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September 2013

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At Machines 4 Food Ltd we offer reliable refurbished machines with a full warranty and good back up service.


Burger manufacture 400/500 kg per hour of 4 oz burgers • Meat block flaker, mixer grinder, Meatpro 170 burger former with paper interleaver. • Burger plates supplied to suit your production. • Magurit flaker or New Fatosa CBC flaker. • Hobart 4356 mixer grinder or Biro AFMG mixer grinder. • Meatpro 170 burger former.

Burger manufacture line 200/250 kg per hour of 4 oz burgers Meat block flaker, Biro AFMG 48 mixer grinder, Formatic R2200 former with paper interleaver.

Weigher bagging line Screw conveyor to gantry mounted 12-head Ishida weigher discharging into a Rovema 350 bagger producing 2 kg packs of meat mince. If necessary we can supply the Weiler 1109 grinder to take frozen blocks of meat, which can also can be supplied with a nitrogen tunnel. This line is set up in a pet food factory working on tripe mince.

Batter, breading and fryer system Batter and breading machines 640 mm belt width, weir-type enrober. Koppens fryer 6000 mm fry length by 700 mm wide belt, thermal oil heating, heat source required. Top hold down belt, scraped surface sediment removal. This equipment can be viewed here on site.

Batter and breading fryer system Batter and breading machines 300 mm wide, curtain weir-type enrober with pump, standard bread crumb coating machine with recycling auger, Coat and Fry continuous fryer, 300 mm wide belt with electric heating, top hold down belt and canopy.

Cheese grating and weigh bagging line Packing line for 20 kg+ blocks of cheese at up to 2 tonnes per hour, includes Wright Pugson cutter, incline conveyors, tumble drum, powder dispenser, multihead weigher, bagger and gantry. All manufactured 2002-2006. This equipment can be viewed here on site.

Sausage manufacturing line Complete line of frozen meat block flaker, 75 litre bowl cutter, Risco 4000 filler/linker vacuum filler with 120 litre bin hoist and Hycut sausage cutter.

Complete secondhand processing lines available UK Agents for new machines from Carso, Fatosa, Tecnotrip, & Robot Coupe

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MESSAGE FROM THE EDITOR The topic of the moment is food sustainability, which by any other name, is how to feed an expanding world population. Part of the challenge is to improve the nutritional composition, the quality and the quantity of food from agricultural sources and to prevent the enormous post harvest losses in so many countries due to pests and to lack of transport infrastructure. What is being discussed at the moment are the breeding technologies for grains and oil seeds; how to create new crops using traditional grafting and cross pollination techniques. Let us explore the future of genetically-modified crops which can give such huge increases at harvest; their safety in the food chain; How the wider use of these foods can be properly explained to consumers, is currently entertaining the minds of those much more knowledgeable than myself. We do not want another fiasco as we had with irradiated foods when certain forms of food poisoning could have been wiped out at a stroke. except for the appalling publicity put out by misinformed people in the 1960s, and propagated by the mass media at the time: The ramifications are still with us today. We have to continue with the steps being undertaken by the scientific community to create new test methods for the authentication of foodstuffs and their ingredients in the whole supply chain. We must find new analytical methods to prove provenance beyond doubt to assuage the curiosity of people encouraged by the mass media and by TV cooks. We must find new methods to stamp out locusts, and to eradicate weeds and bacteria in our universal agricultural crops today, so that people can eat tomorrow. I go back to my mantra: Let the scientists get on with expanding out harvests, take the politicians, the quangos and the do-gooders out of the equation, so that our industry, the largest industry and the largest industrial employer in the UK, can help to provide good, nutritious food to feed the world in the coming years.

Adrian Binsted Editor

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Allen Coders are pop-tastic

Sine pumps integrated into sauce packaging The Thimonnier Company, a world leader in the design and manufacture of flexible pouch packaging machines, has integrated MasoSine EC25 pumps from Watson-Marlow Pumps Group into a new machine designed for packaging béchamel sauce. The pumps successfully convey the sauce to dosing nozzles without mixing or shearing the product. “The main priority,” explains Frédéric Roumanet, Design Office Manager at Thimonnier, which is based near Lyon, France “was to meet requirements for hygiene and gentle product handling.” MasoSine pumps do not have any valves, and their four chambers are sealed. This makes them ideal for fluids containing fragile pieces or particles, such as sauces and soups. The Thimonnier Company had already contacted Watson-Marlow in the past about an application for the transfer of soup containing pieces and the EcoSine EC25 is now very successful in this type of application. In fact, this machine was supplied to a customer in Finland where it has been operating successfully for over a year. In light of this positive experience, Frédéric decided to choose a MasoSine pump again, this time for the transfer of béchamel sauce. “The EcoSine EC25 pump maintains prod-

uct integrity thanks to its sinusoidal rotor, which does not shear the product,” he said. In fact, the rotor in the form of a sine wave creates four moving chambers that gently transport the fluid from the suction side to the discharge side for transfer without any variations in volume. The gate prevents any fluid from passing back from the discharge side of the pump to the suction side. Furthermore, the EcoSine pump is compact and takes up little space, making it ideal for OEM applications. “Two EC25 pump heads have therefore been integrated into our packaging machine,” says Frédéric. “The pump heads gently convey the béchamel sauce to the buses for dosage into the pouches.” “CIP is a priority for this type of packaging machine,” he continues. “However, the various ways of positioning the EC25 pumpheads made it possible for us to eliminate any bacteria retention zones.” Maintenance is also straightforward. In fact, it takes less than 10 minutes to dismantle an EcoSine pump to inspect it or replace a part, thus minimising downtime. The pump can be dismantled in-situ and does not require any special training or skills; a few simple instructions are sufficient.

Contact Watson-Marlow Pumps Group on tel 01326 370370 or visit

With its imaginative range of products beginning to grow, it was important to Devon-based Portlebay Popcorn to have an efficient production line, so it made perfect sense to turn to Allen Coding Systems, when the time came to update one of its printers. Says Jonty White from Portlebay Popcorn: “We have worked with Allen Coding for several years and use the company’s printers on our bagging machines. We know them to be reliable and understand their equipment so, when an old, now obsolete coder finally began to fail, it was an obvious move to replace it with Allen’s recommendation of an up-to-date 53XL80 thermal transfer machine.” Operating at speeds of up to 65 bags of popcorn per minute on a VFFS bagger at Portlebay’s Plympton site, the Allen unit’s reliability has made a significant impact on the production process, with far fewer stoppages due to equipment breakdown. Now bags of Kracklecorn® in Applewood Smoked Cheddar, Wasabi & Sweet Ginger, Crispy Bacon & Maple Syrup, Chilli & Lime, plus the more traditional flavour of slightly sweet and lightly salted, are flying off the production line, as date codes and Julian codes are printed clearly and efficiently at 300dpi by the 53XL80. The thermal printer offers many advanced features usually found on more expensive alternatives, such as state-ofthe-art, high resolution printhead technology, the flexibility to print fixed and variable text, data and graphics, plus 600-metre ribbon capacity. Concludes Jonty: “The product and service provided by Allen Coding was exceptional and way beyond our expectations. We would definitely recommend them to other manufacturers of snacks who are wishing to improve the efficiency of their production packaging process.” Contact Allen Coding Systems on tel 01438 347770 or visit

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Pacepacker bagging line continues to make grade For just over a decade, Pacepacker Services’ Total Bag Control (TBC) bagging system installed at Pasta Foods has adapted to meet the company’s changing needs and has continued to provide reliable, dust-free operation. To develop its external business supplying semolina products to other food manufacturers, Pasta Foods first invested in the TBC and sack placer from Pacepacker Services in 2002 when it was used to bag product in 25kg paper sacks. Made using durum wheat, the wide variety of different semolina products for fresh pasta, snacks and other specialities has grown over the years; and, drawing on the flexibility of the TBC, Pasta Foods has added 20kg, 16kg and 8kg bags to its range. “Pacepacker’s system handles on average 1,000 to 1,500 bags per day depending on the size of the bags. Although the majority of bags are 16kg or 25kg in size, we also run both 20kg and 8kg bags in limited numbers on the same machine,” said David Smith, Mill Manager at Pasta Foods. “The system is inherently flexible. We do not have to make adjustments to the actual machine, but just alter the height of the conveyor in order to accommodate the different pack sizes.” The TBC installation includes a C Series Sack Placer, with a multi-pile sack magazine. Using a vacuum system, the sack placer auto-

matically lifts individual bags from a stack and places them onto the sack clamp. Critically, in the dusty environment created by the packing of dry semolina products, Pasta Foods opted for sack clamps featuring Pacepacker Services’ dedicated dust reduction pads that help to alleviate any dust problems in the packing plant area and ensure safe, dust-free sealing. As the semolina is released from the weigher into the bag, the clamp holds the bag firm and a retracting plate at the bottom of the bag extends and agitates the bag to ensure even filling of the light, aerated product. Continuous support of the base of the bag is offered by the TBC conveyors that are height adjustable to suit the differing pack sizes. At no time does the system release its safe grip on the bag as it is conveyed in a synchronised motion (between the clamp and the end of the conveyor system) through the folding and sealing operation, and on to palletising. The Total Bag Control system implemented at Pasta Foods offers continuous, smooth filling and bagging time after time. “There has been no deterioration in the performance of the Pacepacker equipment, which has been very accurate and reliable,” said David. “It has adapted as our business has adapted over the past 10 years.”

Contact Pacepacker Services 01371 011544 or visit

EHL Ingredients enhances operations EHL Ingredients has invested in a full software system upgrade to Sage 200, facilitated by Datel. The business imports and supplies international food ingredients to the UK food manufacturing sector and worked with Datel (Warrington) to provide and implement the new Sage 200 package. EHL Ingredients has experienced rapid expansion in the last two years and the new system fits perfectly with the current size of the business and allows for further growth. The new system has been implemented across the 20,000sq ft factory floor and head office and allows for high levels of traceability, batch number recording, stock coding and location, pricing and sales trends, as well as accurate and detailled logging of stock coming in and out of the warehouse. The system also includes Customer Relationship Management software to enhance client relations and to allow the sales team to access and monitor previous orders quickly and easily. It will also support the financial

side of the business with a fully integrated finance, purchase order and invoicing system in place. Financial Director, Naseem Ul-Haq, says: “Our previous systems were working well but this new technology will enhance our traceability, efficiency, productivity, customer service and overall operations of the business. The £40,000 investment is a huge move for us but a new, modern, reliable system was required to meet the changing needs of the business. Traceability was the most crucial element for us as many of our customers operate in the retail sector with strict requirements on highly detailed, full line traceability. We can now support their needs and meet the demands of their rigorous audits by tracing and recording exactly where our ingredients have come from, how long they are stored for, where they are sent to and other highly detailed information. “The new Sage 200 system will now be the hub of the business and all our operations will be conducted via the software..

Contact EHL Ingredients on tel 0161 480 7902 or visit


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Honeywell helps Nestlé UK&I improve Honeywell has announced that it has installed three liquid-cooled chillers at the York distribution centre of global food giant Nestlé, whose popular brands include Nescafé, Kit Kat, Aero, Smarties, and Shreddies. The 136,000sq ft distribution centre is on the same site as the Nestlé York production facility. The distribution centre consists of a fully automated high bay with six cranes and a conventional storage and picking hall. In total the distribution centre holds up to 33,000 pallets. Temperature and humidity in the distribution centre need to be controlled to a very precise specification to preserve the quality of Nestlé’s products. Under the project, Honeywell replaced the centre’s aging chillers with three 5-stage propane alternatives that perform more efficiently, offer more accurate temperature control and are easier to monitor. “The new chillers are much more efficient at maintaining temperatures and were a cheaper alternative to other options for Nestlé,” said Barry Hetherington, Business Development Manager for Honeywell Building Solutions. “The lower cost of our solution enabled Nestlé to make other investments to improving the plant room.” In 2006 Honeywell’s maintenance and support for the Nestlé site were expanded to include the warehouse facility. The installation of Honeywell’s EBI building management system at that time improved control significantly and paid for itself within the first year of operation, which has helped the site reduce its energy consumption by nearly half. “The installation of the new chillers, combined with the improvement measures we are making in other areas of our control regime, will enable us to further reduce our costs and lessen our impact on the environment,” said Paul Roberts, Customer Logistics Engineering Manager for Nestlé UK&I. “It is vital to maintain product quality throughout the supply chain and, within the distribution centre, that means close control of temperature and humidity, in as an environmentally friendly way as possible.”

Contact Honeywell on tel 08457 678999 or visit

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Metal detection installation curries favour Welsh convenience food manufacturer, The Authentic Curry Company, turned to Lock Inspection Systems following the installation of one of Lock’s industry-leading metal detectors at Wales’ Zero2Five Food Industry Centre at Cardiff Metropolitan University. To support its ongoing investment in the food industry, Lock entered into a partnership with the Zero2Five Centre, which was established to provide Welsh food businesses with the knowledge, resources and support to compete more effectively in a global marketplace. As part of that partnership, Lock donated and installed one of its metal detectors at the centre to be used for training food science & technology and food safety management undergraduates and professionals working in the Welsh food sector on how to detect contamination during the food manufacturing process. Lock’s metal detector also has a role to play when food companies come to the centre for advice and support. “Metal detection is a critical factor for all of the companies using the centre, especially those wanting to become compliant with BRC standards,” says Helen Taylor, Operations and Technical Manager at Zero2Five. Lock’s active affiliation with the Centre was the pivotal factor that underpinned The Authentic Curry Company’s decision, last year, to select a new metal detection solution from Lock to handle the metal detection requirements for its wide range of convenience meal products. The Welsh producer’s business with the multiples was expanding quickly and it wanted a more ad-

vanced metal detection system that could be pre-set to switch between its many different chilled products. These include many delicious meat dishes such as Tan y Ddraig (the dragon's fire): Chicken curry with red and green peppers, leeks, whole chillies and fresh coriander in a hot sauce; chicken Cymru: chicken, leeks and mushrooms in a cream and Caerphillly cheese sauce; and lamb cawl: Prime chunks of lamb, carrots, potato, leek and swede in a traditional style broth, finished with parsley. Due to the breadth of chilled meals being produced by The Authentic Curry Company, Lock recommended a versatile metal detector with 100 pre-sets that is capable of delivering exceptional sensitivity at all frequencies and to all metal types. The team at the Authentic Curry Company were impressed with the solution offered by Lock, but it was discovering Lock was a partner of the Zero2Five Centre that convinced the company it had chosen the right supplier for its metal detection needs. “Many small and medium sized Welsh food businesses are participating in the KITE (Knowledge Innovation Technology Exchange) programme, so it was important that our industrial partners shared our principles of lifelong learning and knowledge transfer. Lock seemed to understand and share these values, as well as being a UK company with strong technical support that we felt would benefit the companies we work with as well as students and staff,” said Helen about the Centre’s selection of Lock’s detection equipment.

Contact Lock Inspection Systems on tel 0161 624 0333 or visit

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Brammer achieves cost and carbon savings A programme implemented by Brammer, the UK’s leading distributor of maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) products and services, has resulted in immediate cost savings as well as a significant reduction in carbon emissions for Kerry Foods. Kerry Foods is a world leader in food ingredients and flavours, and a leading supplier of branded foods to the Irish and UK markets. Aiming to reduce energy consumption, the engineering services group leader at its Spalding plant invited Brammer to investigate various systems around the factory to identify areas for improvement. Andy Hickin, Regional Key Account Executive for Brammer, explained: “Our audit of the Kerry Foods facility soon established that motors powering three separate systems were constantly running at full capacity, with no means of controlling speed to match demand. After demonstrating the possible carbon savings - as well as the short payback period achievable by providing variable speed control to these motors, an upgrade project was agreed with the customer.” The motors involved in the project included a 7.5kw motor used to maintain higher air pressure within the plant than outside; an 18.5kw motor powering high-pressure hot water for equipment wash-downs; and a 15kw motor delivering water for hand washing at a lower pressure. With the water motors running 24 hours a day and the air pressure running at full speed 13.5 hours per day, all across five days a week, the motors had a combined running cost of more than £18,000 per year.

Brammer’s recommendation of fitting Siemens variable speed drives to each system has resulted in an annual cost saving of more than £9,000, coupled with a carbon emissions reduction of 67 tonnes per year. The drives used allow the control of motor speed to match the flow demand within the factory, and payback for two of the motors was achieved within less than six months. Stuart Burgess, Engineering Services Group Leader at Kerry Foods in Spalding, commented: “Reducing carbon emissions is key to the food and beverage industry at present, with manufacturers tasked with achieving a significant reduction in consumption by 2020. With the help of Brammer and the newly-installed variable speed drives, we have made a big step towards hitting our targets and optimising the efficiency of our production processes.” A partnership with Siemens was vital in achieving cost savings for Kerry Foods, as Andy Hickin explained: “Brammer and Siemens have a shared objective to reduce energy consumption in the workplace, which also leads to cost savings for customers. Together, the two companies have developed a training programme for Brammer personnel, giving us the knowledge of Siemens products to recommend the most effective solution for a wide variety of situations faced by customers.” The programme provides Brammer workers with awareness and knowledge of Drive Train related products, system efficiency, savings potential and sales opportunities, helping customers to comply with energy related legislation, reduce energy costs and emissions.

Contact Brammer UK on tel 08447 363665 or visit

SOFHT launches special legislation forums As part of its on-going support of technical managers in the food industry, The Society of Food Hygiene and Technology (SOFHT) has launched a series of free in-depth forums covering the latest UK and EU legislation. There will be a series of half day legislation forums across the year. The first session covered the Food Information Regulation and the responsibilities and information that this legislation requires of food manufacturers. Other topics will be introduced nearer planned dates so that they can be as up to date and ‘live’ as possible. Catherine Watkinson, Chair of SOFHT said: “Keeping up to-date with UK and EU legislation is paramount for those working in the food industry whether a leading retailer,

advisory consultant or technical manager. SOFHT recognises that staying in touch with rapidly changing requirements and maintaining an awareness of current legislation is critical. “Our new legislation forums, delivered by industry leading experts are designed to help our members work through the minefield of information, offering solutions and guiding them to compliance”. The new SOFHT Legislation Forums are member-only events but with individual membership costing as little as £55 and SOFHT’s new ‘High 5’ membership package entitling five technical managers to join for just £295, the events offer an inexpensive training option.

Contact SOFHT on tel 01827 872500 or visit


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Ishida delivers hygienic and gentle solution France’s biggest producer of bean sprouts, Heng Sieng, has automated its packing operation with the installation of two Ishida multihead weighers that deliver the necessary combination of gentle and hygienic handling with fast and accurate weighing. Established 20 years ago, Heng Sieng SA imports mung bean seeds from Asia and germinates them to produce quality fresh bean sprouts. The company has transformed itself from a cottage industry serving the local catering trade to a major supplier across Europe, with its own wellknown Sojalor brand, and the Ishida weighers have played an important part in this transition. Today, the company produces 7200 tonnes annually with a turnover of €5m. It recently moved to a 9000m2 site at Dieuze, north east of Nancy. When CEO Mr Ly decided to automate the packing stage, he looked for a method that could overcome the tendency of the sprouts to stick to contact surfaces yet would avoid damaging the delicate product whose appeal lies largely in its crunchy freshness. As Heng Sieng Maintenance Manager Mr Raphaël Dupont said: “That is why he naturally went to Ishida.” The Ishida CCW-R-214-WS-50-WP features stainless steel, hex-embossed contact parts which discourage sticking while the large, 5-litre double-opening hoppers ensure a decisive transfer of product from pool to weigh hopper and from weigh hopper to discharge chute, while protecting the sensitive shoots from crushing or tearing. The two weighers are mounted on gantries above vertical bagmakers, and fed by flighted elevators. Speeds of about 80 bags per minute for 500g bags and 35 bags per minute for 4kg bags, are currently held in check by the performance of the bagmakers, but the resultant throughput is perfectly adequate for current needs and leaves plenty of room for handling increasing demand. Equally important, the design of the weighers, with waterproof bodies and contact parts that lift off for cleaning, are a vital part of Heng Sieng’s stringent hygiene measures, in accordance with HACCP guidelines, that are implemented throughout its operation. Contact Ishida Europe on tel 0121 607 7700 or visit

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Tayto to reduce road risk and carbon footprint One of the UK’s leading crisps & snack manufacturers has partnered with TomTom, adopting its fleet management technology to manage road risk and boost its duty of care to drivers. Tayto Group has introduced a combined tracking, performance monitoring and fuel management system across its 117-strong vehicle fleet, providing improved visibility and insights into its mobile teams of sales, management and distribution professionals. “By giving us the tools to monitor and improve driving performance, the TomTom solution offers us enormous potential to improve the safety of our mobile workforce while at the same time reducing our fuel consumption,” said Peter Rush, Tayto Group’s Purchasing Manager. “Having instant access to a wealth of real time data and management reporting information will prove extremely valuable and further strengthens the commitment we have to our safety and environmental programmes.” Tayto, supported by official TomTom partner Fleet Simplicity, has deployed LINK tracking units and ecoPLUS™ fuel management and diagnostics devices across its vehicles. The system enables information on how vehicles are being driven – from speeding and idling to harsh braking and steering – to be collated via TomTom’s WEBFLEET management software in a live information dashboard or in a customisable report. It also provides live information on the location of the entire fleet. In addition, ecoPLUS™ takes fuel consumption data directly from vehicles’ engine management systems to help optimise mpg. The TomTom system has also been integrated with Tayto’s Agnew Fleet Manager software from Agnew Corporate to further simplify online fleet maintenance, administration and tax compliance for its leased vehicles. Fleet Simplicity managed the implementation process of the TomTom system, including installation, training and system setup. It will also provide on-going support to ensure Tayto is updated on regular product and system updates to continually drive down costs and maximise efficiencies. Contact Avery Contact Weigh-Tronix TomTom on on tel tel 0207 08453255 667788 9774 or visit or visit

Millers of Speyside is hooked on Gray & Adams For Highlands supplier Millers of Speyside, peace of mind comes in the shape of heavily reinforced, temperature-controlled bodies by Gray & Adams. The Fraserburgh-based manufacturer offers a range of trailers and truck bodies which are designed to provide superior resistance to impact from hanging meat and built from high-performance, insulated panels. Operating from headquarters at Grantownon-Spey, in the Cairngorm National Park, Millers of Speyside sells pork and lamb but is best-known for its premium quality, grass-fed beef, which is hung and aged on the bone for up to 21 days prior to production. This process helps to tenderise the meat and concentrate flavour, as well as preventing shrinkage during cooking. Millers runs three 26-tonne trucks and a single 7.5-tonner, all of which have Gray & Adams bodies. The larger vehicles distribute its products to butchers, restaurants, major retailers and the wholesale trade nationwide, with the smaller truck allocated to local deliveries. The company also has a thriving export operation which dispatches weekly consignments throughout most of Europe and as far afield as Ghana. The latest ‘meat railer’ to wear the Millers of

Speyside livery is based on a DAF FAS CF75.310 6x2 rigid chassis supplied by Norscot Truck & Van, Aberdeen. It has a Carrier Supra 850 single-temperature (chilled or frozen) refrigeration unit and five Furgocar meat rails with hooks running the length of the 8.4m body – this system is most commonly used for hanging beef and lamb, while Gray & Adams also supplies bodies with mechanically-loaded round Euro rails employed mainly in the pork processing industry. The vehicle is additionally fitted with a set of rear-mounted, folding steps, affording Millers’ driver easy access to the load area. Millers of Speyside General Manager, Duncan Reid says: “We have been running vehicles with Gray & Adams bodies for at least 15 years now, and they have never let us down. “With heavy carcasses swinging from the rails it is important that the side walls, bulkhead, floor and roof of the body are sufficiently reinforced to withstand the pressures, so they do not bend or worse. “Gray & Adams clearly know their business inside out, because we have never had an issue with one of their bodies. The build quality is always first class and the same is true of their after sales service, while it is also a pleasure to be doing business with another local company.”

Contact Gray & Adams on tel 01234 740112 or visit

Polished C02 guaranteed sparkling water quality Shepley Spring is the leading independent own label and contract water bottler, producing both still and sparkling bottled water from their two plants at Shepley and Kirkburton, both near Huddersfield. Gaseous carbon dioxide (C02) creates the sparkling water and to ensure absolute quality the company has recently installed two Carbon Dioxide Polishing Systems supplied by Thorite. A team of Thorite's specialist engineers visited Shepley Spring and monitored the bottling line to assess the most efficient and cost-effective means of maintaining absolute purity and continuous quality for the sparkling water. The engineers reached the decision that the only variable in the bottling process centred on the gaseous C02 itself and recommended the installation of two PC02 Carbon Dioxide Polishing Systems manufactured by Parker

Domnick Hunter. Using six stage multi-layer gas polishing technology, these units remove a wide range of potential carbon dioxide impurities, ensuring that gas quality is always within industry and company standards. Jason Barlow, Shepley Spring's Technical Director, is delighted with the performance of the PC02 polishers and said: "C02 is central to our sparkling water output, but it is a surprisingly scarce gas. Although we rely on major suppliers it is not unknown for gas quality to fluctuate, which could potentially cause subtle changes in the bottled water's taste. However, now our C02 is "polished" all possible impurities and contaminants are automatically removed. Thorite's engineers have proved to be of huge assistance, understanding our stringent quality requirements and installing the PC02's with minimal disruption to our production process."

Contact Thorite on tel 01274 663471 or visit

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New metals lab opens Potato supplier RSSL has unveiled the latest stage of its recent expansion with the opening of its new metals laboratory, and signing of a laboratory partnership agreement with Agilent. The new laboratory is bigger and better equipped, meaning that RSSL will be able to provide a more thorough, and more efficient investigative service for the food and drinks industries. Metals such as arsenic, cadmium, lead and mercury are natural occurring chemical compounds. They can be present at various levels in the environment, and can occur as residues in food because of their presence in the environment, as a result of human activities such as farming, industry or car exhausts or from contamination during food processing and storage. The basic principles of EU legislation on contaminants in food are contained in Regulation 315/93/EEC, and Regulation EC 1881/2006 lays down maximum levels for certain contaminants in foodstuffs, including lead, cadmium, mercury and inorganic tin.

RSSL is now superbly equipped to deal with all the analytical challenges posed by different metals in different matrices. New equipment has been added to enhance RSSL's current capabilities. This includes ICP-MS (inductively coupled plasma massspectrometry), ICP-OES (inductively coupled plasma optical emission spectroscopy), AAS (atomic absorption spectrometry), and MPAES (microwave plasma-atomic emission spectrometry). These four complementary technologies give RSSL options to quantify trace metal contamination in all kinds of matrices, with accuracy and efficiency not possible by wet-chemistry methods. As Agilent's sole partner laboratory in the UK for atomic spectroscopy, RSSL will also be established as the première site for developing new techniques and applications for Agilent's technologies, benefiting from its support and expertise, and offering a demonstration site for Agilent equipment. Contact on tel RSSL 0118 918 4000 or visit

Biffa IWM and Premier Foods scoop award Biffa IWM is celebrating the success of its customer and nominee, Premier Foods, for winning Efficiency Initiative of the Year at the National Recycling Awards. For the past 18 months, and with the help of Biffa IWM, Premier Foods has been making sweeping efficiency changes to the management of its waste resources. Premier Foods Procurement Manager, Janet Smithson is excited by the opportunities that the future holds, “Premier Foods is a very diverse food manufacturing company. With so many processes involved in producing our range of products, new opportunities to drive resource efficiency are emerging all the time and as they are identified we work with Biffa IWM to achieve a sustainable solution.” Premier Food’s named recycling and waste management partner Biffa “Best Supplier for Business Improvement” for its support in this important area, in particular over the last 18 months. With two company-wide targets – zero waste to landfill and zero net spend on waste management – Biffa IWM’s Martin Bull and his integrated team of Contract Managers have been helping Premier Foods identify and bring about efficiency savings throughout its UK operations. Biffa IWM has enabled Premier Foods to identify and completely eliminate target waste streams, driving resource efficiency through

the company’s operations. By addressing the causes of waste arisings, Biffa IWM has been able to introduce recyclable alternatives to supply chain and process packaging. In addition, by working closely with factory staff, Biffa IWM introduced line-side recycling to capture all recyclable waste at the point at which it arises, resulting in significant environmental and cost savings for Premier Foods. Premier Foods’ resource efficiency revolution ensures the company treads lightly on the environment whilst retaining its loyal customer base. With household brands such as Hovis, Mr Kipling and Batchelors, consistency in quality is of paramount importance. Premier Foods’ commitment to long-term sustainability has been complemented by Biffa IWM’s intelligent integrated approach, and this close partnership has helped achieve best in class environmental and economic status. “The zero2 project for Premier Foods is not just about zero waste to landfill, but also about driving toward zero cost for waste management. It is great for the Biffa IWM team to have been recognised by Premier Foods as its best supplier for business improvement. We look forward to continuing our close partnership, delivering innovative projects and raising the bar for resource efficiencies in the food manufacturing sector.” Said Martin Bull of Biffa IWM.

Contact Biffa IWM on tel 01494 521221 or visit


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boxes clever One of Northern Ireland’s best-known potato suppliers is trialling the use of recycled plastic produce boxes in place of wood as part of its commitment to environmental protection. Glens of Antrim Potatoes has been supplied with produce boxes by Marmax Products, a leading UK manufacturer. Based in the rural town of Cushendall in the world famous Glens of Antrim, the potato business was established in 1972 and now supplies leading retailers. Glens of Antrim Potatoes works with growers to establish best practice for the environment while at the same time ensuring high quality products. It offers an extensive range of potatoes and keeps at the forefront of consumer trends by regularly introducing new varieties – most recently the Irish Lumper Potato which has not been commercially cultivated since the potato famine of the 1840s. Michael McKillop from Glens of Antrim Potatoes, said: “We are committed to preserving the environment as we reduce the impact our business has on the world around us. We are making progress through our work with companies like Marmax and our culture of environmental and social responsibility makes us think creatively and innovatively every day. This year we have planted hundreds of wild plants and flowers at the boundaries of our potato fields to encourage bees to pollinate and we are also working with local schools to teach children about how to grow and nurture vegetables for themselves.” Tracey Scott, Sales and Marketing Manager at Marmax Products, which is based in Stanley, County Durham, said: “Glens of Antrim Potatoes is an innovative, award-winning business which is always seeking new ways to improve its products and performance. These produce boxes have saved 270,270 milk containers from landfill and in addition to the environmental benefit, there are also practical advantages. Recycled plastic is hygienic, does not splinter and is extremely durable, with a lifespan five times that of timber.” Marmax is the UK’s leading manufacturer of 100 percent recycled plastic products, with a range that also includes outdoor furniture, planters, fencing and decking. Contact Marmax Products on tel 01207 283442 or visit

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Spicing up automation with Festo When PCE Automation was challenged with designing a new handling system for automating the manufacture of a brand new concept of spice jar lid by plastics manufacturer RPC Halstead, it turned to Festo, the leading supplier of automation equipment, for expert technology and advice. The ‘Spoonkler’ lid manufactured by RPC Halstead, for its end customer Bart Ingredients, is an innovative flip-top cap that can be opened in two ways, either to reveal a collection of small holes through which the spice can be sprinkled, or a full opening wide enough to fit a teaspoon. For this demanding project RPC invested in special manufacturing equipment from PCE Automation. The new cap presented some unique handling challenges requiring an innovative mechanism designed by PCE with support from the Festo application engineering team. “A particular challenge of the design is the cap’s opposing side hinges, which enables it to be opened in either spoon or sprinkle mode,” says Julian Tarratt, Sales Manager at PCE Automation. “We have used Festo equipment in our machines for a number of years and we are always pleased with the wide range, high quality and reliability, which are vital to us being confident in delivering high performance machines to our customers. So naturally, for this project, we turned to Festo again, but even with the range we needed to do something special.” In addition to the unique hinges, there were a number of additional challenges and constraints. First, the robot had to be designed with a small footprint so it could fit easily next to the plastic injection-moulding machine. Secondly, to remove the tooling from the plastic moulding machine, a crane needed to fit between the machine and the robot. The robot arm that collects the moulded caps therefore needed to be completely retractable from the moulding machine, to allow the crane access when required. Finally, the machine required more operations than are typically used in alternative cap moulding applications in order to close the caps’ two opposing hinges, which need to be shut directly after moulding. PCE Automation designed a side entry robot that uses a Festo high speed electric axis and pneumatics. However, as the electric axis needed to be fully retractable, PCE Automation adapted one of the electro-mechanical belt drive axes and designed a bespoke solution. The company’s specialists came up with an ingenious method of piggybacking two linear electric axes together, to form a telescopic arm that could be fully with-

drawn from the injection moulding machine, therefore enabling the crane easy entry. In the process 12 caps are injection moulded in black polypropylene. The Cartesian robot arm enters the moulding machine to remove the un-folded caps and once returned to the automated machine, the first hinge is folded shut. The machine then uses Festo pneumatics to accurately and reliably move the caps to the

next process, where the second hinge is folded, before being transferred to the conveyor at the end of the assembly line. “We are delighted with the performance of the new robot and since installing it, we have been able to manufacture the lids for the spice jars reliably, while operating efficiently, says Andy Edwards, Engineering & Technical Manager at RPC Halstead.

Contact Festo on tel 01252 775000 or visit

Bühler and Melitta - The Right Blend Melitta - seller of coffee, coffee making machines and filters, with headquarters in Minden in north-west Germany turned to Bühler to supply cutting-edge sorting technology that will ensure that only the very finest roasted beans make it through into finished products. Nermin Alagi , European Territory Manager Sortex and Rice, explains: “Melitta had been looking for an optical sorter to remove broken, under and over-roasted coffee beans, as well as foreign materials, such as very small sticks and stones. Crucially, this had to be achieved in one pass. “Melitta has invested in two of our innovative optical sorters - the Sortex Z+R, with Enhanced InGaAs and PROfile shape technology. The 2-module sorter was installed last April, at their roasting plant in Bremen, to be followed by a 3-module sorter. Whether its coffee beans or other raw foodstuffs, the Sortex Z+ determines purity with exceptional accuracy, at very high speeds. Whether by colour, shape or other optical properties, sub-standard product and foreign materials can be identified and separated from the product stream with exceptional accuracy.” When roasted, coffee beans and sticks and stones can have the same colour. However, InGaAs technology can identify the difference, based on chemical properties. Removing sticks and stones not only helps to

ensure that the final product looks and tastes great, it also prevents damage to grinding machinery, used further along in the process. Nermin continues: “PROfile [shape recognition] technology can pick out broken beans, which can then be removed, to ensure the uniform appearance of the product. Colour camera technology can detect underand over-roasted beans and removing these helps to ensure that the coffee tastes as good as possible.” Rene Huber is Production Manager at Melitta’s processing plant in Bremen. He says: “I have been delighted with the Sortex optical sorter, which is why I have ordered another – they are quick and the quality of their performance is consistently high. Their ability to remove foreign materials and defective beans in one pass was critical for us and Bühler’s technology provides a superb solution. We have also been extremely satisfied with the local customer service support we have received from Bühler’s Salzburg office.” Melitta was also attracted to Bühler because it could provide the entire spectrum of coffee processing technologies, rather than having to deal with multiple companies. Since the installation of the Sortex Z+ Melitta has bought a state-of-the-art coffee bean grinder and is looking to invest in other equipment that will ensure the quality of its coffee remains as good as ever.

