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February 2014 Newsletter

From the Head of School I want to thank all of you who took the time to respond to the surveys we sent out in November. This project involved sending online surveys to parents, alumni, faculty, trustees, and Middle and Upper School students; and we are only just beginning our work to understand, analyze, and learn from the feedback we’ve received. We had a strong parent response, and the data that we now have in hand will help us continue to improve upon our work with your children. In this month’s article, I hope to share with you a bit about the design of the surveys and offer a snapshot of what we learned and how our results compare with other independent schools around the southeast. As I mentioned in the fall, these surveys are a bit different from those we have used in previous years in two critical ways. First they are “value narrative” surveys in that they ask respondents to rate not only the school’s performance in a particular area but also how important the area is to the constituent. So we have data not only on how well all of you feel we are doing in, say, our work to improve our use of technology, but also data to show how important all of you feel that work is to our school. The second way in which these surveys are different is in their use of a “Net Promoter” calculation. All respondents asked an “ultimate question,” and the response data for that participant is then categorized according to his or her response. In this case, the ultimate question is “How likely is it that you would recommend the school to a friend or colleague?” Responses fall on a scale from one to ten into the following categories: • Promoters (score 9-10) are “loyal enthusiasts who will keep buying and refer others, fueling growth.” • Passives (score 7­-8) are “satisfied but unenthusiastic customers who are vulnerable to competitive offerings.” • Detractors (score 0-6) are “unhappy customers who can damage your brand and impede growth through negative word-of-mouth.” A “Net Promoter Score” is calculated by subtracting the percentage of detractors from the percentage of promoters for a particular survey. Survey data is presented for all respondents and also organized according to how participants responded to this particular question, allowing us to see how our promoters feel about a particular area of our work, or what areas our detractors highlight for criticism. Let’s look now at some of the results from the parent survey. The survey included eight categories of questions, each with a handful sub-categories: Athletics (ATH)

Faculty (FAC)

Clubs & Co-curriculars (CO CURRI)

Fine Arts ((FINE ARTS)

Curriculum & Programming (C&P)

Safety (SAF)

Diversity (DIV)

Technology (TECH)

I’ll share the six most important items from your responses along with their mean scores (on a scale from 1 to 5) alongside the same data for all parents from SAIS schools who have taken the survey (right at 3,000 people):

Top 6 Items: Importance WCDS Parents

All SAIS Parents

SAF: Physical


SAF: Physical


SAF: Emotional


SAF: Emotional


FAC: Subject Area Expertise


FAC: Care and Concern


C&P: Preparatory (college/next level)


FAC: Subject Area Expertise


FAC: Care and Concern


FAC: Inspiring and Motivating


FAC: Inspiring and Motivating


C&P: Preparatory (college/next level)


As you can see, our sense of what matters most here at WCDS mirrors closely that of independent school parents around the southeast. First and foremost, we value our children’s physical and emotional safety, followed closely by the skill and care of our teachers and a demanding preparatory program. Now I’ll share the top six items relative to our current performance alongside the overall SAIS data: Top 6 Items: Performance WCDS Parents

SAIS Parents

C&P: Academic Rigor


SAF: Physical


FAC: Care and Concern


C&P: Academic Rigor


SAF: Physical


FAC: Care and Concern


FAC: Subject Area Expertise


FAC: Subject Area Expertise


C&P: Preparatory (college/next level)


SAF: Emotional


SAF: Emotional


TECH: Availability


Again we see a lot of similarity between our sense of those aspects of our work we are doing well and that of the broader southeastern community of independent school parents. It’s also affirming to note that we sense high performance on areas that we value the most--academic rigor, faculty care, concern and expertise, and safety, for example. Here are our Net Promoter results. Remember, this data is driven by your responses to the question “How likely is it that you would recommend the school to a friend or colleague?” on a scale from 1 to 10. Net Promoter Scores WCDS Parents

SAIS Parents










Overall Net Promoter Score



Once again, I was very interested to see that our numbers were very much in line with the broader independent school parent community. As a point of reference, here are some average Net Promoter scores by sector. • Airlines: 30 • Cable/Satellite TV Service: 15 • Grocery/Supermarkets: 36 • Online Shopping: 43 I hope that this quick glimpse into our survey results has given you a sense of what we have learned about our school and our school community. I have found these surveys and the data that they have generated to be some of the most interesting and useful information I have seen in my career in independent schools.

