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The Mission of the Western State Colorado University Foundation To provide financial leadership and support of the Western State Colorado University vision while offering an ever-improving and remarkable learning environment.

Dear Western Alumni and Friends, It is a new year and a new century for Western. And it is with excitement that we face “Courageous Change.” Our history is replete with change and controversy. We faced opposition from several Western Slope communities when we began as The Gunnison Normal School in 1911. There was, no doubt, concern and disagreement with changing the name to Western State College of Colorado in 1923. Yet we prevailed and became stronger and more relevant with each decade. In Western’s first century, the College achieved much. Western evolved educationally and physically through the decades, creating new programs and erecting new buildings. And we are not yet finished. We have the vision and commitment to once again transform Western to meet the needs of the changing times in which we live. We celebrate Bill HB 1331, officially changing the name from Western State College of Colorado to Western State Colorado University. These first days of life as a University are ripe with towering possibilities, opportunities, and challenge. I have never been more proud of our University and never more thrilled at what lies ahead. I hope you share in my belief of the outstanding future for Western, because you are a big part of how we’ve reached this historic tipping point. It’s because of you. You are elevating lives, opening doors to bright futures, encouraging dreams, equipping visions. You are changing the world with us. Because of you, Western is unstoppable. You brought us to this point as we launch Western into a robust, relevant, and successful second century of excellence in Colorado higher education. This Century holds unlimited potential and promise, and we look forward to taking this exciting journey with you! Sincerely,

Jay Helman President

Courageous Change • 1

Dear Western Friends, This year has been a year of courageous change for us. As you know, we are no longer a College; rather, we are a University. In fact, with your support, Western is the first high-altitude University on the western slope of Colorado to embark on this accomplishment. Ever so mindful that courageous change requires both structure and accountability, believe me when I say the Foundation Board of Directors have ‘pulled out all the stops’ and left no stone unturned when setting goals for this year. We realize it also requires a discerning strategic plan that maximizes the return on time spent. We now have the momentum and another opportunity to meld all the best ideas from all the University’s stakeholders within the Gunnison Valley and beyond. As President of, and speaking for, Western State Foundation Board of Directors, our focus is parallel to that of our Trustees when it comes to increasing enrollment coupled with the most remarkable learning environment and the most passionate stakeholders and donors we cannot disappoint. Please join me when I say, courageous change – bring it on! Respectfully,

David R. McEntire President, Western State Foundation

2 • Courageous Change

Dear Friends, You are a world-changer. Through your record-setting generosity last year, you transformed the lives of nearly 2,300 Western students who shape the future in the same beautiful ways that you have elevated their lives! These are students here who are just like you were years ago, brimming with potential, overwhelming energy and unshakable enthusiasm, hope and creativity. You are investing in them and the return on your investment is off-the-charts! The good news is that we’ve only scratched the surface of the transforming advancements Western is making. Courageous change is the order of the day, rooted in our core commitments and proud heritage. You are helping: expand academic programs in energy and environment; continue the upward trajectory of enrollment; create a Center for Wellness and Human Performance; and renovate our stadium as we complete the new field house to push the boundaries of both body and mind. And you are the heart of this place we love. The great news is there doesn’t seem to be a limit to your dedication and generosity. Every page of this report shouts, “You are appreciated and dearly loved!” Please read that in every line, see it on each picture, feel it in every face and life. You advance the mission of Western by blessing students. Our Savage Library could not hold the books that could be written about how miraculous that is. Thank you, and let’s keep going together – ever stronger! Gratefully,

Thomas F. Burggraf, Jr. Executive Director, Western State Foundation

Courageous Change • 3

After 38 years of being recognized as the “Western State College Foundation,” the Foundation Board of Directors realized it was time to evaluate the Foundation’s logo and name to coincide with Western becoming a University. During this exciting time of a new name and with the start of a new century for Western, the Foundation Board of Directors proudly introduces the new name of the Foundation:

Working with Bearings Branding Company, the Foundation Board examined new opportunities for a name and logo that donors, alumni and friends could identify with and still have a connection with “Western,” yet would embrace the level of University status. “Given the massive changes in funding sources, public higher education will look very different five years from now….so will we. The name and logo change will constantly remind us to be more creative in our approach in supporting the University,” said Rob Wright (’00), Foundation Board of Directors. “To me the new logo is significant because its choice expresses the passion and commitment by the Foundation Board and staff to respect the past while embracing the future and continuing to make Western the best it can be,” said Maxine Pierce (’74), Foundation Board of Directors. “Please join me in that commitment.” We have a new name, new century—but same heart, and it is with courageous change that we look forward to the many exciting opportunities that lie ahead for Western, through the benevolence of our donors, alumni and friends. The Western State Colorado University Foundation was incorporated on August 22, 1975 as the “Western State

4 • Courageous Change

College Foundation,” with the generous bequest of former Colorado Governor Dan Thornton and his wife, Jessie. The Thorntons’ gift created one of the finest undergraduate biology programs in the country. Since the Thorntons’ generous gift, countless Western donors have transformed dreams into reality, clearly demonstrating the absolute power of private support.

The Foundation raised more than $6 million in fiscal year ’11 – ’12,

and in the last four years has averaged a $3.5 million distribution to the University, with nearly $500,000 of that designated for scholarships. Every department on campus benefits from Foundation support.  Funds maintained by the Foundation number 415, with 168 of them being endowed perpetually. Some of the following accomplishments could not have come to fruition without the generosity of Western alumni and friends: the All-Weather Track in Mountaineer Bowl; the Tracy Borah Mountaineer Sports Hall of Fame Room; Western’s Second Century Capital Campaign; the Studio Theater Lobby in Taylor Hall; the Borick Business Building; the Professional Land and Resource Management Program; the Center for Environmental Studies; and the University Center. “The recent change of the logo and name is not just a change in the icon and letters but a true illustration of the forward thinking, progression and character branding of the Western State Colorado University Foundation,” said Art Harter, Vice President of the Foundation Board of Directors.  “The bold mountainous “W”  shows the Foundation’s drive and fortitude to give to the University.  It also provides an identity that donors, alumni, faculty and students can claim with confidence and a sense of pride.” “Our new logo is very impressive. Albeit a first step for our new university, it’s the right step and certainly an act outside the box!” said David McEntire, President of the Foundation Board of Directors.

Courageous Change • 5

Western Make Historic Donation

“That piece of adjoining property just needed to belong to Western”

6 • Courageous Change

Two graduates of Western State Colorado University are giving back to the school they love, donating a significant tract of land adjacent to the University to the Western Foundation. The donation marks the largest land gift to the University in history. “Since leaving Gunnison we shared a common goal, and that was to find ways to give back for the unique education and experiences we received from graduating at Western,” said 1978 Western graduate Steve Reynolds. Reynolds is a member of the Western State Foundation Board of Directors and, along with classmate and former Foundation Board member, Steve Trippe, came up with the funds necessary to purchase the land and make the donation. Another long time Western supporter L. Richard “Dick” Bratton (’54) made it known that the parcel was available. The Founder of the Western State Colorado University Foundation, Dick is an attorney in Gunnison and a former member of the Western State Colorado University Foundation Board of Directors.

Steve and Paula Reynolds

The 18.71 acres are valued at $775,000 and sit directly east of the current Gunnison campus. Although Western has no immediate plans to develop the land, the so-called East Campus Expansion encompasses valuable property along Highway 50 east of the Western’s Aspinall-Wilson Center. “That piece of adjoining property just needed to belong to Western,” said donor Steve Trippe. Trippe and his wife, Sarah, both graduated from Western in 1977. “We sincerely hope that this gift can act as an avenue to growth and be a part of giving future Western generations, and the Gunnison community as a whole, a greater University.”

Steve and Sarah Trippe

“This is a historic gift for Western State Colorado University and it highlights the incredible passion and commitment our graduates have for this institution,” said Western State Colorado University President Dr. Jay Helman. “Gifts like this are a tribute to our rich Western heritage and this gift in particular sets the stage for Western to thrive well into its second century.” Both Trippe and Reynolds have been active with the Western State Colorado University Foundation, serve on the Professional Land and Resource Management Advisory Board, and played a major role in past donations including the construction of the Borick Business Building, Colorado’s first major public university building funded entirely by private donations, and the University Center. “Both of us have had successful careers in the same industry, occasionally joining together in what have been successful ventures,” Reynolds said. “For us, these successes would not have happened without that Western experience.” “Other universities spend their budgets buying land to expand, or urbanizing their campuses with overdevelopment,” said Western State Foundation Executive Director Thomas Burggraf. “Thanks to visionary and generous alumni and friends like Steve and Sarah Trippe and Steve and Paula Reynolds, Western has to do neither. Western can grow while preserving the gorgeous quality of our campus, and use public funds for educating our students. Future generations of Western students will be indebted to these two great families.” Courageous Change • 7

Borick Takes Western

Ever Upward The name “Borick” is a very familiar one on the Western campus and in the Gunnison community. In 2003, Steven Borick (’75) and Family made a $3 million challenge gift, the largest gift commitment in Western’s history, to build the $7.1 million Borick Business Building, home to the Department of Business, Accounting and Economics and the Professional Land and Resource Management Program. And Steve and his family keep giving - Steve recently made a gift of $150,000 to the Western State Foundation through the Louis L. Borick Foundation, named in memory of Steve’s father, Louis, who passed away in 2011. Steve designated a portion of his gift to create the Professional Land and Resource Management Denver Center. This gift will provide continued education support to professionals within the oil and gas industries in the Denver area. Steve also generously directed portions of his gift to previously established funds, one of them the newly created Mountain Sports Team Program. Generous gifts by Michael (’77) Johnson and his wife, Mari, led to the creation of the Mountain Sports Program, which focuses on continuing to build and strive for excellence in the gravity and endurance mountain biking and Free-ride and Nordic skiing and snowboarding. “Steve’s gift has allowed Western Mountain Sports to greatly increase our presence in collegiate skiing and snowboarding. We anticipate sending a full squad of athletes to Sun Valley, ID to represent Western at the United States Collegiate Ski and Snowboard Association (USCSA) National Championships in March,” said David Wiens, Director of Mountain Sports. “Additionally, other areas of Western Mountain Sports have benefitted from these additional resources such as our new website,, and our recruiting efforts. We are very grateful to Steve, as well as our other alumni supporter, Michael Johnson, and his wife, Mari, for their generous support of Western Mountain Sports.” Another fund benefitting from Steve’s generous gift is the Borick Business Scholarship, a fund previously established by Louis Borick on behalf of Steve to provide scholarship assistance for Western students in the Business, Accounting and Economics Department. In addition, Steve donated a portion of his gift to the J. Ralph Reed Business Scholarship. Steve previously established this fund in honor of Ralph, Emeritus Professor of Business. This scholarship provides assistance to students majoring in Business, Accounting or Economics. And Steve used some of this gift to the previously created Borick Business Development Fund, which provides Faculty development support to the Department of Business. “Steve’s heart beats for blessing Western’s students. That, quite naturally for him, is expressed in beautiful generosity. Even more than building and leading a publicly traded company, Steve’s grand achievement is touching and elevating the lives of others. I am grateful to join the huge chorus of grateful hearts who are deeply thankful for our friend Steve,” said Tom Burggraf, Executive Director of the Western State Foundation.

8 • Courageous Change

The Kincaids Make Music for Western John and Georgie Kincaid, both 1947 graduates of Western, have made a generous gift of $75,000 to the Western State Foundation for the Department of Music. John and Georgie have been involved with Western and the Department of Music for many years. They both were members of the band and orchestra while undergraduates. John was a Music major, and after many years of graduate school and experience in the teaching field he returned to Western as a member of the Music faculty. John retired in 1986. With a portion of their gift, John and Georgie established the John and Georgie Kincaid Music Education Chair with a seed gift of $25,000. They hope other Music alumni and friends will make gifts to the fund to grow to $1.5 million for it to become operational so the Chair can become inaugurated and filled. This Chair will meet the critical need of providing a faculty member to teach Music with an Education emphasis. In addition, John and Georgie directed a portion of their gift to the John and Georgie Kincaid Instrumental Music Scholarship. John and Georgie and friends previously established this scholarship for students who are instrumental musicians. John and Georgie also directed a portion of their gift to the Mabel deKoevend Memorial Music Scholarship, which assists Western students majoring in Music, and the Brass Band Fund. “John and Georgie are icons in the musical life of Colorado, the Western Slope, Gunnison Valley and in the history of the Western Department of Music. They have touched countless lives over the decades,” said Dr. John Wacker, Chair of the Music Department. “This gift is another step in a long string of selfless commitments to music, music education and Western. The depth of the love and caring behind their generous gift takes my breath away. Thank you John and Georgie, from all of us, past, present and future.”

Courageous Change • 9

Western’s Mountain Michael O. Johnson Michael O. Johnson (’77) wanted to help Western elevate its Club Sports. So he and his wife, Mari, decided to make a substantial annual commitment to be divided equally between the Cycling Club and the Ski Club.

jump in and contribute as well,” said Michael. “It is wonderful to have participation with the activities on campus, and Club Sports is a great way to get involved.”

“As an alumnus, I believe giving back is very i mportant. Giving back in ways that support your passions is fun, and because cycling and skiing are my core sports, that is where we chose to make our annual gift,” explained Michael.

Michael and Mari’s gifts led to the creation of the Mountain Sports Program, accessible to a wide variety of student-athletes, from new students learning to mountain bike, ski, and snowboard to driven student-athletes. Various levels of participation are offered, with development programs to competitive based club sport competition.

Named Chief Executive Officer of Herbalife in 2003 and Chairman in 2007, Michael sets the vision and strategy, and is the voice of the company to Herbalife Independent Distributors in over 80 countries. Under his direction, the company has had seven years of double-digit sales growth and has tripled – from net sales of $1.1 billion in 2003 to $3.5 billion in 2011 – as well as building a global brand through its sponsorship of more than 100 teams, athletes and fitness events around the world, including the LA Galaxy, FC Barcelona, Herbalife Triathlon Los Angeles, Herbalife World Football Challenge, the Leadville Trail 100 Mountain Bike Race, and American Youth Soccer Organization (AYSO). “I would like to see the Cycling and Skiing Clubs continue to grow.  I hope other alumni will

The Mountain Sports Team Program is focused on continuing to build and strive for excellence in the gravity and endurance mountain biking and the Nordic skiing programs, working with studentathletes in developing their personal skills and taking them to a higher level in mountain biking and freeride (aka, big mountain) and Nordic skiing. While these are the priorities in the short term, a major aspect of the Mountain Sports Team Program is the ability to compete in other sports, as well. Examples of some of these opportunities include snowboarding, cyclocross and road cycling, ski mountaineering, trail running and whitewater kayaking, to cite several. Another major goal of the Mountain Sports Team is to establish an important social center for students at Western. While competition is an important part of the program, it is only be one aspect of the meaningful, educational experiences that this team offers. Michael is a fitness enthusiast and is entering his 4th decade participating in triathlons and cycling races. He has encouraged Herbalife employees and Independent Distributors to join with him in participating in triathlons, marathons, cycling and fitness events around the world. “I’m excited about what is happening at Western,” said Michael. “Seeing the campus come to life with new and refurbished buildings and the expansion of programs available to students is exciting. Western is a unique environment and it just keeps getting better.”

10 • Courageous Change

Sports Program Dave Wiens Dave Wiens (’90), an inductee of the Mountain Bike Hall of Fame and a six-time winner of the Leadville Trail 100 Mountain Bike Race, is the first Mountain Sports Team Director. He oversees the Club Sport Programs in Cycling and Skiing. “It’s an honor for me to be able to be a part of this new beginning at Western,” Dave said. “Even though I graduated from Western more than 20 years ago, through various projects and relationships, I have stayed well connected to the campus. Western has always been vital to our valley and now I have the opportunity to give back as the school moves into a new and exciting era with a new name, amazing new facilities and new programs, like the Mountain Sports Team. And while much about Western is new, excellence in mountain sports is part of our heritage. The Mountain Sports Team is built on the foundation that has been established by a long list of Mountaineer mountain sports athletes whose accomplishments are part of the history and legacy of Western.”   Dave oversees the operations for the Western Mountain Bike Team, the Free-ride Ski Team, the Skiercross and Boardercross Teams and the Nordic Ski Team. He is also involved in recruiting, fundraising and budgeting for the program and coordinates interaction between the teams in regard to facility and recreational land usage throughout the Gunnison Valley.   “I’m motivated to work with the two main pieces we have in place now, the mountain bike team and the ski team, and continue to build on what is already in place and has moved both of these teams forward during the last few years,” Dave said. “Additionally, I think that there are some yet-to-be explored opportunities out there which could fit nicely into the Mountain Sports Team program.”

Biking National Championships twice. Dave won six consecutive Leadville 100 races and became the first cyclist to break the seven-hour mark in 2007.

Dave started on the professional circuit in 1988 racing for Diamondback Bicycles and retired from professional cycling in 2004 but still continued to ride in a few races a year. In his professional career, he won two World Cup series races, finished third in a World Cup final and won the U.S. Mountain

Courageous Change • 11

Couple Gives South African Art Collection to Western In early 2012, Paul and Enid (’11) Holden graciously donated two art collections, the Paul and Enid Holden South African Art Collection and the Images of Human Rights Print Portfolio, to the Western State Foundation. The South African Art Collection is based on an art exhibit sponsored by the South African Embassy in Washington, DC. It was the brainchild of Clement Cameron, who was the First Secretary under Ambassador Sheila Sisulu at the Embassy in 2000. The art exhibit was planned to celebrate Freedom Day at the Embassy in 2000 and it was entitled, A New Generation for the Millennium. The Embassy wished to showcase art from South Africa that represented a new generation of emerging artists from all the ethnic backgrounds living in South Africa and contributing to the melting pot that was the New South Africa. The theme was the transition from apartheid (segregation) to democracy under Nelson Mandela’s leadership. The exhibit was celebratory in nature but did not wish to negate the hardships of the past. Enid was the curator for the exhibit, as she had been an art professor at the University of Natal during apartheid. Enid had been the first professor to introduce the study of African Art into the European based curriculum at the University of Natal-Kwazulu. At the time, Enid and Paul were living in Washington, DC where he worked at the World Bank and she owned a private art school. Enid traveled to South Africa and visited with the artists. The art was shipped to the US by the SA Embassy and after it had been on show there, it travelled to many locations around the US. The show included the Images of Human Rights Print Portfolio,

12 • Courageous Change

a collaborative project. As paintings were sold the money was sent back to the artists in South Africa. Some of the seminal paintings in the show were not sold, largely because of their size and gradually Paul and Enid bought them from the artists to keep the show together. This body of work has acquired some historic significance, in that it is the only collection of its kind on this theme. The Embassy has never before or after sponsored a group show. In addition, the artists represented have achieved a great deal of success in the intervening years and several of them now have had work acquired by the by the Museum of Modern Art (MOMA) in New York and museums in London and Europe. “I am full of gratitude to Western for the years I spent there furthering my dreams by studying music and now I would like to share some of the important achievements of my life with my alma mater and also fellow students to make Western as vibrant and culturally rich as it can be for future students,” explained Enid.

The collection has been on exhibit in the following places:

• South African Embassy, Washington, DC

• Launch of the Bishop Tutu Peace Foundation, New York

• US Institute for Peace, Washington, DC

• South African Consulate, New York

• South African Consulate, Los Angeles

• Touchstone Gallery, Washington, DC

• City Hall, San Francisco

• Harrington Hook Gallery, Napa Valley

• Gallery Manne, Santa Barbara

“We are all called to give back in life, each in our own individual way, to build an exciting future for generations to come.” The art collections are displayed in the University Center on the 2nd floor. – A  rticle provided by Paul and Enid Holden

Courageous Change • 13

The Western State Colorado University Foundation Board of Directors

Seated, from left to right: Matt Tredway, Travis Berry, Donna Faulkner, Maxine Pierce. Standing, from left to right: Bob McGraw, Hank Windmoeller, Barry Clifford, James Shaffer, Terry Brace, Doug MacGregor, Art Harter, Steve Reynolds, Denise Halligan, David McEntire. Not pictured: Jim Christian, Sean Markey, Don Prosser, Gerry Shear, Rob Wright.

The Officers David R. McEntire, a 1980 Business graduate, is President of the Foundation

Board. He is President of Amstar Homes, in Las Vegas, Nevada, and a member of the southern Nevada Home Builders Association and Church at Las Vegas Board of Directors.  David is a 30-year veteran homebuilder.  He began his career with North American Homes in Colorado, and after nine years expanded into the Las Vegas market.  David has been or is currently the Owner, Managing Partner or General Manager of multiple Las Vegas communities.  Blessed with 4 children he and his wife, Sarah, split their time between their ranch in Crested Butte and Las Vegas.