Contact Buhler Sortex on tel 0207 055 7777 or visit follow us on

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The right floor for Wrights Pies Wrights Pies of Crewe are in the process of a £4million expansion programme which has just seen the completion of the refurbishment of the ready meals production area, part of the £20m Crewe complex that produces 5m savoury products every month. The company has been baking pies, savoury products, quality ready meals for the South Cheshire and Potteries communities for nearly 90 years and distributes these products through 17 local shops with exports to 26 countries. Whenever a floor needs upgrading or repairing Kemtile have been Wrights first choice of principal contractor, having worked for the company for a number of years on several projects. Peter Wright, Managing Director of Wrights Pies commented “Kemtile have become our preferred installation partner for composite tile


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flooring throughout our business expansion programme over the years. They have demonstrated a more than professional approach to the installation, giving us the best value for money and service whilst providing attention to detail and more importantly achieving a personal level of 100 percent customer satisfaction in our case.” The project included two areas, a first floor, where a reinforcing membrane was installed to seal the floor and a ground floor area. Argelith hexagonal tiles were chosen for their high impact and slip resistance. The tiles are easy to steam clean, resistant to chemicals and have an extremely low water absorption of less than

0.05%. The neutral colour gives the factory a light and clean appearance. The tiles were installed using the Kagetec BS sonic vibration system which embeds the tiles in a bonding layer. This system ensures each tile is securely laid to create an hygienic floor that is easy to clean and eliminates bacterial growth. An epoxy grout was used in the 2mm joints. On the ground floor reinforced expansion joints were installed in heavy traffic areas to eliminate cracking. Kemtile are the UK’s leading hygienic floor installation company for the food, pharmaceutical, beverage and drinks industry, laying both resin concrete and tiled floors.

Contact Kemtile on tel 01925 763045 or visit

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Holroyd prevents hundreds of hours of downtime As one of the UK’s largest independent flour millers Whitworth Bros Ltd prides itself on its ability to supply its customers with high-quality food safe products that fulfil their customers’ expectations. With a view to moving from a reactive to a proactive maintenance strategy, WBL took the decision in 2009 to invest in the MHC-Memo Pro Acoustic Monitoring system from Holroyd, part of Parker Kittiwake. Part of this undertaking was to employ a Condition Monitoring (CM) Technician to rollout the system across its sites. The MHC-Memo Pro readily identified machines that were in need of remedial action and appropriate preventative maintenance was undertaken as required. Where machines were thought to be beyond routine servicing, these machines were withdrawn from service as part of planned maintenance activity. Data collection takes place on a regular basis for all critical plant and machinery. This allows engineering resource to be directed to the plant in need of maintenance and this is organised as part of planned, proactive activity, rather than as a result of a machinery breakdown. WBL uses a suite of sensors that are compatible with the MHC-Memo Pro system. The standard magnetic mounted sensor is used to collect the vast majority of information

with the hand-held, extended probe allowing data capture in hard to reach areas. Low profile sensors have also been installed to allow critical plant data to be gathered. All three sensors are readily connected to the MHC-Memo Pro and data can be captured almost instantaneously. WBL currently carry out routine monthly data capture, supplemented with weekly collections for any machines suspected of having an underlying bearing issue. The Memo Pro is also used to take one-off readings to help correctly diagnose individual machine issues as they arise, thus reducing incorrect diagnosis of plant issues. Current coverage at the Wellingborough site sees the collection of data spanning a staggering 2,500 separate data points – and this ensures that a comprehensive dataset exists which allows machine condition trending to be completed. WBL have devised a cost metric calculation to assess the savings to the company off the back of the newly implemented CM activity. WBL recognise that the CM approach has significantly reduced the potential for unplanned production stoppages. Existing coverage sees the majority of the Wellingborough site’s plant captured using the range of standard sensor products, so WBL are now looking at monitoring challenges they

face with oscillatory equipment (flour sifters) and will be investigating technology that allows condition monitoring of these machines. In collaboration with Holroyd, WBL will continue to monitor further advances in Condition Monitoring technology with a view to minimising future plant breakdown and maximising production efficiency across all its sites. Contact Kittiwake Holroyd 01903 731470 or visit

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Fully automated packing line meets criteria A newly installed fully automated case erecting and robotic loading solution by Endoline Machinery at Nairn’s Oatcakes has automated a labour intensive operation, improved efficiency, and overcome previous limitations to meet retailer expectations on shelf ready applications. Edinburgh based Nairn’s are the number one producer, and leading brand of oatcakes in the UK – supplying major supermarket chains and health food shops across the country. For ease of construction Nairn’s had traditionally ultilsed tuck in bottom cases but new criteria set out by supermarkets and food suppliers for the design and performance of shelf ready cases demanded more efficient handling and faster brand recognition to ensure easier access to products. Ian Murray, General Manager of Murray Packaging who commissioned the installation at Nairn’s, commented: “The design of the tuck in bottomed cases meant there was a lip which the customer had to reach over to lift

the carton out - the new case design would simplify this operation and Nairn’s recognised the efficiency gains they would make by automating the packing process.” Accepting the project as a systems integrator Endoline installed a case erecting and robotic loading solution to fully automate the packing line. The case erector seamlessly forms 13 cases per minute with a hot melt glue. Ian commented, “In this instance a hot melt glue application was recommended as it secures the base of the box without producing an overlap which can often be the case with tape applications – allowing Nairn’s to meet supermarket shelf ready expectations.” The case erector is built and programmed into an Endoline conveyor system which is feeding formed cases directly into an Endoline robot cell. Packing up to 80 cartons of oatcakes per

minute the robot cell deploys with a 6-axis ABB robot arm, equipped with a specially designed gripper that is easily fitted with between 6 and 12 quick release suction cups so that the operator can select packing quantities from 6 to 12 cartons per case using a preprogrammed list of recipes via Endoline’s simple to use HMI. Automation has not only improved the efficiency of the packing line but allowed Nairn’s to redeploy valuable labour elsewhere in the operation. Gavin Love, Technical Director at Nairn’s commented: “We were very impressed by the expertise shown by Murray Engineering and by Endoline in translating our initial thoughts into a workable solution. We were especially impressed by the design, installation and commissioning of the equipment which enabled an efficient start up and transition.”

Contact Endoline Machinery on tel 01767 316422 or visit

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MasoSine pump

Booths Supermarkets installs Isotrak tracking

preferred to lobe pump

Booths Supermarkets’ logistics team and drivers are working closely with Isotrak to improve the efficiency of the company’s delivery fleet. Isotrak is equipping all of the retailer’s HGVs with its unique CANBus module that enables real-time capture and monitoring of key performance indicators (KPI) to help the Booths’ team focus on improving mpg, idling time, use of cruise control and braking. “We are all pulling together on this project. The drivers have been extremely helpful in assisting with identifying the KPIs that will make the biggest difference to our delivery performance and efficiency as well as reducing our running costs. This has enabled us to streamline the KPIs needed to make the significant gains we hope to achieve. We believe that this is a relatively small investment in technology and that it will provide a range of benefits to the company and our personnel,” says Mark Glover, Head of Logistics. “We believe our drivers are the best in the business and with this extension to our Isotrak vehicle tracking and geo-fencing solution we are giving them the tools they need to manage their own driving styles. The system will help

At the Tenbury Wells plant of Kerry Ingredients & Flavours, part of Kerry Group, a MasoSine SPS 2.5 sine pump has demonstrated its capabilities for handling the demanding viscosity and flow properties of condensed milk. The pump’s innovative sinusoidal rotor overcame the limitations of a previously-considered rotary lobe pump to produce powerful suction with low shear, low pulsation and gentle handling. All in all, perfect for the company’s new toffee sauce. As the ingredients and flavours ‘arm’ of Kerry Foods, everything produced at the 300+ employee Tenbury Wells plant is shipped for use at other sites. Known within Kerry as ‘wet-sweet systems’, the factory (unsurprisingly) specialises in wet and sweet products that typically include soft jams (termed ‘yogfruit’), chocolate sauces for cakes, pie fillings, and commercial jams for doughnuts. Kerry is one of the leading and most technologically advanced manufacturers and innovators of application-specific food ingredients and flavours in the world. However, when the plant wanted to introduce a new toffee sauce to its ten production lines, the company was faced with the challenge of pumping condensed milk. Initially, volumes were small, typically 1-2 batches at a time, and so Kerry could use manual labour to perform the necessary operations. However, demand grew quickly and it soon became apparent that a more automated pumping solution was required. With hygiene and product quality two factors of paramount importance at food manufacturing plants, pumps often require stripping down for cleaning in accordance with rigorous cleaning schedules. MasoSine pumps can be dismantled and cleaned, and ready to go again in about 20 minutes. No special skills or tools are required and the task can be completed by production line operatives rather than maintenance engineers. The pumps offer full clean-in-place and steam-in-place compliance, with all wetted metallic parts made of 316L stainless steel. With the process fully proven at Tenbury Wells, the decision has since been made to purchase a MasoSine pump, with the site’s Process Manager, Charles Bishop-Miller opting for a slightly larger capacity SPS 2.5 model which offers even higher maximum flow and maximum pressure capabilities. SPS series pumps offer capacity up to 91.2 m /hr and pressures up to 15 bar. With a single shaft and rotor, there is no need for the complex timing gears and multiple seals associated with rotary lobe pumps. Contact Watson-Marlow Pumps Group on tel 01326 370370 or visit


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with debriefing the drivers with detailed reports and they will be able to provide feedback to enable us to fine-tune it to get the most benefit. We believe the anticipated reduction in fuel consumption, plus any reduction in maintenance and repair costs will justify the investment,” he added. The driving team make more than 350 mixed deliveries each week – chilled, frozen and ambient products – to the company’s 29 stores located in North West England and Yorkshire. Each year the fleet covers more than a million road miles. The Isotrak CANBus engine management module generates instant driving style reports that save fuel costs when integrated with daily driver debriefs. On average, companies will realise a 5 percent reduction in fuel costs and some have seen as much as 19 percent fuel cost and CO2 savings when using the system. It enables drivers to be trained to perform smooth acceleration and braking, optimise cruise control utilisation and avoid excessive idling. The system provides a wide range of preset driving-style parameters, giving complete control over the contents of every debrief report. Contact Isotrak on tel 01908 540700

HRS technology for sliced and diced strawberries HRS Process Technology has supplied heat exchanger and pump solutions for an aseptic fruit processing plant in Oxnard, California. The system, which includes a DTA-series heat exchanger and a BP8 and BP10 pump, will process 4 tonnes per hour of aseptic sliced and diced strawberry in syrup. This is the second time HRS Heat Exchangers have been involved in a project with the Oxnard, California plant. Industrial treatment of products with particulates, like whole or diced fruits for example, can be challenging for food processors as the product itself can be easily damaged. The combination of the HRS’ DTA-series heat exchanger and BP series pumps guarantee zero damage to the particulate whilst maintaining product integrity and shape. Designed to overcome many challenges associated with traditional pumps, the HRS BPseries reciprocating positive-displacement pump is a hydraulically operated pump that delivers high flow rates and high-pressure drop. The hygienic design combined with a perfect response to CIP cleaning makes this pump suited for food processing applications, especially

for particulate and low shear rate products. Featuring large dimple corrugated tubes, HRS’ DTA-series heat exchangers are also ideally suited for food applications. The movement of the product generated by the corrugated tubes ensures the gentle agitation of the product through the tube and guarantees the thermal process without degrading the product and keeping the product intact. “Chopped fruit and vegetables, which are aseptically packed in a convenient ready-to-use form, have become very popular for commercial use. The reason for this lies in their high added value compared to canned products and their ease of use for transformation companies that use them for commercial production of convenience foods. The success of our technology for fruit dices aseptic plants is based on our corrugated double tube heat exchangers, piston pump, and our aseptic filler. Combining them makes it possible to process the fruit pulp and purée minimising the undesirable thermal effects and get a reliable, hygienic and well controlled filling process”, said Carlos Cobian, General Manager, HRS Process Technology Inc.

Contact HRS Heat Exchangers on tel 01923 336312 or visit




Festo is headline sponsor Snowbird Foods' Joint Managing Directors, Albert McGovern (left) and Philip Paul.

Snowbird management buys big ideas company Snowbird Foods has new owners. The manufacturer of fully cooked and frozen sausages, meat balls and other comminuted meat products has been bought by its management team. After four owners in six years, the move drew cheers from all the employees of the Enfield, Middlesex company. The company will now be run by its three directors, who have managed the business for the succession of owners since 1995. Joint Managing Director Philip Paul, who joined the business from school in 1981, believes the change will mean faster decision making and a more settled management style. He now shares that title with former Finance Director, Albert McGovern, with whom he bought the business for an undisclosed sum. Albert joined Snowbird in 1995 after significant financial management experience with the world's largest oil company and in the food industry. “The staff are right behind us”, said the two managing directors. There were cheers when the announcement was made because they recognise the future for Snowbird is in Enfield and they know they can contribute to an

exciting period of profitable growth”. The business has been profitable for the last ten years as it drove the development of the fully cooked and frozen sausages and meat balls market sector. Further investment is planned in the short term to enable it to carry forward more new ideas currently on the drawing board. “Foodservice buying groups, frozen food wholesalers and ready meals manufacturers like our ideas, our quality and our convenience and we will be able to give them more of that in the immediate future,” said Sales Director Roy Anderson. He was recruited to the business in 2000 after his family's Smithfield top-end catering meat business had been a customer for a number of years and joins the two other directors in continuing to run the business. Since January 2011 the company has won an astonishing 16 quality and innovation awards. The buy out was supported by the Cambridge and Counties Bank that provided a mortgage and by ABN AMRO supplementing directors' financial commitments to cover all other requirements.

Contact Snowbird Foods on tel 020 8805 9222 or visit

Festo, the leading supplier of automation technologies, are the headline sponsor of Appetite for Engineering (A4E), the premier food and drink manufacturing conference which took place in Kenilworth on 25 September 2013. “Food and drink manufacturing and processing is a key industry for Festo and it is important to see the sector thriving in automation and building trust from farm to fork,” says Andy Macpherson, Industry Sector Manager – Food and Beverage at Festo. “We are proud to be supporting the event and building the skills in the sector to use the latest automation methods.” The event will provide lively debate on food and drink manufacturing within the UK and beyond, around the three key themes of integrity, efficiency and responsibility. Festo’s involvement shows the company’s commitment to maximising productivity and improving efficiency in food processing. “The event is an excellent opportunity for food and beverage industry leaders to get together to discuss innovation, automation, engineering, production and skills for the future of the sector,” continues Andy. “Manufacturers need flexible, versatile automation machinery to operate more efficiently and maximise profits, and this means applying the latest technology to solve today’s production challenges.” The A4E event is expected to be attended by Britain’s leading food manufacturers, brands, supermarkets, academics, government bodies and researchers and is taking place at Chesford Grange Hotel, Kenilworth on 25 September 2013. Contact Festo on tel 01252 775000 or visit

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International strategic Clegg Food alliance for KM and Ispak Projects appointed Specialist packaging supplier KM Packaging Services has expanded its strategic alliance with Istanbul-based Ispak, part of the international manufacturing group Kibar Holding, to further develop the supply of confectionery and dairy aluminium foil based flexible packaging to the UK, US and Australian markets. Food packaging specialist KM has recently launched a number of new innovative solutions for lidding and luxury confectionery coupled with the recent expansion of its commercial team. Ispak, a long-established supplier of foil based flexible packaging, is a sister company of Assan Aluminium which produces rolled aluminium foil at the same manufacturing site in Istanbul. The product range includes rotogravure printed unsupported foils, extrusions and laminates and heat-seal coated foils and benefits from the vertical integration of the Assan and Ispak companies on foil supply. The new alliance will maximise the two companies’ respective strengths: Ispak in manufacturing and KM in logistics, supply chain management and local technical expertise. Both companies have reputations for technical innovation and a range of international accreditations endorsing quality, environment and hygiene standards. The new link builds on

an already well-established trading relationship in flexible packaging between UK food companies and Turkish flexible packaging manufacturers. KM Packaging Commercial Director, Graham Holding explained: “The international confectionery market is always looking for a point of difference, a new texture or finish that will stand out on the shelf. Food manufacturers also demand rapid turnaround and, of course, top quality print and reliable production and delivery. By combining the strengths of Ispak – with whom we have partnered for some time – and KM Packaging we can easily meet the demands of key players in the UK and International markets, helping to fill the gap that has been created by the closure of other European manufacturers. “It is not so much that there is a ‘new kid on the block’ as our combined experience in these markets adds up to several decades. KM already serves customers - from small food companies to major corporates - across the UK and Europe and as far afield as Canada, North and South America, Australia and New Zealand. We are just delighted that strengthening the relationship with Ispak will enhance our offering and output and enable us to effectively service an even wider market.”

Contact KM Packaging Services on tel 01832 274944 or visit

Associated Seafoods’ new processing facility Development work on Associated Seafoods Ltd (ASL) multi-million Pound upgrade programme of its seafood processing facility in Buckie, north-east Scotland, is progressing well with the company announcing plans to use the Scottish provenance of its smoked salmon and shellfish as the main promotional focus for future market growth. The new high-care crab processing area is already up and running and is currently sourcing high quality crab caught locally by Scottish fishing boats. The dedicated langoustine processing section of the facility is also completed. Both areas give ASL the ability to process the highest quality Scottish shellfish, including a new range of value-added products. The third stage of the development is the Scottish smoked salmon processing area, commissioned at the end of August. Major features of this facility include traditional kilns, a dedicated hot smoking area, and the facility to produce an exciting new range of Scottish smoked salmon and cured products. “We believe that the Scottish provenance of our smoked salmon and shellfish will be one of

the most important drivers in developing new markets,” said Victor West, Managing Director. “All our salmon is 100 percent Scottish and only sourced from farms we work incredibly closely with and which practice the best standards of husbandry and care. In other words, our salmon is grown, harvested and smoked in Scotland. “We continually receive feedback from customers about how highly they rate our smoked salmon and how Scottish salmon is the best for flavour and texture. We intend to fully build upon this global reputation of Scottish provenance for both our smoked salmon and shellfish products.” Over the last year ASL has further built upon its already strong export base by developing new markets for premium Scottish smoked salmon and shellfish in countries such as Russia and China. ASL currently exports to 24 countries around the world with a supply base that includes customers in Europe, Mexico, the USA, Hong Kong and the Middle East. Exports currently account for approximately 80 percent of overall sales by ASL.

Contact Associated Seafoods on tel 01542 831296 or visit


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to deliver Clegg Food Projects has been appointed to deliver a £3m contract by a family-run business that produces a range of egg products. The work will see the extension, alteration and refurbishment of Bumble Hole Eggs’ existing base in Bromsgrove in the West Midlands. Bumble Hole Eggs produces a whole range of egg products from liquid pasteurised egg to hard-boiled eggs and also egg mayonnaise. The company prides itself on upgrading its equipment and working environment to ensure it can supply products of the highest quality and to grade A standards set by food standard agencies and current legislation. John Moxon, Business Development Director at Clegg Food Projects, said: “The brief from our client for this scheme was ideally suited to the skills and vast experience we have here at Clegg Food Projects. “We look forward to working with Bumble Hole Eggs and to enjoying a successful business relationship together,” John added. Work on the project by Clegg Food Projects is planned for completion in early 2014. Clegg Food Projects has also been awarded a £9m contract by the UK’s leading supplier of fresh eggs. A new state-of-the-art free range egg packing facility will be built at Witney, near Oxford for its client - Noble Foods. Noble Foods is the number one supplier of fresh eggs to major retailers across the country and the provider of Happy Egg – the UK’s leading egg brand. John Moxon, Business Development Director at Clegg Food Projects, said: “This is a large-scale specialist construction project and our skills and vast experience of delivering schemes of this size mean we are ideally placed to meet the requirements of this contract. “We always ensure we work very closely with our clients. We have already participated in a collaborative value engineering programme with Noble Foods and look forward to strengthening our successful working relationship with them,” John added. Richard Stowey, Project Director at Noble Foods, said: “We selected Clegg Food Projects due to the professionalism and competitiveness of their tender return. This was vital as we look to build an industry leading free range egg packing centre, where we will pack our customer brands and Happy Egg.” The new factory will be used to receive and pack free range eggs. It will include machines that sort and then pack eggs before they are delivered to retailers. The new Witney facility will be completed in early 2014. Contact Clegg Food Projects on tel 0115 841 3121 or visit

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Linpac Packaging joins Institute of Customer Service Linpac Packaging, Europe’s leading multi-material packaging manufacturer, has become a member of the Institute of Customer Service (ICS), the professional body dedicated to leading customer service performance and professionalism. The food packaging company has joined the Institute in a bid to earn the prestigious ServiceMark standard that would approve the company’s efforts to deliver excellent standards of service to its customers through its LINcare programme. LINcare comprises of a set of business service standards which tell customers about the quality of service they can expect and makes it easy for customers to inform the company if it falls short of expectations. Jo Stephenson, Vice President, Marketing and Innovation at Linpac Packaging, said: “Linpac Packaging is committed to delivering a world class business and service to its customers through effective people performance, technology and processes. By joining the ICS we hope to earn accreditation that reinforces this intent and recognises our achievements so far. “We would be honoured to receive the accolade. Not only does the award illustrate commitment to serving our customers well but also our commitment to investing in our staff so that they can offer the skills, knowledge and qualities required to deliver excellent levels of service. “LINcare is about putting our customers at the heart of everything we do and offering the best customer experience possible,” said Jo Stephenson. “The programme has been embedded into the ethos of our company and it informs everything we do when we engage with our customers. It also forms a key part of our employee training programme so that we can deliver products and services which are of good, consistent quality and value for money, and to be responsive to the needs and expectations of all our customers.” ServiceMark is the National Customer Service Standard from the ICS and is achieved through a combination of three components; self assessment, customer feedback measurement and independent on-site assessments. It will take Linpac approximately 4-6 months to complete the process. Contact LINPAC Packaging on tel 01977 692111 or visit

Peter Allen, Service & Maintenance Manager (right) and Andy Newall, Service Team Leader (left), outside Union Industries in Leeds

Union Industries expands its service department Union Industries, the UK market leading designer and manufacturer of industrial rapid roll doors, is expanding its servicing department in response to the volume of enquiries and renewals it is receiving for its Lifetime Warranty Scheme, which provides a guarantee for up to 25 years. Leeds-based Union Industries designs, manufactures, installs and maintains its own range of high speed doors, which are used in every type of industry and for a multitude of reasons; to help reduce heat loss in factories, maintain hygiene levels in food production facilities, control temperatures in chill & cold stores, and protect people & production processes from cold draughts – to name but a few. Graham Bickerdike, Electrical Engineering Director who heads up the Installations & Service Department, said: “We are experiencing a tremendous uptake in the amount of service requests and Lifetime Warranty renewals for our fast acting roller doors, which do require servicing to ensure their trouble free operation, especially considering the amount of use they get; many of our doors may rise and lower up to 1.5 million times a year. “We use top quality components to ensure extremely well engineered products, which we are proud to say are very reliable indeed. “These robustly engineered products are

covered by the machinery directive and so require a service by a qualified technician at least once a year to ensure safe and trouble free operation”. There are two levels of cover for Union’s Lifetime Warranty scheme: ‘Standard Cover’ for doors doing up to 100,000 cycles per year, which includes a once a year service visit, and ‘Super Cover’ for doors doing in excess of that. ‘Super Cover’ means that the doors are serviced by Union Industries technicians at least twice each year. The Lifetime Warranty scheme membership can be renewed on an annual basis, with one fixed annual fee per door that is determined by the level of cover required. This means that Maintenance Managers at customers’ sites can plan their expenditure budget for their Union Industries doors accordingly. Graham said: “The doors are incredibly reliable but as with all machinery, regular servicing is essential. Servicing is only effective if it is done as a preventative measure as opposed to being done reactively when a door needs attention.” He added that it is also important that Union Industries rapid roll doors are serviced at the correct intervals, and by fully trained engineers. It is beneficial for customers to use Union Industries – the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) – for servicing.

Contact Union Industries on tel 0113 244 8393 or visit

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Campden BRI is 2 Sisters’ partner of choice Food and drink research organisation, Campden BRI, has been chosen as the partner for leading UK and European food manufacturer, 2 Sisters Food Group and its brand new Technical Training Academy, which will provide the business with access to first-class training and technical career development. The 2 Sisters Food Group Technical Academy, in conjunction with Campden BRI, aims to enhance the skills and core capabilities of the Group’s technical team, providing them with clear and consistent quality standards and frameworks while enabling them to grow and develop their careers. Campden BRI’s breadth of skills and experience and longstanding relationship with 2 Sisters Food Group made it the leading food manufacturer’s partner of choice to deliver an ongoing programme of tailored technical professional training and support. Jenni Chambers, Head of Talent at 2 Sisters Food Group, said: “The Technical Academy is the cornerstone of our strategy to develop a culture of training, ownership and empowerment for all our technical employees and to encourage a renewed focus on continuous improvements and career development. This has been achieved by identifying a framework of core competencies in a number of key skill areas, introducing self assessment processes and building individual

personal development plans to enhance the talents and strengths of our technical team and thereby ensuring the long-term future success of the business.” Bertrand Emond, Campden BRI’s Head of Training, added: “We have substantial international experience in developing, customising and delivering high quality, effective, relevant technical training and support to clients throughout the world. We are delighted to be working with 2 Sisters Food Group to not only raise the bar by providing the best training and technical career development in the industry but create a quality benchmark for technical managers the world over.” Campden BRI will initially deliver the Academy’s specialist technical training modules on key skills areas such as quality assurance, food safety and legal requirements at its Chipping Campden site but the longer-term plan will be to create a specialist training hub at 2 Sisters Food Group’s Birmingham headquarters. 2 Sisters Food Group Technical Director, Neil Khandke, added: “Within the food industry a role in technical management provides for a challenging and rewarding career. It is essential that we can attract good people into our business and ensure that through a great training and development programme with Campden BRI we will be growing the technical leaders of the future.”

Contact Campden BRI on tel 01386 842104 or visit

PDM investing over £90m PDM, the UK’s largest food waste recycler, has announced it is planning to spend more than £90m on its operations in the UK before the end of 2014. In addition to the £44m being invested in brand new industry-leading anaerobic digestion facilities in Widnes and Dagenham for its ReFood food waste business, the company is also spending £29m to upgrade its animal by-product rendering operations in Nuneaton and Widnes and a further £18m on its petfood processing facilities in Widnes, Doncaster and Nottingham. PDM opened its first ReFood plant in Doncaster in September 2011, which has set the benchmark in AD plant construction and operation. The new £20m plant at Widnes, due for completion at the end of the year, will have 50 percent more capacity, with three combined heat and power (CHP) engines to convert the biogas produced during the AD process into renewable electricity. Capable of handling 90,000 tonnes of commercial and domestic food waste, Widnes will generate enough energy for approximately 8,000 homes, as well as heat which will be used by its rendering operation on site and by adjacent businesses. The organic fertiliser produced, will be used by farmers in the local

area to grow new crops. In addition to renewable energy and digestate for agriculture, the Dagenham AD plant, which is due to be constructed later this year, will produce bio-methane either for export to the Gas Grid or for commercial vehicles and buses. The use of bio-methane in road vehicles will help meet the increasing demand for greener transport fuels by the supermarkets and Transport for London as it has a lower NOx content than diesel. Andy Smith, Chief Executive Officer at PDM, said: “This is a significant investment in new and existing facilities in the UK that will ensure we remain at the forefront of food waste and animal by product processing. “As part of Saria Bio-Industries, PDM is committed to using the most advanced technological solutions to ensure we optimise the resource value and quality of food by-products and waste, through state-of-the-art processing techniques and world class quality standards. “This investment will future-proof our business and give customers the reassurance that they are dealing with the best in the industry, while allowing us to expand significantly our operations in the UK.”

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Anniversary marked by triple success Leading UK packaging specialist Belmont Packaging is celebrating 35 years in business with a triple-whammy of achievements: the launch of a new European wide e-commerce site, a sizeable new order from a new Australian client and the appointment of seven new members of staff. The Wigan-based company is almost unrecognisable from its humble beginnings overlooking Belmont Village in Bolton – which quickly gave way to premises on the outskirts of Leigh and, finally, a factory in Hindley Green, Wigan. Today the corrugated specialist boasts 80,000 sq ft of manufacturing and office facilities and over 50 members of staff, producing over 50 million units a year for national and international clients in the pharmaceuticals, food, cosmetics and electronics sectors. Belmont Packaging has spearheaded the development of class-leading machinery and software to become the first high volume producer of corrugated packaging using digital technology. Sophisticated artwork is printed directly onto corrugated board in production runs from a single unit up to 10,000 - without any origination or plate cost. Belmont’s new members of staff have been recruited to underpin the company’s development of its digital offering, amongst other areas, and will join a highly skilled workforce dedicated to the highest levels of customer service and product quality. Belmont has also forged success with online retail, via its e-store brand, which has led to the firm becoming the biggest packaging manufacturer on eBay UK. Building on this success, the company has just launched a Spanish version of its retail site in response to increasing demand from Europe. Belmont Managing Director, Sean Moloney, explained: “Belmont’s vision has always been to offer customers high performance packaging with both cost and environmental advantages. By anticipating trends in our target markets – such as the retail trade’s move into shelf-ready display packaging and now the growth of online retail – investing continually in our infrastructure and operations, we have been able to stay one step ahead of the competition and maintain our leading position.” “We are very proud of what we have achieved in the last 35 years and with the continued support of a great team of hardworking, dedicated staff, we are aiming for even greater success in the future.” Contact Belmont Packaging on tel 01942 521919 or visit

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CSM presents new Beacon retains BRC and organic company name and strategy approval Leading British ingredients specialist Beacon Foods is celebrating after retaining its British Retail Consortium (BRC) Global Standard for Food Safety status following a recent two-day audit. The multi-award winning Breconbased company is delighted to have retained the important status, which is regarded as the benchmark for best practice in the food industry, with a grade A. In addition, the company has also retained its certificate of compliance from the Organic Farmers and Growers for the organic ingredients it produces. The BRC is the lead trade association representing UK retailers, many of which will only consider doing business with suppliers who have gained certification to the appropriate BRC Global Standard. “We have achieved BRC Global Standard for Food Safety grade A for the fifth year running, which is fantastic news for the company and a reward for a great team effort by staff,” said Danielle Llewellyn, from Beacon Foods’ innovation process control team. “The standard provides a measure by which food manufactures and suppliers can demonstrate to potential and current customers a level of competence in food safety and quality systems. “The BRC audit is very thorough as it inspects all areas of the business, from production and new product development to technical, quality assurance, transport and maintenance, paying close attention to HACCP policies. “It is all about customer confidence in our products and the good reputation of our business. We are never complacent and always looking at ways to improve and develop. Continuous improvement is very important to the business. Danielle said the company was also delighted to have its organic accreditation renewed by Organic Farmers and Growers.

At a Capital Markets Day for analysts and investors in Amsterdam, CSM presented its new company name, Corbion, and its new growth strategy for the period 2013 to 2016. The new name and strategy mark the latest stage of the ongoing transformation of the company into a leading provider of bio-based products, with activities in bio-based food ingredients and bio-chemicals. The company is on track to complete the earlier announced divestment of its Bakery Supplies business to Rhône Capital early Q3 2013. Built on the strong foundations of Caravan Ingredients and Purac, Corbion has a wealth of expertise in the world of bio-based food ingredients and bio-chemicals, combined with a rich history of service and innovations spanning more than a century. In bio-based food ingredients, Corbion is a leading player offering high value added ingredients to food companies, helping them solve their food integrity issues such as food safety, microbial spoilage, look & feel and taste & smell. Corbion is especially strong in the bakery and meat sectors. Organic growth will be driven by leveraging its leadership positions into adjacent markets, and will be supported by selective M&A. Gerard Hoetmer, CEO of Corbion: "Our new name and logo signify the next phase in the development of our company. We will leverage our proprietary technologies and intimate understanding of customers and consumers to further develop our market positions in bio-based products. In short, we create value for our customers through our bio-based products, designed by science,

powered by nature and delivered through our dedication. This will in turn create value for our shareholders." Investments in long-term innovation, the supply chain and market access will increase significantly in the coming years. In particular, there will be sizable investments in lactic acid capacity expansion in 2014-2015, which will drive further growth. Corbion expects to be net cash/debt neutral by the end of 2013, taking into account the intended distributions to shareholders. Thereafter, Corbion targets a long-term capital structure of 1.5x net debt/EBITDA. Corbion intends to return EUR 250m to shareholders in 2013, after completion of the divestment of the Bakery Supplies business, by means of a special all-cash dividend of EUR 0.70 per share (EUR 50m in total) and the remainder through a share buy-back. Details of the mechanism for the planned share buyback will be announced after completion of the divestment of the Bakery Supplies businesses, which is expected in early Q3 2013. Going forward, Corbion targets a dividend pay-out ratio of approx. 35 percent of net profits adjusted for non-cash one-off items. Corbion will critically review the debt position in relation to investment plans periodically, and decide upon potential further returns. An extraordinary general meeting of shareholders will be held on October 11, 2013 in view of the new company name, the new dividend policy and the share buy-back. For the time being, the company's listing on Euronext Amsterdam will continue under the name CSM.

Contact Corbion on tel +31 2059 06911 or visit

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MEATUP show brings industry together Leading suppliers, trade associations, retailers and processors came together to showcase and learn more about some of the latest products and innovations on offer to the meat industry during the two day MEATUP show at The NEC in Birmingham on 2nd and 3rd July. During the first morning the show was attended by Minister of Agriculture & Food, David Heath MP who tucked into a British bacon butty, courtesy of BPEX - The British Pig Executive. Commenting, the Minister said: “It was a most interesting opportunity to meet with a number of different businesses serving the meat and food processing sectors with some very positive stories to tell.” The 2013 Meat Industry Awards ceremony once again brought the top names of the industry together in Birmingham to celebrate excellence and reward the best, as voted for by readers of Meat Management magazine and judged by industry experts. Winners included ASDA, which retained its Multiple Meat Retailer of the Year award; Wilsons of Crossgates was named Britain’s Best Butchers Shop; while the Manufacturer of the Year Award went to Hull-based Cranswick Plc.

The annual event was heralded as a resounding success with almost 450 guests attending an excellent evening at the Hilton Birmingham Metropole Hotel to network and celebrate the winning companies, products and organisations. The results for all 16 award categories were announced, with special footballing guest and record England appearance holder, Peter Shilton on hand to present the prizes and certificates. The annual event was sponsored by major meat promotional bodies and industry suppliers operating in the UK including: EBLEX, BPEX, Hybu Cig Cymru/Meat Promotion Wales, the Meat Training Council, Marel, Reiser and many other top companies and organisations. The winners of each of the three individual red meat categories went head to head to find the overall red meat champion. The Cook with M&S Teriyaki Steak Strips from Marks & Spencer and Dawn Meats UK was judged to be

the very best. The Excellence Award is presented annually at the ceremony to an individual who has made an outstanding contribution to the UK meat industry. The recipient of this year’s award is Jim Dobson OBE, Group Managing Director of Dunbia, a multi-national manufacturing specialist and product innovator he founded in 1976. The awards ceremony was also used as a platform by trade body EBLEX, which crowned England’s Best Steak Pie. Turner’s Pies in West Sussex received the nod for its tasty Steak & Stilton Pie. There were over one hundred beef, lamb, mutton and veal steak pies were entered by butchers, caterers and manufacturers in two categories: retail and foodservice. Turner’s Pies won the retail award and overall competition, with Dunkleys, a manufacturer from Wellingborough in Northamptonshire winning the foodservice category with its Ashdale Blade of Beef and Malbec Pie.

