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The sesquicentenary cake contributed to the sense of occasion during our Founders Day celebrations. A delicious and generous creation by Junior School parent, Katie Hourmouzis.

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L I T E R ATA 2 0 1 7



One hundred and fifty years ago, in July 1867, twenty-three boys became the first students to enrol at what was then a new grammar school in Williamstown. That was the whole school. No girls in sight until 1885 when it was decided to make the school coeducational. Celebrating our sesquicentenary has been such a lot of fun and the year has provided some very interesting moments - not least of which have been a couple of conversations with colleagues from outside our community who have told me in no uncertain terms that Westbourne is not one hundred and fifty years old at all, and what was I thinking? My response has been that we are one of Melbourne’s oldest, best kept, most surprising secrets and we are very certain about our birth date. What I also know is that along with our proud history comes a youthful, future focused approach to all that we aspire to achieve. A mileage celebration does, of course, give pause for reflection as we grapple with the old and the new concurrently. History is really best considered as our story. So what is our story?

We come from all corners of the world – thirty-five different nationalities to be precise. Each of us is the owner of diverse talents imprinted with our shared humanity. Our character is defined I believe by our diversity which allows us to understand that we share breath and that we are bound together by our quirky, funny human playfulness. That we know no one is more entitled than another, that we have to watch out for each other and that hard work is important. It matters. In my reading about our school I came across a vignette describing an 1872 speech night which was then known as the annual examination and prize distribution day. Questions from the public on geography and mental arithmetic were answered by students. There were musical performances and recitations. Images of drawing and mapping were on display.The good burghers of Williamstown were deeply impressed. More than a century on we have a school that takes great pride in the accomplishments of its students. And here is the heart of the matter, a tradition of shared values about learning. For me personally, this

tradition is something that has always been at the very centre of my experience at this school. Having joined the staff in 1987, Westbourne and its community have become a big part of my life. My memories of those early years as a young teacher are incredibly vivid and of course make what has been achieved since even more significant. As many in our community know, there wasn’t much at Truganina then – other than the sub-station, open paddocks, single carriage way gravel roads where the bus would get bogged, and one’s tyres routinely punctured, and of course our new campus. Yes, there was no mistaking it was in the middle of nowhere! On a searingly hot summer’s day Melbourne city shimmered in the distance across parched grasslands – mirage like and modern. I recall commenting: ‘Good grief this landscape looks as if it came out of the film Mad Max. To which a student replied: ‘Yeah miss that’s because it does … they filmed Mad Max not far from here.’’ So, in this, the School’s special milestone anniversary I want to pay special tribute to the small group of true-

L I T E R ATA 2 0 1 7



believers and the foresight they displayed in the mid-1970s when the decision was made to buy the land at Truganina and build on the success of Williamstown. Two of those builders, Diane John and Ray Horsburgh are still very involved with Westbourne today and continue as great contributors to its well-being. I salute you both. So here we find ourselves, at the end our sesquicentenary year, in the knowledge that we can look back to our past with enormous pride. We have celebrated our very special birthday in grand style. At Truganina, the new sculpture park, opened earlier this year, is already an iconic place – a wonderful example of creativity at work – a tranquil haven that blends perfectly into its landscaped environment. Most lunchtimes students are sitting in, on and around these playful forms. We have published our new sesquicentenary history book, an exquisite production officially launched by the Governor of Victoria Her Excellency the Honourable Linda Dessau AC. We have commissioned a composition by Katy Abbott, words by 2016 School Co-Captain Kiara


L I T E R ATA 2 0 1 7

Gashi which has already been performed on two occasions, the Annual Concert and Westbourne Celebrates. We have opened the new piazza in the Verdon Centre, completed the first stage of the renovations at Williamstown, and of course begun work on what will be a magnificent new Sports and Aquatic Centre – a place where every student will be able to learn to swim. For many in our community, this pool represents the realisation of a long-held dream. We know how important these things are – tradition, values, the School’s place in the community, its history, and above all its people each of whom is uniquely part of the Westbourne story. The opening of our school in 1867 was, I think, a remarkable act of faith in the future – a belief in the importance of a grammar school education for the young people of Melbourne’s west. What has been achieved since those early days is nothing short of heroic. Meg Hansen Principal



BOARD CHAIRPERSON A Personal Reflection In reflecting on the achievements of 2017, I would like to begin by thanking the many volunteers who have worked so hard throughout the year to support Westbourne at events such as the Williamstown Fete, the Gala Ball, Father’s Day Breakfast, Friends of Sport Fun Run and the Ivan Board Football Lunch. My thanks also go to fellow Board members for their ongoing support, commitment and expertise. As evidenced in our annual report, Westbourne is in a sound financial position, enrolments are at capacity and there is a robust waiting list. I also extend my thanks to Westbourne’s staff. Their professionalism and dedication to providing the best possible learning opportunities for our students is greatly appreciated. There is always so much going on at the school – not just in terms of the teaching and learning but the myriad of opportunities available in sport, music, drama, outdoor education and community service. Throughout the year, I have had the pleasure of attending a wide variety of events and must commend both students and staff on the quality of each one and the enthusiasm evident.

To the Class of 2017, on behalf of the Board, I extend my thanks for all you have given to Westbourne during your years here, whether it has been one or thirteen. Your dedication to your studies, your fine example to our younger students, your leadership and your participation in the life of this great school is a credit to you and your families. Be proud of what you have achieved, because completing Year 12 and leaving school are major milestones in your lives. Throughout this sesquicentenary year (I still have trouble with the pronunciation of that word!), we have been proud to showcase the school and its students - from the official launch of the new history book, Community of Believers, by the Governor of Victoria, to the opening of the sculpture park, the Presentation Ball, performing arts festivals, exhibitions and sporting fixtures. Moreover, I am delighted to report that in late July, we saw the commencement of building works on Westbourne’s sesquicentennial signature investment - the new Sports and Aquatic Centre. Yes, it is real and yes, that huge hole in the ground will be turned into a POOL. The pipes are in and construction is underway. AND PEOPLE SAID WE WOULD NEVER BUILD IT!

This year has also seen some extremely sad times that have impacted on everyone in the school family. In particular, the sudden death of thirteen-yearold Lara Cameron was especially devastating. However, we at Westbourne have shown that our community is strongest when we are in need of help or support through tragic times. Let us never lose that sense of humanity and love for this very special community that has grown over the last one hundred and fifty years. Finally, to the student body. You will experience many changes in your school lives. How we as a community support you is crucial, as your contribution to the success of the school and all that it stands for is invaluable. I wish you all the very best of luck and good fortune for the years to come. May you look back on your days at Westbourne with enormous fondness and happiness because you will always be part of this amazing community. Ilija Grgic School Board Chairperson

L I T E R ATA 2 0 1 7



ANDREW MCGREGOR A S S O C I AT E P R I N C I PA L As educators, when it comes to learning, we are principally guided by our moral purpose, which is that: Every Child Can Succeed. In this context, we aim to ensure our students achieve at least one year’s personal learning growth each year. In practice, this entails a responsibility for determining where each student is on their learning journey, assisting them to understand where they need to go, charting the learning journey with them and developing strategies to differentiate classroom instruction. One should never underestimate the preparation, skill and collaboration our teachers exhibit to meet this daily expectation. Our learning spaces at all year levels are filled with students at various points of need, and while teachers don’t completely individualise learning and set every child on a separate pathway, they cleverly choose an appropriate balance of learning tasks that will allow each student to experience deep learning moments. In this context, 2017 has seen the implementation of a range of relevant pedagogies, such as inquiry based learning, open ended tasks, collaborative projects, extension workshops, problem finding and problem solving. In addition, students have been encouraged to involve themselves in more 6

L I T E R ATA 2 0 1 7

complex learning opportunities, examples being: Future Problem Solving, Tournament of the Minds, Da Vinci Decathlon, the Science and Engineering Challenge, Youth Parliament and Wyndham Young Leaders. Clearly, the process of probing deeper learning concepts provides the greatest permanent understanding. Research confirms this occurs when students spend more thinking time in SOLO Taxonomy’s Green Zone. These stages of learning are called relational (when connections are made between previous understandings) and extended abstract (when new types of problems or unfamiliar questions can be attempted drawing on all previous skills and knowledge). This is also where we believe the greatest challenge and engagement can occur. We describe this form of learning extension as being more horizontal than vertical. For example, when a student grasps the skills of a Year 5 Maths topic, we don’t just teach them the skills of the corresponding Year 6 topic, we ask them to use their new skills to attempt complicated and authentic tasks that will require mental effort, and deeper thought processes. I would encourage parents to ask their children questions like:

‘What was your biggest challenge today?’, ‘What did you get wrong today and what did you learn as a result?’, ‘What gave you the most joy today?’ We also recognise that students are most likely to seek and accept deeper learning challenges if they understand and embrace the concepts of Growth Mindset – thinking that is rooted in the premise that all children can learn more deeply in any area. At the same time, the school operates in an agile, technology-rich environment, where students have functional fit-for-purpose devices and teachers actively seek the latest ways of ensuring these tools are used to enhance learning and provide relevance. While all these issues are part of the complex mix integral to our daily teaching and learning, we also look to the future and real world that students will ultimately enter. With this in mind, we seek ongoing opportunities to develop in them the 6Cs of: collaboration, communication, creativity, citizenship, critical thinking and character. Andrew McGregor Associate Principal


R E V E R E N D M AT T H E W T H O M P S O N SCHOOL CHAPLAIN Everyone who hears these words of mine and puts them into practice is like a wise man who built his house on the rock. The rain came down, the streams rose, and the winds blew and beat against that house; yet it did not fall, because it had its foundation on the rock. Matthew 7:24-25 Arguably the definitive distillation of the teachings of Christ can be found in the Sermon on the Mount in the Gospel of Matthew. The Beatitudes, the Lord’s Prayer, Christian ethics, Christ as the fulfilment of the law; St Augustine called it ‘a perfect standard of the Christian life.’ Jesus concludes this celebrated passage of Scripture by telling his listeners: I’m telling you these things because I want you to have a solid foundation for your life. If you’re going to build anything great – you need to have a strong foundation. In this celebratory sesquicentenary year, a year of dramatic progression towards our vision (notably including ground breaking on our pool) and of so much growth and achievement in our students, I have reflected on the underpinnings of Westbourne as a school and on the intellectual and

moral foundation we endeavour to develop in our students as individuals. Throughout this school’s existence, Westbourne’s foundations have been tested. History tells us that there were occasions when our very viability was questioned. Yet with each challenge our community of believers rallied, certain that this school offered the kind of growth and education that was worth fighting for.

This year has been one of soaring highs accompanied by deep tragedy. When the rains came down, we came together. We nurtured and we cared for each other. And we will continue to do so as we move forward together. A community of believers, united in values and vision. Reverend Matthew Thompson School Chaplain

Those days of existential challenge are long passed but we still band together as a community of believers, prepared to sacrifice for the greater good of our students and their learning. We see alumni who are eager to stay involved and re-invest in the school, from board level to careers advice, fundraising to guest speaking. Our students leave Westbourne knowing they have a lifelong community and that their school years have prepared them with a way of thinking and a way of being that will serve them well as they build their life. In accepting Christ’s entreaty to build on solid foundations we accept that faith does not exempt us from the storms of life. Instead, good foundations give us strength and stability during storms. L I T E R ATA 2 0 1 7




HEAD OF JUNIOR SCHOOL 2017 has been such an exciting year. As Westbourne celebrated its sesquicentenary, the Junior School has been actively involved in numerous key events and like so many others, I have felt privileged to have been part of this joyous and historic milestone. At the same time, however, our community was utterly devastated at the passing of Lara Cameron, a uniquely talented and muchloved student who died suddenly in March aged only thirteen. Not only was there an enormous outpouring of love and support for the Cameron family, all of whom are inextricably connected to Westbourne; but the huge attendance at her funeral in the Auditorium is testament to the esteem in which this exceptional young person was held. Rest in Peace, Lara. One thing Lara loved to do was learn and 2017 has seen many opportunities for Junior School students to acquire and apply their knowledge, as well as develop skills and competencies. I gain a great deal of satisfaction from seeing students so actively engaged in their learning and thanks to the vision of the Principal and her Board, all three Junior campuses now provide fluid, stimulating and versatile learning environments. 8

L I T E R ATA 2 0 1 7

Undoubtedly a focus throughout 2017 has been the embedding of an Independent Reading model across the three campuses. Similarly, expanding the Reggio Emilia philosophy in the early years and strengthening the Inquiry approach in the middle and upper years have been key elements in engaging students in purposeful and challenging areas of study. Students have particularly enjoyed demonstrating what they have learnt through regular Exhibitions of Learning. At the upper levels, the focus has been working through design briefs to solve a particular task, whereas at the lower levels, a great deal of attention has been given to exploring Westbourne’s fascinating history. It has been a joy to see students sharing these experiences with parents and extended family members, and these occasions have become regular and pivotal events on the calendar. The establishment of a STEAM focus and the introduction of a 5/6 Electives Program have also been highlights this year. A great strength of the educational offering in the Junior School is the broad and holistic experience students gain through their involvement in the specialist areas (Japanese, Library, Music,

Physical Education and the Visual Arts), along with a vast array of excursions, incursions, festivals, concerts, soirees, sporting carnivals and the like. The Camping and Outdoor Education Program also helps to develop important life skills and there are many opportunities through activities such as chess, debating and the Junior School musical for students to foster their particular talents and interests. As such a momentous year draws to a close, I sincerely thank my leadership team and all staff for their professionalism, and wonderful care and guidance of our students. I also wish to acknowledge the support of parents, as well as the efforts of the Friends of Westbourne Association and its member bodies. Finally, I wish to pay a tribute to the Junior School students. For me, there is no doubt they continue to be the best possible advertisement for Westbourne Grammar. Paul Barklamb Head of Junior School



HEAD OF SENIOR SCHOOL 2017 has, once again been an amazing year at Westbourne as students and staff have shared many individual and whole school successes. Academically, we continue to challenge ourselves to ensure every student knows what success looks like and has been given the tools and encouragement to achieve. Teaching staff are focused on continuous improvement and seeking ways to refine their teaching. Our wellbeing program continues to be adapted in response to student needs, and is primarily focused on fostering an environment that provides every child with individual care. We recognise that social and emotional wellbeing underpins effective student learning and contributes to positive behaviour. 2017 has been another successful year for our Year 9 Program. Students completed a range of different Collaborative Projects, with some students choosing to deal with local and national issues, while others engaged with ‘big questions’ and focused on why certain things are the way they are. Students completed all of this work while continuing to hone their individual subject skills, which will enable them to succeed as they transition back into Year 10 and VCE.

The International Centre continues to be a thriving area in the school. We currently have ninety-two students from China, Vietnam, South Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, Argentina, Hong Kong and Thailand who are staying with a mixture of relatives and homestay families. These students were also widely engaged in activities and events outside school this year. It is pleasing to see the students being involved in activities such as the School Play and participating in outside competitions against local students. This year the Performing Arts has really excelled with numerous events which have showcased the talents of our students in music and theatre. In particular, the production of Chicago was simply outstanding. Performer of the Year was another memorable night for our musicians, our students should be proud of their very professional performances. Special mention must also go to Twelve Angry Men, this year’s very successful School Play. Congratulations to Paul Basilio who once again put together an exceptional production which he directed and adapted.

the tenth years our swimmers have finished second, the signs are very positive and plans are well and truly in place to make it one better in 2018. Our Athletics team was awesome, managing to win the ACS carnival against very strong opposition. Adding to this extraordinary feat, Westbourne capped off the year winning the ACS Cross Country in Term 3. My sincere thanks to all teaching staff and professional staff at Westbourne who make up the bones of this special school. It is often the unseen deeds and care of many individuals that make this school what it is. I would like to sign off by acknowledging the legacy of Reverend George DuRinck and his famous words about the Westbourne community: ‘A school is more than bricks and mortar’. It is the people and the values within our school community which make it such a special place to learn and work. Louise Mahony Head of Senior School

ACS Sport has been a highlight in 2017. We started the year with a very close second in Swimming to St Leonards. Whilst this was L I T E R ATA 2 0 1 7



S C H O O L C A P TA I N S ’ R E P O R T As the School Captains and leaders of the 2017 Prefect group our vision was to set the tone for the student community. We wanted to be visible and accessible leaders who other students could talk to and bounce ideas off. This meant we worked hard at building relationships, especially with the younger students whom we often visited in tutor groups and ran circles with. Another of our responsibilities as the School Captains was to lead the Prefect group, and organise fundraising throughout the year to support Kampuchea House. Our first event was the Year 7 Social. It was an amazing night with Year 7s and the Prefects dancing the night away. In between the numerous barbecues and Housespecific fundraisers, our other major event was the Prefect Auction and Trivia Night. It proved to be a highly successful evening, largely due to the generous contributions made by everyone involved. On behalf of the Prefects, we would like to thank all those who attended and supported the event, and many of our other initiatives throughout the year. This year has had its share of memorable experiences and challenges, particularly learning to balance the responsibilities of 10

L I T E R ATA 2 0 1 7

being a Prefect, schoolwork, and our extra-curricular commitments. However, the organisation skills and the strong teamwork demonstrated by our Prefect group under the supportive guidance of senior staff has enabled us to work collaboratively and efficiently to meet deadlines and targets. It has been a privilege representing Westbourne in this role as a Prefect, especially during our sesquicentenary year and being a small part of a remarkable achievement. We are honoured to have been representatives of such a highly supportive and encouraging community, and hope to continue our involvement in the school in the next phase of our lives as alumni. Sachini Hewa Radalage (12P) and Shihab Deen Mohamed (12D) School Captains 2017


Murray Osborne

Klara Rawdanowicz

Nikita Mohar-Williams

Georgia Carracher

Jayla McLennan

School Vice Captain

School Vice Captain

School Vice Captain

International Student Liason Captain

Music Captain

Angus Freeman

Alysha Yacono

Riley Debney

Caitlin McLaren

Nicholas Krt

Sport Captain

Sport Captain

Derrimut House Captain

Derrimut House Captain

Flinders House Captain

Akeisha Sandhu

Guy Featherstone

Jarrod Debney

Georgia Grainger

Flinders House Captain

Hudson House Captain

Charlotte Vincent-Lord

Molland House Captain

Molland House Captain

Hudson House Captain

Don Avin Ranasinghe Jane White

Samuel McGrath

Evangeline McVicar

Pascoe House Captain

Strathmore House Captain

Strathmore House Captain

Pascoe House Captain

L I T E R ATA 2 0 1 7



J U N I O R S C H O O L C A P TA I N S ’ R E P O R T Junior School Captains

Junior School Vice Captains

We felt honoured to be announced as the 2017 Junior School Captains and excited for the year to come. The highlights of this year have included the official opening of the Sculpture Park and leading the Junior School assemblies. We have had many opportunities to display our School’s values. One memorable moment was when we were invited to present a speech to the Victorian Governor and launch the School’s sesquicentennial book. We have had the generous support of the Year 6 staff and students, as well as Mr Barklamb and Ms Mullins. Although the start of our journey as Junior School Captains was nerve-racking, we have improved our social and public speaking skills by a mile, and we have been able to develop a closer relationship with the Westbourne staff and the Senior School Captains. Overall, it has been a pleasure to be the School Captains in our School’s sesquicentenary year.

Being Vice-Captains in 2017 has been particularly special as it is Westbourne’s sesquicentenary year. We have loved the responsibility and saw our role as a chance to learn. It has been great to be role models for our peers throughout the year, and we have encouraged everyone to have a growth mind set. We have enjoyed representing Westbourne wherever we went. We have learnt many great skills such as leadership, responsibility and positivity. Working alongside the Junior School Captains, Ms Mullins and Mr Barklamb has been a magnificent experience. It has been a great honour to represent our School in 2017.

Ananya Nair and Zachary Murphy


L I T E R ATA 2 0 1 7

Jasmine Thompson and Andrew Fagioli Sofia Santzaridis was Junior School Captain during Term 1, after which her family moved.


Ananya Nair Junior School Captain

Zachary Murphy Junior School Captain

Andrew Fagioli JS Vice Captain

Jasmine Thompson JS Vice Captain

Declan Kwok JS Music Captain

Amy Luo JS Music Captain

Benjamin Gill Gerity House Captain

Lily McLeod Gerity House Captain

Liam Huntington Miller House Captain

Stella Pilkington Miller House Captain

Athina Avci Price House Captain

Oscar McNaughton Price House Captain

Chelsea Pivk Steedman House Captain

Marty Waghorn Steedman House Captain L I T E R ATA 2 0 1 7



AMICI – INTRODUCTION Our image of the child is based on the belief that children are capable, curious and full of potential. Actively seeking to make sense of their experiences and build connections with the world underpins the educational context offered at Amici. At Amici, learning environments provide a sense of wonder and desire to explore, research, formulate hypotheses, and construct knowledge and understanding of the world. In dedicated learning rooms, children are involved in projects, where their capacity to research and attitude to learning is cultivated. Educators listen intently to questions and ideas as the children construct meaning and new understandings together.


L I T E R ATA 2 0 1 7

At the same time, the learning environments outside Amici and on the land adjacent to Year 9 have provided opportunities for children to explore their connection to, and develop a relationship with, the natural environment. The children have a familiarity and sense of belonging in this area and take pleasure in being ‘on the land‘, as part of their research project. The Hundred Languages of children gives value to the verbal and non-verbal languages of children, and to their ways of thinking and creative processes as they construct knowledge and understanding. These languages are acknowledged and supported by the educators throughout the program. Participation is one of the values of the Reggio

Emilia educational project. This year the Centre has provided several occasions for parents to participate alongside their child as we build our sense of belonging to a community. These occasions, such as the Story Telling evening, were a great success thanks to the support of our families. Finally, to our children – we are privileged to share in their learning and development. We thank them for the enthusiasm and joy they bring to learning. Andrea Elliott Head of Campus ELC – Year 2


A M I C I L E A R N I N G R O O M 1  &  2 AMICI LR 1


This year in Learning Room 1 we have focused on children’s rights, specifically a child’s right to high quality education from a very young age. We have explored children’s rights to access rich materials and resources, in order to freely express themselves through the hundred languages. We have looked at how the environment supports children’s diverse ways of knowing.

Children’s right to beauty has engaged Learning Room 2 in a journey for understanding and meaning. Looking deeper than aesthetics, our investigation has engaged us in the marvels of the outdoors and nature. Consistent walks through the adjoining lands became a significant step in our research.

Throughout the year, children engaged with many different materials such as paint, clay, mark making tools, building blocks and musical instruments, and they had many opportunities to learn with and from each other. To extend on children’s rights to be active participants of the community and to bring families alongside the children’s learning journey, we invited our families to join us for a morning at the Pauline Gandel Children’s Gallery at the Melbourne Museum, where children engaged with their parents and educators in rich and meaningful experiences, deepening their sense of community. Educators – Hanna Daniel and Indya Jewell

Through our walks, we observed children’s connectedness to the land and to nature and we discovered beauty all around. The wide rolling hills became a large focus of children’s interests and we wondered if it was the openness of the land as they reached the top; a land without barriers. Through our investigations, we made many discoveries. We discovered the beauty of nature, we discovered the beauty of a gesture, we found the beauty in togetherness and we found beauty in friendship. Through our continuing research, we discovered beauty held many identities. Educators – Leanne Lloyd, Andrew Curmi and Najwa Hamva

L I T E R ATA 2 0 1 7



A M I C I L E A R N I N G R O O M 3  &  4 AMICI LR 3


In Learning Room 3, our project ‘The future we want… transforming our world’, has spanned many months. As educators, we planned for children to gain a greater understanding of our connection to land and the environment to which we belong.

In Learning Room 4 the children have been immersed in an in-depth study around the enduring understanding, ‘in what ways are we unique, and how do we connect and build relationships?’

We reflected on: • The past, present and future of our land; • Indigenous heritage, reflecting on the traditional custodians of the land; • Sustainable practices in taking care of our land; Regular nature walks created greater understanding of and respect for our land as we become more familiar with the physical features of the space. We established a vegetable garden which has been the source of much wondering as well as reinforcing children’s connection, respect and responsibility in caring for our land and each other. We inquired into the colours of the Aboriginal flag and what the colours represent. Over time, we also developed our own acknowledgement of country. Educators – Eliza Cavalida, Irene Hashmi and Pauline Tepelis


L I T E R ATA 2 0 1 7

The children began the year considering how they can reconnect existing friendships and build new relationships with others. Educators worked alongside the children documenting and observing their engagement in independent and group experiences. They analysed what this information provided in relation to the children’s identities and how the children made connections and built relationships. The children explored the conceptual understandings of Connection (how are they are connected?) and the idea that they connect to others in many ways. They also investigated their Form (What is it like?) and the Perspectives (What are the points of view?) of others. The children have represented their identity, thoughts and theories around relationships through different languages such as graphic representation, repurposed materials, collage, clay sculpture, wire modelling and painting. Educators – Nadia Durrant, Debbie Ball, Christine Donohue, Karen McLennan and Amanda Conza


A M I C I L E A R N I N G R O O M 5  &  6 AMICI LR 5


This year we wished to investigate how children learn about themselves and others through connections with nature. We began by first looking at our own identity and setting goals for who we’d like to become.

Interdependent of one another, rights, responsibilities and hopes are universal.

‘The Land’ was introduced and numerous visits enabled us to explore its identity. Discoveries were documented and linked to Indigenous ways of knowing through storytelling. We became increasingly comfortable with the idea of not knowing and researching together to find answers. During this process of documentation, the idea of a map was posed by a child and through this tool we have seen the children’s deepening ecological identity. This has been made visible through the Hundred Languages. Continual collaboration in small and large groups enabled negotiation with the complexities of respect and fairness. Regularly we’d pause to reflect on our understandings and use this to guide us forward towards our shared goals and map piece. Educators – Margaret Scott, Elisha Gillespie and Stacey Robinson

In Learning Room 6 our learning journey provided us with many ‘wow’ moments and opportunities to explore, ultimately resulting in children who are ‘connected and contribute to their world.’ Educators, alongside children, participated in critical reflection, observation and documentation of their environment, identifying the following threads: cleanliness, growth, respect and happiness. Children were introduced to their rights, and empowered with the responsibility to actively uphold them. They wrote an open letter: ‘We have a right to a clean environment. Put the rubbish in the bin. Respect the environment. It is everyone’s responsibility.’ This led to learning about the abstract notion of hope. Educators asked a series of questions, and children’s voices were documented: ‘Hope is like a wish’ – Emily. ‘From the heart’ – Hazawar. ‘Happiness’ – Ariana. ‘A soft sweet sound’ – Yifan. ‘I hope the world is good’ – Andia. ‘This learning is so exciting’ – Ethan. Educators – Mary Athans, Crystal Baldacchino and Sharon Portelli

L I T E R ATA 2 0 1 7




Front Row: Amanat Hara, Sasha El-Hassan, Evelyn Hopper, Ayesha Arya, Karly Makris, Natalie Roberts, Katia Fontana, Shania Sood, Mariana Carreno-Blanco Second Row: Aadesh Lukumar, Jacob Christo, Harrison Zaharopoulos, Eva Vohra, Mackinlay Menzel, Henry Pickford, Felix Dyer, Daniel Ng Third Row: Anirudh Perumalla, Emmett Tamanika, Manan Solanki, Albert Rawdanowicz, Daniel Zhang TEACHER: Mrs Courtney Barden


Front Row: Aanya Bhavsar, Zoe Pollet, Imogen Mullenger, Olivia Pataridis, Susira Musku, Avishi Shah, Eliza Cardaciotto, Hana Sameer Second Row: Raehan Kaesava, Ayaan Nauman, Henry Wang, Anika Desai, Jival Chaudhary, Pablo Salas Cordero, Jacob Vella Third Row: Lachlan Kennedy, Tristan Dawson, Nevindie Rathnapriya, Vivaan Kansagra, Nishi Gutha Absent: Aiesha Moudgil TEACHER: Mrs Elizabeth Reader 18

L I T E R ATA 2 0 1 7



Front Row: Autumn Meyerhoff, Meili Beckwith, Sophie Johnston, Annabelle Knight, Myra Lade, Hailey Portelli, Ousar Huy, Sienna Pearce, Sierra Jennings Second Row: Ahan Raj, Julian Yap, Lucas Van Blommestein, Kingsley Ying, James Ellul, Evaan Bhagwani, Bhav Sharma, Alex Chrisanthou Third Row: John Philip Kandirickel, Presley Smith, Ajuni Ahuja, Milo Veneziano, Marco Cilmi Absent: Dinupa Gunawardhana TEACHER: Mrs Julie Shutie


Front Row: Fatima El Haouli, Mihika Paladugu, Sophie Hurn, Arin Joshi, Sarsha Smith, Olivia Rabiej, Amelia Bonanno, Zoe Maddern Second Row: Adhvik Balagurunathan, Bianca Mazzaferro, James Loveland, Eva Samaras, Xavier Sherson, Reid Purcell, Krish Ranjan Third Row: Julian Chung, Filip Zlateski, Luca Brogna, Tommy Kennedy TEACHER: Mr Shayne Robso L I T E R ATA 2 0 1 7




Front Row: Marishka Kotaru, Elly Becroft, Abigail Cuthbert, Sophia Khouri, Alicia Mazzaferro, Eve Sushames, Valerie Khor, Stella Robb Second Row: Thomas Rogers, Adam Wen, Max Mangano, Tristan Kerrisk, Charles Northam, Riccardo Cerutti, Rishik Kukreja Third Row: Sienna Woodford, Rohan Krishna, Ashvik Singh, Samar Minhas, Olivia Green TEACHER: Mrs Tanya Turczyniak


L I T E R ATA 2 0 1 7


WHEN I GROW UP I WANT TO BE... When I grow up I want to be a teacher because I can check people’s work. Ayesha Arya

When I grow up I want to be a teacher so I can teach kids. Karly Makris

When I grow up I want to be a mummy and go to work and learn to type things. Natalie Roberts

When I grow up I want to be a mermaid because I love mermaids and they get to live in the ocean. Mariana Carreno-Blanco

When I grow up I want to be a police officer because you can do cool stuff like catching bad people. Mackinlay Menzel

When I grow up I want to be a shop keeper because I can get money easily. If people buy things they give you money. Manan Solanki

When I grow up I want to be a computer fixer because I like fixing things. Ewan Charlton

When I grow up I want to be a police officer because I’m fast and smart but it is dangerous to be a police officer. Daniel Ng

When I grow up I want to be a hairdresser because I’m good at doing hair. Shania Sood

When I grow up I want to be a violin teacher because violins make good sounds and they fit in your hand easily. Jacob Christo When I grow up I want to be an engineer because I like to make stuff. Felix Dyer When I grow up I want to be a nail girl because you can put nail polish on people. Sasha El-Hassan When I grow up I want to be a gymnast because you can do front flips and back flips. Katia Fontana

When I grow up I want to be a police officer because I can catch cars that go through red lights. Anirudh Perumalla When I grow up I want to be a pilot because I love to drive aeroplanes. Henry Pickford When I grow up I want to be a author and illustrator because I like making books, making up stories and making front covers. Albert Rawdanowicz

When I grow up I want to be a YouTuber because it would be very challenging. Emmett Tamanika When I grow up I want to be a doctor because doctors fix things. Eva Vohra When I grow up I want to be a surgeon because I can do surgeries. Daniel Zhang Prep B Truganina Students

When I grow up I want to be a teacher because I like to tell people to get their fruit and snack and lunch. Amanat Hara When I grow up I want to be a doctor because I can help people to be unsick. Evelyn Hopper When I grow up I want to be a doctor because you can help sick people get better. Aadesh Lukumar L I T E R ATA 2 0 1 7



WHEN I GROW UP I WANT TO BE... When I grow up I want to be a ballerina because I like to dance. Aanya Bhavsar

When I grow up I want to be a vet because I can help sick animals. Imogen Mullenger

When I grow up I want to be a scientist because I want to get rich and get a cool car. Jival Chaudhary

When I grow up I want to be a dancer because I’m learning dancing. Susira Musku

When I grow up I want to be a vet because I like helping animals. Tristan Dawson

When I grow up I want to be a boxer because if anyone doesn’t know how to do boxing I can teach them. Ayaan Nauman

When I grow up I want to be a artist because I love art. Anika Desai When I grow up I want to be a scientist and get a red card and put it in the laptop and work. Arjun Goswami When I grow up I want to be a karate person so I can knee break the board into eight pieces. Nishcal Gutha When I grow up I want to be a Beyblade trainer because I can burst everyone. Raehan Kaesava When I grow up I want to be a rock climber to get money to buy a Lamborghini. Vivaan Kansagra When I grow up I want to be a police officer because I want to chase the baddies with my car and arrest them. Lachlan Kennedy When I grow up I want to be a lollypop lady like Karen because I think it would be nice to do that. Aiesha Moudgil 22

L I T E R ATA 2 0 1 7

When I grow up I want to be a teacher because I think it would be fun. Olivia Pataridis When I grow up I want to be a 3d modeller and draw things on the computer and make them. Zoe Pollet When I grow up I want to be a scientist that helps people like my mum. Nevindie Rathnapriya

When I grow up I want to be a master of Beyblades because I like Beyblades and I want to be the best at them. Pablo Salas Cordero When I grow up I want to be a doctor because you can do scientist things and help people. Hana Sameer When I grow up I want to be an artist because I like making craft and painting. Avishi Shah When I grow up I want to be a karate master to teach everyone karate. Jacob Vella When I grow up I want to be a Beyblade master to help people to learn how to use the Beyblades. Hantang (Henry) Wang Prep R Truganina Students


When I grow up I want to be a businessman and sell toys because toys make kids happy and it’s loads of fun. Joh Philip Kandirickel When I grow up I want to be a dance teacher and have one kid and live in Point Cook. Milo Veneziano When I grow up I want to be a ballerina and dance. I want to live in Point Cook with my Dad. Autumn Meyerhoff When I grow up I want to be a footy player and I want to have a Lamborghini. James Ellul When I grow up I want to be a worker and do important things on the computer. Dinupa Gunawardhana When I grow up I want to be a dance teacher and a doctor. Sierra Jennings

When I grow up I want to be a boat person with my family. Ahan Raj When I grow up I want to be a teacher because my Mum’s a teacher. Hailey Portelli When I grow up I want to be a real estate agent. Bhav Sharma When I grow up I want to be a football player and work with my Dad. Marco Cilmi When I grow up I want to be a drummer and play it very loud and I want to be a footy player. Alex Chrisanthou When I grow up I want to be a teacher and I want to have twentyone children and I want to fly around the Earth. Myra Lade

When I grow up I want to be a singer and live in the same house. Sophie Johnston When I grow up I want to be a dancer and dance all around the world. Sienna Pearce When I grow up I want to be a treasure hunter and I can find lots of treasures. Kingsley Ying When I grow up I want to be a teacher and go around the world and Australia. Anabelle Knight When I grow up I want to be a hairdresser because you get to cut people’s hair and you get to comb it. Ajuni Ahuja Prep S Truganina Students

When I grow up I want to be a policeman and I want to be a swim teacher. Julian Yap

When I grow up I want to be a ballet teacher. Meili Beckwith When I grow up I want to be a policeman because it is fun. Lucas Van Blommestein When I grow up I want to be a teacher and I want to live in the same house. Ousar Huy When I grow up I want to be a dance teacher and I will teach kids and little kids. Presley Smith L I T E R ATA 2 0 1 7



WHEN I GROW UP I WANT TO BE... When I grow up I want to be an astronaut in space. Adhvik Balagurunathan When I grow up I want to be a famous tennis player. Amelia Bonanno When I grow up I want to be a pilot, flying planes around the world. Luca Brogna When I grow up I want to be an Australian soccer player. Julian Chung When I grow up I want to be a Prep teacher. Fatima El Haouli When I grow up I want to be a ballerina on the stage. Sophie Hurn When I grow up I want to be a scientist, finding out stuff. Arin Joshi When I grow up I want to be a builder of skyscrapers. Tommy Kennedy When I grow up I want to be a scientist or a police search and rescue diver. James Loveland When I grow up I want to be a famous artist who paints beautiful pictures. Zoe Maddern When I grow up I want to be a fire woman. Bianca Mazzaferro When I grow up I want to be an astronaut, going to Saturn. Mihika Paladugu 24

