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Fully Booked for Sunday Roasts!

Fancy new profile on a world famous site. - and we need your help!

Chef Jamie and his trusty sous chef Marc are very much talk of the town this month as bookings pour in for Sunday Roast. Rave reviews have been flooding in from members and visitors alike. “Flawless” from a well known Mr O’Neill and “10 out of 10” from Mr Marsh. Now if you’ve not tried Jamie’s Sunday Roasts, now is the time to book for this Sunday coming. Don’t leave it too late !

Happy New Year! Happy New Year to all members and visitors, this year is off to a promising start here at the club, with Sunday Roasts going down a storm, Burns Night on the horizon and the up and coming Interactive Pub Quiz on the 22nd February, we are already in full swing. This will be the second Interactive Pub Quiz, and after the huge success of the first one, just before Christmas, we are planning to make this one just as stupendous, with everything from your play dough modelling round to the guess that flavor. We will of course still be doing the much loved traditional questions and picture rounds, but just adding rounds with a little flair! - Don't worry we won’t be making you do dance Solos on the bar, all 3 interactive rounds are team orientated, so come along and don’t forget to bring your inner child!


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Many of you will have heard of, use or reference a wonderful resource called Trip Advisor! This site is great for looking up places to go or eat in any area of the country, you can read all the reviews from visitors of your chosen destination and see how they rate it! Great! We have just created a wonderful new profile on Trip Advisor and would love to hear what you think of our food, golf and events here at the club. It’s free to register with Trip Advisor and once you have you can have your say on nearly every restaurant, hotel or venue going!

We think this is a wonderful idea and perfect for us to see what not our members and our visitors think. We’ve heard how much you all love the roasts so don’t hold back! - but all comments of course are welcomed, from anyone and everyone. So in advance, thank you for taking the time to write a snippet, be it a line or a thesis, we’d love to hear from you. - We are always making steps to improve the club and build on what we have accomplished so far, we’d like to thank you all for the feedback that has helped us do it.

Mixed Invitation heroes! A huge well done to everyone who came out and braved a rather harsh day for the Mixed Invitation over the break, the results are posted on Facebook and in the members area of our website, however we’d like to congratulate Mr Roger Wenman and his partner Gerry Parker who

came in 1st with 44 points, followed by Malcolm Hyde and Tony Connor coming in 2nd with 43 on countback. The club would like to give Roger, Gerry, Malcolm and Tony a free guest pass for the 18 hole course to be used at any time this year. Your prizes are waiting for you in the office.


Tee Times West Chiltington Golf Club

Competition Results Shop Stableford - Jan 4th 1st - Lesley Mann (22) - 41 2nd - Steve Lane (19) - 37 3rd - Malcolm Field (28) - 35

Winter League - Jan 5th Div 1 1st - James Walker (17) - 40 2nd - Keith Haddock (15) - 40 3rd - Martin Rayner (16) - 38

Winter League - Jan 5th Div 2 1st - Martin Hall (23) - 41 2nd - Dave Bridle (22) - 36 3rd - Andy Barrett (22) - 36

Future Competitions January 12th Vixen Cup Ladies Winter League 6 January 12th Men’s Club Stableford January 13th Winter League Round 9 January 13th Vixen Cup Ladies Winter League 6 January 19th Winter League Round 10 January 20th Men’s Club Medal January 26th Vixen Cup Ladies Winter League 7 January 27th Winter League Round 11 January 27th Vixen Cup Ladies Winter League 7 February 2nd Winter League Round 12 February 3rd Winter League Round 13 February 9th Vixen Cup Ladies Winter League 8 February 10th Winter League Round 14

What you didn’t know about Robert (Rabbie) Burns and the Global Challenge This handsome chap is celebrated all over the world on January 25th, the life and works of Scotland’s most famous poet is bought to life on this day with traditions dating back to his death in 1796. The earliest mention of the Haggis, (which for those who don’t know is commonly known as a small furry mountain dwelling creature who’s frequents the Scottish Highlands) was back as far as 1520 in the works of Scottish poet Dunbar and Kennedy, some 240 years before our much loved Mr Burns. However it wasn’t until Robert’s poem “Address to the Haggis” that the dish really took off in popularity, and is now considered Scotland’s National dish. Robert Burns wrote over 550 poems in his lifetime, including the world famous “Auld Lang Syne”, which is now traditionally sung on the turn of the new year all around the world. Burns Night came about when a group of merchants from Ayreshire, (some friends of Burns) got together and started “The Burns Club”, they held the first Burns Supper on what they thought was his birthday, January 29th in 1802. However on closer inspection of the Ayr Parish records, they discovered in fact that Burns was born on the 25th of January, which is why we all now haul out the Haggis every year on this very date. Now staying with the tradition dating back to the 18th