Contact YPL Exhibitions on tel 01908 613323 or visit &

instrumentation partner. With its broad process instrumentation background, icenta is the perfect choice to handle the Fluidwell displays range, with a focus on power generation, oil & gas, energy and environmental industries. Stream Measurement Ltd is one of UK’s leading flow meter manufacturers with a heritage established over 80 years. Stream will be utilising their technical product expertise to supply the full range of Fluidwell indicators and controllers (focussing on the process industries) along with Fluidwell’s remote monitoring solutions, branded as ProcessMonitor. “These changes bring our customers double good news. With Fluidwell closer to the market, we are better placed to hear the direct feedback from our customers, using this market intelligence to enhance and develop exciting new products for the future”, continued Eric Rath, “for this reason the new UK structure is active immediately”. In the meantime Fluidwell will search for a professional, experienced regional sales manager to join the Fluidwell Ltd team, enhancing support to the distributor partners and customers. Fluidwell Ltd. can be contacted as follows:

Contact Fluidwell on tel 0870 820 0298 or visit


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The Fluidwell Group of The Netherlands are pleased to announce the opening of their new sales office in the UK, which will be fully supported by two new local strategic distribution partners - icenta Controls Ltd and Stream Measurement Ltd. This initiative offers improved regional sales support to local users of Fluidwell indicators, instrumentation and remote monitoring. Following the opening of Fluidwell Asia in Australia in 2011, and Fluidwell Inc in the USA in 2012, the new UK sales office is the latest development in an ongoing worldwide expansion programme for the company. Eric Rath, Managing Director of the Fluidwell Group in The Netherlands, confirmed that: “customers of Fluidwell, both new and existing, will benefit immediately from the wealth of experience provided – with the advantage of an increase in their UK cover, making Fluidwell products local to all of our customers. Eric added: “The local presence with technical sales support together with a more attractive price offering, emphasizes Fluidwell’s commitment to increasing its UK focus”. Distribution partner icenta Controls is already well known to Fluidwell customers in the UK as its local flow and level detection

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FoodHQ: New Zealand’s $60bn answer New Zealand's first food super-campus will be the focus of FoodHQ, a research collaboration that aims to enable the nation’s food exports to reach $60bn by 2025. FoodHQ is poised to deliver on the Government’s Business Growth Agenda, which calls for a trebling of the real value of food exports in the next 12 years. An investment into the Palmerston Northbased campus of $250m over 20 years, FoodHQ will further unify established research organisations AgResearch, Fonterra, Massey University, Plant & Food Research, the Riddet Institute and the BCC. The investement is supported by the Palmerston North City and Manawatu District councils. Project manager Mark Ward says FoodHQ’s 20-year strategic plan outlines how the six organisations will collectively play a key role in the global food community. “This is an enormously significant step forward," Mark said. "By working together as FoodHQ, our innovative organisations will enable a new economic platform for New Zealand, with higher levels of revenue and the creation of jobs.” A key part of the announcement are the plans to develop a fully-integrated super-

campus that encompasses the Fitzherbert Science Park on one side of Tennent Drive on the outskirts of Palmerston North and Massey University's Manawatu campus Turitea site across the road. The super-campus will be home to more than 4000 researchers and educators involved in the agri-food value chain. Designed to meet – or surpass – world benchmarks, it will compare with other industry-centred innovation hubs in Denmark, the Netherlands, Singapore and the United States. “The six food partners are already within a kilometre of each other," Mark said. "The super-campus will reflect a modernisation of the facilities in the Fitzherbert Science Park and Massey University, and the partners will upgrade current facilities and build new ones in consultation with each other. “Most importantly, the super-campus will give current and future global customers onedoor access to the very best in New Zealand food innovation. The collaborative approach creates a faster, easier way for food companies

to work with the partners.” An estimated $230m in annual economic value will be added to the region from the creation of new research and development jobs. Together, the research organisations already represent one of the largest concentrations of food scientists in the world but Mark said there is a need to be more efficient and effective through collaboration. “Because our value chains are fragmented, we are not as competitive on the world stage as we could be. While the six main FoodHQ partners are all strong organisations in their own right, bringing them together as FoodHQ opens the way for a collective vision, greater accomplishments and a defragmentation of the industry. This will attract major food producers from around the world to undertake their research and development here. “FoodHQ will also champion the idea of food innovation and promote New Zealand’s shift to being a value-added food nation, building on its strength as a commodity producer.”

Contact Massey University on tel +64 6 350 5701 or visit

New trade fair “Mediterranean Food 2014” September 2014 will finally see the premiere of the new trade fair Mediterranean Food in Düsseldorf. At the Mediterranean Food fair ‘the garden of Europe’ will be centre stage, ie it will exclusively feature foods from Mediterranean countries ranging from Spain, Italy and Croatia to Turkey, Israel, Tunisia and Egypt, to name but a few. The products exhibited at this trade fair cannot merely be generic Mediterranean product types (eg ‘Italian style’); the products on display here or their ingredients must originate from a Mediterranean country. After all, 75 percent of the products assigned a Protected Designation by the EU come from Mediterranean countries. “With its special focus this trade fair concept is unique throughout the world,” stresses Hans-Werner Reinhard, Deputy Managing Director at Messe Düsseldorf. The market for Mediterranean foods has so far scarcely been featured in Central Europe despite, or probably precisely because, of its enormous diversity of products. Often, however, this is also due to the ignorance or lack of knowledge about how Mediterranean foods are processed, combined with other foods, let alone pronounced properly. And

this is the case despite the fact that there is hardly any other world of taste that has caused such a boom with consumers as Mediterranean cuisine. It is associated with sun and a holiday feel, delights and freshness, health and well-being. Mediterranean Food is designed to close this gap, serving as a meeting point for the various groups of stakeholders. Here, the decisionmakers in Central European food retail, from catering and industry, will meet both individual enterprises from the Med at the exhibition stand and entire regions (eg: Peloponnese or Catalonia), associations, exporters and chambers of commerce from the countries around the Med. Smaller, workshop-type factories from these Mediterranean countries of origin, in particular, benefit from this new trade fair for their first market entry in the Germanspeaking region. Strategic and organisational aspects of a both legal and logistical nature will be discussed at an accompanying open

forum and recommendations for entering the local market will be aimed at Mediterranean producers. The partner for delivering the talks will be the EU Directorate General for Agriculture (DG Agri). The ranges on show at Mediterranean Food include meat, dairy products, fish (fresh and processed), oils, delicatessen, vinegar products, herbs, honey, fruit, vegetable, pulses, spices, PDO products and organic products, to name but a few. Visitors can look forward to this because taking just herbs, there are 6,000 types in Greece alone, of which some 1,000 can only be found in very specific regions of Greece. These in turn make for the unique flavour and highest quality both in terms of taste and ingredients with a wide variety of authentic products, be these honey or cheese brine. Mediterranean Food in Hall 11 as well as InterMopro, InterCool and InterMeat in Halls 9 and 10 of the Düsseldorf Exhibition Centre are open to trade visitors from 21 to 23 September 2014.

Contact Messe Düsseldorf on tel +49 211 456001 or visit

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Payne & Contego to re-brand to Essentra

University putting sustainability on the menu

Payne’s & Contego’s parent company, Filtrona plc (“Filtrona” or “the Company”) has indicated that, with effect from 26th June 2013, has been renamed as Essentra plc. In addition, effective from the same date, the Company’s Coated & Security Products division, of which Payne & Contego are a part, will be renamed as Packaging & Securing Solutions, to better reflect the division’s business activities. Following this, Payne & Contego will re-brand to Essentra Packaging during the second half of this year, with a view that the roll-out is completed by the end of 2013. Essentra, an abstract name, was specifically chosen to capture what each of Filtrona’s businesses, including Essentra Packaging, manufactures and supplies; namely, millions of small but essential components which often play a critical enabling role in the products of our customers, everywhere and every day. The selection of a new brand has taken over a year of planning, extensive research and testing, and it is considered that the new identity of Essentra best represents the Company’s activities and products. As part of Filtrona’s Vision 2015 strategy, the Company has progressively been creating a more unified culture, working together in a more co-ordinated way so as to leverage the Group’s collective skills and capabilities more effectively. The Essentra brand will be adopted by each of Filtrona’s businesses, representing a change from the current situation where the corporate

Quorn Foods, the global market leader in meat-alternative foods, has found a way to reduce its impact on the planet while also delivering £1m plus savings - by working with Sheffield Hallam University on its approach to sustainability. The partnership to help understand and reduce the company’s carbon footprint has now resulted in the brand being certified by the Carbon Trust, after a project team identified that by taking simple steps to further address environmental impact, Quorn Foods can reduce costs by over £1m in the medium term. Sheffield Hallam's Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP), based at the University's Centre for Food Innovation, carried out Initial Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) of the Quorn manufacturing process that identified that the core ingredient of Quorn contains less than half the embedded carbon found in beef. Project leader, KTP associate and Quorn Foods’ Sustainability Officer, Louise Needham, said: "Carrying out this sophisticated level of carbon footprint analysis required the collection of high quality data, covering all stages of the lifecycle supply chain, including raw material input, product output, energy, waste and water use. "This complex work paid off. Quorn is the first meat-alternative brand, and one of only a few food products in the world, to achieve this standard of Carbon Trust certification. “The proven health benefits of Quorn, combined with its lower levels of embedded carbon compared with meat, suggests that by swapping Quorn for meat

name and logo is used by some but not all. As such, the rebranding to Essentra is an important and logical milestone on the Company’s path to achieving its Vision 2015 objectives. The re-branding to Essentra is expected to benefit the Company’s customers, in terms of giving them greater visibility as to the benefits of Filtrona’s entire product and service offering, with a more co-ordinated communication behind a single visual identity. It is also anticipated that the re-branding will provide employees with a more cohesive and engaging culture, aligned around a vibrant, forward-looking and dynamic corporate identity. Commenting on the announcement, Alison Evans, Divisional Managing Director, stated: “Our re-branding to Essentra Packaging is an exciting development. While we manufacture and distribute products that are ostensibly unconnected to other Filtrona businesses, what unites us is that we are all leading suppliers of essential components to our customers. Indeed, through working together in a more coordinated way and leveraging our collective skills and capabilities under a single brand, we believe we can benefit all our stakeholders and be an even more relevant partner to them. “We will communicate in further detail as to our own rebranding plans to Essentra Packaging in the second half of the year: in the meantime, it is business as usual.”

Contact Payne on tel 0115 975 9000 or visit


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in meals, people can feel confident that it is not only better for them, but also better for the planet.” The KTP began in March 2011 with a view to improving the quality of data captured as part of the LCA and ensuring the latest standard for carbon footprinting, BSI PAS 2050, was adhered to. The analysis focused on two products – Quorn mince and chicken-style pieces – both of which are available in a number of markets including the UK, Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland. The findings of the two-year project have been summarised in an academic journal: The Life Cycle Analysis of meat-alternative foods – which highlights the carbon footprinting of Quorn as a best practice standard in the food industry. As part of the partnership, Louise worked directly with Dr Wayne Martindale of the CFI on a brief to look at the company's carbon footprint and sustainability offer. Wayne said: "The partnership fostered with CFI will allow us to continue to build visibility into Quorn Foods’ environmental footprint and make its sustainability values part of how Quorn does business. "The partnership has enabled the brand to lead the industry in its sustainability criteria and has helped Quorn Foods to establish a range of best-practice processes by which to produce existing ranges and develop new products. This, coupled with rigorous academic research, will provide a robust base to make further inroads into the healthy alternatives market."

Contact Sheffield Hallam University on tel 0114 225 5000 or visit




ACS&T launch innovative new website Spray nozzle videos paint perfect picture Video can demonstrate action much more effectively than still images or words alone. Seeing a product or component in action helps engineers to focus on the correct product far more quickly than pouring over charts and pictures in a data sheet. Even well drawn technical diagrams can often fail to convey how a product will actually work in the field and this is particularly true of fluid handling components like spray nozzles. Nozzle and spraying specialist Bete sells nozzles of all shapes and sizes with a catalogue featuring around 30,000 standard products with different flow rates, spray angles, pattern types and levels of atomisation. An engineer approaching a particular spray application problem may well have in their mind a picture of the type of spray they need but translating that picture to the correct product can be time consuming and confusing. Even with static pictures of various nozzles in action it can be tricky to select the best product for the application. Video offers an extremely effective way of demonstrating how different nozzles look when spraying at different pressures. Bete has a long-established YouTube channel with various different spray pattern videos and recently the video content has been significantly enhanced. The content is easily downloadable and linkable allowing engineers to be able to share it with colleagues or other members of the buying and specifying team. Having this video content directly on our own website also helps to avoid the frustration experienced by some customers who have to content with YouTube being blocked by corporate internet policies and protocols. The new video content is organised into sub-libraries by spray pattern type and can be viewed at • • • • • • Contact BETE on tel 01273 400092 or visit

Food logistics specialists, ACS&T, have launched an advanced new website at With clean, contemporary styling and responsive design, the new website has been completely redeveloped from the ground up, and is designed to be entirely customer focused, thanks to its easy navigation and intuitive site structure. The content has also been rewritten to make it more relevant, clear and interesting, so that it engages with ACS&T’s diverse customer base. Chantel Gibson, Sales and Marketing Executive at ACS&T, said: “At ACS&T we pride ourselves on taking a forwardthinking approach and we wanted to make sure that our advanced new website reflected the high quality of our customer-focused logistics services. “That meant putting ourselves in the mind of the customer to ensure that they could easily access clear information on the benefits of choosing ACS&T, and making the website fully accessible from a wide range of devices.” In addition to clear information on ACS&T and its high-quality food logistics services, the new website also features access to an advanced client intranet. This provides customers with detailed real-time tracking, alongside unrivalled control and visibility over cargo held by ACS&T.

Contact ContactBHJ ACS&T UK on ontel tel0121 01472521 358207 4300 ororvisit

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Room for improvement with work experience The Institute of Food Science & Technology (IFST), an independent body representing food science and technology, has gathered employer and university/college views on work experience in the food sector. The UK food and drink sector is responsible for providing 3.7m jobs and contributes £96.1bn per year to the UK economy. Aside from its clear economic impact, the sector is relied upon to provide a safe and secure supply of food for the UK and beyond. IFST recently circulated two surveys to establish a clearer picture of the provision of work experience placements in the UK within the food sector. 80 employers ranging from large manufacturers including Weetabix, CocaCola, PepsiCo, Premier Foods and Unilever through to SMEs and micro-producers, together with major retailers, responded to the employers’ survey. A separate survey looking into the issues facing universities and colleges was completed by 45 respondents representing 22 colleges or universities specialising in FS&T or related subjects. From these surveys it is clear that whilst employers in the food sector are already providing significant levels of work experience and other forms of links with education there is still the potential to increase the number and, most importantly, the quality and choice of work experience placements for students. Employers and educational establishments just need additional support to make this happen. The results showed that the majority of employers (71 percent) did offer placements

however, many of these reported that they could provide more. In addition, the reason some employers had not offered placements was that they just had not been approached to provide placements. Others felt they were too small to be able to offer work experience. Of the employers that did provide placements, most respondents offered 1-2 placements per year but with larger employers providing upwards of 10 places per year. Most placements are set up through direct relationships between local universities/colleges and employers. However, responses show that there are ongoing challenges for universities and colleges to continually find sufficient food science and technology placements, particularly ones that meet the specific needs of students. The most challenging ones to find are those related to food science and nutrition. The positive news is that the vast majority of respondents of both surveys believed that work experience provides positive benefits, both to employers and students. In terms of benefits to students there appears to be a direct correlation between employer contact through work experience, mentoring and other similar activities and the ultimate employability of young people in the food sector. Based on the results of these surveys, IFST has decided to develop a unique facility which will provide support to and build links between educational establishments and employers to help students get rewarding placements and build their experience in industry. This project will be launched in the run up to IFST’s Golden Jubilee in 2014. Contact IFST on tel 020 7603 6316 or visit

Video shows Lab M’s µPREP™ media format Following the launch of µPREP™ Buffered Peptone Water ISO (BPW), the first in Lab M’s new line of bagged, ready-to-reconstitute microbiological culture media, the company has published a video that demonstrates the speed and simplicity of µPREP™ media preparation. The µPREP™ format is designed for maximum convenience and ease of use, to save laboratory time and resources in media preparation for high throughput testing while minimising storage requirements. This five minute presentation takes viewers through a step-by-step guide on how to prepare, use and store the pre-enrichment medium and can be accessed at This media format has a number of major

advantages, it requires minimal storage space, offers quick, convenient and time-saving reconstitution with no need to autoclave and can be prepared with minimal training. The product is supplied sterile in boxes of 10 highly robust bags, each of which makes 20 litres of complete media. Formulated to ISO 6579, Lab M’s Buffered Peptone Water ISO (BPW) is designed to support the recovery of sublethally damaged salmonellae prior to selective enrichment. This nutrient medium is free from inhibitors and is well buffered to maintain pH 7.0 for the incubation period. Sublethal injury to salmonellae occurs in many food processes and such pre-enrichment steps greatly increase recovery of these organisms.

Contact Lab M on tel 0161 820 3833 or visit


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Report highlights need for science A welcome fall in the number of incidents reported in the FSA's Annual Report of Incidents 2012 (published on June 28, 2013), still identifies many areas of ongoing concern for food manufacturing. Allergen related incidents were up, as were cases of physical contaminants (foreign bodies), process contamination and labelling amongst others. Even categories of incidents that fell, such as natural chemical contamination, perhaps only did so because incidents in 2011 had been unusually high. "It is a mixed picture," notes Karen Masters of RSSL. “At RSSL, we see incidents from both sides. We help customers deal with contamination crises through our Emergency Response and foreign body analysis services, but more importantly, we help many more customers avoid exposure to problems through routine analysis of ingredients and products, training in areas such as allergen management, and advising on general due diligence.” RSSL also regularly helps customers in matters of supply chain integrity – an issue highlighted by the report's particular reference to food fraud. “There are many vulnerabilities, and despite the number of incidents reported, the vast majority of food manufacturers can be applauded for the efforts they go to in ensuring that our food is safe, authentic, and as described on the label. Advances in laboratory equipment are helping us to do more in supporting manufacturers, though ironically, these same advances sometimes expose concerns that previously went unnoticed.”

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Cert ID Europe partners with MSCert Cert ID Europe, one of the UK’s most progressive BRC certification bodies has entered in to a partnership with Irish certification services business, Management Systems Certification (MSCert). The new partnership will mean a substantial and integrated BRC certification and audit business capable of serving food companies in the UK, Ireland and mainland Europe - a particularly attractive option following the announcement that the BRC plans to only recognise certification from larger certification companies in the future. Richard Werran, Managing Director of Cert ID Europe said: “In light of the recent announcement by the BRC, the partnership with MSCert offers customers a very attractive proposition. Cert ID’s UKAS accreditation plus our 5 star BRC KPI rating will be particularly attractive to MSCert customers while Cert ID will benefit from MSCert’s local market knowledge and locally based auditors. It is a ‘winwin’ situation for both our companies and customers alike.” Bill Stafford, Managing Director from MSCert said: “We are very excited about our partnership with the highly regarded certification body, Cert ID Europe. Our existing and future customers will benefit from the use of a local certification body with local auditors who know the Irish market but have the additional resources such as UKAS accreditation and five star BRC status that Cert ID will also bring.” Cert ID is the fastest growing food industry certification body in Europe and a highly regarded BRC audit and certification body. Cert ID offers a comprehensive range of third party certification schemes aimed at the food industry, from farmers and growers through to manufacturers, suppliers to the food industry, retailers and foodservice businesses. In the field of non-GM certification Cert ID is an acknowledged global authority.

Contact Cert ID Europe on tel 01675 475607 or visit

Discount retail sector to grow by two-thirds Discount grocery retail is enjoying a surge in popularity, with significant numbers of British consumers from across the social spectrum increasingly opting to buy goods from discount stores, according to a new report commissioned by specialist wholesaler Rowan, and undertaken by research charity IGD. The report found that the “discount channel” – which encompasses “food” discounters such as Aldi and Lidl, pound shops and high street discount stores – is currently used by just under half (46 percent) of shoppers, and is expected to expand dramatically: • 26 percent of shoppers plan to use food discounters more in the coming year • 22 percent intend to use high street discounters more • In total, the discount channel is expected to grow by 64.7 percent to be worth £12.4bn by 2017 James Russell, Commercial Director of Rowan, said: “The discount channel is booming and is increasingly significant. However, rather than being a short-term trend in the retail sector, it is actually a long-term cultural shift. What I believe we are seeing is a permanent change in the way the UK shops.” The report’s key findings included: • Discounters are attracting a broad spectrum of shoppers. Discount shoppers reflect the rest of society, with 77 percent coming from the ABC1 demographic groups • 85 percent of discount shoppers plan to

continue using discounters even after their personal financial circumstances improve – indicating that although the current boom may have been partly triggered by tough economic conditions, the sector should remain buoyant even after the economy returns to growth • Consumer shopping habits are changing. Many people who would previously have done one weekly shop are now shopping more often, and using discount stores for some of their grocery needs. Growing numbers of food and household goods companies are seeing the discount channel as an opportunity, encouraged by the impressive growth and the high volumes that discounters are capable of delivering James Russell said: “Many shoppers, finding themselves more financially stretched than a decade ago, have changed their shopping habits, trying different types of store, including discounters. More and more of them like what they find, and appear set to continue visiting the discount stores even if the money returns. “Over the next few years we will see more discounters, selling a greater range of products to a greater variety of people. I believe it’s a permanent shift." “More and more suppliers are seeing the channel as a strategic opportunity. More stores, combined with more attractive in-store environments that are enticing new shoppers through their doors, will encourage further growth in the channel.”

Contact IGD on tel 01923 857141 or visit

West Control Solutions launches new videos West Control Solutions is releasing a series of informative and explanatory videos, the first of their kind to discuss temperature control technologies. The videos will prove to be a great benefit in helping customers to specify and install the most efficient temperature control solutions. The first video in the series features Ian Parnell, Head of Technical Support (Europe) at West Control Solutions, who explains On/Off Control and Proportional Control in detail and clearly lays out the differences between the two. Ian discusses where the two types of controls can be used and how proportional controls can be used with devices that can only be either on or off. Ian also gets to grips with matters such as how on/off control systems

can affect the level of process oscillation, and whether the user has to compromise either the life expectancy of the components or the precision of control when using this method. As both systems have different advantages and considerations, this discussion is useful to anyone who is considering either type of control system but has not yet developed a full understanding of the factors involved and the differences between them. The next two videos in the series will cover different types of temperature control alarms and consider in detail the alarm inhibitor function. The videos will answer key questions and concerns that surround their respective themes and provide a great resource for explaining how the technologies work with work-in-practise examples.

Contact West Control Solutions on tel 01273 810116 or visit

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Food Grade Compressed Air updates The Food and Beverage Grade Compressed Air Best Practice Guideline 102 is available from the British Compressed Air Society and contributing members such as Beko Technologies. This best practice guideline has been produced because compressed air is a utility and as such its provision is normally included in the pre-requisite programme rather than the HACCP process. There was also an opportunity to review and update the guideline. The talking points have not changed much because safety has to be fundamental but there are some issues that those responsible within the Food and Beverage Industry should take note of. The first one is that the ‘Competencies’ section, under provision of equipment, the staff providing the compressed air products or complete system should have a minimum of five years training and on the job experience. Much of the document focuses on the fact that the process always defines the purity required but if there is no specification from the machinery supplier or the Food and Beverage Industry client, then this guideline should be followed. There is importance attached to the correct installation in order to maintain air purity, together with the provision of standby equipment to allow maintenance and documentation as to what protection was taken during any periods of bypassing. The quality of compressed air is as before defined by ISO 8573-1 (2010) where levels of particles, water content and total remaining oil content ie liquid, aerosol and

vapour are specified. For the user there are again two categories of compressed air usage; direct contact and indirect contact. Direct contact is where there is direct impingement onto the product, ingredients or packaging. Indirect is the situation where pneumatic equipment is present and the exhausted compressed air from cylinders, actuators etc are present in the production or packaging areas. The air treatment requirement for the main contaminants has been adjusted to reflect changes in ISO 8573:2010 and the light of experience with the previous version of the guide. The particle class chosen for both direct and in-direct contact has been relaxed to mirror easily available filtration. The humidity levels identified have been chosen to help with the control of microbiological contaminants and will require the use of different drying techniques. There has also been a relaxation of oil levels for in-direct contact applications. There is a requirement for logging data and setting frequency of measurement and again here the process or equipment used should define actions or the guideline of two measurements per year followed. Today it is very easy to constantly monitor all the key parameters in a compressed air system and Beko Technologies have a device Metpoint BDA which will monitor 12 analogue or digital inputs which could cover the guidelines. Data is available in many formats from connection to BMS to SMS to selected phones plus many other options.

Contact Beko Technologies 01527 575778 or visit

Flavoured milk to spur dairy industry growth New research from Tetra Pak®, the world’s leading food processing and packaging company, forecasts that flavoured milk consumption will grow at more than double the rate of white milk globally between 2012 and 2015. Flavoured milk, the second most widely consumed Liquid Dairy Product (LDP) after white milk, is forecast to increase by a compound annual rate (CAGR) of 4.1 percent between 2012 and 2015, rising from 17.0bn litres to 19.2bn litres. Developing countries will drive demand amidst a growing number of new flavours and products focused on health. White milk is forecast to grow by 1.7 percent (CAGR) during the same period - from 208.5bn litres in 2012 to 219.5bn litres in 2015. Total LDP demand is set to grow by 2.4 percent from 280.3bn litres to 301.3bn litres during this period, according to Tetra Pak research. Tetra Pak has identified four drivers fuelling the rise in flavoured milk consumption: First, the desire for nutritious and healthy food, which is prompting consumers, particularly in developing countries, to turn to nutrient-rich milk products. Second, urbanisation, rising prosperity and the pace of modern life, which has increased ‘on-the-go’ consumption of ready-to-drink (RTD) flavoured milk in convenient portion packs. Third, consumers’ eagerness to try new food and drinks, with flavoured milk well-poised to meet that need. And fourth, consumers seeking ‘indulgent’ eating and drinking experiences as a way of escaping the daily grind during times of economic uncertainty. Though flavoured milk consumption is still low compared to other beverages, such as carbonated soft drinks, positive consumer perceptions about the health benefits of milk are creating opportunities to significantly increase flavoured

milk consumption, according to Tetra Pak. The growth rate for flavoured milk consumption is expected to be more than triple that of carbonated soft drinks in 2012-2015. During that period carbonated soft drinks are forecast to grow by 1.3 percent (CAGR) compared with an estimated of 4.1percent (CAGR) for flavoured milk. While demand for flavoured milk is forecast to rise globally, demand in developing countries, particularly across Asia and Latin America, is set to outpace that of developed countries in North America and Europe, highlighting emerging economies as the growth engines of the dairy industry. In fact, seven of the world’s top 10 flavoured milk markets are developing countries, Tetra Pak research shows. China is the world’s largest, followed by the USA and India. The increased demand for flavoured milk from 2009 to 2012, was mainly driven by four emerging countries: Brazil, China, India and Indonesia. The trend is set to continue from 2012 to 2015. While developing countries accounted for 66 percent of flavoured milk consumption in 2012, this is forecast to rise to 69 percent by 2015. China, South Asia and Southeast Asia drink more than half the world’s flavoured milk. In fact, just six Asian countries – China, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines and Thailand – consume 47 percent of the world’s flavoured milk, Tetra Pak research shows. Cartons have become the established packaging format for flavoured milk, according to Tetra Pak. They accounted for 62 percent of RTD flavoured milk packaging in 2012, up from 57 percent in 2009, and are expected to rise to above 64 percent in 2015, with portion packs expected to reach 81 percent of RTD flavoured milk consumption.

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Contact Tetra Pak on tel 01978 834000 or visit

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Sharing global dairy expertise With the theme ‘Risk management of dairy products by the integrated supply chain approach’, practical risk management and the assessment of potential microbiological and chemical hazards at each stage of the dairy supply chain will be the key topics addressed during the IDF World Dairy Summit 2013 Food Safety conference. The objective of this conference was to contribute to the development of supply chain management by sharing and discussing global trends and future issues. The conference consisted of two keynote lectures and three sessions. Keynote Lectures: ‘Developments in supply chain management - global tools and trends’, Claus Heggum, Danish Agriculture and Food Council (DK). ‘Historical overview of risk management for dairy products safety in Japan and future issues’, Kunio Morita, Japanese Association of Fermented Milk & Fermented Milk Drinks (JP). Session 1: Practical risk management approach for primary production of safe milk. International trends in farm management aimed at food safety were reviewed, followed by an exploration of practical approaches to risk management at farm level. Session 2: Practical risk management approach for microbiological hazards in the supply chain. Speakers will addressed the current situation and issues surrounding the implementation and verification of risk management activities for microbiological hazards in the supply chain. Session 3: Practical risk management approach for chemical residues and contaminants in the supply chain. This session provided an overview of risk management approaches from around the world for chemical residues and contaminants in the supply chain. Contact IDF on tel +32 2733 9888 or visit &

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Malvern adds ‘Suspension Properties’ series Malvern Instruments has kicked off a brand new series of Masterclass webinars available both as live events and subsequently as recorded presentations. Based on the company’s established Masterclass concept, the ‘Masterclass on Suspension Properties’ series guides participants on how to use rheology in combination with other analytical techniques in order to formulate suspensions to meet specific performance targets. The information is delivered in a very straightforward style, making the subject easily accessible and comprehensible to the broadest of audiences. The webinars will run throughout the year and are expected to be especially useful for anyone new to rheology, or looking to effectively apply rheological analysis to the optimization of suspension/dispersion products. For more information or to register visit If you miss any of the live events then simply follow the links to the recorded versions. Many everyday products are suspensions or dispersions of particles in a liquid medium including food and drink products. The physical properties of the dispersed particles, such as average particle size, particle size distribution, zeta potential or charge on the particles, and even particle shape, can all

strongly influence the overall (bulk) rheological properties of the suspension, thereby defining their performance in any given application. The series will tackle each of these variables in turn, exploring how rheology measurements can be used alongside other data to engineer and develop optimal suspension performance. ‘Influence of particle size and distribution on rheology’ focused on the impact of particle size and size distribution and strategies for manipulating these parameters to control rheological behaviour. For example, increasing particle size for a given solids loading tends to decrease viscosity, but changing the characteristics of the size distribution profile is also an important lever for control. As a result, particle size and size distribution are primary variables for investigation when it comes to controlling suspension properties. A non-commercial, educational series, the suspension properties Masterclass programme extends Malvern’s already comprehensive rheology resource base, which can be freely accessed via the website. The series is being presented by Malvern technical and applications experts and draws on the company’s unique skill set in particle sizing as well as rheology.

Contact Malvern Instruments on tel 01684 892456 or visit

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UNIQUE OPPORTUNITY Fully Fitted Ready Meals Factory INFORMALIA // #foodinfo

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Complete with DCN Cook-Chill equipment

Factory available TO LET equipped for the production of soups & sauces (could be easily adapted for a variety of food products)

CAMBRIDGESHIRE – CLOSE TO THE A1 / SITE AREA 0.959 ACRES • Fully fitted development kitchen • Temperature controlled air handling • High care / low risk areas • Ucrete flooring • Drainage • Reception • Loading bays


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• • • • • • • • •

Internal area – 19,631 sq ft DCN steam jacketed kettles Pump fill stations Tumble chillers Stock kettle DD Revorack oven Blast chillers Boilers Offices

Philip Burd – 01534 703245

MB ENGINEERING 01274 846200 a leading provider of canmaking machinery, has announced the appointment of Gareth Ashton as the company’s Service Manager. The move comes as CMB Engineering continues to enhance its support and sales roles to provide customers worldwide with dedicated engineering contacts. The company recently strengthened its sales team with the appointment of dedicated Sales Managers for Asia, the USA and Europe, the Middle East & Africa (EMEA), as well as a Global Sales Manager based in the UK. Gareth will draw on more than 35 years of engineering experience gained with canmakers


EADING CLEAN LABEL INGREDIENTS SUPPLIER ULRICK & SHORT 01977 620011 has added to its team of technical specialists with the appointment of Jon Arzberger. Jon qualified as a food scientist and has since amassed over a decade of premium experience in the food manufacturing and distribution sector. Jon joins Ulrick & Short in the role of Business Development,



as well as CMB Engineering to head up the company’s global service team, which includes engineers in the UK as well as Brazil and Singapore. Gareth will be based in the company’s UK headquarters in Shipley and will travel extensively to meet and support customers. With hundreds of canmaking machines in the field worldwide, Gareth and his team of service engineers will consult directly with canmakers to help them keep their machinery working at full operational capacity and to discuss opportunities for upgrades or efficiency gains. Before taking on his new role, Gareth worked for CMB Engineering’s service engineering team installing and commissioning machinery and coordinating upgrades for more than 17 years. “Canmakers need their canmaking lines to work at maximum speed and efficiency to provide their customers with costeffective, high quality cans said Gareth Ashton, Service Manager, CMB Engineering. In my new role, I will be leading the service team on the frontline, where we can provide advice, troubleshoot issues and help manufacturers get the best out of their machines, thereby protecting their bottom line.” Andrew Truelove, General Manager at CMB Engineering said: “CMB Engineering is reputed in the canmaking industry as a trusted partner for our customers, thanks to the high level of service that we provide. With Gareth’s appointment, we aim to further enhance this reputation, and help our customers to get the best possible results from their canmaking equipment.”


ÜLLER WISEMAN DAIRIES 01355 244261 has confirmed a key appointment in advance of the autumn opening of Britain’s largest butter plant in Market Drayton. Sean Whitfield joins Müller Wiseman Dairies as Business Unit Director – Cream having spent more than five years in senior sales roles with Adams Food, part of the Irish Dairy Board. His role is to ensure that the company maximises returns from cream and cream derived products including the butter to be manufactured at Müller Wiseman Dairies new £17m plant in Shropshire. Carl Ravenhall, Managing Director of Müller Wiseman Dairies said: “Müller Wiseman Milk Group farmers are producing more than 90,000 tonnes of cream each year and Sean’s role is key to optimising returns from this product in all market conditions. “Cream is a very important part of our business and in making this appointment and investing in the Country’s largest butter making facility, we are placing a strong focus in this area.” Sean entered the food industry with the Grampian Country Food Group in 2000 and was appointed Sales and Marketing Director at the Irish Dairy Board’s Kerrygold Company seven years later before taking the reins as Sales Director at Adams Foods in 2010.



and has particular specialisms in bakery, sauces and savouries. Previously responsible for research and new product development at a leading food manufacturing group, Jon has significant experience in kitchens - which stood him in good stead when preparing test recipes as part of his induction. Ulrick & Short prides itself on ensuring that all employees have a broad hands-on knowledge of its products. Prior experience with health foods and ingredients will ease Jon’s transition into the role of promoting Ulrick & Short’s extensive range of clean label non-GM starches, proteins, fibres and flours to food technologists and product developers across the food manufacturing sector in the UK and worldwide. Ulrick & Short Director, Adrian Short explained: “I would be amazed if anyone could open their kitchen cupboards and not find at least one of the brands with which Jon has previously worked. We are very pleased to have Jon on board as his experience and technical skillset will perfectly enhance our existing team of hard working and talented professionals.” Jon added: “Ulrick & Short is very well known as a leading British starch specialist and I have been aware of the company and its ingredients for some time now. It has such an excellent reputation in the industry that I could not wait to be part of the team.”



