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Spring 2017

A deeper look at mindfulness

Jane Devonshire shares her MasterChef Story

Join our 2017 Walk4Hope


These are exciting times for Wessex Cancer Trust and our new magazine, The Message, is a great way for you to find out what we are doing. Inside your copy of The Message you will read about some of our achievements over what has been a very memorable 35th year for us. In the last year we opened two new Cancer Support Centres in Bournemouth and Salisbury, offering counselling and therapies to hundreds of local people. I hope you will enjoy reading some of our personal highlights on the next page. The Message, along with a new website, helps us to tell more people about our services, and makes it easier for our supporters to volunteer, donate and register for events. At the heart of what we do are the local people that use our services. One of our clients is Jane Devonshire, 2016 MasterChef winner, who used our counselling service when she was diagnosed with breast cancer. You can read Jane’s inspirational story on pages 5 and 6. On the 4th of February, the world will come together for World Cancer Day. This is an opportunity to unite against cancer and get involved in helping local families. Our volunteers support every aspect of Wessex Cancer Trust’s work, and without the 300 regular helpers in our centres, shops and fundraising groups, we simply would not be able to help as many people with cancer. If your New Year resolution includes doing more to help others or meeting new people, we would love you to join our team for a few hours or a regular commitment. You can be part of our mission to support all local people affected by cancer. Finally, I would like to say a huge thank you to all the amazing people who supported Wessex Cancer Trust in 2016. In 2017, we aim to expand our existing support centres and reach into more communities than ever before, including those in rural areas who find it hard to get help.

Cait Allen CEO

Wessex Cancer Trust is a registered charity and a company limited by guarantee, registered in England and Wales. Charity Registration No. 1110216. Company No. 5416311.


Spring 2017

Inside this Issue Page 3

Highlights of 2016

Page 4 Hear from a Volunteer

Page 5 A Deeper Look at Mindfulness

Page 6 & 7 A Chat with MasterChef Winner Jane Devonshire

Page 8 Walk for Hope

Page 9 Dates for the Diary and Forthcoming Events

Page 10 Corporate News

Page 11 In the Community This newsletter is produced three times a year and is sent to over 10,000 supporters. If you have any comments, we would very much like to hear from you. If you would prefer to receive the newsletter by email or not receive it at all, please either email, telephone or write to us using our contact details below. Wessex Cancer Trust Head Office, 91-95 Winchester Road, Chandlers Ford, SO53 2GG Phone: 023 8067 2200 Email:

Highlights of


Anniversary Ball

35 Years of Wessex Cancer Trust Since forming 35 years ago, the Trust has funded pioneering research, the improvement of cancer care services and early detection projects. We now have 7 Cancer Support Centres, which provide counselling, complementary therapies and a safe place for people to relax and focus on their wellbeing.

March: Doors Open at Bournemouth Cancer Support Centre

August: Our Sixth Retail Outlet Opens in Hythe

The Trust was delighted to open our Centre in Bournemouth, one of the busiest towns on the south coast. This Centre has already provided over 2,400 hours of support to its visitors and is looking forward to helping even more local people in 2017.

Located less than 5 minutes away from our Waterside Support Centre, the shop has seen amazing support from local residents and is always full with quality clothing, household items, toys and books.

May: Anniversary Ball We had an absolute blast at the Anniversary Ball and are extremely thankful to the 220 people who attended to celebrate the work of the charity. With your help, we were able to raise over £12,000 on the night, an amazing result!

June: Cakes4Cancer Last summer there was a great Wessex cake off. Despite being the first year this event was held, over 200 supporters baked delicious cakes of all shapes and sizes for a week and were able to raise over £4,000 in doing so.

September: Specialist Children’s Services We have always been committed to helping children and young people and in 2016 we extended our support in this area. We have developed a purpose built space in our Chandler’s Ford and Bournemouth Centres where young people can meet others and receive specialist counselling and play therapy.

November: Betty Bus Mobile Unit Betty Bus, our first Mobile Cancer Support Unit was launched. Betty Bus will travel around remote areas in Dorset so people can receive support close to home. You can keep up to date with Betty on twitter @Wessex_BettyBus.

Keeping you connected with Wessex Cancer Trust

Spring 2017 Newsletter


Inside Wessex

Hear from a Volunteer Befrienders play a vital role within our Support Centres. They offer both practical and emotional support to adults, teenagers and children at all stages of their cancer journey. They listen without judging and are able to maintain client confidentiality. We caught up with one of these amazing people - Sam from our Cosham Centre - for a chat about what being a befriender involves, as well as her own experience volunteering for the Trust.

