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City Manager City of Pismo Beach

Fire Chief

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City of Palo Alto

Community Development Director

Technology Services Director City of Hayward

Planning & Environmental Services Director City of Goleta

Teri Black-Brann 310.377.2612 Carolyn Seeley 949.487.7606


League of California Cities

City of West Hollywood

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Teri Black-Brann • 310.377.2612 Carolyn Seeley • 949.487.7606 Steve Parker • 949.322.8794 Assistant Director of Utilities, San Diego, CA The City of San Diego (population 1.3 million) is located on the Pacific Ocean near the U.S./Mexico border. The City of San Diego, through the Public Utilities Department, owns and operates the Water and Wastewater Systems; the Water System serves the City and certain surrounding areas, including retail, wholesale, and reclaimed water customers. The City is now seeking an Assistant Director of Utilities, Business Support Branch who will be responsible for the management and performance of the departmental divisions of Long-Range Planning and Water Resources, Finance and Information Technology, Customer Support, and Employee Services and Quality Assurance. A Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration, Public Administration, Engineering, or the equivalent is required, as well as ten or more years of executive-level management experience. A Master’s Degree in the above fields and five or more years experience in Water and Wastewater executive-level management are desirable, but not required. The salary for the position is flexible up to $140,000 and dependent upon the qualifications and experience of the selected candidate. If you are interested in this outstanding opportunity, please visit our website at to apply online. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call Mr. Bob Murray or Mr. Wesley Herman at (916) 784-9080. Brochure Available. Filing deadline July 20, 2012. phone 916•784•9080 fax 916•784•1985

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Western City July 2012  

The Environment & Energy Issue

Western City July 2012  

The Environment & Energy Issue