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November 2013

Any Metal Detectors Bowl Chopper, All Stainless Steel Koppens Formers Koppens Frying Line - Or Meyn Vertical Bagging Machine - Sandiacre D.C Norris Tumble Chiller And Pump Fill Station Cook Quench Chill Line For Export Order




Agents for New Fatosa, Carso, Atm Vacuum Packers, Robot Coupe machines

New & Used Food Machines All With Warranty Bowl Cutters Used Meisner 120 litre Bowl Cutter s/s bowl Used Rex 200 litre Bowl Cutter s/s bowl Used 200 litre Black bowl cutter, s/s exterior New Fatosa 20 litre Bowl Cutter s/s bowl New Fatosa 35 litre Bowl cutter s/s bowl New Fatosa 120 litre Bowl Cutter s/s bowl

Mincers and Mixer Grinders Used Butcherboy 56 Mincer, flat pan, floor standing Used Hobart 56 Mincer, flat pan, floor standing Used Biro AFMG 52 Mixer grinder, 90 Kg hopper Used Wolfking Valiant Mixer grinder, 140 mm plate size New Fatosa 160 mm Mincer, cross feed type New Fatosa 200 mm Mincer, cross feed type Used Weiler 1107 grinder, frozen flaked meat Used Kilia 130 mm Mixer grinder with Z arm mixer Used Baader Meat Separator, Model 601

Vacuum Packers and shrink tunnels New ATM Vacuum packer for long fish / meat loin New ATM Model Culinary table top Vacuum Packer New ATM Model Packman single chamber Vac packer New ATM Model Packman XL single chamber vac Packer New ATM Model Gemini double chamber with gas flush New ATM Model Gemini double chamber Vac Packer Ex Demo Tecnotrip large single chamber vac packer Webomatic PN E 30 double chamber vac packer Multivac semi manual rise and fall hot water dip tank Cryovac CJ 51 s/s shrink tunnel, hot air

Mixers and Tumblers Used Hobart H600 bakers Mixer with tools Used IFM 1,000 litre twin ribbon Mixer, end discharge New Fatosa A150 Mixer, capacity 150 litres tip discharge New Fatosa A80 Mixer, capacity 80 litres, tip discharge New fatosa 300 litre Twin Z arm Mixer, tip discharge Dicers, Slicers, Flakers, Graters, Bandsaws New Fatosa TBG 480 Frozen meat block Guilotine New Fatosa CBC HP, high speed rotary flaker Used Urschel twin Head RA A Dicer used on cheese Used Urschel CC Grater Used Urschel M-L dicer/strip cutter Used Mainca manual Grater with force feed Used Treif 84 mm x 84 mm chamber dicer Used Butcher Boy AUMF Frozen block Flaker Used Butcher Boy s/s bandsaw with sliding table Used Biro s/s Bandsaw with sliding table Grote Model 713 Slicer, stacks and shingles Fendo Slicer, Model FS 19, 18 mm strip cutter Fillers, cookers, miscellaneous KS Vacuum Filler, Model PS10E, year 2007 Handtmann VF 80 Vacuum Filler with double clipper Vemag 500 Vacuum Filler , twin auger feed Tipper Tie double clipper for vertical bags Bryant double clipper to suit vacuum filler Ross TCM 700 Tenderiser, conveyor through head Rapidaire two trolley, low height through door cooker Spako through door single trolley cooker – Gas Electrolux Combination trolley loaded cooker - Gas Email: Unit 40, Second Avenue, Westfield Industrial Estate, Midsomer Norton, Radstock, BA3 4BH, England 721 Tel: 721

44 (0)1761 410345 Fax: 44 (0)1761 410332 09. 10. 22 00 13 12

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MESSAGE FROM THE EDITOR Plastic bags, lightweight plastic bags, recycled plastic bags and so-called lifetime carrier bags are all in the news again. I have said before that the idea of charging for plastics bags in the shops so that you and I can safely separate our food shopping is ridiculous. We should not put our health at risk for the benefit of some ill thought-out legislation to make us pay for the privilege of putting our shopping in a bag. Perhaps we should ask the shop to carry our ‘loose’ fruit and vegetables to our homes. So really it is just a tax after all! At last PAFA has come out fighting on the side of sense and the packaging industry. We are already in danger, as I have said many times, of reducing packaging too far; its strength, its usefulness as a guard against the migration of harmful materials into the foods that we buy at the shops. At the moment we have bags that are so thin that the bag breaks with just a couple of groceries inside, requiring a second bag to contain our shopping – what a great idea to reduce the use of bags! What we need are bags that are strong enough to carry as much grocery as we can hold; then, that saves bags. I have been against the so-called lifetime bag for a long time on the basis of hygiene. We now have microbiologists and bacteriologists suggesting that the uncleaned, unwashed bags, kept in the broom cupboard can harbour germs and bacteria. What we need is some sensible thinking from the quangos and the government advisers. As I have said many times, scientists and technologists have designed food packaging for a reason; so that we have less tummy bugs and we live longer!

Adrian Binsted Editor

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When you in the business of producing one million packets of potato crisps a day, the last thing that is wanted is for a critical processing component to fail. Should that occur, then the immediate availability of either a replacement part or repair facility is the only solution. When the failure of a hot oil pump occurred at Seabrook Crisps in Bradford in early 2013, the prospect of having to shut down production to remove the pump from service became a reality. Minimising the shut down period was essential and that meant turning to a specialist pump repair and service provider which Seabrook Crisps knew would solve their dilemma. That provider was AxFlow’s Service Division in nearby Huddersfield. Having worked with Seabrook Crisps for around four years, AxFlow’s team of engineers were only too well aware of the consequences of a prolonged shutdown and pulled out all the stops to get the Cornell Hot Oil pump back on line. The time taken from collecting the pump, doing the repairs and returning it to the site was just six hours. “This is a specialist type of pump for the food industry and at Seabrook Crisps it is in operation 24 hours a day pumping thermal fluid at a temperature of 255 C, so it is subjected to considerable workload,” commented Mark Redgrove, AxFlow’s Technical Support Manager. The Cornell Hot Oil pump serves two purposes: moving thermal fluid into a heat exchanger on the fryer containing five tonnes

of sunflower oil in which the crisps are cooked and feeding thermal fluid into the heat exchanger on the blancher. Thermal fluid is a slightly viscous mineral oil and the fluctuating temperature of this has an adverse effect on the mechanical seal. The rise and fall in the temperature of the thermal fluid causes the mechanical seals to move, and it is this movement that leads to seal failure. The working life of the mechanical seal can vary between 12 and 18 months, but predicting seal failure is imprecise. Regrettable though seal failure is, according to Tommy Brown at Seabrook Crisps, the Cornell Hot Oil pump is the best pump for the job. Axlow was alled in to look at the pump, AxFlow removed it from service and took it to the Huddersfield plant where it was stripped and inspected. This revealed that the mechanical seal, bearings, lip seals and gaskets all needed renewing and work commenced immediately. Once the sealing arrangement was completed and installed in the pump, the pump was hydrostatically tested with water in accordance with AxFlow’s standard test procedures. “Mechanical seal repair and replacement is one of the many engineering services that we offer at Huddersfield,” says Mark Redgrove. “Fortunately for Seabrook Crisps we were familiar with this type of food industry pump and sealing arrangement and had the necessary components available. As a result, the production down time at the factory was kept to a minimum.”

Contact AxFlow on tel 020 8579 2111 or visit


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Seabrook Crisps – Crunch

Guttridge supplies grain handling equipment Working alongside main contractor, Chief Industries UK, Guttridge has supplied all the materials handling equipment for a new chicken feed unit in Georgia (Russia). The new unit lies at the heart of Chirina Ltd’s fully integrated chicken production business, the largest in this region. Seeking turnkey solutions with a strong focus on efficiency, Chirina turned to Chief to supply a fully integrated system for the provision of its poultry feed plant for maize, wheat and soya bean handling. The facility used a selection of equipment from the Guttridge Carier range for transportation of material, managing the bulk intake and bulk outloading. “Guttridge has a good reputation and offers excellent service,” said Mark Temple, Global Sales Manager, Chief Industries UK. “It is a solid, established company, an important factor in the current economic climate, and easy to deal with. It is great to be able to offer a fully UK engineered project that showcases what we, as a country, are capable of.” The whole facility was completed within three months, commissioned as planned during the maize harvest and now operates successfully and reliably. Rapid growth at Chirina Ltd has since led to further expansion and phase II of the project, an increase in capacity from 6,000 to 20,000 tonnes is already underway, with the same partners contracted for the job. Contact Guttridge on tel 01775 765300 or visit

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Lloyd Fraser milks major fuel savings

Heraeus solves in-flight pizza problem An infra-red, cheese grilling and browning oven from Heraeus Noblelight has helped Food Point of Dubai to solve an in-flight house-keeping problem as airlines try to meet the passenger demand for pizza slice snacks. By pre-grilling and browning prepared slices in Food Point’s food production facility, the packaged slices can now be baked on board the aircraft in the minimum of time without burning the bread base. A light crisp texture is achieved in only 15 minutes in the dedicated aircraft ovens, with the cheese topping already having a baked, brown appearance prior to cooking. Food Point is 90 percent owned by Emirate Airlines Group. At its factory in Dubai, which is currently the only food production facility of its kind between Europe and the Far East, it produces meals to be served on all Emirates Airline flights as well supplying other commercial carriers and non-airline customers. Its 10,000sq.m. facility has a capacity of 80 million meal equivalents per year and the flexibility to meet all customer needs, from a small batch of 300kg of sauce to a large batch of 15,000 centrally produced meals. The facility is designed with meticulous attention to health and safety, while maintaining the highest standards in food hygiene. Pizza slices have become increasingly popular over recent years as an in-flight snack during the ultra-long haul routes to the US

and Australasia. Without being pre-baked, the cooking time for the 120g pizzas would result in either undercooked cheese, or a burnt bread base. To solve the problem, Food Point contacted Heraeus and the Neston company sent an infra-red test unit out to Dubai for trials. These were so successful, both in melting the cheese satisfactorily and in providing the browning to improve the overall pizza appeal, that a fullscale oven was ordered and retrofitted at the facility. The oven features six, 2.3kW carbon medium wave emitters, with a total power of 13.8kW. It has been designed for a throughput of 1500 pizza slices per hour, and has been coupled up with a state of the art cryogenic freezing system, capable of achieving a -18°C core temperature in seven minutes straight from the infrared oven. “The infra-red oven has helped to ensure the high quality of our food products, right up to point of use,” commented Steve Carlyon, Senior Operations Manager at Food Point. “And its introduction into our production line, from pre-production tests to final installation and commissioning has been easy and seamless. As a Halal certified producer, Food Point product is in demand throughout the Middle East and enquiries for client bespoke solutions such as pizzas are on the increase. We required a quick turnaround and Heraeus turned out to be the perfect partner.”

Contact Heraeus Noblelight on tel 0151 353 2710 or visit


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Lloyd Fraser bulk liquid milk transport division is beginning to see a fall in its annual fuel bill since installing Isotrak. Lloyd Fraser uses Isotrak’s CANBus module to feedback live driving style data over the vehicle tracking system to monitor and manage driver behaviour, which has led to the savings across the 40 milk tanker and secondary delivery vehicles (rigid and articulated) fleet. Each week, Lloyd Fraser makes bulk milk collections from farms, which are then transferred to the secondary delivery vehicles that transport the milk to the dairies. “To have a product like Isotrak providing you with driver performance data is worth its weight in gold. With fuel bills edging upwards increasingly to over a third of all fleet operational costs means operators need to look closely at driver behaviour. We were confident that we could achieve between a 2 and 5 percent saving in our annual fuel usage if we could improve driver performance – and with the benefits of the Isotrak system, it is assisting us in doing so,” says Lee Westgate, Regional Manager (South) at Lloyd Fraser Milk Division. Lloyd Fraser reviewed various telematics systems before settling on Isotrak because of its superior service offering and support. Lloyd Fraser is using the standard functionality and reporting provided with Isotrak to provide the management information it requires. "We chose Isotrak because of the company’s attention to detail and focus on our needs, no other party in our trials provided that service. Isotrak quickly gained an understanding of our operation in order to provide the solution that best suited us," says Lee Westgate. “Each week we run scheduled reports for the management team. These include driver score cards, driver performance tables, fleet utilisation, fuel performance across the fleet, driver log on and log off for monitoring shifts, location turnaround times, and unknown locations so that we can review unscheduled stops. “Drivers also get their individual weekly driver score cards and the supervisors will congratulate those who are performing above standard. We can then focus on those who need to improve their driving styles. For example, we may target harsh braking or excessive idling. This is proving to be very successful and we’ve been able to make the improvements using the information that Isotrak captures and reports to us.”

Contact AveryContact Weigh-Tronix Isotrak on tel 08453 01908 540700 667788 or visit

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Guissona Food Corporation automates its plant Guissona is one of Catalonia’s leading food companies and has been in business for over fifty years. The company raises livestock and performs its industrial and commercial processes with such thoroughness that the product is able to reach consumers directly, without the need for middlemen. Guissona is involved in a wide range of activities including: the breeding of poultry and livestock; manufacturing of animal feed; breeding, fattening and slaughtering of animals; processing and preparation of different food products; and the distribution and direct selling of its products in over 400+ BonÀrea stores. The goal of Guissona is to improve the productivity of its livestock farms and also cater to the needs of its customers, who have embraced their efficiency and knowledge. The Company enjoys a strong reputation for producing a variety of safe, high-quality and reasonably priced products for its customers. To strengthen this brand reputation, the corporation boasts cutting-edge facilities and a team of dedicated professionals. As a testament to this recognition, Guissona has been awarded the ISO 9002 certification for its high standards of production, installation and servicing; the ISO 22000 certification for the highest levels of safety of their meat-based products; and the ISO 14001 certification for its environmental management. For about fifteen years, Guissona has teamed up with Rockwell Automation to incorporate its solutions in various animal feed manufacturing and processing plants. More significantly, in 2009, the organisation opened a facility in Bujaraloz (Zaragoza), which integrates the latest industrial automation technology. Since its adoption in 1995, the ISA S88 standard has served to guide the implementation of batch-based process control systems in production centres, allowing high levels of flexibility

and reusability. When Guissona established its new Bujaraloz factory, it decided to implement the ISA S88 standards across the entire facility – to help reduce the costs, engineering efforts and time-tomarket; while improving flexibility and enhancing process quality. From the beginning, Guissona decided to implement the PlantPAx process control solution from Rockwell Automation, which provides high availability, ease of device integration and asset management, batch and sequencing control and improved design and operations productivity. Through the use of the PlantPAx™ system, Guissona saw improvements in three areas: Production management, materials inventory and historical data. According to the Automation Manager of the Animal Feed Department, “The first area of improvement was in production management. The new MES application was designed to create production batches from order information from the ERP system and automatically send it to the batch manager.” He further stated, “We also decided to improve the performance of our production process to allow us to focus on our materials inventory and provide us with real-time information on stock levels, location and availability. We also generated a batch, consumption and traceability reporting system based on the historical data furnished to us. We accomplished this through the PlantPAx system and its batch software”. The new process control system, together with the MES application, allow Guissona to monitor the 153 equipment phases established for the plant. In addition, the PlantPAx system was easily integrated to 140 variablefrequency drives, several soft motor starters and 16 weighing systems, each of which includes five scales that assist the variablefrequency drives in controlling the different dosage regimens to be administered to each plant.

Contact Rockwell Automation on tel 0870 242 5004 or visit

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RSL puts a spring in the step for Kingsdown Kingsdown Water, natural spring water suppliers, recently extended their state of the art stainless steel production facility by adding a new bottling line. Cleanliness is critical in drink production environments; all production areas need to be able to withstand rigorous cleaning regimes to maintain excellent hygiene standards and all building products need a long life expectancy to reduce cost and shutdown time for maintenance. RSL were asked to specify a resin floor for the area. The main brief for the project was a heavy duty flooring solution that provided chemical resistance, was able to withstand the load of heavy machinery and was easy to clean. Resuthane SL23 was chosen as the ideal solution for this project. The water-based polyurethane self-smoothing resin floor screed is part of the award winning Resuthane range. Approved by Campden BRI as a food safe product, Resuthane is widely known in the food and drink sector and is used by major brands including Pepsi, Coca Cola and Schweppes. Resuthane SL23 provides a seamless floor which is hard wearing, chemical resistant, easy to clean and non-dusting, providing the ideal floor for an area which is dealing with the bottling of drink products for public consumption. Recycling waste water in food and drink manufacturing environments not only boosts environmental credentials but increases efficiency. Kingsdown are committed to protecting the environment and wanted to ensure that all production waste from their bottling plants is recycled. Resuthane SL23 is easily laid to falls to incorporate drainage channels and grids creating an efficient drainage system throughout the plant. Kingsdown Water is a premium brand synonymous with purity and quality. Resuthane SL23 was applied in Kingfisher blue a vibrant and striking blue which complements Kingsdown’s corporate colours and brightens up the bottling plant. The result is a vibrant highly functional floor that is easy to clean, supports an efficient drainage system and enhances the production environment. Contact Resin Surfaces Limited on tel 0161 483 1232 or visit


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Ishida weigher is the tops A special compact linear multihead weigher from Ishida Europe is delivering high speeds and excellent accuracy at small target weights for the weighing of yogurt toppings at the Budapest factory of Danone Hungary. The Ishida CCW-R-112PL is handling a variety of products including biscuit pieces, chocolate balls and cereals at weights of between 5g and 9g, achieving deviation of less than 1 percent from the target weight at speeds of 169 weighments per minute. The weigher is part of a bespoke installation carried out in partnership with Ishida’s Hungarian distributor Master Quality, which also comprises a special distribution system, conveyor feeding system and support gantry. Using a feed system devised by the customer, product is fed via a chilled room to the infeed of the linear Ishida weigher. An Arcil thermoforming machine produces the two-compartment yogurt pot, one for the yogurt and the other for the topping. Once the topping is weighed, it is discharged into the filling system; this is linked to the thermoformer that calls for the pots to be presented underneath. Six yogurt pots are

filled simultaneously with each discharge with between 5-9g of topping, at an impressive 169 weighments per minute. The high accuracy CCW-R-112 linear multihead weigher has been designed for ultralow target weights of as little as 3g. It features short drop heights, particularly appropriate for handling the fragile toppings, while the linear arrangement of the product transfer allows very precise product flow control. The weigher incorporates Ishida’s proven advanced technology such as a high speed 5stage digital filter, and a new combination calculation algorithm using Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) Technology that delivers high speeds, excellent accuracy and efficiency levels close to 100 percent. The line at Danone Hungary is operating up to four days per week with three shifts each day. Typically, product changeover is carried out three or four times daily, each one taking just 30 minutes using air purge cleaning. A full washdown takes place every week with all hoppers removed and cleaned in a Jeros washing machine. The Ishida was supplied with Hungarian

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language software and the entire line is controlled by just one operator. The new installation was to meet both domestic and export demand for Danone’s yogurts with toppings. Having originally worked with another Danone factory in Poland on a similar application, Ishida was the obvious choice for the Hungarian project. Based on its successful experiences in Poland, Ishida subsequently made a number of modifications to the product handling side of the installation to deliver an optimum solution. The line went in smoothly in just two weeks and Master Quality also carried out extensive operator training to help Danone achieve and maintain the excellent line performance. “We have been delighted with the speed, accuracy and reliability of the Ishida weigher and ancillary equipment, which have made a very important contribution to the success of this project,” says Adam Kocsis, Investment and Utility Manager at Danone Hungary.

“The machine works consistently day-in, day-out, and the support we have received from Master Quality in terms of machine maintenance, service engineers’ visits and spare parts supply has been impeccable.” Thanks to the successful cooperation between Danone, Ishida and Master Quality, the customer is currently considering investing in X-ray inspection technology to guarantee both food safety and quality.

Contact Ishida Europe on tel 0121 607 7700 or visit

Checkweigher passes bake off test Costco, the national Cash & Carry Membership Warehouse Club that produces and stocks a wide range of food products, has upgraded its scales to Avery Weigh Tronix’s new ZQ375 Checkweigher to achieve more accurate weighing for its bakery and confectionary ingredients. Costco has installed six ZQ375-30kg units at each of its newest warehouses at Leicester, Southampton and Farnborough and one larger, floor standing 90kg capacity ZQ375 for bulk weighing in the Butchery Departments. The equipment must meet stringent hygiene standards and must also precisely weigh a wide range of ingredients, from custard to food dye, to ensure a high quality final product. Wayne Parsons, Regional Bakery Manager for Costco said: “At Costco we take a lot of pride in the fact that we freshly bake a lot of our products in the bakeries at our warehouses. To do this, it is important that the scales we use are consistently accurate, convenient to use, and have an easy to read indicator. This allows our bakers to meet their daily quota of product and deliver a high quality end product.” The ZQ375 Checkweigher has a number of features that make it ideal for use in food

manufacturing and processing applications. Its IP69K rating ensures the scale is completely water and dust proof, while its stylish curved design, which eliminates food traps, makes cleaning fast, effective and hygienically sound. Wayne Parsons continued: “Hygiene is obviously very important to us as we thoroughly clean the scales throughout the day, so this is a very useful benefit. “Another particularly useful feature of the ZQ375 Checkweigher is that it is capable of five gram divisions and a capacity of 30kg. When we are dealing with ingredients such as food dye, this feature is particularly useful as it allows a much greater level of accuracy when dealing with smaller quantities.” The flat scale pan on the ZQ375 Checkweigher makes it easy to place different shaped products on the scales and still get an accurate weight. In the Costco warehouse bakeries where weighed ingredients come in a range of different shapes and sizes, this ensures production remains efficient. Wayne Parsons concluded: “As a business, our bottom line is affected by whether or not we can deliver the high quality food products that our customers expect. Investing in this type of equipment helps us to achieve that.”

Contact Avery Weigh-Tronix on tel 08453 667788 or visit

Associated Seafoods’ new processing facility Associated Seafoods Ltd (ASL) multimillion pound investment programme with the integration of its Scottish smoked salmon operation into its modern new processing facility in Buckie, North East Scotland. Already the ‘natural fit’ between producing high quality shellfish and Scottish smoked salmon is delivering benefits, with several international customers now combining orders of different types of seafood, providing efficiencies in export costs and broadening their product portfolios. The transfer of the smoked salmon operation from ASL’s nearby Lossie Seafoods’ processing site represents the final stage of the three-phase development of its state-of-the-art processing facility focused on the production of the highest quality Scottish seafood. The development has included the creation of a high-care crab processing area and dedicated langoustine and scallop processing facilities. The new smoked salmon facility includes a traditional kiln and the creation of a hot smoking area. In particular the development of a new high class food manufacturing unit with cooking and added value facilities will enable ASL to innovate and develop a new range of seafood products. Sales director, Henry Angus said: “The Scottish smoked salmon and shellfish offering provides an excellent fit and we have, for example, smoked salmon customers in Mexico and the Middle East who are now also taking shellfish in their delivery consignments. “Our Scottish smoked salmon sales have been strong this year, particularly into some of our established markets such as Italy and Switzerland. We have also recently pioneered the sale of our Scottish smoked salmon into Russia and have begun a new export trade of scallops.”

Contact ContactAssociated Avery Weigh-Tronix Seafoods on on tel tel 08453 01542 667788 831296 or visit or visit

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HRS delivers heat exchangers for Symington’s The pump in the foreground is pumping raw toffee to the cookers and the pump in the background is pumping sugar and water to the initial holding tank where the raw toffee ingredients are mixed.

AxFlow solves a sticky problem A recent investment by traditional toffee makers Walkers Nonsuch of Stoke–on–Trent, has seen the installation of six Waukesha Universal 1Series rotary piston pumps from AxFlow to replace rotary lobe pumps. The toffee production cycle starts with uncooked toffee mixture at a temperature of between 40 C and 50 C and this has to be pumped around the factory to various points where it is drawn off for the addition of ingredients that go into formulating the toffee mix. At this temperature the sugar is abrasive and viscous. Once a toffee mix has been produced, the sticky liquid is transferred to the dissolver where it is raised to 85 C in order to dissolve the sugar. Both operations use the Universal 1 Series 60 pumps. Once the sugar has been dissolved, the product transferred by four Universal 1 Series 15 pumps to the individual cooking ovens. These pumps are governed by flow meters as it is critical that the speed of the pumps is accurately controlled to ensure a smooth production flow. Cooking is a continuous process, but the individual products are manufactured on a batch process, so there has to be a constant availability of the toffee mix into which the various additives, such as flavourings and colours, are fed. The number of hours that any of these Waukesha Universal pumps run does vary according to production requirement, but as a minimum, the pumps are run eight hours a day. The Waukesha Universal 1 Series is a rotary piston pump that employs an operating principle known as the external circumferential piston (ECP). In this design the arc-shaped rotary pistons, or rotor wings, travel in annular-shaped cylinders machined in the pump body. The resulting long sealing path reduces slippage and produces a smooth product flow without destructive pulses or pressure peaks, and without the need for valves or complex parts.

However, unlike progressing cavity and rotary lobe pumps, the Universal pump is not adversely affected by varying, or viscous products, that may settle in the pump. Because the rotors produce a scooping action, they do not squeeze and compact the medium being pumped. The Waukesha Universal 1 pump is ideally suited to confectionery manufacturing because it can handle both thick and thin fluids without causing any damage to the pumped product. It combines a very gentle, pulse-free pumping action with the high suction capacity necessary for allowing the thick mix to be drawn into the pump without any separation of the ingredients. The pump uses double ‘0’ ring self-lubricating sealing system for all applications, which allows high vacuum to be developed on the inlet side. Manufactured from stainless steel and suitable for CIP cleaning, the pump’s close clearances allow the pumping of water against back pressure, whilst its simple design enables operators to completely strip it down for inspection in situ without the need to remove connecting pipe work. Where high viscosity fluids and solids are involved, the large fluid cavities of the rotors, together with the large easy-entry anti-cavitation ports enable efficient pumping. Maximum service life can be achieved even under severe operating conditions where fluids are non-lubricating or abrasive because there is no contact between the bearings and the pumped fluid, nor is there any sliding or rolling contact and rotorto-rotor contact. It is now about two years since the first of the Waukesha pumps was installed and following on from the success of the pump the other five units have been installed as required. Should there be a need to shut one of the Waukesha pumps down, it can be quickly removed and flushed out in a very short period of time in situ.

Contact AxFlow on tel 020 8579 2111 or visit


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HRS Heat Exchangers have recently supplied Symington’s, a leading food manufacturer, with K series heat exchangers for their new £15m noodle factory in Leeds, UK. HRS is a leading manufacturer of steam to oil heat exchangers made from standard and certified stainless steel. Symington’s have traditionally brought their ingredients from China but will now be moving their production base within the UK to meet supplier demands more readily and effectively. Instant noodles are one of the most widely produced fried food products in the world today. HRS is supplying the HRS KH109, an industrial multi-tube heat exchanger to Symington’s. This heat exchanger will heat the palm oil needed to fry the instant noodles. Ideal for steam to oil applications, HRS K series’ corrugated tubes increase heat transfer rates offering a high transfer surface area within a compact space, thereby improving heat transfer efficiency. Frying is an essential part of the noodle treatment process as it reduces the amount of moisture in the product that prevents microbiological growth, and improves flavour and texture and increases nutritional value. The promotion of turbulent flow within the corrugated tubes eliminates the presence of stagnant areas. The increased heat and flow benefits offered by the corrugated tubes means the K series ensures the oil is heated to the required temperature in a non-stop cycle, ensuring the stability of the palm oil for the frying process. Mounted on a freestanding vertical frame, the customised system supplied by HRS fits within the sites current dimensions and improves condensate drainage, a major consideration for Symington’s. The tubes were also sized to allow some particle carry over from the cooking process. “Relocating our noodle operations from China to the UK is an important step in our overall growth strategy. The entire design offered by HRS was focused on maximising thermal efficiency of our noodle plant and special attention was paid to our requirements,” said Tim Strowbridge, Project Engineer, Symington’s. “We bring compact heat transfer solutions to food industry customers worldwide. The K series design makes it highly corrosion resistant and ideally suited for applications such as CIP heating. Symington’s required us to supply a tailored thermal processing unit

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that would make their noodle manufacturing more efficient. HRS’ unique knowledge of the industry allowed us to provide a cost-effective solution ensuring increased productivity with a competitive edge,” said Stephen Wooler, Technical Design Engineer, HRS Heat Exchangers. Contact HRS Heat Exchangers on tel 01923 336312 or visit

For Müller, size really does matter The exceptionally small footprint of the Linkx A3 tray erector made it a very attractive proposition for Müller Dairy when the company recently decided to increase the level of automation in its repack area. But size was not the only reason that Müller Dairy chose the Linkx machine – its excellent performance, high build quality and unrivalled value for money were also taken into account in the strongly contested and very competitive selection process. In the repack area where the new carton erector is installed, Müller Dairy receives products – including its famous Müller Corner ranges – in single-flavour cases and repacks them into to the mixed-flavour cases that are favoured by many smaller retail outlets. Space in the re-pack area is at a premium, so a small footprint was an important requirement for the carton erector. Versatility was also essential, as the machine is required to handle many different sizes of tray, and it was also crucial for the machine operator to be able to select the required tray size quickly and easily. The Linkx A3 tray erector, which can handle almost any type of board tray blank up to A3 size, was the ideal choice for this application as it is not only unusually compact, it also features a touch screen interface for size changes. Convenient and fast to use, this intuitive interface also virtually eliminates the risk of operator errors. Bryan Jones, of Müller, said: “The Linkx A3 tray erector has been a welcome addition to our facility. Flexible, easy to maintain and operate along with a compact footprint, made the Linkx A3 tray erector the ideal option. Over the past year the unit has proven to be a cost effective and a reliable addition.” The tray erector supplied to Müller Dairy uses Siemens high reliability servo drives and controls for all major motion axes. This arrangement allows the machine to achieve a throughput of 40 trays per minute, even when the largest trays are being used, and also helps to keep running costs to a minimum. Contact Linkx Systems on tel 01502 713777 or visit

Andy Rodwell from Stafforce (left) with Kevin Jonas, MD of Jonas Seafood (centre) and Nick Samujlik, business partner at Jonas Seafood in Cromer.

Stafforce assists Jonas Seafood Norwich-based recruiter Stafforce has been chosen as the recruitment partner for Jonas Seafood for their exciting new crab processing plant on Stone Hill Way in Cromer. The role has seen Stafforce assisting Jonas Seafood in the appointment of 10 full time and five part time staff within the company already and will be recruiting more production workers as the business grows. Jonas Seafood expects a very positive start to the new business, as the company has a number of contracts in place with major food service companies and is looking to expand this to a wider range of seafood products in the future. Jonas Seafood has invested around £500,000 into the new crab production plant to create a state-of-the-art facility that will enable the company to offer its crab and lobster products to a much wider range of customers. An ex-fisherman and Cromer resident, Kevin Jonas, Managing Director of Jonas

Seafood, is clear that the new roles were to be made available to people from the local community, as he explained: “It was a major blow to the town when crab processing ceased in Cromer and since then I have been working hard to bring it back to its rightful place. I am pleased to be working with Stafforce, another local business, to create some great career opportunities in Cromer and to put the town back on the map for high quality crab processing!” Tony Boorman, Director of Stafforce Recruitment, said: "We are delighted to be working with Jonas Seafood to create new jobs in the Cromer area. We have a lot of experience in recruiting for the fish and seafood industries and it is fantastic to be involved with such a great success story.” The company supplies over 200 temporary workers to local employers every week and counts Norwich City Council and The Big Prawn Company amongst its clients.

Contact Stafforce Recruitment on tel 01603 360260 or visit

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Blakemore cuts and reduces with dynamic Paragon Grocery distributor Blakemore Logistics has implemented a dynamic routing and scheduling solution from Paragon Software Systems resulting in a one million kilometre reduction in delivery miles. The switch from fixed route planning has other benefits too, including lower overall emissions and a 10 percent reduction in the fleet, which now only requires 140 vehicles to service 978 SPAR stores across England and Wales. Blakemore Logistics, which forms part of the A.F. Blakemore & Son group of companies, decided to extend its use of Paragon transport optimisation software from pure fixed route planning use to full dynamic daily route optimisation. At the same time it also included Paragon Fleet Controller enabling it to integrate its Blue Tree Systems R:COM Fleet Management System with its route planning and allow the logistics team to compare actual delivery activities against the optimised plan. This allows the company to alert customers of delivery ETAs using text messages and communicate with drivers. The system also provides timed reporting with updated ETAs for customer services and management teams so that they can monitor and manage delivery performance. Logstics Manager, Marc Deakin said: “Our delivery volumes can fluctuate by as much as 30 percent on a weekly basis. This dynamic system enables us to effectively accommodate these changes more efficiently whilst achieving significant benefits. “Corporate responsibility and minimising our environmental impact is paramount and is a key value of our family business. When we made the decision to change from a fixed to a dynamic planning approach we decided that we were going to commit fully to Paragon technology and we are enjoying the results.” Marc added: “We are leading the wholesale and convenience market by implementing dynamic planning and we are very proud of our achievements along the way. We also know we can build on our successes. This is definitely the modern way to manage wholesale distribution because staying with a fixed routing approach means you will always have an element of waste due to overcapacity in the plan and in resourcing.” The company is also using Paragon


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Resource Manager with the unique Tachomaster Link module. This enables the electronic tachograph data to upload directly into Resource Manager, which has eliminated the need for keying in the information. A.F. Blakemore use Resource Manager to improve the process of managing drivers and

vehicles. This integrates with its transport planning system enabling the schedules to match specific driver shifts to available vehicles. It also enables the logistics team to monitor historical performance in relation to drivers’ hours regulations, such as the European Working Time Directive.

Contact Paragon Software Systems on tel 01306 732600 or visit

More tray sealer orders for PA The Flavourfresh Solfresh Group is one of the leading salad producers in the UK whose business focuses entirely on the growing, packaging and distribution of tomatoes, strawberries and blueberries. Packaging Automation has been a supplier to Flavourfresh for nearly a decade ever since the retailers started to demand that fresh produce which was previously presented in a flow wrapped pack, was switched to sealed punnets. In 2004 after speaking to a number of companies in the packaging machinery market they purchased two automatic tray sealers from PA. A good relationship developed and when Flavourfresh needed to increase both productivity and efficiency in the packing of tomatoes and strawberries they had no hesitation in returning to PA for new machinery. The decision was taken to purchase a high speed Eclipse SL6 tray sealer which was soon followed by an order for a second identical machine. The SL6 is a high throughput machine capable of sealing up to 100ppm and has

provided Flavourfresh with cost and environmental benefits combined with greater efficiency, minimum downtime and a consistent seal on all packs. For flexibility and long term value the eclipse SL6 can be easily converted to a twin lane machine to give speeds of up to 200ppm. In order to save on critical downtime, tool changeovers on the Eclipse tray sealers can be carried out manually in two minutes as a result of an inbuilt tool loading system. The ingenious top tool comprises single impression removable cartridges to enable continued operation during repairs and routine maintenance. Quick release cutting blades on these allow for replacement in seconds and spare cartridges are supplied to enable full capacity operation at all times. Brendan Gillow Flavourfresh’s Operations Manager said: “We have used PA for a number of years and have always been happy with their performance, efficiency and after sales care. I would recommend them to anyone looking for a high speed quality top seal with an after sales service second to none.”

