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34 Issue No.34 (April 2008)

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Going, going...

Church College celebrates 50 years Pictured are current senior students who will see out their final year at CCNZ. After 50 years, the school is scheduled to close at the end of 2008. From left to right: Gina Mulipola, Aja Smoothy, Lakoi Bartlett, and David Onekawa

West Hamilton Pharmacy NewNawton Mall, Nawton. Phone 846 3121. Facsimile 846 3165

Thrush – common but easily-treated

Thrush is a common fungus infection caused by the micro-organism candida. Candida, along with many other micro-organisms, lives quite harmlessly in our bodies, and in body cavities such as the vagina. These organisms usually cause no problems, until something upsets our bodies normal balance, allowing candida to multiply and symptoms of thrush to appear. Thrush infections can occur in many different sites but vaginal thrush is the most common. The normal vaginal discharge changes from a clear, or slightly milky, fluid to a thick white consistency, like cottage cheese. Other symptoms – such as itching, burning on the outside of the vagina when passing urine, or soreness around the vagina – indicate a vaginal thrush infection. Most women at some stage in their lives will experience these symptoms. The first time you do, you should see your doctor to ensure the cause is identified properly, and other problems - such as diabetes – are ruled-out Vaginal thrush is more common if you are pregnant, going through menopause or taking the contraceptive pill. Some women can get it just before or just after their periods, and women with diabetes are more likely to experience these infections. Taking some antibiotic medicines can result in vaginal thrush. In addition, wearing tight-fitting pants, or underwear, made of synthetic fabric, or using vaginal deodorants, bubble baths or certain soaps, also can increase your risk. Your Self Care pharmacist will explain why these are all ‘triggers’ for vaginal thrush.

Pharmacies have a wide range of medicines for vaginal thrush. Treatment can be topical - using antifungal vaginal creams and pessaries (special preparations for placing high inside the vagina), or oral (by mouth). “Treatment timeframes vary in length depending on the product used”, advise Self Care pharmacists, “so talk with us to get the best for your situation. “And remember”, they caution, “to finish the whole course of treatment so your infection is cleared-up completely.” Not all vaginal pain and discomfort is thrush in origin. “If your vaginal discharge has a greenish colour or an unpleasant smell, a different organism is the likely cause. If you have vaginal thrush symptoms as well as pain in your stomach and you feel unwell, you may have a more serious infection. In these cases, you need to see your doctor as soon as possible.” Some thrush medicines can damage the materials from which diaphragms and condoms are made, preventing them from working properly. Tell your pharmacist if you use these contraceptive devices so you receive the most suitable vaginal thrush treatment. For further information and advice ask your Self Care pharmacist for a copy of the Vaginal Thrush fact card. It provides good tips on preventing the infection, and reducing the discomfort if you do get it.

Te Rapa, Pukete, St Andrews, Beerescourt, Whitiora, Maeroa, Forest Lake, Frankton, Dinsdale, Aberdeen, Templeview, Nawton, Livingstone, Western Heights, Rotokauri, Crawshaw, Brymer

What’s happening at Norton Rd?

The SH1 Avalon Drive Bypass project is another step closer to completion. Piling for the new Norton Road rail bridge was completed earlier this month and work is now underway to construct the pile capping beams (bridge abutments) that will support the bridge deck. The bridge deck, a large heavily reinforced concrete slab that will be 1.5 metres thick, 19 metres wide and approximately 26 metres in length, is due to be cast in place in June. To enable construction of the new rail bridge, ONTRACK constructed two temporary rail tracks earlier this year to the east of the former level crossing. Over 300 Trains are using the temporary tracks each week, and will continue to do so until the tracks are shifted onto the new rail bridge in August.

Graffiti Coordinator appointed!

Once the North Island Main Trunk railway line is running over the new bridge, excavation will begin to lower Norton Road, so it can pass under the rail bridge and connect to the new Norton Road Roundabout. The Lincoln Street end of Norton Road is expected to be connected to the Norton Road Roundabout by the end of September. Photo - Large cranes and piling rigs were used to install 22 hollow steel piles, which were then driven to a depth of approximately 20 metres over a six-week period to support the new rail bridge. This photo, taken midway through the piling process in March, shows Norton Road at left, the two North Island Main Trunk rail tracks that have been temporarily diverted around the construction site, and the new rail bridge being built where the former level crossing used to be.

Hamilton City Council has recently appointed a fulltime with the Police, particularly the Community Constables. Graffiti Coordinator. Casey Molloy joined the This not only includes enforcement, but Community Development Team also developing educational initiatives in this new role, coming from a and programmes to take out to schools. background of project and event In addition, there are many community management, including experience groups and local businesses to work with working with young people. in reducing tagging. Casey has his hands full in this “Graffiti is a complex issue to tackle. position - not with paintbrushes, There is more to it than simply painting out but seeking to link together and the tagging as it occurs. There are a range coordinate the many and varied of social, political and environmental organisations and individuals issues that contribute to the problem. involved in the removal of graffiti By working with communities and vandalism throughout the city. various organisations I hope to reduce graffiti through positive and proactive This coordination begins within initiatives”. the council organisation itself, which has several graffiti removal functions Casey is based with the Employment operating. Casey is currently working Development Team at Council’s Duke on bringing council’s graffiti work Street Depot and can be contacted on under one team and from the 1st July, 958 5998. it is planned that this include an 0800 You can also find out more information number for reporting. about what Council is doing about graffiti on: www. Council is developing very good working relationships

 Western Community News - April 2008

CAFE Centre – “Creative Activities for Elderly”

Are you bored? Do you know of a friend or family member who is older that needs company? We have just the thing you are looking for? On the second Friday of each month we are offering a time for social interaction, group and individual activities including indoor golf, ‘grid iron’, floor quizzes, word games, general knowledge questions, crafts, board games, card games, puzzles, footspas, seedlings, armchair travel. We also hope to include activities for men, e.g. small projects like sanding and painting. The morning will start at 10.00 a.m. with a cuppa and will finish at 12 noon. Cost is a gold coin donation. Transport can be arranged. So where is this morning of fun going to be held? West Hamilton Anglican Church Hall, behind the Church, Rifle Range Rd, (Opposite Frankton School). First meeting: 9th May 2008. The CAFÉ centre is aimed at those who are older, who would like an opportunity to socialise with others in their age group. We cover the Dinsdale, Frankton and Nawton areas. If you are interested we would love to hear from you. Please contact Jennifer Calderwood, CAF É Co-ordinator or Chris Wright, Manager, Ph/fax: 07 847 2998 or email: crosslight@

Your SAY:“What would be your dream car, & why?”

Marama A Hummer, to catch all the fly honeys.

Carenzo BMW, the ones where you have to use water instead of fuel ‘cos you will save heaps of money from petrol.

BJ Ford Mustang GT, cause I like the shape of the body and its got a big engine and its old school.