So what does a typical day being a befriender for Wessex Cancer Trust consist of? My colleague Janette and I will start the day by looking through the diary to see who is visiting. As clients enter the Support Centre we will greet them, make them a cup of tea and keep a log of any therapies they may have, before making them aware of any future appointments. Whether it’s through the phone or face-to-face, we always provide a friendly and warm welcome, with no judgement at all. We often talk to clients in depth, sometimes about cancer, sometimes not – depending on how they feel.

Do you enjoy being a befriender? I don’t just enjoy it... I absolutely love it! I think becoming a befriender is the best thing I have ever done. I am a stay at home mum the rest of the week, but when I come in to the Support Centre it is like my second family. Getting to know the clients and my colleagues, all such amazing people, is the most rewarding part of being a befriender. I would encourage anyone who has a few hours to spare each week and enjoys helping others to try befriending at one of our Cancer Support Centres.

Current Opportunities We are always looking for volunteers to help us here at Wessex, with the following roles currently available: • • • •

Befriender Volunteer PAT Tester Events Assistant Event Steward and Cheering


• • • •

Shop Assistant Community Engagement Officer Collection Tin Co-ordinator Join a Fundraising Group

Is there a particular story you could share with us regarding a client you have helped, that you are most proud of? There was one woman who came into the Support Centre who was absolutely beside herself after receiving her diagnosis. My colleague and I both spent time speaking to her in depth, offering our support whenever she needed it. The difference we saw in her over the following months was incredible. Not only was she feeling better, both physically and mentally, she had even secured herself a new job. She told us on many occasions

“I don’t know why I took so long to come here; I would not be able to remain this positive if it wasn’t for your support”. Instances like this are the reason I love being a befriender, as I know it makes a real difference in people’s lives, when they need it the most.

For more information and details of how to apply, please visit our website


Spring 2017

Inside Wessex

A Deeper Look at:

Mindfulness Mindfulness has its roots in Buddhist meditation and involves learning to focus awareness on the present moment, helping to create a peaceful state of mind. With modern life demanding more from us than ever before, it is no surprise that the practice of mindfulness has become increasingly popular in recent years. Local Clinical Commissioning Groups have found mindfulness to work well for many aspects of mental health, and with more people surviving cancer, mindfulness is a great way to support people in taking an active role in their own recovery.

Mindfulness has helped me simply enjoy my life again. It was easy to get lost in the stress of serious illness and as a result, I found my life starting to unravel. Mindfulness has made me revisit the joy in life and appreciate what I have in the here and now.”

For people living with cancer, meditation and mindfulness can help improve wellbeing and the ability to cope with the symptoms of cancer and its side effects. Mindfulness aims to help people live more fully in the present moment, placing focus on the whole person and not just the cancer diagnosis. Although it is not a cure for the disease, mindfulness has been found to have a number of benefits for people with cancer. These include reducing stress and anxiety, helping to control pain, sleep difficulties, fatigue, improving family relationships and giving people a greater sense of peace, ease and resilience while living with cancer. To complement the other wellbeing services already provided in our Cancer Support Centres and thanks to support from The Big Lottery Fund, we will be running 8-week mindfulness courses for those who have finished treatment at several of our Centres in 2017. If you or anybody you know would be interested in finding out more about our mindfulness courses, contact us on 023 8067 2200 or

Tips for bringing mindfulness in to everyday life Take time to breathe

Disconnect from technology

Take 5 to 10 minutes in the morning to simply sit. Keep the back of your body long, the front of your body open and focus on your breath. Whenever your mind starts to wander to the future or the past, return back to the object of your focus, your breath.

For example, practise not looking at your phone while walking or instead of watching TV while eating a meal, focus on the flavours of your food.

Spend time in nature This will give your mind an opportunity to rest and rejuvenate.

Relax Don’t feel that you need to fill up all your time with doing. Take some time to simply be.

Start a gratitude practice Write down three things you’re grateful for each day. The more we reflect on the everyday things we are grateful for, the more positive we feel.

Try our 1:1 yoga and meditation therapy Experience a new approach to relaxation and wellbeing. Sessions are available in our Chandlers Ford, Cosham, Hythe and Isle of Wight centres.

