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APRIL 2017

Significant Circumstances Cover Story: The

Rhythm of Our Spiritual Life

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Personal Encounter With God

M o n t h l y

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o f

W e s l e y

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Significant Circumstances

The Rhythm of Our Spiritual Life

Growing In Christ Significant Circumstances 2 The Rhythm of Our Spiritual Life 4 Living Through Significant Circumstances / Personal Encounter With God 6 My Year In The Wilderness

by Rev Gladwin Lee

Marketplace Seminar

7 Coping With Changes in Your Job

Holy Week

9 Preparing for Easter Sunday 10 From Palm Sunday to Easter Sunday 12 Countdown To Wesley@Cathay

Ministry Focus 14 WSCS

16 Devotion In Groups


18 Dealing With Conflicts In Your Life

“W here are you heading to after this?” I frequently ask this question in my conversations with friends or colleagues after dinner. But where we are moving towards, be it a venue or a status, is less important than where we are headed — spiritually. One of the goals of our discipleship journey is that we may “Grow in Christ” to become the WESLEY disciple, as described in the January 2017 issue of TIDINGS. The Wesley Discipleship Model identifies five essential catalysts that facilitate our growth in Christ. One of these faith catalysts is significant circumstances — defining moments of great joy or deep pain that can lead us to a positive experience of God’s transforming love. Our Christian life is a spiritual journey. In his book Praying the Psalms, Walter Brueggemann suggests that our spiritual journey has a rhythm consisting of three basic phases, which we move from one to another, namely: orientation, disorientation and reorientation. We are in the stage of orientation when everything makes sense in our lives. Disorientation happens when our world collapses around us and we feel that there is no way out of the deep hole into which we have sunk. Often this is when we enter into a significant circumstance that will have a strong impact on us. We then enter into a phase of reorientation, or new orientation, when we finally understand what has happened to us. We acknowledge God who lifted us out of the pit with gratitude, and gain a new awareness about Him and our life. For example, Jesus’ disciples would have experienced disorientation when they witnessed the arrest and crucifixion of Jesus, the expected Messiah who would deliver them from the

3 April 2017

Romans. They entered into a phase of new orientation after Jesus’ resurrection and at Pentecost when the Holy Spirit descended upon them and filled them. Significant circumstances is one of God’s ways of revelation and transformation in our lives. Our spiritual practices of faith are essential for keeping us afloat in our moments of disorientation. It is in moments like this that we need to carve out time alone for prayer. In so doing, we are creating space for God to speak into our lives and for ourselves to comprehend our inner self. This solitude of the heart is necessary. In these moments of solitude and prayer, I have found these questions useful: 1. What does God want to wean me out of? For example, are there ungodly attachments that I need to be freed from so that I may live more simply and lovingly? Do I have false notions of who God is, or what God wants me to be that God wants to address at this moment? 2. In the light of what has happened, what is God calling me to? What is God’s will for me and His people? So, where are you headed? May you develop a rhythm of prayer to match that of your spiritual journey, so that you may echo the words of this beautiful song even when you find yourself in a state of disorientation:

Thank you, Lord,

for the trials that come my way. In that way I can grow each day as I let you lead, And thank you, Lord, for the patience those trials bring. In that process of growing, I can learn to care. (Chorus)

But it goes against the way I am to put my human nature down and let the Spirit take control of all I do. 'Cause when those trials come, my human nature shouts the thing to do; and God's soft prompting can be easily ignored. I thank you, Lord, with each trial I feel inside, that you're there to help, lead and guide me away from wrong. 'Cause you promised, Lord, that with every testing, that your way of escaping is easier to bear. I thank you, Lord, for the victory that growing brings. In surrender of everything life is so worth while. And I thank you, Lord, that when everything's put in place, out in front I can see your face, and it's there you belong. - Dan Burgess

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| Significant Circumstances GROWING IN CHRIST

Living Through Significant Circumstances


by Tina Khoo

Significant circumstances (or situations) would be what are commonly known today as defining moments. These may be moments of great joy or deep pain. Such moments may lead to one growing closer to or further from God. They can make one better and another bitter, the difference being how we interpret the circumstance that we find ourselves in. And our interpretation of that moment is determined by our worldview and the relationships we have at that time. When we interpret those moments with the biblical perspective, these circumstances or situations will lead us to a positive experience of God’s transforming love.


ignificant Circumstances is one of the five catalysts of faith in the Wesley Discipleship Model; the others being Scriptural Obedience, Spiritual Relationships, Spiritual Disciplines and Sacrificial Service— CORDS in short. When we speak of circumstances, we are talking about good things like getting married, having a baby, getting a promotion, going on a mission trip or getting a pay raise in the midst of an economic downturn. We also speak of negative events like going through a divorce, being diagnosed with cancer, losing a job, a death of a friend or family member or realising that your child is autistic. It is not possible for our church to programme and create these circumstances into believers’ lives in order to build their faith. But we can be sure that God will bring us through some defining situations or circumstances in our lives. It is in and through these circumstances that we learn to synthesise two or more of the other catalysts. Our prayer is that these experiences will build our faith and draw us closer to God, and that our head knowledge of God will become our heart knowledge of God and His ways.

