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The mission of the Western State College Foundation is to be an enthusiastic advocate and funding partner of Western State College. By encouraging philanthropy and ensuring wise stewardship of gifts and endowments, the Foundation aspires to enhance the educational environment at the College for the benefit of its students, faculty and community.

The Mission of the Western State College Foundation



Students are exposed to ideas, people, and opportunities for personal exploration that greatly enhance their lives and, in many cases, transform the way they perceive themselves and the world around them.


How is Western in a transformation? The most visible representation of this transforming time for Western is in our physical plant. The combination of new construction and renovations is rapidly changing the face of the campus. Yet, in the true sense of transformation, these changes are enhancing the fundamental look, feel, and function of our facilities in ways that simultaneously preserve the great beauty and heritage of our campus. This is also true of our academic programs and our approach to teaching and learning.  The curriculum continues to evolve in ways to meet the needs and demands of 21st Century learning along with pedagogical approaches that enhance student abilities to think critically, creatively, and to communicate effectively.  Much like facility enhancement, the evolution of teaching, learning, and curricular initiatives are built upon the rich and effective learning environment of Western’s long tradition of commitment to students.

What do you perceive to be Western’s strengths? Western provides uncommon opportunities for students to grow intellectually as well as developmentally. The combination of engaged faculty and staff along with the dynamic of students who come here from throughout the State and the Country creates a distinctive learning environment, particularly for a public college.  Students are exposed to ideas, people, and opportunities for personal exploration that greatly enhance their lives and, in many cases, transform the way they perceive themselves and the world around them. 

This all occurs in a learning and living environment that both challenges students and provides a network of support and encouragement committed to their success. I believe that the whole experience of living in the Gunnison Valley and being immersed in the learning community of the College contributes to the fact that we have such a loyal and committed alumni base.  Lives are transformed at Western.

What distinguishes us from other liberal arts colleges? A higher education consultant recently shared with me that he could not think of another institution like Western. This was a particularly poignant statement given the fact that his firm has worked with over 400 colleges and universities throughout the nation.  The demographic mix of our student body really stands out.  As many people know, we have students from nearly every county in Colorado, and from every state in the Union.  This is a fact that makes us very different from any other public college, and likely quite different from many private colleges.

Jay Helman

Western State College President

The significance of our broad demographic mix is the learning culture that it creates on campus. We often tell prospective students to consider the opportunities of moving to this beautiful high mountain environment and being immersed in an intimate and supporting learning community that instantaneously makes their world larger. New students are immediately linked with students who come from large metropolitan areas and small towns throughout America.  It makes for a dynamic and enriching living and learning opportunity that, in a public college, only exists at Western.  


How might Western become stronger? We can become stronger and more united with more and more support from our alumni and friends, who are indeed very talented, successful and motivated people. With the support and help from our Western family, there is nothing that we cannot achieve.

What do you think about Western’s transformations on campus? Don Prosser

President, Western State College Foundation Board of Directors


New buildings and academic programs on campus make WSC stronger and promote recruiting and retention. It is long needed! It is my belief that the Mountaineer College Center will be a focal point on campus. Western needs a united meeting place, especially within the small town of Gunnison where there are not many options for a gathering center, and where severe weather can be a factor in finding alternative meeting places off-campus. It is a great opportunity for Western’s students to have a central “hub” for all of their socializing, relaxing, eating and co-curricular activities.

Please give three reasons you wanted to serve as President of the WSC Foundation Board of Directors. Only one reason – to help with the leadership and direction of the College. I believe deeply in Western, and really wanted to be a part of this exciting time.

You once mentioned how Western has helped you in your successes today. How is Western helping tomorrow’s graduates? I think Western’s professors are guiding and mentoring students the same as they did when I was a student. The low ratio of students to professors is still the same, as is the commitment to mentoring, and I think that is what distinguishes Western from any other public college or university. The personal relationships make the difference.


How is WSC Foundation facing today’s challenging economic climate?

Whenever challenges, such as the current economic crisis, face an institution, it drives you to answer two fundamental questions: “What do you stand for?”  And, “Who is standing with you?”  In the case of WSC Foundation, the answers to those questions fill us with great confidence and hope.  First, we stand for making sure that Western’s mission has the financial resources to succeed.  Since the College’s mission is ultimately to transform the lives of students through education in its fullest sense, and in a measure that is impossible with public funds alone – that life-changing, world-changing aspiration is something that absolutely must be accomplished, regardless of whatever obstacles we face.  The mission transcends any challenge, and difficulties like the economy only strengthen our resolve to succeed for our students, our faculty, our community and our world.  It really is that important. The answer to the second question, “Who is standing with you?” thrills me to the core.  We have a family of alumni and friends, faculty, staff and community whose devotion to, affection for and investment in Western are immeasurable.  That family spans generations, geography, financial capability, and specific fields of interest. What knits us together is our passionate, affectionate belief that Western is an extraordinary and indispensible College, and what happens here in the lives of students is as remarkable as it is rare.  And, standing with us is a Foundation Board of Directors that would be the envy of any college or university in the country.  These leaders have combined their expertise, wisdom, wealth and influence to both set the standard of commitment for Western’s alumni and friends, as well as to guide the Foundation in the most wise, prudent and transparent direction.  For example, they saw troubling signs with our prior fund manager, Lehman Brothers, before the investment banks decline was widely reported by the press, and took quick action to move the Foundation’s assets to Morgan Stanley, before they could be adversely affected by the collapse of Lehman Brothers.  The Foundation Board has been engaged in researching the best practices of the top college and university foundations in the country related to endowment management, fund distribution and stewardship, and is thoughtfully discussing and applying strategies to protect WSC Foundation’s assets for the highest benefit of the College both in the short and long terms.  We are blessed to have thousands of supporters across the country as well as skilled and committed leaders on the Board.

How are we handling today’s challenging economic climate? We’re facing it head on, asking the tough questions, making prudent adjustments, and on the fundraising side, we’re continuing to swing for the fences with the Mountaineer College Center underway.  Western’s mission is too important to do anything less.  And because of what Western stands for and who is standing with us, we have unwavering confidence and unshakable faith that we will succeed.


What can donors continue to do to make sure Western continues to thrive? Continue to invest in Western to the greatest extent that their hearts lead and their finances allow. It’s similar in some ways to the stock market.  Investing wisely in the market now (at the time I am writing this) when stock prices are low and many strong companies are undervalued, can reap dramatic returns when the economy recovers.  Likewise, investments in Western’s progress, people and plans now, when some other institutions are wringing their hands and settling for “weathering the storm,” will yield dramatically increased returns in Western’s strength, service, visibility and reputation as the rising tide of recovery takes us to new levels.  The victories we win for Western in the darkest days, shine so much brighter, and position the College to take a quantum leap forward when the economic recovery is underway. We’re building an incredible Mountaineer College Center when building is rare on campuses.  We’re looking at more scholarships because they’re needed now more than ever, as families struggle to afford higher education.   We’re Tom Burggraf advancing academic and athletic programs. We’re pushing forward when hunkering down is more the order of the day.  Vice President of Institutional Advancement Yet in all of that, we are mindful of the realities of the current economy.  for Western and Executive Director Some in our donor family have been hit especially hard by the economic downturn and soft job market, and aren’t able to support the College as strongly as they have in the past.  We’re incredibly grateful that they are continuing to stand with us at whatever level they can.  Others who have been more fortunate have increased their support to help compensate for those who have had to temporarily scale back their giving.  This tremendous devotion and generosity are rare at a small, rural, public college.  That’s what our donors do to make sure Western thrives and will continue to thrive.  

of the WSC Foundation

And that wondrous, transforming philanthropy of our alumni and friends makes every day Thanksgiving for us.


Foundation Protects Assets Watching carefully. Researching tirelessly. Projecting wisely. Discussing passionately. Directing prudently. The Foundation Board is comprised of leaders with great investment experience and expertise, and they take their fiduciary responsibility of managing the Foundation’s assets very seriously. Members of the Foundation’s Fund Management Committee have real-time access to all the Foundation’s assets under management and consider the best practices of the Nation’s most successful college and university foundations in determining the best strategies for increasing investment return and protecting principal within a prudent risk-tolerance. In the beginning of 2008, the Foundation’s assets were managed through Lehman Brothers. The Fund Management Committee, in their continuing due diligence, noticed some troubling signs with Lehman before the investment bank’s decline was widely reported by the press. After additional research, the Foundation took prompt and decisive steps to move its assets to Morgan Stanley, before they could be adversely affected by Lehman’s collapse. The current global economic downturn presents a very challenging environment in which to protect and grow assets. The Foundation and its Fund Management Committee continue to meet that challenge with great care, vision, foresight and prudence.

“The past cannot be changed, but the future is still in your power.” – Unknown


“Those who have given to the WSC Foundation and have created endowments are having their gifts stewarded by a deeply committed group of leaders, whose collective wisdom and expertise is amazing. We so appreciate the gift of their leadership. We simply could never afford to hire people of their capability,” said Tom Burggraf, Executive Director of the WSC Foundation and Vice President of Institutional Advancement at Western State College.

WSC Foundation offers Donor-Advised Funds Are you looking for a convenient, secure, flexible and tax-wise way to bundle all your charitable giving to Western and to all other qualified charitable organizations in the country, without the time and expense of creating a private or family foundation? A WSC Foundation Donor-Advised Fund is a charitable giving vehicle where you can make an irrevocable, tax-deductible contribution to WSC Foundation, and at any time thereafter can recommend grant distributions to any qualified charity, including Western.

Tax Advantages:

A Donor-Advised Fund provides you with all of the tax planning advantages associated with making gifts to a public charity along with the philanthropic planning benefits typically reserved for those who establish private or family foundations.

Philanthropic Management – Your Donor-Advised Fund is administered by the WSC Foundation as part of its endowment, directed by the Foundation Board of Directors. All grants are processed promptly and efficiently based on your recommendations, and WSC Foundation handles all necessary record keeping and reporting for your Fund

Unlike establishing a family foundation, you do not incur any initial expense when you establish a WSC Foundation DonorAdvised Fund. As the donor, you need only indicate on a simple form what your fund will be named; who will be allowed to direct charitable grant advice; and what and how much is being given as the initial gift to establish your fund.

WSC Foundation Donor-Advised Fund benefits: • Immediate tax deduction when you establish the fund without the requirement of immediate grant decisions. • Your gifted assets are removed from your estate and can reduce estate taxes. • You can recommend grants from your fund to Western, or to any other qualified charity in the country, at any time. • Your gift will appreciate in value, allowing greater support to your favorite charities. • The advantages of a private foundation are yours, without expensive startup fees and ongoing administrative costs.

A WSC Foundation Donor-Advised Fund offers many tax advantages. In addition to receiving an immediate tax deduction, you have the flexibility to designate grants whenever it best suits you, the opportunity to lower your current and estate taxes and the convenience of more easily planning charitable activities for future tax years.

Other Advantages:

Asset Management – All endowment assets are managed by Morgan Stanley. Supporting Charitable Pursuits – This program gives you the opportunity to support all the charitable causes that are meaningful to you, including education, the arts, ministries, social services, health care, and others, through the careful stewardship of WSC Foundation. There are no required distributions, so you can take your time in determining your grants. Family Involvement – We encourage donors who establish Donor-Advised Funds to share their involvement with children and family members so that they, too, can learn to be philanthropists and give back to their communities. For more information on setting up a WSC Foundation DonorAdvised Fund, contact Pam Johnston, WSC Foundation Financial Manager at 970-641-2237 ( Individuals should always consult their legal and tax advisors to discuss the personal circumstances regarding their income and estate taxes.

Your gift will appreciate in value, allowing greater support to your favorite charities.


The Mountaineer College Center Construction on the new $28 million Mountaineer College Center is now underway! completion in January, 2010, life at Western State College will reach unprecedented heights.

A Home Away from Home Our students, 94% of whom leave the familiar to travel 150 miles or more to attend Western from throughout Colorado and nearly every state in the nation, will have a beautiful home base. It will be a welcoming place for students to connect with each other; to engage in a myriad of clubs, campus organizations, and causes; to enjoy their meals, their friends, and their lives.

The Hub The Mountaineer College Center will be the round-the-clock energetic hub of activity for the College. Whether it’s Student Life, Recreation, Wilderness Pursuits, Learning Assistance, Student Government, Club Sports, Multi-Cultural Center or other education-expanding ventures, they will all radiate out from the Mountaineer College Center. It will be the Center of nearly every exciting thing happening outside the classroom at Western.

The Gateway for Community and College Collaboration Western is a major force that is leading the Gunnison Valley into the future. The Mountaineer College Center will enable college and community to move forward together. The Ballroom will be the most elegant and functional meeting space in the lower Valley, suitable for everything from hosting dignitaries, formal lectures and elegant receptions to campus preview gatherings and the High School Prom. The well-appointed, smart meeting rooms will host the city leaders, local and regional nonprofits, student government and more. And the College Center will be the destination for students and local residents alike, as the home of Gunnison’s only movie theater, an amenity that the College and community have been craving for years. 10

And upon its

Powerful Attraction for Students Western competes with colleges across the state and the nation for its students. Attractive facilities play a significant role in attracting and retaining students. Western has an unmatched natural environment, the best of the outdoors. Western will now have the perfect complement - an innovative, energetic Campus Center - the best of the indoors.

Mountaineer College Center Budget

One Amenity Touching Every Member of the Western Family The range of activities headquartered in the Mountaineer Campus Center will engage students of every interest. As students enjoy the outstanding meal plan and retail dining, an impressive menu of student services, and overwhelming opportunities for engagement and activity, they will be extending and enhancing their educations in powerful and transforming ways in community with each other, the faculty, staff and local residents.

Bricks and Mortar 70,315 GSF


Design and Engineering

Equipment and Furnishings


Technology and Communications






Gifts/Pledges Needed

1 1 2 4 6 10 15 20 25 Many

$8MM— $10MM $2MM—$3MM S1MM—$1.9MM $500K—$999K $250K—$499K $100K—$249K $50K—$99K $25K—$49K $10K—$24K Up to $9K

Up to 5 Year Payment Term


above: First Floor Plan top right: Rendering of Dining Area bottom right: Second Floor Plan


Mountaineer College Center (working title)

The Investment To create a facility this remarkable will require a total investment of $28 million broken down as follows: Investment Areas of Building Source $11 million Meal plan and retail dining areas Western’s Auxiliary Services $17 million All non-dining areas of the Center Private Gifts and Grants Western State College Foundation is in the midst of a $30 million Capital Campaign of which the Mountaineer College Center is the crown jewel. The new facility will be LEED Gold certified, and will be 70,315 sq. ft. “The previous facility was simply not adequate for the needs of today’s students,” said Brad Baca, Vice President for Finance and Administration. “We feel that locating as many of our services for students as possible in the new facility will provide a focal point for students to gather and interact with each other.” The new Mountaineer College Center’s impact on campus cannot be overstated. “Western students are long overdue for an attractive and vibrant gathering place integrating dining and student activity programs in an inviting facility,” said President Jay Helman.

“The Mountaineer College Center is the single greatest step we can take to enhance the Western experience and attract and retain the best students.”

Naming Opportunities Leadership Gifts ($200,000 - $1,500,000)

Space Floor Movie Theater 2 Ballroom 2 Lobby 1 Bookstore 1 Concourse/Retail Dining Area 1 North/South Concourse 1 East/West Concourse 2 Recreation Area 1 Career Services/Learning Assistance Suite 1 Residence Life Suite 1 Multi-Cultural Center Suite 1 North Entrance 1 South Entrance 1 Mail Room 1 Meeting Rooms (3 rooms) 2

Major Gifts ($25,000 - $199,000)

Space Floor Campus Reception Lounge 1 Learning Assistance Conference Room 1 Student Government Conference Room 1 Program Council Conference Room 1 Administration Reception Area 1 Wilderness Pursuits Center 1 Information Desk 1 Movie Theater Lounge 2 Lounge groupings Lobby East (2 areas) 1 Lounge groupings off concourse (3 areas) 1 Lounge groupings off concourse (3 areas) 2

Gift Level $1,500,000 $1,000,000 $850,000 $750,000 $500,000 $500,000 $400,000 $300,000 $250,000 $250,000 $250,000 $200,000 $200,000 $200,000 $200,000 ea.

Gift Level $150,000 $100,000 $100,000 $100,000 $75,000 $75,000 $50,000 $50,000 $35,000 ea. $25,000 ea. $25,000 ea. 13

WSC Gets Movie Theater, Thanks to the Prosser Family Don Prosser (’75), his wife Donna and their family made a generous gift of $100,000 to the Borick Business Building. But their giving was far from over … they overwhelmed Western’s alumni, faculty, staff and students with their benevolent donation of $1.5 million to the new Mountaineer College Center. “Western State College was a big influence on my life development and as I thought back on those experiences, I saw campus life and the College Union as being the centerpiece of those experiences,” explained Don. “In recent years as we have visited the campus and seen the changes made to the College Union it seemed that the Centerpiece had gone away. When the idea of a new dining hall and Mountaineer College Center was proposed, I believed the College was going to put that centerpiece back into the campus. We as a family decided that we wanted to help in the strongest way possible in this process.” The Prosser Family is directing their gift to the new movie theater in the Mountaineer College Center, an addition the College and Foundation could not have provided for without this monumental gift. With a stage included in the plans, the theater will meet the needs for the Gunnison community as well as the campus. “When the theater was proposed as an option, it seemed like a necessary part that could not be left out and we were happy to commit to making that happen with our gift,” said Don. Don, a Certified Public Accountant in the Denver area, currently serves as the President of the WSC Foundation Board of Directors. “This is my sixth and final year on the Foundation Board and I am only wishing that I could do more to help,” said Don. “We have a great Foundation with an amazing staff and a board that continues to get stronger.”

“I have always believed that we as alumni should give back as result of being successful in our lives. My experiences at Western State College helped set the foundation for my career

pathway and life,” explained Don. “The people along the way, the professors and daily learning experiences are all part of the package. Because of the opportunities provided by Western I found myself in a position to help the Western State experience continue for future generations.”


A Trustee Who Gives in Many Ways Peter Dea (’76) has many fast-paced days as an executive in the oil and gas industry. Like many people, he has little time to waste, so when he gives Western his time, it’s truly a meaningful gift. Peter is a member of the Western State College Board of Trustees, and a former member of the WSC Foundation Board of Directors. He and his wife, Cathy, and their family have made a $100,000 gift to the Borick Business Building, as well as additional gifts to the Professional Land and Resource Management Program and the Department of Geology at Western. “The return on investment of financially supporting the programs and/or buildings of Geology, Business and Professional Land and Resource Management at Western is well documented by the successful career placements of WSC graduates into a variety of energy related careers,” explained Peter. Peter is President and CEO of Cirque Resources LP, an oil and gas exploration company he founded in 2007. Dea served as CEO and President of Western Gas Resources, Inc. from 20012006 after leading Barrett Resources Corporation as CEO and chairman. “Western graduates continue to play a vital role in the West’s natural gas and oil industry which generated $23 billion of economic benefit in Colorado alone in 2007,” said Peter. “Well qualified with solid educations at Western in Petroleum Geology, Business and Accounting, Professional Land and Resource Management or Environmental Studies, WSC’s past, present and future students continue to attain exciting positions throughout the wide spectrum of energy, mining, and consulting related careers.” Peter co-founded the Bartleson-Prather Scholarship for Excellence in Geology at Western State College. A continuous, loyal supporter of Western, Peter realizes the magnitude of Western’s excellence in education. “By integrating the sciences, business, accounting and land resource disciplines, WSC offers students a myriad of opportunities directly applicable to challenging careers,” said Peter. “WSC alumni’s strong track record of executives, managers and professionals in public and private companies underscores the competitive edge of WSC graduates.” Peter and Cathy and their three sons Drake, Austin and Cort share residences between Golden and Crested Butte, Colorado.


Actions Speak Louder Than Words Donald “Chip” Creager III (’85) and his wife, Robin, do more than just support Western with words. They demonstrate their belief in Western’s mission with action - - they have made gifts and pledges of over $200,000 to WSC in the past several years. Chip is the Immediate PastPresident of the Western Chip and wife, Robin, with their sons; Chip’s mother, Mary; and brother, Greg State College Foundation Board of Directors. “My five years on the WSC Foundation Board have been a labor of love,” said Chip. “Serving as your president for the last year has been a wonderful experience.” Chip and Robin donated $100,000 to the Borick Business Building, and just recently pledged another significant gift of $100,000 to the Mountaineer College Center. “There is so much momentum right now for historic change at Western. The reason I have given so freely is because of the

vision and leadership shown by President Jay Helman and Vice President of Institutional Advancement for Western and Executive Director of the Foundation Tom Burggraf. Their tireless work and enthusiasm for Western is contagious. You can’t help but get excited when they are around. They inspire me to go beyond what I think is possible in life and in business. They have truly taught me to shoot for the stars,” said Chip. Chip is the owner of Creager Mercantile, a supplier to convenience stores, liquor stores and gift shops. He is past-President of the Kiwanis Club of the Denver Tech Center, and a monthly volunteer at Marilee Center. He has been the lead advocate for Kiwanis at Marilee Center for eight years. He is also the PastPresident of the Colorado Association of Distributors. Chip and Robin have two sons, Max and Andy. “Jay and Tom’s vision along with the generous support of alumni and friends of the College will forever transform the WSC campus. The Borick Business Building was only the start! The new Mountaineer College Center will be the center of campus and community life in Gunnison for years to come,” said Chip. “This is truly a historic moment in Western’s history. I’m so happy to be part of it!”