The faculty and staff, the Board of Trustees, and I will be working closely with these results over the coming months; and I welcome further dialogue with any of you who would like to discuss this data, what it means for us, and how it can help us continue to improve the work that we do in partnership to teach, love, and care for all of Wildcat Nation. If you would like to see the full report from this year’s parent survey, please let me know. Our plan is to ask you for feedback each fall through the use of these surveys. Doing so will allow us to track trends, monitor our progress on initiatives, and remain consistently attentive to what you, our parents, value about WCDS and how you feel we could improve. I can’t thank you enough for participating in this important effort, and I look forward to continuing our work together here at Westchester. Cobb

Headlines LACS Class Back in the Kitchen As they wrapped up a class unit on the History of Mesoamerican Cultures in Mexico (focusing mainly on the Aztecs and Mayans), the Latin American Caribbean Studies class held a “cooking day” with a menu that was influenced by Aztec and Mayan food items. The list of food and drink that the students prepared follows, as well as comments from Mr. Thomas: -Xnipec Salsa (Dog’s Snout Salsa) - It has this name due to the habanero peppers in the salsa, which create a spicy taste. Wyatt Lansford (11th) prepared this for class and it was possibly the best salsa that I have ever tried - better than the salsas that I tried in Mexico and Costa Rica. -Patacones/Tostones - These are plantains that have been cut into small medallion shapes, fried, smashed down to a thinner medallion, then fried again. Plantains are generally smaller in size than bananas and sweeter in taste. Russell Marion (11th) prepared these for the class, and they tasted as if we were on a beach in the Caribbean! -Sopa de Lima (Lime and Chicken Soup) - This a very authentic soup to the region of the Yucatan peninsula in Mexico, which is right in the heart of “Mayan Country.” It is a very good citrus version of the normal chicken soup and can be served when the weather outside is hot or cold. Baxter Bruggeworth (12th) prepared this dish for our class. The students enjoyed this soup while viewing the film Apocalypto, which depicts what life was like in the Post-Classic Mayan time period right before the introduction of the Spanish empire (early 1500’s). -Poc Chuc - Along with Sopa de Lima, this is a very authentic dish to the region of the Yucatan. It is a very common meal served all throughout this southern part of Mexico. It is very similar to the popular Carne Asada dish, but instead of a beef flank steak, a pork

flank steak is used. The marinade includes a blend of citrus flavors, giving it a true Caribbean taste. All four students helped in preparing this dish over rice. -Mayan Hot Chocolate - There are many different versions and recipes for this drink. It is similar to most hot chocolate recipes, but cinnamon has been added to the drink. Helina Seyoum (12th) prepared this for our class. Cacao (where chocolate comes from) was very important for both the Aztecs and Mayans. In certain cities, only members of the elite class were allowed to drink this special beverage. The Mayans would use cacao beans as currency when trading between neighboring city-states. -Smoothies (Stawberry, Banana, Mango, Pineapple) - With such an abundance of fruits in this area of the world, juices and smoothies are very common to have with meals. Helina Seyoum (12th) did such an excellent job with making smoothies on our cooking day back in the first quarter that we put the “Smoothie Queen” back in charge for this cooking day. They turned out just as well (if not better) than before! “All of the food and drinks turned out great, and the students did a great job preparing our meal,” said Thomas. “A very special thanks to Kay Willard for allowing the LACS class to use the Finch Center concession stand, and also a special thanks to Dorotea and her staff for all of the wonderful help, advice, and use of kitchen items!”

