Western Community Centre Annual Report

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The Western Community Centre


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hours of after tonne school of snow care arrived at




Radio shows produced




Tai Chi Visits

38 Youth


western brotherhood & Fabulosity

684,000 Western




weeks of holiday programmes

4,000+ 346 bags of fruit and

attended veggies packed Western Wheels Families Supported Course

Community Newspaper

pages printed



17 2,104 Fruit Trees

planted Homes 308 Planted

Western Wheels Courses


Sunflower, pumpkin and bean seeds distributed 2



"In our hectic, fast-paced, consumer-driven society, it's not uncommon for people to feel overwhelmed, isolated, alone, and even alienated. Many are re-discovering the healing and empowering role that community can bring to our lives. The sense of belonging we feel when we make the time to take an active role in our communities can give us a deeper sense of meaning and purpose.� ~ Robert Alan Silverstein


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You are here Our Fantastic Funders Chairperson Board & Staff TJ Jenkins - one of our awesome volunteers! Manager Administrator Finance Administrator and Venue Admin Funding Coordinator & Intern Youth Worker Services Coordinator Whanau Support Worker Talented Tamariki Youth Development Worker Holiday Programme Coordinator After School Coordinator & Staff After School Children Community Feedback Western Community News Where our cash comes from How we spend the cash Our Venue Users Courage Counselling & Justice of the Peace #Better Work Stories Solar System Project Fruit Trees in Homes Events Home Safety Village Fair Treats in the Park Scooter Comp Tea Party Waitangi Day Chill in the Park Kaivolution Some of our unique services Our little playhouse Some cool pics An ad to help us get some cash A very cool quote that helps us do what we do The back page

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Norah Howell Charitable Trust Page Trust Gallagher Charitable Trust Tindall Foundation Waikato WDFF Karamu Trust Tidd Foundation Vehicle Import Direct Jefferies Nock & Associates Western Community Newspaper Advertisers Thanks to all those community members that come into the centre and make financial donations, or donate materials, items, clothing and most importantly give time.



Our Mission is to create opportunities and provide support that enhances the holistic well-being of the people in our community.

thank you

Jamie toko Chairperson

Kia ora everyone Nau mai haere mai. Welcome to our 2016 Annual General Meeting. Welcome to all distinguished guests, members of the community and our Funders. Firstly, I would like to thank Neil, our staff, our many volunteers and the Western Community Association Board for all their efforts and hard work that have contributed to the success of our Centre this year. We are aware our services and initiatives are a valuable asset within the western community and provide positive activities for parents and their children. The late nights and long weekends do not go unnoticed. Thank you. I would also like to thank our many Funders for their continued financial contribution to the Centre, Hamilton City Council, Ministry of Social Development, Trust Waikato, Lion Foundation, just to name a few. Without this funding it would be very difficult to deliver these services and activities. The funding from the WEL Energy Trust has not only supported the operations and administration but it has also contributed to the installation of Solar panels and the redecorating of some of our venue rooms making the venue more welcoming and affordable. Thank you. For many families, sustaining an affordable income often requires both parents working which leaves their children in a vulnerable position of care. The Centre takes a responsible attitude toward caring for children during these times by providing after school care and holiday programmes. The Centre will always be available for anyone in the community to drop in and have a chat with one of our staff members or just to have a conversation over a cup of tea. We don’t turn anyone away. Treats in the Park, Waitangi Day, Chill in the Park are just a few of the exciting activities that we have run for families and their children, a safe, affordable and fun environment. Thank you to all the volunteers that helped planting our latest batches of fruit trees in the community, well done. I particularly enjoy watching our local children enjoying the fruit from previous plantings, and we are now beginning to see those benefits. Well done Neil and the team. With a steady increase in our budget and the demand on the venue and venue hire which has increased substantially; it is evident that we have out grown the building in its current capacity. The challenge and priority is to seek funding for an extension to the existing building. I would appreciate the support of our current funders and community to assist in the planning of an additional facility. We do require help for this venture. I welcome new and existing members on to the Board because our “Project B Building extension� will be a major focus for the New Year and will require robust discussion and planning. A Constitution and Policy review will also be a key focus. In closing, once again, I have thoroughly enjoyed this year on the Board working for the Community. Thank you again to Neil, WCC Staff, HCC Staff, our volunteers and the WCA Board. Kia Kaha, Kia Maia, Kia Manawanui. Tena koutou, tena koutou, kia ora tatou katoa. Nga mihi nui Jamie Toko JP WCA Chairperson


board members

Jamie Toko

Dave Macpherson

Pare Ruha




Bill Rees

Wendy Katipo




staff members Aileen Rangi - Whaikawa - Mills Karina Cootes

whanau support worker

Max Coyle


Neil Tolan Joan Marshall Nathan Morgan Ngahuia Fox

funding coordinator

youth development worker

financial administrator

James Shepherd

financial administrator

western stars holiday programme coordinator

Anaru Terry Reegan Tata


western stars holiday programme staff

Vicky Rush Trish Terry

services co-ordinator

western stars holiday programme staff

after school care coordinator & western wheels facilitator

Sangeeta Cherrington Cameron Simmons

after school care & holiday programme

after school care & western wheels facilitator

Tina Tanoa

western stars holiday programme staff

(resigned June 2016)