Jamahl Supra, ‘cause they are Fast and they look cool. And they’ve got a Big Engine.

Khim Alteza, because they are like Hot. Paris Hilton said they are Hot too.

Monie Mercedes, because they are expensive and ‘cause they go Broom.

Lincoln Evo 3, because they are quick off the mark and look mean.

Michael Mazda Rx3, because they are beasty and they are loud.

Dion 57 Chev 2 Door Convertible, Baby Blue. Because it’s an old school car and because I work on them.

8 0 0 2 t e e r t s t a Be iday 2nd May 2008 6pm, Fr

ctoria St @ the Meteor Theatre 1 Vi

Featuring some of NZ’s leading HipHop performers and introducing new talent to the Hamilton public, the ‘Beatz Collective’ will produce a showcase of talent that will entertain and impress you with their skill and creativity. H-town’s own 4Corners will be performing their latest songs as well as music from their album ‘The Foundations’, along with special guest Mcs and Djs. Breakdancing is still a major feature of this years event with a variety of competitions and prizes. Some of Aotearoa’s best Graff Artists will be dazzling you with their artistic talent, and this years event will also include an exhibition of Graff/Street Art from

the local “So You Think You Can Graff” Street Art Competition facilitated by Te Ahurei a Rangatahi Organisation. This event aims to be a visual spectacle even bigger than the previous seven Beatstreets. Beat street has been an annual event in Hamilton since 2001, and has introduced to the Hamilton public many of Aotearoa’s leading talent including P-Money, Scribe, Nesian Mystik, 4Corners, Tyna and JB, Funk-Village, DJ CXL, Dubious Bros, Ill Semantics, Ladi6, and most recently Open Souls. Beat street is produced by the ‘Beatz Collective’ which includes youthworkers, performers and young people. These events celebrate Youth-

New Youth Advisor out West

Kia Ora Koutou katoa ko Ani Nock Toku Ingoa, and I am the newlyappointed Hamilton City Council Youth Advisor for the West Area of Hamilton. I was previously known to the community as the Western Stars Coordinator, which involved running the holiday programmes, sports programmes and after school programme for the Western Community Centre. You may have seen me around at local parks running the Western Stars After School Sports programme. I was born in Taranaki but moved to Hamilton in 1990. I have lived in Nawton for over 15 years and attend Hamilton’s Fraser High School. I have been heavily involved in the west community since I left High School working along side Neil Tolan, helping him out with organising events and programmes for our youth in the Area. I am heavily involved in Touch Rugby as it is my favourite pastime and also love all kinds of other sports. I really love this community and seeing our children grow into positive youth for the community. I very excited about my new role within the community, I am very keen to hear your views on our youth needs in the community and carry on the awesome work Neil has done for our community. You can contact me at the Western Community Centre. Tena koutou Katoa.


week, local youth-culture, and Hamilton, being a positive city for young people. The entry fee has remained at $5, to be inclusive of all, and positive youth-focussed information, food and refreshments will be available. Beat street promotes Breakdancing as positive physical activity for youth, and Graff/Street Art as a recognised contemporary art-medium to be encouraged and supported. Beatstreets are positive, safe and fun events celebrating youth, and produced by those who are active in modern Aotearoa youth culture. For more information contact Mike Rarere, 021-315469, or Email:

Youth Performers

Youth Performers - Nga Rangatahi at the Worlds held in Las Vegas late July. FDC - Supremacy (1st), Fearless It will be a very tough competition but (2nd) and FDC - Integrity (3rd) O Mana Motuhake Inc (NRoM) are a Society dedicated to encouraging NRoM has high expectations for crews Senior Qualifiers youth to participate and advance their around the Waikato and Bay of Plenty FDC and Elite skills through learning in dance with and will endeavour to support them as At present the society is looking a focus on Hip to increase its Hop. A dedicated membership and board of eight and looking at ways membership of to help fundraise 18 strive to help for events, find youth achieve mentors for new while maintaining crews and mentors a balanced life. to teach youth how NRoM with to mix music. over 50 volunteers, One thing on the recently held the Society’s wish list Inaugural Waikato/ is to have a multi BoP Dance purpose facility Champs. It was where we can have a sell out event programs to run Hip at the Clarence Hop/Street Dance Street Theatre. 11 Classes, Teach crews from round Graffiti ART, Teach the region who basics of mixing worked hard on The picture above feat music and DJ. ures FDC – Remix who placed 5th in the Varsity Section. putting together DVDs are available their routines and their own music, came much as possible should for sale of the Waikato/BoP Regional together in full force to show everyone they qualify for the Worlds. event and photos. exactly what they were made of. The qualifiers from the Waikato/BoP For more information contact Raelene The qualifiers from this competition Region are: Marsters:, or text head off to Nationals to compete against Juniors 027-489 5129. the countries finest at the Telstra Clear FDC XS (1st), FDC Minorz (2nd) Stadium on 19 April. This event will determine who gets to representAotearoa Varsity Division Western Community News - April 2008 

National Helping Hands Day

The Western Community Centre was one of several community organisations and schools that benefited from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints annual “National Helping Hands Day.” This is a day of service where church members, young and old, go out into their community and provide assistance as required. The Western Community Centre operates from two sites in Nawton, the new building at 46 Hyde Avenue and our Helping Hands Family Store at 108 Grandview Road. It was fortunate there were enough volunteers to work at both sites. The Centre grounds received a manicure and spruce up. The Helping Hands Family Store had the interior re-painted, the grounds tidied up and rubbish taken to the dump. The Kotahi Playgroup premises were also treated to a thorough spring clean, appropriately by one mother and children. Volunteers also helped Nawton Primary School paint the playground and equipment and tidied the grounds. Approximately 100 volunteers from the LDS Church were involved and helped our organisation. The Western Community Centre thanks all the volunteers that participated.

1 million in 60 minutes

Several schools in Hamilton have accepted the challenge to support the National Feet first week by participating in the 1 million steps in 1 hour contest. The aim of the challenge is to promote the benefits of walking, and to allow all students to have the opportunity to contribute to the Feet First week. Over 3,000 students will participate in the sixty minute challenge, and many enlisted the support of their parents and teachers to help add stepping points to their school’s efforts. Hamilton City Council School Travel Plan Coordinator Frances Nin states “The kids were AWESOME and completed the challenge beautifully.” The ultimate winners for the Primary sector were Aberdeen Primary School by taking 3,851,640 steps. Maeroa Intermediate won the Intermediate section with a whopping 3,000,012 steps. The schools have committed to the School Travel Plan programme, and ask you to keep an eye out for survey’s coming from the schools. The event has been led by HCC’s Travelwise team. For more information contact Frances Nin, Transportation Unit Hamilton City Council on 07-838 6535.

