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Free internet available for your village A free wireless internet connection could soon be on its way to a village hall near you. The Council has started a programme to wi-fi public buildings in parishes throughout West Lindsey and facilities are already up and running in Keelby, Springthorpe, Stainfield and Apley, Nettleton, Market Rasen, Cherry Willingham and Caistor. Business Improvement Manager Matthew Clarke said: “If a telephone line is needed we will put one in, make it Broadband enabled, and then add some of our own equipment. “The village initially pays the bills to the service provider but then the Council will reimburse the costs.” he idea of the scheme was born out of a situation where the Council was running housing benefit surgeries in rural locations and having to fill in forms manually that then had to be entered onto a computer system when staff got back to the office. “This was clearly inefficient and now we


Making a Difference

are able to enter details straight onto the system from rural locations that have internet access. “The additional advantage is that users of the location can also use the facility which makes the venue far more attractive,” said Matthew.

Bonus A further bonus is that when council workers are in the area they can pull into the car park of a village building that has been activated and use the connection to get onto the Council computer back at headquarters in Gainsborough. Clerk to Cherry Willingham Parish

Council, Kathryn Wiswould, said the Broadband facility had proved very useful. “It is a good thing for the village and is regularly used for benefit surgeries and by the district council’s recycling team. Housing providers Acis also use it and it is very useful when we hire the room for training,” said Kathryn. Parishes at Saxilby, Welton and Bardney have already expressed interest in joining the network. If your parish would like to know more please contact Matthew on (01427) 676676 or email

A Parish Plan can help shape your community We can help you write one ommunity Led Planning (parish planning to you and me) has been around now for some years and is recognised as an effective way to identify and articulate community need. A completed plan will have involved a high proportion of the community and used inclusive and innovative techniques of community engagement to identify the real issues for that community. It will also include an Action Plan detailing how those issues are to be addressed and who should be assisting or leading the community to help achieve them. One of the biggest issues around parish plans has been how they should be used to influence local authorities and how local authorities should respond to them. They do not have any formal status in the planning system (unlike Village Design Statements) yet they are a comprehensive statement of community need and should, therefore, be taken very seriously. Until now, West Lindsey District Council has had no formal mechanisms for accepting parish plans but this is changing with the implementation of the Parish Engagement Programme. A number of new procedures and activities have been agreed which have the potential to give parish plans the full status they deserve. They are: ● During the process of developing the Actions within the Plan WLDC staff should be an active consultee advising on what is possible/or not – and helping to formulate realistic actions. These actions could then be incorporated into the Council’s Performance Management Framework and be monitored properly. ● The information gathered through the development of a Parish Plan should be captured for use by the Council in


developing future Policy. ● Parishes will be invited to present completed Plans at Full Council. This provides an opportunity for the local area to get across its key issues to all councillors and demonstrates the importance the Council places on the Plans themselves. ● West Lindsey Disrict Council service areas will make staff available, through an appointments system, to parishes who have completed, or are developing their plans, and wish to discuss relevant issues. ● To explore the possibility of parish planning day(s) where a number of agencies make themselves available for parishes to see. If your parish would like to develop a Parish Plan please call Sue Harrison on (01427) 676600 or email

★ In picture are the Parish Plan documents developed for Welton and Glentham.

Parish Matters and you Readers say on-line is best


Parish Newsletter

In our last issue we asked how our readers would prefer to receive Parish Matters. The overwhelming preference was for email. This is exellent as it not only keeps costs to an absolute minimum but it also reduces the Council’s carbon footprint. With immediate effect Parish Matters will only be sent out by email to parish councillors. One hard copy will be sent to parish clerks for the benefit of those who do not have access to the internet. If you, or someone you know, would like to reveive a copy by email please send the address to: Please be assured that the addresses will only be used for parish council business and group emails will be sent out as blind copies which means no other recipient will be able to see addresses other than their own. We will not pass on email addresses to third parties.

We are advertising changes to our refuse collection service over Christmas and New Year but it would be extremely helpful if, in your role as parish and town councillors, you could help us to spread the word! If you have a parish noticeboard we would very grateful if you could print out this page and post the information there too.