Our awesome volunteer TJ Jenkin I’m no great shakes at writing reports, but if you put yourself on the line who knows what will happen. January this year I asked Aileen if the Centre needed a volunteer, “ Can you garden?” she asked. I replied “I have a bit of a garden at home” not wanting to make a big commitment straight away, haha!!
 Next day I arrived and was shown around and met Max and Neil and some of the others and set off to look at the gardens and what might need doing straight away. This happened to be a fair bit of sweeping and general tidying as just about every day the birds got busy early in the morning tossing bark and anything I planted. Some people thought I was a PD worker, as I was helping with the sweeping and picking rubbish up etc. 
 After some time I started noticing little things inside that needed doing like the dishes that visitors left and staff never had time to do, so having a big family it was no big deal to just do it, the staff are grateful. Next I started to get more plants potted up for the little “give a gold coin table“, then I found an old whiteboard on which I wrote about our worm farm and that we have tiger worms for sale. There is so much that goes on at the Centre; Fruit and Vege Day where a lovely bunch come in and in no time have up to 60 or so $10 Vege packs, bagged and sorted and ready to be picked up. I make sure that their wellearned morning tea is set out, I join them for a coffee and a friendly chat. I wash tea towels, empty rubbish, wipe surfaces, vacuum or whatever I am asked to do or whatever I see needs to be done. Then there are the over 60’s monthly luncheons and twice yearly bus trips, which I attend and thoroughly enjoy. I helped out at Chill in the Park, helping the girls make Candy Floss and it was a great success. They made a good sum of money, which was on top of the hard work. For the Sirst few months I did not have a car and they always offered to give me a lift if I needed it. I also like to praise and encourage the PD workers who come in to do their hours. I’ve taught a young boy how to make an apple pie and to knit and started a piece of knitting which sits on the staff table for anyone who wants a go. 
 Autumn and Winter have come with all the messy leaves and rain, Spring is on its way. I’m now busy with seeds and cuttings for Spring, hoping to encourage new gardeners with cheap plants. The Centre is always being donated clothes , toys , food, you name it, most of it soon Sinds a home which is great, nobody needs to go without. I sort and fold to keep it looking its best. Being a volunteer is a free choice and that freedom to choose to be there or not and that is what gives me the energy to do the things in my own time and way. Thanks to all the lovely staff members who let me be myself. T.J.

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Neil Tolan Manager

I am a huge fan of this quote as everyday at the centre I see the many opportunities that take place for our community and myself included to do, to be, to become and to belong. It’s an incredible place and as you will see throughout this report when a community comes together great things happen! Services We now have 72 unique services with the addition of 12 new initiatives this year. The centre supports and collaborates with many of these services through the provision of space, advice, promotion, referral and practical help. Venue 115 community groups, clubs, organisations, schools and churches plus 56 family events/ gatherings used our venue during the year. Financial donations to our centre not only assist the community centre but are contributing towards all our venue users with the venue charge structures being kept at an affordable level. The centre also support a large number of users at a heavily discounted or at no cost. There are now days/evenings during the week when we run out of space because of this high level of community involvement and engagement. Growth in Hamilton Hamilton’s growing population continues to place an ever increasing demand on centre services, allocation of staff and resources. With our major funding streams remaining static for some time our capacity is being stretched and tested. Holiday Programme Funding Over the past 3 years we have seen the MSD OSCAR grant funding system change and Hamilton City Council disestablishing its holiday programme fund. This has brought about a drastic decrease in the base funding to operate our 8 weeks of programmes. To meet the costs of the programme we will have little option but to increase our fees. Whilst this will have no major effect on parents who are eligible for the oscar subsidy it does put the programme out of reach a large number of children whose parents are not working or in full time study. For over 30 years the centre has been able to provide fun holiday programmes for all children at an affordable cost to families. I continue to meet many children who are now adults who state that these programmes were significant experiences and memorable moments for their childhood. My hope is that this funding structure will change to be able to keep these programmes financial viable and accessible to all children. To our chairperson and board, Thank you to our chairperson Jamie Toko who has been a fantastic support to me throughout the year. I really appreciate the direction you provide the centre and your ongoing willingness to assist with advice and practical support is a huge help. Thank you to each board member for your support, encouragement, advice and guidance. I have enjoyed working with you all and you always keep our board meetings fun, valuable and good times. To our funders and supporters, It has been great to have a number of funders visit with us throughout the year. Thank you for partnering with us financially to provide the services and programmes that we strongly believe are making a real positive difference in this community. To our staff and volunteers, Thank you for your commitment and dedication to helping make our part of Hamilton a great place for our families. Thank you for for helping the centre run smoothly and making it a very fun and rewarding place to work. Throughout the year we have an amazing team of over 300 volunteers who assist the centre in a wide range of ro les. We couldn’t do what we do without th em! Thank you!