Keeping you connected with Wessex Cancer Trust

Spring 2017 Newsletter


The Conversation

MasterChef Winner 2016

Jane Devonshire In May 2016, the final of BBC’s MasterChef was aired and we were delighted to see local lady Jane Devonshire win the title! After a hectic few months, Jane was kind enough to speak to us about the overall experience, her future plans and the years she herself lived with cancer. Jane, firstly, congratulations on the win! It has now been several months since the show finished. What have you been up to? Thank you! Since the show finished an awful lot has happened. I have been spending time writing recipes, visiting many food festivals, presenting and appearing at corporate events and trainingdays (to name a few). My life has changed in an incredible way!

It sounds like you have been very busy indeed. When looking back at your journey over the past year, what has been the highlight? I have honestly had so many fantastic experiences, but without a doubt, winning MasterChef was the highlight of the year. It was my 50th birthday as well, which would have to come a close second. Overall, it was a great twelve months, filled with wonderful memories.

Well you certainly deserved it! I must say I was amazed by some of your highly creative plates of food – for example the lobster and popcorn dish. Where do you look to find your inspiration? It is a very difficult thing to come up with new dishes. I suppose ideas would pop into my head and I would just think ‘I’ll give that a try’! As for the popcorn, I was searching for some texture in the dish and so opted for popcorn instead of the sweetcorn I had originally intended on using. I also think because my son is a celiac I tend to think outside the box in order to find texture in non-wheat products.

In the final episode of MasterChef you revealed that you had actually spent ten years living with cancer. Many people who visit our Cancer Support Centres like to hear from other people who have been through similar situations. Do you have any advice or could you share any lessons that you learnt on your own journey? I am a huge believer that no way is the right way for everyone; each individual should do what works best for him or her. Personally, I was very open about my diagnosis and found comfort in speaking to others about it. However, I know people who have chosen to keep the diagnosis quiet and this has worked for them. If you trust your own instincts and just focus on ensuring you and your immediate family are in the best place possible, this is the most important thing.


Spring 2017

Many clients of ours often ask what the best food to eat when undergoing treatment is. Food has clearly played a huge role in your life; could you tell us how you managed your diet when you were undergoing treatment? When I was undergoing chemotherapy, I had very bad thrush and ulcers in my mouth, which meant eating things like spicy food was no longer an option. As much as I am an experimental cook, I actually reverted to eating the food my mum had cooked for me when growing up - dishes like chicken soup and shepherd’s pie; things I would consider home comforts.

Something else that many people find hard is the period after the treatment has finished, as they feel very isolated. Did you find this was the case in your experience? For me, that time was certainly the hardest. Firstly, you are deprived of a support system and a routine. Secondly, the shock of being so ill actually hit me afterwards. Whilst I was in treatment, I had something to actively fight against, but once this was over I was left feeling very vulnerable and alone. I went to a Wessex Cancer Trust Support Centre and used the free counselling service offered there. Being able to speak to people who were not my family about my fears and concerns gave me a fresh perspective and really helped me to push through.

Thank you so much for your time today! Before you go, we would love to know what is next for Jane Devonshire. Perhaps a book or even your own television show? I am actually writing a book at the moment, which I hope you will be able to read in the near future. As for TV – who knows, it is such a different world. Currently, I am just having a ball. Once I knew I had won MasterChef, I decided to take my time, enjoy the experience and totally embrace it. Rather than rushing to open a restaurant or anything like that just yet, I am going to take each day as it comes and see what direction I am naturally taken in.

Jane can be found tweeting @janecdevonshire or visit for more recipes.

We always ate fish on a Friday growing up and I still instinctively often turn to fish on a Friday. This is one of my favourite recipes for family or when friends come round for supper’

Jane’s Recipe

Cheesy Fish Pie Method (Serves 6) 1. Peel potatoes, chop and place into water. Bring to the boil and simmer until tender for mashing. 2. Whilst potatoes are cooking, put milk into a large pan and place onto stovetop to simmer. Add bay leaves. 3. Put cod loin and smoked cod into the milk and make sure they are covered. If not possible, do in two batches. Simmer the fish until it just starts to cook and is still a little translucent. 4. Remove fish using a slotted spoon and place into your baking dish (do not discard the milk - keep it in the pan). Gently flake it across the dish, mixing the smoked and plain fish evenly. Keep in chunks for added texture.

Ingredients 500g Filleted Cod, Skinned (Haddock or other white fish is fine)

5. Put cornflour into a mug and mix with enough water or cold milk to form a smooth paste a bit thicker than double cream.

500g Smoked Cod Fillet, Skinned (again Haddock would be fine)

6. Bring the fishy milk to the boil, stirring carefully as it’s quite easy to catch and burn it. Add the cornflour and stir until milk is bubbling and a thicker consistency. It should coat the back of the spoon. Quickly add cheeses and stir to combine.