EDITOR’S NOTE: We will be featuring the other four catalysts of faith — Scriptural Obedience, Spiritual Relationships, Spiritual Disciplines and Sacrificial Service — in subsequent issues of TIDINGS.



cannot get his permission to write this but I am certain that he would give his blessings for this testimony, if he was still around. This is the story of my husband’s personal encounter with God, written from my perspective. It is the awe-inspiring testimony of how God transformed my husband. My husband used to go with me for church service every week. He would listen to the sermons and even quote what the pastor preached, to admonish me. He told me he had known about Christianity since his school days, when the students had daily devotion before lessons. Nevertheless, he would not accept Christ as his personal Lord and Saviour. Perhaps he did believe, but was reluctant to admit it. He was reluctant because he did not want to upset his grandmother, mother and siblings. I guessed it was because being the eldest son, he felt responsible for taking on the role that is thrust upon him in his position in the family, when it comes to ceremonies in events like funerals. I brought him to Small Group meetings and urged the members to witness to him. I signed him up for the Alpha course, which I attended with him. I did whatever I could to get him to receive Christ into his life. Nothing worked — not until that fateful day when he told me that the doctor gave him only six to twelve months to live. “You’ve got nothing to lose now by accepting Jesus as your Lord and Saviour. We can meet again in Heaven one day,” I said to him. Praise God, he prayed the sinner’s prayer with me! He went through months of treatments, alternating between chemotherapy and radiotherapy, yet, he did not lose hope in God. In fact, during those dark moments, he drew closer to God. He cried out to Him to protect and watch over me and our then three-year-old son. God honoured his earnest prayer and extended his life for another three years. The Lord was my source of strength when I was grappling with the emotional roller coaster those three years when we were engaged in a losing battle.

5 April 2017

by Charlotte Kwang

Personal Encounter With God We started praying together daily for healing as he was full of hope for a complete cure. He read the Bible and did his devotion every day. He would pray for himself and for us. Though the pain was excruciating, the blood test result was disheartening and the side effects of chemotherapy were debilitating, he remained emotionally and spiritually strong. He even assured me that it was alright to leave him at home while I brought our son to Sunday School every week. My husband not only had a close personal relationship with God, he was also elucidated by the Holy Spirit on the Trinitarian nature of God. Despite his physical exhaustion, he stayed up for more than an hour one night to elucidate the truths of God and His salvation to his mum, who was not a believer. This man, who once cautioned me against antagonising his family members with my Christian standpoint, was witnessing to his pre-believing mum! One day, during his final year with us, when he was recuperating in hospital from the week-long intensive radiotherapy on his spinal bone and was hoping to go home, the gut-wrenching news came — the toxic from the abscess (in his body) had entered his blood stream and would cause him to die within two weeks. We prayed, and asked God to guide our decision whether to have an operation. He might die on the operating table, the doctor

said, given his extremely weak constitution. Or, if successful, we would be able to buy more months so he could have more time with our son. In faith, we went ahead with the operation in the morning, and rejoiced when we met each other in the evening. Another battle won. At this time, he was so convinced of God’s love for him, he instructed me to request for a pastor to baptise him. Hence, we did. He was baptised on the hospital bed. “Every day that I am alive, it is God’s grace,” my husband proclaimed. I heard this coming from a man who was once very self-reliant, trusting in his own capabilities and intelligence. Praise God for this amazing transformation! How the Holy Spirit had touched his life was evident in this single statement. My husband did not fully recover from that operation since his wound was not healing. The cancer metastasised to his lungs and his spinal bone, causing paralysis, and his organs deteriorated, but he did not blame God though his spirit was crushed. He was more concerned about how our son would be affected by his devastating state. One time, when our son was at school, he shared with me his worry that our son might one day blame God for not healing him. He told me to tell him this, “Do not blame God for taking Daddy away, but thank God that because of the illness, Daddy had personally experienced Him.”

“Every day that I am alive,

it is God’s grace,” my husband proclaimed.

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| Significant Circumstances GROWING IN CHRIST



by Estella Lau

My Year In The Wilderness


started my job search in February 2016. I had placed myself with all the top executive search firms but for months, I was met with silence. I prayed, I struggled and wrestled with God, but His answer was “Wait — a job is not what you need now. I have provided you with everything you need, don’t let your self-worth be defined by a job title and pay package!”

and come and pray to Me, and I will listen to you. You will seek

He says, ‘Be still and know that I am God….’ (Ps 46:10).

to the place from which I carried you into exile" (Jer 29:10-14).

My life before was a whirlwind of business travels and 12-hour workdays which meant that I was usually too exhausted to find time to “know God”, or at least, that was my excuse. Since I now had free time on my hands, I decided to take a step of faith to venture down whichever path God opened for me. I studied the book of Revelations, completed DISCIPLE 1 and started on DISCIPLE 2, signed up for Discover Your SHAPE workshop and was deployed to serve in the SHAPE Committee and to train in DISCIPLE 1 facilitation. Yet all this while, I was not fully yielded to God. I continued to pray for what I wanted, which was for God to give me a job.

I knew then that God was telling me my restoration will come. I surrendered. Instead of insisting on what I wanted, I told God that I would submit to His plan, and that all I asked was to make me a blessing to others, be it in the marketplace or in ministry service.