Middle School Update from Mary Keever Three Middle School leaders, Ellison Beaver, Annabelle Fisher, and Rayha Haque, joined Mrs. Keever for Rising Middle School Night. They each shared their enthusiasm and passion for different aspects of WCDS with the current fifth graders and their parents. They talked candidly and meaningfully about morals, academics, arts, and athletics in our Middle School. They did an outstanding job, so much so that the fifth graders and their parents weren’t the only ones who left that meeting feeling impressed and excited about the unique atmosphere and focus of our middle school. Mrs. Keever was proud indeed. That feeling continued the next day when Mrs. Keever received two letters from elementary schools, Fairview and Northwood, which we have visited during our service learning days this year. Both letters expressed appreciation for the talents, energy, enthusiasm, and patience our Middle School students have shared with their elementary students. They also commended our students for their wonderful manners. These Wildcats have been serving and respecting others gracefully! All Middle School Wildcats will practice doing their best as they take a bit of a risk trying something new for two weeks in February: between the winter and spring sports season, we will offer a new endeavor, DANCE, in our Middle School physical education program! Wildcat alum and parent Cres Calabrese will lead us in this endeavor as students learn line dancing and conservative hip hop moves that they will showcase at a dance party on Friday, March 21 from 11:30-1:30. Put your dancing shoes on, Wildcats!

Students’ Artwork on Display Congratulations to eighth graders Victoria Atkinson, Allyson Chiu, Luke Evans, Samantha Mickey, Tiffany Neza, Audrey Puschinsky, Troy Reid, and sixth graders Austin Bonomo (pictured), Georgia Anne Brumfield, Caroline Clodfelter, Gaby Culler, Deni Lewis, Kaitlyn Palmer, and Aditi Shah! These students’ arwork is on display at the Middle School Art Exhibition at High Point’s Theater Art Gallery through March 21. The students and teacher Mrs. Bailess attended an opening reception for the exhibit at the gallery on January 16.

Spring GoFar season kicks off February 25! This fall twenty-four Westchester Lower School students participated in the GoFar (Go out for a run) program as an after-school elective. These 2nd - 5th graders met twice a week for 10 weeks to learn about leading a healthy lifestyle and to train to run a 5K race. On November 9, 2013, Westchester was represented by 42 runners at the Triad GoFar race at Showplace in downtown High Point. Our students, parents, siblings, and teachers joined almost 1600 others to run a 5K race. “What an accomplishment for all of these students to cross the finish line after 10 weeks of training,” said GoFar coordinator Heather Schwartz. The spring GoFar season will kick off on February 25, 2014. This after-school elective will be open to 2nd 5th grade boys and girls and will meet on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 3:15-4:15. An advanced curriculum will be offered for more experienced runners in addition to the regular curriculum for beginners. Click here to register. Please contact Heather Schwartz with any questions.

Westchester Celebrates Black History Month This month Westchester will celebrate Black History Month in a variety of ways. Three times per week, during Upper School community meeting, faculty and students will give presentations on influential AfricanAmericans throughout history (see sample from Mrs. Parks on page 8), as well as topics surrounding race and slavery. Also, displayed on each Upper School classroom door will be a black and white photo of a hero and a brief bio for students to read about how these Americans broke the color barrier during their time. “We are teaching about race and slavery, Jim Crowism, and segregation - the Anglo-Saxon view of race, and why we have Black History Month and not White History Month, as well as teaching about the people who risked everything to cross that line called segregation,” explains Upper School history teacher Ms. Cunningham.

Big Brothers Receive Big Praise Tracey Neza (from left), Hunter Heinbach, and Dylan Menchetti are thoroughly enjoying serving as “big brothers” to at-risk students at Kernersville Elementary School each week. According to Teresa Rose, the coordinator of the program, the children are enjoying the experience as well. She wrote recently about Tracey: “Heard you had a fantastic day with Ms. Langley’s class! She said that the students were sad that you left and that you were only going to be there on Wednesdays. She said that you stepped in and did an amazing job of working with the classroom. Thank you for choosing to dedicate a portion of your valuable time to the future of our KES students!”