A Foundation of Support The Boettcher Foundation, located in Denver, Colorado, has been a long-time supporter and friend to Western for years. They have supported students through the Boettcher Opportunity Award, a merit-based scholarship for under-represented students from Colorado who enroll at Western. “The Board of Trustees of the Boettcher Foundation wanted an opportunity to provide scholarships on the Western State College campus. The goal was to be able to assist Colorado students in gaining a solid education that would benefit the scholarship recipients and the State of Colorado in the future,” said Tim Schultz, President and Executive Director of the Boettcher Foundation. The Boettcher Foundation also gave a gift of $272,000 to the Borick Business Building. In gratitude, the WSC Foundation named the Community Rotunda in the Borick 16

Business Building in honor of the Boettcher Foundation. “An investment in education is one of the best choices you can make,” said Tim. “The broad reaching benefits of education will not only impact yourself, but your family and your community as well.” The Boettcher Foundation is one of the oldest private family foundations in Colorado. Founded in 1937, over $100 million of the Boettcher Foundation’s grant making has gone toward education – helping Colorado students achieve their dreams. Claude K. Boettcher, one of the original founders of the Boettcher Foundation, said “The brains of Colorado’s young people, given the opportunity, are the hope of this State. Give them a chance for education and for scientific research.”

The Cycle of Giving Stephen M. Trippe (’77) and his wife, Sarah, have supported Western for years, wanting to make a difference in the lives of Western students. “Sarah and I have been fortunate enough to have some success and with that we have just felt that it is important to give something back for others who will follow,” said Steve. “There is an extreme amount of happiness that comes with that.” The Trippes made a gift of $100,000 to the Borick Business Building, and more recently, made a gift of $50,000 to the Professional Land and Resource Management Program. “Our gifts to Western have already repaid us in many ways; however, the best thing we get in return are the thank you’s from students whenever we happen to be on campus for a function or meeting,” Steve explained. Steve is the Vice President of CIMA Energy, LTD, an oil and gas marketing firm, and Managing Member of Longhorn Properties, LLC, an oil and gas exploration limited liability company which originates and develops exploration projects throughout the United States. In addition, Steve is President of Four S’s, Inc. which develops commercial and residential real estate in Florida. Steve and Sarah have two sons, Spencer and Samuel. They

spend their time between their homes in Traverse City, Michigan and Key West, Florida. Steve, a member of the WSC Foundation Board of Directors, is also a member of Western’s Professional Land and Resource Management Advisory Board. He also serves the Michigan Oil and Gas Association on the Board of Directors.

Steve and Sarah Trippe and their sons

“We believe that people are able to make positive changes for themselves and others by means of their giving no matter how big or how small. In that regard all gifts to Western are important for the collective good because if we can, by any means of giving, contribute to make it possible for one individual to do their best work or obtain their goals, then that is a worthy endeavor,” said Steve. “In doing so, those who receive the benefits of gifts from WSC alumni and friends through the WSC Foundation will then reciprocate when they have a chance, thereby starting the process all over again.”

Giving is Nostalgic for Alumnus A new building project on campus can stir up a variety of emotions. Some people may feel proud of their alma mater’s accomplishments; other people experience joy; and even more people feel the excitement of hope and opportunity that a project of that magnitude will bring.

making gifts totaling nearly $450,000. He has endowed the Robert and Gloria Little Scholarship, which he created to honor the memory of his wife, Gloria, to assist students majoring in Business, Accounting or Economics. In addition, he made a gift of $100,000 to the Borick Business Building.

Robert (Bob) R. Little (’50) felt all of that, and was also reminiscent of the time he attended Western. The new Borick Business Building brought back some fond memories of when he was a student.

“I knew this was my opportunity to assist in providing BAE students, faculty and staff with a modern ‘state of the art’ facility which ranks with those of other outstanding colleges and universities,” said Bob.

“When I learned of the proposed Borick Business Building, I remembered sitting in classes in Taylor Hall taught by Dr. Binford, Byron “Barney” Yale and T. K. Wilson. Dr. Mickelson was the President of Western,” explained Bob.

Although Bob now resides in Phoenix, Arizona, his heart still yearns for Gunnison and Western State College.

Bob has been a long-time supporter and friend of Western,

“The views of the Gunnison Valley must be an inspiration to everyone,” said Bob. “I am always pleased to read of our graduates’ career accomplishments.” 17

How does the new Mountaineer College Center symbolize

“I have always believed that we as people should give back as part of being

“The education that takes place by people coming together from different

successful in their lives. My experiences at Western State College helped set

geographic, economic, social and cultural backgrounds is, truly, one of the most

the foundation for my career pathway and life. The people along the way, the

important aspects of an educational institution. The Mountaineer College Center

professors and daily learning experiences are all part of the package. Because of

will become the center that facilitates this very important education and, therefore,

the opportunities provided I found myself in a position to help the Western State

the College Center becomes paramount to preparing young people for the 21st

experience continue. This is my sixth and final year on the Foundation Board

Century. Private investment in the College Center makes a very important

and I am only wishing that I could do more to help. We have a great Foundation

statement regarding the importance of providing a place where this multilevel

with an amazing staff and a Board that continues to get stronger.”

education will occur.”

Stu Kaplan (’70)

Don Prosser (’73,’75)

Vice President, WSC Foundation

President, WSC Foundation

President, Makuta Technics, Inc.



the importance of private investment at Western?

“Without the ongoing generosity of alumni, faculty, and friends of Western,

“Western State College is striving to provide a first-class educational

we would not be able to ‘Live the Dream’ of a new College Center that will daily

experience for its students by providing a quality education in state-of-the-art

enhance the college life of every Western State College student.”

facilities. The state of Colorado can only meet a portion of Western’s capital needs. The burden for funding the balance of our required capital falls on the

Jyl Voss (’76)

broad shoulders of the College’s alumni and friends. We have proudly

Secretary, WSC Foundation

demonstrated an ability to fund our facilities through ‘Self Help.’ Western’s


most significant capital project to date is the new Mountaineer College Center. Construction has started, and the College needs your enthusiastic support to assure the College Center is properly funded.” Roy Hood (’66) Treasurer, WSC Foundation Retired Chairman/CEO of Rimco Productions Company, Inc.


How does the new Mountaineer College Center symbolize “All of the construction going on is creating a NEW Western State. When it’s finished, virtually every corner of our campus will be transformed in some way.  The new College Center will be an investment in the campus and community that will payoff for decades.  It is such an exciting time to be part of the Western family.   Please join us in this worthwhile endeavor.  Thanks to all of the friends of Western who have made this possible.” Chip Creager (’85) Immediate Past-President, WSC Foundation, President, Creager Mercantile

Back row (standing): Art Harter, Steve Reynolds, Don Prosser, Malte vonMatthiessen, Chip Creager.

Front row (seated): Ken Moffitt, Jim Musgrave, Kathy Lutito, Donna Faulkner, Ty Petway, Steve Trippe.


the importance of private investment at Western? “The scope of the new College Center, made possible by private investment, is adding a truly transformational element to the WSC experience. The College and Foundation are partnering again-- this time to create a dynamic center for students and community.” Donna Faulkner (’68) Owner and CFO, Faulkner Exploration

“Private investment in the new Mountaineer College Center is an acknowledgement that the State alone cannot provide the facilities or environment necessary to keep Western State College at the forefront of excellent college experiences and education. If our future leaders are exposed to the opportunities that private investment provides to Western, they will be more successful in accomplishing their personal goals as well as their social obligations to our country.  By exposure to the benefits offered by private investment, Western’s students will also become more cognizant of their duty to personally invest in programs and infrastructure benefiting future generations.” Craig Haase Retired Senior Executive and Director, Newmont Mining Corporation

“The new College Center will become the essential focal point of WSC and the Gunnison community. It will be where relationships of all sorts are formed, nurtured and developed beyond the times at WSC.  The Center,  through its expansive features, will allow students, faculty, businesses and Gunnison citizens to gather for academic and social reasons to help one grow in character and culture.  It is extremely important for all to give financial support to the new Mountaineer College Center, not because it is a building of bricks and mortar, but it is a place of building relationships and character.” Art Harter (’78) Senior Vice President – Investments, Smith Barney

“The College Center is the heartbeat of the campus and will be remembered by all who pass through Western State College. This is truly a gift that will keep on giving for years to come.” Kathy Lutito (’85) President and CIO, Qwest Asset Management Company


How does the new Mountaineer College Center symbolize “The quality of the educational experience at any school seems to be directly proportional to the amount of support, financial and otherwise, that it receives from all sources. And since public funding is skimpy at best, it is left to the private sector to provide all but the most basic of amenities. The new Mountaineer College Center is a great example of what a group of individuals can accomplish in the quest for providing a quality educational experience – one that will live up to the expectations of the present student body, attract a diverse group of future students and benefit the community in all the ways that an excellent center for higher learning is supposed to do.” David McCay Chairman, Peace Initiatives Institute

“Locally the Mountaineer College Center will symbolize the difference between ‘OUR’ College, not just ‘a’ college. To the current student body we can now prove that ‘going for it’ pays off and to those that may consider Western for their future, well...... it’s why we will now be the ‘chosen one!’” David McEntire (’80) President, Amstar Homes, Inc.


“The new College Center will be the functional, attractive focal point for all Western students, a long overdue huge upgrade to the campus. It will be the hub of campus activity, and a great student recruiting tool. What a splendid way for private investment to touch the everyday life of all Western students for years to come! This is truly an investment with a wonderful guaranteed rate of return.” Ken Moffitt Retired Vice President and General Manager, Rotary Drill Division of Ingersoll-Rand Company

“The College Center provides a sense of community for students, a place to come together, interact and exchange ideas. Additionally, it will further enhance education and student life not found in the classroom.” Jim Musgrave (’64) Community Leader

the importance of private investment at Western? “The core of Western State College has always been the students. Everything the faculty, staff and alumni undertake is focused around the welfare of our student body.  The new College Center creates a terrific center for college life on campus.  The project also increases our competitive position -- when prospective students and families step foot on our campus and see the College Center there will be no doubt as to our commitment to our students -- that will make tremendous inroads in our quest to attract the best students.” Ty Petway (’96) CEO, Zurich Insurance Services, Inc.

“The new College Center will be a great place for students, faculty and the Gunnison community to enjoy. It simply could not happen at the scale it is without some private investment partnering up with the College to make it the best facility possible. It will become ‘the place’ to meet, engage and relax on campus, possibly in the entire town. Just as the Borick Business building led to an entirely new curriculum in Professional Land and Resource Management, the new College Center will lead the entire Western State and Gunnison Communities to new ideas and a new appreciation of what the higher education process can truly achieve and become. I don’t think there is any way that we can predict all of the great things that will happen as result of providing a dynamic environment for our students, administration, faculty and community to interact with each other. In other words ‘that’s just cool’!” Steve Reynolds (’78) Co-Owner and Vice President, Infinity Oil & Gas, Inc.

“The new College Center, more than any project in the recent history of the College, symbolizes the essence of the public/private partnership between the College and the Foundation. Furthermore, it is an excellent example of how the Foundation can facilitate and assist the College in its implementation of its strategic plan.” Malte vonMatthiessen Chairman and former CEO, YSI, Inc.

Steve Trippe (’77) Vice President, Cima Energy


The Western State College Foundation Charitable Gift Revenue Continues to Increase Western alumni, parents and friends gave $6,305,014 during the 2007-2008 Fiscal Year, an increase of over $650,000 from the previous year.

Charitable Gift Revenue



$6,200,000.00 $6,000,000.00 $5,800,000.00


$5,600,000.00 $5,400,000.00 $5,200,000.00 $5,000,000.00 $4,800,000.00

$ 4,731,642

$4,600,000.00 $4,400,000.00 $4,200,000.00 $4,000,000.00 $3,800,000.00

$ 3,662,935

$3,600,000.00 $3,400,000.00 $3,200,000.00 $3,000,000.00 $2,800,000.00 $2,636,324

$2,600,000.00 $2,426 ,242

$2,400,000.00 $2,200,000.00 $2,000,000.00 $1,800,000.00 $1,600,000.00 $1,466 ,909





$1,000,000.00 $800,000.00 $600,000.00

$677,546 $465,000

$400,000.00 $200,000.00 $0.00













Total Assets on the Rise In 2007-2008, the assets of the Foundation reached $28,991,782. Total assets include endowments, non-endowed funds, and Foundation-owned property.

Total Assets $28,991,782

$29,000,000.00 $28,000,000.00 $27,081,014

$27,000,000.00 $26,000,000.00 $25,000,000.00

Distribution to WSC

$24,000,000.00 $23,000,000.00

The Foundation provided $2,703,752 to Western State College during the Fiscal Year 07-08*, with $511,809 going towards scholarships. *Any distributions for construction of the Borick Business Building are not counted in these totals as the building will remain an asset for the WSC Foundation.

$22,000,000.00 $21,000,000.00 $20,000,000.00 $19,000,000.00 $18,000,000.00 $17,000,000.00 $16,000,000.00 $15,161,471


Distribution to Western State College $2,800,000.00 $2,703,752

$14,000,000.00 $13,000,000.00

$2,600,000.00 $2,400,000.00

$12,000,000.00 $2,209,963




$11,000,000.00 $10,000,000.00



$1,800,000.00 $1,600,000.00 $1,400,000.00


$1,796,694 $1,380,236










$3,000,000.00 $2,000,000.00


$1,000,000.00 *97-98



$7,254,956 $6,887,244




$7,628,251 $6,397,469






























Fundraising Reaches an All-Time Record WSC Athletic fundraising reached an all-time record in Fiscal Year 2007-2008. The Mountaineer Athletic Association (MAA) has a long and richly successful tradition. The recent years have been especially successful as demonstrated by the past 14 years of progress.

“Primarily, the success of our fundraising continues to be an endorsement of the fine work of our student-athletes, coaches and support staff and the belief that people have in what we do and what we are about,” said Greg Waggoner, Director of Athletics. “However, it is a team effort with our MAA board, staff, student-athletes and volunteers, as the ability to produce a high level of outside revenues takes a lot of very hard work year ‘round to capitalize on the generous support our alumni and community provide us.”  Mountaineer Athletics has increased its pace of fundraising in a big way over the past 14 years. It is now entering into Corporate Partnerships (sponsorships) for its 13th straight year. This is an area that is beyond the charitable realm of fundraising. The Mountaineer Athletic Association Corporate Sponsorship and Regular Membership earned $276,155. This amount recorded the all-time record value. The total revenues from all WSC Foundation and WSC Athletic fundraising and scholarship accounts reached $1.4 million. This is the fourth straight year that the fundraising has been above $1 million. This figure includes most private enterprise revenues, such as the MAA corporate and regular memberships, special events (Golf Tournament, auction dinner, Hall of Fame Banquet), advertising, sport specific fundraising, net profit from summer camps, capital campaigns and revenue from endowed and annually funded scholarships and grants. The average NCAA Division II public institution that sponsors football has annual budget revenues of approximately 76% institutionally allocated and 24% private/enterprise. The WSC Athletic Budget is approximately 52% institutionally allocated and 48% private/enterprise generated. Waggoner hopes that WSC Athletics can keep this tradition going, as they move forward with the 2008-09 fundraising campaign.


Hall of Fame Four inductees and three Lifetime Athletic Achievement Award winners were inducted into the 14th Annual Community Banks of Colorado Mountaineer Sports Hall of Fame on September 26, 2008. Football head coach O. Kay Dalton (1961 - 1965), football and track star Franklin Jefferson (’66), track and field standout Ermelinda Shehaj (’99) and women’s basketball coach and Professor Emeritus of Business James Hahn were named into the Hall of Fame. Pete Rodriguez (’63), former basketball coach Bob Decker (’61) and Bucky Broomhall (’59) were honored with Lifetime Athletic Achievement Awards.

Western Places in Top 25 in Directors Cup Western State College placed 23rd in the United States Sports Academy Directors Cup for 2007-2008. Western has now placed in the top 25 for the last 13 years in the Division II category. Over 280 institutions are involved in competition. The cup ranks institution results in seven sports, both men’s and women’s. “We are very proud of our outstanding coaches, support staff and student-athletes,” said Athletic Director Greg Waggoner. “They represent our institution at a high level in many dimensions. We are also appreciative of the support from the community and Western’s administration, faculty, staff and alumni. The success of Mountaineer Athletics is truly a team effort.” Western is only one of two Division II institutions to place in the top 25 for the last 13 years. They have placed as high as fifth three times.


Long-time Gunnison resident and Western alumnus Robert “Bob” Decker passed away December 25, 2008. After earning his bachelor’s degree from the University of Colorado and serving in the Air Force, Bob began his teaching career in the fall of 1957 in Las Animas, Colorado as a high school math teacher and coach for basketball and football. His basketball team won the state championship in 1958 and 1959. Bob married Martha Jean Lowe in March of 1959, and they had three daughters. Bob completed his master’s degree in education and counseling at Western in 1961. The family lived in Longmont until 1967, when Bob and his family returned to Gunnison where he became the basketball coach and an associate professor at WSC. Bob coached for 10 years and taught in the P.E. and Recreation Department for 23 years. He received emeritus status at Western in 1988. Bob served as president of the Rotary Club and was a Paul Harris Fellow. He served on the Gunnison City Council from 1979 to 1987, and was mayor from 1981 to 1983, and again in 1985 to 1987. Bob has served as a faculty trustee to the Consortium of State Colleges, and was the faculty representative to CCHE. He received a Lifetime Achievement Award and was inducted into the WSC Athletic Hall of Fame. He is also a former member of the WSC Foundation Board of Directors. Bob and Jean established the Bob Decker Basketball Scholarship to assist basketball players at Western. If you would like to make a contribution to this fund in Bob’s memory, please contact the WSC Foundation, Post Office Box 1264, Gunnison, CO 81230, or call (970)641-2237.


Zelda Jeanne Ryan Rouillard passed away on December 30, 2008. She was 79. Zelda earned her B.A. in English at Kearney State College, and studied as a Fulbright Scholar in Exeter, England. She attained her M.A. in English at the University of Wyoming, and received her PhD in English from the University of Colorado. Zelda married Theodore Chase Rouillard in 1959, and had one son, Gregory. In 1969, Zelda and her family moved to Gunnison, and she began her long and distinguished career at Western. For almost forty years Zelda served the Gunnison and Western community, teaching a multitude of undergraduate and graduate English courses, chairing the English Department for six years, and famously serving as the Commencement Faculty Marshal for two decades. She retired from Western in 2005. Zelda was involved in the Community Foundation of the Gunnison Valley, Habitat for Humanity, the Nature Conservatory, the ASPCA, the Colorado Historical Society, the Gunnison Valley Animal Welfare League and numerous other local, regional and national causes. Zelda leaves a tremendous legacy in the many lives she has touched as a teacher, mentor, colleague and friend.

Steven MacAllister, a benefactor and friend of Western State College, passed away in January, 2008. He was 56 years old. Steven’s family and friends, through the MacAllister Foundation, made gifts in Steven’s honor to the David and Steven MacAllister Fund at Western. This generous fund provides unrestricted support to the WSC Department of Music, with preference for scholarships and the Summer Music Program. It was established by the MacAllister Foundation in honor of David MacAllister, Steven’s son, who passed away in July of 2003 at the age of 17. “It was David’s many passions for his family, his friends and his music that inspired and drove a creative edge in his spirit that was always on fire and always searching for ways to connect and show his love for others with his music,” Steven said of his son. “Our many conversations about the opportunities and sadly, many lack of opportunities for young people to express themselves with their creative talents in music consumed our time together, as it was his thought that music could change the life of many youth as it had inspired him.” The MacAllister Foundation and the MacAllister Family have done a tremendous amount for Western. In addition to the David and Steven MacAllister Fund, they have given through various significant scholarships over many years. The Presidential Scholarship provides financial assistance to Western’s highest achieving and most deserving students, celebrating the ideals of academic excellence and service to campus and community. The Presidential Student-Athlete Scholarship provides support to the same caliber of student-athletes. “We are very grateful to have the David and Steven MacAllister Fund to benefit the Music Department as we support scholarship opportunities for our current Western students and as we develop the summer Western Chamber Music Institute for high-school students,” said Martha Violett, Chair of the Department of Music.

“I wonder what new vistas I could see from those higher vantage points, what new beauty awaits my eyes, what – Steven Carl MacAllister adventure is in store for this day.”