L I T E R ATA 2 0 1 7

When I grow up I want to be a football player. Reid Purcell

When I grow up I want to be a train driver. Xavier Sherson

When I grow up I want to be a professional swimmer in the Olympics. Olivia Rabiej

When I grow up I want to be a worker that makes money. Sarsha Smith

When I grow up I want to be an astronaut, visiting space. Krish Ranjan

When I grow up I want to be a police officer. Filip Zlateski

When I grow up I want to be an artist who has art in galleries in France. Eva Samaras

Prep SR Williamstown students


When I grow up I want to be a movie star or a movie director. Elly Becroft When I grow up I want to be a pilot in the Airforce. Riccardo Cerutti When I grow up I want to play football for Essendon and win the Grand Final. Abigail Cuthbert When I grow up I want to be a cup cake maker. Olivia Green

When I grow up I want to be a taxi driver. Charles Northam

When I grow up I want to be a shopkeeper. Eve Sushames

When I grow up I want to be an artist. Stella Robb

When I grow up I want to eat lots of chocolate. Adam Wen

When I grow up I want to be a train driver. Thomas Rogers

When I grow up I want to work at Target. Sienna Woodford

When I grow up I want to be a soccer player like Cristiano Ronaldo. Ashvik Singh

Prep T Williamstown students

When I grow up I want to be an engineer. Tristan Kerrisk When I grow up I want to be a vet and save sick animals. Sophia Khouri When I grow up I want to be an artist. Marishka Kotaru When I grow up I want to be a builder and build houses. Rohan Krishna When I grow up I want to be a zoo keeper and take care of the giraffes. Rishik Kukreja When I grow up I want to a famous soccer player for Real Madrid. Max Mangano When I grow up I want to be a teacher. Alicia Mazzaferro When I grow up I want to own a business. Samar Minhas L I T E R ATA 2 0 1 7




Front Row: Lumi Bortoletto, Milan Costa, Myra Bhasin, Aanavi Lodhiya, Sophie Tam, Sarah Abdul Latif, Samantha Yang, Kaysha Karunathilake Second Row: Finn O’Brien, Divit Sharma, Lucas Wang, Samantha Newman, Cooper Saunders, Cohen Hansard, Ansh Gupta Third Row: Imeth Herath, Ryan Chen, Chad Maczkowiack, Antonio Castello, Ethan Pawlowski, Thaman Rajesh Kanna Absent: Karman Hara TEACHER: Mrs Rebecca Christo


Front Row: Leanne Nguyen, Yara Al Kamil, Avantika Nair, Melinda Lee, Ariana Hasan, Anya Vegaraju, Aleeya Reen, Lucy Behrens Second Row: Toby Beattie, Nicolas Carreno-Blanco, Emily Hui, Eshal Wadhwa, Amani Ibrahim, Liam Maudsley, Vihaan Jaygan Third Row: Heath Ballan, Benjamin Di Francesco, Ethan Howlett, Savar (Aran) Sharma, Aaron Aslam Zhitnik, Joshua Ware Absent: Peng (Felicia) Chen TEACHER: Mrs Tracy Hannett


L I T E R ATA 2 0 1 7



Front Row: Emeric Zamora, Isabella Yacono, Kavyaa Madaan, Natalia Bowditch, Jessica Bui, Amber Turner, Annika Scharff, Trisha Saini, Shane Fernando Second Row: Hridesh Mehta, Zimo Xu Li, Ayush Samaratunga, Kush Ahlawat, Inaya Nauman, William Liu, Nischal Yamarthi, Brandon Hair Third Row: Samyak Jain, Chanchal Vaishno Jit, Prabal Virk, Yashvi Shah, Priyansh Sharma TEACHER: Mrs Lynne Mehmed


Front Row: Olivia Marasea, Elle Papageorgiou, Yi Ran Ding, Ava Robertson, Mariana Ingham, Amelia Greaves, Charlotte Smidt, Mieka Parker Second Row: Joseph Mejak, Thomas Colvin, Peta Sadler, James Armour-Brasier, Wil Spicer, Lochlain Imrie Third Row: Xavier Marinovic, Lincoln Mattossovich, Matthew Guzzo, Blake Williams, Zachary Zhao, Riley Lawson TEACHER: Ms Georgia Boam L I T E R ATA 2 0 1 7




Front Row: Oviya Anandam, Devanjana Rajesh, Jasmine Guo, Jessica Sadler, Emma Wilkinson, Lily Cevik, Heidi Meier, Anjali Revankar Second Row: Joseph Khouri, Tex Graham, Andrew Morgan, Lachlan Huntington, Jonathan Song, Alexander Bonifacio Third Row: Steve Stavrakoulis, Rehan Shaji, Milla Bartolo, Lila Read, Alastair Smith, Sebastian Kiriakidis TEACHER: Mrs Kim Mitchell


L I T E R ATA 2 0 1 7


HOW WOULD YOU LIKE TO BE REMEMBERED? for always challenging myself, even when things get hard. Sarah Abdul Latif as being kind and being a good sport. Myra Bhasin as being funny and cheering up my friends when they are sad. Lumi Bortoletto

animals to live in. Aanavi Lodhiya as being good with numbers and being a fast runner. Chad Maczkowiack for being a kind friend and for telling great jokes and being funny. Samantha Newman

as being a nice friend and always helping others. Antonio Castello

as always being a good friend who people want to play with. Finn O’Brien

as challenging myself and doing hard things in Reading and Maths. Ryan Chen

as always trying my best, challenging myself and telling people funny jokes. Ethan Pawlowski

as being a good cook and making delicious fruit platters. Milan Costa

as being the world’s best Beyblade champion with the strongest Beyblade! Thaman Rajesh Kanna

as someone who is good at timetables up to 12 and writing. Ansh Gupta

as someone who travelled to look after all the creatures in the world. Cooper Saunders for always saying nice words and looking after my friends. Divit Sharma for being a nice person and helping people who can’t do things by teaching them how to do those things. Sophie Tam as a smart boy who can solve all physics and maths problems like my mum and dad. Lucas Wang as doing lots of great things! I just can’t decide on one!! Samantha Yang Year 1C Truganina students

as a famous chef who is good at cooking things like vegetable soup. Cohen Hansard as being a good sport and telling others they are doing a good job in a race. Karman Hara as being the best Lego builder and making the tallest Lego tower in the world! Imeth Herath as being nice, helping others, always smiling and being happy. Kaysha Karunathilake as looking after the environment and making sure it’s clean and healthy for people and L I T E R ATA 2 0 1 7



HOW WOULD YOU LIKE TO BE REMEMBERED? I would like to be remembered as…

a famous gymnast. Ariana Hasan

a famous author. Yara Al Kamil

a fast runner or maybe a famous cricketer. Ethan Howlett

a very kind person because kind people have a lot of friends. Aaron Aslam Zhitnik

an amazing drawer. Emily Hui

an amazing astronaut because my life goal is to go to space. Heath Ballan

just being me. I’m special because I always try my best even when things are challenging. Amani Ibrahim

a great athletics teacher. Toby Beattie

being a creative thinker and designer. Vihaan Jaygan

a fantastic horse rider because I love horse riding. Lucy Behrens

being a very nice person to all of the people that I’ve met. Melinda Lee

a good singer. I want to sing Ariana Grande songs. Nicolas Carreno-Blanco a friendly shopkeeper. Peng (Felicia) Chen being creative and making cool stuff like paper lizards. Benjamin Di Francesco


L I T E R ATA 2 0 1 7

having a growth mindset and trying my best when things are hard. Liam Maudsley an author and an illustrator of books. Avantika Nair

someone who discovers new diseases. I would name the disease the Nguyen Disease. Leanne Nguyen being a kind person to all of my friends. Aleeya Reen a brave swimmer who goes under the sea to swim with sharks. Savar (Aran) Sharma a swimming champion like Charles Steedman because I love swimming and he never gave up, just like me. Anya Vegaraju a good doctor who saved lots of lives. Eshal Wadhwa a brilliant scientist who made dinosaurs come alive again. Joshua Ware Year 1H Truganina students


HOW WOULD YOU LIKE TO BE REMEMBERED? I want to be remembered‌ for being funny and teaching people how to hang upside down on the monkey bars. Kush Ahlawat as being a kind girl and always helping people. Natalia Bowditch as a funny girl who tells jokes. Jessica Bui

as a caring person who helps my friends and always tries my best. Annika Scharff for always letting people play with me. Yashvi Shah as a good boy who does the right thing. Priyansh Sharma

for always trying my best. Shane Fernando

for always helping people when other people are being mean to them. Amber Turner

as a nice boy who helped my friends. Brandon Hair

for using my growth mindset and never giving up. Prabal Virk

as a good boy who always helps people and uses my growth mindset. Samyak Jain

for using my growth mindset, trying my best and never giving up. Nischal Yamarthi

as a nice girl who never gives up. Isabella Yacono as a good boy who never gives up in writing. Zimo Xu Li for always trying my best even when things are challenging. Emeric Zamora Year 1M Truganina students

for always helping my friends when they’re hurt and cheering them up. Chanchal Vaishno Jit as an excited boy who likes playing. William Liu as a sharing and caring girl. Kavyaa Madaan for using my growth mindset and never giving up. Hridesh Mehta for always trying my best. Inaya Nauman as being a smart girl who plays with people when they have no one to play with. Trisha Saini for always giving people ideas for writing. Ayush Samaratunga L I T E R ATA 2 0 1 7



A LITTLE HISTORY LEARNT It is amazing to think that our school is now 150 years old! Today each class has its own classroom and there are only 20 children in our class at Williamstown, not 100! Mariana Ingham and Amelia Greaves We looked at the old buildings in the past and made them out of boxes. It was really interesting and we learnt so much about the history of Westbourne. Lochlain Imrie and Riley Lawson We learnt that at Truganina, tents were used as classrooms while the new school was being built in 1978! That would have been weird and dusty! Elle Papageorgiou and Peta Sadler We did not know that there were PE medals given out as prizes 90 years ago! It would have been so cool to get one! Xavier Marinovic and Matthew Guzzo We did not know that Holy Trinity was chopped in half and taken from Williamstown Holy Trinity Church to Westbourne so it could be used by the children up there. It would have looked funny chopped in half! Blake Williams and Lincoln Mattossovich Did you know that the school houses were named after old 32

L I T E R ATA 2 0 1 7

principals? We wish there was a Frizzell House at school, named after the first principal! It would be a great name for a House! Wil Spicer, James Armour-Brasier and Joseph Mejak It is incredible to think that our school kept moving buildings. The school kept getting more children and they had to have enough room for all the children. It is amazing that in the olden days there were up to 100 children and one teacher in just one room! Ava Robertson, Mieka Parker and Yi Ran Ding

We learnt that the first principals all had great big beards! They made these men look very wise. Thomas Colvin and Zachary Zhao It’s incredible to think that the school only had boys at the start. We are glad it is girls and boys now, and it is much fairer. Charlotte Smidt and Olivia Marasea Year 1B Williamstown students


WHERE ARE WE IN PLACE AND TIME? As our school’s sesquicentenary, 2017 has been a special year. In Year 1, we celebrated this important milestone by researching the history of our school during our Inquiry unit ‘Where Are We in Place and Time?’ The students also related the number ‘150’ to their own lives when they imagined …

cheetahs because then I could ride them and go very fast. Sebastian Kiriakidis

servants so that they could do things like make my bed for me. Jessica Sadler

dollars because then I would be rich! Heidi Meier

golden tickets because then I could choose from the treasure box 15 times! Rehan Shaji

boxes of Lego because I love building with Lego. Andrew Morgan

ice-creams because I love eating ice-cream! Jonathan Song

If I could, I would have 150 …

jewels because I like sparkly jewellery. Devanjana Rajesh

basketballs because I love playing basketball. Steve Stavrakoulis

lollipops because they are tasty. Oviya Anandam

metres of chocolate because I love chocolate. Lila Read

puppies because I think puppies are cute. Emma Wilkinson

items from Smiggle because I love Smiggle! Milla Bartolo

writing books because I love writing. Anjali Revankar

Year 1CM Williamstown students

X-box 360 games because I love playing electronic games. Alexander Bonifiacio

books because I love reading. Alastair Smith

kittens because kittens are cute and cuddly. Lily Cevik dinosaur bones because I want to be a palaeontologist. Tex Graham friendly friends so that I have lots of people to play with. Jasmine Guo footballs for my family because I like playing footy with my brother. Lachlan Huntington pairs of shoes because I like dressing up in nice shoes. Joseph Khouri

L I T E R ATA 2 0 1 7




Front Row: Pasandee Silva, Ananya Sriperumbuduri, Hannah Mendoza Gutierrez, Indy Telley, Hasani Sriganesh, Zoe Van Leest, Cathy Lu, Nidhi Nandal Second Row: Miles Kumar, Jun Bortoletto, Alex Veneziano, Krish Balmuri, Krish Vohra, Aidan McGregor, Arhan Busam Third Row: Ryan Singh, Hannah Li, Harman Kalsi, Hudson Malone, Caitlyn Rothwell, Riyan Bhagwani Absent: Shreya Moturi TEACHER: Mrs Jane Hodgson


Front Row: Isabella Tabone, Maddison Zaharopoulos, Anyah Lakavathu, Sarah Fleming, Priyanshi Lohchab, Grhita Sundaram, Heer Singh, Isabella Wong, Simone Cassetta Second Row: Connor Hurley, Luca Henderson, Anhad Singh, Pranav Patel, Ethan Borg, Lincoln Dawson, Kirby Monaghan-Lewis, Oliver Witcombe Third Row: Matthew Vlahos, Julieta Salas Cordero, Claire Rodgers Toussaint, Saniya Arya, Oliver Christo Absent: Alexander (Alex) Nelson TEACHER: Mrs Catriona Jackson 34

L I T E R ATA 2 0 1 7



Front Row: Mia Aprikidis, Reva Thakar, Bella Passauer, Kate Antoski, Lia Tzavaras, Jessica Kennedy, Holly Liston, Revika Kukreja, Chloe Portelli Second Row: Rudransh Mishra, Austin Beattie, Cyrus Gill, Helen van der Merwe, Monique Van Blommestein, Yuv Mehta, William Dalton, Jett Stone Third Row: Aadi Singh, Ryan Gallagher, Amrit Rawal, Riyaan Sharma, Regan McGregor TEACHER: Miss Helen Toner


Front Row: Rachelle Chow, Chloe Mann, Ria Arora, Varish Chopra, Oliver Pivk, Lola Sushames, Anushka Amal, Shenise Pilmore-Scott Second Row: Aimen Tofaili, Nikilan Anandam, Kareena Ghosh, Lucas Rabiej, Ayan Singh, Nicholas George Third Row: Hank Hampson, Damian Macknamara, Ben Irvine, Miles Farrington, James Zaharis, Fritz Chandrasaputra TEACHER: Mrs Catherine Grech L I T E R ATA 2 0 1 7




Front Row: Saanvi Nayak, James Rojkovski, Elin Board, Keith Respondek, George Pitliangas, Imogen Portelli, Tyler Woodford, Esha Balantrapu Second Row: Cruz Jennings, Samuel Hourmouzis, Lincoln Struhs, Aariyan Mahmud, Saimon Sherwal, Joash Kumar, Elijah Madhwan Third Row: James Clarke, Harriet Saunders-Zimin, Charlotte Mcveigh, Saihaj Sidhu TEACHER: Mrs Emma Vasilevski


L I T E R ATA 2 0 1 7


WHEN I GROW UP I WANT TO BE... When I grow up I want to be a‌ vet because I love dogs. Pasandee (Judith) Silva movie star so I can be even more famous than Elvis. Alex Veneziano doctor to help sick people. Nidhi Nandal wonderful illustrator. Riyan Bhagwani football player and a billionaire. Krish Balmuri talented Astro physicist, because I am inspired by the stars. Harman Kalsi teacher and a shopkeeper. Shreya Moturi

IT specialist because I love IT. Krish Vohra builder because I want to build houses. Miles Kumar kind teacher because it will be fun. Zoe Van Leest chef and bake marvellous food because I love cooking with my Grandma. Aidan Mc Gregor gymnast, a person who paints nails and a doctor. Hannah Mendoza Gutierrez IT specialist because I like iPads. Ryan Signh science person that makes potions. Jun Bortoletto

IT specialist. Arhan Busam talented artist because I like drawing. Yuanyi Li classroom teacher because teaching is fun. Hudson Molone fantastic artist because I want to inspire others. Indiana Telley nurse because I can help people that are hurt. Cathy Lu vet because I love animals. Kamalahasani (Hasani) Sriganesh vet because I love helping dogs. Ananya Sripermbuduri Year 2H Truganina students

L I T E R ATA 2 0 1 7



O N E D AY I W O U L D L I K E T O. . . One day I would like to…

be a mum. Anyah Lakavathu

live at the snow and go skiing with my sister and cousin. Saniya Arya

be a doctor and an artist. Priyanshi Lohchab

be an engineer. Ethan Borg teach Years 4 to 6. Simone Cassetta

go to America and see the New York Yankees play. Kirby Monaghan-Lewis

be a scientist and use chemicals. Oliver Christo

go to China and taste yummy food. Alexander (Alex) Nelson

be a football player for Melbourne. Lincoln Dawson

go to Paris with my mum. Pranav Patel

be an artist or an art teacher. Sarah Fleming

be a teacher in Year 2 because Year 2 is fun. Claire Rodgers Toussaint

be a soccer player and be the striker. Luca Henderson

be a doctor and help people have babies. Julieta Salas Cordero

clean up rubbish because I don’t want sea creatures to die. Isabella Wong

be a pilot. Connor Hurley

be a doctor and cure cancer. Anhad Singh

Year 2J Truganina students

go to a Monster Jam. Cruz Jennings


L I T E R ATA 2 0 1 7

make the world a better place by keeping animals safe. Heer Singh help sick people at a doctor’s clinic. Grhita Sundaram be a singer like Taylor Swift. Isabella Tabone save the world by telling people to stop making rubbish. Matthew Vlahos invent things to help Mum around the house because she might get too old to clean. Oliver Witcombe


T E R R I F I C 2 T s 2 0 1 7 TA L E S What an amazing year it has been in 2T! We had so many incredible opportunities and experiences. We were very excited to become the leaders of Winjeel and really looked forward to setting a great example for the Preps and Year 1s. There were many highlights throughout the year, some of which were: THRASS dress up day We loved coming to school dressed as our favourite word from the THRASS chart. We have been using the THRASS charts for a long time, so we knew all the words we could choose from and it was a tough decision! It was so exciting seeing all the different dress-ups on the day.

Excursions We were lucky enough to have several excursions this year. One day Mrs Cardona took us to the Ian Potter Centre at the Art Gallery. We got a tour and then spent some time looking at a really interesting exhibition. After that we got to make our own art in a special workshop. There were so many creative ideas and everyone’s artwork looked terrific. We also went to the St Kilda Botanical Gardens as part of our Unit of Inquiry to learn more about how humans impact on the environment. We sorted rubbish into the bins it belonged in, found out how worm farms work and looked for water bugs. It was such an unusual and interesting

excursion that really helped us understand our inquiry unit better. Book week Not only did we get to dress up as our favourite characters, we had a visit from Felice Arena who told us more about how he wrote his books and even led us in a slow motion speckie! What an awesome experience. Of course there have been many more exciting events, which we will treasure forever as part of our memories of Winjeel.

L I T E R ATA 2 0 1 7



O UR HOP ES F O R F UT URE W E S T BOU RN E S T U D E N T S ... Important buildings remain so students can look back and remember the past. Anushka Amal Many outdoor lessons learning and helping the natural environment. Nikilan Anandam Relaxing and playing in the Rose Garden, just like I do. It’s a beautiful space and I hope it stays for another 150 years. Ria Arora Learn how to save our natural environment and look after it. Fritz Chandrasaputra Experience Westbourne’s olden days, learn history, science and have a growth mindset. Varish Chopra See special buildings from the past so they know what it was like back then. Rachelle Chow A museum or hall to show our school’s history, with paintings of important people who helped make our school unique. Miles Farrington Instead of getting on a bus for swimming lessons, it will be cool to have our own swimming centre. Nicholas George See pictures of us and learn about our school days in 2017, our sesquicentenary fete and our special celebrations. Kareena Ghosh Make the basketball courts into a bigger facility, so more students can 40

L I T E R ATA 2 0 1 7

play together. Hank Hampson Appreciate the history of our school and learn about important people like Ms Molland, Mr Steedman and everyone who helped make Westbourne. Benjamin Irvine Have soccer fields, a cricket pitch and lots of outdoor activities. Damian Macknamara Lay under our big trees, relax and feel the leaves falling on them, like I do. Chloe Mann Have fun on Monomeith’s veranda, playing in the playground and on the monkey bars. Shenise Pilmore-Scott Use technology to build and make things. Oliver Pivk

Learn in Monomeith’s spaces. It’s been here for a long time and students should have the opportunity to see its history. Lucas Rabiej Big learning spaces and quiet areas to sit during lunch. Ayan Singh Monomeith shows history on the outside and it’s modern on the inside. It’s a great space to learn. Lola Sushames Our iron gates are a great symbol of our campus. They’ve been here for many years and are special. Aimen Tofaili Our room is living history. Sailors used to stay here and now it’s our classroom. James Zaharis


I HOP E F U T UR E W EST BOU RN E S T U D E N T S … Have the latest technology. I would like homework to be fun and hope that they do it well. James Clarke

Are part of the biggest and the best school in the whole world. Tyler Woodford

Get to be challenged so they learn how to solve any problem in the world. Samuel Hourmouzis

Have bigger grounds so that more people can play. George Pitliangas

Have the best school equipment so they have fun playing in the yard. Keith Respondek

Have to do lots of learning so that the kids get experience. I don’t want them to do easy things. Joash Kumar

Won’t be bored or have to do homework! There are other things that you can do instead of homework! Elijah Madhwan

Have more soccer pitches to play on because every student might want to play on them. James Respondek

Learn more subjects like cooking, science and gardening. This is so that their parents won’t have to do all of that for them. Charlotte McVeigh

Have more places to play. Monomeith looks nice so more students can come and make new friends. Saimon Sherwal

Can learn subjects like science and writing because it is fun for me and I want it to be fun for them. Saanvi Nayak


Have more places to play on the playground. Khaled Elhouli Have a school here at Williamstown that can go to Year 6. I hope that the school is big enough for them. Elin Board Have more space to learn and play. Harriet Saunders-Zimin Have more places to play. Esha Balantrapu Have a swimming pool that they can actually use! Imogen Portelli

Get better technology. If the grounds get bigger there will be more kids and teachers. Aariyan Mahmud Get more time to play outside at snack and lunch so that they can have more fun. Saihaj Sidhu Have buildings that get more stories so that there are more classes and specialists for the kids. I hope that they have the latest technology and Maths. Lincoln Struhs L I T E R ATA 2 0 1 7




Front Row: Carolyn Huang, Matilda Dang-Brown, Valentina Holovka, Salwa El-Hassan, Nikita Kumar, Eden Roseburgh, Dania Younes, Chelsea Luo Second Row: Chiok Juen (Alonso) Chua, Owen Krueger, Summer Sundholm, Armeet Dhaliwal, Abha Amol (Abha) Daware, Riyan Bhasin, Oliver Behrens Third Row: Imran Naseem, Darius Manakis, Avanish Jaygan, Matthew Pershin Absent: Nicholas Francis, Divya Tipnis, Maggie Zhao TEACHER: Mrs Melissa Davis


Front Row: Ally Sheldrick, Jun Yu (Lulu) Wang, Marlo Mullins, Lauren Cardaciotto, Aniela Rawdanowicz, Sophia Ballan, Bridget O’Brien, Emily Attard, Sara Ahlawat Second Row: Pip Casabene, Alessandro Cilmi, Ethelia Pataridis, Sparsh Miglani, Maahi Patel, Marley Nathan, Zack Barrese, Angus Thomas Third Row: Seth Turner, Lucas Beckwith, Ridhima Mathur, Charlie Streit, Harrison Mill Absent: Cayton Deshayes-McCourt TEACHER: Mrs Rebecca Kovac


L I T E R ATA 2 0 1 7



Front Row: Ella Morgan, Olivia Nascarella, Mia Rigas, Zoe Meier, Shrita Rangaraju, Molly McNaughton, Alessia Stavrakoulis, Mariska Marek Second Row: Sebastian Loupas, Stirling Grant, Xavier Garofalo, Mia George, Yutong Liu, Hunter Spicer, Charles Smith Third Row: William Papageorgiou, Sophia Di Pierro, Charlie Hull, Ricky Zhang TEACHER: Mr Mario Chrisanthou


Front Row: Charlotte Muir, Isabella Luo, Maya Ferrer, Aditi Vaitha, Evie Theodore, Jessica Harris, Felicia Chen, Tanvi Mondal, Seyara Wijeratne Second Row: Reagan Sae-Lao, Rio Tuengmool, Tanish Lakavathu, Antariksh Gupta, Emanuel Ellul, Daniel Lou, Fahiz Deen Mohamed, Morris Kerrison Third Row: Kai Ayai-Yap, Layla Bastick, Sienna Varhelyi, Tashvi Kambo, Bjorn Scharff TEACHER: Mrs Melissa Murray L I T E R ATA 2 0 1 7




Front Row: Kyriaki Theodoropoulos, Sienna Kochhar, Evelyn Mills, Eleanor Davies, Cassandra Rojkovski, Ailsa Murphy, Georgia Fairbank, Elizabeth Northam Second Row: Douglas Gaff, Maximus Bugeja, Zara Brajkovic, Jacob Hasna, Sydney Garnsworthy, Nayef Hamad Third Row: Constantine Kotsonis, Thomas Carey, James Tjeuw, Daniel Grech Absent: Amelia Wonson TEACHER: Mrs Jillian Green


L I T E R ATA 2 0 1 7


O U R F I R S T Y E A R AT T H E V E R D O N C E N T R E I remember when I started Westbourne Grammar School at the Verdon centre I was shy and I was wondering what some of the rooms were. Matilda Dang-Brown I liked hanging out with my friends. I play with old friends and new friends. Owen Krueger I liked the carnivals because we can do different sports. Avanish Jaygan I liked learning how to use the computers because I’d never used a computer before and now I know how to use it responsibly. Carolyn Huang

I enjoyed hanging out with my friends. That’s one of the reasons I come to school every day. Nicholas Francis

I enjoyed making new friends with new students and playing new games. Valentina Holovka

I enjoyed playing octopus with Alonso. Matthew Pershin

I really enjoyed the library because there was a whole new variety of books. Nikita Kumar

Even though I couldn’t compete, I loved watching everyone in the swimming carnival. Imran Naseem

I enjoying seeing the things that came out of the old time capsule. Eden Roseburgh

I enjoyed my first year in 3D. I got to see some new friends and new people coming to the school. Salwa El-Hussan

When I was in Prep I used to be in the same classroom. Chelsea Luo

I liked playing netball games in PE Armeet Dhaliwal

I liked making friends and my best friend is Abha. Dania Younes I enjoyed making new friends. Alonso (Chiok Juen) Chua

I liked hanging out with my friends. When Divya came we played games like sand trap. Summer Sundholm I liked competing against other people in athletics. Riyan Bhasin When I came to Westbourne I didn’t think I would make such good friends. Abha Daware I made new friends from Grade 4, 5 and 6. Oliver Behrens When I came to Westbourne I made lots of friends. Divya Tipnis Before I never knew how to use computers but now I do. Maggie Zhao

L I T E R ATA 2 0 1 7



T H E Y E A R T H AT WA S . . . What makes Westbourne Grammar unique?

What is it like being a learner at Westbourne?

What will you remember about Westbourne?

The teachers at Westbourne Grammar are fantastic because of the way they make learning fun. Having PAF is awesome because we get to show off our amazing talents in front of lots of people. The education at Westbourne is also great because we feel challenged and that helps us to learn and improve our knowledge. We love using technology because it helps us research information for our learning. Lulu Wang, Sparsh Miglani, Harrison Mill, Sophia Ballan, Bridget O’Brien and Cayton Deshayes-McCourt

Being a learner in Year 3 is like having the chance to learn different things every day and it is about making new friends. It is also learning through other students and exploring a new world. We get to see new things while having fun as we work. Seth Turner, Marlo Mullins, Angus Thomas, Alessandro Cilmi, Ridhima Mathur and Ethelia Pataridis

We will always remember our teachers and what they taught, told and read to us. We will also remember the friends that we had at school and how we had a great time with them, the memories of our classrooms, what they looked like and how well we did with our learning. Maahi Patel, Pip Casabene, Zack Barrese, Ally Sheldrick and Marley Nathan

What do you think the future of Westbourne will look like? We think that there will be more specialists in the future here at Westbourne Grammar, more classrooms in each year level, robotic teachers and lockers, camps and activities that will be better and run for longer periods of time. We think we will have more variety in the type of activities that we get to experience. Lucas Beckwith, Charlie Streit, Emily Attard, Aniela Rawdanowicz and Sara Ahlawat


L I T E R ATA 2 0 1 7

Year 3K Truganina students


REFLECTIONS FROM 2017 Year 3 has been amazing! One of our best subjects was PE. Our favourite sports in PE classes were volleyball and dodgeball. This year we got slates which we have used for learning and for researching Australia and living organisms. Tanish Lakavathu, Fahiz Deen Mohamed, Rio Tuengmool, Morris Kerrison and Bjorn Scharff

Year 3 students learn so many interesting things. We learnt about the history of Westbourne Grammar School, Australia and our surrounding countries. We also investigated patterns and cycles in nature. Our favourite topic was learning about living organisms. Felicia Chen, Tanvi Mondal, Charlotte Muir and Layla Bastick

In Year 3 we are a team! We love to work collaboratively together. We learn Numeracy, Reading, Writing, Inquiry, Art, PE, Coding, Music and relaxation techniques with the Smiling Mind program. We have had amazing opportunities this year, such as Mini Minors, Junior Strings and private music lessons. Sienna Varhelyi, Aditi Vaitha, Jessica Harris, Isabella Luo and Evie Theodore

Year 3 has been a wonderful year of learning. Some of the best parts are the friendships we have made and the excursions we have been on. Going to Narana was our favourite. The House carnivals were absolutely amazing and a great day outdoors! It was cool

to see everyone dressed in their House colours and cheering each other on in their events. Daniel Lou, Kaito Ayai-Yap, Reagan Sae-Lao and Emanuel Ellul Inquiry has been our favourite area to learn about this year. We worked across all the Year 3 classes and got to work in groups with different friends. Another amazing thing about Year 3 is our playground and our beautiful environment. We have the best sandpit! Antariksh Gupta, Maya Ferrer, Tashvi Kambo and Anuthi Wijeratne Year 3M Truganina students

L I T E R ATA 2 0 1 7



WHEN I GROW UP I WANT TO BE... a forensic scientist to find out why people die and the types of diseases they have. Sophia Di Pierro a Formula 1 driver because I have always wanted to do it ever since I was a little boy. Xavier Garofalo a horse rider because I have lessons and I want to learn new tricks. Mia George an inventor because I want to make the world a better place. Stirling Grant a psychologist because my mum wants me to be one. Charlie Hull

my soccer coach. Sebastian Loupas

people who don’t have anywhere to live. William Papageorgiou

a gymnast because I can compete for my country at the Olympic Games. Mariska Marek

a doctor because I would like to help people who are sick and need help. Shrita Rangaraju

a soccer player because I really like learning new moves and I think I’m pretty good. Molly McNaughton

a Maths teacher because I really like the subject, Maths. Mia Rigas

a cartoonist because I love to draw and I think I am pretty good! Zoe Meier an actor because I like doing role plays. Ella Morgan

a doctor because it is not a hard job and you earn lots of money. Buddy Liu

a zoo keeper because I love animals and the zoo has birds, which are my favourite animal. Olivia Nascarella

a soccer player because I have always liked soccer and my dad is

a builder because I would like to build houses for poor people or


L I T E R ATA 2 0 1 7

an inventor to make the world a better place. Charles Smith an AFL football player because it is my favourite sport and I always wanted to do this. Hunter Spicer a doctor because I would like to make sick people better. Alessia Stavrakoulis a scientist because I would like to make life easier and our world a better place. Ricky Zhang Year 3C Williamstown students


WHEN I GROW UP I WANT TO BE... a gem and mineral finder because I like minerals and want to know where they came from. Max Bugeja a hip hop dancer because I like it and I’m quite good at it. Sydney Garnsworthy a tennis player because I like tennis and it’s fun to play. Jacob Hasna a lawyer so I can build up my knowledge. Kyri Theodoropoulos a book shop owner/author because I like to read and write books. Constantine Kotsonis a soccer player in the Australian women’s team because soccer is everything to me. Ailsa Murphy

a gymnast because I want to go to the Olympics. Amelia Wonson

a doctor because I like helping people. Elizabeth Northam

a doctor so I can help people when they’re sick. Daniel Grech

a tennis player so I can win the Australian Open. James Tjeuw

a soccer player because I’ve been playing soccer and I love it. Nayef Hamad

a gamer because I love playing video games. Douglas Gaff

an NBA player because I love basketball and I know lots of moves. Thomas Carey a nurse so I can help people when they’re sick. I’ll have to work really hard. Eleanor Davies a vet so I can help animals to have better healthcare. Sienna Kochhar a doctor because my dad wants me to be. Cassandra Rojkovski

an animal rights lawyer because people don’t know animals’ rights. Evelyn Mills a teacher because kids need to learn so they can have a better job in the future! Zara Brajkovic a chemical scientist because I find chemistry and experiments really interesting. Georgia Fairbank Year 3G Williamstown students

L I T E R ATA 2 0 1 7




Front Row: Jannat Hara, Nuha Sameer, Gabrielle Saunders, Kashvi Mishra, Jiake(Iris) Li, Methuli Herath, Kiu Yan(Alenna) Chua, Lydia Waghorne, Tehara Samaratunga Second Row: Sebastian Sabotkoski, Edison Vergara, Madeleine Hately-Williams, Varad Kodali, Leigh Nguyen, Kasper Fonsboel, Ben Boyer, Baran Karakas Third Row: Spandan(Rio) De, Thomas (Tom) Holland, Brock Smith, Kai Paterson, Tabish Jahanghir Majeed, Rehan Jayasinghe Absent: Krishiv Kukreja TEACHER: Mr Jonathon Hannett


Front Row: Arshia Nain, Ella O’Brien, Dema Altaleb, Jiya Shah, Gemma Board, Pakhi Gupta, Charlotte Antoski, Emma Valland, Sylvie Pilkington Second Row: Oliver Struhs, Sirjan(Leo) De, Aydin Metin, Giles Gumley, Max Andrews, Hayden Huang, Vihaan Shah, Thomas Mercieca Third Row: James Nash, Eric Rodgers Toussaint, Saskia Kerrisk, Peixuan(Patrick) Li, Zorawar Nagi Singh, John Moraitis, Seth Karunathilake TEACHER: Mrs Diana Liston


L I T E R ATA 2 0 1 7



Front Row: Isabella Mendoza Gutierrez, Ines Turnor, Ayeesha Abdul Latif, Jessica Zhu, Konnie Theodoropoulos, Charlise Turczyniak, Keying Xia, Sarah Hannett, Cynthia Nguyen Second Row: Ryan Sae-Lao, Abhinav Katipally, Jackson Hopper, Linda Yang, Riaan Lalwani, Ira Joshi, Luca Mazzaferro, Max Tran Third Row: Justin Jinu, Nimna Manchanayake, Pace Hicks Bullock, Oskar Williams, Julian Chrisoulis, Dallas Greene, Lucas Stojkovski TEACHER: Mr Brenton Menzies


