Page 1 We specialize in making hard money and subprime mortgage loans to borrowers who have poor or bad credit, low income, or have had their mortgage applications turned down.

OUR SERVICES Credit Guidelines We are a lender for bad credit challenged Borrowers.If there is sufficient equity in the property being borrowed on, there is almost no circumstance where your credit will prevent us from making you a real estate loan.

Income Guidelines We don't care about bad credit or limited income; we base the mortgage loans we make to our borrowers on the equity they have in their properties.

Property Guidelines We do allow our mortgage loans to be used to make necessary repairs to the property or we will allow deferred maintenance to be present when we close our loan. We just need to confirm that no hazards exist with the property when we close our loan. Our loan officers are available at (888) 797-7970 to assist you getting clearing up any possible property matters and getting you the money you need.

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If you are a Borrower who has had their mortgage application turned down by your bank or by a large institutional lender we are your choice...