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DEAR ALUMNI AND FRIENDS, Homecoming is always a tremendous event as alumni of all ages return to campus. As Susan and I meet with alumni, the constant theme they share centers on the special experience they had as students at Wesley. Specifically, the meaningful relationships established with faculty and staff in a supportive liberal arts setting is an extraordinary feature of Wesley and cannot be duplicated at a larger institution of higher education. This characteristic continues to describe Wesley today. Wesley provides experiences that mold and shape our young students and involves them in leadership opportunities as well as personal, professional and spiritual growth, community involvement and a sense of belonging. Do you know that Wesley is one of the few private colleges to offer undergraduate research for first-year students? This allows for more in-depth President Bill Johnston research which extends from year to year, better preparing (right) with Carolyn ’62 them for graduate school or the professional workplace. and Angelo Nicolai. Many of our students have been selected for national poster presentations and published in academic magazines and journals. Although other colleges offer study abroad programs, Wesley is offering a plethora of multicultural options to expand our students’ view of the world around them. Not only do they have the ability to study abroad for a semester, students can choose short-term travel courses, summer programs and other offerings that open doors and expose them to new cultures and ideas. With the addition of the marching band, Wesley’s music programs continue to build and offer all students the ability to participate and experience the arts. One of the foundations of a liberal arts education, the arts – including music, art and drama – allow students to express themselves and develop their appreciation for culture. Experiences last a lifetime, and at Wesley everything we do cultivates opportunities to reach further and broaden students’ minds. Your unwavering support helps Wesley continue to provide these important experiences. Thank you for your dedication to Wesley,

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Chris Wood Vice President for Institutional Advancement (302) 736-2316 Cathy Anderson Director of Development (302) 736-2410 Steve Clark Coordinator of the W Club (302) 736-2557 Jessica L. Cook Director of Marketing (302) 736-2354 Amanda Downes M’06 Director of Advancement Services (302) 736-2318 Phil May Campaign Services Manager and Prospect Research Analyst (302) 736-2465 Cathy Nosel Director of Alumni Relations and Annual Giving (302) 736-2317 Angela Palmer Advancement Services Assistant (302) 736-2467 Jovoni Simmons Graduate Assistant for Alumni Relations and Annual Giving (302) 736-2423 Wesley is published two times per year by the Office of Institutional Advancement.

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Features 8 Strike Up the Band! Wesley College students and football spectators had more than just the nationally ranked team to cheer about at the first home game of the season in September – the crowd also witnessed the debut of Wesley’s new marching band.

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Peyton Cluff ’15

SENIO R ADMINISTRATION Dr. William N. Johnston President


Dr. Patricia Dwyer Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost

Wesley College is a United Methodist institution of higher education that seeks to be among the finest student-centered learning communities in the liberal arts tradition. Consistent with our Methodist heritage, the College affirms meaning and purpose in life through justice, compassion, inclusion and social responsibility that enhance community life and respect for the environment. Wesley College exists to liberate and empower its students with the knowledge, skills, ethical attitudes and capacity for critical thinking needed to achieve personal and professional goals and to contribute to the local and global society.

Ron Reck Vice President of Administration and Finance Chris A. Wood Vice President for Institutional Advancement Wanda Anderson Dean of Students Dr. Howard Ballentine Dean of Enrollment Management Mike Drass Executive Director of Intercollegiate Sports and Recreation B OAR D OF TR USTEES Mr. Robert V.A. Harra, Jr., Chair Mr. William J. Strickland, Vice Chair Mr. D. Wayne Holden, Secretary Mr. Frank A. Andrews Rev. Dr. Jonathan E. Baker ’70 Bishop Sandra L. Steiner Ball Dr. William E. Bazzelle Mrs. Linda S. Broyhill ’71 Mr. Thomas W. Burn, Jr. ’79 Mr. Charles L. Burton ’84 Mrs. Stephanie Smith Christiano ’98 Mr. Timothy J. Constantine Mr. Charles R. Dashiell, Jr. Rev. Boyd B. Etter (Ex-Officio) Rev. Dr. Vicki Gordy-Stith (Ex-Officio) Dr. William N. Johnston (Ex-Officio) Rev. W. LeRoy Jones ’53 Mr. Alan B. Levin Mr. Donald L. Masten Mrs. Jane A. Mattern Mrs. Dorothy C. McLaughlin Mr. Gregory V. Moore Rev. Charlotte A. Nichols ’73 Mr. Harry D. (Skip) Willis ’70 Mr. William H. Willis, Jr. ’66 Dr. Rafael A. Zaragoza TR USTEES EMER ITI Mrs. Lillian Burris Mrs. Ann L. Burton Dr. Thomas C. Roe ’31 Rev. Dr. James T. Seymour Bishop Peter D. Weaver ALUMNI ASSOCIATION B OARD O F DIRECTO R S Executive Committee Kirsten Higgins ’98 Courtney Stewart ’04, M’06 Anne (Pittinger) Buckler ’62 Joe Cuccinello ’95 Allison (Snyder) Gudeman ’98 Brad Gudeman ’95 Lynn Schmid Knable ’67 Matthew Lindell ’03 L. Jane (Kearney) MacDonald ’60 Lisa (Mizell) Taillon ’94, M’05 Tom Trento ’75