There was silence. I received many reassuring messages along the way, the most powerful of which was in July 2016 when Rev Dr Isaac Lim delivered the message on “The Promise of God’s Faithfulness” from Jeremiah 29:10-14. This is what the Lord says: “When seventy years are completed for Babylon, I will come to you and fulfil My good promise to bring you back to this place. For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. Then you will call on Me

Me and find Me when you seek Me with all your heart. I will be found by you,” declares the Lord, “and will bring you back from captivity. I will gather you from all the nations and places where I have banished you,” declares the Lord, “and will bring you back

In December 2016 I was offered a job (from a totally unexpected source) which was to start in February 2017. At the same time, I was called to facilitate a DISCIPLE 1 group starting in February, while Bible Study Fellowship (BSF) was calling to offer me a place to study the book of John, also starting in February! God has fulfilled His promise to me in Jeremiah 29:10-14. He mercifully gave me a year of rest — to do nothing but spend time with Him. He taught me the authentic discipline of waiting upon Him. I don’t know how my new venture will pan out but I know that the God who is with me is the God who delivered the Israelites out of Egypt and Babylon into the Promised Land, the One who provided water and manna in the desert, and the God who will put me in the cleft of a rock and cover me with His hand (Exodus 33:22). When He calls us with a gentle whisper, there is no point resisting or running away — just be still and say “Here I am, Lord”.

7 April 2017



Significant Circumstances

Coping With Changes In Your Job

by Lui Yanzhen

The changing economic and work landscape means that job transitions are more common than before. An unexpected loss of a job, prolonged unemployment, or job security uncertainties can cause emotional turmoil, and dealing with these issues can be a stressful time for many.


he two speakers and three panellists of the seminar “Coping With Job Transitions and Retrenchments”, held on 18 February 2017, covered this range of topics related to job changes — from the biblical rationale of life trials to the practical methods of getting a job, giving the participants lots of material to ponder on. Dr Ng Moh Ying, a pastor, started the session with the message titled “Growing Through Life’s Storms”, highlighting some biblical principles on how we can weather life changes. When hard times come, we can choose to be a student instead of a victim, and make the choice to see the lesson in the situation rather than to focus on the negatives. Pastor Ng recounted her experiences of some major financial and work challenges, and

encouraged the audience to focus on the loving nature of God, who draws near to those who hurt (Ps 34:18). Nothing that we go through in life will be wasted, as God can use our suffering to shape us. Trust in God’s goodness when undergoing trials, and look forward to the ultimate victory in Him. Sharing an analogy on viewing a tapestry from its back where the threads are all tangled and chaotic, Pastor Ng implored us to “focus not on the tangled threads, but more on the hands of the weaver”. Next, Mr Cheng Soon Keong spoke about coping with job transitions in his career as an accountant, and dealing with strong emotions such as denial and self-doubt. To him, the loss of his job meant the loss of status, which had an impact on his identity

as a professional and provider. During the time when he decided to take some time off from work, he spoke to more than 30 of his work associates and ex-colleagues, asking them questions about his strengths and shortcomings. This brought him to a position of humility and surrender. He realigned himself and his gifts to God’s plan for him, and eventually believed with God’s help that he can overcome the challenges in his work. Soon Keong shared that just like the lesson in the story of Joseph (Genesis 45:8), we can trust in God’s plan and sovereignty even in the midst of hard times. The three panellists also gave short presentations. Mr Tony Ting, Wesley Counsellor, shared on how to cope with the emotional roller coaster of unemployment


8 Wesley TIDINGS

| Coping With Changes in Your Job MARKETPLACE SEMINAR

from a counselling perspective. Sudden or prolonged unemployment causes changes like having less money to spend, rapid emotional changes, loss of status, etc. There may also be changes in relationships with family members and friends, as there is increased dependence on them for financial and emotional support. It is helpful to understand their reactions, and involve them in your job search. Keep in touch with friends, and develop new friendships through hobbies. Other coping methods include looking for temporary work, volunteering, exercising, setting a routine, and having spiritual support.

explore various companies, targeting the search to those that fit your needs, as being too open will reduce your chances and makes it hard to make a decision. Step Three is to “work the grapevine”, that is, connecting with professional associates through conferences, social activities or social networks. Step Four is to prepare well. For this, Ms Leo gave useful tips on how to craft a good resume and prepare for the interview. Step Five is to perform at the interview, and Ms Leo listed some qualities that the interviewers may look for in a candidate, like confidence, logic and clarity of thought.

Ms Leo Wee Lin, who is an experienced Human Resource executive, then introduced some practical steps to land your desired job. Step One is selfreflection, so as to understand yourself and what you like to do. Step Two is to

Mr Andrew Fung, a career coach, spoke about the changing employment landscape and outlined some world trends such as company lifespans getting shorter. Mr Fung advised job seekers to recognise the situation that they are in, respond


to it by following an effective plan, and review their spiritual and professional resources. He presented some channels of assistance and resources that job seekers may tap on, including seeking employment assistance from Workforce Singapore Career Centres and ComCare, and knowing about subsidised training and SkillsFuture credits. Spiritual resources include church support programmes like Men-In-Christ and Small Groups. Questions in the Q&A session were many, touching on both job and spiritual matters. The panel encouraged the audience to remain resilient in times of change, to develop a positive attitude to see the lessons in challenges, to have hope and to trust in God to help them to overcome the trials and make effective job transitions.