Art Harter, a 1978 business graduate of Western, is Vice President of the

Foundation Board. He is Senior Vice President with Morgan Stanley where he has spent over 34 years of his professional career. He has served on the Boards of Colorado SIDS and Eastern Hills Community Church.  Art and his wife, Susie, have three children and reside in Centennial, Colorado. Their oldest daughter, Mallory, and son-in-law, Zach, are graduates of Western. The Harters enjoy skiing, traveling, sports, music and riding horses.

14 • Courageous Change

Gerry A. Shear,

Secretary of the Foundation Board, graduated from Western in 1992 with a degree in Business Administration and Psychology. Gerry earned his M.B.A. in the executive program at the University of Nevada Las Vegas and holds the “CCIM” designation. He is the Managing Partner of GENCO Realty Investments and the President of Strategic Realty Services; both companies provide Advisory Services and Asset Management to the Logistics Industry. Gerry is a member of the Entrepreneurs Organization and serves as a board member for FG Enterprises, iAd Media and GENCO Market Place. Active in the community, Gerry has served as a regional officer for Big Brothers Big Sisters of America and as a board member for Big Brothers Big Sisters Utah and currently serves as the Board Chairman for Big Brothers Big Sisters of Southern Nevada. He resides in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Henry (“Hank”) D. Windmoeller,

a 1973 graduate of Western, serves as Treasurer of the Foundation Board. He is currently the Chief Operating Officer of Connolly Gallagher LLP, a law firm located in Wilmington, Delaware.  Hank’s experience includes 15 years as Chief Financial Officer and 7 years as Chief Operating Officer in the legal services industry in the Washington, DC and Philadelphia metropolitan areas.  Prior to the legal services industry Hank spent six years in homebuilding and 8 years in public accounting with Arthur Andersen.  Hank is a certified public accountant and holds a Master’s degree in Accountancy and Business Administration from the University of Denver Daniels School of Business and completed the Executive Development Program at Georgetown University.

Donald (Don) W. Prosser

(’73,’75) serves as Immediate Past-President for the Foundation Board. A Certified Public Accountant and entrepreneur in the Denver area, Don specializes in tax and securities accounting. Since July 2012 he has served as a Director and Chairman of the Audit Committee of MusclePharm Corporation. Don is currently serving as a Director of Veracity Management Global, Inc., Avatar Technologies, Inc., Colorado Oil and Gas, Inc. and Arete Industries, Inc., where he serves all as Chairman of the Audit Committee and the Company’s Financial Expert under the Sarbanes Oxley Act.  He is former Director and CFO of an American Stock Exchange Company, VCG Holding Corporation. He has also served as CFO and Director for the following publicly traded companies: Chartwell International, Inc., a publisher of high school athletic information and recruiting services; Anything Internet Corporation, a computer equipment and internet services provider and its successor Inform Worldwide Holdings, Inc.; and NetCommerce, Inc., an internet services provider.  Don and his wife, Donna, reside in Denver, Colorado. Courageous Change • 15

Travis Berry,

a 1992 graduate of Western, is a partner of Politicalworks and has been involved in lobbying and state and national politics since 1990. Prior to starting Politicalworks he served as Deputy Legislative Director for Governor Roy Romer from 1994-97. In this capacity he helped develop and implement the Governor’s legislative agenda. During his tenure he forged strong relationships with members on both sides of the aisle and successfully lobbied on a full range of public policy issues. Travis has held senior positions with numerous statewide campaigns and remains highly active in state and national politics. He has served as Senior Advisor to the Chairman of the Democratic National Committee and as Vice President of the Dutko Group, a Washington, DC lobbying firm. This diverse set of experiences and long history in lobbying and politics has provided Travis with the skills, knowledge and relationships to represent clients effectively before the state legislature and administrative agencies. Travis has forged strong bipartisan ties in the legislature and has a reputation as a talented and principled advocate for his clients.

Terry Brace received his B.A. degree from Western in 1974 with majors in History and Political Science, and his M.A. degree from Western in 1978, as well as earning his Doctoral Degree from California Coast University. He was Superintendent for three school districts in California, and he served as a principal, counselor, teacher, and coach before then. He was selected to be a member of the National Center for Educational Research and Technology, a prestigious national group of superintendents, was a founding member of the Merced Anti-Violence (Gang) Task Force, and served on the California State University Stanislaus Education Doctoral Board, Merced College President’s Circle, and the Nevada Interscholastic Activities Association Board of Control. Terry has also made presentations at national and regional conferences on improving student achievement, strategic planning, strategic/organizational leadership, and time management. Terry is an active cyclist (racing in mountain bike races), hiker, skier, and recently took up rock climbing. He is currently President and CEO of Brace Leadership Associates, LLC. He lives in Colorado Springs with his wife, Mary (’74).

Jim Christian is a 1982 graduate of Williams College. He currently serves as

President for Strategic Development at Rocky Mountain College of Art + Design and Managing Member of Benolivia, LLC. He has served as Managing Director at Anschutz Investment Company; Managing Director at Paribas; and Vice President at Dillon, Read & Company, Inc. He and his wife, Pam, reside in Gunnison, Colorado.

16 • Courageous Change

Barry Clifford,

one of the world’s best known underwater explorers, is a 1969 graduate of Western. A former high school teacher and football coach, Barry started a diving business in the mid-1970s. In 1984, he made world headlines with his discovery of the wreck of the Whydah, the only fully-verified pirate shipwreck ever discovered, and, as such, artifacts from the wreck provide unique insights into 18th century piracy. “Real Pirates,” a traveling exhibition of treasures from the Whydah, sponsored by The National Geographic Society, is presently touring the US, while more Whydah treasures are displayed at Barry’s museum on Cape Cod. He and his Project Team also discovered five major pirate shipwreck sites off Madagascar; including the Fiery Dragon, the Mocha, Great Mahomet and The Adventure Galley (flagship of William Kidd). For the past several years, Barry has been working to identify the remains of the Santa Maria, the flagship of Christopher Columbus. He is also working on an ongoing archaeological survey project off the Haitian coast that has initially identified four shipwrecks associated with pirate Henry Morgan, including Morgan’s flagship, The Oxford. Barry has authored many articles and books on his explorations and his work has been the subject of television documentaries and features for The Discovery Channel, National Geographic, Nova, and The History Channel. 

Donna Faulkner, a 1968 Western graduate, taught in Georgia, Arizona, and

eventually at Phillips University in Enid, Oklahoma, where she earned her M.Ed. In 1978, Donna and Doug (’66)Faulkner started Faulkner Corporation, an oil and gas company and a related drilling company, where she was Comptroller for twenty five years. Donna resides in Crawford, Colorado, where she enjoys raising and riding horses.

Denise Halligan, a 1978 Western graduate, majored in Business

Administration. She is currently an employee of and has been with Colorado Business Bank for the past ten years. Prior to the Bank, she was a programmer for US West and Lockheed Martin. She has served as a board member on Arvada Hockey Association, King of Glory Lutheran Church, and the team manager for Ralston Valley HS Hockey. Her husband, Gerry, works for United Airlines. They have a daughter living and working in Santa Cruz, CA, a son living and working in the Denver area, and a son in his fourth year at Western.

Courageous Change • 17

Sean Markey

is a 1993 graduate of Western. He earned his medical degree in 1997 from the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center, where he also completed his surgical internship and neurosurgery residency. He is board certified by the American Board of Neurological Surgery. Sean has served as the Director of Neurosurgery at Littleton Adventist Hospital and currently serves as the Director of Neurosurgery at Parker Adventist Hospital. He also serves as faculty for a number of medical device companies, which includes ongoing work in the development of new spinal surgery techniques. He has been listed in 5280: Denver’s Mile-High Magazine as one of the city’s top doctors for his work with brain and spine disorders. Sean currently serves as the Neurosurgical Consultant to the Denver Broncos. Sean is an active member of the American Association of Neurological Surgeons, the Colorado Neurosurgical Society, the Congress of Neurological Surgeons and the Western Neurological Society. Sean and his wife, Kristina, reside in Denver, Colorado and have three daughters. Sean enjoys skiing, biking and automobiles.

Doug MacGregor

is a fulltime resident of the Gunnison Valley (Ohio Creek) having relocated from Austin, TX.   A retired Dell executive with nonprofit and venture capital experience, Doug is the Chairman of American Natural Energy Corporation. Doug earned a BA in History at University of Maryland College Park, an MS in Computer Science from University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, and a PhD in Information Science from Kyoto University.

Robert McGraw

, Jr. is a 1977 graduate of Western. A Certified Public Accountant since 1982, Bob is President of McGraw & McGraw CPA, PC of Westminster, CO. Bob’s firm specializes in accounting for small businesses including restaurants, construction companies, and other service industries. The practice also includes the preparation of tax returns, financial statements and small business consulting. Bob is licensed in the State of Colorado and is a member of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants and the Colorado Society of Certified Public Accountants. Bob has served on the Board of Directors as Audit Committee Chairman for two public companies. Now that both of his sons work for the firm, Bob can spend more time working with nonprofit organizations and other charities. He and his wife, Marjorie, reside in Westminster, CO.

Maxine Pierce

graduated from Western in 1974 with degrees in Accounting and Business. She went to work in banking, rising to the position of Auditor. She left to pursue further education. She has done volunteer work for various organizations, the most rewarding and humbling being tutoring for the local adult literacy program. Maxine is a Trustee of the Topper Foundation. Since her husband’s retirement, Maxine and David have traveled extensively, mostly in pursuit of David’s love of racing vintage motorcycles. She spends her time training and showing her two dogs, Bazza and Cooper, in agility trials.

18 • Courageous Change

Steve Reynolds graduated from Western in 1978 with degrees in Business

Administration and Geology. He is Co-Owner and Vice President of Infinity Oil & Gas, Inc., a natural gas and oil exploration company, and is involved in numerous business and commercial real estate ventures. Steve was one of the founders of the Western Professional Land and Resource Management Program and has worked within numerous non-profit organizations. Steve, his wife, Paula, and their three daughters live in Broomfield, Colorado.

James Shaffer, a 1973 graduate of Western, is President of Streetscapes,

Inc., a dealer/distributer of furniture and site amenities for public spaces and a pedestrian amenities consultant. Prior to starting Streetscapes in 2005, James was a manufacturer’s representative in the contract furniture industry for more than 25 years.James is actively involved in the Urban Land Institute and is on the advisory board for WalkDenver – a Denver based pedestrian advocacy group. James and his wife, Marilyn, reside in Aurora, CO. James is an avid reader and enjoys photographing petroglyphs and pictographs and riding trains.

Matt Tredway and his wife, Dana, are both 1983 graduates of Western.

Steamboat is home, and Matt has been very involved in that community for 26 years. He instructed Math and Science in the public schools as well as coached. Matt and Dana have two daughters who reside in Nashville, and work together in their own clothing design business. Matt was a student in Western’s very first outdoor education semester, and that experience shaped his life. Matt became an instructor for The National Outdoor Leadership School based in Lander, Wyoming (NOLS). Later he founded and was the director of Everything Outdoor Steamboat. EOS is designed to give students a chance to experience rock and ice climbing, backpacking, winter mountaineering, 14ers, kayaking, and horse packing. Climbing is Matt’s passion, and he has been on expeditions around the world, including many of Canada’s high peaks, Denali in Alaska, several peaks in Peru, Kilimanjaro, Cho Oyu in Tibet, and a 2006 Everest bid. Plans include more trips to Nepal, with sites set on Ama Dablam. Matt now heads a construction company, and is a managing partner in a real estate development company. He continues to serve on a variety of boards, including the Steamboat Springs Winter Sports Club. He teaches alpine skiing for Steamboat Ski and Resort Corporation. With a family legacy of promoting Western that dates back to 1963, Matt is excited to carry on the tradition.

Robert Wright is a 2000 graduate of Western. He is Co-Founder and Executive Vice President of ReachLocal, Inc. (Nasdaq:RLOC). Prior to ReachLocal, Rob served as Director of Business Development for WorldWinner, Inc. where he was responsible for offering WorldWinner’s tournament platform to the Internet’s leading game portals, including:,, Gamesville.Lycos. com, and Prior to WorldWinner, Rob was Director of Business Development for LineUp Technologies, a streaming media syndication company. Rob lives in Agoura Hills, California with his wife, Wendy, and daughter, Ella.

Courageous Change • 19

The Heritage Society The Heritage Society formally recognizes all donors who have included Western in their wills, trusts or estate plans:

Leona E. Antholz* Mary Kay Arbuthnot Robert Barr* Roberta Barr James Bartlett, Jr.* Jane Bartlett* Robert L. Beitler Elsie A. Bennett* Ruth Berg* Edmund L. Bevens* J. Howard Blackburn* John Brach Nancy Spann Braswell* James A. Brewer* Joe Brimus Gerald A. Caplan Martha A. Carr* Hugh R. Christenson* Janet S. Christenson Gary R. Counterman James H. Cox* Margaret Darr Crager* Jeanette M. Dalton* George Davidson* Marguerite Davidson* A. Joseph DeGrazio Tony Delmas* Donald S. Eastman* Harry W. Endner* Mary E. Erickson* Jeane D. Fair*

20 • Courageous Change

Robert D. Foster* Agnes D. Giles* Cecil Giles* Paul Gillis William H. Gould* Carol Greenlee Jim Greenlee* William Greer Robert C. Haas* Evelyn Haley Larry Heesch Linda Heesch Constantina Herzberg Peter Jansen Herzberg Kenneth E. Heuer Kevin Hettler Clarence T. Hurst* Jean Race Johnson May Dye Kearney* Bruce A. Kolisek Patti Burritt Locke Robert W. Lowe, Jr. Jim Mahaffey Mary E. McDaniel Marquardt Richard E. Marquardt Mitchell W. Mateik* Wayne Milheim* Christopher M. Minard Barbara J. Minard* Marvin Newby*

Reva Sapp O’Connor* Dennis Pearson Harry Peterson Sylvia Peterson Ralph E. Porter* Marjorie Porter* Fletcher Y. Rainer, III* Sandy Read Edwyl Redding* Lois T. Reed* Fred A. Reichle* Olivia L. Reichle* Ethel M. Rice Rachel W. Rice* James R. Richards* Freda T. Roof* Joseph A. Ruggerio* Mary A. Scherer* Stephen T. Semegen Gerald Shear Alma L. Sheff* George R. Sheff* Anne Shrake Tom Shrake Deborah Shoop Kirkton Shoop Burton Smith* Elnora Smith* Bill Smith Janet Smith William H. Stobaugh*

Ida LaDean Stobaugh Marion A. Stoerker Mollie G. Stoerker* David Stremme Jan Stremme Dan Thornton* Jesse Thornton* James T. Tully Eric Vanden Brink C. E. Veirs* Francis T. Visconti John P. Vloyantes* Malte vonMatthiessen Pam vonMatthiessen Elva Lea Wise* Mary F. Wright* Paul W. Wright* Hazel Wright* Mickey Zahradka* Nona Zahradka George Zavislan* Selma Zavislan Ann Zugelder* Anonymous (8 individuals) *Deceased

Former President and wife still support Western Harry and Sylvia Peterson gave their time, assistance and energy during Harry’s tenure as President of Western. And although it’s been over ten years since Harry served as President, the couple continues to give to Western. Harry and Sylvia are making a planned gift through their estate to the Foundation. When Western interviewed candidates for the presidency in 1996, the search committee made arrangements to interview the spouses as well as the candidates. They were interested in finding someone to lead the University, but also to strengthen the relationship between the University and the community. “We have always felt that we were a team as a couple, so the interest in hiring a team made Gunnison and Western especially attractive to us,” explained Harry and Sylvia. When Harry retired as President 10 years ago he wrote a letter to the students, letting them know that he would not be attending commencement that year. He told them Western would change their life. He wrote, “Although my choice was made much later in life than yours, it also changed my life, and my memories will be as strong and as positive as yours.” To the faculty and staff at the University he wrote, “Sylvia

and I will never forget how we were welcomed into this small town and this University, and we will never forget your friendship.”

On leaving Western and the Gunnison Valley, Harry and Sylvia wanted to give a gift to show their love for the University. “We wanted the gift to be a living investment to help the University and future students indefinitely,” said Harry and Sylvia. “We love Gunnison and feel strongly that helping Western helps Gunnison. A scholarship not only helps excellent students it also helps the University maintain its high academic standards so we established the Harry and Sylvia Peterson Scholarship. At our departure, others generously donated funds, adding to our original gift. A student recipient has enjoyed the assistance of our Scholarship Fund for the past 10 years.” The current recipients of the Harry and Sylvia Peterson Scholarship were in elementary school when they retired and the future recipients are not yet born. “We revised our estate plans recently and included Western in our wills, feeling it was the best way we can say thank you, and help students have an unforgettable experience, just as we did.” – Article provided by Harry and Sylvia Peterson

Courageous Change • 21

Remembering Evan Jim Dirksen wanted to do something positive during a most difficult time. He established a scholarship in honor of his son, Evan, to continue in perpetuity so Western students can attend the University in Evan’s memory. Evan was a 2012 Gunnison High School graduate and a freshman at Western. He was killed in a car accident in September, 2012 at the age of 19. Evan grew up in the Gunnison community­—he loved the outdoors, played in the band and ran cross country at GHS. “Evan was excited about attending classes and being involved with all the activities at Western,” said Jim. “There was a spark and a fire in his eyes about the next chapter in his life here.” The Evan James Dirksen Memorial Scholarship will specifically benefit students graduating from high school in the Gunnison Valley. A preference will be given to applicants who are majoring in Geology and/or are participating in Western’s Mountain Sports Program. Jim established the Scholarship with the Foundation and significant support has come from family members and friends, and especially Audrey and Kristen Dirksen, Evan’s mother and sister. Additionally, in November 2012, Jim’s mother, Arzella Dirksen, set up a fund in Denver in memory of Jim’s father and Evan’s grandfather, Melvin Dirksen, that will fortify the Evan James Dirksen Memorial Scholarship in its inception, and hopefully will continue to have impact in the years ahead. “Evan was so excited to join the Mountain Sports Freeride Ski Team that he didn’t bother waiting until he was a student at Western,” said Dave Wiens, Director of Mountain Sports. “He skied with the team as a senior at Gunnison High School. That kind of enthusiasm and motivation, that was what Evan was all about and it’s what this scholarship will allow to continue live on.”

