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A Newsletter for the families and friends of Westchester Country Day School

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September 2013 Newsletter

From the Head of School Wildcat Nation As many of you know, we began the 2013-2014 academic year together with Convocation, a gathering of all of the members of our Wildcat Nation in the Finch Center to mark the opening day of school. Based on the feedback I have received from a variety of people over the past few days, Convocation was a positive addition to our school year. For many of us, the event evoked a great deal of joy, pride, and excitement about our students, our school, and the promise of a new year. It encouraged us, energized us, and made us stand just a bit taller. In the days since, I have returned again and again to the wonderful view I had from the podium of our entire school—students, parents, faculty, staff, and trustees—gathered together in one place. The more I thought about this, the more I came to realize how rare such a gathering of Wildcat Nation really is. Certainly we come together in rich and wonderful ways over the course of the school year, but seldom, if ever, do these events include everyone. I wish all of you could have seen this from my vantage point; it was a wonderful and powerful sight. I have known for a while now, really since I first set foot on campus, that WCDS is a school that takes community and family seriously. Strengthened by roots deep in our Mission Statement, we have built our school on the premise that children learn best, grow most, and are best positioned to meet high expectations in a place where they are known personally, loved deeply, and cared for by all of the adults in their lives. Our shared commitment to the children in our care binds us together as a community of adults and gives us all great clarity of purpose. We work together in service to them. So when we reconvened Wildcat Nation last week, it was the first time I had seen us all together in one place since taking over as Head of School three years ago. As the event unfolded and class after class came down to center court, met with their teachers on the Wildcat paw, and headed out to begin the year, I could sense the power of our community surrounding and encouraging them. Our commitment to this great endeavor was palpable, powerful, and rich with possibility. It is my great pleasure and that of the faculty and staff to join with all of you in love of and service to all of our Wildcats. I am convinced that, if we work together in supportive and trusting ways, there is likely no challenge that we can’t overcome, no problem that we can’t solve. Wildcat Nation is strong, indeed. Thank you for your trust, your commitment, and your partnership. I’m looking forward to a wonderful year. Cobb Atkinson Head of School

Welcome New Wildcats! Pre-Kindergarten

First Grade

Mr. Matt Casas Mr. Lou Casas and Mrs. Pattie Casas

*Miss Sara Almeida Mr. Fernando Almeida and Mrs. Fabiana Almeida

*Mr. Brooks Covington Mr. Braden Covington and Mrs. Meredith Covington

*Mr. Jude Gunter Mr. Ryan Gunter and Mrs. Whitney Gunter

Mr. Bo Culler Mr. Skip Culler and Mrs. Nicole Culler

*Miss E.B. McEnaney Mr. Jason McEnaney Ms. Ellen McEnaney

Miss Charley Fulton Mr. Michael Fulton and Mrs. Anitra Fulton Miss Emma Hunsberger Mr. Brian Hunsberger and Mrs. Mary Beth Hunsberger *Mr. Preston Kendrick Mr. Shannon Kendrick and Mrs. Maggie Kendrick

*Mr. Caden Ryker Mr. Chris Ryker and Mrs. Nikki Ryker *Mr. Nathan Wilson Mr. Chad Wilson and Mrs. Katie Wilson Second Grade

Miss Emma Leonard Mrs. Vicky Leonard

*Miss Lizzie Marsh Mr. Ken Marsh and Mrs. Cackie Marsh

*Miss Abigail Palmer Dr. Ben Palmer and Dr. Karen Palmer

Third Grade

*Miss Pallavi Paruchuri Dr. Vamsee Paruchuri and Dr. Pryia Paruchuri *Mr. Arti Phoncharoensri Dr. Dittana Phoncharoensri and Mrs. Dada Phoncharoensri

*Mr. Samuel Almeida Mr. Fernando Almeida and Mrs. Fabiana Almeida *Mr. Christian Ryker Mr. Chris Ryker and Mrs. Nikki Ryker Fourth Grade

*Miss Maeva Taylor Mr. Jamison Taylor and Mrs. Brittany Taylor

Miss Grace Evans Dr. Rich Evans and Mrs. Marianne Evans


*Mr. Daniel Langefeld Dr. Carl Langefeld and Mrs. Pam Langefeld

*Mr. Justus Gunter Mr. Ryan Gunter and Mrs. Whitney Gunter *Mr. Kane Hollinger Mr. JC Hollinger and Mrs. Pattie Hollinger