Community Organisations working with Families Many of our community organisations that provide essential services to families, children and young people will be getting a major funding boost following the Government funding plan announced in February. The new funding is worth $446 million over four years. I am particularly pleased that alongside the full funding for contracted essential social services there will be funding adjustments for volume increases and annual cost adjustment payments. These are very important as our local community groups who will benefit from this funding will no doubt have a bigger work load and it is great to see funding being provided for the inevitable increase of work through the new funding formula. The government recognises that our community organisations understand our community and the families who live here and they are most likely to be the first port of call for families

seeking help. Local services to benefit from the increased funding include Parenting programmes such as Barnardos and Family Works, womens’ refuges, victim support, family violence prevention and crisis programmes, budgeting services, mentoring programmes for young people and community programmes to address youth offending. It is good to see that as well as increased funding for services the new money will include training for staff, this is something that I believe is important and I look forward to the strengthening of community groups working closely with each other. Along with my government colleagues I am committed to seeing government have a genuine partnership with the sector giving them more certainty of funding and enabling them to plan ahead and making a real difference.

S.W.A.T. Pest Control

Robin and Bernadette Read-Bloomfield would like to announce that we are back in the Pest Control Industry after a short break. We are excited to be back but this time we have our own Company. Robin was previously the Manager of another Franchised Pest Control Company for almost four years and after he left them, they sold out to an American/British Company. S.W.A.T. Pest Control is totally KIWI, owned and operated by Robin and Bernadette. We come with heaps of experience and are fully licence under ERMA, the Government Controlling Authority. As before we offer a money back guarantee and our motto is if it’s not human we will deal with it for you, no problem. It is now the time that cockroaches, white tails, rodents and opossums look for a warm place to live for the winter so be aware. Flies should almost be gone for the winter but if you book in early you will miss the rush next summer. If you do not have a PEST CONTROL programme in place, please feel free to contact Robin or Bernadette for a FREE NO OBLIGATION quote or if you are in the  Western Community News - April 2008

commercial situation and would like a FREE audit of your current pest control programme to ensure you meet the strict health and safety requirements of your local Council please give me a call on 07-847 9763 fax/phone or send me an E-mail at

Realise your potential with positive Sexual Health Young people have heaps of things going on in their lives - so what happens when guys start checking you out, or you have these ‘feelings’ for someone and it’s pretty freaky, or your girlfriend wants to get ‘serious’ but you may not feel the same way? Louise (Rongowhakaata, Tuwharetoa) is the Service Co-ordinator for the Rangatahi Realising Their Potential with Positive Sexual Health Project. It is a Hauora Māori project set up to work alongside rangatahi (12-24 years) and their whānau, in collaboration with other services. Louise aims to provide non-judgmental support and advice to help you bring about positive sexual health. Louise is available – • To talk about things like: what does sexuality mean for you, getting to know what you want from a relationship – is it healthy or unhealthy?, and offering you some tools to help make positive choices about your sexual health; and • To support you if you would like to visit a nurse or doctor for sexual and reproductive health services from a provider of your choice. A possible initiative is to hold an out-reach clinic at the Western Community Centre. If you have any comments about this initiative, Louise is keen to hear from you. Rangatahi having an idea about what they want, what they need and knowing how to access the services that support their journey, is a move towards positive sexual health. If you would like to contact Louise, you can call her on 834 1285 or email . This service is totally confidential and there for you.

COMMUNITY PROFILE Rinaira Watene Ko Moehau te maunga Ko Waihou te awa Ko Tikapa te moana Ko Matai Whetu te marae Ko Marutahu te tangata Ko Rinaira Watene toku ingoa

Hey my name is Rinaira and I’m from the Centre of the Universe. I am currently completing my third year at Waikato University studying to be a Primary School Teacher. I will be completing my final practicum at Nawton Primary School

in term two and hopefully graduating in April 2009. I have been involved with Western Stars since 2003. In February 2008 we started an After School Care Programme of which I am the Supervisor. We have children from Nawton, Maeroa, Aberdeen and Fraser High School. We have loads of fun, cooking, playing sports and arts and crafts. Working with children is a great job and very rewarding. I like hanging out with my mates and whanau. If you see me around say “Hey!” Have fun, be safe and peace out.

Hamilton Zoo Day 2008 On Sunday 2 March, the Hamilton Dinsdale Lions Club, in association with Friends of the Zoo, Hamilton Zoo, and various sponsors, celebrated a long association with the Hamilton Zoo by holding their 12th annual Zoo Day for people with disabilities and their caregivers, families and whanau from the Waikato area. This annual event is eagerly looked forward to by all those attending, and we were lucky the forecast showers stayed away, enabling approximately 430 people to enjoy four hours of fun at the zoo. Thanks to sponsors such as the Dinsdale Hunting and Fishing club, Quality Bakers, Lolliholics, St John’s Health

Shuttle, Gilmours, Hot Shot Signs, Coolit Ice, and the Hamilton Zoo, those attending enjoyed refreshments, along with entertainment from the Paul Simon

Band and Mica the Clown. The Dinsdale Lions Club is also proud to be involved in the International Lions Clubs “Sight First” Project, that aspires to achieve “Vision for All” worldwide, to prevent the blind population from doubling from 37 to 74 million by the year 2020. New vision complications and eye diseases are emerging in addition to trachoma, a painful and potentially blinding disease. Through “Sight First” funding from Lions International, 7.3 million free sight restoring cataract surgeries have been conducted, and to date the loss of vision of 27 million people has been prevented. A fantastic result.

Midwifery Service at Western Community Centre Kia ora, my name is Les Mulligan (Te Kawariki Midwife) and I have been a midwife for 13 years. I did my training at Waikato Polytechnic which is now WINTEC. I am also a Registered Nurse. I am married and delivered all our mokopuna. We discuss at our Antenatal visits where woman would like to have their pepe. - Waterford Birthing Centre - Riverridge East Birthing Centre - Birthcare Huntly - Waikato Womens I also take Antenatal bloods and organise

scans for women if that is what they chose. I also have free pregnancy tests available and offer free pregnancy advice - which could be from nutrition to postnatal care. I currently run midwifery clinics from the Western Community Centre on Mondays and Waterford Birth Centre on Wednesday afternoons and Birthcare Huntly on Tuesdays and Thursdays. If you need any questions answered and for more information please contact me on 021 504739.

New Hamilton Active Living Project Co-ordinator

Get ‘out there and active’ with Sport Waikato Experienced Sport Waikato staff member Jen Riley has taken over as the Hamilton Active Living Coordinator as Sarah Prowse is on maternity leave. Jen has worked for Sport Waikato for over seven years on a number of different programmes and initiatives. The Hamilton Active Living Project started in July 2006 with funding from the Hamilton Local Management Group of Waikato Primary Health. Jen said the aim of the project is to help coordinate, promote and develop, active living options in Hamilton. “I’m looking forward to working in the Western Community to help coordinate a range of physical activity options, initiatives and projects to encourage people to embrace a healthier lifestyle,” she said. “The Hamilton Active Living Project aims to create more opportunities for people in the community to learn about physical activity and nutrition.” Jen will also be working with health providers, facilities and other organizations to promote activity options already available, as well as being available to work with the community to assist in developing new options to meet community needs. “As many people feel that it can be too expensive to participate in physical activity, I will be promoting low and no cost options. There are many free walking groups and low cost activities happening across Hamilton.” For more information on these activities, or if you would like to share your thoughts on other activities you would like to see happening, please contact Jen Riley on 07 838 2657 or Visit for more details on the Hamilton Active Living Project and options in your area.

