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World-Class golf instruction for serious golfers! Sundays 3:30-5:00 Ages 11-17 Total Game Teaching Personal Practice and Improvement Plan Advance your game to the next level this season with a guaranteed improvement plan that continually assesses and upgrades your golf game! ¢

Junior Elite Teaching Breakdown (7 Hours Instruction each month) Progress Assessment: -Trackman Combine (45 min) -Short Game Test (1 hour 15 min) - Play 6 holes (1 hour 30 min) Areas of Teaching: (45 min each) -Putting (video, skid/roll, reading greens, pace, all distance putts) -Chipping (club use, landing area, set up and swing technique) -Pitching (distance control, set up and swing technique) -Bunker Shot (set up and swing technique, distance control, different lies) -Wedges (technique, distance control) -Irons (technique, center face contact, set up and swing technique, ball contact and curvature) -Driver (set up and swing technique, optimal carry/total, -Equipment Fitting (monitor yardages gaps, club selection, optimal distance for irons/driver) -Course Management (Pre shot routine, trouble shots, club selection, risk/reward) Each Month: -Each player completes 1 Trackman Combine -Each player plays 6 holes on the golf course -Group Instruction covers 4 Areas of Teaching. -Each player receives 1 hour personal instruction each month with either Wes or Mike at a scheduled time outside of group times. (Lessons must be scheduled 1 per month and a minimum of 48 hrs advance!) Every other Month: -Each player completes Short Game Test. (for season package) Cost: -$65/session (1 hour lesson not included) -$330/month -$1,595/season (May-Sept)

Single Session: (1.5 Hours of Instruction) -2 Topics of Instruction or 6 holes of golf with instructor $65.00

What is Trackman?

~ Industry leader in Doppler radar tracking ~ Tracks 26 data points of the ball and clubhead. ~ Pinpoint Accuracy to the tenth of a degree. ~ Used by over 150 tour professionals including Tiger Woods & Rory McIlroy.

What is the Trackman Combine? ~ A measureable test from all yardages ~ State of the art assessment of your strengths and weaknesses.

Month Session (4 weeks): (7 Total Hours of Instruction) -1 Trackman Combine -1 Short Game Assessment -3 Topics of Instruction -6 Holes of Golf with Instructor -1 Hour Private Instruction $330.00 Season Session (May-Sept): (36.5 Total Hours of Instruction) -5 Trackman Combines -3 Short Game Assessments -Every Topic of Instruction covered twice -5 Hours of Private Instruction -30 Holes of Golf with Instructor $1,595.00

Topics of Instruction include: Putting, Chipping, Pitching, Bunker Shots, Wedges, Irons, Driver, Equipment Fitting, Course Management. In the case of rain, instructors will cover: body drills, putting, and course management inside. Use of Trackman and video will be available at each session The last Wednesday of each month, the session will take place on the course.

Junior elite both  
Junior elite both