currently serves as Executive Pastor of “My Father’s House” Church. After working as a lawyer for over 25 years, she left the legal field to enter Trinity Theological College to equip herself for pastoral ministry. In her work, both in the legal and pastoral ministry, she has been involved in advising and counselling others in the areas of finance, health, relationships and life transitions.

is currently a trainer and certified career coach. As Director of CaliberLink from 2013 to 2015, Andrew was part of the Singapore Government’s initiative to assist Singaporean Professionals, Managers and Executives (PMEs) in their career transitions in the face of an increasingly volatile employment landscape. From 2007 to 2013, he was also Director of Fair Employment at the Ministry of Manpower involved in developing Singapore’s guidelines for fair consideration to be given to local job seekers.


has been a practising counselling psychologist for more than 30 years, with the last 17½ years at Wesley Counselling Services. His areas of interest include death and dying issues, marriage and family therapy, addiction counselling, and movie therapy.

shared his between jobs experience and how he coped with job transitions.



has more than 30 years of HR experience covering all aspects of strategic human resources management - workforce planning and recruitment, organisation development (training and talent management), total rewards, employee relations and policy formulation. Leo is currently a retiree spending her time in voluntary work and as a board member with Chen Su Lan Methodist Children’s Home.




April 2017

Significant Circumstances

Preparing for Easter Sunday This Holy Week, we seek to grow in Christ as we journey with Jesus in His final week. Mr Michael Tan, President of Eagles Communications, will bring to us a series of four sermons (beginning Palm Sunday weekend and ending on Holy Wednesday) which will focus on our need to return to God, realign our lives to Jesus, and be renewed in heart, soul, mind and will.



8 Apr 5.00pm Wesley Hall

Easter Sunday is the culmination of Lent, a 40-day period (which begins on Ash Wednesday and ends on the Saturday before Easter, not counting Sundays) during which Christians focus on simple living, prayer and fasting in order to grow closer to God. In particular, Holy Week (the last week of Lent) is profoundly meaningful. It offers us the opportunity to follow in Jesus’ footsteps from the triumph of Palm Sunday, where crowds waved palm leaves and welcomed Jesus as their King, to the grief of Jesus’ death on Good Friday and the somberness of Holy Saturday, the eve of Easter Sunday.


aster Sunday marks the resurrection of Christ, a watershed event for the early Christ followers, and is the earliest annual feast observed by Christians. Celebrations in the Christian calendar are meaningful because they sustain our faith by helping us to remember important theological truths.

As we remember Christ’s final days, death, and resurrection this Holy Week, we do more than proclaim the Good News to the world— we are proclaiming the Good News to ourselves as well. “In the context of today’s political and economic uncertainty, Lent and Holy Week is a reminder that God is sovereign over the affairs of the world and His purpose for humanity’s redemption will not be hindered by any nation or power,” says Mr Michael Tan, our speaker for this year’s Holy Week services. “Observing Lent and the Holy Week helps us to understand that good will overcome evil. When the Church does not observe this season, we would have lost the purpose of our existence for the rest of the year!” What can we do this season of Lent to prepare ourselves for Holy Week and Easter Sunday? Michael suggests that we spend more time with God than we normally would. He adds, “I recommend reading the Gospels and reflecting on the life and ministry of our Lord Jesus Christ to help us appreciate personally and deeply what He has given up for us — His life — for our death. The more we know God, the more we will love Him and the more we love Him, the more we will love others too. That’s living with Christ at the centre of all we are and do and experiencing God in all of life.”

by Joey Chen

9 Apr

7.30, 9.30 & 11.30am, 5.00pm Sanctuary & Wesley Hall Speaker: Mr Michael Tan President, Eagles Communications

10-12 Apr 8.00pm Sanctuary Speaker: Mr Michael Tan President, Eagles Communications MAUNDY THURSDAY 13 Apr 8.00pm Sanctuary Speaker: Ps Benjamin Fong Family Holy Communion Service GOOD FRIDAY 14 Apr 8.30 & 11.00am Sanctuary & Wesley Hall Speaker: Rev Dr Isaac Lim THE SATURDAY SERVICE (TSS) 15 Apr No TSS for this week EASTER SUNRISE 16 Apr 6.30am Wesley Plaza Speaker: Rev Benjamin Lee EASTER SUNDAY 16 Apr 8.30 & 11.00am Sanctuary & Wesley Hall Speaker: Rev Stanley Chua On Easter Sunday, Plaza Hall will be a designated worship space for families with children age 6 and under. Activity packs for children (ages 3-6 & 7-12) will be available for collection at the kitchen counter and outside the Plaza Hall.

ABOUT THE SPEAKER Michael Tan is the President and one of the founders of Eagles Communications, which was established in 1968. He has published

the Eagles VantagePoint magazine, which addresses church and marketplace-related issues, for over 25 years. Currently, Michael oversees the different ministries of the organisation and charts the direction for its future. He is on the faculty of Eagles Leadership Institute and has spoken at leadership conferences and retreats in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia and China. He is also an evangelist, Bible teacher and preacher. Michael has a BA (Honors) in Theology from the London School of Theology in UK as well as a M.Th. in Church History from Trinity Theological College in Singapore. Michael and his wife Siwilai Banjerdpongchai-Tan are members of Faith Methodist Church Singapore.