Christmas and New Year refuse collections There will be some changes in collection days over the festive period. Please find below your normal collection day and then check on the right to see what, if any, the revised collection day is: Normal day

Revised day

Monday December 21

Saturday December 19

Tuesday December 22

Monday December 21

Wednesday December 23

Tuesday December 22

Thursday December 24

Wednesday December 23

Friday December 25

Thursday December 24

Monday December 28

As normal

Tuesday December 29

As normal

Wednesday December 30

As normal

Thursday December 31

As normal

Friday January 1 2010

Saturday January 2 2010

Please make Christmas and New Year more environmentally sustainable by Reducing, Reusing and Recycling the things you throw out.

Always have your bins out for collection by 7am on collection day as collection times may vary. Remember you can receive an email telling you every time there is a change to refuse collection days. All you have to do is visit our website at and click on Email Alerts on the left hand side of the home page and follow the instructions.

Christmas tree recycling service O ver eight million trees were bought last Christmas in the UK. Most are thrown away creating over 150,000 tonnes of additional rubbish – that’s 21 times the weight of the Eiffel Tower! So do your bit to reduce this amount of rubbish this year by recycling your Christmas tree in West Lindsey! Green waste collections take place once a month during the Winter period (December – March) and every two weeks throughout the rest of the year. Please help us to tell people in your town or village to put their Christmas tree out in their green bin on the regular garden waste collection day. People should check their calendar or visit It would also help us if people could trim branches before putting their tree in the bin. Alternatively trees can be taken to one the Household Waste Recycling Centres at any of the following locations: ● Summergangs Lane, Gainsborough ● Whisby, near Lincoln ● Great Northern Terrace, Lincoln ● Bolingbroke Road, Fairfield Industrial Estate, Louth ● Redbourne Mere, Kirton Lindsey (in the North Lincolnshire Council area but West Lindsey residents can use this facility)

● Bigby Road, Melton Ross, Barnetby (arrangments as for Redbourne Mere).

Residents in Gainsborough’s South West Ward who receive a bag collection service can recycle trees by placing them at the front of their property on Friday January 8. What happens to the trees? All of the Christmas trees collected will be recycled and turned into nutrient rich compost at one of four sites in the district. The trees, and other green waste, will be tipped by the collection vehicle on to a heap and aerated. The material will then be inspected for any contaminants, such as plastic bags, and once they have been removed, the material will be put into a pile and shredded. It is turned at least three times until it reaches its final product. This process takes approximately eight weeks before quality compost is produced. Artificial trees If residents have an artificial tree to be thrown away it is important to bear in mind that it will be sent to a landfill site and the trees are not biodegradable. When residents no longer want an artificial tree, please remind them they can extend its life by giving it to a local group or charity shop.

You beauties! West Lindsey towns and villages carry off Best Kept prizes eautiful towns and villages in West Lindsey have figured prominently on the winners’ rostrum of the Best Kept Village and Small Towns Competition 2009. Winner of Class I (for populations up to 500 ) was Tealby. This community has won this class on six previous occasions – the last time was in 1997 – and it has had three second places since then. Tealby has been placed in the top three 16 times in the history of the competition. Winner of Class III (for populations between 2,001 and 7,000) was Nettleham. This community obviously has what it takes as it has won nine times in previous years – the last time was in 2008. The Small Market Town Category (populations up to 7,000) introduced in 2004 was won by Caistor. This is the first time that Caistor has won this category although it has previously been in the top three in another category. Winner of the Past Winners category was Welton which completed a hat-trick of victories. This is an exceptional achievement as the winner is chosen from the winners from classes I and II over the previous four years. West Lindsey’s celebrations were completed by Scothern who



Parish Newsletter

were runners-up in Class II (populations between 501 and 2,000) after being third in 2004. The competition, organised by Community Lincs, attracted 127 entries and was judged over three rounds during the summer. Sponsorship came from Lincolnshire’s district councils and the county council, Pennells Garden Centres and there was support from the Council for the Protection of Rural England. West Lindsey District Council’s Director of Strategy and Regeneration, Rachel North, said: “Everyone knows West Lindsey is a beautiful place and these results really prove it. Our cleansing teams are always happy to work with parish and town councils to make all our towns and villages look even smarter.”

HONOURS BOARD: Top photo shows West Lindsey District Council Chairman, Cllr Jessie Milne with Past Winners representatives from Ingham. Bottom left to right are Small Market Town winners Caistor, Class III winners Nettleham, and Class I winners Tealby.

PM December 2009  


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