INNOVATIVE SOLUTIONS has led food packaging specialist KM Packaging Services 01832 274944 to strengthen its commercial team with the appointment of a new Business Development Manager. Keir Davidson joins KM from global leader in fasteners, Velcro Industries, with over six years’ experience gained within flexible packaging manufacture and the supply chain. Keir worked closely with major packaging machine manufacturers and flexible film producers across Europe, supplying closure systems to a number of food sectors including fresh and frozen produce and confectionery – dovetailing perfectly with KM’s core customers. Building on his additional experience in technical product development, Keir’s responsibilities at KM will include a focus on maximising opportunities in the chilled and convenience food markets, initially in the UK and Europe. Keir commented: “Over the past few years I have become more and more involved in the packaging industry and have been fascinated by some of the recent technological developments. I was keen to develop my career directly in the sector and working with KM is a great opportunity to be at the forefront of clever new initiatives in flexible packaging.” KM Packaging commercial director Graham Holding added: “Interest in our products especially our innovative new Superguard Oven film - from customers throughout the world has grown so rapidly that we needed to strengthen our commercial team in order to deal

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effectively with all the opportunities. Keir will be a real asset to the company, bringing fresh thinking as well as significant experience in businessto-business packaging sales.


HE INSTITUTE OF FOOD SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY 020 7603 6316 and Wiley are delighted to announce that Professor Charles Brennan has been appointed as the new Editor-in-Chief for the International Journal of Food Science & Technology (IJFST). Charles has been a dedicated Editorial Board member on the Journal and this, combined with his background and experience, means he is well-positioned to build on the successes of IJFST. Charles is Professor of Food Science at Lincoln University in New Zealand and has experience in education both in Australasia and in Europe. He is a respected academic, researcher and manager, having held previous positions at Durham University, Plymouth University, Massey University and Manchester Metropolitan University. He is a Fellow of the Institute of Food Science & Technology as well as being a Fellow of the Linnean Society for over 20 years and is a well-known conference speaker and author of over 150 scientific writings. The current Editor, Professor Chris Smith, will be officially stepping down from his role in November 2013. However, in order to ensure a smooth and thorough handover, Charles and Chris will be working together from July this year. “Taking up the Editor-inChief ’s position on the International Journal of Food Science & Technology is a both a great privilege and challenging responsibility. The Journal and the Institute of Food Science & Technology have a long and privileged history, being wellrespected throughout the globe. It is my aim to develop the Journal to be the first reference point for thought leaders of food science and technology across the world”, said Charles Brennan. “Professor Smith has been a great advocate of the Journal for


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these last 10 years and, as Editorin-Chief, has brought on the Journal to become a wellrespected source of food science research. We are therefore delighted to have been able to appoint Charles as our new Editor-in-Chief and look forward to working with him as he builds on the success of IJFST and develops the Journal in what appears to be a new and exciting era in research publishing”, said Jon Poole, (Chief Executive, Institute of Food Science & Technology).


INX PRINTING TECHNOLOGIES 01480 302100 the leading global provider of coding and marking equipment, has announced the appointment of Nigel Hood as Managing Director. Nigel Hood joins the St Ives, Cambridgeshire based company from Hach, where he was most recently Business Unit Director for the Particle Counting business. Like Linx, Hach is part of the Danaher group, which Hood joined in 2002 following its acquisition of Orbisphere, where he was VP Sales and Marketing. He replaces the outgoing Linx Managing Director Jennifer Honeycutt, who has been appointed President at Beckman Coulter Life Sciences. Nigel Hood is a graduate of Nottingham University with a BSc degree. He began his working career with ELE International UK in various commercial leadership roles before becoming Managing Director at GLI International Ltd UK. He comments: “Having worked outside the UK for 14 years I am excited about the challenge of returning home, to a business where I look forward to building on a strong track record of global growth at the forefront of coding and marking innovation.” Group President of Product Identification at Danaher, Joakim Weidemanis, says: “Building on Nigel’s outstanding experience leading businesses at Danaher and his strong commercial background, I am very confident that he will continue the strong leadership that drives our growth at Linx. “I thank Jennifer for her strong leadership and the impact her contributions are having on our

growth at Linx. Jennifer’s leadership over the last three years has been critical in driving excellent overall results at our Linx business and leading and growing the business globally.”


INE FOOD DISTRIBUTOR RH AMAR 01494 530200 has appointed its first dedicated Category Insights Manager. Marcus Blowers joins the High Wycombe-based supplier from a similar role for Associated British Food’s Jordans and Ryvita brands, where he was Category Manager for Savoury Biscuits. Marcus has spent more than a decade as a leading category manager, having also worked for Nestlé Waters and Heinz. Prior to that, he learned about the grocery trade on the shop floor for Safeway, working his way up to deputy store manager before joining the retailer’s space planning team in London. In his new role, he will support RH Amar’s Product Marketing Team as the company’s portfolio of brands continues to expand. The company now supplies more than 40 popular brands, including Crespo olives, Del Monte canned fruits, Cirio tomatoes, Sacla’ pesto and Starbucks coffee, across a dozen ambient retail and foodservice categories. Marcus added: “I cannot think of a better time to be joining an exciting and dynamic business like RH Amar: “The company has a fantastic portfolio of brands and operates in many of the fastestgrowing categories. My role will be to help the commercial team to spot new opportunities and gaps in the market, as well as providing retailers and customers with compelling reasons to stock our brands.”


HE GFSI +33 182 009595 Board is pleased to announce that Neil Marshall, Global Director, Quality & Food Safety, The Coca-Cola Company has been appointed to the Board. Neil takes up the position vacated by D V Darshane who has recently taken up a new position within the Coca-Cola Company in Europe. Neil’s responsibilities include

defining global strategy, policy, programmes, requirements and initiatives for quality and food safety to ensure product integrity, whilst reducing risks across the supply chain. Neil joined Coca-Cola Enterprises UK in June 1999. Since then, he has held several Quality and Supply Chain technical lead roles within the UK and Europe before moving to a global position in Atlanta, USA in 2009. Neil led a global Food Safety project team in 2007-08 to mitigate supply chain risks prior to the 2008 Beijing Olympics, was the technical crisis management lead for the 2010 South Africa World Cup and for the 2012 London Olympics. Neil also led the development of a collaborative food and packaging industry steering group responsible for the development of PAS 223: Prerequisite Programmes and Design Requirements for Food Safety for Food Packaging which was published in July 2011. Neil is a longstanding member of the GFSI Technical Working Groups and is also the Vice President and Board member of SSAFE. “I am honoured to join the GFSI Board and work with this exceptional team of food safety leaders,” Neil said. “GFSI is changing the way food safety is managed across the global supply chains and benefitting the entire food industry by its collaborative work. I look forward to sharing my knowledge and experiences and contributing to the future strategy and success of GFSI.”


HE UK’S INDUSTRY VOICE FOR ORGANICS, the Organic Trade Board (OTB) 020 7837 1228 has recently reviewed its committee and Produce World’s Marketing Director Andrew Ovens has been elected to join the lineup. The OTB is a not-for-profit organisation, coordinated by business leaders from across the industry to develop, promote and support organic trade in the UK. As one of the UK’s largest growers and suppliers of organic vegetables, Produce World has long been a supporter of the sector. Every year the OTB committee

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opens its doors to industry experts who have an expressed interest in making their views heard. With over 20 years’ experience in the food sector, Andrew was a natural choice for a place on the committee. Andrew Ovens said: “Produce World has long been an advocate of organic and a large proportion of our business is focused on the sector. We farm our own land and work with our long-term partners to grow and supply the best organic produce into retail. “I have a wealth of sales, marketing and NPD experience and a great track record of developing award-winning campaigns. I am very much looking forward to contributing thoughts and ideas at committee meetings on how we can really drive the organics industry forward.” Paul Moore, OTB Chair said: “Andrew is a welcome addition to the committee and his experience speaks for itself. The committee has welcomed a number of fantastic industry experts this year, all of whom will help to grow, educate and excite the organics category.”


HIS AUGUST, PACKAGING RESEARCH EXPERT, Stergios Bititsios, and sensory scientist, Christine Barnagaud will join the judging panel of the Quality Food Awards. Stergios and Christine are both directors at MMR Research Worldwide (MMR) 01491 824999. Already a valued judge at last year’s UK packaging awards, packaging and design director Stergios will judge the Deli category, while Christine will lend her sensory science experience to the Christmas Chilled Savoury, Christmas Meat/ Fish and Christmas Grocery ambient awards. Reviewing products from several categories, including fish, soups and ready meals across 47 food awards, the event recognises great flavours, high quality ingredients, excellent value, and outstanding packaging which increases retail success. “The Quality Food Awards honour the best the industry has to offer, and we are delighted at MMR that myself and Stergios

have been asked to take part,” says Christine. “The festive season will soon be upon us, and I can not wait to sample the entries and get an early insight as to what food will be the ‘must have’ for Christmas 2013.” The judging panel is comprised of experts from across the industry, including chefs, food photographers, food writers and food technologists. For the first time in the awards' history, judging took place at the University of West London, Ealing, over a three week period in August. Helen Lyons, organiser of the Quality Food Awards, says: “I am delighted that Stergios Bititsios and Christine Barnagaud agreed to join judging panels at the awards. MMR’s expertise is highly valued in the industry and supports impartiality and robustness of the judging process that is crucial to the Quality Food Awards. “Winners of the categories that Stergios and Christine will judge have always been highly anticipated. The quality of this year’s entries is very high and it will be exciting to see which products woo the judges and will be crowned the best ones in 2013.” The winners will be revealed at a presentation ceremony on Thursday 7 November at the Grosvenor House Hotel on Park Lane.


IANFRANCO ZOPPAS, CHAIRMAN OF SIPA GROUP +39 0438 911511 has announced that Enrico Gribaudo has been appointed member of SIPA’s board of directors. Making the announcement, Gianfranco remarked that the company is now a recognized technological leader for PET packaging for beverage, food products from pellet to pallet. SIPA is showing progress in several sectors, most notably in PET preform solutions with all time records in market share. Part of Zoppas Industries Group, it is headquartered in Vittorio Veneto, Italy. Enrico Gribaudo is General Manager at SIPA joined the company in June 2011 which has already led to the introduction of several innovative new products, the expansion of local branches,

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as well as improvements in service activities with the launch of its Life Cycle Service and improvement in spare part logistics. "With Enrico Gribaudo at its helm, SIPA has engaged in its growth projects with great success,” says Gianfranco Zoppas. “We are fully satisfied with his work in introducing excellent product innovations into the SIPA line-up, as well as in steering the company exactly in the right strategic direction. His appointment to the Board of Directors of the group will provide a greater managerial approach, which will lead us to being able to offer customer solutions that are even more qualified, efficient, and customized than before, in the very competitive market for equipment for the production of plastic containers."


QUEEN’S UNIVERSITY 028 9097 5292 Professor has been appointed to the new UK Food Economy Task Force which aims to boost the UK’s food economy through world class collaboration. Professor Chris Elliott, Director of the Institute for Global Food Security at Queen’s University, joins fifteen leaders from business, universities and government in the Task Force launched by the National Centre for Universities and Business (NCUB.). The task force will be chaired by Justin King, Chief Executive, Sainsbury’s and has been set up to ensure that business and university activities are aligned to get maximum economic impact for the UK globally and to keep the country at the forefront of food security. This is the latest high profile appointment for Professor Elliott who, last month, was chosen by the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs and the Department of Health to lead an independent review of Britain’s food system in light of the recent horsemeat fraud. Speaking about his most recent appointment, Professor Elliott said: “Food production is a truly global and highly competitive business. The UK must produce the highest quality graduates that will understand the complexities and opportunities of operating in


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the global marketplace. The establishment of the Task Force is an important step in the further development of vital industryacademia partnerships.” Dr David Docherty, CEO of the NCUB, said, “Industry and higher education must unite effectively to tackle the challenges of a world-leading food sector, and the Task Force will make a major contribution to this effective collaboration.” Professor Chris Elliott is Professor of Food Safety and Director of the Institute for Global Food Security at Queen’s University Belfast. The recently opened £33m Institute is improving global food security through the establishment of an international ‘food-fortress’ in Belfast. It will be a key partner in national and global efforts to provide the world’s growing population with a sustainable, safe and secure supply of high quality food.


VC +31 182 512411 have published the names of nineteen graduates from the NVC Course Programmes in Packaging 2012-2013, congratulating them on their achievement as NVC Packaging Technologist or NVC Packaging Manager. They received their diplomas from the independent examination authority at the annual Graduation Ceremony three weeks before. The 2012-2013 NVC graduates are: Valentijn van der Hammen (Cats-Haensel Flexible Packaging); Jan Visser (Ceva Container Logistics); Barry Geerligs (Den Hollander Food BV); Erwin Ballijns (DS Smith Packaging, Barneveld BV); Murat Izci (Elopak BV); Charlotte Devries (H J Heinz BV, Heinz Innovation Centre); Lisette Albrecht-Schoonderbeek (Instore Kids Corners); Marit Lintsen (Koninklijke Douwe Egberts BV, Vestiging Utrecht); Theo Martens (Merck Sharp & Dohme BV, MSD Haarlem); Anja van de Wetering - van der Steen (Nutricia Cuijk BV); Elle Glaser-Roosen (Packz BV); Stefanie Iemhoff (Perfetti Van Melle Benelux BV); Jelmer van Deijne (Ramakers Industriële Verpakkingen BV); Frits Savelkoul (SABIC Europe BV); Henk Roets (Schering-Plough Labo NV); Erik Bruggeling

(Smurfit Kappa Zedek Display & Packaging); Richard Roodbeen (van Soest BV); Nico Schenk (Vandemoortele Nederland); Angelique van de Nobelen. The names of the graduates and their companies were also added to the Official Register, bringing the total number of graduates since the introduction of the course programmes to 537. The NVC Course Programme in Packaging I is intended for packaging and product technologists, R&D personnel and quality control officers, as well as product managers, purchasers and account managers working in middle management. Upon passing the NVC Packaging Exam I, they receive the internationally recognised diploma NVC Packaging Technologist (middle management). The NVC Course Programme in Packaging II is intended for people who fulfil/aspire to a position of responsibility at upper management level with regard to the production of packaging and/or the packaging of products and/or the distribution and marketing of packaged products. Upon passing the NVC Packaging Exam II, they receive the internationally recognised diploma NVC Packaging Manager (upper management). The next group NVC Course Programme in Packaging I & II start in September.


HE FREIGHT TRANSPORT ASSOCIATION’S 01892 552255 President, Ian Veitch, has been presented with the Chairman’s Award at the United Kingdom Warehousing Association (UKWA) Annual Awards for Warehousing 2013 ceremony. The UKWA Chairman presents this award to an individual or company who has made a real and lasting contribution to the logistics industry. Ian was presented with the award by UKWA Chairman, John Maguire of Flexi Narrow Aisle. Ian Veitch is managing director of Yusen Logistics (UK) Ltd and has been a member of the FTA Board since 2008, taking over as President in April 2013. He commented: “I am absolutely delighted to receive this award. It is particularly significant for

Yusen Logistics as we were actually among the original founder members of UKWA, back in the very beginning.” Over 400 UKWA members and their guests, together with suppliers to the warehousing industry, attended the event, which took place at The Dorchester in London on 3 July. The Chairman’s Award was sponsored by Motorola Solutions.


HRISTIAN HERTEN was elected President of Eurovent Association. His election took place during the 56th Eurovent General Assembly hosted by the Danish professional association Dansk Ventilation. Herten holds the position as Director for Quality, Health and Safety, and Environment Management for GEA Refrigeration Technologies +49 234 9800. Christian Herten succeeds Carlo Grossi (of DelClima, Italy), who had led the Eurovent Association from 2010. Since 2007 Herten, as Vice President on the Eurovent Board, had served the interests of the European heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and refrigeration sector (HVAC-R) as delegate of VDMA (German engineering association). In addition to his profound experience in the associations of the HVAC-R sector, Herten can also call on his long years of commitment in the area of air treatment and refrigeration at GEA.




Valve booster for fast, precise control

High pressure control valves An ultra-high pressure control valve that is designed to operate on applications with upstream pressures of up to 60,000psi is the latest addition to the Badger Meter Control Valve range. Available in the UK through liquids handling specialists Pump Engineering, the Type HP-60 control valve utilises a 17-4PH body along with a solid Stellite® inner valve assembly. The HP-60 valve is ideal for use in industrial research and process pilot plants on liquids and gases, with typical applications being chemical injection, for example in the production of high pressure, low density polyethylene (HPLDPE). Standard features include, pressure rating to 60,000psi (4135Bar) at 100°F, a wide range of

interchangeable trims, choice of linear or quick opening trims, ANSI Class lll shutoff (size P-1 through P-9) and ANSI Class lV shutoff (size K through O). The inner valve (plug and seat) is constructed from solid Stellite® while Titanium Nitride coated Stellite is available as an option. Standard packing is Torlon®/PFA CV rings. The valves can be supplied with standard (air-to-open, air-fail-close, air-to-close, air-fail open) actuators. However, actuators in Stainless Steel with integral top mounted positioner or side mounted positioner, are also available. A wide range of accessories, such as filter regulators, gauges, I/P converter, limit switches and solenoids, are also offered.

Contact Pump Engineering on tel 01903 730900 or visit

A new design of booster which eliminates the time-consuming trial and error procedures associated with the fine tuning of control valves is available from valve specialists Samson Controls. As a result of its precisely manufactured bypass restriction, the booster can be adjusted exactly and lead-sealed in this set-up ensuring valuable time saved, whilst also minimising potential start-up problems. As the booster is completely pressure balanced it provides a stable output, even under fluctuating pressure conditions. The signal pressure is transmitted with a defined hysteresis, without loss (gain 1:1) and emits minimal noise. Another important benefit is that only the booster’s functional parts come into contact with instrument air, alternatively the booster’s exhaust air port can be protected from the weather or other environmental factors. When used in combination with a positioner the booster allows control valves with large pneumatic actuators to be controlled quickly and precisely, even in applications with high flow rates or significant pressure drops. Contact Samson Controls on tel 01737 766391 or visit

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Extended range of stainless steel fittings Axium Process, specialist stainless steel fabricators, has further extended its range of stocked stainless steel tube and pipe fittings to support customer requirements in terms of material specification, consistent product quality, next day delivery and value for money across a wide range of industries including biotechnology, pharmaceutical, food, beverage and dairy. The company’s comprehensive range of hygienic stainless steel clamp fittings now includes both forged and machined clamp ferrules and its heavy duty clamps are available in both 304 and 316 stainless steel in line with customer demand. Stocked tube and pipe fittings include fully traceable ASME BPE, Clamp, RJT, DIN, IDF,

SMS, BSP unions, bends, tees, Y pieces, concentric and eccentric reducers, hosetails, equal cross pieces, seals and 316L stainless steel hygienic tube to ASTM 270. For customers requiring stainless steel fittings and component fabrication to site specific operating conditions and requirements, Axium Process can provide a fast track specialist stainless steel fabrication service delivering engineering solutions and expertise based on a wealth of stainless steel experience. In-house processes include orbital, spot and manual welding, machining, fabrication, polishing, pickling and passivation as well as ferroxyl and dye penetrant testing, pressure testing to 110Bar and certificated surface finishing to 0.2Ra.

Contact Axium Process on tel 01792 883882 or visit

3M develops dedicated PPE 3M has developed a specialist range of Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) for the food and beverage manufacturing industry. The 3M Food and Beverage range includes earmuffs, earplugs, disposable respirators and safety spectacles. Aura 9400+ Disposable Respirators from 3M offer protection against particulate hazards related to food and beverage production, such as flour or grain dust. Designed to stand out, the new respirators are a highly visible bright blue colour and feature a concealed metal nose clip, which keeps the mask securely in place and also means it is metal-detectable in line with customer needs. It has also been designed without staples or small, detachable parts. The 3-Panel flat-fold design accommodates a wide range of face shapes and sizes and allows for easier facial movements, making the respirators easier to talk through. Additional features include a technically-advanced filter material that combines effective performance with low breathing resistance to allow the wearer to breathe more easily during the course of their working day. An embossed top panel also reduces airflow through the top of the respirator, which helps to minimise the fogging of eyewear. A high proportion of processes in the food and beverage industry – operations such as bottling and milling for example - exceed the Upper Exposure Action Value of 85dB(A)* for noise – when hearing protection must be provided. A common issue for workers wearing protective earmuffs is that moisture can be

absorbed and condensed water builds up in the cups and headband, leading to hygiene issues and discomfort for the wearer. The Peltor Optime II Food Earmuff by 3M has been developed using a special foam and headband cushion design. The foam is premoulded to give optimal fit to the ear cups and gives better thermal isolation, which prevents moisture and heat build-up whilst retaining the correct level of attenuation. Comfortable, hygienic and easy to clean, the earmuffs are white in colour to help increase visibility of cross contamination. As part of the E-A-R Passive Hearing Range by 3M, the new E-A-R Tracer 20 Reusable Earplugs have been launched to include a robust, pocket-sized storage box, to allow for easier storage and reuse. Available in a nonfood coloured blue, these re-usable corded earplugs are low attenuating, so ideal for processes where noise levels are below 95dB(A) or anywhere contamination needs to be considered. They are also fully metal detectable. From particles in the air to water and chemical splashes, food-related activities can also pose potential eye hazards. The Tora CCS (Cord Control System) Safety Spectacles by 3M have been designed to provide eye protection whilst keeping corded earplugs attached, untangled and ready for use at all times. This integrated system reduces the loss of both eyewear and earplugs that can not only reduce expenses for replacements but more importantly can help to avoid potential contamination issues.

Contact 3M on tel 0870 608 0060 or visit


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Infor’s Implementation Accelerator for food & beverage The Infor Implementation Accelerator has been launched for food and beverage industry customers. The solution is designed for organisations that want to implement an enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution quickly, while still benefiting from its flexibility to support future growth. Infor Implementation Accelerators are preconfigured industry and product solutions that are based on the latest version of the Infor application suites to deliver core industry processes for confectionery, dairy, bakery, protein, fruit and vegetables, and other food manufacturing companies. The reduced implementation time can help decrease cost, minimise risk and speed time-tovalue for customers in the food & beverage processing industry. By simplifying implementation, these pre-build solutions provide a more immediate opportunity for business improvement to help drive a faster return on investment. The Infor Implementation Accelerator solution delivers preconfigured business processes, training material, and templates to create more immediate value. By tailoring to the needs of the multiple departments within a food and beverage company, customers achieve more value in areas such as customer service, production, procurement, finance, and quality control. “Food and beverage manufacturers of all sizes face similar challenges when dealing with short-shelf life materials, regulatory compliance, volatile demand, and an increasingly complex supply chain,” said Mike Edgett, Food & Beverage Industry Strategy Director. “Infor recognises these challenges and responds with a tailored approach that streamlines the implementation process to help decrease implementation costs.” As an organisation changes and grows, it is easier to expand the scale and scope of their solution and integrate it more fully with other applications. Employing an Infor Implementation Accelerator can be the final step or just the first step towards an ongoing process of building functionality and continuous IT improvement. The Infor Implementation Accelerator for process manufacturing is designed to reduce cost, marginalise risk and deliver a faster production time.

Contact Infor on tel 01252 556000 or visit

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3M transforms safety eyewear Extensive scientific research by 3M has led to a ground-breaking development in safety eyewear and the launch of a new product range ideal for workers in the food and beverage sector. SecureFit Protective Eyewear by 3M is the first range to feature Pressure Diffusion Temple Technology, designed by 3M to provide noticeably higher levels of personal comfort and security of fit. Incorporating flexible ribs into the temple area of the frame, 3M Pressure Diffusion Temple Technology allows SecureFit eyewear to self-adjust to the size and shape of the wearer’s head, reducing slippage and movement while in use. It also enhances comfort by dispersing pressure across the temple area. Nikita Shah, Technical Engineer from the Personal Safety division of 3M, explained: “3M understands how challenging it is to fit a diverse workforce with safety eyewear that provides effective protection and comfort to all. “Our research has shown that 71 percent of the health and safety officers we surveyed put non-compliance down to discomfort*. 3M undertook comprehensive research into face shapes and sizes throughout the world including detailed digital modelling. The result is the development of Pressure Diffusion Temple Technology which, without the need for any adjustment by the user, helps to diffuse pressure across the temple while holding the frame securely in place for a secure and comfortable fit.” Featuring a stylish, lightweight design weighing only 18g, SecureFit Protective Eyewear is available in three lens colours (clear, grey or yellow) with anti-fog and anti-scratch coatings. SecureFit Protective Eyewear meets the requirements of EN166:2001 and also absorbs 99.9 per cent of UVA and UVB radiation thanks to its polycarbonate lens. * 2Europe, UK, September 2010

Contact 3M on tel 0870 608 0060 or visit

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Metal detectable food scoops A range of food scoops has been introduced by Detectamet for dispensing and measuring ingredients and finished products in the food industry. They are made from the company’s detectable high impact polypropylene and are available in three sizes of 250ml (8.8oz), 500ml (17.6oz) and 1000ml (35.2oz). The scoops have inner graduation marking for easy measurements when dispensing ingredients such as flour and sugar. The handle offers a sturdy, comfortable grip and with a hole for hanging and easy storage. Each scoop has its size stamped on the handle for instant recognition and the flat bottoms allow them to safely sit flat on counter tops and tables and can be stacked easily when not in use. The small scoop is marked in 50ml and in 2oz increments, the medium is marked in 100ml and in 3oz increments and the large scoop measures in 200ml and in 5oz increments. The one-piece manufacture means that these easy to clean scoops offer due diligence solutions to cleaning risks and the

detectability greatly reduces the risk of product contamination when post production detection systems are installed. The plastic has been approved for contact with food according to the requirements of the US and EU standards. The new stainless steel cutter and scraper from Detectamet is a simple general purpose design favoured by many food craftsmen because it is easy to use for a number of tasks. It is easy to grip and manoeuvre when mixing, scooping, dividing and transferring ingredients. This handy tool easily divides pastry and portioning dough and when the task is complete the tool is very effective at cleaning the moist residue from work surfaces. This cutter/scraper is also a handy tool for lifting and flipping delicate foods during the cooking or baking process. The 150mm (6in) blade is inscribed with both imperial and metric measurements to help when portioning and dividing dough or pastry. At 150gm or just over 5oz this sturdy but lightweight tool is easy to use and easy to clean.

Contact Detectamet on tel 01759 304200 or visit

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Omni-directional vibration switches FFE’s next generation range of omni-directional vibration switches is the only choice available for reliable machine protection for unknown or unpredicted angles of vibration. Easy to install correctly and suitable for use at a wide range of operational temperatures, it uses technology proven in the field to detect even small changes in vibration in any and all directions. Designed to be the lightest and smallest on the market, the full suite of weatherproof and explosion proof variants comply with the latest Regulations, Standards and Directives. Weighing around 1.5kg and measuring only 170mm x 136mm x 44mm, the switches have been made more resilient and rugged than ever before, whilst retaining their simple reliability and ease of installation and use.

Where the directionality of vibration cannot be completely controlled or known in advance, FFE’s switches are believed to be the only ones available on the market to work effectively as they are responsive to vibration in all planes and angles of motion. On vibrating machines for example, the switch is set up directly on the machine itself during normal running operation, and is therefore very sensitive to changes in peak acceleration as low as 0.5g in horizontal, vertical and lateral axes. The switches feature a modern design that offers maximum benefits to both the installer and user, and are supported by instructions, guidance and after sales support. Improved documentation is also available on FFE’s website, to help users in selecting the right product.

Contact Fire Fighting Enterprises on tel 01462 444740 or visit

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Bühler takes the lead in reducing mycotoxins in challenging sort applications TECHNOLOGY // #foodtec

New SORTEX A Multivision optical sorter delivers exceptional food quality and safety through advanced defect inspection technology

Bühler technology reduces aflatoxins in maize

SORTEX A targets sclerotia in sunflower seeds


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The Bühler Group, a global leader in optical sorting solutions, has further strengthened its leadership in optimised food processing for challenging applications, with the launch of its most advanced high capacity optical sorter yet. Equipped with industry leading custom-designed Multivision camera technology, the SORTEX A MultiVision is designed to deliver exceptional yield, through superior defect and foreign material detection. It excels in the most difficult of dry commodity food sorting applications, where the strictest levels of food quality and safety are demanded. “Mycotoxicology is currently a subject of international importance. With the increasing incidence of mycotoxins in the food chain - toxic to humans and animals - processors of a wide variety of foods, all over the world, are seeking more reliable sorting solutions. They need to remove these defects cost-effectively so that their commodities will meet the safety standards demanded of them,” explained Bühler SORTEX R&D Director, Matt Kelly. “This is a major health issue for the consumer. So, in response to this need, we have invested heavily in the development of our most advanced optical sorter that is suited to a wide variety of dry commodity applications, including nuts, seeds, coffee and grain. Blighted product from a range of foodstuffs can be targeted thus reducing mycotoxin levels in sunflower seeds (sclrotia), in wheat (vomitoxin), in barley (fusarium), in rye (ergot), in peanuts (aflatoxins), in tree nuts (aflatoxins) and in maize (aflatoxins). As Matt Kelly explained: “The optical sorter’s Advanced Multivision Inspection System is a key element, driving its phenomenal sorting performance. This enhanced inspection system, with its four wavelength technology [visible and infrared] and PROfile [shape] detection technology, is able to identify defects not possible with RGB technologies”. Processors who seek ultra-precise sorting for high volume applications can benefit from Bühler’s state-of-the-art Enhanced InGaAs camera technology. This has been created specifically for high-speed optical sorting, enabling the Sortex A MultiVision to identify the subtlest of colour defects, which means it can remove contaminated product and ‘same-colour’ foreign material with outstanding accuracy. Matt Kelly continued: “Managing highly contaminated input product also becomes easier, thanks to a user interface with improved mapping technology and an enhanced background design that provides better detection of subtle colour variations, spot defects and foreign material. We expect businesses in many different sectors to see the benefits of this new sorter, because it delivers faster performance and finer sort qualities, for higher capacity processors.”

Red River installs Sortex A ColourVision InGaAs following its recent launch

#foodtec // TECHNOLOGY

Bühler SORTEX A MultiVision delivers exceptional food quality and safety through advanced defect inspection technology

The 5-chute design provides processors with maximum sort configuration flexibility, providing both re-sort and simultaneous sort on the same machine. This delivers superior efficiency and productivity, with sort capacities of up to 15 tonnes/hr, depending on the commodity and application. Maintenance requirements are kept to a minimum. Sophisticated dust management, including sealed optical and control boxes protecting essential components from dust, minimise downtime and increase hourly capacity and yield. Low power and low air consumption, along with long-life, high-speed ejectors, further reduce operational and maintenance costs. The US-based Red River Commodities Inc, has raised the output quality of its sunflower seeds to near-perfect purity whilst simultaneously increasing yield by 50 percent, following their installation of Bühler’s innovative high capacity optical sorter. Red River’s Operations and Engineering Manager, Todd Mondry, said: “Thanks to the SORTEX A, we are able to demonstrate finished sunflower seed product quality of 99.99 percent purity. We are also demonstrating higher capacities, with significantly higher recovery rates on our in-shell sunflower processing lines. As Todd Mondry explained, customers now expect near perfect quality from every confectionary sunflower seed they buy. “The confection sunflower hybrids produce seeds that are about one inch long. These large seeds have made it difficult for traditional graincleaning equipment to clean sunflowers reliably and efficiently, without excessive loss of good seeds. Adding SORTEX colour sorters into our process really has put us at the cutting edge of seed-cleaning capability.” “When sorting sunflower seeds we have to remove FMs of varying shades of colour, size and shape, including sunflower head patty, plant stalk, sticks, cockleburs, corn, sclerotia, soybeans and rocks, to name just a few. These defects can be easily removed from the

All types of peanut defects including the very subtle yellows can be sorted good seed with very high accuracy and very little loss of good seed.” Matt Kelly added: “Bühler SORTEX will continue to lead the market in the supply of advanced, high-capacity optical sorters, for the most challenging of toxin and foreign material sorting applications, building on our heavy investment in new product development, expansion of proprietary camera technology and strategic partnerships with leading global food processors.” Bühler SORTEX Managing Director, Hamid Kefayati, said: “The introduction to the global market of our most advanced optical sorter for dry commodities, cements Bühler's position as the leading optical sorting technology partner for food processors who are seeking to reduce the most challenging toxin defects from their yield. “This demonstrates our continued investment and commitment to supporting innovation in this growing sector. It also highlights the critical role that Bühler Sortex optical sorters play in delivering maximum profitability in difficult mycotoxin applications and ensuring the highest levels of food safety standards,” he concluded. Bühler SORTEX is a worldwide brand recognised for intelligent premium technology and engineering quality in optical sorting, with a sorter installed base of over 25,000 machines worldwide and a global presence in over 140 countries, underpinned by The Bühler Group with over 150 years in process technology.

Thanks to the SORTEX A, we are able to demonstrate finished sunflower seed product quality of 99.99 percent purity. We are also demonstrating higher capacities, with significantly higher recovery rates on our in-shell sunflower processing lines.

Contact Bühler Sortex on tel 020 7055 7777 or visit

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Tong Peal exhibit at Potato Europe Tong Peal Engineering showcased its latest range of processing equipment at Europe’s largest potato exhibition in September, including new crop polishing system – the TPS-Pro Polisher. Designed with efficiency in mind, the new addition to the 2013 range features an electric direct drive inside each shaft, self-contained stainless steel motors within their own oil baths and waterproof sealed bearings. These key features virtually remove the need for equipment maintenance or lubrication, helping to reduce labour costs and improve efficiency. The polisher is also fitted with a unique drive system with gold-plated contact points for optimum longevity.

Available in a 14-brush model featuring a 3m x 800mm barrel as well as an 18 brush model with a 3m x 1050mm barrel, the TPS-Pro Polisher provides outputs of between 15–30 tonnes/hr and can be specified as a stand along model or retro fitted into an existing static line. “The TPS-Pro Polisher is our most effective independent polishing system ever, featuring the latest technologies and energy-efficient processes ensuring a quiet and efficient unit,” commented Charlie Rich, Export Sales Manager at Tong Peal. “Excellent build quality, hard-wearing fabrication and a two year warranty offers virtually maintenance-free vegetable polishing, which is perfect for multiple crop varieties.