Senior is Rotary Student of the Month Senior Daphne Foster was recently selected as the Willow Creek Rotary Club’s student of the month. She was recognized by the Rotary Club at their meeting at 7:30 a.m. on January 23 at the High Point Country Club. The Rotary Student of the Month program recognizes outstanding students who excel in both school performance and community volunteer activity.

NHS Launches Writing Lab The National Honor Society is providing tutoring for Upper School students in a new program called Peer Assisted Writing. The NHS students haven been trained by Sarah Cerniglia and Cheryl Cunningham. Teachers may refer students to this program, or students may sign up for help on their own. A schedule will be posted indicating when NHS members are available, including tutorial time, study halls, and after school for 30-minute time periods. Students providing the one-on-one collaboration are seniors Sarah Bethel, Mary Kate Farris, Andrew Foreman, Anna Hood, Avery Keefe, Dylan Menchetti, Lewis Miles, Courtney Spencer, and Catherine York.

Put your in the arts! by Ann Parks

February is a great time to say, “I love you,” “Be my friend,” or “Thanks!”

Students Enjoying Exhibit Westchester students (such as the sixth grade Spanish class pictured above, led by Mrs. Scearce) are enjoying the Teacher’s Discovery Traveling Exhibit featuring the incredible Mexican paintings of Frida Kahlo, which is on display in the Finch Center through February 7. Thanks to a grant from the High Point Area Arts Council and Friends of the Fine Arts, students have been exposed to beautiful reproductions, including life-size photos of Frida. Frida was married to Mexican muralist Diego Rivera but won acclaim for her own paintings, including many self-portraits. The exhibit celebrates fine art, women in art, and Mexican culture. Students in Middle School Spanish classes have discussed the artist’s life and work in Spanish and English. Middle School students are learning how to look at a painting and make connections to Mexican culture and are creating pamphlets and brochures that help viewers “tour” the exhibit. Upper School students are also exploring the artist’s life and works in Spanish class. Lower School art classes are also discussing the artwork, which lends itself to an array of lessons.

Westchester Launches Faculty Fitness Program Don’t be surprised if you stumble upon a group of faculty members doing zumba, practicing yoga, working out with med balls in the Cats’ Den, or walking the hills of Willow Creek! This is all thanks to the new Wildcat Faculty Fitness program launched last month. Faculty are encouraged to eat right, exercise, and take care of themselves, and are rewarded with special treats through a points system. “I am thrilled at the development of this program and appreciate all the parents who have stepped up to help be a part of keeping our faculty healtly,” said Mr. Atkinson. “This program truly resonates with our motto - Mens Sana in Corpore Sano - A sound mind in a sound body.” Many thanks to parents Susan Sherrill and Donna Nottoli for their group instruction work and Jackie King for the McDonald’s treats and gift certificates!

Take the time to create something special using materials you have around the house. Do you have Cheerios for breakfast? There’s a heart right on the front of the box. Cookie cutters make great shapes to trace. Internet sites like Pinterest are loaded with fun ideas for the whole family to do. These cards will be treasured for years! Need help? Your art teachers Mrs. Bailess and Mrs. Parks are an email away. Remember, it’s the sentiment that counts. The arts give us a chance to express ourselves in many fun ways. What does your heart say?

CAREER FAIR COMING SOON! WCDS Career Fair Wednesday, February 26 Finch Gym 9:00-10:30: Upper School Students 10:30-11:30: 3rd, 4th and 5th graders 11:30-12:25: Lunch for Exhibitors 12:25-1:35: Middle School Students (more information, page 11)

QuestionsPlease contact Heather Singer at 822-4085 or

Summer camp registration is now open!

