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FAST FACTS FROM THE FOUNDATION FOR YOUNG ADULTS » There has been a 212% increase in the demand for digital literacy skills in job ads in the last three years and 158% for critical thinking. (FYA 2016) » Problem solving skills drives a $7,745 higher pay check, digital literacy $8,648 and presentation skills $8,853. (FYA 2016) » Jobs that are unlikely to be automated in the next twenty years include doctors, nurses and midwives; education, health and welfare managers;ICT managers; school teachers and engineers. (PwC 2015) » The average twelve-year-old will have seventeen different jobs in their lifetime, across five different industries. (FYA 2016) » Modelling by PwC shows that shifting just one per cent of the workforce into STEM roles would add $57.4 billion to GDP (net present value over twenty years). (PwC 2015) » 26% of students think that what they are learning in school is irrelevant for their life. (Learning Frontiers 2014)

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Monomeith 2017