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Faculty Accomplishments Dr. Anthony M. Armstrong, professor of political science, has published his book, “Educating Angels: Teaching for the Pursuit of Happiness.” Armstrong presents a full-range curriculum and pedagogy that would result in happier people and better societies. He paints an inspiring picture of an education worthy of angels and a future worthy of humanity, showing how methods of well-being based on happiness research – mindfulness, gratitude, perspective – can greatly improve kids’ chances to feel better in the present and to live happier lives in the future. Susan Redington Bobby, associate professor of English, was asked by Nora Corbett Adams, owner and designer of the company Mirabilia, to produce advertising copy for her. Adams is one of the most famous needlework designers in the world with a huge following, and Bobby has admired and stitched her work for 20 years. Every other month, Adams releases a very large design, and each piece requires a name and a description. Bobby has written a description for the designs “Red,” and “Persephone.” She also has two recent publications. The first is a peer-reviewed essay, “Besides, there’s no such thing as poets anymore’: Poetic Relevance in Neil LaBute’s Possession,” in the anthology “Verse, Voice, and Vision: Poetry and the Cinema,” ed. Marlisa Santos, Lexington, 2013.

The second is “The Teller’s Tale: Lives of the Classic Fairy Tale Writers,” ed. by Sophie Raynard (review)”, in “Children’s Literature Association Quarterly,” Volume 38, Number 3, Fall 2013, published by The Johns Hopkins University Press. Dr. Kraiwinee Bunyaratavej and Dr. William Kroen took seven students from BA310G International Business Experience and BI120/325 Caribbean Studies classes to conduct research in Barbados. The students visited different places such as a sugar factory, tropical forests, rocky shores, and the Central Bank of Barbados where they gathered related information for their research. Dr. Malcolm J. D’Souza, professor of chemistry, is co-author of a chapter that appeared in Recent Developments in Organic Chemistry 2013, published by Transworld Research Network. This review chapter details the mechanisms of reactions and beneficial aspects of chemical compounds that were originally employed as war gases. D’Souza also authored two peer-reviewed publications: one correlating cancer drug structure and solubility that was published in the American Journal of Health Sciences, and a second in the International Journal of Molecular Sciences that evaluated a study of vinyl chloroformate, a chemical compound that is found in a number of commercial products. D’Souza and

Dr. Patricia Dwyer, vice president and provost, received a $1.8M grant from the National Science Foundation EPSCoR program. Dr. Teresa Griffin, associate professor of media arts, was a featured reader at Second Saturday Poets on Sept. 14. Second Saturday has only two featured readers each month. Dr. Steven Groccia, assistant professor of physical education, has received notices of acceptance for two presentations: “An Introduction to the Cooperative Learning Model: How Task Structures Are Used for Accountability” at the Delaware Association for Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance Conference at Delaware State University, and “The Cooperative Learning Model in Middle School Physical Education” at the American Alliance for Health, Physical Education, Recreation, and Dance Conference in St. Louis, Missouri. Dr. Kathleen C. Jacobs, professor of business management, recently published an article entitled “Genderspecific jobs keep holding back the economy” in the News Journal on Labor Day, Sept. 2. The article focuses on women’s underrepresentation in blue-collar jobs and offers insight for a solution in light of the fact that state legislators have formed a statewide Blue Collar Task Force to focus on bringing jobs to Delaware in order to Winter 2013 WESLEY COLLEGE 3