*Mr. George Marsh Mr. Ken Marsh and Mrs. Cackie Marsh Fifth Grade

*Mr. John Cager Jones Mr. Keith Jones and Mrs. Debe Jones

*Mr. Chris Day Dr. Jim Day and Mrs. Janine Day

*Mr. Joel Mathews Dr. Mat Philip and Dr. Liju Varghese

Sixth Grade

*Mr. Julia Mathews Dr. Mat Philip and Dr. Liju Varghese

*Mr. Michael Calabrese Mr. Mike Calabrese and Mrs. Cres Calabrese Ms. Melissa Calabrese

*Mr. Chase Sutton Mr. Paul Sutton and Mrs. Kelly Sutton

*Mr. Caleb Green Dr. Tom Green and Mrs. Leslie Green

*Mr. Zach Green Dr. Tom Green and Mrs. Leslie Green

Miss BayLee Reynolds Mr. Bertie Reynolds and Mrs. Bonita Reynolds

*Mr. Chase Portaro Mr. Chuck Portaro Mr. Michael Goldman and Mrs. Stephanie James

*Miss Laura Simon Mr. Don Simon and Mrs. Lee Ann Simon

*Miss Aditi Shah Mr. Ashish Shah and Mrs. Rita Shah *Mr. Jacob Smith Mr. Patrick Smith and Mrs. Audrey Smith Seventh Grade *Miss Katelyn Hunter Mr. Kip Hunter and Mrs. Tessa Hunter Miss Elena Oglesby Mr. Mark Oglesby and Mrs. Ursula Oglesby *Miss Lilly Smith Mr. J Smith and Mrs. Julie Smith Eighth Grade *Mr. Mac Hendrix Mr. Trela Hendrix Ms. Sallie Corrigan *Mr. Garrett Hunter Mr. Kip Hunter and Mrs. Tessa Hunter *Mr. Robert Langefeld Dr. Carl Langefeld and Mrs. Pam Langefeld *Mr. Mac Starbuck Mr. Buck Starbuck and Mrs. April Starbuck Ninth Grade *Mr. Daniel Ogden Mr. Bob Ogden and Mrs. Eva Ogden

Miss LilyGrace Wolfe Mr. Harry Wolfe and Mrs. Dawn Wolfe 10th Grade *Miss Virginia Marsh Mr. Ken Marsh and Mrs. Cackie Marsh *Mr. Aubrey Smith Mr. David Smith and Ms. Michele Grissler *Mr. Paul Sybrecht Mr. Konstantin Sybrecht and Mrs. Sonja Sybrecht Mr. Kim Bauman and Mrs. Tricia Bauman (host parents) 11th Grade Mr. Lowie Vandeplancke Mr. Dirk Vandeplancke and Mrs. Maureen Vandeplancke *Miss Ramya Varadarajan Mr. Raj Varadarajan and Mrs. Rupa Varadarajan *Mr. Christian Witcher Mr. Doug Witcher *Miss Yuqi Yang Mr. Haifeng Yang and Mrs. Yanyi Huang Ms. Pattie Barnett (host mother) 12th Grade Miss Sarah Bethel Ms. Lee Ann Bethel *Denotes a new family to WCDS. Visit WestNet Community for address information.

Welcome New Faculty

Westchester Country Day School is pleased to welcome the following new faculty for the 2013-2014 academic year: Matt Bostick is teaching Upper School science. Chen Liu is a Middle and Upper School Mandarin teacher. Meredith McCall joins the faculty as an Upper School English teacher. Ellen McEnaney is teaching first grade. Chris Webster is a Middle School science teacher. For complete faculty bios, visit Wildcat Headlines on our website.

Headlines Freshman Receives HPCC Award Ninth grader Sophie Lanham recently received the Martha Nell Tucker Memorial Award for Sportsmanship from High Point Country Club. The award is given annually to a junior tennis player who displays the best conduct, spirit, and sportsmanship. Sophie was honored during a recent banquet at the club and presented with an engraved trophy. She is pictured with her coach Fred Pfhul.

Science Fun Sixth grade science students kicked off their first days of school applying their knowledge of the scientific method during a watermelon lab. Generous donations from parents to Chuck’s Fund made it possible for students to practice their lab skills using new lab tables and chairs in the sixth grade science room. Pictured are Alex Casas (right) and Michael Calabrese.

NHS Holds Car Wash Members of WCDS’s National Honor Society will hold a car wash fundraiser outside of the Finch Center on Friday, September 13. Proceeds will pay NHS’s bills and will go to their service projects this year, which include feeding the homeless once a month. Try not to wash your car between now and then; let NHS do it for you for a small donation!