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Century of changing dates left, right and centre (we think a tradition this old should really not be messed with) so we will be holding our Burns Day and afternoon Celebrations on Saturday January 26th. As Burns was a well known lover of golf (well we think he probably would have been) we shall be hosting a Scotland & The Rest Of The World Vs England (The Global Challenge) followed by a Scottish feast, fit for Robert Burns himself. So bring out your flags, your kilts, your neeps and your tatties and sign up to The Global Challenge today on the main club board for January 26th. Tee times will start from 9:30am, “Addressing of the Haggis” will be performed and supper served shortly after. Last year was a great fun for all involved and we had some brilliant feedback on the day, so come and sign up for some friendly nation rivalry. The Global Challenge (in short) Saturday 26th January Tee times from 9:30am Sign up sheet on main club board

£15.95 per person - includes fabulous Scottish theatrics and a 2 course Scottish feast followed by coffee & tot of whiskey.


Tee Times West Chiltington Golf Club

First hole in 1 for 2013! Congratulations Marc Laney on his fabulous hole-in-one on the 13th this Saturday 5th January !! He wasn’t in the winter league so his score of 40 stableford points didn’t count towards anything but winning a pound from his playing partner Ian Montague, and the right to break an alcohol fast five days after the new year….oh well. Thanks to Marc for ringing the hole-in-one bell and buying a round of drinks for everyone in the bar. The story is now etched in the minds of those present after he went on and on about it for the afternoon. Well done Marc……

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To find us, just type in West Chiltington Golf Club in your search bar and up we come! then “like” us and you are instantly part of a whole new online community for the golf club. If your not a fan of Facebook then never fear because you can be kept up to date with all that goes on here at the club from our ever changing up to date website. or sign up to our newsletters and we will email you instead! simple!

Severe winds stop play at PGA Tour

and defending champion American Severe winds forced play to be Steve Stricker. abandoned for the third straight Don’t forget to tell us about great shots day at the PGA Tour's season"That's not golf," said Poulter, who you witness at West Chilt. opening Tournament of Champions repeatedly backed off shots as he in Hawaii. Scores were scrapped on tried to steady himself in the wind. Friday because of gales and heavy "I don't know what that is. You can't Pro-shop Offer rain, while no play was possible on pull a trigger. You're taking 20 practice swings because you can't Saturday. stand up. I guess what we've done Just over an hour of golf was is shown everyone it's unplayable. possible on Sunday before organisers called a halt and then "In some respect, at least we hit a couple of shots. Three days of scrapped the round. Plans are for a fresh start with 36 sitting in the hotel is not good. At least I've warmed up for holes on Monday and 18 on We are all being a little thrifty this month Tuesday to get a counting 54-hole something. I'm just not sure what especially and watching those pennies, event completed. I've warmed up for." so if it’s a January Sale bargain you’re Second-round scores were "It's unfortunate but it started off after, it’s a grip roaring offer you’ll get! bad and got worse," said Slugger scrapped after play was suspended This beauty pictured above is the one White, the PGA Tour's vice president because of high winds at the and only Black Widow Grip Tour Silk, of rules and operations. Women's British Open at Hoylake retailing at no less than £4.99, the Pro- "At the start it was 25mph, gusting last year. Shop is offering the unbeatable deal of 30mph, and that was OK but when For more information on this and 9 of these for just £39! - saving you an it started gusting over 40mph we other news visit the bbc website. astonishing £11, and with that £11 you couldn't get the balls to stop on the greens so we couldn't play." have knocking about you can get your Ian Poulter is the only Briton in a self a quiz ticket! - night out and brand new grips all for less than £50! - blimey. 30-man field that also includes Masters champion Bubba Watson, Can’t go wrong with that. 2011 US PGA winner Keegan Bradley

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