improve the state’s economy. Jacobs also attended the Annual Kent County Economic Summit held Sept. 24, at Delaware Technical Community College in Dover, Del., where she assisted two other commissioners in briefing attendees at the Summit on the state of the economy using a poster exhibit on Economic Equity. The three commissioners, who are gubernatorial appointees, shared numerous research publications on the national economy and Delaware economy with the attendees. Chris Jarrell, nursing laboratory manager, received honorable mention recognition as a Top Nurse in Delaware for 2013 by the Delaware Nurses Association. The recognition was for Excellence in Nursing in the category of Clinical Nurse Specialist. Dr. Abigail Martinez-Sotelo, assistant professor of Spanish, gave three presentations this past academic year: “The

Recreation of the Figure of the Dictator on The Feast of the Goat of Mario Vargas Llosa” during the Mountain Interstate Foreign Language Conference (MIFLC) at Wake Forest University in North Carolina; “Witches, Nuns and Artists: the Literary Creation During the Inquisition in Colonial Mexico” during the Nineteenth Annual Carolina Conference on Romance Literatures at The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in North Carolina; and “¡De panzazo! and the Problem with Education in Mexico and its Relationship with Televisa” during the XXXI International Congress of the Latin American Studies Association (LASA) in Washington, D.C. Dr. Cynthia Newton, associate professor of political science, gave a talk on July 6 at the Delaware Public Archives on the legacy of the presidential election of 1800 to a packed house of about 80 people. In addition, the executive officers of the

Strengthening our Liberal Arts Core As a defining element of a liberal arts college, the core curriculum serves as the foundation of important knowledge and skills such as communication, inquiry, understanding multiple perspectives and developing lifelong intellectual curiosity. Wesley College’s 2009-2014 Strategic Plan called for a thorough review of its 20-year-old core curriculum and the creation of a new revitalized core. To accomplish this, Wesley decided to involve the entire faculty. In spring 2010, the faculty began identifying student learning outcomes they want to see realized in every graduate. For twoand-a-half years, they studied current trends in core curriculum development and teaching strategies to reach Wesley students, almost 50 percent of whom are identified as the first in their families to attend college. Under the old core, students choose from a wide array of courses under five broad themes, and take primarily 100-level core courses at any point of their academic career in no particular order. As approved by the faculty in February 2013, Wesley’s new core curriculum instead focuses on developing skills at each level of the students’ four-year program. In the first year, students take essential skills courses focusing on communication and inquiry, including a first-year seminar, a quantitative analysis course that prepares students to apply statistics to everyday life, a proposed “Frontiers of Science” introductory course to the scientific method, and two

4 WESLEY COLLEGE Winter 2013

Student Government Association and Newton (as advisor) attended the national American Student Government Association annual conference in early October in D.C., where the students had the opportunity to meet and network with other student government officers and members from around the country. Dr. Nancy Rubino, professor of nursing, received honorable mention recognition as a Top Nurse in Delaware for 2013 by the Delaware Nurses Association. The recognition was for Excellence in Nursing in the category of Academic Educator. Dr. Alban W. Urbanas, professor of philosophy and French, has published his English translation of “Beckett’s Generic Writing,” authored by the contemporary French philosopher Alain Badiou, in “The Beckett Critical Reader,” edited by S.E. Gontarski, Edinburgh University Press, 2012.

writing courses focused on developing writing and research skills. In the second year, students take integrative courses in four traditional liberal arts categories: Art and Culture, Religion and Philosophy, Literature and Languages, and History and Social Sciences. Instead of taking a history or English survey course that covers hundreds of years, students instead begin seeing connections and intersections among these disciplines by taking more topical courses such as “Literature and the Great War,” or “Psychology and Sports.” In the third year, students take three related 300-level courses in their chosen concentration, such as “Understanding Diversity” or “Social Responsibility.” They complete the core with a capstone course in their major, a course that often applies skills and knowledge in an internship, undergraduate research project, student teaching or nursing clinical. Through support from grants like the NSF EPSCoR and NIH INBRE grants, undergraduate research is a key element at Wesley. In the past, most undergraduate research students were juniors and seniors. In the new core curriculum, however, all students are introduced to undergraduate research in their first year through courses based on a faculty member’s interest or expertise. This fall, students helped test the new core, as the faculty piloted 12 first-year seminars and assessed learning outcomes and course effectiveness. Seminars include “Bee-Keeping,” “All About Dover,” “Studying Cultures through Mystery Writing,” “Life Stories: Reading and Writing Memoirs,” and “Media and the Truth.”

