced (3rd Year) Badge Lance Corporal Cody Abellanosa Lt R Kerapa, Unit Commander, Fraser High School Cadet Unit

8 Western Community News - April 2011

to commemorate 100 Years

Over the weekend of 18-20 March veterans, friends and family gathered to celebrate the 4th Medium Battery’s 100th Anniversary. For a number of years, the 4th Medium Battery, stationed on Knox Street, was the Fraser High School Cadet Unit’s supporting Army Unit. It provided the school cadet unit with training, equipment, guidance and friendship. Changes however meant that the 4th Medium Battery was relocated to Auckland and renamed 11/4 Battery and contact with the Battery was lost over time. The events of the weekend began on

Friday 18 March with a ‘meet and greet’ at the Hamilton RSA and a Static Display on Saturday in Parana Park. Sunday concluded the weekend with a short service in Parana Park and a parade march in Garden Place. The Fraser Cadet Unit was honoured to be included in the parade march which was inspected by the Hamilton Mayoress, Julie Hardecker. The Fraser Cadet Unit will always be grateful to the 4th Medium Battery for their support over the years, and it was a privilege to be able to say thank you in this small way.

Cleaning Headstones in Ngaruawahia At different times throughout the year the Fraser High School Cadet Unit has opportunities to provide service to our local community. On Wednesday, 16 March the unit spent their parade evening cleaning headstones at the Ngaruawahia Cemetery alongside State Highway 1. Armed with water, rags, brooms and small tools the unit focused particularly on the RSA section of the cemetery but also spent part of their time giving other headstones that were overgrown with moss, dirt and weeds, a clean. It was the first time for many of the cadets to participate in this type of service and it was enjoyed by all. Many of the cadets asked questions about the different symbols on the headstones and it provided Officers an opportunity to answer their questions and reflect on why we are part of the New Zealand Cadet Forces. One of the aims of the NZ Cadet Forces is to support and work within our local communities. Opportunities to provide service to our communities without expecting personal gain or reward, increases our ability to care. Care for ourselves, for others, for our environment, our community and for our country. In April we will be supporting the Frankton Primary School as they commemorate their 100th Anniversary by providing car parking duty. We look forward to doing this. Our unit is always looking for opportunities to serve our local community. If there is someway that the unit can support any individuals, groups, or organisations by providing a service, please contact Lt R Kerapa, NZCF, through the school.

Adult and Community Education Numbers Growing!

More and more adults are joining Community Education classes based at Fraser High School. We have had 45 courses running, catering for nearly 600 students. Term 2 is now in planning and all courses can be found at www.fraserace. or you can find out more by phoning 847 1074. There are lots of opportunities to learn something new and meet new people. If there is nothing there that interests you, contact the Community Education office with your ideas and we will see what possibilities are available. Alternatively, you might have a passion for something and would like to share your skill and knowledge. Again contact the director. There is even a course for those who are thinking about tutoring a course.

It is all about LIFE LONG LEARNING

FRASER HIGH SCHOOL Te Kura Tuarua o Taniwharau

Fraser Senior Girls’ – Top Waikato Volleyball Team

Students make NZ Reps Three Fraser High School boys have been selected as NZ representatives for Inline Hockey. They are Scott Swetman in the U14’s, with Alex Hustler and Cameron Huntingdon in the U16’s. The boys will be going to Australia with the New Zealand team to compete at the Oceania Championship Games in April.

Congratulations to the Fraser Senior Girls’ Volleyball team, who have won the Waikato Secondary Schools’ Volleyball Competition. This is the first time a Fraser girls team has held this trophy and they have gone through the entire season unbeaten. The team will now travel to the Secondary Schools’ National Tournament, being held in Palmerston North, where they will meet the other top teams who have qualified from schools throughout New Zealand. Back Row (L-R): Michelle Tupper (manager), Charlotte Sanson, Shaunna Polley, Amber Hamilton-Vittle, Nicole Verstraten, Samantha Court, Mike Polley (Coach) Front Row (L-R): Sarathavy Kor, Briar McGowan, Breana Jones