Contact Packaging Automation on tel 01565 755000 or visit

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Palmer and Harvey expands fleet Palmer and Harvey, the UK’s number one delivered wholesaler, has specified its first fridge-bodied Mercedes-Benz 18-tonners with the automated transmissions that have already contributed to a valuable fuel cost saving on its dry freight fleet. An additional 60 Axor 1824s are being supplied by Pentagon Commercials to increase Palmer and Harvey’s overall chilled and frozen capability. Although this is the first time Palmer and Harvey has used 18-tonne Mercedes-Benz trucks to undertake temperature-controlled distribution, it has long experience of running a fleet of 80 refrigerated vehicles based on 13.5-tonne Atego chassis. It also knows the 18-tonne Axor chassis well. Last year Pentagon supplied Palmer and Harvey with 85 Axor 1824s with dry freight box bodies. Those vehicles were its first to be fitted with Autotrans gearboxes as well as air management kits, and have proved three percent more fuel-efficient than the Axor 1824s delivered by the same dealer a year earlier. Palmer and Harvey supplies over 11,000 ambient, chilled and frozen product lines to 90,000 retail outlets in the UK, including convenience stores, petrol station forecourts and the larger supermarkets. The company’s distribution hub is in Coventry, and it has 13 distribution centres throughout mainland UK and Northern Ireland. National Transport Manager, Rhys Thomas is responsible for a fleet of some 1,150 trucks and vans. He confirms: “Mercedes-Benz is now our primary truck supplier, not only for the reliability, fuel-efficiency and general ‘fitness for purpose’ of its vehicles, but also for the quality of its back-up. “The support we receive from the manufacturer and its dealer is first class. We source all of our vehicles through Pentagon, which provides an excellent service. You will always get issues from time to time, of course, but these are addressed promptly and efficiently.” Rhys continued: “Our procurement strategy is based on a five-year life cycle. This allows us to make a small extra investment in MercedesBenz trucks at the front end, knowing that by the end of the term they will have been demonstrably more economical and costeffective to operate than other makes of vehicle.” Palmer and Harvey’s latest Axors are each being fitted with multi-temperature insulated bodies and fridges by Gray & Adams, Paneltex and Solomon, and carry frozen, chilled and ambient stock. Rhys Thomas added: “As with all our Mercedes-Benz trucks, the feedback from the first depots to receive these new vehicles has

been very encouraging. The drivers seem to like the two-pedal set-up. “As well as saving fuel, this improves safety by leaving them free to concentrate fully on

what is going on around them without having to worry about which gear they are in, and cuts downtime and maintenance costs by preventing abuse of the driveline.” Contact Pentagon Commercials on tel 01329 286224 or visit

Star quality cooling for Brakes distribution Brakes has invested in a bespoke cooling system from Star Refrigeration for its landmark multi-temperature distribution centre in Berkshire. Brakes recently established a state-of-the-art temperature controlled storage and distribution centre near Reading. Brakes is a leading supplier to the UK foodservice industry and the brand new purpose built facility forms part of the company’s continued drive for sustained growth. With an overriding commitment to reduce environmental impact, Brakes awarded the refrigeration contract to Star following a competitive tender process. A world leader in cooling and heating system innovation, Glasgow-based Star designed, supplied, installed and commissioned a bespoke refrigeration plant for cold and chill stores at the new facility. Star’s Director of Sales – Food Market, James Ward, said: “Energy efficiency and reduced carbon footprint were key factors in securing the cooling contract for the new Brakes facility in Reading. As well as offering a competitively priced bespoke system, we

selected high quality components and built-in design features such as reverse cycle defrost and floating head pressure control, to maximise efficiency and significantly reduce energy consumption.” James added: “Rising energy costs are putting increasing pressure on temperature controlled storage and distribution businesses. With refrigeration accounting for up to 80 percent of total energy consumption in warehouse facilities; plant design and efficiency is key to cost saving and energy management.” Star’s multi-temperature cooling system for Brakes comprises four LPR (low pressure receiver) refrigeration units. The packaged LPR plant has an ultra low charge of ammonia and is designed with energy saving features for highly efficient operation. The plant features two direct ammonia LPR systems, which supply cooling to a frozen food cold store (-21 C) via four ceiling evaporators. Two ammonia/glycol chillers supply cooling to a chill store for meat products (+1 C), a banana store (+13 C) and vehicle loading bays via 13 ceiling mounted air coolers.

Contact Star Refrigeration on tel 0141 638 7916 or visit

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Avery Weigh-Tronix gives Ragus sweet deal

Bowman aims for gluten free growth Global food coatings specialist Bowman Ingredients has announced plans to invest over £2m in a dedicated UK production facility for gluten free products. Bowman Ingredients is the market leader in gluten-free coatings for the UK food industry. The category has recently seen dramatic yearon-year growth in the retail and foodservice sectors, with supermarkets and restaurant chains continuing to expand their gluten-free product ranges. Bowman Ingredients’ new multi-million pound facility will be dedicated to the development and manufacture of gluten-free food coatings including breadcrumbs, batter mixes and pre-dusts. One of the major uses for its gluten free range is for fillers and binders in meat products, such as burgers. This major investment confirms the company’s commitment to serving its UK customer base and further expanding business across Europe. Based in Hitchin, Bowman Ingredients works in partnership with leading food solutions suppliers and processors in the frozen and chilled food industry. The company produces a full range of food coating systems including breadcrumbs, batter mixes, pre-dusts and dry mix marinades for value added poultry, fish, potato and vegetable products. Bowman Ingredients Sales Director, Richard Easey said: “With new product development in gluten-free food and drink continuing to show an upward trend, this is the right time to announce our expansion plan. Bowman has been at the forefront of innovation in glutenfree coatings for over a decade and we believe

we have established ourselves as the No.1 supplier in the UK. We are continuing to develop new gluten-free products and access new markets as we drive the business forward across Europe.” Richard Easey added: “Our gluten-free plant will be purpose built, with separate areas dedicated to product development, manufacture and blending. The new facility will enable us to ensure the highest degree of quality control and security for our customers in guaranteeing strict ppm levels are achieved.” Bowman Ingredients serves the worldwide food industry with a comprehensive global network of technically advanced development and manufacturing sites. In addition to its UK headquarters in Hertfordshire and a second processing plant in East Yorkshire, the company has technical and manufacturing bases in South Africa and Australia, as well as further facilities in France, Turkey and the United Arab Emirates.

Contact Bowman Ingredients on tel 01462 422722 or visit


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Ragus, a leading importer and manufacturer of sugar products in the UK, has installed an Avery Weigh-Tronix weighbridge at its newly built multimillion-pound refinery to weigh bulk incoming raw materials and outgoing finished goods. Ragus will use the weight data captured by the BridgeMont pit-mounted weighbridge at the new facility for generating invoices and paying suppliers. For the leading supplier of refinery syrup, molasses and crystalline sugars, accuracy is a critical feature of the new weighbridge. Peter Eastick, Managing Director for Ragussaid: “Ragus takes a lot of pride in the strong relationships we have developed with our suppliers and customers. One key aspect of maintaining these working relationships is that they trust the precision of our billing process. That is why the accuracy of the weight data captured to the weighbridge is so important.” The BridgeMont series of weighbridges are equipped with a number of features that make them ideal for a range of different applications where capturing weight data is important. The sandwich steel construction offers improved strength and reliability while the Avery WeighTronix Weigh Bar® offers a high-level of precision alongside a long service life that can lower the cost of ownership. Peter Eastick continued: “One of the most important features for us is that with the Weigh Bar in the BMS weighbridge, only the vertical forces are measured, regardless of vibration and shock loads on the scales. The Weigh Bar also ignores the effects of contraction or expansion on the weighbridge that are caused by temperature change. These two features mean we can confidently weigh our tankers throughout the year without having to factor in anomalies in the weight data caused by environmental or seasonal factors.” Avery Weigh-Tronix also has a team of 200 highly trained service technicians, offering maintenance, repair and calibration. This is important for Ragus where only one weighbridge is used and any downtime could have an adverse effect on the entire production process. Peter Eastick concluded: “Ragus uses a wide range of Avery Weigh-Tronix products in the factory, not just the BMS weighbridge. This is down to the outstanding sales support that is consistently provided to us, as well as the excellent experience in terms of reliability that we have had with its equipment.”

Contact Avery Weigh-Tronix on tel 08453 667788 or visit

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from the discharge side to the suction side of the pump. Rodda’s operate the MasoSine SPS in conjunction with a variable speed drive and ultrasonic level sensors in the hopper. If the level is high, the pump runs slower, and vice versa. “At the time, because of the need to meet pre-Christmas demand, Watson-Marlow helped

us out with the immediate delivery of a demo pump. It was a manual version of the pump we have now, and it got us through this busy period nonetheless.” This was good news indeed for the company’s customer base, many of whom refuse to take anything less than Rodda’s PDOcertified Cornish Clotted Cream.

Contact Watson-Marlow Pumps Group on tel 01326 370370 or visit

MasoSine pump ideal for clotted cream application A MasoSine SPS2 sanitary process pump supplied by WatsonMarlow Pumps Group has helped Rodda’s, a Cornish creamery with a history dating back over 120 years, to implement a new clotted cream line. Installed at the end of 2012 in time for the Christmas rush, the product benefits from the sine pump’s high flow yet gentle handling characteristics. In 1890, Eliza Jane Rodda started making clotted cream in her farmhouse kitchen in the heart of Cornwall. It was an immediate hit and before long she was ‘exporting’ it to London. Over 120 years on, Redruthbased Rodda’s is still producing their famous Cornish Clotted Cream the same way, by gently baking rich local cream until it is silky smooth with a characteristic golden crust, which is why it has been awarded Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) status. Tasked with installing a new cream line, Engineering Supervisor at Rodda’s, Paul Johnson, knew the pump for the job. “Clearly we are keen to avoid any product damage or compromise to product integrity,” he stated. “Using a centrifugal pump, for example, would effectively turn the cream into butter. We already knew about the

MasoSine sinusoidal pumps available from Watson-Marlow and we have found the pump compliments our new filling assembly.” The MasoSine positive displacement pump features an exclusive sinusoidal rotor that overcomes the limitations of conventional rotary lobe pumps to produce powerful suction with low shear, low pulsation and gentle handling. “This is not a high pressure application, rather a high volume one,” said Paul Johnson. “Essentially the pump transfers liquid cream from a tank to a hopper on a new production line. The machine then fills our range of pots.” For this application, the MasoSine SPS series is an ideal match, offering gentle handling that minimises the potential for aeration, yet with the high flow (up to 100,000 l/hr) required to match throughput demand at Rodda’s. It takes six pints of milk to make a 227g pot of Cornish Clotted Cream. High flow is achieved using the pump’s sine-wave-shaped rotor, which creates four moving chambers that convey the duty fluid from the inlet port to the discharge port. The scraper gate prevents any fluid passing back

Abbeydale install a T Freemantle Cartoner Abbeydale Food Group is a major supplier of potato-based products to the retail and food service sectors. Their latest product launch with one of the UK major retailers, involved the packing of frozen ready-baked jacket potatoes in a 4 pack carton. T Freemantle worked with Abbeydale to a tight deadline to meet the launch date and provide a cartoning machine specifically tailored to this challenging product. The machine included carton coding and infeed delivery of the potatoes to offer Abbeydale a complete end-of-line solution meeting their high standards for quality and presentation.

Delphi is a leading, innovative producer of the finest quality dips, salads and Mediterranean specialities. The growth in demand for the range of sleeved pot products produced by Delphi resulted in the installation of new automatic pot filling and Sleeving equipment. The flexibility and simplicity of the T Freemantle Preglued Sleever coupled with the compact footprint was the obvious choice. The machine is fitted with inline automatic transfer and exit coding to provide a complete end-of-line solution for speeds up to 80 pots per minute.

Contact T.Freemantle on tel 01724 276908 or visit

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Automatic effluent sampling at Patak’s

Oliver Douglas cleaning station helps Gadsby One of the leading specialist bakeries in the Nottinghamshire and Lincolnshire area is now benefitting from the use of an Oliver Douglas Panamatic 700 stand-alone washing installation. The facility now running at the Southwell premises of Gadsby Bakery – part of the Lincolnshire Co-operative – is playing a key role in the continuous operational efficiency of the baking process. Located in a central area of the baking facility, the Panamatic 700 handles a wide range of cooking vessels, utensils and tools – both stainless steel and plastic. The company uses the unit on an ongoing basis with highly effective washing achieved in a relatively short programming time, enabling the unit to be refilled continually to keep pace with the production process. “We produce up to 5,000 loaves per night shift as well as approximately 100,000 rolls and 6,000 confectionery items per day, so our need to achieve washing standards of the highest level is ongoing,” commented Colin Taylor, Gadsby Bakery Business Development Manager. “Items ranging from utensils, plastic containers, mixing pots, and whisks to a vast range of tools are loaded through the large front opening door, either directly onto a sliding tray or into baskets designed for smaller items – both of which were also supplied by Oliver Douglas,” Colin added. The contents

are then simply rolled into the machine for the wash process to begin which because it reaches a temperature of 60°C, with a rinse temperature of 80°C to ensure sanitation, the wash process is fully optimised with every cycle. Colin Taylor said: “Although previously we produced good results, the process was slower and required significantly more maintenance – both of which clearly impacted on the need to maintain production consistency and throughflow to meet our daily output demand. The Oliver Douglas system is already producing excellent results in terms of the standards of the cleaning process and our overall operational efficiency.” Supplying an area bordered by Skegness, Liverpool and Derbyshire, Gadsby Bakery supplies some 76 Lincolnshire Co-op stores as well as 18 larger group stores and 17 Midland Co-op outlets. The organisation also supplies products for use by a number of food producers for schools in the area. The name of Gadsby has developed a reputation over 50 years as a quality baker, which clearly depends on every aspect of the manufacturing process. The installation now of the Oliver Douglas Panamatic 700 cleaning station is evidence of Gadsby Bakery’s commitment to achieving high volume output and both excellent baking quality and consistency throughout the 24hours per day operation.

Contact Oliver Douglas on tel 0113 279 7373 or visit


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Aquamatic, leading UK manufacturer of automatic wastewater sampling equipment, have supplied an outdoor, temperature-controlled, MCERTs Certified wastewater sampler system to Patak’s Foods, where it is being used to help monitor effective effluent treatment through Patak’s recently installed Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF) plant. Curry is Britain’s favourite dish and Patak’s, with its range of delicious curry sauces and pastes, has become a household name. As a successful family business, and now as part of the international AB Foods group, Patak’s has enjoyed substantial growth. As Patak’s has grown, so of course has its factory, leading to an investment in a high specification DAF plant from European leader Nijhuis as an important part of the company’s waste and effluent management strategy. Nijhuis recommended that Patak’s brought Aquamatic in to provide the equipment to reassure them of the DAF plant’s effectiveness. Aquamatic supplied an MCERTs certified Aquacell S320H wastewater sampler to take regular, accurate, automatic samples of the effluent from the DAF plant prior to its discharge from site. The S320H encompasses a robust enclosure, designed for use outdoors, with frost protection and temperaturecontrolled sample storage to preserve the samples taken prior to their submission for laboratory analysis. At the heart of the S320H is the unique Aquacell sampling module. The vacuum pump driven Aquacell module features a wide bore sample collection system that helps ensure that a truly representative sample is collected without degradation to the effluent itself. Together with simple set-up, sample volume control and sample event data logging, the S320H enclosure includes two separate lockable compartments so that the Aquacell module can be accessed without disturbing the collected samples. Customers can choose from a wide variety of single sample collection vessels or built-in multi bottlers depending on the sample regime in use, with Patak’s opting for an integral bottler sampling into a set of twelve, one-litre containers. Patak’s have also opted for an annual maintenance contract with Aquamatic, which comprises two site visits from an Aquamatic engineer per year to inspect, clean, lubricate and service the equipment.

Contact Aquamatic on tel 0161 777 6607 or visit

Contact A.F. Blakemore and Son on tel 01902 366066

Jigsaw wins environmental award Jigsaw has won the Environmental Solutions award at this year’s Food Processing Awards for its work with Premier Foods to promote sustainability by reducing vehicle movements and road miles. The company was presented with the award at a gala dinner organised by Food Processing magazine at the end of September. Jigsaw was short-listed for the award alongside Coca-Cola Enterprises, Brunel University and Savortex by the magazine’s editorial team with readers and website visitors casting votes to decide the winner. The Environmental Solutions award recognises partnerships that have demonstrated a real achievement in environmental solutions in the food processing industry. Jigsaw has worked with Premier Foods since 2004 to provide a largescale managed transport solution for the UK’s biggest food producer. The contract was renewed and extended in 2012 with improved sustainability a key objective. Jigsaw predicted that its central planning, network integration, link loading of compatible flows

and other efficiencies would save around 3640 loads and up to 750,000 road miles during the first year of the operation with further reductions later in the contract. Jigsaw operates as Lead Logistics Provider for the fully integrated service with a single, centralised point of contact to manage all transport operations. The integration of network transport operations with a seamless interface between Premier Foods, warehousing, customers, suppliers, hauliers and other stakeholders is key. This is because it greatly simplifies transport and provides all stakeholders with a co-ordinated and highly visible supply network. “We are excited that readers of Food Processing magazine and our peers from the food industry recognise the sustainability improvements we have achieved with Premier Foods,” says Andy Humpherson, Managing Director at Jigsaw. “Like all of our contracts it promotes sustainability and adds value by removing complexity and cost from the supply chain through more efficient use of transport resources and infrastructure.”

Contact Jigsaw on tel 01280 848758 or visit


depending upon the producer’s preference. One of these schemes is an entirely interest free repayment scheme. Heart Distribution is a support network for over 150 British food and drink producers, aiding the delivery of product to retail customers by increasing efficiencies in the distribution process. Heart consolidates and delivers customer orders on behalf of numerous producers to eliminate the need for each producer to make direct deliveries. Customers also benefit by gaining easy access to Great British products via a simple ‘One Order, One Invoice, One Delivery’ process under one minimum order. The Heart operation is supported by the family business A F Blakemore and Son Ltd, who have built up their food distribution business over the past 100 years. The new Producer Growth Scheme complements much of the work that Heart Distribution already carries out with producers to help them develop their businesses. Heart supports producers with business planning, product development and various marketing and business development schemes that range from free product photography to free product panels.


Heart Distribution has launched a brand new initiative to help small producers grow their businesses. The Heart Distribution Producer Growth Scheme, which was launched in early September, provides producers with loans to help them advance in the marketplace. The scheme is open to all Heart producers who have been working with the company for more than 12 months, and to producers outside of this on a special case basis. Heart Distribution Commercial Manager Caoire Blakemore commented: “Heart has been going now for nearly five years, and we have seen some great products come into the marketplace. We have also seen some of our producers struggle to grow – they may have a great product that is commercially viable but need just a little help to get it going. “The scheme is aimed at helping the British food and drink producers in Heart take that next step in a climate where it is difficult for them to obtain bank loans. Even when loans are granted, they usually do not come with reasonable interest rates.” Each quarter, five producers will be awarded a loan of up to £5,000, to be paid back through one of two repayment schemes


Heart Distribution launches Growth Scheme

Produce World A* BRC success The UK’s largest grower and supplier of fresh vegetables is celebrating after three of its sites were awarded A* status following BRC audits this year. Produce World’s Yaxley, Sutton Bridge and Isleham sites, which specialise in organics, potatoes and roots respectively, were especially pleased as all three audits were unannounced. Unannounced BRC audits are still rare in the fresh produce sector, but Produce World’s sites have opted in for several years. In the coming months unannounced audits are set to become more prevalent within the industry. BRC audits take place annually and this is the fourth consecutive year that Produce World Yaxley and Isleham have achieved the top rating. In line with the business’ ethos of continued improvement, Produce World Sutton Bridge achieved its first unannounced A* rating this year. Historically the site has always achieved A ratings following BRC audits, so the team is delighted with this year’s achievement. Contact Produce World on tel 01733 240491 or visit

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Burton’s commits over £1m to new talent World Food Burton’s Biscuit Company, a major player in the UK biscuit market, is committing over £1m over the next four years to developing new engineering talent, helping to ensure the business is equipped for continued growth. The company, which produces iconic and market leading brands such as Wagon Wheels, Maryland Cookies, Jammie Dodgers and Cadbury biscuits, has just launched an apprenticeship programme. This follows a successful pilot at Burton’s Blackpool facility, where two apprentices are entering their third year, with a further eleven engineering apprentices commencing employment across Burton’s four sites this month. In addition, the company will be offering three placements each year to undergraduate students as part of the new MEng Food Engineering degree to be launched in September 2014, in partnership with Sheffield Hallam University and the Food and Drink Federation. This investment is helping to drive continued growth for the company and its Power Brands, with international sales increasing year-on-year, and the company achieving record market share of the domestic

sweet biscuit market. Simon Bourne, Head of Manufacturing at Burton’s Biscuit Company, said: “Investment in talent helps future proof our business and ensure we are equipped for continued growth. As the industry becomes more technologically advanced, it presents significant opportunities for young people looking to develop a highly skilled career in what is a fast-moving and exciting environment.” Burton’s is also investing in up-skilling its existing workforce through partnering with a number of academic organisations around the country to roll out training. In recent months, 75 percent of Burton’s Moreton employees have achieved an NVQ Engineering Maintenance Level 2 qualification, process operatives at our Llantarnam facility have commenced a technical up-skilling qualification in the use of hand tools, and a number of employees across all sites have completed Institution of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH) training. Additionally, over 80 members of middle management have achieved an ILM level 5 award, and the programme itself has recently been shortlisted for an IGD Learning and Development award.

Contact Burton’s Biscuits on tel 0151 676 2352 or visit

Bakery supplier turns to Hygiene Group Renshaw Napier, a leading supplier of ingredients to bakery manufacturers, has turned to contract cleaning specialists Hygiene Group to handle the cleaning of its production facility in Liverpool. Supplying marzipan, sugar paste, icing sugars and almond pastes to manufacturers and retailers, Renshaw Napier’s manufacturing site poses several hygiene challenges including compliance with allergen standards due to the processing of nuts. With vast experience of contract cleaning within the food manufacturing industry and an in-depth knowledge of legislation and standards, Hygiene Group was appointed to manage the complex cleaning requirements of the facility and has put in place a substantial team. As well as general cleaning of amenities including offices, Hygiene provides a variety of services to Renshaw Napier including endof-run and deep cleaning of production processes and packing lines, scheduled cleaning of high level structures, and perimeter cleaning around the plant. For this particular

facility cleaning at height is a key requirement, demanding a variety of access solutions from Hygiene operatives who are all highly trained in high-level cleaning programmes. Mike Waine of Renshaw Napier commented: “Our customers demand the highest quality ingredients which adhere exactly to food hygiene legislation and, as we work with many allergens including nuts, we want to make sure our products are safe for eventual consumers. Hygiene Group easily demonstrated their expertise and experience in maintaining clean, contaminant-free food manufacturing facilities meaning their teams are ideal for the job.” Hygiene Contract Manager, Mike Moritz added: “Renshaw Napier needed an expert cleaning company that could be flexible enough to work around production demand, work effectively at height, and had in-depth knowledge of allergen standards. Hygiene’s commitment to training and our experience of working with other producers of bakery supplies, allowed us to fulfil all those criteria.”

Contact Hygiene Group on tel 0121 451 3211 or visit


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Awards’ fifth consecutive year The annual World Food Awards, which celebrate and recognise the significant achievements of ethnic food product ranges are due to return on 2nd December at a starstudded ceremony at the Hilton Hotel, Park Lane. The annual event, which attracts the cream of the food industry and showcases the very best triumphs of the ethnic food sector over the past year, was launched by The World Foods Association five years ago, and has since become one of the most prominent events on the ethnic and world foods calendar. To commemorate its landmark fifth year, and in celebration of the increasing popularity of ethnic products in the market place, The World Foods Association, introduced a brand new category this year: ‘The People’s Choice Award’ marks the phenomenal success of a brand or product, which has established a prominent presence within the market place. Nominations are submitted directly by the consumer and therefore the winner of this category will have created a significant impact in the public arena. A total of ten awards presented on the evening, will include: The People’s Choice Award for Best World Food or Drink Product of the Year; Best New Product of the Year; Best Packaging of the Year; Independent Wholesaler of the Year; National Retailer of the Year; Entrepreneur of the Year Award; Lifetime Achievement Award. The World Food Awards are open exclusively to companies specialising, promoting or stocking products from the following ethnic ranges: Asian, Oriental, African, Afro-Caribbean, European, EasternEuropean, Middle Eastern, South American and Mediterranean. Previous winners have included supermarket giant Tesco (National Retailer of the Year 2012) and The Spice Tailor – a range of sauces by celebrity chef Anjum Anand (Best New Product of the Year 2012) amongst a host of other well-known and respected brands from the word foods sector, each walking away with one of the highly coveted awards. The World Foods Association also reconfirmed that the Star TV Network again were to support the event as the official media partner for the event, with a special programme broadcast to over one miillion viewers in the UK. Yeshpal Sharma, Senior Vice President for Star UK & Europe said: “Star is happy to once again support the annual World Food Awards, which serve as a focal point in recognizing both local and national businesses involved in the world foods sector.”

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The event features a glittering line-up, including performances from leading artists and a host of celebrities, food personalities and acclaimed chefs to present the awards. This year’s high-profile judging panel included some of the UK’s most respected industry experts, including Editor of The Grocer, Adam Leyland. Contact World Foods Association on tel 0203 393 7106 or visit

ACS&T continues to provide in-house training Specialist food logistics company, ACS&T, continues to deliver in-house Certificate of Professional Competence (CPC) training for its team of 39 lorry drivers and eight support staff with LGV licences. Training provided includes the CPC qualification as well as periodic training. ACS&T became a JAUPT (Joint Approvals Unit for Periodic Training) approved centre in 2010. The accreditation lasts for five years and was achieved following a series of checks and inspections. Courses delivered by ACS&T to date include LGV Essentials and Eco Driving Techniques. All drivers are required to carry a photo Driver Qualification Card (DQC) at all times when driving professionally. Failure to produce the card at a roadside check could result in a £1000 fine for both driver and operator. To retain the card, all drivers, including those with acquired rights, will have to complete 35 hours of periodic training every five years. ACS&T’s Compliance and Training Manager, Tony Chapman, said: “The ability to deliver in-house CPC training to our drivers enables us to meet our staff ’s evolving training requirements and ensures that we have the very best professionally qualified drivers in the industry.” “Investing in our staff is central to how we do business at ACS&T. It is what allows us to deliver a superior service to our customers.”

Contact ACS&T on tel 01472 358207 or visit

Tetra Pak acquire Danish company Tetra Pak® has acquired Denmark-based DSS Silkeborg, a European market leader in dairy membrane filtration technology. Established in 2000, DSS is a privately held company with 46 employees that develops, designs, sells, builds and commissions membrane filtration systems for dairy applications, using reverse osmosis, nanofiltration, ultra-filtration and micro-filtration technologies. The core competence of DSS lies in maximizing the full use of milk and whey, based on its in-depth understanding of fractionation processes, water treatment and dairy production. “Becoming an integral part of Tetra Pak, a large multinational company focused on the dairy sector, offers DSS an opportunity for a new phase of growth in the global dairy industry,” said Niels Osterland, Co-Founder and Managing Director of DSS.

“The acquisition of DSS adds to Tetra Pak’s expertise in membrane filtration technology, enabling us to provide our customers with an even wider range of processing solutions for dairy, cheese and whey as well as other beverages and prepared foods,” said Tim High, Executive Vice President Processing Systems, Tetra Pak. In addition, Tim High said: “The integration of DSS’s expertise with Tetra Pak’s energy, waste and water reduction technologies will provide our customers with processing solutions designed to reduce their carbon and water footprint as well as their operational costs.” DSS will remain in Silkeborg, Denmark with its current management team as part of Tetra Pak’s Cheese and Powder business unit. Existing sales channels will be supplemented through Tetra Pak’s global market operations

Contact Tetra Pak on tel 01978 834000 or visit

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Saucy Fish Co. voted one of Coolest Brands The Saucy Fish Co. has officially been named a CoolBrand, in an influential annual initiative to identify the UK’s coolest brands. The CoolBrands® list, now in its twelfth year, follows a vote by a combination of 3,000 consumers and a panel of 37 different culture experts. The Saucy Fish Co. has become the first ever fish brand to make it on to the prestigious CoolBrands list, where it sits alongside other leading food brands including Green & Blacks, Marmite and Ben & Jerry’s. Launched in January 2010 with the ambition of getting more people to eat fish at home The Saucy Fish Co. has grown into a £35m UK brand by providing both convenience and inspiration for mealtimes. It is bold, contemporary packaging, distinctive tone of voice and playful personality helped The Saucy Fish Co. stand out from the crowd and impress both the consumers and expert panel. 2013 has already been an important year for The Saucy Fish Co. In January Norway

started selling The Saucy Fish Co. products in ICA supermarkets and later this year the brand will be moving into the US market. This year the company has released a new range of Ready-to-Enjoy salmon fillets alongside three new fish and sauce combinations. This is a testament to the company’s commitment to innovation which distinguishes it from ‘me too’ products. Co-ordinated by The Centre for Brand Analysis, the prestigious CoolBrands list was drawn from over thousands of independently identified brands and whittled down into a shortlist. The panel of 37 influencers then scored each brand, bearing in mind factors such as style, innovation, originality, authenticity, desirability and uniqueness, before 3,000 members of the British public gave their ratings. The Saucy Fish Co. beat tough competition to take its place in the influential list. The CoolBrands survey has been compiled annually since 2001. The results are published every September.

Contact c/o Seachill on tel 01472 502300 or visit

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Marine Harvest net for growth with Infor Infor, a leading provider of business application software serving more than 70,000 customers, today announced that Marine Harvest, the world’s largest producer of farmed salmon, has selected Infor M3, Infor Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP) and Infor Supply Chain Planning for its global operations. The applications will be deployed in a phased roll out, with the final site expected to go live in April 2014, with the goal of helping Marine Harvest drive growth by improving demand visibility. They will also help Marine Harvest secure optimised pricing for its produce, while accelerating current traceability capabilities. Marine Harvest is the world’s largest producer of farmed salmon with more than 10,000 employees across 23 countries. With production and farming facilities in Norway, Scotland, Ireland, Canada and Chile, Marine Harvest ships approximately 70 percent of its product to retailers with the remaining 30 percent sent for further processing. These destinations span Asia, Europe and the USA. With facilities across three continents, Marine Harvest has begun a complete business process re-engineering project designed to move away from a decentralised, regional structure to a global business template. Through integrating Infor M3 with Infor

Supply Chain Planning, Marine Harvest hopes to improve visibility into future demand from 3-6 weeks to up to three years. Combined with Infor Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP) this improvement in visibility will not only help Marine Harvest to better meet demand but also help to protect its revenue by reducing over production and resulting subsequent price reductions to sell excess stock. Infor M3 and Infor Supply Chain Planning will also help reduce the time taken to answer traceability queries. “As a micro-vertical, aquaculture is growing at a phenomenal rate,” explained Mike Edgett, Director of Industry Marketing, Process Manufacturing, Infor. “It is among the fastest growing animal food production sectors and accounts for more than half of the fishing industry. This is good news because if current consumption patterns continue, we will need another 23m tonnes of fish to satisfy demand by 2030. “As such, aquaculture demands not only industry-specific functionality but also strong support for growth. Infor M3, supported by other applications such as Infor Supply Chain Planning, delivers not only the support for industry-specific processes but also the scope for scalability, enabling companies such as Marine Harvest to develop competitive advantages that help drive growth.”

Contact Infor on tel 01252 556000 or visit

Eversheds help Rutland Partners Global law firm Eversheds has advised specialist turnaround and restructuring investor Rutland Partners on its investment in UK turkey producers, Bernard Matthews. Rutland Partners has taken a strategic stake in Norfolk based Bernard Matthews, a household name and the largest turkey farmer and producer in the UK rearing over 7 million turkeys a year and employing over 2000 staff. David Wingfield of Rutland Partners said: “We are excited to be investing in the leading turkey producer in the UK, which has such a widely recognised brand. We have been impressed by the energy and passion of the team at all levels of the business and are looking forward to the prospect of working with them to enable the business to reach its full potential. “Eversheds food sector focus linked with

their strong private equity practice, have a great reputation in the corporate space and we were keen to work with them on this transaction. Their sector knowledge and professionalism helped to push this deal through to a successful conclusion.” Eversheds’ corporate partners Robin Johnson and Robin Skelton led on all corporate aspects of this transaction. Robin Skelton said: “Bernard Matthews has explored a number of options as part of its growth strategy and has found a great partner. Rutland with its impressive track record with companies of this type and its notable portfolio of realised investments, coupled with both financial backing and its strategic knowledge in this space will ensure that Rutland adds value throughout the Bernard Matthews’ business.

Contact Eversheds on tel 020 7919 4500 or


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Malvern Instruments acquires NanoSight Malvern Instruments has acquired the nanoparticle characterization company, NanoSight based in Amesbury, Wiltshire. The acquisition was completed at the end of September. NanoSight has developed and commercialized a unique and patented technology, Nanoparticle Tracking Analysis (NTA). The company’s instrumentation and software enable the rapid and simultaneous multi-parameter analysis and characterization of many different types of nanoscale particles. With their ability to analyze particle size, concentration, zeta potential and aggregation, NanoSight systems are closely aligned with Malvern’s market-leading Zetasizer range, extending Malvern’s solutions for those working at the nanoscale. Currently the largest applications area for NTA is in life sciences, for the measurement of biological nanoparticles, where one of the most exciting and rapidly expanding fields is exosomes. These are intercellular messengers whose quantity and biochemical composition reflect the disease status of an individual. NanoSight technology uniquely provides quantitative detection and characterization capabilities to make exosomes a viable proposition as biomarkers for drug discovery, disease prognosis, diagnosis and monitoring, as well as personalized medicine. Paul Walker, Managing Director of Malvern Instruments, said: “NanoSight is a real entrepreneurial success story and I am delighted to be welcoming the NanoSight team to Malvern. NanoSight has grown every year since it was established in 2002 and has ambitious plans for the future. We will be providing the investment and support needed to continue this drive forward and are absolutely committed to developing the NanoSight brand within the Malvern portfolio. “NanoSight’s unique technology has become accepted in laboratories around the world and is widely cited in research publications. With rapid advances in nanomaterials and the life sciences, in biopharmaceuticals especially, the demand for new technologies to answer continually evolving analytical challenges has never been greater. This is a very exciting time and by bringing together complementary, leading edge technologies, Malvern continues to focus on delivering the analytical tools which

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laboratories so urgently need.” Jeremy Warren, Chief Executive of NanoSight, said: “We have always seen Malvern as the clear leader in our sector, and the exemplar of what we wish to become. The plans we have are ambitious and exciting, and the support and reach of the Malvern organization will allow us to grow more rapidly than we could alone. I am sure that this change will bring opportunity to both our business and our colleagues. Malvern is our natural home.” NanoSight employs around 50 people worldwide and will continue to operate from its current facilities in Amesbury, Wiltshire, under the existing management team. Malvern’s direct sales operations in key geographies and wider global presence will be used to make the NanoSight instruments and after-sales support even more accessible to a wider market. Contact Malvern Instruments on tel 01684 892456 or visit

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Müller Dairy acquisition of Nom Dairy UK Müller Dairy has confirmed that it has acquired Nom Dairy UK, which has a state of the art yogurt production facility in Telford, Shropshire. The move secures employment at the site and will provide a platform from which Müller Dairy can develop its presence in the UK private label yogurt market, to the benefit of customers and the British dairy industry. It builds on recent acquisitions in the UK by Müller UK & Ireland Group including the fresh milk processor Robert Wiseman Dairies and the chilled desserts facility at Minsterley, Shropshire. The Group is also building Britain’s largest butter manufacturing facility at Market Drayton, Shropshire. Heiner Kamps, Chief Executive of Unternehmensgruppe, Theo Müller said: “This acquisition underlines our commitment to growing our presence in the UK, which along with Germany and the US, is a core market for

Müller. “We believe that there are strong opportunities in the UK private label yogurt sector and the Telford facility will help us to realise our plans to provide customers with great products in this important market. “ Ronald Kers, Chief Executive of Müller UK & Ireland Group said: “We want to be the biggest and best dairy company in the UK and by acquiring this excellent facility we can increase the range of private label yogurt products made with milk from British farms, which in turn can reduce the UK’s dependence on imported dairy products. “We are ambitious for the future and we very much look forward to working with the team at Telford and our customers to realise the significant potential of this facility.” Located on a 24 acre site at Donnington Wood, Telford, the Nom Dairy UK facility has a turnover of £43m per annum.