Front Row: Mirabelle Witcombe, Meagan Lee, Tana Alispahic, Neharika Punugupati, Sarah Singh, Madeline Dowling, Violet Greene, Amelie Kumar, Samara Fernando Second Row: Jaren Tan, Aydin Khan, Christian Perrone, Kayden Bartolo, Kristian Zaharopoulos, Ayman Elbelli, Callum Mulquiney, Pehan Silva Third Row: Tanush Chopra, Sam Di Lisio, Byron van der Merwe, Naomi Schaap, Joshua DeDomenico, Aashay Deo, Louis Abbott TEACHER: Ms Anne Richardson L I T E R ATA 2 0 1 7



W H AT WA S T H E B E S T T H I N G A B O U T Y E A R 4 ? Doing the balloon rocket experiment. Benjamin Boyer Camp, because the flying fox was so much fun. Kui Yan (Alenna) Chua Working in a group to make the Rube Goldberg machines. Spandan (Rio) De Camp, because Archery was exhilarating. Kasper Fonsboel Camp, because I was able to be in a cabin with all of my friends. Jannat Hara

Camp, because we got to do lots of amazing activities. Tabish Jahanghir Majeed

Meeting Oliver Phommavanh, the author, because he was so funny. Kai Paterson

Playing with my friends in the yard. Rehan Jayasinghe

Going on the excursion because we sailed on a boat. Sebastian Sabotkoski

Camp, because we did lots of fun activities like raft building. Baran Karakas When we did the balloon rocket experiments. Varad Kodali When we did the balloon rocket experiment. It was so much fun. Krishiv Kukreja

PAF, camp and the sporting carnivals. Tehara Samaratunga Doing high ropes at camp because I got to experience something new. Nuha Sameer Meeting Oliver Phommavanh and going on camp. Gabrielle Saunders

Camp, because I was able to be independent in the activities. Madeleine Hately–Williams

The teachers, because they are all really nice. Jiake (Iris) Li

Meeting Oliver Phommavanh, PAF and working in the new piazza. Brock Smith

Doing the Rube Goldberg machines because we got to make our own. Methuli Herath

Camp, because it was fun and I did things I hadn’t done before. Kashvi Mishra

PAF, sporting carnivals, camp and meeting Oliver Phommavanh. Edison Vergara

Being new to the school and making new friends. Thomas Holland

Every time I come to class, there is always a challenge waiting for me. Leigh Nguyen

Making new friends, camp and participating in the sporting carnivals. Lydia Waghorne


L I T E R ATA 2 0 1 7


We did awesome things on camp like the flying fox. Zorawar Nagi Singh

PAF is fantastic because you can perform with your friends. Vihaan Shah

I really enjoyed our Book Parade, because everyone had marvellous costumes. Gemma Board

Year 4 camp was superb because I met new people. Peixuan Li

PAF is fantastic because I got a great speaking role. Thomas Mercieca

Camp was extraordinary, especially because we got to go zip lining! Seth Karunathilake

At camp, we participated in activities like zip lining. Saskia Kerrisk

Year 4 was awesome when we got to go to camp. Ella O’Brien

Creating Rube Goldberg machines were the best part of Year 4. Arshia Nain

I enjoyed camp because we went on a flying fox. Emma Valland Year 4 camp was fantastic because of the outdoor activities. Max Andrews The awesome thing about the Swimming Carnival was winning. John Moraitis During PAF and creating our Rube Goldberg machines, you can interact with others. Eric Rodgers Toussaint

PAF is awesome. I was happy that I got a speaking role. James Nash At camp we did outdoor activities like the bush walk. Sylvie Pilkington I enjoyed starting drums and playing different sports in PE. Srijan De

Run! In Grade 4 I liked cross country. Dema Altaleb

Camp is my favourite thing because of the collaboration. Pakhi Gupta I loved making the Rube Goldberg projects with my mates. Giles Gumley

During PAF, I was able to get a main role. Charlotte Antoski Adventure! Everybody loved Year 4 camp, especially the zip line. Aydin Metin I enjoyed participating in extracurricular activities, such as MOPS. Hayden Huang Run! Jump! Throw! In Year 4 I enjoyed the Athletics Carnival. Jiya Shah I enjoyed camp because we got to do archery. Oliver Struhs

L I T E R ATA 2 0 1 7




Book Parade


People may ask, ‘What is seed writing?’. We call it this because it starts as a small idea and then it grows into a plan, a draft and then finally a finished, published piece of writing. A seed is a topic we are interested in. Seed writing is a lot of fun. Pace Hicks Bullock, Isabella Mendoza Gutierrez, Nimna Manchanayake and Keying Xia

On 17 August this year, we had our Book Parade. In Year 4 our theme was comic book characters. At 9:30am all the classes held a parade in the piazza in front of the parents. It was a lot of fun! Jessica Zhu, Ines Turnor, Max Tran and Abhinav Katipally

In Term Three, we used hemisphere shaped robots called Ozobots. You can program them to move in different ways. We made the Ozobots follow a line on a map just like the First Fleet’s voyage to Australia. Jackson Hopper, Riaan Lalwani, Cynthia Nguyen and Lucas Stojkovski

Year 4 Camp Camp was extremely cool. Our highlight was the high ropes because it had big heights, obstacles and we were attached to harnesses. Sarah Hannett, Charlise Turczyniak, Ryan Sae-Lao and Dallas Greene


L I T E R ATA 2 0 1 7

Enterprize Whoosh! We went on the amazing replica of the Enterprize this year. It was an adventure and we all loved the boat ride at Docklands. Allison Mai, Ira Joshi, Justin Jinu and Konnie Theodoropoulos

Simple Machines Crash! Bang! Aww I failed again. In Term Two we made simple machines. They were interesting and fun to make. Ayeesha Abdul Latif, Luca Mazzaferro, Julian Chrisoulis and Oskar Williams Year 4M students


FULL STEAM AHEAD IN YEAR 4 Enterprize Excursion

Marvellous Machines

Hoist the sails and travel back to 1778 to explore the bay. The smell of old restored wood, the feel of greasy taloned ropes and the flapping of the wind in the sail gave us a small experience of what life was like for the early explorers and convicts on these magnificent ships. Louis Abbott, Aman Chaudhari, Amelie Kumar, Christian Perrone and Sarah Singh

The marble raced down the track as fast as lightning, hoping to reach the pulley! Combining simple machines and forces was insanely challenging and wonderfully rewarding. For our machines to be successful, minor modifications were essential. In the end, many of us celebrated the sweet taste of success and yearned to do it again! Tana Alispahic, Ayman Elbelli, Byron van der Merwe and Callum Mulquiney

Voyage West! Lights, camera, action! Our five explorers were on a desperate search for land. After several long years, they found land in the west. Everybody was nervous stepping onto the stage. The spotlight shone and the tribes danced around. We all sang along to the music and the crowd loved us. Meagan Lee, Mirabelle Witcombe, Samuel Di Lisio and Joseph Silva

Full ‘STEAM’ Ahead! Ships scurrying around world maps to follow an explorer’s trail. Learning to program the Ozobot robots was fun but challenging. Luckily, we already had some skills

in programming using Scratch earlier in the year. We have enjoyed doing this and can’t wait to learn more in Year 5! Tanush Chopra, Joshua DeDomenico, Madeline Dowling, Samara Fernando and Aydin Khan Book Parade Imagine all your favourite book characters coming to life! That’s what happened at this year’s Book Parade. We delighted in dressing up as our favourite comic book characters and parading around the piazza. Diversity and creativity was evident across all classes! Kayden Bartolo, Aashay Deo, Neharika Punugupati and Naomi Schaap Year 4R students

L I T E R ATA 2 0 1 7




Front Row: Billie Carolin-Vandenberg, Tiara Scognetti, Laura Wood, Scarlett McConnell, Shrika Vallabh, Emily Bagshaw, Anjali Sharma, Holly Seddon, Alessia Cilmi Second Row: Peter Hatzopoulos, Vincent Nguyen, Kamil Rawdanowicz, Georgia Ballan, Taylah Fynney, Thomas Xia, Oliver Azzopardi, Reuben Krawczyszyn Third Row: Joseph Marek, Lachlan McGuire, James Hately-Williams, Daniel Woledge, Arsh Jauhari, Rory Theodore TEACHER: Mr James Diery


Front Row: Emily Bush, Siena Costa, Stephanie Singline, Charlotte (Charli) Steel, Tiffany Temuskos, Evdokia Sizenko, Ruby Streit, Sienna Armstrong, Gisele Szulc Second Row: Cooper McPherson, Angad Ahuja, Suet Yi (Renee) Wang, Harry Muir, Jordan Kumar, Anthony Tabone, Christian Chiriano Third Row: Nathan Hannett, Arjun Sharma, Rhodes Manakis, Elliott Hull, Lachlan Boyer, Markus Ainslie, Ryan Sherwood Absent: Cooper Wilkinson TEACHER: Ms Annette Murdoch


L I T E R ATA 2 0 1 7



Front Row: Lulu Graham, Alexandra Saunders, Samadhi (Sam) Singankutti-Arachchi, Manasvi Vasamsetti, Miya Henderson, Emma Davis, Leah McKenzie, Claudia Giambattista, Avishka Raj Second Row: Zi Wen (Steven) Wan, Shaurya Prabhakar, Benjamin Yaziji, Zachary Garnsworthy, Khody Krueger, Phuc Binh Ha, Ivan (Vanya) Suslov, Jia-Xiang Ooi, Beau Brecely Third Row: Yunxuan (Sean) Zheng, Tyler Carrington, Angela Chopra, Rayann Hasna, Nikki Rupapara, Mathew Inglis, Pranav Gopalan TEACHER: Mrs Nicole Sutton


Front Row: Tameika Sheldrick, Olivia Casabene, Javiera Bustos, Grace Simoni, Sanjana Sood, Alma Jafaryhaghighatpour, Zahra Nuredini, Haylee Frazer, Madison Smith Second Row: Zohaib Memon, Oscar Houston, Tyler Hourmouzis, Evan Pataridis, Clare Allen, Sebastian Holovka, Francesca Fontana, James Chrisanthou Third Row: Liam Pereira, Max Van Niel, Emma Cockram, Javyn(Jay) Singh, David Lirmak, Oliver Smaragdas, Anuj Cheeyandira Yashavantha TEACHER: Ms Emma Woodall L I T E R ATA 2 0 1 7



I WOULD LIKE TO MEET.../ IN FIFTEEN YEARS TIME... I would like to meet…

In fifteen years time…

Cooper Cronk, Cameron Smith and Billie Slater because they inspire me to play Rugby League. Oliver Azzopardi

I will be playing international netball for the Diamonds. Emily Bagshaw

Taylor Swift because she is amazing and does what I want to do. Billie Carolin-Vandenberg Chris Colfer, the author of my favourite book ‘The Land of Stories’. Taylah Fynney Ronaldo because he is my idol. Lachlan McGuire Nigel Kennedy because he inspires me to play the viola. Kamil Rawdanowicz Sabrina Carpenter because she inspired me to be a singer. Holly Seddon Gary Ablett Jr because I can kick the footy with him. Rory Theodore Turia Pitt because she is an inspiration. Shrika Vallabh Neymar Jr because he inspires me. Daniel Woledge A philanthropist because being generous is what matters most to me. Thomas Xia Evander Holyfield because he was the best cruiser weight boxing champion. Luca Zanette


L I T E R ATA 2 0 1 7

I will be a stunt woman in all of the new action films. Georgia Ballan I will be an Olympic gymnast. Alessia Cilmi I will have started my own company selling a variety of foods. James Hately-Williams I will be an amazing soccer player. Peter Hatzopoulos I will have finished my degree to be a doctor. Arsh Jauhari I will be helping people with their health needs. Reuben Krawczyszyn

I will open my own café called ‘The Marek’s’. Joseph Marek I will be a teacher and a famous author. Scarlett McConnell I will be a professional golfer travelling around the world. Vincent Nguyen I will be a qualified GP as well as a model, singer and actress. Tiara Scognetti I will be a specialised oncologist. Anjali Sharma I will have my own cat business. Laura Wood Year 5D students


IF I HAD ONE WISH IT WOULD BE... To stop terrorism and war because it is devastating and makes everyone sad and I want to help others feel happy by turning it into unicorns and magical narwhales. Ruby Streit To meet Serena Williams and play like her. Charlotte Steel To make the world a bit bigger so everyone can fit in it. Angad Ahuja To stop bullying and lying so everyone is always safe and happy. Jordan Kumar To be a player in the NBA and an idol to NBA lovers. Elliott Hull To be an Olympic gold medallist in 200m butterfly and be an international cricket player to make my family proud. Arjun Sharma

To become a hero and beat all terrorists. Ryan Sherwood To have infinite wishes and my first wish would be to have world peace. Nathan Hannett For the world to be happy, safe and healthy. Gisele Szulc For unlimited wishes so that I could have anything I wanted. Cooper Wilkinson To be a prize-winning quantum physicist because I could create new ideas helping the world. Harry Muir To be born with knowing everything. Christian Chiriano To be able to fly. Tiffany Temuskos

To become a mermaid because I would be able to breathe underwater and have awesome powers. Emily Bush For everyone to understand things in life. Stephanie Singline That I would be flexible. I want to do the splits and cartwheels. Renee Wang To travel to the future and past so you can change it. Evdokia Sizenko To have hundreds of baby pugs running around. Lachlan Boyer To be a celebrity. Siena Costa Year 5M students

To cure all illnesses. Cooper McPherson To be a professional in either soccer or tennis. Anthony Tabone To be rich and help people all around the world including homeless people, families and my own family so that they have a good life. Markus Ainslie To open a stationery and book store and to be the best in the state. Sienna Armstrong

L I T E R ATA 2 0 1 7



WHEN I GROW UP I WOULD LIKE TO BE... An Olympic swimmer as swimming is my passion. Beau Brecely

A sports player because I love keeping fit. Rayann Hasna

A radiologist because I can save people’s lives. Alexandra Saunders

An AFL player because I will be fit. Tyler Carrington

An actor because I enjoy performing. Miya Henderson

A vet because I want to help sick animals. Sam Singankutti

A singing teacher because I love singing. Angela Chopra

An Australian lacrosse player in the international league. Mathew Inglis

An Olympic basketball player or an AFLW player. Emma Davis

The manager for my dad’s business which builds trailers. Khody Krueger

A basketball legend because basketball is my passion. Vanya Suslov

The Head of IT because it is interesting. Zachary Garnsworthy

An artist because I can escape into another world. Leah McKenzie

An acrobat and a dancer because I’m flexible. Claudia Giambattista

An author because it’s fun, creative and interesting! Jia-Xiang Ooi

A detective so I can solve crimes. Pranav Gopalan

An identity theft expert to catch people online. Shaurya Prabhakar

A marine biologist so I can help sea creatures. Lulu Graham

An actor because I love TV and acting. Avishka Raj

A soccer player that plays for Saigon City. Binh Ha

An Olympic swimmer competing for Australia. Nikki Rupapara


L I T E R ATA 2 0 1 7

A singer because it makes people happy. Manasvi Vasamsetti A YouTuber like DanTDM so I can become famous. Steven Wan A basketball player in the NBA for the Spurs. Ben Yaziji A doctor so I can help people. Sean Zheng Year 5S students


MY HERO IS... Pink the singer, because her speech at the VMAs was inspiring. Clare Allen

My teacher because she helps me with my learning. Alma Jafaryhaghighatpour

Tameika because she is caring and always helps me. Javiera Bustos

My pet chicken because he keeps me company. Zohaib Memon

My brother because he is a good brother and he takes me to cool places. Olivia Casabene

My parents because they are understanding. Zahra Nuredini

Patrick Dangerfield because he inspires me to be a good footy player. Anuj Cheeyandira Yashavantha

My dad because he tells me to push on when things are tough and he helps me through it. Evan Pataridis

My dad because he is super nice and I like him. James Chrisanthou

My parents because they help me when I need help. Liam Pereira

My grandma because she wanted me to have a really good education and she was always supportive. Emma Cockram

Javiera because she is inclusive and kind. Tameika Sheldrick

My parents because they always try new things. Grace Simoni My parents because they encourage me. Javyn Singh Jake Paul because he does a lot for charity. Oliver Smaragdas My brother because he always makes sure I am happy and having fun. Madsion Smith My dog because she is always there for me when I need her and she is never mean to me. Sanjana Sood My dad because he never lies. Max Van Neil Year 5W students

My karate teacher because he helped me when I broke my arm. Francesca Fontana My great uncle because he always helps me when I need it. Haylee Frazer My nan because she inspired me to start my own vegetable patch. Sebastian Holovka Michael Jordan because he is the greatest basketball player in the world and he inspires me to be the best. Tyler Hourmouzis My parents because they inspire me to do what I do. Oscar Houston L I T E R ATA 2 0 1 7




Front Row: Tara Petty, Amy Luo, Harriet Morton, Madyson Hurley, Tabitha Hamilton, Chloe Moraitis, Chelsea Pivk, Madison Muscat, Xena Hamad Second Row: James Valland, Emnah El Hawli, Pranav Matha, Ethan D’Souza, Hunter Braidie, Aarush Challa, Sophie Bryant, James Kumarasinha Third Row: Andrew Fagioli, Ella Behrens, Aiden Mantzaris, Ella Fleming, Dhruv Gutha, Marko Movre, Declan Kwok TEACHER: Mr Cleveland Meyerhoff, Mrs Andrea Cameron (Absent)


Front Row: Eesha Jain, Natalie Vo, Samantha Westcott, Tayla Ord, Boey (Bonnie) Wu, Xueru (Ruby) Sun, Emily Andrews, Sophie Mills, Mia Armatas Second Row: Kavish Chandra, Arin Metin, Mackenzie Braini, Jeremy North, Kepler Lill, Alexandra Karagiannis, Nicholas Peacock, Githinji Muchiri Third Row: Lachlan Martin, Thomas Hopper, Liam Huntington, Rui Xue (Alex) He, Marty Waghorne, Peter Tzambazakis Absent: Xinyu (Cindy) Zhang and Sofia Santzaridis TEACHER: Ms Michelle Monaghan 62

L I T E R ATA 2 0 1 7



Front Row: Siannah Cardaciotto, Ella Grech, Alexis Moraitis, Aadhya Sood, Elka Pepper, Vivian Tzavaras, Aanchal Sharma, Persia Rigas, Athena Avci Second Row: Aaron Horsburgh, James White, Xavier Snelling, Karina Morales-Castillo, Lillia Greene, Oscar Black, Adrian Lai, Ethan Ainslie Third Row: Kieran Gallagher, James Gillespie, Ben Gill, Zachary Murphy, Joshua Condon Absent: Madison Luis-Geale TEACHER: Mr Simon Corcoran


Front Row: Isabel Rigas, Stella Pilkington, Ananya Nair, Jasmine Thompson, Anika Choubey, Hanine Seifeddine, Lily McLeod, Peiyi (Penny) Pan, Jasmine Nguyen Second Row: Jordan Pisak, Melisa Karakas, Brock Britton, Harrison Grgic, Analise Milone, Aaryan Khan, Jayden Archer Third Row: Ben Di Lisio, Kaydon Tiong, Oscar McNaughton, Luke Soppi, Sahil Patel, Lachlan Hatzopoulos, Omar Altaleb Absent: Jakob Salter TEACHER: Mr David Walker L I T E R ATA 2 0 1 7



WESTBOURNE IS UNIQUE BECAUSE... It is easy to make new friends and we are encouraged to discover different ways to learn. Ella Behrens It is always growing and next year we will have a new Aquatic Centre. Hunter Braidie It has wonderful facilities to assist our learning and the library is filled with amazing books. Sophie Bryant We have excellent teachers who make learning exciting. Aarush Challa It introduces us to technology such as Movie Maker and the amazing green screen! Ethan D’Souza It celebrates everyone’s learning and achievements. Emnah El Hawli It encourages us to become the best possible people we can be. Andrew Faglioli When you enter the gates, you automatically feel safe and at home. Ella Fleming We are all leaders and role models for each other. Dhruv Gutha Every day we learn something new to help us in real life. Xena Hamad Everyone can be who they are and no-one ever judges you. Tabitha Hamilton


L I T E R ATA 2 0 1 7

All of the teachers are friendly and kind to us and make us feel special. Madyson Hurley Everyone is supported and there are so many new experiences to enjoy. James Kumarasinha It provides leadership roles and amazing opportunities to all students. Declan Kwok Everyone is encouraged to use a growth mindset by striving for excellence in everything we do. Amy Luo We celebrate special days together such as Father’s Day, Book Parade, Art Day and the traditional Year 6 versus staff soccer game! Aiden Mantzaris It has advanced technology to help us learn and enjoy school. Pranav Matha

The teachers are kind and always wanting to help us. Chloe Moraitis It has a great range of subjects including specialist areas and exciting incursions. Harriet Morton Everyone is friendly. I have made so many amazing friendships since beginning in Prep. Marko Movre It provides a range of exciting experiences both inside and outside the classroom. Madison Muscat We are encouraged to discuss our thinking and work together in teams which makes learning fun. Tara Petty Everyone is respectful and kind to each other. Chelsea Pivk It has awesome teachers, friendly students, lots of opportunities and Inter-School sport! James Valland Year 6C students


THE LEADER WHO INSPIRES ME IS... David Attenborough because he studies and protects animals of all kinds. Emily Andrews

My parents because they set a great example by showing courage and trying new things. Sophie Mills

My sister, Monique because she is very hard working and she is funny. Peter Tzambazakis

Steph Curry because he always tries his hardest and doesn’t give up. Mackenzie Braini

My parents because they care for me and also encourage me through hard times. Githinji Muchiri

My dad because he is encouraging and he works very hard. Natalie Vo

Yianni who could bring together any people you thought couldn’t be friends. Kavish Chandra

Shigeru Miyamoto because he’s always creating original content and rethinking the industry. Jeremy North

Arin Metin because he is a very good friend and encouraging during sport. Alex He Rick Riordan because he is a great author and he is also very humble. Thomas Hopper Scott Pendlebury because he’s encouraging to his teammates and he shows great sportsmanship. Liam Huntington Leonardo Da Vinci because he was a scientist and artist who was humble and selfless. Eesha Jain

My family because they are very encouraging and they are respectful to each other. Tayla Ord Liam Picken because he always gets up from an injury and continues. Nicholas Peacock My mum because she is a hardworking person and she makes me work harder. Ruby Sun

Mr Fawkes because he’s always encouraging and pushing me to my limits. Marty Waghorne Simone Biles because she is very encouraging and respectful at gymnastic competitions. Samantha Westcott My parents because they’re hardworking and helpful and kind to me and my friends. Bonnie Wu Albert Einstein because his inventions changed the world completely. Cindy Zhang Year 6M students

Justin Bieber because he is a very nice person and is generous to the world. Alexandra Karagiannis Tom Lonergan because he continues to play football even without a kidney. Kepler Lill My old basketball coach because he taught me how to dribble and pass. Lachlan Martin Alex He because he’s very helpful with everyone and he’s humble and selfless. Arin Metin L I T E R ATA 2 0 1 7



IN 6S, WE WOULD LIKE TO BE... Loved by sport and a dog breeder because it’s real fun! Ethan Ainslie A neurosurgeon because the brain fascinates me. Sara Al-Murieb An ice skating coach because I will enjoy helping other skaters. Athena Avci An interior designer and I will design and build modern places. Oscar Black An actor because I like filming and acting things out. Siannah Cardaciotto A cast member on Broadway because I’d like the experience. Josh Condon An architect because designing is cool and you get to make

buildings. Kieran Gallagher A director because I’ll get to work with famous actors every day. Ben Gill

A vet so I can help animals all the time. Madison Luis-Guile A dentist because it looks like a cool job. Alexis Moraitis

A prop designer because I love making props from movies. James Gillespie

A forensic scientist because I want to help the world. Karina Moraitis-Castillo

A photographer because I want to invent my own photography style. Ella Grech

An architect or designer so I could make houses or new technology. Zachary Murphy

A professional softball player because I love pitching, fielding and batting. Lillia Greene

A fashion designer because I love to sew and design clothes. Elka Pepper

An interior designer who helps build modern day cafés. Aaron Horsburgh

A professional netball player because I love playing netball. Persia Rigas

A soccer manager because I would be a successful manager. Adrian Lai

A doctor because I like to study the human body. Aanchal Sharma A sports doctor because you can work with famous people. Xavier Snelling A tennis player because I enjoy playing tennis. Aadhya Sood An Olympic gymnast because I want to be like Nadia Comaneci. Vivian Tzavaras A designer or photographer because I like designing and taking photos. James White Year 6S students


L I T E R ATA 2 0 1 7


I F I C O U L D H AV E D I N N E R W I T H A N YO N E . . . I would choose… Neymar, to ask when did he realise that he wanted to become a professional soccer player? Omar Altaleb Walt Disney, to know what made him create Disney. Jayden Archer Michael Jordan, to ask when did he realise he wanted to do basketball for a job? Brock Britton Mouni Roy, to ask her how does she achieve her filming goals? Anika Choubey Chris Evans, to ask how are you so good at throwing shields? Ben Di Lisio Manuel Neuer, to ask for some good training drills I can use. Harrison Grgic Lionel Messi, to ask how did you make it to the big league? Lachlan Hatzopoulos

Albert Einstein, to ask him about his theories, inventions and his scientific breakthroughs. Analise Milone My grandpa, to ask him how he was so giving and kind. Ananya Nair

Emma Kanerva, I would ask her why she wanted to do jumping. Isabel Rigas Elon Musk, to ask him how he comes up with so many amazing ideas. Jakob Salter

My grandpa, so I can ask him how he felt in the war. Jasmine Nguyen

R.J. Palacio, to ask what or who gave you inspiration to write Wonder? Hanine Seifeddine

My great uncle, to ask how he gained so much education. Penny Pan

Arthur Schermie, to ask how the enigma machine works. Luke Soppi

Mohammad Ali, to ask him why he fought for black rights. Sahil Patel

David Walliams, to ask what inspired all of your crazy, wacky stories? Jasmine Thompson

Lara Cameron, so that I can see her again and her smile. Stella Pilkington Floyd Mayweather, to get to know him – he is my favourite boxer. Jordan Pisak

Christiano Ronaldo, to talk to him about soccer. Kaydon Tiong Year 6W students

Logan Paul, to ask what matters to you most in this world? Melisa Karakas Rick Riordan, to ask how to write humorous books. Aaryan Khan Catherine Helen Spence, to ask when did she decide to fight for women’s rights? Lily McLeod Hugh Williams, to ask how he builds computer programs on Python. Oscar McNaughton L I T E R ATA 2 0 1 7



DERRIMUT HOUSE 2017, WESTBOURNE GRAMMAR SCHOOL 6th Row L–R: Henry Fenn, Hakeem Ashraf, Amirrul Nasarudin, Nathan Bezzina, Daniel Hatzopoulos, Oluwadamilola Okedara, Dennis Nguyen, Marco Soesanto, Riley Debney, Jack Walton, Tom Hollo, Robbe Dilissen, Connor Wall, James McGuire, Adam Younes, Nived Burugadha, Aidan Kelly, Zhaoxu (Evan) Han, Oluwadunsin Akin Ojelabi, James Gabb 5th Row L–R: Yihao (Jerry) Liu, Axel Lee, Oliver Harwood, Auley Ryan, Shihab Deen Mohamed, Devjot Joura, Byron Watson, Zara Gilbert, Erin Sucic, Charlotte Harwood, Hojin (Jin) Lee, Sean Trewhella, Saksham Ganatra, Tyler Van Niel, Ahmad Younes, Duncan Hale, Yifan (Even) Yao, Yuandong (Harry) Wang 4th Row L–R: Nicholas Tam, Tenghan (Peter) Wang, Ethan Long, Cayley Chan, Cassidy Bremner, Ava Barnes, Oluwanifemi Omibiyi, Grace Royal, Kiahann Namana, Bronwyn Pepper, Caitlin McLaren, Andrea Fredskild, Itunuoluwa Oluwabuku Akin Ojelabi, Tolulope Akinbiyi, Isabelle Atchinson, Caitlin Ramsay, Rohan Yates, Neiss Lim, Nicholas Singline, Brad Bellard 3rd Row L–R: Ruby Tripodi, Natalie McGill, Yiwen (Khouri) Jian, Noah Lewis, Parv Sharma, Oluwabukunmi Okedara, Marcus Frost, Sophia Liacopoulos, Abbey Taylor, Isabella Di Pierro, Holly Vella, Sanaya Sawhney, Kobe Purnell, Chan-Sol Sprenger, Cecilia Lueddeke, Georgette Lueddeke, Letian Tian, Cleo Mountford, Yihan Shen, Yuxin (Fiona) Zhou 2nd Row L–R: Lachlan Tester, Tahsin Sultan, Taarush Sharma, Anthony Le-Pham, Benjamin Davies, Yindan (Eden) Xu, Florence Ibrahimi, Daphne Ferabend, Jianrui Luo, Hongkun Cao, Yunoos Islam, Sonia Joura, Felicity Nguyen, Declan Kelly, Abhi Patel, Jordan Watson, Christian Hatzopoulos, Lucas Hogan, Rishi Mukherjee Front Row L–R: Tasha Gacutan, Sienna Cutajar, Jenny Pham, Nimashi Singankutti-Arachchi, Jiaqi (Karen) Kuang, Cassandra Homewood, Shenyi (Sophie) Wang, Natalie Panoutsos, Nikala Patsolaridis, Yuhua Zhao, Chen (Cici) Cheng, Rawan Rahim, Yiwei (Evie) Yu, Keeley McGuire, Aryana Ghai, Kym Yaniv, Yuxuan (Betty) Lin, Wanyue (Nina) Ma, Jasmine Nguyen, Ananya Bose, Paris Royal PRINCIPAL: Ms Meg Hansen 68

L I T E R ATA 2 0 1 7


DERRIMUT HOUSE REPORT Derrimut House can look back on 2017 with pride. There have been some very successful team efforts and individual performances which have culminated in a memorable year. Derrimut’s biggest success has been its House spirit, dedication, cooperation and commitment to everything it has set out to achieve. In all Inter-House competitions, the students were keen to have the honour of representing their House. One of the many highlights was achieving a first place in Debating and a Derrimut student being awarded best speaker in each of the five debates. Derrimut House would be nothing without its students, and this year is no exception. Our House Captains, Riley Debney and Caitlin McLaren, have been outstanding leaders, ably supported by Vice Captains Dami Okedara and Erin Sucic. I would like to farewell the Class of 2017 and thank them for their contributions to the House over the last six years. They have been a wonderful group of students who have always led by example. I wish them all the best as they move on to new challenges and opportunities, and would like to remind them they will always be part of the Derrimut family. It has been a privilege to have been given the opportunity to be the Acting Head of House for Semester 2. Thank you to the staff, students and parents who have warmly welcomed me during this time. I wish you all a well-earned break. Helen Gauci Head of Derrimut House

Derrimut House Captains’ Report 2017 has marked the beginning of a new era for Derrimut, with this year’s Year 12 group being the first tutor group to begin in Derrimut from Year 7. For the last six years, Derrimut has prided itself on a strong sense of community between all year levels and the determination to strive for perfection, encapsulated by the House mantra; viribus unitis, ‘together we stand.’ The level of support and enthusiasm from all students, through the screams at athletics to the banging on drums at swimming, the noise and support brought together everyone from Derrimut, a true sight to stand back and admire. The memories of Derrimut and the family culture that is immortalised within the orange locker pods will be something the whole Year 12 team will miss. We are so proud of all of the achievements of Derrimut over the last six years and we wish the 2018 captains all the best in shaping the Derrimut legacy over the years to come. On behalf of the Year 12 Derrimut students of 2017, we would like to thank all of the staff and students for making our final year so incredible, and we wish you all the best for the years to come, as you strive to make the future orange. Viribus unitis Riley Debney (12D) and Caitlin McLaren (12D) Derrimut House Captains

L I T E R ATA 2 0 1 7




L I T E R ATA 2 0 1 7


L I T E R ATA 2 0 1 7



FLINDERS HOUSE 2017, WESTBOURNE GRAMMAR SCHOOL 6th Row L-R: Jack Vincent, Harry Bradshaw, Dart Rinckes, Angkai (Kevin) Li, Liam Gunn, Luis Giambattista, Byron Parkinson, Stefan Costa, Alexander Fulton, Jackson Brook, Adam Kaddour, William Smyth, Cameron McIntyre, Oliver Fonsboel, Michael Szulc, Lochlann Trinh, Junyu (Aiden) Zhang, Julian Giambattista, Ze Yu 5th Row L-R: Hanlin (Brian) Xu, Gregory Halarakis, Nicholas Rigas, David Cheng, Nicholas Krt, An (Layne) Liu, Lachlan Evans-Burke, Alistair Schier, Hannah Isac, Nikita Mohar-Williams, Ella Carlin, Riley Orange, Roham Jarah, Jack Grego, Xuncheng (Michael) Qian, Jonathan Rigas, Jack Vella, Jackson Turner, Alvee Islam 4th Row L-R: Regina Jayatilake, Madeleine Kiss, Annalise Galea, Tingnuo Chen, Mia Hodder, Samantha Joice Lugay, Long (Jason) Huang, Xianrui (Peter) Zeng, Prince Banzon, Finn Hicks Bullock, Tara Calderwood, Emma West, Humza Albarki, Shiva Rajmohan, Ziqiang (Johnny) Li, Siyuan (Julia) Liu, Menghan (Pandora) Wang, Yuhang (Riva) Fu, Giselle Long, Amy Caleo, Srushti Shah 3rd Row L-R: Emily Joseland, Lily Foxall, Mariah Whyte, Amani Elbelli, Sarah Sood, Reagan Tran, Ghaleb Zumot, Claudia Huynh, Akeisha Sandhu, Whitney Gregson-Black, Alysha Yacono, Jasmine Orval, Langxuan (Peter) Lao, Jooyoung Nam, Emily Shen, Camryn Hills, Tasmiya Naik, Shreya Lodhiya, Mariam Maki, Paige Simpson 2nd Row L-R: Zachary Royston, Hayden Burley, Ari Stiefel, Archie Northam, Mason Galea, Khushi Sikka, Anni Zhang, Lachlan Galea, Kane Roseburgh, Carl Schaap, Shayan Ayaz, Haoxuan (Mark) He, Oudom Huy, Jess Ogilvie, Harris Renwick, Haoshi (Cici) He, Brandon Giacobbe, Sebastian Fonsboel, Reilly Gunn, Hridey Singh, Aidan Pozzuto, Dasula Dharmakeerthi Front Row L-R: Sachini Wijeratne, Ava Stone, Jessie Carolin-Vandenberg, Shannelle Diongson, Guncha Saxena, Kristina Fantenberg, Sophie Davis, Zali Stiefel, Tuscanny Yankos, Gabrielle Matthieu, Mackenzie Bull, Paige Mulquiney, Jessica Novakova, Jenny Isaac, Cheuk Nam (Sylivia) Yau, Emily Thompson, Eunice Sibal, Alysha Khatri, Yolanda Wu, Marium Imran, Chamathi Wijeratne PRINCIPAL: Ms Meg Hansen


L I T E R ATA 2 0 1 7


FLINDERS HOUSE REPORT Every year at our final assembly our nest of Year 12 falcons peep over the steep precipice, take a deep breath and launch. As they freefall towards the valleys and fields below their life at Westbourne flashes before their eyes in a blur of pale blue, festivals, carnivals, choruses, exams and friends. Fear and doubt morph into courage and strength and with a burst of confidence they stretch out their wings, bounce off the thermals and soar higher than ever imagined, the whir of their wings taking them off to new lands, just black dots on the beckoning sun. While back on the summit, our nest of wide eyed eyasses crane their necks to the softening pale blue sky and gasp in awe, dreaming of the day when they too will be altivolus falco, soaring falcons. Desmond Callan Head of Flinders