Sports Coaches

We urgently require coaches for the following winter sports codes. Boys Football Boys and Girls Junior Basketball Senior Netball (not Premiers or Development) If you are interested or know of anyone that can help, please contact the sports office on 847 9044 Ext 741, or email

SHINE Programme helps Talented Students

On 23 March some of the Year 12 and 13 ETP Sport students were given the opportunity to be involved in the SHINE Programme run by Auckland University of Technology (AUT). This is a programme for high performing athletes. We were instructed on how to make a goal plan for, not only our sports codes, but academics as well. By Students taking part in the SHINE programme – back row (l-r): Kurt Stewart, Cameron Huntingdon, Briar Mcgowan, being involved in this Charlotte Sanson, Breana Jones, Nicole Verstraten, Trent programme we have the Webby and Alex Hustler. chance to win different Front row (l-r): Shaunna Polley, Seth Phork and Sam Court. sponsorships and scholarships as well as other minor prizes at the We will also be given the opportunity to end of the year. We will have a session each term to learn attend the AUT Sports Conference and be about nutrition, sponsorship, how to speak exposed to industry experts and to meet publicly, how to deal with the media and to other SHINE students. Live to SHINE! By Natasha Forkert and Kurt Stewart plan our future career paths with the assistance of mentors.

Jesus Christ Superstar In Full Swing Fraser High School is once again taking to the Clarence Street Theatre with this year’s school production of Jesus Christ Superstar. A strong cast of 40 students are rehearsing four times a week to perfect the story of Jesus of Nazareth’s last days before he is crucified. Upbeat rock music, mixed with touching ballads and great choreography, promise to make this one of Fraser High School’s strongest shows to date. Zac Stokes takes the lead role of Jesus, while Gardenia Davidson and Sebastian Tuamaseve embody the characters of Mary Magdalene and Judas. We are once again privileged to have Sonja McGirrGarrett on board as the Director/Choreographer and Campbell Douglas as Musical Director. The show runs from 6-9 April with tickets available from Ticketek from Monday 21 March. The students and staff involved are eager to showcase the talent we have at Fraser High School and look forward to seeing the school community out in strength to support them.

Dramatic Improvement in NCEA Results

Our school is extremely proud of its provisional NCEA results this year, with a dramatic increase in the success rates of students at Level 1, 2 and 3. The provisional results are as follows: Level One NCEA 62% Level Two NCEA 74% Level Three NCEA 69% With a 20% increase in the Level One result, we are excited about what this means for our future results. We would also like to congratulate the following students who passed NCEA with endorsements of Excellence:

Level One: Michael Thomson and Tanwen Ward Level Two: Mikala Watene, Christina Korebrits and Eliza Webster Level 3: Tyla Armstrong The students listed below also received Scholarship in the following subjects: Jacob Jensen (Chemistry) Tyla Armstrong (Design) Nicholas Yuen (Statistics and Modelling) Paul Davis (Statistics and Modelling) We look forward to the continued success of our students and building on these fantastic improvements.

School Celebrates Marco’s Success (Right) Our Principal Mrs Virginia Crawford and Katia Goodwin celebrate past student, Marco Rojas’s selection into the New Zealand All Whites Football team and his professional contract with the Melbourne Victory team. The school wishes him every success in his endeavours.

Jesus Christ Superstar Fraser High School presents


Music by ANDREW LLOYD WEBBER Lyrics by TIM RICE Director / Choreographer SONJA McGIRR-GARRETT Musical Director CAMPBELL DOUGLAS

Clarence Street Theatre 6 - 9 April Adults $25 Groups (6 or more) $22 Children (Under 14) $20 Western Community News - April 2011 9

What’s on out West


Zumba classes are now on Tuesday nights 5:30pm – 6.30pm, Crawshaw school hall. You don’t need to sign up just turn up on the day and join in on all the fun. Open to everyone. Costs are $5 per session. Phone Ninakaye (instructor) on 021 2703002 or Crawshaw school 07 8491565 if you require more information.