Contact Müller Wiseman Dairies on tel 01355 244261 or visit

logo and brand identify CHEP contract Key Technology announces a new corporate logo and an updated brand identity to reflect the strengths of both Key and Visys, who merged earlier this year, creating the single most complete source of high performance digital sorting, conveying, and process automation systems for food processors and other manufacturers. “Since merging with Visys, we required a distinct identity to represent the newly integrated companies and to communicate the strength of our global team and product portfolio,” said Steve Johnson, Senior Director of Marketing at Key Technology. “The new logo depicts the stability and industry leadership of Key and the dynamic innovation and agility of Visys. We believe this new unified image exemplifies our leadership position and market momentum.” Key’s culture as a trusted and knowledgeable partner dedicated to ongoing customer support has always permeated the company’s initiatives and activities. The infusion of pioneering technologies and a highly entrepreneurial team earlier this year from Visys has transformed the company’s value proposition. Combined with a new tagline, ‘Advancing Together,’ the updated brand identity symbolizes the company’s commitment to partnering with its customers to continually advance their efficiencies and profits through world-class products and solutions. An introductory video can be viewed at Contact Key Technology on tel +31 3455 09900 or visit

extension with Unilever CHEP, the world’s leading provider of pallet and container pooling solutions, is pleased to announce today that Unilever has extended its contract for the use of pallet pooling services throughout Europe, supporting both companies’ sustainability goals. Under the new contract, Unilever has increased its use of CHEP’s service throughout Europe by approximately 70 percent, thereby replacing less efficient white-wood exchange pallets with CHEP’s managed pooling system. The contract extension covers Unilever operations in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Poland, Hungary, Scandinavia and Romania, complementing existing CHEP services to Unilever throughout the rest of Europe. The business expansion was implemented in March 2013. CHEP President for European Pallets Operations, James McCarthy, said: “We have developed a close strategic relationship with Unilever for many years. Our new agreement enables us to build on the existing business, while applying cost and carbon reduction programmes. It reinforces our ability to deliver on such a large scale in response to the needs of one of our largest and most valued customers. It is an excellent example of two global organisations working closely in partnership to mutual effect.” Lucrecia Bolognesi, Unilever Procurement Director, Logistics said: “Having built a

partnership with CHEP over many years, we have been benefiting from their pooling model for some considerable time. Converting these extra flows to CHEP is going to simplify our ongoing pallet management processes, improve our supply chain efficiency and reduce our total cost of ownership. “In addition, CHEP’s sustainability efforts will contribute to Unilever’s ambition to double the size of its business by 2020 while reducing its overall environmental footprint and increasing its positive social impact throughout the entire Supply Chain” A recent independent life-cycle assessment study confirmed CHEP’s pallet system in Europe has the lightest impact on the environment compared with alternative pallet systems, namely white wood returnable pallets and white-wood disposable pallets. The study was performed by Brussels-based Intertek-RDC Environment, a leading environmental consultancy, in accordance with ISO 14044 methodology. According to this assessment, Unilever’s conversion of additional white-wood exchange pallets under the new contract with CHEP will generate annual savings of approximately 4,700 metric tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions, – the equivalent of the emissions from the electricity use of 750 homes for one year – as well as preventing 400 metric tonnes of wood from being sent to landfill.

Contact CHEP on tel +34 91 557 9402 or visit

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ITE Group launch WorldFood Warsaw ITE Group plc is pleased to announce the launch of WorldFood Warsaw. The inaugural event will be held 9-11 April 2014, at the International Expocentre, EXPO XXI in Warsaw, Poland. Over three days, industry professionals will have the opportunity to network, gauge demand for their food product/service, assess the competition and forge new business partnerships. The event will feature an array of food and drink products, including: gourmet food, organic produce, food ingredients and food packaging & equipment. ITE’s Head of Food Division, Tony Higginson commented “The introduction of WorldFood Warsaw is yet another positive addition to the WorldFood portfolio, and through ITE’s expertise, WorldFood Warsaw will create an unrivalled marketplace for international

food and drink exporters.” In 2012, Poland’s consumer expenditure on food equalled around US$60bn and since joining the EU in 2004, the country has adopted significant legislation reforms. The country is ranked 55th in the World Bank Ease of Doing Business Report. Furthermore, in 2013, the report highlighted Poland as a country that is significantly improving business regulations. Ingredients Warsaw will take place alongside the event. Dedicated to the ingredients, spice and additives market, the co-location enables inter-industry promotion and allows exhibitors to meet a full spectrum of professional visitors. The event will join ITE’s existing portfolio of WorldFood exhibitions, which currently consists of events located in Ukraine, Turkey, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan and Russia.

Contact ITE Group on tel 020 7596 5000 or visit

Water Minister praises innovative Project Severn Trent Costain have signed a multi-million pound contract with major UK dairy, First Milk, to design, build and operate a new wastewater treatment plant at the company’s Haverfordwest Creamery. The innovative wastewater plant is the result of a close partnership with First Milk and Natural Resources Wales to deliver a solution that helps to secure the future of the creamery and enables increased production and contributes to the preservation of some of the UK’s most cherished and important countryside environments. Water Minister, Richard Benyon said: “This new approach is good news for both the dairy industry and the environment. It is exactly this type of innovation we want to encourage through the Water Bill.” This challenging and complex project has seen First Milk and its expert water and wastewater advisor, Severn Trent Costain create an innovative supply chain solution involving the local farmers who are owners of the business. When built and fully operational in early 2014, the new wastewater treatment plant will replace an old system that no longer meets the dairy co-operative’s environmental or capacity requirements. The new system will operate within a new Environmental Permit which is accompanied by much stricter discharge limits than currently in operation.

The guidance and support of Natural Resources Wales, (previously the Environment Agency and the Countryside Council for Wales), has been instrumental in helping First Milk to develop an innovative solution to offset the nutrient discharge of the new plant. Extensive feasibility studies explored all avenues to identify the best solution, which had to meet exceptionally stringent consent criteria set by the regulator. The solution has two parts: an advanced wastewater treatment plant, and an arrangement brokered by First Milk with its local dairy farmer owners to reduce their nutrient runoff by incorporating best practice on the application and use of fertilisers and manures; effectively “offsetting” the environmental impact of the discharge from the new plant. First Milk was the first business customer to switch supplier to the Severn Trent Costain joint venture after Defra altered the regulations to allow individual business sites using over 5m litres a year to choose their water service provider. First Milk’s Group Project Director, Paul Rowe added: “As a farmer co-operative we are committed to the long term sustainability of milk processing in West Wales and the dairy farmers which own and supply this business. This has enabled us work with our supply chain to safeguard the environment, the creamery and our members’ future.”

Contact Severn Trent Costain on tel 0845 034 0864 or visit


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Rowan warehouse expand distribution centre Specialist wholesaler Rowan is responding to the rapid growth in the discount grocery sector by expanding its Basildon Distribution Centre with a £1.3m extension. The 1250m expansion comprises two full-height warehouse areas, located at each end of the east-facing elevation, and will include a mezzanine deck to provide additional office space. 25 car parking spaces will also be created. In addition to the structural work, a £50,000 fixed base generator – large enough to power the entire site – will be installed to provide back-up power during the project. Some £250,000 will also be spent on new pallet racking for the new and existing warehouse space, which will increase the overall storage capacity by 4,500 pallets. Completion of the project is anticipated to be around February 2014. Rowan’s expansion follows the surge in popularity within the discount grocery sector, which is increasingly attracting shoppers from across the social spectrum and is expected to grow by 64.7 percent to be worth £12.4bn by 2017, according to a recent Rowan/IGD report. Logistics Director Martyn Andrews said: “We have needed to expand for a while – we actually increased our storage capacity earlier this year, with the addition of an adjacent 2000m , but it soon became apparent that this was not enough.” Rowan Chief Executive, Alan Saywell said: “This new investment underlines our commitment to high service levels for both our customers and suppliers. We also needed extra office and parking space to house our growing team. “The discount channel is booming as brands recognise its power to increase sales and engage with an increasingly affluent customer base without damaging brand equity. Our warehouse expansion is key to us responding to this growth.” Contact Rowan on tel 01268 592000 or visit

Contact BHJ UK on tel 0121 521 4300 Contact IGD on tel 01923 857141 or visit or visit


IGD has published an interactive guide on reformulation aimed to help food and drink companies improve the nutrient content of their products, making healthier options available to consumers. At present, 65 percent of men and 58 percent of women are overweight or obese, with many exceeding their recommended intake for salt, saturated fat and sugar. There is mounting pressure on food and drink companies to not only provide new, healthier products, but also to improve the nutritional content of existing ranges. Developed by a cross-section of nutrition and technical experts that form part of IGD’s Industry Nutrition Strategy group, the guide brings together their knowledge and expertise to help smaller food and drink companies navigate their way through this complex subject area. Joanne Denney-Finch, Chief Executive, IGD said: “Obesity continues to be a growing problem. Helping to improve the health of the nation remains a priority for food and drink companies and many have already developed healthier products or made changes to existing recipes. “The reformulation guide spearheaded by IGD is a free, interactive tool to help food and drink companies – particularly those that are working towards the voluntary pledges set out in the Public Health Responsibility Deal – to improve the nutritional content of their products. “Developed by industry experts, the guide is particularly useful for small and medium sized organisations that may not have the dedicated skills and resource. It is also a one-stop shop offering practical advice for every aspect of the reformulation process. “Improving the health of the nation’s diet is incredibly important and even small improvements can make a significant difference.” Responsibility Deal Food Network Chair, Professor Susan Jebb (University of Oxford) says: "Reformulating foods and soft drinks reducing sugar, fat and salt content¬ is one of the most impactful ways the food industry can help people eat fewer calories and less salt, and curtail the burden of ill health caused by poor diets. The guide is free to download from IGD’s website:



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Business Monitor’s latest Brazil findings Business Monitor has just released its latest findings on Brazil’s food & drink sector in its recently published Brazil Food & Drink Report. The report explains that high household debt levels and weaker purchasing power (exaggerated by the recent collapse in the currency) is likely to constrain private consumption growth considerably over the coming quarters. With real private consumption growth expanding by just 2.1 percent year-on-year (yo-y) in Q1 13, and continued headwinds in the form of high inflation and interest rate hikes on the horizon, Business Monitor believes that Brazil's consumer sector will grow more slowly in 2013 than previously expected. As such, it is revising down its forecast for real private consumption growth in 2013 to 1.8 percent yo-y, from 2.2 percent y-o-y previously. Key Company Trends - Away From Beef, Towards Poultry and Dairy Sectors: Out of all the emerging regions Business Monitor’s food & drink coverage spans, it believes that Latin America will see the slowest meat consumption growth in the coming years, with beef consumption particularly subdued. This will in turn affect beef production in large producers such as Brazil and Argentina. Meat consumption per capita in the region, especially beef demand, is among the highest in the world despite the low levels of growth in recent years. Indeed, meat consumption in Latin America averaged 60.0kg per capita in 2012, compared with 72.5kg for Europe and North America, and 23.5kg in Asia and Africa

(excluding developed markets such as Australia, Hong Kong and New Zealand). The report therefore remarks that Latin America is consequently nearing developed market standards in terms of meat consumption. Frosts, Hoarding Present Downside Risks to Exportable Surplus: Business Monitor maintains its forecast for Brazilian coffee output in 2013/14 to come in below official estimates, as it sees downside risks to production on the back of recent frosts in the country. The report forecasts that production will reach 46.0m 60kg bags in 2013/14, a 9.0 percent y-o-y decline, as the coffee crop is currently in a down-year. This compares with the 49.6m bags forecast by Brazil's Companhia Nacional de Abastecimento. The current coffee harvest is only 44.0 percent complete, and Business Monitor believe increasing risks of frosts in the country's coffee-growing regions will delay the harvest and could even freeze coffee pods. Carrefour Remains Committed to China and Brazil: French retailer Carrefour has confirmed its commitment to securing growth in both Brazil and China while restructuring its domestic operations. Following a string of asset sales in recent months, Business Monitor believes the company's pledge to drive sales in Brazil and China demonstrates their potential in terms of mitigating the effect of austerity-hit consumers in maturing European markets on sales. The report explains that Carrefour's expansion in these key markets will very likely play a significant role in spurring its revival.

Contact Business Monitor International on tel 0208 7248 0468 or visit

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Festo specification on valves and terminals Festo has published a new whitepaper to help designers improve the electro-pneumatic control of their machines. The paper, Quality and an attractive price – the right way to buy valves/valve terminals, advises engineers and designers on how to choose the optimum valves and valve terminals and dispels some of the misleading information in the marketplace. The whitepaper is free to download and highlights some of the key factors affecting the total cost of ownership. There are a number of questions that engineers should consider to ensure they are making the right choice of valves and valve terminals enabling them to select the best valve design. As a ‘hygienic factor’ valves and valve terminals must meet the necessary technical requirements such as flow rate, function, installation space and IP class. The whitepaper advises on other factors equally important to bear in mind. For example, much fuss has been made lately regarding electrical energy costs of solenoid valves. However, while power-saving solenoid functions are a good

idea, as they cut down on heat generation and a small amount of wasted energy, the biggest potential for cutting energy costs is related to the sealing principles applied. Some valves, including many with power saving solenoids, require a permanent leakage to operate and also specify a five micron fine filter which creates a bigger pressure drop than a 40micron filter. Costs associated with these factors can be many times the electrical savings. The underlying message of the whitepaper is to ensure designers are more aware of all of the issues involved and not to be misled by headlines promising dramatic savings that only consider one narrow aspect of their design. “Today’s global market for valves and valve terminals is so large that it is almost impossible for engineers to maintain an overview,” said Jacqui Hanbury, Product Manager at Festo. “Often price seems the only buying criterion, but it pays to look more closely, particularly with regard to total cost of ownership, higher productivity and process reliability.”

Contact Festo on tel 01252 775000 or visit

Guidance on metal detection safety role A well-designed metal detection system will help manufacturers keep potentially damaging metal contaminants out of their production processes and finished consumer products, avoiding litigation, adverse publicity and damage to the reputation of the manufacturer. Gaining the most benefit from sensitive metal detection equipment requires an understanding of system components and operating principles, so to provide guidance on optimal metal detection system design and operation, Mettler Toledo has published a new white paper entitled “Foreign Body Detection: Metal”. This addition to the company’s extensive collection of thought-leadership resources gives an overview of how a well-designed metal detection system will help food manufacturers avoid costly contamination errors. Despite widespread metal detector use, few guidelines are available to help users evaluate equipment reliability. Factors that help ensure actual “production line” system effectiveness include ease of set-up, mitigation of drift/errat-

ic detection, and elimination of false rejects – without constant attention to maintain sensitivity standards. Critical elements such as balance stability/vibration immunity and reject mechanism design must be considered to provide reliable detection. When they are, a metal detection system can help manufacturers prove due diligence and meet an expanding series of retail-driven practice codes while keeping their customers happy with the finished products. This white paper addresses the selection, installation and use of metal detection equipment to optimize system performance, including how to assure sensitivity on an ongoing basis. This will help to ensure that investment in metal detection equipment delivers a real Return on Investment by addressing safety, quality, and regulatory concerns such as those expressed in FSSC 22000, SQF1000/2000 and other national/international certification codes and standards.

Contact Mettler-Toledo Safeline Metal Detection on tel 0161 848 8636 or visit


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Chocolate MastersTM website revamped Chocolate Masters, part of the Barry Callebaut Group and known as the specialist in the production and sale of semi-finished chocolate products, is relaunching its website for its range of chocolate and marzipan decorations. It will offer everyone, from industrial food manufacturers to artisanal chocolate producers, creative decorative ideas and inspiration brought together in an interactive website with a new look and feel. In the Decoration Inspiration Lab in Zundert, The Netherlands, Chocolate Masters™ produces lots of decoration collections ranging from chocolate and sugar decorations, cupcakes, prints and all kinds of special collections for seasonal celebrations (such as the Christmas collection) to colourful marzipan decorations. The various catalogues are directly available on the new website on following a quick and easy registration process. A short film offers visitors a unique insight into the Decoration Inspiration Lab. The lab is the beating heart of Chocolate Masters™, which officially opened its doors in February this year and has enjoyed considerable success since day one. It meets a real need among industrial users as well as artisanal producers such as confectioners, chocolatiers, and professional chefs providing a place where they can get together with the Chocolate Masters™ specialists and experiment with new, unique decorations with which they can distinguish themselves among their customers. “In our Decoration Inspiration Lab we open up a world of creative possibilities for our customers", says pastry chef and chocolatier Jurgen Koens who runs the lab. “The new website now provides those who have not - (yet) - had the opportunity of visiting us in Zundert with an insight into the most extensive possibilities for decorations that the chocolate sector currently has to offer.” Contact Barry Callebaut Decorations on tel +31 7659 78300 or visit

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BAP adds Food Certification The Best Aquaculture Practices (BAP) division of the Global Aquaculture Alliance, the world’s leading certification standard for aquaculture facilities, has added Food Certification International Ltd (FCI) to its team of BAP-approved third-party certification bodies. In a service agreement between BAP and FCI, FCI will conduct auditing and certification activities for aquaculture farms, hatcheries, processing plants and feed mills that apply for BAP certification. “FCI is extremely pleased to have been awarded approval by BAP and is looking forward to assisting in the ongoing growth of the BAP standards into new species and geographies. The ability to provide BAP certification complements FCI’s service offering to the international aquaculture and seafood processing sectors,” said FCI Managing Director, Martin Gill. Founded in 1996 and based in Inverness, Scotland, FCI specialises in the certification of aquaculture, fisheries and related supply chains and is accredited to multiple seafood certification systems. In June, FCI became part of Acoura, formerly known as the Certus Compliance Group. FCI joins SGS, Global Trust Certification, and NSF International as the ISO/IEC Guide 65 accredited certification bodies (CBs) designated to perform BAP audits. The use of independent, accredited CBs allows certification against the BAP standards to comply with international requirements for the operation of credible global certification schemes. “We are very pleased to welcome FCI as a BAP-approved certification body. The company’s expertise in seafood and aquaculture will be a very valuable addition for the BAP programme, which continues to experience rapid growth globally in all sectors of the seafood production chain,” said Lisa Goché, BAP Vice President. Contact FCI on tel 01463 223039 or visit

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New rules on food for specific groups How should foods suitable for people suffering from hypercholesterolemia and foods for people suffering from digestion disorders be categorised? Are they falling under the remit of legislation on Foodstuffs for Particular Nutritional Uses (PARNUTS, also known as dietetic foods) or should they be classified as ordinary foods bearing health claims? The new Regulation (EC) No. 609/2013 on specific categories of foodstuffs for vulnerable consumers, adopted on 12 June 2013, comes amid increasing difficulties in interpretation and differing enforcement amongst Member States. It abolishes the concept of dietetic foods and repeals all of the existing legislation for these products from its application date on 20 July 2016. The new Regulation covers only three food categories: food intended for infants and young children, food for special medical purposes and total diet replacement for weight

control. The other groups will be regulated using existing EU legislation, for example meal replacements by Regulation (EC) No. 1924/2006 on nutrition and health claims and very low gluten or gluten-free foods by the Food Information to Consumers Regulation (EC) No. 1169/2011. The new rules aim to close the loophole and limit the possibility for food businesses to choose the more preferable legislation. The other main changes include banning the use of pictures on follow-on formulae and the consolidation of lists of certain permitted substances. The reports assessing whether growing-up milks and food for sports people should be covered by separate legislation will be published by 2015. These are challenging times for food regulators and marketers and no doubt the regulatory landscape will be influenced by future decisions on these special food products.

Contact Leatherhead Food Research on tel 01372 376761 or visit

Mitsubishi Electric launches new webstore The new e-F@ctory Alliance software webstore is a first for the automation business and offers a huge range of incredibly useful ‘approved’ automation software and dedicated function blocks available for instant download. Programmes on offer also include partner solutions that have been developed alongside Mitsubishi Electric to support users to find best practice solutions for their automation challenges and further increase performance for many different application fields. All the software and function blocks associated with Mitsubishi products available for download are designed to improve production accuracy, increase efficiency and ultimately reduce costs for any automation challenge. Items that are expected to be very popular include innovative sector and application specific function blocks for the water, food & beverage, consumer packaged goods, process and life science industries. There is already a high demand for function blocks, as they can save a significant amount of time for engineers and programmers in development and commissioning.

The convenience of being able to search and select from such a wide range of useful software and function blocks by solution, by industry sector or by function should prove to be a great asset to any developer, software engineer, designer or integrator looking to software and function blocks from a trusted secure location. The webstore can be found at where open access is provided to browse and purchase all the software solutions on offer. Commenting from Mitsubishi Electric Europe’s Factory Automation – European Business Group, Ciaran Moody, Business Development Manager for partner relationship said: “The webstore is intended to be an extremely active service, every day the range of solutions we offer will continue to grow, it certainly helps us to have a dedicated portal for automation related function blocks and software distribution, but the greatest value and convenience is to our customers - meeting the increasing worldwide market demand for function blocks and software solutions from one convenient source.” Contact Mitsubishi Electric on tel +49 02102 486 2150 or visit

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First GFSI South Africa Focus Day 250 food safety executives from South Africa and surrounding countries gathered in Johannesburg recently for the region’s first ever GFSI Focus Day. With the support of The Consumer Goods Council of South Africa (CGCSA), this one-day event served as a platform for the launch of the Global Markets Capacity Building Programme within the region, facilitated the sharing of views about current food safety trends and provided extensive networking opportunities with industry peers. This particular Focus Day had a unique format, focusing on how the GFSI Global Markets Programme for manufacturing and primary production has been used as the basis for capacity building efforts in South Africa and surrounding regions. The food safety experts from South African retail and wholesale companies that make up CGCSA’s Food Safety Initiative (FSI) have been collaborating over the past two years to localise the requirements in the Global Markets documentation so that the programme can be implemented amongst their supplier bases. This inaugural session was chaired by Gwarega Mangozhe, Chief Executive of CGCSA, and opened the event by highlighting that access to good and safe food is every consumer’s right. Food systems are complex, fragmented and in many cases, dominated by

emerging suppliers, which presents both challenges as well as opportunities for a nation. He praised the work being carried out under the auspices of CGCSA’s FSI that brings together the South African food industry. Their work in implementing the Global Markets Capacity Building Programme has demonstrated their support of their suppliers in improving food safety standards to gain access to local and international markets. Yves Rey, GFSI Board Chair and Corporate Quality General Manager, Danone added that as our global food system is more complex than ever before, we must embrace a vision where food safety is applied every step of the way from farm to table. Science-based food safety standards facilitate global trade, but whether we are working locally, nationally or globally, food safety must never be used as a competitive advantage. To close the inaugural session, Malose Daniel Matlala, Deputy Director, Inter-Agency Liaison and Regulatory Nutrition of the Department of Health gave an overview of the food safety landscape in Africa. With an estimated 901.4m people to feed across the continent, food security and food safety go hand in hand. While many African countries have their own food legislation and standards, they are often fragmented in the way they are implemented.

Contact GFSI on tel +33 182 009595 or visit

Sauces & Spreads Market Update 2013 This Market Update covers the UK's sauces and spreads industry, including table sauces and other condiments, as well as sweet and savoury spreads. The authors estimate that the overall industry has grown by 20 percent between 2008 and 2012. In the context of this report, products that fall into the sauces category include tomato ketchup; mayonnaise and salad dressings; vinegar; mustard; condiment sauces such as mint sauce; and chutneys, pickles and relishes. Sauces are thought to account for around 60 percent of the total market, having lost some ground to spreads since 2008 in terms of market share by value. Sweet and savoury spreads make up the rest of the market. The spreads category covers jams, marmalade, honey, chocolate spreads and Marmite, Bovril and other similar products. Major manufacturers of sauces and spreads include H J Heinz, Kraft Foods, Unilever and Wilkin & Sons. This publication contains updates on current developments at major companies operating within this industry and analyses key trends. These include growing consumer demand for spicier, more exotic

variants and the associated decline in volume sales of many traditional products. The market is an interesting one, because although saturated, it contains several products which many consumers consider nothing short of essential, even in times of economic difficulty. The market has demonstrated consistent year-on-year growth. While it should be noted that much of this may be attributable to hikes in commodity prices pushing up retail prices, customer loyalty is guaranteed for many products and will continue to provide a strong base for volume sales. Loyalty to specific brands is perhaps less strong. Some consumers always buy the same brand of their favourite sauce or spread, while others have been tempted away by lower-cost own-brand variants from supermarkets. The rise of supermarket offers, particularly during the current climate of economic instability, has undermined value sales of established brands. The authors expect the sauces and spreads market to grow fairly slowly but steadily over the forecast period. The future of the industry as a whole is secure, as many products within it are firm favourites with consumers.

Contact Research and Markets on tel +353 1415 1241 or visit


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Dairy standard will improve accuracy Joint work between ISO and the International Dairy Federation (IDF) has resulted in an important update of a key analytical standard for the global dairy sector. ISO 9622|IDF 141* contains guidelines for the testing of milk and milk products with mid-infrared instruments. These instruments are extensively used in laboratories and dairy plants worldwide. The new version now also fully covers the use of Fourier Transform InfraRed (FT-IR) technology, which improves the routine compositional analysis of milk, according to Paul Sauvé and Harrie van den Bijgaart, two experts involved in the standard's development. "FT-IR analysers measure the full midinfrared spectrum whereas the description in the old standard was limited to traditional wavelengths," explained Paul Sauvé, expert at the IDF. “This means we can be more accurate with fat and protein measurements and test for more components such as urea and added water,” he said. This increased accuracy is important for products intended for export and trade and will help set pricing in milk payment schemes, as milk prices vary depending on the fat and protein contents, highlighted Harrie van den Bijgaart, Chair of the ISO committee that developed the standard (ISO/TC 34/SC 5). “Furthermore, it could lead to the development of new tools to help dairy farmers optimize their herd management, for example indicators for ketosis and feed efficiency,” he added. In addition, the fact that multiple parameters can be measured at the same time reduces costs in testing laboratories. Standards: reaching consensus and documenting it IDF and ISO have been working together over many years to develop and publish standard methods of analysis and sampling for milk and other dairy products. Harrie van den Bijgaart explained the significance of this collaboration: "Joint International Standards are important to prevent duplication of work in the development of standards and to avoid incongruences. That is what standardization is all about, reaching consensus between stakeholders in the broadest sense and documenting it." Contact IDF on tel +32 2325 6740 or visit &


Washdown W ashdown gun in Stainless Steel Spraying Systems CU150 GunJet® High impact - Low pressure The only gun in the preferred material for washdown in food plants and wherever hygiene has priority. Damage and chemical resistant. UÊÊ7iÌÌi`Ê«>ÀÌÃʈ˜ÊΣÈÊÃÌ>ˆ˜iÃÃÊÃÌii°Ê UÊÊ"ÕÌiÀÊVœÛiÀʈ˜ NBR black or white°Ê UÊÊ*>“‡ÌÀˆ}}iÀÊreduces fatigue.

UÊÊ`ÕÃÌ>LiÊëÀ>ÞʇÊ-œˆ`‡ÃÌÀi>“Ê̜ʅœœÜÊVœ˜i°Ê UÊʘÌiÀV…>˜}i>LiʜÀˆwViÃʇÊ{ä]Èä]näʏɓˆ˜°Ê UÊÊ>ÝÊ«ÀiÃÃÕÀiÊ£äÊL>ÀÊ>ÌʙÎc °Ê CU150 GunJet

E inf o .com T 01252 727200 W

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SOFHT cuts fees for new graduates The Society of Food Hygiene and Technology (SOFHT) has dramatically reduced membership rates for recent graduates who are entering their first job in the food industry. People starting their first job in food are now able to join SOFHT, the organisation that promotes best practice in the food industry, at a 50 percent reduction from the standard or premium membership rate. SOFHT membership gives a number of benefits including access to technical information, training, discounts on events and of course, networking with the biggest names in the food

industry. This is one of many new initiatives that SOFHT has launched recently to support young people, such as abolishing student rates and introducing the new SOFHT Student Award. Catherine Watkinson, Chair at SOFHT said: “The food industry provides an exciting and stimulating career and SOFHT wants to actively support young people in progressing in a career in food. Reducing membership fees for recent graduates will help drive new recruits and promote this fast moving industry.”

Contact SOFHT on tel 01827 872500 or visit

New energy-efficient food research centre Leading scientists and government officials spoke at the launch of the new National Centre for Sustainable Energy Use in Food Chains, at Brunel University, London last month. The Centre, one of six in the UK, will establish a cross-disciplinary hub of engineers, scientists and industry experts to develop energy-efficient food manufacturing, distribution and retail systems to support the Government’s target of 80 percent CO2 emissions reduction by 2050. The Centre, led by Professor Savvas Tassou, the Head of the School of Engineering and Design, is a partnership with teams from the University of Manchester, led by Professor Adisa Azapagic, and the University of Birmingham, led by Professor Fryer, who spoke at the launch. The total cost of the centre is £12m with £5.7m in funding from Research Councils UK and Manufacturing the Future Programme with the remainder coming from its 33 UK industry supporters and the three universities. Professor Tassou said: “There is a global imperative to dramatically reduce carbon emissions across all heavy-use industries. It is critical to start addressing energy efficiency in food chain systems now.” Professor Azapagic added: “The Centre will contribute significantly to reducing energy use and environmental impacts from food produc-

tion and consumption, thus helping to save resources and meet UK climate change targets.” In addition to researching the physical reduction in the carbon footprint of food processing, transportation and storage, the project will assess supermarket packaging, people’s buying habits and food choices, Government and EU policy on unavoidable food waste, and also establish links with developing countries. “This research is very topical. It is quite broad. We are dealing with several related issues,” said Professor Tassou. Speakers included Dr Jason Green, Head of Research Councils UK Energy Programme; Dr Lucy Foster, Food Science Lead and Sustainable Economy Science Coordinator at the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra), and Calum Murray, the Technology Strategy Board’s Lead Technologist for Sustainable Agriculture and Food. Dr Lucy Foster said: “This new Centre is a boost to the food industry as it brings scientists and innovators together to tackle some of the big challenges the food sector faces; to ensure a competitive, resource efficient sector which can produce healthy food for the future and which also improves the environment.” Calum Murray commented: “We applaud all efforts to improve energy use efficiency along this critically important supply chain.”

Contact Brunel University CSEUFC on tel 01895 267040 or visit


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LIMS and Business Quality Management Autoscribe showed the Matrix Gemini Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) at Lab Innovations 2013. However, Matrix Gemini is much more than an easily configurable LIMS for applications in a wide variety of laboratories including, food, pharmaceutical and environmental information management systems. It also provides a systematic quality management resource for tracking, storage, auditing and reporting of data across all segments of a business or company. The unique ‘OneTime configuration tools’ allow Matrix Gemini to be configured without the use of custom programming or esoteric basic scripting tools. These easy-to-use configuration tools allow free choice of screens, workflows and menu designs, customer specific tables/modules, multiple screens for the same function, multiple sample numbering systems and much more. With a web browser user interface provided as standard as well as the desktop user interface, Matrix Gemini can be deployed globally via Citrix or the Web. From single user, single PC systems to multiple concurrent users connected via multiple sites, Matrix Gemini is equally suitable for both global organisations and small individual laboratories. Matrix Gemini is designed for use in both highly regulated and unregulated laboratories. It has the tools and design to help with compliance to cGLP and cGMP and FDA 21 CFR Part 11 in pharmaceutical companies, NELAC and ISO 17025 in water testing laboratories or food testing or NAMAS/UKAS regulations. Matrix products are developed and produced in an ISO 9001:2008 certified environment with full documentation available. The Matrix Gemini Quality Management software suite provides companies or businesses with easy management of key processes to ensure their relevance in the business model. This comprehensive business data management capability facilitates compliance with ISO 9001 (2008) and ISO/TS 16949 (2002) for regulated companies to reduce risk, liability and costs.

Contact Autoscribe on tel 0118 984 0610 or visit

01275 836131 manufacturers of automatic packaging machinery, has announced the appointment of Neil Fowell as Managing Director with effect from 28th October 2013, taking over from Bob Morley who is retiring after six years at the helm. Neil brings to Kliklok a wealth of experience within the packaging industry, having been Managing Director at Yamato Scale Dataweigh, Sales & Marketing Director of Bapco Closures, plus many years at Tetrapak, where he was Business Development Director. Commenting on his appointment, Bob Morley said: “Neil has worked in businesses with an engineering focus,



SPECIALIST FREEMAN TECHNOLOGY 01684 892456 has expanded its global team with the appointment of Patrick van Barneveld to the new role of Product Manager for Central Europe. Operating from Almelo, The Netherlands, Patrick will establish a direct company presence in the region to strengthen local support in a number of countries including Austria, Germany, Switzerland and Poland. Born in The Netherlands and educated at the Department of Pharmacy & Pharmacology at the University of Bath, UK, Patrick has broad academic and commercial experience. His career has taken him through management information systems in academia and senior community manager roles for software publishing houses to specialised consultancy within the pharmaceutical industry. Here he has worked with both new drug and generic manufacturers and a number of analytical equipment companies. “At Freeman Technology we are committed to establishing an effective global network that provides the very best local support to customers through and beyond the initial purchase,” said Tim Freeman, Managing Director. “Freeman Technology Inc. is






including processing, packaging and capital equipment. He brings a strong track record of leadership and management skills which will be invaluable in taking the business forward. Neil joins us during a particularly busy and successful period as we continue to build our reputation for high quality, reliable machinery”

flourishing in the US and we have a strong distributor network across Asia. Patrick’s appointment extends our strategy of local focus into Central Europe and he brings extremely valuable experience and expertise to the team.” Freeman Technology is a global leader in the development and application of powder characterisation techniques to solve processing problems. The company’s FT4 Powder Rheometer® is a universal powder tester that enables the measurement of shear, bulk and dynamic powder properties and has proven track record in R&D, QC and process troubleshooting. A key part of Patrick van Barneveld’s role will be to extend awareness of the FT4 Powder Rheometer across Central Europe, helping powder processors to understand the value it can deliver. In this role he will work with and be fully supported by the team at Freeman Technology head office in Tewkesbury, UK.