HOLY WEEK | Significant Circumstances

From Palm Sunday to Easter Sunday PALM SUNDAY




Jesus rides triumphantly into Jerusalem

Jesus clears the temple again

Jesus teaches on the Mount of Olives

Jesus remains in Bethany

Matthew 21:1-11 Mark 11:1-11 Luke 19:28-44 John 12:12-19

Matthew 21:12-22 Mark 11:12-21 Luke 19:45-48

Matthew 21:23-25:46 Mark 11:27-14:11 Luke 20:1-21:36

Jesus cursed a fig tree on his way into the city and it immediately withered. He then entered the temple courts and began driving out those who were buying and selling there. He overturned the tables of the money changers and the benches of those selling doves. Jesus said to them: “My house will be a house of prayer; but you have made it ‘a den of robbers’.”

The Sunday before Easter marked Jesus’ triumphant entrance into Jerusalem on a donkey, fulfilling a prophecy in Zechariah 9:9. It is called Palm Sunday because many people cut palm branches from the trees and spread them on the road to welcome Jesus. They shouted, “Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord! Hosanna in the highest heaven!” Jesus spent the night in Bethany, just two miles east of Jerusalem, probably at the home of Mary, Martha and Lazarus.

Jesus once again spent the night in Bethany.

The religious leaders challenged Jesus’ authority and questioned him on issues such as paying taxes, the resurrection and the greatest commandment, all of which Jesus responded with great wisdom. Jesus also condemned the religious leaders and warned his disciples against them. On his way back to Bethany, Jesus stopped at the Mount of Olives and began to teach in parables. This is now known as the Olivet Discourse. Meanwhile, Judas agreed to betray Jesus.

The disciples prepared for the Passover, while Jesus was either at the temple teaching or in Bethany throughout the day.

11 April 2017





Jesus institutes the Last Supper and washes his disciples’ feet

Jesus dies on the cross

The tomb is sealed

Jesus rises from the dead

Matthew 27:1-61 Mark 15:1-41 Luke 22:66-23:49 John 18:28-19:37

Matthew 27:62-66

Matthew 28:1-20 Mark 16:1-20 Luke 24:1-53 John 20:1-21:14

Early in the morning, the religious leaders made their plans to have Jesus executed. They escorted Jesus to Pontius Pilate, the governor. Pilate then sent Jesus to Herod Antipas for further questioning. On being taken back to Pilate, Jesus was sentenced to death. He was also flogged and tortured. Jesus was finally taken to Calvary where he was crucified on the cross.

The religious leaders were worried that Jesus’ disciples may come and steal the body and tell the people that He has been raised from the dead. So they persuaded Pilate to give the order for the tomb to be made secure until the third day. Pilate put a seal on the stone and posted a guard.

Matthew 26:17-74 Mark 14:12-72 Luke 22:7-65 John 13:1-38

In the Upper Room, Jesus instituted the Lord’s Supper and washed his disciples’ feet. He also predicted that Peter would deny him three times. Jesus and his disciples then went to the Garden of Gethsemane. There Jesus prayed while his disciples fell asleep. He also agonised over his impending fate but reaffirmed his desire to do God’s will. Finally, Jesus was betrayed by Judas and arrested. He was brought to High priest Caiaphas for questioning. Meanwhile, Peter denied knowing Jesus three times. Today, this day is known as Maundy Thursday. Maundy is derived from the Latin word for “command”, and refers to Jesus’ commandment to the disciples: “A new command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another” (John 13:34). Maundy Thursday also commemorates the Last Supper.

Jesus rose! He appeared to Mary Magdalene and the other women who came to the tomb. He also appeared to Peter, the two disciples on the road to Emmaus, as well as the apostles (except for Thomas). In subsequent weeks, Jesus appeared again to his disciples, and Thomas was with them this time. He also appeared to seven disciples while they were fishing, 11 disciples on the mountains, a crowd of 500, his brother James, and those who watched him ascend to heaven. Sources: Life Application Study Bible and several "Holy Week Timeline" resources.

by Jonathan Huang

Countdown To Wesley@Cathay Early team visit by the Wesley@Cathay band to familiarise themselves with the location

Launching on 7 May! John Wesley once famously declared, “The world is my parish.” Walls could not constrain a man whose love of God compelled him to go out and preach the gospel to wherever and whoever God brought him. We carry on his legacy with our church’s mission to seek to glorify God in Jesus Christ by loving Him, by loving one another and by loving our neighbours as ourselves.

The Heartbeat Of Wesley Wesley@Cathay was announced to the congregation on the third weekend of January 2017. Since then, the leaders in the Launch Task Force, the staff from various ministries, and the volunteers who have signed up to be a part of the Service Teams, have been working hard on the preparations. It is with every hope that the new service carries with it the heartbeat of Wesley. The two greatest commandments come to the fore as we first welcome God into our hearts in worship, and also obey his calling to then welcome others into our family to do the same.

Wesley@Cathay is a contemporary worship service where people are welcomed, accepted and valued with the love of Christ, passionately seeking to encounter God, and inspired to impact the world by living out our faith. The tagline – “Growing, Building, Impacting” – in line with our Directions 2020 speaks of a desire to look inwards at our own spiritual growth, and in turn look outwards to make a difference to the world around us by bringing forth the gospel of God’s truth and grace.