22 • Courageous Change

Douglas R. Faulkner 1945 – 2012 Doug Faulkner, a 1966 and 1968 graduate of Western, died unexpectedly in his home in Piura, Peru on April 21, 2012. He was 66. Doug and his former wife, Donna Faulkner (’68), a member of the Foundation Board of Directors, have been significant supporters of Western. They made a lead gift of $50,000 to the Taylor Theatre Lobby Project, several years before the complete renovation of Taylor Hall. After graduating from Western, Doug attended Arizona State University graduating with an Ed.D. in Educational Administration. Doug and Donna settled in Gunnison, where Doug taught at Ruland Junior High School and Gunnison High School. Doug and Donna moved to Enid, Oklahoma in the mid–1970’s, where Doug taught in the Business Department at Phillips University. In 1979, Doug started Petro Energy Exploration, which later became Faulkner Oil Exploration. In 2006, Doug sold the company to Chesapeake Energy and started Faulkner Exploration, Inc. S.A., obtaining 176,000 acres in Bayovar, Peru. In 1982, Doug received the Outstanding Alumnus Award at Western. He was a member of Pi Kappa Delta, Oklahoma Independent Petroleum Association, Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association, Tulsa Petroleum Club, Oklahoma City Petroleum Club, the Republican National Committee, Oakwood Country Club and several yachting clubs. – From and The Enid News and Eagle

Courageous Change • 23

Edwin Leland Rule

1918 – 2011 Edwin Leland Rule passed away peacefully at home on October 13th, 2011, at the age of 92 after a long and full life. Beloved husband, father, and grandfather, Ed will always be remembered for his sharp, inventive mind and dry wit. Ed and his wife, Marguerite Vouga Rule, a 1940 graduate of Western, established the Marguerite Vouga Rule Music Scholarship to assist sophomores and juniors participating in a performing organization or music activity. Ed started his career at Gilro Machine and Stamping Company, a tool and die company in the East Bay. In 1951, Ed began working in Berkeley for California Reinforced Plastics, which later became the Hexcel Corporation. He worked at Hexcel for 34 years helping develop a five-man company into a worldwide corporation with over 3500 employees at the time Ed retired. Ed served as Chief Operating Officer, Executive Vice President, was on the Board of Directors, and was instrumental in the development and manufacturing of lightweight honeycomb, used extensively in the aerospace industry. Ed was an avid skier and a private pilot. Once retired, he enjoyed travel, hiking and fishing with family and friends. Ed is survived by his wife, Marguerite, (whom he married in 1948), three children and nine grandchildren. – From the Contra Costa Times

Glenn A. Kent

1915 – 2012 Lieutenant General Glenn A. Kent (’36), a retired Air Force General who was known as the father of “strategy to task” and was instrumental in the development and implementation of new weapon systems during the last half of the 20th Century, passed away April 25, 2012, at the age of 96. Phyllis Kent, Glenn’s wife, and family and friends have generously established the Glenn A. Kent Memorial Scholarship at the Foundation. Glenn was honored as one of the “Top 100 Westerners of All Time,” listed in the Summer 2011 edition of the Westerner Alumni Magazine. Glenn spent more than three decades as an Army Air Corps and Air Force officer, becoming influential in the development, analysis and implementation of new weapons systems for the Department of Defense. He retired from the Air Force in 1974 as the director of the Weapon Systems Evaluation Group, Office of the Director of Defense Research and Engineering, with the Office of the Secretary of Defense. Glenn was considered to be one of the premier analytical thinkers of all time and considered a visionary of defense analyses still in use today. In his memoir Thinking about America’s Defense, Glenn provided a summary of national security issues he personally engaged over his career. In addition to creating the concept of a single integrated operation plan, Glenn also led Department of Defense’s official assessment of strategic defenses throughout the 1960s and helped bring new weapon systems to life. He also developed and analyzed strategic nuclear arms control agreements that did much to lead to the end of the Cold War. Glenn’s legacy continues today with the Lt. Gen. Glenn A. Kent Leadership Award, which recognizes leadership for the analytic community. – From U.S. Air Force Times 24 • Courageous Change

Dorothy Lee Reid

1934 – 2012 Dorothy Reid, a long-time Gunnison resident and friend to Western, passed away at age 78 on July 30, 2012. Dorothy moved to Gunnison in 1970 with her husband, Virgil Paul Reid, whom she married in 1956. The couple had two daughters. Paul was a professor of Teacher Education at Western from 1970 to 1997, and Dorothy attended classes at Western and worked in the University’s Registrar’s Office for nine years. In 2006 Paul and Dorothy established the Paul and Dorothy Reid Scholarship in Teacher Education to provide scholarship assistance to Western students who desire to become teachers, with preference to those who would like to become coaches. – From the Gunnison CountryTimes

Marguerite Fassler Davidson

1909 – 2011 Marguerite Davidson, a 1932 Western graduate, passed away on December 24, 2011 after a long illness. Marguerite Davidson was born in Hudson, Colorado, in 1909, and graduated from Golden (Colorado) High School. After receiving her baccalaureate degree, with majors in Spanish and English, from Western, she taught in one-room schools for four years, two of which were spent in Mexico under the auspices of American Metals, Inc. In 1936, she married George (Jock) Davidson who, at that time, was the manager of Standard Oil’s Arend refinery at Oranjestad. With a life-long passion for promoting and supporting education, Marguerite established the Davidson Geology Scholarship at Western for students majoring in Geology.

– Created by: Tammy (Gunnels) Potter, “Find a Grave Memorial”

Mary Kathryn Accola 1922 – 2013 Mary Kathryn Accola, the wife of Colonel Jacob “Jake” Accola (‘37), passed away on January 10, 2013 at her home in Colorado Springs. She was 90. Mary graduated from Columbia College in Columbia in 1942, and thereafter taught at Brooklyn-Cayce Grammar School in West Columbia three years until her marriage to Jake on August 9, 1946. The couple had three children and five grandchildren. The Accolas have been long-time supporters of Western and great friends of the Foundation. – From the Colorado Springs Gazette

James Cameron “Jamie” Paul

1946 – 2012 James Cameron “Jamie” Paul (’69) passed away on April 26, 2012, leaving behind a family legacy of many relatives and friends.

Jamie was involved with the Bohemian Club, University Club of Seattle, Seattle Golf Club and Seattle Tennis Club. During his time at Western, Jamie participated with the Luftsebens. The Luftseben TKD Scholarship is awarded to students with a sophomore status who have demonstrated leadership qualities predicting future success in service to his/her college community or country. Courageous Change • 25

George Richard Sheff

Alma Lois Sheff 1927 – 2012

1922 – 2012 George Richard Sheff died on June 18th, 2012 in Colorado Springs of Parkinson’s complications. He was 90.

Alma Lois (Ellis) Sheff (’49), age 85, died on May 1, 2012 at her home in Colorado Springs. She was a retired librarian.

George worked at Culver Aircraft Corporation in Wichita, Kansas after graduating high school. He enrolled at Western in 1946, majoring in Physics and Math, and graduated in 1950. George was Senior Class President, with the class gift to the University being an electric scoreboard for the Mountaineer Bowl. He was a member of Kappa Delta Mu social fraternity and Epsilon Rho Epsilon honorary science fraternity. He also served as student athletic manager and participated in intramural sports.

After graduating from Western, Alma earned her Master’s degree in 1969 from the University of Denver School of Librarianship. Alma worked in various Libraries, and in 1959 she was hired at the Colorado Springs Public Library as a Cataloger. In 1963, the City Library was expanded by voters to the Pikes Peak Library District. Alma held many positions, especially supervising Reference work. From 1966 to 1968 she was assigned to be founding Director of the five county Plains and Peaks Library System, advising and developing library services in those rural areas.

George and Alma moved to Wichita in 1953, with promise of work in the aircraft industry; employment followed at Boeing, Swallow and Beech, and at Aircapital Lawn Mower Company. Each was a pioneer in manufacturing. In 1953 the couple moved to Kerrville, Texas, where George worked for Mooney Aircraft. Before leaving Mooney in 1959, George established a production planning and control system, preparing the factory for technological control advances. From 1959 to 1964, George was employed at Aircraft Mechanics in Colorado Springs. He was an active member of North End Rotary, National Association of Accountants, Colorado Natives Club and Friends of the Library. From 1968 to 1974 he was an equipment assistant with the Colorado College Athletic Department. His adult life included playing with various recreational sports teams.

In 1986 she retired as Collection Development Librarian, preparing a written plan for the content, growth and uses of the library materials housed by the District. She represented the Library with the Pikes Peak Arts Council and the Adult Education Association. During her professional years she was a member of Southwester, Texas, Colorado, and American Library Associations, and co-founded an informal Association of Librarians of Pikes Peak Region. During retirement she volunteered at the local Horticultural Library and the Colorado Ski Museum in Vail.

–F  rom and Gunnison Country Times

Alma was a Life member of Friends of the Library and of American Association of University Women. She held many Board positions of AAUW. She served on the Boards of El Paso and Colorado Springs Credit Unions, and the Colorado Springs Cemetery Board. Alma enjoyed traveling, gardening and reading. – From

George and Alma married on July 15, 1950 in the Community Church of Gunnison, Colorado. They had a special fondness for Western that continued their entire life. George and Alma were honored as Loyalty Couple during Homecoming in 1982. In the 1990s they closely followed the Western Basketball Teams, hosting meals for the teams after local appearances. When they could no longer host dinners in their home, the Sheffs created the George and Alma Sheff Basketball Banquet Fund, so the Basketball Team players, their coaches and families could have an annual Banquet to celebrate each season’s accomplishments. The Sheffs generously made an estate gift to their fund.

26 • Courageous Change

Robert John Nixon 1925 – 2012 Bob Nixon, a 1948 graduate of Western, passed away peacefully in Houston, Texas on August 22, 2012 shortly after his 87th birthday. Bob’s wife, Mary Jane, died on February 5, 2012. Bob was born on May 10, 1925 in Conway, Iowa. After enlisting in the Army Air Force in September, 1943, Bob received Navigator Training in Monroe, Louisiana and entered active duty in January 1945 as a B29 Navigator, and was honorably discharged in February, 1946. After Bob earned his Business Degree at Western in 1948, Bob and his wife, Mary Jane, moved to Denver where he undertook graduate work at the University of Denver. Bob received his MBA in Accounting in August 1949, and they moved immediately to Baton Rouge, Louisiana, where Bob had accepted a position as an accounting instructor in the College of Commerce at LSU. In January 1951, Bob and Mary Jane moved to Tulsa, OK where Bob would start a new job with the Stanolind Oil & Gas Co., a subsidiary of Standard Oil Company (Indiana) that later became Amoco Corporation. Bob retired from Amoco in December 1986 as the Director of Auditing Worldwide for Amoco Production. Bob kept active in his retirement with activities and volunteer work with the Amoco retirees. He was active in their regular golf activities, recognizing that it was less important how well he played but more so the fellowship he gave and received. He was active in meals on wheels and over the years, had both participated and organized numerous fundraisers and phonathons with Amocares, and more recently served on the steering committee of the BP Volunteers organization. Bob and Mary Jane significantly gave to the Western Football Team Campaign. “Bob and Mary Jane were a wonderful couple,” said Greg Waggoner, Director of Athletics. “I enjoyed any time I was able to spend with them and we were fortunate to have Bob and Mary Jane’s financial support and loyalty for our football program. Even more than 60 years after Bob played at Western his loyalty and belief in the program were stronger than ever.” – Article provided by the Nixon family

Mollie G. Stoerker 1927 – 2012 Mollie Stoerker was born On August 12, 1927, in Aurora, Illinois. Her parents emigrated from Austria/Hungary. She graduated from Aurora East High School. Mollie and Marion Stoerker (’68) were married on August 26, 1951. Mollie had a BSN in nursing and practiced in the industrial setting, most recently at Fermi Lab in Batavia, Illinois. Mollie had a varied of interests, including the love of travel, bee keeping, gardening, and was a pilot along with Marion and loved flying. Marion and Mollie generously established two Charitable Gift Annuities (CGA) in 2004 to the Western Foundation. Through a simple contract, donors can establish a CGA with the agreement to make a donation of cash, stocks or other assets to Western State Colorado University Foundation. In return, donors receive (and someone else, if they choose) a fixed amount each year for the rest of their lives. Courageous Change • 27

Pat Tancred Julio 1923 – 2013 Pat Julio, a longtime friend of Gunnison and Western Emeritus Professor of Art from 1956 to 1987, passed away on January 2, 2013. In 1997, Pat established the Marsha T. Julio Memorial Art Scholarship, in honor of Marsha, Pat’s wife, who died in 1995. They met while Pat was in graduate school at the University of New Mexico, when Marsha was assigned to assist Pat in the photo lab. Family members have now renamed the fund the Marsha T. and Pat T. Julio Memorial Art Scholarship. Pat was born in Dayton, Ohio on March 1, 1923. His mother, Victoria, passed away during childbirth and he grew up with his father, Ralph, and brother, Daniel. Pat lost his father at age 7 or 8, and lived with relatives. At age 18, Pat enlisted in the U.S. Navy and flew as a pilot in the Pacific Theater. Shot down, Pat spent several sleepless nights on an occupied island and months in a hospital before a medical discharge. Pat re-upped as an Army bombardier before his paperwork could catch up with him. Pat and Marsha settled in Gunnison in 1956, where Pat took a job as Art Instructor at Western. Initially apprehensive of the cold winters and dirt streets, Pat and Marsha fell in love with life in the small mountain town. A career that culminated as Chair of the Art Department, a family, an outdoor life of hunting, fishing, hiking, camping, skiing and travel made up a long happy chapter. Pat mourned deeply the loss of his wife, but continued at the business of life, traveling, entertaining, going to the gym and coffee and always reading. He thoroughly enjoyed his friends and his growing family, often hosting holiday get-togethers at his home overlooking the Gunnison Valley. – From the Gunnison Country Times

Robert D. “Bob” Arnold 1926 – 2012 Bob Arnold, a longtime Gunnison resident and graduate of Western, died March 1, 2012. After graduating from Western in 1950 and teaching at Florence High School, Bob returned to Western as a printer in the Publications Department and also taught basic math classes. He eventually served as Director of Publications, and retired from Western in 1985 after 40 years as a student and employee. While at Western, Bob filmed every football game, home and away, for more than 30 years. Bob was one of the original members of the Western Athletic Booster Club – initially called the Century Club, and now the Mountaineer Athletic Association. He was Board President from 1986-1988. Bob was also active in the Gunnison community. He joined the Gunnison Rotary Club in 1959 and filled all the chairs, becoming President in 1970-71. In 1970, he also became the head of the Rotary Fireworks program, a position he held until 1982. Bob became a Paul Harris Fellow in 1993. Bob joined the Gunnison Elks Lodge #1623 in 1952 and became a life member in 2003. Bob was the Exalted Ruler of the Lodge and also District Deputy Grand Exalted Ruler in the Colorado Mountain District in 1988-89. He served as Secretary of the local lodge for many years and was a Trustee and on the Corporate Board. Bob was also a member of the VFW Post #4267 and served on the Gunnison River Water Board for many years. In addition, he was a very avid golfer and an early member of the Dos Rios Golf Club. Bob’s family has established the Bob Arnold Memorial Fund. – From the Gunnison Country Times

28 • Courageous Change

John P. Mellon 1927 – 2012 Dr. John P. Mellon, the ninth President of Western, died peacefully in his home in Bradenton, Florida on April 6th, 2012. He was 85. After serving in World War II, John graduated from Clarion State College in 1950, and that same year married his sweetheart, Joyce Barney. He continued his education, earning a Master’s Degree in 1957 from the University of Colorado, and a Ph.D. from the University of Pittsburgh in 1964. John became the Dean of Liberal Arts at Clarion shortly after receiving his degree and from there he came to Western in 1973. During John’s Presidency at Western, the University’s enrollment reached its all-time peak of 3,200 students. John helped to start the Foundation, and assisted with the creation of the Water Workshop. He also induced Fort Carson engineers to level a huge practice athletic field above Mountaineer Bowl. One of John’s greatest accomplishments involved the start of three women’s sports under a newly established federal program, Title 9, which included Cross Country, Track and Field and Skiing. Following his Presidency, John served as a consultant to the Trustees of State College in Colorado for three years before retiring in Bradenton. During his retirement, John lectured and led discussions on literary subjects and current events and taught literature classes. He was an active participant in the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship and served as its President for several years. John served as President of Western from 1973 to 1984. He was a much admired President of Western and a true Renaissance man. His contributions were vital to the growth and success of the University. – From the Gunnison Country Times

Benay Muckleroy 1954 – 2012 Benay Muckleroy passed away unexpectedly in her home after a brief illness on September 27, 2012. Benay joined the staff at Western in October, 1985 and served with distinction for 25 years. She retired as Director of Procurement and Contracts in August 2010. Benay was the wife of Western’s longtime employee and friend, Patrick Muckleroy. He serves as the Public Services Librarian in the Savage Library.

Francis Joseph Pribyl

1930 – 2012

Dr. Frank J. Pribyl peacefully passed away on October 17, 2012. He was 81. Frank was a Professor of Business Administration at Western from 1967 until his retirement in 2001. Frank developed the internship program for the Department of Business, Accounting and Economics. He also served as a faculty senator and as a member of the International Studies Committee.

Peter Burkhardt 1938 – 2012 Peter Burkhardt, a former Western Professor of Business, passed away on September 9, 2012. Peter, who earned his J.D. at the University of Minnesota in 1965, practiced law and worked in real estate before teaching at Western from 1989 to 2003.

Governor John Hickenlooper

visited Gunnison January 15, 2012 to recognize the Mountaineer men’s cross country team after they won the 2011 NCAA Division II Men’s Cross Country National Championship. Hickenlooper congratulated the Mountaineer team for their dedication and heart to win the national championship in the highest collegiate facilities in the nation. It was the first visit by a sitting governor to the campus since his predecessor, Bill Ritter, delivered the 2009 spring commencement address. The Mountaineer Men’s Cross Country Team has won nine national championships. Ryan Haebe was the first Mountaineer national champion since 2001. Head Coach Jennifer Michel was named the USTFCCCA National Men’s Coach of the Year following the championship. She was the only woman in NCAA history to earn national coach of the year honors in any men’s sport.

30 • Courageous Change

Mountaineer Athletic Association Last year, the Mountaineer Athletic Association (MAA) raised over $300,000 for the scholarship needs of Western student-athletes. This was done with the support of 367 corporate and individual members. In addition to the MAA fundraising efforts, Western Athletics produced over $1 million in private revenue sources for the eighth straight year. This was accomplished through capital campaigns, summer camps, enterprise revenues and sport specific fundraising. Western Athletics continues to be a leader among NCAA Division II public institutions in private fundraising.

“We are grateful for the generosity and support of our many donors, boosters and sponsors,” Western Athletic Director Dr. Greg Waggoner said. “We are fortunate to have coaches, staff and student-athletes that work so hard in both our competitive and fundraising efforts, and we are grateful that others believe enough in what we do to invest in it.”

Hall of Fame

Track & Field The Mountaineer Men’s Track and Field team placed third at the NCAA Division II National Championships in May of 2012. The third place finish ties for the best team finish in program history. The Mountaineers also finished third in 2002 and 2003. Tyler Pennel (Men’s 10,000 meters), Ryan Haebe (Men’s 3,000 meter steeplechase), and Susan Jackson (Women’s high jump) were all crowned national champions.

One Lifetime Athletic Achievement Award winner and three inductees were inducted into the 18th Annual Western State Colorado University Mountaineer Sports Hall of Fame on October 26, 2012. Track and Field, Football and Wrestling standout Gene Bower (’63), All-American football star Josh Hotchkiss (’01) and Track and Field standout Reidun (Daily) Wallin (’03) were named into the Hall of Fame. Former Skier Adolph Kuss (’62) was honored with the Lifetime Athletic Achievement Award.