LEADING UK SUPPLIER OF JANITORIAL and personal protection equipment (PPE) has appointed a new Marketing Manager. Needlers 01482 467502 has recruited Paul Woodford to help drive the direction of the company, in line with ambitious

plans for growth and innovations in customer service. Paul is a CIM qualified marketing consultant, with seven years’ experience of marketing to the food manufacturing sector. He said: “I am excited about this new challenge. Having worked with Needlers in my previous role I have a good understanding of the company, and I am delighted to be part of such a successful team.” Needlers Managing Director, Alistair Needler said: “The creation of a new Marketing Manager position is a reflection of our commitment to developing our already successful business. We are looking to add depth in the support for our sales team, and be more strategic in our marketing efforts. Paul’s experience will help with the continuous improvement of our customer experience.”


EADING INDEPENDENT DAIRY GROUP MEADOW FOODS has signed up five of its technical managers to the Society of Food Hygiene & Technology’s 01827 872500 newly launched High Five membership category. Designed to enable key technical managers from across an organisation to keep up-todate with the latest food safety issues and legislation all together

and at a reduced cost, SOFHT High Five Membership was the brainchild of the SOFHT Chair Catherine Watkinson, herself a technical manager. Catherine Watkinson, Chair at SOFHT is delighted that Meadow Foods has joined: “SOFHT wants to encourage a broad spectrum of technical managers representing one organisation, in order to drive best practice among business and the food industry as a whole. We are delighted with the response to High Five so far”.


ICROSCAN +31 172 423360 a global technology leader in barcode, machine vision and lighting solutions, announces the appointment of Michael Harkin as Regional Sales Manager for UK & Ireland. Michael will be responsible for sales and business development activities in the region, working closely with Microscan’s reseller and integrator network. “UK and Ireland are very important markets for us, and some of our largest partners are based there. We also see interesting developments in machine vision in this region,” said Juan Pablo Biermayr, Sales Director, Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) at Microscan. “Michael will strengthen our European sales team and his

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ORIEN ENGINEERING SOLUTIONS 01543 444244 has bolstered its team of senior consultants with the appointment of Glen Prentice at the firm’s headquarters in Burton-on-Trent. Glen joins Lorien from Robert Wiseman Dairies where he was Group Process Improvement Manager, responsible for projects involving new products, continuous improvement and capacity increases. Having previously worked for Lorien, Glen is now rejoining the firm with a wealth of experience under his belt. Having delivered hygienic installations in the dairy, food and beverage sectors he is looking forward to using his knowledge to benefit Lorien’s growing raft of clients in the dairy industry. He is also the firm’s lead sustainability consultant, providing energy efficient solutions for client’s existing manufacturing processes. “It is great to be back at Lorien,” said Glen. “Having worked on the other side of the fence during my time away, I

expertise in end user and solutions selling will be greatly appreciated in this territory.” “I am very enthusiastic about joining Microscan,” Michael commented. “One of my main goals is to support our existing partners in growing their business, and I will also look for new resellers and integrators to complement our network.” Michael Harkin will be based in Ireland. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree from the Edinburgh Napier University, in Business Information Management, and a Master’s Degree from the University of Ulster in E-business and Information Innovation.


LOBAL LEADER IN GELATINE AND COLLAGEN PEPTIDES, Rousselot® +33 146 678720 has announced the appointment of nutrition expert, Janne Prawitt, PhD, as its Global Nutrition Manager. Janne’s core role will be to enhance product innovation and


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am looking forward to using my dairy experience for the benefit of Lorien clients.” Lorien Director, Steve Turner said: “Glen is a welcome addition to the team, and the dairy knowledge he has acquired during his time away from us will prove invaluable in what is an important and growing sector for us.” Lorien Engineering Solutions has recently become part of GP Strategies Corporation, a global performance improvement solutions provider of training, eLearning solutions, management consulting and engineering services. claim support for Rousselot’s ranges of gelatines and collagen peptides. Her responsibilities will include building further on the scientific evidence demonstrating the proven efficacy of the Peptan® collagen peptides portfolio, as well as expanding Rousselot’s wider research activities in key fields of human health and nutrition. The appointment represents the latest in a series of investments in the company’s global R&D and application capabilities. Joining from the Institut Pasteur de Lille, France, where she was a post-doctoral researcher, Janne brings to Rousselot a high level of scientific expertise in health and nutrition. She received a PhD in Biology from the University of Hamburg’s Institute for Biochemistry and Molecular Cell Biology in 2006, and has also previously worked in a postdoctoral capacity at the University Medical Centre, Hamburg-Eppendorf, Germany. With substantial experience in cutting-edge nutritional science,

Janne will work within Rousselot’s R&D group to increase the company’s research output and ability to support customers in new product development and claim declarations. Commenting on her appointment, Janne said: “This role immediately appealed to me as it will enable me to work with Rousselot’s first-class R&D facilities – alongside leading academic institutions – to expand our understanding of human nutrition and, ultimately, make a tangible impact on people’s quality of life.” Based in Rousselot’s Ghent Expertise Centre, Janne Prawitt will report to Fred Beekmans, Director, R&D and Quality at VION Ingredients. Fred Beekmans said: “The appointment of Janne as Global Nutrition Manager will help us further increase our research activities, boost innovation, and extend our position in the field of human health and nutrition science.”


HE DSM +31 46 476 3559 Nutritional Sciences Award 2013 has been given to Professor Maret G. Traber, Director, Oxidative & Nitrative Stress Laboratory, The Linus Pauling Institute, College of Public Health and Human Sciences, Corvallis, Oregon, USA. Professor Traber received the distinction for her lifetime commitment and scientific achievements in the field of vitamin E research. An international judging committee, chaired by Dr Manfred Eggersdorfer, Senior Vice President DSM Nutrition Science and Advocacy, selected Professor Maret Traber from among several candidates shortlisted by an international pre-selection committee. The award, which carries a cash prize of €50,000, was presented by Marcel Wubbolts, DSM Chief Technology Officer, at the 20th IUNS Conference in Granada, Spain, in September. In addition to her role as a Principal Investigator and Director of the Oxidative & Nitrative Stress Core at the Linus Pauling Institute, Dr Traber is Professor in the Nutrition programme in the School of

Biological and Population Health Sciences in the College of Public Health and Human Sciences at Oregon State University. She received both undergraduate and doctoral degrees in Nutrition Science from the University of California at Berkeley, and holds the LPI Professorship in Micronutrient Research. Professor Traber is a pioneer in vitamin E research and the world’s leading researcher of vitamin E in humans. She has reported landmark discoveries on the bioavailability of vitamin E, its antioxidant function, and its metabolism in health and disease. Professor Traber’s scientific contribution is reflected in more than 200 publications, which have been quoted over 10,000 times, and in a number of book chapters, conference proceedings, editorials, and review articles. At the award ceremony, the judging committee concluded that: “Professor Maret Traber has been providing seminal work and is a major contributor to our understanding of the role of vitamin E as an essential micronutrient in human metabolism in health and disease. As such, she is a highly qualified recipient of the DSM Nutritional Science Award 2013 for Research in Human Nutrition.” The DSM Nutritional Sciences Award forms part of the DSM Bright Science Awards programme. It is granted every two years, and alternates between the fields of human nutrition and animal nutrition.


LAUS STOJENTIN IS THE NEW PRESIDENT OF SALES for Western Europe for GEA Refrigeration Technologies +49 234 980 2862. Klaus Stojentin began in his new position on 1 July 2013 as President of Sales for Western Europe for GEA Refrigeration Technologies. He reports directly to Jean-Michel Daviaud, Vice President for Country Sales. Stojentin began his career in GEA Group ten years ago, as Sales Director for the region of Germany, Austria, and Switzerland, for the earlier company GEA Grasso GmbH (now GEA Refrigeration Germany GmbH). From 2008 to

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2011 he was active at this company as Sales and Marketing Director and supported the Country Sales Organization of GEA Refrigeration Technologies throughout the world. When GEA Refrigeration Technologies in 2011 took over the company GEA Bock in Frickenhausen (Germany; earlier name of the company: Bock Kältemaschinen), he became one of the three General Managers of the new subsidiary, and he played a key role in implementing integration of the company and its product portfolio into the GEA Segment for Refrigeration. Jan Kröger is newly appointed to the management of GEA Bock. Beginning on 1 September 2013 Jan Kröger, born in 1969, assumed his position in completion of the three-member management of GEA Bock in Frickenhausen, Germany. As successor to Klaus Stojentin, Kröger will work in the company top management together with Ralf Eichentopf and Thies Hachfeld, who in his dual function also serves as President for Components at GEA Refrigeration Germany GmbH.

Jan Kröger’s last assignment was as General Manager for the company Hafner-Muschler in Balingen (Germany), a plantsystems contractor specializing in industrial and commercial refrigeration technology. The focus of his work there was on product innovation and the introduction of industrial structures. Jan Kröger, with a degree in mechanical engineering, also brings international experience in business development from his activities at York (BKT) and for Epta Group, in Milan (Italy).


R JANET COLLINS, PhD, RD, CFS, Senior Manager at DuPont is the new President of the Institute of Food Technologists (IFT) +1 312 782 8424, a non-profit scientific society of professionals engaged in food science, food technology, and related areas in industry, academia, and government. Janet is the 74th president of IFT and assumed her role on 1st September 2013: She succeeded John Ruff, IFT’s 2012-2013

President. In her position as President, Janet will work with members and staff to support IFT's overall mission of advancing the science of food to ensure a safe, abundant and healthful food supply worldwide. Janet Collins is the first IFT president to be both a food scientist and a registered dietician with over 35 years of international experience impacting industry, academia and government. She has experience in academic institutions teaching and conducting primary research, overseeing industry project and program management, and leading scientific affairs. Her interest areas include food composition, chemistry and technology, nutrition and health, and global food policy development. “I am truly looking forward to working with IFT members and all those in our community,” said Jane. “As IFT approaches its 75th anniversary next year, we have a unique opportunity to show the world the positive impact of food science and the technology on the global food system.” While at DuPont, she brings

her expertise and leadership skills with food and agricultural trade associations and others to enhance dialogue and agreement around common goals in biotechnology acceptance. In a food industry coalition, she has effectively advocated sciencebased, criteria-driven policies in Codex Alimentarius and the OECD. Dr Jane Collins has served as an expert scientific spokesperson on a range of topics including: food science and nutrition-dietary guidance; meat science; food safety; food labelling and claims; food regulations and international food trade. She holds a PhD from the University of Wyoming and both an MSc and a BSc from The University of Georgia.


TLAS PACKAGING 01271 344055 has announced the appointment of a new Operations Director. Graham Campbell joined the Atlas Board this autumn. Graham joins the business in Atlas’s 30th anniversary year, one

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that has witnessed buoyant growth despite a challenging economic backdrop and has taken the company to a turnover of £15m. Atlas Packaging, established in 1983 is now one of the largest independent, innovative and dependable corrugated sheet plants in the country, developing corrugated packaging solutions for a wide range of industry sectors including furniture, food, pharmaceuticals and floristry. Graham Campbell’s role will be to run the production side of the business at the company’s Barnstaple plant that employs over 100 people. Graham is one of the leading experts in corrugated board production in the UK, having cut his teeth in the industry as a trainee production operative at the tender age of 18 working on the shop floor for Smurfit. His most recent position was at Ribble Packaging where he rose to Conversion/Production Manager before joining Atlas. “The lure of Atlas was too attractive to turn down”, Graham commented. “It is a really successful independent company, with a great reputation in the industry and steered by a young and dynamic management team. It is also located in one of the most beautiful parts of the country that is an added bonus.” All the other members of the Atlas Board have sales backgrounds. Jason Sharman, Managing Director of the Company is confident that Graham’s operational experience and production skills will be instrumental in increasing efficiency on the factory floor in order that output matches the high level of demand generated by the sales team.


AGNETROL UK 01444 871313 are delighted to announce the appointment of John Squires as Magnetrol Senior Sales Engineer, responsible for field sales in the East Midlands, East Anglia, North London, Middlesex and Kent. John brings with him extensive experience and knowledge of process instrumentation, particularly level instrumentation, gained over 25 years in the industry. Particular areas of expertise are


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in Magnetic Level Gauging, Guided Wave Radar, Magnetostrictive and Displacer level applications, chamber design and construction, and level switches. However, John’s real skill is in providing a complete solution to his customers, irrespective of the measurement technology used, based on his knowledge and experience.


RLA FOODS 0113 382 7000 has appointed Sarah Baldwin as Vice President Marketing, with effect from January 2014. In her role at Arla, Sarah will lead the UK marketing function, taking responsibility for the delivery of the branded and own label marketing strategy, across Arla’s key dairy categories - milk and cream, BSM and cheese. In addition Sarah will take ownership of driving the business’s innovation agenda. Sarah has 10 years’ dairy industry experience and joins the cooperative from ASDA, where she was category director for the core chilled business. Prior to taking up her position at ASDA, Sarah held dairy brand and customer marketing roles within the dairy industry. Commenting on the appointment, Peter Lauritzen, Chief Executive for Arla Foods UK said: “Sarah brings valuable category and retail experience to Arla. She has a wealth of experience about the cooperative, having worked closely with Arla’s marketing and commercial team during her time at ASDA.“


ECK AND POLLITZER 01322 223494 the leading UK and European Engineering services business, based in Dartford, Kent is delighted to announce the appointment of Andrew Hodgson as the new Chief Executive. Andrew joined the company effective from September 2nd 2013, replacing Tony Percival who is retiring after over 30 years in the industry. Andrew is joining Beck and Pollitzer from his most recent position as Managing Director of Sulzer Dowding & Mills, where he had responsibility for 23 sites in the UK and two joint ventures overseas.

Prior to that, Andrew worked as a Director for Flowserve Corporation where he was responsible for the general management and strategic leadership of Flowserve Pumps Engineered Services Group across Europe, the Middle East and Africa. As Chief Executive of Beck and Pollitzer, Andrew will oversee all areas of the business in both the UK and the 13 countries in which it operates worldwide. Andrew joins Beck and Pollitzer at an exciting time in its development and will be leading the growth of the business into new markets and sectors. “Andrew's wealth of experience and background in engineering services make him the perfect fit for Beck and Pollitzer”, stated Charles Matthews, Chairman. "Having just celebrated our 150 year anniversary, we look forward to welcoming Andrew to the company. I know that the business is not only in safe hands but has an exciting future ahead.”


ATHAN DANIEL HAS JOINED CS Labels 01902 365840 as Sales Manager as the company further expands its rapid reach into digital labelling. Nathan brings with him five years’ experience in the print industry, having previously worked for Magnum Materials where he was instrumental in setting up the company’s Memjet digital operation. The Willenhall-based printer has shown an incredible growth commitment recently and has invested over £1.5m over the last few years in state-of-the-art equipment as well as enhancing their production facility and investing in skills and training. A committed employer in the West Midlands area, CS labels specialise in recruiting creative and productive thinkers who are not necessarily from a traditional print background. Managing Director, Simon Smith has cited this as one of the key drivers for their success in the ever expanding and competitive digital label arena. Speaking about Nathan Daniel, he said: “I am delighted to welcome Nathan on board. I selected him to join us to lead further R&D projects as well as venture in to markets which until now are pretty much untapped by digital print. Nathan will be

working closely with both our sales and production teams to continue CS Label’s practice of pushing the boundaries of what is possible with digital printing.” Nathan is very excited to be taking up his new role: “CS Labels has a world class reputation in the print industry so it is fantastic to be offered the opportunity to work with them. We have a really strong team and I am already enjoying working with them to take CS Labels to the next stage of digital printing.”


STM INTERNATIONAL +1 610 832 9602 Committee E18 on Sensory Evaluation of Materials and Products has presented the David R. Peryam Award to Daniel Ennis, PhD, President of the Institute for Perception in Richmond, Virginia. The Peryam Award recognizes the outstanding contributions of professionals in the applied sensory science field. A member of ASTM International and Committee E18 since 1997, Ennis has more than 35 years of experience working on product testing theory and applications for consumer products. Daniel holds two doctorates: a PhD in Food Science and Biometrics from the University of Maryland, and a DSc in Mathematical and Statistical Psychology from Wageningen University, The Netherlands, as well as a MSc in Food Science, also from the University of Maryland. He has published three books and more than 100 peer-reviewed papers and technical reports on statistics and mathematical models for human decision-making and was the first to show that humans possess a transducer in the chemical senses. He also teaches short courses to industrial audiences on product testing theory and applications. A global consultant who has served as an expert witness in a wide variety of false advertising cases, Daniel Ennis is also a member of the Institute of Food Technologists (IFT). He was awarded the Sensory and Consumer Sciences Achievement Award from IFT in 2013 and was selected as the scientific lecturer for IFT’s Sensory Evaluation Division in 1998.




Matrix Industrial Range of steamers completed Matrix's Industrial Range incorporates two single-phase machines and three, 3-phase machines. These have been specifically designed to fulfil all heavy duty cleaning applications. Each machine features a continuous stainless steel boiler with steam temperatures at source between 165 C-180 C deployed at pressures from eight to 10bar. All Matrix machines are manufactured from stainless steel, making them ideal for food preparation, pharmaceutical, manufacturing, hospitality and kitchen environments. They use between 2.5-26-l of water per hour making them very environmentally friendly and inexpensive to run. Generating higher volumes of steam means faster cleaning; these machines generate from over 150-l to a massive 500-l of steam volume

per minute, making fast work of even the most stubborn ingrained dirt and swarf laden grease. A detergent injection facility is also available for speedier removal of ingrained dirt from heavily soiled areas and optional heavy-duty industrial wet pick up vacuum cleaners. All models are designed with automatic boiler filling systems for continuous water filling capacity, eliminating cool-down and reheat times. The 10kW and 20kW models can also be coupled with the company's new conveyor cleaning system for either flat, slatted or mesh belts. “We will always offer an onsite

demonstration facility to ensure that the machine will fulfil each customer's requirements exactly”, says the company's Mike Osiadacz. “As the UK's leading steam cleaning manufacturer we are in the enviable position of having a greater degree of control over our product. We are extremely confident and proud of our machines; each unit undergoes a very stringent testing procedure and quality check before it leaves our premises. This also allows us to have control over machine build times and spare parts delivery lead time, which is also supported with on site training and standard operating procedures.”

Contact Matrix Cleaning Systems on tel 01772 431906 or visit

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JBT FoodTech launches Revoband Classic Oven Global food processing equipment manufacturer, JBT FoodTech, has introduced a new linear protein oven to its Double D product line. The launch responds to market demand for an oven designed for cooking breaded products, such as chicken nuggets and meat tenders, cost-effectively and energy-efficiently. The new Revoband Classic Oven builds on the success of existing impingement ovens from JBT FoodTech. These include the Double D Revoband Continuous Protein Oven and the Stein JSO range. The oven cooks by forced convection. It produces a very consistent cook and even colouring of products, whilst using a lower air velocity than the company’s current impingement ovens. The air velocity and cook process for the Revoband Classic Oven is optimised for the target applications, reducing operating costs. A single zone 7m Revoband Classic Oven will cook up to 1,200kg/hr of par-fried chicken nuggets. The company believes it will be of particular interest to many suppliers to the QSR (Quick Service Restaurant) sector. Proven elements of the Double D Revoband

oven design remain unchanged. These include the cook-zone water bath and access doors for inspection and cleaning. The simplified and easier-to-use CIP system remains highly effective and is now augmented by optional belt brushes, or a powerful debris removal system. The oven is designed in modules and is available in space-saving 5m or 7m zone lengths, with either a 600mm or 1m wide, belt. This allows the customer to specify an oven designed to meet their exact capacity requirements. The largest Double D oven to be manufactured has six independently controlled zones. The new oven can be heated by electricity or thermal fluid, and supplied with either humidity control or the Double D pulsed steam system, as required. The Revoband Classic Oven can be integrated with other JBT FoodTech products, such as the Stein range of coating and frying equipment and the Frigoscandia range of GYRoCompact® Spiral Freezers and Chillers to form complete in-line processing systems. It also has a PLC-controlled platform, allowing control over the whole line.

Contact JBT FoodTech on tel 01506 857112 or visit

Smooth, crevice-free valves for aseptic applications Eliminating areas in process systems which may increase the potential for bacteria growth, such as traps and crevices, is an important requirement for control valves used in aseptic applications. Control valve specialists Samson controls offer a range of products incorporating these features which are manufactured to quality assurance systems certified to ISO 9001, whilst also meeting stringent FDA requirements. For example, their type 3347 control valve has polished steel parts to ensure the highest purity for the process medium, special PTFE bushing along with an additional steam line connection that is used to meet very stringent purity requirements preventing bacteria from spreading at the actuator stem guide. Another example is the Type 3249 valve which is equipped with an EPDM diaphragm

and a back-up safety packing box to ensure total protection against bacteria spreading and prevent product leakage. These sealing systems, which constitute the main components of the valve construction, have been thoroughly developed and designed to ensure a long and reliable service life. Process applications that involve pasty, fibrous or highly viscous products are best controlled by Samson’s Type 3345 cavity-free valve body which features a diaphragm available in either rubber, nitrile, butyl or PTFE which acts both as a seal and a valve plug. These valves can be easily installed into the process line as they are available with various connections including hygienic couplings, flanges and clamp connections according to ISO 2852 and welding ends.

Contact Samson Controls on tel 01737 766391 or visit


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JBT FoodTech Frigoscandia lower cost options Global food processing equipment manufacturer, JBT FoodTech, is further adding to its Frigoscandia line of spiral freezers and chillers by introducing two new, competitively priced, compact freezers. The GYRoCompact® 600 Classic Europe and 700 Classic Europe Spiral Freezers have been introduced in response to customer demands in Europe for freezers which can handle mid-range capacities more costeffectively, while maintaining the performance, reliability and throughput expected of a Frigoscandia freezer. The new Classic freezers are based on the standard Frigoscandia GYRoCompact® M6 and M7 spiral freezers that have been available for more than 10 years. Cost efficiencies have been generated, both on installation and standardisation, by reducing the footprint and focusing on the critical features of the GYRoCompact freezer. JBT FoodTech has also established a new Central European supply chain in the Czech Republic that has been proven to deliver the world-class quality and reliability expected of the brand, while helping its customers to become even more cost-competitive. The GYRoCompact 600 Classic Europe freezer can freeze up to 1.8 tonnes per hour of par-fried chicken nuggets, and up to 2 tonnes per hour of croissants. The GYRoCompact 700 Classic Europe freezer can freeze up to 2.2 tonnes/hr of par-fried chicken, and up to 2.4 tonnes/hr of croissants. The GYRoCompact 600 and 700 Classic Europe freezers have a smaller footprint than their M6 and M7 freezer counterparts and have three, instead of four, floor sections. The GYRoCompact 600 Classic Europe freezer has a 600mm wide belt and either 24 or 34 tiers, whilst the GYRoCompact 700 Classic Europe freezer has a 700mm wide belt and 35 tiers. Both models feature a user-friendly control panel and a choice of two automated foaming and rinsing cleaning systems. The Frigoscandia brand has been at the forefront of developing freezing technologies for decades and recently celebrated its 50th anniversary. Contact JBT FoodTech on tel 01506 857112 or visit

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Magnet filters weak magnetic particles Goudsmit Magnetic Systems BV introduced a new type of magnet at the Solids 2013 Fair in Rotterdam last month. This semi-automatic clean-flow magnet is composed of magnetic bars and it filters weak magnetic and very small metal particles (from 30mHu) from, among other things, foodstuffs. Particles smaller than 1mm are, in fact, not detected by a metal detector and continue therefore to be present in the product. The system reaches a maximum magnetic value of 11,500gauss, while the minimum value is never below 700gauss. This means that stainless steel 316 particles can be removed. The magnet can be used in free fall pipes in various industries and needs a low built-in height of 150mm. Following the development of this system, Goudsmit, together with its clients, has developed a standard test for measuring the efficiency of the magnets in relation to products contaminated with metal. This makes it possible to compare the various magnet solutions and arrive at the best choice. The self-cleaning Clean-Flow magnet is composed of two powerful Neoflux ® magnetic bars mounted one above the other. This means that the product always comes into contact with the magnet. The magnetic bars are composed of Neoflux® (Neodymium-Ferro-Boron) magnets. This enables a magnetic value of 11,500 gauss to be reached. After the production process is switched off, the cleansing cycle can be started. During the cleansing process, the magnetic bars are removed manually from the product flow and then cleaned pneumatically. The iron particles are released and disappear into the waste channel. After cleansing, the magnetic cores are put back into place and production can be resumed.

Contact Goudsmit Magnetic Systems on tel +31 40 221 3283 or visit

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Compact SR safety key switch The new SR unit from Fortress Interlocks is a compact safety key switch that is ideal for isolating power to machinery. For example, when the key is trapped inside the SR unit the power to machinery is on, and when the key is free, power is off. This allows the person carrying the freed key to enter the machinery or guarded area safely and power is not resumed until the key is returned. This is a typical sequence and other sequences can be specified. The key switch is heavy duty, housed in a metal enclosure that is IP rated 65/66/67. Its

compact design allows the customer plenty of space for wiring, a feature not available in previous switch offerings. The switch current is 20A. The SR key switch is part of Fortress’ mGard range of safety interlocks. mGard is the premier range of modular trapped key products that are used to safeguard dangerous machines and hazardous processes. Individual modules can simply be added or removed depending on the application that allows flexibility and tailoring. Fortress’ mGard range of products is suitable for use in high risk applications.

Contact Fortress Interlocks on tel 01902 349000 or visit

Valvestock launches industrial pumps offering Valvestock, the specialist valve and actuator arm of Pipe Center, has established an industrial pumps offering to target the specialist requirements of large-scale projects across the UK, support OEMs and deliver a unique multi-product offering to industrial end users. Andy Walsh who joined Pipe Center from pump manufacturer Ebara, heads up the new operation, Andy qualified in fluid engineering at Monash University, Australia, and has more than 25 years experience in industrial pumps, with hands-on experience of HMD Kontro, Wilo, Emu, Grundfos and Lowara ranges, to name a few. Marcus Sampson, Valvestock Trading Manager, said: “Andy brings a wealth of experience, market knowledge and drive to help develop our ambitions in the industrial pumps market. I very much look forward to working with him.” Andy will be based at Valvestock’s new premises in Fareham and works alongside valve specialists Stuart Coggan and Steve Ohm and Export Co-ordinator, Lee Wilson, to support industrial pump projects in several key industrial sectors including food and beverage, water and waste. “We see huge opportunities in these areas for assisting clients with new and replacement pump projects,” said Andy Walsh. “Industrial applications have their own unique challenges, and often require co-ordinating input from a number of disciplines. “Bringing together the technical and application knowledge within Pipe Center and Valvestock, and marrying it with our own wide-ranging experience of large-scale industrial projects, enables us to offer a unique service that other suppliers simply cannot match.” Contact Valvestock on tel 01329 283425 or visit

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Thermal fluid return programme averts problems Global Heat Transfer has launched a thermal fluid return programme to help customers that have condemned thermal fluids that need to be discarded as waste. As a result the company’s clients do not need to manage waste fluid or discard waste fluid on-site. Global Heat Transfer is licensed to manage waste thermal fluids and assists with the drainage of condemned fluids, transportation of fluids and ultimately their disposal. On August 20, 2012 DEFRA estimated that the UK generated 290m tonnes of waste per year. Moreover, DEFRA reported that around 52 percent of all commercial and industrial waste was recycled or reused. This leaves some 48 percent that still needs to be managed as waste. Global Heat Transfer focuses on the lifecycle management of its client’s thermal fluids from the procurement and delivery of highly efficient fluids to the on-going management to extend the usable life of the fluid as far as possible, right through to their latter years when they need to be disposed of in an appropriate manner. When a synthetic thermal fluid has reached the end of its usable life, Global Heat Transfer will remove the old thermal fluid free of

charge, subject to exact location, condition, volume and certification costs. Moreover, they will remove used synthetic thermal fluid regardless of whether or not the original supply was bought from them. Dr Chris Wright, Group Head of R&D at Global Heat Transfer, said: “The planned, preventative maintenance of thermal fluids is imperative to sustaining a company’s production. But thermal fluids will one day need to be replenished. In such cases it is just as imperative that a company’s fluid is drained and removed from site as quickly as possible to get production back up and running. Global Heat Transfer’s 24-7 service and expertise in the lifecycle management of thermal fluids means that the client’s production needs is at the heart of everything we do on a day-to-day basis.” Global Heat Transfer’s team works closely with national and local Government to keep up to date with changes in regulations. As a result, customers can be confident that all thermal fluids and services have been managed or conducted according to current regulations and standards. This service ranges from the inspection of systems in compliance with DSEAR to the sampling of in situ fluids. ]

Contact Global Heat Transfer on tel 01785 760555 or visit

Turbine pumps ideal for challenging applications Pump specialists Michael Smith Engineers now offer a range of magnetically-driven regenerative turbine pumps which are an ideal solution for low-flow/high-head applications where zero leakage is required. Available in a wide range of wetted materials the M Pumps range is designed to handle liquids containing up to 20 percent entrained gas, as well as thin, non-lubricating liquids, or for pumping small flows at high differential pressures. The pumps can handle capacities up to 13cubic m/hr at differential heads up to 164m for single stage designs and up to 500m for multi-stage pumps. Low NPSH versions are also available for refrigeration/cooling applications, or for pumping boiling liquids or high vapour pressure liquids, with an NPSHR down to 0.5m. The metallic designs provide

high system pressure capability, 25bar on the standard T Mag M metallic series, 150bar for high system pressure versions of the T Mag M series and up to 1500bar for the T Mag XPM designs. The key features and benefits of the M Series includes; a high-head, low-flow capability which minimises the need for bypass requirements, hydraulically and dynamically balanced impellers which are designed to handle liquids containing up to 20 percent entrained gas and a close-coupled design which eliminates alignment issues. They also have ability to handle liquids with a wide range of viscosities from less than 1cP up to 200cP. M Pumps are available in polypropylene, PVDF and stainless steel liquid end construction.

Contact Michael Smith Engineers on tel 0800 316 7891 or visit


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Wilden® Pro-Flo® SHIFT Air Distribution System AxFlow has introduced the latest air distribution systems (ADS) from Wilden which can achieve up to 60 percent savings in air consumption. Air-operated double diaphragm (AODD) pump technology manufacturer Wilden®, has announced the launch and availability of the new Pro-Flo® SHIFT Air Distribution System (ADS) for use in Advanced™ Series bolted and Original™ Series clamped AODD pumps. The Pro-Flo SHIFT ADS represents a significant breakthrough in energy efficiency within the AODD pump category as plants continue to look for ways to reduce air consumption and reduce their carbon footprints. Wilden says that due to its revolutionary design, the patent-pending Pro-Flo SHIFT ADS allows Wilden AODD pumps to achieve up to a 60 percent savings in air consumption over all competitive AODD pump technologies, while providing greater product yield per standard cubic foot per minute (SCFM). “The Pro-Flo SHIFT represents a giant leap forward in the energy efficiency and performance of AODD pumps,” said Peter Carfrae, AxFlow’s Wilden Pumps Product Manager. “The simple design of the ADS does not require any additional bolted-on equipment or bulky electronics, allowing operators to keep the same compact footprint.” The Wilden Pro-Flo SHIFT is available in 38mm (1-1/2”), 51mm (2”), and 76mm (3”) sizes and features maximum discharge pressures to 8.6bar (125psig), maximum flows to 923 l/pm (243gpm) and maximum solidhandling size to 13mm (1/2”). The Pro-Flo SHIFT is available with maximum suction lifts to 7.2m (23.8’) dry and 9.6m (30.6’) wet. While the Wilden Pro-Flo SHIFT dramatically improves energy efficiency, it also costs 50 percent less than electronically actuated ADS, is submersible and features plug-and-play operation. Its robust design makes the Pro-Flo SHIFT ideal for use in harsh operating environments and includes ATEX compliance for use in potentially explosive atmospheres. The Pro-Flo SHIFT has fewer operating parts, which equates to less downtime and simple maintenance. With no electronics, its design is well suited for the harsh environments typically found in industrial applications. Contact AxFlow on tel 020 8579 2111 or visit

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Peltor brand LiteCom ear defenders The launch of an innovative ear defender solution from the Personal Safety Division of 3M, can help to boost productivity in food and beverage workplaces by improving communication across a site or function. The Peltor brand LiteCom Series from 3M offers a simple answer to potential communication issues between colleagues in noisy environments. When communication is integral to a job or activity, it can be tempting to remove an ear cup in order to communicate with a colleague, exposing the ear to potentially damaging levels of noise. With a built in two-way communication system, the Peltor brand LiteCom Headset from 3M protects the user from high noise levels, supporting compliance with noise regulation, whilst enabling workers to communicate with other headset users at up to 1,000m on one of eight main channels. The Peltor brand LiteCom Headset includes an advanced microphone filter which reduces unwanted sounds, enabling employees to hear each other clearly while their hands are otherwise occupied. Simplified menu systems, a rugged design and reinforced components ensure the headset is easy to use and longlasting for maximum return. The Peltor brand LiteCom Plus benefits from the features of the base model, but also boasts more sub channels (121) and a level dependent function which filters ambient sounds to a safe noise level. This ensures the user can hear important alarm signals and environmental noise, whilst filtering unexpected sounds above the regulated threshold. The Peltor brand LiteCom Plus can also be utilised in conjunction with a mobile phone or external radio, and benefits from a new rechargeable battery pack, providing 20 hours of usage along with a handy charge indicator. Sarah Broadbent, Technical Services Engineer for the 3M Personal Safety Division, explained: “The protection level and versatility of our new Peltor brand LiteCom Headsets mean these ear defenders are suitable for a number of industries. They will help to make processes more efficient as workers will be able to communicate as if they were in an environment operating at a normal level of sound. As a result this will help to increase productivity as there will be less down time and employees will be able to respond to safety messages more quickly.”

Contact 3M on tel 0870 608 0060 or visit

Technology from 3M transforms safety eyewear Extensive scientific research by diversified technology company 3M has led to a groundbreaking development in safety eyewear and the launch of a new product range ideal for workers in the food and beverage sector. SecureFit Protective Eyewear by 3M is the first range to feature Pressure Diffusion Temple Technology, designed by 3M to provide noticeably higher levels of personal comfort and security of fit. Incorporating flexible ribs into the temple area of the frame, 3M Pressure Diffusion Temple Technology allows SecureFit eyewear to self-adjust to the size and shape of the wearer’s head, reducing slippage and movement while in use. It also enhances comfort by dispersing pressure across the temple area. Nikita Shah, Technical Engineer from the Personal Safety division of 3M, explained: “3M understands how challenging it is to fit a diverse workforce with safety eyewear that provides effective protection and comfort to all.