Western Community News - April 2008 

Student Leadership – the Driving Force at Fraser Trent Salvatierra – Head Boy

Who would have thought four years could go so fast but here it is my last year of secondary education. I enjoy being a member of SAFE, SADD and the Peer Support programme. My goals for 2008 are to graduate with honours, pass Level 3 with Excellence and gain selection in the Hamilton under 19 Cricket team. In 2009 I will strive to attend Wintec to complete an Electrical Pre-apprenticeship. My role as Head Boy involves empowering my fellow students and along with my fellow Head students identify and nurture potential leaders for years to come. I am focused and committed to making a difference at Hamilton’s Fraser High in 2008.

Bridie Hood – Head Girl

My goals for 2008 are to pass NCEA Level 3 and graduate, to put more effort into my classes and school work and to leave my mark on the school. One thing I love about Fraser is the energy and passion staff and students alike have for this school. You feel like you’re really a part of something good! Within the school I participate in Senior Council, S.A.F.E and Peer Support as well as the big events of the year like the Ball and After Ball activities. I hope to achieve as a student leader, to build trust and unity within the students, to learn from my peers and to represent the school to the best of my ability.

Alex TarrantKeepa – Deputy Head Boy

Since enrolling at Hamilton’s Fraser High School late in Term 4, 2006 I have been given many opportunities to try out new things that are way out of my comfort zone. Some of these opportunities include a starring role in the 2007 school production “High School Musical” I played the role of Zeke and I also starred in this year’s production “The Little Shop of Horrors”. I was fortunate enough to be able to participate successfully in the AUT Dance and Performing Arts Certificate Programme in Auckland last year and was honoured to be asked to join an Auckland based Dance Company called “Torotoro”. I am privileged to have the role of Deputy Head Boy and believe with my bright and cheerful personality and the assistance of a great Senior Council, fellow students and a supportive staff ,2008 will be a great year.

Che Ly Deputy Head Girl

As I look back, moving fromAuckland to Hamilton was the greatest decision my family have made. From attending Maeroa to starting the great life at Fraser High, every year has been such a blessing and so awesome! I am a friendly student and in my spare time likes to paint or sit in the sun and read. My goal for 2009 is to attend Victoria University where I will be studying for a Bachelor of Architecture. It is a privilege to have been given the role of Deputy Head Girl and the opportunity to work with the Head students and Senior Council to ensure that all students will benefit from Fraser as much as I have, and to keep on helping make Fraser and our community better and better each day.

Arya Malek – Board of Trustees Student Representative

My goals for this year are to be able to maintain academic focus throughout the year as well as to contribute fully to Hamilton’s Fraser High School. I am involved in Senior Council, the Board of Trustees, Students Against all Forms of Exploitation (SAFE), Peer Support, Peer Mentoring and Peer Tutoring. I enjoy playing Soccer and Baseball and watching NBA Basketball. The thing I like about Fraser is the diversity of opportunities available, whether it is sporting, cultural or academic, Fraser has something for every student and this, combined with the unique teaching staff; makes Fraser a real extraordinary place.

Grant Davy – Deputy Head Boy – Arts

I am a keen patron of the Visual Arts. I study photography, design and fashion design at Hamilton’s Fraser High School which I am extremely passionate about, and also follow through with this in my spare time. I am honoured to be Arts Captain at Fraser, not only because I get to work with a great bunch of people, but because I enjoy the Arts and wish to share my passion with the rest of the student body, and remind them of the talent and futures that aspiring artists have, not only within the school, but within the community.

Gemma Collins – Deputy Head Girl – Arts

Having a passion is what drives us. My passion lies within

 Western Community News - April 2008

the Arts, and being Arts Captain of Hamilton’s Fraser High School is a title that I’m privileged to have and I carry it with pride. I’ve lived in Hamilton for two years and have attended Fraser High for only one and a half. My diligence and ability to get along with different types of people has aided me in the process of joining a new school half way through an NCEA year. I’m a well-rounded person with a balance of sporting, musical, academic and school commitments. I look forward to making the most of 2008!

Tracy Taylor – Deputy Head Girl – Sports

I am lucky to be one of Hamilton’s Fraser High School’s Sports Captains. I’ve spent all of my high school years at Fraser and loved every minute of it. Getting involved in all areas of the school community, including drama, arts, academics and of course sports, especially Soccer, Waterpolo, Tennis, Squash, Touch Rugby, Surfing and Skiing. Sport has always been a passion of mine right through my schooling years at Frankton Primary School and Maeroa Intermediate. I am honoured to share my passion with the students, staff and the community of Hamilton’s Fraser High School. 2008 is shaping up to be a great year for Fraser Sport and I hope that everyone gets involved for the ride to the top!

Andrew McLean – Deputy Head Boy – Sports

I have been a part of the Hamilton’s Fraser High School Community since beginning my third form year in 2004. I am an avid sportsman who enjoys all aspects of sports but my passion is Cricket and Hockey. I am privileged to have achieved some important milestones in my short sporting career and look forward to being a part of the wider Hamilton’s Fraser High School Community.

Octaves Ibounga – Deputy Head Boy – Cultural

Salut a tous, I am of Congolese descent and I am very proud to be one of the Cultural Representatives of Hamilton’s Fraser High School. I have been attending Hamilton’s Fraser High School since arriving in New Zealand in 2006. It was a big change for me coming to a new country, learning a new language and settling in this country was not an easy job for me. I did my best to try to communicate with New Zealanders and here I’m speaking my fifth language which I’m proud of. I am a

very friendly, approachable student who enjoys sports especially Soccer, cultural activities, the Arts and being a part of the Fraser Community.

Ruth Angai – Deputy Head Girl – Cultural

I am honoured to be one of our school’s Cultural Captains for this year. During my years at Hamilton’s Fraser High School I have enjoyed many of the things it has to offer, such as the Peer Support Programme, it has helped me to gain valuable skills such as confidence in myself. I hope to bring a positive change this year to our school through many ways but mostly with cultural awareness.

