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Promoting the Whole Person

A Holistic Approach to Health


everal years ago, Arc of Westchester recognized the need for a robust wellness initiative that supports both the physical and emotional health of our community. Our objectives not only address weight, diabetes and smoking, but extend to living a healthy life with friendships, spirituality and strong self-esteem. The ultimate goal is to improve the overall well-being of the people and families we serve. As a result, the Health and Wellness Steering Committee was formed to guide our agency-wide commitment to a healthy life. Led by co-chairs Dr. Claudia Sickinger, Medical Director, and Ellen Lamonoff, Nursing Director, the committee includes employees, board members and self-advocates, all of whom share a deep commitment to holistic health that permeates their daily lives. The guiding principle of our health and wellness initiative is self-direction. We believe that an individual must commit to wanting to change his or her life — we don’t impose that change on a person. Our role is to support personal goals and help create lasting change. This latest edition of imagine showcases the many ways in which Arc of Westchester is committed to the holistic health of those we support. From our Wellness Center, which serves the unique physical and mental health needs of our community, to our continuing partnership with Mercy College, which explores the use of technology to improve healthy living, to the vast array of recreational and social activities for people of every age — Arc of Westchester is dedicated to supporting healthy, well-rounded lives. Yes, blood pressure and body mass index are important. But the true success of our health and wellness initiative will be measured through the positive balance of the minds, bodies and souls of the thousands of individuals Arc of Westchester serves. Through your friendship and generosity, we are able to go the extra mile to offer services that are enriching, engaging and unique for each and every person we support, throughout the entire arc of their life. Thank you,

Arc of Westchester community garden at the Ann Manzi Center, Mt. Kisco.

Richard P. Swierat Executive Director

Ric puts the mission in motion.

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imagine Special Health & Wellness Edition

Imagine 2016: Health & Wellness Edition