“Our research has shown that 71 percent of the health and safety officers we surveyed put non-compliance down to discomfort*. 3M undertook comprehensive research into face shapes and sizes throughout the world including detailed digital modelling. The result is the development of Pressure Diffusion Temple Technology which, without the need for any adjustment by the user, helps to diffuse pressure across the temple while holding the frame securely in place for a secure and comfortable fit.” Featuring a stylish, lightweight design weighing only 18g, SecureFit Protective Eyewear is available in three lens colours (clear, grey or yellow) with anti-fog and antiscratch coatings. SecureFit Protective Eyewear meets the requirements of EN166:2001 and also absorbs 99.9 percent of UVA and UVB radiation thanks to its polycarbonate lens. * 2Europe, UK, September 2010 Contact 3M on tel 0870 608 0060 or visit

Extended pilot plant range for membrane filtration Axium Process, filtration specialists, has expanded its range of mobile membrane filtration units to support the increasing demand for pilot plant trials by manufacturers wishing to evaluate membrane technology as a solution to their process requirements. The pilot plants, which can be used for both “in process” applications or for waste stream concentration or purification, are designed for pilot micro-filtration, ultra filtration, nanofiltration and reverse osmosis trials. Capable of processing from 0.15 cubic m/hr up to approximately 120 cubic m/hr (based on water), Axium’s range of mobile pilot plants can be customised to suit specific requirements utilising either tubular, hollow fibre, spiral or ceramic membranes and can operate in either batch or continuous mode. The company is independent of any membrane manufacturer ensuring that the optimum membrane can be selected for a

given application. Trials can be carried out at Axium’s Swansea based facility or on site at customers’ premises to fully quantify product variations and with fresh feed, as well as providing an opportunity for customers to gain firsthand experience with membrane operations using their own feed material. Membrane filtration is used by manufacturers operating throughout a wide range of industries including food, dairy, beverage, chemical, textile and pharmaceutical for applications such as product separation, process water recovery and waste volume minimisation. The technology can offer enormous potential for cost savings in terms of reduced water usage, heat recovery, chemical recovery, reduced effluent volumes and disposal costs as well as providing processing benefits such as a consistent supply of commercially sterile recovered water.

Contact Axium Process on tel 01792 883882 or visit

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Lab M introduce Mitsubishi IMS range extension Electric’s FX3GE offers even more choice At Lab Innovations 2013 in Birmingham earlier this month, Lab M discussed the further extension of its Captivate™ range of Immunomagnetic Separation products for the isolation of Shiga Toxin-Producing Escherichia coli (STEC) strains associated with foodborne infection. Captivate™ O45 is in the final stages of testing ahead of launch early in 2014 and will take the number of E.coli products in the Captivate™ range to eight. The range already covers most of the requirements in pending European regulation and, with the addition of Captivate™ O45, fully meet the ‘Big Six’ testing requirements for meat products in the USA. Dr Chris Potter, Head of Research and Development at Lab M, made a presentation discussing ‘A magnetic approach to NonO157 verocytoxin producing E coli (VTEC)/Shiga toxigenic E.coli (STEC)’. Immunomagnetic separation is now written into USDA methodology for the detection and isolation of non-O157 Shiga Toxin-Producing E.coli (STEC) in meat products and so there is renewed emphasis in the use of this highly effective technique.

Lab M’s expertise in immuno-magnetic separation dates back many years and Captivate™ is one of the company’s best selling product ranges around the world. Lab M specialists were available on the company’s exhibition stand to discuss Captivate™ and its applications and also to demonstrate Lab M’s new µPREP™ media format. µPREP™ is a new line of bagged, ready to reconstitute microbiological culture media designed for maximum convenience and cost-efficiency in high-throughput testing laboratories. µPREP™ media require little storage space, offer quick, convenient and time-saving reconstitution with no need to autoclave and can be prepared with minimal training. The product is supplied sterile in boxes of 10 highly robust bags, each of which makes 20 litres of complete media. The first product available in this format is Buffered Peptone Water ISO (BPW). Formulated to ISO 6579, this medium is designed to support the recovery of sublethally damaged salmonellae prior to selective enrichment.

Contact Lab M on tel 0161 820 3833 or visit

New FT-IR capabilities at Campden BRI Recent developments in techniques under the broad umbrella of chemical analysis have allowed the investigation and solving of problems that were previously difficult to understand. One technique in which Campden BRI has made significant investment is Fourier transform infra-red spectroscopy, exemplified by the acquisition of an Agilent 670 FT-IR Spectrometer and an Agilent 620 FT-IR microscope, fitted with a state of the art Focal Plane Array Detector. Microscopist Mike Edwards explained: “FT-IR enables us to confirm the identity of many materials. It is based on the interaction of infrared light with chemical bonds in the material being studied, such as C-O, C-H or C-N. Individual spectra provide a ‘fingerprint’ of individual molecules, which can be used in the identification of incoming raw materials, determination of contamination, including deliberate adulteration (eg palm oil addition to virgin olive oil), and quality issues (such as sugar/acid ratio in tomatoes), as well as to identify the chemical composition of foreign bodies. Infra-red spectroscopy has been an important analytical tool for many years, but recent advances have increased its usefulness. Application of Fourier Transform techniques

to the results has lowered the detection limit from the microgram to the nanogram range and from the ppm to ppb level. FT-IR microscopy can be used to study the chemical composition of very small samples (micro-sized). However, its most valuable application is in the chemical mapping of a sample of varying composition, such as a wheat grain or plastic laminate, so that the chemical identity of particular components can be determined. Most FT-IR microscopes use either a single detector, where a matrix of individual measurements is slowly developed in order to build up a chemical map. Others use a linear array detector in which a row of single detector elements is moved slowly across a sample to build up the map line by line. However, the Agilent 620 has a Focal Plane Array Detector with up to 128 x 128 individual elements, allowing a two-dimensional chemical map to be acquired very quickly. FT-IR microscopes equipped with a Focal Plane Array Detector are very rare. As well as dramatically speeding up data acquisition, this enables studies to be carried out on samples which would deteriorate over the time taken to acquire data using slower technologies.”

Contact Campden on tel 01386 842017 or visit


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Mitsubishi Electric’s FX3 series is already the world’s leading compact PLC range; however the developers felt there was still a requirement for another variant of the highly successful FX3G mid-range version. There are already standard brick and super compact formats; namely FX3G and FX3GC, which offer great flexibility through expansion by using FX3’s innovative dual bus architecture. Expansion modules can be added on both sides of the CPU giving over 10,000 permutations of system configuration for users to choose from, meaning that the PLC system is configured precisely to customer’s needs rather than constrained by product limitations. Historically PLC connectivity was limited to serial communications (RS232/485) and proprietary networks. The new FX3GE CPU now has an Ethernet interface built-in as standard, making it possible to share data at up to 10/100mbps with HMIs and SCADA systems. With many of these now using OPC driver technologies, connecting disparate elements of hardware and software can quickly and easily be achieved with minimal engineering effort. With most plants and factories using Ethernet as their standard network topology these days it makes sense to use the same technology to link automation products together. Although data and control networks should always be kept separate, familiarity with this technology means that PLC to HMI/SCADA communications are much easier to implement by the user. Using Ethernet also makes it is possible to implement wireless systems with relatively low-cost hardware. Another great feature of the FX3GE is the inclusion of analogue I/O, making control via the FX3 PID algorithm easy and effectively a zero cost option. Giving customers the choice of saving on space and parts inventory by including Ethernet and analogue features in a CPU, or having a totally flexible system of separate components means that the customer only pays for the features they require when they need them, making their systems even leaner and more competitive.

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FX3GE is programmed by the GXWorks2 software that offers total flexibility and choice, allowing the designer to choose a simple ladder style programming method, or the more advanced structured style. FX3GEis also included in the comprehensive iQWorks software allowing users to easily configure systems using Mitsubishi’s GOT1000 HMIs and motion products as well as the FX3 PLCs in a single, integrated software package. FX3GE is aimed at users wishing to deploy a connected, compact PLC with powerful control capabilities at minimum costs. With both versions (24 and 40 I/O variants) costing 25 percent less than the standard configuration, this is the most capable, cost effective compact PLC from Mitsubishi Electric yet.

Contact Mitsubishi Electric Europe on tel 01707 276100 or visit

Award recognises Mitsubishi Electric MR-J4 servo Mitsubishi Electric’s latest MR-J4 series of servo amplifiers has won a prestigious ‘Product of the Year’ award in the Motors, Drives and Motion product category of the annual industry awards organised by respected European industry title Control Engineering Czech. The MELSERVO MR-J4 series of servo amplifiers and the associated positioning units, simple motion modules and high-end motion control systems enable machine builders and end customers to increase production, safety and productivity. They have been developed for the automation requirements of tomorrow and incorporate numerous innovative and user-friendly functions to minimise the potentially timeconsuming matching of mechanical and electronic systems. The series features single, dual and tripleaxis amplifiers for improved economy, energy efficiency and cabinet space use. These can all operate with rotary, linear or direct drive

motors, thus considerably simplifying the system building process. The package overall is described as delivering a giant leap forward in accessible performance and usability. The Award was presented at a glittering ceremony at the Amper Fair in the Czech Republic earlier this year and was collected by Hitoshi Namba, Regional Hub Manager, Mitsubishi Electric Central Eastern European Factory Automation Business. The Control Engineering Czech Awards are seen as a major honour in the region, and recognise the best of innovation and enterprise. Hitoshi Namba said: “With the Melservo MR-J4 we are seeing servo technology come of age. The user-friendliness it achieves through its many built in functions, simple programming and ease of system building. It opens up servo performance to whole new areas of application that previously would not have considered high tech solutions.”

Contact Mitsubishi Electric Europe on tel 01707 276100 or visit

High flow rate and economical compact air preparation Festo, the leading supplier of automation equipment, has launched a new cost-effective compact air preparation service unit, the DBmini. When compressed air consumption and energy costs are in focus, a correctly operating and carefully set air preparation unit such as the DB-mini is one of the simplest ways to improve profits. The DB-mini provides excellent filtration and flow performance while being simple to use and install. Air preparation in pneumatic systems is essential to achieve reliability, performance and longevity of the pneumatic components. The lightweight, polymer bodied DB-mini air preparation units reliably filter out contaminants including particles, dust, oil and water, reducing wear, contamination and potentially unhealthy exhaust elements. The regulator function simply reduces compressed air usage, many applications can reduce the operating pressure from 6bar to 4.5bar immediately saving 25 percent without any detrimental effects. The DB-mini is ideal for all standard compressed air systems; modules include a manual, lockable isolation/dump valve, filter, regulator and for those applications that require an oil mist injection, a lubricator unit. For its compact dimensions, the DB-mini provides an exceptionally high flow rate of up

to 2,000Nl/min. Suitable for supply pressures up to 7bar, the 40 m filter enables this series to achieve a purity class of 7.4.4. according to ISO 8573-1:2010. Two of the module options are worthy of a closer look. The lockable manual on-off valve (HE) won an iF Design Award for its neat design. The vertical slide valve function is visually easy to identify and understand the flow state, it saves space and provides simple padlock lock-off for ensured isolation during maintenance or to prevent unnecessary activation and wastage during stand down periods. The similar space-saving and extremely lightweight distributor FRZ is half the width of the main unit and so is ideal for applications in tight fitting spaces. The DBmini is available pre-assembled meaning customers can benefit from ordering a single part rather than specifying each part individually and then having to assemble on site. “The cost-effective DB-mini is a welcome addition to our wide air preparation range,” said Steve Sands, Product Manager at Festo: “The high flow-rate enables machine builders to install a more compact unit and possibly even downsize from a higher port size therefore saving more space and cost on their machine.”

Contact Festo on tel 01252 775000 or visit

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Microfluidics new 5 micro litre dosing pump

Key Technology Introduces Taurys™ Key Technology introduces the next-generation digital laser sorter, Taurys™. Featuring the latest advances from the leaders in digital sorting, Taurys achieves faster and more precise sort decisions to set new performance standards. With its powerful Enygma™ sort engine, new architecture, a re-engineered and patented Chycane™ infeed chute, new ejection manifold, and the most effective and reliable lasers, Taurys handles higher incoming defect loads, increases detection resolution, and improves the accuracy of defect and foreign material (FM) removal. Taurys improves sorting efficiencies and reduces false rejects to help food processors improve product quality and increase yield. Faster data processing enabled the sorter’s architecture to be changed to reduce the distance from the inspection zone to the ejection zone, resulting in superior product control and improved sorting efficiency. Combine this with a new ejection manifold that features twice the number of ejectors in the same space, and Taurys maximizes ejection accuracy to increase defect and FM removal and reduce false rejects, resulting in improved yields. The powerful new sort engine enables the fusion of multiple sensor characteristics into a single sort decision. This “fusion sorting” capability differs from traditional food sorting that makes sort decisions based on the product attributes collected by each sensor separately. The fusion of data creates a higher contrast for more accurate differentiation of good products from defects and FM.

Faster data processing allowed the patented Chycane in-feed chute to be re-engineered to maximize control of the product. Compared to traditional waterfall sorters, the Chycane chute enhances product stability to produce a more consistent trajectory through the inspection and ejection zones. This increases removal of defects and FM and reduces false rejects resulting in improved product quality. Taurys is a 100 percent digital laser sorter that eliminates the transmission of analog laser signals, which are prone to signal degradation and data loss. Taurys is not affected by noise or interference, which enables this sorter to identify finer details and remove smaller defects and FM. Additionally, the sorter’s laser scanner, which typically operates at 12,000rpm (revolutions per minute), is now able to operate up to 24,000rpm to increase inspection resolution and identify even smaller defects and FM. With its 1200mm (47in) wide inspection zone, Taurys sorts a maximum capacity of 3-15 metric tonnes (3.3-16.5 short tons), depending on the product. Taurys features an icon-based graphical user interface (GUI) that is easy to learn and use, reducing operator training and simplifying operations. Product settings can be stored and retrieved for fast product changeovers. The GUI can reside locally and can be accessed remotely via its OPC-compliant infrastructure, enhancing the flexibility in the operating environment and easing access for remote factory troubleshooting and application assistance.

Contact Key Technology on tel +31 345 509900 or visit


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Recent developments to the Bürkert product range have seen the new type 7615 micro dosing pump launched as well as developments to the complimentary valve range. The new, self-priming, diaphragm pump has been designed for precise dosing in the microlitre range and combines high dosing accuracy and precision with chemical inertness. With the valve body made from PEEK (Poly ether, ether ketone) and seals available in FFKM and EPDM, the pump is suitable for a wide range of neutral as well as aggressive liquids. The new pump is designed with three valves that can be operated to allow pumping in two directions as well as being simultaneously opened to allow flushing of the pump. The dosing quantity ranges from a minimum of 5 l per stroke up to a maximum of 8ml/min in both directions. With an accuracy of less than ±2 percent, the new pump is ideal for precise dosing of the smallest quantities of liquids. The 7615 is an addition to the existing type 7604 micro pump, which is a unique, self-priming, adjustable, diaphragm pump measuring only 11mm in width and designed for continuous pumping applications in the 1-5ml/min range. Requiring either 12 or 24 VDC supply and with a low power consumption of just 1.5W, this pump is well suited to mobile devices using a battery for the power source. With similar valve body and seal materials, the type 7604 is also ideally suited for use with aggressive media. Technology in today's world is getting smaller and more reliable. For businesses involved in Life Sciences, analytical chemistry, in-vitro diagnostics and medical devices, the ability to automate processes and miniaturise the devices involved is becoming a driving force for manufacturers in this field. The ability to deliver a modular product range which can be integrated into existing arrangements, backed-up by technical expertise is crucial to a successful customer experience.

Contact Bürkert on tel 01453 731353 or visit

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HANDLE WITH CARE! Malcolm Watson of Brammer and Tony Synnott of NSK discuss best practice in mounting, handling and checking the operational functionality of newly mounted rolling bearings When mounting, checking or handling a bearing, the process needs due care and consideration in order to ensure the product’s longevity and effectiveness. If they are not handled correctly, bearings can be prone to failing quickly and unexpectedly, but some basic checks will help avoid some of the common problems associated with their handling and usage.

General tips on handling Since rolling bearings are high-precision machine parts, they must be handled carefully. Even highquality bearings will not deliver the desired service life and performance quality if they are not handled, used and maintained correctly. However, observing a few basic precautions will help negate the possibilities of premature failure. Firstly, the bearing and its surroundings must be kept clean. The presence of any dust and dirt – even particles not visible to the human eye - is one of the key causes of bearing failure. Bearings must also be protected from corrosion. Perspiration on the hands and a variety of other contaminants may cause corrosion, so hands should be clean and dry before handling bearings, with gloves worn if possible. Care should also be taken when handling the bearing itself. Heavy shocks may scratch or

cause other damage to the bearing, while physical impact may result in brinelling, breaking or cracking. The proper tools should always be used for any work involving bearings – general purpose tools should be avoided. The manufacturer’s instructions are generally the best place to start for a guide on this.

Mounting The mounting process is absolutely key to the bearing’s running accuracy, life and performance, therefore the manufacturer’s mounting instructions should be followed precisely. Failure to do so could result not just in premature failure but in damage to other components, unscheduled downtime and invalidation of the product warranty. In the first instance, the bearing and any surrounding components should be thoroughly cleaned and dried, with the dimensions and finish conditions of related parts then checked. The mounting procedure should then be followed. Since most bearings rotate with the shaft, the bearing mounting method is generally an interference (tight) fit for the inner ring and shaft, with a clearance (loose) fit for the outer ring and housing. The correct type and quantity of lubricant should be applied. After mounting the bearing, an operating test should be undertaken to verify that the mounting has been carried out correctly.

should be turned on and operated at a low speed without a load, gradually increasing the speed and load till the typical rating is reached. Checks should be made at this stage for irregular noise, bearing temperature rise, lubricant leakage and lubricant discoloration. Several types of noise may be heard: A loud metallic sound can be caused by an abnormal load, incorrect mounting, insufficient or incorrect lubricant, or contact with rotating parts. A loud regular sound can be the result of brinelling or flaws, corrosion, scratches or flaking on the raceways. Meanwhile, an irregular sound will be heard in the event of excessive clearance, penetration of foreign particles, or flaws or flaking on balls. An abnormal temperature rise is frequently the result of lubrication issues – either too much or too little, or the wrong type. However, this can also be caused by an abnormal load, incorrect mounting, ‘creep’ on the fitted surface, or excessive seal friction. Brinelling, flaking, incorrect mounting and foreign particle penetration can all contribute to excessive vibration or axial runout. Lubricant leakage or discoloration is usually the result of overzealous application, or the ingress of foreign matter or abrasion chips. In the event of any of these occurring, the appropriate remedial action should be taken immediately. Failure to do so will almost inevitably result in failure of the bearing, with the likelihood of associated damage to other components. Once the bearing has passed all these checks and is fully operational, it is good practice to check the bearings on a regular basis with the aim of identifying any damaged or failing components as early as possible.

Checks and common faults On small machines operated manually, the bearing should be turned by hand. Checks should be made for stick-slip – these will be manifested in the form of debris, cracks and dents; uneven rotating torque, which generally indicates faulty mounting; and excessive torque, which again shows either a mounting error or insufficient radial internal clearance. Once these checks are complete, the machine

For further details Tel 0870 240 2100 Email or visit

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GEA Searle condensers and dry coolers Thanks to enhanced configuration of their heat exchanger tubes, the new GEA Searle condensers from the RF range (for synthetic refrigerants) and the NF range (for ammonia) require a smaller refrigerant charge. They are also lighter than their predecessors. In addition, GEA Heat Exchangers engineering designers have modified the casings of these weather-resistant, air-cooled condensers – as part of model updating – to such an extent that the new design has optimized the flow rate and has increased mechanical stability. The GEA Searle RF range is available for the capacity range of 5 to 1,342kW (as per EN 327:2000), in flatbed or vertical configurations. As a result of extensive testing, GEA Heat Exchangers has now implemented two tube patterns for this particular new range of condensers; one with 12mm tubing, and the other with 3/8” tubing. These two configurations are differently suited for various applications, and the Searle Product Selector software determines the optimal solution for the user’s application. Customers can also choose among various fans, including energysaving EC fans with 910mm diameter. These fans can regulate fan speed with continuously variable control, in accordance with demand, and are therefore especially energy-efficient and quiet. An adiabatic spray system and various GEA Searle control packages are available as options. The air-cooled condensers in the NF range are designed on the same basic principle as those in the RF range – and they offer identical configuration possibilities, fans, and accessories. The NF models, however, are designed for operation with ammonia as refrigerant, and they have heat exchanger tubes and headers made of stainless steel. GEA Heat Exchangers utilises a single 12-mm tube pattern here, after test results showed that this T-fin configuration achieves optimal heat exchanger efficiency for the applications covered. These NF-models cover the capacity range from 5-1,330kW (as per EN 327:2000). The new modular dry coolers in the GEA Searle LF range offer many and various combination possibilities. As a result, they can be optimally adapted to customer requirements with respect to output, costs, noise emission, model size, and efficiency. They are therefore highly effective for many areas of application. These models are available in the capacity range from 81,340kW, in flat-bed horizontal or in vertical configuration. The GEA Searle LF range of dry coolers achieves a close specification match through module length options of 1200, 1500, 1800, and 2100mm in a single (1158mm) or double (2301mm) bank configuration. Up to ten fans can be installed in each bank. In this manner, GEA Heat


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Exchangers can manufacture these units with a maximum length of 12m and with up to 20 fans. The customer may choose among various fans, including energy-efficient EC motors with a diameter of 910mm. These EC fans enable continuously variable matching of fan speed to momentary requirements, over an extensive range: which ensures energy-saving, quiet operation. The heat exchangers are also

available in various models, including variants with two to four tube rows. As a result of extensive testing, GEA Heat Exchangers has now implemented three tube patterns for this particular new range of condensers: 5/8”, 12mm or 3/8”. These configurations are differently suited for various applications, and the Searle Product Selector software determines the optimal solution for the user’s application.

Contact GEA Searle Systems on tel 01329 821223 or visit

Bühler’s commitment to sustainable rice processing Speaking on Sustainability in Rice Processing, Nick Wilkins outlined the challenges facing the rice industry and Bühler’s on-going commitment, by reducing their energy, air and water costs, and by boosting their productivity and profits. In particular, he focussed on Bühler’s new UltraLine range of rice processing equipment, whose high-capacity and energy-efficiency sets new standards in sustainable rice processing. With 40-50 percent of the world’s population dependent on rice as a staple food and that rice consuming population predicted to grow by around two billion by 2050, it is likely that another 100m tonnes of rice per year will be needed to feed our growing global population by 2030. “That is about a 25 percent increase on where we are now,” said Nick, who stressed that land availability for rice growing was expected to decrease during the next few decades and that an increase in rice yield from farming was therefore unlikely to accommodate the growth needed in rice volumes. “On top of this, there are significant losses in the whole food chain, and around 40 percent of rice is actually lost in the production process. This situation, coupled with an increase in energy costs, means that sustainability and sustainable rice processing is going to be critical,” said Nick. He emphasised that solutions require innovation: innovation in products and processes as well as plant engineering and

design. “At Bühler, we aim to ensure that every kilogram of paddy that is grown and farmed is converted in the most efficient and cost effective manner into high quality products and by-products for our customers. As a company we spend four to five per cent of our turnover in basic research and applied development. We partner with our customers to develop solutions that give better performance, better efficiency and that encourage sustainability within the industry.” It is Bühler’s commitment to sustainability and partnership coupled with its ongoing dedication to excellence in rice processing and helping its customers achieve lasting success that is the driving force behind the development of its new UltraLine range. The first two UltraLine machines are the UltraPoly™ for rice polishing, which allows millers to polish rice at almost twice the capacity of previous machines; and the UltraWhite™ for advanced whitening that couples a capacity of 9-12 tonnes/hr with reduced space requirements and lower energy use. Both the UltraPoly™ and UltraWhite™ can handle high capacity processing loads with unparalleled energy efficiency. They are the first of several solutions planned in Bühler’s UltraLine range, which reinforces the company’s leading position in delivering innovative, energy efficient technology solutions to rice processors. These will eliminate losses, reduce waste, increase yield and achieve lasting success.

Contact Buhler Sortex on tel 020 7055 7777 or visit



LABELEXPO ASIA This exhibition which is celebrating its 10th anniversary will take place at the SNIEC in Shanghai, China.

THE FOOD CLUB This event will take place at Waitrose South Harrow, England.



DAIRY UNIVERSE This exhibition for the dairy industry will take place in Ahmedabad, India.



SWEET & SNACK TEC India This exhibition for Processing and Manufacturing for the Sweet and Confectionery, Bakery & Snack Food Industry will take place in Ahmedabad, India.



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PPMA Functional Safety/Control Integrity This seminar will take place at the Carlton Hotel, Dublin Airport.S




OLIO FOOD FESTIVAL This third oil and food exhibition will take place at the Palazzo delle Stelline, Milan, Italy.




The Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Show will take place at the NEC, Birmingham.



SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGEMENT This conference run by Professor Richard Wilding will take place at the Cranfield School of Management, Cranfield, Bedfordshire.



PACKAGING INNOVATION This event will take place at the NEC, Birmingham.

visit This international Sweets and Biscuits Fair will take place in Cologne, Germany.

ProSweets Cologne Conference This conference on Ingredients, Packaging and Processing Technology for the Confectionery industry, will take place in Cologne, Germany.



CASUAL DINING This new trade event will take place at the Business Design Centre, Islington, London.

visit MARCH


INTERNATIONAL WHEY CONFERENCE This 7th international conference will take place at Rotterdam, The Netherlands.








This event will take place in Bremen, Germany.





OILSEED CONGRESS Europe/MENA This first 2-day oilseed congress will take place at the Hotel Arts in Barcelona, Spain.



DAIRY AND MEAT INDUSTRY EXHIBITION This event will take place at the VVC Expocentre in Moscow, Russia.


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31March/ 2 April

FOOD STRUCTURE and FUNCTIONALITY FORUM SYMPOSIUM This event will take place in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.


31March/ 3 April

ALIMENTARIA This 20th edition of the international food and drinks exhibition will take place at the Fira de Barcelona, Grand Via Exhibition Centre.

visit APRIL 2014


This event will take place at the Transamerica Expo Centre, Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Spring 2014 This second WeihenStephan conference on automation technology used in the manufacture of bakery goods will take place in Germany.




MODERN BAKERY This 20th exhibition about modern bakery will take place in Pavilion 2 at the Expocentre Fairgrounds, in Moscow. Russia.



1 May

HOTELYMPIA This event will take place at the London Excel.




THE ASIAN SENSORY AND CONSUMER RESEARCH SYMPOSIUM This event will take place at SingEX, in Singapore.



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AFRO FOOD EXHIBITION This conference and exhibition will take place at the Cairo International Convention Centre, Egypt.



SPECIALITY & FINE FOOD FAIR This exhibition will take place at the Olympia, London.

visit www.speciality&


EuroSense This 6th European conference on sensory and consumer research will take place at the Bella Center, Copenhagen, Denmark.



WORLDFOOD MOSCOW This 23rd food exhibition will take place at the Expocentre in Moscow, Russia.



EQUIPMAG This show will take place at Paris Expo, Porte de Versailles, France.



INTERPOMA This ninth international apple trade show will take place in Bolzano, South Tyrol.



DRINK TECHNOLOGY India & International PACK TECH India These two shows will for the third time appear in Mumbai, India.

visit www.drintechnology-india-com & SEOUL FOOD & HOTEL This exhibition for the Food & Hospitality Industry returns to Kintex, the Korean Exhibition Centre in Goyang-si, Seoul, South Korea.



This conference will celebrate the 50th year of IFST. It will take place at the Holiday Inn, London – Kensington Forum.


WorldFood Warsaw This new event will take at the International Expocentre, EXPO XXI in Warsaw, Poland.



VITAFOODS South America






2Oct This event will take place at the NEC Birmingham.


Contact Yearsley Group on tel 01706 694600 or visit

New 'DIVO' on the block Aldo Zilli is brand ambassador for DIVO and will feature prominently on packaging and in consumer marketing. The UK-based Italian chef has hand-picked five popular Italian recipe cheeses to feature in the new range, each of which is designed to offer superb quality and taste in versatile formats that cater for the needs of British shoppers. The DIVO brand boasts striking packaging design and a distinct and accessible identity. This range was created by multi award winning importer and distributor, Italia Formaggi, established in 2011 by respected Italian cheese companies Gennari Vittorio and Dalter Alimentari. The products in the range are: DIVO Cubed Gorgonzola Piccante P.D.O. (100g) Gold award winner at the Nantwich International Cheese Awards 2013, a P.D.O. Italian blue cheese without any rind meaning nothing goes to waste. Packaged in a convenient pre-cubed format, it is the first to be marketed in this format for Gorgonzola cheese. DIVO Ricotta Twin-pots (2x100g) were highly commended at the Nantwich International Cheese Show 2013; this creamy, smooth but slightly grainy cheese is made using a blend of cow and sheep cream for a rich taste. DIVO Parmigiano Reggiano P.D.O. 'Extra'

(160g) was the Gold and Bronze award winner at the South West Cheese Awards 2013, this Parmigiano Reggiano P.D.O. is graded for quality twice by the Parmigiano Reggiano Consortium. A crunchy and crumbly texture with fruity and nutty flavours, it is matured for at least 24 months from selected mountain dairies where the cattle graze on the lush high pastures and their milk gives this Parmigiano Reggiano its outstanding flavour. DIVO Coarsely Grated Heart of Parmigiano Reggiano P.D.O. (70g) The 'caviar' of Parmigiano Reggiano, this award-winning cheese (Bronze at the Royal Bath & West Show) is the premium core or heart (cuore in Italian) of the Parmigiano Reggiano cheese wheel. It is the softest and smoothest part, with fruity, nutty flavours and contains no hard rind, unlike most grated Parmigiano Reggiano. It is freshly grated in a large coarse grain to add more texture to dishes. DIVO Vegetarian Grated Italian Hard Cheese (80g) is made using 100 percent vegetarian rennet and Italian milk, this is a genuine alternative to Parmigiano Reggiano for vegetarians. This cheese is produced in an old monastery farm in the Lombardy region of Italy using time honoured hard pressed Italian cheese making techniques.

Contact Italia Formaggi on tel 01392 314554 or visit


from Chile will be sold in case sizes of 16 x 180g. Both products are in stock now and are available to all Belfield and Yearsley Food Sales customers. On its introduction Ian King, Sales Director said: “As people become more experimental in their eating habits, seafood is becoming much more mainstream and more widely used in everyday cooking. These products will bring retail customers, a quick and easy, quality solution to using mussels within gastro cooking and everyday cuisine; the perfect basis for any seafood linguine, risotto or paella.”


Belfield’s fish and seafood brand Fisherman’s Pride has recently added Mussel Meat and Cooked Mussels in a Garlic Sauce to its range. The new products expand Belfield’s offering to customers and bring to market quality, convenient and value for money fish products for the everyday household. Rope grown in the waters of the Atlantic Ocean on the West coast of Ireland, the cultivated mussels are mixed with a sauce made up of butter, cream and fresh chopped garlic and will retail to customers in a 450g box. The Mussel Meat which is imported


Fisherman’s Pride range of Mussel products

Alpen extends successful porridge range Alpen is adding two new variants to its existing range of convenient porridge pots and sachets. Aimed at consumers who want a quick and fulfilling breakfast that is packed full of flavour, the new varieties, a Maple and Pecan porridge pot and Golden Syrup, Almond and Hazelnut sachet, are the perfect way to get a warming breakfast on the go. Ciara O'Connor, Alpen Senior Brand Manager said: “We know that consumers love Alpen Porridge, because it delivers a uniquely creamy taste experience with the convenience of a mere two minutes to get it ready. Alpen Porridge is packed full of actual inclusions - the ingredients are chopped and blended, which means that our porridge has the added benefit of real fruit and nut pieces. We are committed to giving our customers something a little bit extra, so even when they are pressed for time they are still able to enjoy a delicious and wholesome breakfast. The decision to launch the two new variants reflects this, as we constantly want to provide our customers with new and fulfilling breakfast options that they can enjoy.”

Contact Weetabix Food Company on tel 01536 722181 or visit

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Holland’s new ranges Holland’s, the North West’s bestknown producer of pies and pastries, is to launch a new range of microwavable frozen snacks. A first for the frozen market, the pre-baked microwavable Steak Slice and Sausage Roll, with more new flavours to be announced for the range later in the year. With consumer trends showing an increase in snacking on the go, this convenient, quick and easy snack is ideal for an at-home treat or snack. The frozen range can be microwaved in 2-4 minutes; meaning consumers are not required to ovenbake for a minimum of 20 minutes prior to eating. Featuring unique packaging that allows the pastry to crisp as it cooks, the pack also includes a tear strip in the middle, giving greater convenience as the product can be eaten out of pack. Holland’s is giving consumers traceability assurance with its new onpack ‘British Beef ’ and ‘British Pork’ message. It is not only a guarantee from Holland’s on its meat sourcing assurance; it also demonstrates Holland’s support for British farmers and the importance of low food miles by sourcing within the UK. With the savoury pie market reporting chicken flavoured pies as the second most popular flavour in the market, Holland’s Chicken & Gravy pie is a fitting addition to the 2-Pack range. The traditional filling features deep-filled, British chicken in a rich gravy and baked in Holland’s unique short-crust pastry. Holland’s is giving consumers traceability assurance with its new onpack ‘British Chicken’ message. It is not only a guarantee from Holland’s on its meat sourcing assurance; it also demonstrates Holland’s support for British farmers and the importance of low food miles by sourcing within the UK. Holland’s 2-Pack range provides greater consumer convenience, as it is an ideal option for those with smaller households and limited freezer space. The range is also easily accessible for retailers with small format stores as boxes can be merchandised portrait or landscape.

Contact Holland’s Pies on tel 01706 228044 or visit


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R&W Scott baking sauces and jams Scotland’s leading independent jam producer, R&W Scott, has extended its product range with the launch of a delicious new range of premium sweet baking sauces, designed specifically to capitalise on the baking sector. Offering the perfect products for baking or accompaniment for desserts or ice-cream, the new gourmet sauces include Butterscotch, Caramel and Belgian Chocolate. Each sauce is packaged in a contemporary and stylish 275g pouch pack with the recognisable R&W purple colour and clear window to showcase the contents and maximise on-shelf presence. The range, which will be expanded further with new varieties, uses only the finest quality ingredients and benefits from R&W Scott’s manufacturing expertise. With an authentic home-made feel, quality consistency and superior taste, the sauces can be used as a coating, dip, filling or pouring sauce. Different recipe suggestions are featured onpack to illustrate the versatility of the sauces including vanilla poached pears with butterscotch sauce, Caramel Banoffee Pie and Chocolate Profiteroles with fresh cream. R&W Scott is also revitalising its jam and marmalade ranges with new recipes, designs and the launch of a delicious new premium ‘naturally sweet’ fruit jam range. With a stylish new look, R&W Scott’s popular 340g Scottish Favourites range has been redesigned with a modern, impactful and fresh packaging design which emphasizes the product’s Scottish heritage. The jar also features a recognisable black lid with ‘jam packed with pride’ strap-line, Scottish flag and wraparound label promoting the brand. The Scottish Favourites range includes: R&W Scott Fine Cut Marmalade with Seville

oranges; R&W Scott Fine Cut Marmalade with no added sugar; R&W Scott Strawberry Preserve with real Scottish strawberries; R&W Scott Strawberry Preserve with no added sugar. Additional varieties under this brand include R&W Scott Brambleberry and R&W Scott Raspberry jam. There are four varieties including Raspberry, Marmalade, Strawberry and Blackcurrant. In keeping with the Company’s revitalisation strategy, the Scott’s range has been re-launched with a more modern feel with a strong new brand logo, black lid with ‘Flavour Filled’ strap-line and an instantly recognisable coloured label highlighting the product variety. Finally R&W Scott will introduce a new ‘super premium’ third tier product made with 100 percent fruit. With a wonderfully fruity character and naturally sweet taste, R&W Scott’s new premium ‘Naturally Sweet’ range will have the three varieties are: Strawberry, Raspberry and Marmalade. Established in 1880, the company, which is a standalone division of parent company, The Real Good Food Company, won the 2013 Lanarkshire Food and Drink Award at the 20th Lanarkshire Business Excellence Awards. With quality and heritage at its very core, R&W Scott still use time-honoured cooking methods based on traditional recipes with open copper pans and small batches of handstirred ingredients to preserve the products’ home-made appeal. The Company’s award-winning jams and marmalades recipes are also created using only the finest quality ingredients. The fruit for all R&W jams was historically sourced from local farms and this tradition has continued with the Scottish berry preserves range, which features only locally grown fruit.