Contact Tong Peal on tel 01790 752771 or visit

Laminar Flow Booth for industrial applications Flextraction, specialists in the dust and fume extraction industry, have introduced a Laminar Flow Booth to their extensive range of products and offer a modular unit in 2, 4 or 6m widths. Ideally suited to those environments where dust generation is unavoidable, cannot be contained or collected at source, it is designed to be used in conjunction with a full width, standard height (900mm) work bench. The unit provides laminar air-flow across the operator, extracting airborne respirable dust particles towards the rear of the booth, away from the operator’s breathing zone and operating with constant air flow, it prevents contamination

of the surrounding area. Using three stages of disposable filtration to remove the dust, with the final stage being through a High Efficiency Particle Air (HEPA) filter, the air is re-circulated back into the working environment via a diffuser, offering the added benefit of saving on heat loss. The unit comes fitted with three visual indicators to enable monitoring of the condition of the filters. Whilst designed for the extraction of dust, there is an option for the unit to be adapted for the removal of fumes, either through ventilation to atmosphere or via an activated carbon, enabling recirculation of the clean air back into the workplace.

Contact Flextraction on tel 01664 410641 or visit

Spiral dryer using blower-powered airknife A Spiral Drum Dryer suitable for food/ingredients has been introduced by Air Control Industries. It is designed for in-line, continuous drying processes with drying achieved via a blower-powered airknife. ACI’s Spiral Drum Dryer comprises a horizontally mounted, single-helix, rotating drum constructed from perforated stainless steel sheet. Feed product can be delivered via a simple chute, hopper or vibrating plate system. Product passes directly through the drum via the helix and is dried effectively and efficiently by a high-velocity ‘blade’ of air from the blower powered airknife, which is located in the centre of the drum and spans the full length of it. The height and pitch of the airknife can be adjusted

to suit product and throughput speed. The blower supplying air to the airknife in the Spiral Dryer is ACI’s Direct Drive Multi-Stage blower. Direct mounting of the impellers and low motor speeds deliver high-pressure performance with minimal noise levels. Additionally, the modular construction of the Multi-Stage offers a wide choice of performance characteristics and power supply options. The entire unit is manufactured in 304 stainless steel and the drum can be removed for easy cleaning or maintenance. The helix can be customised according to customer requirements and the blower can be installed remotely or mounted on top of the dryer. External drum dimensions are 1000mm long with a 600mm diameter.

Contact Air Control Industries on tel 0845 500 0501 or visit


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Loma Systems Atex21 - compliant metal detection The popular IQ metal detector head from Loma Systems is now available with Atex21 certification, providing in-processing metal detection in areas where a potentially explosive atmosphere exists. Explosive hazards can be found in many areas of the food industry: Milling plants, bakeries, snack factories and powder processing units contain airborne dust from materials such as flour, cocoa, rice, and grains. Following a painstaking development programme and a rigorous testing procedure, Loma Systems has been awarded Atex21 compliance, and is now available with the new detector head as a complete new system, or as a retrofit via the company’s network of OEM partners. Atex21 compliance has been achieved using a combination of low temperature electronics and advanced sealing techniques. David Phillips, R&D Manager at Loma Systems commented: “We are determined to bring the highest levels of safety to the food industry, both in the products that leave the factory, and in the welfare of its employees. This development has been driven by customers looking to increase efficiency whilst eliminating risk in the workplace, and the results reflect our absolute commitment to operator safety.” “After a long and challenging process, we can now offer high levels of detection performance within a Zone 21 environment, ensuring product integrity across a wide range of food and pharmaceutical products”. The IQ metal detector uses award-winning variable frequency technology, which allows the operator to auto-select the correct frequency, and an ‘Automatic Product Learn’ system. This enables it to calibrate and retain the characteristics and settings for up to 100 product lines. Designed to survive, the detector head performs well in harsh operating environments where rigorous wash-down procedures are needed. It also features an on-board performance validation system which tests performance at pre-set intervals, helping to create a detailed audit trail for each production run. This enables responsible manufacturers to demonstrate the highest levels of product integrity to the most demanding retail customers. This new accreditation supports the company's continued drive to build the toughest, most durable metal detectors on the market.

Contact Loma Systems on tel 01252 893300 or visit

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Jam busters drive hire service set to take off Control and automation specialist SoftStart UK has built a fleet of variable speed drive control cabinets that it is making available for hire, to address a growing need across many sectors of industry. The company’s Managing Director, Stuart Harvey says that in recent times there has been an increasing demand for prompt solutions to immediate situations. “We have always been able to respond quickly to technical enquiries, but during a recent bout of extreme weather our phones were red hot with calls from water pumping stations needing to step up their capacity and pump companies trying to cope with major flood incidents,” he explains. “With our weather patterns looking to become increasing volatile, we began to think that having some panels ready and waiting would be a good idea.” Some further thought identified other potential hirers. The most obvious is the breakdown scenario, where critical plant must be brought back online as soon as possible. A small step on from this is scheduled maintenance of a hardworking plant, where hiring in a variable speed drive unit will enable production to be maintained while control panels are out of service. They can also be used for evaluation purposes, say to assess the energy savings or productivity improvements achieved by introducing variable speed capabilities to a system. Further there are many possibilities with conveying and materials handling, air conditioning, ventilation and air handling, and non-emergency aspects of the water industry. “The more we thought about it, the more opportunities we unearthed,” says Stuart. “We floated the idea to a few regular customers, who were all very positive.” SoftStart has built cabinets to cover from 22kW to 220kW, which it says will cover 90 percent of the applications they have identified. They expect demand for larger units to follow. All the cabinets are built to IP56 environmental standard, with techniques in place to upgrade this if required. They are configured to be ready to roll – users just wheel them to the location, plug them in and switch them on. “Recognising that they may be going into emergency or stressful situations, we have deliberately designed them to be as simple to use as possible,” Stuart explains. “We have looked at all the incompatibility issues and designed them out almost completely.” Contact Softstart UK on tel 01493 660510 or visit

Decagon WP4C Dewpoint Water Potentiometer Labcell has introduced the Decagon Devices WP4C Dewpoint Water Potentiometer for accurately analysing soils or other samples in as little as 5min. The WP4C looks similar to the instrument it supersedes but, in fact, the internal components have been completely redesigned and the instrument’s measurement range now approaches that available from tensiometers. Typically the WP4C water potentiometer will be used with soils, soil-less substrates, plant material and seeds, but it is equally applicable to substances as diverse as fruit, bricks and oil. The benchtop WP4C is simple and quick to use, yet it has a measurement range of -0.1 to 300MPa and an accuracy of +/-0.05MPa from 0 to -5MPa and +/-1 percent from -5 to 300MPa. This exceptional accuracy is due to the use of chilled mirror dewpoint technology to measure the sum of the osmotic and matric potentials in a sample - which is an AOACapproved method that conforms to the ASTM 6836 standard. To extend the range of the new instrument and enhance its accuracy, Decagon

Devices had to employ a temperature measurement system that is accurate to within 0.001°C, design a new hydrophobic sensor chamber and introduce linearised calibration. To use the instrument, a 7ml sample is loaded into a sample cup, which is then placed in the sample drawer. A knob is turned to seal the sample drawer, and the process is started. A reading is available in as little as five minutes, or the instrument can be run in Precise Mode to obtain the most accurate result. Users can set any measurement temperature between 15 and 40°C. As well as the water potential being shown on the integral display, data can be output via an RS232 connection. Furthermore, the data can be input to the Hyprop DES (Data Evaluation Software) package for fitting different water retention models (van Genuchten, van Genuchten Bimodal, and Brooks & Corey). Calibration is straightforward using saturated salt solutions, ready-to-use vials of which are available from Labcell if required.

Contact Labcell on tel 01420 568150 or visit

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VZWF valves operation in closed media circuits Festo has introduced the VZWF valve, a force pilot operated solenoid valve that can be used with water, air, and neutral media. This new valve utilises relatively small solenoids to control high pressures with large nominal diameters. The units can switch at pressures as low as zero bar and close automatically in the case of a pressure loss in the circuit. These valves can be applied in closed media circuits. The VZWF series is suitable for applications in which the medium can be vented downstream of the valve into the atmosphere or a tank. The VZWF is used for gaseous and

liquid material flows up to a maximum viscosity of 22 mm /s. Actuation is supported by the pressure of the medium, which enables smaller coils to be used with lower power requirements to open the valve. Applications for the VZWF valve include: filling systems (secondary circuit), water treatment, pipeline construction, steam boiler construction, liquid gas installations, hot water applications, heating circuits, power plant systems, petrochemical industry, pump systems, storage tank installations, and pneumatic automation systems. Contact Festo on tel 01252 775000 or visit

Large chamber lab autoclaves for bulky items The Priorclave RSC range of autoclaves with their taller, large rectangular steam sterilising chambers has become a popular choice for laboratories undertaking high-volume throughput or are frequently tasked with handling taller and bulkier items. And despite the large practical chamber size these autoclaves require only a relatively small floor area. To suit a diverse range of applications within food and drink, dairy and research laboratories, Priorclave is able to supply RSC autoclaves with a choice of steam generation – electrical or direct steam heated, alternatively they can be fitted with an in-house steam generator ideal where continuous sterilising applications take place. Five standard chamber sizes are available – 230, 285, 350, 450 and 700 litres, each model fitted with one of the most advanced microprocessor control systems to guide operators through simple set-up procedures. This ensures laboratories optimise the autoclave performance in relation to the media being processed helping to reduce running costs. All RSC autoclaves are equipped with a patented large hand-wheel door closure system for easy safe opening/closing of the rigid robust hinged door. An inherent feature is the

fitting of a thermal and pressure lock system to the lower hand-wheel, this prevents door opening at load temperature above 80°C and pressures above 0.2bar thus averting potential accidents through discharge of hot, highpressurised steam. As standard the autoclaves are fitted with an automatic water-fill however as a dedicated autoclave manufacturer Priorclave is able to incorporate a number of options into the standard steriliser framework of these high capacity sterilisers such as water cooling jackets, pre-cycle vacuum in which multiple vacuum stages are programmed with interspersed heating to achieve greater steam penetration of difficult media as well as post cycle drying. By adding Biomaster Protection into the exterior epoxy coating, a highly effective and permanent treatment for control of harmful bacteria has been achieved, making any surface cleaner, more hygienic and providing durable lifelong protection against the threat of cross contamination. This tough special epoxy finish is proven to reduce bacterial growth by up to 99.99 percent and is highly effective against MRSA, E.coli, Listeria, Legionella, Campylobacter, Salmonella, Pseudomonas and over 50 other species.

Contact Priorclave on tel 020 8316 6620 or visit


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New Thorworld ramps Leading loading and unloading specialist Thorworld Industries has launched a new range of low-cost ramps specifically designed to allow easier access into standard shipping containers. While generally situated at ground level, shipping containers usually have a lip between the ground and the container floor that complicates the effectiveness of forklift trucks when unloading pallets. Ground Level Container Access Ramps provide a means of bridging this gap to enable the trucks to enter the container at a gentle incline for a safer, smoother unloading process. “The complexity of ground level containers is often overlooked because companies assume unloading will be easy until they realise that the lip provides a significant obstacle,” explains John Meale, Managing Director of Thorworld Industries. “The problem can be resolved simply with the addition of a small ramp, and we are delighted to offer this new range to customers.” The ramps, which are supplied in 6,000kg and 10,000kg capacities, are available in two designs to accommodate the nature of goods that need to be moved. The ramp-only model is an inclined ramp leading straight up to the container floor, which incorporates two grooves at the bottom of the ramp to allow movement by forklift truck. This allows the operator to hoist, push and position the ramp next to the container quickly and effectively without needing to leave the forklift truck or ask a colleague for assistance. For operations where pallets are stacked high, Thorworld offers an integrated rampand-platform model that provides operators with an extended level working area to allow more accurate positioning and movement of pallets close to the container roof. This model is moved using the lifting pockets in the side of the ramp by forklift truck. “Without the platform, there is the danger of the pallets bumping into the container ceiling – a risk both to the integrity of the goods and the safety of the unloading operation,” explains Mark James, Q,H&S Manager, Thorworld Industries. While the new range of ramps is designed for use with standard shipping containers, Thorworld can accommodate bespoke requirements for customers with temperature-controlled containers or other unusual designs featuring raised or set-back floor levels.

Contact Thorworld Industries on tel 01246 260981 or visit

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Windows 7/8 migration an urgent imperative for companies A leading IT firm has alerted that underestimating the process of upgrading their operating systems to Windows 7/8 could land companies in a compromised position when Microsoft ends support for Windows XP. This crucial process of migration calls for a complete metamorphosis, and entails more than just software changes. ITC Infotech is therefore urging organisations to address without any delay, the conflicts that may arise from the switch to a new operating system. ITC Infotech, which specialises in upgrading businesses to newer operating systems, says that many firms, particularly SMEs, currently do not have a mature enough IT estate to roll out Windows 7/8. The company cautions that those who do not begin the migration period now could overshoot the April 8 deadline next year and end up with machines that can suddenly become a huge cost centre instead of being assets for the company. Businesses are in a race against time to upgrade their operating systems to Windows 7/8, with Microsoft announcing that it is ending its support for Windows XP in under a year’s time. However according to ITC Infotech, as many companies may have to upgrade their hardware first, the support and transition period should be adequate to help staff to acclimatise to their new IT environment. Hardeep Singh Garewal, President – European Operations, ITC Infotech, said, “The move from Windows XP to Windows 7/8 represents a complete paradigm shift that businesses must be prepared for. The move is more of a transformation than migration because the look and feel of the Graphical User Interface, the operating system behaviour and the architecture of Windows 7/8 are completely different. The shift, therefore, calls for two critical elements to be addressed. Evaluating the hardware adequacy of the Computing platforms, and more importantly, assessing the compatibility of applications and remedying any conflicts. We have seen many production estates still sitting on platforms that are older than 5 years. A prerequisite would be to have all hardware platforms Windows 7/8 ready, and the rationalised set of applications, fully remedied and tested in a Windows 7/8 production environment.” ITC Infotech has already worked with numerous blue chip companies globally to migrate their IT infrastructure to newer operating systems. The company’s offering is bolstered by strategic partnerships with key players in the industry to create streamlined and focussed solutions that can offer substantial savings over their competitors. Hardeep further stated: “Transformation to

Windows 7/8 should not be looked at in terms of ROI only; it should be prioritised as a necessity. A series of basic enablers need to be put in place such as the application landscape, hardware landscape and a comprehensive project plan for deployment. These can all be handled by the same provider

but should not be delayed until next year. Once the deadline date is surpassed, it will cost up to three times as much to continue to receive support for XP, and then after a short period, that too will be cut off altogether. It is therefore imperative for companies that the transformation begins now.”

Contact ITC Infotech on tel 01908 230055 or visit

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Ex-approved permanent magnet synchronous motor Leading gear drive specialist, Bauer Gear Motor, has launched the world's first Ex rated, IE4 Super Premium Efficiency motor. Taking Ex rated motors to the highest level of energy efficiency, the new S Series is the latest development to Bauer's PMSM (permanent magnet synchronous motor) range. An IE4 rating is the highest energy efficiency that can currently be achieved within motor technology, making the S Series the world's most efficient motor for use in explosion hazardous areas. Motors for use in explosion hazardous areas are exempt from the EU regulations on minimum energy efficiency because, clearly, explosion protection takes precedence over energy savings. This has put some industries at a disadvantage when trying to improve the overall efficiency of their operations. While safety has to be prioritised in such environments, historically this exemption has meant that operators are missing out on potential energy savings of as much as 40 percent. Fortunately Bauer Gear Motor, part of Altra Industrial Motion, has a long history of working within such sectors and has developed the S Series of Ex rated IE4 motors. The launch of the S Series means that applications which require motors to be specified and designed to meet ATEX classifications, can

now benefit from similar energy savings as found in other industrial areas. Currently most Ex e (Increased Safety) rated variable speed three-phase induction motors on the market are generally available in standard efficiency class IE1. While the efficiency of these can be improved with the addition of frequency inverters, they still fall well short in comparison to the improved design of IE3. IE4 motors are now implemented in the IEC standard IEC 6003430 Edition 2 draft, in addition to the newly included IE efficiency level classified for variable speed motors. The S Series offers the best of both worlds; Ex e rating with the potential to achieve energy savings of up to 40 percent compared to an IE2 inverter- driven squirrel cage motor. The S series is part of Bauer's PMSM motor range which has been proven to provide the best possible energy efficiency. The range of motors are available from 0.55kW to 15kW and are classified for Zones 1 and 21. Not only are they superior at converting electrical energy into mechanical power, they also offer the added benefit of maintaining constant speed independent of the load. This means that motor speed does not vary, despite overload variations, or cases of voltage drop, as long as the mains frequency is kept constant.

Contact Bauer Gear Motor on tel +49 711 3512 8276 or visit

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IWM’s innovative bin washer boosts productivity Featuring automatic bin size selection and ultra efficient travelling wash jets, the innovative new ET75 bin washer from Industrial Washing Machines (IWM) delivers significantly enhanced productivity and cleaning performance compared with conventional bin washers. The new machine is designed for use with 200kg and 400kg Eurobins or, in the export version, 400lb and 600lb dump buggies. It can handle up to 75 bins/hr, and is ideally suited for use in large meat and food processing plants. Automatic bin size selection means that bins of mixed sizes can be loaded into the machine in any order, which eliminates the need for tedious and time wasting bin sorting. It also means that the loading cradle requires no manual adjustment to cater for the different bin sizes, which once again provides valuable time savings for users of the machine. The travelling wash jets employed in the main wash section of the machine continuously traverse back and forth while the bin is held stationary, which means that each bin is subjected to multiple jetting cycles. This provides far superior cleaning compared with the conventional arrangement where the bin moves continuously past fixed wash jets and,

therefore, receives only a single jetting cycle. IWM’s new ET75 bin washer uses a fourstage washing process. The first stage is a prewash at ambient temperature, which removes major soiling. To ensure economical water usage, the pre-wash water is re-circulated via an easy-to-clean stainless-steel filter. The second stage is a re-circulating detergent wash at 60 C, with the wash water applied to the bin via the travelling jet system. This is followed by a final rinse at 85 C, with the rinse water once again re-circulated via a filter. Because the bins receive a final rinse at high temperature, they flash dry almost instantly and are ready for immediate re-use or transfer to storage. Alternatively, an optional fourth stage can be provided. This is a freshwater rinse at mains water temperature, with provision for the rinse water to be dosed with sanitising chemicals. The ET75 bin washer has been built to be efficient in operation, easy to maintain and durable. All major components are manufactured from stainless steel to ensure hygiene and long life, and all user serviceable items readily accessible. The machine has been carefully designed to eliminate sharp corners and cavities that could act as dirt traps and is, therefore, exceptionally easy to clean.

Contact Industrial Washing Machines on tel 0121 459 9511 or visit

PHS Washrooms add Dyson Airblade V to range PHS Washrooms, the UK’s leading supplier of washroom services, today announced the addition of the Dyson Airblade V hand dryer to its range of hand driers. Using concentrated Airblade™ technology, the Dyson Airblade V hand dryer dries hands hygienically in just 10 seconds. Using the Dyson digital motor, one of the world’s smallest 1600W motors, the Dyson Airblade V uses two sheets of 430mph air to separate hands and scrape off water like a windscreen wiper. Dyson’s new Airblade™ hand dryers are the result of nearly three years’ intensive R&D by a team of 125 Dyson engineers and an investment of £40m. The Dyson Airblade™ hand dryer passes washroom air through a HEPA filter to remove 99.9 percent of bacteria at 0.3microns, before it is blown onto hands. The energy efficient Dyson Airblade V hand dryer is NSF approved, making it the only hand dryer in the market to be certified hygienic. The Dyson Airblade V hand dryer has been awarded the Carbon Reduction Label by the Carbon Trust. Dyson and PHS Washrooms have joined forces to offer the new Dyson Airblade V hand dryer as the first hand dryer available on the

PHS Washrooms 24-7 Priority Service and Repair package. In addition to providing customers with a 24-hour helpline, this new service offers round the clock repairs and servicing. Keri Reynolds, Marketing Manager at PHS Washrooms, said: “The Dyson Airblade V hand dryer is an excellent addition to our existing range of leading hand dryers, which includes Airforce and SMARTdri. The wide variety we offer ensures we have the perfect solution for the varying needs of our customers. “The Dyson Airblade V hand dryer is ideal for small washrooms. It is small but powerful. It sits just four inches from the wall, yet is the only hand dryer able to draw in up to 30 litres of air per second, drying hands in 10 seconds. “We are really pleased to be launching this new product as part of our 24-7 Priority Service. Quite simply, it gives our customers the peace of mind that comes from knowing their facilities will always be in full working order.” PHS Washrooms provides a comprehensive range of products and services from hand dryers and soap dispensers to water saving products and medical waste disposal.

Contact PHS Washrooms on tel 0209 2080 9090 or visit


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LINKFresh® Food Supply Chain Management software Anglia Business Solutions (“Anglia”) – a leading software and IT consultancy group, Microsoft Gold Partner and provider of Microsoft Dynamics ERP solutions – today announces the forthcoming availability of LINKFresh for the Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 ERP Platform for Q4 2013. LINKFresh is Anglia’s Microsoft Dynamics based business management solution supporting the full supply chain for the food industry. LINKFresh has been available for the Microsoft Dynamics NAV sister platform for over five years, successfully transforming food supply chain organisations. Dedicated to the food industry, LINKFresh provides field-to-fork traceability and increases efficiency of labour, financial reporting and supply chain management. The release of LINKFresh on the Microsoft Dynamics AX platform will mean the solution is now a perfect fit for the Tier 1 enterprise size organisations in the food supply chain industry that require a significantly scaled-up business management solution, across multiple locations with larger user numbers. The project to replicate the LINKFresh solution for the Microsoft Dynamics AX platform includes the formation of a 15 person dedicated AX development and consultancy team based at Anglia’s UK headquarters, an offshore development team and over £1.5m R&D investment. Anglia’s Group Chief Executive, Robert Frost, said: “Microsoft Dynamics AX is an outstanding business applications platform and we are excited to be able to make the solution available to the larger food organisation. The release of LINKFresh for the AX platform will be the culmination of a mammoth project spanning many months’ effort including an expansion and recruitment phase, extensive industry needs analysis, collaboration with both existing and potential customers and, of course, a huge software development project. Parallel to this, support and development of our Dynamics NAV LINKFresh solution is at an all-time high. We are committed to the continued support and development of solutions across all of Microsoft’s technology platforms.” LINKFresh for Microsoft Dynamics AX will be available in UK in Q4 2013, and also in North America, via Anglia’s California based subsidiary in Q1 2014. Contact Anglia Business Solutions on tel 01223 873400 or visit

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On the Instructions of the K A Marshall Esq and W Duncan Esq of RSM Tenon Joint Administrators of W Simpson Limited Piecemeal (Subject to Conditions of Sale and unless sold previously)


2011 Starfrost Starlite Helix Spiral Freezer Model 85-22RR-21.5 with SCM Frigo UM1600 VSBT/S Refrigeration/Condensing Plant; Marel TBL3000 Target Batcher (2008) Newtec 2014 PCB-2BRF Combination Weigher (2010); Ulma Olympus Vertical Form Fill and Seal Machine (2010); Ilpra F3 Form Pack Thermoformer (2009); 2 Scanvaegt 7100 8-Station Grading Lines; Cretel BHW350 Tray Washer; Medoc STL390 Band Saw 2 Saxon SB1000+ Rotary Band Heat Sealers; Sealpac 610 Tray Sealer; Baader 189 Filleting and 417 V-Cut Heading Machines; 2 Espera Labeling Machines; Freemantle Carton Sealer; Turbo Systems Depositor (2012); Coat & Fry Pre Dusting Machine 2 Loma IQ Metal Detectors; Zultec Capricorn E Flow Wrapper; Pentola 900 Boiling Pan; Ravenwood C-Wrap Labeler; York YCAM 150 Packaged Air Cooled Liquid Chiller Bitzer Refrigeration Compressors; Friga-Bohn & Searle Chiller Units; Rehoo CWC 230NS Check Weigher (2012) Orwak 3810 Hydraulic Baler (2008); Kiggan PD731 Waste Compactor; Atkinson Bunded Waste Oil Tank; Jet Washer; Insect-a-Clear Fly Killers; Gordian StaPack RQ-8 Auto Strapping Machine; Mobile Flighted Belt & Flat Conveyor Sections; Busch R5 Vacuum Pump; Digital Scales; Pallet Racking DAF FA LF45.170 Curtain Side Wagon (06/56) Bidding: View: At:

Closes from 12 noon Thursday 19th September, 2013 From 9am to 4pm Tuesday 17th September, 2013 35 West Dock Street, Hull, HU3 4HH, UK

For further details contact the agents

0113 221 6000

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Neogen’s test for Salmonella and shellfish toxins Neogen’s ANSR™ for Salmonella has been validated and approved in accordance with the current and stringent criteria of an NF Validation study carried out according to the EN ISO 16140 standard. This new validation (NF Validation by AFNOR certification NEO 35/02-0513) follows the kit’s initial approval by AOAC International and testifies to Neogen’s dedication to increasing its line of accredited pathogen test kits for accurate and rapid results with minimal steps for users. The ANSR system uses an innovative isothermal DNA amplification process and fluorescent molecular beacon technology for detection of the pathogen target. In the NF validation study, ANSR for Salmonella was found to be an effective procedure for the detection of Salmonella in meat, poultry, dairy, seafood and vegetables. Neogen is currently pursuing a similar validation of its ANSR for Listeria rapid molecular test system. Unlike PCR-based methods, ANSR requires only a single reaction temperature, which completely eliminates the time-consuming heating and cooling cycles of older methods. The ANSR system’s small bench top footprint and extremely simple test procedure make it an easy fit in any laboratory. Neogen Europe has added to its comprehensive range of tests for the seafood industry with the introduction of rapid tests to detect the toxins that cause amnesic shellfish poisoning (ASP) and diarrhetic shellfish poisoning (DSP). Neogen’s new Reveal® 2.0 for ASP detects ASP-causing toxins at a level of 20ppm, and Reveal 2.0 for DSP detects DSP-causing toxins at 160ppb. Both are one-step rapid tests, and are compatible with US FDA and EU permitted levels. Both new shellfish toxin tests offer easy extraction processes, meaning they are on-site field tests capable of being used on a boat, and are used with Neogen’s innovative AccuScan® Pro Reader that provides consistently accurate and reliable results. Toxins that cause ASP are produced by toxigenic diatoms of the genus Pseudonitzschia, and primarily include domoic acid (DA). In addition to contamination of seafood, these marine biotoxins can result in human and marine wildlife mortality. The clinical toxicological effects attributed to DA can include: permanent loss of short-term memory, nausea, vomiting, headache, disorientation and loss of balance. Most countries have currently established a maximum permitted level of 20mg DA/kg whole shellfish (20ppm). Toxins that cause DSP include the okadaic acid (OA) group of toxins. OA is produced


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by marine dinoflagellates such as Dinophysis, and has structural analogs referred to as the dinophysistoxins (DTXs). Clinical toxicological effects attributed to DSP following consumption of contaminated seafood includes diarrhea, nausea and vomiting. The established EU maximum permitted levels are 160µg OA equivalents

(OA, DTXs, pectenotoxins) per kg shellfish meat (160ppb). FDA action limits are 160µg (160ppb) OA equivalents (OA, DTXs) in shellfish. Reveal 2.0 for DSP’s rapid screen is validated to detect OA, DTX1 and DTX2. Due to industry regulations, Neogen can provide an additional validated extraction for the detection of DTX3 in shellfish samples.

Contact Neogen Europe on tel 01292 525610 or visit

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Bürkert’s range of intelligent valve control heads Thanks in part to the popularity of Bürkert’s original 8681 control head that was designed specifically to bring control and connectivity to 3rd party hygienic process valves, Bürkert has now launched three new models in the range. The 8691, 8685 and 8695 all offer the same connectivity and functionality as the original, but now fit (with model specific adapter kits) a much wider range of valves, including some popular ranges from Bürkert‘s own catalogue. The latest smart valve control heads from Bürkert are the ideal component for a decentralised automation application in a hygienic process environment. The ability to control pneumatic actuation, feedback and diagnostic functions with the additional benefit of fieldbus communication, makes this valve extremely useful in either a new or retrofit scenario. Larger sized valves can now be controlled using the 8691 control head, extending the scope of the original 8681 while still retaining the high intensity LEDs, AS-i and DeviceNet comms capability. The new 8695 is specifically designed for applications in hygienic process environments with a compact design; it is optimised for integrated mounting on Bürkert’s own 21XX process valve series and with smaller actuator sizes. The control head 8685 is also available with an AS-interface as well as with DeviceNet

communication. It can be combined with actuator sizes ELEMENT 50, CLASSIC 40/50/63 or with compact third party process valves. When used in conjunction with the Element actuators, the unique pilot valve system also enables a compressed air recycling that avoids contamination of the actuator chamber from the local environment. A stainless steel housing features on the entire range, as does IP ratings up to IP67 and chemically resistant materials for use in food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries. The indexing of the valve position is performed by a contact-free analogue position sensor, which recognises and saves the valve end position through the Teach function when starting up. Combined with an integrated restriction function, check valves and manual actuation, as well as high powered coloured status LEDs, the new control head provides all the key features required in a modern process control system. This new control head enables complete, uniform control solutions to be implemented, regardless of whether they are hygienic single seat, double seat or butterfly valves or even fittings for auxiliary mediums such as steam, water or cleaning chemicals. This standardisation helps to reduce support and training requirements and simplifies the plant operation by reducing the diversity of devices in use.

Contact Bürkert on tel 01453 731353 or visit

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PACKAGING INNOVATIONS LONDON This event will take place at gthe Business Design Centre, Islington, London.



FOODEXPO, FOODTEK, PACKTEK AGRITEK UZBEKISTAN These four exhibitions will take place at the same time at the Uzexpocentre in Tashkent, Uzbekistan.



This exhibition of food and drinks products will take place in Cologne, Germany.

This second exhibition will take place at the OFEC exhibition Centre in Casablanca, Morocco.

UIB CONGRESS This world congress (l'Union Internationale de la Boulangerie) will take place at the Verona Fiere, Verona, Italy.



FOOD SAFETY CONFERENCE This conference will take place at the National Motorcycle Museum,. Solihull, West Midlans B92 0EJ.



Sweet & SnackTec China This exhibition on Processing, Manufacturing and Packaging for the Sweet and Confectionery, Bakery and Snack Food Industry will take place in Shanghai, China.


NATURAL PRODUCTS This Nordic Organic Food-Fair first launched in 2012, which will sit next the Nordic Organic Food Fair, will take place in Malmo Massan, Sweden.

visit www.naturalproductsscandinavia


NORDIC ORGANIC FOOD FAIR This exhibition in its second year will take place at Malmo-Massan, Sweden.








visit and



OILSEED & GRAIN TRADE SUMMIT This re-named three-day summit that was first launched seven years ago will take place at the Hyatt Regency in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA.



WORLDFOOD This exhibition will take place in Kiev, Ukraine.



WORLDFOOD This 16th exhibition will take place in Kazakhstan.



INTERFOOD & DRINK These exhibition and conference will take place in Sofia, Bulgaria.



CATEYS This conference will take place at the Jumeirah Carlton Tower, London.


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SIMEI This international Enological and Bottling Equipment Exhibition will be launching its 25th edition at Fiera Milano-Rho, Italy.



FHC China This food and hospitality trade show will take place for the first time in Chengdu, West China.



SWEETS & SNACKS MIDDLE EAST This exhibition for the sweet and confectionery, bakery, snack food and ice cream industry will take place in Dubai.




This international exhibition for the sweet and confectionery, bakery, snack food and ice cream industry will take place in Shanghai, China.

This exhibition for Processing and Manufacturing for the Sweet and Confectionery, Bakery & Snack Food Industry will take place in Ahmedabad, India.



ISM This international Sweets and Biscuits Fair will take place in Cologne, Germany.



FOOD INGREDIENTS EUROPE & NATURAL INGREDIENTS This exhibition will take place in Frankfurt, Germany.







ProSweets Cologne Conference This conference on Ingredients, Packaging and Processing Technology for the Confectionery industry, will take place in Cologne, Germany.


visit FEBRUARY 2014


Interpoma This exhibition for apple cultivation, storage and marketing will take place at the Fiera Bolzano’s Exhibition Centre, in Bolzano, Italy.



SIAL Middle East This event will take place in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.

visit DECEMBER 2013


LABELEXPO ASIA This exhibition which is celebrating its 10th anniversary will take place at the SNIEC in Shanghai, China.



DAIRY UNIVERSE This exhibition for the dairy industry will take place in Ahmedabad, India.



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ACR SHOW The Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Show will take place at the NEC, Birmingham.



PACKAGING INNOVATION This event will take place at the NEC, Birmingham.



Easy Fairs This event will take place at the NEC, Birmingham.

visit MARCH 2014


ALIMENTARIA This exhibition will take place, a week later than initially planned, at the Fira de Barcelona’s Grand Via Exhibition Centre, so it does not coincide with Prowein in Dusseldorf, Germany.

visit www.




The new wonder grain

Delouis launch traditional mustard range To coincide with a packaging revamp across its full range, premium French condiments and sauces brand Delouis has also launched a trio of the finest traditional French mustards including a delightful Dijon, a flavour-packed Provence and an Old Fashioned (Moutarde de Dijon, Moutarde à l’Ancienne and Moutarde à la Provençale). Originally set up in 1885, the Delouis brand has become synonymous with the finest cuisine through 128 years of innovation and a deep respect for French gastronomic traditions. The new range is produced using age-old family recipes and the freshest ingredients including the best, carefully selected whole mustard seeds, which are milled in the company’s plant to the correct specification. The range contains no additives and uses vinegar and salt as natural preservatives. Distributed through Bespoke Foods, the ambient products are available in a 125g format and are being targeted at the multiple and independent channels. Aiming to bring the mustard category to life in the next 12 months, Bespoke Foods’ Brand Manager Chloe Agache believes the range will see strong interest as a versatile condiment and as a special ingredient for the UK’s

increasingly adventurous and cook-fromscratch consumer: “I think consumers are definitely realising that there is more to mustard than just strength. In fact, when it comes to versatility and occasions, French mustards can offer so much more. These traditional styles of mustards are great as a condiment with a multitude of dishes, but can also be used to transform sauces, gravies, dressings, marinades and crusts to provide subtle nuances and that famous depth of flavour that French cuisine was built on.” A premium mainstay in the UK’s condiment aisles, Delouis has this year celebrated over 10 years in the UK and Waitrose with a full revamp of its packaging. The investment is aimed at improving on-shelf stand out, plus better highlighting the brand’s heritage, unique variants and premium positioning. Chloe continued: “The brand has built a loyal following due to its quality, provenance and authenticity but we felt that after more than 10 years, it was definitely in need of an overhaul. The new eye-catching packaging will help us to strengthen the brand’s positioning, target new consumer groups and ultimately increase stockists and sales.”