Flinders House Captains’ Report Meanwhile… back on the summit there is great work left to do. Over the past few years, Flinders has struggled to compete with the other Houses and in doing so clung to the ideology of family and participation. Yet despite these good intentions we cannot deny we have not achieved our full potential nor enjoyed the elation of great success. So as custodians of this great House, who soon will be passing the baton of leadership onto the next batch of Flinderians, we have only one parting word left to shout, REBUILD! From this year onwards, we want everyone’s efforts to be focussed on the prize. Together with our promising younger levels who have already started to show the rest of the House what success looks like, we can now ready ourselves for a future unimaginably bright, just sitting beyond the horizon. Our great potential has unearthed itself and we believe that together with the efforts of everyone, this will be the tipping point we need to swing the fortunes of fate in our favour and usher in a new dawn of success for Flinders. We ask the House to steel itself for the future and gear up for the fight ahead. So that when Year 12s of 2017 launch themselves from the summit, the cry from the fledglings left behind will no longer be just altivolus falco, but the battle cry of a bright new era, a brand new Flinders. Cave altivolus falco. Beware the soaring falcons! Nick Krt (12F) and Akeisha Sandhu (12F) House Captains

L I T E R ATA 2 0 1 7




L I T E R ATA 2 0 1 7


L I T E R ATA 2 0 1 7



HUDSON HOUSE 2017, WESTBOURNE GRAMMAR SCHOOL 6th Row L-R: Lou Tumalad, Jordan Sobin, Nicholas Soppi, Matthew Scully, Yurong Fu, Alexander Loughran, Benjamin Liew, Robert McNamara, Matthew Burkhardt, James Young, Guy Featherstone, Daniel Cross, Nicholas Peck, Thomas Winter, Lachlan Mills, Lucas Simpson, Lachlan Harris, Jonathan Wu, Zachary Mullenger 5th Row L-R: Sze Chai (Charlene) Yeung, Lola Ilic, Xin Yue Hu, Renze (Rodger) Chen, Julian Petito, Jai Sullivan, Timothy Gauci, Jack Downer, Christopher O’Flynn, Charlotte Vincent-Lord, Hayley Finn, Timothy Holland, George Barsoum, Benjamin Fairbank, Brendan Wood, Robert Weitsz, Christiaan Weitsz, Brianna Svilar, Hoang Yen (Hailey) Pham, Jayla McLennan 4th Row L-R: Yue (Isabella) Sun, Shanaya Parussalla, Madeleine Thompson, Hannah Harris, Arnav Terry, Cheuk Lee, Jack Horvath, Ethan Wood, Cameron Petty, Chisom Emezie, Stephanie Zaharis, Sarah Brennan, Ella Bradwell, Giselle Puno, Stefan Marakovic, Hoang Minh Tri Nguyen, Albert Tu, Hongwei (Charles) Chen, Hoang Tran, Karla Davis, Emily Peacock, Ningfei (Carrie) Guo, Junshu (Olivia) Pu 3rd Row L-R: Joseph Bradwell, Dev Narayan Manojkumar, Evan Houghton, Ewan Bezzobs, Aymen Naseem, Andrew Nguyen, Laura Hudson-Jones, Raghav Kharbanda, Daniel Duong, Mengyu (Cathy) Hou, Zhirou (Isabella) Ou, Peri Hudson-Czerniecki, Kewalee Ong-Klorb, Carly Gauci, Anthony Nguyen, David Phan, Hoang Minh Huy (Huy) Nguyen, Harvey Petito, Ethan Kinyua, Jay Shi, Harry Avci, Hamish Smith, Cameron Moyes 2nd Row L-R: Jasper O’Flynn, Gabriel Larkin, Neil Chohan, Mubtacim Rahman, Aryan Vaitha, Nicholas Arapakis, Manas Misra, Sofia Caligiuri, Neve Joseland, He (Isabella) Ren, Maddison Blomberg, Alicia Liew, Brigette Marks, Azra Basic, Natasha HidalgoCabras, Thanuki Wanigasena, Emily Hannett, Charlotte McKenna, Sandra Phan, Gabriela Moroney, Reuben Thadi, Arth Tuteja, Avsar Modi, Jake Krueger-Strong, Misha Lotze Front Row L-R: Zainab Albrefkany, Krishitha Gopalakrishnan, Huihuang (Florence) Chen, Maeve Winter, Cat-Uyen Phan, Shams Albrefkany, Ruiyuan Zhong, Yiwen (Carol) Mao, Isobelle Sourivong, Qianhui (Jessica) Wang, Lavanya Jayatilake, Maya El-Hawli, Jasmine Hannett, Angela McKenzie, Valentina Moroney, Mia Nelson, Dayna Olver, Amanda Guo, Mietta Williams, Yuxin Ding, Helen Ning PRINCIPAL: Ms Meg Hansen 76

L I T E R ATA 2 0 1 7


HUDSON HOUSE REPORT ‘It does not do to leave a live dragon out of your calculations, if you live near him.’ – JRR Tolkien The measure of success in a House is not how many events are won, it is always how the game has been played. Yes, a great cliché, however considering Tolkien’s quote the Hudson Dragons should never be left out of your calculations. At the time of writing this article, Hudson had in fact won several House events; athletics, badminton and cross country. With only singing remaining on the House calendar it is difficult not to get caught up in the fervour and excitement of the importance of this event. We are very well placed, dare we dream! It is always fantastic to win an event, however what is more important is the strength of our leadership group, how they lead by example, and how they encourage younger students to participate. Charlotte Vincent-Lord and Guy Featherstone as House Captains have led Hudson with compassion and a wonderful sense of cohesiveness. They have worked well with the House Vice Captains; our leaders have been inclusive of all students and encouraged all in Hudson to give it a go. The role of a House is to establish a strong sense of support, belonging, being connected and of course House pride. Beginning secondary school is a major milestone for any student as the transition towards greater independence and responsibility for their own learning takes place. Our Year 7 Hudson students have transitioned very smoothly into Senior School life and are now very much part of Hudson House. Our Year 8 students are confident, vivacious and embrace participation in all things Hudson. As they prepare to enter Year 9 in 2018, we encourage them to retain their House spirit and remain enthusiastic throughout their journey into the middle school as they face the challenges that the Year 9 program holds for them.

The Year 12 Hudson Class of 2017 have proven themselves to be dedicated, mature and committed students. We would like to wish them well for 2018. The rest of your life starts now. We are sure you will all make valued contributions to the community. Grab every opportunity presented to you. Your presence around the House will be sadly missed. Sandra Jenkins and Jason Smith Head of Hudson House | Deputy Head of Hudson House Hudson House Captains’ Report As it has been since Year 7, Hudson has remained a very tightknit House this year. As House Captains, we have both really enjoyed the sense of community and friendship within this great House. It has made our role so much more enjoyable and special. The friendly aura which is a constant around Hudson has made leaving Westbourne Grammar School even harder for the Year 12s. We will miss the great House spirit and culture that we have been lucky to experience. The Hudson Spirit is something that was evident throughout the year and has led to all students within Hudson House forming stronger and tighter bonds. Every House has their standout athletes, chess players, or public speakers, and so does Hudson. But most importantly we have a whole family of people all willing to have a crack and do their best. It has been impressive to see each and every student contribute in their own way to the Hudson cause. Thank you to all the Hudson Dragons for a great year, we hope you have enjoyed it as much as we have! Guy Featherstone (12H) and Charlotte Vincent-Lord (12H) House Captains L I T E R ATA 2 0 1 7




L I T E R ATA 2 0 1 7


L I T E R ATA 2 0 1 7



MOLLAND HOUSE 2017, WESTBOURNE GRAMMAR SCHOOL 6th Row L-R: Martin Stankovic, Lucas Cameron, Ben Johnson, Lachlan Wilson, William Byrne, Sashpreet Mann, Jarrod Debney, Michael Vaughan, Wil Tattersall, Jack Pritchard, Luke Stafford, Niklas Malkin, Alexander Byrne, Alexander Morton, Yuankai (Goerge) Wu, Joshua McDonald, Oscar Campbell, Lachlan Van Heerwaarden 5th Row L-R: Christian Kapulica, Kane Arnold, Deepinder Thind, Iat Long (Toby) Guan, Jarrod Sutton, Samuel Tanasic, Gianluca Vavala, Christopher Dekleris, Michael Tsaloukis, Madeleine Ward, Elizabeth Cutter, Georgia Grainger, Thomas Rebesco, Matias Karibian, Sean Carroll-Taafe, Harvey Roolker, Christopher Rothwell, Joshua Dare, Jikang (John) Zheng, Feifan Bai, Jonathan Milone 4th Row L-R: Celeste Defina, Amelia Dragovic, Brianna Trajcevski, Jessica Cassar, Katie Weston, Lachlan Carthew, Andrew Mansi, Lili Ward, Giselle Hobden, Ashleigh Murdoch, Teagan Horsburgh, Amelia Leach, Caitlin Arnott, Aditi Gupta, James Harnden, Haoda (Jason) Yu, Fatheyeh Abdul Latif, Alexia Yankoulas, Alana Anthony, Ebony Dodemaide, Kaajal Sangar 3rd Row L-R: Rushil Chhabra, Domenic Borg, Tianhang Niu, Anton Cardaciotto, Alan Nguyen, Thomas Willis, Patrick Pham, Leo Pilkington, Yusuf Al Kamil, Shengxue (Sally) Hua, Victoria Deng, Yu Ri Seo, Kate Spiteri, Ka Hang (Karen) Ng, Mackenzie Singleton, Michael Mercieca, Joshua Smith, Jackson McMenamin, Matteo Vavala, Eugene Huang, Blake Bradley-Rushbrooke, Nathaniel Varsamakis, Toby Fischer 2nd Row L-R: Sehajveer Shergill, Tarun Karthik, Varun Alluri, Ashley Griffiths, Calvin Lam, Mia Fynney, Christina Stewart, Mariam Hamad, Eleni Moritz, Jennifer Lee, Caitlin Scerri, Neve McKechnie, India Schuurmans, Breanna Fischer, Charlotte Morton, William Wonson, Dante Vavala, William English, Joshua Neville, Harley Schuurmans, Jeremy Seddon Front Row L-R: Selena Makris, Emilia Acciarito, Chloe Smith, Mia McDonald, Sophia Oenning, Evelyn Makris, Claudia Makris, Jasmine Lagamba, Breeanna Lam, Mikayla Trajcevski, Mikaela Sabini, Sarah Douglas, Paris Vasta, Yirui (Christina) Deng, Xiao Yuan Bu, Rachel Bowyer, Katelyn Masseni, Tristen Lee, Maddie White, Bettina Dowling, Samantha Cuevas PRINCIPAL: Ms Meg Hansen 80

L I T E R ATA 2 0 1 7


MOLLAND HOUSE REPORT It has been lovely to come back home to Molland House in 2017, after taking long service leave in 2016. This year in Molland House the students and staff have put their best efforts into each House event and the fundraisers. It is always a pleasure to be witness to individual and team achievements and see the dedication and commitment of Molland students. In cross country, we were placed second, and in chess and debating we were placed third. Monologues and athletics put Molland House in fifth place and in badminton we were placed sixth. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all students and staff in Molland House for their time and effort, with particular mention to the House Captains Georgia Grainger and Jarrod Debney. Also, I would like to thank the House Vice Captains Jasmine Lagamba and Michael Vaughan for their ongoing assistance and all the Year 12s for their leadership and support. Thank you to Damon Grieve and the Tutors. Molland House is very special and this comes down to the great people who are part of the House.

Molland House Captains’ Report What a year 2017 has been for Molland House! We are so proud of everyone giving their best effort in each House event, regardless of how far out of their comfort zones they may have been. The first House event for the year, House Swimming, saw us come home in first place. The help we received for our beloved fundraisers, Molland Roses and Molland Mexican, was enormous and we are so grateful for all the wonderful support. Through demonstrating our motto, ‘Giving it a go’, each one of you has done Molland House proud this year and we thank you all for the overwhelming help and support you have given us. We would also like to send our gratitude to Ms Muller and Mr Grieve for their hard work and dedication, and to Vice Captains Jasmine Lagamba and Michael Vaughan, who played an integral part in the success of Molland House. We never would have made it this far without their diligent support.

To the Class of 2017, good luck and best wishes from your family at Molland House.

Best wishes to everyone for your remaining years at Westbourne Grammar School and to the future House Captains of Molland House.

Sharon Muller Head of Molland House

Georgia Grainger (12M ) and Jarrod Debney (12M) Molland House Captains

L I T E R ATA 2 0 1 7




L I T E R ATA 2 0 1 7


L I T E R ATA 2 0 1 7



PASCOE HOUSE 2017, WESTBOURNE GRAMMAR SCHOOL 6th Row L-R: Siyuan Chen, Thomas Velevski, Chengji (Kevin) Zhang, Riley Skene, Julius Plewe, Don Avin Ranasinghe, Jack Leach, Murray Osborne, Benjamin Frye, Sean Spralja, Lachlan Russell, Elliot Armstrong, Jinze (Leo) Li, Sam Doyle, Yoonis Yusuf, Conrad Butler-Bowdon, Hugh Grgic, Timothy Pavlidis, Dale Russell, Hugh Krause, Baoji (Edison) Luo 5th Row L-R: Haoxuan (Jayson) Lin, Qiwu (Simon) Wang, William Stomann, Nathan Maprock, Zachary Hadji, Yu (Simon) Jiang, Nicholas Theodoridis, Benjamin Gunn, Haotian Li, Emma Hancox, Catherine Bushell, Jane White, Yichao (Frank) Yao, Edward Prevot, Jack Buysen, Avan Li, Jacob Krawczyszyn, Peter Dimitriou, Jordan Kennedy, Matthew Grech, Finlay Sylow 4th Row L-R: Tanay Solanki, Yonglian Cai, Maggie Zhao, Isabella Yoseski, Aaliyah Chown, Shoneel Pathak, Shaksham Parihar, Zixiang (Mike) Lin, Rebecca Finlayson, Meriam Hassanian Alobaidi, Nytalia Chigach, Charley Muscat, Nicki Edward, Angus McNamara, Max Baltas, Farhan Islam, Xinrui (Jenny) Shen, Jinghan Qu, Megan Spralja, Yuxin (Rikka) Xie, Benjamin Nolan 3rd Row L-R: Alexander Park, Rallis Argyriadis, Neil Edward, Lauren Thorpe, Meg McConnell, Chloe Black, Laura Paull, Rijja Malihi, Nicholas Noye, Benjamin Krawczyszyn, Samuel Nowell, Anmol Sethi, Quoc Minh (Minh) Do, Alicia Yeoman, Georgia Scholes, Katherine Stevens, Kiara Palmar, Cassandra White, Ramodh Jayasinghe, Christopher Aubrey, Faiyaz Islam 2nd Row L-R: Daniel Buysen, Michele Cilmi, Arush Kathal, James Dillon, Mathesh Lukumar, Julian Chiriano, Salvatore Cilmi, Chanel Sabotkoski, Jia-Wen Ooi, Kimberley Harrison, Anh Le, Phoebe Maher, Alysia Westcott, Xiaohua (Lisa) Chen, Sachini Hewa Radalage, Georgia Carracher, Ashleigh Paull, Liliana Mill, Christian Maprock, John Baltas, Ryan Hewamanna, Edward Camilleri, Zain Memon, Joshua Grobbelaar, Jack McAuliffe Front Row L-R: Emeline Toohey, Renee Kennedy, Ellie Pallasis, Sarah Sherwood, Mary Attard, Chloe Wong, Maisy Sylow, Xiaoying (Lily) Chen, Jiaqi (Jessie) Sun, Josefa Porflit Espinosa, Natasha Lee, Xiaojing Tang, Simran Singh, Amanda Chui Shia Teo, Imogen Gumley, Liana Tarola, Stephanie Skene, Madeleine Bryant, Sineli Hewamanna, Amelia McConnell, Tanya Sinha PRINCIPAL: Ms Meg Hansen 84

L I T E R ATA 2 0 1 7



Passion, persistence and pride are some of the key characteristics that have defined Pascoe students this year. From the swimming carnival to the monologue competitions, from circle time to charity events; they are passionate, they persist against all odds and they take pride in everything they do.


Their attitude has been always positive despite the challenges they’ve had to face. Their ambition for success has also been admirable. In every competition, they always aimed for the stars.

S… Sportsmanship has been ever present in every competition. They are supportive of each other no matter whether they are winning or losing.

Pascoe House Captains’ Report As the final weeks of our School years draw to a close, we begin to truly appreciate the aspects of life here at Westbourne Grammar, Pascoe House being a great part of it. Pascoe has not only been a stable for students and staff, it has been a vessel for growth, allowing the community within to flourish. It is the qualities and characteristics of each individual combined that has helped propel the development of Pascoe, creating an environment in which students feel comfortable and confident.

C… The camaraderie shown by the Year 12s especially has been an excellent role model for the younger students. The Year 12s have worked cohesively as a team all year and have been excellent leaders.

From all the unique and differing House activities that challenged each Pascoenian, it was determination and persistence that drove each student to contribute their best and achieve their utmost potential. What was shown through in each competition, was the cooperation and teamwork that contributed to the entire House moving forward and achieving its successes.

O… Always optimistic and open-minded. With their outgoing enthusiasm, Pascoe House provides the perfect environment for growth, enabling our students to thrive and flourish as one big family.

We, as 2017 House Captains, along with Mrs O’Brien and Mr Michielin, all have strong faith and confidence that Pascoe will continue as a cohesive, hard working and committed group.

E… Always enthusiastic, Pascoe students throw themselves whole-heartedly into every activity or competition. Pascoe Popsicles, Crazy Hair and Tattoos at the fete are some examples of how a team effort can produce outstanding results.

Don Avin Ranasinghe (12P) and Jane White (12P) Pascoe House Captains

2017… a year to remember with fondness and pride. Sharon O’Brien Head of Pascoe House

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L I T E R ATA 2 0 1 7


L I T E R ATA 2 0 1 7



STRATHMORE HOUSE 2017, WESTBOURNE GRAMMAR SCHOOL 6th Row L-R: Zekai (Kore) Liu, Ziheng (Dylan) Min, Hao Xin Li, Kai Huang, Noah Straughan, Bo (Bob) Qi, Siyan (Sam) Zhao, Kaile (Coley) Fang, Logan McPhail, William De Michele, Lucas Chrisanthou, Mitchell Trajcevski, Harrison Brown, Lachlan Rees, Johannes Prondzinsky, Samuel McGrath, Haosen (Sam) Xia, Angus Freeman, Jack Trajcevski 5th Row L-R: Tuong Au, Kristofer Musura, William Doensen, John Mouratidis, Haoxiang (Reed) Xu, Justin Cheung, William Farrall, Christopher Stainsby, William Maxwell, Daniel Stolfa, James Mackenzie, Martin Nguyen, Tarun Kumar, Alexander Matejin, Yu Xiang An, Ryan Straughan, James Winterton, Jack Harrison, David Tran, Bowen Ware 4th Row L-R: Madeleine Pickup, Laura McPhail, Madeline Barakat, Tammy Huynh, Adea Kalavace, Klara Rawdanowicz, Rongyin Yu, Cooper Read, Jacob Poole, Annika Tautz, Isabella Ross, Madison Harries, Liam Stojcevski, Gabriel Donnellan, Maximillian Paspa, Hong Yi Yang, Harriet Ashton, Katherine Mitchell, Ingrid Freeman, Kathryn Chrisoulis, Sawsan Seifeddine 3rd Row L-R: Joan Silva, Jessica Ord, Katelyn Lagerwey, Elise Mitchell, Greer Butcher, Evangeline McVicar, Manguen Mayol, Adel Barakat, Luca Donnellan, Phuc An Ha, Lachlan Hardman, Li Pablo, Idris Shide, Jinwoo Jang, Prathic Sundaram, Josh Chen, Joshua Jinu, Jiayu (Eric) Zhang, Nadine Barakat, Demi Bertone, Keely Butcher, Sophia Hallak, Maddison Kennedy 2nd Row L-R: Samuel Kennedy, Seth Ho, Marcus Atanasovski, Hamza Farooq, Jack Billington, Malek Houli, Sonia Pathak, Amrat Gill, Ria Goradia, Peter Gantidis, Isaac Maiden, Deng Lam, George Marshall, Patrick Nguyen, Samyuktha SriganeshNuha Zainab Noorullah, Saanvi Prabhakar, Christine Ly, Jaden Yap, Tadhg Charleston, Senan Epadunumalage, Maanav Kapoor, Jake Pandzic, James Chrisoulis Front Row L-R: Clare Thomas, Genevieve Paspa, Angelina Tran, Isabelle Pascua, Jingxi Xu, Olivia Balassopoulos, Ira Jain, Sasha Skilton, Tegan Goldie, Ruoyan (Rita) Yu, Ermioni Pitliangas, Hengye (Cindy) Gu, Jora Kalavace, Ava Hatzopoulos, Lora Musura, Emily Jinu, Vanessa Nguyen, Xinwei (Sophie) Du, Jacqueline Cassetta, Numaya Manchanayake, Alana Chrisanthou PRINCIPAL: Ms Meg Hansen 88

L I T E R ATA 2 0 1 7


S T R AT H M O R E H O U S E R E P O R T ‘It takes a village to raise a child’ – this well-known proverb, meaning it takes an entire community to raise a child, could not be more fitting at Westbourne Grammar School. Students, in their respective Houses, become part of a community or extended family whereby House staff and students work together to ensure that the community flourishes. Every member is expected to contribute, whether it be getting involved as a participant in House competitions, through active involvement in House fundraising, or as a spectator. In 2017, Strathmore House has continued to unite as a strong community. Our House staff, House Captains and Vice Captains have guided our students exceptionally well, and all House members have rallied to ensure that Strathmore has had another very successful year academically, in the Inter-House competition and in all fundraising efforts. At Strathmore House, there is never a shortage of helpers or students offering to lend a hand. With this in mind, I am confident our House is well-placed to remain a cohesive and successful community for many years to come. While focussing on ‘Community’, I cannot neglect to thank some of the individuals who have played a major role in uniting our Strathmore community. Thank you to the 2017 House Tutors for what they do ‘day-in day-out’ with our students and for their continued commitment to their role. Special thanks must also go to our House Vice Captains Demi Bertone and Quang Au, House Captains Evangeline McVicar and Samuel McGrath and Head of House (Year 7 & 8) Ms Beulah Watson, for leading Strathmore in such an outstanding manner. Finally, thanks to the departing Strathmore Class of 2017 for their contribution during their time at Westbourne Grammar School. We will miss you all greatly and wish you every success in the future.

Strathmore House Captains’ Report In our six years at Strathmore we’ve experienced the miraculous turnaround from a House languishing at the bottom of the House Competition Ladder, to one that is now a power-house of the competition. Every year we were improving, it was the House Captains urging us to try harder and to participate more which seemed to get us over the line; so when it was our turn to lead we knew we had enormous shoes to fill. Looking back at 2017, it has felt like a real ‘changing of the guard’. For years, we have watched legendary chess players, swimmers, runners, speakers and new leaders stand up when it counted, each year making legends of their own – now it was our turn to make our mark. This year we were so proud to have overwhelming support from every year level at every fundraiser and House event and we know we are leaving the House in capable hands. We know that the journey each Strathmore student partakes will shape them with the skills and values, embodied by the House, for the rest of their lives. Seeing Tutor Groups of friends grow and prosper throughout the years has been a privilege in itself and we can’t wait to watch this community continue to grow. We’d both like to thank all the people who helped us keep things together behind the scenes. The House really felt like an iceberg some of the time, with 90% of the work happening below the surface. We will both cherish our memories of this year forever, every sausage sizzle, every Prefect meeting, every day at the Strathmore locker pod surrounded by 150 smiling faces. Samuel McGrath (12S) Evangeline McVicar (12S) Strathmore House Captains

Stephen Evans Head of Strathmore House L I T E R ATA 2 0 1 7




L I T E R ATA 2 0 1 7


L I T E R ATA 2 0 1 7



YEAR 9: 2017

6th Row L–R: Shakeel Manuel, Conor Barnes, Forest Lin, Divine Emezie, Harry Northam, Archer Gumley, Christopher Tsoukas, Harsh Daware, Obakam Ogaji, Luke Grainger, Luke Tarola, Zachary Zammit, Madhu Chetan Udumala, James Murphy, Alexander Zammit, Max Le Grand, Thomas Braham, Mostafa Shirzada, Harrison Aubrey, Jordan Stewart, Leo North, Rory Williams, Ryan Sucic, Joshua Acciarito 5th Row L–R: Ethan Mullenger, Isaac Zaghis, Harvey Watters, George Pitliangas, Jayden Pisak, Zhijing (Steven) Luo, Cody Schallhammer, Liam Scerri, Mohammed Abdul Latif, Phillip Mirceski, Hannah Simpson, Ruby Campbell, Stephanie McNamara, Tamas Spark, Ujjwal Nandal, Yaoyuan Dong, Brandon Lewis, Peter Fulton, Dominik Rawdanowicz, Ethan Stojcevski, Yoeseph Rahim, Jiaqi (Albert) Shi, Midhad Aman, Chelsea Davis, Bree Mittersteiner 4th Row L–R: Austin Marks, Julian Oraison, Fahad Elbelli, William Snelling, Samuel Metcalfe, Angus Smith, Alexander Brown, Harvir Parmar, Sophie Meath, Josephine Harper, Caitlin Whitty, Mikayla Obers, Alexandra McVicar, Emily Maiden, Stephanie Murdoch, Leia Calderwood, Kate Morton, Jennifer Coster, Shuxuan (Kate) Cong, Lily Young, Dylan Molinaro, Ned McVicar, Aiden Tester, Daniel Cassetta, Orlando Szulc 3rd Row L–R: Zhijie (Jack) Tang, Matthew Mercieca, Steven Kumarasinha, Aiden Lagerwey, Ross Audley, Adam Frost, Kelvin Nguyen, Francis Zaldarriaga, Olivia Yacono, Madison Borg, Gabriela Moraes, Maeve Carpenter, Carla Harrison, Cassandra Muir, Hannah Dillon, Madison Muir, Stefanie Cvetkovic, Matilda Johnson, Tiffany Carlin, Damon Trewhella, Zhi (Jack) Tong, Jonathan Velevski, Joshua Cairns, Yianni Blanas, Brayden Svilar, Ethan Kwok, George Popovitch, Isabella Krbaleski 2nd Row L–R: Molly Sutton, Mengrun (Mary) Zhang, Monique Gauci-Chua, Chandra Harrison, Kaitlin Moyes, Fiona Agustin, Selina Gebreyesus, Pui Wing (Adaley) Chua, Xiaoman (Rosa) Liu, Tian Yun (Bella) Ma, Nahda Younes, Tessa Harrison, Cartier Vasta, Eman Khateeb, Navdeep Singh, Luke Armatas, Peter Pitliangas, Emily Muller, Qiyue (Candice) Fu, John Sirianni, Priscillia Boey, Arrifa Nasarudin, Mengyao (Mary) Song, Rui (Lisa) Li, Fangyue (Fiona) Li, Ashley Brooks, Lillian White, Elsie Osborne, Emily Frye, Romaisa Farhan Front Row L–R: Anna Van Heerwaarden, Louisa Fantenberg, Chrysanthe Liontis, Tehya Nguyen, Emma Kennedy, Emily Yeoman, Tsz Ki (Agnes) Leung, Anni Chen, Adam Abrahall, Brooke Rodgers, Pam McClure, Brendan Evans, Dennis Nowak, Paul Wiggins, Alex Johnson, Jade Bradshaw, Carol Meekin, Shiqi (Arlene) Yang, Mehndi Mehndi, Yue (Alice) Liu, Mai-Ling Darbyshire, Leala Xu, Arwen Nguyen-Ngo, Rakshita Saharan, Alana Chopra

L I T E R ATA 2 0 1 7



YEAR 9 STUDENT REPORT Year 9 has always been known for being different from the rest of Westbourne Grammar School. However, one trait that stands out from the rest of the school is the tight-knit community. Being together within something that is a minute version of the main school, we are naturally compelled to interact with the entire Year 9 population. However, what we have all come to realise is that it is not the size of the classrooms or soccer fields that matter, rather the fact that we are together as a group at the end of the day. All of us have made new friendships that seemed unimaginable at the beginning of the year. In our tiny Mentor groups, with fewer than seventeen students in each class, we were able to get to know each other in depth, whether it be with other students, or with our devoted teachers. We were able to further strengthen these bonds through Mentor Cup Challenges. These challenges were varied for all skill sets and ranged from dodgeball and soccer tournaments to trivia competitions. This competition gave all students of the Mentor group an opportunity to showcase hidden abilities to others. There have been countless times during the year where we have learnt new skills, such as origami and meditation exercises,

taught to us by other classmates. These two factors were only a small fragment of what Year 9 really was, but it was truly a fantastic experience for everyone. Forest Lin (9M) One of the most exciting parts of the Year 9 Program for many of us were the city excursions. Being able to catch a train into the city with your friends and have a day out learning about Melbourne and its landmarks gave us a break from sitting behind a desk. This year, we were given the chance to visit the Melbourne Museum and IMAX, the Ian Potter Museum, tour the State Library of Victoria, explore the Old Melbourne Gaol, learn about the war at the Shrine of Remembrance on St Kilda Road and have an Indigenous cultural session in the Botanical Gardens. Being given the opportunity to spend time in the city is something all of the Year 9s will remember, as well as take out skills such as navigating the city and using trains and trams.

people were worried as it seemed like such a long time to be talking to our peers. However, coming out of it created confidence for us all in our public speaking abilities. Taking part in POL was a tough task for some, but made us all feel self-assured that we can tackle any speaking task in the future. Bring on the Year 12 English orals! Louisa Fantenberg (9F)

Another major aspect of Year 9 was completing our Presentations of Learning (POL). We completed three speeches that we presented to our Mentor Groups over the year. Going into our first POL, many L I T E R ATA 2 0 1 7


Y E A R 1 1 P R E S E N TAT I O N B A L L

Y E A R 1 1 P R E S E N TAT I O N B A L L On Saturday 29 April 2017, Westbourne Grammar School held its annual Presentation Ball at Melrose Receptions in Tullamarine. Ninety students from Year 11 participated. It was an amazing night from start to finish, not just for the students but for their extended families and the wider community of the school. From the start of Term 1, the enthusiastic students learnt and refined three dances including the Merengue, Evening Three Step and the Cha Cha. Thursday afternoon dance lessons, under the expert guidance of our very own Marcus Michielin, enabled students to refine their skills so that by the time the big night came, they stunned the crowd with their polished performance. In addition, these afternoons became a happy occasion whereby friendships were formed and strengthened as the participants shared the challenges of developing their skills to performance level. As the term progressed, the students became poised, fluid dancers. There is little doubt the dance routine was one of the highlights of the evening. After so many weeks of preparation everyone was very excited and full of anticipation. The beautiful venue and formal suits set the tone for the evening 94

L I T E R ATA 2 0 1 7

and the dresses generated ‘oohs’ and ‘aahs’ from all who attended. Participants were warmly introduced by Head of the Senior School, Louise Mahony to over six hundred members of the school community including staff, members of the School Board, extended families and friends. Speeches and thank yous from Sam Doyle (11P) and Gabrielle Matthieu (11F) were presented in a most confident manner. The sharing of food, dancing, conversation, laughter and photos made the evening a joyous occasion. Congratulations to all the Year 11 students who took part in this event. Your commitment to practice, beautiful presentation of dances, enthusiasm and team spirit made it a night to remember. Mary-Lou Callan Presentation Ball Student Coordinator.

Y E A R 1 1 P R E S E N TAT I O N B A L L


L I T E R ATA 2 0 1 7



YEAR 12 FORMAL In late Term 2, the Class of 2017 and many members of staff met to celebrate the final stretch of their secondary school years by attending the Year 12 Formal. Themed Winter Wonderland, the room was decorated with fairy lit trees and branches, fake snow, low lying smoke and candles creating a mystical atmosphere in the ballroom of the Lakeside Banquet and Convention Centre in Taylors Lakes. All the guests dressed to impress, with everyone looking stunning. It was surely set up to be a night to remember. Upon arrival, the guests were met by photographers who, both at the start and throughout the evening, captured many laughs, crazy dance moves and amazing memories. After completing Tutor Group photos, speeches and entrĂŠe, the dance floor was swarmed by a mass of people dancing the night away. The entertainment was a big hit with a Crystal Manipulator roaming the room, captivating both students and staff alike. A surprise dance routine performed to songs including Ice Ice Baby rallied everyone back onto the dance floor after dinner and only did the energy drop for the serving of dessert.