Contact R&W Scott on tel 01555 777917 or visit

Ooomeringues celebrates great taste gold hat-trick A Mid Wales graduate with a passion for making meringues in different shapes, sizes, colours and flavours is enjoying the sweet taste of success after winning three golds in this year’s Great Taste Awards. Ooomeringues, which is run by Hannah Lake from her home at Kerry, near Newtown, wowed the judges who gave the business one star gold awards for its caramel and pistachio, cinnamon spiced nut and raspberry meringues. Great Taste, the world’s largest and most

rigorous food awards scheme, is simply about taste, not clever branding or smart packaging. More than 10,000 products, 400 judges and thousands of hours of blind tasting contributed to this year’s awards as Ooomeringues was one of a record 126 Welsh businesses to receive golds with one, two or three stars. It was the first time Hannah, who set up her business 18 months ago, had entered products for Great Taste judging and she was delighted that all three were awarded gold.

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“I was really shocked and pleased when I heard the news and was left thinking that I should have entered all six flavours instead of just three,” she said. “I am now looking forward to the response to the awards and hope to pick up new orders.” Selling her meringues via her website at she already supplies Harvey Nichols stores, fine food halls, farm shops, delicatessens and garden centres across the UK as well as food wholesalers and distributors. She also exports to fine food halls in Sweden and is attracting interest from other Scandinavian countries. An equine science graduate with a keen interest in fine food and artisan produce, she left her job in food marketing to set up her own business. Spotting a gap in the market, she opted for meringues, which consist mainly of egg whites, to add value to free range eggs on her partner Richard’s family farm. Hannah started cooking and experimenting with all sorts of shapes, sizes and flavours and

came up with the name Ooomeringues after hearing a series of ‘Ooo’ comments from customers who had spotted her meringues at a food festival. She believes that meringues will follow cupcakes in becoming the next new food trend in quality retailers, farm shops and food festivals. “Popularity of cupcakes has reached a plateau after several years as an artisan product, macaroons are now becoming more popular and I hope that my unusual flavours and pastel coloured Ooomeringues will follow a similar pattern,” she said. “When people think of meringues I want them to think of my quality, handmade meringues rather than the mass produced, machine made ones.” To help grow her business, she is receiving mentoring support from the Welsh Government's Food & Drink Wales Mentoring Programme delivered by Menter a Busnes.

Contact Ooomeringues on tel 07747 520683 or visit

Luxury premium sorbets from Suncream dairies Suncream Dairies has launched a new range of luxury sorbets featuring all natural fruit purées and Marc de Champagne. Available in five tempting flavours – Lemon, Orange, Raspberry, Mango and Marc de Champagne – the easy scoop Premium Sorbets are a great addition to special occasion menus and with less than 2.5 percent fat, are an ideal treat for those counting the calories! Developed for both retail and foodservice outlets, the sorbets come in distinctive 2-litre black tubs with gold labelling, and feature full barcodes for retail freezer facings. Made with a low overrun (air content) to optimise the number of scoops per tub, the sorbets have a super smooth texture and a great mouth feel – as well as truly authentic flavours. “Every aspect of the sorbets, from the

ingredients to the packaging to the taste of the fruit flavours and Marc de Champagne, suggests luxury through and through,” says Suncream Managing Director, Rebecca Manfredi. “They would sit very comfortably on menus for special occasions such as weddings and Christmas, yet they are also sufficiently realistically priced to enable caterers to offer them as a lovely indulgence on regular menus as they represent excellent value for money from a trusted brand. “We have sourced the best possible ingredients to create a truly luxurious sorbet which offers superb quality at an attractive price, and which will enable caterers to significantly enhance their existing ice cream and desserts offering,” adds Rebecca.

Contact Suncream Premium Sorbets on tel 01827 282571 or visit

Violet Creme wins Great Taste Award House of Dorchester is celebrating the news that its Violet Creme has wowed judges in the Great Taste Awards 2013 and is the recipient of a Gold. Commenting on the company’s success which marks the fifth time House of Dorchester has been recognised by the Great Taste Awards, Katherine Ebbs, Marketing Operations Manager said: “Winning a Great Taste Award is always a true privilege and in the year that House of Dorchester celebrates its 50th anniversary, it is particularly fitting that the superior quality and taste of our fine chocolates are recognized by the UK’s leading food and drink trade association, the prestigious Guild of Fine Food”. Contact House of Dorchester on tel 01420 84181 or visit

A sensory explosion of Indian flavours Flavours of India is bringing a sensory explosion to consumers, with the launch of a new range of authentic premium cooking sauces at Speciality & Fine Food Fair 2013. Available in five varieties – Makhani, Kadhai, Masala, Jalfrezi and Madras – the Flavours of India sauces range combines the convenience of ready-made meals with the traditional tastes and textures of Indian home cooking. Ranjani Ganesh, Head of Product Development, Flavours of India, said: “Flavours of India sauces fill an important gap in a market that currently caters to an outdated idea that consumers want either overwhelming spiciness or no spice at all from curry sauces, with no attention given to the interaction of flavour, texture and appearance – the hallmark of real Indian food. “Authenticity is vital to our Flavours of India sauces, and we have achieved this with the ingredients we use. In most shop-bought Indian sauces, the first ingredient used is water, meaning it has been washed down,” said Ganesh. “This is not the case with our premium sauces, which have a strong focus on getting the spice mixes just right to create a sensory explosion for our consumers. “Every spice we use is sourced by our suppliers from India and Sri Lanka and then roasted and ground daily in our factory, meaning consumers can taste every flavour in each of our sauces. The Flavours of India range is manufactured in a strict qualitycontrolled facility in Oxfordshire, which has the capacity to produce 2.5m pouches of sauce every year. The sauces have a long shelflife and contain no artificial colourings, flavourings or preservatives. The products are entirely glutenfree, meaning the sauces are suitable for people with Coeliac disease. All five cooking sauces are suitable for vegetarians with the Makhani, Masala and Jalfrezi perfect for those on a vegan diet. Contact Flavours of India on tel 01993 708380 or visit

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Stornoway wins two Speciality Food Awards A new savoury biscuit made by Stag Bakeries of Stornoway, Isle of Lewis has walked away with two top awards at the Great Taste Awards, the world’s largest food awards scheme. The Stornoway Water Biscuit with Hebridean Seaweed won the Great Taste Golden Fork Award for Best Scottish Speciality at the awards dinner that took place in September at the Royal Garden Hotel, London. The Stornoway Water Biscuit with Seaweed also won a new award – the Nigel Barden Heritage Award that was established to recognise a producer who is using heritage or rare breed ingredients. Food & Drink Presenter Nigel Barden was especially impressed to see that several varieties of Hebridean seaweed, were used by Stag Bakeries in a traditional recipe which reflects the Isle of Lewis and its coastal heritage. The Stornoway Water Biscuit with Hebridean Seaweed is made at Stag’s bakery on the Isle of Lewis in the Outer Hebrides and was only launched in July after the Bakery set out to create a range with provenance and, because of their location, it naturally had to incorporate a taste of the sea. Each mouthful transports you to the ocean. The water biscuits are made using a blend of red, green and brown seaweed that is sustainably sourced from the Isle’s sea lochs and the Atlantic Ocean and also includes a sprinkling of Hebridean Sea Salt. Seaweed is recognised as having many health benefits and the hand-baked biscuit is natural and does not contain any artificial additives or preservatives. Judges at the Great Taste Awards suggested that the biscuit would be ‘wonderful with smoked salmon or eel and we think excellent with blue cheese”. Being a Scottish bakery, the water biscuits have also been tested by whisky experts who have confirmed they complement a ‘dram’ of peaty malt and also sweeter Highland/Speyside whiskies.

Contact Stag Bakeries on tel 01851 702733 or visit


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Chingford Fruit anticipates biggest season Fresh fruit supplier Chingford Fruit is expecting the biggest commercial volumes of the Oz peach and nectarine series from the Southern Hemisphere, following its first arrival into the UK last year. The fruit will be imported from Southern Africa, and following its initial crop in 2012, is now a permanent feature in the stone fruit calendar. Shaun Hockey Commercial Manager of stone fruit at Dartford-based Chingford Fruit, importer of the Oz series, commented: “We are really excited about the first Oz varieties of 2013. In comparison to its initial crop last year, where the trees were young and affected by frost, the quality of the fruit this year is fantastic and volumes are looking very positive as well. “Not only is the quality of the Oz series excellent, the fruit also has a long shelf life, which is beneficial to the retailer, and of course to the consumer, who is gaining great value too. “Oz series provides the grower and retailer access to strong early season fruit at a time where consistency has been difficult to achieve. Roger Horak from the exporter, United Exports is also looking forward to a strong

season, commented: “Programmes have already been received from the UK, Europe and the Middle East, and volumes are up from 100,000 cartons last year to an expected 800,000 this year.” Whisky Albasi of Lonrho Fresh exports, growers of Oz series, said: “We are delighted with our first fruit of the season; it is fresh and tastes great. All the agronomic systems are in place for an excellent season. As a result of this, we are expecting high volumes now that the trees are reaching optimum yields. We have also noticed a real sweetness and freshness with this crop, which is good news for the consumer” Sister company of Chingford Fruit and innovation arm, Newstairs, has been heavily involved in the development of the Oz series, travelling out to Zimbabwe and South Africa regularly to see the fruit in commercial production. Ben Clapham, Director of Newstairs, said: “Our commitment to the Oz series has been worthwhile and beneficial. The fruit in Zimbabwe and South Africa is delivering everything we hoped for and we are excited by the interest in planting from growers in Morocco, Egypt and Europe.”

Contact Chingford Fruit 01322 429222 or visit

More than your average cuppa Natur Boutique have already put their name on the map as one of the leading providers of natural and healthy teas in the UK, with their artichoke tea leading the way and having been named as one of the top ten teas by the Daily Mail. In September they launched their new range of five organic teas, each having been carefully developed by a team of expert blenders and nutritional experts to not only taste great, but to have a host of benefits to boot. With five unique blends in the range, there is something for everyone and it includes an exciting new diet blend, an uplifting ginger tea, a lemongrass tea to aid relaxation, an organic version of their artichoke ‘digest’ tea and a green tea and lemongrass blend that is full of anti-oxidants. Coming in sleek and

stylish packaging Natur boutique hopes that the range will set a new marker for the standard of herbal teas in the health market. “We have spent a long time listening to consumer’s needs and, whilst there is an obvious demand for teas with health benefits, taste is equally important and environmental impact also comes into play for most health store customers. This is why we haveve made the decision for the whole range to be organic and we have sourced what we believe are the best tasting ingredients. For example we have used green tea that has been grown high in the mountains, which means that the tea plants grow slower and give a more delicate, natural taste, but also there are no real bugs at this altitude; so a truly organic crop is produced.” – Anton Le Khak .]

Contact Natur Boutique on tel 0208 978 3740 or visit

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Capturing the essence of Crete

New recipe Blue Monday cheese launched

Two new extra virgin olive oils have landed on our shores and hope to show us why Greece, and in particular Crete, is the true home of olive oil and why the taste and quality of oil’s from this famous island put them in a league of their own. Looking at supermarket shelves in the UK you would be forgiven for assuming olive oil originated in Italy, or perhaps even Spain, but in fact the first olive cultivation took place on the island of Crete, with remains of an ancient Greek olive oil amphora (a type of pot) dating back to 3,500 BC. It is no coincidence that the first olive groves were founded on Crete; the island’s fertile soil and moderate Mediterranean climate lend themselves perfectly to producing the finest olive oils and this is illustrated in the first two offerings to hit the UK from Candiasoil Candia being the medieval name for Crete. The two extra virgin olive oils come from the same single authentic Cretan olive variety, but each have their own distinct characteristics. oi1 Peza is produced from Koroneiki olives grown in the green, fertile region of Peza in central Crete. The oil is a smooth and slightly fruity extra virgin olive oil ideal for drizzling over cooked red meat, vegetables and homemade dressings. oi1 Viannos is produced from Koroneiki olives, but these are grown in the mountainous and costal region of Viannos in southern Crete, which gives this extra virgin olive oil a more robust, fruity, peppery taste, great for drizzling over Mediterranean salads and pasta or for dipping breads. Both oils come in stylish tins, which not only look great, but also help prevent the oil coming into contact with sunlight; protecting the flavour and nutrients of the oil and ensuring it’s as authentic as it can be when it hits your taste buds. Candiasoil also have other exciting additions to their range, including extra virgin olive oil infusions (their thyme infusion having just won a Great Taste award) and premium and organic oils, and are looking forward to growing their business in the UK over the coming months.

‘Alex James Presents’ and award-winning dairy, Shepherds Purse launched a new recipe, Blue Monday cheese during British Cheese Week. The British Gorgonzola-style blue cheese has been reworked to give a more sophisticated, creamy and piquant flavour. Cheesemaker and musician, Alex James, has teamed up with Katie Matten and Caroline Bell, of award-winning dairy, Shepherds Purse, to ‘re-mix’ the recipe. Blue Monday, was launched at the Speciality & Fine Food Fair in London. Alex said: “Blue Monday has undergone a re-mix to give it that star quality, and who better to do that than an award-winning family-run dairy like Shepherds Purse. The new recipe is much creamier and buttery to taste, which is as a result of the high quality milk used by Shepherds Purse.”

Contact Candiasoil on tel 0208 099 0625 or visit

Katie said: “Shepherds Purse is a quality, artisanal, award-winning dairy, and we are really pleased with the ‘Alex James Presents’ Blue Monday recipe. We have used a much stronger strain of blue culture than is used in our other blues, but the cheese is not as strong or salty as previously. “New Blue Monday has a smoother, more balanced and consistent flavour.” The shape of the improved recipe, Blue Monday has also changed, while cheesemakers at Shepherds Purse have worked hard to achieve a much more even blue-veining.” All Shepherds Purse cheeses are turned by hand a process that helps achieve the creaminess of flavour and even mottling. Shepherds Purse won six awards at the Guild of Fine Food’s Great Taste Awards 2013 – the food producers’ golden standard.

Contact Shepherds Purse on tel 01845 587220 or visit

Dell’Ugo launches innovative pink fresh pasta Ugo Foods has launched the first pinkcoloured fresh pasta in exclusive partnership with Waitrose as part of National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. The new Special Edition Beetroot and Goats’ Cheese Fiorelli with pomegranate and mint is presented in an eye-catching pink 250g pack that serves two. This is the first fresh Fiorelli pasta produced by Dell’Ugo and the first in its range of sea-

sonal fresh pastas, with more interesting creations to follow. “We are proud to support Breast Cancer Care with this beautiful pink fresh pasta which offers a unique combination of flavours,” said Head of Marketing, Helena Jevons. “With this new range, we have created a line of exciting and innovative quality pastas that offer the consumer something delicious, seasonal and unique.

Contact Dell’Ugo on tel 0208 207 0100 or visit

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Wensleydale Creamery Global Cheese triumph Celebrated Yorkshire cheesemaker, The Wensleydale Creamery, is celebrating further recognition of its famous cheese range having picked up two Golds, a Silver, plus a trophy at the 2013 Global Cheeses Awards at the 152nd Annual Frome Agricultural and Cheese Show in Somerset. The Creamery took the top spot in the Wensleydale class with Gold for its Yorkshire Wensleydale cheese and Gold in the Smoked Cheese Class with its Naturally Oak Smoked Yorkshire Wensleydale cheese. The real coupe for the Dales cheese-maker was winning the Best Territorial Cheese for its Yorkshire Wensleydale, beating all other territorial (regional) cheeses. Judges sampled over 700 entries across the 167 classes, before cementing the Wensleydale Creamery’s reputation as the producer of the authentic, hand-crafted Wensleydale cheese with two golds, and a silver, as well as announcing it as the best territorial cheese at the show. Based at Hawes in the heart of the Yorkshire Dales, The Wensleydale Creamery handcrafts its cheese to a time-honoured recipe, using milk from local family farms to ensure the quality and authenticity of its cheese. Dating back to the 1150, when Cistercian monks first settled in the Dale, The Wensleydale Creamery is a decorated cheese-maker owing heritage and provenance to its taste too. Maintaining their traditional skills and values, the award winning Oak Smoked Yorkshire Wensleydale is naturally smoked using oak chips for around 18 hours. The cheese maintains all the texture characteristics of Yorkshire Wensleydale whilst adopting a subtle, smoked flavour and golden beech colouring to its rind. David Hartley, Managing Director of The Wensleydale Creamery, commented on the success: “We are delighted to have been recognised by the judges at this year’s Global Cheese Awards. It is an honour to see our skilled team of master cheese-makers, and indeed our family of Dales farmers who keep us in good supply of locally sourced, quality milk, rewarded with these awards. It is evidence of the consistently high standard and real team effort that goes into producing every slice of authentic Yorkshire Wensleydale cheese. “As a result, we feel that it is important for


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us to continue to distinguish Yorkshire Wensleydale cheese from other Wensleydale cheese on the market, so cheese lovers can be

assured that they are buying the authentic product, traditionally handcrafted with integrity in the heart of the Yorkshire Dales.”

Contact Wensleydale Dairy Products on tel 01969 667664 or visit

Humdinger reveals Fruit Factory products Humdinger, a leading UK producer of family friendly fruit snacks, has introduced four new products to its Fruit Factory range. The Fruit Factory Yoghurt Coated Fruit Blitz, Strawberry & Raspberry Fruit Combos, Fruit Gummies and Strawberry Fruit Wheels are presented in value for money multi-packs of five. Conveniently portion sized and in a variety of flavour formats, they are the perfect solution for lunchboxes, picnics, playtime and days out. Humdinger hopes the colourful, fun and imaginative packaging will capture the attention of parents and children alike, whilst also offering a healthier alternative for snacking. Free from artificial colours and flavours and suitable for vegetarians, the fruitful new additions are available in a variety of children’s favourite flavours, including strawberry, blackcurrant, apple and orange. Carl Widdop, Brand Manager at Humdinger, said: “We are very excited to unveil this quartet of new products, adding further quality, depth and excitement to our Fruit Factory offering. We have also carried out a re-brand of the entire Fruit Factory range, and hope to secure further listings amongst retailers on the back of this, as we continue to add to the snacking market with trusted products for parents and children alike.”

Contact Humdinger on tel 01482 625790 or visit

Kingsmill Wraps and healthier white brand Kingsmill has reinforced its commitment to helping retailers maximise sales, with the introduction of Kingsmill Wraps (available in 50/50 and Soft White) to the impulse market. Within plant bakery, breads of the world continue to drive growth, these have become an essential part of the convenience offering, with many shoppers topping up on these alternatives alongside their usual loaf. Products such as wraps provide an opportunity for retailers to capitalise on this growing sector and tap into these consumer needs. For retailers struggling to find shelf availability, off fixture display units (OFDUs) can boost presence and sales of alternative SKUs. Mike Bailey, Channels Director, Allied Bakeries, stated: “At Allied Bakeries, we continue to invest in our brands, bakeries and people, and the success of our products is testament to this on-going programme. Using consumer insight, Kingsmill has launched a suite of NPD, which can help retailers to drive total category sales – with products such as Kingsmill Wraps”. Also in Kingsmill’s Impulse offering: Kingsmill White Bagels 4-packs have grown to take 20 percent unit share of the bagels

market in impulse, the highest ever share since launching in 2012. Kingsmills range of bagels is available in Soft White, 50/50 and Fruit and Fibre, and available in packs of four. Kingsmill’s healthier white range has reached a record 68.2 percent* share of the market, with Kingsmill 50/50 alone making up 66.3 percent* of this figure. Darren Grivvell, Director of Brands, Allied Bakeries stated: “This is a fantastic achievement for Kingsmill, not only for the brand, but also from a category perspective.” Mike Bailey, Channels Director, Allied Bakeries stated: “Investment and innovation has long been a focus for Allied Bakeries, and the success of our products in the healthier white category is testament to this. With eating well, so high on our consumers’ agenda, retailers should consider boosting sales of these popular healthier white products further by using off fixture display units to encourage consumers to top up on Kingsmill 50/50 and Kingsmill Oatilicious.” *Source: Nielsen Scantrack w/e 17th Aug 2013. Kingsmill Share of Healthier White (Units) = 68.2 percent, Made up of 50/50 = 66.3 percent, Oatilicious = 1.9 percent

Contact Allied Bakeries on tel 01628 764300 or visit

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British Bakels, one of the UK’s leading suppliers of ingredients to the bakery and food processing industry, has commissioned seven major new lines of plant and equipment in order to develop a new range of innovative ingredients. The investment brings spend on the factory to more than £20m since the company began manufacturing at Bicester in the mid 1990’s. The major plant lines include: A tumble mixing system for handling powders in Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBCs). • Supplied by Matcon, the system has separate closed bins for every batch which enables complete segregation between batches containing different allergens or particulates. Bakels will use this equipment in conjunction with a Gainsborough GV 4 packing line to fill the smaller pack sizes for which the company is experiencing increasing demand. • The Sandiacre twin filler ‘Form, Fill, Seal’ packing line for wet products which can handle pillow form pouches or block bottom pipings down to 100g weight. • Accuracy of weighing of packs produced by the Sandiacre has been enhanced by specialist equipment from Winyard Engineering Ltd which offers highly accurate depositing, ensuring the correct weight is deposited every time. The equipment is able to handle a wide range of products and pack sizes between 100g - 3.5Kg. • The Chemetator is a scraped surface heat exchanger where the product flows through a jacketed cylinder containing a rotating central shaft on which the scraper blades are mounted. The blades continuously remove the product from the heat transfer tube. Ideal for the continuous processing of high viscosity and heat sensitive materials, new products coming from this line include fluid based conditioners (unique to the UK market), glazes and cake batters. • Quality assurance has been further enhanced with the introduction of a Stevens Weigh System, linked to Bakels main recipe and stock control systems. The system offers full traceability of raw materials and assurance that the correct raw material is weighed out in the correct quantity amount every time. • Near Infrared Reflectance (NIR) technology which will enhance Bakels customer support, product development and quality assurance. NIR is a spectroscopic technique which can relate the light absorbed and reflected by a sample to its chemical and physical composition and physical characteristics. The company is utilising this technique to evaluate raw materials which will ultimately be used with Bakels conditioners and technical ingredients. This ensures that any product supplied has the “best fit” formulation for the job in hand. British Bakels is the first company in the Group to use this technology. Eventually it will be rolled out worldwide.

The new plant means Bakels can produce an innovative range of ingredients, many of which will be fresh to the UK, in line with their group strategy of strengthening local development and application teams while also also investing heavily in people. The team of food technologists under the leadership of Greg Woodhead, Head of Product Development, has been doubled and now comprises six food technology graduates, all with baking industry experience. Says Managing Director, Paul Morrow: “Bakels is one of the few ingredients companies which invests heavily in the UK market. The Matcon Tumble Mixing System, for example, offers a range of benefits

including increased productivity, improved product quality, batch traceability, process efficiency, economic production and better allergen control. Individual mixing containers mean they are easy to clean and will enable Bakels to further develop our presence in the expanding gluten free market.” New products coming from the investment in both people and plant include a revamped cakes range which offers reduced sodium and egg – see article overleaf “Less is more” and Bakels believes it is about to revolutionise the gluten free bread market with an exciting new range that includes an artisan gluten free product. See story on page 4 of this special supplement.

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Major new product development at British Bakels has led to the development of two major new product categories in cakes – low sodium cake recipes and egg replacers Bakels launches low sodium cake mixes Bakels has launched what it claims to be the first range of cake mixes to fully comply with the Food Standards Agency 2012 salt guidelines. The company has replaced sodium bicarbonate – a key ingredient in cake mixes – with potassium bicarbonate to guarantee that all cakes made using its mixes fall within the Food Standards Agency guidelines of 0.5g per 100g. This is a key issue for cake manufacturers as there is to be a change in the law where sodium has to be declared on labelling as salt – by multiplying it by a factor of 2.54 to get the salt equivalent The company has reformulated all the recipes across its standard product range and is now making the technology available to key manufacturers on a bespoke basis. Says Greg Woodhead, Product Development Manager for British Bakels: “To the best of our knowledge we are the first company in the UK to offer this guarantee. Sodium bicarbonate is currently a key functional ingredient in cakes. Without it, the cakes will not rise and the permitted level of sodium is already very low.”


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As a result the salt content in cakes is either on or above the maximum allowed by the Food Standards Agency. However a reduction will mean that the cakes will simply not rise. The replacement of sodium bicarbonate with potassium bicarbonate has been a huge technological breakthrough. Potassium Bicarbonate is highly hygroscopic which means it absorbs water from the atmosphere, a process which leads to a poor volume and spotted appearance in the final cake. Furthermore there has been the issue of dealing with acidulants in baking powders, specifically Sodium Aluminium Phosphate (SALP) and Sodium Acid Pyrophosphates (SAPP). These acidulants help control the rate of reaction of the baking powder. These acidulants can be either fast-acting or slow-acting. A fast-acting acid reacts in a wet mixture quickly at lower temperatures early in the bake, while a slow-acting acid will not react until higher temperatures later in the bake. To make matters even more complex, baking powders can contain both fast and slow acting

accidulants which work in two phases - once early in the bake, and then also later. In the past, these acids have contained high levels of aluminium which has been linked to Alzheimer’s disease. As a result of new EU legislation, SALP has been heavily restricted and its use is now only permitted in Battenberg cakes. The aluminium level in SAPPs is limited to 200 mg per kg. Bakels has managed to solve all the technological issues surrounding the replacement of sodium with potassium – and there has been no adverse effect on the taste and look of the end products. Adds Greg Woodhead: “We are delighted to report that, in customer trials, the products look and taste every bit as good as they did when made with sodium bicarbonate. Buyers of our current product range will also be delighted to learn that the price will stay the same, even though potassium bicarbonate is a much more expensive ingredient. This is because we have been able to offset the cost by reducing the amount of eggs in the recipe with an egg replacer.” Bakels has initially launched four products in its reduced sodium range – Sponge Mix Complete, Chocolate Sponge Mix Complete, Muffin and Crème Cake Complete and Chocolate Muffin and Crème Cake Complete – but it plans to roll it out across the entire range. Now that the company has re-formulated its own range, it is now offering the service to major manufacturers on a bespoke basis. Adds Greg Woodhead: "We now have a proven track record in formulating products using baking powders based on potassium which also comply with the new regulations on aluminium content. This expertise is now on offer to industrial cake manufacturers. It will ensure their cakes stay on the correct side of legislation in terms of both sodium and aluminium without affecting taste and texture. “And while potassium bicarbonate is more expensive than sodium bicarbonate, we have offset the cost in our own recipes through the use of egg replacers, thereby making the cost in use lower – we can also make that expertise available to our manufacturing partners. “Coincidently the Government is keen for us to eat more potassium as increased consumption has been shown to reduce hypertension, the incidence of strokes and heart disease and our new mixes are in line with this advice. “We shall never be able to sell cakes on their health benefits – but it is at least good to know that we are doing our bit to reduce salt while increasing the consumption of potassium!”

#ingredients // INGREDIENTS

Egg reduction Calculator Review current cake recipe & type Suggested Egg Reduction Percentages

Decide how much egg to reduce

Use Balec Calculator to adjust recipe

Lower Reduction Level

Did this level work?


Correct Formulation to accommodate reduction Identify quality problem.

Cracking or Poor Surface Appearance

Poor or weak Crumb Structure

Batter Viscosity Too high

Batter Viscosity Too low

Slower Reacting Baking Powder. e.g. SAPP 28 SAPP 10

Slower Reacting Baking Powder. e.g. SAPP 28 SAPP 10

Add a Gum E.g Xanthan Gum

Reduce Gum if present

Add or increase gums

Increase Baking Powder Level by 10%

Adjust Flour/Sugar ratio 10% off flour weight added onto sugar

Adjust Sugar/Flour ratio 10% off sugar weight added on to flour

Increase emulsifier by 10%

Increase Balec level by 10%

Poor Volume

Increase level of emulsifiers by 10% e.g Ovalett or Colco

Reduce the emulsifier level by 10%

Increase Balec level by 10%

“We believe this to be a unique service to the bakery and food processing industries.” Bakels sees the reduction of egg in baked goods as a huge opportunity. Although the price of eggs is no longer at record levels it is still a volatile market. Balec removes price problems and gives a much more consistent product. The company also sees egg-free cakes, especially in the Asian market, as a growth sector as some ethnic groups prefer to have cakes without egg. Current recommended usage level for whole egg powder is 1 to 1 replacement. To replace liquid and shell egg a ratio of 25 per cent Balec Cake and Muffin or Balec Sponge to 75 percent water is used. The solution is prepared by simply mixing 1kg of Balec Cake and Muffin or Balec Sponge to 3kg of water and allowing to hydrate for 15 minutes. Bakels’ technical staff will help rebalance customer recipes in order for them to take advantage of the benefits of the Balec products. Balec Cake and Muffin and Balec Sponge are available in 12.5kg bags.

Figure 1 Key Quality Parameters for Baked Goods Containing Egg PRODUCT • VOLUME • FIRMNESS • CRUMB • STRUCTURE • HEIGHT

Bakels has launched two new products, Balec Cake and Muffin and Balec Sponge designed to provide greater consistency, stability and to enhance the quality of cakes, following a major review of how the ingredient works in baked goods. Egg is a highly volatile ingredient – in terms of how it performs during the baking process and price. Bakels has launched Balec Cake and Muffin and Balec Sponge as partial egg replacers in powder form, based on whey protein from cow’s milk. Eggs vary greatly in quality so using Balec provides stability and consistency with the added advantage of cost saving by using less egg. They also result in finished products which have a finer texture, softer crumb, high bake volume and improved keeping qualities. Both products are also suitable for the production of vegetarian items. As a general guide, Balec solution may be used to replace up to 50 percent of the whole egg content in batters. Higher levels may be used, depending on the egg content of the recipe and balance of other ingredients. “However,” says Greg Woodhead, Product Development Manager at Bakels: “Neither of these two products are what you could call a ‘plug and play’. In other words you can not simply open the packaging and add to the recipe. “This is why we have done a lot of work, firstly in identifying the key quality parameters of baked goods using egg (figure one) and then producing what we call our Egg Replacement Calculator which looks at the key problems associated with the reduction of egg and shows how these can be solved.

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773 773

Expertise in gluten-free Coeliac disease is an auto immune disease where the body’s immune system attacks itself when gluten is eaten. This causes damage to the lining of the gut and means that the body cannot properly absorb nutrients from food. Gluten triggers an immune reaction in people with coeliac disease. This means that eating gluten, which is found in wheat, barley and rye, damages the lining of the small intestine. Other parts of the body may also be affected. Coeliac disease is common and affects one in 100 people, however only 10-15 percent are diagnosed. Bakels has invested heavily in the gluten-free market following the acquisition of a tumble mixing system for handling powders in Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBCs). The system has separate closed bins for every batch which enables complete segregation between batches containing different allergens or particulates. While the new tumble mixer has enabled Bakels to give greater assurance to its customers that its gluten-free products are exactly that, it is in the area of new product development where the company has made the most strides. Says Paul Morrow, Managing Director of British Bakels: “One of the difficulties all bakers have had with gluten-free breads is product quality and taste. Many have been described as ‘bricks’. Bakels is implementing new technologies to produce better quality, better tasting breads and muffins. Our next stage of development will be the cake market.” The product development team under Manager, Greg Woodhead has been working hard to produce gluten-free breads that: • Have a better volume than existing breads on the market. Many do look small and brick-like, thereby making them relatively unappealing for consumers • Have an open crumb structure – this greatly improves the look and texture of gluten-free breads as most products have a closed crumb structure due to the lack of gluten. Are softer with a long shelf life Have a much improved flavour • “We are set to revolutionise this market with gluten-free baguettes and sliced bread,” adds Paul Morrow. “We are also in the process of developing a gluten-free artisanal bread which really will be a first in this market thanks to the work we are doing on gluten-free sour doughs.” The Bakels range currently includes both mixes and


11. 2 0 13

concentrates for breads, muffins and pizza bases. There is a gluten-free multiseed, white bread and muffin mix. Products that can be produced from gluten-free range include doughnuts and pizza bases. Bakels has been awarded the UK Coeliac Society’s Crossed Grain symbol for its range of gluten-free products. The Crossed Grain symbol is internationally recognised by those who need to follow a gluten-free diet and it is promoted by coeliac organisations worldwide. Bakels can work with its customers to allow for the symbol to be used on products made with Bakels’ mixes. Adds Paul Morrow: “We see gluten-free as an important market and we feel strongly that coeliacs should not have to compromise on taste and quality – alas that has been the case for a long time. That is the reason why we are

putting so much investment and energy into this sector.

INGREDIENT PARTNERSHIPS British Bakels has a large product development team, all of whom have an in-depth knowledge of the bakery market. The company welcomes the opportunity of working in partnership with large bakers, cake and biscuit manufacturers to develop innovative ingredients featuring the product highlighted in this supplement or across its product portfolio. Interested parties should make contact initially with Greg Woodhead, Product Development Manager. All enquiries will be treated in the strictest confidence.

British Bakels Ltd, Granville Way, Bicester, Oxon OX26 4JT. Tel: 0044 (0)1869 247098 e:

Contact Ingredion UK on tel 0161 435 3308 or visit


Global ingredient solutions provider, the Ingredion group of companies is launching the first clean label ingredient that can replace carrageenan in the formulation of dairy-based puddings, custards and vlas. The breakthrough cotexturiser, Novation® Indulge 2740 is being launched in Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) and is the only carrageenan substitute to be simply labelled as ‘starch’. It can contribute to a natural, additive-free positioning, without compromising the texture quality of the final product. Delivering high initial body and fast melt away, Novation Indulge 2740 mimics the texture profile of carrageenan to thicken and stabilise dairy-based desserts. The new clean label ingredient can withstand high cooking temperatures and offers superior stability, to provide a functional alternative to carrageenan. Easy-to-use, Novation Indulge 2740 has a neutral flavour profile and is highly versatile, making it suitable for use in all common dairy-based pudding, custard and vla applications. “The clean label trend is growing in popularity throughout Europe and often consumers are willing to pay a premium for puddings with no artificial ingredients,” commented Corinna Faustmann, Principal Application Technologist – Dairy at Ingredion Germany GmbH. “At the same time, dairy desserts must continue to deliver the sensory attributes such as creamy, rich, smooth and velvety that are commonly associated with an indulgent eating experience. “Traditionally, carrageenan has played an important role in the formulation of dairy puddings, custards and vlas, yet it is viewed by consumers in some European countries as an unacceptable ingredient. With Novation Indulge 2740, dairy manufacturers can achieve a complete clean label for the first time and deliver the indulgent textures that consumers have come to expect. Thanks to the launch of this new clean label cotexturiser, manufacturers can now create premium positioned, added-value products to stand out from the crowd in today’s competitive dairy market.”