Theme Nights Off to a Great Start

In an effort to increase school spirit, Upper School Student Government has come up with a series of theme nights for Friday games this fall, which started with Hawaii Day (in photo). Below is a list of themes and dates. All students have been approved to wear themed apparel during the school day. Go Cats! 9/6 Neon Night 9/13 America - Red, White & Blue (Meal offered on new grill; bring a side to share) 9/20 80’s Night (Families are invited to bring a dessert to share) 9/27 Black Out 10/3 Blue-White Spirit Day

WCDS Tour to Tanglewood Team Sign up by September 15th! The Odyssey of the Mind is an international educational program whose mission is to provide creative problem-solving opportunities for students from kindergarten through college. In • • • • • • •

the Odyssey of the Mind students: think “outside of the box” create and act out solutions to “problems” solve spontaneous brain teasers develop independent thinking and creativity improve brainstorming techniques work on problem solving skills learn to work in teams toward a common goal

“I am a strong believer in the Odyssey of the Mind program, both as an educator and as a parent. OM offers students powerful and fun opportunities to learn how to solve problems, perform for an audience, express their creativity, collaborate, and serve as members of a team.” – Cobb Atkinson This year we will start the season with a team building day at Camp Weaver on October 5. Students MUST be available for the Regional tournament on March 15, 2014, and April 5, 2014, if they qualify for the state tournament. Coordinator: Deb Tuggle Cost: $175 - includes team building day, participation, shirt, and pin Grades: K to 8th Days: October 5 - March 15 or April 5 Click here to register now!

Interested in having your Upper School student travel to Costa Rica during Spring Break? Ask him or her to join us for an interest session during tutorial in Mrs. Quall’s Room on:

Tuesday, September 10 or Wednesday, September 11 Have questions? Contact Heather Singer, Coordinator for Travel Abroad, at 822-4085 or heather.singer@westchestercds. org or Margaret Qualls, Department Chair and Spanish instructor at

Mr. Burns is leading a Westchester Country Day School team for this year’s Bike MS: Tour to Tanglewood. “This is a great event that annually raises nearly $1 million to fight and research multiple sclerosis,” says Mr. Burns. “There will be about 1,500 riders participating. This year the event takes place September 28-29. You can ride as little as 18 miles or as many as 165 miles over two days so there is something there for everyone.” Anyone interested in riding in the event or supporting the Westchester team may contact Mr. Burns or click here for more information.

Annual Asbestos Report September 2013 Dear Parents and Friends: This notice is being sent to all Westchester Country Day School parents and staff in order to comply with the 1986 federally mandated Asbestos Hazard Emergency Response Act (AHERA). AHERA regulations require all K-12 schools to perform asbestos inspections and create a management plan for removal of any asbestos material found at the school. Triad Environmental of Kernersville, North Carolina, performed an inspection at Westchester Country Day School facilities, and no asbestos materials were found in any of the school buildings. Westchester’s Inspection and Management plan, which notes the results of the inspection, is on file in the Business Office and the Facilities Office. Copies of the Plan can be obtained by calling either office. Sincerely, Wade Shigo Director of Finance

Cat Camp Corner Soccer campers had a great time kicking around under the lights with their friends at Westchester’s Beat the Heat Soccer Camp. Coach Schwartz and some of our own varsity Wildcats were on hand to teach skills, run drills, and have fun!

Upcoming Events Friends of the Fine Arts Meeting 8:00 a.m. Tuesday, September 3. Library The King and I Auditions 3:15 - 4:30 p.m., Wednesday, September 4, for Grades 6 - 12 3:15 - 4:00 p.m. Thursday, September 5, for Grades 3 - 5 Students in Grades K through 2 will be cast as the king’s children and do not need to audition. All students interested in being in the production must complete the audition form. C.A.R.E.S. Crew Gathering Monday, September 9, 2:00 p.m. Please bring one can of food on or before this date for the United Way’s CANpaign kick-off. Thank you!


Name: Ellen McEnaney or “Ms. Mac” Title: First Grade Teacher

School Pictures School picture day - September 11 School retake day - October 2 Senior Half Page photos due - October 1 Senior Ad Page photos due - December 1 WAPA Book Club 8:00 a.m., Wednesday, September Workroom Book: Case Histories by Kate Atkinson

Meet Your Wildcats

Family: I have a daughter, who is also in first grade. Her name is E.B.