Max Coyle Administrator

Naku te rourou nau te rourou ka ora ai te iwi What a wonderful, supercagifragilisticexpialidocius year in the West! Watching the growth of the Centre and the growth in bookings has been inspiring. The amount of days every week where its hard to find a carpark, every room is booked and the Centre is alive all day has doubled. Non stop all day is how its been for some time!

We’ve had some amazing volunteers in this last year who have really helped us along and we’re so thankful to them. Special thanks to TJ who has not only transformed our gardens and our seedling garden area, washed the dishes and bought more life to the place, but has also headed up ‘The Wooly Club’.

The group has grown into a really supportive environment and network of outstanding people, women who all have a beautiful story and who enjoy each others company. For our part, seeing the Centre bringing people together, helping bring people together and forming new friendships reminds me of one of the things that the Community Centre does so well and what its all about.

It hasn’t just been the Wooly Club either, the fantastic Western Brotherhood boys led by Nate and Tom, have bought together a great group of young male leaders who are always lending a hand and helping the next years of boys below them to get to know the Centre and what it has to offer, giving them a chance for a higher level of involvement with their community.

I’d like to remember Lehi, one of our amazing volunteers and a truly beautiful young man with a heart of gold. Lehi passed away earlier in the year peacefully in his sleep. He had spent his last days coming in to the Centre, helping out, keeping the computer room tidy and the kids noise down. He’d given us thank you notes in Russian (which he’d taught himself) and was the best Large Room vacuumer I’d ever seen!

More and more, sitting at reception and putting the newspaper together, we see and hear and share stories that build up a sense of the community in ourselves and all those around us. Good things happen in Nawton, great things, we see them. And we’re extremely lucky to help make them happen.

Shout outs to all our amazing staff, we all keep so many plates spinning and thankyou so much for helping me with mine. I’m thankful every day to be a part of one of Hamilton’s best projects. The Centre is ready to grow again, you can feel it. It is truly becoming a hub for so many in Hamilton and its surrounds.

Looking to the future my focus will be on helping communicating our story and our services, our successes and our people to more and more within the City and sharing the love.

Whakawhetai ki te whānau.

Max Coyle


Vick y Zhang Finance Administrator It has been another wonderful year full of challenges and opportunities. We have been providing the public with a diversity of services with the generous support from our funders. Every day we see clients and customers with smiles and confidence on their faces after consulting with our community service team. Our Western Stars are steadily growing and from quantity we are now focusing on continuing to improve quality. Children are lucky enough to have the opportunities to go out of the Centre spaces and experience field trips. Senior services are ranging from assisting regular shopping runs to contacting ambulances and GPs. Centre staff and volunteers are taking good care of the isolated groups. We held Treats in the Park, Inflatables, Chill in the Park annually to gather the wider community together. Community groups and individuals frequently book our venue facilities. These are just some of our services. For financial team, we look after our customers (clients), suppliers, staff and volunteers. We ensure the books are kept in a timely and standard manner with the updated requirements from XRB. Reconciliations are done on a daily basis; invoices and payments are allocated accordingly. We liaised with the external accountants and auditors in regards to our annual accounts. We sincerely thank the funders who support us all the way. We also thank the accountants and auditors who have been guiding us and sharing valuable skills with us. We appreciate the time and efforts Board of Trustees has shared for our community. We also want to express our pleasure to work with our great community, who made our work so meaningful. As the Centre grows and provides more support and events to the community the financial accountability increases. To assist with this I have attended additional training, and now I am a Xero certified advisor and have increased my knowledge of IMS Payroll System. This together with my technical modules completed towards my New Chartered Accountants Programme and my current Management Accounting Module is a great assistance in using my knowledge in supporting a Centre that contributes to the vibrant community in West Hamilton. I wish to express my thanks to Neil my Manager, James my co-finance administrator, Joan the funding manger, all the other Staff and Board of the Western Community Association.