This will be the best summer yet with lots of great new options including: • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

American Girl Art Camp Backpacking Click here Baseball Camp for dates, Basketball Camp descriptions, Career Exploration and registration Cheer Camp information! Cooking Camp Drama Production Mad Science Mountain Biking NC Adventure EXTREME Odyssey of the Mind SAT Prep Soccer Summer Celebration Wildcat 101 Yard Art and many more!

Cats off Campus Be sure to visit our Cats off Campus page often to read about all the amazing accomplishments Westchester students are achieving outside the walls of WCDS.

Upcoming Events FoFA Meeting Tuesday, February 4, 8:00 a.m., Library Senior Night Tuesday, February 4, 6:00 p.m. See more, page 10. WAPA Book Club Wednesday, February 5, 8:00 a.m. Churros Breakfast Wednesday, February 12, 7:15 a.m., Rives Hall

Meet Your Wildcats Name: Robin French

Paws Night Wednesday, February 12 Presidents’ Day Holiday Monday, February 17. No school. Career Fair Wednesday, February 26 See more, page 11 NHS Inductions Thursday, February 27, 8:15 a.m., Rives Hall

Wildcat Summer 2014

Just Another High School Play by Bryan Starchman

Cast: Sam Argo, Jessica Barker, Chase Carroll, Arinze Chukwuma, Kayla DeWeese, Daphne Foster, Tommy Frungillo, Emily Gilliland, Paige Hetley, Anna Hood, Avery Keefe, Tracey Neza, Jane Nunn, Donnie Sellers, Courtney Spencer, Thomas Verellen, Catherine York, Charles York 7:00 p.m. Saturday, March 1 2:00 Sunday, March 2 Rives Hall $5

Title: English teacher Family: Dana, Alex, Devon, and puppies Zeus and Percy What was your favorite subject in school? English What book are you reading? The Natural Navigator Name of the last movie you watched: As I Lay Dying Favorite Restaurant: George’s in Mooresville, NC Dream Vacation: 25-day backpacking trek of the John Muir Trail Something most people don’t know about you: I was once mistaken for a member of the South African cricket team in Agra, India. Favorite thing Westchester: The students


Arts Update from Ann Parks The following was presented at a Community Meeting during Black History Month several years ago by Mrs. Parks: Romare Bearden, the great American artist, teaches us the joy of observing all that surrounds us: the windows we look out, the colors and textures we wear, and the music we play. From his roots in North Carolina to the rich cultural scene of Harlem where his family moved in 1914, Romare Bearden used his varied life experiences as creative forces in his artwork. His early contact with the important writers, musicians, and artists of the time would impact his artistic development. Bearden graduated from college with a degree in education and worked as a social worker while growing as an artist. After serving in WWII, he continued to study art both in New York and in Paris at the Sorbonne, finding inspiration from the masters such as Duccio, Giotto, Picasso, and Matisse. Known primarily today as a collage artist, Bearden was always experimenting with new ways to combine pictures from a myriad of sources with surface manipulations and found materials. These images and visual textures help him express his memories of places such as Charlotte, where he visited his grandmother, and Pittsburgh, where he first learned to draw. Bearden loved to read, and the universal themes and narratives from religion and history enrich his work. Jazz musicians and blues singers, many of whom he knew personally, are important subjects; the rhythms and harmonies of jazz inform his artistic style. Romare Bearden’s art was always evolving as he searched for new ways to connect to his environment. Looking at his artwork, we see bits and pieces of our own lives, as well as his, combined in a richly decorated patchwork of shapes and colors. Created from multiple perspectives, this art celebrates the vitality of human experience. Information and artwork taken from The Art of Romare Bearden, the National Gallery of Art, Washington (2003). For more information, visit the website learning-resources/teaching-packets/pdfs/bearden-tchpk.pdf Bearden’s art transcends categories because it joins the imagery of black life and circumstance to universally understood experience. This is the essence of Bearden’s contribution. (Quote from the website) “I think the artist has to be something like a whale, swimming with his mouth wide open, absorbing everything until he has what he really needs. When he finds that, he can start to make limitations. And then he really begins to grow.” ~ Romare Bearden


azzing up Wildcat Nation

Saturday, May 3 5:30 p.m. Finch Center for Academic and Athletic Excellence

Watch for more information on “America’s music” and the people who made it great (such as Romare Bearden) - as well as exciting Auction news - in the “This Week at Westchester” emails.