200g pack of Atlantic Cold Water Prawns (use the large farmed ones if you prefer)

7. Don’t worry if there are a few bits of cheese not melted, they will do so in the oven, but you should now have a lovely thick cheese sauce.

900ml Milk (semi skimmed is fine)

8. Add salt and pepper to taste; be careful with the salt as the smoked fish is already very salty. Remove bay leaves.

150g Strong Cheddar, grated 150g Parmesan, grated 1.5kg King Edward Potatoes, peeled 6 tbsp. Cornflour Cold Water 2 Bay Leaves Salt and Pepper

9. Gently pour the cheese sauce over the fish and evenly distribute prawns over the top. 10. Mash the potatoes with a large knob of butter and evenly distribute over the top of the pie, one spoon at a time. Use a fork to fluff up and place in an oven at gas mark 6 or 180 for 30 minutes, until the top is golden brown. 11. I love to serve this with purple sprouting broccoli or steamed spinach, but choose the veg you love!

Large Knob of Butter

Keeping you connected with Wessex Cancer Trust

Spring 2017 Newsletter


What’s on

The Challenge

New Forest, Burley 10 or 20 mile route

The challenge event will take place in the beautiful New Forest on Sunday 4th June 2017, coinciding with National Survivors Day. Thanks to advances in cancer prevention, early detection & treatment, more people than ever before are surviving the disease and our Walk for Hope will be celebrating this achievement. However, until there’s a day when everyone wins the battle, there is still much more to do. So we need you to brush off your walking boots and show cancer who’s boss! You can choose a ten or twenty-mile challenge and the scenic route will bring you up close to free-roaming ponies, deer and views of beautiful woodland.

Why Take Part We know Walk for Hope will be a day that unites survivors, patients and supporters - women and men - to celebrate, support and inspire. We will provide you with a free Walk for Hope t-shirt to wear on the day, along with plenty of training and fundraising tips. On the day the route will be fully marshalled with toilets, first aid and cheering squads at various points along the way. There will also be entertainment and refreshments at the finish line for friends and family to celebrate your achievement with you!

More Information Early Bird Registration: £29 Sponsorship Goal: £250 To register go to: Jackie has already signed up and is embracing the meaning of the event. She says:

I’m walking for all the people in my life that I’ve lost to cancer. The Walk for Hope is a day of remembrance and honouring their lives. However, I also want to celebrate all the people who have overcome cancer and the wonderful work that Wessex Cancer Trust does. Walking with my daughter will be great fun too!”


Spring 2017

Or Call: 023 80516575

Water Partner:


Dates for

your Diary

We are always adding more events, so please like us on Facebook: /wessexcancer to make sure you don’t miss out!

Run for Cancer

Dare to Drop

ABP Half/Full Marathon 23rd April 2017 Registration: £15/£20 Sponsorship Goal: £250/£300

We are looking for thrill seekers to join our Wessex skydive team. If you don’t fancy jumping yourself, why not have some fun with your colleagues and nominate your boss to take the drop!

Great South Run 22nd October 2017 Registration: £20 Sponsorship Goal: £250

Dorset Plane Pull 28th August 2017 Join our team of 20 to pull a 35,000kg Boeing 737 and test your strength, stamina and spirit. No plane pulling experience required! Registration: £10 Sponsorship Goal: £200

Jump dates: 25th March & 1st October 2017 Registration: £50 Sponsorship Goal: £395

Family Fun Day on the Isle of Wight 5th August 2017 Join us at Sandown Airport for a day of stalls, live music and family entertainment. All proceeds from the event will go towards supporting our Isle of Wight Cancer Support Centre.

Bournemouth Air Festival Hospitality Day

Golf Classic at South Winchester

1st September 2017

21st September 2017

Join us at Key West Restaurant for a unique dining experience. Guests will enjoy arrival drinks, a 3 course meal, afternoon tea and outstanding views of the air displays.

Join us at this 18-hole championship golf course for a day of networking and fun competitions, ending with a delicious prize giving dinner. Four ball entry: £395

Table of 10: £690 Individual tickets available

Keeping you connected with Wessex Cancer Trust

Spring 2017 Newsletter


Corporate News Specsavers Staff Give Winchester and Cosham Centres a Makeover

New Charity of the Year Partnership Announced

Wessex Cancer Trust is delighted to announce the launch of a new two-year partnership with Hillier Garden Centres. Hillier, who have 12 garden centres across the South of England, will be encouraging their 450 employees and customers to raise awareness and funds to support local people with cancer. They kicked off the partnership at the Winchester Garden Centre Christmas launch night where customers and staff enjoyed a performance from our Sing for Life choir. This year, they are already busy planning fundraising activities, including supporting world cancer day in store.