Drumbo at Crawshaw

Staring again 2011 held every Friday 9.00 am Crawshaw School Hall. Come on down and have some fun, doing low impact exercise to great Pacific drum beats. For more information contact Melisa Fotu on 07 848 1002

Meet every Wednesday 7.00 pm Nawton School Hall for fun social dancing, no experience necessary, no partners required, children welcome and are free $2 adults and for more information contact Shelley on 849 7792

Fruit and Vege packs - $10 is a real deal for 3 fruit and 3 vegetables. Pay at reception before 4pm Wednesday, and collect after 10am Thursday at 46 Hyde Avenue, Nawton

feeling lonely, depressed, or have short or longterm health problems. COUNSELLING – is available at very reasonable fees – if you need someone to talk those difficult issues through with, please feel welcome to make an appointment with one of our counsellors. FOODBANK – If you are in need of assistance with food and are on a benefit, we ask that you see Work and Income first. If you have used all your entitlement, then please ask them for a letter to bring to us. Foodbank interview times are Monday to Friday from 10.30 a.m. – 12.30 p.m. Please also bring your community services card or other ID. NZ SIGN LANGUAGE COURSES – Sign Language is one of the three official languages in NZ. If you would like to learn the basics of signing then please contact us – we are planning to have daytime and evening courses in 2010. OP SHOP – is open Monday to Friday from 9.00 a.m. – 4.00 p.m. Don’t forget to look out for our specials and also the garage sales we have two or three times during the year. We have a wide variety of clothing, books, bricabrac, small electrical appliances etc (we don’t usually stock large furniture items). OVER 60’s SOCIAL GROUPS – We have two groups for the “over 60’s” and both groups have a day trip and a morning tea each month (well for 11 months of the year). Group one meets on the 2nd and 4th Thursdays and Group two on the 1st and 3rd Thursdays each month. If you are over 60 and live in the general area boundaries of Nawton/ Dinsdale/Frankton (parts of Forest Lake are also

WCC Health room:

Midwife clinics – Our very own local Midwife Lena Williams holds clinic every Monday. Plunket outreach clinics - Plunket Nurse Clinics weekly on Wednesdays and fortnightly on Fridays.

Calling Community Members, Community WCC Counselling Services Forum at Crawshaw School Do you have any new initiative or any ideas for Crawshaw? Want to share your talent with the community and help others?

A Community Forum open to anyone in the community, will be held on Tuesday the 12th of April 3pm until 4pm in Room 30 at Crawshaw School. Please come along, for a cuppa and a korero, with Ioana and Ani in Room 30 at Crawshaw school or email us on and ani. contact phone number 07 849 5170.

Hamilton Scottish Country Dance

For anyone experiencing challenges with life, difficultly in relationships, loss or grief, abuse call us. Call the Western Community Centre for an appointment with Margaret Higgins on 07 847 4873.

WESTERN STARS HOLIDAY PROGRAMME AND AFTER SCHOOL CARE Check out the Western Community Centre website for more information WEBSITE


C.A.F.E. (Creative Activities for Elderly) - home visits to those who like to have a some company, a chat, craft, game of cards, scrabble and who are

Kōwhai Consulting

A FREE service to help you find the best available child care for your family. We can assist with accessing quality early childhood services, building strong relationships with ECE providers, and providing ongoing support for effectively transitioning children to school. Help is available to address your family’s individual needs and initiate contact with social service agencies. Kōwhai Consulting Limited is contracted by the Ministry of Education to engage Families who have children aged between 3-5 years, living within the suburb of Crawshaw. For more details phone 0800 323 543 or e-mail

included) and would like to join, please phone us. SUPPORT FOR DEAF AND HEARING IMPAIRED – If you are deaf, hearing impaired or have a family member or someone you know who is deaf-blind and would like some support, Jean is here on a Monday to help you. VOLLEYBALL WAIKATO in 2011 Social Volleyball - played every Monday night during school terms at Te Rapa Sportsdrome, Church Rd, Pukete. Next competition starts 15th February - Grades for teams from beginners to guns. Cheaper fees for school student teams. Intermediate age (Yrs 7 & 8) Volleyball - runs at Te Rapa Sportsdrome on Mondays after school, in Term 2. KiwiVolley (for Primary school-aged kids) -, contact Tim below. Junior High School competition: starts near the end of Term 3. Senior High School competition runs in school term 1 every year. Club Volleyball - for those serious about the game. New season under way. Beach Volleyball - at the new Te Rapa Beach Sports Centre, Wednesday night 2-a-side competitive comp and 4-a-side social comp. Starts again in early February. Contact Dave on 021-477 388, or email for enquiries & entries.