Contact Bespoke Foods on tel 020 7091 3200 or visit

The Middle-Eastern grain Freekeh is causing quite a stir in the British culinary world, revered for its slightly nutty, wonderful earthy flavour and stuffed to bursting with protein, minerals and vitamins. Freekeh is the new ingredient being talked about by chefs across the country, although this extremely nutritious and wholesome grain has been a staple food for Middle Eastern peoples since 2300 BC. It is actually wheat that is harvested young whilst it is still green and moist before sun-drying and then roasting. The name comes from the Arabic word ‘Al-fark’ from rubbing the wheat heads in order to separate the Freekeh from the chaff. Freekeh is available in cracked and wholegrain varieties, the only difference being that wholegrain takes slightly longer to cook. Used in a similar way to quinoa, barley, bulgar or rice, Freekeh is incredibly versatile and wonderful in soups and stews, can be eaten risottostyle or makes delicious salads dressed with flavours such as lemon infused olive oil and sumac, or with Tzatziki yoghurt and cucumber dip. Now that health fanatics have got hold of its incredible nutritional facts, this wonder wheat is the new buzz word for diet conscious individuals too as it contains no fat, no sugar, is low carb and has a low GI too making it the perfect option for diabetics and slimmers alike. Terra Rossa wholegrain Freekeh is available in two sizes: 200g tamper proof PET tub and a 1kg polythene bag, available directly from Terra Rossa. Contact Terra Rossa Jordan on tel 020 8661 9695 or visit

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Welsh bakery’s new range of loaf cakes The directors of award-winning North Wales bakery Siwgr a Sbeis have literally used their ‘loaf ’ when coming up with their latest line of cakes. The innovative company, which has a team of 20 staff in Llanrwst, has launched a range of five new loaf cakes designed to appeal to more customers who are seeking a tasty treat on a tight budget. Early sales have been very encouraging. Directors Rhian Williams and Rhian Owen dug out their old recipe books to give them a few ideas for the new range. One of the loaf cakes, an iced ginger cake, is an old favourite that has been given a new lease of life. The range also includes almond and cherry, lemon and poppyseed drizzle, Madeira and carrot cake. The cakes, which are the same shape as a bara brith, give between eight and 10 servings. Siwgr a Sbeis is also changing its pack of award winning afternoon cakes from four to six portions and introducing a twin pack of single portion strawberry trifle and raspberry cheesecake desserts. “The loaf cakes are baked in the same tin as a bara brith and are designed to suit everybody’s pocket, as we realise that consumers are watching their pennies in the current economic climate,” explained Rhian Williams. “Hopefully, our new range will make a quality cake treat more affordable. I am delighted to report that sales of all the loaf cakes are going very well.” The new products have been developed with help from the Food Chains for Competitive Advantage project delivered by Menter a Busnes, supported by the Welsh Government’s Food and Market Development Division and part funded by the European Regional Development Fund through the Ireland Wales Programme (INTERREG 4A). The project is part of an initiative designed to help Welsh speciality food and drink businesses develop the UK market.

Contact Siwgr a Sbeis on tel 01492 641940 or visit


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Melia Organic debut Bambini Pasta Melia Organic announces the latest addition to its portfolio, Bambini Pasta is made with 100 percent organic durum wheat semolina, in three exciting kid friendly shapes – Farm, Safari Animals and Dinosaurs. The organic ingredients are better for babies and young children as they have weaker immune systems that are often affected by chemical substances found in non-organic products. Bambini is suitable for children from six months onwards, cooks in 8 10min and is packed full of flavour. ALB-GOLD, the production facility based in Germany, are pioneers in the pasta market, with over 20 years experience its pasta is loved by millions in the USA and Germany. Melia Organic prides itself on sourcing high quality 100 percent organic products from around the world and is excited to launch Bambini to the UK market. Melia Organic has also launched Porkilicious®, the hearty 100 percent organic salami snack is produced in North Germany

and sourced from a network of local organic farmers within a 150km radius from the production facility. The handpicked farmers guarantee the very best organically reared pigs. The benefits of 100 percent organic produce means Porkilicious has 30 percent reduced fat and less than 100 calories per pack. Every Porkilicious is beechwood smoked for over 10 days, simply seasoned using specially selected organic spices and sea salt to create its unique taste. The pureness of the ingredients creates a balanced smoky flavour free of lactose, gluten and preservatives, and is the only organic salami snack available on the market. Porkilicious takes a responsible approach to the use of resources in all areas, crafting sustainable packaging with over 35 percent renewable resources. This has reduced the use of fossil fuels by over 40 percent in comparison to the conventional plastic packaging used previously.

Contact Melia Organic on tel 020 7487 4907 or visit

Exquisitely festive handmade cake Christmas A decadent range of sumptuous Christmas cakes has been launched by Exquisite Handmade Cakes to offer to their festive clientele over this winter season. The new range includes: Rich Brandy Fruit Loaf Cake: This exquisite loaf is brandy infused and made from moist, plump and juicy fruit. Iced Brandy Fruit Loaf Cake: A decadent twist on the traditional and classic favourite is the Iced Brandy Fruit Loaf. Crafted from moist and brandied rich and luscious fruit, this cake is finished with beautifully crafted almond marzipan and royal white icing. Rum Truffle Sponge Cake: This exquisitely rich chocolate cake base has been infused with rum, then decorated with a lavish chocolate truffle icing. On top of the cake, delicate hand-spun white and dark chocolate finishes the product. Spiced Apple & Caramel Sponge Cake: This is a delicate and lightly spiced apple sponge. It is decorated with tangy apricot jam and a deluxe caramel icing. Triple Layer Black Forest Gateau: An Exquisite take on the classic favourite. This indulgent triple-layer chocolate sponge cake has a black cherry and vanilla cream filling and is finished with dark chocolate

decorations and moist dark cherries. Mincemeat Shortbread Tray Bake: This decadent tray bake is made from two layers of light and crumbly shortbread, filled with a fruity festive mincemeat filling. Brandied Chocolate Tiffin Tray Bake: A lavish chocolate tiffin, packed full of cranberries, raisins and hazelnuts, and finished with a fine and decoratively spun dark chocolate. Cranberry Brownie Tray Bake: This rich chocolate brownie is made with ripe and juicy cranberries. Finished with a layer of caramel, it is a real festive treat. Cranberry & Orange Mini Loaf: This glorious little mini loaf is a moist orange infused sponge, complete with juicy cranberries. Spiced Apple Mini Loaf: This little mini loaf is a moist cinnamon infused sponge, permeated with dried apple pieces. Iced Christmas Cake Slice: This juicy fruit cake square has been infused with brandy. It is topped with a beautifully festive almond marzipan and finished with a sparkling royal white icing. Mince Meat Tulip Muffin: This festive spiced muffin is made with yuletide mincemeat.

Contact Exquisite Handmade Cakes on tel 0113 289 0283 or visit

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Calypso wins LACA innovation zone award Calypso Soft Drinks was awarded “Best New Product - Food’ in the Innovation Zone at LACA’s Annual Gala Awards 2013 held recently. Calypso won the top accolade for its new school compliant Aquajuice Cordial, the company’s first product in the growing dilutables market. The new Calypso Aquajuice Cordial has been designed specifically for Primary Schools as a cost effective drink, an integral part of school meals. It is a convenient and easy to use option which when diluted, makes 2 litres of ready to drink juice containing 60 percent fruit juice - 250ml delivers ‘1 of your 5-a-day’. The award winning School Compliant products are available in Orange or Blackcurrant flavour in 500ml bottles. Each bottle of cordial makes two litres of ready to drink juice, or 20 x 100ml servings per bottle, at approximately 5p per serving. For

ease of use, bespoke Aquajuice jugs are available – a bottle is emptied into a jug, and the jug then topped up with water to give the correct level of dilution to deliver 60 percent juice when ready to drink. Every year the LACA Awards, now in their 17th year, acknowledge individuals and teams of people who continue to make a real difference in education catering. Winning a LACA Award not only boosts the confidence, morale and motivation of the whole organisation but is instrumental in changing the attitudes and influencing the actions of both parents and pupils. Michele Davies, Calypso’s Marketing Manager commented: “We are truly thrilled to win this prestigious award. Aquajuice Cordial is an ideal, healthy, affordable product for Primary School caterers, and it is a real honour to be recognised for our innovation.”

Contact Calypso Soft Drinks on tel 01978 668400 or visit

Madagascan ‘Bean-toBar’ four-strong range Premium ‘Fair for Life’ Madagascan chocolate brand Madécasse is targeting the UK multiple and independent sectors after rolling out its luxurious four-strong bar range made up of distinct flavours - Arabica Coffee, Cinnamon & Sakay, Sea Salt & Nibs and Pink Pepper & Citrus. The inimitable, single-origin chocolate bars are made in small batches using the finest organic Madagascan cocoa and locally grown ingredients. Distributed by Bespoke Foods, the range contains no artificial additives or preservatives and is available in 25g and 75g formats. Recognised as one of the 50 most innovative companies in the world[i] Madécasse follows a ‘bean-to-bar’ philosophy ensuring the whole chocolate production process takes place in Madagascar, helping to provide four times the impact of fair trade. The company was founded in 2008, by Brett Beach and Tim McCollum who spent 8 years working as volunteers and development project managers in the country. One of a growing number of companies looking to go beyond traditional fair trade, ‘Fair for Life’ certification means fair trade principles are applied throughout the entire production and supply chains.[ii] With Madagascar being one of the world’s poorest countries, Brett Beach explains how the frustration of seeing the country’s famous cocoa exported without further benefiting the

Malagasy people was the inspiration behind the company: “65 percent of the world’s cocoa comes from Africa but less than 1% of chocolate is made there. Our aim is to create change through chocolate by working closely with local cocoa cooperatives and providing training, infrastructure and equipment in order to produce finished products entirely in Madagascar. This bean-to-bar philosophy empowers local communities with four times more impact than simply exporting fair trade cocoa alone and helps protect the country’s incredible habitat and ecosystems (85% endemic). “The benefits can be felt by consumers as well because our chocolate is crafted with the freshest, most distinctive varieties of cocoa, vanilla, coconut and other local ingredients found exclusively in Madagascar. As a result, we are confident our bars can not be beaten or replicated when it comes to taste.” Bespoke Food’s Head of Marketing and NPD, Carine Gauyet commented: “The Madécasse range is of unbelievable quality and offers something totally unique to the market when it comes to flavours, packaging and philosophy. We are excited to be involved in developing this brand, which we believe has a massive future within the UK chocolate category.” [i] Fast Company Magazine, Mar, 2011 [ii]

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UGG Foods guilt-free natural superfoods Ugg Foods are a ground breaking new entrant into the food sector leading the trend for a more primal way of eating. Ugg Foods have carefully formulated a range of superfood recipe mixes for delicious and nutritious loaves, cakes and muffins, suitable for both home-baking and catering establishments. Based on strong scientific principles, Ugg Foods uses nutrient-dense nuts and seeds such as ground almonds, coconut flour, chia and flax seeds instead of wheat flour. Having around 15 almonds per muffin with chia seeds recognised as one of the most nutritious seeds on the planet, Ugg Foods provide a potent cocktail of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Ugg Foods’ creations are tooth and diabetic-friendly as they use healthy xylitol, rather than sugar, heart-healthy olive oil rather than butter and are baked at lower temperatures to keep the good oils intact. In addition to many health benefits Ugg Foods also meets a large number of specialist dietary requirements: • Certified gluten free • Grain free • Dairy free • No added sugar/tooth friendly • Source of Omega 3 • Paleo conforming • Diabetic friendly • Reduced glycaem -ic • Reduced carbs • Soya free • Additive free • Source of fibre. Ugg Foods’ aim is to encourage natural, healthy eating, whilst still offering delicious treats and superfoods. Products such as Fruit & Seed Loaf and Chocolate Chia Muffins make natural eating easy, helping you stay slim and well. Ugg Foods are constantly adding new and exciting recipes for all tastes and preferences including vegetarian, vegan and all raw vegan. You don't have to hunt down specialist ingredients, Ugg Foods have done it for you. You do not even need to be a talented cook, Ugg products and recipes are very easy to make.

Contact Ugg Foods on tel 0844 854 9442 or visit

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A pastry based on your blood type Some Asian consumers believe that your blood type can influence your personality. Capitalising on this belief, Monteur Blood Type Pastry is a line of single-serving pastries that are not only differentiated by flavour, but also by the blood type they are recommended for. New in Japan, this product is the innovation of the week from Datamonitor Consumer's Product Launch Analytics. In the West, the question: ‘What's your type?’ is likely to be answered by the astrological sign that matches your date of birth. In Asia, the response is more likely to include your actual blood type. This stems from the belief that a person's blood type is connected to their personality and compatibility with others. Leveraging this belief is a new four-flavour pastry line under the Monteur brand name in Japan that targets consumers by their specific blood type. A: Gata Tiramisu no Éclair (‘Type A – Tiramisu Éclair’) B: Gata Chocolat Orange no Choux Cream (‘Type B – Choux Pastry Pieces Separately Filled with Chocolate and Orange Cream’) O: Gata Hokkaido Cheese no Choux Cream (‘Type O – Choux Pastry with Cream Made from Cheese from Hokkaido’) AB: Gata Chocolat & Milk no Waffle (‘Type AB – Waffles Separately Filled with Chocolate Cream and Milk Cream’) are all offered in this line. Tom Vierhile, Innovation Insights Director for Datamonitor Consumer, said: “There may be little or no scientific basis for creating foods that are compatible with a person's blood type, but the concept may resonate as there is some belief that blood types themselves may have been influenced by one's evolutionary background and exposure to certain food types.” He added: “The increasing popularity of weight loss diets geared around specific blood types may also bolster this concept with consumers.”

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British Turkey Awards shortlist revealed Products entered into the British Turkey Awards 2013 have now been shortlisted and samples called in for judging. The twelve retailer and catering categories range from Best Foodservice and Best Ready-to-Eat Product to Best Meal Solution, plus three different Christmas categories – Best Christmas Convenience, Traditional and Premium Product. The Multiples will compete to win the ultimate British Turkey Retailer of the Year title with their fresh primary turkey portions sold all year round. NPD is evident this year with recently launched products such as East River Smokehouse Co. Kentucky Spiced Turkey Breast and BBQ and Chipotle Chilli Turkey Burgers in the Best Innovation category; and NUME Turkey Meatballs by Morrisons healthy eating range and Bernard Matthews British Turkey Numbers in the Best Meal Solution category, reflecting demand for new flavour profiles and convenience. Christmas categories are split to differentiate the range of turkeys available to consumers to suit all budgets and tastes. The Best Premium turkeys are special breed, slow grown; Best Traditional are primary, white and predominantly sold through supermarkets, and Best Christmas Convenience targets busy shoppers who want a hassle-free option – these are boneless joints which come with stuffings, toppings and festive garnishes to make the Big Day run smoothly. Nicola Compton, chair of the British Turkey Federation’s publicity and marketing committee, said: “It’s great to see the producers are still coming up with new and exciting products all year round.” Best Meal Solution: • Morrisons NUME

Turkey Meatballs • Bernard Matthews – British Turkey Numbers • By Sainsbury’s Just Cook BBQ Turkey Thigh with a lime & Chilli BBQ Sauce. Best Christmas Convenience Product: • The Co-operative Free Range Bronze Turkey Joint with Winterfruit Stuffing topped with Bacon • Sainsbury’s Taste The Difference Norfolk Black Free Range Turkey Breast Joint with a pork, Chestnut, Bacon and Thyme Stuffing. • Morrisons Nigel Haworth Butter Basted Turkey Joint Topped with a Mustard and Herb Seasoned Crumb • By Sainsbury’s Stock Basted Turkey Breast Joint with Cranberry, Apricot and Cherry Topping. Best Christmas Traditional Product: • Aldi Ashfield Farm Medium British Turkey • Morrisons Whole British Turkey (unbasted) • Lincs Turkeys Fresh Lincolnshire Turkey. Best Christmas Premium Product: • Duchy Originals for Waitrose Organic Whole Turkey • Grove Smith Turkeys English Rose Bronze Free Range Turkey • Gressingham Foods Dry Aged Bronze Turkey (sold in Tesco) • The Cooperative Truly Irresistible Free Range Whole Turkey. Best Innovation: • East River Smokehouse Co. Kentucky Spiced Turkey Breast • Bernard Matthews British Turkey Numbers • Tesco 4 Chipotle Chilli and BBQ Turkey Burgers. Best Ready-to-Eat Product: • Lincs Turkeys “Easy Carve” Lincolnshire Free-Range Turkey Saddle • East River Smokehouse Co. Tennessee hickory Smoked Turkey Breast • Sainsbury’s Deli Counters Carvery Roast Turkey. Winners of each category were due to be announced at a gala dinner on 19th September at The Savoy, London.

Contact The British Turkey Information Service on tel 01273 834716 or visit

Prima Donna leggero even tastier Prima Donna leggero is the light variety in the Prima Donna family and contains only 17.5 percent fat content (30 percent of the cheese). This cheese specialty with its eye-catching light-blue label features a light, yet piquant flavour, making it the ideal cheese for healthconscious consumers. Moreover, Prima Donna leggero is now even tastier, creamier and easier to cut in slices thanks to its improved quality. This light cheese tastes great in a salad or on bread and is lactose and gluten free.

Prima Donna is a premium line of specialty cheeses featuring a unique combination of the best traditional Dutch cheese and Italian Parmesan flavours. Prima Donna is naturally aged until it reaches the pinnacle of flavour. For this reason, Prima Donna cheese does not age for a set amount of time, but rather until it acquires a particular flavour profile. Because of their excellent melting characteristics, Prima Donna cheeses also shine in hot dishes.

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Renshaw’s extended Ready to Roll range Investment in free from is crucial The UK bakery market shows no sign of slowing its growth – worth £11bn in 2012 - despite challenges from wet weather and an increase in grain prices due to continental droughts. At the same time, The ‘free from’ sector is marching on, grabbing a £238m slice of the market last year thanks to increasing demand for ‘free from’ products as a lifestyle choice. Adrian Short, Director at Ulrick & Short, believes that this year will see a breakthrough in food technology that will enable in-store bakeries in particular to meet the burgeoning demand for products made from naturally gluten-free, non-GM ingredients. Adrian explained: “Thousands of people are selecting gluten free, dairy free or other free from products as part of a lifestyle choice, not always by necessity but often as a way of reducing consumption of certain food groups and over-processed products in particular.” According to the charity Allergy UK around 25 million people say they suffer from food intolerance, with the most common irritants being gluten, wheat and dairy products. Thankfully for them, the latest research shows that manufacturers and retailers have responded to preferences for healthier varieties of bread and low-fat offerings, as well as allergen free goods. Ulrick & Short has risen to the challenge, developing naturally gluten-free, non-GM starches, flours, proteins & fibres based on a range of crops - and maximising advanced R&D techniques to deliver new functionalities

for both food manufacturers and consumers. An in-depth understanding of the science behind ingredients is key to bringing new, innovative products to market. Adrian continued: “At Ulrick & Short we have experimented with many combinations of clean label ingredients to perfect the techniques for producing perfect baked goods without the gluten (or to reduce or replace fat, eggs or other ingredients). It is vital to understand the relationship between all the components of the recipe, as well as the role of the ingredients that are not included - not to mention how the combinations will respond to different production methods and quantities.” Previously consigned to a small section at the end of a supermarket aisle, many ‘free from’ products are now positioned among their mainstream counterparts and have almost shaken off the “special diet” tag. There is no doubt that both technical innovation and enterprise have played a significant role in the market’s success to date. “The ‘free from’ sector has come a long way but there is still immense potential for development of speciality products such as continental breads or confectionery – perfect for the shelves of the in-store bakery. We are working directly with household name manufacturers to develop these products and I am confident that the next few months will see a number of breakthroughs in gluten-free clean label ingredients that will revolutionise the production of ‘free from’ baked goods.”

Contact Ulrick & Short on tel 01977 620011 or visit

The UK’s largest manufacturer of baking ingredients, Renshaw, has extended its range of Ready to Roll Icings to include a new 5kg pack size to further match the needs of bakers and cake decorating professionals. Developed after listening to customers who demand a consistent product quality over shelf life, each 5kg pack will now contain two 2.5kg blocks, ensuring residual case contents remain in optimum condition as users need only open the product quantity as required. As the trend for colourful celebration cakes continues to grow, the new Ready to Roll Icing pack sizes will be available in White and traditional Celebration variants as well as Poppy Red, Pink, Shell, Yellow, Lincoln Green, Atlantic Blue, Baby Blue, Teddy Bear Brown, Jet Black and Chocolate. Mark Bosworth, Marketing Director at Renshaw, said of the developments: “The on-going trend for colour and originality in cake craft and decoration means that we need to provide more innovative packaging developments to help sugarcraft and baking professionals get the best from our products.” “The pack format, which includes two 2.5kg blocks, provides a cost-effective solution to prevent wastage and extend shelf-life for multiple applications.” Ideal for sugarcraft retailers looking to provide a variety of pack sizes to customers, the new 5kg pack gives the option to sell the 2.5kg blocks separately, catering for a variety of customers and end users. Contact Renshaw on tel 0151 706 8203 or visit

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Mariani develops new Renshaw flavoured raisins introduces frosting product Renshaw, the UK’s leading manufacturer of baking ingredients, has expanded its range of frostings, designed to meet the rising demand for convenient, ready-touse toppings. The company, which produces a wide range of ready to roll icings, marzipan and bakery toppings, has seen a record 30 percent increase in sales of frostings over the past year, and has been quick to meet the demand with two new innovative product developments. Following on from the company’s recent rebrand, Snip & Swirl will be reintroduced to customers as ‘Piping Frosting’. Popular with professionals and home bakers, the product allows users to cut the icing bag at different marked points, providing for a variety of smaller and detailed piped finishes. Available in chocolate, vanilla and strawberry flavour in a convenient 400g pouch and with 5kg pails also available in lemon, toffee and red, green and blue colour variants. Introducing a new product format to the portfolio, Ready to use Frosting comes in a 400g pot or 5kg handy pail, and allows users to dispense the product into their own piping equipment or use for spreading. Perfect for large bakes and fillings, Ready to use Frosting provides for a variety of baking applications and will be available in chocolate, vanilla and plain flavourings. Mark Bosworth, Renshaw Marketing Director, said of the developments: “We have seen a marked increase in the rise of sales of ready-to-use frostings both for cupcakes and sponge cakes. To meet demand, we have introduced these timesaving products, which allow our trade customers ease of application, without compromising on quality. “Expanding our range of frostings will aid professional bakers in producing attractive and consistently produced cakes, removing the investment in time and ingredients to make buttercreams and other frostings from scratch.” Following on from the company’s recent rebrand, the Piping Frosting and Ready to use Frosting products feature a new packaging design and carry the new company brandmark.

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Mariani Packing Company, the largest independently-owned producer and packer of dried fruit in the world is developing new flavoured raisins with a focus to be used as an industrial ingredient. The raisins use 100 percent natural flavours and will be available in a wide range of flavours from the more mainstream fruit flavours, such as strawberry or blackcurrant to the more flavour centric such as ginger or cinnamon. Given they are currently producing in a 100kg minimum batch process, Mariani can cater to virtually any flavour needs, offering fantastic flexibility for customers to trial the product without having to commit to large initial volumes but hopes to build larger volume customers as the flavoured raisin opportunities expand. The flavoured raisins can be used as a bake-

stable ingredient as well as in cereals, yogurts and confectionery, to name a few applications. “Adding value and true innovation to the industrial ingredients sector is of paramount importance to Mariani®, as we have listened to and are responding to what our customers are asking for” says Andy Humphries, Director of Mariani Europe. “Using flavoured raisins gives an intense burst of flavour to products and enhances the overall eating experience,” adds Cathy Anderson, Technical Applications Manager for Mariani Europe. Mariani Europe has launched a dedicated European website, to create yet further awareness of their product range throughout Europe and will be exhibiting at key industry trade shows later in the year, namely Anuga and Fi Europe to showcase their wide variety of dried fruit solutions.

Contact Mariani Europe on tel 0208 313 877772 or visit

Roquette launches new information platforms Roquette is launching new information platforms for its Nutralys vegetable proteins and Nutriose fibre. Launched last April, both sites – and – closely reflect both the ingredients they represent and Roquette’s commitment to the development of ingredients for nutrition and health. Exceptionally rich in content, the sites aim to maximize dynamic information delivery. is an all-new website encompassing all of Roquette’s Nutralys® vegetable proteins, whether based on the yellow pea or on wheat. It allows samples to be requested while a download centre is available to obtain technical memos, product concepts and scientific posters. The website reflects Roquette’s commitment to the development of new protein solutions that are both efficient and sustainable. In 2011, the Group’s Proteov research programme strengthened its position as a major player in the development of vegetable proteins possessing a high nutritional and functional value. New and innovative Nutralys® solutions have recently been launched in the framework of the Proteov programme. The new website has a simple structure

designed to speed up access to information. By selecting the appropriate application, food professionals can immediately find out about all the relevant functional and nutritional possibilities offered by Nutralys® vegetable proteins. The website for Nutriose® – has been operational since 2006. However, it has now been completely redesigned to reflect today’s world of Nutriose® soluble fibre. It allows both food and nutrition professionals as well as consumers to access made-to-measure information from within dedicated zones. For example, professionals can access and download high value-added information, obtain samples and read the newsletter. Launched in 2002, Nutriose® is a nonviscous soluble fibre with a neutral taste. Obtained from cereals (wheat and maize) it has been declared a food ingredient and can be used straightforwardly in a wide range of foodstuffs to improve their nutritional profile (fibre enrichment, reduction in sugar content and calories, etc). Its nutritional benefits were recognised when the international business research and consulting firm Frost & Sullivan gave it the 2011 Award for “European food fibre ingredients customer value enhancement”.

Contact Roquette Group on tel +33 321 633600 or visit

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New rules for baby, Rousselot demonstrates Synergy Systems™ special diet and low-calorie food Rules on the labelling and content of baby milks and foods for special medical purposes will be better defined in order to protect consumers and distinguish more clearly between foods for normal consumption and foods for specific groups under legislation passed in the European Parliament in June. The new rules, already agreed with Council, also cover some low-calorie diets. "Infants, young children and seriously ill people are clearly not consumers like any others and it is our duty as legislator to fix stricter rules to govern, for example, the composition and labelling of foodstuffs intended for them,” said the rapporteur, Frédérique Ries (ADLE, BE), after the vote. “On the other hand, it is also important to establish order in the jungle of food products, by abolishing the concept of dietetic food cannibalised by marketing tools," she added. The new legislation simplifies and clarifies the rules on the labelling and the composition of infant formula and follow-on formula (for babies between six and 10 months), processed cereal-based food, food for special medical purposes and total diet replacement for weight control. It also includes an exclusive list of substances such as vitamins and minerals that can be added to these foods. Baby milks The labelling, presentation and advertising of infant formula and the labelling of followon formula must not ‘include pictures of infants, or other pictures or text which may idealise the use of such formula’ in order ‘not to discourage breast-feeding’, the rules say. However, graphic representations intended for easy identification of the formula and for illustrating methods of preparation will still be permitted. Parliament asks the Commission to evaluate whether ‘growing-up milks’ intended for toddlers really have ‘any nutritional benefits when compared to a normal diet for a child who is being weaned’. It should also assess whether legislation is needed for food intended for sportspeople. Pesticide residues The Commission is asked to ensure that pesticide residues in these products are reduced to a minimum. Next steps Some of the provisions in the new regulation (articles 11, 16, 18 and 19) will apply from the twentieth day following publication in the Official Journal of the EU. Contact European Parliament on tel +32 2284 0992 or vist

Rousselot®, the leading producer of gelatine and collagen peptides, presented its recently launched Synergy Systems™ at this year’s Fi South America. Composed of different types of gelatine, or a specific gelatine combined with another ingredient (such as pectin), the Synergy Systems work synergistically to boost the functionality of each component ingredient within the carefully-selected blends. The easyto-use, high performance solutions deliver a variety of functionalities – they can improve texture, taste, stability or emulsification, for example – allowing manufacturers to develop products with enhanced practical and nutritional benefits and strong consumer appeal.

At Fi South America, Rousselot showcased AcidoGel™ H and NeutralGel™ B – two of the solutions within the Synergy Systems range. AcidoGel H enables the production of stable acid marshmallows, making exciting new flavour possibilities possible such as orange and lemon flavoured acid marshmallows, which will be available on Rousselot’s booth. NeutralGel B performs extremely well in sugar, sugar-free, fat and fat-free environments where a neutral pH is vital to express savoury flavours, such as cheese, bacon and salmon, and sweet flavours including mint, chocolate and cinnamon. It also acts as a bulking and texturising agent, while enhancing the mouthfeel of reduced sugar marshmallows or gummy sweets.

Contact Rousselot on tel +33 146 678720 or visit

Maximum quality dough without additives Purafarin HydroSoft® is the latest addition to Kampffmeyer Food Innovation’s portfolio of functional flours. The natural ingredient provides baked goods with high volume, extended freshness and a soft texture. The product is suitable for use in a variety of application fields, including fine baked goods, puff pastries, white breads and pizzas. Purafarin HydroSoft® is especially suitable for Clean Label products as it can replace additives such as emulsifiers, thickeners and technical enzymes. Furthermore, it helps to reduce cost intensive raw materials like oil and butter. When producing laminated doughs with Purafarin HydroSoft®, rest times become redundant, leading to savings in both time and costs. Purafarin HydroSoft® can be used like conventional wheat flour and is labelled as “wheat flour”. It reduces starch retrogradation after baking and thus provides baked goods with improved and longer-lasting freshness. The required dosage varies between two and ten percent – depending on the application and the recipe. The functional flour is a real all-rounder: It is suitable for versatile applications ranging from fine baked goods to pizza. Every application has its own quality characteristics, and all can be achieved with Kampffmeyer

Food Innovation’s new flour. White breads gain a high dough volume and a soft and juicy crumb, while using Purafarin HydroSoft® in pizza doughs produces a short bite. In general, the higher the dosage, the larger the pores. A high dosage, for example, provides Deep Pan Pizza with its characteristic texture. The functional flour also supports the rising of yeast in frozen pizzas. Thus, it can help to replace synthetic raising agents partly or even completely – depending on the dosage. Purafarin HydroSoft® also ensures that the texture of end products is maintained even after several months of refrigerated storage. This is true for pizzas that are frozen in raw form as well as those that are frozen semi-baked. With laminated doughs such as puff pastries, the flour scores particularly highly from a time point of view. Purafarin HydroSoft® enables manufacturers to produce products without the usual gluten relaxation resting times during processing, thus reducing overall production times. Test recipes for fine baked goods such as muffins and cookies show that it is possible to use up to 30 percent less fat by adding the functional flour. The texture and crumb consistency of baked goods, however, remain the same.

Contact Kampffmeyer on tel +49 40 7510 9630

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Synergy range gives boost to cheddar Leading flavours and ingredients manufacturer and supplier, Synergy, has launched a new range of Cheddar cheese flavour solutions to support savoury food manufacturers meet increasing consumer demand for authentic and impactful Mature Cheddar cheese flavour profiles. The result of extensive market analysis and sensory testing, the innovative range has been designed to improve flavour delivery in a wide variety of applications – from savoury pastries to ready meals – and overcome a variety of key technical and processing challenges faced by manufacturers when working with cheese. Identifying a growing demand for authentic Mature Cheddar taste and aroma profiles in savoury applications, Synergy has used its market knowledge and technical expertise to develop a range of Cheddar flavour solutions which can help manufacturers meet consumer expectation across a variety of savoury food categories. Developed through a detailed sensory and analytical evaluation of the key aroma and taste active compounds of Mature Cheddar cheese, the product range has been designed to provide enhanced flavour delivery, based on market-leading flavour profiles, which can be tailored to meet exacting application requirements. Offering a number of performance advantages over block cheese, the range can help manufacturers reduce the

processing challenges associated with handling cheese, minimise the risk of boil out during heat treatment, and stabilise formulation costs against fluctuations in cheese prices. The natural product range is 100 percent traceable and can be declared simply as cheese or natural flavour. “Mature Cheddar cheese is an enduringly popular flavour in the UK, both in terms of sales of block cheese and also in its prominent use in cheese-based savoury products,” commented Ciaran Lynch, R&D Manager at Synergy. “However, we recognised that the rich, lasting flavour profile consumers associate with Mature Cheddar can sometimes be difficult to deliver in applications such as pasties and sauces. Our new range of flavour solutions helps boost the taste performance of Mature Cheddar cheese. “We engaged in a significant programme of product testing and sensory analysis to understand exactly what consumers look for and enjoy in Mature Cheddar profiles, and to develop solutions that can help manufacturers deliver an authentic taste and aroma that meets these expectations. The resulting range of versatile and flexible Cheddar cheese flavour solutions will allow manufacturers across savoury categories to easily and costeffectively develop appealing products that provide an impactful and satisfying flavour in every bite.”

Contact Synergy on tel 01494 492222 or visit

Biocatalysts microbial alternative to Papain Welsh enzyme specialists, Biocatalysts, announce the launch of their new enzyme Promod™ 950L. This non-genetically modified microbial protease preparation is a suitable alternative to papain and due to its microbial origin it is both Kosher and Halal. Papain is derived from the tropical plant Carica Papaya and is widely used for meat tenderisation, flavour production, yeast hydrolysis and much more. Its seasonal crop variant plant origin means that its quality, price and supply may not always be constant. This can be overcome by using a microbial alternative such as Promod™ 950L which is not dependent on the production of seasonal fruit.

Compared to papain, Promod™ 950L is an enzyme preparation with broad substrate specificity. It is particularly suitable for hydrolysis of baker’s and brewer’s yeast to increase protein solubility and yields during the manufacture of yeast extracts. Papain, which is also used to manufacture yeast extracts, contains sulphites that are required to stabilise its activity. Sulphite is an allergen and needs to be declared on all food or drink labels if it is present over 10ppm in the final product. This is where Promod™ 950L differs, it does not require sulphites to stabilise its activity and can therefore be used to manufacture yeast extracts with low sulphite content.

Contact Biocatalysts on tel 01443 843712 or visit


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Glanbia Nutritionals wins second IFT award Leading functional and nutritional ingredient supplier, Glanbia Nutritionals, has won a prestigious IFT 2013 Food Expo Innovation Award for the second year running. Honouring the company’s OptiSol® 3000 ingredient, the judges commended its unique combination of whey protein concentrate and milled flaxseed as an innovative, low cost, allergen-free solution to replacing eggs in baked goods. Addressing the issue of rising egg prices, OptiSol 3000 is a stable-priced ingredient system for 100 percent egg replacement in cakes, muffins, pancakes, sweet bakery mixes, baked bars, cornbreads, egg rolls and wantons, and refrigerated cookie doughs. The first reported instance of using a combination of whey protein concentrate and milled flax for bakery applications, OptiSol 3000 replaces eggs without compromising sensory, textural or quality characteristics of baked foods. Studies on muffins and cornbread using OptiSol 3000 have shown that the firm, moist texture is comparable to that in muffins using dried egg. Results from Glanbia Nutritionals’ texture analysis show no significant difference in texture and firmness between using OptiSol 3000 and dried egg. Additional sensory trials also demonstrated no significant difference in appearance, taste, texture and after-taste in muffins and cornbread. As well as functional and textural benefits, OptiSol 3000 offers nutritional advantages too, including delivering a good source of ALA omega-3, high quality protein and natural fibre. It also shows significant reductions in cholesterol. A clean label ingredient, OptiSol 3000 can be listed as flaxseed meal and whey protein concentrate. Easy to handle due to its dry powder format, the ingredient has also been certified Kosher, GMO-free and gluten-free. Loren Ward, Director of R&D at Glanbia Nutritionals, commented, “We are excited that OptiSol 3000 won an IFT Innovation Award this year. Optisol 3000 is a novel egg replacement solution that addresses a key market need. Food manufacturers will find that it is cost effective, price stable, and it helps maintain the sensory profile of products. It also meets consumer desires for high quality protein, flax fibre and omega-3s.”