The Heritage Society The Heritage Society formally recognizes all planned gift donors who have committed their support to ensure Western’s future: Leona E. Antholz* Robert Barr* Roberta Barr Robert L. Beitler Elsie A. Bennett* Ruth Berg* Edmund L. Bevens* J. Howard Blackburn* John Brach Nancy Spann Braswell* James A. Brewer* Joe Brimus Martha A. Carr* Hugh R. Christenson* Janet S. Christenson James H. Cox Jeanette M. Dalton* George Davidson* Marguerite Davidson A. Joseph DeGrazio Tony Delmas* Donald S. Eastman* Harry W. Endner* Mary E. Erickson* Jeane D. Fair*


Robert D. Foster Agnes D. Giles* Cecil Giles* Paul Gillis William H. Gould* Carol Greenlee Jim Greenlee* William Greer Robert C. Haas* Evelyn Haley Larry Heesch Linda Heesch Kenneth E. Heuer Clarence T. Hurst* Jean Race Johnson May Dye Kearney* Bruce A. Kolisek Robert W. Lowe, Jr. Jim Mahaffey Mitchell W. Mateik* Wayne Milheim Christopher M. Minard Barbara J. Minard* Marvin Newby* Reva Sapp O’Connor*

Ralph E. Porter* Marjorie Porter* Fletcher Y. Rainer, III* Sandy Read Edwyl Redding* Lois T. Reed Fred A. Reichle* Olivia L. Reichle* Ethel M. Rice Rachel W. Rice* James R. Richards* Freda T. Roof* Joseph A. Ruggerio* Mary A. Scherer* Stephen T. Semegen Alma L. Sheff George R. Sheff Anne Shrake Tom Shrake Deborah Shoop Kirkton Shoop Burton Smith* Elnora Smith* Bill Smith Janet Smith

William H. Stobaugh* Ida LaDean Stobaugh Marion A. Stoerker Mollie G. Stoerker David Stremme Jan Stremme Dan Thornton* Jesse Thornton* Eric Vanden Brink C. E. Veirs* Francis T. Visconti John P. Vloyantes* Malte vonMatthiessen Pam vonMatthiessen Mary F. Wright* Paul W. Wright* Hazel Wright* Mickey Zahradka* Nona Zahradka George Zavislan* Selma Zavislan Ann Zugelder* Anonymous (8 individuals) *Deceased

Honorary Board Jacob P. Accola Shannon Armstrong Mary Elaine Barbour Bill Boris L. Richard Bratton Clay Campbell Louie Carleo Jay Carlile Claudia M. Carpenter Chuck Cliggett Rob Costello Thom Cox Peter Dea

Bob Decker Dan Dennison Ann Duckett Jerry Dusa Gary Garland Roy Johnson Nancy Houston Anne Law Jim MacAllister Sandy Mark Mike Matthews Les Mergelman Howard Morrison

Owen P. O’Fallon Jack Porter Paul Rady Tom Rais Sandy Read Ethel Rice John Roberts Curtis Robinson Bud Smock Ginger Soderlund Lee Spann Linda Helken-Squirrell Richard (Dick) Stephenson

Wesley E. Strain James Sullivan Tom Swineford Lawrence J. Tacker Jerry Uhrlaub Edwin Vitt Pat White Sven Wiik

Western State College Foundation Staff Front row (seated): Deborah Hoskins, Director of Development/Associate Director of the WSC Foundation; Tom Burggraf, Vice President of Institutional Advancement of Western and Executive Director of the WSC Foundation; Pam Johnston, Financial Manager/Annual Fund Officer. Back row (standing): Nadia Van Diepen, Student Assistant; Celeste Helminski, Capital Campaign Associate; Debbie Johnson, Staff Assistant/Assistant to the Executive Director.


this page included on document layout pages 1-31


This is a summary of the Western State College Foundation’s active accounts. If you are considering donating to an area not listed, please contact the Foundation to discuss establishing a new fund. ACADEMIC AFFAIRS Academic Affairs Fund

scholarship to the College to help students from the Western Slope of Colorado. Recipients must have a parent who graduated from Western.


Rugby Alumni Endowment

Admissions Fund

David and Jan Stremme Alumni Association Scholarship– This fund has been established by David Stremme (’76) to provide assistance with the purchase of books and fees to WSC students whose parents graduated from Western. A planned gift, this fund serves to honor David, an Alumni Advisory Board member who attended Western 1972-1976, and his wife, Jan.

City and County Admissions Frances Hunter Memorial Presidential Scholarship Endowment– This fund was created by Bill, Lucille and Theron Hunter of Montrose, Colorado, to celebrate the memory of Bill’s mother. Orahood OJC/WSC Scholarship– Ernest Orahood (attended 1936-40) established this scholarship for Otero Junior College graduates transferring to Western or graduating from a high school in the Arkansas Valley.

ALUMNI A92 - Class of ‘67 Alumni Association Activities Fund Alumni Scholarship– Established by WSC to provide assistance to Western students. Mary Florence Wright Alumni Scholarship– Wright (‘18) bequeathed this 32

ART Mary L. Alber Memorial Scholarship– Ethel Rice (‘63), retired Technical Services and Special Collections Librarian at Western, and Owen Sharp established this scholarship in honor of their aunt. This fund provides for students majoring in Art who seek an Education Certificate. Art Fund Mabel deKoevend Memorial Art Scholarship– This scholarship was estab-

lished by Mabel’s family to assist Western students majoring in Art.

planned gift, this fund honors the traditions of WSC.

Graphic Design Fund

John William Peterson Memorial Scholarship– This fund was created to perpetuate the memory of John W. Peterson who was killed in an industrial accident in 1984. Awards are given to students whose major or minor is Industrial Arts.

August J. Grosland Art/Alumni Scholarship– Dr. “Gus” Grosland, Professor of Art and Chairman of the Art Department for many years, established this scholarship for students majoring in Art. IET Art and Industrial Technology Construction Fund James Irwin Memorial Scholarship– Family and friends created this fund in memory of James Irwin, a greatly admired master woodworker who is credited with inspiring and teaching many students to seriously pursue the art. Marsha T. Julio Memorial Art Scholarship– Family and friends created this scholarship in memory of Marsha Julio, wife of long-time Western Art Professor Pat Julio, for outstanding junior and senior female Art students. Christopher M. Minard Memorial Art Scholarship– This scholarship was created by Christopher M. Minard and his wife, Barbara to provide scholarship assistance to Western State College Art students. A

Ethel M. Rice Art Scholarship– Ethel Rice (‘63), retired Technical Services and Special Collections Librarian for Western, established this fund for students majoring in Art. Richter Mural Restoration Fund– This fund was created to restore paintings by Henry L. Richter, Western’s first Art professor. Gene Tobey Memorial Art Scholarship– Gene’s wife, Rebecca, and his two children, Josh and Jami, established this scholarship with other family and friends to provide financial assistance to WSC students majoring in Art. This scholarship serves to honor Gene, who provided two of the art sculptures on campus. What’s That Supposed To Mean Art Scholarship– This scholarship was established by Sara Covey (’01) and Jacy Frear (’03) to provide assistance to WSC students majoring in Art.

ATHLETICS 1950 Football Team Scholarship– Established by members of the 1950 Western Football Team to assist WSC football team participants. Athletic Administrative Fund Basketball - Men’s Fund Basketball - Women’s Fund Basketball Camp - Women’s Fund Tracy Borah Hall of Fame Fund and Memorial Wrestling Scholarship– Louie Carleo (‘74) matched $50,000 for the Tracy Borah Mountaineer Sports Hall of Fame Room and the Tracy Borah Memorial Scholarship Endowment, a scholarship providing support for top wrestlers. The Room was completed in August of 1999. J. W. Campbell Wrestling Banquet Fund– Created by Joanie Campbell, J.W.’s widow, to hold annual banquets to celebrate the wrestling team. J. W. Campbell Memorial Wrestling Scholarship– Created by family and friends to honor J.W., a long-time community member of Gunnison and faculty and staff member of Western State College. Louie Carleo Wrestling Scholarship– Louie Carleo (’74) established this scholarship to assist student-wrestlers. Champion Leadership and Responsibility Program– WSC Athletics has teamed up with Colorado Beverage and Miller Brewing Company to create this program. Both WSC and Colorado Beverage/Miller Brewing Company are committed to developing and recognizing championship individuals that are outstanding


athletes, outstanding students and leaders among their peers who demonstrate responsibility in all dimensions. William Charlesworth Memorial Scholarship– Glen DeBroder established this fund to perpetuate the memory of William Charlesworth (‘54), an outstanding Colorado educator. The fund serves studentathletes pursuing a major in Mathematics or related Sciences. Decker Basketball Scholarship– Bob (’61) and Jean (’74) Decker of Gunnison, Colorado established this scholarship to assist basketball players. William Finholm Memorial Track Scholarship– Family and friends established this scholarship to perpetuate the memory of William A. “Billy” Finholm, a team leader and an inspiration to fellow students. Football Annual Campaign Football Endowed Fund– This fund was established to bring the Football Program to a permanent endowment. Football Restricted Fund Cecil Giles Memorial Football Scholarship– Agnes D. Giles (’39) created this scholarship in memory of her husband, Cecil (’38), a standout on the 1937 Football Team. Hall of Fame Banquet High Altitude Distance Camp Kappa Delta Mu Fund– Dr. Frank Visconti (’51) and fellow alumni established this scholarship for student–athletes. Brian Kiefer Memorial Scholarship– This scholarship was established to perpetuate the

memory of Brian L. Kiefer (‘83). It is awarded to outstanding juniors and seniors who are members of the men’s basketball team and who have demonstrated leadership both on and off the court.

Lowell Herndon “Bus” Myers Memorial Football Scholarship– This scholarship was created by Evelyn and Cindie Myers in memory of Bus Myers (’46), Evelyn’s husband and Cindie’s father, to assist football student-athletes.

Kelly B. Long Memorial Scholarship– Kelly Long’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. Ron Long, established this wrestling scholarship to perpetuate the memory of their son.

Noland– Track Fund

Jim Mahaffey Ski Scholarship– This scholarship was established by Jim and Diane Mahaffey to provide scholarship assistance to WSC students who participate in the Ski Team. Jim Mahaffey (’57) competed on the Ski Team as a 4-way athlete. He was an assistant coach to Sven Wiik in 1961-62, coached the alpine team and taught Physical Education while completing his masters degree in Education and Physical Education. Leon “Okie” Mark Football Scholarship– Sandra Mark (‘86), Member of the Western Board of Trustees and a WSC Foundation Board Past-President, established this fund in memory of her late husband, Leon Mark (‘60), a well-loved leader in the Gunnison community. This scholarship aids deserving Western students who are members of the football team. Larry Means Track and Field Memorial Scholarship– Friends and family established this fund in memory of Larry Means, the first Executive Director of the Western State College Foundation. Greg Miodonski Memorial Scholarship– Family and friends established this fund in memory of Greg Miodonski, a member of the Soccer Team who also served as Assistant Coach. Mountaineer Athletic Association Fund

Pederson-Wright-Borah Athletic Scholarship– In honor of three great men in Western’s history, Willard “Pete” Pederson, Paul Wright and Tracy Borah, this fund aids students who participate in an intercollegiate sport. Ralph Porter Athletic Scholarship– Ralph Porter (‘55), involved in Western and the Gunnison community for more than sixty years, established this scholarship for varsity athletes competing in an intercollegiate sport. He also created the Ralph Porter Business Administration Scholarship and the Ralph Porter Memorial Scholarship. Edwin H. Randall Memorial Scholarship– This fund was created to honor the memory of Professor Ed “Doc” Randall, who served Western for thirty years as a teacher, counselor and administrator. This scholarship awards students who are active members of sports teams and plan to teach. Ethel M. Rice Athletic Scholarship– Ethel Rice (‘63), retired Technical Services and Special Collections Librarian for Western, established this fund for students participating in any sport, with a preference toward women. Jim Richards 1954 Football Scholarship– Established by members of the 1954 Football Team in honor of their fellow teammate, Jim Richards (’55). This scholarship provides financial assistance to student-athletes who are members of the Western State College Football Team.

“The most memorable things in life are not things. They are the lives you’ve touched and the people who have touched your life.” –Sheree Parris Nudd 33

Samuel William Nathaniel Roch Memorial Scholarship– Stephen Roch (’87) and Lorie Moreno-Roch (’88) established this fund in memory of their infant son, Sam, providing assistance to cross-country and track & field student-athletes.

Track Assistant Coach Stipend

Sheff Basketball Banquet Fund– George (‘50) and Alma (‘49) Sheff created this fund to hold annual banquets to celebrate the men’s and women’s basketball teams.

Volleyball Camp

John Sievers Memorial Wrestling Scholarship– John Roberts, formerly of John Roberts Motor Works in Gunnison, created this scholarship in memory of John Sievers, a state wrestling champion at Gunnison High School and a Western student serving in Vietnam where he was killed in 1970. This fund provides for students participating in the Western wrestling program.

George Vandenbusche Memorial Scholarship– Family members of George Vandenbusche established this scholarship for members of the Western men’s or women’s cross country running teams. Volleyball Restricted Fund “W Mountain” Minority Scholarship– Sandy Read, former member of the Western State College Foundation Board of Directors, established this scholarship for minority students who participate in intercollegiate athletics.

of his wife, Mildred, who taught in the Gunnison Public Schools. This fund serves Gunnison High School graduates majoring in Business, Chemistry or History.

Borick Business Building Fund– Inaugurated by Steve Borick (‘75) and Family’s challenge gift, this fund is for donations for endowment of the new Borick Business Building.

History Department Fund

Borick Business Scholarship– The Borick Business Scholarship Endowment has been established by Louis Borick on behalf of his son, Steven Borick (‘75), to provide scholarship assistance for Western State College students through the Business, Accounting and Economics Department.

Charles H. Livermore History Scholarship– Family and friends created this fund in honor of Dr. Livermore, a former professor of History and Chairman of the Social Studies Department.

Women’s Athletics

Paul A. Lowdenslager Memorial Lecture Series Fund– A perpetual lecture series in Paul’s memory to bring to WSC (annually if possible) a visiting lecturer in Constitutional Law, Political Philosophy or Theory, or American History or Government.

Wrestling Fund

Political Science Fund

Business/Accounting Technology

Wrestling - Rocky Mountain Camp

Psychology Department Fund

Business/Accounting Unrestricted Fund

Burton and Elnora Smith Athletic Letter Jacket Fund– Burton Smith established this fund. After his death, his wife, Norie Smith, continued to contribute to the fund, enabling letter jackets to be given to all lettering athletes. Following Norie’s death, the fund was fully endowed.

Paul Wright Memorial Scholarship– Paul W. Wright and his wife, Hazel, established this scholarship to provide aid for scholar athletes.

Sociology Fund

Denver Cherry Memorial Scholarship– John and Lois Roberts established this scholarship in honor of Cherry (‘69), Lois’ brother-in-law.

Student Athlete Advisory Council

Behavioral and Social Sciences Fund

Track & Field - Alumni Scholarship

D. H. and Mildred Cummins Memorial Scholarship– Dr. D. H. Cummins, a former Professor of History and Dean of Academic Affairs, established this scholarship in honor

Track & Field - Restricted Fund Track & Field– Cross Country Men’s and Women’s Fund


Robert Glenn Wilson, Jr. Memorial Scholarship– Bob Wilson, Sr. (‘63) created this scholarship in memory of his son, Robert, for students who are Colorado residents majoring in History.

BUSINESS, ACCOUNTING and ECONOMICS Accounting Fund Matthew Billmeyer Memorial Scholarship– This scholarship was established by the Billmeyer Family to honor the memory of 1979 Western graduate Matthew Billmeyer. The scholarship is awarded to full-time students with preference given to those majoring in Business, Accounting or Economics. Harold Binford Business Scholarship– Friends honored Dr. Binford with this fund when he retired from Western as Professor and Chairman of the Department of Business. Bonanza Creek Scholarship in Professional Land and Resource Management Program– The scholarship was established by Bonanza Creek Energy Operating Company, LLC to provide scholarship assistance to WSC students majoring in Western’s Land Management Program.


Steven Borick Business and Accounting Scholarship– Borick (‘75) generously provides scholarships to outstanding minority students majoring in Business or Accounting. Business/Accounting Student Fund

James H. Cox Business Administration Scholarship– James Cox (’66) established this scholarship to assist selected Western State College students majoring in Business Administration with the payment of tuition and living expenses. Delta Sigma Pi Alumni Scholarship– The Gunnison Alumni Club of Delta Sigma Pi established this scholarship for full-time students majoring in Business Administration or Accounting. Denver Association of Petroleum Landmen– This Scholarship provides support to juniors and seniors enrolled in the Professional Land and Resource Management Program, in honor of well-known and wellloved Denver Landman John S. Long. Stephen Depp Memorial Fund– This fund was created by family and friends in honor of Stephen, a WSC student majoring in Business Administration who would have graduated in 2008. Donald Eastman Business Scholarship (See also Recreation and Exercise and Sport Science) Economics Fund


“No person was ever honored for what he received. Honor has been the reward for what he gave.” –Calvin Coolidge

The EnCana Oil & Gas Scholarship in Professional Land and Resource Management– EnCana Oil & Gas in Denver, Colorado established this fund to assist Western students in the new program.

Robert and Gloria Little Scholarship– Robert Little (’50) created this fund to celebrate the memory of his wife, Gloria, by assisting students majoring in Business, Accounting or Economics.

Farmers Insurance Group Scholarship– The insurance company created this award to honor their employees who are Western graduates.

Mitchell W. Mateik Scholarship– Mateik, a former Western professor of Accounting, donated a portion of his estate to Western State College’s Department of Accounting to establish this scholarship.

Fidelity Exploration and Production Company Scholarship– This fund was created by Fidelity to provide assistance to fulltime students enrolled in the Professional Land and Resource Management Program. Gunnison Energy Corporation Scholarship in Professional Land and Resource Management– This scholarship was established by Gunnison Energy to provide scholarship assistance to WSC students in Western’s Land Management Program. Gunnison Savings & Loan Scholarship– This fund was established by the Bank for Western students majoring in Business, Accounting or Economics. F. S. Haverly Academic Scholarship– This scholarship was established by retired Business faculty member Fred Haverly and his wife, Leta, for students majoring in Business, Accounting or Economics. Phil and JoAnn Klingsmith Economics Scholarship– This scholarship has been established by Phil (a local lawyer and emeritus faculty member) and JoAnn Klingsmith to provide assistance to Economics students of Western. Kathleen Kregel Scholarship– Established by Kregel (‘87) and her husband, James Smith, to assist female residents of Colorado who are top students in Business, Accounting or Economics.

J. Ralph Reed Business Scholarship– Steve Borick (’75) established this fund in honor of Reed, Emeritus Professor of Business. This scholarship provides assistance to students majoring in Business, Accounting or Economics. Dustin Roberts Memorial Scholarship– Family and friends established this fund in memory of former Western State College student Dustin Roberts.

The T. H. McElvain Oil & Gas Limited Partnership Scholarship in Professional Land and Resource Management– This fund was created to assist WSC students in the Professional Land and Resource Management Program.

Alva W. Sloan Memorial Internship– Alva’s wife established this internship in memory of Alva Sloan, who was an Accountant and Controller at Western for 17 years, for students majoring in Accounting or Business.

Mikesell Scholarship in Accounting– Greg (‘89) and Monica Mikesell created this fund to assist accounting students and to give something back to Western.

George and Carol Solich Scholarship– Funded by The Energy Cup, this scholarship assists full-time students enrolled in the Professional Land and Resource Management Program in honor of George and Carol Solich. Mr. Solich is the founder of The Energy Cup.

Marshall Miller Business Scholarship The W.A. “Tex” Moncrief, Jr. Chair in Professional Land and Resource Management Program– Tex Moncrief made a $1.5 million gift to establish a Chair in Western’s new program. Professional Land and Resource Management Program– This is a new Program at Western completely supported by private funding, led by a lead gift of $1.5 million by W.A. “Tex” Moncrief, Jr. Ralph E. Porter Business Administration Scholarship– This fund was created by Ralph Porter (‘55) to assist students majoring in Business Administration. Questar Exploration and Production Company Scholarship– This fund assists full-time students enrolled in the Professional Land and Resource Management Program.

David and Jan Stremme Scholarship in Business– This fund has been established by David Stremme (’76) to provide assistance with the purchase of books and fees to WSC students majoring in Business. A planned gift, this fund serves to honor David, an Alumni Advisory Board member who attended Western 1972-1976, and his wife, Jan. Roger E. Wilson Memorial Business Scholarship– This fund has been created by the Wilson family, relatives and friends to provide assistance to students majoring in Business, Accounting or Economics. This scholarship serves to honor Roger E. Wilson, brother of Douglas and Jerry, and son of James L. and Audrey M. Wilson.

COMMUNICATION ARTS, LANGUAGE and LITERATURE Beta\Gern Scholarship– Bob Austin (‘62;’67), President of Beta Engineering Company in Arlington, Texas, established this endowment fund to honor Dr. Jess Gern, then Chairman of the Arts and Humanities Department. This scholarship is awarded to outstanding juniors majoring in Communications or Theatre. Communication Fund John Q. Cope/Chevron Scholarship– Dr. John Cope, Sr., a long-time employee of Chevron Corporation and father of John Cope, Jr., an Associate Professor of English, set up this scholarship for junior and senior English majors. Fair Scholarship– Dr. Jeane Fair, a professor of Modern Languages at Western from 1948 through 1965, established this scholarship in memory of her parents. The Fair Scholarship provides for students whose major or minor is Foreign Languages. Charles Gerhardt Memorial Scholarship– Family and friends created this fund to honor the memory of Charles Gerhardt. It is awarded to an outstanding junior studying Modern Languages, Communication Arts, Sociology or Art. Glen W. Haley and Dr. Lois Borland English Memorial Scholarship– Evelyn L. Haley established this fund to provide scholarship assistance to Western students majoring in English. This fund serves to honor Evelyn’s husband, Glen, a 1935 graduate of Western, and his dedicated Western English professor, Dr. Lois Borland. Journalism Fund KWSB Radio Fund Marginalia Fund 35

Valerie Mitchell Memorial English Scholarship– An anonymous donor created this scholarship in memory of Valerie Ann Mitchell to serve students majoring in English.

who would like to become coaches. Paul was a professor of Teacher Education at Western from 1970 to 1997, and Dorothy worked at the WSC Registrar’s Office for nine years.

Modern Language Fund

Roberta Rouse Scholarship– Roberta Rouse’s (‘66) children established this scholarship in honor of their mother for students planning a career in Elementary Education, with preference for non-traditional students returning to school.

Mountaineer Media Peak Productions Fund Top of the World Technology Fund Wordhorde Writing Center


EDUCATION Brennecke-Elkins Memorial Scholarship– Established by friends and family of Magdalene Elkins (‘20), recipients must be juniors who plan to teach at the elementary or secondary level. Education Division Fund Dr. Kenneth H. Hansen Memorial Education Scholarship– Established by Mary Alice Hansen and her family to celebrate the memory of Mary Alice’s late husband, a longtime Western professor of Education. Herbert J. and Marie H. Kaczmarek Memorial Scholarship Fund– This fund was created in memory of Professor Dr. Herb “Kaz” Kaczmarek (‘63) and his wife. The Kaczmareks loved Western and wanted to help underprivileged students as Herbert was helped with a football scholarship.