Courageous Change • 31



This is a list of the Western State Colorado University Foundation’s active accounts. If you are considering donating to an area not listed, please contact the Foundation to discuss establishing a new fund. For more details and descriptions of the funds, please visit our website at ACADEMIC AFFAIRS Academic Affairs Fund

ADMISSIONS Admissions Fund City and County Admissions Frances Hunter Memorial Presidential Scholarship Endowment Orahood OJC/Western Scholarship

ALUMNI A92 - Class of ‘67 Alumni Association Activities Fund Alumni Scholarship Mary Florence Wright Alumni Scholarship David and Jan Stremme Alumni Association Scholarship

ANNUAL FUND Western Fund (Unrestricted)

ART Mary L. Alber Memorial Scholarship Art Fund Mabel deKoevend Memorial Art Scholarship Graphic Design Fund August J. Grosland Art/Alumni Scholarship IET Art and Industrial Technology Construction Fund James Irwin Memorial Scholarship Marsha T. and Pat T. Julio Memorial Art Scholarship Christopher M. Minard Memorial Art Scholarship John William Peterson Memorial Scholarship

32 • Courageous Change

Ethel M. Rice Art Scholarship Richter Mural Restoration Fund Linda Schele Memorial Art Scholarship Gene Tobey Memorial Art Scholarship What’s That Supposed To Mean Art Scholarship

ATHLETICS 1950 Football “Bus Riders” Team Scholarship Athletic Administrative Fund Basketball - Men’s Fund Basketball - Women’s Fund Tracy Borah Hall of Fame Fund and Memorial Wrestling Scholarship J. W. and Joan Campbell Memorial Wrestling Scholarship J. W. Campbell Wrestling Banquet Fund Louie Carleo Wrestling Scholarship Champion Leadership and Responsibility Scholarship William Charlesworth Memorial Scholarship Cross Country Men’s and Women’s Fund Decker Basketball Scholarship Lisa Thomas Duits Memorial Fund William Finholm Memorial Track Scholarship Football Annual Campaign Fund Football Endowed Fund Football Restricted Fund Cecil Giles Memorial Football Scholarship Hall of Fame Banquet Fund High Altitude Distance Camp Fund Herbert J. and Marie H. Kaczmarek Memorial Scholarship Fund Kappa Delta Mu Fund Brian Kiefer Memorial Scholarship Kelly B. Long Memorial Scholarship Leon “Okie” Mark Football Scholarship Mountaineer Athletic Association Fund Lowell Herndon “Bus” Myers Memorial Football Scholarship Pederson-Wright-Borah Athletic Scholarship

Ralph Porter Athletic Scholarship Presidential Student-Athlete Scholarship Edwin H. Randall Memorial Scholarship Ethel M. Rice Athletic Scholarship Jim Richards 1954 Football Scholarship Sage Burner Fund Samuel William Nathaniel Roch Memorial Scholarship Sheff Basketball Banquet Fund John Sievers Memorial Wrestling Scholarship Burton and Elnora Smith Athletic Letter Jacket Fund Soccer – Women’s Fund Sports Information Fund Student Athlete Advisory Council (SAAC) Fund Swimming/Diving – Women’s Fund Track & Field - Alumni Scholarship Track & Field - Restricted Fund Duane Vandenbusche Cross Country & Track and Field Scholarship George and Ruby Vandenbusche Memorial Cross Country Scholarship Fund Volleyball Restricted Fund Women’s Athletics Fund Wrestling Fund Paul Wright Memorial Scholarship

BEHAVIORAL AND SOCIAL SCIENCES Behavioral and Social Sciences Fund D. H. and Mildred Cummins Memorial Scholarship History Department Fund Charles H. Livermore History Scholarship Paul A. Lowdenslager Memorial Lecture Series Fund Political Science Fund Psi Chi Fund Psychology Department Fund Sociology Fund Robert Glenn Wilson, Jr. Memorial Scholarship

BUSINESS, ACCOUNTING AND ECONOMICS Accounting Fund Matthew Billmeyer Memorial Scholarship Harold Binford Business Scholarship Borick Business Building Fund Borick Business Scholarship Steven Borick Business and Accounting Scholarship Business/Accounting Student Fund

Business/Accounting Technology Fund Business/Accounting Unrestricted Fund Business Plan Competition Scholarship Denver Cherry Memorial Scholarship James H. Cox Business Administration Scholarship Delta Sigma Pi Alumni Scholarship Department of Business, Accounting and Economics Emergency Fund Stephen Depp Memorial Fund Desert Schools Federal Credit Union Donald Eastman Business Scholarship Economics Fund Farmers Insurance Group Scholarship Gunnison Savings & Loan Scholarship F. S. Haverly Academic Scholarship Phil and JoAnn Klingsmith Economics Scholarship Kathleen Kregel Scholarship Robert and Gloria Little Scholarship Patti Burritt Locke Accounting Scholarship for Women Mitchell W. Mateik Scholarship Mikesell Scholarship in Accounting Marshall Miller Business and Accounting Scholarship Ralph E. Porter Business Administration Scholarship J. Ralph Reed Business Scholarship Dustin Roberts Memorial Scholarship Alva W. Sloan Memorial Internship David and Jan Stremme Scholarship in Business Vern Whiting Business, Accounting and Economics Memorial Fund Roger E. Wilson Memorial Business Scholarship Elva Lea Wise Business Scholarship

COMMUNICATION ARTS, LANGUAGE AND LITERATURE Beta\Gern Scholarship Communication Fund John Q. Cope/Chevron Scholarship Fair Scholarship Charles Gerhardt Memorial Scholarship Glen W. Haley and Dr. Lois Borland English Memorial Scholarship Journalism Fund KWSB Radio Fund Marginalia Fund Valerie Mitchell Memorial English Scholarship Modern Language Fund Mountaineer Media Fund

Peak Productions Fund Wordhorde Fund Writing Center Fund




Disability Fund

EDUCATION Brennecke-Elkins Memorial Scholarship Education Division Fund Greater Milwaukee Foundation Scholarship Dr. Kenneth H. Hansen Memorial Education Scholarship Sophie Simpson Hamrick Knight Memorial Scholarship Jennie and Fritz Nylund Memorial Scholarship Paul and Dorothy Reid Scholarship in Teacher Education Program Roberta Rouse Scholarship Special Education Fund Dan Tredway Memorial Education Scholarship Ann Zugelder Scholarship The Ann D. Zugelder Summer Teaching Institute Endowment for Excellence

ENVIRONMENTAL STUDIES Center for Environmental Studies Clark Environmental Studies Support Fund Headwaters Fund Kenya Student Travel Fund Mahaffey Environmental Studies Scholarship Mike Martin Memorial Scholarship James D. Nauman Environmental Studies Library Resource Endowment James D. Nauman Faculty Development Endowment James D. Nauman Scholars Endowment James D. Nauman Technology and Program Endowment George Sibley Headwaters Speakers Fund

EXTENDED STUDIES Extended Studies Fund MFA Creative Writing Fund MFA Poetry Scholarship Fund Poetry MFA Symposium Fund

HONORS PROGRAM Honors Program Fund


Delmas Fund Library Fund

Computer Science Fund William E. Dorgan Math Scholarship Faculty Scholarship in Computer Science Math Department Fund Mathematical Studies Scholarship Stephen Watson Memorial Scholarship in Computer Science

MOHAB FOUNDATION Mohab Foundation Scholarship

MUSIC Lisa Anne Memorial Scholarship Fund Leora Annin (Cooper) Memorial Scholarship Rodney P. Ash Memorial Music Award Rodney Ash String Scholarship Brass Band Fund Crested Butte Music Festival Fund F. George Damson Music Scholarship Mabel deKoevend Memorial Music Scholarship Agnes D. Giles Music Education Scholarship Gunnison Volunteer Fire Department Fund Harvey Harriman Memorial Fund Lloyd Heiny Music Scholarship Bruce Johnson Memorial Scholarship David and Shirley Killian Music Scholarship John and Georgie Kincaid Instrumental Music Scholarship David and Steven MacAllister Fund Wayne H. Milheim Music Scholarship Music – Alumni Scholarship Music – Organ Fund Music – Unrestricted Fund Marjorie Porter Memorial Music Scholarship Jean Ranson Vocal Music Memorial Fund Edwyl Redding Memorial Scholarship Rachel W. Rice Music Fund Marguerite Vouga Rule Music Scholarship Margaret E. Stewart Vocal Music Endowment David and Jan Stremme Music Fund Les Turner Music Fund Les Turner Music Scholarship Charles R. Walker, Jr. Memorial Music Scholarship

Liaison Council Scholarship

Courageous Change • 33



Ralph “Tim” Allen and Anne Blackstock Allen Natural and Environmental Sciences Library Resource Endowment Archeology Fund Bartleson/Prather Geology Scholarship Biology Department Fund Biology Field Trip Fund Chemistry Fund Davidson Geology Scholarship Hugo A. Ferchau Memorial Scholarship Geology Dinosaur Fund Geology Fund Joseph A. Kastellic Scholarship A. W. Lawrence Memorial Scholarship Dr. Mason and Betty Light Scholarship The Richard E. Marquardt and Mary E. McDaniel Endowed Scholarship Fund Casey James McKenny Memorial Scholarship Fred J. Menzer, Jr. Geology Memorial Scholarship Valerie Mitchell Memorial Geology Scholarship W.A. “Tex” Moncrief, Jr. Endowed Chair in Anthropology W.A. “Tex” Moncrief, Jr. Endowed Chair in Petroleum Geology W.A. “Tex” Moncrief, Jr. Endowment for Excellence Richard “W” and Belva R. Moyle Geology Scholarship James D. Nauman Endowment James D. Nauman Scholarship Petroleum Geology Fund Physics Fund Paul M. Rady Endowed Chair in Petroleum Geology Science Fund Ted Violett Science Memorial Fund C. Ralph and Florence Walker Memorial Scholarship

American Association of Petroleum Landmen Scholarship Anadarko Petroleum Scholarship Bonanza Creek Scholarship in Professional Land and Resource Management Program Chesapeake Energy Professional Land and Resource Management Scholarship Denver Association of Petroleum Landmen Fund The Dolinsky Family Professional Land and Resource Management Program Scholarship The EnCana Oil & Gas Scholarship in Professional Land and Resource Management Fidelity Exploration and Production Company Scholarship Gunnison Energy Corporation Scholarship in Professional Land and Resource Management Gunnison Energy Professional Land and Resource Management Scholarship for the Gunnison Valley Houston Association of Petroleum Landmen Fund Industry Partners Program Fund Industry Partners Program Scholarship The T. H. McElvain Oil & Gas Limited Partnership Scholarship in Professional Land and Resource Management MDU Resources Foundation Scholarship The W.A. “Tex” Moncrief, Jr. Chair in Professional Land and Resource Management Program Mount Emmons Project Professional Land and Resource Management Scholarship NAPE Scholarship Newfield Exploration Company Professional Land and Resource Management Scholarship Professional Land and Resource Management Program Fund Questar Exploration and Production Company/ QEP Resources Scholarship SM Energy Professional Land and Resource Management Program Scholarship George and Carol Solich Scholarship Paul Urban “Legends of the Industry” Scholarship Endowment Western 300 Fund

PRESIDENT’S OFFICE Quigley Unrestricted Fund


34 • Courageous Change

Donald Eastman Recreation Fund ESS Program Fund HAP (High Altitude Performance) Lab Fund Praxl Award Recreation Program Fund RESS Department Fund RESS Student Development Fund Toy Drive Recreation Outdoor Education Fund

SEARCH AND RESCUE Yvonne Marie Laudick Memorial Fund Heather O’Connor Memorial Fund Western Mountain Rescue Team Fund

STUDENT AFFAIRS Aids Center Fund Baseball Club Fund CADE Freshman Project Fund Campus Ministry Fund Club Sports Fund Martha Carr WIT Scholarship Cheerleading Fund Climbing Club Fund Community Church WIT Fund Cycling Club Fund Donald A. Goodman Memorial Scholarship Gunnison Business Women, Inc. Scholarship Helen Hirst WIT Scholarship Hockey Club – Men’s Fund Hockey Club – Women’s Fund Lacrosse – Men’s Fund Lacrosse – Women’s Fund Leadership, Engagement and Development (LEAD) Fund Greg Miodonski Memorial Scholarship Mountain Sports Team Program Fund Multi-Cultural Center Fund Parent Fund Prevention Education Coordinator Fund Rose Reitman Memorial Fund Rugby Alumni Endowment Rugby Club - Men’s Rugby Club – Women’s Running Club Fund Ski Club Fund •Freeride •Nordic •Alpine

Soccer Club – Men’s Soccer Club – Women’s Social Norming Fund Spectrum Club Fund Square Dance Club Fund Anne Steinbeck WIT Scholarship Student Development Fund Roy E. Turner Memorial Student Fund WRAP Programs Fund

NON-DEPARTMENTAL FUNDS AAUW Zelda Rouillard Memorial Scholarship Annual Fund Unrestricted Antholz Scholarship Bob Arnold Memorial Fund Blue Zenith Scholarship Boettcher Opportunity Award Gerald Caplan Western Scholarship Center for Executive Development Fund Champion Citizenship Scholarship Paul Coleman, Jr. Memorial Scholarship Fund College Center Fund Margaret Darr Crager General Scholarship Fund Scot Crismon Memorial Scholarship Culture of the West Fund Daniels Opportunity Award Gary Dolezal Memorial Scholarship Herbert J. and Virginia K. Dorricott Memorial Scholarship Whit Eastman Memorial Fund Fire Victims Fund FirstBank Endowed Scholarship Whitney Chantal Glover Scholarship Gunnison Arts Center Scholarship Gunnison Valley Museum for the Appreciation of Art and World Culture Gunnison VFW Auxiliary #4267 Veteran’s Scholarship Gunnison Watershed Scholarship Clarence Howard Fund May Dye and Gerald L. Kearney Scholarship Brenda Gail Kenny Memorial Scholarship Glenn A. Kent Memorial Fund Olaf C. Kjosness Memorial Scholarship Leroux Family Trust Scholarship Adam Lockard Fund Luftseben TKD Scholarship Ken MacLennan Memorial Fund Sean E. Markey, M.D. Scholarship Patrick E. Mooney Memorial Scholarship

Mountaineer Sculpture Fund Frank A. Musgrave Memorial Scholarship Sean O’Conner Memorial Fund Margaret White O’Leary Scholarship OWLS Fund Harriet S. Pegis Memorial Fund Pepsi-Cola Academic Scholarship Pepsi-Cola Fund Harry and Sylvia Peterson Scholarship Ethel Phelps Memorial Scholarship Charles E. and Lucile C. Piquette Memorial Scholarship Ralph E. Porter Memorial Fund Presidential Honors Scholarship Morgan L. Queal Memorial Scholarship Olivia and Fred Reichle Memorial Scholarship Re/Max and Bureau of Land Management Research Projects Scholarship Re/Max Community Brokers Scholarship James R. Richards Scholarship Freda T. Roof Memorial Scholarship San Juan Mining Scholarship Dexter Sapp Memorial Scholarship Mary A. Scherer Scholarship Fred and Valerie Schmalz Scholarship Small Business Development Center Fund Brendan St. Denis Memorial Fund Tenderfoot Facility Fund Thornton Assistance Scholarship Top of the World Technology Fund TWC Foundation Scholarship Veterans Scholarship Fund “W” Mountain Fund Helen Webster Scholarship Western Poetry Conference Fund Western State Colorado University Name Change Fund Western State Colorado University/Partners/ RE1J School District Fund Western State Colorado University Dining Services by Sodexo Scholarship Ollie Woods Memorial Scholarship Writing the Rockies Fund Western State Foundation Scholarship

WILDERNESS PURSUITS Outdoor Bouldering Garden Project Fund Peter Terbush Memorial Fund Wilderness Based Orientation Fund Wilderness Pursuits Fund

Courageous Change • 35

Western State Colorado University

Honor Roll of Donors

The following individuals, corporations and foundations made gifts in Fiscal Year 2011 (July 1, 2011 to June 30, 2012). Every attempt was made to accurately cite each donor. Please notify the Foundation of any corrections. Your most recent gift may not be reflected here if made on or after July 1, 2012 (we look forward to recognizing your gift in our next issue).

The Pinnacle Philanthropist’s Club IHS

($1,000,000 and over) Oklahoma City, OK

The Benefactor’s Club

($100,000 to $999,999) The Louis L. Borick Foundation Van Nuys, CA Steven Borick Van Nuys, CA Margaret Darr Crager /Crager Family Trust South San Francisco, CA Landmark Graphics Corporation Houston, TX *Robert Little Phoenix, AZ Estate of Wayne Milheim Cape Coral, FL Steve and Paula Reynolds Broomfield, CO Steve and Sarah Trippe Traverse City, MI Estate of Elva Lea Wise Emporia, KS

The Platinum Club

($50,000 to $99,999) Anonymous - 1 James and Jane Bartlett Trust Binghamton, NY Paul and Enid Holden Gunnison, CO John and Georgie Kincaid Gunnison, CO *Luftseben Scottsdale, AZ Malte and Pam vonMatthiessen Almont, CO

The Summit Society - Gold

($25,000 to $49,999) Anonymous - 1 Louie and Dorsey Carleo Pueblo, CO Chesapeake Energy Corporation Oklahoma City, OK *Donna Faulkner Crawford, CO Gunnison County Colorado Gunnison, CO Michael and Mari Johnson Malibu, CA Noble Energy, Inc. Ardmore, OK Pepsi-Cola Company Montrose, CO Gerald Shear Las Vegas, NV

The Summit Society - Silver

($10,000 to $24,999) Alpine Banks of Colorado Glenwood Springs, CO Alpine Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine Gunnison, CO Boettcher Foundation Denver, CO Chamberland Orthopaedics Gunnison, CO Dea Family Foundation Littleton, CO Ed and Karmen Dolly Evergreen, CO Freeport-McMoRan Cooper & Gold Foundation Phoenix, AZ Greater Milwaukee Foundation Milwaukee, WI 36 • Courageous Change

Gunnison Energy Corporation Denver, CO Richard and Noelle Hagan Gunnison, CO Arthur and Susan Harter Centennial, CO *Jeffrey and Karen Holway Deerfield, IL Ingersoll-Rand Charitable Foundation Davidson, NC KEJJ/KPKE Radio Gunnison, CO KUBC/KKXK Radio Montrose, CO J & W Catering, Inc. /5 B’s Barbecue Gunnison, CO LIATIS Foundation Houston, TX The MacAllister Family Foundation Crested Butte, CO Sean and Kristina Markey Castle Rock, CO Ken and Barbara Moffitt Crested Butte, CO Peter Webb Public Relations, Inc. Centennial, CO *David and Maxine Pierce Farmington, NM QEP Energy Company Denver, CO Ethel Rice Gunnison, CO Walter and MaryJane Scherr Kingwood, TX *Seay Foundation Dallas, TX Temple Hoyne Buell Foundation Denver, CO Todd and Laura Wheeler Castle Rock, CO Whiting Oil & Gas Corporation Denver, CO *Robert and Wendy Wright Agoura Hills, CA

The Summit Society

($5,000 to $9,999) Anonymous - 2 Jake and Mary Accola Colorado Springs, CO Tom and Sara Bradbury Littleton, CO Susan Bratton New York, NY Chicago Vessel Fueling Company Clare, MI City of Gunnison Gunnison, CO Community Foundation of the Gunnison Valley Gunnison, CO Estate of James H. Cox Watertown, NY John Donohue South Strafford, VT El Pomar Foundation Colorado Springs, CO Elk River Construction Pagosa Springs, CO *Stanley Elmaleh White Plains, NY Encana Cares Foundation Denver, CO Gunnison Construction and Septic Service Gunnison, CO Hansen Weather Port Delta, CO Valerie Hastings and Stephanie Day Golden, CO Jay and Dawn Helman Gunnison, CO Holiday Inn Express Gunnison Gunnison, CO Roy and Doris Hood Seabrook, TX Pat Julio Gunnison, CO Landman Scholarship Trust Fort Worth, TX Michael and Kathy Lutito Lakewood, CO

The Western State Colorado University Foundation extends our heartfelt apologies to Alpine Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine. Due to a processing error, their gift was inadvertently not included in the correct giving level of the Summit Society-Silver in last year’s Report of Appreciation Honor Roll of Donors.

Every gift is extremely important to us. Although each donor makes a gift for a variety of reasons, all are gifts from the heart, and we greatly appreciate every donation made to the Foundation.

Mario’s Pizza and Restaurante Gunnison, CO David and Sarah McEntire Las Vegas, NV Bob and Marjorie McGraw Westminster, CO Merit Energy Company Dallas, TX The Chris Mikesell Foundation Clearwater, KS Greg and Monica Mikesell Monument, CO Cynthia Myers Bedford, TX *The New York Community Trust New York, NY Onward! A Legacy Foundation Cortez, CO The Paper Clip Gunnison, CO James and Teresa Peay Denver, CO *Ty and Lindsey Petway Jacksonville, FL Quality Inn Gunnison, CO Paul and Katy Rady Englewood, CO Bob and Margo Riggan Wenatchee, WA Schmalz Construction Gunnison, CO SM Energy Denver, CO Sun West Sports Stockton, CA The Chatlos Foundation, Inc. Longwood, FL TWC Foundation, Inc. Centennial, CO Martha Violett Gunnison, CO Jyl Voss Lone Tree, CO Mark and Paula Voss Wausau, WI John and Barbara Walker Tucson, AZ Water Wheel Inn Gunnison, CO Wells Fargo Bank Gunnison, CO Daniel and Cheryl Wenzinger Golden, CO Western Dining Services by Sodexo Gunnison, CO Yellowbook USA Cedar Rapids, IA

The “W” Mountain Club

($2,500 to $4,999) *The 1% Club (These donors gave 1%+ of the Annual Fund goal of $400,000) Anadarko Petroleum Corporation Princeton, NJ Anadarko Petroleum Corporation Houston, TX The Bacchus Network Denver, CO Bank of the West Gunnison, CO Skip Bennett and Draxy Buckley Georgetown, CO Rick Bettger Steamboat Springs, CO The Bilby Foundation Ardmore, OK Gerald and Betsy Caplan Boulder, CO Comfort Inn Gunnison, CO Creager Mercantile Aurora, CO Daniels Petroleum Company Denver, CO Jason Davis Flushing, MI Bob and Media Dawson Horseshoe Bay, TX T. S. Dudley Land Company, Inc. Oklahoma City, OK J. E. Dunn Construction Company Denver, CO Embroidered Sportswear Company Crested Butte, CO Energy Investments, Inc. Denver, CO Exxonmobil Foundation Houston, TX Jeane D. Fair Charitable Trust Vancouver, WA The Samuel Gary, Jr. Family Foundation Denver, CO Gunnison Country Guide Service Gunnison, CO Gunnison Country Times Gunnison, CO Horejsi Charitable Foundation Gunnison, CO The Insurance Center Delta, CO Island Acres Motel, Inc. Gunnison, CO Lloyd and Gail Jacobs Irvine, CA John Roberts Motor Works Gunnison, CO Andy and Heidi Keck Gunnison, CO David and Brigette Kirvin Las Vegas, NV Patti Burritt Locke Englewood, CO Estate of Lois Reed Missoula, MT Tom Loughlin Crested Butte, CO Jim and Dee Mahaffey Anchorage, AK Marathon Oil Company Houston, TX McDonald’s Gunnison, CO Bill and Monica McKenny Marquette, MI MDU Resources Foundation Bismarck, ND

Richard and Belva Moyle Ogden, UT Newfield Exploration Company The Woodlands, TX Jim and Sue Oates Gunnison, CO *Daniel and Jeanne O’Shaughnessy Englewood, CO Palisades Restaurant & Saloon Gunnison, CO Powerstop Gunnison, CO Donald and Donna Prosser Denver, CO John and Leslie Randall Elizabeth, CO Shell Matching Gifts Princeton, NJ The Sign Guys & Gal!, Inc. Gunnison, CO Jim and Leigh Terbush Manitou Springs, CO Three Rivers Resort Almont, CO The Trough Gunnison, CO Waste Management Houston, TX Western Lumber, Inc. Gunnison, CO Wet Grocer Gunnison, CO Western State Colorado University Bookstore Gunnison, CO Yates Petroleum Corporation Artesia, NM

The President’s Club

($1,000 to $2,499) Anonymous - 2 A.A.U.W. Gunnison Branch Gunnison, CO Joan Adair Cotopaxi, CO David and Pamela Albin Santa Fe, NM Gary and Dora Alstatt Grand Junction, CO Shannon Armstrong Edwards, CO B & B Printers Gunnison, CO B & H Sports Grand Junction, CO Charles and Tammy Bailey Longmont, CO Bank of Colorado-Montrose Montrose, CO Guy and Connie Barr Carlisle, PA Jeffrey and Lesa Bennett Casper, WY Travis Berry Denver, CO Reid and Susan Bicknell Broomfield, CO Joseph and Elizabeth Blake Denver, CO Terry and Mary Brace Colorado Springs, CO Dick and Donna Bratton Gunnison, CO Bratton Hill Wilderson & Lock, LLC Gunnison, CO Janie Chermak Albuquerque, NM Jim and Pam Christian Gunnison, CO Linda Clark Denver, CO

“We are all faced with a series of great opportunities brilliantly disguised as impossible situations.”

