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String of events leads to corsets up a tree EMC lifestyle - Ronny’s face was beet red. He looked like he was going to pass out. Emerson was dabbing his own face with a red polka-dot handkerchief, and they both kept looking up at the sky. It was a hot, humid summer day, and a gusty wind was blowing dead leaves and grass in all directions. “If we don’t soon finish,

the wind will die down, and we’ll be doing all this work for nothing” Emerson said. It was just another summer day at the farm out in Northcote. The Montreal cousins, Ronny and Terry, had arrived as soon as school was over, Grampa had driven out from Ottawa several times to escape the city heat, and Father’s sister Aunt Lizzie had

Mary Cook’s Memories BY MARY COOK

come from Regina for her yearly visit. The old log house was fair jumping.

My View From Island View

Boredom So I was giving some thought to boredom. For as long as I can remember, fighting boredom has been a large part of my life. To take action, I have created an extensive list of items to do in order to prevent boredom from setting in. When I looked up the definition for boredom on the internet it was described as an emotional state experienced when an individual is not interested in their surroundings or available activities. It was also defined as an unpleasant state in which the individual feels a great lack of interest in things and has difficulty concentrating on activities. I get so disgusted with myself when I feel boredom settling in, even when I have so much to accomplish. I am able bodied and have boundless energy. I started to think about what it must be like for older adults who may not be so energetic or mobile and wondered how they cope with boredom. For many older adults, boredom can be a huge quality of life issue that can lead to depression which is hard to climb out of when you are in the pit of such negative emotions. No one likes to be bored. It can create feelings of worthlessness and intense restlessness which can be very frustrating. For people who are caregivers, preventing boredom in their loved ones is best tackled before it takes hold. Encouraging our older friends to develop new


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interests can be one idea. You don’t have to be young to find new things to do. It has been shown that stimulating the mind by learning new skills can promote new neural cell growth and improve concentration. We, who care for older adults, can help ward off boredom by introducing new activities such as brain teasers, physical activity and social interaction. The residents at Island View have led productive and interesting lives but some may now find themselves facing physical challenges. These residents are at risk of boredom and feelings of worthlessness, which can lead to depression. Preventing these feelings should be a concern of retirement homes that give care and provide a home to older adults. But do you know what is really interesting? Of all the residents that I spoke to at Island View, not one of them told me that it is OUR responsibility to keep them entertained! Wellwood stated that his interests are self propelled and it is his responsibility to keep himself interested in life. He takes a deep, genuine interest in those around him to keep sharp. He said “boredom is a state of mind, if you don’t understand something…figure it out to keep your mind active.” Liz refuses to watch TV during the day.

Instead, she participates in most activities and when there is down time, she chooses to read to keep her mind fresh and alive. Liz shared with me, “if you don’t want to do anything you just end up staying in your room and pouting.” Eddie told me that people have commented to him, “you must be bored in a place like that,” yet he’s never uninterested in life. Gary loves watching sports and Marilyn said, “I am too busy to be bored.” It was refreshing to hear from the people that call Island View home that they don’t expect us to be their social conveners yet they very much appreciate all we do to create an interesting atmosphere of new ideas, conversation and fun. So if you are feeling a little bored or lonely, why not come over to Island View for a game of cards, bingo or conversation. Coffee is on every day at 10am.

WHAT’S HAPPENING AT ISLAND VIEW RETIREMENT SUITES ♥ Sat., July 21st – Afternoon matinee in Theatre ♥ Tues., July 24th – Cards for Everyone ♥ Thurs., July 26th – Cocktails on the patio

A day without a challenge for Ronny and Emerson was a day without purpose. And that day, they were making a kite, and time was running out; you couldn’t always count on a good wind. The closest I could get to the activity was leaning against the silo and well out of the range of where Ronny and Emerson were. Mother had reluctantly given up some Christmas tissue paper, and the two boys, had glued it into shape, and all that was left was to attach the tail. Emerson got the roll of binder-twine from the drive shed, but Ronny didn’t like the feel of it. “Too rough ... we need cord,” he said. “You won’t find cord around here,” Emerson said, taking another swipe at his face with his handkerchief. “Too expensive. We use binder twine for anything that needs tying up.” Ronny stopped dead. “You just hold that kite and stop it from blowing away. I’ll be right back.” I noticed he walked slowly, like he had no real purpose …

just ambling along. He nodded to Mother, Aunt Lizzie and Audrey in the swing in the grape arbour, where they had gone to escape the heat of the kitchen, and then he sauntered into the house. When he came out, a good five minutes later, his shirt had a bulge in it like he was carrying a watermelon under it. He looked behind him, making sure no one had left the shade of the grape arbour, and then headed for the barn yard, and handed Emerson a wad of cord. As soon as I saw it, I knew exactly where it had come from. Aunt Lizzie’s corsets! Now, Ronny, like everyone else in the house, knew about Aunt Lizzie’s corsets. She had at least two sets, and every couple days, she’d take one set out and fling it over the clothes line to “get some fresh air,” as she’d say. And the laces hung down almost touching the ground. “We’ll use binder twine first and then attach the laces to the end. There’s enough laces here to reach half way to Renfrew” Ronny said, chuckling to himself. Emerson lost his red face instantly. “Aunt Lizzie will kill us,” he said. Ronny paid him no heed. It was the moment that mattered to Ronny! Finally, the kite was ready. With the binder twine with

the corset laces attached, if they got it airborne, I was sure it would reach the soft clouds that were circling the west hill. Emerson took hold of the kite, and Ronny had the tail rolled in a ball, and they took off like they had been shot out of a gun, heading out of the barn yard, down the slope, leading to the river, and up towards the hill. The branches of the big maple tree were bending in the wind, perfect weather for flying a kite. I kept a safe distance behind them, but close enough I could see exactly what was going on. Ronny told Emerson to start running. He was holding the kite as high as his arms could reach, and Ronny was letting out the binder twine and Aunt Lizzie’s corset laces. And there it soared. Farther and farther it reached to the sky, and I had to admit, it was something to see. The wind was carrying it like a feather. Emerson and Ronny barely moved, letting the air carry the kite and holding tight to the tail. And then, almost as if someone had turned off a switch, the wind died down. Emerson tried to reel in the kite, but it had a mind of its own, and headed right for the big maple tree on the crest of the West Hill. See FATHER’S. Page 61


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