L I T E R ATA 2 0 1 7

It was an incredible night and to remember it, a giant snowflake was signed by everyone in the year group and will live in the Year 12 Common Room in memory of the amazing six years that we have shared and in celebration of the future that lies before us all. We would like to say a huge thank you to the Formal Committee, Matthew Burkhardt (12H), Jarrod Debney (12M), Catherine Bushell (12P), Alysha Yacono (12F), Caitlin McLaren (12D), Jack Grego (12F), Evangeline McVicar (12S), Whitney Gregson-Black (12F) and Erin Sucic (12D) for all their dedication and hard work in organising the theme, posters, invitations, all of the decorations and the entertainment The result was an unbelievably fun, rewarding evening that I’m sure no one from the Class of 2017 will forget. Catherine Bushell (12P)


L I T E R ATA 2 0 1 7



YEAR 12: 2017

6th Row L–R: Samuel McGrath, Lochlann Trinh, Matthew Scully, Jarrod Debney, Elliot Armstrong, Mitchell Trajcevski, Daniel Cross, Matthew Burkhardt, Adam Kaddour, Sean Spralja, James Young, Guy Featherstone, Robbe Dilissen, Michael Vaughan, Jack Walton, Nicholas Peck, Lachlan Russell, Benjamin Frye, Niklas Malkin, Jonathan Wu, Jack Leach, Oluwadamilola Okedara 5th Row L–R: Matias Karibian, Oluwadunsin Akin Ojelabi, Daniel Hatzopoulos, Amirrul Nasarudin, Alexander Matejin, Murray Osborne, Daniel Stolfa, Jack Downer, Erin Sucic, Martin Stankovic, Riley Debney, Adam Younes, Jack Trajcevski, Charlotte Vincent-Lord, Byron Parkinson, Yichao (Frank) Yao, Timothy Pavlidis, Thomas Velevski, Dale Russell, Angus Freeman, Thomas Rebesco, John Mouratidis 4th Row L–R: Saksham Ganatra, Justin Cheung, William Doensen, Yu (Simon) Jiang, Brianna Svilar, Kiahann Namana, Madeleine Ward, Jane White, Catherine Bushell, Hao Xin Li, Christopher Dekleris, Nikita MoharWilliams, Don Avin Ranasinghe, George Barsoum, Hayley Finn, Klara Rawdanowicz, Georgia Grainger, Madeleine Pickup, Caitlin McLaren, Haosen (Sam) Xia, Kai Huang, Jack Grego, Sean Carroll-Taafe, Timothy Holland 3rd Row L–R: Hoang Tran, Haoda (Jason) Yu, Quoc Minh (Minh) Do, Benjamin Krawczyszyn, Nicholas Noye, Albert Tu, Hoang Minh Tri Nguyen, Nicholas Krt, Jack Vella, Christiaan Weitsz, James Winterton, Tara Calderwood, Devjot Joura, Ryan Straughan, Sean Trewhella, Tuong Au, Shihab Deen Mohamed, Yuandong Wang, Michael Tsaloukis, Hongwei (Charles) Chen, Prince Banzon, Humza Albarki, Cheuk Lee 2nd Row L–R: Xiaojing Tang, Yihan Shen, Cecilia Lueddeke, Victoria Deng, Sawsan Seifeddine, Alexia Yankoulas, Nadine Barakat, Fatheyeh Abdul Latif, Madeleine Thompson, Kaajal Sangar, Whitney Gregson-Black, Evangeline McVicar, Mengyu (Cathy) Hou, Sze Chai (Charlene) Yeung, Menghan (Pandora) Wang, Jinghan Qu, Zhirou (Isabella) Ou, Cassidy Bremner, Caitlin Ramsay, Alicia Yeoman, Emily Hannett, Samantha Joice Lugay, Alysha Yacono, Greer Butcher, Akeisha Sandhu, Jayla McLennan, Holly Vella, Maddison Blomberg Front Row L–R: Shengxue (Sally) Hua, Chamathi Wijeratne, Jenny Pham, Ka Hang (Karen) Ng, Huihuang (Florence) Chen, Breeanna Lam, Kristina Fantenberg, Anh Le, Tuscanny Yankos, Olivia Balassopoulos, Xiao Yuan Bu, Phoebe Maher, Paris Vasta, Rawan Rahim, Georgia Carracher, Vanessa Nguyen, Natasha Lee, Demi Bertone, Sachini Hewa Radalage, Yirui (Christina) Deng, Jasmine Lagamba, Sineli Hewamanna, Anni Zhang PRINCIPAL: Ms Meg Hansen

L I T E R ATA 2 0 1 7



S P O R T S C A P TA I N S ’ R E P O R T It has been another incredibly successful year for sport at Westbourne Grammar School. In 2017, for the first time ever, we won two ACS carnivals. We were victorious in both Athletics and Cross Country and narrowly fell short at ACS Swimming, where we finished a close second. Likewise, 2017 has been a year of enormous success in weekly sport, winning countless premierships from the Year 7s all the way up to the seniors. Students have maintained their high standards with uniform, sportsmanship, attitude, competitiveness and behaviour. Throughout this tremendous year of sporting accomplishment, many lessons have been learnt, particularly about the role of community and leadership surrounding sporting success. The Nathan Bourke Program during Term 1 helped establish the robust sporting culture that characterises Westbourne Grammar and

emphasised to everyone involved the importance that leadership and team spirit have upon achievement. The commitment and hard work put in by students towards their sport has paid off and was the main factor contributing to our incredibly successful year. Throughout the year we were supported immensely by the other Year 12 students, especially the Prefects who led the way both on and off the field. We would like to thank everyone who supported Westbourne Grammar School sport in 2017, whether that be winning an ACS Premiership, being a part of a carnival team, or simply filling in for an event at an InterHouse carnival. Alysha Yacono (12F) and Angus Freeman (12S) 2017 Sports Captains

L I T E R ATA 2 0 1 7



J S H O U S E C A P TA I N S ’ R E P O R T S GERITY HOUSE We have been honoured by this commitment and have loved everything about being House Captains. It’s been really fun and exciting versing the other Houses and doing House Sports. We are very thankful to all the teachers and students who chose us for this amazing role. We’ve loved doing sports shed and speaking at Assembly. We like picking the teams and making posters, but the thing we have most enjoyed is cheering on and supporting our team. We are thankful to all of our team mates that helped us to win the Athletics Carnival. We are very proud of Gerity! Lily McLeod (6W) and Benjamin Gill (6S) Gerity House Captains MILLER HOUSE We are honoured to have the opportunity to be the Miller House Captains of 2017 in our 150th birthday celebration of Westbourne Grammar School. Miller has competed in many different sporting activities and has been very successful. Some shields we won were the Swimming Carnival, Basketball, Netball and Table Tennis. We are very happy that everyone in Miller has done so well and have been great teammates throughout the year. We also get the opportunity to go to the sport shed at lunchtimes to give other kids sport equipment to play with. Miller has great team spirit and it has been a privilege to lead Miller House. This has been a very big highlight of our year and we wish Miller best of luck next year; make us proud! Liam Huntington (6M) and Stella Pilkington (6W) Miller House Captain PRICE HOUSE We were very honoured to be the Price House Captains for 2017. We are very proud of all the members of Price for trying their best and cheering everyone on. That’s why we should win the shield for the best cheering! Even though we didn’t win any shields, we were very close in some of the sports. Price came 3rd in Swimming, 2nd in Cross Country and 4th in Athletics. In House Sports, we were very close in some of the sports but not enough to win a shield. It’s an amazing opportunity to be the House Captains and hope the next year captains make Price even better. Athena Avci (6S) and Oscar McNaughton (6W) Price House Captains STEEDMAN HOUSE It was a great year to be Steedman captains. All our team members were very helpful throughout the year. We were very successful and came 1st in Cross Country, Volleyball, Footy, Soccer, Softball and much more. It was cool how we were House Captains for Westbourne’s sesquicentenary birthday. Our team members showed a lot of empathy, courage, and kindness throughout the year. It was great fun cheering on our team to the finish line. We hope next year our House will have the same spirit towards sport. One of the highlights was our team chant. Marty Waghorne (6M) and Chelsea Pivk (6C) Steedman House Captains

100 L I T E R A T A 2 0 1 7


JS HOUSE CROSS COUNTRY On 21 March 2017, we held our annual House Cross Country Carnival with DJ Wyatt again on the decks, churning out the tunes, while also announcing events, place getters, and encouraging runners along the course. His commentary of the day’s proceedings kept the students and parents amused while they waited for their events. We were blessed with beautiful weather on the day, which led to a fantastic turn out of parents, who came to support their children. The Parents Auxiliary were greatly appreciated by all, as they were able to provide a nice cold ice treat to the finishers after they crossed the line, to help cool them down. This year, the track was again redesigned for the 9/10-year-old event, with the purpose of having them run a similar course to the older age groups. The events were, as always, fiercely contested and all the age group winners managed to hold off some stiff competition to take out their races. The age group winners were as follows:

• Under 12/13 Boys Zachary Murphy • Under 12/13 Girls Jasmine Thompson • Under 11 Boys Elliott Hull • Under 11 Girls Taylah Fynney • Under 10 Boys Dallas Greene • Under 10 Girls Meagan Lee Steedman ultimately won the House Cross Country Trophy in a very tight tussle, with all Houses well and truly in contention for the ultimate prize. No carnival could run smoothly without the assistance of all available staff on the day, and the wonderful parent helpers who gave up their time to assist with the carnival. David Fawkes Head of Physical Education and Sport

L I T E R A T A 2 0 1 7 101


J S H O U S E S W I M M I N G A N D AT H L E T I C S The first House Carnival of the year, the annual House Swimming Carnival was held on Thursday 16 February at Werribee Outdoor Olympic Pool. On this morning the poolside area quickly filled with excited Year 3-6 students in their red, white, green or sky blue house shirts, eagerly anticipating the day’s events. With 25 metre, 50 metre and novelty events to choose from, there was something for everyone. There were many closely contested races throughout the day, with some brilliant individual performances. All students did a fantastic job representing their Houses, with a positive attitude and team spirit strongly present throughout the day. The teachers v students race to conclude the program was an additional highlight for the participating Year 6 Students. Ultimately, there could only be one winner with Miller announced as the winner of the 2017 House Swimming trophy with 3119 points! They were followed by Gerity (2754), Price (2512) and Steedman (2424). The fastest swimmers from the day also progressed to the district swimming carnival to compete against various schools from our region. 102 L I T E R A T A 2 0 1 7

Congratulations to all students who attended, plus a special thank you to David Fawkes for organising the event. The success of the day could not have been achieved without support from the parent volunteers, staff and the maintenance team. Harry Wyatt PE Teacher


L I T E R A T A 2 0 1 7 103




Our Athletics team competed extremely well at the District Athletics Carnival on 29 August, with many students receiving ribbons for placing in their respective events. Overall, Westbourne finished fourth in the co-educational trophy, with St. Michael’s taking out first place for the day.

The South Yarra District Sporting Association Swimming Carnival was held at the Melbourne Sports and Aquatic Centre on 1 March. It saw a squad of nearly fifty of Westbourne’s best Junior School swimmers from Years 3-6, take on the best swimmers from the eight other schools from our District.

We had some students perform exceptionally well, securing themselves placement in the next stage of Divisional competition. The students who placed either first or second in their event, earning them Division qualification were: Harriet Morton, Elliot Hull, Aydin Metin, Meagan Lee, Kayden Bartolo, Claudia Giambattista, Kepler Lill, Hunter Braidie, Anthony Tabone, Lachlan McGuire, Charlie Hull, Violet Greene, Georgia Ballan and Athena Avci. Well done to all of our Athletics team for your achievements this year. You all performed extremely well, and showed dedication and commitment to your training. David Fawkes Head of PE and Sport Junior School

104 L I T E R A T A 2 0 1 7

personal-best times on the day. All we can ever ask for is that every student does their best and I can wholeheartedly assure everyone that we certainly got that on the day. Congratulations to everyone who represented Westbourne at the swimming carnival, you did yourselves and your school proud!

We were extremely fortunate that Melbourne turned on a beautiful sunny day and the build up to the event had our students excited about this competition. We were also very fortunate on the day to have so many wonderful parents attend to support their children and this certainly added to the atmosphere, which was electric.

Some outstanding results on the day were:

As always, our students were fantastic in their representation of our school. Their cheering for their peers was amazingly loud and demonstrated incredible school spirit and pride in Westbourne. The students, although enthusiastic, were always respectful of their opponents and race officials and demonstrated sportsmanship before and after their events.

1st place, Girls 11 years 50m Freestyle

Although we weren’t often represented in the winner’s circle, each student gave everything they had to earn points for Westbourne, with most swimmers managing

David Fawkes

Arjun Sharma 1st place, Boys 11 years 50m Butterfly 2nd place, Boys 11 years 50m Breaststroke Nikki Rupapara

2nd place, Girls 11 years 50m Butterfly 2nd place, Girls 9/10 years ‘B’ Relay Team Congratulations to Nikki Rupapara and Arjun Sharma for your progression to the Beach Division Swimming Event.

Head of PE and Sport Junior School


DISTRICT CROSS COUNTRY On an overcast morning on 4 May, we made our way to Fawkner Park to take part in the South Yarra District Cross Country Carnival with a fifty strong contingent. We attended with what we felt was a strong group in most age groups, with a particularly strong under 12/13 Boys group. The students had trained exceptionally well in the lead up and our practice times in most cases were very encouraging. However, the students were well aware that the standard of the other runners at these events is always of a high standard and placing would be difficult in any age group. The first race was the youngsters in the Under 10 Boys, where we had a very encouraging start with Dallas Greene finishing a very strong third place in a tight race. This was followed up with Meagan Lee placing 8th in her event. By the end of those two races we were well aware that the pace of the races was very fast, but the cool, overcast weather was almost ideal for cross country running. The Under 11 Boys race was run at a very quick pace and Elliot Hull, 5th and Peter Hatzopoulos, 7th continued the successful morning for our team. This race was very tight with the first eight places

within seconds of each other. The next race was our Under 11 Girls and the pace was just above our competitors abilities; and with a couple of runners withdrawing through injury during the race, we did not manage to place. However, most of our runners still achieved good results with many running personal best times.

Competitors who made Division Cross Country and their placings

Our strongest team was in the next race, the Under 12/13 Boys. We performed very well as expected, with Zachary Murphy’s outstanding 2nd place finish, Lachlan Martin in 6th and Ethan Ainslie finishing strong in 8th place to qualify for the next level, the Division Cross Country.

• Ethan Ainslie – 8th place

• Zachary Murphy – 2nd place • Dallas Greene – 3rd place • Elliott Hull – 5th place • Lachlan Martin – 6th place • Peter Hatzopoulos – 7th place • Meagan Lee – 8th place David Fawkes Head of PE and Sport Junior School

The last event of the day was the U12/13 Girls. Although the girls who represented us ran their collective hearts out, on the day we just weren’t able to get a competitor into the next stage. We were pleased with the overall performance of the group on the day and it gave us areas to work on for coming years. By working towards specific lap times, we can ensure that our group is competitive and that the students are given every opportunity to succeed.

L I T E R A T A 2 0 1 7 105


A C S W E E K LY S P O R T It has indeed been another very busy, but at the same time exciting, year for sport at Westbourne Grammar School. It is hard to think that another year has gone by and upon reflection it is amazing to think that all that has been achieved was squeezed into ten months. In the weekly ACS summer and winter competition, Westbourne has again led the way; not only in terms of grand final appearances and premierships won, but more importantly in all areas relating to participation and sportsmanship. The performances of Westbourne Grammar teams across the three carnivals have been real highlights of the year. While the swimming team finished second for the tenth successive year, Westbourne was able to take out countless year level pennants and all three major trophies at both the Athletics and Cross Country carnivals.

106 L I T E R A T A 2 0 1 7

Finally, to the departing Year 12s: thank you for your contribution to sport at Westbourne. A large group of you have contributed much more than just turning up on a Wednesday afternoon and being part of your team. The contribution many of you have made to the sports program with your leadership, enthusiasm and overall attitude is very much appreciated and will be sorely missed in years to come. Thank you for your contribution and importantly for developing a better sports program for future students at the School. Matthew Healy Director of Sport


L I T E R A T A 2 0 1 7 107


ACS CROSS COUNTRY 2017 On Monday 21 August, despite the miserable weather, the Westbourne Grammar School cross country team ventured to Bundoora Park for the ACS Cross Country Competition, which we had been diligently training for over the winter months. The course at Bundoora was as gruelling as ever with the added difficulty of being covered in a layer of mud. Having never won the Cross Country Carnival in the ACS competition, Westbourne’s history at cross country has been somewhat of a rollercoaster. We were able to achieve something that Westbourne has never achieved before; winning all three major trophies: Boys Aggregate, Girls Aggregate and Overall Combined Aggregate. There were some outstanding individual performances on the day from some of our star athletes who placed in their respective races: Liana Tarola

1st Year 7 Girls

Joshua Grobbelaar 3rd Year 8 Boys Sophie Meath

2nd Year 9 Girls

Jayden Pisak

2nd Year 9 Boys

Ebony Dodemaide 1st Year 10 Girls William Stomann

3rd Year 10 Boys

Kate Spiteri

3rd Year 11 Girls

Jack Harrison

1st Year 11 Boys

108 L I T E R A T A 2 0 1 7

Michael Szulc

2nd Year 11 Boys

Thomas Rebesco 1st Year 12 Boys Christiaan Weitsz

2nd Year 12 Boys

Not only did these individuals gain valuable points for our school, but they also led the way for the remaining runners in their year levels. Cross country requires the individual efforts of every runner for a team to be successful. It was a result of this combined effort from each of the runners in the team that Westbourne walked away with each of the following year level pennants: • Year 7 Boys • Year 7 Girls • Year 7 Overall Aggregate • Year 8 Girls • Year 9 Boys • Year 9 Girls • Year 9 Overall Aggregate • Year 10 Boys • Year 10 Girls • Year 10 Overall Aggregate • Year 12 Boys Alysha Yacono (12F) and Shihab Deen Mohamed (12D) 2017 Cross Country Captains


L I T E R A T A 2 0 1 7 109


A C S AT H L E T I C S Following countless weeks of hard work at the early morning training sessions, the ACS Athletics Carnival was held on Friday 26 May at Lakeside Stadium. The day saw some great individual performances, as well as strong team efforts in the relays. In total Westbourne l had forty eight 1st places, twenty nine 2nd places and twenty nine 3rd places.

The team ended up winning the following year level pennants:

In terms of individual results there were many highlights. The stand out performances were from Olivia Yacono (9F) and Timothy Gauci (8H) who, based on their individual results were respectively named Female and Male Athlete of the meet.

• Year 12 Aggregate

Westbourne Grammar School students also set five new ACS records. These were: • Ebony Dodemaide (10M) Intermediate Girls 1500m (4:54.54) • Erin Sucic (12D) Year 12 Girls High Jump (1.57m) • Oliva Yacono (9F) Year 9 Girls 400m (1:01.49) Year 9 Girls High Jump (1.58m) Year 9 Girls Long jump (5.42m)

110 L I T E R A T A 2 0 1 7

• Year 8 Girls • Year 8 Boys • Year 8 Aggregate • Year 9 Girls • Year 9 Aggregate • Year 11 Girls • Year 11 Aggregate • Year 12 Boys

In the final standings Westbourne finished first in the Overall Boys, the Overall Girls and first in the Overall Aggregate. Oluwadunsin Akin Ojelabi (12D) and Breeanna Lam (12M) Athletics Captains



Year 12 Boys 100m (A) Year 12 Boys 200m (A)


Year 7 Boys Discus


Year 11 Boys 100m Hurdles


Year 12 Boys Triple Jump Year 12 Boys 200m (B)

Chelsea DAVIS

Year 9 Girls 80m Hurdles


Intermediate Girls 1500m


Year 8 Boys High Jump Year 8 Boys 800m


Year 9 Girls Triple Jump

Timothy GAUCI

Year 8 Boys 90m Hurdles Year 8 Boys 100m (A) Year 8 Boys 400m


Year 8 Girls 100m (A) Year 8 Girls Triple Jump


Year 11 Boys 100m (A) Year 11 Boys 200m (A)


Year 10 Girls Shot Put


Year 10 Boys 100m (A) Year 10 Boys Long Jump


Year 9 Boys 200m (B)


Year 11 Boys Triple Jump

Shakeel MANUEL

Year 9 Boys 100m (A)


Year 10 Boys 100m (A) Year 10 Boys 400m Year 10 Boys 200m (A)


Year 9 Boys 90m Hurdles


Year 9 Boys Shot Put


Year 11 Girls Discus


Year 9 Girls Discus


Year 12 Girls 100m Hurdles


Year 11 Girls 100m (A)


Year 8 Girls 200m (A)



Year 11 Boys 400m Year 11 Boys 800m

Year 11 Girls Triple Jump Year 11 Girls 100m (B) Year 11 Girls 200m (B)

Shakeel MANUEL

Year 9 Boys 400m Year 9 200m (A)


Junior Girls 1500m


Year 12 Girls 100m (B)


Year 7 Girls Discus


Year 12 Boys 100m (B)


Year 8 Girls 80m Hurdles Year 8 Girls Long Jump Year 8 Girls 100m (B)


Year 7 Girls 100m (B) Year 7 Girls 400m


Year 8 Boys Discus


Year 10 Girls 100m (A)


Year 11 Boys Discus Year 11 Boys Shot Put

Timothy GAUCI

Year 8 Boys Long Jump


Year 9 Boys 100m (B)


Senior Boys 1500m Year 12 Boys 800m


Year 8 Girls 4x100m Relay: Madison HARRIES, Keeley MCGUIRE, Ava HATZOPOULOS, Jasmine HANNETT

Whitney GREGSON-BLACK Year 12 Girls Shot Put Hugh GRGIC

Year 8 Boys Shot Put


Year 8 Girls 200m (B)

Year 11 Girls Shot Put


Year 9 Girls Triple Jump


Year 11 Girls 100m (A) Year 11 Girls Long Jump

Calvin LAM

Year 7 BoysTriple Jump

Jennifer LEE

Year 10 Girls 90m Hurdles


Year 12 Girls High Jump

Shakeel MANUEL

Year 9 Boys 800m


Year 10 Girls Discus

Evangeline MCVICAR


Year Year Year Year Year

Year 12 Girls 200m (B) Year 12 Girls Discus

Anthony NGUYEN

Year 10 Boys 100m (B) Year 10 Boys 200m (B)


Year 9 Girls Shot Put


Year 11 Girls 90m Hurdles Year 11 Girls 800m


Year 7 Girls 200m (A)

Christiaan WEITSZ

Year 12 Boys 400m

Year 11 Girls 4x100m Relay: Isobelle SOURIVONG, Kate SPITERI, Kimberley HARRISON, Charlotte MCKENNA


Year 10 Boys 800m

Cassandra WHITE

Year 10 Girls 200m (B)

Year 12 Girls 4x100m Relay: Jane WHITE, Evangeline MCVICAR, Charlotte VINCENT-LORD, Breeanna LAM


Year 12 Girls 800m Senior Girls 1500m

Year 12 Boys 4x100m Relay: Oluwadunsin AKIN OJELABI, Samuel MCGRATH, Matthew BURKHARDT, Jarrod DEBNEY

Year 7 Boys 4x100m Relay: Robert FREEMAN, Calvin LAM, Misha LOTZE, Benjamin DAVIES

Open Boys 4x400m Relay: Jack HARRISON, Shihab DEEN MOHAMED, James MCGUIRE, Thomas REBESCO

Year 9 Boys 4x100m Relay: Shakeel MANUEL, Ujjwal NANDAL, Luke ARMATAS, Max LE GRAND


9 9 9 9 9

Girls Girls Girls Girls Girls

100m (A) 200m (A) 400m High Jump Long Jump

Year 8 Boys 4x100m Relay: Timothy GAUCI, Rallis ARGYRIADIS, Harry AVCI, Benjamin FAIRBANK Year 9 Girls 4x100m Relay: Olivia YACONO, Monique GAUCI-CHUA, Carla HARRISON, Chelsea DAVIS


Year 12 Boys Long Jump

Year 10 Girls 4x100m Relay: Daphne FERABEND, Harriet ASHTON, Jennifer LEE, Alana ANTHONY


Year 10 Girls 400m Year 10 Girls 800m

Year 11 Boys 4x100m Relay: Jack HARRISON, Jack LISHMAN, Alexander BYRNE, Jacob POOLE


Year 12 Boys 800m


Year 10 Girls Long Jump

Open Girls 4x400m Relay: Ebony DODEMAIDE, Liana TAORLA, Alysha YACONO, Olivia YACONO

Timothy GAUCI

Year 8 Boys 200m (A)

L I T E R A T A 2 0 1 7 111


ACS SWIMMING The 2017 ACS Swimming Carnival held at Melbourne Sports and Aquatic Centre on Thursday 16 March was another very successful day for Westbourne Grammar School’s swimming team. After nine straight 2nd place finishes since 2008, there was much anticipation that 2017 could be the year. Unfortunately, that first swimming carnival crown again eluded the team but the day was still filled with numerous positives. Of the seven competing schools the Girls’ team finished second and the Boys’ team finished third. In the overall aggregate Westbourne finished second. Some of the notable individual performances of the day came

112 L I T E R A T A 2 0 1 7

from Hugh Krause (8P), Cartier Vasta (9M), Ingrid Freeman (10S), Luke Stafford (10M), Sophia Hallak and Cooper Read (11S), Marco Soesanto (11D), Paris Vasta (12M), and Robbe Dilissen (12D). Special congratulations go to Marco Soesanto and Paris Vasta who were Male and Female Swimmers of the Meet. Much of the reason for the continued strong performance of our swim team is due to our relay teams, whose success comes from hard work and school spirit. The highlight of the day was winning six year level pennants. The successful teams were Year 10 Girls, Year 10 Aggregate, Year 11 Boys, Year 11 Aggregate, Year 12

Girls and Year 12 Aggregate. It has been another very successful year for the Westbourne swimming team. Congratulations to all the swimmers who represented the school at this year’s ACS Carnival. You did yourselves and your school proud. Robbe Dilissen (12D) and Paris Vasta (12M) Swimming Captains



Year 11 Girls 50m Freestyle (B) Year 11 Girls 50m Backstroke (B)


Year 12 Girls 50m Backstroke (B) Year 12 Girls 50m Breaststroke (B)

Ethan LONG

Year 8 Boys 50m Breaststroke (B)


Year 10 Girls 50m Breaststroke (B)

Cooper READ

Year 11 Boys 50m Breaststroke (B)


Year 10 Boys 50m Freestyle (A) Year 9/10 Boys 100m Freestyle


Year 12 Girls 50m Freestyle (B)


Year 9 Girls 50m Backstroke (B)


Year 12 Boys 50m Breaststroke (A)


Year 10 Girls 50m Freestyle (A) Year 10 Girls 50m Backstroke (A) Year 10 Girls 50m Breaststroke (A) Year 9/10 Girls 100m Freestyle


Year 12 Boys 50m Freestyle (B) Year 12 Boys 50m Backstroke (B)


Year 11 Girls 50m Breaststroke (B)


Year 8 Boys 50m Backstroke (A)

Year 10 Girls 4x50m Medley: Chloe BLACK, Dayna OLVER, Ingrid FREEMAN, Natalie PANOUTSOS

Cooper READ

Year 11 Boys 50m Freestyle (B) Year 11 Boys 50m Backstroke (B)

Year 10 Girls 4x50m Freestyle: Dayna OLVER, Chloe BLACK, Natalie PANOUTSOS, Ingrid FREEMAN


Year 10 Boys 50m Backstroke (A) Year 10 Boys 50m Breaststroke (A)

Year 10 Boys 4x50m Medley: Luke STAFFORD, Ben JOHNSON, Conrad BUTLER-BOWDON, James MCGUIRE


Year Year Year Year Year

11 Boys 50m Freestyle (A) 11 Boys 50m Backstroke (A) 11 Boys 50m Breaststroke (A) 11 Boys 50m Butterfly (A) 11/12 Boys 100m Freestyle

Year 10 Boys 4x50m Freestyle: Conrad BUTLER-BOWDON, James MCGUIRE, Ben JOHNSON, Luke STAFFORD

Year Year Year Year

9 9 9 9

Year 11 Girls 4x50m Freestyle: Sarah BRENNAN, Zali STIEFEL, Kate SPITERI, Sophia HALLAK

Cartier VASTA



Girls Girls Girls Girls

50m 50m 50m 50m

Freestyle (A) Backstroke (A) Breaststroke (A) Butterfly (A)


Year 11 Girls 4x50m Medley: Sophia HALLAK, Kate SPITERI, Sarah BRENNAN, Zali STIEFEL

Year 12 Boys 4x50m Medley: Angus FREEMAN, Jarrod DEBNEY, Robbe DILISSEN, Jack LEACH

Open Girls 200m Individual Medley Year 12 Girls 50m Freestyle (A) Year 12 Girls 50m Backstroke (A) Year 12 Girls 50m Breaststroke (A) Year 12 Girls 50m Butterfly (A) Year 11/12 Girls 100m Freestyle

Year 12 Girls 4x50m Freestyle: Jane WHITE, Whitney GREGSON-BLACK, Phoebe MAHER, Paris VASTA Sarah BRENNAN

Year 11 Girls 50m Breaststroke (A) Year 11 Girls 50m Butterfly (A)

Year 8 Boys 50m Breaststroke (A)



Year 10 Girls 50m Butterfly (A)



Year 8 Girls 50m Breaststroke (B)

Year 11 Boys 4x50m Medley: Cooper READ, Jack BUYSEN, Marco SOESANTO, Zachary MULLENGER


Year 11 Girls 50m Freestyle (A) Year 11 Girls 50m Backstroke (A)

Year 11 Boys 4x50m Freestyle: Cooper READ, Jacob KRAWCZYSZYN, Zachary MULLENGER, Marco SOESANTO


Year 10 Boys 50m Breaststroke (B)

Year 12 Girls 4x50m Medley Relay: Phoebe MAHER, Paris VASTA, Whitney GREGSON-BLACK, Jane WHITE


Year 10 Boys 50m Butterfly (A)


Year 8 Boys 50m Freestyle (B) Year 8 Boys 50m Backstroke (B)


Year 10 Boys 50m Freestyle (B) Year 10 Boys 50m Backstroke (B)


Open Boys 200m Individual Medley Year 12 Boys 50m Freestyle (A) Year 12 Boys 50m Backstroke (A) Year 12 Boys 50m Butterfly (A)


Year 8 Boys 50m Freestyle (A) Year 8 Boys 50m Butterfly (A)

RELAYS Year 8 Boys 4x50m Medley: Leo PILKINGTON, Thomas WILLIS, Hugh KRAUSE, Ethan LONG Year 8 Boys 4x50m Freestyle: Thomas WILLIS, Ethan LONG, Leo PILKINGTON, Hugh KRAUSE Year 9 Girls 4x50 Freestyle: Molly SUTTON, Olivia YACONO, Matilda JOHNSON, Cartier VASTA Year 12 Boys 4x50m Freestyle: Angus FREEMAN, Jarrod DEBNEY, Jack LEACH, Robbe DILISSEN

L I T E R A T A 2 0 1 7 113













SENIORS Girls Basketball (A)


Overnewton Community College

Girls Futsal (A)


Loyola College

Girls Hockey (A)


St Michael’s Grammar School

St Michael’s



Girls Hockey (B)


St Michael’s Grammar School

St Michael’s



Girls Netball (B)


Loyola College




Girls Table Tennis (A)


Thomas Carr College




Girls Table Tennis (B)


Thomas Carr College




Boys Football (A)


Loyola College




Boys Soccer (A)


Overnewton Community College




Boys Tennis (A)


St Leonard’s College




Boys Tennis (B)


Overnewton Community College




Boys Volleyball (A)


St Michael’s Grammar School

St Michael’s



Boys Volleyball (B)


St Michael’s Grammar School




Boys Volleyball (C)


St Leonard’s College




Mixed Badminton


St Michael’s Grammar School




Mixed Beach Volleyball (B)


St Michael’s Grammar School

St Michael’s



Girls Hockey


St Leonard’s College




Boys Football


Overnewton Community College




Boys Soccer


Overnewton Community College




Boys Volleyball (A)


St Michael’s Grammar School

St Michael’s



Boys Volleyball (B)


Overnewton Community College




Girls Basketball (A)


Loyola College




Girls Hockey


Loyola College




Girls Netball (A)


Loyola College




Girls Table Tennis


Overnewton Community College




Boys Soccer (A)


Overnewton Community College




Boys Volleyball (A)


St Leonard’s College




Boys Volleyball (B)


Loyola College




Girls Hockey


Overnewton Community College




Girls Table Tennis


Loyola College







114 L I T E R A T A 2 0 1 7









SENIORS Girls Soccer (A)


Loyola College

Girls Soccer (B)


Overnewton Community College

Girls Softball (B)


Loyola College

Girls Tennis (B)


Girls Volleyball (A) Girls Volleyball (B)







St Michael’s Grammar School





St Michael’s Grammar School

St Michael’s




St Michael’s Grammar School

St Michael’s



Girls Volleyball (D)


Thomas Carr College




Boys Basketball (A)


Thomas Carr College

Thomas Carr



Boys Cricket (B)


Loyola College


2 / 128

5 / 103

Boys Futsal (A)


Overnewton Community College




Boys Futsal (B)


Overnewton Community College




Boys Futsal (C)


Overnewton Community College




Boys Hockey (A)


St Leonard’s College




Boys Softball (A)


St Michael’s Grammar School

St Michael’s



Boys Softball (B)


St Leonard’s College




Boys Table Tennis (A)


Loyola College




Boys Table Tennis (B)


Overnewton Community College




At the time Literata went to print, the Year 7–9 Summer Grand Finals had not yet been contested. L I T E R A T A 2 0 1 7 115


1ST BOYS FOOTBALL Back Row L–R: Samuel McGrath, Jack Lishman, Alexander Byrne, Lachlan Russell, Guy Featherstone, Wil Tattersall, Adam Kaddour, Zachary Mullenger, Dennis Nguyen, Connor Wall (Runner) Middle Row L–R: Daniel Hatzopoulos, Jack Harrison, Daniel Cross, Michael Tsaloukis, Michael Szulc, Stefan Costa, Riley Debney, William Smyth Front Row L–R: Jacob Poole, Ben Johnson, Cooper Read, Nicholas Noye

1ST BOYS BASKETBALL Back Row L–R: Stefan Costa, Lachlan Russell, Wil Tattersall, Lachlan Mills, Aiden Kelly, Darren Hindle Front Row L–R: Jack Harrison, Oluwadamilola Okedara, Riley Debney

116 L I T E R A T A 2 0 1 7

BOYS FUTSAL Back Row L–R: Daniel Dragovic, Kristofer Musura, Oluwadunsin Akin Ojelabi, John Mouratidis, Mitchell Trajcevski Front Row L–R: Max Paspa, Daniel Hatzopoulos, Nicholas Krt


1ST BOYS HOCKEY Back Row L–R: Anthony Nguyen, Robert Weitsz, Logan McPhail, Harrison Brown, Zachary Mullenger, Jarrod Sutton, Joshua Dare, Yoonis Islam Front Row L–R: Harry Fenn, Timothy Holland, Jarrod Debney, Hernie Isorena, Jacob Poole, Oliver Fonsboel, Thomas Yaniv

1ST BOYS SOCCER Back row L-R: Lucas Chrisanthou, Lachlan Van Heerwaarden, James McGuire, Robert McNamara, Mitchell Trajcevski, Daniel Stolfa, Oluwadunsin Akin Ojelabi. Front row L–R: Nathan Maprock, Jacob Krawczyszyn, Christiaan Weitsz, Kristofer Musura, Peter Dimitriou, Anthony Nguyen, Robert Weitsz, Nicholas Krt, Maximillian Paspa

1ST BOYS SOFTBALL Back Row L–R: Lucas Chrisanthou, Alexander Byrne, Samuel McGrath, Jack Walton, Jack McDonald, Alexander Matejin Front Row L–R: Nathan Bezzina, Sean Trewhella, Peter Dimitriou, Christopher Dekleris, Justin Cheung

1ST BOYS TABLE TENNIS Back Row L–R: Alistair Schier, Matthew Teasdale , Feifan Bai, Niklas Malkin, William Maxwell ? Front Row L–R: Thomas Winter, Cheuk Lee, Tuong Au, Jonathan Rigas

1ST BOYS TENNIS L–R: Nicholas Rigas, Jackson Turner, Jonathan Rigas, Matthew Teasdale, Thomas Winter, Sean Spralja, Murray Osborne, Lucas Cameron, William Stomann, Cheuk Lee

1ST BOYS VOLLEYBALL Back Row L–R: Logan McPhail, Lachlan Mills, Matthew Burkhardt, Niklas Malkin, Timothy Holland Front Row L–R: Sam Doyle, Jarrod Debney, Oluwadamilola Okedara

L I T E R A T A 2 0 1 7 117


GIRLS BASKETBALL Back Row L–R: Isabella Ross, Celeste Defina, Alana Anthony, Ella Bradwell, Ebony Dodemaide Front Row L–R: Cleo Mountford, Emily Hannett, Ruby Tripodi, Kiara Palmar

GIRLS FUTSAL Back Row L–R: Isabella Yoseski, Amelia Dragovic, Jane White, Klara Rawdanowicz, Kiahann Namana Front R–L: Chloe Black, Kate Spiteri, Valentina Moroney

1ST GIRLS HOCKEY Back Row L–R: Simran Singh, Evelyn Makris, Charlotte McKenna, Jennifer Lee, Harriet Ashton, Felicity Nguyen, Daphne Ferabend, Emily Jinu, Jessica Novakova Front Row L–R: Jasmine Lagamba, Alysha Yacono, Breeanna Lam, Akeisha Sandhu, Madeleine Ward, Hayley Finn, Georgia Grainger

GIRLS NETBALL Back Row L–R: Ingrid Freeman, Nikita Mohar-Williams, Charlotte Vincent-Lord, Charlotte Harwood, A. Jessop, Cassidy Bremner Front Row L–R: Eleni Moritz, Evangeline McVicar, Sarah Brennan

GIRLS SOCCER Front Row L–R: Chloe Black, Alana Anthony, Nikita MoharWilliams, A, Jessop, K. Namana, Amelia Dragovic, Akeisha Sandhu, Ebony Dodemaide Front Row L–R: Cleo Mountford, Natalie Panoutsos, Breeanna Lam, Celeste Defina, Kate Spiteri, Valentina Moroney

1ST GIRLS SOFTBALL Back Row L–R: Bronwyn Pepper, Georgia Grainger, Brianna Svilar, Brigette Marks, Cayley Chan, Shanaya Parussalla, Michelle Murdoch Front Row L–R: Holly Vella, Sachini Hewa-Radalage, Emily Hannett, Samantha Lugay, Cat-Uyen Phan

118 L I T E R A T A 2 0 1 7


1ST GIRLS TABLE TENNIS Back Row L-R: Eunice Sibal, Sonia Joura, Greer Butcher, Cayley Chan Front Row L–R: Tasha Gacutan, Sachin Hewa-Radalage, Victoria Deng, Isobelle Sourivong, Shams Albrefkany

1ST GIRLS VOLLEYBALL Back Row L–R: Christopher Bagot, Cassidy Bremner, Charlotte Vincent-Lord, Charlotte Harwood, Caitlin Arnott Front Row L–R: Charlene Yeung, Ruby Tripodi, Whitney Gregson-Black

1ST MIXED BEACH VOLLEYBALL L–R: Jack Buysen, Edward Joshua Prevot, Cameron McIntyre, Charlene Yeung, Michael Vaughan, Caitlin McLaren, Amy Caleo

1ST GIRLS TENNIS Back Row L–R: Demi Bertone, Alysha Yacono, Jane White, Carly Gauci, Sanaya Sawhney, Camryn Hills Front Row L–R: Jasmine Lagamba, Emily Thompson, Georgia Grainger, Kristina Fantenberg

1ST MIXED BADMINTON Back Row L–R: Xiaojing (Angela) Tang, Yuxin (Rikka) Xie, Feifan (Harry) Bai, Ziqiang (Jonny) Li, Angkai (Kevin) Li, Hongwei (Charles) Chen, Haoxuan (Jayson) Lin, Sean Trewhella, Xianrui (Peter) Zeng, Chengji (Kevin) Zhang, Albert Tu, Hao Xin (Paul) Li, Jinghan (Hannah) Qu, Jenny Pham, John Lim Front Row L–R: Rijja Malihi, Amanda Chui Shia Teo, Yu Ri Seo, Aditi Gupta, Quoc Minh Do, Huihuang (Florence) Chen, Yuxuan (Betty) Lin, Yuxin (Alice) Ding, Yuxin (Fiona) Zhou, Srushti Shah, Samyuktha Sriganesh

1ST MIXED TOUCH RUGBY Back Row L–R: Jack Robinson, Shihab Deen Mohamed, Nicholas Peck, Murray Osborne, Thomas Rebesco, Lucas Cameron, Joel Tippett Front Row L–R: Georgia Scholes, Evangeline McVicar, Greer Butcher, Sophia Hallak, Kiara Palmar

L I T E R A T A 2 0 1 7 119

M U S I C C A P TA I N S 2 0 1 7

M U S I C C A P TA I N S ’ R E P O R T It has been exciting and challenging leading Westbourne as Music Captains throughout this very special year. There have been many amazing events such as; The Super Soiree Saturday and Bands Festival, the Practice-A-Thon, the Annual Concert, the Junior Piano Competition, the Piano and Strings Festival, the Performing Arts Festival, the Choral Festival and Westbourne Celebrates 2017. It has been a wonderful journey to experience and participate in many of these events and as Music Captains, we are very happy to represent the many musical events Westbourne presents throughout the year. The Annual Concert was held in the world-renowned Melbourne Recital Centre, where many great musicians have played. Tongo was one of the songs performed beautifully by the Junior Choir. This choir was then accompanied by the Junior Band and they both performed a classic piece called What a Wonderful World, filling the hall with harmony. There were many fabulous musical items throughout the concert.