– Charles Swindoll

Cliggett & Associates, P.C. Gunnison, CO Tom and Carolyn Corbett Ladera Ranch, CA Chip and Robin Creager Aurora, CO Crested Butte Publishing Crested Butte, CO Custom Home Accents Gunnison, CO Glen DeBroder Winston-Salem, NC Desert Schools Federal Credit Union Phoenix, AZ Craig Dolinsky Tulsa, OK Patrick Dougherty Arvada, CO Dove Graphics Gunnison, CO Bob and Cindy Drexel Gunnison, CO El Paso Floor Colorado Springs, CO Finney Land Company Durango, CO Gary and Laurie Garland Park City, UT Jeff and Laurie Garren Gunnison, CO Gene Taylors Sporting Goods Gunnison, CO Gentle Dental Care Gunnison, CO Donald and Janet Gerardi Midlothian, VA Estate of Ted Geringer Lamar, CO Grand Junction Chiropratic Center Grand Junction, CO GreatLand Log Homes Gunnison, CO Carol Greenlee Gunnison, CO Gary and Linda Greenstreet Lubbock, TX James and Donna Grieve Pueblo, CO Gunnison Bank and Trust Company Gunnison, CO Gunnison Business & Professional Women’s Club Gunnison, CO Gunnison/Crested Butte Tourism Association Gunnison, CO Gunnison Golf Club, Inc. Gunnison, CO Gunnison Savings & Loan Gunnison, CO Gunnison Vitamin & Health Food Store Gunnison, CO Christine Cummings Hall Richmond, VA Virginia Harris Gunnison, CO John H. Hasche Denver, CO Fred and Leta Haverly Gunnison, CO Larry Heesch Littleton, CO Ken Heuer Denver, CO Ann Hunt Hieronymus Colorado Springs, CO High Mountain Drifters Gunnison, CO James and Karen Hill Castle Pines, CO Dale and Deanna Hockett Pagosa Springs, CO Mary Hodges Pueblo, CO Houston Association of Professional Landmen Houston, TX Jeanne Hull Gunnison, CO Benjamin Hutto Atlanta, GA Independence Tube Corporation Chicago, IL Infinity Oil & Gas, Inc. Denver, CO James Jack Norman, OK Don and Michelle Jackson Houston, TX Merl and Barbara Jacobsen Littleton, CO Steve and Cindy Jenkins Gunnison, CO Jerman Consultant Group Denver, CO Michael and Cheryl Johnson Fishers, IN Robert Jones Ellensburg, WA Robert and June Just Englewood, CO KBUT Radio Crested Butte, CO Skip and Stephanie Kelly Parker, CO King Soopers Denver, CO Kathy Kregel and James Smith Ft. Collins, CO Kruse Properties Key West, FL Leadership Learning Systems Crested Butte, CO Sandra Mark Gunnison, CO Stacey Mark Davidson, NC Kirk Martinez Bismarck, ND John McGovern Denver, CO Michael and Linda McGrath Gunnison, CO Michael and Mary McVay Hobbs, NM Michael and Cynthia Meany Littleton, CO Richard Meyers Armonk, NY Midwest Leasing, Inc. Gunnison, CO Courageous Change • 37

Marshall and Lyria Miller Bremerton, WA Minard Family Rev Trust Carlsborg, WA Misty Mountain Floral Gunnison, CO Robert Mitton Ridgway, CO ML Lake Enterprises, LLC Parker, CO Monarch Realty, Inc. Gunnison, CO Tom and Therese Moncrief Fort Worth, TX Monty’s Auto Parts Gunnison, CO Mountaineer Electric Gunnison, CO Dale Myers Livermore, CA James Nauman San Diego, CA O’Hayre Dawson & Norris, P.C. Gunnison, CO OK401K, Inc. Oklahoma City, OK Bruce Otten Littleton, CO Oxbow General Partnership Gunnison, CO Parish Oil Company, Inc. Montrose, CO William T. Parr III Lanett, AL Phillip and Joan Perkins Pitkin, CO Greg Perkins Farmington, NM Pie Zan’s New York Pizzaria Gunnison, CO Gaar Potter Denver, CO QC1 Research Foundation Davenport, IA Lee Reed El Cajon, CA Bill Rex Golden, CO John and Cynthia Riesgo Tucson, AZ Gregg and Marilee Rippy Glenwood Springs, CO Rocky Mountain Frames and Trophies Gunnison, CO Bill and Eleanor Rusler Pueblo, CO Jarral and Anne Ryter Gunnison, CO Sherwin-Williams Gunnison, CO Shondeck Financial Services Gunnison, CO Melanie Smith Denver, CO Spallone Construction Gunnison, CO Sports World La Junta, CO Trenton Staley Parker, CO Anne Steinbeck Gunnison, CO Mark Stewart Parker, CO Richard and Joanie Todd Centennial, CO Robert and Betty Jo Todd Dickinson, ND Tomkins Corporation Foundation Denver, CO The Topper Foundation Farmington, NM Nancy Tredway Grand Junction, CO True Value Gunnison, CO Milton Voss Almont, CO Jim and Rachel Wallace La Junta, CO Gene West Foxfield, CO West Elk Mortgage, Inc. Gunnison, CO Jeff and Danna Wiepking Englewood, CO Wendall and Sharon Williams Littleton, CO Audrey Wilson Lakewood, CO Leland and Mary Wines Benicia, CA Peter Winograd Albuquerque, NM H. David Wright Double Oak, TX Western State Colorado University Extended Studies Gunnison, CO Western State Colorado University Music Program Gunnison, CO YSI Foundation, Inc. Yellow Springs, OH Nona Zahradka Gunnison, CO

The Partners’ Club

($750 to $999) Borah-Borah Petroleum, Inc. Casper, WY John Franzman Centennial, CO Peter and Nancy Gauss Gunnison, CO Hooks on Fitness Gunnison, CO Sue Knowles Gunnison, CO Geoffrey Kreusser Englewood, CO Debby McGlathery Arvada, CO Kevin and Patti Schwindt Evans, CO Vernile Williams Dewey, AZ

38 • Courageous Change

The Collegian’s Club ($500 to $749)

Anonymous - 1 Richard Allen Chevy Chase, MD Bob Arnold Gunnison, CO B. J. Kadrmas, Inc. Dickinson, ND Robert and Susan Beeken Fruita, CO David Beezley Cedaredge, CO William and Lori Bennett Denver, CO Berfield’s Stage Stop Gunnison, CO Gene Bower Tucson, AZ Tracy Click Huntsville, AL Judson and Betty Clifton Beaverton, OR J.P. and Julia Cockrill Marion, AR Carol Coon El Cerrito, CA Natalie Crawford Malibu, CA John Cunningham Colorado Springs, CO Cliff C. Davis Paonia, CO Ray Davis Dallas, TX Jerome and Donna Dayton Carpinteria, CA Nancy Ellen Dean Wales, AK George and Peggy Delaney Castle Rock, CO Betty Dennis Palm Springs, CA Thomas and Carrie Duits Brighton, CO Joe and Amy Engleman Gunnison, CO Dallas Everhart Fort Collins, CO Liz Fuller Gunnison, CO Lyle and Mary Gallivan Lakewood, CO David and Gudrun Gaskill Golden, CO Russell George and Neal George Rifle, CO Maria Gianaras Carbondale, CO Gunnison Valley Aviation Gunnison, CO Gunnison Valley Hospital Gunnison, CO Mervin Guy Colorado Springs, CO James Hahn Gunnison, CO Hair Repair II Gunnison, CO DeAnn Hanson Montrose, CO Darci Haueisen Thornton, CO Sheryl Hollingsworth Westminster, CO Bruce and Jane Humphries Greenville, DE Gina Keenan-Heepke Ft. Morgan, CO William and Patricia Kercher Lake Bluff, IL Joshua King Grand Junction, CO Kathleen Kinkema Gunnison, CO Carol Lee Denver, CO Charles Leonard and Elizabeth Adams Denver, CO Keith Longpre Gunnison, CO Paul and Sharel Martin Tomah, WI Margaret Masias Pueblo, CO John A. McClow Gunnison, CO Dale and Jodie McDonough Iowa Falls, IA Mark and Jackie McGlashan Broomfield, CO Bob and Shawn Meldrum Gunnison, CO Pat and Julie Murray Howe, TX Frank and June Nails Las Vegas, NV Mary Jane Neese Helotes, TX Dale and Donna Nielsen Gunnison, CO Heather Orr Gunnison, CO David and Jennifer Paddock Boulder, CO Tristan and Micah Paddock Boulder, CO Pederson and Howard, LLC Gunnison, CO Phyllis G. Knight Attorney at Law Denver, CO Scott and Linda Pickert Berthoud, CO Bonita Pilon and Richard Smith Nashville, TN Michael and Dawn Pollocoff Pleasant Prairie, WI Stanley and Patricia Pursley Lakewood, CO Randall V. Wheat Consulting, Inc. Denver, CO Bill Riffle and Ruann Ernst Los Altos Hills, CA John and Lois Roberts Grand Junction, CO Danny Rosen Fruita, CO Donald and Louise Schoening Yuma, AZ Seasons for Eagles Gunnison, CO Harold Seiff Almont, CO Tom and Anne Shrake Reno, NV

Leonard Silence Gunnison, CO James Smith Meadow, TX Lee and Polly Spann Gunnison, CO Virgil and Helen Stan Tucson, AZ Sean and Jennifer Stansberry Montrose, CO Gary and Muriel Swallow Rifle, CO Tomichi Tire - Towing Service Gunnison, CO Town of Mt. Crested Butte Mt. Crested Butte, CO The Turquoise Junction Gunnison, CO Villa Beaute’ Gunnison, CO John and Janet Walker Seattle, WA Wal-Mart Foundation Bentonville, AR Christopher Walsh Highlands Ranch, CO Pat and Amanda Weakland Fort Collins, CO Wells Fargo Education Matching Gifts Princeton, NJ C. L. and Rachel Werner Omaha, NE Western Colorado Community Foundation Grand Junction, CO Nell Whiting Gunnison, CO Henry Wollum and Donna Erk Montrose, CO

Marshall Wollum Cody, WY Laura Woodall Dallas, TX Darrick J. Zirker, DDS PC Gunnison, CO

The Crimson & Slate Club

($250 to $499) 1st Stop Gunnison, CO Tim and Wendy Albers Gunnison, CO Steven and Marsha Asheim Littleton, CO Auto Corral Gunnison, CO Grant Bayless Niwot, CO Paul and Sunny Becker Sonora, CA Jeremy Behling Steamboat Springs, CO Jack Bergey Lone Tree, CO Walter Borneman Estes Park, CO John and Rose Bravo Fort Lupton, CO Marques and Melissa Bravo Gunnison, CO David and Liz Burke Saint Louis, MO Bruce Byrd Fraser, CO John Call Farmers Branch, TX Shaun and Suzanne Carmody Colorado Springs, CO Donald and Billie Carpenter Center, CO Art Chalmers Louisville, KY Carl Clay Montrose, CO Preston Claybrook Lamar, CO Jane Ann Cobb Amdal Tulsa, OK Rob Coleman Cheyenne, WY Colorado Skin Care Gunnison, CO Sean and Julie Condon Peyton, CO Cool Fitness & Training, Inc. Santa Rosa, CA Gary Counterman Lochbuie, CO Tammie Knutson Craven Los Alamos, NM Dan Cress and Cindy McKee Gunnison, CO Critter Sitters Gunnison, CO

Dwane and Gina Dardis Montrose, CO Amy Davis Gunnison, CO Brian and Janice DeMoss Hernando, FL Tom and Carolyn Dennis Falcon, CO Desert Fastener Lafayette, CO Franklin and Hazel Dickey Searcy, AR Mark Diele Rocklin, CA Alan and Lynn Dotter Kerrville, TX Doug’s Handyman Service Sterling, CO Dale and Jill Dunbar Meeker, CO Jack Dunham and Jean Ernst Sequim, WA Lake Eakin Nashville, TN H. Boyd Edwards Stewartsville, NJ Scott and Holly Ehrlich Greeley, CO Ehrlich Vehicles, Inc. Greeley, CO Connie Elliott Trafalgar, IN Kyle Ellis Kiowa, CO Fred Emich III Scottsdale, AZ Chappin Everett Silt, CO Sandy Everett Silt, CO Robert and Mary Felsman Austin, TX

The Kroger Company Foundation Cincinnati, OH John Lake Boaz, AL Law Offices of Bradley S. Groselak Lemont, IL Jim Lazzeri Arvada, CO Edwin Lehrburger Denver, CO Zach Leigh Englewood, CO Glenn Mallory Grand Junction, CO Frank and Marnie Margos Salida, CO Todd Markley Cedaredge, CO Sarah Mattern Centennial, CO Thomas and Nicky McCallum Riverton, WY Maria McEwan Alexandria, VA George and Mary Ann McGuan Gary, IN David McKenney Houston, TX Stephen and Donna Meldrum Gunnison, CO Dick and Jana Minot Laguna Hills, CA Gaynelle Mize Colorado Springs, CO Dick and Karen Morgan Fort Collins, CO Paul Morgan Gunnison, CO Donald Morrow Larkspur, CO Mountain Surfaces Gunnison, CO

Mary Simon Grand Junction, CO Dennis and Joanne Snyder Pueblo, CO Melanie Sorenson Alexandria, VA Carolyn Summers Gunnison, CO Ronald and Kathleen Thomte Golden, CO Mike Thul Avon, CO John and Julie Tobin Highlands Ranch, CO Vast Explorer, Inc. Santa Maria Quest Provincetown, MA Jared Verner Gunnison, CO James Violett Denver, CO Candace Walker Fort Collins, CO Mike Wallace Seneca, SC Patrick Weakland Windsor, CO Mark and Ruth Welch Herndon, VA Terri Wenzlaff Gunnison, CO Barbara Wheeler Grand Junction, CO Gregory Widmar Downers Grove, IL Wildwood Casino Cripple Creek, CO Marilyn Wilgocki Downers Grove, IL The Windsor Gardener Windsor, CO

“Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go.”

–T. S. Eliot

Bradley Fergus Littleton, CO James Gazzoli Kenvil, NJ Jim Giesler Glen Ellyn, IL Mary-Lynn Goberis Golden, CO Mary Ellen Good Prescott, MI The Gunnison Bank Gunnison, CO Gunnison Glass Gunnison, CO Gunnison Real Estate & Rentals, LLC Gunnison, CO Gunnison Veterinary Clinic Gunnison, CO Gunsmoke Truck Stop Buena Vista, CO Roberta Harper Gunnison, CO Mark Harvey, Jr. Broomfield, CO Todd Holzwarth Winter Park, CO Jan and Katherine Horak Tofte, MN Duke Iverson Monmouth, OR J & W Agri Corporation Hazelton, ID Glen and Lynne Jammaron Glenwood Springs, CO Jeff Barnhart Gamebreaker SportsMoorpark, CA Jay and Thelma Jenkins Montrose, CO John and Laurie Jensch Orlando, FL John Murphy Millworks, LLC Erie, CO Ralph and Marilyn Johnson Gunnison, CO Wayne and Ann Johnson Montgomery, TX Barbara Kastellic Montrose, CO Keith Kicklighter Insurance Company Brunswick, GA Lissa Kelchner Phoenix, AZ Curtis Kennedy Salt Lake City, UT Joseph Kerr Greenwood Village, CO Kenneth Kimminau and Teri Hernandez Littleton, CO Ali and Victoria Kirtay San Diego, CA David and Gloria Kittelson Huntley, IL

Mountain Windows Gunnison, CO Patricia Mullin Pueblo, CO Pattison and Susan Murphey Weehawken, NJ Bill and Stephanie Niemi Crested Butte, CO Gilbert Noice Covington, GA Timothy and Courtnay Ozanne Batavia, IL William Pacioni Rochester Hills, MI William Pero Hayden, CO John and Colette Perusek Gunnison, CO Dan and Linda Pierce Colorado Springs, CO Gary and Shelly Pierson Gunnison, CO Jerry Piquette Gunnison, CO Pete and Janet Pisciotta Glendale, AZ Emile Pleau Richmond, CA James Pobrislo Greenwood Villlage, CO John Polich Arvada, CO Jack and Ruth Porter Cedaredge, CO Steven Powers Portland, OR Thomas and Shaunalee Prather Gunnison, CO Qualcomm Incorporated Princeton, NJ Joseph and Patricia Richmond Charlottesville, VA Alan and Marsha Rose Gunnison, CO Pamela Ruehrdanz Palm Desert, CA Robert Rusler Rocky Ford, CO Sandler Holdings, LLC Urbandale, IA Steve and Karla Schaefer Montrose, CO Spencer Schenk-Wasson Oakland, CA Patricia Schmucker Hotchkiss, CO H. Carlos Schoellhorn Denver, CO Michael Senter Buena Vista, CO Bret Shaw Greeley, CO Gary and Diana Sherman Gunnison, CO Shipp and Spear Builders Gunnison, CO George Sibley and Maryo Ewell Gunnison, CO

Gerald Wing Parker, CO Lisa Winter Colorado Springs, CO John Wolkowski Jewett City, CT Joe Wuebben Charlotte, NC Frank and Bonny Yaeger Salida, CO Frank Zanetell Gunnison, CO

The Cornerstone Club

($100 to $249) Anonymous - 5 3M Matching Gifts Program St. Paul, MN Richard J. Abato Great River, NY Karen Acierno Denver, CO Lois Adams Framingham, MA Seth Adams Gunnison, CO Barbara Aimone Kemmerer, WY Mike Aimone Gunnison, CO Kristi Akers Iola, TX Alamo Saloon Gunnison, CO Kevin Alexander Gunnison, CO Roger and Kathryn Alexander Cheyenne, WY Douglas and Janice Alfred Lakewood, CO Glen Alleman Longmont, CO Noel and Beverly Allen Surprise, AZ Ryan Allen Gunnison, CO Almont Resort Almont, CO Alpine Acupuncture, LTD Gunnison, CO Marlin and Caroline Amsberry Centennial, CO Joe Andenucio Pueblo, CO Janice Andrew Colorado Springs, CO Sydney and Wilma Andrews Independence, KS Juan and Maria Aparicio Gunnison, CO JoAnn Arai Brown Gunnison, CO Ardath Arfmann Portland, OR Courageous Change • 39

