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It was with great sadness and very unexpectedly that we experienced the passing of our WDHU Champion of 2005, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015. He passed away in the early morning hours on 16 August 2016 after becoming ill suddenly a few days earlier. He died as an undefeated Champion and the only person to ever be champion of WDHU and CFHU in the same season – a feat he achieved in 2015. At the time of his passing he was leading the “car points” in FBHU and his birds still went on to end top in the CFHU Championship, ending level with I Damon. He was a consummate champion of racing pigeons having raced for almost sixty years. He started at the tender age of thirteen.

Over the years he won very many Combines in the SWPC. Most of his wins were on the short and middle distance, although he could boast wins on the long races as well. His pigeon philosophies were : • enjoy the competitive nature of pigeon racing, yet remain humble in the wake of good results. • Hard Work leads to Success. The basis of his philosophies were his three P’s: • Be Punctual, • Persevere and • most of all be Patient. Let us remember him for the Champion and the Legend he was. Let’s keep his philosophies in mind and let us remember his three P’s and may that inspire all of us in WDHU to greater heights as we draw our inspiration from his words and example.


Well 2016 will be remembered in WDHU as “The Year of Fahiem Samuels”. Wow, what a phenomenal season he had from beginning to end. His achievements for 2016 include: • 10th overall in SWPC Combine, • 3rd overall North Section in SWPC Combine with 3 North Section wins, • 4 birds listed in the Top 50 of the SWPC Bird of the Year standings, • 2nd SWPC Short Distance, • WDHU Union All Bird Champ, • WDHU Union 1st Bird Champ • WDHU Short Distance Champ, • WDHU Middle Distance Cham, • 1st in Nu-era Club Champ, • 83rd and 187th in Cape Classic, • Winner of the following 5 Federations: LAINGSBURG - 11/6/16 LAINGSBURG - 18/6/16 LEEUW GAMKA - 9/7/16 BRITSTOWN YEARLINGS – 22/8/16 VICTORIA WEST – 1/10/16 I visited the loft of our Champion to go and see for myself the birds that thrashed WDHU this year and to try to learn a few secrets to the success of Fahiem Samuels.

LOFT: The loft is a quarter section of the old loft of the Late James Clark which Yusie Adams bought and then offered Fahiem a part of. He has retained Mr Clark’s idea of putting the water outside the loft in a box attached to loft – thereby being able to change or remove the water without actually going into the loft. Fahiem likes an airy loft with lots of air playing through. In fact he has installed a massive turbine at the back of his loft, with manual speed control, to extract all the bad air. It is highly effective and he demonstrated to me how you can actually feel the “pull” when he puts it on full blast. It is particularly useful for removing all dust when he cleans the loft. As an electrician by profession, there is evidence all over the loft of how he has employed his skills to make his life and the life of his birds easier. The electronic clock with electricity backup, the lighting, temperature monitoring with a massive digital thermometer – these all run on permanent power provided to the loft.

The loft is unusually very deep and this is why he keeps the front door open as often as possible so that the air can play through the loft, especially on hot days. He believes that 24 degrees celsius is the perfect loft temperature. It can drop to 18 or 19 degrees celsius at night but that is still good. He also believes that the double layered asbestos roof helps to increase the insulation of the loft against hot or cold.

THE STOCK BIRDS He has kept the same birds for many years now already and most of these birds were obtained from Yusie Adams (Belgravia Lofts) over the years. It is clear to me that he has built up a family of pigeons because every bird in the race loft looks alike and holds the same unique and small head. These are 90% Janssen with the old bloodline of Stichelbaut Janssen and the old Lambrechts line from Sias Snyman. His foundation cock over the years has been this dark check pied (see photo) – a Van RhijnKloeck bird of Manie Combrink. It has bred most of the champions in his loft when mated with the old Janssen line and the offspring have proven themselves over all distances.

Foundation Cock

He brought in some Gaby Vandenabeele and Van loon birds 2 years ago and they have complimented the existing bloodlines in his loft very well.

Last season he introduced a Red Cock (he does not have a pedigree but thinks it may be Janssen Hollander) which he bought from Shamiel Salie and this introduction brought immediate and considerable success. Shamiel obtained the Red Cock as a baby from Sharief Karriem and it won 2 club races scoring high in the WDHU federation on both occasions. Fahiem always liked the Red Cock but Shamiel was not prepared to sell it until last year when he called Fahiem and offered it for sale together with a daughter. This season brought immediate success with the Red Cock and now he will breed around it a lot more this year.