120 L I T E R A T A 2 0 1 7

The Strings and Piano Festival was also a very exciting highlight of the year. All the String Orchestras played in harmony and all the piano duets and duos were executed fantastically. The Junior String Orchestra and the Year 6 Quartet worked particularly hard in the lead up to this spectacular concert. The audience was transfixed by the stunning music that was performed throughout the evening. Everyone presented amazing performances. To the future Music Captains, we hope you have an amazing year just like we have had. Amy Luo (6C) and Declan Kwok (6C) Music Captains 2017


JUNIOR CHORAL PROGRAM Our Junior Choral Program comprises the Junior Choir and Junior Concert Choir. The Junior Choir is made up of approximately one hundred Years 5 and 6 students, while the Junior Concert Choir is an auditioned choir of forty students from Years 5 and 6. Both ensembles provide varied performance opportunities for our upper level junior students. Once again, these choirs were invited to sing at the annual music concert where they performed a Polynesian folk song titled Tongo, accompanied by our junior percussion students. This piece received great applause from the audience. Our second item was a collaboration with the Junior Band. Together, they performed What a Wonderful World, led by our Junior Band Director, Andre Vikas. The Junior Concert Choir collaborated with the Junior String Orchestra, performing Let Go the Long White Sails. A special feature for the concert was the performance of a commissioned work written to honour and celebrate the sesquicentenary. All music

ensembles of the school participated in debuting Stars that Split the Night – another exciting opportunity for junior and senior students to make music together. Choristers also showcased their talents in the Choral Festival and students had fun presenting From Ghoulies and Ghosties and Johnson Boys to their family and friends. The Junior Concert Choir performed Shalom Chaverim and River of Dreams. The evening ended with the Junior and Senior choirs singing The Rhythm of Life. The massed item, featuring all the choral ensembles in the school, sang Ain’t No Mountain High Enough. This was a spectacular evening and was enjoyed by all who were in attendance.

The Junior Choir and Junior Concert Choir must be congratulated for all their hard work and the effort they have put in throughout the year. Special thanks go to Junior Choir Captains, Emnah El Hawli, Sara Al-Mureb, Kepler Lill and Joshua Condon, and to Junior Concert Choir Captains, Harriet Morton and Dhruv Gutha. Belinda Rasen Head of Choral

Our last performance for the year was Westbourne Celebrates at the Melbourne Convention Centre. The Junior Choral ensembles performed with the Senior choristers and musicians to reprise, Stars That Split the Night and Dry Your Tears, Afrika. The evening finished with the whole school singing Man in the Mirror, which was highly enjoyed by all.

L I T E R A T A 2 0 1 7 121


JUNIOR SCHOOL BAND The Junior Band has had a wonderful year, with several students joining after learning their instrument as part of the Year 5 Instrumental Music Class. During the year, students meet for a forty minute rehearsal once a week. The aim of the Junior Band is for students to have a positive experience, and to enjoy what they achieve as a result of performing as a member of the Band. This year, as well as performing at the Sesquicentenary Fete at Williamstown, the school’s Bands Festival and Junior School Assembly, the Junior Band was invited to accompany the Junior Choir at the Annual Concert held at the Melbourne Recital Centre. They played splendidly, performing What a Wonderful World, made famous by Louis Armstrong. The Junior Band performed Dry Your Tears, Afrika with the Symphonic Wind Band and Senior Choir at Westbourne Celebrates 2017. This was quite a challenging piece with many aspects of it designed to challenge seasoned players, but the Junior Band took it in their stride and performed impressively.

122 L I T E R A T A 2 0 1 7

We farewell many Year 6 students whom I cannot thank enough for their hard work and dedication to the Junior Band. I am looking forward to seeing and hearing them progress through the Band Program in the Senior School. I would like to thank Mr Neil Gracey, Ms Sarah Green and Mr Brendan Smith for their excellent assistance and commitment to the Band throughout the year. I would also like to thank the Junior Band Captains, Hunter Bradie and Melissa Karakas, whose assistance and guidance to the younger students throughout the year has been greatly appreciated. Andre Vikas Junior Band Conductor Head of Woodwind


JUNIOR CONCHORD CHOIR 2017 began with an unprecedented expansion of Junior Conchord Choir. Whilst in 2016, we welcomed forty-eight students, this year saw numbers increase to eighty! New students brought a newfound enthusiasm and with every performance they have raised the bar. Our first performance was at the Years 3–6 Junior Assembly in Term 1, singing Little Shop of Horrors. Their next performance was at Westbourne’s Williamstown campus Sesquicentenary Fete in Term 2, performing an encore of Little Shop of Horrors along with Pure Imagination and What a Wonderful World. The Choir also sang at the Anzac Day Assembly performing Abide with Me which is a traditional hymn sung annually in services throughout Australia and New Zealand.

We saw our first ever invitation to perform at the Westbourne Celebrates 2017 event held at the Melbourne Convention Centre in Term 4. The Junior Conchord Choir joined other Junior and Senior choirs to perform an array of choral styles, including a specially commissioned work entitled Stars that Split the Night by Katy Abbott. I would like to express my thanks to Daniel Felton who joined Junior Conchord Choir this year to assist with our ever expanding attendance. Also, my thanks to our Head of Junior School Music, Dianne Robinson, for her beautiful accompanying and enthusiasm for the choir. Holly Sharpe Conchord Choir Conductor

During Term 3 we performed at a Junior School Assembly singing Shelter by Eric Bogle, and at the Westbourne Annual Choral Festival in September singing Perfect Day and The Cat Came Back.

L I T E R A T A 2 0 1 7 123




Mini Minors is a voluntary choir especially for Williamstown’s Year 3 students.

In Term 2 the Choir made their debut, singing at the Sesquicentenary Fete. For this event, they sang three contrasting pieces: Let’s go fly a Kite, from Mary Poppins, Down by the Bay, a children’s echo song and One Song, an uplifting refrain about hope and peace. The choristers thoroughly enjoyed this fantastic opportunity to perform and were well received by their audience.

In Term 1 Mini Minors headed straight into performing with a Junior Assembly rendition of Skye Boat Song. They then began preparation for the Sesquicentenary Fete where they sang an encore performance of Skye Boat Song as well as Frère Jacques in two parts, and How Far I’ll Go from Moana. During Term 3 we had another assembly appearance, performing When Will My Life Begin? At the Choral Festival, Mini Minors sang Animal Imagination, a wonderful work that explored an array of challenging vocal colours, tempi and genres. This year Mini Minors performed at Westbourne Celebrates, joining other Junior and Senior choirs to perform an array of choral styles. It has been a delight to teach this group of dedicated and enthusiastic singing students and I hope to see their love of all things choral continue to develop over the years to come. I would like to express my thanks to Daniel Felton who took Mini Minors during my absence in Term 2. Also, my thanks to Head of Junior School Music, Dianne Robinson, for her beautiful accompanying and supervision of the choir, and to Kathy Hirche for joining us in Term 3. Holly Sharpe Mini Minors Conductor

124 L I T E R A T A 2 0 1 7

At the beginning of Term 3 the Choir was invited to sing the National Anthem at the launch of the School’s new history book, in the presence of the Victorian Governor and other dignitaries. The Choir sang the anthem with such enthusiasm and pride that

the Governor complimented them in her opening speech. In the latter part of Term 3 the Choir performed at the annual Choral Festival. The evening was a great success and the choristers enjoyed performing the piece Happiness and also being part of the massed choir item. In Term 4, the Choir rehearsed brilliantly in preparation for singing at Westbourne Celebrates. The repertoire these Year 3 students learnt was both extremely challenging and rewarding, as it is very special to have the opportunity to perform a commissioned piece alongside an orchestra and massed choir. Zoe Taylor Williamstown Choir Conductor


JUNIOR STRING ORCHESTRA The Junior String Orchestra has had another outstanding year. This ensemble plays a vital role in introducing our string students to the skills they need to play in a large ensemble. Students come to the group at a variety of ages and standards, with older and more experienced players providing valuable role modelling and leadership to the younger students. Repertoire covers many musical styles and we focus on listening skills, note reading, bow technique and performance etiquette.

instrumental role within a large orchestral context. The Junior String Orchestra also gave highly successful performances at the Piano and Strings Festival, and at a number of assemblies throughout the year. The group has grown in both size and stature over the past few years and we are thrilled by the high quality of their performances. Sarah Busuttil Palmer Junior String Orchestra Conductor

One of the highlights of this year was our combined performance with the Junior Choir of Let Go the Long White Sails at the Annual Concert. The opportunity for our students to perform on stage in the world class Melbourne Recital Centre was extremely special, and the students gave a sensitive and moving performance of which we were very proud. At Westbourne Celebrates 2017, Junior Strings combined with the Senior Orchestra for a performance of George Barsoum’s Micromachines. By joining other groups within the school, our students became part of a much bigger sound and gained experience in understanding their

L I T E R A T A 2 0 1 7 125


SENIOR SCHOOL MUSIC 2017 This year the Westbourne Music Faculty has continued to provide special opportunities for students to experience the joy of creating music in a team environment. Across both the Williamstown and Truganina campuses, approximately 450 instrumental and vocal lessons occur weekly. Many students are also engaged in one, or several, ensemble activities that serve to utilise the skills learnt in private tuition and enhance their overall music experience. This year, students in Years 3 to 12 have combined in an unprecedented manner to perform large scale works involving choirs, orchestras and wind ensembles. One of these works, Stars That Split The Night, was specifically commissioned for Westbourne’s sesquicentenary and written by Australian composer Katy Abbott for massed choir and orchestra. Premiering at the Annual Concert at the Melbourne Recital Centre, 250 Junior and Senior School students presented this stirring work and articulated the beautifully emotive text composed by 2016 School Captain Kiara Gashi. Andrew Leach Director of Music

126 L I T E R A T A 2 0 1 7


S E N I O R M U S I C C A P TA I N ’ S R E P O R T The sesquicentenary year at Westbourne has been an incredibly exciting one. As Music Captain it has been an honour and a privilege helping students in younger year levels find their path in their music journey. From week one, our music ensembles began preparation for various gigs and performances. A standout for me was the opportunity to attend Generations In Jazz with the Jazz Vocal Ensemble and Legends Big Band in Mount Gambier. This trip was a special bonding experience for everyone involved, creating friendships between both students and teachers that I will look back on with fondness, long after I leave Westbourne. Following Mount Gambier, we were straight into the School Musical Chicago. Although this was an extremely busy time for Year 12 students, it was the most fun I have had this year. Everyone involved – cast, crew, and orchestra – formed extremely close bonds that helped us to get through the stress of school throughout production week. Learning from Directors Aaron Joyner and Jessica Enes was an incredible

experience for all, with their level of professionalism and kindness shown to every person in the cast. This was such a successful production, I am proud to say, that we have been asked to perform a number at the Victorian Music Theatre Guild Awards in December.

and I am grateful to have had the opportunity to represent students of the music community at Westbourne in 2017. Jayla McLennan (12H) 2017 Music Captain

I speak on behalf of all Year 12 music students in saying the best time we have had this year was music camp. Getting together throughout the school term and holidays, while spending most of music camp together, enabled us to create a memorable camp for everyone. This allowed our year level to bond in ways we hadn’t before, and we all came away from camp closer than ever. We relished the opportunity to help and bond with the younger year levels, creating friendships that have since been maintained. Our Annual Concert A Night Among the Stars was the perfect consummation of our years in the music community at Westbourne. I know that as we leave school and move on with our lives, we will always cherish the memories that we have made in the Music Department. I encourage everyone to pursue their music passion

L I T E R A T A 2 0 1 7 127


MASSED ENSEMBLE REPERTOIRE In October, Westbourne Celebrates also enabled the Music Faculty to combine its forces across campuses and present several massed works. The Junior and Senior Symphonic Wind Bands, in conjunction with all choirs from Years 3 to 12, delivered an inspiring rendition of Dry Your Tears, Afrika which speaks of a country attempting to heal its wounds from slavery and colonialism. The school community were also witness to a version of Michael Jackson’s immortal hit Man In The Mirror, sung together by every single Westbourne student from Years 3 to 12. The power of music and massed united voice, was truly evident in this special whole school moment. Andrew Leach Director of Music

128 L I T E R A T A 2 0 1 7


S T U D E N T C O M P O S E R: G E O R G E B A R S O U M For George Barsoum (12H), Westbourne Celebrates will forever hold dear memories. As a double bassist and promising young composer, he has had several compositions rehearsed and performed by Westbourne ensembles over the past three years. George’s work; Micromachines, written for Junior and Senior Orchestra, and featuring the Senior Choir, opened Westbourne Celebrates to rousing applause. The opportunity to not only compose, but also conduct the debut performance of Micromachines in front of his community, was an important moment in shaping George’s own self-concept as a musician. Congratulations to all students for their work in rehearsals and their boundless enthusiasm for the creative projects they presented this year. Andrew Leach Director of Music

L I T E R A T A 2 0 1 7 129


ORCHESTRA – 2017 WESTBOURNE GRAMMAR SCHOOL 5th Row L-R: Cody Schallhammer, Hao Xin (Paul) Li, Amirrul (Imran) Nasarudin, Niklas Malkin, Elliot Armstrong, Michael Vaughan, James Murphy, James McGuire, Noah Straughan, Byron Watson, George Barsoum 4th Row L-R: Tammy Huynh, Xinrui (Jenny) Shen, Dominik Rawdanowicz, Duncan Hale, Murray Osborne, Klara Rawdanowicz, Luke Grainger, Henry (Harry) Fenn, Auley Ryan, Maggie Zhao, Jennifer Coster 3rd Row L-R: Michael Mercieca, Priscillia Boey, Matteo Vavala, Bronwyn Pepper, Benjamin Krawczyszyn, Jayla McLennan, Arrifa Nasarudin, Joshua Jinu, Andrew Nguyen 2nd Row L-R: Stefanie Thom, Mai-Ling Darbyshire, Tegan Goldie, Cheuk (Herman) Lee, Ethan Kwok, Chloe Black, Matilda Johnson, Joseph Bradwell, Isabelle Pascua, Chrysanthe Liontis, Andrew Leach Front Row L-R: Emily Jinu, Breeanna Lam, Natasha Hidalgo-Cabras, Ryan Straughan, Maisy Sylow, Nicholas Soppi, Georgia Carracher, Laura Hudson-Jones, Immy Gumley, Zali Stiefel, Tehya Nguyen

TEACHERS: Andrew Leach, Stefanie Thom

SENIOR STRINGS – 2017 WESTBOURNE GRAMMAR SCHOOL 2nd Row L-R: Stefanie Thom, Andrew Nguyen, Ryan Straughan, Hao Xin (Paul) Li, Byron Watson, Elliot Armstrong, Luke Grainger, George Barsoum, Michael Mercieca, Tammy Huynh, Fiona Furphy Front Row L-R: Tehya Nguyen, Zali Stiefel, Priscillia Boey, Maggie Zhao, Isabelle Pascua, Jennifer Coster, Arrifa Nasarudin, Klara Rawdanowicz, Emily Jinu TEACHERS: Fiona Furphy, Stefanie Thom 130 L I T E R A T A 2 0 1 7


SENIOR CHOIR – 2017 WESTBOURNE GRAMMAR SCHOOL 5th Row L-R: Chisom Emezie, Georgia Grainger, Emily Maiden, Angus McNamara, Dominik Rawdanowicz, Catherine Bushell, Christopher Stainsby, Christopher Rothwell, Hugh Krause, Wil Tattersall, Noah Straughan, Lou Tumalad, Byron Watson, Klara Rawdanowicz, Henry Fenn, Madeleine Ward, Finn Hicks Bullock 4th Row L-R: Emily Muller, Mia Hodder, Carly Gauci, Rebecca Finlayson, Bronwyn Pepper, Madison Muir, Lily Young, Meriam Hassanian Alobaidi, Stephanie Murdoch, Ashleigh Murdoch, Kate Morton, James Harnden, Itunuoluwa Akin Ojelabi, Amy Caleo, Tyler Van Niel, Amelia Leach, Isabelle Pascua, Tasmiya Naik 3rd Row L-R: Angela McKenzie, Arrifa Nasarudin, He (Isabella) Ren, Matthew Mercieca, Auley Ryan,

Caitlin Scerri, Florence Ibrahimi, Cleo Mountford, Whitney Gregson-Black, Benjamin Krawczyszyn, Alicia Yeoman, Jayla McLennan, Liliana Mill, Maggie Zhao, Isabella Yoseski, John Sirianni, Tessa Harrison, Charlotte Morton, Matilda Johnson, Dante Vavala, Jason Smith 2nd Row L-R: Belinda Rasen, Ari Stiefel, Hayden Burley, Edward Camilleri, Neve Joseland, India Schuurmans, Joan Silva, Guncha Saxena, Madeleine Bryant, Elise Mitchell, Maisy Sylow, Natalie McGill, Lillian White, Mariah Whyte, Simran Singh, Neve McKechnie, Emily Joseland, Ashley Brooks, Eman Khateeb, Calvin Lam, Holly Sharpe Front Row L-R: Ava Stone, Ellie Pallasis, Amelia McConnell, Sasha Skilton, Rachel Bowyer, Ruiyuan (Grace) Zhong, Cassandra Homewood, Saanvi Prabhakar, Shannelle Diongson, Tegan Goldie, Mia Nelson, Anna Van Heerwaarden, Sarah Sherwood, Yolanda Wu, Lauren Thorpe, Alana Chopra, Emily Thompson, Kym Yaniv, Ananya Bose, Ira Jain, Chloe Smith TEACHERS: Belinda Rasen, Holly Sharpe, Jason Smith

CONCERT CHOIR - 2017 WESTBOURNE GRAMMAR SCHOOL 3rd Row L-R: Christopher Stainsby, Christopher Rothwell, Wil Tattersall, Noah Straughan, Byron Watson 2nd Row L-R: James Harnden, Georgia Grainger, Catherine Bushell, Henry Fenn, Klara Rawdanowicz, Ashleigh Murdoch, Diana Hatton Front Row L-R: Madeleine Ward, Jayla McLennan, Alicia Yeoman, Whitney Gregson-Black, Florence Ibrahimi, Carly Gauci, Isabella Yoseski, Lauren Thorpe TEACHER: Diana Hatton, Sharon O’Brien (absent) L I T E R A T A 2 0 1 7 131


ALL STARS BIG BAND – 2017 WESTBOURNE GRAMMAR SCHOOL 2nd Row L-R: Ghaleb Zumot, Harvey Petito, Ned McVicar, Cody Schallhammer, James McGuire, Shaksham Parihar, Brad Bellard, Prathic Sundaram, Neil Gracey Front Row L-R: Kamil Rawdanowicz, Hayden Burley, Chrysanthe Liontis, Gabriela Moraes, Charlotte Morton, Kate Morton, Blake Bradley-Rushbrooke, Marty Waghorne, Jaden Yap TEACHER: Neil Gracey

LEGENDS BIG BAND - 2017 WESTBOURNE GRAMMAR SCHOOL 2nd Row L-R: Amirrul (Imran) Nasarudin, Noah Straughan, Jack Leach, James Murphy, Niklas Malkin, Dale Russell, George Barsoum, Henry Fenn, Julian Petito Front Row L-R: Ethan Kwok, Greer Butcher, Cheuk (Herman) Lee, Duncan Hale, Auley Ryan, Dominik Rawdanowicz, Benjamin Krawczyszyn, Brad Bellard, Victoria Deng TEACHER: Andrew Leach 132 L I T E R A T A 2 0 1 7


SYMPHONIC BAND - 2017 WESTBOURNE GRAMMAR SCHOOL 4th Row L-R: Amirrul Nasarudin, Dale Russell, Niklas Malkin, James Murphy, Michael Vaughan, Matthew Burkhardt, James McGuire, Noah Straughan, Christopher Rothwell, George Barsoum 3rd Row L-R: Cheuk (Herman) Lee, Auley Ryan, Duncan Hale, Henry Fenn, Cody Schallhammer, Murray Osborne, Julian Petito, Dominik Rawdanowicz, Ned McVicar, Benjamin Krawczyszyn, Ghaleb Zumot 2nd Row L-R: Hayden Burley, Joseph Bradwell, Ethan Kwok, Brad Bellard, Victoria Deng, Chloe Black, Kate Morton, Gabriela Moraes, Greer Butcher, Joshua Jinu, Matthew Mercieca, Jaden Yap, Ari Stiefel, Neil Gracey Front Row L-R: Mai-Ling Darbyshire, Emily Yeoman, Saanvi Prabhakar, Isabella Krbaleski, Gabrielle Matthieu, Mia Hodder, Jayla McLennan, Charlotte Morton, Madeleine Bryant, Tsz Ki (Agnes) Leung, Chrysanthe Liontis TEACHER: Neil Gracey

JAZZ VOCAL ENSEMBLE - 2017 WESTBOURNE GRAMMAR SCHOOL 3rd Row L-R: Henry Fenn, Hugh Krause, Noah Straughan, Lou Tumalad, Christopher Stainsby 2nd Row L-R: Adam Cook, Auley Ryan, Byron Watson, Christopher Rothwell, John Sirianni, Benjamin Krawczyszyn, Belinda Rasen Front Row L-R: Madison Muir, Isabelle Pascua, Jayla McLennan, Alicia Yeoman, Whitney Gregson-Black, Carly Gauci, Stephanie Murdoch, Cleo Mountford, Ashleigh Murdoch TEACHERS: Adam Cook, Belinda Rasen L I T E R A T A 2 0 1 7 133


CHICAGO Wow! - was a common response to this year’s annual musical Chicago. Set in the 1920s nightclub sensation Velma (a shared role by Isabelle Pascua 11S and Isabella Yoseski 10P) murders her philandering husband. Chicago’s slickest lawyer, Billy Flynn (Wil Tattersall 10M) is set to defend her, but when Roxie (Lauren Thorpe 11P) also winds up in prison, Billy takes on her case as well. Neither woman will be outdone in their fight against each other in the pursuit of fame and celebrity.

Aaron gave us a very well directed and staged production that looked wonderful due to clever lighting, set design and costume design. Our Choreographer, Jess provided our talented dancers with very intricate moves in the style of Bob Fosse and along the way discovered some new dancers. Our very own Andrew Leach once again provided us with beautiful singing, rich harmonies and a ‘gangster band,’ including staff, two alumni and thirteen current students.

This year’s production was the fourth venture to the Wyndham Cultural Centre and our third year with the production team; Director Aaron Joyner, Choreographer Jess Enes and Musical Director Andrew Leach. We had two sell out shows, Friday and Saturday nights, and an invitation from the Music Theatre Guild of Victoria for a performance at their awards night in December; one of only five productions to be featured. It is a real feather in the cap for the school and the entire cast, crew, orchestra and production team. One of our School Captains Sachini Hewa Radalage 12P acted as Stage Manager. She took complete control of the production once in the theatre.

Thanks must go to Meg Cooper and Belinda Rasen, who were always busy backstage and to our crew, who assisted backstage, sound and lighting.

134 L I T E R A T A 2 0 1 7

It was a pleasure to have been involved with the production once more and to witness the commitment made to rehearsal, performance and stagecraft in preparing a knockout show. The students never cease to amaze us with their talent and ability to rise to challenge. Geoff Hayhow Director of People and Culture (Producer)


L I T E R A T A 2 0 1 7 135


JUNIOR SCHOOL PERFORMING ARTS YEAR 3 A group of sixty-six scientists and four look-alike teachers took the stage on Thursday 31 August, for a spectacular Year 3 Performing Arts Festival. Dressed in their lab coats and wacky wigs, these crazy inventors walked the audience through a poetic science lesson, accompanied by songs, dancing and some off-stage laughter. YEAR 4 The Year is 3017 and our planet is a very different place. There is very little land left for settlement and our brave Year 4 explorers have embarked on an adventure to find a new home. Led by the Sea Captain, the sailing crew that included Captain Price, Captain Miller, Captain Gerity and Captain Steedman travelled to a small piece of land that was rumoured to be in the west, but better known as Westbourne. Congratulations and thank you to the Year 4 classes for your colourful rendition of this adventure. MUSICAL: PETER PAN AND WENDY If you can imagine it, you can achieve it. If you can dream it, you can become it. – William Ward This year, the cast and crew of the Junior School Musical has dared to imagine, to achieve and to dream; 136 L I T E R A T A 2 0 1 7

achieving great things as they brought Peter Pan and Wendy to life in August.

and importantly, to leave our mark on this year’s Performing Arts Festival.

Being involved in a musical such as this, provides significant learning opportunities and rewarding experiences that successfully address the skills and development of students in five main areas: physical, artistic, cognitive, personal and social development. It is the lifelong attributes of teamwork, commitment, selfconfidence and determination that build character, as students bring their roles to life on the stage. The musical this year has proven to provide many opportunities for us to celebrate, to learn, to laugh, to experience, to explore, to create

We remember with fondness and extend our gratitude to the extraordinary individuals who helped bring this musical to fruition. A very special thank you is extended to Katrina Flemingthe director and writer of Westbourne’s version of Peter Pan and Wendy and those staff and students who worked tirelessly over Terms 2 and 3 to enable this to occur. We celebrate and acknowledge our diversity, our teamwork and our ability to have fun. Gabrielle Mullins Head of Campus- Verdon Centre 3-6


L I T E R A T A 2 0 1 7 137


S E N I O R P L AY T W E LV E A N G R Y M E N Performed on 28 and 29 June 2017, the Senior Play was Reginald Rose’s Twelve Angry Men. This jury room tale of one man refusing to succumb to prejudice in order to prevent what he believes is a miscarriage of justice is not only moving and engaging, it is one that is just as powerful and as important today as it was when it was first performed in 1954.

This production of Twelve Angry Men represented a huge amount of dedication and commitment on the part of every student involved, as well as support from Sam Doyle (11P), Grant Finlay, Linda Hogan, Damon Grieve, Connie Parashis, Melvin Tang, Andrea Cairns, Juliet Cassar, and the staff from the Canteen and Maintenance. I could not be more proud of their efforts.

Although the play is titled Twelve Angry Men, female students were cast in male roles. Moreover, the decision not to change the name from ‘men’ to ‘jurors’ evokes the ‘every man’ concept – that we, as the audience, can easily identify with one or more of the jurors, whether we want to or not.

Paul Henry Basilio Director and Producer of Twelve Angry Men English Teacher and Head of Drama

There is no doubt that Twelve Angry Men is a demanding and wordy play. However, with the success of last year’s Senior Play, Educating Rita, and given the interest of cast members in issues such as social justice; Twelve Angry Men provided a great opportunity for everyone to stretch their acting capabilities while giving them a safe space in which to feel angry and disaffected about the world.

138 L I T E R A T A 2 0 1 7

CAST LIST Juror 1/ Foreman..........Auley Ryan Juror 2..............Kane Arnold Juror 3...............Nikita Mohar-Williams Juror 4..............Zali Stiefel Juror 5................ Chengji (Kevin) Zhang Juror 6..............Jackson Turner Juror 7..............Brigette Marks Juror 8..............Isabella Ross Juror 9..............Harry Fenn Juror 10............Dale Russell Juror 11............... Xuncheng (Michael) Qian Juror 12.............Isabelle Pascua

Photo opposite top, L–R: Kane Arnold 11M, Chengji (Kevin) Zhang 11P, Isabelle Pascua 11S, Brigette Marks 11H, Auley Ryan 10D, Dale Russell 12P, Zali Stiefel 11F, Xuncheng (Michael) Qian 11F, Isabella Ross 11S, Jackson Turner 11F


L I T E R A T A 2 0 1 7 139


JUNIOR SCHOOL CAMPS 2017 Students experienced Westbourne’s Camp Program from Years Prep to 6, learning about themselves, others and the different natural environments they visited. The Prep Camp provided students with opportunity to explore Brimbank Park, while Year 1 students experienced the You Yangs Regional Park. Both camp programs gave students a full day of nature based activities to explore and understand the natural environments around Melbourne. The Year 2 Camp is the beginning of Westbourne’s recreation based programming. Students visited Lake Dewar YMCA for a day of

activities run by YMCA staff, with an overnight sleep at our Winjeel campus. Year 3 stayed at the Lady Northcote Camp for two full days for the first time this year. Students were able to build relationships with others that will greatly benefit them as they continue through the School. The Year 4 Camp was once again at Camp Toolangi, taking students into a real bush setting where they could get up close with nature. At Year 5 students took the long bus ride to Valley Homestead, where they got the chance to participate in some action packed activities over the four days there.

The Year 6 Camp was held at Anglesea. Here students braved the elements and went bodyboarding and swimming in the ocean, and also had the opportunity to take in the breathtaking scenery during a half day hike. Jeff Rieniets Director of Outdoor Education Year 4 Camp ‘Do we have much further to walk? Our legs are exhausted!’ We were all spread out in groups and participating in various insane activities. A long bush walk, lightning fast flying fox rides, rickety raft building, death defying rope climbing, wobbly crate castle creations and obscure obstacle courses in the bush, kept us on our toes and challenged our individual and team skills. The weather was kind to us but the spiders a bit too friendly. The food kept us well fuelled and the trivia night kept our brains buzzing. It was great to relax and watch a video on our last night – the bag of chips was a terrific treat to keep us satisfied. Year 4 Camp was so much fun, we can’t wait to find out what is in store for us next year! Violet Greene (4R) and Jaren Tan (4R)

140 L I T E R A T A 2 0 1 7


Year 5 Camp Reflection Following the long weekend all the Year 5 students set off to go to camp. We were so excited! Our first activity was raft building and racing on Lake Buffalo. After this amazing start to camp we got back on the bus and went to our campsite at Valley Homestead. We had an hour or two to see the campsite and get into our cabins. For a special treat later that afternoon, the teachers set up an activity for us, which was a trivia night. For the other night activities we watched the movie Penguins of Madagascar, and on the last night we had a disco. We all loved the night activities because the trivia was interesting, the movie was funny and the disco was so much fun because we found out that Mr Diery was a great DJ! Over the next couple of days of camp we challenged ourselves by rock climbing and abseiling, completing an aerial obstacle course, initiatives activities, a dual flying fox, a drop slide, climbing a power pole, overcoming the vertical challenge ropes and making damper. All the activities were very exciting and fun. The people there were so kind and the food was delicious. After three exciting and fun days, we wished the campsite workers

a good bye and thanked them for all their hard work to make this camp the best. We left to go back to school where our parents were waiting for us. Lachlan Boyer (5M) and Grace Simoni (5W) Year 6 Camp On 8 May this year, the Year 6 students went away to camp at Anglesea. The drive took one and a half hours – we were all so glad when we arrived. It was such great fun with lots of new and exciting experiences. Over the five days of camp we did a lot of exciting activities. One of the favourites by far, was the body boarding. Although the water was freezing cold everyone had a blast and we all got to learn new tricks. That night we watched the movie Secret Life of Pets which was great after our huge day. Mountain biking was also a lot of fun as we rode around the outskirts of camp, and some people learnt how to ride. One of our favourite activities was the high ropes course, where we were 20 metres off the ground and we went around a course that finished with a flying fox. We hiked for 6.5 kilometres. We had to switch leaders and follow the pink tags until we got back to camp. Finally, at the Talent Show we got

to show off our skills and the judges decided who our winners were. While at camp, we also had to do breakfast, lunch and dinner duty. We had to set the table and clean it up afterwards. Camp was great fun and we can’t wait for next year! Mackenzie Braini (6M) and Harrison Grgic (6W) The Year 6 camp at Anglesea was an awesome experience. We spent five days enjoying the great outdoors, learning more about ourselves and building new friendships. We worked in teams to complete a range of activities which both challenged us and taught us new skills. This involved facing our fears to complete the high ropes course or ride the flying fox, building our endurance skills during the bush hiking or the bike ride, learning new skills such as archery and how to successfully complete the low ropes course. Like most people on the camp, we thought bodyboarding was by far the most enjoyable activity. Cold, sun, friends and laughter combined for a great experience! The staff at Anglesea were lovely and the food was great. The staff did a great job planning this amazing five day experience. It was a camp to remember. Aiden Mantzaris (6C) and Sara Al-Murieb (6S) L I T E R A T A 2 0 1 7 141


S E N I O R S C H O O L O U T D O O R E D U C AT I O N Through their active participation in the year-level camps, students from Years 7 to 9 continued to improve their understanding of the school values (Community, Creativity, Scholarship, Courage), whilst learning about themselves and others as they experienced the range of natural environments visited. The Year 7 camp at Portsea was a great opportunity for students to connect with each other and discover ways of building positive relationships in a new environment that was away from the usual school setting. As in previous years, the camp was held at Portsea, where activities were both water and land based and included opportunities to participate in snorkelling, flying fox, giant swing, climbing wall and a tent sleep out. Year 8 students journeyed to Lake Eildon where they loved the breathtaking views of both mountains and water. Whilst on camp, students involved themselves in a wide range of activities, each one designed to provide positive challenges and new experiences of outdoor education. In addition to activities such as bushwalking, canoeing,

142 L I T E R A T A 2 0 1 7

mountain biking and overnight camping; students also hiked up and over mountain tops carrying all their camp items in backpacks, and paddled on Lake Eildon where they learned how to keep their canoes in a straight line. The many rewards of the Year 8 camp included developing a greater understanding not only of themselves and their peers, but also of the beautiful natural environment of the Lake Eildon area. Year 9 camp saw students exploring the majestic Murray river. Over five days rafts were built and then paddled down the river, hikes of varying distances were undertaken and students studied the natural environment and took on leadership roles. Wind, sleet, snow and more wind confronted the intrepid Year 10 group who had ventured to Falls Creek. Due to the severe weather conditions activities had to be altered, but no one seemed to mind. Overall everyone had a fantastic time in the snow with major highlights being learning to ski downhill and cross country. Jeff Rieniets Director of Outdoor Education


L I T E R A T A 2 0 1 7 143


ELECTIVE AND ENRICHMENT O U T D O O R E D U C AT I O N Through participation in the Elective and Enrichment programs, students from Years 6 to 10 have the opportunity to discover the wonders of the natural environment, while improving their resilience through setting challenging yet achievable goals. A key aim of the programs therefore, is to provide students with learning experiences that will have lifelong academic and personal benefits. In a managed adventure setting, students are encouraged to step out of their ‘comfort zone’, have fun outdoors and try new things. Programs available are: • Prefect Leadership Training at Year 12 • The Duke of Edinburgh Award (Bronze, Silver and Gold levels) • Youth Adventure Challenge (Formerly known as the Hillary Challenge) • Victorian School Cycling Championships • Year 9 Enrichment Alpine Camp • Year 6 Mountain Bike Day • Year 6 Canoe/Kayaking Day • Years 7–10 Enrichment Programs Jeff Rieniets Director of Outdoor Education

144 L I T E R A T A 2 0 1 7


L I T E R A T A 2 0 1 7 145


Junior School Debating Team A: L–R Mr Jonathon Hannett, Ananya Nair, Andrew Fagioli, Harriet Morton, Emnah El Hawli

Junior School Debating Team B: L–R Declan Kwok, Amy Luo, Aanchal Sharma, Dhruv Gutha, Ms Annette Murdoch.