While our Christian faith is a personal one, it is never a private one. Our love of God surely compels us to go beyond our walls to love whoever God brings to us, and go wherever He sends us. Several factors made The Cathay a suitable location, including accessibility by public transport, parking within the building and other amenities, including a 24-hour cafe. Moreover, a poll of Wesleyans revealed that it is believed pre-believers who would otherwise avoid services held in church buildings might be more open to being invited to The Cathay.

Readying Our Spirits The process of setting up a new service has been as much a spiritual journey as it is a technical and logistical one. From recruiting volunteers across the church, finalising the contracts, to the procurement of AV equipment, God has brought various ministries, leaders, staff and volunteers from diverse backgrounds together to get the service off the ground. Unity has been key. The team has also embarked on two prayer walks. There is a palpable sense that this is an endeavour that would be daunting and exciting all at once — a sense that we are indeed on a journey to shine Christ’s love and light to the world. Wesleyans have also come up to various leaders and team members to express their excitement, speaking about how their hearts raced (in some cases literally!) in anticipation when they heard about the new service.

Stepping Out, Stepping Up — Wesleyans Answer The Call With more than 30 volunteers required every week to run the service, a call was made for Wesleyans to take a step of faith and avail themselves for God’s work in this new area.

13 April 2017

Some helpful information about Wesley@Cathay

God has indeed called forth a group of Wesleyans to take up the challenge. They went through the SHAPE process to help them discover their God-given spiritual gifts and heart for ministry, which helped them to be placed suitably in the various Service Teams. We had our Welcome Lunches on 19 and 26 March 2017 to share with the volunteers the heartbeat of why we are embarking on Wesley@Cathay, and also to brief them on volunteer roles.

THE CATHAY CINEPLEX Wesley@Cathay will be at The Cathay Cineplex at 2 Handy Road, Singapore 229223. The service will be held at The Grand Cathay cinema hall on Level 6 of the building. For the first few weeks, Greeters will be stationed at the main entrance on the ground floor to ensure that everyone finds their way safely to the cinema hall. Escalators will not be operational in the morning, but there are three lifts that go directly to Level 6.

We also have a group of musicians and AV crew from Prayer & Praise who have bravely committed to serving weekly for the first six months.


Christopher Aldo, Wesley@Cathay band member, says,


"I'm excited whenever God does new things, and when I heard about the new service, I immediately felt called to be a part of it. "

The nearest MRT station is Dhoby Ghaut with the North-South, NorthEast and Circle Lines. Take Exit E (Orchard Road) or Exit F (Handy Road), and walk just across the road to The Cathay. BUS A) Bus Stop: Atrium Orchard/Plaza Singapura (Orchard Road) 7, 14, 16, 36, 77, 106, 111, 124, 128, 162, 162M, 167, 171, 174, 700A, 175, 190, 700, 972

It is an exciting time for all of us at Wesley. We invite all Wesleyans to journey with us —whether by joining us at Wesley@Cathay at 9.30am on Sunday 7 May 2017, to serve God as a volunteer, or to come alongside us in prayer — as we take this step of faith and await what God has in store for us!

B) Bus Stop: MacDonald House (Orchard Road) 64, 65, 139 C) Bus Stop: Opp. Park Mall (Penang Road) 7, 14, 16, 36, 65, 77, 106, 111, 124, 128, 162, 162M, 167,171, 174, 700A, 175, 190, 700, 972

God’s wo rk is nev er done, and we are s

DRIVING There are two carparks at The Cathay. The carpark at Handy Road is the one most Wesleyans are familiar with. The other is accessed from Adis Road/Mount Sophia and is typically less crowded.

lookout till on the for more Wesleya ns to our Serv serve with ice Team s! WE STILL NEED

D) The Cathay Carpark via Handy Road (210 lots) Rates on Sundays: $1.40 per hour (8.00am-9.59pm; excluding GST) E) Mount Sophia Carpark via Adis Road/Mount Sophia (74 lots) Rates on Sundays: $1.40 per hour (8.00am-9.59pm; excluding GST)


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14 Wesley TIDINGS


Moulding Women of Service


o you know that the Women’s Society of Christian Service (WSCS) in Wesley was formed more than 50 years ago? Having its origins in the Women’s Foreign Missionary Society which was founded in 19th century America, it was set up here in Wesley during the time of the early missionaries in Singapore. Its purposes are to help women grow in the knowledge and experience of God, as revealed in Jesus Christ, and to seek to make Christ known throughout the world, through Christian service within the church, the community and beyond. Wesley Methodist Church WSCS comprises two groups of ladies that meet regularly on Tuesdays (Tuesday Fellowship) and Saturdays (Saturday Group). We study the Bible and fellowship together, sharing and praying for one another during this time. Regular talks and activities are held for enrichment and connection. There are also retreats, outings and special events when both groups come together. WSCS seek to provide a welcoming environment where women can find the acceptance,

support and spiritual nourishment so vital to their growth and commitment in service. In its early days, Wesley WSCS was run with the intention of helping ladies bond and grow through Christian service. With increasing membership in 1990, Mrs Sylvia Kho (WSCS past president) suggested that a group be formed on Saturdays to cater to working ladies. With help, the ministry grew. Mrs Doris Liau, a past president and pioneer of the Saturday Group, said, “These ladies are mainly career women and we praise the Lord for their commitment and dedication.” Currently, there are more than 200 members in Wesley WSCS, and it is a part of TRAC WSCS. Our activities (see table) are organised in alignment with the other church ministries, namely, Discipleship & Nurture, Missions, Witness & Evangelism, and Christian Outreach & Social Concerns.