Andrew Arnold Prairie Village, KS Gene and Karen Arnold Park City, UT Joe and Tova Arnold Salt Lake City, UT Anne Ash Gunnison, CO Richard Badoian Kingwood, TX Darlene Bagley Denver, CO John Bailey Fort Collins, CO Walter and Virgina Bailey Kersey, CO Jaskaran Bains Gunnison, CO Mohan and Daljeet Bains Clovis, CA Mike Baldino Salida, CO David and Sharron Baldwin Gunnison, CO David and Patricia Balkenbush Fruita, CO Arland and Terri Ball Eaton, CO Roland and Verda Ball Briggsdale, CO Josh and Jennifer Barcher Dillon, CO James and Bonnie Baril Gunnison, CO John and Claudia Barkmeier Boulder,CO Christopher and Catherine Barnes Denver, CO Billy Barr Crested Butte, CO Bruce Bartleson & Deirdre Fotescu Gunnison, CO Dalton and Virginia Baysden Shelbyville, IN Steven and Susan Becic Portland, OR Craig Beebe Metairie, LA Brian Benson Hotchkiss, CO Jerry Beren Highlands Ranch, CO Camille Besse Gunnison, CO George and Joy Besse Gunnison, CO William and Rhonda Bever Grand Junction, CO Menon Billingsley Crested Butte, CO Mary Bird Hailey, ID Black Canyon Golf Club Montrose, CO Blackjack Construction, LLC Gunnison, CO Brian and Kelly Blackman Niwot, CO Ken and Shirley Blair Gunnison, CO Christopher Blakeslee Centennial, CO Lawrence and Annie Blatt Gunnison, CO Robert and Nancy Blose Wappingers Falls, NY Joseph and Ada Bommarito San Jose, CA Lorenzo Bonvicini Denver, CO Candi Borah Gunnison, CO Linda Borick Orinda, CA Christopher Bradford Gunnison, CO Phil and Marjorie Breyfogle Taunton, MN Bonnie Brown Broomfield, CO Karen Brown Salt Lake City, UT Larry Brown Logan, UT Mark and Laura Brown Lake Quivira, KS Jim Bruce Divide, CO Larry Buckendorf Greeley, CO John and Melinda Buckley Colorado Springs, CO Buff’s Collision Specialists Gunnison, CO Dale Bundy Casper, WY

James and Robyn Burns Cedar Park, TX John and Barbara Burritt Hotchkiss, CO Steven Burton Amarillo, TX Steven Bussey Littleton, CO Bypass Properties Natchitoches, LA Glenn and Leila Calkins Gunnison, CO Clay and Keely Campbell Lakewood, CO Leslie and Patricia Cappetta Leesburg, VA Daniel and Nancy Carlson Houston, TX Larry and Connie Carpenter Alamosa, CO Vicci Carricato Englewood, CO David Carter Colorado Springs, CO Richard and Josette Carter Gunnison, CO Tony Case Gunnison, CO Gary and Sandra Caton Bozeman, MT Lucille Caughron Sequim, WA Thomas and Evelyn Chaleki Fredericksburg, VA William and Linda Chambliss Gunnison, CO Reuben and Julie Chavez Lake Almanor, CA Mary Jo Chermak and Clair Chermak Hotchkiss, CO Ruth Cheskaty Grand Junction, CO Chevron Humankind Matching Gift Program Princeton, NJ Circus Train Gunnison, CO Clarke Agency Gunnison, CO Ritchie Clendenin Boulder, CO David Clifford Centennial, CO Codecon Lafayette, CO Randall Cole Denver, CO Don and Gena Coleman Montrose, CO Ken and Tracey Coleman Gunnison, CO Marta Coleman Gunnison, CO Wayne and Kelle Coleman Richmond, TX Kathleen Collins Lakewood, CO Colorado Specialities Gunnison, CO Community Church of Gunnison Gunnison, CO John and Kimberly Cona Monument, CO Mark and Mary Connelly Elmhurst, IL Douglas Cool Yorba Linda, CA Patricia Coolidge West Dover, VT Casey, Sarah and RC Coons Arvada, CO Douglas Cooper Lakewood, CO Bill and Jane Corn Gunnison, CO Steven Correa Centennial, CO John and Angela Correia Bossier City, LA Roger and Kay Cotton Gunnison, CO Lois Cotton Hotchkiss, CO Steven Craig Reno, NV Helen Creglow Rhinelander, WI Scott Cromwell Arvada, CO Kristine Curtis Fairfax, VA Curves of Gunnison Gunnison, CO Bruce and Sharon Custer Hoisington, KS

Richard Czernicki Broomfield, CO The D&L Hurt Family Trust Palisade, CO Edmund and Patricia Daley Arlington, VA Rachel Dando Gunnison, CO Carol Darland Wheat Ridge, CO Steven Daub C.A.S.A.C. Galway, NY John De Money Greeley, CO Richard and Mary Delaney Glen, NH Paul Delmonico and Renee Hackett Morrison, CO Patricia DeLong Thornton, CO Douglas Dennison Grand Junction, CO Paul Depp Broomfield, CO Donald Derham Slidell, LA Harley Deschene Aurora, CO Amy Dickens Boulder, CO Sid and Audrey Dickinson Gunnison, CO Donna Diederich Simi Valley, CA Mathew Diederich Marietta, GA Sam and Lucille Diele Merced, CA Dilley Ranch Austin, TX Tim and Jennifer Dix Sequim, WA Russell Dobson Cambridge, NE Peggy Dolson Dubuque, IA Randall and Peggy Dolson Dubuque, IA George Dombrowski Gunnison, CO Dick and Barbara Dorn Georgetown, CO Charles Dotts Gunnison, CO Drake Woods of Gunnison Gunnison, CO Richard and Francie Dreyer Dillon, CO Sally Duck Gunnison, CO Ann Duckett Grand Junction, CO Peter and Susan Dunda Almont, CO Jeffrey Dykes Ohio City, CO Eddie’s Barber Shop Gunnison, CO John Eddy Colorado Springs, CO William Edelman Sarasota, FL John and Jennifer Edmondson Gilbert, AZ Helen Edson and Kristin Edson State College, PA Thomas Egger Colorado Springs, CO William Elliott Grand Lake, CO Mark and Lisa Ellis Centennial, CO Donald and Jane Ellsworth Vancouver, WA Barbara Emich Tucson, AZ Daniel and Jane Emich Arvada, CO Fred and Barbara Emich Tucson, AZ Robert Engel Denver, CO Carrie Esquibel Gunnison, CO John and Betty Evans Buena Vista, CO Sandra Everett Arvada, CO Debra Fangmeier Kersey, CO Charlie Farnan Crested Butte, CO Beth Ferguson Woodstock, GA Jodie Ferguson Alabaster, AL

“I can’t understand why people are frightened of new ideas. I’m frightened of the old ones.”

-John Cage

40 • Courageous Change

Thomas and Victoria Ferrin Fort Collins, CO Spencer and Arlene Fickel Gunnison, CO Richard Fischer Highlands Ranch, CO Dean and Janet Fisher Duxbury, MA Larry and Linda Fitzsimons Morrison, CO Flatiron Sports Crested Butte, CO Doug and Eleanor Flynn Gunnison, CO John Fox Denver, CO Theresa Frank Seattle, WA Jon Frazier Fort Lupton, CO Pamela French Gunnison, CO Jean Friedlund Grand Junction, CO Vance Gale Colorado Springs, CO Rene Gallegos Aurora, CO Barbara Galvin Greeley, CO Dale and Donna Garrett Gunnison, CO Martha Gentry Gunnison, CO Richard and Goldie Gilbert Buena Vista, CO Doris Gonzales Mesa, AZ Nathan Good Novato, CA Susan Gore Gunnison, CO Bill Gorsuch San Diego, CA Jeffrey Gramlich Falmouth, ME Leroy and Lillian Grant Farmers Branch, TX Gregory Grebe Anchorage, AK Scott and Pam Greenly Kersey, CO Tyler and Jennifer Greenly Greeley, CO William Greer Colorado Springs, CO Robert and Rita Gribble Los Alamos, NM Terry Griffith Grand Junction, CO Buzz and Sharon Groom Cornell, IL Scott and Deanne Groom Gunnison, CO Gerald Groswold Winter Park, CO Matthew and Laura Grundler Allen, TX Juanita Guilmette Canon City, CO Gunnison Arts Center Gunnison, CO Gunnison Auto Glass, Inc. Gunnison, CO Gunnison Brewery Gunnison, CO Gunnison Country Shopper Gunnison, CO Gunnison Muffler Gunnison, CO Gunnison Shipping, LLC Gunnison, CO E. E. and Carolyn Gustafson Colorado Springs, CO Gus and Sue Gustafson Colorado Springs, CO Steven and Christina Gustafson Colorado Springs, CO H & H Towing and Auto Repair Gunnison, CO Edwin Haas Omaha, NE Daniel and Dianne Haberman Gunnison, CO Lucile Hadley Cortez, CO Jacqueline Haines-Bobbitt Colorado Springs, CO Paul and Jeanne Halamicek Reno, NV C. Hall Aurora, CO Hubert and Ellen Hall Centennial, CO

Katelynn Hall Gunnison, CO Keith and Linda Ham Caputa, SD Michael and Dixie Hammer Colorado Springs, CO Steve and Barbara Harn Woodstock, GA Jay and Marilyn Harris Redding, CA James and Theresa Hart Grapevine, TX Paul and Betty Hart Gunnison, CO Josh Hartner Gunnison, CO Kristopher Hartner and Susanna Gotsch Naperville, IL Marty and Maxine Hatcher Gunnison, CO Robert and Colleen Haven Louisville, CO Frances Haver San Antonio, TX Ginny Hayes Gunnison, CO Larry and Patty Hayes Thousand Oaks, CA Nancy Hazen San Ramon, CA Robert Heath Carmine, TX Ted and Linda Heath Omaha, NE Bruce Heller Durango, CO Robert and Patricia Heneage Driggs, ID Carol Herfort Summerland Key, FL Kenneth and Renee Herndon Arvada, CO Kevin and Caryn Hettler Newcastle, CO Donald Hickman Merrifield, MN Hi-Country Laundry West Gunnison, CO High Mark Electric Gunnison, CO Gene Hill Gunnison, CO Charles and Laura Hines Northglenn, CO Vallory Hitchcock Mesa, AZ David Hofer Belgrade, MT Henry and Carol Hoffman Lawrenceville, NJ Thomas Hogan Matthews, NC Brian Horton Orange, CA Chester and Patrice Horton Santa Ana, CA House of China Gunnison, CO Timothy and Christianna Howell Edwards, CO Roger and Mary Hudson Gunnison, CO Patricia Huebner River Forest, IL Thomas and Jeanette Huge Wildwood, MO Gary Hughes Dallas, TX Robbie Humble Casper, WY Joyce Hunt Highlands Ranch, CO Kent and Linda Ingram Littleton, CO Anthony and Geraldine Innocenti Victoria, TX Fred and Marie Iozzo Wayne, IL Casey Ives Littleton, CO J & J Motors, Inc. Trinidad, CO Russell and Jane Jackson Littleton, CO Janis Jacobs Creede, CO Howard Jaffe Consulting North Valley Stream, NY Jan’s Place Gunnison, CO Stephen Jaouen Greeley, CO JC Services, LLC Gunnison, CO John and Nancy Johnson Commack, NY Robert Johnson Lafayette, CO Kirk and Jennifer Johnston La Salle, CO Bea and Marvin Jones Pueblo, CO Emanuel and Betty Jones Culver City, GA Terry Jones Mira Loma, CA Virginia Jones Gunnison, CO Nicholas and Victoria Jonson Northglenn, CO JT Fitness, LLC Centennial, CO Richard and Pauline Juul Athens, GA Nicholas Karahalios Boulder, CO David Kaye Lakewood, CO Guy and Kathy Kemling Pueblo, CO Mark Kerr Tucson, AZ Hal and Dianne Kessler Edmond, OK Richard and Linda Kieffer Littleton, CO John Kiesel Arvada, CO David King Lone Tree, CO Shawn Kingery Bailey, CO Joseph Kinnison Gunnison, CO Pamela Klessig Reno, NV Leo and Judy Klinker Montrose, CO

Richard and Alicia Knowlton Denver, CO Doug and Marilyn Knuth Salt Lake City, UT Jennifer Kochanowski Louisville, CO Erin Boydstun-Kohler Colorado Springs, CO Robert Konrad Denver, CO Jerry and Arlene Kowal Gunnison, CO Sandra Kowalk-Thompson Lansing, MI Gordon Kranz Apple Valley, MN David Kriegman San Diego, CA Michael Kristie and Dawn Allan Benicia, CA Kroger Nashville, TN Steve and Connie Kruck Boone, IA David and Carol Kuhns Billings, MT Gary Kukla Bristol, IL La Bel Age Studio Gunnison, CO Reino and Arlene Lake Iron Mountain, MI Brian and Cheryl Laliberte Parker, CO Gary and Lisa Lankston Kansas, OK Terry Larson Creede, CO William and Linda Larson Windsor, CO Alan Leach Ft. Worth, TX Kelly Ledwith and Laura Shaw Gunnison, CO Lon and Jody Ledwith Huntington Beach, CA Richard Lent Concord, NH Robert Leonhardt Pine Bush, NY Kwok-Leung and Felice Li Bethesda, MD John Lichterman Memphis, TN Betty Light Gunnison, CO Roberta Lilly Washington, DC Terri L. Livermore Arvada, CO Roger and Pat Long Parker, CO Angelo and Lynette Loria Edwards, CO Kirk and Carolyn Lorimer Gunnison, CO Gregory Luning Chesterfield, MO Ronald and Barbara Mack Grand Junction, CO Betty Macleod Colorado Springs, CO Mark and Rita Macomber Issaquah, WA Jeffrey and Diana Madura Santa Rosa, CA Richard and JoAnne Malmgren Boulder, CO Jeanette Mann Dahlonega, GA David A. Marek Attorney at Law Paonia, CO Leon Margiotta Houston, TX Brad and Lisa Markley Olathe, CO Gene and Barbara Markley Olathe, CO Greg Markley Montrose, CO Lee Markley Olathe, CO Todd and Yvonne Marshall Gunnison, CO Pat Martelli Winchester, KY Kathy Martin Brighton, CO Terri Maruca Henderson, NV Steven Marusich Visalia, CA Robert Matarese Vail, CO Donald and Veronica May Arvada, CO Berger Mayne Yellow Springs, OH Susan McAlonan Englewood, CO Ann McBrierty Boxford, ME William McCabe Centennial, CO John McCarthy and Melanie Torpey Gunnison, CO Matt McChesney Centennial, CO Bruce McClintock Englewood, CO Lorella McCombs Delta, CO Garrett and Paula McConnell Stratton, CO Jim McDonald Gunnison, CO Ryan McDonough Gunnison, CO Blair McEndaffer Sterling, CO Bret and Tina McEndaffer Sterling, CO Britt McEndaffer Littleton, CO Tom and Michelle McGannon Oklahoma City, OK Wayne and Linda McGinn Pueblo, CO Leo and Joan McGrane Littleton, CO Keith and Penny McIntosh Tucson, AZ Thomas and Katherine McKinnell Centennial, CO John and Patricia McMahon Tulsa, OK Vicki McNamara Portland, OR David Meissner Fort Benton, MT Courageous Change • 41

Donald Pearl and Amy Jurgens San Tan Valley, AZ Dennis Pearson Canon City, CO Boyd and Sharalee Pederson Gunnison, CO Craig Peterson, DVM Pekin, IL Gary and Carolyn Peyton Lamar, CO Pinnacle Meat Company Santa Fe, NM Angelo and Karen Pinterpe Peyton, CO William and Norene Piquette La Junta, CO James and Toni Pleau Lake Almanor, CA Zachary Ploen Englewood, CO Stan Poladsky Denver, CO Lisa Pope Moorpark, CA

Richard and Julie Ruybal La Jara, CO Stephanie Ruybal and Karen Ast Gunnison, CO Matthew and Susan Sakurada Sanford, NC Patricia Salisbury Brush, CO Donald and Dorothy Sammons Gunnison, CO San Antonio Area Foundation San Antonio, TX T. J. Sands & Associates, Inc. Las Vegas, NV Susan Sandstrom Aurora, CO Santiago’s Mexican Restaurant Johnstown, CO Greg and Linda Schick Pagosa Springs, CO Thomas Schirmer Fort Collins, CO James and Karen Schlaich Bend, OR

“A great wind is blowing, and that gives you either imagination or a headache.”

-Peter Drucker

Phyllis Mercer Denton, TX Alvaro and Lucy Mestre Union City, CA Helmut and Susan Metzler Pitkin, CO Ronald and Katherine Meyer Gunnison, CO C. J. and Anne Miller Gunnison, CO J. Bart and Carol Miller Atlanta, GA Miller Furniture Gunnison, CO Don and Tia Mills Arvada, CO John Milutin Houston, TX Mission Spark, LLC Denver, CO MMC Matching Gifts Program Princeton, NJ Patricia Mock Canon City, CO James Montgomery Gunnison, CO Sidney and Michele Montoya Lakewood, CO Ellen Morgan Middleton, ID Ellen Morrison Sequim, WA Timm and Kathleen Morrison Boulder, CO Matthew and Mary Ellen Moschetti Huntington Beach, CA Frank Motal Victoria, TX S. J. and M. S. Motal Victoria, TX Mountain Valley Distributors, Inc. Gunnison, CO Christine Mueller Columbia, MO Annabeth Murray Ralston, OK Mike Murray Ralston, OK Joe and Katherine Nance Gunnison, CO Jacklyn Neill Gunnison, CO Douglas and Julee Nelson Gunnison, CO Samuel and Karen Nelson Colorado Springs, CO Heidi Nesbitt and Wanda Beatty Albuquerque, NM Philip Newberry Grand Junction, CO John Newman Aurora, CO Scott and Monica Newman Gunnison, CO Craig Nichols Colorado Springs, CO Oren and Rosemary Nicholson Sterling, CO Richard Noblet Larned, KS Paul and Lily Oeffler Evergreen, CO Lars Olstad Gdovik Joshua and Denise Ordonez Pomona, CA Dominic and Jane Ornella Durango, CO O’Rourke & Sons, Inc. Westhampton Beach, NY Chris and Nancy Osmundson Crested Butte, CO William and Gail Palmer Rangely, CO Panoview Subdivision Graham Family Gunnison, CO Sue Parks Highlands Ranch, CO Robert Paulsen Gunnison, CO 42 • Courageous Change

John Pounder Monument, CO Precision Automotive Gunnison, CO Professional Business Solutions of Western Colorado Grand Junction, CO Lynette Proffitt Lake Oswego, OR Tim and Jerri Puralewski Gunnison, CO Howard and Judi Purdy Canon City, CO Queen City Glass Company Palm Springs, CA Quick Draw Carpet Cleaning Gunnison, CO Virginia Rankin Florence, CO Raymond James Financial Services, Inc. Gunnison, CO Sasha Rearick Francis, UT William Reed Victorville, CA Gail Reeves Milford, OH Edward and Dorothy Reichle Gunnison, CO Paul and Dorothy Reid Gunnison, CO Jean Reitze Walnut Creek, CA Alexander Rende Pelham, NY Rob and Marie Renner Colorado Springs, CO La Verne and Doreen Rettig San Jose, CA Frances Reynolds Lakewood, CO Frank Reynolds Chicago, IL Gary and Ginger Richardson Evans, GA Kathryn Richardson Council Bluffs, IA Neel Richardson Georgetown, TX Rio Grande Distribution Sales, Inc. El Paso, TX Hurl and Marilyn Risner Colorado Springs, CO Alexander and Dianna Rivas Cambridge, NY Berna Rizer Pueblo, CO David and Blanche Roberts Montrose, CO Tim and Holly Roberts Colorado Springs, CO Cynthia Carter Robey Carol Stream, IL Chad Robinson Gunnison, CO Rocky Mountain Trees and Landscaping, Inc. Crested Butte, CO David Roembach Santa Fe, NM Craig and Fawnda Rogers Placerville, CO Roger A. Rolfe Family Philanthropic Fund Tampa, FL Peter and Susan Romano Quincy, WA Romero Drywall Gunnison, CO Albert and Angela Roper Gunnison, CO Allen and Melody Roper Gunnison, CO Jon and Sarah Rosas Green River, WY Nancy Ruehle Gunnison, CO James Russell Landenberg, PA