Athletics Update from Coach Schwartz It is hard to believe that the 2013 - 2014 winter athletic season is already winding down, but what a wonderful season it has been! All of our varsity and Middle School Wildcat student-athletes are excelling in and out of the classroom and are representing our school with great class and sportsmanship. Senior Night for all of our Varsity winter athletes will be Tuesay, February 4, before the varsity basketball game against American Hebrew Academy at 6:00 p.m. Conference Tournament Schedule Middle School Boys / Girls Basketball - TMAC 2/3 – Higher Seed 2/4 – at Canterbury 2/6 – at Canterbury Varsity Swimming 2/6 – at American Hebrew Academy – 3:00 p.m. Varsity Boys Basketball – TAC 2/11 – Higher Seed 2/13 – at WCDS 2/14 – at WCDS

NCISAA 2A State Tournament Schedule Varsity Swimming 2/17 – Greensboro Aquatic Center Varsity Boys Basketball 2/18 – Higher Seed 2/20 – Quarterfinals at WCDS 2/21 – Semifinals at WCDS 2/22 – Championship at Forsyth Country Day School 2014 Spring Opening Practice Information 2/18 – Varsity Baseball - 4:00 - 6:00 p.m. at WCDS 2/18 – Varsity Track - 3:30 - 5:00 p.m. at Simeon Track 2/18 – Varsity Girls Soccer - 3:45 - 5:30 p.m. at WCDS 2/24 – Varsity Boys Tennis - 3:30 - 5:30 p.m. at Willow Creek 2/24 – Varsity Golf Team Meeting - 3:30 - 4:30 p.m. at WCDS 2/24 – MS Golf - 2:25 - 5:00 p.m. at Emerywood

For The College Bound On Wednesday, February 12, at 8:00 in the morning, parents of members of the junior class have been invited to meet with their students and me as we explore the college process and officially launch the college search for members of the Class of 2015. We’ll talk in detail about what these juniors need to be doing now to prepare for the college search and application experience, and we’ll take a look at a timeline that will take them right up until May 1, 2015, the date by which they must declare their college choices. It’s an information-packed morning, but one that will nudge these students one step closer to independence and adulthood. By now parents of seniors who plan to apply for financial aid for college should be gathering information for completion of their 2013 federal income tax return in anticipation of completing the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid). Available money for financial assistance can be exhausted, so it is incumbent on parents to complete this paperwork as soon as possible. Applications must be submitted online by going to www.fafsa.

Congratulations to the following seniors who have received word of college acceptances since our last newsletter: Jessica Barker – Appalachian State University Sarah Bethel – UNC Greensboro Baxter Bruggeworth – Elon University Chase Carroll – UNC Charlotte Sarah Catto – University of Alabama Arinze Chukwuma – East Carolina University Mary Kate Farris – Furman University Randolph-Macon College Salem College Daphne Foster – Appalachian State University Radford University George Heath - UNC Chapel Hill Anna Hood – Furman University Avery Keefe - UNC Chapel Hill Adam Kirkman – High Point University Tracey Neza – East Carolina University Helina Seyoum – East Carolina University Cameron White – High Point University Betty Flythe College Placement Advisor