Paws No Homework Night Wednesday, September 25 October Save the Dates! Blue-White Spirit Day Thursday, October 3 Grandparents Day Friday, October 11


What was your favorite subject in school? Reading and art What book are you reading? I am reading to my class Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle. At home I am reading a mystery novel. Name of the last movie you watched: I just watched The Great Gatsby. It was great! Favorite Restaurant: The Mad Greek by Palladium Dream Vacation: Anywhere that involves beach!

Yearbook Special! Buy your yearbook before September 30 and receive $10 off the regular price! Click here to purchase yours today!



Something most people don’t know about you: I love to garden and complete DIY projects. Favorite thing about Westchester: The feeling of community

Arts Update from Ann Parks The Arts: Together The art classes are busy creating with paint and pencil; the music rooms are filling with voices and piano chords. The arts are bringing students together in ways that are uniquely based in what the arts do best: creating, fostering collaboration, communicating in multiple modes, building cultural awareness, and requiring students to problem solve through critical thinking. The word THINK is displayed in large letters over my door! Westchester has many opportunities for students to grow in the arts. Our faculty members are artists and educators with a passion for the arts. A goal of the arts department is to more fully integrate the arts into PreK-12 studies because we know studio-thinking benefits everyone. Aside from classroom instruction by the art teachers, classes will be offered after school for greater enrichment. Instrumental music lessons in guitar, violin, and piano, as well as dance, are taught as an after school option by well-qualified instructors. Choral groups, drummers, and folks who just like to play music can be heard all across our campus. Art Clubs in Middle and Upper School offer opportunities to create and serve both our Westchester community and the community at large. Our drama program is gearing up for auditions September 4 and 5 for our fall musical, The King and I. Plays offer many opportunities for students, parents, and friends to be involved. Friends of the Fine Arts, the arts booster club, is always seeking new members. This year, be a part of the arts: together. *Westchester School Calendars, featuring a wide assortment of our students’ amazing artwork, are now on sale for $10. Visit the eStore online or stop by the front office to purchase your today! At right is a piece by Sarah Kate Christiansen which adorns the cover of the calendar. *Needed: Master seamstress to help with costume construction for our drama productions. Please contact Debby Noyes if you are able to help.

FoFA Planning Trip to DPAC Friends of the Fine Arts is excited to offer tickets for Broadway’s Beauty and the Beast at the Durham Performing Arts Center. The show is on Sunday, October 13, at 1:00 p.m. Tickets are limited. The cost is $48 per ticket. The seats are located on the Center Balcony, rows B-D. We will provide transportation from the school for $5 per person. The bus will leave promptly at 11:00 a.m. from school. This show is appropriate for all ages. Please click here to order your tickets now.

Athletics Update from Coach Schwartz The 2013-2014 Wildcat athletic year is under way, and you can already feel the “Wildcat Spirit” all around campus! It is shaping up to be one of our best fall seasons in quite some time. Our varsity teams of volleyball, girls tennis, cross country, and boys soccer are all returning strong teams and have been working hard in the off-season to compete at a high level. Our Middle School soccer, volleyball, and cross country teams are getting ready for an outstanding fall season as well. Westchester has added one new varsity coach and three new Middle School coaches to the sidelines this fall. Lower School parent Mark Sharpe will take over the Varsity Volleyball program, after serving one year as the assistant. Middle School science teacher Chris Webster will take over the Middle School Soccer team, while Westchester parent Jenny Boyette will lead the Middle School Volleyball team. Middle School history teacher Jeb Burns will take the reigns of the Middle School Cross Country team. Players, parents, and faculty are so excited about these great new additions, and we can’t wait to see our wonderful student-athletes compete at the highest level while enjoying so many wonderful memories. Check out the entire athletic schedule online at, and come out and support the Cats!

Middle School Preseason Basketball Skill Development Who: Any 6th, 7th, or 8th grade boy or girl wanting to develop skills before the season begins. Learn physical and mental tools to help improve your game and help make a difference this season with your team. When: Sept 25th, Oct 2nd, Oct 9th, and Oct 16th from 6:30 to 8 p.m. Where: Finch Center - Brooks Gym Cost: $100 for all four sessions or $30 per session (Checks may be made out to Westchester Country Day School) Instructor: Dagan Nelson, Head Basketball Coach Skill Development sessions are high intensity and high energy. Players should bring a great attitude and a willingness to be coached. These sessions will be fun, challenging, rewarding and cooperative. All players should bring a ball with them. If you do not have a ball one will be provided. Any questions? Please email Dagan Nelson at or call 336-822-4001. *Enrollment is limited to the first 25 student athletes.