Contact Glanbia Nutritionals on tel +353 5677 96000 or visit




Pots of convenience Total success for Advanced Dynamics Advanced Dynamics, a leading specialist in feeding, wrapping and labelling solutions, believes the economy may be finally turning the corner after successfully exhibiting its range of high quality equipment at TOTAL 2013 in June. Over the three days Advanced Dynamics showcased its Pack Leader solutions for labelling everything from medicine bottles to lipsticks – and was encouraged by the positive reception visitors gave the PL-521 Horizontal Wrap Around labeller and the SL-301 Shrink Sleever, both making their show debuts. Business was also brisk around the ELF range of desk-top labellers, with post show orders already received for the entry level ELF-20 and ELF-50, ideal for smaller production runs. Also on show was the PRO-625 for accurately labelling bottles at high speed regardless of shape or size. Advanced Dynamics’ Managing Director, Malcolm Little, said: “It was a very good show and business is flying from it. There was a fantastic buzz at the NEC and that reflects well on the state of the industry. We are excited at the interest shown in the PL-521 and shrink sleever, while the ELF desk-top labellers have generated some positive enquiries.” For challenging shapes nothing can beat the PL-521 for labelling of slim, non-freestanding cylindrical containers such as vials, test tubes, lipsticks and mascaras, even those outside the normal diameter and length range. The ma-

chine’s angled motor conveyor ensures accurate labelling by securing the product on its side as it moves through the label head. The SL-301 can shrink full or partial tamper evident sleeves at up to 300 bottles a minute. Its tamper evident capability makes it perfect for a diverse range of products from soft drinks to jams and medical bottles. The SL301 comes with an integrated fill feeder for correct positioning on transport rollers. Suitable for a variety of sectors, including pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, toiletries, homewares and food and drink, Advanced Dynamics’ exceptionally accurate and robust labelling machines can be stand alone or integrated into a line for a variety of container sizes, cartons and bottle shapes. Malcolm Little concluded: “Advanced Dynamics is the sole UK distributor of Pack Leader’s range of eye-catching labelling systems, so we were thrilled to demonstrate the machines at TOTAL. The PL-521 and SL301 will transform bottle labelling in this country and the show provided an outstanding platform to present the exciting benefits of these fabulous machines.” Pharmaceutical, toiletries, cosmetics and food manufacturers are becoming increasingly aware of the economic and production benefits that affordable and high quality labelling can bring to their operations – TOTAL was an ideal event to demonstrate the amazing versatility of Advanced Dynamics’ equipment.

Contact Advanced Dynamics on tel 01274 731222 or visit

A new 250ml multilayer pot from RPC Verpackungen Kutenholz is delivering convenience, safety and extended shelf life for a variety of food products from leading Dutch manufacturer Van der Kroon Food Products BV. The standard container was developed by RPC Kutenholz in partnership with Van der Kroon. The plastic jar and lid offer a number of important benefits that make it ideal for many different products such as sauces, dips, fish and meat. Its multilayer PP/EVOH/PP construction and ability to be pasteurised and sterilised deliver an extended ambient shelf life of up to two years depending on the product. The container is also sealed with an induction heat seal foil which is incorporated into the cap, supplied by Pano. Equally important, because the pack is lightweight and does not break, it is suitable both in and away from the home, for example at parties, picnics, concerts and all types of outdoor events. The new pot also offers the convenience of easy opening and reclosability, and can be microwaved. RPC Kutenholz was selected for this project thanks to its established reputation in the design and manufacturer of multilayer bottles and jars. “We have enjoyed a successful working partnership with RPC Kutenholz and the new container offers the perfect combination of functionality and product protection,” commented Van der Kroon Director, Dennis van der Kroon.

Contact RPC Verpackungen Kutenholz on tel +49 4762 890 or visit

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The ultimate bio sip-lid from GoodLife

Ishida pushes the boundaries Ishida Europe is introducing an enhancement to its market-leading Atlas range of snack food bag makers that the company says will increase its already-high speeds on potato chips by a further 35 percent to a performance leading 150 bags per minute, on a single packaging machine. The new Ishida Charge Transfer Control (CTC) system is easily retrofitted to existing Atlas systems, meaning packing capacity can be immediately boosted with no requirements for additional floor space. The CTC enhances the weighing and bagmaking operation by providing greater control of the product charge, the process where product is transferred from the weigher through the bagmaker. The resulting reduction in product charge length means speeds can be closely controlled to deliver the increased throughput while also contributing to lower product and film waste. Key to the CTC’s operation is a high speed chute design, featuring a rotary poker and

shutter system, combined with gentle product handling. A hygienic construction ensures simple maintenance and cleaning, and the CTC requires no dedicated tooling, which enables fast changeovers. Easy monitoring and control is via the intuitive Ishida Snacks system control screen. The CTC enhances the proven performance of the Atlas bagmaker whose innovative double rotary jaw motion delivers high packing speeds along with accurate film registration and tight bag seals. “This is a further improvement to what was already the best-in-class weighing and bagging solution for the snacks market,” comments Simon Ruffley, Ishida Europe’s Business Manager - Snacks Packaging Systems. “Through further control of the product charge, we have once again extended the boundaries of what can be achieved, delivering the sort of high packing speeds for snack products that up until now were simply unattainable.”

Contact Ishida Europe on tel 0121 607 7700 or visit


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London based Sovereign, the leading food packaging supplier, are proud to introduce The GoodLife® bio sip-lid. Made from bagasse, the fibrous matter that remains after sugarcane or sorghum stalks are crushed to extract their juice, these domed lids are truly innovative, functional and come with impeccable environmental credentials. After use, the sip-lid is 100 percent compostable and will biodegrade with general food waste. The GoodLife® bio sip-lid is firm and comfortable to drink from and can be used safely even with the hottest drinks. Because of the flexible sturdiness of bagasse, the bio sip-lid fits tightly on all 90mm diameter 12oz and 16oz paper hot cups in the UK market. Indeed, tests have shown that the lid stays securely on the cup even if the cup is tipped over. Speaking about the lid, Commercial Director, Danny Feldman commented: “What we love about this lid and what makes it truly stand out from all other sip-lids is that everyone will know it is eco-friendly as soon as they set their eyes on it. There are expensive PLA lids that are compostable but unless you know what you are looking at it looks just like and can be easily mistaken for any other plastic sip-lid. The GoodLife® bio sip-lid looks, feels and is the most eco-friendly lid on the market today.” The introduction of the GoodLife® bio sip-lid follows several years of research and development and is protected with European Community Design Registration. The GoodLife® bio sip-lid features a visual of their brand icon ‘Eco the Friendly Frog’ and the word compostable, making it instantly recognisable as an environmentally friendly product. Price wise, the bio sip-lid falls approximately midway between the usual market prices for high impact polystyrene and crystallised PLA lids and will therefore be welcomed by the trade as a realistic biodegradable alternative to plastic.

Contact Sovereign on tel 020 7841 3170 or visit

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The simple vision sensor from Sick Sick has developed a new vision sensor with dimension verification, position detection and intelligent measurement capability that challenges 2D smart camera performance. The Inspector PIM60 will support a wide range of high-speed quality inspection, picking and assembly applications while still offering the ease-of-use and attractive price of a vision sensor. Sick expects the Inspector PIM60’s comprehensive capability for high-speed inspection to be of great interest to machine builders and systems integrators, as well as customers in consumer goods manufacture and packaging operations. “With the Inspector PIM60, Sick has narrowed the gap in functionality between a smart camera and a vision sensor, but not the price,” said David Hannaby, Sick (UK) Product Manager, Imaging and Measurement. “The existing Inspector tools do a great job for presence/absence or feature inspection. Now with the new measurement tools we can also support automatic rejection of out of specification products and provide feedback to improve the efficiency of a process.” The Sick Inspector PIM60 provides integral quality inspection with a capability to measure diameters, angles and variable distances. Its new, versatile measuring tools make it possible to verify dimensions and assess product acceptability, with pass or fail verification. The sophisticated calibration capability of the Sick Inspector PIM60 enables reliable inspection of moving or rotating parts, even when the sensor is tilted or using wide angle lenses. The results calibration function also makes it possible to output measured values as millimetres, so that they can be used directly for robot or gripper control. The Sick Inspector PIM60’s cost-effective integral web server enables operators to monitor production processes simply with an easy-to-use on-screen interface that can be customised to meet customers’ graphic and layout requirements, facilitating visualised data interpretation. As easy to set up and configure out-ofthe-box as any high performance sensor, the Inspector PIM60 offers broad connectivity enabling simple or complex data to be output over multiple platforms and protocols. The results can be output via Ethernet/IP or TCP/IP.

Contact Sick (UK) on tel 01727 831121 or visit

Linx printer grows with your business Linx Printing Technologies has launched a continuous ink jet (CIJ) printer with a number of first-in-class features for fast and reliable three-line coding which also has the adaptability to be further upgraded as and when required. The new Linx 5900 has been designed to provide maximum flexibility and consistently reliable coding, and offers the lowest maintenance costs for this type of printer along with extended service intervals of up to 6,000 hours. Equally important, recognising that many companies’ coding needs can change as their businesses continue to grow, a variety of additional enhancements are available that can be incorporated at any time, avoiding the need to purchase a whole new printer and making the initial investment future-proof. Among its many new features, the Linx 5900 offers a large 1000 message memory store and built-in USB for faster code changes. For reduced coding errors, the large and easy-to-use colour user interface provides prompted coding fields for quick and easy message creation, and the SureFill® system ensures mistake-proof fluid refills. The Linx 5900 also provides a cost-effective and predictable maintenance programme. Service intervals are up to 6,000 hours and each service requires fewer parts to be changed than with other printers. Together with minimal printhead maintenance, this

means that the Linx 5900 delivers lowest-inclass annual maintenance costs. Additional features can be easily added to the Linx 5900 at any time to cope with new production line requirements. Faster print speeds can be incorporated to meet increased throughput. Message creation and control can be further enhanced with Linx Insight® software for remote monitoring and message input from a smart phone or PC, and Linx QuickSwitch® for code changes using a barcode scanner. Full line integration can be achieved using Ethernet connectivity to control several Linx 5900s from a PC or by adding parallel I/O connectivity to link the printer directly with other production line equipment. As with all Linx printers, the Linx 5900 delivers excellent reliability and ease of use. Downtime is minimised thanks to the adjustment-free sealed printhead which has no exposed wires and requires minimal maintenance. The printhead also incorporates Linx’s self-cleaning FullFlush® technology that ensures first time start-ups. The dirt trap-free IP55 rated enclosure, with no doors to open for refills, prevents contaminants getting into the printer to further reduce the risk of unscheduled stoppages and helps to ensure a cleaner working environment, particularly important for food, beverage, pharmaceutical and cosmetics applications.

Contact Linx Printing Technologies on tel 01480 302100 or visit

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MAP cheese wrapper reclosable or pillow packs Italian manufacturer PFM has broadened its range of wrapping equipment for the cheese and sliced meat markets with a new high speed MAP flow-wrapper able to produce both reclosable packs and standard pillow packs. Capable of speeds up to 100/min in reclosable, MAP mode, the new Scirocco-ZIP uses either zipper or mini-hook profile yet can be changed over to produce pillow packs at speeds up to 150 a minute in less than 20 minutes. An inverted machine, it accepts product onto the film, which then carries it through a forming box set at 90 degrees to normal, so that the longitudinal seal is made at the side,

where the zipper tape is also introduced and sealed in place. To maintain speed, the zipper profile is punched to remove most of the polymer where it intersects with the cross-seal, reducing overall film thickness at this point for the single D-cam sealing mechanism to produce a reliable hermetic seal with minimum dwell. When conventional pillow packs are required, the film forming stations are exchanged for a traditional forming box and fin seals are made from above by an additional longitudinal sealing mechanism, which lowers automatically into place via a motor drive. Built to food industry hygiene standards, the

Scirocco-ZIP is also equipped with a multibelt feeder to phase product accurately into the infeed. The feeder is cantilevered, so that belts, support plates and drive roller sleeves can be quickly removed for cleaning. "The Scirocco-ZIP will allow food manufacturers and particularly contract packers to take advantage of growing interest in reclosable packaging for sliced cheese and meat, but maintain complete production flexibility," explains PFM Sales and Operations Director Chris Bolton. Contact PFM on tel 0113 239 3401 or visit

BERICAP 33mm and PushPull closures Bericap has developed 33mm closures for hot fillings available in the versions flat screw closure and ‘PushPull sport closure’, which does not require any aluminium sealing foil for safe sealing. Dispensing without sealing foil on the PushPull closure offers the consumer the advantage that the bottle can be opened without difficulty by simply removing the upper protective cap and the upper part of the closure. Both versions of the closure have the Bericap DoubleSeal™ system, which guarantees a leakproof product and stabilizes the bottleneck through an inner and outer sealing lip during the hot filling process even though the neck wall thickness is just 1.5mm. The product integrity will be reliably preserved. The DoubleSeal™ 33mm is equipped with a cut and folded slit band that breaks the first time the bottle is opened. The filler’s demands for cost-saving and lighter packaging are fulfilled with the 33mm


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closure: the bottleneck and closure can be more than 40 percent lighter than the 38mm closure system still widely used today. As part of the cost-saving and CO2minimization process, Bericap developed a 33mm closure as an alternative to the commonly used 38mm closure. Fillers who switch from the 38mm closure size to the 33mm size profit from lower costs due to a weight saving of approx. 30 percent for closure and neck. Bottles with the new 33mm closure differ in terms of their appearance on the shelf from the conventional beverage products with large closures and thus contribute towards a marked visual product differentiation. Compared to the 38mm bottle used to date, the consumer enjoys a more pleasant drinking experience thanks to the narrower bottleneck. The 33mm closure that is based on the Bericap DoubleSeal™ has a folded and slit safety band that breaks the first time the bottle is

opened. It can also be used on all conventional aseptic systems with dry or wet sterilization. At drinktec Bericap presented a new version of the 33mm aseptic closure that is slightly higher as an alternative for these bottlers, who like to have a closure that is small in diameter but still offers a better grip to open the bottle (consumer convenience). The 3-piece PushPull Next Generation is equipped with DoubleSeal™ technology that has also been successfully used for other Bericap closures in the beverage industry. The 38mm sports closure has so far been used for aseptic fillings and is appropriate for wet and dry sterilization processes. The successful qualification of the 33mm PushPull Next Generation for the hot filling process by a multinational beverage filler in Latin America is a further step forward. Contact Bericap UK on tel 01482 826666 or visit

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Pentafood® BPET® films now available The Pentafood® film product line has been extended to include Pentafood®BPET® films. Pentafood®BPET® films are engineered with enhanced production efficiency for outstanding thermoforming, better cutting, and no brittleness. Combined with lower thermoforming temperature for energy savings, these films deliver superior performance and, thereby, cost savings. Pentafood®BPET® films are designed to be used in conditions as low as -20° C, which makes them perfect for frozen food applications. Ideal for deep-draw, tray, and blister thermoformed applications, Pentafood®BPET® films are offered in mono- and multi-layer structures of BPET®, BPET®/PE, and BPET®/EVOH/PE, as well as BPET® light films. Available in a wide range of barriers to moisture, gas, and aroma, Pentafood®BPET® films have outstanding sealing properties and multiple sealant options, such as permanent or easy-peel seals. Special sealants that enable sealing through contaminants are also available. These films are offered in a broad range of standard opaque colours and are suitable for modified atmosphere packaging (MAP). Pentafood®BPET® films run on standard thermoforming and FFS equipment. All Pentafood® BPET® films are in compliance with respective EU regulations and directives, as well as the applicable national legislations and international standards. Engineered to offer superior aesthetics for high shelf impact while providing an opportunity for material reduction, Pentafood® light BPET® films reduce package weight and maintain physical properties comparable to standard materials. These films offer greater than 30 percent density reduction compared to non-foamed PET products. Their scratch resistant surface and enhanced denesting provide additional benefits. Pentafood® light BPET® films are designed to be used in conditions as low as -40°C for frozen food applications. As with standard Pentafood® BPET® films, they offer high production efficiency, superior formability, and cost savings. Pentafood® light BPET® films are available in mono- and multi-layer structures with PE and EVOH/PE. “Pentafood® BPET® films were developed to help meet customers’ needs for an APET film with enhanced processing efficiency,” noted Gabriele Moesges-Haas, Klöckner Pentaplast’s Packaging Product Manager for Europe. “The expansion of our Pentafood® food packaging film range to include these unique films continues to provide our customers with the broadest selection of high-performance films available in the global marketplace today.”

Contact Klöckner Pentaplast on tel +49 2602 9150 or visit

Apollo long shelf life convenience RPC Containers Corby has launched a modern plastic alternative to the traditional tin can. The new 380ml Apollo container combines extended ambient shelf life with all the established lightweight, easy handling and safety benefits of plastics and also offers the convenience of re-closing. The high barrier Apollo features a PP/EVOH/PP multilayer structure for the effective protection against oxygen ingress that ensures long shelf life. It is suitable for a variety of food processes including hot fill, retort and pasteurising. The container offers an attractive, fluted design in the same diameter as a can, with full sleeving and labelling options to create effecting branding and on-shelf appeal. It is also stackable to maximise shelf space. The neck of the Apollo container is specifically designed for the Aptar Bap ® Trilogy ®

closure, which ensures excellent pack integrity and product freshness. The foil seal features a plastic ring pull for easy opening and there is an overcap for re-closing, which minimises food waste. The lightweight pack is highly resistant to breakage and denting and avoids any sharp edges to provide maximum safety and convenience in the home. “We are continuing to push the boundaries of what can be achieved in barrier plastics,” commented RPC Corby’s General Manager, Michael Stegeman. “The Apollo offers all the established benefits of multilayer plastic in a popular container format. Just as important are its sustainable advantages of extended product shelf life, reduced food waste and light weight, which underline its relevance in today’s environmentally-aware markets.”

Contact RPC Containers Corby on tel 01536 263488 or visit

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Gernep labelling systems’ Labetta SK

Super lightweight trays from Linpac An innovative light-weighting project at Europe’s leading multi-material packaging manufacturer, Linpac Packaging, has enabled the company to compete against the inline thermoforming (Form, Fill, Seal) market for the first time and offer packers a more robust solution in particular for fresh mince packs. Until now, Linpac Packaging tray and film solutions have never proved competitive in terms of cost or weight when compared with standard inline FFS pack designs for mince applications. For the past two years, the food packaging company has been working in partnership with several machinery manufacturers, packers and retailers to develop and drive forward a key initiative to significantly reduce the overall weight of some of its trays, and down-gauge its LINtop lidding films, whilst ensuring they retain product performance and quality. Project LIFE (LIghtweighting For Excellence) has led to such significant reductions in material usage that the Linpac rigid rPET tray and LINtop films combination now offers a real alternative to packers using the standard form fill seal technology in terms of overall running cost and design flexibility. Alan Davey, Director of Innovation at Linpac Packaging, said: “This significant step forward is as a direct result of manufacturing process technology improvements at Linpac and a commitment to continuous quality improvement across the company. “Project LIFE is a response to market trends and to what our customers have been telling us they want from their packaging. We are developing sustainable solutions which are

lighter and yet maintain the performance of heavier, virgin material trays in terms of presentation, product protection and shelf-life.” Packer processors that are ready to change their machinery and want to be able to offer the latest innovative packaging for mince should take the opportunity to consider the Linpac Packaging lightweight trays and LINtop lidding films. Those already using top seal lidding machines will also be able to run the new rigid trays without changing tools. The new rigid trays offer better product presentation and protection, and generally an improved look and feel, than the traditional FFS pack design. The Linpac innovation also means packers can choose to use materials which are fully recyclable and contain high levels of post consumer recyclate to support their efforts to be more sustainable. Other benefits of using rigid trays and sealing line technology include: A wide range of machine sizes and outputs to suit all businesses and applications Ability to deliver different pack shapes and flexibility on size – the packs are only restricted by the size of the sealing area Fast streamline machine performance with fast tool changes Potential for cheaper tooling Easier product loading (the system only needs to cope with the product), and better labour efficiency. Materials choice flexibility – no lock-ins to machines and materials Multi-format packing for top seal, tray skin pack, slice packs, super-protruding, multi-compartment, all on one machine.

Contact Linpac Packaging on tel 01977 692111 or visit


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The machine series Labetta SK has been completely revised and is reflecting both, a new look and new technological developments, particularly in the area of the optical orientation issue. The proven servo motor technology on the self-adhesive dispenser helps to ensure a precise and especially smooth-running transfer of the label to the container, even with deeper containers or on larger sizes. The Labetta range forms the wet glue labelling machines by Gernep. Significant advantages of the innovative wet glue labelling are the patented overlay gearbox for easy adjustment of the exact label position, as well as the single, three-dimensionally adjustable glue segments. Gernep started with wet glue machines and these are still the mainstay of the company, especially in brewing where wet-glue systems from Gernep are still a traditional partner. The wet glue technology from Gernep is constantly developed and refined. For the hot melt wrap around labelling for different containers, the labelling machines Rollfeed and Rollina are designed. The type Rollfed is used for the labelling of plastic labels from the roll and Rollina for paper labels from the magazine. The glue application of both labelling systems results from a closed hot melt unit. Because of this closed hot melt system any contamination of glue is avoided in the hot melt circulation and minimizes the cleaning and maintenance. The hot glue of the Gernep Rollima is economically applied onto the container by nozzle. The end gluing occurs through a stepless adjustable end-gluing edge at the end of the label magazine. Hot melt is applied contact-free and selectively at the beginning and the end of the label via nozzles while it is on the vacuum drum. The end gluing takes place by a stepless adjustable gluing edge and an end gluing plate on the transfer drum. The convenient control of bottle rotation offers a changeover to other container formats within a minimum of time. Especially flexible is the combination of wet glue, self adhesive and hot melt labelling. All Gernep labelling machines can be equipped with various container orientation systems on bottom notch, side notch, eye mark, relief or bottle seam. At customer’s request they can be additionally equipped with seal labelling in L- or U-shape, either in adhesive or wet glue.

Contact Gernep on tel +49 9401 92130 or visit

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Serac unveils blow moulding solution Serac Group unveiled the Combox H2F its new blow moulding-fillingcapping solution for the dairy market, at the Drinktec trade show, held in Munich from 16 to 20 September 2013. Serac's innovative technology is particularly well suited to mediumsize dairy-product manufacturers and lower-volume companies operating in developing countries. The Combox H2F is specifically designed for dairy-bottle production with a volume not exceeding 12,000 bottles per hour. This innovation opens up new perspectives for manufacturers of dairy products needing a slower throughput as they are now able to blow mould bottles in house thanks to Serac's technology. Something that was really reserved to high-volume manufacturers in the past. During the machine's design phase, the focus was on integrating the company's latest aseptic filling innovations and on controlling costs. As a result, the competitive advantage offered by Serac's innovative solution can be secured at a reasonable price to the client. Serac has developed an affordable blow moulding and filling solution. Up until now, medium-sized dairy-product manufacturers had a limited choice of integrated packaging lines: On the one hand, cartons for low-speed packaging and, on the other hand, complete and integrated blow moulding-filling-capping lines that were often oversized (in terms of a medium-size operator's needs). With the Combox H2F, Serac gives medium-size players the appropriate equipment to blow mould in house. Serac's technology relies on PET blow moulding, combined with rotary weight-filling machines. Serac Group provides the capability that is required in order to integrate PET blow moulding with any of the company's own fillers-cappers. A unique and patented transfer system converts the sequential motion of the linear blower into a continuous motion, which is able to adapt to any Serac rotary filler. Contact SERAC on tel 01235 537222 or visit

Packaging Automation launch skin pack Tray sealer specialist Packaging Automation which celebrates its 50th year in 2013 launched a vacuum skin pack option for its eclipse range of tray sealers at MEATUP. This brand new revolutionary pack format is gaining popularity in the meat, poultry and fish sectors. The skin system of sealing offers high visibility vacuum packs on a pre-formed tray which is aimed at improving shelf life, better product quality and packaging reduction with the use of a shallow tray. At MEATUP, PA demonstrated the reliability, versatility and cost effectiveness of the flexible eclipse range of machines. The unique, fully electrical eclipse SL4 tray sealer can reduce the user’s running costs by 90 percent and requires zero air for full operation. The machine has many capabilities including the option for skin packing, gas flushing and vacuum gas flushing. Ultra lightweight and quick release tooling is offered as standard on all eclipse machinery. PA is acutely aware of the need for manufacturers to minimise the impact their operations have on the environment, so the eclipse range also offers the inside cut option and the capability to run sealing film as thin as 17micron which reduces film usage by an impressive 20 percent when compared to existing tray sealers. Sealing packs at an impressive rate of up to 75ppm the SL4 includes an inbuilt tool loading system which, when combined with the lightest tools in the market, allows manual tool changes and accurate docking of electrical and gas connectors, removing the need for a mobile loading jig. The top tool comprises single impression

removable cartridges that enable continued operation during repairs and maintenance. Spare cartridges can be supplied to allow full capacity operation at all times and a complete tool changeover can be achieved within two minutes. Simplified operation is demonstrated by a Minimal Operator Interface that eliminates operator errors and improves efficiency by presetting all machine parameters, including tool recipe settings and pack handling, at the touch of a button. Other key features of the eclipse range include tooling heater mats with an integrated thermocouple. Manufactured from a waterproof material, these mats heat up 30 percent faster and have a significantly longer life than materials previously used. To save on critical downtime, a Pack Crush Protection system prevents smashed packs when incoming trays are not orientated properly and quick release cutting blades allow for replacement in seconds. The eclipse range also offers modified atmosphere with either gas flushing or vacuum gassing for longer shelf life, energy saving features, such as automatically switching to stand-by when not in use and, for the fresh produce sector, clip-on lids can be replaced by pre-punched film allowing pack contents to breathe. Ideal for the meat and poultry market, tray sealed packs offer consumers and retailers what they want – convenience, protection and freshness – and PA’s new eclipse range gives the manufacturers what they need – less waste, reduced pack weight and increased productivity.

Contact Packaging Automation on tel 01565 755000 or visit

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Festo Mechatronics extends Pacepacker portfolio

Turning art(work) into science Flexible Packaging manufacturer FFP Packaging Solutions have introduced new systems and invested in new equipment to manage colour through their workflow, adding measurable consistency to the printed image, to provide major partners with reliable, robust, consistent colour performance. The management of colour is a critical part of the control of quality and brand standards and, in a technical industry such as flexible packaging, should be measured, checked and controlled. Colour Management in flexible packaging is complicated by the variety of materials in use and whether those materials are surface or reverse printed, each combination of which may demand different ink systems. At the heart of FFP’s Colour Management system is a complete set of Colour Profiles, each one describing colour behaviour on press for a specific film/ink combination. These are backed up by on- and off-line colour instrumentation and a colour-calibrated proofing system. There was no shortcut to the profiling process. FFP printed every combination of film substrate, surface and reverse print, in four colour process set (CMYK) and combination, on a colour management test chart under

standard print conditions on digital printing plates; producing a full gamut of shades, block colours, blends and solids. The resulting print was supplied to a repro partner who scanned it, patch by patch, to create an ICC profile. Time-consuming but critical to the final result. Based on spectrophotometry and densitometry data, a printer’s specification was generated. That was not the end of the process, though. Proofs were produced using spectrophotometer-equipped proofing equipment and compared to results achieved on press. Only when the repro partner proved that they could produce accurate proofs to match the test print for a specific combination were they added to the approved list, the entire process was repeated for every substrate and print style. When a new design goes to press, FFP selects the right ICC profile and, once the repro partner supplies the repro files, FFP print a colour matched proof through their own colour matched proofing system to supply to the customer. On-press, FFP have installed spectrophotometers to measure colour against the proof – giving their customers what they need and demand – reliable, robust, provable colour performance.

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Pacepacker Services, a well-known equipment manufacturer and system integrator of pick and place solutions, has expanded its product portfolio to include Festo’s range of Mechatronics pick and place systems. Unlike most other mechanical pick and place solutions, which tend to be highly bespoke and custom built, the Mechatronics ‘off the shelf ’ range offers quick and cost effective pick and place components. Pacepacker is an integrator for a number of leading robotic equipment manufacturers, enabling it to offer an extensive portfolio of solutions able to meet all project specifications. Applications usually range from one to six axes with pick-up devices for handling one or multiple products at a time (complete or part layers). Typical uses include projects in the food, bottling, FMCG and pet food sectors. The Mechatronics range comprises tried and tested pneumatic, electrical, mechanical, control and sensory components, models and systems that can be easily configured to provide pick and place solutions, tailored to the end user. Typical life expectancies are in excess of 5m metres of travel. The T Gantry, H Gantry and Tripod models with intuitive technology can be easily integrated with other machinery and software, reducing concerns over teething problems, compatibility, effectiveness and costs. All are low in vibration due to the reduced initial moving mass, precision tooth-belt drive arrangements and sophisticated controllers that also provide excellent functionality and maximum efficiency. T-Gantry - a continuous toothed-belt with a pitch slide module for fast picking, spreading and separating (over 90 picks/min). Its corresponding control package ensures precise point-to-point or path-controlled motion in the vertical and horizontal plane. Its minimal moving mass ensures low vibration and cost savings due to reduced mounting frame requirements. H-Gantry - same as the T, but an additional axis of movement, enables 3D capability. Designed for handling items at high speed (up to 70 picks/min), it covers a rectangular 3D working space. Compact and flat, there is an outstanding installation/working space ratio and ready to install in a two or three axis configuration.Tripod - a high-speed handling unit (up to 150 packs per minute) with robot functionality for free movement in 3D space. Its rigid pyramid structure requires less structural mounting, yet ensures optimum path and position accuracy with reduced vibrations. This enables it to handle a higher

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pay load, for example, moving 5kg at speed. Suitable for use with a camera system for position and rotary orientation sensing, the Tripod is perfect for pick and place, small parts handling and loading installations. The optional dry food P8 version, incorporates stainless steel covers, FDA-approved grease and materials and is ideal for packaging food stuffs at high speed. Complementing the Festo range of solutions is Pacepacker's own DeltaPac™ pick and place robotic options. Although similar in appearance to Festo's tripod, they have the added advantage of being IP65 rated, making them particularly suitable for hygienic environments where this rating is required. Their stainless steel, wash-down specification makes them ideal for corrosive and acidic environments. Contact Pacepacker Services 01371 011544 or visit

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Avery Dennison doubles "ThinkThin™ Avery Dennison Label and Packaging Materials have introduced seven new 'thin' film and paper products that retain shelf impact while making premium food labels more sustainable through thinner label material constructions. Brands are making ever stronger demands for waste reduction and more sustainable products, and the Avery Dennison ThinkThin™ range is an important tool for label converters who want to measure and report on sustainability improvements. Thinner facestocks and liners across the entire range ensure both performance and environmental benefits across many different films, papers and thermal products, compared to the standard thicker versions. This is because they require fewer raw materials and less energy during manufacture, according to lifecycle assessment charts compiled by Avery Dennison. “This expanded ThinkThin™ portfolio has been designed with real-world needs of Label converters and Brand Owners in mind,” said Jan't Hart, Product Line Director at Avery Dennison Label and Packaging Materials. “Better sustainability credentials are the foundation of the ThinkThin™ initiative, but our priority remains that of giving customers materials that look great and perform better than ever. ‘Green’ does not have to mean ‘second best' if the technology is right." The new ThinkThin™ film materials are ideal for premium food labelling applications. They

feature Avery Dennison's innovative S7000 adhesive that enables highspeed production and offers both water-whitening resistance and reduced adhesive bleed. The extended film family now includes PE LG Top as well as the thinner PP 40 Top, both with top coating and available in clear and white. The Avery Dennison Greenprint™ lifecycle analysis quickly reveals the sustainability 'wins' made possible by new ThinkThin™ products. For example, PP40 Top Clear (with S7000 adhesive and a PET23 liner) uses 46 percent less energy, generates 30 percent less solid waste and consumes 39 percent less fossil material than the conventional PP60/S4000/PET30 material. The liner is also fully recyclable via Avery Dennison's recycling programme, available throughout Europe. ThinkThin™ paper-based products are now all FSC-certified and can be used in a wider variety of substrates, whether in food labelling or in other applications such as home and personal care. The MC70 paper facestock is lighter than the conventional MC Primecoat alternative, and is now available with new adhesive options that allow ThinkThin™ paper materials to cope with applications all the way from the cool room through to high speed room temperature labelling. Thermal labelling also receives a welcome boost: Thermal Thin™ 200LD is now available with S2000N permanent emulsion adhesive, allowing higher speed application.