Clark Environmental Studies Support Fund– This fund was launched by Ralph Clark, Jr., to support the Environmental Studies Program at Western.

James D. Nauman Technology and Program Endowment– Dr. Nauman (attended 1945-49) established this fund to provide support to Environmental Studies.

Kenya Student Travel


Dan Tredway Memorial Education Scholarship– Established by Dan’s family to provide assistance to seniors majoring in Education. Friends of Dan have also

Making the Connection Fund

Honors Program Fund

Mike Martin Memorial Scholarship– The Michael Martin Community Fund, in



“All the material things in life are meaningless if a man hasn’t discovered what’s underneath them.”

Sophie Simpson Hamrick Knight Memorial Scholarship– V. Robert Kerr created this scholarship to perpetuate the memory of his mother, Sophie Simpson Knight (‘57). Jennie and Fritz Nylund Memorial Scholarship– Created by Betty Gibbs, Jennie and Fritz’s daughter, and her husband, Verner (‘54), to assist Nucla High School graduates attending Western.

Ann Zugelder Scholarship– Ann Zugelder (‘53) established this scholarship for Western students pursuing certification in Elementary Education.


Center for Environmental Studies– This fund was established to create a home for the ENVS Program during the renovation of Kelley Hall.

James D. Nauman Scholars Endowment– Dr. Nauman (attended 1945-49) established this fund to assist students majoring in Environmental Studies.

Special Education Fund

generously contributed to this meaningful scholarship. This scholarship serves to honor Dan Tredway, a professor of Education at Western for 35 years and beloved Gunnison community leader and member.

Paul and Dorothy Reid Scholarship in Teacher Education Scholarship– This fund was created by Paul and Dorothy Reid to provide assistance to WSC students who desire to become teachers, with preference to those


The Ann D. Zugelder Summer Teaching Institute Endowment for Excellence– This fund was established by the estate of Ann Zugelder (‘53), to provide perpetual support for the Summer Teaching Institute program at Western.

consultation with Mike’s mother, Katherine, created this scholarship to honor Mike, who was passionate about outdoor activities and the preservation of the Gunnison Valley’s unique community. James D. Nauman Environmental Studies Library Resource Endowment– Dr. Nauman (attended 1945-49) established this fund to continually expand Western’s library holdings with ever-expanding body of knowledge in Environmental Studies. James D. Nauman Faculty Development Endowment– Dr. Nauman (attended 194549) created this fund to support faculty within the Environmental Studies Department.

–Thomas L. Phillips

Liaison Council Scholarship– This fund provides scholarship assistance to the spouses or children of Western’s classified employees.

LIBRARY Delmas Fund Library Fund


William E. Dorgan Math Scholarship– Established by Dorgan’s daughter, Roberta (‘76), and her husband, Dennis Beckman, for students majoring in Math. Faculty Scholarship in Computer Science– Created by Dan Schuster, a professor of Math and Computer Science, and his wife, Roselyn, for students majoring in CIS with an emphasis in Information Science. Math Department Fund Mathematical Studies Scholarship– Established by members of the Mathematics faculty to assist students majoring in Mathematics.

majors and minors. Jim has raised money for this fund by hosting concerts and many family members and friends have made gifts to this scholarship. Lisa Anne’s mother, Suzanne Christy, has also contributed significantly to this fund. Leora Annin (Cooper) Memorial Scholarship– Family and friends established this scholarship in her memory to assist fulltime students majoring in Music. Rodney P. Ash Memorial Music Award– Rodney’s wife, Anne, and their two children established this scholarship after Rodney’s death to cover the cost of an award for a graduating senior who is an outstanding musician.

Scholarship– This scholarship was established by members of Mabel’s family to assist Western students majoring in Music. Agnes D. Giles Music Education Scholarship – Established by Mrs. Giles (’39), this fund is awarded to sophomore students majoring in Music, preferably with an emphasis in voice. Gunnison Volunteer Fire Department Fund – This fund provides for incoming students who have participated in the WSC All-Colorado Honor Band or the Western Slope Choral Festival. Lloyd Heiny Music Scholarship– Created by Lloyd’s wife, Dorothy, this fund celebrates

John and Georgie Kincaid Instrumental Music Scholarship– John (’47), a Professor Emeritus of Music, and Georgie (’47) and friends established this scholarship for students who are instrumental musicians. David and Steven MacAllister Fund– This fund has been established by the MacAllister Foundation to give unrestricted support to the WSC Department of Music, with preference for scholarships and/or the Summer Music Program. This fund honors David and Steven MacAllister, a beloved grandson and son of Jack and Marilyn MacAllister, whose lives ended much too soon and are dearly missed by their family. Wayne H. Milheim Music Scholarship– Wayne Milheim (‘66), a long-time friend and philanthropist to the Music Department, established this scholarship for students who major or minor in Music. Music - Alumni Scholarship Music - Organ Fund Music - Unrestricted Fund Marjorie Porter Memorial Music Scholarship– Ralph E. Porter, Marjorie’s (‘60) husband, and other family members and friends established this fund in Marjorie’s memory to serve students who are vocal Music majors. Jean Ranson Vocal Music Memorial Scholarship– Created in memory of Jean Ranson, this fund is awarded to vocal Music majors.

Stephen Watson Memorial Scholarship in Computer Science– This fund serves to honor Stephen Watson, a Western student who passed away in March, 2008.

MOHAB FOUNDATION Mohab Foundation Scholarship– The Mohab Foundation, a group of Western graduates (70’s and 80’s), have created this award for students who are Colorado residents.

MUSIC Lisa Anne Memorial Scholarship Fund– Jim Harmon, Lisa’s father, established this scholarship in Lisa’s memory to assist music

Rodney Ash String Scholarship– Established by Rodney’s wife, Anne, to provide assistance to Western students majoring in Music. Brass Band Fund Crested Butte Music Festival F. George Damson Music Scholarship– Established by the family of the late George Damson who retired from Western in 1951, after more than 30 years of association with the College. The Damson Scholarship is an annual performance competition open to all Music majors. Mabel deKoevend Memorial Music

the memory of Lloyd (‘28), who took part in both Band and Orchestra while at Western. Bruce Johnson Memorial Scholarship– Family and friends established this scholarship in honor of Bruce, who died suddenly during his freshman year in 1992. Since Bruce was unable to fulfill his dreams, the family wishes to help other students achieve their goals. This fund is awarded to Colorado residents enrolled in Band at Western. David and Shirley Killian Music Scholarship– This scholarship was established by Shirley Killian (‘40) and her late husband David (‘39) for students majoring in Music.

Edwyl Redding Memorial Scholarship– A bequest in Ms. Redding’s estate formed this scholarship for students pursuing instruction in piano or organ. Professor and Administrator, Ms. Redding’s legacy to Western include two musical compositions, “Alma Mater-Western State College of Colorado” and “Ode to Western,” the official hymn of the College. Rachel W. Rice Music Fund– Ms. Rice created this endowment in her estate to support the Music Department. Margaret E. Stewart Vocal Music Endowment– Established by Margaret Stewart and her family, this fund provides perpetual support for the vocal music program at Western. 37

David and Jan Stremme Music Fund– This fund has been established by David Stremme (’76) to provide financial support to the WSC Department of Music. A planned gift, this fund serves to honor David, an Alumni Advisory Board member who attended Western 1972-1976, and his wife, Jan. Les Turner Music Fund– Les Turner (’52) created this endowment to give support to the Music Department. Les Turner Music Scholarship– Les Turner (’52) established this scholarship to give assistance to students majoring in Music. Marguerite Vouga Rule Music Scholarship– Mrs. Marguerite Vouga Rule and her husband, Ed Rule, established this fund for sophomores and juniors participating in a performing organization or music activity.

NATURAL and ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCES Ralph “Tim” Allen and Anne Blackstock Allen Natural and Environmental Sciences Library Resource Endowment– The family of Tim and Anne established this fund to continually expand Western’s library holdings with the ever-expanding knowledge in Natural and Environmental Sciences. Archeology Fund Bartleson/Prather Geology Scholarship– Friends and former students have established this scholarship to honor Bruce Bartleson and Tom Prather, both retired Geology professors of Western. This fund provides assistance to Western students majoring in Geology. 38

Biology Department Fund Biology Field Trip Fund Chemistry Fund Davidson Geology Scholarship– Marguerite Davidson (‘32) created this scholarship for freshman students majoring in Geology. Hugo A. Ferchau Memorial Scholarship– Family and friends established this scholarship to honor Dr. Ferchau for the never-ending assistance he gave to students at Western. It is awarded to students who pursue studies and/ or research in the area of Botany and native plant research. Geology Dinosaur Fund Geology Fund Joseph A. Kastellic Scholarship– Joe’s wife, Barbara, and the Black Canyon Kiwanis Club of Montrose, Colorado, established this scholarship to honor Joe Kastellic, a career National Park Service employee who served as the first Superintendent of Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Monument from 1975-1984. A. W. Lawrence Memorial Scholarship– Family and friends established this scholarship in memory of Aubrey W. Lawrence, a Professor of Chemistry and Chairman of the Division of Natural Science and Mathematics. It is awarded to students majoring in Biology, Chemistry, Physics or Geology. Dr. Mason and Betty Light Scholarship– Dr. Mason Light, who served the college community for over forty years while he was a practicing physician in Gunnison,

and his wife established this scholarship for juniors and seniors who are engaged in Pre-Medical studies. Casey James McKenny Memorial Scholarship– Established by family and friends to celebrate Casey’s memory, so there will always be a Western student pursuing an education in Casey’s name. This scholarship shall enrich the lives of Western students, just as Casey so selflessly did. Fred J. Menzer, Jr. Geology Memorial Scholarship– This scholarship provides assistance to a Geology student, in memory of Dr. Menzer, Emeritus Professor of Geology at Western, who taught at WSC from 1970 through 1981. Valerie Mitchell Memorial Geology Scholarship– The parents and friends of Valerie Mitchell established this fund in Valerie’s memory. Valerie was killed in a jeep accident at Hartman Rocks the end of her junior year in 1981. Awards are given to students majoring in Geology. W.A. “Tex” Moncrief, Jr. Endowed Chair in Anthropology– Tex Moncrief donated $1.5 million to establish the first chair in Anthropology, providing more stability and enhancement for an already widely known and respected program. W.A. “Tex” Moncrief, Jr. Endowed Chair in Petroleum Geology– Tex Moncrief established the Chair to further support the new curriculum in Petroleum Geology. W.A. “Tex” Moncrief, Jr. Endowment for Excellence– Tex Moncrief donated an additional gift of $1.5 million to Western’s

Petroleum Geology Program, which provides scholarships, additional faculty support, technology, field research opportunities and more. In recognition of this gift, combined with Moncrief’s $1 million gift in 2005 to establish an endowed chair, the Petroleum Geology Program will be named in Moncrief’s honor. Richard “W” and Belva R. Moyle Geology Scholarship– Established by the Moyles, this fund provides scholarships to Geology students. Richard taught Geology at Western from 1961 to 1965, and Belva is a 1965 graduate of WSC. James D. Nauman Endowment–Dr. Nauman (attended 1945-49) created this endowed fund for unrestricted use within the Department of Natural and Environmental Sciences. James D. Nauman Scholarship–Dr. Nauman (attended 1945-49) established this scholarship to assist students majoring in a field within the Department of Natural and Environmental Sciences. Petroleum Geology Fund Physics Fund Physiology Lab Fund Paul M. Rady Endowed Chair in Petroleum Geology– Paul Rady (‘78), a former member of the Western State College Board of Trustees and a Past President of the WSC Foundation Board of Directors, and his family established the Chair to create a new curriculum in Petroleum Geology. Science Fund


“You cannot give bountifully without being filled with a sense of giving yourself with the gift, and you cannot so give without love passing from you to the one who receives.”

C. Ralph and Florence Walker Memorial Scholarship– The Walker family created this fund in memory of C. Ralph and Florence to serve students majoring in Biology, Chemistry or Physics.


•Donald Eastman Business Scholarship •Donald Eastman Recreation Scholarship ESS Program Fund HAP (High Altitude Performance) Lab

PRESIDENT’S OFFICE Quigley Unrestricted Fund

RECREATION and EXERCISE and SPORT SCIENCE Asess Fund CancerClimber Fund– Founded by Sean Swarner, a two-time cancer survivor, this fund was establish to motivate and inspire those affected by cancer to do great things. Sean has stood on top of Mount Everest, and has stood atop the highest peaks on all seven continents (the “7” summits). Todd Crane Center for Outdoor Leadership– Todd Crane’s parents created an endowment in memory of Todd, a Western student during the 1994-1995 academic year, who died in a rock climbing accident in 1995. Ernest Degutis Scholarship– Family and friends established this fund in memory of Dr. Degutis to provide scholarship assistance to juniors and seniors majoring in Kinesiology. Donald Eastman Recreation Fund– Don Eastman (‘51) established this award for freshmen and seniors who show outstanding achievement not only in the recreation field, but also in diversified areas of their lives. Eastman also established the following scholarships:

Praxl Award– Friends, faculty and alumni created this fund in honor of Hannah E. Praxl, a member of the Division of Health, Physical Education and Recreation. This fund provides for students majoring in Physical Education or Recreation. RESS Department Fund RESS Student Development Fund


Community Church WIT Fund– This scholarship was established by the Community Church of Gunnison. The Community Church wants to assist the Westerners in Transition (WIT) Program and encourage those students that might not otherwise have an opportunity to complete their education. Donald A. Goodman Memorial Scholarship– This scholarship was created to perpetuate the memory of Donald Goodman. Applicants must be WSC Housing Department Resident Advisors and must have financial need. Gunnison Business and Professional Women’s Club Scholarship– This fund was created to assist the WIT (Westerners in Transition) Program participants.

Heather O’Connor Memorial Fund

Helen Hirst WIT Scholarship– This scholarship honors Helen Hirst, a WSC faculty member from 1963 to 1983. Through the Westerners in Transition (WIT) Program, the Hirst fund offers support to non-traditional students starting or continuing their pursuit of a higher education.

WSC Mountain Rescue Team Fund


Yvonne Marie Laudick Memorial Fund– This fund was created to perpetuate the memory of Yvonne Laudick (‘83) and to provide aid to Western students who are members of the Search and Rescue Team.

Multi-Cultural Center


Parent Fund

Aids Center Fund

Prevention Education Coordinator

Campus Ministry Fund

Rugby Club Fund

Martha Carr WIT Scholarship– Martha A. Carr, a long-time resident of Gunnison County, created this scholarship for needy students from the Western Slope of Colorado. Recipients must exemplify the purpose of the Westerners in Transition (WIT) Program.

Soccer Club Fund Square Dance Club Fund Anne Steinbeck WIT Scholarship– An anonymous donor established this scholarship to recognize and honor Anne Flick Steinbeck

(‘51) for her great service to Western as trustee, alumna, donor and advocate. This scholarship serves Colorado residents who exemplify the philosophy of the Westerners in Transition (WIT) Program with demonstrated financial need. Student Development Fund Roy E. Turner Memorial Student Fund– Created by Roy (‘40) and Becky Turner to provide assistance to WSC students with financial need.

NON-DEPARTMENTAL FUNDS AAUW Scholarship– The Gunnison Chapter of the American Association of University Women created this scholarship for non-traditional students working on their first BA degrees. Annual Fund Unrestricted– This fund provides flexible support for the College’s most urgent needs and opportunities for advancement. Antholz Scholarship– Leona E. Antholz established a scholarship before her death to assist full-time students from Montrose County, Delta County or Ouray County. Blue Zenith Scholarship– This fund was established to assist students who are graduates of Mancos High School in Mancos, Colorado. Boettcher Opportunity Award– The Boettcher Foundation, one of the oldest private family foundations of Colorado, established this award to give funding to minority students. Cheerleading Fund 39

Culture of the West Fund– This fund supports Dr. Duane Vandenbusche’s research of the West. Daniels Opportunity Award– The Daniels Fund provides this award, which helps students with financial need. Founded by Bill Daniels in 1998, the Daniels Fund is the culmination of Bill’s lifetime of giving. Through the work of the Daniels Fund, Bill hoped that others would be inspired to give of themselves. One of the priorities of the Daniels Fund is to invest in deserving young people by helping them in their educational pursuits. Gary Dolezal Memorial Scholarship– Family members established this scholarship to perpetuate the memory of Gary Dolezal. Recipients must have been involved in the scouting program and attained rank of First Class Scout, and must be a graduate of a Western Slope high school. Herbert J. and Virginia K. Dorricott Memorial Scholarship– Family and friends created this fund in honor of Virginia and Herbert Dorricott (‘39), who served Western in many capacities including student, Assistant Professor, Registrar, Business Manager, Assistant to the President and Vice President for Business Affairs. Whit Eastman Memorial Fund– Family and friends established this fund to celebrate Whit’s memory. FirstBank Endowed Scholarship– 1st Bank of Colorado established this scholarship for students in the 1st Bank Service Area. Preference is given to low income applicants.

Club Baseball Fund Paul Coleman, Jr. Memorial Scholarship Fund– Established by Mirta M. Coleman (Paul’s wife) and Julia Cockrill and Hazel Dickey, Ed.D. (Paul’s sisters) to celebrate the memory of Paul, who coached baseball and basketball at Western, and taught Health, Physical Education and Recreation. He retired in 1987 after 17 years of service. Scot Crismon Memorial Scholarship– This fund was established in commemoration of F. Scot Crismon (’60), a pilot shot down over Vietnam while in the Navy. 40


Gunnison Arts Center Scholarship– This scholarship was established by an anonymous donor through the Gunnison Arts Center to provide scholarship assistance to Western State College students. Gunnison Valley Museum for the Appreciation of Art and World Culture– Gus (Professor Emeritus of Art at Western) and Loret Grosland (’50) left their entire estate to Western to create an art museum for the Gunnison Valley. Gunnison Watershed Scholarship– The Gunnison Watershed School District created this fund for Gunnison High School students with a high level of academic achievement and strong leadership traits. Headwaters Fund– The fund supports the annual fall Headwaters Conference, an interdisciplinary gathering to consider the difficult cultural challenges and unexplored opportunities facing the mountain region. George Sibley Headwaters Speakers Fund– This fund was created in honor of George Sibley by George’s friends and colleagues. George retired in 2007 after serving Western for 19 years. This fund celebrates George’s leadership and support of Headwaters. Helping Hands Scholarship– Dick Stephenson (‘70), a former member of the Western State College Foundation Board of Directors, established this scholarship to provide a four-year scholarship for a graduate of Verdugo Hills High School in Tujunga, California.

Clarence Howard Fund May Dye and Gerald L. Kearney Scholarship– May Dye Kearney (‘38) made Western the sole beneficiary of her will, creating this scholarship to assist graduates of Central High School and South High School, both in Pueblo. Brenda Gail Kenny Memorial Scholarship– This scholarship was established by former Western State College Foundation Board of Directors member Rob Costello (‘74), and his wife, Mary, to celebrate the memory of Mary’s sister, Gail, a 1976 graduate of Western. Olaf C. Kjosness Memorial Scholarship– Dr. Kjosness, former Dean of Students, filled the position of “father figure” and mentor to hundreds of Western students, personally subsidizing students with his own finances. The scholarship he created when he retired and a memorial fund established by family and friends have been combined to honor and celebrate his memory. Luftseben TKD Scholarship– This scholarship is awarded to students with a sophomore status who have demonstrated leadership qualities predicting future success in service to his/ her college community or country. Patrick E. Mooney Memorial Scholarship– Friends and family established this scholarship in memory of Patrick Mooney (‘79).

“You can make a difference if you link your life to a worthy institution, that will live on when you are gone.”

–Olan Hugh Runnels

Mountaineer College Center– Construction is now underway to build a new Student Union, to open in the Spring, 2010. This fund is for donations to provide for the new facility. Frank A. Musgrave Memorial Scholarship– The parents of Frank Musgrave (‘68) established this scholarship to perpetuate his memory and affection for Western. Sean O’Conner Memorial Fund– This fund was established by family and friends in honor of Sean. Margaret White O’Leary Scholarship– This award was created by Mrs. O’Leary, Mrs. Hattie Steel and women’s clubs in Gunnison and Western Colorado for students who have earned 45 credit hours at Western. Pepsi-Cola Academic Scholarship– Established by Pepsi-Cola of Montrose to assist Western students. Pepsi-Cola Fund– This fund was established by Pepsi-Cola of Montrose to provide assistance to students with unique or unforseen circumstances. Harry and Sylvia Peterson Scholarship– Former Western State College President Harry Peterson and his wife, Sylvia, have established this scholarship to provide financial assistance to Western State College students. Ethel Phelps Memorial Scholarship– Mr. and Mrs. Robert Beitler established this scholarship in honor of Robert’s mother to provide assistance to female graduates of Gunnison High School.

Charles E. and Lucile C. Piquette Memorial Scholarship– Jerry Piquette, retired Vice President for Business Affairs, and extended family and friends established this scholarship in memory of Piquette’s parents.

Freda T. Roof Memorial Scholarship– A trust fund for twelve Colorado colleges through the First Interstate Bank in Denver, Colorado established this scholarship for residents of Colorado.

Ralph E. Porter Memorial Fund

Dexter Sapp Memorial Scholarship– A bequest by Reva Sapp O’Conner provides residents of Gunnison County with aid to attend Western.

Presidential Honors Scholarship– The MacAllister Family Foundation established this scholarship for Western’s high caliber students. Presidential Student-Athlete Scholarship– Jim MacAllister (‘77), a former member of the Western State College Foundation Board of Directors, established this fund for Western’s highest achieving and most deserving students, celebrating the ideals of academic excellence and service to campus and community.