Counselor’s Corner Greetings from the Counselor’s Office! There is a lot of excitement to be back in school and back into our daily routines. I will soon start meeting with all NEW Middle School and Upper School students, and I am looking forward to getting to know each of them individually and hearing about their transition to Westchester. There are so many positive things going on right now. It is certainly an exciting time! Our Parent Forums will resume this year! We will cover topics such as Transitioning for our New Students, How to be Cyber-Savvy, Stress and Anxiety – How Do We Cope?, Drug and Alcohol Awareness and Understanding, as well as Bullying and Peer Relationships. If there are other topics you are specifically interested in hearing more about, please feel free to contact me to discuss those. I would like to invite the parents of all new Middle and Upper School students to join me on Monday, September 16, at 6:30 in the library for our first Parent Forum. We will be kicking this year’s Parent Forum series off with the topic of Transitioning. I hope you will put this date on your calendar and plan on coming out! Closer to the date, I will be sending a reminder email out to you. If your student needs additional help with organizational skills, test-taking skills or time management skills, please have him or her stop by

my office during break (Middle School) or tutorial (Upper School) periods to discuss their needs. I can help with this! Other tips on surviving Middle and Upper School: • Stay away from gossip and problems with friends • Pay attention in class by taking notes and listening • Ask questions • Get involved • Keep your priorities straight • Get your homework done on time or early (projects) • Know your teachers well • Seek out friends, new and old • Don’t be afraid to ask to sit up front • Have fun! Please contact me at 822-4085 or at heather. if you have any questions. Again, please remember I am available on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays from 8:00 am – 3:00 pm and Fridays between 8:00 am – 1:30 pm. Heather Singer Middle and Upper School Counselor

Teachers Tackle Pilot Mountain Members of the science department and other faculty members participated in professional development activities that included rock climbing at Pilot Mountain. Pictured from left: Matt Bostick, Meredith McCall, Chris Carlson, Kristina Krzywonos, Lisa MeyerBraun, and Christine Beale. Not pictured: Chris Webster

WAPA Notes and News Welcome back parents, students, and faculty! I’m excited about leading the WAPA organization again this school year. The WAPA acronym stands for Westchester’s All Parents’ Association. As a parent of a Westchester student, you are automatically a member of WAPA and we invite you to be involved with our parent-led volunteer organization. Our mission is to support the faculty, staff, students, and parents by enriching and connecting the WCDS community. We are also a self-funding organization, so we depend on volunteers and fundraisers to support Westchester. Please generously support our fundraisers so we can continue to provide: • Teacher & Volunteer appreciation events, gifts, and awards • Refreshments, hospitality, and decorations for receptions and events • Family Events such as Back to School Dinner, Scholastic Book Fair and Blue-White Spirit Day • Plants, flowers and seasonal decorations to beautify campus • Complimentary snacks and beverages in faculty lounges • Cards and care packages to express congratulations or sympathy • Volunteers to assist with library, Wildcat Outfitters, and special events • Mini-Grants to staff and faculty to purchase classroom materials, athletic equipment, lab supplies, and technology. I look forward to your support and another successful year for 2013-2014! Please contact me via email if you have any questions. Cindy Webb WAPA President, 2013-2014

GET INVOLVED and VOLUNTEER! Our WCDS community is woven together by caring, committed, service-minded students, faculty, staff, and parents. Grab your friends, and make new ones by volunteering on campus! There’s a way for everyone to be involved! Please click here to see a full listing of volunteer activities or use the Signup Genius links below for these programs: Library – Assist once a week (Tuesdays or Thursdays) during library time with the Lower School students. (Committee Chairs: Nicole Connors and Ashley Timberlake) Innisbrook Gift Wrap Fundraiser – Help consolidate orders and money on Tuesday, October 8, from 8:3010:30 a.m., or distribute orders to classrooms on Monday, October 28, from 8:30-11:30 a.m. (Committee Chairs: Tina Elsayad and Susan Sherrill) Scholastic Book Fair – In October, choose either to help set up book fair in the morning, take down book fair (immediately after school), or work for a few hours in the morning or afternoon. (Committee Chairs: Nicole Connors and Ashley Timberlake) Blue White Spirit Day – Our biggest student festival of the year! Bake a cake, help set up, supervise a game or help clean up on October 3. (Committee Chairs: Renee Allison, Lorraine Ledford, and Kellie Privette) Hubs Peanuts Fundraiser – In mid-November (date to be determined), help segregate orders in morning, distribute orders during carpool, or deliver large orders to customers. (Committee Chairs: Katy Erikson and Leslie Culp) Teacher Appreciation Holiday Luncheon – Have lunch with your child and keep an eye on the other kids on December 11 while the teachers enjoy a special lunch in their honor. (Committee Chairs: Tina Elsayed and Penny Rowe)

Help WAPA Earn $Cash$ These sponsored programs require little effort for families and WAPA receives cash back for every purchase or BoxTop. Please help us earn cash for Westchester by participating in these programs.