Quostar Christmas Lunch For the third year running, Quostar teamed up with Inspire to host their annual Christmas Charity Lunch. Thanks to the generous donations by local business people they managed to raise £21,000, with the proceeds going to 4 local charities including ourselves. QuoStar’s Managing Director James Stelfox commented: “It’s certainly a very enjoyable way to kick off the festive period, and we were pleased to be able to raise such a large amount in support of four local charities.” Wessex would like to thank Quostar for their continued support and generosity, and look forward to working together this summer at the Bournemouth Air Show.


Spring 2017

Specsavers staff have used their community day to paint 2 of our Cancer Support Centres, providing all the paint and resources as well the enthusiastic workforce! Tina, our Cosham Centre Manager, said, “It’s really important that our clients come into a relaxing and welcoming environment, and that has certainly been achieved.’’ A big thank you to the Specsavers team from all the staff and befrienders at our Winchester and Cosham Centres.

If your business would like to support Wessex Cancer Trust, there are many ways you can help: • Choose us as your charity of the year • Hold a fundraising event, such as a Cakes4Cancer bake sale • Have a dress-down day • Offer your services free of charge • Enter a team in our Walk for Hope or Drop the Boss challenge • Sponsor a project • Display a collection pot • Sign up for payroll giving For more information on how your company can partner with Wessex Cancer Trust please email Sofie, Head of Development:

In the Community Basingstoke Fundraising Group Celebrates 35 Years of Support

Wolly is the winner! In summer 2016 we launched Wessex Cancer Trust’s Mascot Competition where we asked local children from across the region to design a Mascot for us. With over 200 entries we shortlisted down to just 5 finalists who were put to a public vote; Wolly, Giftie, Huggle, Alfie and Harry Happy Heart. We are pleased to announce that after 600 votes, Wolly, designed by Emily, won the compeition and is in the process of being brought to life! When asked what inspired Emily, she told us,

Betty Hawkins, Dr. Ryall, Professor Bill Heald and others, formed the Basingstoke Group, just one year after the Wessex Cancer Trust was founded. Over the years, the members have worked together to organise concerts, fashion shows, collections, sales and garden parties - raising hundreds of thousands of pounds, used to support local people affected by cancer.

‘’I chose a lion as I wanted the mascot to be the bravest animal, like the brave people fighting cancer.’’

Anne Searle, Treasurer, told us how great it has been to be a part of this group. Although she survived cancer herself, unfortunately some of her friends of family members did not. Raising money for people in similar situations is something that she has found extremely rewarding.

Are you interested in Wolly visiting your school or community group? Then please get in touch with Charlotte, our Community and Event Fundraiser:

The Basingstoke group and those in other locations would love to welcome new members, so if you are interested in raising vital funds, please visit www. to find your nearest meeting.

Steve Russell – Our community champion! For over a decade Steve Russell has been working extremely hard to support the trust, and we couldn’t be more grateful. He has collected donations from drivers at DockGate 4, recommended us for large collections at the Southampton Boat Show and the Isle of Wight Festival, as well as holding his own personal appeal each August – ‘Save your pennies’. Over the years, Steve’s passion and support for the charity has raised over £40,000. So we would like to say thank you to Steve for all of his amazing work.

A Christmas Thank You!

So many of you got involved in supporting Wessex Cancer Trust throughout December. Whether you came along to a Christmas fayre, attended our Christmas carol concert, bought a Christmas card or took part in our bauble appeal, thank you! Your amazing generosity will help us to support even more people in 2017.

Keeping you connected with Wessex Cancer Trust

Spring 2017 Newsletter


8th - 14th May 2017 Come together with friends, family or colleagues and ask for a donation in return for a cake and a cuppa. Order your free fundraising kit at: @WessexCancer Wessex Cancer Trust 023 8067 2200 Registered Charity No: 1110216


Profile for Wessex Cancer Trust

The Message: Spring 2017  

In this issue we look back on Wessex Cancer Trust's highlights of 2016, hear from Masterchef winner Jane Devonshire and launch our brand new...

The Message: Spring 2017  

In this issue we look back on Wessex Cancer Trust's highlights of 2016, hear from Masterchef winner Jane Devonshire and launch our brand new...