Ingredion’s clean label carrageenan replacer

Health, indulgence and simplified processing By combining carefully selected grain varieties with state-of-the-art physical refinement processes, Kampffmeyer Food Innovation develops sophisticated ingredients. At this year’s FiE trade show, the company focused on innovative product solutions for the bakery sector: The functional flour Optigrain Snow®Wheat provides whole grain benefits while offering the taste experience of conventional wheat flour products. Purafarin HydroSoft® can replace emulsifiers, thickeners and technical enzymes. Baked goods which are produced containing the new Purafarin ingredient are characterized by a high volume, prolonged freshness and a soft texture. Slow Milling Ferment’tic®, that fermented wheat flour, enables manufacturers to produce premium bakery goods extremely time efficiently. Optigrain Snow®Wheat is a high quality whole grain flour which is based on specially selected grain varieties. The flour allows manufacture of products which look and taste like conventional baked goods but offer the nutritional value of conventional whole grain products. Furthermore, products with Optigrain Snow®Wheat have a longer shelf life, a superior taste and an appearance that is far above average.

Purafarin HydroSoft® is the latest addition to Kampffmeyer Food Innovation’s portfolio of functional flours. The natural ingredient provides baked goods with high volume, extended freshness and a soft texture without the need for emulsifiers, thickeners or technical enzymes. Thus, the functional flour is especially suitable for Clean Label products. Purafarin HydroSoft® can be used in a variety of application fields, including fine baked goods, puff pastry, toast, white breads and pizzas. Slow Milling Ferment’tic® is especially suitable for the manufacture of Mediterraneanstyle bakery products, as it can be used instead of baking agents such as chemical emulsifiers, it works as an alternative for additives. The gently fermented wheat germ flour provides baked goods with a full, aromatic taste and a unique appearance with coarse pores in the crumb. This ingredient also scores with its simplified and time efficient production process: By using straight dough bulk fermentation, results which normally require pre-ferment and a long proofing time of up to 24 hours can quickly be achieved. With Slow Milling Ferment’tic®, outstanding premium bakery goods can be produced in just three hours.

Contact Kampffmeyer on tel +49 40 7510 9630

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Jahncke group celebrates 130 years Marking 130 years of fruit processing and ingredient innovation, leading European fruit ingredient and snack experts Paradise Fruits (Paradies Früchte) and Paradise Fruits – Freeze Dried (Paradies Frucht) of the Jahncke Group, launched two new products at FiE 2013. The show was the European début for Fruit Juice Drops featuring up to 80 percent fruit, and Freeze Dried Smoothee Bites made from blends of fruit and yoghurt. Fruit Juice Drops from Paradise Fruits were initially developed for the American market, but demand has rocketed in Europe, stimulating the opening of an additional production line at Paradise Fruits’ facility in northern Germany. Using a state-of-the-art low temperature concentration process, Paradise Fruits transforms fruit purées and juices into real fruit ingredients that are clean label, vegetarian, halal, kosher-certified and free from GMOs, preservatives, artificial colours and flavours, HFCS, fats, gels and waxes. Fruit Juice Drops are available in three sizes and various flavours including strawberry, lemon, raspberry, apple, acai, banana and blueberry. As inclusions or decorations in bakery, chocolate, snack and cereal bar applications, Fruit Juice Drops

create a soft, jammy fruit spot with an intense, fresh and natural fruit flavour. They can also be eaten as a snack or enrobed with chocolate or yoghurt coatings to create indulgent treats. Smoothee Bites are the latest innovation from Paradise Fruits – Freeze Dried. Blends of fruits and yoghurts (with or without sugar) are combined to create unique formed shapes that are dried using state-of-the-art freezedrying technology. The resulting Smoothee Bites are delicious, nutritious and smooth fruit flavour sensations that almost melt in the mouth after every crunchy bite. With all natural ingredients and up to 99 percent fruit, this new product presents exciting opportunities in a range of applications. “These latest innovations are the most significant new product introductions the company has launched in recent years. Booming consumer demand for exciting fruit ingredients and snacks, and our customers’ ongoing search for outstanding quality and service were the drivers behind our extended European production base. The new capability will help us meet and exceed expectations for years to come,” said Kurt Jahncke, Chief Executive.

Contact Paradies Frucht on tel 01977 684836 or visit

Sensient’s premium soft drinks concepts With its latest concepts, Sensient Flavors presents a refreshing way to add new appeal to soft drinks. The range includes variants with both traditional and exceptional flavour compositions. With a higher fruit content than conventional products and made with only natural flavours and colours, the drinks meet consumer demand for more premium and natural products. Overall, Sensient provides manufacturers with a simple means of capturing the market’s most important trends: Premium indulgence, innovative taste sensations and naturalness. Among the new line’s innovative taste experiences, Sensient blends Apple harmoniously with Blackcurrant and Cranberry, while the combination of Rhubarb and Pear leads to a bitter-sweet fruit explosion on the tongue. When it comes to the traditional lemonade variants, the high fruit content is the surprising element: With 10 percent and in some cases even 20 per cent fruit, the classic flavours such as Lemon, Orange and Grapefruit offer far

more fruitiness than would normally be expected in a soft drink. The new drinks are available as concentrated, semi-finished beverage systems which are easy to process. Each one is characterized by a natural, fruity taste and a well-balanced sensory profile. Hans-Juergen Sachs, General Manager, Bremen Germany at Sensient Flavors, said: “With our new soft drinks concepts, we are covering different trends within the food and drinks industry. Our classic lemonade flavourings, for instance, conjure up nostalgic memories of childhood and meet the increasing demand for comfort food. With the novel flavour compositions, on the other hand, manufacturers can reach out to consumers who are keen on new taste experiences. The high fruit content of all of the soft drinks is the most innovative part of this new line and promises high-grade appeal. Additionally, the use of all natural colours and flavours ties in with the huge demand for all things natural.”

Contact Sensient Flavors on tel +49 421 649010 or visit


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Corbion Purac expands Verdad® portfolio Corbion Purac, a leader in natural food preservation, has launched Verdad® Powder F80, a new label-friendly ingredient solution to preserve the freshness, integrity and flavour of a wide variety of foods. Based on the natural fermentation processes of sugar cane, Verdad Powder F80 can be labelled as “fermented sugar” to meet consumer demand for natural, fresh and authentic-tasting products. Verdad Powder F80 is part of Corbion Purac’s growing portfolio of fermentation-based ingredient solutions and was developed in response to industry demand for a powder version of its successful Verdad F range. Using the latest fermentation and spray-dying technology, Verdad Powder F80 is the outcome of minimal processing, resulting in a natural food integrity solution. Verdad Powder F80 can be easily applied to a wide range of fresh and ready-to-eat products, such as sauces, salads, and breads, where it effectively improves and maintains the sensory and physical attributes of the product during the course of its shelf life. “Consumers are increasingly concerned about the ingredients in their food and regularly check product labels,” commented Ivo Van der Linden, Category Manager, Preservation at Corbion Purac. “With the demand for pure and authentic food growing, the food industry is faced with the challenge to find natural ingredients that can deliver on food quality and integrity without compromising on taste or shelf life. With Verdad Powder F80 we were able to further expand our Verdad F product line and can now offer food processors a greater choice of labelfriendly ingredients and more flexibility in application.” With over 80 years’ experience in developing, manufacturing and marketing food solutions, Corbion Purac is an expert in fermentation processes. Launching the first product in the Verdad F range in 2012, the company has since expanded its portfolio of natural food integrity solutions to cater for the increasing demand for labelfriendly ingredients.

Contact Corbion Purac on tel +31 183 695695 or visit

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Cargill launches new risk management tools Cargill’s cocoa and chocolate business, one of the leading players in the global cocoa and chocolate market, has launched three new tools in its portfolio of Price Risk Services to help customers more easily manage price risk. These new protective structures, CocoaPacer, CocoaPacer Cap and CocoaRange Cap are designed to help protect customers from volatility when pricing their cocoa ingredients. For example, they can offer protection within ingredient purchase contracts against sudden increases in cocoa prices, yet preserve the potential benefit of a discount if the price falls before physical shipment. Cargill is one of only a handful of companies to offer price risk management for cocoa and chocolate ingredients, and is the only global cocoa and chocolate company to offer a dedicated Price Risk Services programme. Customer Risk Manager Tom King explained: “Cargill has been trading agricultural commodities around the world since 1865, so managing price risk is part of our heritage and a strength we can share with our customers to help them become even more successful. Our CocoaPacer, CocoaPacer Cap, and CocoaRange Cap products are the latest addition to our ‘family’ of risk services. They are straightforward, transparent and can be clearly explained – so customers spend less time and energy debating an array of risk management decisions. These pricing structures are embedded in existing physical contracts of our customers.” Cargill’s protective structures offer an additional approach to managing price risk when sourcing ingredients; they should be used as a complement to traditional pricing approaches currently used by our customers. An important feature is to provide customers with a hedge benefit, which can limit the uncertainty and anxiety associated with making a traditional pricing decision. Price risk management is about determining the appropriate balance of risks in light of an organisation’s business objectives. “Because of continued cocoa price volatility, many food manufacturers are coping with extraordinary uncertainty when managing price risk exposure to cocoa and chocolate ingredients. We feel that, by combining our risk management discipline with our knowledge of the cocoa and chocolate sector, we have developed a consistent and methodical approach to managing price risk that is of real benefit to our customers”, concluded Tom King. Contact Cargill Cocoa & Chocolate on tel +31 20 500 6000 or visit

Fruit and vegetable low-sodium salt Salt of the Earth launched low sodium sea salt supplemented with fruit and vegetable essences at Anuga, Cologne, Germany. WonderSalt helps facilitate the new, lower sodium intake targets for children. WonderSalt, developed and produced by Salt of the Earth, is a multicoloured, lowsodium sea salt line for children. It is enriched with extracts of vegetables and fruits (such as radish, carrot, apple and lemon), providing health benefits as well as natural colouring. It contains only 50 percent the sodium of common salt, yet is taste-identical. “Consumers in general, and children in particular, could be getting too much sodium in their diet,” says Inbal Trop Kirsch, Marketing Director of Salt of the Earth. “Salt is invisible when added to foods. By colouring WonderSalt with fruit and vegetable essences, it is possible not only to help kids and adults eat low-sodium foods, as a bonus, they can see

how much salt to put on their food. This way, they can control their salt intake easily and learn in a fun way.” WonderSalt contains a proprietary mix of sodium and potassium in careful combination with natural essences of fruits and vegetables to create a vegetarian low-sodium salt. It is marketed in four vivid colours: yellow, red, orange and green. These natural colours normally are susceptible to oxidation, so Salt of the Earth has developed an advanced technology to overcome oxidation and maintain long shelf life. Each Salt of the Earth package contains 50g packs of each colour, and with each maintaining the same, rich salty taste of sea salt. “Salt of the Earth is focused on developing a line of high-value sodium reduction solutions to address specific markets,” noted Inbal Trop Kirsch. ”Our mission is to help reduce sodium in the diet without compromising on good taste or high quality.”

Contact Salt of the Earth on tel +972 4954 9535 or visit

Beneo breakfast beverages Beneo, leading manufacturers of functional nutrients, featured its new product concepts for breakfast beverages at this year’s drinktec trade show. Visitors had the opportunity to taste the company’s product ideas at the ‘New Beverage Concepts’ innovation platform and find out more about the nutritional and technical benefits of Beneo’s naturally derived ingredients. Recent Beneo consumer research underlines the growing popularity of convenient and healthy beverage solutions amongst European consumers. With its versatile product portfolio, Beneo is well positioned to make the most of this ‘convenience’ trend. The company’s functional ingredients can easily be incorporated into liquid breakfast solutions, providing optimal nutritional value whilst maintaining taste and texture. For those wanting a traditional start to the day with a twist, Beneo’s ready-to-drink coffee made with Palatinose™ and Orafti®HSI (Highly Soluble Inulin). Palatinose™ provides full carbohydrate energy in a balanced way, resulting in a low glycaemic effect while the prebiotic fibre inulin can help to improve the digestive system. For a fruity start to the day, Beneo has also developed a fruit juice drink with Palatinose™. Derived from sugar beet, the functional

carbohydrate has a sugar-like sweetness profile and provides good solubility in liquids, as well as high stability under acidic conditions, making it suitable for various beverage applications. Visitors to Beneo’s stand also had the opportunity to taste a lactose- and cholesterolfree strawberry flavoured fermented rice drink and a vanilla flavoured rice drink. Both drinks contain Beneo’s dairy alternative Nutriz, made from rice based ingredients that are 100 percent vegetable. The Nutriz product range is hypoallergenic, easy to digest and free of gluten and lactose. For the creation of nondairy drinks that are perfectly white, smooth, stable and have a creamy mouth-feel, Beneo’s rice concentrate Nutriz M is the ingredient of choice. Beneo has developed a chocolate-flavoured fibre shake with an indulgent, creamy mouthfeel using the ingredients Palatinose™ and Orafti®HSI. As consumers become more aware of the beneficial effects of higher fibre intake, solutions bridging the “fibre gap” are bringing new opportunities to beverage manufacturers. Beneo’s soluble prebiotic fibres inulin and oligofructose are easily incorporated into beverages, promoting a healthy gut flora, while maintaining taste and texture.

Contact BENEO on tel +49 621 421102 or visit

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Ingredient for salt-reduced cooked ham Frutarom Savory Solutions presents its new functional blend “HamTec Replace” for Italy and France. The ingredient enables manufacturers to meet consumer demand for a healthier lifestyle: It allows for up to 30 percent less salt in recipes and end products. This results in salt level of 1.2-1.4 percent in the cooked ham – a total sodium content of around 0.5 percent. Depending on the salt reduction achieved, appropriate claims may be used on pack. Frutarom’s ingredient also helps to realize the sensory properties of regular ham as well as yield and shelf life. Application is quite simple: Apart from adjusting the salt content of the recipe, no further production modifications or investments are required. The new product is available in powder form and consists of potassium chloride, natural flavours, yeast extracts and natural proprietary ingredients. When developing the new ingredient, Frutarom faced the sensory challenges of covering the bitterness of potassium chloride and realizing a similar salt perception and mouthfeel to regular ham. With regard to technical properties, Frutarom also had to overcome the hurdles of maintaining the same yield, colour stability and shelf life as the reference products. HamTec Replace enables the production of salt-reduced ham without significant impact on taste, appearance, yield or shelf life. Paolo Veronese, R&D Technologist at Frutarom Savory Solutions, explained: “As reducing the salt content of foods is an important public health issue, the industry is working hard on developing suitable solutions. Simply cutting salt out of a product impacts the functional and sensory properties negatively, so it is vital to keep the balance between health concerns, safe products and the consumer’s wish for products that taste and look good. Our new ingredient enables French and Italian manufacturers to produce cooked ham specialties with improved nutritional values and excellent taste profiles that satisfy the current demand for both health and indulgence.”

Contact Frutarom Savory Solutions on tel +49 7150 20900 or visit


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Cargill’s new generation of carrageenans Cargill’s texturizing solutions business have launched a new generation of refined carrageenans derived from cultivated seaweeds – offering a high-performance solution for gelling, thickening and stabilizing food products, with reduced sourcing risks. The market for wild red seaweeds, from which some carrageenans are traditionally derived, has become volatile and extremely tight in recent years. This is due to raw material scarcity caused by environmental factors, as well as local production quotas impacting supply and continuously increasing demand. By developing a full range of refined carrageenans produced from cultivated seaweeds, Cargill is able to reduce these sourcing risks and meet customer demand for a more sustainable carrageenan supply with more predictable prices as cultivated seaweeds provide a more controlled and reliable supply. New production technologies recently developed by Cargill not only allow the company to use alternative and more secure raw material sources for its carrageenans, but also enable improved functionality of the seaweed extracts. To provide customers with the benefits of this improved functionality, a new family of

carrageenan products has been brought to the market, forming the Satiagel™ range for the dairy market. The Satiagel™ADF 130 series for cold filled creamy desserts, the Satiagel™ADG 200 series for hot filled creamy demouldable desserts, and the Satiagel™ABN 500 series for use in dairy beverages, all drawn from cultivated sources, are cost effective, versatile, easy-touse, and offer excellent mouthfeel, creaminess and appearance properties. And the Satiagel™PG series has been developed for the confectionery market and offers a broad range of textures, as well as quicker gelation and faster demoulding – helping to speed-up the manufacturing process. Cargill has established long-term relationships in the seaweed industry, often allowing for exclusive agreements with suppliers, and grown an extensive sourcing network to secure the necessary volume of seaweed. They support farmers and exporters with technical expertise to produce and transport high quality raw materials for a sustainable supply chain. And with dedicated professional buyers and crop analysts present locally in the producer countries, they supply their carrageenan customers with risk management solutions.

Contact Cargill Europe on tel +32 15 400411 or visit

LycoRed high-Intensity beta-carotene LycoRed has developed new and innovative beta-carotene colourant formulations delivering high-intensity colouring. Lyc-O-Beta™ Intense and BetaCote™ Intense deliver increased colour intensity allowing for lower colourant usage. “The LycoRed R&D team of scientists worked around the clock to develop the most recent innovative colourants for food and beverage applications”, said Roee Nir, Global Commercial Manager of Colour for LycoRed. “Moreover, these new, high-intensity, betacarotene colourants are aligned with our sustainable strategy to help food and beverage manufacturers bring value-added products to the market. Lyc-O-Beta Intense and BetaCote Intense allow our customers to significantly reduce costs and enables them to create cleanlabel and vegetarian products at highly competitive prices”. The advantages of Lyc-O-Beta and BetaCote Intense include higher colour intensity, a final product colour shade similar to competitive products. Additionally, compared to other technologies, these colours from LycoRed are extremely resistant to the fading that can occur

as a result of pasteurisation and other stressful processes. “Manufacturers, especially makers of beverages, consider higher colour intensity and stability their top priorities when it comes to natural colourants”, explains Roee Nir. “Another critical parameter for decision makers is colour solubility”. LycoRed’s innovative new beta-carotene colourant products line is highly soluble and is available in a concentrated liquid form for user-friendly processing and production. It is non-foaming and avoids clumping issues common to some powdered colourant formats, making it ideal for use in ready-to-drink beverages. Available in both natural and nature-identical sources, the colourants are not only vegetarian but kosher and halal and certified free of any allergenic ingredients (as listed in the EU’s Directive 2003/89/EC and these identified in the EU FOOD Allergen Labelling and Consumer Protection Act of August 2nd 2004). These colourants are also free of DCM (dichloromethane), a common ingredient found in beta-carotene powder products.

Contact LycoRed on tel +972 8629 6994 or visit




Permanent labels and barcodes to any surface

Ppure – The solution is clear A unique ultra-clear polypropylene-based material from RPC Tedeco-Gizeh is enabling fresh and convenience food suppliers to enhance brand image, emphasise product quality and create effective on-shelf appeal. The new Ppure containers offer excellent transparency to provide a cost-effective alternative to the more traditional APET formats, with their clarity ensuring that products are presented to their best advantage. This can be further enhanced and complemented by a range of decoration options including printing and labelling. The containers are suitable for both hot and cold fill and have been designed for fast and efficient throughput through all types of automated filling processes. For the consumer they combine good strength for

product protection with light weight for easy handling, and are suitable for microwaving. In addition, the material’s light weight reduces transport costs throughout the distribution chain, which along with its ability to be recycled, mean it can make a positive contribution to companies’ carbon reduction targets. “We believe our Ppure containers represent a true market innovation which will enable food manufacturers to maximise the appeal of their products,” commented Willem-Jan van de Giessen, RPC Tedeco-Gizeh’s Sales Manager, based in Deventer. “As well as creating eye-catching packs on shelf, their convenience and sustainability benefits are very much in line with current consumer and retailer demands.”

Contact RPC Bebo Deventer on tel +31 57 068 2300 or visit

Illuminar Technologies has launched a compact, robust and super accurate DSP-controlled desktop laser marking system ideal for adding barcodes, logos and labels to a variety of surfaces. The brand new Predator® series incorporates Illuminar’s advanced, proprietary digital signal processor (DSP) based laser control system and a high-quality laser source, all in an attractive and durable enclosure with a small footprint. Laser marking is far faster and more accurate than applying printed labels, as it does away with the secondary label entirely, it also makes a permanent mark so is a more robust marking method. The Predator desk-top laser system also has an optional vision system which means that the machine can mark items in random orientations. The digital control technology at the heart of the Predator Series allows the system to deliver class-leading speed and accuracy, continual self-calibration and a long service life. Predator units are available with a range of laser sources and with powers from 10 to 30W to suit the broadest possible set of substrates and marking applications, from plastics and metals to glass and ceramics. All Predator machines are designed at the company’s headquarters in Letchworth, UK combining market leading componentry and expert assembly.

Contact Illuminar Technologies on tel 01462 708624 or visit

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Technology offers enhanced hot-fill performance PET packaging solutions specialist APPE has further enhanced its range of bottles for hotfill food and beverages with the introduction of a technology that delivers improved filling, greater design flexibility, lighter weight and smoother walls. Launched after an 18 month development period, the new Active Hinge for APPE’s Heat Set bottle range features a multiple rib design that the company says produces bottles that are 30 percent lighter than existing technology while delivering an enhanced performance in two key areas. Firstly, the ribs provide additional rigidity to the container to counteract the pressure caused by the filling and cooling processes. Equally important, the ribs contract after cooling, absorbing the vacuum that remains inside the bottle and further controlling

deformation. The ribs also help to increase topload strength. As well as lighter weight bottles, which reduces raw material usage, the panel-less design creates a more modern look with smoother, sleeker lines that also improves label application and appearance. APPE Heat Set bottles are manufactured with the company’s purpose-designed resin and produced using a specialised blowing process which adds strength and rigidity to the PET molecular structure. The bottles can have an amorphous or crystallised finish and be filled at temperatures of up to 85°C, depending on filling conditions. They offer a range of finish/neck sizes and widths and are suitable for a variety of applications such as juices, isotonic drinks and sauces.

Contact APPE on tel 01978 317378 or visit

KM Packaging picked for premium range KM Packaging Services has helped an award winning, high street supermarket chain to launch an innovative new range of premium ready meals in unique coloured aluminium trays, by providing a versatile, tailor-made film lidding solution. KM worked alongside several UK manufacturers to develop the sophisticated range of around 50 different trays with two different lidding solutions for both hot and cold peel. The trays are unique in that they have an attractive cream lacquer both inside and out – a particularly challenging surface for KM to tackle. Nevertheless the lidding specialist came up with a high clarity ovenable and peelable solution with excellent anti-fog properties and a high oxygen barrier, suitable for ready-to-heat meals. KM Packaging’s Commercial Director Graham, Holding explained: “We arre always excited when an opportunity arises to be part of a completely new product launch – especially one that is so closely aligned to our original revolutionary work with aluminium trays. In this instance we faced particular challenges with the lacquered surface which

has quite different qualities to plain aluminium. With meals that are pre-cooked in the tray we also had to mitigate against the potential risk of product contamination. “Our lidding solution is not just highly process-tolerant: in keeping with the range’s premium credentials, we had to play our part in ensuring the meals would be both functional and visually appealing – thus the optical clarity and anti-fog properties were key. Because the film lid stays clear, the size of the outer sleeve has been significantly reduced so the contents are displayed much more visibly and provide instant on-shelf appeal for shoppers.” KM’s unrivalled range of film lidding solutions and proven technical expertise were key to the company’s success in this project, which showcases a solid cream colour on both the inside and outside of aluminium trays for the first time. Although many of KM’s lidding solutions are designed to extend shelf life, the company’s flexibility and commitment to rapid turnaround mean that it can also meet the supermarket’s demands for fast delivery on short-run seasonal products.

Contact KM Packaging Services on tel 01832 274944 or visit


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Roto-Batcher speeds up and enhances Ishida Europe has introduced a second model into its weigh batcher range. The new Roto-Batcher combines the accurate weighing of fresh meat and poultry with manual manipulation to optimise their arrangement and presentation in trays, while its circular rotary batching table, positioned directly below the weigher, also maximises the return on floor space. The Roto-Batcher has been developed for sticky meat and poultry products which cannot be easily moved by feeder vibration, or for when manual product feeding is not economically viable. Using eight operators, the system can deliver speeds of 55 trays per minute with an average giveaway of only one percent. Product is weighed automatically on Ishida’s proven Screw Feeder weigher and each accurately-weighed portion is then despatched to one of the packing stations on the batching table, where an operator transfers it to a tray, styles it and places the tray on an ‘out’ belt for sealing, labelling and quality control. The station automatically informs the system once the filled and styled tray has left, triggering the sending of another weighed item to be packed. The Screw Feeder weigher has been specifically designed for sticky, difficult-to-handle fresh products and features rotating metal spirals that provide a powerful, controlled and fully automatic product feed to the pool hoppers. Using the Ishida R Series’ unique calculation processing software, the weigher can easily double packing speeds for the stickiest of products while minimising giveaway. The Roto-Batcher incorporates a user-friendly control panel, which allows the performance of each operator and each shift to be monitored. An easy-clean design meets the stringent hygiene demands of the meat and poultry industry. Ishida says that as well as fast speeds and minimal product giveaway, the new system can reduce labour by up to 60 percent compared with an entirely manual operation. Contact Ishida Europe on tel 0121 607 7700 or visit

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Tisomi has the bakery sector wrapped up Tisomi Packaging Machinery, one of the UK’s leading specialists of horizontal flowrapping solutions, is targeting the bakery and morning goods sectors with the latest packaging systems that meet the demands of the marketplace, protect the integrity of goods and offer prolonged shelf life. The Yorkshire based company supplies a range of flow-wrapping equipment ideal for essential bakery products, such as sandwiches, bread, rolls, cakes, biscuits, snacks and even breakfast cereals, to lease, rent or purchase. Many food companies require packaging systems that can safely wrap a whole range of different shaped products in any configuration. With a choice of options such as labellers, date and time coders, collators and conveyors, Tisomi can provide fully integrated or bespoke flow-wrapping solutions using any heat sealable or cold-seal material. Whether its wrapping filled bread rolls and sandwiches for foodservice operators or packing biscuits and single or multiple breads for large multinationals, Tisomi’s flexible and expertly engineered machinery can meet the most exacting needs of the bakery industry. For smaller bakeries, Tisomi’s compact, entry-level model AZ 50, with an emphasis on reliability, simple operation, hygiene and easy maintenance, is suitable for a wide range of individual, multi-packed, or trayed products. On the next level is the best-selling, competitively-priced AZ 60 which has a combination of three independent motors, Intel based computer control, rugged heavy duty construction, high efficiency features and zero maintenance drive system. Tisomi’s Managing Director, Peter Miller, said: “We have worked hard to satisfy numerous producers from small sandwich companies to multi-nationals. In addition to standard machines we also offer bespoke bakery packing solutions all supported by our dedicated team of engineers. The team can design bespoke flow-wrapping solutions to meet the most demanding of bakery requirements.”

Contact Tisomi (UK) on tel 01937 541643 or visit

PFM has developed the MBP C2-EW multihead weigher specifically to give higher output on a wide range of salads and produce

Fresh produce weigher provides high output Double opening bucket flaps and a more powerful design of vibratory feeding system are among features employed for high output on a new multihead weigher developed by Italian manufacturer PFM specifically for fresh-cut salad and produce. Equipped with memory buckets, the 14-head MBP C2-EW machine is capable of feeding a twin tube bagging machine or loading two trays simultaneously, allowing typically 250500g of lettuce to be handled at speeds of 120ppm. "This is a highly productive, purpose-built machine which in many cases can almost double the output of produce and salad leaves, even larger ones," points out PFM Sales and

Operations Director, Chris Bolton. In addition to the double opening flaps, which allow faster transfer of bulky product, the weigher also makes use of a new rigidised stainless steel for the buckets and chutes. This has a surface pattern and coating designed to reduce friction and so increase product flow. Set-up is automated, with the control system taking over once the operator has entered weight, upper and lower limits and the speed. This includes amplitude and vibration frequency of the feed channels, the weight ranges in the different sections of the machine and the optimum number of buckets for discharge, although this can also be varied continuously.

Contact PFM on tel 0113 239 3401 or visit

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In the chiller aisle with Linpac Packaging Chevler's new premium range of tulip wraps Chevler, the UK's leading manufacturer of baking cases and tulip muffin wraps, has launched an exclusive new range of stunninglooking premium tulip wraps. Called The Vogue Collection, the range initially consists of four extremely stylish designs in two variants: black and silver; or brown and gold which, in order to make them easily available to baking and coffee shop businesses of all sizes, are being offered in mixed packs of just 200. The wraps are manufactured to strict food hygiene industry standards using high quality grease-resistant paper and food safe, metallic water-based inks which are specially produced for the South Wales-based company. It is the novel use of metallic inks that give the wraps their quality appearance and appeal. Chevler’s Sales and Marketing Director said: “We exhibited prototypes of the new designs at Iba in Munich last year and the response was phenomenal. We have held back launching them because demand for both our plain and printed muffin wraps over the past year, particularly from our export customers, has

been increasing but we feel the time is now right. “We are now in a position where we can easily produce well over 100 million tulip wraps a year and we expect additional colour combinations to be added to the Vogue Collection in the very near future. We are unique in that we use water-based inks and not solvent-based which can taint the product and produce an unpleasant odour. “These new sophisticated wraps will appeal to both bakers and coffee shop retailers who are looking to offer their customers something a bit different and adventurous. There is no let up in the innovation being shown by both bakers and ingredients manufacturers and the classy, sophisticated designs of our new wraps have been specifically produced to meet the demands of those seeking to add considerable value to their muffins and want to present their products in a quality wrap.” The Vogue Collection is available in the popular 160mm x 1600mm x 50mm base size and the four designs in the collection are: Stripes, Polka Dots, Swirls and Damask.

Contact Chevler on tel 01844 344231 or visit

Pots with a difference RPC Bebo Polska has added two unique designs to its range of standard containers for food and non-food applications. The 115mm pots with matching lids offer two distinctive patterned finishes, one with sweeping curved lines, the other a series of squares and triangles, which are different from any other current container designs and therefore enable products to create on-shelf differentiation and distinctive brand identity. Importantly, because the diameter is the same as existing pots currently available, manufacturers can switch to the new designs without any adjustments required to their filling lines. The new containers are available in both PP and PET and can be transparent or produced in a range of colours. Lids can be labelled or offset printed for further personalisation. Typical applications include fresh salads, dips and desserts. Contact RPC Bebo Polska on tel +48 61 849 6400 or visit


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Europe’s leading multi-material packaging manufacturer has extended its collection of bowls and containers for salad as consumer demand for healthier convenient food choices grows. The food packaging company is now offering retailers a range of options to make their packs stand out from the crowd. These include incline display, click and connect, easy grip, and inlaid portion packaging solutions. The new products are part of the Linpac Packaging Freshware range that was launched at the beginning of the year to cater for the rising popularity of chilled retail and prepared convenience foods across Europe. Alongside their standard range of New Leaf and smooth wall hinged containers, Linpac customers can now choose from: Pyramid Packs – ideal for any wet salad or deli category such as cous cous, coleslaw or pasta, these funky rPET containers come lidded or tray sealed and provide excellent shelf appeal. Vertifresh® Salad and snacking pack solutions – the vertical presentation design ensures maximum visibility of the contents and multiple clip-in topping trays segregate toppings, dressings and protein options to ensure the meal stays fresher for longer. Bol Salad Collection – Stylish round bowls ideal for colourful fruits and wet or leafy salads. The design of the bowls prevents leaks and helps retain freshness for longer. Joanna Stephenson, Vice President, Marketing and Innovation, at Linpac Packaging said: “Retailers are looking for packaging which displays their products well, drives sales and at the same time creates minimal in store and in the home wastage, whilst food processors and packers require packaging which enhances product value through longer shelf life and also performs efficiently and cost effectively in the food processing supply chain.” The Linpac Packaging Freshware range is fully recyclable and manufactured using between 50 percent and 95 percent post consumer food safe recyclate, giving products a low carbon footprint. Linpac Packaging has also invested across its sites in in-house supercleaning technology to ensure the rPET used is contamination free and suitable for use with food. In addition, many Linpac products have been lightweighted as part of the company’s Project LIFE (LIghtweighting For Excellence) commitment. LIFE is a commitment to driving down material usage, whilst retaining pack functionality, for the benefit of the environment and improving profitability

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across the supply chain. Linpac has achieved up to a 20 percent reduction in material usage across its range of films and trays since 2010 through a strong focus on product and site benchmarking, process engineering and investment in product redesign. Contact Linpac Packaging on tel 01977 692111 or visit

Eco&Pack with ‘Gauguin’ makes its mark The new Eco&Pack container from RPC Bebo France is proving popular for a wide range of dairy applications. Latest customers include Isigny Sainte Mère for its Delisse Fromage Blanc range and Granja Teisol SA for cream yoghurt, both of whom have expressed satisfaction with the RPC Bebo France solution for their various product requirements. Eco&Pack can be specified in a variety of sizes and manufactured in PS, PP or multilayer PP/EVOH/PP for an extended ambient shelf life. This means packs can be developed and tailored to meet the precise needs of different products which as well as dairy include baby, nutritional and pet foods. A choice of decoration options includes ‘Gauguin’ high definition offset printing that creates excellent quality graphics to enable packs to be personalised in order to create individual brand identify and on-shelf differentiation. This technology has recently been adopted by Lactalis for high-impact decoration for its Bridelight brand. The Eco&Pack containers are packed in cardboard boxes on more-hygienic plastic pallets, which help to increase storage space by up to 30 percent. Combined with the light weight of the containers, RPC Bebo France says a company’s overall carbon footprint can be reduced by as much as 15 percent by using the new Eco&Pack and Gauguin combination. Contact RPC Bebo France on tel +33 388 717800 or visit

Multilayer bowl offers increased convenience A range of ready meals from one of Germany’s best-known brands, namely Erasco, is being packed in a custom-moulded multi-layer bowl from RPC Bebo Plastik. The new format offers enhanced consumer convenience and microwaveability, two benefits of increasing importance in the context of today’s busy lifestyles. In particular, the product can be consumed straight from the container. The 113mm diameter tubs with a filling weight of 380g are thermoformed in PP/EVOH/PP with the EVOH acting as an effective oxygen barrier to provide an ambient shelf life of 12 months. In addition, the stability of the bowl means it is fully retortable. For maximum shelf impact, the tubs are decorated with attractive thermo shrink sleeves that are cool to the touch after removal from the microwave. The

complementary caps are manufactured using RPC Bebo’s advance Bebo Print facility, where the film is printed prior to thermoforming to create an all-over decorative effect across both the lid and its rim. The lid decoration includes graphical instructions for the microwaving of the container. Overall, the pack conveys the right quality image in line with the reputation of the Erasco brand. “We are delighted with the new packaging which meets our requirements both in terms of modernity and manufacturability while offering maximum convenience to the consumer,” commented Kurt Ziegler, Director R&D for brand owner Campbells, Germany. “We selected RPC Bebo for its reputation in multilayer sterilisable packaging and have been very pleased with the company’s contribution to this project.”