A FEW METHODS The birds look extremely healthy and there is lots of down feathers laying in the loft. He attributes the good health of the birds to his habit of giving Apple Cider Vinegar 3 times a week throughout the year. He explained that it controls fats and acids levels and keeps weight perfect. He likes double ups and triple ups. Only circles his team in the week once a day in the morning. They stay indoors on weekends. Doesn’t even toss them on a Saturday but rather keeps them in the loft. When the other birds come from the race they all stay in the loft until Monday morning when they are released to play around. Only on Tuesday morning do they go up to circle. One Paarl toss on a weekday and then they are ready to be doubled up because he would not have taken too much out of them during the week.

THE RACE BIRDS He prefers to race hens – there will always be more hens than cocks in his race team because he feels cocks tend to misbehave and bring down a well circling pack. He attributes 90% of his results to hens and will just keep a few cocks around to motivate the hens but not much. Those few cocks must perform though and if they don’t perform or if they misbehave and give him trouble then he will get rid of them. He does not like to overcrowd his loft and believes that a team of about 55 to 60 is ideal for his loft. He does not breed with the race birds; especially not yearlings.

He will fly yearlings very sparingly in their first year (4 or 5 races at most) and find they then perform well in their second year. This is a strategic move not to destroy them as babies and it worked very well this year. Last year 20 of the 2 year old hens who done so well this year never flew much as babies. He brought them out late and only flew the last 5 to 8 weeks with them – then automatically the year was done. As a man who always does well in the distance he decided that in 2016 he would target the short to middle distance races because he realised that there are only 4 long distance races whereas there are 18 short to middle distance races. He even adapted his breeding and never bred the specific long distance birds that he normally does because he wanted to challenge himself to see if he can fly from beginning to end. The rest as they say is HISTORY.




We thank these officials for flying the WDHU flag high and with distinction Race Secretary - Mr U R Smith has fulfilled the role for many years now with absolute distinction. With a wealth of experience and expertise and an absolute passion to one day leave our beloved sport in a better state than he found it, Ulric’s work ethic and his track record for accuracy, reliability, honesty and integrity leave us as members extremely proud to have him.

"A well run union is the key to a successful union" Treasurer - Mr N Marlie takes care of our financial administration responsibilities in a very professional manner with integrity, commitment and passion – all of which are evident in the wonderful manner in which our income and expense statements are drafted each year. He constantly strives to financially grow our organisation with us the members in mind. Chairman - Mr C Fortuin avails himself willingly to represent our organisation at any time without any hesitation. Nothing is ever too much trouble and he works tirelessly to ensure that things run smoothly. His passion and commitment is based purely on his love of our sport. Secretary - Mr S Onia quietly and efficiently gets the job done. A man who loves to stick to procedures and protocols, he keeps WDHU on track by being the first to remind us about the principles embodied in our Constitution and how we should conduct our business accordingly. What a pleasure to have a man of his calibre in the role.

We thank these officials who play such pivatol roles and contribute in the largest part to the success of WDHU in providing members the enjoyment this great sport has to offer

Mother’s family has flown very well in the past. Mother went 6th Victoria West Fed in 2015. Grandmother won Bloemfontein in Pioneer Club in 2013. Other relatives have also scored. Her brother also Father is from scored twice in 2016. Ruben Liddell Knew it was a good bought on SP one on the day Sale in 2015. because I saw no birds before she came.


Bred from my Old Janssens x Janssen Van loon/Gabbe Van Nabeele. Knew it was a good time when my brother in Belhar never had a bird yet. My philosophy is that as long as the bird scores then you know you are there – winning is a bonus.


Old Janssens both sides. Yusie Adams Janssen on one side and Hans Eijerkamp Janssen on other side. First time mating. Neighbour saw the bird fall and said it looks like a good one.


Daughter of Geld Cock mated to a hen of Kagie Dollie. Geld cock’s mom is a bird of Herbots who was the most consistent racer at the Olympiad in Cape Town 2000. Geld Cock has bred countless winners including Clive Fortuin’s first fed winner.


Her sire is a grandson of den 155. Worlds best pigeon 1997. Her dam goes back to the world famous klaren 46 and andre van bruane’s international barcelona winner de stier. So in her genes are soontjes desmet--matijs vanbruane. For the first 2 years of her career she has done absolutely nothing. She came to light and really impressed when she turned 3yo. She went on to achieve the following results on the fbhu truck. 6th fed hanover. 5th fed 13th board virginia and 7th fed bloemfontein. She was 2nd bestbird competition beaten by a loftmate.