Iliesa Chapman – Pacific Island Representative

I was born in New Zealand and brought up in Niue. When I was 14, I spent a year in Fiji with my family and attended an all-boys Catholic High School. I then returned to Niue for a few weeks before moving to New Zealand, where I started Year 10 at Hamilton’s Fraser High. Back in Niue, the school I attended had a role of just over 100 students. It was quite a culture shock for me when I came to Fraser with a role of over 2000. I enjoy playing sports but my biggest passion is Rugby, I’m currently in the school’s 1st XV squad and we will be playing in an International Rugby festival in Christchurch in April. I am proud to be representing my Pacific Island brothers and sisters and I am looking forward to working together with the Senior Council members and staff this year. Fakaue Lahi

Atrayle Edwards – Year 12 Representative

I came to Fraser High in 2005 from Perth, Australia. It was an enormous change from my previous high school but luckily I had family attending Fraser that made my transition much easier. I’ve been involved in many sports, Peer Support, SAFE and LIFE committees and the Junior and Senior Councils since third form; but my passion lies within the Arts. Starring in this year’s production and directing Stage Challenge I find these the most time consuming yet I enjoy them the most. The friendly teachers, excellent facilities and just the overall sense of belonging are the things I love about Fraser. Its now 2008 and I’m proud to be one of the Year 12 representatives and look forward to working with students, staff and members of the HFHS community this year. continued on page 8

This year’s production, “Little Shop of Horrors” saw another talented cast from Fraser strut their stuff on stage. Stand out performances by Ferris Leilua as Seymour, Bernadette Grennell as Audrey and Atrayle Edwards as Mr Mushnik made for a very enjoyable and funny show. The music was great, and the lighting, costumes and set were amazing, especially the plant made by Weta Workshops in Wellington. Best of all however, the talented students at Fraser continue to be a an amazing group when it comes to the performing arts.

Western Community News - April 2008 

Fraser’s – Aspiring Leaders Rachel Boyes – Year 12 representative

This year, I intend to achieve level 2 NCEA to my full potential and to have a positive input to the Senior Council. As I am involved in Netball, Rowing, Badminton, Sports Council, Enrichment and Peer Support I wish to make the most of 2008. The thing I like about Fraser High is the community environment and the opportunities that are available to all students.

Nadine Botha – International Representative

I was born in South Africa and moved to New Zealand at the end of 2005. I love playing Tennis and have been playing for six years. I like being involved so I have joined SAFE, Peer Support, Peer Mentoring, the International Council, the Senior Council, the Cultural Council and the Te Arawa House Council. I am the oldest of three children and I’m a bit of a couch potato. My future dreams and prospects include going to University overseas and studying to become a doctor of medicine.

Grace Waters – Year 11 Representative

I feel privileged to be selected to be one of the Year 11 Representatives on the

2008 Senior Council. I enjoy being a part of all aspects of Hamilton’s Fraser High School and I see my role as being an observer and supporter in the goals that the Senior Council have set for 2008.

Freeman Lambert-Ehu – Year 11 Representative

I feel privileged to be selected to be one of the Year 11 Representatives on the 2008 Senior Council. I enjoy my academics studies, sports, cultural activities and being an active part of the Fraser High community. I see my role as being an observer and supporter in the goals that the Senior Council have set for 2008.

Justine Kennedy – Deputy Head Girl – Te Arawa House

My schooling started at Aberdeen Primary, then I went to Maeroa Intermediate and of course, I’m now at Hamilton’s Fraser High! Throughout my years at Fraser, I have enjoyed being in the Enrichment Programme. A horserider from a young age, I have ridden in the school’s Equestrian Team since Year 9. Other hobbies of mine are running, writing and reading. This year is a great opportunity for me to learn leadership and communication skills, and to get to know more people around the school. I look forward to a fun and energetic 2008!

A Winning Start for In-line Hockey

Even with the delay in getting their new shirts the three Fraser In-line Hockey teams have started off the term well. The Cavaliers have won all their games putting themselves in first place in the 1st Division and playing off for 1st and 2nd against Hamilton Boys High School. The White team also won all their games and is coming first in their pool. They are playing against Hamilton Christian School on Thursday evening. Even though most of the players in the Blue team are new to the School League, they have won half of their games. They have done really well representing their school.

All games are played at the Hamilton Devils In-line Hockey Club in Sunshine Ave on a Thursday evenings. Any Fraser students interested in playing Inline Hockey for Fraser next term please contact the sports office. The Coach and Manager, Warren and Sheryl Swetman, would like to thank all their players and especially the parents of players for their support and hope they continue playing next term. Anyone interested in playing League for the Hamilton Devils In-line Hockey Club this season, please contact any club member for further information or email John on jvjclear@slingshot.

 Western Community News - April 2008


James Mellsop – Deputy Head Boy – Aotea House

I am proud to be the 2008 Aotea House Captain. I look forward to setting and achieving goals that I have set for myself over this year. With the help of family, teachers and fellow students I know that 2008 will be an awesome year for Aotea House.

Amelin Madjou – Deputy Head Boy – Mataatua House

I am of Congolese descent and I am very proud to be the Mataatua House Deputy Head Boy. I have been attending Hamilton’s Fraser High School since arriving in New Zealand in 2006. I am a very friendly, approachable student who enjoys sports, cultural activities, the Arts, especially playing the piano and being a part of the Fraser Community.

Laura Evelyn – Deputy Head Girl – Tainui House

I came from the average sized primary school of Vardon and then went on to Maeroa Intermediate.

Going to a High School with nearly 2000 students was nerve wracking. Now that I am in my final year it seems a life time ago. To get a Head student role in my last year at Fraser is an honour. My long term goal since Year 10 was to become Tainui House Captain, I have now achieved it! Being Tainui House Captain does not only mean I get to work alongside great students but fantastic staff as well. My goals for Tainui this year is to try and get everyone participating, have fun and win the House Cup!

Megan Lucas – Deputy Head Girl – Tokomaru House

I am so stoked to be the Captain of the greatest House this year, Tokomaru! My entire high school years have been spent at Hamilton’s Fraser High School and I have always aspired to follow in the footsteps of both my sisters by becoming the Tokomaru House Captain. My schooling journey began at Frankton Primary School then on to Maeroa Intermediate and finally to Fraser. I have become involved in many activities throughout the school including Sports, Art and Dance. In my last year, here at this awesome school I will be striving to fulfil my dreams and goals, one of these is to be the winning house for 2008. Go Tokomaru!!

More New Staff in 2008

Sonny Baylis – Social Sciences

I was born in Cedar City, Utah, raised in the Salt Lake City area and graduated from West Jordan High School (3,000 plus students in years 10, 11 and 12 only). I graduated from Western New Mexico University in Silver City, New Mexico (home of Billy the Kid!) with a Bachelor of Arts in English with minors in History, Spanish, and Sport (basketball mostly, which I played all through school). After graduating, I served a mission for my church in Fiji, where I spent a year and a half and loved it! Returning to the states, I did a post-Bachelor teaching certification at Southern Utah University and taught for my first year at Spanish Fork Junior High teaching Year 9 and 10 English. I then moved schools to be nearer my family and taught at Snow Canyon Junior High in St. George, Utah. I then met Wiremu, got married and moved to New Zealand where I’ve lived for nearly three years. I’ve been working at a Hamilton call centre as a trainer

before coming back to my first love which is teaching at the junior high level.