PROGRAMME OR ACTIVITY Weekly meeting for worship, prayer, Bible teaching, fellowship, lunch, and testimony sharing


Talks by Christian speakers, medical talks; craft activities, and activities for personal enrichment; cooking and baking classes; Chinese New Year celebrations


Breakfast preparation and service: First breakfast after the 7:30 am service Second breakfast for the 9:30 and 11:30 am services

Periodically Visit to places of interest in Singapore; short trips to Malaysia; shopping trips; visit to homebound or ailing members for worship and prayers; hospital visits

by Evelyn Soong, with contributions from Doris Liau and Khoo Heng Keow

It is hoped that the weekly teaching of Holy Scripture, the fortnightly Bible Study groups, the organised talks and activities, and the warm WSCS fellowship will help to inspire our ladies to read the Bible daily, nourish their spirits, and grow in their knowledge and love of God and of one another. WSCS’ programmes are mainly self-funding — thanks to in-kind donations and our ladies’ skills in cooking, floral arrangements and organising fund-raising events. Through activities and events such as breakfast sales, food sales, floral auctions at Christmas events, etc., we raise funds to support TRAC WSCS subscriptions for Wesley WSCS members, and provide Mother’s Day gifts for the church. In the past two years, WSCS has donated the fund set aside for the Mother’s Day gifts to the Tamar Village Ministry — which provides skills, empowerment and hope of a better future to local street ladies in Singapore— and other charitable organisations and missions supported by the church or TRAC. The Wesley WSCS Food Fair is held annually (with support from other Wesley ministries) to raise funds for charitable organisations, to help the needy, and support Christian ministry. We look forward to having many Wesleyan ladies join us. Membership is free and together we grow and glow in Christ as we go forth to serve the church and community! To God be the glory for all who come forward to willingly share their talents If you would like to serve in WSCS or join us on the Sunday Breakfast team, drop by the WSCS desk at the atrium or the kitchen on Sunday to find out more.

We welcome all ladies to join our programmes which are listed in the Wesley Weekly. Here are some upcoming WSCS events in 2017: •

8 & 9 April : Two-day trip to Malacca

15 & 16 April : Hot Cross Bun Breakfast Service for the Easter Sunrise Service

22 April : TRAC WSCS Conference – “Women In This VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, Ambiguous) World” at Toa Payoh Methodist Church

20 & 21 May : WSCS Sunday Celebrations – “Living in Righteousness —James 1:22-27”

26 August : Wesley WSCS Food Fair

3-9 September : Week of Prayer and Self-Denial

October/November (Date to be confirmed) : Mission Trip to Functional English Centre in Siem Reap, Cambodia

9 December : WSCS Christmas Celebration

16 Wesley TIDINGS

The launch on 26 February 2017

Pastor-in-charg e Rev Stanley Chua and DIG chairperson Philip Oh launching the DIG campaign by unveiling the DIG Board.

Growing In Christ. Devotion In Groups

Pastors preaching on weekends

Signing up DIG participants from 15 January

Posting of ‘to-do’ items on DIG Board

Finally, the Big Day on 25 February Saturday Group in first session

Daily reflections by Pastors, PTM and LCEC leaders

Daily broadcasts to facilitators

Training facilitators on 18 January and 25 February Ps Shih Ming conducting the training.

18 Wesley TIDINGS


Counselling Workshop

Dealing With Conflicts In Your Life

by Lui Yanzhen

No one is immune to conflicts. Disputes at work and at home are a natural part of life. When encountering conflicts, are you an avoider, accommodator, compromiser, competitor or collaborator?


r Tony Ting, Wesley Counsellor, presented the workshop “All I Needed To Know About Conflict Resolution I Learnt It At The Movies” on 4 March 2017. It was an opportunity for the 54 participants to assess their personal conflict management styles and learn principles to better manage conflicts in their lives. Conflict is defined as a situation where your concerns or desires differ from another person’s. Differences can be expressed in our beliefs, values, or interests, whether the divergence is real or perceived. It is a misconception that conflict is bad and should be avoided. Other misconceptions about conflict are that they should always be resolved, a conflict always involves two disputants, and conflicts are a one-time encounter. There are five conflict management styles, depicting the differences in the importance of achieving your personal goals versus that of the relationship with the other party. They are as follows: 1.

Avoiding: an unassertive and uncooperative approach. Neither your personal goals nor the relationship with the other party is important.


Accommodating: a cooperative yet unassertive approach. You give in to maintain the relationship with the other party, but personal goals are sacrificed.


Compromising: a cooperative approach. Both your

personal goals and the relationship are important, and it involves concessions on both sides.


Competing: an uncooperative approach. You seek to

achieve your personal goals at the expense of the relationship with the other party.


Collaborating: an assertive and cooperative approach.

Both parties try to resolve the conflict by open and direct communication.

Tony used the example of Pontius Pilate, the Roman governor at the time of Jesus’ prosecution, to explain the various conflict styles. At different points during Jesus’ trial, Pilate used different conflict strategies. For example, Pilate tried to first collaborate with the chief priests and the Jews when he found no basis to charge Jesus; he then avoided passing judgement on Jesus by sending him to Herod. Next, he tried to compromise by appealing

19 January April 2017

to the people to release Jesus instead of Barabbas, but he finally accommodated the crowd when he acquiesced to their demand to crucify him.

with the participants, giving her testimony on what she learnt about herself, and how she applied that knowledge in managing a conflict with a good friend.

