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Some of the most rewarding experiences I have had in relation to providing care to individuals and families while working for WestCare Nevada are regarding providing information and knowledge about healthy vs. unhealthy (codependent) relationships. This is especially true in my work with family members who tend to be the “giver” while their loved one, who’s addicted to substances, takes on the role of the “taker.” You see, in a relationship without reciprocity, both the giver and the taker suffer. The givers eventually find themselves feeling angry, victimized, and used since no one does for them what they are willing to do for others. The taker, on the other hand, never experiencesthewonderfulblessingsassociatedwithgiving.

Well, an issue with giving is definitely not the case when it comes to this month’s August issue of the Nevada Loop Newsletter and although we have notnecessarilyenteredintotheseasonofgiving,someofoursupportersinthe community have surely stepped up in relation to making sure that our clients and their children have positive experiences while receiving treatment. Their generosity cannot go unnoticed either. Let’s start with the back-to-school donations we received from the Las Vegas Raider Nation Wrecking Crew and from employees at Caltrol, Inc. Both groups provided backpacks full of schoolsuppliesforourchildrenreturningtotheclassroom.Infact,therewasso much excess that we were able to drop off extra backpacks and supplies to one of the elementary schools in the community. We also had the opportunity to provide a tour to members from American First National Bank and, to our surprise,receivedadonationforourWomenandChildren'sCampus

In addition, this month’s issue of the Loop discusses a new partnership betweenWestCareandCOREAcademy,wheresomeofourchildrenandtheir parentswillbeprovidedwiththeopportunitytoexperienceallthatCOREhasto offerbywayofdevelopmentandempowermentforlocalstudents.Wealsohad a very successful Movie on the Mountain at Harris Springs Ranch and the men loved it. Lastly, WestCare Nevada attended the 2023 Southern Nevada Substance Misuse and Overdose Prevention Summit and it was so refreshing to be able to see that the focus of the event was geared toward working together as a community and breaking down the silos that have previouslyexisted.

So, as we continue in our summer wind-down, let us also continue to be reminded of the benefits associated with giving and serving, such as lower stress levels and living a longer, more productive life. These are definitely things that those of us who work for WestCare Nevada already understand as wecontinuallyworktowardsUpliftingtheHumanSpirit.

Leo Magrdichian, LCSW, LCADC, Vice President
A C O L L E C T I O N O F S T O R I E S F R O M A R O U N D N E V A D A I S S U E 2 9 V O L U M E 3 A U G U S T 2 0 2 3

Beginnings of a New Partnership

AmericanFirstNationalBankmade a generous donation of $5,000 to our Women and Children’s Campus (WCC) The check was presented by American First National Bank’s Vice President and Regional Manager, Lucheng Mailloux, and AVP/Sales & Service Manager,NinaChavez Thetworeceivedatourofourlovelyfacility

As part, we were highlighted by the Las Vegas Chinese News Networkintheirnewsletter

Our Community Action Council (CAC) member and longtime supporter, Eric Endy, helped secure this fantastic opportunity and attended with his wife, Hsiaochin Endy WestCare Nevada’s Vice President, Leo Magridichian, and Director of Residential Services, Irma Magridichian, alongside WestCare’s SVP/Chief Development Officer, Scott Faulkenberry, gave a wonderful tour of the current facilityandthepropertythatwehopetobreakgroundonsoonforThe Village, a planned transitional living community for women and their children who have recently and successfully completed a residential treatmentprogram

We believe this is the start of a long, beautiful relationship and are currently discussing a financial literacy program that will be implemented on campus This program will help our clients navigate the banking system and educate them on how to keep a budget and openabankaccount

Join us in thanking American First National Bank for their kindness and effort in giving back to the community This is what Uplifting the Human Spirit is all about We look forward to strengthening this partnership!