Paul and Sharon Schlegel Gunnison, CO Jan and Janet Schmidt Pueblo West, CO Ardie Schoeninger Aurora, CO Raymond and Nancy C. Scholes Seven Hills, OH Bradley Schroeder Whitefish Bay, WI Ray and Dee Schumacher Naperville, IL James and Kathleen Schumacker Webster Groves, MO Schuppe Hay Farms, LLC Iliff, CO William and Janey Scott Gunnison, CO Sears/KMR Enterprises Cody, WY Monique Serra Grand Junction, CO Patrick and Kathleen Shelton Marengo, IL Burton Shepherd St. Augustine, FL Rebecca Mathis Sickles Highlands Ranch, CO Don and Anna Silva Vista, CA Sarbjit and Gursharan Singh Clovis, CA Eric Skeen Mortgage Review, LLC Parker, CO Skjei Telecom Falls Church, VA Pat Smart Arvada, CO Timothy and Claudia Smiley Arvada, CO Jim and Debra Smith Golden, CO Brian Smith Arlington, TX Chris and Debbi Smith Massillon, OH Debora Smith Kim, CO Edward Smith Thornton, CO Kenneth Smith Ephrata, PA Roger and Anne Smith Littleton, CO Thomas and Catherine Smits Montrose, CO Hubert Snyder Grand Junction, CO Robert and Lucille Snyder Wheat Ridge, CO Specialty Industrial Chemcial Cumming, GA Donna Spier Brighton, CO Travis Spore Tucson, AZ Dennis and Cheelone Spritzer Gunnison, CO Donald Spritzer Missoula, MT Jim and Linda Squirrell Cimarron, CO John and Erika Stahlberg Camarillo, CA Catherine Stansberry The Woodlands, TX Curtis Starkebaum Littleton, CO Richard Starr Eagle, ID State Farm Companies Foundation Princeton, NJ State Farm Insurance Agency, Inc. Gunnison, CO Mark and Kathleen Staub Eden, NY Keith and Mickey Stegall Leadville, CO Gerry Steinhagen Greenwood, IN Marcella Stelzer Colorado Springs, CO

James Stevenson Salem, OR Stanley Stewart Beaufort, SC Ronald Stoneburner Grand Junction, CO George and Caroline Stowell Gunnison, CO Cathy Strange Lafayette, CO Gerald and Audrey Strekal Medford, NJ Sue’s Place Gunnison, CO Richard Sullivan San Rafael, CA Sunshine Apartments Gunnison, CO Joseph and Lynn Sweeney Fort Collins, CO Donald Sweetkind Golden, CO Mark and Tina Swift Gunnison, CO

William and Carolyn Swift Amherst, NH Peter and Molly Sysum Bothell, WA Ray and Loretta Szallar Gunnison, CO George Takao Torrance, CA F. Doug Taylor Winnemucca, NV TD CO Gunnison, CO Lynette Tellez Evans, CO Treva Teskey Fruita, CO Royan and Lindsay Thaxton Detroit, MI Christopher and Pamela Theisen Dubuque, IA Michael Thiel Lakewood, CO Timothy and Katherine Throckmorton Kintnersville, PA Jerry Tincani Aurora, CO Today Realty Gunnison, CO Adam Tormey Edwards, CO Gary and Mary Townsend Colorado City, CO Traders Rendezvous Gunnison, CO Bob and Edna Trammell Drury, MO Treads ‘N’ Threads Gunnison, CO Trokel, Inc. Thornton, CO Harry Truitt Franktown, CO Ernest and Judy Trujillo Hutchinson, KS Gary and Pam Tucker Colorado Springs, CO Kevin and Tammy Tucker Carbondale, CO James Tully Littleton, CO Carl and Janice Turnquist Concord, MA Edith Tuttle-Gutowski Pontiac, MI Robert Twiddy Centennial, CO Twisted Fork Gunnison, CO Julius Uhrlaub Littleton, CO Vaden Law Firm, LLC Denver, CO Miles and Tonya Van Hee Gunnison, CO Ralph Vavak Cortez, CO Linda Vest Yucca Valley, CA Victorian Inn Ouray, CO Shirley Vidmar Kingsport, TN Michael Vieregge Gunnison, CO Jan Visintainer Reston, VA Peter Vollmer Lakewood, CO Gregory Warneke Denver, CO Carson and Roberta Warrix Lexington, KY Robert and JoAnn Watson Littleton, CO James and Carol Weaver Chula Vista, CA Jack and Mary Weir Centennial, CO Judith Weiss Fountain Valley, CA Duane Weisshaar Sioux Falls, SD

Emory and Merillat Wellman Scottsdale, AZ James Welsh Aiken, SC Jonathan Wente Denver, CO Dan and Kristy Weprin Lafayette, CO Western Slope Fire and Safety Gunnison, CO Western Slope Garage Door Gunnison, CO Western Wildflowers Gunnison, CO Edgeworth Westwater Boulder, CO Donald and Gwendolyn Wheatlake Thornton, CO John White Pompano Beach, FL Scott and Karen White Parker, CO Bonnie Wilcox Belleville, WI Wildwood Motel Gunnison, CO Tom Williams and Nancy Williams Fairplay, CO Troy Williams Richmond, TX Richard and Tina Wilson Highlands Ranch, CO Herbert and Carleene Wimberly Las Cruces, NM Joe and Sheila Winegardner Northfield, MN Doug and Jean Winter Conifer, CO Douglas Winter Conifer, CO Douglas Winter Marshall, IL Sharon Withrow Aurora, CO Carrie Woods St. George, VA Karen Woodyard Colorado Springs, CO James and Cori Woytek Gunnison, CO Steven Wyman San Clemente, CA Yale Commercial Rental Account Gunnison, CO James and Patricia Yolda, Jr. Warrenton, VA Iva Jean Young Bryan, OH Michael and Wendy Zerr Denver, CO Sherwood Zimmerman Tucson, AZ Margaret Zwirbla Kemmerer, WY

Founding Club

($191.10) (This Club is a one-time giving level to celebrate the year of Western’s first classes held in 1911.) Roy Cunnyngham Taos, NM Bill Dwyer Minneapolis, KS Renee Fugere Grand Junction, CO Lewis and Kathryn Greenlee Denver, CO Gerald Harding and Claudia Udd Cedaredge, CO Stephen Hill Ridgway, CO Kay Hunsaker Chino, CA Kay Hunsaker Lakewood, CO David Knipping Eagle, ID Keith and Donna McCoy Tyler, TX Charles and Deanna McGee Oklahoma City, OK Gary McKinster Castle Rock, CO Wilson Morris Georgetown, TX Gilbert Munoz Colorado Springs, CO Wesley Strain Las Cruces, NM W. D. and Paula Thompson Charlottesville, VA Kent Wilken Newport Beach, CA Ed and Ruth Woytek Lakewood, CO

The Commencement Club

($1 to $99) Anonymous - 2 Accurate Electronics Lafayette, CO Yayoi Adams Colorado Springs, CO Tara Adis Castle Rock, CO Florentino Aguilar Baldwin Park, CA Dennis and Kathleen Ahonen Temperance, MI Todd Aksamit Omaha, NE James and Janie Allen Pottsboro, TX Robert and Amanda Allen Nacogdoches, TX Thomas Allen Meeker, CO Shawn and Buffy Allred Cody, WY Chris Andrian Santa Rosa, CA Anne Anthony Anchorage, AK Carla Apodaca Pueblo, CO Appraisal Alliance of Merced Merced, CA Paul and Judith Archambeau Santa Rosa, CA

Sheri Archer Upland, CA Jesse and Marta Arellano Bishop, CA ASAP Appraisals, Inc. /Wildcat Homes, Inc. Aurora, CO Aspen Plastics Highlands Ranch, CO Karen Ast Gunnison, CO James and Cathy Atkinson Westminster, CO Piper Aune Fort Collins, CO Gay Austin Gunnison, CO Gregory Austin Gunnison, CO Jeremy Bailey Scottsdale, AZ Harold Baker Aurora, CO Gerald and Annetta Banegas and Alyson Banegas Las Cruces, NM Jerry and Maryellen Banks Overland Park, KS Dennis and Christi Barela Aurora, CO Jose and Lucille Barela Colorado Springs, CO Timothy and Rhonda Barela San Antonio, TX Jesse and Mary Barge Saint Louis, MO Bob and Cheryl Barker The Woodlands, TX Steven Barnett Louisville, CO Donna Barnhart Chatsworth, CA Julie Barnhart Burbank, CA Edward and Leann Barnwell Jay, OK John and Patricia Barolak Creve Coeur, MO Edward and Carissa Basquez Thornton, CO Thomas and Robin Becic Portland, OR George Beck,DDS Pueblo, CO John Becker Bennett, CO Daniel Beebe Littleton, CO Patricia Beierl Denver, CO Theresa Belich Westminster, CO Thomas and Carla Bennett Gunnison, CO Mary Jo Bennetts Buena Vista, CO Keith and Brenda Bense Saint Peter, MN Berakah, LLC Colorado Springs, CO Bryan and Dawn Bernhard Fort Lupton, CO Gimo Berry Ft. Smith, AR Craig Billings Aurora, CO Irvin and Madalyn Bindel Montrose, CO Laurie Bisel Elbert, CO Phil Bissell Northglenn, CO David and Robin Black Littleton, CO Peter and Linda Blake Thornton, CO Richard Blake Amado, AZ C. Blamires Healdsburg, CA Patricia Blatus Vero Beach, FL John and Charla Blizzard Gypsum, CO Wayne BoBo Aurora, CO Boeing c/o Cybergrants Andover, ME Charles Bolger Arvada, CO Carl and Janet Bollinger Olathe, CO Joseph and Bridget Bollinger Montrose, CO Eric Booton Gunnison, CO Dale and Gloria Boresen Fort Collins, CO Joseph and Tamara Boyd Parker, CO R. A. and M. A. Brazil Pueblo, CO Brianne Brennan Grand Junction, CO Brenner Family Trust Clovis, CA Paul and Nancy Breton Wheatridge, CO Edmond Bridewell Grand Chain, IL Barbara Briggs Almont, CO Abron and Rebecca Brown Denver, CO Bobbi Brown Montrose, CO Carol Brown Greeley, CO Jerry and Sandra Brown Panama City, FL Kenneth and Wanda Brown Morgan Hill, CA Larry and Barbara Brown Sun Valley, NV Robert Brown Dumfries, VA William and Margaret Brunner Arvada, CO BT Insurance & Financial Services Parker, CO Gregory and Catherine Buchanan Denver, CO Gerald and Mary Ann Buckhouse Bonner, MT Christopher Burke Gilbert, AZ Robert and Janice Bush Centennial, CO Courageous Change • 43

W. H. and Barbara Bush Montrose, CO James M. Byrom Grand Junction, CO Eleanor Caceres Colorado Springs, CO Manuel and Elizabeth Caceres Redwood City, CA Kari Cadwell Nisswa, MN Bruce and Carolyn Cady Grand Junction, CO Leon and Jean Campbell Argyle, TX Philip Cantrell Aurora, CO Steven and Kathleen Caria Redding, CA Michael Carlson Loveland, CO Mark and Mary Carrick Manteca, CA Daniel and Karen Carter Elizabeth, CO Norma Carter Greeley, CO James and Barbara Casey Durango, CO Robert and Catherine Celardo Moorpark, CA Ernestine Chaleki Mineral, VA Donald and B. Jill Chambers Owosso, MI Barbara Chandler Austin, TX James Chandler Austin, TX Hap and Narcissa Channell Gunnison, CO Ronald and Wendi Chapin Platteville, CO Nick and Ann Charchalis Craig, CO Larry and Patty Chartier Brush, CO Robin and Sandra Cherp Grand Junction, CO Sarah Chumbley Lubbock, TX Willard Clapper Basalt, CO Elizabeth Clark Eaton, CO Howard and Susan Clark Alexandria, VA Fran Clayton Southside, AL Richard Clayton Rainbow City, AL Richie Clayton Gadsden, AL Larry and Sandra Cleveland Broomfield, CO Chris and Angela Cline Elizabeth, CO Kelly Cline Colorado Springs, CO Leonard and Marlene Cline Colorado City, CO Marilyn Coca Grand Junction, CO Betty Coffer Kerrville, TX B. A. and T. S. Coffey Douglas, WY Michael Coisman Belvidere, IL Tristan and Sarah Colborg Thornton, CO Barbara Cole Colorado Springs, CO Carol Collins Crested Butte, CO Marsha Collins Gunnison, CO W. and Donna Conklin Merlin, OR Lauren Connon Thornton, CO G. and Sherilyn Cook Springfield, MO Scott Cooper Erie, CO Colleen Cope Fort Collins, CO Alysha Cordon Falcon, CO Ryan and Nikki Corn Olathe, CO Shirley Cotton Crawford, CO Judith Cowan Colorado Springs, CO Robert Crabtree Burleson, TX Michael Crawford Frisco, CO Crested Butte Old Town Inn, LLC Crested Butte, CO Phil and Janet Crossley Gunnison, CO Brad and Pat Crow Windom, MN Lynn and Michaele Cunningham Johnstown, CO Tom and Diane Cwik La Canada Flintridge, CA Edmund K. Daley III Arlington, VA

44 • Courageous Change

Katie Dallarosa Tuttle, OK Darrell and Mary Ann Dalrymple Hazelton, ID Frances Davis Compton, CA Rebecca Davis Northglenn, CO Satsuki Day and Theresa Kitazono Colorado Springs, CO Richard and Marie Dean Surprise, AZ Jean Decker Gunnison, CO J. T. Dejaynes Wheat Ridge, CO John and Norma Delmonico Arvada, CO John and Debbie Deluca Pueblo West, CO Tasshi Dennis Boulder, CO John Dill Erie, CO Jim and De An Dillard Eaton, CO Charles and Patricia Dionisio Pueblo, CO Joseph and Geraldine Ditirro Westminister, CO Mark and Julie Divich Colorado Springs, CO Terry Doherty Hayden, CO Timothy and Margaret Dolson Dubuque, IA Melinda Doss Thornton, CO Hunter Douglas Window Fashions, Inc. Broomfield, CO Gary and Shauna Doven Bailey, CO Amelia Drew Sheboygan, WI Jim Dryden Fort Collins, CO Jennifer Dutton Rock Springs, WY Patricia Eaton Colorado Springs, CO Donald and Susanne Edrington Lakewood, CO Gayla Edwards Columbus, OH Gregory and Loraine Ehlinger West, TX John and Cindy Ehmke Canon City, CO George Eidinger Las Animas, CO The Ellerman Family Arlington, VA Michelle Ellington Lakewood, CO Jeffrey and Janice Elliott Denver, CO Fred and Alexis Emich Denver, CO Thomas Emich Tucson, AZ Karen Engebretson Morrison, CO Deborah Ennis Colorado Springs, CO B. K. and T. L. Enns Pleasanton, CA Enviro-Scapes Parker, CO Roger and Lila Jean Escheman Alamosa, CO Patricia Eskoz Castle Rock, CO Robert Estes Westminster, CO Angela Evans Colorado Springs, CO John and Heidi Evans Arvada, CO Fred and Barbara Everett Silt, CO Elexia Fairley Omaha, NE Family Chiropractic Clinic, P.C. Longmont, CO Keith Farnsworth Powderhorn, CO John Fasciani Littleton, CO G. L. and L. M. Fencl Blue Springs, MO Layne Fendee Las Vegas, NV Wendy Fenton Durango, CO Forrest and Helen Fetsch Park Ridge, IL Jon and Julie Feuerbach Colorado Springs, CO Gerald Fister Westminster, CO Christopher and Janet Flanders Hickory, NC Tyler Fleck Gunnison, CO Robert and Karen Fletcher Raleigh, NC Sue Fonda Boulder, CO Marian Forbes Fort Morgan, CO Donald and Laura Forest Centennial, CO Mary Forest Westland, MI Craig and Lili Foster Malibu, CA Four Corners Restoration Dolores, CO Barbara Frase Peoria, IL Dennis and Tami Fraser Gunnison, CO Curtis Frazee Amarillo, TX Eric Freeberg Omaha, NE Gil and Alice Fuld Keene, NH William and Lola Funke Fort Collins, CO William and Rudilee Gabel Colorado Springs, CO Steven and Kathlyne Gaber Montrose, CO Samuel and Catherine Gallinger Walnut Creek, CA

Thomas and Janelle Garber Carthage, MO John and Natasha Garver Limon, CO Pierre and Jamie Gaudion Dover-Foxcroft, ME J. T. and S. E. Gauthier Fayston, VT Paul and Lori Gearhardt Hagerstown, IN Anthony and Barbara Gentile Salida, CO Geometrics San Jose, CA Michael George Gunnison, CO Peter Gerum Littleton, CO John Giacoma, Jr. Gilbert, AZ Abigail Gibney Bradford, RI George Gibson Lincoln, NE Mark and Marylee Giese Canby, MN Charlene Gifford Eads, CO Olive Gifford Gunnison, CO Paul and Lynne Gilles San Rafael, CA Dino and Phyllis Gius Colorado Springs, CO Russell and Angela Gius Pueblo, CO Gary Glaze Gunnison, CO Matthew and Mary Beth Glowczewski Alamosa, CO Karen Goetz Aurora, CO David Goetzman Alamosa, CO Gordon and Lorraine Golightly Walsenburg, CO Jesse and Kathy Golightly Littleton, CO Michael and Dianne Gonzer Englewood, CO Ronald and Lynette Goodrich Pueblo, CO David and Linda Gore Colleyville, TX David Gossage and Mary Hammond Grand Junction, CO David and Lynn Gottmann Stratton, CO Zeta Graham Gunnison, CO Karl and Susan Grant Evergreen, CO Liam Grant Ketchum, ID William Grasmick Lamar, CO Bruce and Joyce Grauberger Loveland, CO Dennis and Kristi Green Castle Rock, CO Clea Greenawalt Gunnison, CO Duane and Laurel Greenfield Pueblo West, CO Doyle and Ethel Greenly Greeley, CO Keith and Ellen Gregory Richland, MI Monte Griffith Clifton, CO Priscilla Grossman Crosslake, MN Thor and Twyla Groswold Montrose, CO Gustavo Guerra Sussex, WI Guerrieri Land & Cattle, Inc. Gunnison, CO Gunnison County Abstract Company Gunnison, CO Carrie Guy Calhan, CO Hadford Home Construction Rollinsville, CO Delia Haefeli Greeley, CO Michael and Deanna Hafner Hygiene, CO Mark and Kathryn Haidet New Brighton, MN Kim Halbmaier Hastings, NE Chinele Hall Aurora, CO Donna Hall Longmont, CO Jeni Hall Ammon, ID Kaye Hallinan Pocatello, ID Laura Hamilton Garden City, NY Thomas and Jeanne Harbison Adel, IA V. Richard Haro and Anne Sipes Fort Collins, CO Terri Harrington Aurora, CO Mary Harvey Lakewood, CO Glena Haskin Center, CO Rolland Haun St. Louis, MO Kevin and Denise Hawkins Littleton, CO Ronald and Janet Hayes Hideaway, TX Gwendolyn Hayeslip Cranberry, TWPPA Doug and Shannon Hazzard New Castle, CO Health Care Strategies, LLC Pine, CO Healthy Smiles Gunnison, CO Fritz Heckel Ossipee, NH Kenneth and Sharon Heinrich Denver, CO George and Candice Hekowczyk Greeley, CO Grace Helms Alamosa, CO

Richard and Kristi Helzer Greeley, CO Kenneth Henry Gunnison, CO Lee and Jill Henton Centennial, CO Arleen Hernesmaa Milwaukie, OR Donald and Cindy Hicks Littleton, CO High Country Gardens, Inc. Hotchkiss, CO High Time Tanks Olathe, CO Richard Hime Pueblo, CO Mary Himens Champaign, IL Gary Hirsch Fort Collins, CO John and Brenda Hishinuma Milliken, CO Jeffery Hobby Canon City, CO Carol Hogsett Santa Fe, NM Kurt Hoines-Brumback Olympia, WA Joseph and Cheryl Hokit Abbott, TX Will Holabird Littleton, CO Donald Holt Paonia, CO Randy and Jean Horning Longmont, CO James and Jenny Huebner Lafayette, CO Margaret Huebner Forest Park, IL Peter Huebner and Laura Dowdle Michigan City, IN Steven and Marlene Hueske Hudson, CO Gary and Barbara Hughey West Branch, MI Bill and Margo Humenczuk Shawnee Mission, KS Karen Hurd Crest Hill, IL Lon and Margaret Hurley Greeley, CO Horace and Lavada Hymes Little Rock, AR Charles and Joye Ingram Thornton, CO Iola Inloes Redlands, CA Wayne and Debbie Innocenti Victoria, TX Beth Isaacs Superior, CO Curt and Katina Isenbart Stratton, CO John Jaakkola Wakefield, MI Edgar Jackson Mary Esther, FL Scott and Sandra Jackson Gunnison, CO Joe Jazinski Denver, CO Erik and Brook Jelinek Littleton, CO Harvey and Bobbie Jensen Cedar City, UT Chad and Nicole Jessen Redfield, SD Gloria Jimenez Bishop, CA Bradley and Perri Joens Kersey, CO Hal Johns Denver, CO Bernice Johnson Benton Harbor, MI

Bonnie Johnson Colorado Springs, CO Janet Johnson Grand Junction, CO Kristen Johnson Berthoud, CO Kristine Johnson Tucson, AZ Marcia Johnson Boulder, CO Zachary Johnson Lakewood, CO Pamela Johnston Gunnison, CO Troy and Kathleen Jole Montrose, CO Paul Bryan Jones Taos, NM Richard and Sandra Karas Gunnison, CO Nancy Keane Rancho Santa Margarita, CA William Keating Cedaredge, CO Gary and Elizabeth Keiser Crested Butte, CO Kris and Helen Keith Longmont, CO Ruth Keller Pearland, TX Mary Kelly Alexandria, VA Mickey and Rosann Kelly Burneyville, OK Bernard and Delaine Kennedy Dubuque, IA Patrick and Carol Kennedy Gunnison, CO Susan Kern Boulder Junction, WI Dan and Beth Keyes Kettering, OH Miles and Ann Kiley Benton, WI Robert Kirby Walnut Creek, CA Mark and Linda Kirchhofer Centennial, CO Richard and Sharon Klain Colorado Springs, CO Richard Kleppin Cudahy, WI Theodore Klinka Winnetka, IL Susan Klinsing Buena Vista, CO Sam Knecht Wichita, KS John and Kimberly Knight Fort Collins, CO Bruce Kolacny Loveland, CO Bruce Kolisek Grand Junction, CO Caron Koll Marcellus, NY Kenneth and Kathleen Konash Albuquerque, NM Frederick Kooker Honolulu, HI Anne Korstvedt-Martinez and Joe Martinez Glade Park, CO Thomas and Kathryn Kostelecky Littleton, CO Billy Krall Almont, CO Paul and Kathleen Krayna Eden, NY Taylor Kreis Longmont, CO Joseph Kropf Centennial, CO Matthew and Rebecca Krysl Omaha, NE Ronald and Dee Ann Krysl Atkinson, NE

“Every organization must be prepared to abandon everything it does to survive in the future.”