Counselor’s Corner

February is a very important month in the counseling office this year! We are kicking off our Career Fair this year in a newer way than ever before. We will start by hosting Career Cafés in the library on various days throughout the month of February. We are very excited to include speakers such as Wake Forest’s head baseball coach Tom Walter and our very own Coach Hammond who will be discussing the big picture on sports careers. We will also welcome parents Skip Culler and Michael Beaver, who are very successful businessmen in the High Point furniture industry. We will host two parent dentists, Dr. Lee Nunn and Dr. Diane Bundy, and finally we will have Dr. Martin Kifer, Assistant Professor of Political Science and Director of the Survey Research Center at High Point University. We are very excited to bring such great minds and talents to campus to speak to our students. *Students will have to sign up to attend the Career Cafés during their lunch periods on the specific day. Other great things going on school-wide: We will also have a “Dress Up” day for everyone in the Lower School to dress up as their favorite career or, “what they want to be when they grow up” on Wednesday, February 26. We will also have guest speakers in the classrooms of our Pre-K through 2nd grade to introduce them to different career choices. Our 3rd-5th graders, Middle School, and Upper School students will all tour the Career Fair to gather more information about different career choices on Wednesday, February 26. Our Middle and Upper School students will also be focusing on career exploration, awareness, and goal-setting during their advisory periods each week in February. Please plan to have conversations with your student about possible career choices that they may be interested in and what they are discovering about themselves during advisory period this month! Attention- Parents of 10th grade Students: Has your 10th grader been thinking about a career choice? Does he or she feel overwhelmed at times by the pressure of choosing a college/university with little knowledge of a defined career path? If so, this is a great opportunity for your student! We as school counselors know that one good way to make informed decisions that will lead to lifelong, career success is to take a career assessment test. These tests help to match a person’s interests and abilities with their learning and personality strengths, and the results can prove quite valuable when selecting a career as well as a college. After discussion and realizing the benefits that

past students have gained from participating in a career development session with Mrs. Singer, our Upper School Counselor, we will be scheduling ALL of our 10th graders to participate in a three-meeting series this spring. Beginning in March, each 10th grader will participate in the Career Assessment and Development course during their Monday study hall periods on March 3, 10, and 17, to explore their career development. This is what a few of their classmates who have previously taken the course had to say: “I enjoyed learning more about myself and possible career options.” “It opened my eyes to many choices that I did not know about.” “I thought it was a very good class and really showed me that I should major in exactly what I have been planning on majoring in; it also showed me my strong and weak points.” “It laid out my personality and, based on that, listed jobs that I would enjoy doing. So, I now have choices instead of being clueless about what I want to be.” During these three meetings, they will: • Take the MBTI assessment which will determine their four-letter personality type. • Learn about their type preference, including how they interact with others, their strengths, and important areas for growth. • Receive the MBTI Career Report based on their type preference and an in-depth understanding of this report by the school counselor; this report explores preferred work tasks and work environments, as well as, the most popular and least popular occupations based on their type. • Take the IStartStrong Survey which will identify career options that support their personal interests and passions. • Receive the IStartSurvey Report and an in depth understanding of this report by the school counselor; this report paints a clear picture of how one’s interests and themes link to various jobs, work settings, and career fields. The cost for the course is $38 and can be paid by credit card (please click here), cash, or check (made out to WCDS) by February 27. Your student can drop the check off at Mrs. Hetley’s office or give it to me. If your student chooses to opt out for any reason, please email me with this information so they will not be charged. Please email me at if you have any additional questions. Heather Singer Middle and Upper School Counselor

Save the Date - 10th Annual W-Day 5K is May 10!

Contact Adam Schwartz if you are interested in being a sponsor this year!

Westchester Country Day is a college preparatory school that seeks to educate each child toward moral, academic, artistic, and athletic excellence in a nurturing, family environment where students, teachers, and parents support one another. By respecting the student and honoring learning, Westchester aims to cultivate informed citizens who are ready for a rapidly changing world and to graduate students who view the pursuit and wise use of knowledge as a lifelong joy.

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