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Westchester Today Convocation Kicks Off New Year *



Off to a Great Start

Our class trips offer powerful learning and community building opportunities for our sixth through twelfth graders. Above are the eighth graders at the International Civil Rights Museum in Greensboro. Below are the juniors visiting Virgina Tech.

First days are full of “firsts.” If you are a parent of a Lower School student, you love capturing the moment your youngster excitedly runs to his or her new teacher, and you are happily left knowing you have approximately seven hours of peace before the stories of the day’s happenings at carpool pick-up. If you are a parent of a Middle Schooler, be prepared to witness the amazing transformation from the playground to purpose and responsibility. If you are the parent of an Upper Schooler, you realize that it’s about to get real. College is nearly upon you. And, if you are the parent of a senior, you are realizing that this is the last first day of school (no tears, Mom), and you cherish the journey, reflect on good times, and anticipate the end. The Convocation ceremony is not only about the present, but also about the past and the future. Today we see our old friends and embrace those who are new to us. If this is your first day ever at Westchester, welcome to our family. Westchester effortlessly embodies an open, encouraging environment and wants its students to succeed, and today is a reminder of that. Today a new leg of our Westchester journey begins. As we begin the ‘18-’19 school year, I can’t help but think back on the beginning of my journey here at Westchester. I’ve been a Wildcat since 8th grade, and from my very first day here, I’ve been immersed in this community long enough to make lasting friends and relationships, along with being able to receive a top-notch education. This is my class’s senior year. We have almost completed our Westchester journey. Although our time together is coming to a close,

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Welcome, students, parents, faculty, and staff to Westchester’s 2018 Convocation ceremony. Here we are, gathered today as one special family. Today is a day of excitement, as it is the first day of school. I am honored to be addressing our community on this very special day.

September 2018

We begin each academic year by gathering as a community at Convocation, and in case any of you were unable to attend, we are reprinting the exceptional speech delivered by Student Body President Hannah Klein at the event.

Westchester Today

The Class of 2019 was recognized during Convocation, and its members were excited to start their last first day of classes.

September 2018 2

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Title: Fifth Grade Language Arts Teacher

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Westchester annual fall festival - Blue/White Spirit Day - is Friday, Oct. 12, from 1:30 p.m. until! Watch for more details coming soon! Annual Asbestos Report This notice is being sent to all Westchester Country Day School parents and staff in order to comply with the 1986 federally mandated Asbestos Hazard Emergency Response Act (AHERA). AHERA regulations require all K-12 schools to perform asbestos inspections and create a management plan for removal of any asbestos material found at the school. Triad Environmental of Kernersville, North Carolina, performed an inspection at Westchester Country Day School facilities, and no asbestos materials were found in any of the school buildings.

Family: Husband, Michael, and two daughters, Jewell, 18, and Jenna, almost 14. Favorite Subject in School: Language Arts/ Reading Last Book Read: I Am David (for school) and Lincoln in the Bardo. Last Movie Watched: The Greatest Showman Fun Fact: I rode the entire Erie Canal this summer. Favorite Restaurant: Saffron Dream Vacation: Italy

Westchester’s Inspection and Management Plan, which notes the results of the inspection, is on file in the Business Office and the Facilities Office. Copies of the plan can be obtained by calling either office.

Fun Fact: When I didn’t make the 5th grade chorus at my elementary school, I was given my own group of 1st graders to tutor. That was music to my ears!

Wade Shigo Director of Finance

Favorite Thing about WCDS: The small class size and the family environment.

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The Convocation ceremony is the spark that gets the school year going. Today, as we continue to celebrate the first day of school, I encourage everyone to find their individual spark. Think about what makes you most passionate, what is going to be the driving force behind your success this academic year. Walk into your new classrooms with an open mind, one that is eager to explore and discover. Renew your commitment to your teachers and peers and to the code of conduct. Consider what you can do to live up to your fullest potential as a student. Maintain your spark throughout the school year, and continue to do so throughout your career at Westchester. Keep in mind what has allowed us to gather here today as a family, and always be thankful for this opportunity you have, being

able to be a part of Westchester. As you are finding your spark, begin this new school year knowing that you will always have the support of your fellow classmates, teachers, coaches, and parents. Embody the kindness and openness seen so often on this campus, and embrace every new opportunity. Through these actions, we will strongly continue Westchester’s legacy. Today and every day we are a family, we are one. We are Westchester. Thank you, and welcome again to the ‘18-’19 school year.