CORE & WestCare: A Collaboration for our Families

On July 20, local non-profit, CORE, joined WestCare Nevada for a fantastic tour at our Women and Children’s Campus(WCC)ledbytheViceChairofWestCareNevada’sCommunityActionCouncil(CAC),MarilynMoran

Longtimefriend,Nevadan,andphilanthropist,BarbaraMolasky,isthecurrentOutreachDirectorofCORE Alsoonthe tourwasCORE’sExecutiveDirector,JeffJones,andVolunteerandMentorCoordinator,JenniferJeong

We are excited to collaborate with CORE because many of our values and philosophies align CORE is dedicated to building communities that support scholars and families with equity, accountability, partnership, and kindness They empower,enrich,andeducate

CORE adheres to the pioneering work of the Aspen Institute by recognizing the need to provide services and opportunitiesforchildrenandadultsintheirlivesinthefollowingareas:






CORE is one of only two organizations in Southern Nevada to have formally adoptedthiswholefamilyapproach

Given that our WCC has children up through the fifth grade living with their mothers as they utilize our services, we see the potential of these children transitioningintoCORE’sprogramsandservices

We are very excited about what the future holds for our two organizations and lookforwardtocontinuingthegoodworkthatwedointhecommunity

OnJuly28,HarrisSpringsRanch(HSR)hostedamovienightunderthestars for the men in our residential program Throughout the week leading up to the event, the men could complete extra chores to obtain “WestCare bucks” to exchange for various snacks during the movie night HSR staff had freshly popped popcorn, candy, soda, and ice cream available for our clients to exchangewiththeirWestCarebucks!Thenightwasfilledwithjoyandlaughter asthemencametogethertoenjoysomeofthesimplepleasuresofsobriety AveryspecialthankstoourDirectorofResidentialServices,IrmaMagrdichian; our Transitional and VA Programs Coordinator, Rhonda Davisson-Rhames; andourVicePresident,LeoMagrdichian,forhelpingsetuptheevent,running the concession stand, and setting up the projector and screen This event couldn’thavebeenpossiblewithoutthemandalltheirhardwork!


“I loved it It was a great movie and everyone got along It couldn’t have been anybetter”-StevenD

“I enjoyed the experience It was fun to get the WestCare bucks and it was greatformorale”-CoreyD

“I really enjoyed it because it was a change from the norm There was great comraderyatthecamp-bothleadinguptotheeventandafter Thecandywas greataswell”-IsaacS.

“Itwasaveryenjoyabletime Itwasgreattoseeeveryonecometogether” -VincentM.



Breaking Silos

For far too long and for reasons unknown to me, many providers in Southern Nevada have chosen to work out of silos as opposed to uniting together and better serving this community I have always said that, sadly, there are more than enough patients to go around and if we break down these silos, then those who need us most will benefit the most People around me know that it has been my mission as the Vice PresidentofOperationsatWestCareNevadato“playfairinthesandbox,” and I am pleased to honestly say that it appears that the time has come. In fact, it has been an absolute pleasure to be able to see providers join together, work together, and collectively address the needs of our most vulnerable

Thiswasalsoevidentatthe2023SouthernNevadaSubstanceMisuse and Overdose Summit, held on August 10, 2023, which sought to align all areas of the treatment and recovery world here in Southern Nevada together Providers from prevention, rescue, treatment, and recovery converged at the Red Rock Casino conference center for a day of discussion, strategizing, and mobilization WestCare Nevada is truly looking forward to what the future holds as we collectively work toward reducing substance use and ending overdose, leading to a healthier and morevibrantcommunity

Back to School Donations

It’s back-to-school season! For the third year straight, our community partner, The Raider Nation Wrecking Crew – Las Vegas, delivered to our Women and Children’s Campus (WCC) over 25 backpacks filled withschoolsuppliesforourclientswithchildren Inthesebackpackswere pencils, pens, crayons, rulers, notebooks, and more - everything an elementary to high school student needs to begin their new academic year! This year, for our babies, toddlers, and preschool children, the backpacks also included a special surprise: fuzzy pillows! These will be perfectforstorytimeandnaps

Caltrol Inc, another community partner, also generously donated 27 backpacks full of supplies along with a monetary donation They have been wonderful friends to WestCare, donating gifts during the holidays, school supplies during back-to-school season, and have even come to helpfeedourclientsat ourFourthStreetmen’ssoberlivingenvironment aroundThanksgiving!

ThankyousomuchtobothTheRaiderNationWreckingCrewandCaltrol Inc for their thoughtfulness and kindness We appreciate our partners so muchandallthattheydoforourclients!

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