In 2017, eight very talented Year 6 Students were selected for the Junior School Debating team.

Debating gives students an opportunity to practise their public speaking skills, present on a range of topics, and test their ability to work within a cohesive team. At Westbourne in 2017, eighty students from Year 7 to Year 12 have taken part in the various debating programs the School offers.

Team A consisted of Emnah El Hawli, Andrew Fagioli, Ananya Nair and Harriet Morton. Emnah was chosen as the captain of Team A and was very proud of her team’s effort during the competition. Declan Kwok, Amy Luo, Aanchal Sharma and Dhruv Gutha made up Debating Team B, with Declan being named the captain of Team B. Within the debating competition, we had two seen debates (which is a debate you have time to prepare for and practise) and two unseen debates (that you only have thirty minutes to prepare for and then perform). We competed against four schools all based around the Geelong area and had the opportunity to engage with other schools. Many of us achieved best speaker awards and we collected lots of wins on the way as well. We really enjoyed debating and will definitely be considering future careers that involve public speaking. Emnah El Hawli (6C) and Amy Luo (6C)

146 L I T E R A T A 2 0 1 7

Westbourne’s Year 7 debating program began in Term 2 and saw twenty students develop their skills in debating, discussing a range of topics from the best animated Disney film to the impact of technology on education. Sixty students represented Westbourne in the Debaters Association of Victoria’s Schools Competition. Westbourne’s students performed admirably once again this year, winning forty out of sixty debates. Twentyfour Westbourne students were awarded Best Speaker during the Schools Competition, having demonstrated a high skill level in the delivery and construction of their arguments. One of Westbourne’s teams (Conor Barnes 9C, Priscillia Boey 9D, Maeve Carpenter 9A, Divine Emezie 9H, Eman Khateeb 9F, Ned McVicar 9E, and Mariyam (Zainab) Naleemudeen 9C) progressed to

the first round of the state finals, having been undefeated in the regional competition. Congratulations go to all students for admirably displaying the school values of courage, creativity, community and scholarship in their debates. Alison Birchall Debating Co-ordinator INTER-SCHOOL PUBLIC SPEAKING In 2017 students competed in Lions Youth of the Year, The Aingers Rotary Club of Richmond Competition, WynSpeak , the ACS and Rostrum Voice of Youth Competitions. There was a mixture of new talent and seasoned speakers with polished speeches and stage presence. Samuel McGrath (12S) and Nathan Maprock (11P) were finalists in the 2016–17 Lions Youth of the Year Competition. This is a leadership award as well as a public speaking competition and asks students about their leadership and community service. Humza Albarki (12F) and Gabrielle Matthieu (11F) competed at the first round of the 2017 awards. We look forward to seeing more from them. Samuel McGrath (12S), Evelyn Makris (11M) and Xuncheng (Michael) Qian (11F) competed


Year 7 Debating

in the highly competitive Ainger Awards, Michael in his second language. We had five students compete in the local WynSpeak Awards; Wil Tattersall (10M), Gabrielle Matthieu (11F), Sarah Sherwood (8P), Angus McNamara (8P) and Tanya Sinha (7P). Wil Tattersall, Gabrielle Matthieu and Angus McNamara all progressed to the finals with Angus McNamara winning the Junior Impromptu Award.

Year 11 & 12 Debating

YEAR 7 DEBATING Back row L–R: Calvin Lam 7M, Tanay Solanki 7P, Itunuoluwa Oluwabuku Akin Ojelabi 7D, Elise Mitchell 7S, Jooyoung Nam 7F, Avsar Modi 7H Middle row L–R: Tanya Sinha 7P, Zainab Albrefkany 7H, Chloe Wong 7P, Sarah Sood 7F, Emeline Toohey 7P, Tegan Goldie 7S Front row L–R: Oudom Huy 7F, James Dillon 7P, Dasula Dharmakeerthi 7F, Arush Kathal 7P, Ashley Griffiths 7M YEAR 11 & 12 DEBATING Back row L–R: Jack Pritchard 11M, Edward Prevot 11P 3rd row L–R: Elliot Armstrong 12P, Sam Doyle 11P, Oliver Fonsboel 11F, Anmol Sethi 11P, Catherine Bushell 12P 2nd row L–R: Alicia Yeoman 12P, Sachini Hewa Radalage 12P, Katherine Stevens 11P, Thomas Yaniv 11D, Nathan Bezzina 11D, Isabella Ross 11S, Caitlin Arnott 11M Front row L–R: Gabrielle Matthieu 11F, Zali Stiefel 11F, Brigette Marks 11H, Charlotte McKenna 11H, Isabelle Pascua 11S, Emily Jinu 11S, Felicity Nguyen 11D

Yuxuan (Betty) Lin (11D), Elise Mitchell (7S) and Tanya Sinha (7P) all competed at the Rostrum Voice of Youth Competition. All were competing for the first time and Betty was competing in her second language. The final competition was the ACS Public Speaking which was hosted at Westbourne Grammar. Shihab Deen Mohamed (12D), Conor Barnes (9C) and Chloe Wong’s (7P) performances did us proud. This year we heard about spiders, what you should not tell your father, growing up Muslim in Australia, Harry Potter and the unlikely hero. Imagination, panache, guts and so much talent! Catherine Ryan Public Speaking Coordinator

Angus McNamara (8P) at WynSpeak

Wil Tattersall (10M) and Sarah Sherwood (8P), WynSpeak Finalists

L I T E R A T A 2 0 1 7 147


TOASTMASTERS Toastmasters. A quirky, yet unexplored name suited to a program that was unfamiliar, yet surprisingly beneficial to those who were willing to step out from within their accustomed comfort bubble. It was the guidance and counsel of Wendy and May, both of whom have had twenty years as counsellors for the Werribee Toastmasters Club that helped shape us to become more confident and outspoken in delivering speeches. Each week a handful of students were required to deliver a speech in front of everyone. Whether that speech was impromptu or prepared, the rewards were numerous. Many students discovered a new-found confidence they hadn’t realised they possessed.

At the end of our course we presented to an audience of parents, staff, teachers and peers. The growth in each individual was clear. The audience was witness to entertaining, thoughtful and, most importantly, well-constructed speeches. Trophies were awarded for ‘Best Speaker’ to Alysha Yacono (12F), ‘Most Improved’ to Natasha Lee (12P) and ‘Best Evaluator’ to Nikita Mohar-Williams (12F).

YO U T H PA R L I A M E N T Victorian politics. The feelings that it evokes might include frustration, indifference or support. Almost certainly it would not evoke an image of 120 young people, residing anywhere and everywhere around Victoria, coming together to share their passions. But to Isabella Ross (11S), Brigette Marks (11H), Jacob Poole (11S), Nathan Bezzina (11D), Zali Stiefel (11F) and Sam Doyle (11P), who represented Westbourne at the 2017 Youth Parliament, this vision became a reality. Given the opportunity to create and debate a bill in the Victorian Legislative Council, the Westbourne team chose to support a relatively controversial bill: ‘Introducing Medically Supervised Injecting Centres in Victoria 2017’, aiming to promote a policy of harm minimisation with regard to intravenous drug use. Much to our excitement, our bill passed in a nearly unanimous vote, and thus was sent to the Minister for Youth Jenny Mikakos for consideration. Perhaps even more meaningfully, after the debate we were approached by several participants who informed us that we had shifted their views on the issue as a whole through our passion and speeches. As well as spending three days at Parliament House, we had the 148 L I T E R A T A 2 0 1 7

opportunity to meet and bond with incredible young people from diverse backgrounds in some rather hilarious recreational activities (highlights being a colossal paint fight and nightly themed dress-ups). Overall this fantastic experience of the Youth Parliament meant we were able to expand our views – especially as they related to current rural and regional issues. Needless to say all six of us had an incredible week, and can’t wait to follow the 2018 Westbourne Youth Parliament team’s journey. Isabella Ross (11S)

Toastmaster students 2017: Jarrod Debney 12M, Natasha Lee 12P, Evangeline McVicar 12S, Jack Vella 12F, Don Avin Ranasinghe 12P, Chamathi Wijeratne 12F, Nikita Mohar-Williams 12F, Alysha Yacono 12F, Xiaojing Tang 12P, Samuel McGrath 12S, Angus Freeman 12S Don Avin Ranasinghe (12P)

T O U R N A M E N T O F M I N D S | D A V I N C I D E C AT H L O N

TOURNAMENT OF MINDS Early on Sunday 27 August 2017, thirty-five excited students armed with props, costumes and instruments, travelled to Deakin University to participate in the regional competition of Tournament of Minds (TOM). TOM is a unique, creative, team experience where students work together to solve a challenge over a six-week period. They are encouraged to explore and experiment with ideas as they endeavour to produce their best solution. This year Westbourne Grammar School fielded five teams, comprising Year 7 and 8 students competing over three disciplines; Language Literature, Engineering, Maths and Science Technology. Each team worked diligently to solve the complex challenges and produced a creative ten-minute presentation. In addition, each team was required to participate in an unseen Spontaneous Challenge on Tournament Day. This was designed to test the students’ rapid exchange of ideas, the ability to think creatively and their group cooperation skills. Competing against 12 other schools, our five motivated teams displayed their talents with presentations that were both entertaining and ingenious. We commend all our participants for embracing the challenge of TOM and working to develop strategies and skills that will no doubt support their future success. Andrea Arnold

D A V I N C I D E C AT H L O N We were buzzing with excitement – full of anticipation for what would turn out to be one of the most academically challenging events of the year, the Da Vinci Decathlon! The three teams representing Westbourne had given up their lunchtimes to undertake weeks of practice, in preparation for the gala event – a competition whereby teams of eight would have to tackle problems in ten different subjects: Maths, English, Science, Cartography, Engineering, Art and Poetry, Ideation, Creative Producers, Code Breaking and General Knowledge. In our first session, each team was handed four challenges, which included Art and Poetry, Ideation, English and Science. Each task proved to be very challenging. We all worked together to solve these challenges. By the end of the day, with everyone mentally exhausted yet eager to listen to the results, we would finally be able to see if our intensive training and hard work had paid off. It was great to see that Westbourne Teams 2 and 3 achieved outstanding results and that the regional tournament was won by Westbourne Team 1 who earned a place in the Victorian da Vinci Decathlon State Finals. Maeve Winter (7H) and Tanay Solanki (7P)

L I T E R A T A 2 0 1 7 149


CAMBODIA CHALLENGE In April Westbourne stepped up to the 2017 Challenge by taking a group of sixty-seven staff, alumni and students to Siem Reap. This basically meant we took two teams at the same time to follow on from the successful single trips of 2015 and 2016. ‘A Team’ was led by Associate Principal, Andrew McGregor, and included staff members Brendan Evans, Tracy Hannett, Clare Meyerhoff and Jade Bradshaw with alumni Jack Robinson and Ally Brown and school leaders Sachini Hewa Radalage, Nikita Mohar-Williams and Murray Osborne. ‘J Team’ was led by Director of Outdoor Education Jeff Rieniets and included staff members Matthew Healy, Louisa Scerri, Gabrielle Mullins and Lorraine Merritt with alumni Kieren Azzopardi and Maddy Scott and school leaders Shihab Deen Mohamed and Klara Rawdanowicz. Both teams also enjoyed a surprise three day visit from Principal Meg Hansen. It was great to have her support and see her immersing herself in our experiences with the children and people of Cambodia.

150 L I T E R A T A 2 0 1 7

The central features of the trip were the visits to our beloved children and staff of the Kampuchea House orphanage and the community work completed in Kompheim Village. These opportunities form the cornerstone of a remarkably moving and valuable life experience. It was a privilege to work with, and share a snippet of the lives of those struggling to make ends meet in modern Cambodia. All members of the touring party did themselves and the school proud. We were all instantly immersed in the Khmer culture – whether building houses, putting up fences, teaching English to screaming youngsters, wandering among thousand-year-old temple ruins, eating the local cuisine, riding on ox carts, bouncing on tuk-tuks, visiting local landmarks, smiling or laughing. Words can’t do justice to the experience we all had and hopefully this short article brings back some happy memories and inspires future travellers. Lee Hi and Arkun Thom Thom (Good bye and thanks very much) Andrew McGregor Associate Principal

J A PA N S T U DY T R I P 2 0 1 7

J A PA N S T U DY T R I P The bi-annual Japan Study Trip 2017 was organised this year. Twenty one Year 10 and 11 students and three accompanying teachers, Dennis Nowak, Kellie Winter and Michiyo Naito, were all set and travelled to our new sister school, Fukiai High School, in Kobe. After forming warm friendships, it was difficult to say good bye at the Shinkansen (Bullet Train) station. In a sad event we mustn’t forget, we next visited the Peace Memorial Park in Hiroshima. We also visited the beautiful white castle in Himeji, and the famous photo scene of the red Torii in the water at Miyajima.

Our travels continued east to Kyoto, Nara and Osaka – all the famous places the students have seen many times in their textbooks and movies. After a hectic five days, we stopped by Atami, halfway between Kyoto and Tokyo. We relaxed in a ryokan, a Japanese style inn, at the foot of Mt. Fuji. The following day, we travelled to Japan’s capital, Tokyo. We watched the Kyojin vs Hansin Tigers baseball match, an equivalent to an Essendon vs Collingwood AFL match in Australia. We quickly visited Harajuku, Asakusa, Shibuya and Disneyland, in a short period

of time. These seventeen jam-packed days were the most hectic time for us, but I am almost certain they were a time the students will remember forever. Michiyo Naito Japanese Teacher

L I T E R A T A 2 0 1 7 151


152 L I T E R A T A 2 0 1 7

Principal Ms Meg Hansen

Front Row L–R Jane Garnham Amrita Ahuja Karen Cooke Gabrielle Mullins Andrew Leach Andrea Elliott Errol Tongs Grant Finlay Paul Barklamb  Andrew McGregor Meg Hansen Louisa Scerri Anne Bright Geoffrey Hayhow Kylie Baxter Nicholas Charlton Matthew Thompson  Matthew Healy Cate Charles-Edwards Sonya Lill Bronwyn Macdonald Andrea Cairns

2nd Row L–R Mary Athans Rebecca Christo Emma Woodall Andrea Arnold Heather Conroy Anah Creet  Helen Toner Elizabeth Reader Georgia Boam  Heather Rich Gabriella Sabatino Malamati Papasimeon Bronwyn Nisbet Lynne Mehmed Courtney Barden Rozalia Hecht Rebecca Kovac  Tonya Cook Jillian Green Rose Reber Annette Murdoch Melissa Davis

3rd Row L–R Jessica Eng Judy Bowyer Divya Koothoor Paige Bell Annette Buchholz Jasmina Jakanovska Debbie Greene Kerstin Keller Rebecca Thompson  Kim Mitchell Nicole Sutton Anne Richardson  Lesley Hayes Barbara Howe Michiyo Naito Caron Condie Angelica Ricci Eileen Langwell  Atsuko Wakida-Henderson Catherine Bellair Megan Turner Shiina Sekio

4th Row L–R Kelly Forward Melissa Avery Madeline Walsh Lyn Franklin Melanie Koetsveld Clare Meyerhoff Judy Eads Channa Herath Tracy Hannett  Debra Leigh Julie Shutie Melvin Tang Sharyn Ciberlin Meg Cooper Joanne Mullenger Chantelle Brown Carol Meekin Vanessa Raimondo  Rachel Snowden Raelene Fisher

5th Row L–R Rodney Goold Brooke Rodgers Stefanie Thom Alissa Beecher Christine Degiorgio Paul Basilio Nellie Marinkovic Jade Bradshaw Nina Wei  Julia Blik-Rang Helen Fisher Lisa Farrell Mary-Lou Callan Michelle Noonan Jane Ellem Brendan Evans Catherine Grech Gary Barty  Amanda Mitchell Rachelle Walsh Rachel Almond Laureen Lansdown

6th Row L–R Catherine Ryan Robert Utting Natalie Van Elst Julie Brophy Linda Hogan Harrison Wyatt Jonathon Hannett Simon Corcoran Joseph Borg  Catriona Jackson Lauren Olcorn Nadia Durrant David Fawkes Michelle Monaghan David Walker Daniel Homburg Damon Grieve Diana Hatton  Nicola Birkett Tim Clemens

7th Row L–R Jane Hodgson Cleveland Meyerhoff Rachel Doody Alberto Enriquez Beulah Watson Jason Smith Cameron Elston Ali Arundale Neil Gracey  Brett Fitzsimmons James Diery Mario Chrisanthou Stephen Evans Ryan Geard Kellie-Jane Winter Helen Gauci Belinda Rasen Amanda Paisley  Brenton Menzies Connie Parashis

8th Row L–R Glenn Condon Stefan Pomasan Benjamin Shafir Graham Long Lorraine Merritt Jeff Rieniets David Newlyn Adrian Michielin  David Felvus  Marcus Michielin Paul Wiggins Sharon Muller Desmond Callan Adam Abrahall Alex Johnson Timothy Horton

W E S T B O U R N E G R A M M A R S C H O O L – S TA F F 2 0 1 7


L I T E R A T A 2 0 1 7 153

S TA F F L I S T 2 0 1 7 SCHOOL BOARD Office Bearers Chairperson: Mr Ilija Grgic Deputy Chairperson: Dr Mark Krawczyszyn Secretary: Mrs Rocio Vucetich Karibian Treasurer: Mr David Stewart Principal: Ms Meg Hansen Directors Ms Claire Brown Mr Ian Fox Mr David Horvath Mrs Diane John Mr John McElvaney Mrs Shona Taylor

SCHOOL EXECUTIVE Meg Hansen Principal BA, DipTeach, MA (Hons), PGradDipArts, SecTeachDip, FACE, FACEL, AICD Andrew McGregor Associate Principal BSc, DipEd, MEd Louise Mahony Head of Senior School BSc, GradDipEd, GradCertRE, GradDipDiet Paul Barklamb Head of Junior School BEd, DipTeach, GradDipEdAdmin, GradCertSpEd, CertGiftedEd Louisa Scerri Deputy Head Senior School BASc, GradDipEd Kylie Baxter Deputy Head Junior School BEd, PGradDipEd Grant Finlay Director of Learning Senior School BA, DipEd, QTS Geoff Hayhow Director of People and Culture BEd, MEd Nicholas Charlton Director of Strategic Technologies BAComp (Hons) Anne Bright Director of Development BA (Hons), DipEd Errol Tongs Business Manager CA, ACIS

SCHOOL CHAPLAIN Reverend Matthew Thompson BComm, LLB, DipMin

ACADEMIC STAFF SENIOR SCHOOL Adam Abrahall BSc, GradDipEd Jarrod Adams BA, BCom (Hons) PGradDipT Amrita Ahuja BComm (Hons), BEd, MCom 154 L I T E R A T A 2 0 1 7

Rachel Almond BSc, GradDipEd, MEd(Hons) Alexzandra Arundale BExScMv, BApSc, MTeach Melissa Avery BCD, GradDipEd Paul Basilio BA, BEdTeach Alissa Beecher BA, GradDipEd Paige Bell BA, GradCertComp, GradDipEd Catherine Bellair BA, BSc (Hons), GradDipEd, MEd (Student Wellbeing) Alan Bennetto BSurv, Dip Ed Alison Birchall BA, BTeach, MEd Nicola Birkett BA, GradDipEd Julia Blik-Rang BA, GradDipSecEd Jade Bradshaw BEd(PhysEd), CELTA, GradCertTeach Annette Buchholz BEd Desmond Callan BEd, GradDipJap Mary-Louise Callan BEd Catrin Charles-Edwards BBEnv, BEd April Cincotta BAppSc, GradDipEd Timothy Clemens BSc(Hons), BEd Adam Cook BMus(Hons), DEM, AMusA Tonya Cook BEd Meg Cooper BA, MT Regina Edwards BSc (Hons) PostGradDip. Brendan Evans BAppSc, GradCertAppSc, GradDipEd Stephen Evans BAppSc, MEd Lisa Farrell BComm, GradDipEd David Felvus BEd Grant Finlay BA, DipEd, QTS Brett Fitzsimmons DipTeach, GradDipCS. MTech Fiona Furphy BA, BMus, GradDipEd Jane Garnham BA, GradDipEd, GradDipLitEd

Helen Gauci BEd, DipTeach Ryan Geard BEd Rodney Goold BSc, DipEd Neil Gracey BMusP, GradDipEd, MTeach Deborah Greene BSc, BSc (Hons), GradDipEd, PhD Damon Grieve BA, GradDipSecEd Rachel Griffin BA, BEd (Hons) Kelly Harding BA (Law), PGCE Lesley Hayes BAppSc, GradDipBusMgmt, GradDipEd Geoffrey Hayhow BEd, MEd Matthew Healy BAppSc (PhysEd), DipEd, MA Rozalia Hecht BAppSc (Hons), BA, MAPsych Linda Hogan BA, BVA, MTeach Daniel Homburg LLB BA GradDipEd Timothy Horton BA, DipEd Barbara Howe BEd Sandra Jenkins BA, DipEd, GradCert TESOL Alex Johnson BA, GradDipEd John Johnson BAppSc, DipBusSt, DipEd Kerstin Keller BA, GradDipEd, LLB Melanie Koetsveld BSci, GradDipEd Eileen Langwell BSc Andrew Leach AssocDipMus, BMus, DipEd Debra Leigh BSc (Hons), PGCE Sonya Lill BEd Graham Long BSc (Hons), GradDipEd Bronwyn Macdonald BA, Grad DipChildLit, GradDipEd Louise Mahony BSc, GradDipEd, GradCertRE, GradDipDiet Kate Mansell BA (Hons), GradCert(PubEd), GradDipEd, PhD Andrew Mark BSc, GradDipEd Andrew McGregor BSc, DipEd, MEd Allison McPhee BEd(Mathematics), MAAppL(Literacy), MBA Carol Meekin

S TA F F L I S T 2 0 1 7 BSc, GradDipEd Lorraine Merritt BEd(PhysEd) Clare Meyerhoff MA (Hons), PGradCertEd Adrian Michielin BPsych, GradDipEd Marcus Michielin BE (Mech), DipEd Amanda Mitchell BA, GradDipEd Kylie Mobilia BA, DipEd, MEd Joanne Mullenger BE (Hons), GradDipEd Sharon Muller BBus, GradDipEd, MEd Michiyo Naito BA, MA, MAL David Newlyn MSc, PGradDipEd Dennis Nowak BA (Hons), GradDipEd Sharon O’Brien BMusEd Vanessa Ottrey DipCouns (Christian), AdvDip. Couns (Christian). Malamati Papasimeon BSc, GradDipEd Michelle Pilditch BEd Stefan Pomasan BESS, DipEd Vanessa Raimondo BA, BA (Hons), GradDipEd, MFA Belinda Rasen BMus, DipEd Rose Reber BA, BEd, HonsFA Angelica Ricci BDes, GradDipEd Jeffrey Rieniets BAppScHM, CertIV TrAs, GradDipSecEd Brooke Rodgers BA, BA(Hons), BEd Catherine Ryan BEd, CertIVTrainAs, MBIT Gabriella Sabatino BEnvSc(Hons), MEd Louisa Scerri BASc, GradDipEd Benjamin Shafir BBus, DipFinServ, MT Jason Smith BMus (Hons), GradDipEd Stefanie Thom BEd, MMusPerf Rebecca Thompson BSc, PGradEd

Megan Turner BEd, PGradDipEd Robert Utting BA, PGradDipEd Andre Vikas BMus(Hons), GradDipEd Atsuko Wakida-Henderson BA, GradDipEd, MA Rachelle Walsh BSc (Hons), GradDipEd, GradDipMet Irene Wang BA, MA(Hons) Joshua Wang GradDipEd Beulah Watson BMus Nina Wei BArchae, MSc (Hons), MT Paul Wiggins BSc (Hons), GradDipEd Kellie-Jane Winter BA(Hons), BEd(Arts), GradDipPsych, PGradDipEd

ACADEMIC STAFF JUNIOR SCHOOL Nicole Armatas BEd, DipEd Courtney Barden BA, GradDipEd, MEd Paul Barklamb BEd, DipTeach, GradDipEdAdmin, GradCertSpEd, CertGiftedEd Gary Barty DipTeach, GradDipEd, ACAL(Jap) Kylie Baxter BEd, PGradDipEd Georgia Boam BA, DipEd, GradDip, QTS John Borg BEd Chantelle Brown BEd, BA, MEd Audrey Buttigieg Cardona BEd(Hons) Andrea Cameron BEd, Dip Teach Mario Chrisanthou BEd Simone Chrisanthou BEd (Primary) Rebecca Christo BEd Asher Colvin BEd (Hons), MEd Simon Corcoran BEd Anah Creet BFineArts, BEd Melissa Davis BEd (Hons) Christine Degiorgio BEd, BEd (Primary), GradDipEd Alison Diamond BA (Education), BEd James Diery BA, BEd (Primary) Jane Ellem BEd, MEd Andrea Elliot BEd, DipTeach, PGradDipEd

Cameron Elston BMusEd (Hons), CertTeach (Prim) KODCE,Cert Teach, LMusAus David Fawkes BEd(PhysEd) Lynette Franklin BEd(Prim), DipTeach, MEdStud, PGradDipEd Catherine Grech BEd Jillian Green DipTeach Jonathon Hannett BEd Tracy Hannett BEd Diana Hatton AssocDipMus, BMus, Dip Ed, LMusAus Vera Hillas BMus, GradCertMus Jane Hodgson BEd Catriona Jackson BEd(Prim) Rebecca Kovac BECE Diana Liston BASc (Hons), DipEd Lynne Mehmed BEd Brenton Menzies BEd(Prim) Cleveland Meyerhoff MA, Grad DipEd Kim Mitchell BA, BA (Hons) Michelle Monaghan BEd (Hons) Susan Moxey BBus, DipEd Gabrielle Mullins BEd, DipTeach, GradDip, MEd Annette Murdoch BEd, DipTeach Melissa Murray BEdTeach Bronwyn Nisbet BEd (Hons), MEd Donna 0’Brien BA, GradDipEd Keisuke Ogawa BBus, GradDipEd Rebecca Ratu BEd(Prim) Elizabeth Reader BEd, DipEd Anne Richardson BBus, GradCertMgDev, GradDipEd, MBA Dianne Robinson AssocDipMus, DipTeach, GradDipEd Shayne Robson BA, CertIVHRH, MT Julie Shutie BEd, PGradDipEd Nicole Sutton BEd, DipEd Helen Toner BA, GradCertCI, GradDipEd Tanya Turczyniak BEd L I T E R A T A 2 0 1 7 155

S TA F F L I S T 2 0 1 7 Natalie Van Elst DipTeaching(Primary), GradDipSpecEd Emma Vasilevski BEdTeach David Walker DipTeach, GradDipEdAdmin, GradDipScEd, MEd Emma Woodall BEd(Primary), BEd(Teach) Harrison Wyatt BEd(PhysEd)

TEACHING AIDES Andrea Arnold BA(Hons) Sylvia Chambers Jade Holloway Lauren Houareau Susan Plant Elizabeth Streets

CASUAL MUSIC STAFF James Annesley BMus(Hons) Joseph Beckitt BMus, MMusPerf Joseph Borg BEd, DipRec Sarah Busuttil BMus Daniel Felton Sarah Green BMusEd (Hons) Ian Haines Edwina Kayser AssocDipMus, BMus, MMusPerf, PGradDipOT Jennifer Lund Belinda Mak Patrick McMullin Madeline Roycroft Fiona Ruth Holly Sharpe Brendan Smith Ian Southwood BA Zuzana Suster BMusEd Zoe Taylor

AMICI – WESTBOURNE EARLY LEARNING CENTRE Mary Athans Crystal Baldacchino DipECEC Debbie Ball CertIIICC Stephanie Carroll DipChildServ Eliza Cavalida DipECEC Lina Chen CertIIICC, DipChildServ Heather Conroy BEd, DT(EC), MEd Andrew Curmi DipCS Hanna Daniel CertIIICC, Dip Child serv 156 L I T E R A T A 2 0 1 7

Christine Donohue CertIIICC Nadia Durrant BECS Elisha Gillespie CertIIICC Najwa Hamra CertIIICC Irene Hashmi CertIIICS, DipECEC Indya Jewell Leanne Lloyd DipCS Lauren Olcorn BA, DipCommServ, GradDipEC Gabrielle Petruccelli Sharon Portelli DipCS Stacey Robinson Margaret Scott Kirsty Shepherd Polixeni Tepelis DipCommServ Chantelle Xerri



Pam McCLure

Prue Baum B Nursing, CertIVTrainAs, GradDipMid, RNDiv1 Meredith Beardmore BMus (Hons), MinfSt, MMusPerf Brenda Black Tina Black Judy Bowyer Anne Bright BA (Hons), Dip Ed Julie Brophy DipLibInfSt Andrea Cairns Anna-Maria Calabretta Eleanor Caldwell B Nursing, RNDiv1, Immunisation Practitioner Juliet Cassar Nicholas Charlton BAComp (Hons) Sharyn Ciberlin Adv Cert CI Man, Apprenticeship Caron Condie Paul Condon Amanda Congdon Timothy Cook Ann Daillidis Cathy Dekievit BA, DipLibInSt Paula Delves Rachel Doody Judy Eads Matthew Ellis Alberto Enriquez BE(Elec) Yvonne Fenton Lennie Fester CertIVOHS, CertIVTAE, ImmPract, ParaSt, RNDiv1, Immunisation Practitioner Raelene Fisher Kelly Forward Fouzia Fourie Elke Giantsis Euan Gibson

Christopher Gilham Alejandra Godoy BSc Karen Hall BA Shirley Hanley Rozalia Hecht BA, BAppSc (Hons), MAPsych Dhammika Herath BBus(InfoServ), MIM Susan Hodgson Jasmina Jakanovska AdvCertTech Susan Johnston BA (Hons), DipEd, BEd, MEd(Admin), PhD Divya James Koothoor Janet Leckie Nellie Marinkovic Michelle Noonan BBSc, DPsychClinPsych, PGDP Linda North BA, MA Fiona O’Connor BA, GradDipPsyA, MAEdPsy Kirsty Orange CertIVTrainAs Amanda Paisley Connie Parashis BBus Annette Perry David Potter DipIT Heather Rich Rachel Snowden DipLibInSt Melvin Tang BA (Digital Media) Jessica Taylor Errol Tongs CA, ACIS Karryn Vilinskis Madeline Walsh

MAINTENANCE STAFF Karen Balla Steven Biddle Paul Donnellan Tracy Fox Craig McDonald Jason Poggi Lucy Saunders Stuart Stanford Nicholas Summit Christos Theophanous Ryan Wills Marcus Worrall



Taylah Fynney Ruby Streit Anthony Tabone

Angus Freeman Alysha Yacono

Zachary Garnsworthy Scarlett McConnell Haiteng Xia

ACADEMIC EXCELLENCE – YEAR 6 Sara Al-Murieb Liam Huntington Madison Muscat

Kavish Chandra Pranav Matha Jasmine Thompson

ACADEMIC EXCELLENCE – YEAR 7 Calvin Lam Tegan Goldie Domenic Borg

Madeleine Bryant Shenyi Wang Dasula Dharmakeerthi




Joshua Jinu Lola Ilic Renee Kennedy

Jarrod Debney Georgia Grainger

Kym Yaniv Ashleigh Paull Nimashi Singankutti-Arachchi


Divine Emezie Spartan Nandal

Conor Barnes

Arrifa Nasarudin

ACADEMIC EXCELLENCE – YEAR 10 Shams Albrefkany Cat-Uyen Phan Tasha Gacutan Jacqueline Cassetta Siyuan (Julia) Liu Finn Hicks Bullock Ingrid Freeman




General Excellence Christine Ly Emily Jinu Thomas Yaniv



Isabella Ross


Brigette Marks


Isabella Ross



Cayley Chan

Klara Rawdanowicz


Brigette Marks


Shiva Rajmohan

Health and Physical Education Stefan Costa Mathematics

Yindan (Eden) Xu

OUTSTANDING ACADEMIC ACHIEVEMENT – YEAR 12 General Excellence Alysha Yacono Sachini Hewa Radalage Yuandong Wang Commerce

Marion Tiong


Madeleine Pickup

Health and Physical Education Alexandra Jessop Humanities

Caitlin McLaren


Matthew Burkhardt


Lochlann Trinh

Albert Tu



THE CLASS OF 2016 Described as enthusiastic, creative and engaged in their learning, the Class of 2016 continued Westbourne’s fine record of academic success in VCE, achieving some very impressive individual performances across a wide range of subjects. These excellent results were a reflection of the hard work and commitment of the year group as a whole and the professionalism of their teachers. The school is extremely proud of what each member of the Class of 2016 accomplished throughout last year, not only academically but also in the numerous sporting, cultural, leadership and service activities in which they involved themselves with such commitment and enthusiasm. As is evidenced by the very high percentage of students who have since progressed to further education, Westbourne’s strong focus on achieving successful learning outcomes means that an impressive number of the Class of 2016 are now enrolled in a wide range of courses that include: medicine, law, sciences, engineering, information technology, arts, commerce, architecture and building. For these students, the universities represented are: University of Melbourne, Deakin University, 158 L I T E R A T A 2 0 1 7

RMIT University, Monash University, Swinburne University of Technology, LaTrobe University, Australian Catholic University, University of Adelaide and Victoria University. Congratulations are extended to the Dux of 2016, Kulunu Dharnakeerthi who achieved an ATAR of 99.96 and Kiara Gashi (School Captain 2016) who achieved an ATAR of 99.25. Thirty-three students achieved an ATAR of 90.00 or above, with some of the high achievers being Christina Popa (98.85), her twin brother Matthew Popa who achieved a perfect study score of 50 for English, Vinh Hong (98.85) and Christian Moso who received a perfect study score of 50 in Media. Similarly, our international students did very well, with four receiving ATARs above 90.00. Thu Nguyen and Nhien Huynh, both from Vietnam are to be especially congratulated having received ATARs of 97.45 and 96.65 respectively. Westbourne Grammar strives to prepare its students for life beyond school by equipping them with the range of academic skills that will provide a firm foundation not only for lifelong learning but a smooth progression into an innovative, globally connected, migratory workforce.

In summary: • 2.4% of students achieved an ATAR of 99.00 or above in the top 1% in the country • 11% of students achieved an ATAR of 95.00 or above in the top 5% of the country • 27% of students achieved an ATAR of 90.00 or above in the top 10% in the country. This result is nearly three times the national average. • 52% of students achieved an ATAR of 80.00 or above and are ranked in the top 20% of the country • The median ATAR was 81 • Two perfect study scores of 50 – in English and Media • Overall, there were 98 subject scores over 40.

