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About us In the last couple of years the industry has noticed a strong trend towards social networking in the health and fitness world. The general public becomes more health-conscious and the aging population places a greater emphasis on staying fit. Triple A Lifestyle has since 2006 delivered web-based applications within health care and wellness. The core of the business is now focused on support toward exercise and health by the development of an advanced web-based training-and food journal. Early 2012 Triple A Lifestyle launched; an online-based wellness service with a detailed exercise journal, food journal and statistics. This technology makes it easier for exercisers to track their progress, keep food journals and sign up for challenges that will help them stay motivated and focused on the goal. Triple A lifestyle offer your company White Label solutions, Corporate Wellness and Partnerships; all to raise your business profits and help promote a healthier lifestyle. The company is located in the heart of Stockholm, Sweden.


White Label The industry is starting to notice a strong trend towards online tools to help take exercise and wellness to a new level. With the possibility of a White Label platform your company can offer your members and customers the best web-and mobile support tool for fitness on the market without having to invest in creating the technology and infrastructure itself. Triple A Lifestyle’s White Label solution consists of a primal framework which then is embedded in a unique site after each client’s graphic profile. The platform makes it possible for trainers to use this device to complement in-person fitness services and provide 24-7 support to clients. This mean the member will never leave the gym. Yes, they will physically leave the gym but will carry it with them; in their smart phones, iPads and computers when they are at work, on vacation, on the train etc. The management and support is all taken care of by Triple A Lifestyle. This mean no additional work needed.


What you get Typically we work on a simple 50/50 revenue share basis whereby you receive 50% of all revenue from every single payment made by your members. If you are interested in getting our solution with existing features we’ll set it up for you from your specifications. If you want to add features outside of what already exists we’ll send you a quote.

Benefits & Features Exsisting Features

Extra Features

Communicate with clients

Book classes

Send custom tips and news

Pair with access control system

Increased profits

Fitness programs

Fitness challenges

And a lot more!

Training journal

Training Journal

Food Journal

Food Journal



Benefits Increased profits Competitive advantage Increased web ranking Increased advertising value for website Increased loyalty, commitment & value


Partnership Marketing through sport has increased in importance in the last two decades. Companies are no longer interested in simply putting their logo on an event but rather see this as new channel to reach customers. By partnering up with Triple A Lifestyle you’ll find a new channel to reach new and potential customers in an interactive way. As partner you can create a community where you get your message out direct to your target market and interact with them by creating custom made challenges. This is a rare opportunity to communicate and influence direct on an individual level that goes beyond traditional reach of display advertising. A partner can be sporting events, sponsor, blogger, charity organization etc. and be in the form of a challenge and/or a community in the web-based tool


Corporate Wellness Physical activity is important to promote public health. Healthy employees should lay in every employer’s interest since good health is strongly connected to a more effective staff, and as a result better profits. Triple A lifestyle offer Corporate Wellness where the employees are invited to accept a fitness challenge. The company chooses what type of challenge and if the employees are going to compete as individuals or in teams. The fitness challenge is basically a tool which promotes the users to reach a fitness goal. To advance in the challenge the participants register their physical activities in the web-tool Team challenges are most common where a company’s different departments challenge and compete against each other. We charge per employee and challenge.


ChallengeMore is a web-based fitness service which motivates to lift a little heavier at the gym, run that last mile or ride your bike instead of taking the car to work. It comes complete with a detailed training-and food journal and the extensive statistics module makes it easy to follow your improvements and easy to reach your fitness goals. It’s easy to share statistics and calendar with your friends, which makes exercise more motivating and fun. By accepting a fitness challenge you are able to put your exercise into context where you know exactly what’s necessary to reach your goals. Each completed challenge will be rewarded with a medal designed by Triple A Lifestyle. 

Training Journal

Food Journal




Exercise Journal With Triple A Lifestyle’s training journal it’s easy to log exercises and track progress. Simply add activity, time, distance and intensity and the system calculates how many calories have been burned. With a built-in map feature, it’s easy to measure and save favorite routs.


Food Journal The food journal is paired to the US. Food and Drug Administration’s database and contains the most updated and accurate information. To log your daily intake of food and beverages you’re in total control of your daily intake and get an easy overview if you eat right according to the diet you follow. The user is able to add a weight goal and can easy see how many calories they should get each day according to the weight goal. The food journal corresponds to the training journal and will extract the amount calories burned by exercise logged.


Statistics With Triple A Lifestyle’s advanced statistics module it’s easy to track progress in time, distance favorite activity, weight and measures as well as calorie intake. In addition to this it’s easy compare your results with friends and get an overview to make sure fitness goals are being met.


Challenges Fitness challenges are hotter than ever and you’ll find all sorts of challenges in blogs, Twitter and on Facebook. Triple A Lifestyle is offering a variety of fitness challenges. By accepting a challenge, activities are put into context where each workout matters. A challenge can be designed to work in a various ways: Number of exercises Most minutes of activities during a limited period of time. Distance completed by walking or running Amount of calories burned


Facebook App A revolutionary Facebook application, made to excite and motivate your fans to get fit, and increase brand loyalty is soon to be launched. The Facebook app will encourage your existing fans to invite new fans and is a perfect tool to run alongside a campaign. Fitness and challenges are among the hottest topics in social media right now, be part of the revolution and give your fans something to talk about!


Reseller As a reseller of Triple A Lifestyle’s products you just read about, you’ll find a great and profitable addition to your existing business.


Contact Us Triple A Lifestyle Sveav채gen 62 111 34 Stockholm Sweden +46 (0)8 23 40 40 +46 (0)72 740 02 63


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