James Shepherd Finance and Venue Hire Admin A good year was had by all. It might have been been a year of mixed fortunes but it ended on a high note – a small surplus. With the best will in the world we put together a plan of activities and events. Then the hard work starts – getting the funding to carry out the plan. Everything we do revolves around the funding we receive (see Joan’s report) and there is never any certainty about how much we might get. The management and staff do a brilliant job with the resources they are given. It is a given that we’d like to do more if more funding was available. Financial reporting standards are being constantly tightened up and while we, of course, meeting the requirements, the time demands on the finance staff is ever increasing. My colleague, Vicky Zhang, is to be congratulated on her skills in presenting a set of accounts to the accountant and auditor that enabled them to satisfy themselves about the high level of our financial management. Work is divided between Vicky and I. Vicky does a superb job dealing with most of the routine work while I handle venue matters and analyses of activities. Grateful thanks are due to Accountant Phil, and Auditor Mark, for their advice and contributions. Once again we have earned an unqualified audit report.


joan marshall Funding Coordinator Thank You to all funders who have supported both myself and the Western Community Association with your ongoing commitment to the community of West Hamilton. The reduction in funding allocations and the greater number of applicants from additional agencies has meant a very competitive environment has developed. Western Community Association has managed to hold its own in this environment and I give a huge thank you to the Trusts and Foundations that have shown their continued support and faith in the Centre allowing more services and events to be facilitated that are making a positive difference to our community. The relationship between funding agencies and non-profit organisations is based on respect and acknowledges the accountability, complementary roles and responsibilities of each other. I have been funding Co-ordinator for the past 10 years at the Centre and am still amazed at the community spirit in West Hamilton, this is helped by the services and events facilitated by the Centre but which could not be achieved without the support of the many Trusts, Foundations and donations we receive throughout the year. Thank you to each and every one who contributes to the vibrant community of West Hamilton.

Thomas Hunt Intern Youth Worker There is always a struggle without a solid foundation having been set for a youth worker. The Western Community Centre is my foundation and it is solid. I have always had a passion for looking after youth. The Western Community Centre is helping me take those easy steps toward my journey along side the young people. The centre is such a big whanau and I feel apart of that now. Thank you, to my Western Community Centre whanau for your teachings with the Rangatahi and helping me to “not talk about it but be about it� #ICAN #nextgeneration #donttalkaboutitbeaboutit


aileen Rangi whaikawa mills Services Coordinator

Greetings, I am so grateful to all our friends and colleagues who have volunteered, tutored, befriended, driven, baked, visited, cleaned, gardened, shared their experiences, knitted, sewn garments, swam with others, built furniture, mended a door, written a CV, recommended an educational course, supported families, supported our groups, looked after our children, fed the homeless, lifted the sad, helped the troubled, listened when no one would and generally made a difference to someone else’s life. These are the most important virtues and actions that have given my areas of responsibilities the sustainable edge. Thank you so much to all of our people.



50 plus Events

Bus Trips Luncheons Shopping Tai Chi WOOLY CLUB support and much more.

The We ste

rn Com munity Centr e


Karina Cootes Whanau Support Worker What an amazing first seven months it has been working as the Whanau Support Worker within such a vibrant, happy, thriving community centre. In such a short period of time, I have provided ongoing support and assistance to many of our local families during their time of need. Majority of our families who access this service seek guidance and advocacy when having to deal with both Government and Non-Government agencies. Many are unsure of the support and or processes that are available or simply unaware of their basic entitlements though services such as Work & Income and Inland Revenue. What I love most about this centre, is how each individual that walks through our doors is provided with a safe friendly space to access the support or guidance they may require at any given time. I am a true believer that this is a must and is of huge importance to families who are seeking a non-judgemental environment with a good supportive listening ear. It is always a positive and absolute priceless moment when whanau acknowledge you for the support you have provided to help eliminate the struggles, barriers, stress and hardship they were having to face. Supporting and educating our families towards a more positive change is one of the most rewarding feelings one can have. I look forward to the year ahead and what it may bring for our staff and the families we are yet to support. Services provided so far: Advocating at Work & Income, support with Child Youth and Family, Police, Women’s Refuge and Courts, referral’s to Counsellors, drug and alcohol counselling, Budgeting services, Lawyers for Protection and or Parenting Orders, Parenting programs, HAIP, Social Workers in Schools alongside of the principals and teachers, youth support services, Early childhood education enrolments. Advice on where to access Food banks, Free meals, Night shelters and cheap accommodation.