Response to an Original Artwork

Nawton School Kapa Haka bedazzles again

Students from Maeroa Intermediate were chosen to join a specialised/extension art programme, which included creating art works for the student gallery at the Waikato Museum. There have been ten workshops run during the term, under the expert guidance of our Visual Arts teacher, Michelle Libby. The art works created from these are going to be exhibited at the Waikato Museum from Tuesday 29th March. The theme is based around Modern Art/Artists. This ties in with the touring exhibition ‘Modern, Modern’ at the Waikato Museum. In this project the students have been challenged to select an artwork/artist of their choice from the touring exhibition. The original artwork is an inspiration for the students’ artworks, though the viewer should find it easy to see the connections between the students’ works and the originals. Student exhibitors: Ashleigh Reed, TeWaiarangi Ratana, Annie Oxborrow, Ella Hopkins, Charlie-Grace Chapman, Kate Friend, Teree McCord, Keegan Koroheke, Cameron Cook, Kaitlin Pearson, Charlotte Lowe, Matthew Burroughs, Alyssa Rush.

Earlier this month Te Roopū Kapa Haka o Nōera once again made the journey to take part in the cultural festival at Mana Ariki in Taumarunui. This year’s team has many new members who made their debut in front of a very animated crowd who had heard about the pizzazz and the huge voices of this young vibrant group. The anticipation of those who had travelled to witness this event was evident as the performance drew near and the crowd began to stir. As the team took the stage and began their bracket with an array of beautiful karanga, which made the hair on the back of your neck stand up, the crowd erupted with a roar of cheers and applause. The items varied from light-hearted and up tempo to the haka by the boys that challenged the shift from a whanau centred community to a society that is driven by wealth, once again highlighting the need to take stock and focus on what is really important in our lives, our families. As with the years prior, they sure did deliver a spirited, awe inspiring performance that has them holding the Junior Section Trophy for the fifth consecutive year. We wish them well with their fundraising efforts to get to Whangarei and represent the Waikato Rohe in the up-coming National Kapa Haka competitions this November.

Herepū ai te rā! Seize the day!

rammes Holiday Prog - 5pm 18th Ð 21st April Ð 8.30am

Places available!! Starlight Zone 5- 7 years Just $70 for 4 days 8.30am- 5pm 8-9 years e n o Z t h g li ool n o Mo all based at HamiltonÕs Fraser High Sch Twilight Zone 10-12 years Includes a fun trip to Auckland,

VIP Zone

13 or Yea r 9+

Crafts, Sports, Games, Carnival and much more!

ity Centre n u m m o C n r e The West 46 Hyde ave

om www.westernc

10 Western Community News - April 2011

Also Our Awesome After School Programme has places available!

contact or call 847 4873 Ex 5

Touch at Elliott Park It is high praise that the Nawton Community can have such an elite sport now cemented in the area. There were a number of New Zealand Touch representatives playing as well as the world No 1 ranked referee attending the finals competition. Listening to the comments of these NZ players, it looks like they have set this touch module as the one to be at next year. High praise also has to go to the community who would come and watch as well as take part in the competition. It seems like the community has taken ownership of the event. The Western Community Centre also needs to be recognised for its great support. I would also like to take the time to thank all our volunteers especially Sandra who always turned up to set up everything. Touch has been the focus for this year but it is an opportune time to mention the sports club over all. The club was formed for the purpose of establishing a sports club for all sports. We are successful in establishing “Touch” and we now have a “Netball” team under the sports club so we are interested in other sports looking for an umbrella body to come

under. If you know of any sports that would be interested to be a part of the club, please contact me or Ani Nock at the Western Community Centre. The hype after watching all the finals last week from the relentless attack and defence in the Social B grade final to the speed and skills in the Mens Open final. There was certainly plenty of action galore with every final in a tense struggle to the end. It was great to see large crowds attend to watch the finals. Winners were: Mens open – 1ST place Transformaz, 2nd place Saiyanz and BBz Winners - Drop Off Womens Open – 1ST place BBz, 2nd place Elusive and Fraser Open Winners - Drop Off Mixed Open – 1ST place Dats Us, 2nd place CMA Recycling and Waiora - Drop Off Social A – 1ST place 1SK, 2nd place Da Ellimernators and Connex - Drop Off Social B – 1ST place Sweet As, 2nd place Te Tumanako and Untochablez - Drop Off Tangaroa Whitiora