Lorena Strother – English

I have been teaching English for a number of years and although this is my first full year at Hamilton’s Fraser High School, I have done some work as a relief teacher during the last two years. My present teaching position has been an interesting change from St Paul’s College, where I taught as the Assistant HOD of English.

Suzie Coad – Science

I am teaching senior Physics and Y9 Electronics this year which is my first at Fraser. My interests mostly revolve around my two children: Lucy who is nearly 6 and Jack who is 3. In my spare time I love gardening, knitting and sewing. At Fraser I am looking forward to teaching hard working students and exploring all the interesting practical equipment in the E4 prep room!

Excellent Scholarship Achievers – Top In New Zealand

Three student Super Achievers from Amir belongs to an elite group of Finalist Weekend. The most striking thing for Amir Hamilton’s Fraser High School excelled student scholars, the top 3% of New Amir really liked the campus and was the racial diversity of not only the by achieving the highest accolades for Zealand. He was offered Scholarship enjoyed his host, Dan, another New campus but the city itself. their 2007 Scholarship places at the Zealand Amir’s classmate studies. University of Scholar. Kadin Prideaux, received 2007 Year 13 students, North Carolina Another a Scholarship position at Amir Malek, Kadin at Chapel feature of the Corenell University in the Prideaux and Luke Bjerring, Hill, Corenell University Amir States. surpassed the majority of University, noted was the Luke Bjerring, who New Zealand students who Princeton fact that Duke was named joint dux with sat Scholarship exams. University, was not only Amir, is attending Waikato Fraser’s Head of Science, Stanford academic but University studying Peter Hampton, said the University also athletically Computer Science and three boys are outstanding and Duke or Sports Chemistry. Amir Malek Kadin Prideaux Luke Bjeering in their fields: Science and University focussed. Amir All three young men Mathematics. in the United States. He accepted the attended a few rallies where he got to are further inspiration to the students at Between them, they sat 12 US$300,000 scholarship position at meet and speak to Chelsea Clinton. He Hamilton’s Fraser High because of the scholarship exams in NCEA and as a Duke University and was flown to the was interested in the Gothic architecture immense hard work and sacrifice they result of their exceptional achievements States by the Scholarship Sponsor, of the university and was impressed with endured to achieve excellence in their they were accepted into the universities Julian Robertson. He then travelled the capacity of the modern facilities fields. We wish them all the best for of their choice. by private jet to Duke Campus for the offered to students. success in their future studies.

Great Student Involvement in Athletic Sports

It was a fantasic day for Athletic Sports and the students got involved right from the start. The competition it was close, with Mataatua running out the final winners with the House point as follows: Aotea 5th – 469, Tokomaru 4th – 511, Te Arawa 3rd – 557, Tainui 2nd – 590 and Mataatua 1st – 600 points.

Fraser’s Competitive Edge at Western Heights Tournament

On 4 – 6 April, Sport@fraser sent seven sports teams to the 2008 Western Heights High School pre-season winter sports tournament in Rotorua. 47 schools from as far north as Kerikeri to Wellington participated in 17 different codes. The Fraser High teams entered this year were the Senior A Netball team, 1st XV Rugby, U16 Rugby, A1 boys Basketball, Junior boys Basketball, 1st XI Hockey boys and girls. Teams travelled down daily, some leaving as early as 6.30am to attend their first games. Coaches and parents saw this tournament as a great opportunity to prepare their teams for the secondary school competitions in each of these sporting codes. Making new friends and forming relationships with other schools was very evident. Considering this is our school’s first year entering this tournament, the results were outstanding. Senior A Netball girls were placed runners up with a Taonga, winning seven of their eight games, losing the final by four goals.

1st XV Rugby won one of their three matches, losing to Auckland Grammar first up, beating Hato Paora 24-22 in their second game and then losing their third game to the host school. The A1 Boy’s Basketball team played national champions St Patrick’s Wellington and lost by 19. The second game against St John’s Hamilton, went into overtime losing by one point on the final buzzer. The third game against Westlake Boys’, they won by 24 and the final game against Kelston, they won 89-45. Junior Boys’ Basketball won three of their matches, losing the semi-final game by a narrow margin. 1st XI Hockey boys and girls had good results with wins and losses for both teams. A huge thank you to the coaches, managers and teaching staff for their time and effort put into the tournament. We are looking forward to the 2009 competition. Western Community News - April 2008 

If you’re looking for something exciting to do with your children during the School Holidays Tuesday 29 April is the date for our amazing Blending Families Event at the Western Community Centre, 46 Hyde Avenue from 10.00 am to 2.00 pm. For more information phone 07 847 4873.

hosts a Playgroup every Tuesday during term times at 9.30am till 11.30am. This is a very informal group that offers support for the parents/caregivers as well as the children. The Sportsdrome has a good all weather fully fenced play area as well as plenty of inside room for when the weather is bad. At this stage parents/caregivers bring morning The Knit and Natter group will continue tea for their children and themselves. The to meet at the Western Community Centre, “House” provides the refreshments. Cost 46 Hyde Avenue, Nawton on Wednesdays $2.50 per session or $20 per term. from 10am – 12noon starting 7th May 2008. Everyone is welcome to come and share their Salvation Army Family Store corner Te talents and moments of creativity. There are Rapa Rd and Garnett Avenue no set tasks, nor targets to meet as the idea Church service held every Sunday at 10.30 of the group is to be doing whatever they like. am, Shared lunch held the first Sunday of Come and meet new friends. Please phone each month Leanne at 07 849 9391 for any queries. Music and movement every Tuesday at 9.30 am and 10.30 am The Pukete Neighbourhood House Grandview Family Toy Library is open

on Wednesdays and Saturdays 9.30 am to 11.30 am Bible Study every Wednesday 7.30 pm Youth group activities every Thursday night Play group every Friday mornings from 9.30 am Relate for women - held monthly Reload for men - held monthly For more info contact Shar on 07 846 3336


STREET, DINSDALE, HAMILTON – PHONE/ FAX 07 847 2998 – email : crosslight@xtra. OP SHOP – great bargains – open Mon-Fri 9am-4pm. UPRIGHT AND ACTIVE exercise group in conjunction with Sport Waikato – held Wednesdays at 10.30 a.m. in West Hamilton

Anglican church hall, Rifle Range Road – focuses on strength and balance – exercise to music and at your own pace - $3 per session. OVER 60’S GROUPS AND CAFÉ PROGRAMME; SUPPORT FOR DEAF AND HEARING IMPAIRED; COUNSELLING AND FOODBANK. If you want any further information about any of our services, please feel welcome to contact us by phone, fax, email, or call in to see us.

Social Volleyball - played evrey Monday

night during school terms at Te Rapa Sportsdrome, Church Rd, Pukete. Grades for teams from beginners to guns. Cheaper fees for school student teams. Contact Dave on 021-477 388, or email volleyballwaikato@ for enquiries & entries.

