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Trip to Japan Sister School, Homestays, Bullet Trains and Temples

As part of the intercultural learning program, students can participate in international study tours to Germany and Japan in alternate years. This year, twenty very excited Year 10 and 11 students, and three staff members spent two weeks in Japan during the September holidays. Arriving at Kobe, the location of our new sister school, Fukiai High, the first six days were spent immersed in the culture. The success of this very worthwhile learning experience is evident from the reflections of staff members. For Director of Year 9, Dennis Nowak: The chance to experience Japanese culture, countryside and food was something I had always wanted to do and getting to share this once in a lifetime trip with a group of outstanding young people was simply amazing. One experience which I continue to reflect upon was our time in Hiroshima. While we generally adopted a sombre mood during our visit to the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum, the Peace Memorial Park outside of the building was stunning

and I interpreted it as a symbol of the indomitable nature of the human spirit. For IT Teacher, Kelly Winter, Japanese cuisine was a standout: During the trip, I had food made for me by the students, I went out to incredible restaurants and I consumed delicacies I had never tasted before. I enjoyed school canteen food. Homemade noodles in a rustic waterfall setting. Fine dining with Japanese teaching staff. A bento box packed school lunch. Shabu Shabu, which involved cooking vegetables and thinly sliced meat in boiling hot water. Light and mouthwatering Tempura. Street food like gyoza, and dumplings, as well as, chef prepared Okonomiyaki (Japanese Cabbage Pancakes). The most challenging part of this gastronomic feast was the traditional Japanese breakfasts. I’m certainly not used to eating fish, curry, or rice in the early morning.

for those students who have been studying Japanese since Prep, the trip has added a whole new dimension to their understanding of Japan and its culture: The students were amazed at how punctual, fast and clean the trains were and delighted to see Mt Fuji without snow from the Shinkansen (bullet train) window. Everyone enjoyed the variety of sights such as the red torii (gate) in the water in Miyajima, the White Castle in Himeji, walking through the thousand toriis (gates) in Kyoto, appreciating the size of the big budda by walking through its replica nostril in Nara, the Onsen (hot springs) experience in Atami, Japanese style breakfast and dinner at a Ryokan (Japanese Inn), Karaoke, a baseball match, the night view of Tokyo, crossing the busiest intersection and Disneyland. Overall a fantastic experience for everyone involved.

Kerstin Keller And as teacher Michiyo Naito reported,

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