Being Active in the West....... In line with our cities “Active Communities Strategy”, Hamilton City Council is “Getting Families Active” at Local Parks. Getting Families Active is about creating opportunities for families and friends to play together, have fun and be active in their neighbourhood parks. Andrea Timings is part of the Community Advisor Team at the Hamilton City Council as the Neighbourhood Sport & Recreation Coordinator. She is currently based at Fairfield Hall but will be moving into the Crawshaw area in July. In line with her project she will be offering the community after school activities, holiday activities, Ki O Rahi and inter school events for free plus much, much

Supporting our local Schools & Clubs 100x50 H4 Special Rough Sawn

$3.99 p/mtr

0800 484 667 100x50 H3.2 Special Gauged

$1.99 p/mtr 150x50 H4 Special Gauged

more. Our local parks are amazing resources for people to utilise to play both structured and unstructured sport, with Andrea in the area, look forward to seeing increased activity and opportunities near you. Andrea is looking forward to moving into the Crawshaw area and re connecting with students and families from Hamilton’s Fraser High School where she was previously the Assistant Sports Coordinator. Please contact her if you have anymore fantastic ideas of what you would like to see happen in your park. Contact Andrea: andrea.timings@hcc., 021807034

$2.29 p/mtr 200x50 H4 Special Gauged


Crawford Street, Avalon Drive & Mason Road, Whatawhata 150x25 H3.2 Special Palings (1.8m long)

100x40 H3.2 Special Grip Tread Decking

$2.69 ea

$1.39 p/mtr

75mm Decking Nails 2kg

Exclusive deal for Western Community News Readers

$19.46 ea

Bring in this voucher and get 5% off your cashsale* purchase

Mon - Fri: 7.30am - 5pm / Sat: 8am - 2pm

Avalon Drive P (07) 849 3674 - F (07) 850 0244 - E


Mon - Fri: 7.30am - 5pm / Sat: 8am - 12noon

Mason Road P (07) 829 8518 - F (07) 829 8489 - E

*cashsale = purchases paid by cash or EFT POS only excludes credit card purchases


Western Community News - April 2011 11

Tim Macindoe


Happy to serve the Hamilton West community | | Fax: Ph:



Craig - supporting families in the north-west Hello, Kia ora, my name is Craig Wills and I am the Family Support Worker for the Pukete Neighbourhood. My role as Family Support Worker has evolved out of the position of Beneficiary Advocate which I commenced in mid-2003. Back then, my whole focus was to provide advocacy and /or advice on issues pertaining to Work and Income. Now, as my role has evolved and expanded, I can provide advocacy, advice and information in the following areas: Work and Income, Accident Compensation Commission (ACC) and Housing New Zealand Corporation (HNZC). Additionally, I can take any decisions made by either Work and Income or ACC to the Review or Appeal stage.

As I am based at the Pukete Neighbourhood House (Te Rapa Sportsdrome), I am available for appointments between 9.00 am and 4.30 pm, Monday through to Friday. Appointments can be made by phoning me on 850 4013 or 027 710 6485 (text). Alternatively, if anyone cannot see me at Pukete Neighbourhood House, appointments can be arranged by me to see people at, Waimarie (Hamilton East), Te Whare Kokonga (Melville), Western Community Centre (Nawton) or the Methodist Centre (London Street). Please note: As I am a Justice of the Peace, I am available to certify documents, witness signatures, and take declarations and oath during my hours of work at Pukete Neighbourhood House.

s m o o R e v a h We available for Hire! We also have a Community Office Space Available for long term hire


Good Park Small

Rooms Large Rooms





Health Room

ing Room

New Lounge Meet


t n e C y it n u m m Western Co

46 Hyde ave

8474873Ex1 12 Western Community News - April 2011

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