September 2018

the memories we have made and will make this year will last forever. Throughout our journey, we can say with confidence that even though we as people have changed, Westchester’s values have not. At the start of every new school year, we reaffirm our commitment to achieving moral, academic, artistic, and athletic excellence here at school and of the priorities of trust, communication, and honesty. As students, we are given the chance to pursue our passions in and out of the classroom with perseverance and dedication. These values help to create the bond we share as a community. This is the bond that makes each and every one of us a Wildcat.

Westchester Today

Student Body President Hannah Klein (right) gives her sister, Ava, Class of 2024, a hug prior to Convocation.

Fantastic Faculty News Mrs. Bailess’s Artwork on Display

Artwork by Middle and Upper School art teacher Victoria Bailess has been selected for display in the Theatre Art Gallery’s annual Artists that Teach Exhibit at the High Point Theatre. The exhibit runs through Friday, Sept. 28. An opening reception will be held Thursday, Sept. 6, from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. “This year I am exhibiting two ink drawings,” said Bailess. “I appreciate TAG giving area teachers the opportunity to exhibit and sell their works.”

Mrs. Jennings at Carnegie Hall

Music Teacher Shelley Jennings performed at New York’s Carnegie Hall this summer. She said: “Preparing for and performing in Carnegie Hall was an amazing continuing education opportunity. I found value in switching positions from the leader of the choir to a singer, which allowed me to see things from my students’ perspective. The director was Dr. David Schildkret of Arizona State University. I also appreciated the opportunity to tour Special Music School, the first and only public elementary school in the U.S. that combines a full academic program with performance-oriented music training within the regular school day.”

Westchester Today

September 2018

Welcome New Wildcats *Denotes a new family to WCDS. Visit WestNet Community for address information.

Pre-Kindergarten 4

Miss Gracie Couch Jay and Cissi Couch Mr. Colten Cranfill Jeff and Jessica Cranfill Miss Addi Craven * Zac and Alina Craven Mr. Dalton Grein Sara Britt Grein Dalton Grein Miss Zamirah Harrison Maurice and Vonda Harrison Mr. Clay Hawley * Lee and Blair Hawley Mr. Oz Hazelwood Chase and Leah Hazelwood Miss Selma Lester * Loury and Stephanie Lester Mr. Brantley Lucas Brian and Rebecca Lucas Miss Hope Mercadante David and Emily Mercadante Mr. Ronav Paruchuri Vamsee and Priya Paruchuri Miss Paislynn Scott Doug and Dawn Frank Mr. HK Sloop * Robby and Morgan Sloop Mr. Ross Smith * G.G. and Lorie Smith


Miss Anna Kate Albert * John and Allison Albert Miss Rowan Altamura * Matt and Shannon Altamura Miss Brielle Blanchard * Will and Aisha Blanchard

Mr. Hector Clinard * Neal and Betsey Clinard Mr. Noah Dunning * Ben and Lauren Dunning Mr. Hayes Godwin Tad and Caroline Godwin Mr. John Grey Adam and Samantha Grey Mr. Lawson Lester * Loury and Stephanie Lester Mr. David Nowell Matt and Marilyn Nowell Miss Amindi Patron Unwana Eyo Amen Patron Miss Reagan Penley * Matt and Kelly Penley Miss Madeline Picha Tom and Lauren Picha Miss Grey Roberts * Katherine Roberts Mr. Tyler Roberts * Katherine Roberts Mr. Liam Stokes Bradley and Amber Stokes Mr. Carter Wagoner Kenny and Jennifer Wagoner Miss Olivia Weiss * Bryan and Christina Weiss Miss Sophia Weiss * Bryan and Christina Weiss Mr. Ben Yowell * Seth and Sara Yowell

First Grade

Mr. Kyle Alvarado * Daniel and Waldina Alvarado

Miss Callie Daniel * Cliff and Sherry Daniel Mr. Eli Dunning * Ben and Lauren Dunning

Mr. Finch Lambeth * George and Brandy Lambeth Mr. Anish Upadhyaya * Nihar and Janki Upadhyaya

