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Hello, my name is Justin Pope, and I am 12 years old and my passion is baseball. The reason baseball is my passion is because my dad, who is an awesome baseball player, inspired me to try baseball when I was young and I have liked it since. The baseball team I am currently in is Highlands AAA. Another reason baseball is my passion is because you can make new friends in a very fun, sporty way. My coaches and parents helped me in my passion because they are encouraging me to take one step more and show me where I need to improve.

How to bat 1. Put your feet a little more the shoulder width apart; 2. You will have to align your knuckles, this may feel uncomfortable at first but you will get used to it; 3. Hold the bat at a 45 degree angle up by your ear; 4. When you swing, you want to step a bit forward with your front foot; 5. Twist your waist, that is where the power from the swing comes from; 6. Also be sure to twist your back foot; 7. Try and swing on a small downwards slant; 8. Don’t stop swinging when you hit the ball, follow through with the swing bringing the bat around your body; 9. Get a home run .

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Charlie Lea the Famous French pitcher Charlie Lea, born December 25 1956 in Orleans France, was a French pitcher from 1980 to 1988. Lea played for the Montreal Expos and the Minnesota Twins. He threw and batted right handed and won an award for pitching a no-hitter game in May 10 1981 against the Giants. In a seven-season career, Lea posted a 62-48 record with 535 strikeouts and 923.1 innings played. In 1999, Lea was inducted into the Tennessee hall of fame. Lea suffered arm and shoulder injuries and could not pitch at all in 1985 and 1986. His most productive season came in 1983 when he got 137 people struck out and won 16 matches, because of this; he was selected to be a National League All-Star where he was the starting and winning pitcher in the All-Star game.

Pre 1872 -The core was string wrapped rubber -The cover was Horsehide -The size ranged from around golf ball to softball size 1872 -Size was around 9.25 inches circumference -The weight was around 5 and 5.25 oz -The cover was hoarse hide 1910 -The core was cork -World War I was over so that meant the finest wool was available -Secretly put into play in the 1910 world series, this ball was much livelier 1931 -Thin rubber wrapped around cork core -The seams on the balls were raised allowing more grip 1974 -They changed the baseball cover to cowhide for economic reasons

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