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Problem Number 462:


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So… I don’t always do everything exactly when I should. And most times it’s okay but sometimes I wait just a little too long… like when I had that paper due and it was way late at night and I was totally panicking ‘cause I had like NO research done and G——gle was giving me a trillion Web sites that I couldn’t use because my teacher specifically said,

“No Web sites, only credible resources—like full-text articles.” Not too good. But then my best friend IMed me and told me to go to I just typed in my library card number and my subject and found tons of articles that I could usereal articles.

Saved :-)

Super Librarian:

Her Backstory

Name: Christine Kars Age: 23 Height: 5’7” Weight: Would never let me tell Eyes: Brown Hair: Raven Black Occupation: Head Librarian of Sandview City and unknown to even her closest friends, The Super Librarian Christine Kars is the daughter of the late Mark Kars, head librarian of the Sandview Public Library, and his deceased wife Sandra Kars. Sandra died at childbirth so Christine’s father, Mark, raised her. He passed on his love of books to her and as a child

Known Relatives: Sandra Kars [mother deceased] Mark Kars [father deceased] Gregory Tines [adoptive father] Other Relations: Sergeant Jeffrey Roberts [fiancé] Marital Status: engaged Base of Operations: Sandview City, NJ

Now Christine travels the world for evidence to

avenge her father’s death and to make sure truth is never hidden.

Knowledge is her sword and justice her She is the sworn protector of the written word and thus, the world. shield.

she often could be found buried in one of her favorite novels.

Mark later died in a suspicious fire that

burnt his beloved library to the ground.

Cloaked in purple and gold she is...

The Super Librarian!

Christine, who deeply loved her father and his library, was 17 at the time and just finishing up her third year at Sandview High. She went to live with her guardian and eventual adoptive father, Gregory Tines, a big-time businessman and long time friend of her father.


Extreme Knowledge – from all her reading And high-tech gadgets- that her adoptive father provides her from his company Tines Laboratories.

Christine went to college at Stratus University Masters Degree in Library Science. Her ardent

for a

reading and healthy hunger for knowledge helped her

to easily graduate top of her class and in record time.

Even though she could have chosen from a multitude

of careers and positions, only one would ever appeal to her.

She followed in her father’s footsteps with the help of her adoptive father who had funded the rebuilding of the town’s library after the fire.

Christine started

from the bottom and worked her way up to the top and by age

22, she had reached her dream position


of head

Then, hidden in one of her father’s old books, Christine found a document that confirmed her suspicions that the fire that had killed her father had been no accident. by

It had been set Sandview’s very own Police Chief Manfield

to destroy microfilms that connected him to a decade old conspiracy and to kill her father before he could go to the police with information he had found in those microfilms.

With all her heart, she wishes she could Manfield into jail but this is impossible without proof. And proof she does not have, Yet… land

written by: Back story contest Grand Prize Winner Sharon Scaife of Cinnaminson, NJ Age: 15, Grade: 10 Library Sponsor: Cinnaminson Library, Burlington County Library System

“MaN, I was supposed to meet my friends for lunch at Blake’s Cafe! I can’t believe I’m standing them up again!”

day y m how go! T is NO sed to This o supp s a w

Had enough yet, Super Librarian?!! Not until SandView City is rid of the likes of you, Virus!

Story: Manny Rosca & David Lisa Art: Wes Richards

“I can’t believe it’s 7 o’clock already...”

“Up’n at’em ole girl.”

“Hmmm, let’s see what’s up for today... Whoa! I better get going! That librarian is coming in for an interview today!”


Christine Kars is off to work at the Sandview city public library...

Head Librarian at Sandview City Public Library, Christine goes about the tasks of checking public and staff computers, tending the Reference Desk and talking with contacts on the phone.

Christine is interviewing a man for the Librarian position. He seems pleasant and anxious to be of service. as the interview goes on, She is also checking the municipality’S communications array on her computer.

“So, you feel that you are qualified for this position?” “Well, I have a lot of experience working in public and academic libraries.”

Her software is picking up odd fluctuations in the connectivity. Christine frowns.

“I would like to have the opportunity to work in your Reference department in Sandview....”

“I’m awfully sorry but I have to leave. Thank you very much for coming in. I’ll be in touch...” The communications mapping software has honed in on the location of the problem. It looks ominousLY FAMILIAR. CHRISTINE ABANDONS THE INTERVIEW AND DASHES INTO ACTION.

“sorry...” What, you gotta go save the world or something?

It must be him...these communications disruption signatures are too similar to the last time we fought.

There can only be one villain responsible for this... It must be...

“the vIRUS!”

How well you know me, Super Librarian! give up! I am about to unleash untold destruction on this pitiful sand trap! Behold! This wireless device contains a Virus the likes of which this city has never seen!



I’ll wipe you out yet, Virus!

a shadowy figure watches from behind a tree below.

it’s time for you to have a taste of...


Blake’s Cafe... Meanwhile, down below at

Yeah, and there goes the Virus!

Wow, it’s Super Librarian!

and it figures that Christine would miss all the action again!

Well, at least I destroyed his toy before he took off! i saw everything.



don’t worry, I’m not here to harm you. In fact I can help you.

the virus is correct. a group of villains is headed for sandview city as we speak! is there room in your world for

X-Libris, ...christina?

h on the

... orizon

ing the com


itte The Comm



Use the grid as a guide to draw

Write and illustrate your own


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