Hamilton's Children Team /

Lead Professional

Another awesome opportunity I have taken on, is becoming a lead professional within the Hamilton Children’s Team. This has definitely been a journey all on its own but one I am grateful to be apart of. The Childrens Team is made up of practitioners and professionals from both government and non government agencies around the Waikato, who solely focus on supporting our “At Risk” children within our communities. As a lead professional my role is to ensure the child receives all the support they need to thrive, achieve and belong. This is achieved by bringing together a group of relevant professionals such as social workers, teachers, doctors, iwi, government and non government organisations to tackle all the issues these children are currently facing, rather than addressing one aspect at a time. It is definitely an amazing role to be apart of, just to know you have made a difference for at risk children is rewarding in so many ways.

Everyone you meet is fighting a battle You know nothing about.

Be Kind Always 16



I like the fact that we I always look forward have our own special group to Thursdays because we at the Western Community meet to plan a lot of Centre, and even if we fun events then work don’t all agree on the one hard to make them idea we are taught how to happen. work things out so we are all happy. Aroha

I love Talented Tamariki because we do awesome as things and learn heaps of new stuff.


I really like being in Talented Tamariki because its good to do new stuff and learn how to run our own events.


Talented Tamariki is cool, I’ve learnt a lot about team work and we have heaps of fun when we are together.

Talented Tamariki

Western Community Centre Children’s Committee



Talented Tamariki My overall aim for this committee, was to provide a space and opportunity for this roopu / group to be a part of the development here within our community centre, as a voice for the children. The Committee is a small selected group who clearly stood out as up and coming potential leaders. Although we meet weekly to discuss plans and steps to see these through, the girls are here daily after school helping out and sharing more amazing ideas with me. The girls completed their very first Candy Floss fundraiser and made an amazing profit. Their aim was to raise enough money to purchase their own T shirts with (Western Community Centres Talented Tamariki) written on them so everyone knows who they are. They then organised, planned and successfully co-ordinated their very first community event held here at the centre, “The Black Out Disco� They were all absolutely amazing and the Disco was a huge success. All the comments here at the centre by the children and families who attended, along with the staff who came along, definitely agreed that the team did a fantastic job and thank you to those who came to show their support. The girls are now currently planning their next community event which we are all looking forward to during our warmer season ahead. They have focussed on creating an event that brings together the families in our community, by planning a Picnic / Movie night here in the park. Amazing ideas and visions from these girls, they are truly an awesome bunch to support and work alongside of. Karina Cootes 18

Nathan morgan Youth Development Worker

Ko Tainui te Waka, Ko Taupiri te Maunga, Ko Waikato te Awa, Ko Potatau Te Wherowhero te Tangata. Waikato Taniwharau, He Piko He Taniwha, He Piko He Taniwha. Wow - Another year! It is a great example when we can look back and reflect on the mahi (work) we all do down here at the centre, and how much this community has grown over this past year – and just as importantly, how I’ve ‘grown’ with a ‘daily reminder’ of the knowledge of what we do, and how very important, this is. Some of my ‘highlights’ from the past year involved: Assisting TROK (Te Runanga o Kirikiriroa) in celebrating our ‘national day’ - Treaty of Waitangi, 2016! Also an added ‘bonus’ was having it down here at the Western Community Centre. This was a huge success not only for the centre/trok, but the community hugely benefited from all the education sides of things to having loads of fun – lookout 2017! Our other awesome events included Chill in the Park, which was a great success and has also grown in numbers of whanau attending and benefiting from the ‘low cost’ activities & fun. We are now building up to our ‘biggest’ annual event of the year, Treats in the Park – 2016! Another ‘key role’ that I support is getting volunteers/youth along to the centre and keeping them occupied and ‘keen’. All our events have been very successful in achieving this over the past year as we have had over 260 youth/volunteers, contributing to this awesome community. We would not of achieved this without the many many helpers not only out front, in the ‘open’, but also the ones ‘hidden’ behind the scenes – THANK YOU ALL! I suppose the majority of my ‘centre time’ has been spent on supporting the youth of today, and the ‘organising’ of the boys ‘Western Brotherhood’ programme. This has now been running for the past year and has been full of so many positive memories and positive future insights for our YOUTH. We have had over 40 YOUTH attend these workshops, whether it be ‘short term’ support or they have stuck around for the ‘long haul’... Either way, we have impacted these young ones in one way or another to think about their important future! A huge THANKS goes out to Tom Ngaheru Hunt - A current Student studying in the ‘field’ of YOUTH work! Tom has been assisting us down here at the centre over the past year with the ‘brotherhood’ programme, but has also jumped on board to assist the after school care & western stars sports programmes. A little ‘side note’ - Western Stars had over 210 tamariki participants attending over 500 sports modules, heck this is awesome to see/hear – we are now looking forward to the summer... haha! To my cool Western Community Staff and awesome B.O.T (Board of Trustees) - THANKS for all your guys support and assistance over the past year, whether it be learning new ways of doing things or just getting on with what needs to be done – ‘Keep rockin, and rock on’! Thanks for listening & caring and been a part of the Western Community ‘movement’! Nate Morgan (Y.D.W.)