–Peter Drucker

Susan Kuhl Thornton, CO Kendall Kunitake Glenwood Springs, CO Michael Kusar Perry, GA Larry Kutchar Sterling, CO Doris Kutz Alexandria, MN Jeff and Kally Jo Kutz Alexandria, MN Kathryn Lacey Green Bay, WI Charles and Patricia Lachman Sebastolpol, CA Michael and Margaret Lafferty Viola, KS Michael and Susan Lanis Cinnaminson, NJ Lee Lanzen Durango, CO Craig Larimer Colorado Springs, CO Greg and Kristi Larsen Littleton, CO Mark and Emma-Leigh Larsen Fruita, CO Robert and Norma Jean Larson Casey, IA Scott and Amy Lebon Frederick, CO Allen and Teresa Lebsack Loveland, CO Edward Lee Castle Rock, CO Left Hand Custom Carpentry, Inc. Boulder, CO Linda Lehrer Longmont, CO Adam and Kristina Lewis Denver, CO John Leyba Denver, CO Richard and Morgan Light Santa Fe, NM R. E. and Betty Lightbody Gunnison, CO Kari Linker Brush, CO Phillip and Alison Linnert Rockwall, TX Bobby Litsey Boulder, CO D. Kent Lloyd Gladstone, OR Larry and Andrea Lockwood Colorado Springs, CO Robert Loewe Salida, CO Joe and Troas Long Gunnison, CO Michael Lopour Colorado Springs, CO Barbara Loustalet Aurora, CO Vanni Lowdenslager Gunnison, CO Emily Luchetta Denver, CO Don Luhring Crested Butte, CO Lane and Arlene Lunasco Lynwood, WA Lydia Lunasco and Corinne Cambonga Waialua, HI Vivian Lutschg Lancaster, CA Shirley Madison Ukiah, CA Mardell Studios Arvada, CO Gerald and Toni Mariani Lafayette, CO Laura and J Marrs Kersey, CO Greg Martelli Winchester, KY Richard and Katherine Marx Colorado Springs, CO Ernest and Mary Beth Maschner Broomfield, CO Robert Massard Wellesley Hills, MA David and Marjorie Mateer Niwot, CO Ralph and Patricia Mathena Loveland, CO William and Margaret May Norfolk, VA Peter and Linda Mayer Leesburg, FL John and Johanna Mazur Franklin Park, IL Thomas and Fenela Mazur Flower Mound, TX Janet McDonald Lake City, CO Craig and Karen McBreen Aurora, CO Brendon and Dana McCall Alpharetta, GA Michael McCarthy Twin Falls, ID Florence McConnell Stratton, CO Robert and Sue McCulloch Montrose, CO Robert and Arlene McGarvin Austin, CO

Courageous Change • 45

Caitlin McGinn Pueblo, CO Kevin and Victoria McGinn Las Vegas, NV Janet McIntosh Colorado Springs, CO John McIntosh Falcon, CO Michelle McIntosh Pueblo, CO Don and Marian McLaurin Hot Springs Village, AR Pamela McVay Arvada, CO Kristine McWilliams Aurora, CO Delphine Mead Alamosa, CO Robert and Rhonda Mead Nixa, MO Jensen Meier Gunnison, CO Joseph Mendicino Pueblo West, CO Vickie Merrick Minneapolis, MN Dwayne and Gwen Mertz Littleton, CO Janette Metroz Parlin, CO John Meyer Denver, CO John and Anne Meyer Lansdale, PA Junior Micheal Phoenix, AZ Patricia Miklos Arvada, CO Bryan and Carla Milburn Arriba, CO Leland and Peggy Miles Klamath Falls, OR Matthew and Kathleen Miles Arlington Heights, IL Dale Miller Colorado Springs, CO Edna Hall Miller Grand Junction, CO Kenneth and Jean Miller Amherst, NH Oral Miller Casper, WY Ralph Miller Montrose, CO Robert and Bernadette Mirelez Denver, CO Dan and Lynda Mistrot Pace, FL M. K. and K. A. Mock Aurora, CO John Molello Pueblo West, CO William and Joann Mondt Eaton, CO Max and Chanda Monroe Aurora, CO Jim and Susan Moody Muldoon, TX Sean and Melanie Moore Canon City, CO Wallace and Catherine Moore Highlands Ranch, CO Arthur and Mie Morgan San Mateo, CA John and Kristine Morgan Barnesville, MN T. and M. Morgan Arlington Heights, IL Linda Morton Littleton, CO Jack Moselle Kansas City, MO Jack and Annetta Mullenaux Bishop, CA Kenneth and Madonna Mulmat Naples, FL Karen Munoz Pueblo, CO Calvin and Ritchie Murray Amarillo, TX Bernedetta Murrell Chesapeake, VA James and Eve Murty Arlington, VA Duane and Patsy Myers Pueblo, CO

Craig and Teresa Nash Aurora, CO Sidney and Lillian Nason Batesville, MS Peggy Nelson Manhattan, KS Rick Nelson Insurance Agency Gunnison, CO Donna Nicholas-Griesel Coaldale, CO Natalie Nicholson Sterling, CO Nicholson Building Company & Excavating, LLC Severance, CO Herbert Niles Cherokee, OK James and Louise Noffke Pentwater, MI Kimberly Noffke Ann Arbor, MI Dianne Norden Ft. Collins, CO Christopher Norris Gunnison, CO John and Irene Norris Alexandria, VA Robert Northway Denver, CO Ed and Dolores Nunez Albuquerque, NM Phillip and Lorraine Odle Kansas, OK Steven Odle Kansas, OK Robert and Alvina Okeefe Bellevue, NE Maureen Olson St. Michael, MN Gerald O’Rourke Grand Junction, CO Helen C. Ortega Rental Property Los Alamos, NM Donald and Darlene Oshel Rancho Cucamonga, CA Joseph Ososkie Fort Collins, CO Jonathan Ostrom Arvada, CO Marie Ostrom Denver, CO Helen Paddock Vancouver, WA Rex and Shelley Paddock Eaton, CO Stanley and Alyce Paddock Greeley, CO Anthony and Tammi Padilla Grand Junction, CO V. Hope Painter Grand Junction, CO Bruce and Meredith Parham Anchorage, AK Ashwin Patel Gunnison, CO William and Cindy Patten Libby, MT Margaret Paul Arvada, CO Virginia Little Paul Kenmore, NY Monica Paunglarplai Colorado Springs, CO Javier and Maria Pena Manteca, CA Pepsico Foundation Princeton, NJ Ciara E. Peratt and William Spencer Thornton, CO David and Leslie Perez Costa Mesa, CA Steve Perry Jan Peterson Mesa, AZ John Peterson Castle Rock, CO Ellen Petrick Gunnison, CO Robert Petrie Highlands Ranch, CO William and Kathleen Pickert Berthoud, CO John and Cindy Pierce Colorado Springs, CO

Jacob and Suzanne Pinkney Enola, PA Alec and Maureen Pinterpe Buffalo, NY Yvonne Piquette Grand Junction, CO Scot and Katherine Pittman Santee, CA John and Mary Plowman Perry, MI Robert and Cynthia Polverari Johnstown, CO H. W. and Laquida Porter Bonham, TX Michael and Shelley Porter Parker, CO Dave and Linda Portwood Cheney, WA Joan Postell Alpharetta, GA William and Kathie Powell Gunnison, CO Jeff and Margaret Priestley Platteville, CO Vernon Pumm Manchester, MO J. Flint and Cathy Putman Yuba City, CA The Query Family Rev. Trust Longview, TX Cynthia Quincy Castle Rock, CO Gregory and Susan Quirk Highlands Ranch, CO Paul Radel and Samantha Channel Fargo, ND Clyde Rader Jacksonville Beach, FL James and Shirley Ragsdale Aurora, CO Craig RaisigWest Sand Lake, NY Lolita Ramos Burlington, CO Frank H. Randall III Windsor, CO Kathleen Ranney Cypress, TX Peter and Cindy Rasmussen Salem, OR Ronda Rawlins Scottsdale, AZ Kathleen and Darrell Ray Sedalia, MO Jennifer Rector Elizabeth, CO Ramon G. Regal Alexandria, VA Ted and Sue Rehage Longmont, CO Craig and Carrie Reinecke Gunnison, CO R. D. and Tammy Reinick Kersey, CO Cicley Richards Bronx, NY Michael and Kimber Lee Richardson Lakewood, CO George Riebe Mt. Pleasant, TX Carolyn Rimes Columbia, MD Stephen and Peggy Ritchey Castle Rock, CO William and Valerie Ritchie Castle Rock, CO Carlos and Elda Rivas Aurora, CO James and Ermalinda Rivera Northglenn, CO Rodney and Kyndal Roark Colorado Springs, CO D. Robertson Silt, CO Robin Doctor, Inc. Evergreen, CO Mark and Valerie Rollert Colorado Springs, CO Frank Roper Gunnison, CO Jane Ross Gunnison, CO Mike Roumph Pueblo, CO Randy Rowan Montrose, CO

“Courage is being scared to death, but saddling up anyway.”

46 • Courageous Change

-John Wayne

Matt and Beth Rubalcaba Grand Junction, CO Terry and Mary Kay Rufer Buffalo, MN David Rush Blair, NE Eric and Laura Ruud Sparks, NV Joe Ryk Fort Collins, CO S & L Concepts, Inc. Livermore, CO Michael Sabatka McHenry, IL Mhayse Samalya Topanga, CA Jean Samms Northfield, NH M. M. and D. L. Sandvig Longmont, CO Bradley and Theresa Sauer Thornton, CO Norman Savin Scottsdale, AZ SC Environmental, LLC Gunnison, CO Colette Scafani Fairfax, CA Anthony and Patricia Schaffer Thornton, CO Peter Schaub Longmont, CO Barbara Schmidt Crowley, TX William and Ruth Schmidt Keeline, WY Schmidt Property Preservation, LLC Firestone, CO David and Linda Schnebeck Littleton, CO Ray Schoch Minneapolis, MN Thomas and Dorothy Schoenke Sun Prairie, WI Theodore and Janine Schulz Littleton, CO Dakota Schuppe Iliff, CO Ralph Scobey Golden, CO D. and Sandra Seaholm Golden, CO Louise Seeton High Point, NC Barbara Sharpe Seattle, WA Steven Shaver Golden, CO Shear Brilliance Gunnison, CO Donald and Betty Shearer Glendive, MT Margaret Shearer South Royalton, VT Michael and Laurie Shearer Loveland, CO George and Alma Sheff Colorado Springs, CO Jeff and Mary Sheppard Denver, CO Elisabeth Sherratt Gunnison, CO Clark Shivley Avon, CO Kathryn Sibley Richmond, CA Jerome Silver Suffolk, VA Dana Simmons San Clemente, CA Willis and Judith Singer Colorado Springs, CO W. J. Sipes Canyon Country, CA Dorothy Sisk Littleton, CO Thomas and Margaret Skrobacz Berthoud, CO Nick Slagel Fort Collins, CO Jerri Slocumb Coeur D Alene, ID Cheryl Smith Wichita, KS Erna Smith Massillon, OH Jeffrey Smith Bethesda, MD

Rodney Smith Monterey, TN M. J. Smith and Associates Englewood, CO Sean and Darla Smyth Centennial, CO Sneed Welding Service Victoria, TX Morgan Sogge Greeley, CO Therese Sortor Colorado Springs, CO Sheryl Speer Delores, CO Jerry and Maxine Spencer New Castle, IN David Spritzer Twin Falls, ID D. Randall Spydell Gunnison, CO Becky Staniszewski Denver, CO James and Carol Staniszewski Shorewood, IL June Stark Lincoln, NE Doug and Jayne Starn Hughison, CA Peter and Margaret Steinborn Forest, VA William and Kristi Stephens Gunnison, CO Elaine Stockdill Ft. Collins, CO Marion Stoerker Lake Placid, FL William and Marjorie Stork Kansas City, MO Luanna Strait Aurora, CO W. E. and Sherri Strittmatter Fort Worth, TX Darren and Maria Struble Gunnison, CO Daniel Suitor Conifer, CO Summerwood Homes, Inc. Parker, CO Roy Swainson Powderhorn, CO David Swerdfeger Phoenix, AZ Mark Takai San Francisco, CA Jarrod and Keren Takesue Irving, TX Marla Tappy and Janise Gerk Stoneham, CO Steven Tarasar Evergreen, CO Patrick and Lorna Tessmer Westminster, CO Karen Teter Salt Lake City, UT Ken Anderson Loveland, CO Larrie and Janice Thesenvitz Tulsa, OK Jean Thomas Westminster, CO Audrey Thompson Northglenn, CO Douglas and Cynthia Thompson Otis Orchards, WA James and Joyce Thompson Grand Junction, CO Rod Thompson Stratton, CO Catherine Thomson Santa Rosa, CA David and Laura Timian South Royalton, VT TLLC, Inc. Elizabeth, CO Rose Tocke Gunnison, CO Bruno and Annette Tomaino Chatham, NJ Marvin and Sue Toreson Gunnison, CO Robert and Ann Tremain Gulfport, FL Tri E, Inc. Gunnison, CO Rodney Troester Erie, PA Howard Tuthill Crested Butte, CO Harold and Diann Tuttle Canon City, CO U.S. Legal Support, Inc. Chicago, IL Dale Underwood Gallup, NM Robert and Betty Unfred Grand Junction, CO Jack and Margaret Urban Berthoud, CO Carmen Valdez and Cindy Clark-Hicks Littleton, CO Jena Valdez San Francisco, CA Glenn Vallejo Denver, CO Bill and Patti Van Dyke Powderhorn, CO Susan Van Wey Thornton, CO Phyllis Vanhercke Northglenn, CO William Vanhercke Centennial, CO Jason and Angie Verbeck Kansas, OK

Richard and Cindy Viehman Gunnison, CO Anthony and Linda Vitulli Conestoga, PA Ronald and Barbara Vodicka West Bloomfield, MI Steven Voet and Margaret Alcock Gunnison, CO Paul and Peggy Wagoner Alexandria, VA Michael and Rae Waite Hazelton, ID J. D. and Karen Walker Knoxville, TN Mark Walker Scottsdale, AZ Robert and Lorna Walkley Cheyenne, WY Michael and Lea Wallace Peyton, CO John Ware Midlothian, VA William Watkins Grand Rapids, MI Rozell Watson and Susan Sanders Ft. Lupton, CO Gary and Mary Watts Springfield, IL Daniel and Sharon Williams Webb Salt Lake City, UT Darrel and Elusive Weiss San Diego, CA Charles and Karla Welch Thornton, CO Kevin Weldon Tonganoxie, KS Brett and Pam Welker Centennial, CO Dorene Wendland Colorado Springs, CO James Wendt Elbert, CO Rhonda Wenum Gunnison, CO Richard and Tonya Wernsmann New Castle, CO Shiryl West Suffolk, VA Gerald and Paula Whealen Sacramento, CA Michael and April Wheeler Lakeland, FL Gregory White Crested Butte, CO Joan White Alexandria, VA Karin White Colorado Springs, CO Richard and Rosemary White Aurora, CO Susan Reivitt White San Diego, CA James Whitney Albuquerque, NM James Wieger Evergreen, CO Greg and Kris Wieman Elizabeth, CO David and Nancy Wilkins Dallas, GA Charles and Lorie Williams Wilder, KY Tim and Pamela Williams Frederick, CO Roger and Verna Wilson Denver, CO Tad Wilson Colorado Springs, CO Terry and Linda Wineland Jackson, MI Joe and Chelsea Winfield Jay, OK Carl Winsor Lamar, CO David and Karen Winter Scottsdale, AZ Jim Winter Buena Vista, CO Jo Ann Winter Buena Vista, CO Corbin and Katherine Witt Spearfish, SD James and Marietta Witt Littlestown, PA Robert Wogaman Colorado Springs, CO Carla Woodward Pueblo, CO Arthur and Polly Worley Milton, GA Daniel and Maria Yaeger Colorado Springs, CO Hal and Peg Yale Gunnison, CO September Yale and Kevin Sack Gunnison, CO Benjamin Yolda Meredith, NH Allen York La Crescenta, CA Lisa Young Pueblo West, CO Carol Zadrozny Grand Junction, CO Frank and Eleanor Zajack Buffalo, NY Jon and Laura Zermuehlen Fort Lupton, CO Sheldon and Kelly Zevin Glenwood Springs, CO Jeramie and Kelly Zubrod Holstein, NE Jerry and Diane Zummach Sheboygan, WI Steven and Kathleen Zwolinski Woodstock, GA

Courageous Change • 47

Former members of the Western StateFoundation Board of Directors Jacob P. Accola

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Western State

Foundation Staff From left to right: Deborah Hoskins, Associate Director; Tom Burggraf, Executive Director; Debbie Johnson, Staff Assistant/ Assistant to the Executive Director; Pam Johnston, Financial Manager/ Annual Fund Officer.

48 • Courageous Change

Western State Foundation

Post Office Box 1264 • Gunnison, CO 81230 (970) 641-2237 • (970) 641-2239 fax Also, see our web site: The Foundation is the primary depository of private gifts in support of Western State Colorado University. It is responsible for the management, investment and disbursement of charitable gifts according to donor stipulations. The Western State Colorado University Foundation, Inc. is tax-exempt under Sec. 501 (c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code and gifts to it are deductible under Sec. 170 (b)(1)(A)(iv). Project Coordinator, Deborah Hoskins, design by Terri Murphy, Western Professor of Art Photos by Dave Hoskins and Western State Colorado University Publications

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Western State Colorado University Foundation Report of Appreciation 2011-2012  

An annual publication for friends of the Western State Colorado University Foundation, the Report of Appreciation includes an independent au...

Western State Colorado University Foundation Report of Appreciation 2011-2012  

An annual publication for friends of the Western State Colorado University Foundation, the Report of Appreciation includes an independent au...