New Online Graduate Programs As more professionals seek to improve their marketability in difficult economic times, Wesley College is making graduate studies more accessible and cost efficient to meet the current demands. Expansion of the graduate programs will include a Master of Arts in Sport Leadership (MA-SL) starting in January 2014. This new program is the first completely online offering for the college. “We recognized a need for an advanced degree in sport leadership and started the process,” said Wesley College Vice President of Academics and Provost Dr. Patricia Dwyer. “This program offers the same quality fulltime professors that undergraduate students interact with on campus, but it is entirely online to cater to the hectic schedules of working professionals.” In addition to the Sport Leadership master’s, there will also be two certificate programs including Experiential and Adventure Education Leadership and Coaching. Students can complete the MA-SL in 24 months and the two certificates can be completed in approximately a year depending on course offerings. All courses are offered in seven-week blocks year-round. Career opportunities for these programs include sport marketing, sales, promotion, athletic administration, coaching on the interscholastic and intercollegiate levels, sport industry facility management and many more options. For those interested in a more traditional setting, Wesley offers master’s degrees in education, nursing, environmental sciences and business administration. The College’s graduate programs are affordable, convenient, and designed for busy people. For more information about the new online program or existing programs, visit

New Global Perspectives By JESSICA L. COOK

Wesley’s international presence on campus and abroad has increased exponentially in the last two years. The program has grown from a few foreign students on campus to the current enrollment of 21 international scholars working toward undergraduate as well as graduate degrees. There are 11 countries represented at Wesley, including Saudi Arabia, Finland, Germany, Nepal, China and more. Wesley’s recent International Student Exchange Program (ISEP) travelers have studied in the United Kingdom, France, Korea, Hong Kong, Italy, Austria, and Finland. The program continues to promote Wesley’s single-course faculty-led programs, where faculty members travel abroad with a group of students during seasonal breaks. These trips are also open to alumni and friends of the College. Wesley’s Director of International Programs, Kevin Cullen, inherited his role in July 2011 from Dr. Susan Cooper. She mentored Cullen on how to maintain a broader view of international education and how to see the big picture. Since then, he has seen the program grow to include expanded acculturation activities, a substantial increase in the number of international students recruited and an increase in the number of Wesley students studying abroad. “The success and growth of the program is truly a combination of old-fashioned hard work and sensible business practices,” said Cullen. “We have increased our recruiting efforts by reaching out to other programs and colleges, as well as diligent follow-through of electronic inquires.” With the rapid growth of the program, a new International Admissions Office has been established. Graduate assistants are the key to the program’s efficient process for handling international student applications. Currently, Wesley maintains articulation agreements with two English Language Institutes (University of Delaware and Notre Dame University of Maryland). Wesley is also a recognized college of the Saudi Arabia Cultural Mission (SACM). “Kevin is an entrepreneurial thinker, and he brings his professional experience in sales and marketing to the program,” said Wesley College President William N. Johnston. “We are very pleased to be able to offer our students and international students more multicultural opportunities.” The amount of international participation is expected to continue to rise. The number of international students for the 2018-2019 academic year is projected to be more than 100. In order to reach that mark, the program must continue to develop the necessary foundations for considerable growth.

Winter 2013 WESLEY COLLEGE 5

Homecoming 2013 October 4-6 This year’s events included: Friday: All Class Welcome Reception, the Athletic Hall of Fame Awards Ceremony, Informal Dinner for Class of 1963, Field Hockey vs. Cedar Crest, Women’s Soccer vs. Marymount (Va), Volleyball vs. Southern Va. Saturday: The Wolverine 5k Race, Guided Walking Campus Tours, Homecoming Parade, Pre-Game Alumni Tent Party, Wolverine Football vs. Huntingdon (Alabama), a Post-Game Picnic for History and Political Science Alumni and Families, a Wine and Cheese Social for Wesley Society members, All Class Reunion Dinner Sunday: Homecoming Worship Service and a Golden Grads Brunch (classes of 1963 and earlier) (( ON THE web )) To read more about this year’s Homecoming Weekend and see captions for these photos, visit To view and download photos from the events, visit

6 WESLEY COLLEGE Winter 2013

Winter 2013 WESLEY COLLEGE 7

Strike Up the Band! By COURTNEY GROSS ’17

Wesley College students and football spectators had more than just the nationally-ranked team to cheer about at the first home game of the season in September – the crowd also witnessed the debut of Wesley’s new marching band.