Second Grade

Mr. Deuce Glaspie * Alton and Shaherah Glaspie Miss Rylee Grant * Chelsey Wall Brandon and Erin Grant Mr. Luke Rubinson * Chad Rubinson and Soomi Kim

Third Grade

Mr. Rudduck Clinard * Neal and Betsey Clinard Miss Emory Cromer * Matt and Anna Cromer Mr. William Kluttz * Bill and MacLean Kluttz Miss Jayna Smith * G.G. and Lorie Smith

Fourth Grade

Miss Naia Daniel * Kurt Daniel and Amber Reeves-Daniel

Fifth Grade

Miss Eleanor Clark * Newell Clark Jennifer Jamieson

Miss Victoria Graves * Heather Moore Miss Annita Keomalaythong * V and Bee Rinthalukay Miss Reeves Lavelle * Ryan and Anna Lavelle Mr. Reece Lunnen * Ben and Hollie Lunnen Miss Melanie Rodriguez * Rosa De Vicente Carlos Rodriguez Mr. Christian Smith * Jeff and Kelly Smith Mr. Beck Wilson Allen and Nicole Andrews Scott and Jamie Wilson

Sixth Grade

Mr. Aeden Armstrong * Brian and Jessica Aldhizer Dave and Crystal Armstrong Miss Madi Dial * Dekarlos and Tasha Dial Miss Audrey Guffey * David and Dawn Guffey Mr. Chase Hesling * Leigh and Lori Hesling Mr. Grey Lunnen * Ben and Hollie Lunnen Miss Lauren Melton Stephanie Melton Miss Alyson Mull Brad Mull and Renee Collette-Mull


Mr. Miles Glover * Dwayne and Melissa Glover

Mr. Neal Clinard * Neal and Betsey Clinard Mr. Cameron Daniel * Cliff and Sherry Daniel

September 2018

Miss Isabella Blakley * Kevin and Amanda Blakley

Westchester Today

Westchester Today September 2018

Mr. Nolan Patterson Brook and Jayna Patterson


Miss Evelyn Porter * Matt and Meg Porter Miss Elizabeth Shoaf Katherine Shoaf Reynolds Shoaf Miss Kirian Veach * Lindsay Veach Curtis Moore Mr. Zayne Williamson * Heath and Stephanie Williamson

Seventh Grade

Miss Addison Chapman * Jeff and Kay Chapman Mr. Ben Daniel * Kurt Daniel and Amber Reeves-Daniel Miss Katie Grace Lavelle * Ryan and Anna Lavelle Miss Abby Williamson * Heath and Stephanie Williamson

Eighth Grade

Mr. Carson Daniel * Cliff and Sherry Daniel Mr. Cruz Hesling * Leigh and Lori Hesling Mr. Jacob Johnson Walter and Lori Potter Dustin and Jennifer Johnson Mr. Quinto Keomalaythong * V and Bee Rinthalukay Miss Skylar Manning * Matt and Jamie Soule

Ninth Grade

Mr. Grayson Chapman * Jeff and Kay Chapman Miss Ashley George * Lee and Pam George Mr. Jonah Keshguerian Michael and Lisa Keshguerian Miss Lily Wilson Allen and Nicole Andrews Scott and Jamie Wilson

Tenth Grade

Mr. Dean Herring * Archie and Margo Herring Mr. Tyler Matthews * Bobby and Tracy Matthews Miss Hollie Rozenboom Doug and Barbara Lynn Rozenboom Mr. Frank Seitz * Marcus and Ruth Seitz Mr. Josiah Tomes Jay and Angela Tomes

Eleventh Grade

Mr. Lea Liu * Zhenyu and Weiwei Liu Denny and Jean Wojnar (host parents) Miss Kay Millikan * Jeff and Linda Millikan

Westchester Today September 2018 7

Our Youngest Wildcats

Westchester welcomed 14 students into our PreKindergarten for the 2018-2019 academic year.

Westchester Country Day is a college preparatory school that seeks to educate each child toward moral, academic, artistic, and athletic excellence in a nurturing, family environment where students, teachers, and parents support one another. By respecting the student and honoring learning, Westchester aims to cultivate informed citizens who are ready for a rapidly changing world and to graduate students who view the pursuit and wise use of knowledge as a lifelong joy.

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