Trish terry Holiday Programme Coordinator We've had quite a full on time this past year with participants coming and going. A mixture of numbers from women’s refuge and CYFs coming through has been a great opportunity for many of these children to experience things and activities they may never be able to experience elsewhere. We have had many of our older participants from the programme step into young leadership roles/volunteer positions which is great to see them excel in these areas. On that note i would again just like to thank all of our amazing volunteers who help make our job a lot easier, their assistance and dedication is always greatly appreciated. Acknowledgments also go out to the staff here at the community centre who all help the programme run smoothly. We have such a great team and I would just like to take the time to thank you all cheers guys.

Highlights of the Year Hut building Wearable Arts Movies Play dough Tie dying l a m i n A k r a P nters u e o h c n T E In Chill ough d y a l P Mosaics Scrapbooking Taste Testing Zoo trips Lake Trips Teddy Bear Picnic

Experiments Olympics

Magic shows

Waikato show Sports Arts and Master Chef Crafts

Inflatables in the Park

West e

rn S t X-Fa ars ctor



Reegan tata After School Coordinator Hi Im Reegan, I’m the Coordinator of the After School Care, I've been with the Centre for a while now and I love my job. An exciting part of working with children is being able to watch the children grow and become intelligent little human beings. The centre is a huge influence on the community and provides a wide variety of services for all ages.

After School Programme

Ngahuia Fox Supervisor Hi my name is Ngahuia however I'm more commonly known as Miss Fox by the children. Its awesome when your job doesn’t actually feel like a job when you enjoy it so much. I love being apart of the Western Community Centre team and becoming involved in influencing the Nawton community.

Sangeeta Cherrington Supervisor Hey! I’m Sangeeta known as Sunny around here. I enjoy working here at the Centre because it helps me get involved in the Nawton community and there is never a dull moment at after school care. I enjoy it and it’s great to be part of an awesome team!

Tina Tanoa Supervisor Hi my name is Tina Tanoa and I work here at after school care and the western stars holiday program. I love working here and being a part of this community, it's a great place to be and worth being a part of.


I lik Vic car e af tor e te gia becau r sch Leg nt blo se w ool o to cks e ge t and p l a nic ay w nd e fo ith od.

L I lik ei An e a care After s play becau chool spo outsid se we rt e afte s and g , play rno on t et to ea ea t t ime .

After School Programme

a Moan school fter made A e k I Li cause I play be d care iends an fr new games.

ol t n o ga sch ge t o L ter we ge Af ause and nd e k a I li e bec food side nds. t r y ca mm y ou frie yu pla new to ake m

days of care provided

What do you appreciate, enjoy or find useful about the centre?



To whom it may concern, I just want to acknowledge Neil, Nate and the wonderful staff at the Western Community Centre, who do amazing work for the Nawton and West Communities. Even though on limited funding they always are seen visible in making a difference for people living in these communities. I have been really privileged to have worked alongside the staff and centre in hosting mental health awareness week activities and movie nights and totally appreciate and support the amazing work and opportunities you provide for the community. It is a place any person would love to work. Neil as a Manager is very open, professional, shows empathy and understanding and always open to new opportunities and has never closed the door on me and always welcomed ideas and suggestions and I am always willing to tautoko where ever I can because of the great kaupapa, vision for the people. I have been privileged to help at Waitangi Day, Chill in the Park activities, and just a couple of the many events that happen, bring a community together even if at times of hardship with whanau having no money etc, the centre always brings people together from all backgrounds and values them all with respect, and as they are. Thankyou Western Community Centre for your amazing work, and bringing the smiles to peoples faces, the community really appreciate the amazing work done, a small smile and a difference in one persons life is like winning lotto! Nga mihi aroha kia koutou katoa Aaron Woolley


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Our Venue Users July 2015 - June 2016 Western Community Centre Administration (daily) Legal Advice Clinic - Neimand Peebles Hoult (weekly) NZ Police Clinic (weekly) July to Nov Justice of the Peace Clinic (weekly)