Opposition Leader at Rhode St School Greetings from Methodist City Action Pupils at Dinsdale’s Rhode Street School gave National Party leader John Key and Hamilton West candidate Tim MacIndoe a warm welcome to their school on Monday 7 April. Speaking at the school assembly, Mr Key praised the school’s recent initiatives, including the “phone home good news” programme, that is helping to lift achievement, pride and self-esteem. Principal Shane Ngatai told the children and staff that they may have been addressed by New Zealand’s next Prime Minister and invited Mr Key to return to the school when he holds that office. After the assembly, Mr Key and Mr MacIndoe were taken on a tour of some of the school’s facilities, including the hydroponics site and new kitchen, and dropped in on young broadcasters in full flight. “The DJs are amazing,” said Tim

MacIndoe, “and definitely have a great career ahead on local airwaves. Tune in to Rhode St 98.3FM!” The school visit was the first activity in a busy morning of engagements in Hamilton West for Mr Key, which also included an inspection of the V8s track, a meeting on site with the proud owner of a new home in Nawton that has been built by local organisation Habitat for Humanity, and a factory opening in Te Rapa. Mr MacIndoe said that he had aimed to give his party leader “a thorough taste of all things Hamilton”. “John was very impressed with the energy and enthusiasm of everyone he met,” said Tim MacIndoe. “He’ll be back.” Photo by Jenny Kain: John Key and Tim MacIndoe admire the skills of DJ Kayden Lilley on Rhode St 98.3FM during their recent visit to Rhode Street School.

With 2008 well underway, MCA is back into familiar routines. And, partly in response to the whopping cost of living increases of the last 12 months, we’re strengthening our existing essential services, while using our community development approach to develop new programmes. We continue to provide a community meal each Monday at noon, foodbank access, showers, support to emergency accommodation and advocacy. MCA’s low-cost computer education courses, taught in a professional setting, are continually popular. There are courses available for individuals with community services cards, along with Supernet (for over 55s) and free open learning sessions. We also offer training courses and IT support to facilitate capacity building within the Notfor-Profit sector. Participants who attend these courses gain skills to confidently use information technology, taking their personal or professional work to new level. In partnership with Sports Waikato we

are currently running Cook Smart classes; a fun 6 week course for individuals to want to learn how to cook nutritious meals while on a tight budget. Our Move to Music (low impact aerobics), Team Sports (badminton, volleyball and table tennis) and CHOICES Healthy Lifestyles programmes are as popular as ever with our fantastic, energetic facilitators, Louisa and John. Look to us for our upcoming Diversity workshop series, Matariki activities and celebrations for our 25th anniversary later in the year. Please contact us at 839 3917 or email for more information.

and partly funded by NZ On Air to provide a forum for free speech in any language. “Access radio is by, for and about people like you or me, and represents voices that are not often heard from in mainstream media,” explains Phil Grey. To find out more about developing your own Access radio show visit the Community Radio Hamilton website, or telephone 07 834 2170. The station also promotes community information for free. Tune in on 106.7FM (Hamilton City), 1206AM (Waikato-wide), or online and on-demand (around the world) at

Above (From left): Yong-Le Chong, Phil Grey, Xiyao Chen and Chong Feng with an ancient Chinese guzheng instrument at Community Radio Hamilton’s open day.

Access Radio Opens Doors Community Radio Hamilton’s Open Day was a huge success as guests enjoyed entertainment, ethnic food, giveaways and a chance to discover the world of Access Radio. The aim of the day was to allow the public to find out how easy it is to exercise their right to free speech – in any language on Community Radio Hamilton. If you missed the Open Day, you haven’t missed your chance to become a voice for your community! “People are always welcome to approach us if they are interested in becoming a volunteer broadcaster. We always operate an open door

policy, and aim to make it easy enough so that anyone, in any language, can get involved in access radio,” explains Community Radio Hamilton’s general manager Phil Grey. Make your voice heard on Community Radio Hamilton and join the station’s team of 120 volunteer broadcasters creating radio by, for, and about their culture, interests, and beliefs. Every week the station broadcasts 100 different radio shows in more than fifteen languages, covering a diverse range of subjects including politics, health and disability issues, and youth affairs. As an Access radio station, Community Radio Hamilton is governered by a not-for-profit trust,

10 Western Community News - April 2008


Sunil Mehra, known by locals as “Sunny”, has opened the Best Fresh fruit and vegetable shop, at the NewNawton Mall in Nawton.

A Young Volunteer

Ilaisaane Mills is a student at Maeroa Intermediate and volunteers after school and in the school holidays at the Western Community Centre. Ilaisaane helps Anita on reception, answering the phone when Anita is busy, inputting mail, photocopying, resource making and computer work. Ilaissane also helps other staff at the Centre with any tasks they may need help with including shopping at the supermarket, delivering printing, unlocking and locking cupboards and general duties on demand. She likes going to the pools, to the movies, bike riding and being with her father Ray. The staff at the Western Community Centre are proud to be involved in child and youth development and mentoring. WCC Manager Nicki Spring believes Ilaisaane will go a long way in whatever she chooses to pursue as she is very polite, highly motivated and a multi-skilled young lady – and she’s only 11 years old! Ilaisaane is a real joy to be around and we are lucky that she is keen to be involved. She is a great role model to the younger children that come into the Centre and she’s pretty sharp on the computer too!” Way to go Ilaisaane!

Sunny used to supply the Western Community Centre Vege Co-op three years ago, but stopped as a supplier to take on the role of Produce Manager at New World. Sunny is back in Nawton and opened the Best Fresh store on the 01 February and offers a huge range of fresh and delicious fruit and vegetables at great prices.

In March the Western Community Centre Vege Co-op welcomed Sunny back as the supplier of the WCC Fruit and Vege packs. The WCC Vege Co-op packs are available for order through reception at Western Community Centre. Orders are taken up to 4pm Wednesday and are available for collection at the Western Community Centre every Thursday morning or you can come on down to NewNawton Mall. Check out the new Best Fresh shop and buy direct from Sunny.

New Western Stars Coordinator

Neighbourhood Advisor moved to Te Rapa Sportsdrome

Hey I’m Danielle Sinclair, Western Stars new Coordinator. I attended the holiday programme when I was 10 and then when I became too old for the programme I decided to give back to the community and became a junior leader. I was a junior leader for 4 years then became a supervisor. I also did, Western Stars’ sports programme that was place at our local parks. May last year I was proudly presented with the Manaakitanga Award at the Recognys Youth Awards for all my involvement and volunteering within the community. I’m looking forward to all the new challenges that will be coming my way. I previously went to Hamilton’s Fraser High School. I’m looking forward to meeting all the parents and youth in this community. I hope I can follow in Ani’s foot steps and continue the great work she did for the community centre. I am very approachable so if you have any questions come see me.