Harris Teeter Together in Education

Harris Teeter’s Together In Education program is a fundraising program for schools in Harris Teeter communities. When customers purchase select Harris Teeter Brand products using their VIC card, Harris Teeter contributes a percentage of those purchase dollars to the school of their choice. Don’t forget – you must re-link your card each school year! Starting August 1st each year, parents and community members are able to link their VIC cards to your school’s Together in Education school code. (Westchester’s school code is 2339.) The school of your choice is linked to your VIC card until May 31. There are three options to register your VIC Card: 1. Simply give the cashier your VIC Card and your school’s Together In Education school code during checkout OR 2. Email your name and phone number (the one you use for VIC Card) to WAPA and we will link your card for you OR 3. Click here to link your VIC card online.

Box Top$ for Education: Don’t Forget! Box Top$ aren’t just for young children. Older children, teenagers, parents, grandparents, and faculty can help earn cash for Westchester! Earn Cash two ways: 1. Clip Box Tops from participating products Earn cash for WCDS by clipping 10¢ Box Tops from hundreds of products and sending them in to your homeroom teacher or the front office. • SEE PARTICIPATING BOX TOPS PRODUCTS • GET COUPONS • SEE BOX TOPS RECIPES


Earn eBoxTops® when you shop online Box Tops has teamed up with more than 300 online retailers so you can earn eBoxTops® for your WCDS when you shop. • SEE PARTICIPATING STORES • SEE ONLINE DEALS & DISCOUNTS

Target Take Charge of Education

Target donates 1% of REDcard purchases at Target to your designated school. If you have a Target REDcard, please link it to Westchester (school ID 12786) by clicking here.

Food Lion Classroom Rewards Every time MVP card holders shop at Food Lion, the amount they spend on qualified items is automatically credited to Westchester. All Food Lion brand products are considered qualifying items. Food Lion will credit up to $1,000,000 worth of free equipment and cash contributions. You must register your MVP card by clicking here.

Office Depot Back to Schools Program Present your school’s 5% Back To Schools ID number: 70061483 when you shop at Office Depot online, over the phone, or at your neighborhood Office Depot store. Office Depot will offer WCDS credits equal to 5% of the qualifying purchases in the form of an Office Depot Merchandise Card that can be used toward free supplies. Click here for more information on the program.

Innisbrook (Wrapping Paper) Fundraiser Want to have the best equipment and supplies in your child’s classroom? Want to get a start on holiday preparations? It’s time for the Innisbrook fundraiser, during which you can buy all of your gift-wrapping supplies for the holidays and other special occasions. In the catalog you’ll also find magazine subscriptions, tote bags, specialty foods, and lots of other unique items for your family, neighbors, and friends. Why support the Innisbrook sale? First, it’s an important fundraiser for the school, supplying mini-grants for teachers to purchase classroom equipment and supplies. All profit from the 11th grade sales will go toward prom. Second, when you order from Innisbrook you are supporting the local economy, since the gift wrap is designed and printed here in Guilford County on recycled paper. Seventy percent of the products are made in the United States. Third, the products are top-notch. Once you’ve used the heavy-duty, beautifully-colored wrapping paper, you won’t want to use anything else. The ordering packets have been distributed. If you didn’t receive one during a back-to-school event or in your child’s backpack, give us a call! Instructions for placing orders are included with the packet, as well as on the WAPA page in WestNet Community. Please see the website for answers to frequently asked questions, or call one of the co-chairs, Tina Elsayed (906-3120) or Susan Sherrill (848-6289). Thanks for your support!

Westchester Country Day is a college preparatory school that seeks to educate each child toward moral, academic, artistic, and athletic excellence in a nurturing, family environment where students, teachers, and parents support one another. By respecting the student and honoring learning, Westchester aims to cultivate informed citizens who are ready for a rapidly changing world and to graduate students who view the pursuit and wise use of knowledge as a lifelong joy.

Westchester Today, September 2013  

A newsletter for the families and friends of WCDS.

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