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Master of Arts (Religious Education)

Teach Christianly with confidence




Transforming lives through excellence in Christian higher education

Teach Christianly with confidence

Master of Arts (Religious Education)

with nested Graduate Diploma and Graduate Certificate

The Wesley Institute Master of Arts (Religious Education) is a unique program that equips graduates with a combination of practical classroom and visionary teaching skills. The program integrates vital leadership fundamentals with strong Biblical and ethical foundations, so that graduates can teach confidently and exercise outstanding educational leadership, particularly in schools where religious education is a core activity. Dr Martin Dowson Academic Director

• Integrate your faith with your profession and your career • Develop values-based teaching, leadership and ethical decision making skills • Network with influential educational leaders, mentors and employers • Online delivery with program flexibility • Sound Biblical perspectives in every course unit The Master of Arts (Religious Education) is a signature degree for accomplished teachers, and for existing and emerging educational leaders of schools and school systems. You may be: • a leader, or aspiring leader of a department, school or school system where education from a Christian perspective is central and essential • a teacher seeking to integrate your faith with and within your subject area • a teacher of Religious, Biblical, or Christian Studies and/or related subjects • a school chaplain, counsellor or pastoral care worker with significant curriculum or co-curriculum teaching responsibilities.

The Master of Arts (Religious Education) is designed to equip you with understandings, skills and values that will enable you to grow and develop as a grounded, resilient and influential education professional. Through the Master of Arts (Religious Education) you will develop wide-ranging abilities to: • teach and lead enthusiastically and effectively • understand, appreciate and adapt to change • make informed ethical and professional judgements • develop coherent links between values, beliefs and behaviours • build and maintain positive cultures, values and behaviours in schools • enhance the positive social impact of schools • display personal resilience, satisfaction and sustainability in demanding, yet fulfilling, roles • apply Biblical and theological understandings that provide a critical foundation for education and educational leadership.

You are looking for an effective and respected program that will: • support and strengthen your Christian faith • enhance your effectiveness as an educator • strengthen and expand your capacities and capabilities for educational leadership • extend your collegial and professional networks • be manageable in the context of a busy professional, community and family life. For further information visit our website

Online convenience FEE-HELP available

Course Units Professional Practice Units Christian Foundations of Education Explore key theological and educational principles that underpin effective and relevant religious education. Develop a clear understanding of how the Christian faith can be explained and nurtured in educational settings and contexts.

Focus • Key teaching and educational leadership skills and understandings • Immediate application in classrooms, schools and the community.

Courses Master of Arts (Religious Education) • 11 units in total (one double unit) • minimum completion time: 18 months • maximum completion time: 4.5 years Graduate Diploma of Arts (Religious Education)

• 8 units • minimum completion time: 12 months • maximum completion time: 3 years Graduate Certificate in Arts (Religious Education)

• 4 units • minimum completion time: 6 months • maximum completion time: 1.5 years

Course Structure The Master of Arts (Religious Education) is specifically designed for busy educators, offering accessible training through our state-of-the-art online learning platform, supported by face-to-face orientations and/or group sessions.

Master of Arts

(Religious Education) • Transformation in Education • Leadership, Creativity and Innovation • Research Project [double unit]

Graduate Diploma of Arts

(Religious Education) • Research Methods • Ethical and Professional Issues in Education • Productive Pedagogies for Religious Education • Using the Bible in Educational Settings

Ethical and Professional Issues in Education Master the legal, ethical and professional responsibilities of teachers. Practise skills for managing relationships in the wider school and in the community. Leadership, Creativity and Innovation Acquire and practise skills and patterns of thought characterised by creativity and innovation, leading to high educational attainment, productivity and success.

Curriculum and Pedagogy Units Religious Education and Human Development Develop a deep and informed appreciation of human development from a wide range of perspectives, including the implications for religious education of the physical, cognitive, emotional and spiritual growth of individuals. Productive Pedagogies for Religious Education Enhance your capacity to design, develop and deliver meaningful learning experiences characterised by intellectual depth, high levels of student engagement and demonstrated significance within and beyond the classroom. Transformation in Education Utilise teaching and learning, and educational structures and processes more broadly, to drive holistic personal change in group and individual contexts. Explore specific pedagogies that stimulate transformational learning.

Research Units

Flexibility • Enrol in any award (Graduate Certificate, Graduate Diploma, or Masters degree), subject to meeting admission requirements • Exit with any award with the option to re-enrol after a break • Gain credit for appropriate and relevant previous study • Progress at a pace that best suits your situation.

Powerful Networks Students will study with and learn from talented and dedicated staff. Upon graduation, students will have continuing opportunities for life-long learning as part of an influential network of Christian educators being built around our Alumni Program.

Leading Faculty Join a leading multi-faculty college that is equipping the education sector with core competencies in teaching, administration and leadership. The Institute’s academic staff have the academic and education experience, and school and professional contacts and resources, to deliver a respected and impacting program.

Graduate Certificate in Arts

(Religious Education) • The Biblical Metanarrative • Christian Foundations of Education • Religious Education and Human Development • Jesus and the Gospels

Entry Requirements • A Bachelor degree in any discipline • Relevant work experience • English language proficiency to IELTS Academic 7.0 overall (or equivalent)

Research Methods Gain the practical and theoretical skills and understandings necessary to design, conduct and evaluate informed research in education, the social sciences and related fields. Research Project Benefit from a solid, practical experience in identifying a researchable problem; building a research design; gathering and analysing data; drawing conclusions from data; and communicating conclusions and recommendations in appropriate and effective ways.

Integration Units Biblical Metanarrative Appreciate how the unfolding Biblical narrative reveals a coherent metanarrative within which to read, interpret and respond to Scripture so that a consistent Biblical worldview can be applied to all of life. Jesus and the Gospels Examine the Person and ministry of Jesus, and develop strategies for interacting thoughtfully with the gospels in various teaching and professional contexts. Using the Bible in Educational Settings Expand your ability to explain and interpret the Bible in educational settings. Practise the art of preparing, delivering and evaluating engaging classroom experiences with deep Biblical content. Please note: not all subjects will be offered every semester.

For more information: t: +61 2 9819 8824 e: w:

5 Mary Street, Drummoyne, PO Box 534 Drummoyne 1470 NSW AUSTRALIA ABN 50 360 319 774


Master of Arts (Religious Education)  

Offering a Master of Arts (Religious Education) with nested graduate diploma and graduate certificate

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