Mary A. Scherer Scholarship– The estate of Mary Scherer provides for Colorado residents of the Western Slope. Fred and Valerie Schmalz Scholarship– Established by Valerie Schmalz (’93), a member of the WSC Board of Trustees, and her husband, Fred, to provide financial assistance to a graduate of Gunnison High School.

TWC Foundation Scholarship– The TWC Foundation created this fund for Colorado residents, with encouragement by President Daniel Warner (‘68). “W” Mountain Fund– This fund supports the painting and the upkeep of the “W” Mountain. Helen Webster Scholarship– The mother of Helen Mae Webster established this scholarship for juniors who have demonstrated high scholarship, character and participation in school activities. Writing the Rockies WSC Foundation Scholarship– Provides four $4,000 scholarships annually for top students.

Sodexho Campus Services Scholarship– The Sodexho Corporation established this fund for students with evidence of successful participation in co-curricular aspects of college and community life.


Olivia and Fred Reichle Memorial Scholarship– The estate of Olivia L. and Fred A. Reichle provides scholarships for graduates of Colorado high schools. Re/Max Community Brokers Scholarship– This fund was established by Re/Max Community Brokers for high school graduates and residents of the Gunnison community.

Brendan St. Denis Memorial Fund – Family and friends created this fund to honor the memory of Brendan who died while a student at Western in 2001.

James R. Richards Scholarship– Richards (‘55), a Past President of the WSC Foundation, established this fund to provide deserving students with financial aid.

Tenderfoot Facility Fund– This fund was created to support the Tenderfoot Childcare Center in Gunnison.

Peter Terbush Memorial Fund– This fund honors the memory of Peter, a Western student, who tragically died in a climbing accident. It funds an outdoor leadership summit in his name.

Outdoor Bouldering Garden Project– This fund is to establish the very first outdoor bouldering garden at any college or university in the country.

Wilderness Pursuits Fund

Thornton Assistance Scholarship– This fund was established by the estate of Jessie Thornton, wife of former Colorado Governor Dan Thornton. This scholarship is for the use and benefit of needy students.




2008 Assets Cash and cash equivalents ..................................................................................... Certificates of deposit............................................................................................ Investments............................................................................................................ Contributions receivable, net................................................................................. Due from Western State College ........................................................................... Debt issuance costs................................................................................................ Other assets............................................................................................................ Property and equipment, net of depreciation......................................................... Total Assets Liabilities Accounts payable................................................................................................... Due to Western State College................................................................................ Bonds payable ....................................................................................................... Accrued interest.....................................................................................................



359,238 $ 193,553 74,818 71,268 20,518,553 19,320,122 181,961 430,687 2,639 2,639 83,505 99,667 73,368 67,692 6,895,386 7,697,700

$ 28,991,782 $ 27,081,014


30,687 $ 217,808 439,449 -4,857,835 5,620,301 94,843 81,975

Total Liabilities



Net Assets Unrestricted ........................................................................................................... Temporarily restricted ........................................................................................... Permanently restricted ...........................................................................................

701,236 8,917,655 13,962,945

979,699 9,489,613 10,678,750

Total Net Assets



Total Liabilities and Net Assets

$ 28,991,782 $ 27,081,014

The notes areare an integral part part of these statements. Theaccompanying accompanying notes an integral of these statements.



2008 Changes in Unrestricted Net Assets Revenues, gains and other support: Contributions ...................................................................................................... Investment income (loss) ................................................................................... Rental income.....................................................................................................


Net assets released from restrictions: Satisfaction of program restrictions ................................................................... Expenses: Programs............................................................................................................. Management and general ................................................................................... Fund-raising .......................................................................................................

Transfers ................................................................................................................

164,599 $ (206,507) 14,482

178,971 258,428 14,482







2,422,288 596,771 281,464

1,553,423 211,219 243,271





Decrease in Unrestricted Net Assets



Changes in Temporarily Restricted Net Assets Revenues and gains: Contributions ...................................................................................................... Investment income (loss) ................................................................................... Royalties.............................................................................................................

2,413,727 (497,520) 118,828

2,731,215 2,092,374 94,909





Net assets released from restrictions: Satisfaction of program restrictions ................................................................... Transfers ................................................................................................................



Increase (Decrease) in Temporarily Restricted Net Assets



Changes in Permanently Restricted Net Assets Revenues and gains: Contributions ...................................................................................................... Transfers.............................................................................................................

3,726,688 (442,493)

2,728,595 95,533

Increase in Permanently Restricted Net Assets



Increase in Net Assets



Net Assets - July 1....................................................................................................



Net Assets - June 30 .................................................................................................



$ 23,581,836 $ 21,148,062

The accompanying notes are an integral part of these statements.

The accompanying notes are an integral part of these statements.


2008 Cash Flows from Operating Activities Cash received from: Contributions ...................................................................................................... Investment income ............................................................................................. Royalties............................................................................................................. Rent ....................................................................................................................


$ 2,674,795 $ 2,894,517 498,691 1,961,663 118,828 94,909 14,482 14,482 3,306,796


2,023,379 419,505 281,464

1,297,914 180,976 243,271





3,726,688 -(762,466) --

2,728,595 6,000,000 (379,699) (113,136)



(6,577,209) 4,179,098 (982,874) --

(9,816,062) 4,167,584 (5,809,187) 2,238

Cash paid for: Programs............................................................................................................. Management and general ................................................................................... Fund-raising .......................................................................................................

Net Cash Provided by Operating Activities Cash Flows from Financing Activities

Contributions to permanently restricted net assets Proceeds from bond issue Bond principal payments Debt issuance costs Net Cash Provided by Financing Activities Cash Flows from Investing Activities Payment for purchase of investments.................................................................... Proceeds from sale of investments ........................................................................ Payment for purchase of property and equipment................................................. Decrease in deposits with Western State College .................................................

(3,380,985) (11,455,427)

Net Cash Used in Investing Activities Net Increase in Cash ...............................................................................................



Cash - July 1.............................................................................................................



359,238 $


Cash - June 30 .......................................................................................................... Reconciliation of Change in Net Assets to Net Cash Provided by Operating Activities Increase in net assets .......................................................................................... Adjustments: Unrealized (gain) loss on investments ............................................................ Contributions to permanently restricted net assets ......................................... Depreciation .................................................................................................... Decrease (Increase) in contributions receivable and other assets ................... Increase in due to Western State College........................................................ (Decrease) Increase in accounts payable and accrued liabilities ....................


Net Cash Provided by Operating Activities


$ 2,433,774 $ 6,091,061 1,196,130 (3,726,688) 180,560 259,212 439,449 (199,989)

(386,462) (2,728,595) 30,243 123,825 -113,338

582,448 $ 3,243,410

The accompanying notes are an integral part of these statements. The accompanying notes are an integral part of these statements.



Note 1 - Summary of Significant Accounting Policies A. Organization and Nature of Activities Western State College Foundation (the Foundation) was incorporated on August 22, 1975 under the laws of the State of Colorado. The purpose of the Foundation is to aid, directly or indirectly, Western State College (the College) in fulfilling its education purposes. The Foundation is supported primarily through donor contributions. B. Financial Statement Presentation The accompanying financial statements have been prepared on the accrual basis of accounting in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles. Net assets and revenues, expenses, gains, and losses are classified based on the existence or absence of donor-imposed restrictions. Accordingly, net assets of the Foundation and changes therein are classified and reported as follows: •

Unrestricted net assets - Net assets that are not subject to donor-imposed stipulations.

Temporarily restricted net assets - Net assets subject to donor-imposed stipulations that may or will be met, either by actions of the Foundation and/or the passage of time. When a restriction expires, temporarily restricted net assets are reclassified to unrestricted net assets and reported in the statement of activities as net assets released from restrictions.

Permanently restricted net assets - Net assets subject to donor-imposed stipulations that they be maintained permanently by the Foundation. Generally, the donors of these assets permit the Foundation to use all or part of the income earned on any related investments for general or specific purposes.

C. Contributions Contributions including unconditional promises to give are recorded as made. All contributions are available for unrestricted use unless specifically restricted by the donor. Conditional promises to give are recognized when the conditions on which they depend are substantially met. Unconditional promises to give due in the next year are recorded at their net realizable value and at fair value if expected to be collected in more than one year. The Foundation uses the allowance method to determine uncollectible unconditional promises to give. All unconditional promises to give are deemed collectible by management and accordingly, no allowance has been provided. The allowance is based on prior years’ experience and management’s analysis of specific promises made.


Note 1 - Summary of Significant Accounting Policies (Continued) D. Cash Equivalents For purposes of the statements of cash flows, the Foundation considers all highly liquid investments available for current use with an initial maturity of three months or less to be cash equivalents. During the year ended June 30, 2007 for purposes of the statement of cash flows, the Foundation capitalized, as construction in progress, $13,469 of debt issuance cost amortization and $94,843 of accrued interest and no debt issuance cost or accrued interest was capitalized for the year ended June 30, 2008. E. Investment Securities Under SFAS No. 124, Accounting for Certain Investments Held by Not-for-Profit Organizations, investments in marketable securities with readily determinable fair values and all investments in debt securities are valued at their fair values in the statement of financial position. Fair values are determined by quoted markets. Unrealized gains and losses are included in the change in net assets. F. Property and Equipment The Foundation’s capitalization policy requires individual assets to be capitalized if the original cost or fair value at date of donation exceeds $1,000 and has a useful life greater than one year. Donations of property and equipment are recorded as support at their estimated fair value. Such donations are reported as unrestricted support unless the donor has restricted the donated asset to a specific purpose. Assets donated with explicit restrictions regarding their use and contributions of cash that must be used to acquire property and equipment are reported as restricted support. Absent donor stipulations regarding how long those donated assets must be maintained, the Foundation reports expirations of donor restrictions when the donated or acquired assets are placed in service as instructed by the donor. The Foundation reclassifies temporarily restricted net assets to unrestricted net assets at that time. Property and equipment are depreciated using the straightline method over their estimated useful lives. G. Income Taxes The Foundation is a not-for-profit organization that is exempt from income taxes under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code and classified by the Internal Revenue Service as other than a private foundation. H. Estimates The preparation of financial statements in conformity with accounting principles generally accepted in the United States of America requires management to make estimates and assumptions that affect certain reported amounts and disclosures. Accordingly, actual results could differ from those estimates.


Note 2 - Concentration of Credit Risk Financial instruments that potentially subject the Foundation to concentrations of credit risk consist principally of cash balances at financial institutions in excess of federally insured limits. The Foundation maintains cash balances at a financial institution located in Western Colorado. Accounts are insured by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) up to $100,000. At June 30, 2008 and 2007, the Foundation had uninsured deposits of approximately $105,950 and $0, respectively. The Foundation periodically assesses the financial condition of the institutions and believes that the risk of any loss is minimal. Note 3 - Contributions Receivable The Foundation has unconditional promises to give (contributions receivable) of $181,961 and $430,687 as of June 30, 2008 and 2007, respectively. Of these amounts, $116,800 and $166,800 relate to the Borick Business Building as of June 30, 2008 and 2007, respectively. Estimated annual collections on contributions receivable are as follows: Less than one year One to five years More than five years


97,561 84,400 --



Contributions receivable are net of unamortized discount of $0 and $18,068 at June 30, 2008 and 2007, respectively. This discount is calculated using a risk-free interest rate of 4%. Note 4 - Investments Short-term investments are recorded at fair market value and are comprised of the following: June 30, 2008

Investment securities...................................................



$ 20,384,215

$ 20,518,553

Unrealized Gains $


June 30, 2007

Investment securities...................................................



$ 17,986,104

$ 19,320,122

Unrealized Gains $


Investment securities of the individual net asset classes, consisting of money market funds, equity securities, bonds and investments in limited partnerships, are combined to form a pool of investments. Income earned on investments is allocated, based on cost, to the individual net asset classes with earnings of the endowment investments being included as an increase of temporarily restricted net assets or unrestricted net assets. Investment fees are offset against investment income.


Note 4 - Investments (Continued) Investments are as follows for the years ended June 30: 2008


Cash and cash equivalents .................................................................... Fixed income......................................................................................... Equities .................................................................................................


5,092,791 1,888,554 13,537,208


6,805,256 977,616 11,537,250

Investment earnings (loss) ....................................................................



$ 19,320,122

Investment returns are as follows for the years ended June 30: 2008


Interest income...................................................................................... Net realized gains.................................................................................. Net unrealized gains (losses) ................................................................ Fees .......................................................................................................


648,865 15,793 (1,199,680) (169,005)


653,845 1,425,504 386,462 (115,009)

Investment earnings (loss) ....................................................................






(206,507) (497,520)


258,428 2,092,374





Investment earnings (loss) are reported as follows in the Statements of Activities: Unrestricted .................................................................................... Temporarily restricted ....................................................................

Note 5 - Property and Equipment Property and equipment consist of the following as of June 30: 2008 Land.......................................................................................................... Buildings and improvements.................................................................... Furniture and equipment .......................................................................... Construction period interest ..................................................................... Construction in progress...........................................................................


38,225 8,379,170 94,223 --8,511,618



Less accumulated depreciation.................................................................

2007 $

38,225 1,050,312 94,223 232,061 6,113,923 7,528,744





The total depreciation expense for the years ended June 30, 2008 and 2007 was $180,560 and $30,243, respectively. Interest and debt issuance cost amortization capitalized as construction in progress amounted to $232,061 during the year ended June 30, 2007. Construction in progress represents the preliminary costs for the Borick Business Building. The total cost to construct was $7,328,858. The cost of the building is to be financed by private contributions, including a $3,000,000 challenge grant from Steve Borick and Family.


Note 6 - Other Assets Other assets consist of the following as of June 30: 2008 Art ......................................................................................................... Lithographs ........................................................................................... Life insurance policy............................................................................. Property.................................................................................................



5,680 3,000 58,688 6,000


5,740 3,000 52,952 6,000





Other assets are recorded at their estimated value on the date of contribution where market value is not available. Note 7 - Restrictions on Net Assets Temporarily restricted net assets are to be used for various programs and departments of the College. Permanently restricted net assets are endowment funds restricted in perpetuity to continue the tradition of the Foundation. Income generated by these assets is generally used for scholarships and awards. Note 8 - Western State College The Foundation rents part of its facilities to the College. The lease was extended and now expires June 30, 2010 with annual rentals of $14,482. The rental income for the years ended June 30, 2008 and 2007 was $14,482 and $14,482, respectively. Effective August 1, 2007, the Foundation is renting the Borick Business Building to the College for 10 years for $10. The building was built on College property which is subject to a 50 year ground lease to the Foundation. The Foundation’s Executive Director and the Director of Annual and Special Gifts are employed by the College. A portion of their compensation is paid by the Foundation. Note 9 - Conditional Promises to Give Conditional promises to give consist of the following at June 30: 2008 Will designation (estimated amounts), restricted for Western State College Savage Library ................................................. Art Chair ............................................................................................... History................................................................................................... Other ........................................................................................................




1,000,000 1,000,000 1,000,000 2,062,465

2007 $


1,000,000 1,000,000 1,000,000 2,770,876

Note 10 - Pension Plan The Foundation has a 401(k) plan (the Plan) covering all employees working at least 20 hours per week. Covered employees are fully vested after two years of service. The Foundation contributes 3% of each participant’s compensation to the Plan each year. Total expense for the years ended June 30, 2008 and 2007 was $2,670 and $2,423, respectively. Note 11 - In-Kind Donations The Foundation received non-cash contributions of services and materials totaling $146,581 and $142,171 for the years ended June 30, 2008 and 2007, respectively. The non-cash contributions are included in total contributions and program expenses in the Statements of Activities. Note 12 – Bonds Payable On August 30, 2006, the City of Gunnison issued its Revenue Bond (Western State College Foundation Project) Series 2006 to finance the construction of the Borick Business Building to be owned and operated by the Foundation and utilized by Western State College. The proceeds of the bond will be loaned by the city to the Foundation. Under the terms of the agreement with the city, the Foundation is obligated to repay the loan by paying to the registered owner of the bond, on behalf of the city, moneys sufficient to pay the principal of and interest on the bond. The bond was issued in the aggregate principal amount of $6,000,000 at a 4.50% annual interest rate. The future maturities of the bonds are as follows: June 30, 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014

$ 797,160 833,439 871,366 911,019 952,476 492,375

Note 13 – Subsequent Events Student Union Project In September 2008 the Board of Directors of the Foundation voted to participate in the funding of a new dining hall, student union and theater for the campus. The Foundations share of the project is a commitment of $17,000,000. The College will pay the remaining balance of cost in the project. Construction has begun and the project is expected to be completed in September 2010. The project will funded by a bond issue which will also pay the obligation to the College for Kelly Hall. Market Conditions The Foundation value in its investment accounts have been affected by the current market conditions the market value of the investment accounts at September 30, 2008 are $17,661,696 or an estimated unrealized loss of $2,856,857 since June 30, 2008.


The following individuals, corporations and foundations made gifts in Fiscal Year 2007 (July 1, 2007 to June 30, 2008). Every attempt was made to accurately cite each donor. Please notify the Foundation of any corrections. Your most recent gift may not be reflected here if made on or after July 1, 2008 (we look forward to recognizing your gift in our next issue).

The Pinnacle Philanthropist’s Club

($1,000,000 and over) W. A. “Tex” and Deborah Moncrief, Jr. Fort Worth, TX

The Benefactor’s Club ($100,000 to $999,999) Encana Oil & Gas (USA), Inc. Denver, CO The Grosland Estate Gunnison, CO LIATIS Foundation Houston, TX Jim and Sue Oates Gunnison, CO Paul and Katy Rady Englewood, CO

The Platinum Club ($50,000 to $99,999) Anonymous - 1 Facilities Connection, A HB/PZH Company El Paso, TX *Doug and Donna Faulkner Crawford, CO Dick and Kathy Stephenson Rifle, CO Craig and Charlotte Haase Gunnison, CO *Robert Little Phoenix, AZ The MacAllister Foundation Crested Butte, CO YSI Foundation, Inc. Yellow Springs, OH

The Summit Society - Gold ($25,000 to $49,999) Martin Maslonka Stateline, NV *David and Maxine Pierce Farmington, NM *Donald and Donna Prosser Denver, CO *Malte and Pam vonMatthiessen Almont, CO 52

The Summit Society - Silver ($10,000 to $24,999) Richard and Betty Binford Virginia Beach, VA Boettcher Foundation Denver, CO Steven Borick Van Nuys, CA William Boris Gig Harbor, WA Nancy Chisholm Lakewood, CO Citrine Management Corporation Princeton, NJ City of Gunnison Gunnison, CO Chip and Robin Creager Aurora, CO Gunnison County Manager Gunnison, CO Dorothy Heiny Sharon Springs, KS *Jeffrey and Karen Holway Deerfield, IL *Roy and Doris Hood Seabrook, TX J & W Catering Gunnison, CO Michael and Mari Johnson Malibu, CA Luftseben Gunnison, CO Greg and Monica Mikesell Wichita, KS Mabel Musgrave Centennial, CO Pepsi-Cola Company Montrose, CO Questar Corporation Salt Lake City, UT Ethel Rice Gunnison, CO RiverSource Life Insurance Company Minneapolis, MN Ed and Marguerite Rule Walnut Creek, CA Walter and MaryJane Scherr Kingwood, TX A. C. and Elizabeth Upton Santa Fe, NM Wells Fargo Bank, N. A. Minneapolis, MN Whiting Oil & Gas Corporation Denver, CO Frank Yates Artesia, NM

The Summit Society ($5,000 to $9,999) A & E Kaplan Foundation Columbus, IN Jake and Mary Accola Colorado Springs, CO David and Patricia Balkenbush Fruita, CO Nathan Bilow Photography Crested Butte, CO Chris and Ranie Blees Colorado Springs, CO Dick and Donna Bratton Gunnison, CO Leslie Caruso Pensacola, FL Chamberland Orthopaedics Gunnison, CO Coca-Cola Foundation Matching Gifts Program Princeton, NJ Denver Association of Petroleum Landmen Denver, CO Jeane D. Fair Charitable Trust Denver, CO Dave and Renie Gorsuch Vail, CO Evelyn Haley Grand Junction, CO Hansen Weather Port Gunnison, CO Valerie Hastings and Stephanie Day Golden, CO *Jay and Dawn Helman Gunnison, CO *Gordon and Patricia Humphrey Concord, NH John Roberts Motor Works Gunnison, CO John and Georgie Kincaid Gunnison, CO Marius Corporation Vail, CO Bill and Monica McKenny Marquette, MI Chris Minard Carlsborg, WA Petro-Canada Resources (USA), Inc. Denver, CO

Quality Inn Gunnison, CO Sandra Read Dorset, VT Bob and Margo Riggan Wenatchee, WA Rocky’s Family Fitness Gunnison, CO Rosetta Resources Operating, LP Houston, TX Dean and Kathy Stevenson Portland, OR Sun West Sports Stockton, CA The Williams Companies, Inc. Tulsa, OK USECC Joint Venture Riverton, WY Vanguard Charitable Endowment Program Southeastern, PA Dan Warner Centennial, CO Harry Warner West Bloomfield, MI Daniel and Cheryl Wenzinger Golden, CO Western State Dining Services by Sodexho Gunnison, CO Clara L. Woods Grand Junction, CO

The “W” Mountain Society ($2,500 to $4,999)

The 1% Club* (These donors gave 1% of the Annual Fund goal of $400,000) AAUW Gunnison, CO The A.C. Houston Lumber Company Crested Butte, CO Bank of the West Concord, CA Guy and Connie Barr Carlisle, PA Tom and Cherie Burggraf Gunnison, CO James Clifford Park City, UT Cliggett & Associates, P.C. Gunnison, CO Colorado Beverage Grand Junction, CO James H. Cox Watertown, NY