8 WESLEY COLLEGE Winter 2013

Winter 2013 WESLEY COLLEGE 9

“Students and families only have positive things to say about the new band.” – Brian Cass, Wesley Band Director


After the success of both the drum line in 2011 and small pep squad in 2012, Wesley expanded its musical presence with an official marching band. This new expansion, in addition to the cheerleaders, has proven to rally the crowd and boost the already high spirits during the games. “Students and families only have positive things to say about the new band,” said Wesley Band Director Brian Cass. After arriving at Wesley a week early, the band of about 30 students is prepared to perform at not only home football games, but also showcases and parades. The marching band welcomes musicians from all areas of study, not only music majors. “Wesley is excited to provide students with another outlet to express themselves and their personality,” Cass explained. All of this would not have been

10 WESLEY COLLEGE Winter 2013

possible without a significant and generous donation from Wesley alumnus Joan (Lefever) Bennett ’60. Her support helped the music department purchase new uniforms and instruments for the band and the additional funds have helped pay for renovations in Wesley Chapel. “We are so grateful for Joan’s support of the music department and the College,” said Wesley College President William N. Johnston. Bennett graduated from Wesley with her Associate of Arts degree and fondly recalls being one of six students who would drive up to New Jersey, dressed in their white dresses, and sing at Sunday brunch. Bennett was also one of the first disc jockeys for Wesley’s campus radio station, WSLY. She even had her own show, “Soothing Sounds of WSLY,” that aired weeknights. She sang in Wesley’s choir and because of the impact the music department has had on her life, she is an ardent supporter of the arts. She, among others in the college community, is certainly excited to see the growth of the music department. •

“Experiences last a lifetime, and at Wesley everything we do cultivates opportunities to reach further and broaden students’ minds.” – William N. Johnston, President


Alumni Profile


Barbara Hall Schubert ’51 answered the phone in October 2010 and heard a voice she hadn’t heard in nearly 60 years. It was her college beau, Jack Vaughan ’52, who had gotten her phone number from a mutual friend. “Do you remember me?” he asked. “Yes, of course.” “If you want to hang up, go ahead,” he added, fearing that Barb had never forgiven him for breaking off their relationship so long ago. She didn’t hang up. Instead, she and Jack chatted briefly, catching each other up on their lives. Both had married, had children and were recently widowed. Jack lived in Oklahoma, but he would be coming to Florida soon to play in a senior softball tournament and to see his son, who happened to live just 30 minutes from Barb’s home in Palm Coast. “Would you consider allowing me to visit?” he asked. 12 WESLEY COLLEGE Winter 2013

Romance at Wesley They had met at Wesley in 1951, an era of black-and-white TV and the introduction of direct dial coast-to-coast phone calls, when people were watching “I Love Lucy” and listening to Nat King Cole and Perry Como. Barb was a sophomore, Jack a freshman. She was the standout coed: president of Student Council, elected to Phi Theta Kappa, duchess of the May Court, an actress, and an excellent student trusted to answer the phone for Dean of Women Anne Stewart. He was the all-American boy: quiet and good-looking, president of his class, a baseball star who attended college reluctantly and focused more on sports than on his studies. At first, Barb and Jack knew each other only as acquaintances. Both scholarship students, they waited tables in the school dining room and ate early with the other waiters before their shift began. One evening, Jack heard Barb complaining to her girlfriends about an invitation she’d received to the Valentine’s Day dance. She was asking advice on how to say no without being rude. What should she do? From the far end of the table, Jack piped in: “I thought you were going to the dance with me!” “I was thrilled!” Barb said. The dance was held in the college dining room. Barb wore an orchid-colored gown and they danced together most of the night. That evening was just the beginning. “We started going to school functions together, picnics, and dances. We’d always talk in the halls and go on walks,” Jack said. “We’d get together to study. But that was just a pretense so we could see each other in the evenings,” Barb added. Sometimes they indulged in an excursion to Sunray Drugstore for Cokes at the soda fountain. Then came May, when Barb received her associate degree (Wesley was a junior college at that time) and returned home to Connecticut and a job with Traveler’s Insurance. “Jack and I wrote a few letters and we talked about getting together. I thought I’d visit him in Claymont, Delaware, where he lived, or he’d come to Connecticut, but neither of us had a car,”

Barb said. “After a while he wrote and said that maybe we’d better just end it. I was heartbroken, but eventually I married my high school sweetheart and went on with my life.” Jack tells a different version of the breakup. “Yes, I probably did use that excuse about the distance,” Jack said. “But the truth was, I could tell she was ready to settle down and I wasn’t. I was only 19, a dumb kid. I knew she was way ahead of me in a lot of ways.” After they stopped communicating, he too went on with his life – service in the army, a wife, kids, a career as an administrator at an insurance company. They lost touch with each other, but cherished their memories.