CHILDREN Mainly Music (weekly) Western Stars After School Programme (daily) Western Stars Holiday Programme (4 weeks) Young Engineers (weekly) Lil Groovers Dance Classes (Tuesday & Thursday ) Little Stars Playgroup (weekly) Junior Explorers (Wednesday & Thursday July - Sept) Iloha Japanese Playgroup (weekly)
 Talented Tamariki (weekly)

Our Venue ACTIVITIES/CLUBS/GROUPS Hamilton Hambats (fortnightly) Western Boarders (weekly) Dinsdale Toastmasters (weekly)
 Western City Sports - Touch Module (weekly during season) NZ First Hamilton (monthly) Maori Women’s Welfare League- Nawton (monthly) Maori Women’s Welfare League- Whatawhata (monthly) Calvary Chapel Ladies Group (fortnightly)

50 + PROGRAMMES YOUTH Fabulosity Girls programme (weekly) Western Wheels Learner Licence (8 weeks per year) WCC Youth Programmes (weekly) Star Jam (monthly)

EDUCATION Floral Art (weekly) English Language Partners (Monday to Thursday) Spiritual Development (weekly) (July-Sept) Te Reo Classes (weekly) Agriculture NZ Get Growing (daily) Te Roopu Ahuwhenua (weekly) Agriculture NZ Go Organic (weekly) (March-Dec) Agriculture NZ Intro. to Rural Skills (Monday to Thursday) (July-Dec) Parenting Fuel Up (5 visits) Triple One Care - First Aid (monthly) Industry Training Solutions (monthly)

Tai Chi (Tuesday & Friday) Senior Luncheon (monthly) The Wooly Club (weekly)

CHURCHES Westside Church (weekly) Church of Christ (Thursday & Saturday) UCKG (fortnightly)

OFFICE SPACE PROVISION WCC staff and Volunteers Patients Rights Advocacy Vision of Hope Bunnings South Hamilton Kiwi Staff

HEALTH Kotahi Midwifes (weekly till August) Plunket Nurse (weekly) Mates Forum (fortnightly) Boom Box (weekly) Wayseer Traditional Maori Health (weekly, July- Feb) Courage Counselling (daily) Warren Parker Counselling (5 sessions per week) Whānau Fit Waikato Pikinga ā Tāne (Monday & Thursday) Homai Nutrition (weekly) Te Puna Oranga Waikato DHB Hapu Wānanga (monthly, July - Dec)

Western Community Centre


OTHER USERS Private Family Events/Gatherings, 56 visits Child Youth and Family, 22 visits Commercial Kitchen Bookings, 31 visits Pregnancy Counselling, 6 visits Hamilton City Council, 2 visits NZ Labour Party – Sue Moroney Master Plumbers, Gasfitters & Drain layers NZ, 2 visits Taha Maori Services, 3 visits Te Tumu Paeroa, 7 visits Shree Swaminarayan Temple Family Matters Best Start Educare, 6 visits Waikato Children’s Literacy, 7 visits Pay it Forward Homai Nutrition, 3 visits Fraser Tech Rugby Club, 1 visit Community Brand Focus Groups Essential Community Group Calvary Chapel Ladies Group, 4 visits Max International, 5 visits Moving Smart Burmese Community, 2 visits Chinese Sunshine Society Restorative Justice, 11 visits Harmony Trust Workbridge Encore NZ, 3 visits NZ Touch, 2 visits Figjam- Creative Empowerment Nadia’s Beauty Bootcamp, 2 visits NZ Muslim League Hamilton West Network Meetings, 5 visits Youth Week - Night Skate Workwise, 2 visits Community House Managers Hui, 2 visits Key Assets, 2 visits ETL, 2 visits TPPA Public Policy Meeting NZ Fire Parent to Parent NZIHT Mental Health Awareness Week - Movie Night Mind and Body Fraser High School - Teen Parent Unit Graduation Fraser High School Chinese Dumplings and Traditional Chinese Culture Workshop Htown Skate Project, 7 visits Hare Krishna Group, 3 visits WCC AGM NZEI

115 community groups, clubs, organisations, schools and churches use our venue each year.