Bob and Media Dawson Gunnison, CO David De Ville Lilburn, GA Peter and Cathy Dea Golden, CO Delta Implement Montrose, CO Denver Foundation Denver, CO Larry and Ruth Dolezal Ohio City, CO Domino’s Pizza Gunnison, CO Cynthia Drexel Gunnison, CO El Pomar Foundation Colorado Springs, CO Elk River Construction Pagosa Springs, CO Stanley Elmaleh White Plains, NY FCI Constructors, Inc. Grand Junction, CO Erich and Beth Ferchau Gunnison, CO Carlo Gaines Golden, CO Gentle Dental Care Gunnison, CO Gunnison Arts Center Gunnison, CO Gunnison Valley Hospital Gunnison, CO Christine Cummings Hall Richmond, VA Halliburton Foundation, Inc. Houston, TX George and Rosemarie Hamblin Golden, CO Larry and Patty Hayes Thousand Oaks, CA Betty Light Gunnison, CO Patti Burritt Locke Englewood, CO Jim and Dee Mahaffey Anchorage, AK Kirk Martinez Bismarck, ND *Ken and Barbara Moffitt Crested Butte, CO Mountain Fireplace Specialists, Inc. Gunnison, CO Mountain Surfaces Gunnison, CO Richard and Belva Moyle Ogden, UT John and Gwen Nixon Crested Butte, CO Robert and Mary Jane Nixon Houston, TX *Daniel and Jeanne O’Shaughnessy Englewood, CO James and Teresa Peay Denver, CO Royal Gold, Inc. Denver, CO Fred and Valerie Schmalz Gunnison, CO George and Alma Sheff Colorado Springs, CO The Sign Guys & Gal!, Inc. Gunnison, CO John and Nancy Sowell Gunnison, CO Jim and Leigh Terbush Manitou Springs, CO The Kroger Company Foundation Cincinnati, OH The Paper Clip Gunnison, CO Treads ’N’ Threads Gunnison, CO

Three Rivers Resort Almont, CO Tulsa Community Foundation Tulsa, OK Della Fiske-Turner Grand Junction, CO Paul Urban, Jr. Littleton, CO *Jyl Voss Lone Tree, CO Water Wheel Inn Gunnison, CO Western Lumber, Inc. Gunnison, CO

The President’s Club ($1,000 to $2,499) Anonymous - 3 J. Rich and Julia Alexander Wexford, PA Gary and Dora Alstatt Grand Junction, CO American Honda Motor Company Torrance, CA James and Elizabeth Anderson Wilmington, NC BB Services Colorado Springs, CO B & H Sports Grand Junction, CO Bob Beitler Clayton, CA Reid and Susan Bicknell Broomfield, CO Michael Bleakley Gunnison, CO Blue Iguana Gunnison, CO Blue Mesa Lumber Company Gunnison, CO David M. Brandon Warrenton, OR Louie and Dorsey Carleo Pueblo, CO Chevron Products Company Princeton, NJ Community Bankshares, Inc. Greenwood Village, CO Tom and Carolyn Corbett Ladera Ranch, CA Crested Butte Music Festival Crested Butte, CO Richard Daerr and Karin Holmen Mt. Crested Butte, CO Dalby Wendland and Company, P.C. Montrose, CO Bobby Dawson Horseshoe Bay, TX Glen DeBroder Winston-Salem, NC Paul and Roberta Depp Broomfield, CO Desert Schools Federal Credit Union Phoenix, AZ Embroidered Sportswear Company Crested Butte, CO El Paso Corporate Foundation Houston, TX Carol Elkins Miami Beach, FL Donna Erk Louisville, CO Jeff and Laurie Garren Gunnison, CO Gene Taylors Sporting Goods Gunnison, CO

Donald and Janet Gerardi Midlothian, VA Gary and Ann Giberson Frisco, CO GreatLand Log Homes Gunnison, CO James Grieve Pueblo, CO Gunnison Business & Professional Women’s Club Gunnison, CO Gunnison Country Guide Service Gunnison, CO Gunnison Motorsports, Inc. Gunnison, CO Gunnison Savings & Loan Gunnison, CO Darrel Hafling Arvada, CO James Hahn Gunnison, CO Henry Hansen Grass Valley, CA Christopher Hansen-Murray Seattle, WA Virginia Harris Gunnison, CO Fred and Leta Haverly Gunnison, CO Larry Heesch Littleton, CO Henry and Cynthia Yost Family Foundation South Pasadena, CA Ray Hensley Santa Clarita, CA Ken Heuer Denver, CO Dale and Deanna Hockett Pagosa Springs, CO William and Mary Hodges Pueblo, CO Michael Hubbell Des Moines, IA John and Helen Hudson Pueblo, CO Jeanne Hull Gunnison, CO Independent Tube Chicago, IL Island Acres Motel, Inc. Gunnison, CO


James Jack Oklahoma City, OK Don Jackson Houston, TX Barbara Jacobsen Littleton, CO Glen Jammaron Glenwood Springs, CO The Jean Thomas Lambert Foundation Akron, OH Robert and June Just Englewood, CO KBUT Radio Crested Butte, CO Andy and Heidi Keck Gunnison, CO Curtis Kennedy Salt Lake City, UT Peter and Julie Kirchhof Aurora, CO Ali and Victoria Kirtay San Diego, CA Pete Klingsmith Gunnison, CO Phil and Joann Klingsmith Gunnison, CO Kathy Kregel Fort Collins, CO Michael and Tami Maciejko Gunnison, CO L. Stanley and Evelyn Manierre Worcester, MA Mario’s Pizza and Restaurante Gunnison, CO Fred Mark Evergreen, CO Richard McCormick Denver, CO Dennis McCurry Louisville, TN Michele McDermott Ashburn, VA David McEntire Las Vegas, NV Mary McMullan Talley Washington, NC Judith Seaverns Mealey Molvern, PA Frank Mencin Frisco, CO

Marshall and Lyria Miller Bremerton, WA Mindy Corporation Gunnison, CO Misty Mountain Floral Company Gunnison, CO Richard Mize Anchorage, AK Monty’s Auto Parts Gunnison, CO Frank Nails Las Vegas, NV Scott and Monica Newman Gunnison, CO Thomas and Nancy O’Hara Malvern, PA Oldcastle SW Group, Inc. Grand Junction, CO Ol Miner Steakhouse Gunnison, CO Oxbow General Partnership Gunnison, CO Pat’s Screen Printing Gunnison, CO Jamie Paul Bellevue, WA Craig and Judy Pauly Crested Butte, CO Phillip and Joan Perkins Pitkin, CO Rexford and Dorothea Peterson Cerrillos, NM Charles and Sherryl Peterson Gunnison, CO Bonita Ann Pilon Nashville, TN Pete and Janet Pisciotta Glendale, AZ Qualcomm Incorporated San Diego, CA Don and Sheryl Radovich Ouray, CO Dean and D. Ann Rainbolt Carmel, IN Lee Reed El Cajon, CA Bill Rex Golden, CO

“The past cannot be changed, but the future is still in your power.”

– Unknown


The Collegians’ Club

Matt and Denai Robbins Gunnison, CO Rocky Mountain Television Gunnison, CO RSC Equipment Rental Gunnison, CO TJ Sardy Anchorage, AK Ray and Dee Schumacher Naperville, IL George and Pam Shaeffer Eagle, CO Shell Matching Gifts Princeton, NJ Tom and Anne Shrake Reno, NV Sports World La Junta, CO Jim and Linda Squirrell Cimarron, CO Trenton Staley Parker, CO Anne Steinbeck Gunnison, CO Mark Stewart Highlands Ranch, CO Terry and Judy Sweet Grand Junction, CO The New York Community Trust New York, NY Timbers Sports Bar Gunnison, CO Rebecca Tobey Santa Fe, NM Robert and Betty Jo Todd Dickinson, ND Donald Trachte Burlington, VT True Value Gunnison, CO Varra Companies, Inc. Frederick, CO Ted and Martha Violett Gunnison, CO Frank and Jo Visconti Trinidad, CO Wal-Mart Foundation Bentonville, AK William and Ann Wegert Gunnison, CO Wet Grocer Gunnison, CO Cary and Debbie Wheeland La Mirada, CA 54

Jeff and Danna Wiepking Englewood, CO Williams Engineering Gunnison, CO James Wilson Lakewood, CO Leland and Mary Wines Benicia, CA Nona Zahradka Gunnison, CO

The Partners’ Club ($750 to $999) Mike and Beth Avery Gunnison, CO Rick Bettger Steamboat Springs, CO Bratton Hill, LLC Gunnison, CO Fore Thought Montrose, CO Gunnison Bank and Trust Company Gunnison, CO Gunnison Vitamin & Health Food Store Gunnison, CO


High Mountain Liquor Gunnison, CO Ed and Patti Holthaus St. Louis, MO W. Roger Miller Casper, WY Mountaineer Electric Gunnison, CO Parish Oil Company, Inc. Montrose, CO Pro-Motion, Ltd. Littleton, CO Shondeck Financial Services Gunnison, CO George Sibley and Maryo Ewell Gunnison, CO James Stewart Gunnison, CO Tom Katcinko, Inc. /dba McDonald’s Salida, CO Charles Van Gelder Fountain Hills, AZ Wilderson, O’Hayre, Dawson & Frazier Gunnison, CO Wilson Associates Realty Gunnison, CO

($500 to $749) Joan Adair Cotopaxi, CO Richard Allen Chevy Chase, MD Bob Arnold Gunnison, CO Steven and Marsha Asheim Littleton, CO James Balfanz Stockbridge, MA Adrienne Barnett Scottsdale, AZ Robert and Susan Beeken Stevens Point, WI Jeffrey and Lesa Bennett Casper, WY Chuck Billing Boone, NC Bob Huckins Construction, Inc. Crested Butte, CO Gene Bower Tucson, AZ Randy Brenimer Wheat Ridge, CO Richard Brian Canton, OH Lois Brinton Aurora, CO John and Sherell Byrd Durango, CO Clay and Keely Campbell Lakewood, CO William and Claudia Campbell Littleton, CO Roger and Sharon Carelton Colorado Springs, CO Gary and Sandra Caton Bozeman, MT Janie Chermak Albuquerque, NM J.P. and Julia Cockrill Marion, AR Colorado River Water Conservation District Glenwood Springs, CO Community Church of Gunnison Gunnison, CO Carol Coon El Cerrito, CA Paul Crews, Jr. Girdwood, AK Linda Crouse Durango, CO Michelle Dally Denver, CO Luke Danielson Gunnison, CO Brian and Janice DeMoss Williamsburg, VA

E & E Enterprises, Inc. Gunnison, CO William Elliott Grand Lake, CO Charlie Farnan Crested Butte, CO Bill Farnsworth Burlington, CO Fullmer’s Ace Hardware Gunnison, CO Peter and Nancy Gauss Gunnison, CO Maria Gianaras Carbondale, CO Global Financial Review Englewood, CO Ronald Lee Goodrich Pueblo, CO The Greater Cincinnati Foundation Cincinnati, OH Steven Haase Gunnison, CO Barbara Hall Tucson, AZ John Hampson Flat Rock, MI Ann Hunt Hieronymus Colorado Springs, CO Galen and Nancy Houston Gunnison, CO Bruce and Jane Humphries Greenville, DE The Insurance Center Gunnison, CO Walter and Julia Jackson Durango, CO Jenkins & Jenkins Rentals Montrose, CO John and Laurie Jensch Orlando, FL Jon and Nancy Knickerbocker Eagle, CO Larry and Linda Martin Homer, AK Margaret Masias Pueblo, CO Sarah Mattern Centennial, CO Hunter McClung Raphine, VA Nancy Menan Golden, CO Richard Meyers Armonk, NY Montrose Memorial Hospital Montrose, CO David and Jennifer Paddock Boulder, CO Richard and Margo Parsons Beaver Dam, AZ

“Tenderness and kindness are not signs of weakness and despair, but manifestations of strength and resolutions.”

– Kahlil Gibran

John and Colette Perusek Gunnison, CO Jerry Piquette Gunnison, CO Gaar Potter Denver, CO John and Carla Randall Parker, CO Recreational Equipment, Inc. Sumner, WA Rotary Club of Gunnison Gunnison, CO Bill and Eleanor Rusler Pueblo, CO Samples Carpentry Service Brush, CO San Juan Healthcare Foundation, Inc. Montrose, CO Daniel Schuster Gunnison, CO John G. and Karen Sprengle Highlands Ranch, CO Donna Stevens Houston, TX Kenner and Kaarina Swedburg Omaha, NE Ronald and Kathleen Thomte Golden, CO Tomichi Tire - Towing Service Gunnison, CO Pasquale Varra Gunnison, CO Thomas Volick Austin, TX Greg and Gloria Waggoner Gunnison, CO Robert and Joann Watson Littleton, CO Jack and Mary Weir Centennial, CO Marilyn Wilgocki Downers Grove, IL Blair Woodall Dallas, TX

The Crimson and Slate Club ($250 to $499) The A.C. Houston Lumber Company Crested Butte, CO Tim and Wendy Albers Gunnison, CO Saul and Marion Amdursky Des Moines, IA Mary Kay Arbuthnot Palm Desert, CA

Benjamin Arians Anchorage, AK ASAP Appraisals, Inc. /Wildcat Homes, Inc. Aurora, CO James and Bonnie Baril Gunnison, CO E.R. “Duke” and Deloris Barret Alliance, OH Douglas Bell Phoenix, AZ Berfield’s Stage Stop Gunnison, CO William Black Atlantic Highlands, NJ Jacqueline Haines-Bobbitt Colorado Springs, CO Borah-Borah Petroleum, Inc. Casper, WY Linda Borick Orinda, CA Breckenridge Nordic Center, LLC Breckenridge, CO Vicky (Hall) Brooks Littleton, CO Vicky Brooks Littleton, CO Teresa Brownyard San Diego, CA Gerry Bullock Gunnison, CO James Burkholder Anchorage, AK Steven Bussey Littleton, CO Cabin Collectibles Gunnison, CO Glenn, Leila and Shane Calkins Gunnison, CO Kimberly Anne Callis Seattle, WA Janet Carroll Gunnison, CO Art Chalmers Louisville, KY Randall Chapman Traverse City, MI Arthur Chaput Denver, CO Mirta Coleman Gunnison, CO Casey, Sarah and RC Coons Arvada, CO Tammie Knutson Craven Los Alamos, NM Critter Sitters Gunnison, CO Paul and Sharon Crook Mancos, CO Custom Home Accents Gunnison, CO Dee Davis Littleton, CO Martin Davis Gunnison, CO

Bob Decker Gunnison, CO Alan and Lynn Dotter Tulsa, OK Drake Woods of Gunnison Gunnison, CO Craig and Linette Drescher Colorado Springs, CO Connie Elliott Trafalgar, IN Gail Else Elizabethtown, NY Joe and Amy Engleman Gunnison, CO William Fehd Carlsbad, NM Liz Fuller Gunnison, CO Bernard Gardner Honeoye Falls, NY James Gazzoli Kenvil, NJ Martha Gentry Gunnison, CO Ben and Kathy Gill Littleton, CO Richard Gleason Visalia, CA Jeffrey Gramlich Falmouth, ME Joel Gregg Parker, CO Ralph Grover Lake City, CO Gunnison Family Medical Center Gunnison, CO Gunnison Muffler Gunnison, CO Gunnison Veterinary Clinic Gunnison, CO Gunsmoke Truck Stop Buena Vista, CO Dory Hagan Ward, CO Bill Hallett Hinsdale, IL DeAnn Hanson Ohio City, CO Daniel and Gina Heepke Fort Morgan, CO James Hensen, Jr. Highlands Ranch, CO Kevin and Caryn Hettler Newcastle, CO High Mark Electric Gunnison, CO Dennis Hogan Centennial, CO Jan and Katherine Horak Tofte, MN Duke Iverson Monmouth, OR Rick and Pat Jagger Gunnison, CO Frank and Jodie Jones Wichita, KS Bill and Barbara King Gunnison, CO

David and Gloria Kittelson South Barrington, IL Joan Kritzberg San Bernardino, CA Joseph Krutulis Alamo, CA Bruce A. Leigh Englewood, CO Dave Lincoln Woodland Park, CO Keith Longpre Scottsdale, AZ Lost Miner Enterprises, LLC Gunnison, CO Beverly Luetkemeyer Meta, MO Jim and Kathy MacAllister Gunnison, CO Kenneth and Lynda MacLennan Gunnison, CO Maine Septic & Plumbing Lewiston, ME Richard Makings Scottsdale, AZ Glenn Mallory Aurora, CO Sandra Mark Gunnsion, CO Andy and Vickie Marquez Centennial, CO Matterhorn Motel Lake City, CO Donald and Marjorie McCall Riverside, CA Debby McGlathery Arvada, CO Bob and Marjorie McGraw Westminster, CO Andrew Miller Donnelly, ID J. Bart Miller Atlanta, GA Don and Tia Mills Arvada, CO Robert Mitton Ridgway, CO Mochas Drive Thru Gunnison, CO William and Cheryl Morgan Tucson, AZ Dirk and Virginia Mosis Boerne, TX Mountain Windows, Inc. Gunnison, CO Jack Myers Troy, MI Cora Neslin Denver, CO Bill and Stephanie Niemi Crested Butte, CO Northern Trust, NA Miami, FL



“No one has learned the meaning of life, until they have surrendered their ego, to the service of humankind.”

Suzanne Novelli West Falls, NY Nathan and Kristin Olson Canon City, CO Tristan Paddock Boulder, CO Eugene and Elizabeth Paschall Palos Heights, IL William Pero Hayden, CO Douglas Perrill Derby, KS Gary and Shelly Pierson Gunnison, CO Piezan’s New York Pizzaria Gunnison, CO John and Amy Pilger Green Valley, AZ Puchek Construction Gunnison, CO Thomas and Kathy Rais Gunnison, CO Red Oak Properties, LLC Gunnison, CO Edward and Dorothy Reichle Gunnison, CO Norman Reinecker Laramie, WY Jean Reitze Walnut Creek, CA Zelda Rouillard Gunnison, CO Wade Rumney Rock, WV Jarral and Anne Ryter Gunnison, CO Steve and Karla Schaefer Craig, CO Barbara Schneeman Dillon, CO Shipp and Spear Builders Gunnison, CO John Shouse Colorado Springs, CO Leonard Silence Gunnison, CO Jim and Debra Smith Golden, CO Dennis and Joanne Snyder Pueblo, CO Michael Solondz East Brunswick, NH Squeeky Kleen Auto Wash, LLC Gunnison, CO Virgil and Helen Stan Tucson, AZ David and Laura Stanley La Salle, CO Maxine Stegall Leadville, CO Patrick Stewart Gunnison, CO TW Stites Evergreen, CO 56

Sun Sports Unlimited, Inc. Gunnison, CO Gary and Muriel Swallow Rifle, CO Ed and Beth Taylor Memphis, TN Roderick Taylor Woodbury, CT John and Julie Tobin Highlands Ranch, CO Harry Truitt Franktown, CO Anthony and Elaine Trujillo El Prado, NM Tuneup Bike Pros Gunnison, CO Chris Turner Craig, CO Valco, Inc. Gunnison, CO Miles and Tonya Van Hee Gunnison, CO James Violett Denver, CO Phillip Virden Lake City, CO Jonelle Vold Tucson, AZ Milton Voss Almont, CO Katherine Wieseman Gunnison, CO Mark and Ruth Welch Herndon, VA Wells Fargo Educational Matching Gifts Princeton, NJ Todd Wendell Spring Creek, NV Gene West Foxfield, CO Vern and Nell Whiting Gunnison, CO William Wilcox Belleville, WI Gerald Wing Parker, CO Winston Law Firm, PC Colorado Springs, CO John and Lisa Yenney Vancouver, WA Frank Zanetell Gunnison, CO

The Cornerstone Club ($100 to $249) Anonymous - 2 3M Matching Gifts Program St. Paul, MN Karen Acierno Denver, CO

–Beran Wolfe

Mark Acker Bellevue, ID Marla Adams Oklahoma City, OK Seth Adams Gunnison, CO Daniel Adcock Silver Spring, MD Kristi Akers North Zulch, TX Mark and Kay Alden Bryn Athyn, PA Roger and Kathryn Alexander Cheyenne, WY Douglas and Janice Alfred Lakewood, CO All Sports Replay Gunnison, CO Mary Allen Gunnison, CO Sydney and Wilma Andrews Independence, KS Delores Angevine Grand Junction, CO Gary and Linda Appleton Gunnison, CO JoAnn Arai Brown Gunnison, CO Arthur M. Cohen & Associates, LLC Northbrook, IL Lester and K.K. Arvin Nashville, TN Anne Ash Gunnison, CO John Axelson Brighton, CO John Bailey Fort Collins, CO A. Robert Baker Columbia, NH Wendy Scott Baker West Hartford, CT Roque and Donna Barrera Colorado Springs, CO Jim and Judy Barry Gunnison, CO Douglas Barton Omaha, NE Gerald and Deborah Bauer Littleton, CO Thomas and Kathleen Bauer East Aurora, NY David Baumgarten Gunnison, CO Carey Beam Cocoa, FL Paul Becker Sonora, CA Dennis and Roberta Beckman Houston, TX Craig Beebe New Orleans, LA