Again an Old Yusie Adams Janssen crossed with a Hans Eijerkamp Janssen. Never raced her again. COMBINE WINNER


She was a club winner last year in the Beaufort West race 5 and then this year she wins the club and fed. Her mother is a direct baby of the Hanover board winner for Ruan Louw (sudhoff van beers birdy lines) blended with the late Gamat Daniels (Oscar de Vriendt). All their children has done well for me. Really a pleasure racing with pigeons that produce as yearlings and then becomes better as 2 year olds. The result in winning the fed was a pleasant surprise .


Never scored as a yearling. Scored twice this year. Mother is my 1st Fed winner in WDHU in 2011. Father is from Ulrich Smith off his Derby Cock. On the day I knew Kraaifontein times. When my time was faster and matched NRHU times I knew it was a good one.


Bred off an Emile cock with a Gaddin hen. Scored once as a yearling. Never scored as 2 year old. This year as a 3 year old she scored on numerous occasions – becoming Bird of the Year in Pioneer club. One thing I really loved about this hen is that she could keep her condition for many weeks. She handles very nicely, she's small and compact


Daughter of Geld Cock mated to his own grand daughter. Geld cock’s mom is a bird of Herbots who was the most consistent racer at the Olympiad in Cape Town 2000. Geld Cock has bred countless winners including Clive Fortuin’s first fed winner.


This was her first federation win for the year. HINE The sire was a gift from Ulric Smith from the BROTHERS same lines as his Bird of the Year of 2013. It was a pleasure to race this bird and hopefully she will prove herself in the breeding loft.

Off the Red Cock bought from FAHIEM Shamiel Salie x old bloodline Janssen hen. Flew her very sparingly and was SAMUELS surprised when she won. Never flew her again but next year I will push her

This was her second federation win for the HINE year and she also won the SWPC Combine in very difficult weather conditions. The sire BROTHERS was a gift from Ulric Smith from the same lines as his Bird of the Year of 2013. It was a pleasure to race this bird and hopefully she will prove herself in the breeding loft.


Bred off my Number 1 Cock which was the Bird of the Year in 2010. He was mated to a hen who also won a Combine in her day.




Putterie crossed with Van Bruan. In 2015 she was the only bird through in WDHS in the Virginia Race

What an achievement as a late breed. Her mother is direct Anton & Hilda Reynaert crossed with Inbred Son off the “Famous Toppie Hen”. Her father direct “FIGO” Anton & Hilda Reynaert hen mated to “Kleine Dirk” line bred by Eddy Grootjans. Achievements like 2nd Graaff-Reinet FBHU Truck 6624, Leeuw- Gamka best time on the FBHU Truck 4679 and full brother won the V/West Fed at WDHS.


A Consistent Late breed with an outstanding achievement 2nd SWPC and 57th in the Cape Classic Combine. Mother is direct Jimmy Richards from “Concorde Lofts” 700 Mile Family. Father is grandchild off “Leonardo x Tinkerbell” Arir Dijkstra crossed with a direct daughter off “HARRY” who won 1st Blois 37,728 and 1st Chateauroux 22,340 in NL by J.Hooymans.


This two year old was bred as a gift from Howard Clarke. Her father is pure Janssen from Belgium lofts of Janssen brothers and her mother is Hawk Lou Wouter from Tom Locke lofts

WDHU Bird of the Year


She is a 2 year old hen. Her mother is Otis daughter of “Deng Lin’s Favourite” bred by Gerhard Koopman and the father is from my Kuwait cock from AlAbraq Lofts


Bred off the Red Cock bought from Shamiel Salie x old bloodline Janssen hen. Most consistent bird in the loft as a yearling. Ended 17th in SWPC Bird of the Year list.


Never fly yearlings so hard but she always showed me there was something more to give.

Flew 5 places in the beginning of the year and then I knew she was a good candidate to keep back. Then brought her out in the VW which she won. Doubled her up next week and she flew 7th.


This is the second combine winner which the father bred. He also bred me a 3rd position in the De Aar classic sale race. Last year that was the only bird which was bred by the cock with a hen which scored 14th position on Kroonstad in the SWPC. That bird also went 11th position on the overall truck results on another day. This hen made history this year with her winning margin in the SWPC!!!!!


This hen won as a triple up. Previously she scored in the Bloemfontein Fed also as a triple up. When she won there were only 3 birds through in WDHU on the day. Mother is a Koopman who has now produced 4 Fed winners with 3 different cocks.

Father is a Knoop cock. Off his imported Koopman cock mated to a hen bred off his best Wegge x Melvyn Smith’s best hen.


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