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WESTERN REGION 2016-2018 Program of Work

Executive Summary The Western Regional Strategy Committee (WRSC) is chartered by the Wildland Fire Leadership Council (WFLC) to facilitate implementation of the National Cohesive Wildland Fire Management Strategy in the Western Region (17 western states and the Pacific Islands). The Cohesive Strategy is a philosophy; rooted in science and practice, and dependent on collaborative, collective action to reduce the devastating impacts of wildland fire, across all lands, across all stakeholder groups – an “all hands, all lands” approach. This requires working toward substantial changes before, during and after wildfires and the growing wildfire season. The WRSC has evolved since its inception in 2010 from a planning organization to a dynamic vehicle for advancing the philosophy and tenets of the Cohesive Strategy. From a business perspective, we are not selling widgets or timeshares. We are selling a strategy, a philosophy; a way of doing business that results in meaningful changes towards landscape resiliency, fire adapted communities and a safe and effective wildland fire response. Thus, the WRSC is not the implementer of the Cohesive Strategy, but rather a communications instrument, knowledge and connection resource and practiced collection of coaches for those with values at risk, who are taking action at the stakeholder level to increase the acceptance of risk, manage risk and mitigate the devastating results of wildland fire by implementing the Cohesive Strategy. The WRSC is unique in this way. Comprised of a diverse set of experienced professionals, the WRSC provides expertise, and connections to stakeholders with values and interests in the outcomes of wildland fire. The vision of the Cohesive Strategy is to safely and effectively extinguish fire when needed; use fire where allowable; manage our natural resources; and as a nation, live with wildland fire. The mission of the WRSC is to promote and facilitate Resilient Landscapes, Fire Adapted Communities and a Safe and Effective Wildfire Response across the geographic and political boundaries of the western landscape using a network approach.


WRSC 2016-2018 Program of Work  
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