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Twelve Angry Men Participation in the drama program is a great way for students to develop and refine their performance skills and to get that all-important stage experience. At the same time, this year’s production of Twelve Angry Men turned out to be a fantastic opportunity to introduce students and audiences to the concept of ‘the everyman’. Constructed so that those watching the drama of a play unfold can imagine themselves in the same position, everyman characters react realistically in situations that are often seen more prosaically by traditional heroes. Reginald Rose’s Twelve Angry Men is a jury room tale of one man’s refusal to succumb to prejudice in order to prevent what he believes is a miscarriage of justice. Both moving and engaging, the meaning and significance of the play is just as powerful and important today as it was when first performed in 1954.

24 | Monomeith | Edition 11 2017

There is no doubt that Twelve Angry Men is a demanding play. However, following the success of last year’s production of Educating Rita, and given the interest of cast members in issues relating to social justice; Twelve Angry Men provided the perfect challenge for everyone to stretch their acting capabilities and to think more deeply about a wide range of issues. From Term 1 onwards, everyone involved worked incredibly hard rehearsing and organising the production. Their passion for the project and positive working relationships with one another were quite inspirational. I was especially encouraged this year by the number of international students who auditioned for the show and am confident that in future more of our international students will want to foster their love for the performing arts and become involved. Our cast of twelve jurors included students in Years 10-12 and although the name of the play is Twelve

Angry Men, there were female students playing male roles. This production of Twelve Angry Men represented a huge amount of dedication and commitment on the part of everyone involved – whether they were working behind the scenes or performing on stage. Once again, the Senior play was both a huge artistic success and an unforgettable event in the school’s busy performing arts calendar.

Paul Henry Basilio Director and Producer of Twelve Angry Men English Teacher and Head of Drama.

Monomeith 2017  
Monomeith 2017