Jeremy Behling Avon, CO Christopher and Jill Bennett Marshall, VA Skip Bennett and Draxy Buckley Gunnison, CO William Bennett Denver, CO Craig Bere Van Nuys, CA Jack Bergey Littleton, CO Christine Bertoni Beverly, MA Camille Besse Gunnison, CO George and Joy Besse Gunnison, CO Ted Anderson and Robin Bingham Gunnison, CO Stephanie Bingham Westminster, CO Ken and Shirley Blair Gunnison, CO Donald Blanke Meeker, CO Blatt Construction, Inc. Gunnison, CO Tommie Blaylock Stroud, OK Robert and Nancy Blose Wappingers Falls, NY Howard Blunk The Woodlands, TX Margie Boekes Larkspur, CO Bob and Diedre Boese Broussard, LA Lorenzo Bonvicini Denver, CO Candi Borah Gunnison, CO Walter Borneman Estes Park, CO BP Foundation, Inc. Houston, TX Alan Brooker Colorado Springs, CO John Brunel Golden, CO Donald and Sharlene Bruns Marion, IN Daniel Buford Annandale, VA David and Liz Burke Kirkwood, MO Mary P. Burnett Jacksonville, FL Charles and Mary Sue Burnham Durango, CO John and Barbara Burritt Hotchkiss, CO Barbara J. Busey Las Animas, CO

Kirk and Cathy Buttermore Newport Beach, CA Jan and Nancy Bybee Lakewood, CO Ben and Kristen Bye Craig, CO Mike and Becky Cafasso Pueblo, CO Pat and Bebe Cain Dade City, FL Bo and Beth Callaway Pine Mountain, GA Shaun and Suzanne Carmody Colorado Springs, CO Charles Carr South Ogden, UT Randolph Carstens Denver, CO David Carter Colorado Springs, CO Steven Caswell Scottsdale, AZ Centron Realty, Inc. Englewood, CO Trevor and Lisa Chabinsky Santa Clarita, CA William and Linda Chambliss Gunnison, CO Hap and Narcissa Channell Gunnison, CO Reuben and Julie Chavez Lake Almanor, CA Mary Jo Chermak Hotchkiss, CO Dennis Cheroutes Denver, CO Ruth Cheskaty Grand Junction, CO William & Susan Cikot Lakewood, CO Cimmaron Enterprises Grand Junction, CO Circus Train Gunnison, CO Clarke Agency, Inc. Gunnison, CO David and Lynne Clauss Shelburne, VT John Clauss Orchard Park, NY Joseph Clayss, Jr. West Falls, NY Joseph G. Clayss, Jr. Orchard Park, NY Ritchie Clendenin Boulder, CO David Clifford Centennial, CO Judson and Betty Clifton Beaverton, OR Kenneth Clinton Mesquite, NV CoBiz, Inc. Denver, CO Randall Cole Denver, CO Ken, Tracey and Connor Coleman Gunnison, CO Marta Coleman Parlin, CO Stephanie Coleman Grand Junction, CO David & LaViena Collard Grand Junction, CO Marguerite Collard Grand Junction, CO Colorado Gym /Colorado Fitness Gunnison, CO Colorado Specialties Gunnison, CO Julie Conn Katonah, NY Lynn Padgett Montrose, CO

Ronda Connaway and Martha Gentry Gunnison, CO Constanzo Plumbing Gunnison, CO Patricia Coolidge West Dover, VT Trista Cornelius Portland, OR Steven Correa Centennial, CO Kay Cotten Gunnison, CO Michael and Clarice Cowan Gunnison, CO Michael Crawford Littleton, CO Rebecca Crawford Parker, CO Scott Cromwell Arvada, CO Phil and Janet Crossley Gunnison, CO Lois Curfman Olathe, CO Tom and LouAnn Curran Parker, CO Danny and Sharon Custer Hoisington, KS Wendy Dafoe Thornton, CO Bryan Davis Burlington, VT Edward and Virginia Davis Bedias, TX Donna Dayton Carpinteria, CA John De Money Greeley, CO Kathryn Delaney Richmond, IN Donald Derham Slidell, LA David Dickerson Cedaredge, CO Franklin and Hazel Dickey Searcy, AR Sid and Audrey Dickinson Gunnison, CO Sam and Lucille Diele Merced, CA Don Dillehay Brush, CO Timothy and Kathleen Dills Potomac Falls, VA Russell Dobson Cambridge, NE The Doerr Family Foundation Gunnison, CO Missouri Ann Donnell Gunnison, CO Mark Donovan Lynnfield, MA Eula Dougherty Colorado Springs, CO Russell and Elva Dryer Gunnison, CO Suzanne Duca Summerland, CA Ann Duckett Grand Junction, CO Cynthia Dudden Arvada, CO William and Cynthia Dude Colorado Springs, CO Matthew and Brooke Dudley Anchorage, AK Dale Dunbar Meeker, CO Marcia Duncan Gunnison, CO Bill Dwyer Minneapolis, KS Jeffrey Dykes Ohio City, CO Eddie’s Barber Shop Gunnison, CO William Edelman Sarasota, FL Peter and Joann Ehrlich Denver, CO Ron Ellis Aurora, CO

Michael Embler Erie, CO Robert Engel Denver, CO Robert Engle University Heights, OH Jim and Mary Englehart Cortez, CO Jeffrey Enos Sun Valley, ID Ernest Ensley Laramie, WY Carrie Esquibel Gunnison, CO Rebecca Euwer Dallas, TX Sandra Everett Arvada, CO Jason and Dawn Eves Sterling, CO Sharon Squires Fanning Castle Rock, CO Clark Fassatt Broomfield, CO Bruce Faurer Snowmass Village, CO Nick and Gwen Fears Salt Lake City, UT Spencer and Arlene Fickel Gunnison, CO Mary Esther Field Gunnison, CO Larry Fitzsimons Morrison, CO Richard Flaherty Meeker, CO Flatiron Sports Crested Butte, CO The Flying Burritos Gunnison, CO Doug and Eleanor Flynn Gunnison, CO Mark and Joellen Fonken Gunnison, CO Patty Foose Duncanville, TX

Michael and Maria Force Peyton, CO Ethelyn Foreman Steamboat Springs, CO Megan Fowler Lakewood, CO John Fox Denver, CO James Franklin Colorado Springs, CO John Franzman Centennial, CO Bernard and Julia Frazier Ridgefield, CT Jean Friedlund Grand Junction, CO Bob and Alice Fulton Gunnison, CO Janice Gabert Georgetown, TX Barbara Galvin Greeley, CO Elmer and Sandy Garcia Goodyear, AZ Karen Gay Sugar Grove, IL James Gibson Yuba City, CA Jim Giesler Glen Ellyn, IL Richard and Goldie Gilbert Buena Vista, CO Wayne Ginsburg Woodland, CA Linda Glaxner Hotchkiss, CO Ronald Glenn Parker, CO Mary Goberis Golden, CO Donald Graham Gunnison, CO Zeta Graham Gunnison, CO Donna Granere Montrose, CO

Nancy Gray Steamboat Springs, CO Mary Greenberg Topeka, KS William Greer Colorado Springs, CO Eric and Jacqueline Gresh Colorado Springs, CO Buzz and Sharon Groom Cornell, IL Scott Groom Gunnison, CO Bradley Groselak Lemont, IL Gerald Groswold Winter Park, CO Thor and Twyla Groswold Montrose, CO Neil Grudzen Denver, CO Gunnison Chiropratic Offices Gunnison, CO Gunnison Country Shopper Gunnison, CO Gunnison County Abstract Company Gunnison, CO Gunnison Elks Lodge 1623 Gunnison, CO Gunnison Trucking, Inc. Gunnison, CO Mervin Guy Colorado Springs, CO Glen Hachenberg Overland Park, KS Bonnie Hadley Cortez, CO Brian and Susan Hall Brighton, CO


William Hall Denver, CO O. Kent Hamacher Franktown, CO Molly Hamilton Durango, CO Donald Hanavan Littleton, CO Andy Hanks Gunnison, CO Mary Alice Hansen Montrose, CO Tom and Daphne Harding Delta, CO Roberta Harper Gunnison, CO Paul and Betty Hart Gunnison, CO Ronald Hassoldt Littleton, CO Rene Hays Littleton, CO Robert Heath Carmine, TX Ted H. Heath Ottumwa, IA Bobby and Sarah Heiken Gunnison, CO Carol Herfort Summerland Key, FL Gary and Julie Herr Eagle, CO Hi-Country Service and Laundry Gunnison, CO Gene Hill Gunnison, CO James and Karen Hill Castle Rock, CO Jeffrey Hill Temecula, CA Gary Hirsch Fort Collins, CO Lee and Val Hitchcock Canon City, CO Douglas Hjelmstad Conway, NH Henry and Carol Hoffman Lawrenceville, NJ Thomas Hogan Matthews, NC 58

Holbrook & Smith General Contractors, Inc. Crested Butte, CO Donna Holden Gunnison, CO Karin Holmen Mt. Crested Butte, CO Todd Holzwarth Winter Park, CO Michael and Colleen Hope Arvada, CO Mary Jo Houtchens Greeley, CO Glenn Hovemann and Muffy Weaver North San Juan, CA Adam and Holly Howard Cambridge, VT Timothy Howell Edwards, CO Thomas Huge St. Louis, MO Skip and Virginia Hunter Montrose, CO Jeff and Wendy Huson Parker, CO IBM Corporation/Matching Gifts Program Research Triangle Park, NC Nancy Ickes Colorado Springs, CO Brenton and Molly Illum Gunnison, CO Virgil and Kathy Illum Divide, CO Kent and Linda Ingram Littleton, CO Fred Iozzo Wayne, IL Casey Ives Littleton, CO Scott and Nicole Jackson Chicago, IL Holly Jacobs Shanghai, OO Jan’s Place Gunnison, CO Timothy Jasinski Norwood, MA Michael and Dorothy Jessee Colorado City, CO John Norton Enterprises, LLC Crested Butte, CO Wayne and Ann Johnson Montgomery, TX Jean Johnson Buena Vista, CO Joaquin Johnson Las Vegas, NV Michele Johnson Hermitage, TN Ralph and Marilyn Johnson Gunnison, CO Robert Johnson Lafayette, CO Cynthia Jones Aurora, CO Virginia Jones Gunnison, CO Pat Julio Gunnison, CO Andrew Kaczka Parker, CO Richard and Barbara Kaiser Almont, CO Nicholas Karahalios Falmouth, ME Karyn Adelman Acupuncture Crested Butte, CO Henry Kaufmann Park City, UT Amber Keare Elgin, IL Gina Keenan-Heepke Ft. Morgan, CO Lissa Kelchner Phoenix, AZ Kevin and Marcia Kelly Hockessin, DE Mary Kelly Waterbury, CT Paul and Susan Ketzer Orchard Park, NY

Kevin Parks Insurance Agency, Inc. Delta, CO Richard and Linda Kieffer Littleton, CO Kathleen Kinkema Gunnison, CO Kiwanis Club of Gunnison Gunnison, CO Leo Klinker Montrose, CO Timothy Klodnick Broadview Heights, OH Connie Knight Golden, CO Stephanie Kopp Steamboat Springs, CO Kroger Cincinnati, OH Kroger Nashville, TN Steve and Connie Kruck Boone, IA Karla Kuban Aspen, CO Nick Kulyk Creede, CO Susan Whitney Kurtz Bend, OR Ronald and Twilla Kush Colorado Springs, CO Edward Kutzleb Durango, CO Today Realty Gunnison, CO Mark and Sheila Lake Parker, CO Laureli Bakery and Cafe Gunnison, CO Wanda Laurence Ventura, CA Peter and Nancy Lavigne Gunnison, CO Jim Lazzeri Arvada, CO Margaret Leech Louisville, CO Bruce Leiman Indian Hills, CO Frances Lenox Loveland, CO Richard Lent Concord, NH Robert Leonhardt Pine Bush, NY Lexmark Internation, Inc. Lexington, KY Pete A. Linder and Jode Edmunds Buffalo, NY Steve and Char Lindner Canon City, CO Tom and Betty Lindsay Gunnison, CO Kenneth Lodovico Crested Butte, CO Kent and Pamela Long Aurora, CO Roger and Pat Long Parker, CO Kirk and Carolyn Lorimer Gunnison, CO Edna Lovell Cheyenne Wells, CO Robert Lowe Crested Butte, CO Allen and Katina Lundberg Parker, CO Ronald and Barbara Mack Grand Junction, CO Carl Mackey Loisville, CO Mark and Rita Macomber Issaquah, WA Frank and Brenda Madden Steamboat Springs, CO Maestas-Ehlers, Inc. /Stellar Catering Lakewood, CO Patrick Magee Gunnison, CO Richard Malmgren Boulder, CO Jeanette Mann Dahlonega, GA

Charles Manter and Shellie Huston-Manter Windsor, CO Paula Marlatt Montrose, CO Mary Marquardt Cedar City, UT Helen Marshall Gunnison, CO Steven and Annette Marusich Visalia, CA George Maruyama Dubuque, IA Darrell and Elaine Mason Thornton, CO Jude Mason Denver, CO Patti Matthews Woodbury, MN Kim McNeill May Dillon, CO Edgar and Joni Maycumber Mead, CO Richard McCabe San Francisco, CA Daniel McCann Alamosa, CO John McCarthy and Melanie Torpey Gunnison, CO Charles and Rebecca McClure East Aurora, NY Todd and Shelly McCoy Ignacio, CO Larry McDonald Rocklin, CA Tom and Michelle McGannon Oklahoma City, OK Gary McKinster Castle Rock, CO Vicki McNamara Portland, OR Raymond McWilliams Littleton, CO Merrill Lynch & Company Foundation New York, NY Peter and Lisa Metzger Westfalls, NY Richard and Dorothy Mikkelsen Gunnison, CO Michael Mileski Gunnison, CO C. J. and Anne Miller Gunnison, CO Miller Furniture Gunnison, CO MMC Matching Gifts Program Princeton, NJ


Anne Z. Mojo Erie, CO Monte Montepare Breckenridge, CO James Montgomery Gunnison, CO Joshua and Raychel Moore Centennial, CO Allen and Trudy Moores Gunnison, CO Ellen Morgan Seattle, WA Michael Moulds Berkeley, IL Mountain West Reps, Inc. Longmont, CO Fritz Moyer Westminster, CO Patricia Mullin Canon City, CO Bob and Florence Mullins Dallas, TX Don and Sue Mundell Gunnison, CO Gilbert Munoz Colorado Springs, CO Robert Murdock Castle Rock, CO Danielle Mutz Albuquerque, NM Dale Myers Livermore, CA Jon and Layne Nelson Gunnison, CO Samuel and Karen Nelson Colorado Springs, CO Ernest and P.A. Nesbit Gunnison, CO Philip Newberry Grand Junction, CO Neil Newcomb Woodbridge, VA John Newman Denver, CO Chad Nibbelin II Steamboat Springs, CO Craig Nichols Colorado Springs, CO Dale and Donna Nielsen Gunnison, CO Larry Nisbet Littleton, CO Joe Nobles Littleton, CO Pat and Jackie Noonan Middletown, OH Kathy Norris Gunnison, CO James Northrop Colorado Springs, CO John and Mikel Obourn Edwards, CO

“If you are really thankful, you will share.”

– W. Clement Stone

Mary Lou Ogden Tucson, AZ Douglas and Paula Ohlde Overland Park, KS Old School Outlet Gunnison, CO Irene Oleski Sun City West, AZ Dominic and Jane Ornella Durango, CO Michael O’Rourke Westhampton Beach, NY O’Rourke & Sons, Inc. Westhampton Beach, NY Mae Overton Gunnison, CO Hugh Owen East Wenatchee, WA Frank and Carol Oyster Gunnison, CO William and Gail Palmer Rangely, CO Dan and Kimberly Pappas Evergreen, CO Tom Paprocki Monument, CO Parker Hannifin Foundation Cleveland, OH Pederson and Associates, PC Gunnison, CO Pekin Animal Hospital Pekin, IL Peggy Petty Sacramento, CA Philip Petty Thendara, NY William and Norene Piquette La Junta, CO Pizza Mountain Gunnison, CO James and Toni Pleau Lake Almanor, CA Janine Pleau Gunnison, CO James Pobrislo Greenwood Villlage, CO Stan Poladsky Denver, CO John Polich Arvada, CO Kathleen Polly Littleton, CO Gale Post Sterling, CO John Pounder Monument, CO

Megann Powell Gunnison, CO Rick and Karen Powell East Stroudsburg, PA Thomas and Shaunalee Prather Gunnison, CO Frank Pribyl Gunnison, CO Phil Prijatel San Luis Obispo, CA Joe and Kim Puchek Almont, CO Stanley and Patricia Pursley Lakewood, CO James Quesenbery Boulder, CO Marjorie A. Quinlan Omaha, NE Raymond James Financial Services, Inc. Gunnison, CO Razor Creek Properties, LLC Gunnison, CO Thelma Reece Gunnison, CO Betty Reed Englewood, CO Martha Altorfer Reel Carlock, IL Jennifer Reichert Evergreen, CO Paul and Dorothy Reid Gunnison, CO Walter Reinhardt Greenfield, WI Larry Renaud Evergreen, CO Alexander Rende Pelham, NY Kathryn Richardson Council Bluffs, IA Marvin and Patty Richardson Montrose, CO Barbara Rider Gunnison, CO Hurl and Marilyn Risner Colorado Springs, CO Mike Ritchey Gunnison, CO Michael Roberts Arvada, CO Rock “N” Roll Sports, Inc. Gunnison, CO Rocky Mountain Guns & Repair Gunnison, CO Cheryl Rohweder Highlands Ranch, CO

Leroy and Sally Romero Gunnison, CO Bill Rumbach and Beth Finholm Rumbach Louisville, CO Robert and Geraldine Runice Aurora, CO Renee Runyon Denver, CO Richard and Julie Ruybal La Jara, CO Robert Ryan Tacoma, WA Susan Sakurada Sanford, NC Robert and Patricia Samra Manchester, NJ Edward and Marjorie Sandoval Colorado Springs, CO Matt and Carleen Savoren Salida, CO Jody Sawdo Gunnison, CO Kendall Scally San Diego, CA Thomas Schirmer Fort Collins, CO Paul Schlegel Gunnison, CO Gregory Schlepp Fresno, CA Terry Schliesman Gunnison, CO Michael Schmidt Cololrado Springs, CO Patricia Schmucker Hotchkiss, CO Raymond and Nancy C. Scholes Seven Hills, OH Kristie Schorr Verona, WI Jean Schultz Ellicott City, MD Al Scott Aurora, CO Bill and Janey Scott Gunnison, CO Richard Seeger Blue Hill, ME Carolyn Segawa Aiea, HI Shamrock Farm Brush, CO Steven Shaver Golden, CO Burton Shepherd San Antonio, TX David Sheppard Ft. Lauderdale, FL Gary and Diana Sherman Gunnison, CO

Rebecca Mathis Sickles Highlands Ranch, CO Duane and Vera Skinner Gunnison, CO Pat Smart Arvada, CO Timothy Smiley Arvada, CO Craig Smith Santa Barbara, CA Kenneth Smith Ephrata, PA Lee Smith Ormond Beach, FL Marta Smith Gunnison, CO Roger and Anne Smith Littleton, CO Suzanne Smith Louisville, CO Bud and Harriet Smock Grand Junction, CO John Solanik Gunnison, CO Marty Somero Gunnison, CO Todd Southall, D.D.S. Gunnison, CO Betty Spehar Crested Butte, CO Kay Spencer Buena Vista, CO Joe and Laura Spiegel Sheridan, WY Donna Spier Brighton, CO Dennis and Cheelone Spritzer Gunnison, CO Emil Spritzer Gunnison, CO Todd Sprong Kennewick, WA Standard Tire Gunnison, CO Michael Staples Warren, MI Velma Staples Baton Rouge, LA Curtis Starkebaum Littleton, CO State Farm Insurance Agent Gunnison, CO M. L. Stephenson and Carin Circo Centennial, CO David and Barbara Stewart Colorado Springs, CO Stanley Stewart Beaufort, SC


Donald Stimack Canon City, CO Jesse and Jeannie Stone Gunnison, CO Robert Stone Colchester, VT Ronald Stoneburner Grand Junction, CO Allen Stork Gunnison, CO George and Caroline Stowell Gunnison, CO Wesley Strain Las Cruces, NM William and Susan Stuller Boulder, CO Richard Sullivan San Rafael, CA Carolyn Summers Gunnison, CO Sunshine Apartments Gunnison, CO David Swerdfeger Phoenix, AZ Tina Swift Gunnison, CO William and Carolyn Swift Amherst, NH Tom Swineford Gunnison, CO Sandra Szadaj Glen Allen, VA Ray and Loretta Szallar Gunnison, CO Donald Teeguarden Addy, WA Beverly Tezak Pueblo West, CO James and Sonya Thieme Elbert, CO Mary Thomas Gunnison, CO Polly Thompson Charlottesville, VA W. D. and Paula Thompson Charlottesville, VA William and Doris Thorsen Petaluma, CA Timothy and Katherine Throckmorton Doylestown, PA Town of Lake City Lake City, CO Trask Construction, Inc. Hailey, ID David and Melinda Tredway Gunnison, CO Rodney Troester Erie, PA Raymond Trontell Pueblo, CO Amarante and Augustina Trujillo Taos, NM Daniel Trujillo Gunnison, CO Ernest and Judy Trujillo Hutchinson, KS James Tully Littleton, CO Julius Uhrlaub Littleton, CO Jon Untiedt Denver, CO Robert and Susan Vanleuven Westminster, CO James Vanmeter Conifer, CO Ralph Vavak Cortez, CO Villa Beaute’ Gunnison, CO Ed and Ann Vitt Sequin, TX Mark Walker Scottsdale, AZ Mike and Joey Wallace Seneca, SC Ray and Judy Walters Meridian, ID WB Concrete Gunnison, CO Sean Weatherwax Fort Lupton, CO 60