Contact RPC Bebo Plastik on tel +49 4761 8600 or visit

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Flexoplast lead roll out of new brand

EvoFlex™ the next generation

Clondalkin Flexible Packaging Division business Flexoplast has embarked on a challenging project to produce all of the new packaging required by the Mydibel brand across the 45 product range. The rebranding project was successfully delivered through a partnership approach involving Quatre Mains for brand design, Volkers for pre-press and printing plates and Flexoplast for production of all packaging materials. Flexoplast produced the PE films and laminates in up to 8 colours. These more than 40 new references have been printed in HD Flexo. Both colour intensity of the typical Mydibel images and of course their brand underline that HD Flexo nowadays can compete with roto gravure. Jack van der Heiden, Flexoplast Sales and Marketing Manager said: “We are delighted to be continuing the development of our strong relationship with Mydibel with this project. The scope and variety of products was extensive and the varied requirements of the packaging made it a complex job. Mydibel’s key objective is to deliver high

With the global launch of the EvoFlex™ palletizing range, historic packaging expert Gebo, part of the newly formed Gebo Cermex Group, is pointing the way towards the industry’s future. Designed to offer optimal flexibility, the EvoFlex™ high speed palletizer can handle any and all types of products and secondary packaging, with a single-column design, double lifting unit and floor level infeed which sets it apart from dual-column and robotic alternatives. And what is more, EvoFlex™ is the fastest palletizing system of its category, capable of processing up to twelve layers per minute. Already sold to key bottlers in USA, South America, Europe, Africa and Asia, the EvoFlex™ palletizer is the first in a new family of equipments that looks set to change the face of the industry, a comprehensive range of end-of-line solutions offering unparalleled flexibility, modularity and all-round performance. Key to this impressive performance is EvoFlex™’s innovative design (patent currently pending). EvoFlex™ is a unique proposition: a high-performance, ergonomically-designed system allows just one operator to control the whole end-of-line area. Because as well as being the fastest palletizing system with low level infeed on the market, EvoFlex™ is also one of the easiest to use. The simplicity of the single-column system enables the machines to automatically switch between different product and packaging formats in under a minute with no manual adjustment, cutting changeover time and line downtime to an absolute minimum. EvoFlex™ has all the functionality of robotic systems and, when you factor in the reduced total cost of ownership, including operational and maintenance costs as well as substantially reduced energy consumption thanks to servomotor technology, our customers really get a great value out of their investment.” An asset which helps explain the instant success this new range has enjoyed: having only just been launched into the market, EvoFlex™ systems have already been sold in the UK, USA, South Africa, Peru and the Philippines, for beer, water and CSD packaging operations in both PET and glass.

quality potato products and so the role of packaging is fundamental in this task. Belgian company Mydibel has been in business since 1998 and produces sliced, deep frozen and pre-cooked potato products, including French fries of varying thicknesses, potato waffles, wedges and dices. Alexander Van Halderen, Mydibel Marketing Director said: “The new brand encompasses our company values, heritage and dynamism with a fresh look and feel that positions our product range as a leader within our sectors. The shelf appeal aspect is particularly important and the product identification by consumers is made simple thanks to the work that our partners have executed so effectively. We are delighted with the quality of the packaging. “We select partners with the same values as Mydibel and one area of particular importance to us in sustainability and environmental stewardship. We have invested heavily in reducing our carbon footprint and being able to work with Flexoplast who are proactive in this area is a key factor for us.”

Contact Flexoplast on tel +31 517 432626 or visit

Aja launch three new products The 205 is the latest addition to the Aja Selector Scale range. Aja Selector Scales are used widely throughout the UK and Overseas for meat, fish and produce fixed weight pre packing. This latest version offers a entry level, more competitive solution particular suitable for fruit and vegetables and less hostile applications. Accuracy and Give away are the same or better than earlier versions and with the latest electronics, the speed is increased up to 20ppm. Data capture and Comms is available as standard and the 205 comes complete with special pan options, stand and a full training package. The Aja DP Checkscale range now in its 20th year in the UK is generally regarded as the benchmark for manual checkweighing and portion control. A high end, quality scale designed to last and weigh accurately and reliably over many, many years in the harshest and toughest of environments. Feature packed the new DP5602 takes manual checkweighing to another level: Under, Accept Over Traffic Lights; Audible Accept Alarm; Under Over Bar Graph; Product Description; Grading Function; Counting

Function; Positive or Takeaway Option; Remainder Weight Display; Clear Unequivocal 30mm high LED Weight Display; All stainless steel IP66 scale; IP68 ‘super-protected’ Stainless steel loadcell; RS232, Networking, Wi Fi, OPUS Average Weight Software. The TSDW Super Selector Scale is the latest innovation from Aja for fixed weight, fixed variable count retail pack combination, multihead weighing. A semi -automated system to increase productivity, reduce labour and control give away when packing to fixed weight arrange of meat and fish portions and fruit and vegetables Due to its low drop it is particularly suited to delicate products and difficult to fully automate products due to shape or stickiness. Speeds of up to 24pppm can be achieved with one or two operators. As expected with all Aja products the TSDW is IP65 all stainless and easy to clean down and hygienic. From the TSDW outfeed Aja offer a range of bespoke solutions to load directly into trays, bags or punnets linked into tray denesters etc as required. Plus automated infeed supply belts and tray stands for the bulk raw material.

Contact Aja on tel 0208 892 8900 or visit


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Contact Gebo Cermex on tel 01480 455919 or visit

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Schoeller Allibert optimises RTP Schoeller Allibert, a world leader in plastic reusable transit packaging (RTP), has introduced Magnum Optiframe, a collar accessory for the Magnum Optimum which further increases the versatility of the folding large container (FLC) range. The Optiframe collar increases the Magnum Optimum’s unit height in increments of 105mm, meaning it can be configured to match the height of products being distributed. It also provides a safe recess for the return of dunnage that can be stored within the base of the unit, making it ideal for the return transport of fragile cloth or vacformed dunnage which is protected within the frame. Simon Knights, Regional Sales Director, UK & Ireland from Schoeller Allibert, commented: “We developed the Magnum Optimum range to provide our customers with the most comprehensive range of FLCs on the market. Optiframe’s added versatility allows users to configure the Magnum Optimum to match the exact size of products being shipped, optimising vehicle fill and helping to keep transport costs to a minimum.” Versatility is a key benefit of the Magnum Optimum range, with parts held in stock and assembled to order giving customers the option to configure the container in a number of different ways. Four different wall heights are available, as well as a standard or reinforced base – the latter able to carry loads of up to 1,000kg. The choice to add an optional lid and the Optiframe collar add further flexibility, making the Magnum Optimum a bespoke solution. Magnum Optimum has the best folding size-to-weight ratio of all FLCs on the market. A full trailer load carrying folded Magnum Optimum FLCs saves up to 33 percent more space and weighs as much as 2500kg less than competing containers, helping operators to reduce the number of vehicle trips, save fuel costs and lower carbon emissions. Magnum Optimum is an efficient and time saving solution which can be erected or folded down by a single operator, with sliding or folding doors giving easy access to contents even when stacked. It is also a highly hygienic design with smooth sidewalls throughout.

Contact Schoeller Allibert on tel 0845 850 2333 or visit

Faerch Plast’s dual colour plastic food containers Once again Faerch Plast has further reinforced its position as one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of innovative plastics food packaging with the launch of a distinctive range of dual colour PET containers primarily aimed at the premium convenience foods market and oven to table lines in particular. Developed by Faerch Plast’s dedicated inhouse design department, these eye-catching new containers feature one colour on the outside surface and another on the inside, offering food retailers and manufacturers a major point of difference, as well as maximum on-shelf impact and brand appeal. Faerch Plast’s dual colour trays are being targeted at high-end convenience food products and are the ideal packaging solution for increasingly popular oven to table ready meals. Produced from either crystalline PET (cPET) or amorphous PET (aPET), the new packs are available in a variety of sizes, styles and dual colour combinations. In addition to standard colours, Faerch Plast can also develop bespoke colour combinations for special promotions or added individuality.

Joe Iannidinardo, Managing Director of Faerch Plast’s UK operation commented: “Food companies spend millions of pounds on new product development so it is vital that packaging reflects that investment and helps ensure their lines stand out from the crowd. Joe continued: “Consumers also want the added convenience of packaging that they are not afraid to present at the table. This eliminates the hassle of having to decant the meal onto a serving plate which then has to be washed up.” “The dual colour containers meet all these requirements and more. They are functional, aesthetically pleasing and will definitely enhance a product’s WOW factor,” he concluded. Faerch Plast’s cPET trays feature dual ovenability and a wide temperature tolerance from -4 F (-20 c) to 430 F (220 C), for freezerto-oven or microwave convenience. cPET eliminates negative effects on food flavour and aroma, giving consumers better protected, more versatile and better tasting meals. A top layer of co-extruded aPET gives this type of packaging extremely good sealing properties and a superb glossy appearance.

Contact Faerch Plast on tel 0208 254 2300 or visit

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Compostable packaging films are excellent barrier NatureFlex™ films, manufactured by Innovia Films, have outstanding sustainability credentials and functional performance. Innovia Films’ main strengths lie in its ability to develop new products with key technical benefits for the packaging supply chain. NatureFlex’s latest attribute is that it has been scientifically tested and proven to provide an effective barrier against mineral oil residues. This has been confirmed by a scientific study at the official Food Safety Authority of the Canton of Zurich in Switzerland. Potentially dangerous substances known as mineral oils have been found in packaging made from recycled paper fibres. Cardboard is produced using recycled paper including printed newspaper. Most commonly used newspaper inks contain mineral oils. These cannot be removed sufficiently during the recycling process and are thus able to enter cardboard food packaging, and can migrate into food. Mineral oil aromatic hydrocarbons (MOAH) are suspected of being carcinogens, according to the WHO’s Joint Expert Committee on Food Additives (JECFA), and the FAO. Germany is well on the way to preparing a mineral oil law, which will quote a zero tolerance for MOAH in foodstuffs. In recent years much research has been carried out to understand how mineral oils are distributed in the environment and assess the risks they pose to human health. This has been a complicated area of study. As leading market experts, Innovia Films can tailor its technology for specific needs and we are able to provide a barrier to mineral oils. The results of external laboratory testing have shown that there was no mineral oil breakthrough in any of the NatureFlex films range. Mineral oil breakthrough was observed for polyolefin films tested under the same conditions (OPP & PE), with breakthrough times of less than two months for uncoated OPP and less than one month for PE. PET and NatureFlex films were both found to be

very good barriers to mineral oils. It was concluded that the NatureFlex films evaluated in the study gave an excellent barrier to mineral oils with a breakthrough time of greater than five years at room temperature. NatureFlex films are based on cellulose (a complex carbohydrate), with a high molecularweight polar structure and small spaces containing water and softener. For these reasons, the solubility and diffusivity of nonpolar molecules such as mineral oils is low. Mineral oil residues can migrate from the inner side of a contaminated primary pack such as a recycled cartonboard cereal box or a contaminated outer pack used to hold products during transportation. Contamination can even occur when packs are stacked closely together - on the supermarket shelf or in transit. As the world takes steps towards greater sustainability, protection of our wrapped products is the most vital aspect of this sustainability journey. “The tests conducted on our NatureFlex™ films showed that when used as the inner bag, flow-wrap or as a pouch they provide an excellent barrier against mineral oil residues. This is in addition to the standard oxygen and

moisture barrier properties required by dried foods to ensure optimum product quality and maximise shelf-life” said Clare McKeown, Market Manager, NatureFlex™ Films.

Contact Innovia Films on tel 016973 42281 or visit


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FLOOR and WALL FINISHES for the FOOD INDUSTRY KDH Projects Ltd, KDH House, Millfield Road, Donnington, Spalding, Lincs PE11 4UR. Tel:01775 822888. Fax:01775 822892. Kemtile Ltd, Unit C3, Taylor Business Park, Warrington Road, Warrington, Cheshire WA3 6HT. Tel:01925 763045. Fax:01925 763381. Lasercroft Ltd, 9 Hedon Road, Hull HU9 1LL. Tel:01482 229119.Fax:01482 223077. FLOORING SURFACES for FACTORIES KDH Projects Ltd, KDH House, Millfield Road, Donnington, Spalding, Lincs PE11 4UR. Tel:01775 822888. Fax:01775 822892. Kemtile Ltd, Unit C3, Taylor Business Park, Warrington Road, Warrington, Cheshire WA3 6Bl. Tel:01925 763045. Fax:01925 763381. Veitchi (England) Ltd, Grange Works, Mill Lane, Rugeley, Staffs WS15 2JW. Tel:01889 586621. Fax:01889 579923. FLUID DRYERS European SprayDry Technologies LLP, Regal House, South Road, Harlow, Essex CM20 2BL. Tel:01279 780268. FREEZING EQUIPMENT JBT FoodTech, East Mains Industrial Estate, Broxburn, West Lothian EH52 5NP. Tel:01506 857112. Fax:01506 852232. HEAT EXCHANGERS (Scraped Surface) Holmach Ltd, The Dingle, Pilsgate, Stamford, Lincs PE9 3HW. Tel:01780 749097. Fax:01780 749098. HOMOGENISERS Rigal Bennett Group, Gravel Hill Lane, Whitley, near Goole, East Yorkshire DN14 0JJ. Tel:01977 661095. Fax:01977 662165. HOSES & COUPLINGS Guyson International Ltd, Hose and Couplings Division, Southview Business Park, Guiseley, Leeds LS20 9PR. Tel:01943


870044. Fax:01943 870 066.

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Weyfringe Barcode and Labelling Systems, Longbeck Road, Marske, Redcar, Cleveland TS11 6HQ. Tel:01642 490121. Fax:01642 490385. LABEL OVERPRINTING and APPLICATING SYSTEMS Atwell Self Adhesive Labellers, Unit 18, Bolney Grange Business Park, Stairbridge Lane, Hickstead, West Sussex RH17 5PB. Tel:01444 239970. Fax:01444 246609. Weyfringe Barcode and Labelling Systems, Longbeck Road, Marske, Redcar, Cleveland TS11 6HQ. Tel:01642 490121. Fax:01642 490385. MAGNETIC SEPARATORS F. Jahn & Co. Ltd, 17 Teddington Business Park, Station Road, Teddington, Middx TW1 1BQ. Tel:0208 977 8822. Fax:0108 977 1818. John R. Boone Ltd, 18 Silk Street, Congleton, Cheshire CW12 4DH. Tel:01260 272894. Fax:01260 281128. METAL DETECTION Lock Inspection Systems Ltd, Lock House, Neville Street, Oldham, Lancs OL9 6LF. Tel:0161 6240333. Fax:0161 6245181. MIXERS (Dry and Wet Processes) Farleygreene Ltd, Unit 8, Alpha Centre, Aldershot, Hants GU12 4RG. Tel:01252 322233, Fax:01252 325111 MIXING MACHINES John R. Boone Ltd, 18 Silk Street, Congleton, Cheshire CW12 4DH. Tel:01260 272894. Fax:01260 281128. PANS-JACKETED and TILTING Rigal Bennett Group, Gravel Hill Lane, Whitley, near Goole, East Yorkshire DN14 0JJ. Tel:01977 661095. Fax:01977 662165 PASTA MAKING EQUIPMENT Pasta Technology Ltd, 14 Waunfawr Road, Crosskeys, Gwent

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NP11 7PG. Tel & Fax:01495 273311. Mobile:07973 831331.

Tel:01780 749097. Fax:01780 749098



Holmach Ltd, The Dingle, Pilsgate, Stamford, Lincs PE9 3HW. Tel:01780 749097. Fax:01780 749098. POTATO PEELING MACHINES –ABRASIVE RE-LINING Porcher Abrasive Coatings Ltd, Nursery Road, Riverside Industrial Estate, Boston, Lincs PE21 7TN. Tel:01205 356666. POUCH FILLER/SEALERS F. Jahn & Co. Ltd, 17 Teddington Business Park, Station Road,

Sharpak Aylesham, Aylesham Industrial Estate, Aylesham, Kent CT3 3EF. Tel:01304 840581. Fax:01304 842207. Sharpak Bridgwater, Colley Lane Estate, Bridgwater TA6 5YS. Tel:01278 435000. Fax:01278 423019 Sharpak Yate, Highway, Yate, Bristol BS37 7AA. Tel:01454 874100. Fax:01454 874304.

Teddington, Middx TW1 1BQ. Tel:0208 977 8822. Fax:0208 977



Farleygreene Ltd, Unit 8, Alpha Centre, Alfa Road, Aldershot,

PROCESS VESSELS Holmach Ltd, The Dingle, Pilsgate, Stamford, Lincs PE9 3HW. Tel:01780 749097. Fax:0208 9771818. PROJECT CONSTRUCTION SPECIALISTS TO THE FOOD INDUSTRY KDH Projects Ltd, KDH House, Millfield Road, Donnington, Spalding, Lincs PE11 4UR. Tel:01775 822888. Fax:01775 822892. PUMPS and PUMP MAINTAINANCE AxFlow Ltd, Orton Park, Northfield Avenue, London W13 9SJ. Tel:0208 832 1831. Fax:0208 280 0796 PUMPS-HYGIENIC FOOD (Maso Sine and Peristaltic Pumps) Watson Marlow Pumps, contact Geoff Sanders, Mobile:07799 665533 Office fax/phone:01255 863932. PUMPS-HYGIENIC FOOD Grundfos Pumps Ltd, Grovebury Road, Leighton Buzzard, Beds

Hants GU12 4RG. Tel:01252 322233. Fax:01252 325111. Gough Engineering Ltd, Alderflat Drive, Newstead Industrial Estate, Stoke-on-Trent, Staffs ST4 8GE. Tel:01782 654770. Fax:001782 654771. SORTING MACHINES-COLOUR and SHAPE Buhler Sortex Ltd, 20 Atlantis Avenue, London E16 2BF. Tel:0207 055 7777. Fax:0207 055 7700. Radix Systems Ltd, 1 Moorside Place, Moorside Road, Winnall, Winchester, Hants SO23 7FX. Tel:01962 892530. Fax:01962 813354. Satake ESM, Horsfield Way, Bredbury Industrial Estate, Stockport, Cheshire SK6 2FN. Tel:0161 406 3888. Fax:0161 406 3889. SPICE STERILISING EQUIPMENT Holmach Ltd, The Dingle, Pilsgate, Stamford, Lincs PE9 3HW. Tel:01780 749097. Fax:01780 749098.

LU7 4TL. Tel:01525 850000. Fax:01525 853981


Starfrost UK Ltd, Newcombe Road, Lowestoft, Suffolk NR32

READY MEALS LINES Sealpac UK Ltd, Units 1 - 3, The Concept Centre, Innovation Close, Poole, Dorset BH12 4QT. Tel:0845 302 3056. Fax:0845 302 3057.

1XA. Tel:01502 562206. Fax:01502 584104. SPRAY DRYING PLANT European SprayDry Technologies LLP, Regal House, South Road, Harlow, Essex CM20 2BL. Tel.:01279 780250. Fax:01279 780268.




KDH Projects Ltd, KDH House, Millfield Road, Donnington,

Holmach Ltd, The Dingle, Pilsgate, Stamford, Lincs. PE9 3HW.

Spalding, Lincs PE11 4UR. Tel:01775 822888. Fax:01775

Tel:01780 749097. Fax:01780 749098.


F. Jahn & Co. Ltd, 17 Teddington Business Park, Station Road,


Teddington, Middx TW1 1BQ. Tel.:208 977 8822. Fax:0208 977

F. Jahn &Co. Ltd, 17 Teddington Business Park, Station Road,


Teddington, Middx TW1 1BQ. Tel:0208 977 8822. Fax:0208 977



Kemtile Ltd, Unit C3, Taylor Business Park, Warrington Road,

Holmach Ltd, The Dingle, Pilsgate, Stamford, Lincs PE9 3HW.

Warrington, Cheshire WA3 6BLTel:01925 763045. Fax:01925

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763381. THERMOFORM FILL and SEAL MACHINERY Sealpac UK Ltd, Units 1 - 3, The Concept Centre, Innovation Close, Poole, Dorset BH12 4QT. Tel:0845 302 3056. Fax:0845 302 3057. TRAY and UTENSIL WASHING MACHINES Industrial Washing Machines Ltd, Facet Road, King Norton, Birmingham B38 9PT. Tel.:0121 459 9511. Fax:0121 459 9001. Newsmith Stainless Ltd, Fountain Works, Child Lane, Roberttown, Liversedge, West Yorkshire WF15 7PH. Tel.:01924 405988. Fax:01924 403304. Oliver Douglas Ltd, Amberley Works, Chelsea Close, Leeds, West Yorkshire LS12 4HP. Tel.:0113 279 7373. Fax:0113 279 1014. TRAY SEALING MACHINES Sealpac UK Ltd, Units 1 - 3, The Concept Centre, Innovation Close, Poole, Dorset BH12 4QT. Tel:0845 302 3056. Fax:0845 302 3057.

TRAY WASHERS Newsmith Stainless Ltd, Fountain Works, Child Lane, Roberttown, Liversedge, West Yorkshire WF15 7PH. Tel:01924 405988. Fax:01924 403304. Oliver Douglas Ltd, Amberley Works, Chelsea Close, Leeds, West Yorkshire LS12 4HP. Tel.:0113 279 7373. Fax:0113 279 1014. VIBRATORY FEEDERS Cox and Plant Products Ltd, Monument and Tabor Works, Balds Lane, Lye, Stourbridge, West Midlands DY9 8SE. Tel.:01384 895121 Fax:01384 893 611. WALL and CEILING FINISHES Be-Plas Hygienic Walls and Ceilings Ltd, Unit 2, Junction 8 Business Park, Ellesmere Port, Wirral CH65 3AS. Tel:0151 334 5133. Fax:0151 355 7970. Kemtile Ltd, Unit C3, Taylor Business Park, Warrington Road, Warrington, Cheshire WA3 6HT. Tel:01925 763045. Fax:01925 763381.

Raw Materials, Ingredients and Additives ANCHOVY (Fillets, Pastes, Flavourings, Canned Jarred, Tube) La Monegasque UK Ltd, The Priory, High Street, Ware, Herts SG12 9AL. Tel:01920 469107. Fax:01920 486646 E-mail:enquiries@the

Herts SG1 2DF. Tel:01438 742242. Fax:01438 742311.

Meridian Sea, 10 Thornby Road, Estover, Plymouth PL6 7PP. Tel.08702 400172,

PE20 3DJ. Tel:01775 822389. Fax:01775 822443.

ARROWROOT The Essbro Co. Ltd, 1 South Street, Rochford, Essex SS4 1BL Tel:01702 530329. Fax:01702 530331. E-mail:


CHILLIES (Red and Green Fresh Chopped and Fresh Puréed) JDM Food Group Ltd, Monument Road, Bicker, Boston, Lincs CLEAN LABEL BAKERY INGREDIENTS British Bakels Ltd, Granville Way, Bicester, Oxon OX26 4JT. Tel.:01869 247098. Fax:01869 242979.

BAKERY INGREDIENTS British Bakels Ltd, Granville Way, Bicester. Oxon OX26 4JT. Tel:01869 247098. Fax:01869 242979. E-mail:

COCONUT-Desiccated Cream-Liquid and Powder)

BLUEBERRY, CRANBERRY & POMEGRANATE (AIR DRIED) Kanegrade Ltd, Ingredients House, Caxton Way, Stevenage, Herts SG1 2DF. Tel:01438 742242. Fax:01438 742311.

COCONUT PRODUCTS (Powder and Cream)

F.R. Benson & Partners Ltd, 117a New Road, Croxley Green, Rickmansworth, Herts WD3 3EN. Tel:01923 293160. Fax:01923 293168. Kanegrade Ltd, Ingredients House, Caxton Way, Stevenage, Herts SG1 2DF. Tel:01438 742242. Fax:01438 742311.


COLOURS (Natural)


Kalsec Europe Ltd, 7 Merlin Park, Fred Dannatt Road,

Markus Products Ltd, Murray Way, Wincanton Business Park,

Mildenhall, Suffolk IP28 7TD. Tel.:01938 715011. Fax:01638

Wincanton, Somerset BA9 9RX. Tel.:01963 435270.


Fax:01963 435271. E-mail:


British Bakels Ltd, Granville Way. Bicester. Oxon OX26 4JT.


Tel:01869 247098. Fax:01869 242979.

Kanegrade Ltd, Ingredients House, Caxton Way, Stevenage,

11. 2 0 13

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Capol UK Ltd, Oaktree Court, Mill Lane, Ness, Cheshire CH64 8TP. Tel:0151 342 8900. CURRY POWDERS (Triton Madras, Mild & Hot) The Essbro Co. Ltd, 1 South Street, Rochford, Essex SS4 1BL Tel:01702 530329. Fax:01702 530331. E-mail: DRIED FRUITS (Sweetened and Unsweetened (also Fairtrade and Organic) F.R. Benson & Partners Ltd, 117a New Road, Croxley Green,

HERBS and CHILLIES (Frozen, Ambient) S. Black Ltd, Foxholes Business Park, John Tate Road, Hertford, Herts. SG13 7YH. Tel:01992 825555. Fax:01992 825566. HYDROCOLLOIDS J R FOOD CONSULTANCY Tel:07771 716323. IQF/CHILLED MEATS Food Network Ltd, Keepers Cottage, Chrishall Grange, Royston, Herts. SG8 7NT. Tel:01763 837000. Fax:0208 464 1551.

Rickmansworth, Herts WD3 3EN. Tel:01923 293160. Fax:01923

MAPLE SYRUP (Various Grades)


F.R. Benson & Partners Ltd, 117a New Road, Croxley Green,

EGG POWDERS –Whole, Yolk, Albumen (Also Organic)

Rickmansworth WD3 3EN. Tel:01923 293160. Fax:01923

F.R. Benson & Partners Ltd, 117a New Road, Croxley Green,


Rickmansworth, Herts WD3 3EN. Tel:01923 293160. Fax:01923


MUSHROOMS (Concentrate, Powder and Dehydrated)

FLAVOURS (Liquid and Powder) Kanegrade Ltd, Ingredients House, Caxton Way, Stevenage, Herts SG1 2DF. Tel:01438 742242. Fax:01438 742311. FOOD ACIDS

F.R. Benson & Partners Ltd, 117a New Road, Croxley Green, Rickmansworth WD3 3EN. Tel:01923 293160. Fax:01923 293168. NATURAL COLOURS Kalsec Europe Ltd, 7 Merlin Park, Fred Dannatt Road,

Rigest Trading Ltd, Hipocampus House, Hulme Lane, Lower

Mildenhall, Suffolk IP28 7RD. Tel:01638. 715011. Fax:01638

Peover, Knutsford, Cheshire WA16 9QQ. Tel:07595 793224.



Kanegrade Ltd, Ingredients House, Caxton Way, Stevenage,

F.R. Benson & Partners Ltd, 117a New Road, Croxley Green,

Herts SG1 2DF. Tel:01438 742242. Fax:01438 742311.

Rickmansworth WD3 3EN. Tel:01923 293160. Fax:01923



FRUIT and VEGETABLES (Powders and Flakes and Extracts)

Kanegrade Ltd, Ingredients House, Caxton Way, Stevenage,

F. R. Benson & Partners Ltd, 117a New Road, Croxley Green,

Herts SG1 2DF. Tel:01438 742242. Fax:01438 742311.

Rickmansworth WD3 3EN. Tel:01923 293160.

Fax:01923 293168.


British Bakels Ltd, Granville Way, Bicester, Oxon OX26 4JT.


Tel:01869 247098. Fax:01869242979.

Kanegrade Ltd, Ingredients House, Caxton Way, Stevenage,

Herts SG1 2DF. Tel:01438 742242. Fax:01438 742311.

ORGANIC INGREDIENTS F.R. Benson & Partners Ltd, 117a New Road, Croxley Green,


Rickmansworth WD3 3EN. Tel:01923 293160. Fax:01923

Cobell Ltd, Alphinbrook House, Alphinbrook Road, Exeter EX2


8RG. Tel:01392 430280. Fax:01392 430060.

ORGANIC VEGETABLES (Roasted or Puréed)

JDM Food Group Ltd, Monument Road, Bicker, Boston, Lincs

GARLIC and GINGER (Fresh Peeled, Pureed, Chopped and Roasted)

PE20 5DJ. Tel:01775 822389. Fax:01775 822443.

Beacon Foods Ltd, Units 3 and 4, Brecon Enterprise Park,

Warren Road, Brecon, Powys LD3 8BT. Tel:01874 622577.

PASTA (Durum Wheat Semolina, Egg, Spinach, Tomato,

Fax:01874 622123.


Food Network Ltd, Keepers Cottage, Chrishall Grange, Royston,

JDM Food Group Ltd, Monument Road, Bicker, Boston, Lincs

Herts. SG8 7NT. Tel:01763 837000. Fax:01763 838280.

PE20 5DJ. Tel:01775 822389. Fax:01775 822443.

DRIED FRUITS (Sweetened and Unsweetened (also


Fairtrade and Organic)

Tech-Pet Ltd, 11 Hammond Way, Market Harborough, Leics LE16

11. 2 0 13


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7JW. Tel:01858 434545. Fax:001858 432828. PRESERVATIVES Rigest Trading Ltd, Hippocampus House, Hulme Lane, Lower Peover, Knutsford, Cheshire WA16 9QQ. Tel:07595 793224.

Beans, Blackeye Beans, Black Turtle Beans, Adzuki Beans,

THAI INGREDIENTS JDM Food Group Ltd, Monument Road, Bicker, Boston, Lincs PE20 3DJ. Tel:01775 822389. Fax:01775822443.

Pinto Beans)

TOMATOES (Canned and Aseptic)

PULSES-CANNED (Red/White Kidney Beans, Chickpeas, Bortolli Beans, Butter Beans, Flageolet Beans, Haricot

Food Network Ltd, Keepers Cottage, Chrishall Grange, Royston, Herts SG8 7NT. Tel:01763 837000. Fax:0208 464 1551. ROAST VEGETABLES and FRUIT Beacon Foods Ltd, Units 3 & 4, Brecon Enterprise Park, Warren Road, Brecon, Powys LD3 3BT. Tel:01874 622577. Fax:01874 622123. JDM Food Group Ltd, Monument Road, Bicker, Boston, Lincs PE20 3DJ. Tel:01775 822389. Fax:0775 822443. SAVOURY FLAVOURS and SNACK FLAVOURS Savoury Flavours, Units 2B/C, Riverside Avenue West, Lawford, Manningtree, Essex CO11 1UN. Tel;01206 399540. Fax:01206 393345. SEAFOOD POWDERS (all varieties) Kanegrade Ltd, Ingredients House, Caxton Way, Stevenage, Herts SG1 2DF. Tel:01438 742242. Fax:01438 742311. SEAWEED (Fresh and Dried) Meridian Sea Ltd, 10 Thornbury Road, Estover, Plymouth PL6 7PP. Tel:08702 400172, SEASONINGS Unbar Rothon Ltd, Radford Crescent, Billericay, Essex CM12 0DR. Tel:01277 632211. Fax:01277 830151. SPECIALITY SUGAR and SPICE Speciality Farm Foods Ltd, Cleave Farm, East Down, Barnstaple, North Devon EX31 4NX. Tel:0845 812 0129. Fax:01271 882843. SPICE OLEORESINS and EXTRACTS Kanegrade Ltd, Ingredients House, Caxton Way, Stevenage, Herts SG1 2DF. Tel:01438 742242. Fax:01438 742311. Kalsec Ltd, 7 Merlin Park, Fred Dannatt Road, Mildenhall, Suffolk IP28 7RD. Tel:01638 715011. Fax:01638 715031 SWEETENERS Rigest Trading Ltd, Hippocampus House, Hulme Lane, Lower


Peover, Knutsford, Cheshire WA16 9QQ. Tel:07595 793224 TAMARINDS The Essbro Co. Ltd, 1 South Street, Rochford, Essex SS4 1BL Tel:01702 530329. Fax:01702 530331. E-mail:

11. 2 0 13

Food Network Ltd, Keepers Cottage, Chrishall Grange, Royston, Herts SG8 7NT. Tel:01763 837000. Fax:01783 838280. TUNA (Pouch and Canned) Food Network Ltd, Keepers Cottage, Chrishall Grange, Royston, Herts SG8 7NT. Tel:01763 837000. Fax:01783 838280. E-mail: Website: VEGETABLE and FRUIT JUICE CONCENTRATES F.R. Benson and Partners Ltd, 117a New Road, Crowley Green, Ricksmanworth WD3 3EN. Tel:01923 293160. Fax:01923 293168. VEGETABLE INGREDIENTS-SPECIALITY (Dried/Preserved) L’Aquila Importers and Distributors, 860 Coronation Road, London NW10 7PS. Tel:0208 965 0666.. Fax:0208 965 0999. VEGETABLES (Freeze Dried, Air Dried, Spray Dried, Flakes) Kanegrade Ltd, Ingredients House, Caxton Way, Stevenage, Herts SG1 2DF. Tel:01438 742242. Fax:01438 742311. WILD and EXOTIC CULTIVATED MUSHROOMS L’Aquila, Importers & Distributors, 860 Coronation Road, London NW10 7PS. Tel:0208 965 0666. Fax:0208 965 0999 YEAST INACTIVE (Debittered Powder) Kanegrade Ltd, Ingredients House, Caxton Way, Stevenage, Herts SG1 2DF. Tel:01438 743242. Fax: 01438 742311. YOGHURT and SOUR CREAM POWDERS (Spray Dried) Kanegrade Ltd, Ingredients House, Caxton Way, Stevenage, Herts SG1 2DF. Tel:01438 743242. Fax:01438 742311. ZEST (Orange, Lemon and Lime) Kanegrade Ltd, Ingredients House, Caxton Way, Stevenage, Herts SG1 2DF. Tel:01438 742242. Fax:01438 742311.

Orbital Food Machinery Europe’s largest supplier of new and quality used food processing and packaging machinery Orbmix™ is a division of Orbital Food Machinery supplying twin shaft paddle, ribbon and Z arm mixers, vacuum tumblers and volumetric fillers. During the last 8 years we have supplied over 300 Orbmix machines into various food processing and manufacturing companies.

Mixers Orbmix™ mixers range 180 through litres through Mixers Orbmix™ mixers range fromfrom 180 litres to 3,600to litres 3,600 litres additional options within our CO2, range additional options available within available our range are vacuum, N2,are direct vacuum, CO2, N2, direct steam injection, glycol cooling and steam injection, glycol cooling and also tilting discharge. also tilting discharge.

Tumblers Orbmix™ 300, litre tumblers with Tumblers Orbmix™ 300, 600 600 and and 10001000 litre tumblers with built in

built in vacuum arego plug and go machines for vacuum pump arepump plug and machines ideal for mixingideal and marinating mixing andproducts. marinating of various products. of various

Volumetric Orbmix™ Volumetric Filler, ideal machine Volumetric Orbmix™ Volumetric Filler, thethe ideal machine for

for awkward products pasta, salads awkward products like like rice,rice, pasta, wet wet salads and and IQF IQF fruit fruit and and vegetables. vegetables.

Cooking Orbmix™ cooking vessels 200, 400, CookingVessels Vessels Orbmix™ cooking vessels 200, 400, 500, 1000

500, 1000scrape litre with scrape surface, homogeniser, litre with surface, homogeniser, recipe system recipe cookingsystem with cooking with electric or steam. electric or steam.

We have supplied Orbmix™ mixers, tumblers , volumetric fillers, electric cooking vessels into processors and manufacturers producing a variety of products including: poultry, meat, fish products, sandwich fillings, cereals, nuts, pulses, frozen vegetables, ingredients, ready meals, sauces, potato and bakery products and many other applications.

email: or call +44 (0)1284 725255

Engineered for Reliability




Call us on: +44 1542 835885

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