A lifetime experience 2008 has been a very busy year for The Salvation Army. We began with an International Youth Conference being held at our very own Waikato University 22 – 25 January. The conference, entitled “Make Change” saw over 700 young people from countries such as Fiji, Tonga, America, Canada, Australia, Bermuda, Hawaii and New Zealand, gather together for a week of inspirational teaching about how we can change the world. There was a Pacific 7’s touch competition, live concerts each night, and much craziness taking place. On the

Thursday night we took up an offering to support youth work initiatives in Fiji and Tonga and $16,500 was raised. This then meant that as part of Friday morning a haircut took place. I had pledged that if the offering reached a target of $10,000 I would shave my hair off. So after 20 years of having long hair, off it came. It was a great way to start the year. The first weekend in April saw The Salvation Army celebrate 125 years of mission and ministry in New Zealand with a special weekend of celebrations held in Dunedin (the launching place in 1883). The theme was Freedom,

Bula Vinaka my name is Jenny Nand, and I am the Neighbourhood Advisor from Hamilton City Council. I have been in this position for two years; previously I was based at Hamilton East but have recently moved to North Hamilton based at Te Rapa Sportsdrome. I am passionate about community development. Community Development is about working together and helping each other develop strong, healthy communities by applying the knowledge, strength and skills that already exist in our community. My key responsibility as the Neighbourhood Advisor is to provide information, advice, support to foster strong community participation and encourage better understanding between council and community. Part of what I can assist you with includes: Advice, advocacy, assistance with funding applications, building/maintaining relationships, consultation, facilitation of meetings, networking, people’s participation, resources and information support in setting up a group/project. If you’re working on a project or community initiative and would like some assistance, please contact me on (07) 8496458 & 021315472 or email jenny.nand@hcc.

and Salvationists and friends were encouraged to continue to seek freedom for those held captive by addictions, circumstance, injustices and personal pain. Our mission of Caring for People, Transforming lives and Reforming Society continues to be our focus all these years later. The Salvation Army in Grandview is committed to fulfilling that mission here in our community seeing each member of our community living with a real sense of freedom. Shar Davis Western Community News - April 2008 11

Waikato’s YOUTHWEEK Whaia Te Ara Tika – (WTAT) aka Dub Tat Hip Hop youth development programme

Te Ahurei a Rangatahi: Synergy and Ahurei Phat Krew Support Whaimarama Youth Connex Groups Dance Party Whaimarama Idol Date: Friday 30th May Venue: Celebrating Age Centre, 7pm – 12pm Dub Tat is a FREE Hip Hop education programme for young people 14 years upwards. Registrations a

$5 entry fee includes a free ride home Date: Friday 2nd May Time: 9:30am – 12:00pm - Auditions Live DJ, entertainment and hot food For more information contact Shanara Wihongi PH: 07 838 3013 Finals: 2:00pm – 4:00pm Venue: Whaimarama Youth Connex, For more information Whaanau Pack Launch Te Ahurei a Rangatahi Graffiti Art Exhibition: Beatstreet 2008 Phone 838 2558 Date: Wednesday 28th May So you think you can Graff? 6 pm Friday May 2 @ The Meteor Theatre. 1 Victoria St Hamilton – $5 Entry. Time: 7:30am – 9:00am Under 18 and Over 18 Venue: Waikato Stadium March 21 – May 2: Exhibition at Council building, Floor 1 Garden A Celebration of positive Aotearoa HipHop Place Featuring; For more information contact Hilary Karaitiana Ph: 07-878 6704 May 3: Ultimate Auction night with live entertainment. Entry Performances by 4Corners, Kerb & Juse, Funk Village, Kata, and forms available at Te Ahurei a Rangatahi, 46 Beryce st, Floor 1 DJ Spel. B-boy and B-girl Battles. Graffiti Art Exhibition. For more information contact Shanara Wihongi, PH 07-838 3013 For more information contact Mike Rarere 021-315 469. Waikato Institute for Leisure and Sport Studies

necessary as places a limited. Dates: Monday 28th April – Friday 2nd May Times: 9:00am – 3:00pm Venue: Enderley Park Community Centre For more information contact Mahuru Robinson ph: 07-838 6735 Mob: 021-201 8144

Hauraki Youth Fest

YouthFlava @ Waikato Hospital

Encouraging young people in hospital to express themselves through art work on canvas, lyrics or poetry. For more info contact Ruth Choudharey 021-677 209, Sue Griffin 021-359 253, Andrea Mockford 021-359 580

Primal Youth Church Every Thursday evening 7:30-9pm Age: high school and up, 45 King St, Frankton. For more information contact Robbie Francis

Are you ready for LIVE LARGE April 2008?,… LIVE LARGE is all about growth – growth in confidence, self belief learning and motivation. We are offering your 11 – 13 year old the chance to experience challenging activities during the April school holidays. For more information contact the WILLS team 07-839 9908

Date: Saturday 31st May Time: 1:00pm – 5:00pm Venue Thames Civic Centre For more information contact Tania Young Ph: 07 868 5375, Mob: 021-902 491


n e l B d

s ilie

Fam d e

t n e Ev

Maxine Horscroft Residential Sales Consultant Mobile: 021 629 469 After Hours: 847 6165 Office: 847 0919 Email:

If you’re looking for something exciting to do with your children during the School Holidays Tuesday 29 April is the date for our amazing Blending Families Event at the Western Community Centre, 46 Hyde Avenue from 10.00 am to 2.00 pm. The purpose of this event is to strengthen families whilst in a blended family, providing them with information, options and resources. This event will give awareness to families by offering positive guidelines while facing challenges in a blended family. It will provide practical components and solutions to support families to grow healthy relationships between parents, step parents, children, step children, grandparents and step-grandparents. The event will include practical ideas and hands on activities for you to participate in. Treasure hunt, children’s

portraits, puppet show ‘Bruce’ tells his stories, creative art components, DVD’s presentation, family goal setting, cultural food tasting, DIY lessons in creating magic step family relationships and much more. It’s an interactive and exciting day for any one who is interested in nurturing the connection whilst living in a blended family. Come along with your children and enjoy our spot prizes, free sausage sizzle, face painting and food tasting. The new initiative is co-ordinated by Hamilton City Council Neighbourhood Advisor working in collaboration with Te Runanga O Kirikiriroa, Western Community Association, Family Start, Salvation Army, Work and Income Dinsdale, Community Representative and Barnardos. For more information you can contact Ioana Tolofua on 07-847 4873.

MARTIN GALLAGHER MP for Hamilton West Electorate Office: 487 Anglesea Street Phone: 838 3033 Fax: 838 3083 Postal: P O Box 19-183, Hamilton 12 Western Community News - April 2008


WCN34 April08  
WCN34 April08  

West Hamilton Pharmacy Thrush – common but easily-treated Issue No.34 (April 2008) Delivered to 18,000 homes throughout Hamilton’s western s...