James and Carol Weaver Chula Vista, CA Duane Weisshaar Sioux Falls, SD Herbert Weldon Grand Junction, CO Terri Wenzlaff Gunnison, CO Jim Westerman Boone, NC Western Slope Fire and Safety Gunnison, CO Western Wildflowers Gunnison, CO Donald and Gwendolyn Wheatlake Thornton, CO Scott White Parker, CO John Whitley Gunnison, CO Tiffanie Wick Gunnison, CO Karan Wilkinson Monte Vista, CO Bob and Scotty Willey Gunnison, CO Alice Williams Harvard, MA Lynn and Bonnie Wilson Gunnison, CO Joe and Sheila Winegardner Northfield, MN Peter Winograd Albuquerque, NM Joe Winston Colorado Springs, CO Jay Wolkov Gunnison, CO John Wolkowski Jewett City, CT Michelle Wood Littleton, CO Oliver Woods Gunnison, CO Ed and Ruth Woytek Denver, CO Mike and Jane Wurtz Colorado Springs, CO Tammy Wynia Gunnison, CO Y3K-TRI-MILLENNIUM, INC. Los Angeles, CA Yale Commercial Rental Gunnison, CO Tami Yellico Westminister, CO Darryl Yorke Colorado Springs, CO Adam Zeidler Colorado Springs, CO Robert Zenzic Santa Monica, CA Richard Zimmerman Durango, CO

The Commencement Club ($1 to $99) Anonymous - 2 Richard J. Abato Great River, NY Timothy Abell Sherman Oaks, CA James Ahern Norwell, MA Bruce Ahlbom Corte Madera, CA Duane Ahrens West Des Moines, IA Edward Ali Los Alamos, NM Charles and Robin Alvord Colorado Springs, CO American Funds San Antonio, TX Charles Anderson Aurora, CO Esther Anderson Montrose, CO

Thelma Arbuckle La Mesa, CA Sheri Archer Upland, CA Robert Arko Trinidad, CO Eugene and Elaine Arnott Pueblo, CO Anna Ash North Bend, WA Jackie and Jeanette Atkinson Fowler, CO Piper Aune Fort Collins, CO Gregory Austin Gunnison, CO James and Linda Ayres Littleton, CO Duane and Peggy Baack Centennial, CO Ryan Baily Gunnison, CO Harold Baker Aurora, CO Mike Baldino Salida, CO Josh and Jennifer Barcher Keystone, CO Earlynne Barcus Crawford, CO Eric Bard Denver, CO Christopher and Catherine Barnes Denver, CO Jane Barnes Parker, CO Samuel Barney Aspen, CO Alexandra Barrett East Aurora, NY David Bathke Lakewood, CO Yvonne Ball Beadell Chualar, CA Jill Beaman Boise, ID Roger Beck Lakewood, CO John Becker Carmel, IN William and Amy Bennett Arvada, CO Gimo Berry Ft. Smith, AR Phil Bissell Denver, CO Christopher Blakeslee Centennial, CO

Blue Addiction Gunnison, CO Joel Bochow Golden, CO Kathryn Bock Sanford, NC Mark and Sandra Bodley Los Banos, CA David Brass Pine, CO Edmond Bridewell Grand Chain, IL Marice Bright Moira, NY Rita Bright Hesperus, CO Matthew Brooker Buena Vista, CO Bill and Judy Brown Gunnison, CO Kenneth and Wanda Brown Morgan Hill, CA Kevin and Joann Arai-Brown Gunnison, CO Judy Buffington-Sammons Gunnison, CO Adrienne Burgess Greenville, SC John and Kathy Burns Colorado Springs, CO Karen Burns Boulder, CO Sylvia Burns Fairbanks, AK Jack Burrow Nipomo, CA Richard Burtis Westminster, CO Robert and Janice Bush Centennial, CO Jennifer Butcher Colorado Springs, CO Tod Butler and Joan Mantel Bowling Green, OH James M. Byrom Grand Junction, CO Cafe Silvestre Gunnison, CO Don and Reta Calkins Gunnison, CO Dean Canada Vail, CO Mary Canham Oakland, CA


Todd and Erin Carey Omaha, NE D. S. and Lois Carnahan Fort Pierce, FL Yolanda Carrizoza Douglas, AZ Melvin and Sharon Cave Gunnison, CO Paul Chandler Athens, GA Larry Christensen Westcliffe, CO Debra Clark Gunnison, CO Mary Clark Cottage Grove, OR Ben Clauss East Aurora, NY Kurt Clay Delta, CO Kevin Clayss Richmond, UT Frank and Kathy Coleman Parlin, CO Robert Cook Salida, CO Scott Cooper Erie, CO Lawrence and Colleen Cope Fort Collins, CO Lois Cotten Hotchkiss, CO Shirley Cotten Crawford, CO Theodore Coulter Grey Forest, TX Charles Cox Kellogg, ID Christopher Cox Lakewood, CO Katrina Cox Watertown, NY Jerri Craig Bullhead City, AZ Helen Creglow Rhinelander, WI Ruth Cuvellier and Christina Pennel Lakewood, CO Sandra Dallas Denver, CO John and Cathie Danahey Lakewood, CO Steven Daub, C.A.S.A.C. Galway, NY Joseph Davis Colorado Springs, CO


Jennifer DeGraff Waynesboro, VA William and Laura Demoulin Golden, CO Raymond and Nina Denbeste Paonia, CO Florence Derby Cedaredge, CO Richard and Jeanne Derr East Auora, NY Lowell and Ann Dewey East Aurora, NY David Dionisio Montrose, CO DJB Shoes, Inc. Orchard Park, NY David Donald Kenai, AK Dove Graphics Gunnison, CO Bill and Sandy Dowis Gunnison, CO Benjamin Doyle Newmarket, NH Jim Dryden Fort Collins, CO Mark and Debra Eades Colorado Springs, CO David and Cynthia Edwards East Aurora, NY Dorothy Ehlers York, NE Betty Ehmke Canon City, CO John Ehmke Canon City, CO George Eidinger Las Animas, CO Howard Emorey Bloomfield Hills, MI Karen Engebretson Morrison, CO Patricia Eskoz Castle Rock, CO William Evans Grand Junction, CO Derek Everett Fayetteville, AR Vance and Sandra Everettt Silt, CO Albert and Joan Fedel Ouray, CO

“We shall serve for the joy of serving, prosperity shall flow to us and through us in unending streams of plenty.”

– Charles Fillmore

Larry and Diana Field Boston, NY Thomas and Susan Flanagan Denver, CO Thomas Foley Portland, OR Sue Fonda Boulder, CO Renee Foote Westminster, CO Gail Ford Saratoga, WY Chad and Megan Fowler Lakewood, CO John Franklin Colorado Springs, CO Teresa Funke Watauga, TX Samuel Gallinger Walnut Creek, CA Joe and Marijke Gampper Dallas, TX Garlic Mike’s Gunnison, CO Paul H. Gery Gunnison, CO Dan Giacomini East Aurora, NY Abigail Gibney Bradford, RI Charlene Reed Eads, CO Mark and Marilyn Gillette Littleton, CO Robert Gingerich Rochelle, IL Jeffrey and Joanna Gisvold Urbandale, IA David Goetzman Alamosa, CO James and Rebecca Gomez Denver, CO Mark Gould Longmont, CO Ruth Granat Palisade, CO Scott and Michele Gray Glen Mills, PA William and Melynie Greaser Amarillo, TX Dennis Green Telluride, CO Clea Greenwalt Gunnison, CO Jan Grudzen Royal Oak, MI Mary Guccini Fruita, CO Jeni Gudac Vernal, UT James and Judith Gueswel Bellvue, CO Juanita Guilmette Canon City, CO Gunnison Bank Gunnison, CO Daniel and Carol Gurule Cimarron, NM Donald and Carol Lee Guthrie Thornton, CO Daniel and Dianne Haberman Gunnison, CO George Haddad Danbury, CT Delia Haefeli Greeley, CO Christopher Haines Dublin, OH Donna Hall Longmont, CO Mark and Janet Hanley Kirksville, MO Greg Harrison Salt Lake City, UT Glena Haskin Center, CO William and D. Lynn Hatch Windsor, CO Marty and Maxine Hatcher Gunnison, CO

Charles and Bonnie Hautamaki Loveland, CO Fritz Heckel Ossipee, NH Adam Henner Humble, TX Arthur Henzgen San Luis Obispo, CA Herriman Family Dental Care Herriman, UT Peter Herzberg Corning, NY Dawn Hesse Erie, CO Ann Hill Silverthorne, CO Stephen Hill Ridgway, CO Richard Hime Pueblo, CO Sister Mary Himens Champaign, IL Bert Hinkley Andover, NH Donald and Swanda Hinson Paonia, CO Carol Hogsett Santa Fe, NM Kurt Hoines-Brumback Security, CO Tanya Holik Portland, OR Francita Holmes Fort Collins, CO Ross and Linda Holmes South Wales, NY Glenn Honda Honolulu, HI Charles and Catherine Hopkins Amherst, MA Donald and Charlotte Houts Savoy, IL Kenton Huff Evergreen, CO Bill and Margo Humenczuk Shawnee Mission, KS James and Patricia Hunt Wadsworth, OH Dean and Lavone Hurt Palisade, CO JoLynn Heil Denver, CO Irish American Naval Intelligence Adams County, CO Beth Isaacs Superior, CO John Jaakkola Wakefield, MI T. H. and Susan Jackson Warren, PA Stephen Jaouen Greeley, CO Harvey and Bobbie Jensen Cedar City, UT Morey and Betty Jensen Omaha, NE Carol Joder Londonderry, VT Steve and Terry Johansen Colorado Springs, CO Bonnie Johnson Colorado Springs, CO Janet Johnson Grand Junction, CO Perry Johnson Bend, OR Phil and Roxy Johnson Lakewood, CO Jon C. Peterie Construction, Inc. Denver, CO Beatrice Jones Pueblo, CO G. B and N. T. Jones Colorado Springs, CO Paul Bryan Jones Taos, NM 61

Marcia Jordan Boulder, CO Mark Junge Cheyenne, WY Jon Keenan Grand Junction, CO Justine Kelley Cimarron, CO Sean and Dolores Kelly Crested Butte, CO Donald and Susan Kennedy Denver, CO Susan Kern Boulder Junction, WI Mark Kerr Golden, CO Joseph Keyes Miamisburg, OH Robert Kilker Litchfield Park, AZ Gene Kinsey Grand Junction, CO Theodore Klinka Winnetka, IL Bruce Kolacny Loveland, CO Robert and Barbara Kolich East Aurora, NY Caron Koll Marcellus, NY Marta Kolman Easton, PA Paul Kos Fountain Valley, CA Ronald Kovanic Randolph, VT John Krizmanich Howard, CO Joseph Kropf Centennial, CO Timothy and Kathleen Lafferty East Aurora, NY Joyce Lamb Crested Butte, CO Lee Lanzen Durango, CO Suzanne Larkowski Grand Junction, CO Francis Laws Springfield, OH John Leehey Colorado Springs, CO Gordon and Sylvia Lell Moorhead, MN Norman Lemons Canon City, CO Barbara Liddy Mission Viejo, CA Tom and Terry Liederbach Gunnison, CO K. D. and K. A. Lingafelter Gunnison, CO Donald Lloyd Gladstone, OR 62

Robert Loewe Salida, CO Bert Loper Colorado Springs, CO Gregory and Kerry Lucero Littleton, CO Emily Luchetta Denver, CO Vivian Lutschg Lancaster, CA Betty Lynch Pueblo, CO Terrance and Marilyn Lynch Sanford, NC John W. Lyon San Diego, CA Patricia Lyons East Aurora, NY Macy’s west G.I.F.T. Princeton, NJ William Maher Denver, CO William Malican East Aurora, NY Michael and Eva Manley Gunnison, CO Robert Massard Wellesley Hills, MA Alex and Nancy Mathisen Anaheim, CA Justin Matott Castle Rock, CO Craig and Karen McBreen Aurora, CO Lorella McCombs Delta, CO Keith and Donna McCoy Tyler, TX Carrie McCulloch Montrose, CO Ryan and Nicole McCullough Lakewood, CO Doris McDonald Lake City, CO Marlys McEachren Aurora, CO Robert and Arlene McGarvin Austin, CO Margie McGrane Fort Collins, CO Donald and Ruth McGuire Gunnison, CO Charlotte McKiever Monticello, AR Don and Marian McLaurin Hot Springs Village, AR Dolores McLean Ames, IA Vivian McRae San Diego, CA Mabelle Meadows Denver, CO Kellie Mercer North Platte, CO

Janette Metroz Parlin, CO Bruce and Sandra Meyer El Granada, CA Duane Mikow Colorado Springs, CO Leland and Peggy Miles Klamath Falls, OR Dale Miller Colorado Springs, CO Edna Hall Miller Grand Junction, CO Gary L. Miller Westcliffe, CO Ralph Miller Montrose, CO Ronald and Joyce Miller Broomfield, CO Gary and Gail Mills Powell, WY Romona Mitchell and Sharon Crook Mancos, CO Eric Moe Berthoud, CO John Molello Pueblo West, CO Nancy Molyneux Portsmouth, RI John Mooney Greenwood Village, CO Lester and Martha Moore Denver, CO Patricia Moore Broken Arrow, OK Maxine Mortensen Sanford, NC Judd and Denise Mosser East Aurora, NY Mallory Mourn Colorado Springs, CO Patrick and Benay Muckleroy Gunnison, CO Verna Mullins Aurora, CO Kenneth Mulmat Sun Lakes, AZ Mark and Michele Mykol Gunnison, CO Edith Nelson Grand Junction, CO Jeremy Nelson Gunnison, CO Robert Nelson Morton Grove, IL Pamela Nicholson Parker, CO Noe Quarter Horses Kim, CO Arthur and Beatrice Norris Gunnison, CO Frederick and Mary Novotny Arvada, CO


Jim Nowine Gunnison, CO Robert and Nancy Nuttleman Colorado Springs, CO Bill and Theresa O’Donnell Centennial, CO Gerald O’Rourke Grand Junction, CO Heather Orr Gunnison, CO Sandra Orton Colorado Springs, CO Cassandra Osborne Gunnison, CO Donald Oshel Rancho Cucamonga, CA Kirsten Owens Crested Butte, CO V. Hope Painter Grand Junction, CO Bruce Parham Anchorage, AK Ellen Parker Augusta, GA Kathleen Parker La Junta, CO Ashwin Patel Gunnison, CO Marcia Patten Woodinville, WA Virginia Little Paul Buffalo, NY Dan and Linda Pavey Anchorage, AK Ronald and Cecelia Payton Woodland Park, CO Bernard Pearce Ouray, CO Dennis Pearson Canon City, CO William Peery Boulder, CO Beth Pelton Solon, IA Steven and Margaret Petersen Ashburn, VA John and Martha Peterson Gunnison, CO John Peterson Castle Rock, CO John and Linda Petrie New Market, MD Shane and Jennifer Phelan Meeker, CO C. Dan Pierce Colorado Springs, CO Yvonne Piquette Grand Junction, CO Dave and Linda Portwood Cheney, WA Jay Prentiss Crested Butte, CO Gigi Pridy Montrose, CO Kristan Pritz Boulder, CO

Leon and Elnora Prokuski Castle Rock, CO David and Regina Ptolemy Parker, CO Regina Ptolemy Parker, CO Robert Pugel Pueblo, CO Howard and Judi Purdy Canon City, CO Mabel Rainer Colorado Springs, CO Keith Raley Oakland, CA Larry and Donetta Ramsey Dallas, TX Kathleen Ranney Cypress, TX Dean and Sheri Rasmussen Sterling, CO Kathleen and Darrell Ray Sedalia, MO David Reddish Montrose, CO Maureen Reichert Torrington, WY Frank Reynolds Chicago, IL Connie Ring Springfield, CO William and Michelle Roberts East Aurora, NY Rocky Mountain Frames & Trophies, Inc. Gunnison, CO David Roembach Santa Fe, NM Mark Rollert Colorado Springs, CO Allen and Melody Roper Gunnison, CO Dorothy Roper Grand Junction, CO Jane Ross Gunnison, CO Randall Russell Jerome, AZ Laura Ruud Sparks, NV Hilarie Ryals Denver, CO Les and Norma Rygg Omaha, NE Saint Anne’s Arvada, CO John Salazar Washington, DC Coletta Sanchez Buena Vista, CO Mark Sanders Longmont, CO Susan Sandstrom Aurora, CO Steven and Lynne Santala Satanta, KS Melissa Satterfield Yukon, OK Robert Saya Sedgwick, CO

“When we do good, when we are proud or pleased with ourselves because we have done something with no thought of our own profit, we do experience feelings of pride, pleasure and general well being.”

– Dr. Chris Keifer

Jenny Schechter Castle Rock, CO David Schmittel Saguache, CO Rebekka Schneider Fox Point, WI Ray Schoch Lakewood, CO Shirley Schroll Syracuse, KS Arlene Selk Aurora, CO Daniel Shaver Littleton, CO Donald and Betty Shearer Glendive, MT Donald Shearer Arvada, CO Larry and Charlotte Sheldon Raleigh, NC Jeff and Mary Sheppard Denver, CO Clark Shivley Avon, CO Tonya Shovein Littleton, CO Lynn Sikkink Gunnison, CO Roger Skelton Gunnison, CO Matthew Smiley Arvada, CO Jeffrey Smith Bethesda, MD Nellie Smith Hotchkiss, CO Norman and Susan Smith Paonia, CO Rodney Smith Monterey, TN Hubert Snyder Frisco, CO Paul Snyder Westcliffe, CO John and Carol Spade Sanford, NM Marcia Spinuzzi Pueblo, CO David Spritzer M. D. Twin Falls, ID Donald Spritzer Missoula, MT

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Lynnette Thompson Evergreen, CO Diana Thurmond Westminster, CO Janis Tiffany San Diego, CA Bruno and Annette Tomaino Chatham, NJ Joseph and Marilee Torpey Pueblo, CO Scott and Katherine Torrance Keene, NY Yolanda L. Treude Apache Junction, AZ Edith Tuttle-Gutowski Pontiac, MI Dale Underwood Gallup, NM Patti Van Beck Fort Collins, CO Nancy Van Diepen Albuquerque, NM Charles Van Nostrand and Nan Huang Athens, OH Eric Vantongeren Grand Rapids, MI Wendy Verdun Lakewood, CO James Vosberg Leadville, CO Joel Vosburg Crested Butte, CO Michael Wade Highlands Ranch, CO Jim and Rachel Wallace La Junta, CO Priscilla Walsh Fripp Island, SC Gary Waneka Steamboat Springs, CO Michael A. Warren Colorado Springs, CO Judith Weiss Fountain Valley, CA

Crystal Weller and Rachel Clark Colorado Springs, CO Dorene Wendland Colorado Springs, CO Herbert Wenger Loveland, CO Laura Wetzel Superior, CO Henry and Andrea Wheeler Nederland, CO Christopher and Linda White Boulder, CO J. R. White Kent, OH James Whitney Albuquerque, NM Harold Wiebers Canon City, CO James Wieger Evergreen, CO David Wiens Gunnison, CO Varnadore and Wendy Williams Aurora, CO Carl Winsor Lamar, CO James and Marietta Witt Littlestown, PA Gwendolyn Wood New Port Richey, FL William Woodward Kingman, KS Ted Worth Erie, CO Patricia Wunensch Cheatham Lakewood, CO

Donald and Margaret Wynes East Aurora, NY Larry Yarberry Canon City, CO James and Patricia Yolda, Jr. Warrenton, VA Iva Jean Young Bryan, OH Carol Zadrozny Skaer Grand Junction, CO Elizabeth Anne Zeiner East Aurora, NY Michael and Lisa Zielinski West Seneca, NY Jerry and Diane Zummach Sheboygan, WI


A wealth of helpful gift planning information is now at your fingertips at the WSC Foundation website No matter what your goals for planned gifts to Western State College, visit

Gifts of Real Property

our new, revised website to help with the implementation of a plan that efficiently satisfies your desires while maximizing the overall benefits to you and Western State College. From the simple outright gift to the complex estate plan, we are well versed in legal and tax benefits achieved with proper gift planning. As you know, certain methods of giving provide tax or estate planning benefits. You should consult your independent advisor before implementing any plan.

You can also contribute appreciated real estate to Western State College. Examples are personal residences, ranches, commercial property and most any other real estate. Some gifts of ranch property and personal residences can provide a current (deductible) gift, yet allow you to retain the right to live on or farm the property for life or the joint lives of your or your spouse.

Let us help you plan your next gift by visiting our Gift Planning resource page. We have also provided a Gift Calculator to help you decide on a gift that best fits your financial capabilities. Please visit us at

Please note that many employers match the charitable contributions of their employees. Ask your employer if such a program exists. Matching gifts are a great way to leverage your donation.

Other Giving Opportunities

Gifts of Life Insurance

Cash Gifts The simplest way to support WSC is with your gift of cash. Making your check payable to “Western State College Foundation� will expedite handling. For those who wish to make monthly donations, we offer ACT (Automatic Contribution Transfer), an option that allows your gift to Western to be automatically deducted from your bank account in smaller, more manageable, monthly installments. Visa and MasterCard are also welcome.

Gifts of Appreciated Property Securities Depending on the circumstances, gifts of appreciated stocks, bonds or other securities held in excess of one year are often very tax wise. Such gifts are one of the preferred methods for giving for major donors. However, many other donors can and should take advantage of this tax saving technique.

Gifts of Personal Property Direct gifts of appreciated property such as books, furnishings, works of art, automobiles or other personal property can provide additional tax savings compared to a distribution of the proceeds from the private sale of such assets. In order to get these savings, the donated property must relate to the use of a particular Western State College program, or its overall goals. Since Western provides many disciplines and services, we can accept most gifts of property.

Matching Gifts

Donors can effectively use gifts of life insurance policies to further their charitable plans. Please contact our office for a discussion of options.

Western State College Foundation Report of Appreciation 2007-08  
Western State College Foundation Report of Appreciation 2007-08  

The WSC Foundation Report of Appreciation is released annually to provide financial status reports, campus project updates, donor listings a...