We tend to have a preferred conflict style, but may employ different methods in different conflict situations. We may adopt the Avoiding style when the issue is trivial, or when postponement of resolution is necessary. The Accommodating style is used to preserve harmony and avoid disruption, or when continued competition would damage one’s cause. The Compromising style is useful when two opponents with equal power are strongly committed to mutually exclusive goals, or to achieve temporary settlement for complex issues. The Competing style is employed in situations when a quick, decisive action is vital, or when personal success is paramount. The Collaborating style promotes a win-win outcome, and is used when the goal is to fully satisfy both disputants. Knowing how to apply the various strategies in different conflict situations helps to achieve a constructive resolution.

Thereafter, it was movie time! The 1957 classic film, 12 Angry Men, was an insightful portrayal of a jury's deliberation of a murder case, providing excellent material to study the various conflict resolution styles. As the twelve jurors struggle to reach a unanimous verdict in the midst of heated arguments and tensed evaluations, the film examines the dynamics of how the characters handle disagreements and viewpoint differences. It highlights how a person's personality, background, and personal prejudices can influence his analysis and perception. The 95-minute film, with its riveting dialogue and strong performances, had the audience engrossed from beginning to end.

The participants identified their personal conflict styles by completing a questionnaire. Some were surprised to learn that their default style was not what they thought it would be. Tony’s colleague, Ms Caroline Ong, then shared her conflict style report


WEDDINGS March 04 Mr Lim Tiong Hien Bernard & Miss Lettice Lin Liling 11 Mr Leong Chan Cheong Andrew & Miss Chen Siru Joey 18 Mr Lee Junxian & Miss Serene Chia Yushan 25 Dr Lin Zhigao & Miss Teo Lin-Li Daphne 25 Mr Nihal Acharigae & Miss Chao Hui Ping Rebecca 25 Mr Lim Jin Xiang Shadrach Tobiah & Miss Cho Wei Yan Sheryl

BIRTHS March 06 Bethuel Praise Chia (Xie Manen) (Daughter of Mr & Mrs Chia Kwang Liang Ian) 07 Tan Jing Rui Isaac (Son of Mr & Mrs Tan Kai Huang Joseph)

DEATHS March 05 Mr Ling Lee Hua 07 Mdm Thng Sock Cheng 08 Mdm Goh Sioe Kiat 13 Ms Pang Keok Chow Juliana 13 Ms Goh Aik Puang 14 Mdm Goh Poh Choo 18 Mdm Yeo Mui Hiang 23 Mr Lim Sheet Yuen Michael 23 Mdm Kok Keng Ching Jennie

The subsequent group discussion and presentations threw more light on the characters’ different conflict resolution styles and personality traits. The workshop concluded with some excitement when the participant groups were pitted against one another in a fun quiz. We came away from the workshop with a better understanding about our different conflict styles, having learned to match different strategies to different situations, and principles for constructive ways of resolving conflicts in our lives.

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Be minister of God’s grace to your colleagues and clients at work within your own vocation. Join us and be inspired by our workshop speakers who will share their joys and practical examples on how to be a witness for Christ in the marketplace.

SATURDAY 6 MAY 2017 / 9.00am - 4.30pm

@ Rock of Ages Auditorium / Fees: $30 per person (includes materials, refreshments and lunch) OUR KEY SPEAKERS Pastor Benny Ho is a renowned Bible teacher, now serving as the Senior Pastor of Faith Community Church in Perth, Western Australia. He founded Arrows Ministry more than 10 years ago, with the primary purpose of helping local churches to equip every member to become a minister for Christ.

Mr Anthony Tan is the Group CEO and Co-Founder of Grab, Southeast Asia’s leading mobile technology platform. Grab focuses on solving critical transportation challenges to make transport freedom a reality for 620 million people in Southeast Asia. Under his leadership, the company has expanded into 35 cities in six countries across Southeast Asia.

8 CHOICES OF WORKSHOPS ARTS & MEDIA Journalism, Performing Arts, Design, Media Production, Public Relations BUSINESS & FINANCE Banking, Consulting, Financial Services, Businessmen, Entrepreneurs EDUCATION & SCHOOLS Educators, Teachers, Childcare Providers FAMILY & SOCIAL SERVICES Counselors, Psychologists, Social Workers GOVERNMENT & LAW Government-related Organisations, Lawyers HEALTHCARE Doctors, Dentists, Nurses, Medical Specialists, Healthcare Providers RELIGIOUS ORGANISATIONS Pastors, Church Staff, Christians in either Christian oganisations or other faith institutions SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY Engineers, IT professionals, Scientists, Technicians

TO REGISTER: Web: / Mail: Wesley Methodist Church, 5 Fort Canning Road, Singapore 179493 Email: / Info Counter: On Sundays after Worship Services Registration closes on 30 April 2017

Wesley Tidings Newsletter April 2017  

Wesley Tidings is published monthly by Wesley Methodist Church, Singapore

Wesley Tidings Newsletter April 2017  

Wesley Tidings is published monthly by Wesley Methodist Church, Singapore