National Nga Maia Midwifes Collective Community Housing Forum - Labour Party Xtra Psych Plus Tihi o Moerangi-Makomako, 4 visits Waiwhakaata Trust Nanaia Mahuta - Labour Party Count Me In Information evening Waikato Tainui, 2 visits Nurtured at Home Auckland Restorative Trust Te Hana Taua Trust Childrens Action Team Pai Ake Solutions Cogs Public Meeting Project Restore, 4 visits NZ National Party Kids Can Fraser’s Little Feet Hamilton Residents & Ratepayers Hoopdance, 4 visits Perinatal Mental Health New Zealand Trust Link House, 5 visits Essential Wellbeing ETU Union, 2 visits Raukura Hauora NZ Institute of Highway Technology Health and Safety Training Workshop Goldco International Inspire Mobile Beauty NZ Pink Ribbon Breakfast Introduction to Rongoa Maori Workshops

56 Family Events and Gatherings Thanks to all the groups of people that 29 help bring vibrancy and life to our centre!

Jenny Ensing Courage Counselling Inter generational change 2016 has been a fantastic counselling year for supporting change for individuals, couples and families in the Western Community Centre. We have supplied over 320 hours of counselling, helping people to plan for and shape relationships that bring intergenerational shift to hoped for futures. We have explored communication cycles looking for strengths, and found ways to transfer what is working to new situations. We have also found what isn't working, and explored new ways to communicate that lead to hoped for outcomes. WCC is supporting positive change in individual, couple, and family lives.


Wairahi Taiapa and Jamie Toko The weekly Justice of the Peace clinic has been extremely popular and well utilised by the public. We are really appreciative of the service as it continues to be a regular request from the community.




Solar System Installed 14,732 (kWh) produced 30/09/2015 to 04/09/2016

Power savings are $2,800+

32 Hamilton Press September 2016

Fruit Trees in Homes

2,104 Fruit Trees planted



Since 2012 with the help of a large amount of volunteers and generous funders we have planted 2,104 Fruit Trees across Nawton and Crawshaw. 1682 in 308 homes 422 in public spaces We have set a target to plant fruit trees in 500 homes. 33


Breakdown of Fruit Trees Planted


as at August 2016

Throughout the year the centre supports and facilitates a number of community events. These involve hundreds of volunteers all willing to contribute to their community. For almost four decades the Western Community Centre has seen the value in bringing our residents together and making this community a great place for our families!

Chill in the Park 500 people attended. July

Home Safety Village Fair 500+ people attended. October

Treats in the Park 2000 children registered, 4500 people attended. October

Waitangi Day 500 people attended. March

35 35




children registered for Treats


children & youth volunteers




Our local children organised a very fun scooter comp. It was great to see our young organising committee working hard and being involved in their community. It's often said our children morrow are leaders of to children can r ou e ev li be we but be leaders today!


Tea Party at the Livingstone Pensioner Village! At the community centre there are many special occasions that we just love being part of, this afternoon was another highlight and memorable experience. Our Fabulosity girls youth group facilitated a very well received community service project. The sun was beaming, tea was brewed perfect, the date scones were divine and the company was outstanding. #goodthingshappeninnawton #connectingourcommunity #icareaboutnawton 41

Waitangi Day


Thank you!


A Huge Thanks to Kaivolution and the businesses that support this food rescue service. We have been able to distribute tons of food directly to our neighbourhoods.





Firefighters donate children’s playhouse Shontelle Cargill Hamilton firefighters had an unusual duty recently – they hand-delivered a miniature fire station to a community centre. The New Zealand Fire Service donated the playhouse to the Western Community Centre to raise awareness about home fire safety. The Western Community Centre manager Neil Tolan said the play house was a great addition to the centre. “It even comes with its own smoke alarm. We know that children are at great risk if a fire breaks out in their home so this will be a very valuable resource in assisting us to educate our children around those important home fire safety messages.” The house is one of eight playhouses built by early childhood education provider Footsteps Foundation who last year built a playhouse village. The philosophy behind the project is that it takes a village to raise a child. Footsteps Foundation regional manager Karen Cave said a lot of people talked about community but fewer who actually work within their own. “We are really proud to stand next to the Fire Service working within the community and for the playhouse to come to a community centre is absolutely great.” Footsteps Foundation invited several organisations including the New Zealand Fire Service, to transform eight purpose-built houses to represent the extended community or village that surrounds a child and impacts their lives such as a home, school, hospital, police station, and a fire station. The playhouses have since been distributed throughout the country. Hamilton senior firefighter, Jess Kukutai said the project had left her with a warm feeling. “We have been working on this for about five months, for a place to deliver the playhouse too. It fits at the community centre, its perfect, it feels good and they are going to utilise it.”




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ace OUR VENUE s p IS availa ble for hir e! Use our fantastic community centre to run your next event, training seminar, meeting, programme or activity. Want to get a program off the ground? We can help with this too. We also have tables & chairs for Hire!

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“We live one minute, one hour, one day, one week, one month and one year at a time; years turn to decades and decades to generations...during it all we spend life doing, being, becoming and belonging� (Christenson & Townsend, 2004)


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