STUDENT ROLL 2017 AMICI Tanusha Adusumalli Abdullah Albrefkany Hasan Albrefkany Andia Ali Akbari Gabriel Ammouchi Kellan An Ariana Anderson Renae Arora Hady Ashraf Dania Baig Rania Baig Isha Balmuri Aaliya Bassi Neel Bhatt Anaahat Brad Rishaan Busam Julian Buttigieg Lucas Buttigieg Dominic Buxton Braxton Carroll Storm Carroll Jackson Court Elias D’souza Vedanshi Dhull Lexi Ding Thomas Duxson Rohin Dyer Adam El Hawli Fatima El Hawli Ruben Evans Rayyan Faruque Maya Fawkes Caitlin Firth Benjamin Fisher Nicoleta Floudas Emilia Forbes Casey Gibson Sam Gilham Carla Godoy Bande Hamilton Grant Aiden Handa Kaitlin Ho Kirin Ho Fraser Hodgson Alexander Holoyda Addison Homburg Levi Hopper Nate Hunter Kaise Huynh Mackenzie Jankovic Rahal Jayasinghe Jada Jennings Felix Jia William Johnston James Johnstone Luca Jordan Ayanna Kabra Amaya Kakar Anvi Katipally Laura Klaer William Klaer Alex Knowles Jack Knowles Taeyung Kostyk Marita Lee Yijia Li

Mia Liu Sarah Liu Dylan Lu Ethan Lu Lucas Mabbott Akot Deng (Phillip) Majak Cooper Malone Isabella (Bella) Maprock James Marasea Emily McCalman Ava McClure Emily McClure Eliza Menzies Isabella Menzies Bowie Merryweather Hudson Merryweather Sanvi Miglani Vivaan Mittal Daisy Monaghan-Lewis Marcus Morgan Rachna Mukherjee Olivia Nguyen Lachlan Nibloe Meagan Nisbet Patrick Nisbet Hinata Padilla Trishika Paladugu Blake Partelle Lachlan (Lachie) Passauer Thomas Passauer Maia Pataridis Mehr Patel Celeste Peroulis Emily Pham Hazawar Rana Ratu (Isaiah) Ratu Blake Robinson Emilie Robinson Natalie Robson Dhilan Sanjeevan Saffron Scognetti Shiven Shah Neel Sharma Harrison Shutie Ana Siatos Mary Siatos Aarvin Singh Amaira Singh Riaan Singh James Snowden Cormac Tardif Ava Tawachi Samaira Thapar Archer Thomas Emily Thompson Finley (Fin) Thompson Elliot Van Leest Luca Veneziano Amelia Wang Sophia Wang Yifan Wang Edward Wardan Mila Wijaya Celine Wong Sylvia Wu Layla Yacono Vihaan Yamarthi

Tiffany Yang Declan Zamora Charlie Zhang Jayden Jin Long Zhu

TRUGANINA Louis Abbott Ayeesha Abdullatif Fatheyeh Abdullatif Mohammed Abdullatif Sarah Abdullatif Joshua Acciarito Emilia Acciarito Fiona Agustin Sara Ahlawat Kush Ahlawat Ajuni Ahuja Angad Ahuja Ethan Ainslie Markus Ainslie Tolulope Akinbiyi Itunuoluwa Oluwabuku Akinojelabi Oluwadunsin Akinojelabi Sara Al-Murieb Humza Albarki Shams Albrefkany Zainab Albrefkany Leia C Alderwood Elena Alexiou Tana Alispahic Yusuf Alkamil Yara Alkamil Clare Allen Varun Alluri Meriam Hassanian Alobaidi Omar Altaleb Dema Altaleb Midhad Aman Yu Xiang An Emily Andrews Max Andrews Alana Anthony Kate Antoski Charlotte Antoski Mia Aprikidis Nicholas Arapakis Jayden Archer Rallis Argyriadis Luke Armatas Mia Armatas Elliot Armstrong Sienna Armstrong Kane Arnold Caitlin Arnott Ayesha Arya Saniya Arya Hakeem Ashraf Harriet Ashton Aaron Aslamzhitnik Marcus Atanasovski Isabelle Atchinson Emily Attard Mary Attard Tuong Au Christopher Aubrey Harrison Aubrey Ross Audley

Athena Avci Harry Avci Kaito Ayai-Yap Shayan Ayaz Oliver Azzopardi Emily Bagshaw Feifan Bai Olivia Balassopoulos Georgia Ballan Heath Ballan Sophia Ballan Krish Balmuri Max Baltas John Baltas Prince Karl Banzon Adel Barakat Nadine Barakat Madeline Barakat Ava Barnes Conor Barnes Zack Barrese George Barsoum Kayden Bartolo Azra Basic Layla Bastick Austin Beattie Toby Beattie Lucas Beckwith Meili Beckwith Ella Behrens Lucy Behrens Oliver Behrens Brad Bellard Demi Bertone Nathan Bezzina Ewan Bezzobs Evaan Bhagwani Riyan Bhagwani Myra Bhasin Riyan Bhasin Aanya Bhavsar Jack Billington Oscar Black Chloe Black Yianni Blanas Alexander Blomberg Maddison Blomberg Gemma Board Priscillia Boey Ethan Borg Domenic Borg Madison Borg Jun Bortoletto Lumi Bortoletto Ananya Bose Natalia Bowditch Rachel Bowyer Lachlan Boyer Benjamin Boyer Blake Bradley-Rushbrooke Harry Bradshaw Ella Bradwell Joseph Bradwell Thomas Braham Hunter Braidie Mackenzie Braini Beau Brecely L I T E R A T A 2 0 1 7 159

STUDENT ROLL 2017 Cassidy Bremner Sarah Brennan Brock Britton Jackson Brook Ashley Brooks Harrison Brown Alexander Brown Sophie Bryant Madeleine Bryant Xiao Yuan Bu Jessica Bui Mackenzie Bull Matthew Burkhardt Hayden Burley Nived Burugadha Arhan Busam Emily Bush Catherine Bushell Javiera Bustos Keely Butcher Greer Butcher Conrad Butler-Bowdon Daniel Buysen Jack Buysen Alexander Byrne William Byrne Yonglian Cai Joshua Cairns Tara Calderwood Amy Caleo Sofia Caligiuri Lucas Cameron Edward Camilleri Oscar Campbell Ruby Campbell Hongkun Cao Siannah Cardaciotto Anton Cardaciotto Ella Carlin Tiffany Carlin Billie Carolin-Vandenberg Jessie Carolin-Vandenberg Maeve Carpenter Georgia Carracher Mariana Carreno-Blanco Nicolas Carreno-Blanco Tyler Carrington Sean Carroll-Taafe Lachlan Carthew Olivia Casabene Pip Casabene Jessica Cassar Daniel Cassetta Jacqueline Cassetta Simone Cassetta Antonio Castello Aarush Challa Cayley Chan Kavish Chandra Tadhg Charleston Ewan Charlton Aman Chaudhari Jival Chaudhary Dylan Cheah Anuj Cheeyandirayashavantha Felicia Chen 160 L I T E R A T A 2 0 1 7

Peng Chen Renze Chen Anni Chen Hongwei Chen Huihuang Chen Josh Chen Ryan Chen Siyuan Chen Tingnuo Chen Xiaohua Chen Xiaoying Chen Chen Cheng David Cheng Justin Cheung Rushil Chhabra Nytalia Chigach Christian Chiriano Julian Chiriano Neil Chohan Angela Chopra Tanush Chopra Alana Chopra Anika Choubey Aaliyah Chown James Chrisanthou Alana Chrisanthou Alex Chrisanthou Lucas Chrisanthou Kathryn Chrisoulis James Chrisoulis Julian Chrisoulis Jacob Christo Oliver Christo Chiok Juen Chua Kiu Yan Chua Pui Wing Chua Alessandro Cilmi Alessia Cilmi Marco Cilmi Michele Cilmi Salvatore Cilmi James Cockram Emma Cockram Joshua Condon Shuxuan Cong Stefan Costa Milan Costa Siena Costa Jennifer Coster Daniel Cross Samantha Cuevas Sienna Cutajar Elizabeth Cutter Stefanie Cvetkovic Linn Cymontkowski Ethan D’souza William Dalton Matilda Dang-Brown Mai-Ling Darbyshire Joshua Dare Ryan Darmanin Benjamin Davies Sophie Davis Chelsea Davis Emma Davis Karla Davis Abha Amol Daware

Harsh Daware Tristan Dawson Lincoln Dawson Spandan De Srijan De Jarrod Debney Riley Debney Joshua Dedomenico Fahiz Deen Mohamed Shihab Deen Mohamed Celeste Defina Christopher Dekleris William DeMichele Victoria Deng Yirui Deng Aashay Deo Anika Desai Cayton Deshayes-Mccourt Armeet Dhaliwal Dasula Dharmakeerthi Benjamin Difrancesco Benjamin Dilisio Samuel Dilisio Robbe Dilissen Hannah Dillon James Dillon Peter Dimitriou Yuxin Ding Shannelle Diongson Isabella Dipierro Quoc Minh Do Ebony Dodemaide William Doensen Yaoyuan Dong Gabriel Donnellan Luca Donnellan Sarah Douglas Bettina Dowling Madeline Dowling Jack Downer Sam Doyle Amelia Dragovic Xinwei Du Daniel Duong Felix Dyer Neil Edward Nicki Edward Salwa El-Hassan Sasha El-Hassan Maya El-Hawli Amani Elbelli Ayman Elbelli Emnah Elhawli Emanuel Ellul James Ellul Chisom Emezie Divine Emezie William English Senan Epadunumalage Lachlan Evans-Burke Andrew Fagioli Kaile Fang Kristina Fantenberg Louisa Fantenberg Romaisa Farhan Hamza Farooq William Farrall

Guy Featherstone Henry Fenn Daphne Ferabend Samara Fernando Shane Fernando Maya Ferrer Rebecca Finlayson Hayley Finn Breanna Fischer Toby Fischer Ella Fleming Sarah Fleming Oliver Fonsboel Kasper Fonsboel Sebastian Fonsboel Francesca Fontana Katia Fontana Lily Foxall Nicholas Francis Haylee Frazer Andrea Fredskild Robert Freeman Angus Freeman Ingrid Freeman Marcus Frost Adam Frost Frost Benjamin Frye Emily Frye Qiyue Fu Yuhang Fu Yurong Fu Alexander Fulton Peter Fulton Mia Fynney Taylah Fynney James Gabb Tasha Gacutan Lachlan Galea Annalise Galea Courtney Galea Julian Galea Mason Galea Kieran Gallagher Ryan Gallagher Jason Gan Saksham Ganatra Peter Gantidis Zachary Garnsworthy Carly Gauci Timothy Gauci Monique Gauci-Chua Selina Gebreyesus Aryana Ghai Brandon Giacobbe Claudia Giambattista Luis Giambattista Julian Giambattista Zara Gilbert Amrat Gill Benjamin Gill Cyrus Gill James Gillespie Tegan Goldie Krishitha Gopalakrishnan Pranav Gopalan Ria Goradia Arjun Goswami

STUDENT ROLL 2017 Lulu Graham Georgia Grainger Luke Grainger Ella Grech Matthew Grech Lillia Greene Dallas Greene Violet Greene Jack Grego Whitney Gregson-Black Harrison Grgic Hugh Grgic Ashley Griffiths Joshua Grobbelaar Hengye Gu Iat Long Guan Archer Gumley Giles Gumley Imogen Gumley Dinupa Sesitha Gunawardhana Liam Gunn Benjamin Gunn Reilly Gunn Ningfei Guo Amanda Guo Pakhi Gupta Gupta Aditi Gupta Ansh Gupta Antariksh Gupta Dhruv Gutha Nishchal Gutha Phuc An Ha Phuc Binh Ha Zachary Hadji Brandon Hair Gregory Halarakis Duncan Hale Sophia Hallak Mariam Hamad Xena Hamad Tabitha Hamilton Zhaoxu Han Emma Hancox Emily Hannett Jasmine Hannett Sarah Hannett Nathan Hannett Cohen Hansard Amanat Hara Jannat Hara Karman Hara Lachlan Hardman James Harnden Josephine Harper Madison Harries Hannah Harris Jessica Harris Lachlan Harris Carla Harrison Chandra Harrison Jack Harrison Kimberley Harrison Tessa Harrison Oliver Harwood Charlotte Harwood Ariana Hasan

Rayann Hasna Ava Hatzopoulos Peter Hatzopoulos Christian Hatzopoulos Daniel Hatzopoulos Lachlan Hatzopoulos Haoxuan He Rui Xue He Luca Henderson Miya Henderson Imeth Herath Methuli Herath Ryan Hewamanna Sineli Hewamanna Sachini Hewaradalage Finn Hicksbullock Pace Hicksbullock Natasha Hidalgo-Cabras Camryn Hills Seth Ho Giselle Hobden Mia Hodder Lucas Hogan Thomas Holland Timothy Holland Tom Hollo Sebastian Holovka Valentina Holovka Cassandra Homewood Thomas Hopper Evelyn Hopper Jackson Hopper Aaron Horsburgh Teagan Horsburgh Jack Horvath Mengyu Hou Evan Houghton Malek Houli Tyler Hourmouzis Oscar Houston Ethan Howlett Xinyue Hu Shengxue Hua Eugene Huang Long Huang Carolyn Huang Hayden Huang Kai Huang Peri Hudson-Czerniecki Laura Hudson-Jones Emily Hui Elliott Hull Liam Huntington Connor Hurley Madyson Hurley Ousar Sarel Huy Oudom Huy Claudia Huynh Tammy Huynh Amani Ibrahim Florence Ibrahimi Lola Ilic Marium Imran Mathew Inglis Jenny Isaac Hannah Isac Faiyaz Islam

Alvee Islam Yunoos Islam Alma Jafaryhaghighatpour Tabish Jahanghirmajeed Eesha Jain Samyak Jain Ira Jain Jinwoo Jang Roham Jarah Arsh Jauhari Ramodh Jayasinghe Rehan Jayasinghe Regina Jayatilake Lavanya Jayatilake Avanish Jaygan Vihaan Jaygan Cruz Jennings Sierra Jennings Alexandra Jessop Yiwen Jian Yu Jiang Joshua Jinu Justin Jinu Emily Jinu Chanchal Jit Ben Johnson Matilda Johnson Sophie Johnston Emily Joseland Neve Joseland Ira Joshi Devjot Joura Sonia Joura Adam Kaddour Raehan Kaesava Adea Kalavace Jora Kalavace Harman Kalsi Tashvi Kambo John Philip Kandirickel Vivaan Kansagra Maanav Kapoor Christian Kapulica Alexandra Karagiannis Baran Karakas Melisa Karakas Matias Karibian Tarun Karthik Kaysha Karunathilake Seth Karunathilake Arush Kathal Abhinav Katipally Declan Kelly Aidan Kelly Jessica Kennedy Lachlan Kennedy Maddison Kennedy Emma Kennedy Jordan Kennedy Renee Kennedy Samuel Kennedy Saskia Kerrisk Morris Kerrison Aaryan Khan Khan Aydin Khan Raghav Kharbanda Eman Khateeb

Alysha Khatri Ethan Kinyua Madeleine Kiss Annabelle Knight Varad Kodali Hugh Krause Benjamin Krawczyszyn Jacob Krawczyszyn Reuben Krawczyszyn Isabella Krbaleski Nicholas Krt Khody Krueger Owen Krueger Jake Krueger-Strong Jiaqi Kuang Revika Kukreja Krishiv Kukreja Tarun Kumar Amelie Kumar Jordan Kumar Miles Kumar Nikita Kumar James Kumarasinha Steven Kumarasinha Declan Kwok Ethan Kwok Myra Lade Jasmine Lagamba Aiden Lagerwey Katelyn Lagerwey Adrian Lai Anyah Lakavath Tanish Lakavath Riaan Lalwani Breeanna Lam Calvin Lam Deng Lam Langxuan Lao Gabriel Larkin Anh Le Anthony Le-Pham Amelia Leach Jack Leach Cheuk Lee Jennifer Lee Meagan Lee Melinda Lee Axel Lee Lee Hojin Lee Natasha Lee Tristen Lee Max Legrand Tsz Ki Leung Brandon Lewis Noah Lewis Angkai Li Fangyue Li Farhan Li Li Haotian Li Jinze Li Pablo Li Peixuan Li Rui Li Yuanyi Li Avan Li Hao Xin Li Jiake Li L I T E R A T A 2 0 1 7 161

STUDENT ROLL 2017 Ziqiang Li Sophia Liacopoulos Yonghan Liao Benjamin Liew Alicia Liew Kepler Lill Neiss Lim Haoxuan Lin Forest Lin Yuxuan Lin Zixiang Lin Chrysanthe Liontis David Lirmak Jack Lishman Holly Liston An Liu Siyuan Liu William Liu Xiaoman Liu Zekai Liu Yihao Liu Yue Liu Aanavi Lodhiya Shreya Lodhiya Priyanshi Lohchab Ethan Long Giselle Long Misha Lotze Daniel Lou Alexander Loughran Cathy Lu Cecilia Lueddeke Georgette Lueddeke Grace Lueddeke Samantha Joice Lugay Madison Luis-Geale Mathesh Lukumar Aadesh Lukumar Amy Luo Chelsea Luo Jianrui Luo Zhijing Luo Baoji Luo Isabella Luo Christine Ly Tian Yun Ma Wanyue Ma James Mackenzie Chad Maczkowiack Kavyaa Madaan Phoebe Maher Allison Mai Emily Maiden Isaac Maiden Mariam Maki Claudia Makris Evelyn Makris Karly Makris Selena Makris Rijja Malihi Niklas Malkin Hudson Malone Nimna Manchanayake Numaya Manchanayake Sashpreet Mann Dev Narayan Manojkumar Andrew Mansi 162 L I T E R A T A 2 0 1 7

Aiden Mantzaris Shakeel Manuel Yiwen Mao Christian Maprock Nathan Maprock Stefan Marakovic Joseph Marek Austin Marks Brigette Marks George Marshall Lachlan Martin Katelyn Masseni Alexander Matejin Pranav Matha Ridhima Mathur Gabrielle Matthieu Liam Maudsley William Maxwell Manguen Mayol Luca Mazzaferro Jack McAuliffe Amelia McConnell Meg McConnell Scarlett McConnell Joshua McDonald Mia McDonald Natalie McGill Samuel McGrath Regan McGregor Aidan McGregor James McGuire Keeley McGuire Lachlan McGuire Cameron McIntyre Neve McKechnie Charlotte McKenna Leah McKenzie Angela McKenzie Caitlin McLaren Jayla McLennan Lily McLeod Jackson McMenamin Angus McNamara Robert McNamara Stephanie McNamara Oscar McNaughton Laura McPhail Logan McPhail Cooper McPherson Alexandra McVicar Evangeline McVicar Ned McVicar Sophie Meath Mehndi Mehndi Hridesh Mehta Yuv Mehta Zain Memon Zohaib Memon Hannah Mendozagutierrez Isabella Mendozagutierrez Mackinlay Menzel Matthew Mercieca Michael Mercieca Thomas Mercieca Samuel Metcalfe Arin Metin Aydin Metin

Autumn Meyerhoff Sparsh Miglani Nada Milenkovic Harrison Mill Liliana Mill Lachlan Mills Sophie Mills Analise Milone Jonathan Milone Ziheng Min Phillip Mirceski Kashvi Mishra Rudransh Mishra Manas Misra Elise Mitchell Katherine Mitchell Bree Mittersteiner Jayde Mittersteiner Avsar Modi Nikita Mohar-Williams Dylan Molinaro Kirby Monaghan-Lewis Tanvi Mondal Gabriela Moraes Alexis Moraitis Chloe Moraitis John Moraitis Karina Morales-Castillo Eleni Moritz Gabriela Moroney Valentina Moroney Alexander Morton Charlotte Morton Harriet Morton Kate Morton Shreya Moturi Aiesha Moudgil Cleo Mountford John Mouratidis Marko Movre Cameron Moyes Kaitlin Moyes Githinji Muchiri Harry Muir Madison Muir Cassandra Muir Charlotte Muir Rishi Mukherjee Ethan Mullenger Zachary Mullenger Imogen Mullenger Emily Muller Marlo Mullins Callum Mulquiney Paige Mulquiney Ashleigh Murdoch Stephanie Murdoch James Murphy Zachary Murphy Charley Muscat Madison Muscat Susira Reddy Musku Kristofer Musura Lora Musura Zorawar Nagisingh Tasmiya Naik Arshia Nain

Ananya Nair Avantika Nair Mariyam Naleemudeen Jooyoung Nam Kiahann Namana Ujjwal Nandal Nidhi Nandal Amirrul Nasarudin Arrifa Nasarudin Aymen Naseem Imran Naseem James Nash Marley Nathan Ayaan Nauman Inaya Nauman Alexander Nelson Mia Nelson Joshua Neville Samantha Newman Daniel Ng Ka Hang Ng Cynthia Nguyen Dennis Nguyen Hoang Minh Huy Nguyen Jasmine Nguyen Jasmine Nguyen Kelvin Nguyen Leanne Nguyen Lewis Nguyen Martin Nguyen Vanessa Nguyen Alan Nguyen Andrew Nguyen Anthony Nguyen Felicity Nguyen Hoang Minh Tri Nguyen Leigh Nguyen Patrick Nguyen Tehya Nguyen Vincent Nguyen Arwen Nguyen-Ngo Helen Ning Tianhang Niu Benjamin Nolan Nuha Zainab Noorullah Leo North Jeremy North Archie Northam Harry Northam Jessica Novakova Samuel Nowell Nicholas Noye Zahra Nuredini Max Nyblom-Price Ella O’Brien Bridget O’Brien Finn O’Brien Jasper O’Flynn Christopher O’Flynn Mikayla Obers Sophia Oenning Obakam Ogaji Jess Ogilvie Oluwabukunmi Okedara Oluwadamilola Okedara Dayna Olver Oluwanifemi Omibiyi

STUDENT ROLL 2017 Kewalee Ong-Klorb Jia-Wen Ooi Jia-Xiang Ooi Julian Oraison Riley Orange Jessica Ord Tayla Ord Jasmine Orval Elsie Osborne Murray Osborne Zhirou Ou Ellie Pallasis Kiara Palmar Peiyi Pan Jake Pandzic Natalie Panoutsos Shaksham Parihar Alexander Park Byron Parkinson Michael Parks Harvir Parmar Shanaya Parussalla Isabelle Pascua Genevieve Paspa Maximillian Paspa Isabella Passauer Olivia Pataridis Efstathios Pataridis Ethelia Pataridis Abhi Patel Maahi Patel Pranav Patel Sahil Patel Kai Paterson Sonia Pathak Shoneel Pathak Nikala Patsolaridis Laura Paull Ashleigh Paull Timothy Pavlidis Ethan Pawlowski Nicholas Peacock Emily Peacock Sienna Pearce Nicholas Peck Bronwyn Pepper Elka Pepper Liam Pereira Christian Perrone Matthew Pershin Anirudh Perumalla Julian Petito Harvey Petito Cameron Petty Tara Petty Patrick Pham Hoang Yen Pham Jenny Pham David Phan Sandra Phan Cat-Uyen Phan Henry Pickford Madeleine Pickup Alice Pilditch Stella Pilkington Leo Pilkington Sylvie Pilkington

Jayden Pisak Jordan Pisak Ermioni Pitliangas Kathleen Pitliangas George Pitliangas Peter Pitliangas Chelsea Pivk Zoe Pollet Jacob Poole George Popovitch Josefa Porflit Espinosa Amelia Porflit Espinosa Chloe Portelli Hailey Portelli Aidan Pozzuto Saanvi Prabhakar Shaurya Prabhakar Edward Prevot Jack Pritchard Junshu Pu Giselle Puno Neharika Punugupati Kobe Purnell Bo Qi Xuncheng Qian Jinghan Qu Rawan Rahim Yoeseph Rahim Mubtacim Rahman Ahan Raj Avishka Raj Thaman Rajeshkanna Shiva Rajmohan Caitlin Ramsay Don Avin Ranasinghe Nevindie Rathnapriya Amrit Rawal Albert Rawdanowicz Dominik Rawdanowicz Aniela Rawdanowicz Kamil Rawdanowicz Klara Rawdanowicz Cooper Read Thomas Rebesco Aleeya Reen Lachlan Rees He Ren Harris Renwick Nicholas Rigas Persia Rigas Isabel Rigas Jonathan Rigas Dart Rinckes Natalie Roberts Claire Rodgerstoussaint Eric Rodgerstoussaint Harvey Roolker Eden Roseburgh Kane Roseburgh Isabella Ross Christopher Rothwell Grace Royal Paris Royal Zachary Royston Nikki Rupapara Lachlan Russell Dale Russell

Auley Ryan Mikaela Sabini Chanel Sabotkoski Sebastian Sabotkoski Reagan Sae-Lao Ryan Sae-Lao Rakshita Saharan Trisha Saini Pablo Salascordero Julieta Salascordero Jakob Salter Tehara Samaratunga Ayush Samaratunga Hana Sameer Nuha Sameer Akeisha Sandhu Kaajal Sangar Aditya Sarkar Alexandra Saunders Cooper Saunders Gabrielle Saunders Sanaya Sawhney Guncha Saxena Caitlin Scerri Liam Scerri Carl Schaap Naomi Schaap Cody Schallhammer Annika Scharff Bjorn Scharff Alistair Schier Georgia Scholes India Schuurmans Harley Schuurmans Tiara Scognetti Matthew Scully Holly Seddon Jeremy Seddon Hanine Seifeddine Sawsan Seifeddine Yu Ri Seo Anmol Sethi Avishi Shah Jiya Shah Srushti Shah Vihaan Shah Yashvi Shah Aanchal Sharma Anjali Sharma Arjun Sharma Parv Sharma Priyansh Sharma Bhav Sharma Divit Sharma Riyaan Sharma Savar Sharma Taarush Sharma Ally Sheldrick Tameika Sheldrick Emily Shen Xinrui Shen Yihan Shen Sehajveer Shergill Ryan Sherwood Sarah Sherwood Jay Shi Jiaqi Shi

Idris Shide Mostafa Shirzada Eunice Sibal Marieke Siegeroth Khushi Sikka Joan Silva Joseph Silva Judith Silva Grace Simoni Hannah Simpson Lucas Simpson Paige Simpson Nimashi SingankuttiArachchi Samadhi SingankuttiArachchi Anhad Singh Heer Singh Javyn Singh Navdeep Singh Aaditya Singh Hridey Singh Ryan Singh Sarah Singh Simran Singh Mackenzie Singleton Nicholas Singline Stephanie Singline John Sirianni Evdokia Sizenko Riley Skene Stephanie Skene Sasha Skilton Oliver Smaragdas Angus Smith Brock Smith Madison Smith Chloe Smith Hamish Smith Presley Smith Astrid Smolenaers William Smyth William Snelling Xavier Snelling Jordan Sobin Marco Soesanto Manan Solanki Tanay Solanki Mengyao Song Sanjana Sood Sarah Sood Shania Sood Aadhya Sood Luke Soppi Nicholas Soppi Isobelle Sourivong Tamas Spark Kate Spiteri Megan Spralja Sean Spralja Chan-Sol Sprenger Samyuktha Sriganesh Kamalahasani Sriganesh Ananya Sriperumbuduri Luke Stafford Christopher Stainsby Martin Stankovic Charlotte Steel L I T E R A T A 2 0 1 7 163

STUDENT ROLL 2017 Katherine Stevens Christina Stewart Jordan Stewart Zali Stiefel Ari Stiefel Ethan Stojcevski Liam Stojcevski Lucas Stojkovski Daniel Stolfa William Stomann Ava Stone Jett Stone Noah Straughan Ryan Straughan Ruby Streit Charlie Streit Oliver Struhs Erin Sucic Ryan Sucic Jai Sullivan Tahsin Sultan Yue Sun Jiaqi Sun Xueru Sun Grhita Sundaram Prathic Sundaram Ivan Suslov Lachlan Sutcliffe Jarrod Sutton Molly Sutton Brayden Svilar Brianna Svilar Finlay Sylow Maisy Sylow Orlando Szulc Gisele Szulc Michael Szulc Anthony Tabone Isabella Tabone Jonas Robin Tachovsky Sophie Tam Nicholas Tam Emmett Tamanika Jaren Tan Samuel Tanasic Xiaojing Tang Zhijie Tang Liana Tarola Luke Tarola Wil Tattersall Abbey Taylor Matthew Teasdale Indiana Telley Tiffany Temuskos Amanda Chui Shia Teo Arnav Terry Aiden Tester Lachlan Tester Reuben Thadi Reva Thakar Evie Theodore Rory Theodore Nicholas Theodoridis Konstantina Theodoropoulos Deepinder Thind Clare Thomas 164 L I T E R A T A 2 0 1 7

Angus Thomas Jasmine Thompson Emily Thompson Madeleine Thompson Lauren Thorpe Letian Tian Kaydon Tiong Marion Tiong Divya Tipnis Zhi Tong Emeline Toohey Brianna Trajcevski Jack Trajcevski Mikayla Trajcevski Mitchell Trajcevski Angelina Tran Reagan Tran David Tran Hoang Tran Max Tran Sean Trewhella Damon Trewhella Lochlann Trinh Ruby Tripodi Michael Tsaloukis Christopher Tsoukas Albert Tu Rio Tuengmool Lou Tumalad Charlise Turczyniak Amber Turner Seth Turner Jackson Turner Ines Turnor Arth Tuteja Peter Tzambazakis Lia Tzavaras Vivian Tzavaras Madhu Chetan Udumala Aditi Vaitha Aryan Vaitha Shrika Vallabh Emma Valland James Valland Monique Vanblommestein Lucas Vanblommestein Byron Vandermerwe Helen Vandermerwe Anna Vanheerwaarden Lachlan Vanheerwaarden Zoe Vanleest Tyler Vanniel Max Vanniel Sienna Varhelyi Nathaniel Varsamakis Manasvi Vasamsetti Cartier Vasta Paris Vasta Michael Vaughan Dante Vavala Matteo Vavala Gianluca Vavala Anya Vegaraju Jonathan Velevski Thomas Velevski Jack Vella Holly Vella

Jacob Vella Alex Veneziano Milo Veneziano Edison Vergara Jack Vincent Charlotte Vincent-Lord Prabal Virk Matthew Vlahos Natalie Vo Krish Vohra Eva Vohra Eshal Wadhwa Marty Waghorne Lydia Waghorne Connor Wall Jack Walton Zi Wen Wan Hantang Wang Jun Yu Wang Lucas Wang Menghan Wang Qianhui Wang Qiwu Wang Shenyi Wang Suet Yi Wang Tenghan Wang Yuandong Wang Thanuki Wanigasena Madeleine Ward Lili Ward Bowen Ware Joshua Ware Byron Watson Jordan Watson Harvey Watters Robert Weitsz Christiaan Weitsz Emma West Alysia Westcott Samantha Westcott Katie Weston Cassandra White James White Jane White Lillian White Maddie White Caitlin Whitty Mariah Whyte Chamathi Wijeratne Sachini Wijeratne Anuthi Wijeratne Cooper Wilkinson Rory Williams Mietta Williams Oskar Williams Thomas Willis Lachlan Wilson Maeve Winter Thomas Winter James Winterton Mirabelle Witcombe Oliver Witcombe Daniel Woledge Chloe Wong Isabella Wong William Wonson Brendan Wood

Ethan Wood Laura Wood Boey Wu Jonathan Wu Yolanda Wu Yuankai Wu Keying Xia Haiteng Xia Haosen Xia Yuxin Xie Haoxiang Xu Hanlin Xu Jingxi Xu Leala Xu Yindan Xu Zimo Xuli Alysha Yacono Isabella Yacono Olivia Yacono Nischal Yamarthi Hong Yi Yang Linglu Yang Samantha Yang Shiqi Yang Thomas Yaniv Kym Yaniv Tuscanny Yankos Alexia Yankoulas Yifan Yao Yichao Yao Jaden Yap Julian Yap Rohan Yates Cheuk Nam Yau Benjamin Yaziji Alicia Yeoman Emily Yeoman Sze Chai Yeung Kingsley Ying Isabella Yoseski Adam Younes Dania Younes Ahmad Younes Nahda Younes James Young Lily Young Haoda Yu Rongyin Yu Ruoyan Yu Yiwei Yu Ze Yu Yoonis Yusuf Isaac Zaghis Stephanie Zaharis Francis Zaldarriaga Alexander Zammit Zachary Zammit Oscar Zamora Luca Zanette Xianrui Zeng Anni Zhang Daniel Zhang Chengji Zhang Jiayu Zhang Junyu Zhang Mengrun Zhang Xinyu Zhang

STUDENT ROLL 2017 Siyan Zhao Maggie Zhao Maggie Zhao Yuhua Zhao Jikang Zheng Yunxuan Zheng Haoran Zhong Ruiyuan Zhong Yuxin Zhou Jessica Zhu Ghaleb Zumot

WILLIAMSTOWN Anushka Amal Nikilan Anandam Oviya Anandam James Armour-Brasier Ria Arora Adhvik Balagurunathan Esha Balantrapu Milla Bartolo Elly Becroft Elin Board Amelia Bonanno Alexander Bonifacio Zara Brajkovic Luca Brogna Maximus Bugeja Thomas Carey Riccardo Cerutti Lily Cevik Fritz Chandrasaputra Varish Chopra Rachelle Chow Julian Chung James Clarke Thomas Colvin Abigail Cuthbert Eleanor Davies Sophia Di Pierro Yi Ran Ding Fatima El Haouli Khaled Elhouli Miles Farrington Douglas Gaff Sydney Garnsworthy Xavier Garofalo Mia George Nicholas George Kareena Ghosh Tex Graham Stirling Grant Amelia Greaves Daniel Grech Olivia Green Jasmine Guo Aarav Gupta Matthew Guzzo Nayef Hamad Hank Hampson Jacob Hasna Samuel Hourmouzis Charlie Hull Lachlan Huntington Sophie Hurn Lochlain Imrie Mariana Ingham Benjamin Irvine

Arin Joshi Thomas Kennedy Tristan Kerrisk Joseph Khouri Sophia Khouri Sebastian Kiriakidis Sienna Kochhar Marishka Kotaru Constantine Kotsonis Rohan Krishna Rishik Kukreja Joash Kumar Riley Lawson Yutong Liu Sebastian Loupas James Loveland Damian Macknamara Zoe Maddern Elijah Madhwan Aariyan Mahmud Max Mangano Chloe Mann Olivia Marasea Mariska Marek Xavier Marinovic Lincoln Mattossovich Alicia Mazzaferro Bianca Mazzaferro Molly McNaughton Charlotte McVeigh Heidi Meier Zoe Meier Joseph Mejak Evelyn Mills Samar Minhas Andrew Morgan Ella Morgan Ailsa Murphy Olivia Nascarella Saanvi Nayak Charles Northam Elizabeth Northam Elle Papageorgiou William Papageorgiou Mieka Parker Mihika Parkeru Shenise Pilmore-Scott George Pitliangas Oliver Pivk Imogen Portelli Reid Purcell Lucas Rabiej Olivia Rabiej Devanjana Rajesh Shrita Rangaraju Krish Ranjan Lila Read Keith Respondek Anjali Revankar Mia Rigas Stella Robb Ava Robertson Thomas Rogers Cassandra Rojkovski James Rojkovski Peta Sadler Jessica Sadler

Eva Samaras Harriet Saunders-Zimin Rehan Shaji Xavier Sherson Saimon Sherwal Saihaj Sidhu Ayan Singh Ashvik Singh Charlotte Smidt Charles Smith Sarsha Smith Alastair Smith Jonathan Song Hunter Spicer Wil Spicer Steve Stavrakoulis Alessia Stavrakoulis Lincoln Struhs Eve Sushames Lola Sushames Kyriaki Theodoropoulos James Tjeuw Aimen Tofaili Adam Wen Emma Wilkinson Blake Williams Amelia Wonson Sienna Woodford Tyler Woodford James Zaharis Ricky Zhang Zachary Zhao Filip Zlateski

L I T E R A T A 2 0 1 7 165


166 L I T E R A T A 2 0 1 7


L I T E R A T A 2 0 1 7 167


168 L I T E R A T A 2 0 1 7

Iconic school bell used by Mabel Molland during the years she was Principal.

Truganina Campus 300 Sayers Road, Truganina Vic VIC 3029 3029 Telephone 03 9731 9444 Williamstown Campus 67 The Strand, Newport Vic 3015 Telephone 03 9731 9555

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