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northwood university yearbook advertisements

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This is a piece that I created for Northwood’s yearbook. My target market for this piece was graduating seniors, hence purchasing it at the mandatory graduation fair. At this fair there are various vendors like photographers and clothing to get graduating seniors in the moment where they are most likely to purchase items that will help them remember their college years. So this would be a perfect time to get them to purchase a yearbook. This piece was required to be used as a newspaper advertisement, but really it could be used for anything.

The piece to the right was created to get students to get their photograph taken for the yearbook. My inspiration for this piece was a memory that popped in to my head of when I didn’t get my picture taken in grade school for the yearbook. Instead of just not putting you in the yearbook, they put a random clip-art picture. Sometimes it would be dinosaurs or even a geeky looking kid.

advertising solutions