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KHS unleashes a host of innovations At drinktec 2013, one highlight was the new KHS Innoprint machine generation offering capabilities for printing directly onto PET bottles thereby eliminating the need for labels. Using this method of digital direct printing, the desired print image can be sent directly from the computer to the control unit of the machine. This system incorporates a very high reaction speed and maximum flexibility. KHS' Innoprint enables globally active beverage companies, for example, to print labels on bottles exceptionally quickly and at precisely the same time for all selected markets. Containers are labelled with UV inks that produce brilliant colour images with optical resolutions of 1,080 x 1,080 pixels. This new machine is capable of processing a great variety of PET bottle types ranging in size from 0.33-1.5 litres. Container diameters can vary between 40 and 120mm. The Innoprint is designed for a capacity of 36,000 PET bottles per hour. With its Innosept Asbofill ASR, KHS presents a new generation of aseptic rotary machine technology which closes the last gap

in the field of aseptic cold filling and together with its linear and rotary systems now offers a complete aseptic program that leaves nothing to be desired. The extensive know-how in Innosept Asbofill ABF linear filling technology tried-and-tested worldwide has gone into the development of the Innosept Asbofill ASR. A multitude of proven components and processes from the ABF range has been incorporated into the new rotary machine series. KHS achieves even more sustainability, cost reduction, and space savings by implementing a new ultra-clean concept, in which the fillercapper system is integrated into what is known as a mini hygiene housing. In contrast to the classic hygiene housing, the floor area of this type of housing is also enclosed. This means that the filling area is isolated from all outside influences. A major advantage of the mini hygiene housing is that it requires up to 40 percent less space in the bottling hall, that among other things also reduces detergent and sterile air consumption by about 20 percent. KHS is also exploring new avenues in the

field of can filling with its Innofill Can DVD. A key feature of this filling system is its ideal hygienic design. The Innofill Can DVD generation of fillers is designed without a front table. A hygienic seamer is installed downstream of the filling process. As with the Innofill Glass filler series that has now become well established in the market, top filling quality is combined with the advantage of yet again comparatively increased system availability the result of shorter sanitizing cycles and longer time intervals between maintenance. The filling valves of the Innofill DVD are simply flange-mounted and easy to remove. Media are fed in through hygienically designed pantograph joints. A compact valve manifold takes up to 50 percent less floor space. All sealing joints in the filling valves are equipped with flavour-resistant seals, membranes, and expansion joints. Contact KHS on tel +49 231 569 1718 or visit

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Rapid response to fluctuating strawberry demand Over recent years, soft fruit growers have been at the receiving end of ever changing weather patterns and 2013 has been no exception. As a result Sharpak Aylesham launched an innovative packaging solution to meet changing requirements in the supply and demand of strawberries. Ruth Price, UK Produce Manager at Sharpak Aylesham, explained: “The late start to the season has resulted in fruit volumes being available over a much shorter season this year. “Consequently, growers have come under pressure to become increasingly flexible to fulfil changing retail requirements. The newly developed SPL range from Sharpak Aylesham is designed specifically to meet these rapid fluctuations.” Traditionally, retailers have requested 250–400g packs of strawberries from growers, but the fluctuating seasons mean that demand has changed and there is a need for larger, promotional sized punnets. Sharpak was approached and has designed a new range of punnets to meet that need. With just four weeks to complete all development work and get the solution to market, Sharpak launched the new product range in time for the 2013 UK season. Changing punnet sizes can be a costly process for growers, who have already invested in sealing machinery. Whilst the new range necessitates a larger overall footprint for the larger fruit volumes, the new Sharpak range has been designed to offer flexibility in pack weights 600g, 700g and 1kg, to support retailer requirements whilst utilising the same cut size. The flexibility of the solution also means Sharpak is able to quickly produce alternative depth options. David McCormack, Packaging Manager at Berry Gardens, said: “Cold and wet weather has slowed crop growth. As a result, this has impacted on the overall fruit production, leaving us with large quantities of stock to shift in a short period of time. “However, due to the varying sizes and depths of punnets which the SPL range offers, we have more flexibility so we could ensure that we were fully prepared for the 2013 UK season.” Ruth Price adds, “Sharpak has been a loyal supplier to the soft fruit industry for decades. We have consistently invested in state of the art thermoforming technology and continued development of new packaging solutions. This is paramount to our long-term supply and service to a market that is faced with ever changing demands.” Contact Sharpak Aylesham on tel 01304 840581 or visit


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Quadrant’s broadest range of EU 10/2011 compliants Quadrant Engineering Plastic Products (EPP) has updated its range of Food Grade Plastics in line with the new European Union Regulation (EU) 10/2011. The move makes Quadrant EPP the first and only engineering plastics’ manufacturer to offer such a broad and fully tested range of thermoplastic stock shapes complying with the regulation. The portfolio of certified materials, covering PE through to PEEK, gives food producers the assurance of fulfilling the highest safety and quality levels for their food and beverage production systems. New Regulation (EU) 10/2011 is a further development of Directive 2002/72/EC for plastics materials in contact with food, and specifies much stricter test conditions for migration. Within the EU, compliance is required for all food contact materials. All Quadrant EPP Food Grade semi-finished stock shapes and customized finished parts are processed and handled according to the new regulation and to the consistent quality control guidelines of GMP. Quadrant EPP accompanies each delivery with complete documentation, from choice of raw material to finished parts. This allows full traceability and also supports customers in reducing their own in-house product testing time and costs. Customers receive a Declaration of Compliance with the Order (DCO) according to EN 10204-2.1 that ensures the uninterrupted traceability of the plastic product from the

stock shape back to the raw material used by batch. Each production step is tested and documented by Quadrant EPP. Quadrant is also ahead of the market in introducing a Declaration of Compliance (DoC) for every delivery – a documentation requirement valid as of 2016 – that includes the complete test conditions together with the migration values of the materials. Tests to determine the migration values of Quadrant EPP’s food contact polymer materials were conducted on the thermoplastic stock shapes by independent external laboratory, Intertek. These tests were performed according to regulation (EU) 10/2011. The portfolio of over 30 products was tested for Overall Migration Limit (OML) and Specific Migration Limit (SML) to measure the material inertness and provide a toxicological evaluation of individual substances. By including the pre-tested results with the DoC, customers can more easily calculate migration values for their individual applications – a further step in supporting their overall cost-efficiency. As part of its complete Food Grade Programme, customers can benefit from Quadrant’s international partner network to select the right material for their application. The material selection and application advice considers the food type in contact with the plastic parts, and temperature and food contact time.

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Flexico’s Clicky Zip is Pilgrim’s Choice Resealable packaging is increasing in popularity, as consumers demonstrate their desire to reduce food wastage by choosing brands that are packaged in easy to open and reseal packets, saving frustration and maximising product usage. Flexico UK, leading innovators in resealable and flexible packaging, are pleased to announce they have struck a deal with Pilgrim’s Choice cheese for the exclusive use of their Clicky Zipper recloseable profile. Paul Francis of Flexico UK said: “We are delighted to be able to supply what we know is a great and highly practical packaging solution to such a popular product and leading

name in the cheese industry.” The award-winning profile is part of Flexico’s ZipGrip range of closing systems and features a unique sensorial effect that allows the user to feel and hear when the zipper is fully closed. “The Clicky Zipper gives a great sense of reassurance that a packet has been correctly resealed and this is a great benefit, not least for people with sight loss.” Paul continued. “Consumers buying Pilgrim’s Choice will be able to keep their cheese fresh, delicious and useable up to the last crumb, as a result of good storage, adding value for the customer.”

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Key’s new Standard Iso-Flo® vibratory conveyors Key Technology introduces a new standard IsoFlo® conveyor and hygienic options for all other Iso-Flo vibratory conveyors. Key's Standard Utility Shakers are ideal for processing fruits, vegetables, potato strips, and potato chips. The new hygienic features, standard on the Utility Shakers, are options on other Iso-Flo conveyors, which are used for conveying, grading, product distribution on processing and packaging lines, product alignment, fines removal, scalping, inspection, and more in plants producing meat, poultry, seafood, dairy, confectionary, snack, and bakery products as well as cereals, grains, and seeds in addition to fruits, vegetables, and potato strips and chips. Iso-Flo's new energy unit is an oil-free electric vibrating motor that, compared to traditional mechanical drives, eliminates the gearbox, drive belts, and motor oil from the process. This new out-of-balance motor inherently improves equipment hygiene by eliminating the oil that can inadvertently contaminate product, especially when the equipment is mounted over other equipment. The new energy unit also reduces maintenance. Key's new vector lock screen clamp features a unique hybrid design that enables it to perform multiple functions simultaneously. This patentpending mechanism, used to secure an Iso-Flo conveyor's screen in place, is easier to open and close. It allows an operator to lock and unlock a screen with one hand and without tools to swap out screens more quickly and easily. Compared

to traditional locks, this hybrid does not lose pressure over time - it will not rattle, even when in the open position, or leak. It helps keep floors dry to improve worker safety and enhance sanitation. Other new Iso-Flo features eliminate laminations and enclosed hollow bodies that can harbour bacteria. Scalloped flat bars are continuously welded, replacing skip welding. The new plate frame replaces traditional tube frames and elastomer isolators replace coil spring isolators that can trap product and rust. The new isolator-brackets feature an ‘easy slide out’ capability that enables the processor to remove isolators during maintenance without a forklift. The new internal ground arm replaces a traditional ground strap that is prone to breakage and can cause product to hang up. Equipment stickers, which can flake and fall into product zones, are eliminated. Key's Standard Utility Shakers, which include all of these hygienic improvements, are available in two sizes, 24in (61cm) and 36in (91cm) wide, both 72in long (1.8m), and with or without screens. The Model 2472 offers 10sq ft (0.93sq m) of screen area and the Model 3672 offers 15sq ft (1.4 sq m) of screen area. These standard shakers feature geometry that enables multiple shakers to be nested in a line maximizing the versatility of the two standard shakers to meet the needs of each application. The shakers with screens include drip pans to capture water or fines. Key offers customized Utility Shakers in other sizes and configurations.

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Microscan, a global technology leader in barcode, machine vision and lighting solutions, presents an ideal low-cost solution for companies in need of high-speed inline barcode verification. The AutoVISION™ product suite, including compact smart cameras and machine vision software, offers a robust means to verify the quality both 1D and 2D barcodes against established industry standards, including ISO 15415, ISO 15416, and AIM DPM. Unreadable barcodes can lead to process inefficiencies and downtime associated with relabeling, re-scanning, or manual data entry. High quality, readable barcodes are a requirement in many vendor contracts, and some customers and retailers may even impose a fine for each unreadable code they receive, in addition to rejecting the product. Inline verification with machine vision addresses this issue with quality inspection that is more reliable than random sampling, and can also be used to detect printer faults before unreadable codes become problematic. Industry barcode quality standards such as ISO 15415 are used for verifying 1D and 2D barcodes that are printed or marked directly onto a part (DPM). Microscan’s AutoVISION™ software includes 1D and 2D Symbol Quality Verification tools to evaluate the quality of each barcode against industry standards, and ensure that every product is processed and shipped with high quality barcodes for cradle-to-grave traceability and overall process efficiency. “What makes the AutoVISION™ suite unique is the fact that manufacturers from food and beverage industries can error-proof each individual barcode on their packaging inline with either the Vision MINI and Vision HAWK smart cameras, without the need for a PC,” said Nico Hooiveld, Microscan’s Machine Vision Product Manager. “If barcode quality verification to set standards is not necessary, manufacturers can easily modify the verification parameters for custom validation and ensure consistently readable codes for each of their processes.” Since a barcode that has not been adequately illuminated cannot be verified, effective lighting is critical in any smart camera verification system. Additionally, ISO and AIM standards require verification systems that are equipped with particular lighting geometries. Microscan’s high performance Nerilite® lighting products are specifically engineered for integration with AutoVISION™ smart cameras, including built-in light controllers which can be directly managed from the camera. Contact Microscan Systems on tel +31 172 42336 or visit

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The new Linx laser coders Linx Printing Technologies is taking laser coding to new levels with the launch of a range of scribing laser coders, offering the most efficient production line solutions with no compromise on quality. The 10w Linx SL102 laser coder is the most versatile and intuitive coder in its class, ideal for users with a fast line and simple code requirements, or a slow line with a more complex code. The Linx SL102 offers the most flexible solution for quality coding onto a wide range of materials. And the high-speed, low-maintenance 30w Linx SL302 laser coder produces quality coding for complex codes on fast lines, even on hard-to-mark materials, and is versatile enough to adapt to future coding needs, such as changes in line speeds, message types or products to be coded. Choosing a Linx SL laser coder also assures reliability, with longer laser tube life, less downtime and lower cost. The new Linx laser coders are more intuitive – easy to use, with the new LinxVision® colour touch screen, incorporating a large WYSIWYG display for simple operation. The LinxVision operating system features an eye-catching, easy to use 10.1in LCD colour touch screen. The interface features software specially designed for touch screen operation, with large icons for intuitive, effortless control, editing and status reporting. The Linx SL102 and SL302 can alternatively be operated via a PC or network. An easy access toolbar enables the operator to quickly modify messages - such as date and time offsets, variable text, message rotation – which means less downtime.

A quick message preview also allows the operator to browse saved messages and preview them before selection – which means the right message is selected first time, every time for error-free coding. Meanwhile Linx QuadMark® allows complete control of up to four laser coders on the same network from a single location, ideal for larger sites with multiple lasers and helping to save time and cost, whilst minimising the chances of coding errors. Linx SL models are capable of coding high quality text, graphics and Data Matrix codes onto a wide range of materials and are equally at home coding at high speed, such as in the beverage, brewing and food industries, as they are on slower production lines where more complex coding or marking is required, for example onto glass or rubber. Installation onto the line is made easier, as the laser can be positioned to code in any orientation, so customers are not restricted to placing the laser in one position. The unique set-up wizard guides the installation engineer through configuration for your line setup that means customers can quickly start enjoying the benefits of their Linx laser. The robust industrial design offers stainless steel casing and up to IP65 class protection, for continuous coding in even the harshest of production environments. Linx SL coders are reliable in even the most demanding factory environments, and service intervals are typically twice those of the industry standard. They don’t need expensive factory air for cooling, unlike some other laser coders, which helps to further reduce your coding costs.

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‘Mr Big’ cool coffee enjoyment in XL Caffè Latte is made by Emmi – and it is a standout on the shelves. The product’s uniqueness is reflected through the special convex shape of its packaging that is based on the design of original Italian Caffè-Latte glasses. This feature distinguishes its new 370ml cup, as well. “One of the specific challenges during the implementation of the packaging project was to transfer the excellent properties of the existing tried-and-true packaging, one-to-one, to a larger volume, with its looks and functionality equally concerned,” said Jens Krause, Sales Director at Greiner Packaging in Diepoldsau. The new packaging is made using injection moulding technology, and it is decorated with semi-gloss sleeves that create a pleasing touch sensation. Designing the lid was a challenging task as it has to satisfy demanding tightness requirements. As a pre-requisite the cup had to be held horizontally five times within ten seconds and verified for tightness. “We solved this critical task using a dipping sealing lid and a double-snap function,” revealed Jens. The development of this new cup in particular required fast implementation. Greiner Packaging International managed to fulfill this demand, and in doing so displayed a basic strength of the corporation: The entire packaging solution (cup and lid) is delivered from a single source and therefore, the customer benefits from relying on a single contact partner at every stage of the project. In March 2004, Emmi, the largest milk processing plant in Switzerland, began its Caffè-Latte concept – and it became the most successful product launch in company history. At present, Caffè Latte is being distributed in 17 countries and there are seven flavour varieties available on the market: Caramel New York Edition, Cappuccino, Vanilla, Espresso, Espresso Zero, Macchiato and Macchiato Ligh.

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FLOOR and WALL FINISHES for the FOOD INDUSTRY KDH Projects Ltd, KDH House, Millfield Road, Donnington, Spalding, Lincs PE11 4UR. Tel:01775 822888. Fax:01775 822892. Kemtile Ltd, Unit C3, Taylor Business Park, Warrington Road, Warrington, Cheshire WA3 6HT. Tel:01925 763045. Fax:01925 763381. Lasercroft Ltd, 9 Hedon Road, Hull HU9 1LL. Tel:01482 229119.Fax:01482 223077. FLOORING SURFACES for FACTORIES KDH Projects Ltd, KDH House, Millfield Road, Donnington, Spalding, Lincs PE11 4UR. Tel:01775 822888. Fax:01775 822892. Kemtile Ltd, Unit C3, Taylor Business Park, Warrington Road, Warrington, Cheshire WA3 6Bl. Tel:01925 763045. Fax:01925 763381. Veitchi (England) Ltd, Grange Works, Mill Lane, Rugeley, Staffs WS15 2JW. Tel:01889 586621. Fax:01889 579923. FLUID DRYERS European SprayDry Technologies LLP, Regal House, South Road, Harlow, Essex CM20 2BL. Tel:01279 780268. FREEZING EQUIPMENT JBT FoodTech, East Mains Industrial Estate, Broxburn, West Lothian EH52 5NP. Tel:01506 857112. Fax:01506 852232. HEAT EXCHANGERS (Scraped Surface) Holmach Ltd, The Dingle, Pilsgate, Stamford, Lincs PE9 3HW. Tel:01780 749097. Fax:01780 749098. HOMOGENISERS Rigal Bennett Group, Gravel Hill Lane, Whitley, near Goole, East Yorkshire DN14 0JJ. Tel:01977 661095. Fax:01977 662165. HOSES & COUPLINGS Guyson International Ltd, Hose and Couplings Division, Southview Business Park, Guiseley, Leeds LS20 9PR. Tel:01943


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Tel:01780 749097. Fax:01780 749098



Holmach Ltd, The Dingle, Pilsgate, Stamford, Lincs PE9 3HW. Tel:01780 749097. Fax:01780 749098. POTATO PEELING MACHINES –ABRASIVE RE-LINING Porcher Abrasive Coatings Ltd, Nursery Road, Riverside Industrial Estate, Boston, Lincs PE21 7TN. Tel:01205 356666. POUCH FILLER/SEALERS F. Jahn & Co. Ltd, 17 Teddington Business Park, Station Road,

Sharpak Aylesham, Aylesham Industrial Estate, Aylesham, Kent CT3 3EF. Tel:01304 840581. Fax:01304 842207. Sharpak Bridgwater, Colley Lane Estate, Bridgwater TA6 5YS. Tel:01278 435000. Fax:01278 423019 Sharpak Yate, Highway, Yate, Bristol BS37 7AA. Tel:01454 874100. Fax:01454 874304.

Teddington, Middx TW1 1BQ. Tel:0208 977 8822. Fax:0208 977



Farleygreene Ltd, Unit 8, Alpha Centre, Alfa Road, Aldershot,

PROCESS VESSELS Holmach Ltd, The Dingle, Pilsgate, Stamford, Lincs PE9 3HW. Tel:01780 749097. Fax:0208 9771818. PROJECT CONSTRUCTION SPECIALISTS TO THE FOOD INDUSTRY KDH Projects Ltd, KDH House, Millfield Road, Donnington, Spalding, Lincs PE11 4UR. Tel:01775 822888. Fax:01775 822892. PUMPS and PUMP MAINTAINANCE AxFlow Ltd, Orton Park, Northfield Avenue, London W13 9SJ. Tel:0208 832 1831. Fax:0208 280 0796 PUMPS-HYGIENIC FOOD (Maso Sine and Peristaltic Pumps) Watson Marlow Pumps, contact Geoff Sanders, Mobile:07799 665533 Office fax/phone:01255 863932. PUMPS-HYGIENIC FOOD Grundfos Pumps Ltd, Grovebury Road, Leighton Buzzard, Beds

Hants GU12 4RG. Tel:01252 322233. Fax:01252 325111. Gough Engineering Ltd, Alderflat Drive, Newstead Industrial Estate, Stoke-on-Trent, Staffs ST4 8GE. Tel:01782 654770. Fax:001782 654771. SORTING MACHINES-COLOUR and SHAPE Buhler Sortex Ltd, 20 Atlantis Avenue, London E16 2BF. Tel:0207 055 7777. Fax:0207 055 7700. Radix Systems Ltd, 1 Moorside Place, Moorside Road, Winnall, Winchester, Hants SO23 7FX. Tel:01962 892530. Fax:01962 813354. Satake ESM, Horsfield Way, Bredbury Industrial Estate, Stockport, Cheshire SK6 2FN. Tel:0161 406 3888. Fax:0161 406 3889. SPICE STERILISING EQUIPMENT Holmach Ltd, The Dingle, Pilsgate, Stamford, Lincs PE9 3HW. Tel:01780 749097. Fax:01780 749098.

LU7 4TL. Tel:01525 850000. Fax:01525 853981


Starfrost UK Ltd, Newcombe Road, Lowestoft, Suffolk NR32

READY MEALS LINES Sealpac UK Ltd, Units 1 - 3, The Concept Centre, Innovation Close, Poole, Dorset BH12 4QT. Tel:0845 302 3056. Fax:0845 302 3057.

1XA. Tel:01502 562206. Fax:01502 584104. SPRAY DRYING PLANT European SprayDry Technologies LLP, Regal House, South Road, Harlow, Essex CM20 2BL. Tel.:01279 780250. Fax:01279 780268.




KDH Projects Ltd, KDH House, Millfield Road, Donnington,

Holmach Ltd, The Dingle, Pilsgate, Stamford, Lincs. PE9 3HW.

Spalding, Lincs PE11 4UR. Tel:01775 822888. Fax:01775

Tel:01780 749097. Fax:01780 749098.


F. Jahn & Co. Ltd, 17 Teddington Business Park, Station Road,


Teddington, Middx TW1 1BQ. Tel.:208 977 8822. Fax:0208 977

F. Jahn &Co. Ltd, 17 Teddington Business Park, Station Road,


Teddington, Middx TW1 1BQ. Tel:0208 977 8822. Fax:0208 977



Kemtile Ltd, Unit C3, Taylor Business Park, Warrington Road,

Holmach Ltd, The Dingle, Pilsgate, Stamford, Lincs PE9 3HW.

Warrington, Cheshire WA3 6BLTel:01925 763045. Fax:01925

09. 2 0 13


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763381. THERMOFORM FILL and SEAL MACHINERY Sealpac UK Ltd, Units 1 - 3, The Concept Centre, Innovation Close, Poole, Dorset BH12 4QT. Tel:0845 302 3056. Fax:0845 302 3057. TRAY and UTENSIL WASHING MACHINES Industrial Washing Machines Ltd, Facet Road, King Norton, Birmingham B38 9PT. Tel.:0121 459 9511. Fax:0121 459 9001. Newsmith Stainless Ltd, Fountain Works, Child Lane, Roberttown, Liversedge, West Yorkshire WF15 7PH. Tel.:01924 405988. Fax:01924 403304. Oliver Douglas Ltd, Amberley Works, Chelsea Close, Leeds, West Yorkshire LS12 4HP. Tel.:0113 279 7373. Fax:0113 279 1014. TRAY SEALING MACHINES Sealpac UK Ltd, Units 1 - 3, The Concept Centre, Innovation Close, Poole, Dorset BH12 4QT. Tel:0845 302 3056. Fax:0845 302 3057.

TRAY WASHERS Newsmith Stainless Ltd, Fountain Works, Child Lane, Roberttown, Liversedge, West Yorkshire WF15 7PH. Tel:01924 405988. Fax:01924 403304. Oliver Douglas Ltd, Amberley Works, Chelsea Close, Leeds, West Yorkshire LS12 4HP. Tel.:0113 279 7373. Fax:0113 279 1014. VIBRATORY FEEDERS Cox and Plant Products Ltd, Monument and Tabor Works, Balds Lane, Lye, Stourbridge, West Midlands DY9 8SE. Tel.:01384 895121 Fax:01384 893 611. WALL and CEILING FINISHES Be-Plas Hygienic Walls and Ceilings Ltd, Unit 2, Junction 8 Business Park, Ellesmere Port, Wirral CH65 3AS. Tel:0151 334 5133. Fax:0151 355 7970. Kemtile Ltd, Unit C3, Taylor Business Park, Warrington Road, Warrington, Cheshire WA3 6HT. Tel:01925 763045. Fax:01925 763381.

Raw Materials, Ingredients and Additives ANCHOVY (Fillets, Pastes, Flavourings, Canned Jarred, Tube) La Monegasque UK Ltd, The Priory, High Street, Ware, Herts SG12 9AL. Tel:01920 469107. Fax:01920 486646 E-mail:enquiries@the

Herts SG1 2DF. Tel:01438 742242. Fax:01438 742311.

Meridian Sea, 10 Thornby Road, Estover, Plymouth PL6 7PP. Tel.08702 400172,

PE20 3DJ. Tel:01775 822389. Fax:01775 822443.

ARROWROOT The Essbro Co. Ltd, 1 South Street, Rochford, Essex SS4 1BL Tel:01702 530329. Fax:01702 530331. E-mail:


CHILLIES (Red and Green Fresh Chopped and Fresh Puréed) JDM Food Group Ltd, Monument Road, Bicker, Boston, Lincs CLEAN LABEL BAKERY INGREDIENTS British Bakels Ltd, Granville Way, Bicester, Oxon OX26 4JT. Tel.:01869 247098. Fax:01869 242979.

BAKERY INGREDIENTS British Bakels Ltd, Granville Way, Bicester. Oxon OX26 4JT. Tel:01869 247098. Fax:01869 242979. E-mail:

COCONUT-Desiccated Cream-Liquid and Powder)

BLUEBERRY, CRANBERRY & POMEGRANATE (AIR DRIED) Kanegrade Ltd, Ingredients House, Caxton Way, Stevenage, Herts SG1 2DF. Tel:01438 742242. Fax:01438 742311.

COCONUT PRODUCTS (Powder and Cream)

F.R. Benson & Partners Ltd, 117a New Road, Croxley Green, Rickmansworth, Herts WD3 3EN. Tel:01923 293160. Fax:01923 293168. Kanegrade Ltd, Ingredients House, Caxton Way, Stevenage, Herts SG1 2DF. Tel:01438 742242. Fax:01438 742311.


COLOURS (Natural)


Kalsec Europe Ltd, 7 Merlin Park, Fred Dannatt Road,

Markus Products Ltd, Murray Way, Wincanton Business Park,

Mildenhall, Suffolk IP28 7TD. Tel.:01938 715011. Fax:01638

Wincanton, Somerset BA9 9RX. Tel.:01963 435270.


Fax:01963 435271. E-mail:


British Bakels Ltd, Granville Way. Bicester. Oxon OX26 4JT.


Tel:01869 247098. Fax:01869 242979.

Kanegrade Ltd, Ingredients House, Caxton Way, Stevenage,

09. 2 0 13

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Capol UK Ltd, Oaktree Court, Mill Lane, Ness, Cheshire CH64 8TP. Tel:0151 342 8900. CURRY POWDERS (Triton Madras, Mild & Hot) The Essbro Co. Ltd, 1 South Street, Rochford, Essex SS4 1BL Tel:01702 530329. Fax:01702 530331. E-mail: DRIED FRUITS (Sweetened and Unsweetened (also Fairtrade and Organic) F.R. Benson & Partners Ltd, 117a New Road, Croxley Green,

HERBS and CHILLIES (Frozen, Ambient) S. Black Ltd, Foxholes Business Park, John Tate Road, Hertford, Herts. SG13 7YH. Tel:01992 825555. Fax:01992 825566. HYDROCOLLOIDS J R FOOD CONSULTANCY Tel:07771 716323. IQF/CHILLED MEATS Food Network Ltd, Keepers Cottage, Chrishall Grange, Royston, Herts. SG8 7NT. Tel:01763 837000. Fax:0208 464 1551.

Rickmansworth, Herts WD3 3EN. Tel:01923 293160. Fax:01923

MAPLE SYRUP (Various Grades)


F.R. Benson & Partners Ltd, 117a New Road, Croxley Green,

EGG POWDERS –Whole, Yolk, Albumen (Also Organic)

Rickmansworth WD3 3EN. Tel:01923 293160. Fax:01923

F.R. Benson & Partners Ltd, 117a New Road, Croxley Green,


Rickmansworth, Herts WD3 3EN. Tel:01923 293160. Fax:01923


MUSHROOMS (Concentrate, Powder and Dehydrated)

FLAVOURS (Liquid and Powder) Kanegrade Ltd, Ingredients House, Caxton Way, Stevenage, Herts SG1 2DF. Tel:01438 742242. Fax:01438 742311. FOOD ACIDS

F.R. Benson & Partners Ltd, 117a New Road, Croxley Green, Rickmansworth WD3 3EN. Tel:01923 293160. Fax:01923 293168. NATURAL COLOURS Kalsec Europe Ltd, 7 Merlin Park, Fred Dannatt Road,

Rigest Trading Ltd, Hipocampus House, Hulme Lane, Lower

Mildenhall, Suffolk IP28 7RD. Tel:01638. 715011. Fax:01638

Peover, Knutsford, Cheshire WA16 9QQ. Tel:07595 793224.



Kanegrade Ltd, Ingredients House, Caxton Way, Stevenage,

F.R. Benson & Partners Ltd, 117a New Road, Croxley Green,

Herts SG1 2DF. Tel:01438 742242. Fax:01438 742311.

Rickmansworth WD3 3EN. Tel:01923 293160. Fax:01923



FRUIT and VEGETABLES (Powders and Flakes and Extracts)

Kanegrade Ltd, Ingredients House, Caxton Way, Stevenage,

F. R. Benson & Partners Ltd, 117a New Road, Croxley Green,

Herts SG1 2DF. Tel:01438 742242. Fax:01438 742311.

Rickmansworth WD3 3EN. Tel:01923 293160.

Fax:01923 293168.


British Bakels Ltd, Granville Way, Bicester, Oxon OX26 4JT.


Tel:01869 247098. Fax:01869242979.

Kanegrade Ltd, Ingredients House, Caxton Way, Stevenage,

Herts SG1 2DF. Tel:01438 742242. Fax:01438 742311.

ORGANIC INGREDIENTS F.R. Benson & Partners Ltd, 117a New Road, Croxley Green,


Rickmansworth WD3 3EN. Tel:01923 293160. Fax:01923

Cobell Ltd, Alphinbrook House, Alphinbrook Road, Exeter EX2


8RG. Tel:01392 430280. Fax:01392 430060.

ORGANIC VEGETABLES (Roasted or Pureed)

JDM Food Group Ltd, Monument Road, Bicker, Boston, Lincs

GARLIC and GINGER (Fresh Peeled, Pureed, Chopped and Roasted)

PE20 5DJ. Tel:01775 822389. Fax:01775 822443.

Beacon Foods Ltd, Units 3 and 4, Brecon Enterprise Park,

Warren Road, Brecon, Powys LD3 8BT. Tel:01874 622577.

PASTA (Durum Wheat Semolina, Egg, Spinach, Tomato,

Fax:01874 622123.


Food Network Ltd, Keepers Cottage, Chrishall Grange, Royston,

JDM Food Group Ltd, Monument Road, Bicker, Boston, Lincs

Herts. SG8 7NT. Tel:01763 837000. Fax:01763 838280.

PE20 5DJ. Tel:01775 822389. Fax:01775 822443.

DRIED FRUITS (Sweetened and Unsweetened (also


Fairtrade and Organic)

Tech-Pet Ltd, 11 Hammond Way, Market Harborough, Leics LE16

09. 2 0 13


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7JW. Tel:01858 434545. Fax:001858 432828. PRESERVATIVES Rigest Trading Ltd, Hippocampus House, Hulme Lane, Lower Peover, Knutsford, Cheshire WA16 9QQ. Tel:07595 793224.

Beans, Blackeye Beans, Black Turtle Beans, Adzuki Beans,

THAI INGREDIENTS JDM Food Group Ltd, Monument Road, Bicker, Boston, Lincs PE20 3DJ. Tel:01775 822389. Fax:01775822443.

Pinto Beans)

TOMATOES (Canned and Aseptic)

PULSES-CANNED (Red/White Kidney Beans, Chickpeas, Bortolli Beans, Butter Beans, Flageolet Beans, Haricot

Food Network Ltd, Keepers Cottage, Chrishall Grange, Royston, Herts SG8 7NT. Tel:01763 837000. Fax:0208 464 1551. ROAST VEGETABLES and FRUIT Beacon Foods Ltd, Units 3 & 4, Brecon Enterprise Park, Warren Road, Brecon, Powys LD3 3BT. Tel:01874 622577. Fax:01874 622123. JDM Food Group Ltd, Monument Road, Bicker, Boston, Lincs PE20 3DJ. Tel:01775 822389. Fax:0775 822443. SAVOURY FLAVOURS and SNACK FLAVOURS Savoury Flavours, Units 2B/C, Riverside Avenue West, Lawford, Manningtree, Essex CO11 1UN. Tel;01206 399540. Fax:01206 393345. SEAFOOD POWDERS (all varieties) Kanegrade Ltd, Ingredients House, Caxton Way, Stevenage, Herts SG1 2DF. Tel:01438 742242. Fax:01438 742311. SEAWEED (Fresh and Dried) Meridian Sea Ltd, 10 Thornbury Road, Estover, Plymouth PL6 7PP. Tel:08702 400172, SEASONINGS Unbar Rothon Ltd, Radford Crescent, Billericay, Essex CM12 0DR. Tel:01277 632211. Fax:01277 830151. SPECIALITY SUGAR and SPICE Speciality Farm Foods Ltd, Cleave Farm, East Down, Barnstaple, North Devon EX31 4NX. Tel:0845 812 0129. Fax:01271 882843. SPICE OLEORESINS and EXTRACTS Kanegrade Ltd, Ingredients House, Caxton Way, Stevenage, Herts SG1 2DF. Tel:01438 742242. Fax:01438 742311. Kalsec Ltd, 7 Merlin Park, Fred Dannatt Road, Mildenhall, Suffolk IP28 7RD. Tel:01638 715011. Fax:01638 715031 SWEETENERS Rigest Trading Ltd, Hippocampus House, Hulme Lane, Lower


Peover, Knutsford, Cheshire WA16 9QQ. Tel:07595 793224 TAMARINDS The Essbro Co. Ltd, 1 South Street, Rochford, Essex SS4 1BL Tel:01702 530329. Fax:01702 530331. E-mail:

09. 2 0 13

Food Network Ltd, Keepers Cottage, Chrishall Grange, Royston, Herts SG8 7NT. Tel:01763 837000. Fax:01783 838280. TUNA (Pouch and Canned) Food Network Ltd, Keepers Cottage, Chrishall Grange, Royston, Herts SG8 7NT. Tel:01763 837000. Fax:01783 838280. E-mail: Website: VEGETABLE and FRUIT JUICE CONCENTRATES F.R. Benson and Partners Ltd, 117a New Road, Crowley Green, Ricksmanworth WD3 3EN. Tel:01923 293160. Fax:01923 293168. VEGETABLE INGREDIENTS-SPECIALITY (Dried/Preserved) L’Aquila Importers and Distributors, 860 Coronation Road, London NW10 7PS. Tel:0208 965 0666.. Fax:0208 965 0999. VEGETABLES (Freeze Dried, Air Dried, Spray Dried, Flakes) Kanegrade Ltd, Ingredients House, Caxton Way, Stevenage, Herts SG1 2DF. Tel:01438 742242. Fax:01438 742311. WILD and EXOTIC CULTIVATED MUSHROOMS L’Aquila, Importers & Distributors, 860 Coronation Road, London NW10 7PS. Tel:0208 965 0666. Fax:0208 965 0999 YEAST INACTIVE (Debittered Powder) Kanegrade Ltd, Ingredients House, Caxton Way, Stevenage, Herts SG1 2DF. Tel:01438 743242. Fax: 01438 742311. YOGHURT and SOUR CREAM POWDERS (Spray Dried) Kanegrade Ltd, Ingredients House, Caxton Way, Stevenage, Herts SG1 2DF. Tel:01438 743242. Fax:01438 742311. ZEST (Orange, Lemon and Lime) Kanegrade Ltd, Ingredients House, Caxton Way, Stevenage, Herts SG1 2DF. Tel:01438 742242. Fax:01438 742311.

Orbital Food Machinery Europe’s largest supplier of new and quality used food processing and packaging machinery Orbmix™ is a division of Orbital Food Machinery supplying twin shaft paddle, ribbon and Z arm mixers, vacuum tumblers and volumetric fillers. During the last 8 years we have supplied over 300 Orbmix machines into various food processing and manufacturing companies.

Mixers Orbmix™ mixers range from 180 litres through to 3,600 litres additional options available within our range are vacuum, CO2, N2, direct steam injection, glycol cooling and also tilting discharge.

Tumblers Orbmix™ 300, 600 and 1000 litre tumblers with built in vacuum pump are plug and go machines ideal for mixing and marinating of various products.

Volumetric Orbmix™

Volumetric Filler, the ideal machine for awkward products like rice, pasta, wet salads and IQF fruit and vegetables.

Cooking Vessels Orbmix™

cooking vessels 200, 400, 500, 1000 litre with scrape surface, homogeniser, recipe system cooking with electric or steam. We have supplied Orbmix™ mixers, tumblers , volumetric fillers, electric cooking vessels into processors and manufacturers producing a variety of products including: poultry, meat, fish products, sandwich fillings, cereals, nuts, pulses, frozen vegetables, ingredients, ready meals, sauces, potato and bakery products and many other applications.

email: or call +44 (0)1284 725255

Engineered for Reliability




Call us on: +44 1542 835885

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