“Yes, I probably did use that excuse about the distance,” Jack said. “But the truth was, I could tell she was ready to settle down and I wasn’t. I was only 19, a dumb kid. I knew she was way ahead of me in a lot of ways.”

Rich, Full Lives The year after she graduated from Wesley, Barb married Roger Schubert, and they went on to have four children. Barb quit her job to become a full-time mother and started on a life as “a professional volunteer,” a leader in her Methodist church wherever the family moved, president of a newcomers club and a Girl Scout leader. Over the years she welcomed nine grandchildren and two great-grandchildren. Among her many volunteer activities, Barb has been active with the Wesley Alumni Association and a loyal donor. “I have wonderful memories of Wesley and its faculty and administration, particularly Lewis Wells [former professor of English and dramatic arts]. He brought out the best in every student,” she said. She is a frequent visitor to campus as well, returning for most of her reunions and whenever she’s in the area. “Wesley was so much smaller when I was a student there. It’s very different now, but still wonderful. I’m pleased as punch with the growth and with the leaders the college is producing,” she added. Barb and her husband, Roger, also found time to travel extensively. “Roger was a pioneer in the computer business for General Electric, and he traveled a lot,” Barb said. “One time he came home from a trip to Japan, with a layover in Hawaii, telling me about all these older people he’d seen there on the beach. ‘We’re not going to wait until we’re old to see the world,’ he promised. And we didn’t.” They went to the Caribbean, the Galapagos, the Azores, to the caves in Lascaux, France, and on an African Safari. “I was married to Roger for 57 years. We had four children of whom I’m very proud. I had a wonderful life and I wouldn’t trade it for anything,” Barb said. Jack, too, has fond memories of his years at Wesley. “I had a great deal of fun and met people who have become lifelong friends. I loved the College and the people, particularly Coach Dixie Howell, whom I admired very much. Wesley meant a lot to me in many, many ways. It was a big step in my growing up,” he said. After graduating from Wesley, Jack

Winter 2013 WESLEY COLLEGE 13

was working to save money for the University of Delaware when he was drafted. He says he matured quickly while serving in a divided Germany during the early days of the Cold War. When he returned, he married Vickie Seacord, a Dover High School student he had met during his sophomore year at Wesley. He completed his bachelor’s degree, and he and Vickie moved to Oklahoma, where Jack worked for the Equitable Life Assurance Society. They had two children and five grandchildren. Recently,

Jack welcomed his first great-grandchild. Jack had played semi-pro baseball in several leagues during his high school and college summers and after returning from the army. Although he gave up participating in sports when his children came along, he coached their teams for years. And when his children reached their teen years, he got back on the field himself, playing softball with a church team. He’s been playing softball ever since. Over the years his teams have won the

“I wouldn’t have recognized her on the street and she wouldn’t have recognized me. We just stood there laughing for a little bit, and then we sat on her back porch and looked at her Wesley scrapbooks and old pictures of us. We got to talking and within five minutes it was like all those years in between were gone.” 14 WESLEY COLLEGE Winter 2013

Senior World Championship twice and two National Championships. He was also a member of the Senior Olympic National Championship team in 2011. At 81 he’s still going strong. “As you get older, you may begin to lose your vision and your hearing and your ability to run, but you never lose your competitiveness,” he said.

Another Chance A few weeks after that phone call in October 2010, Jack was standing on Barb’s doorstep in Florida. “I wouldn’t have recognized her on the street and she wouldn’t have recognized me. We just stood there laughing for a little bit, and then we sat on her back porch and looked at her Wesley scrapbooks and old pictures of us. We got to talking and within five minutes it was like all those years in between were gone,” Jack said. A few days later, they went on their first official date since 1951. They had lunch on the deck at the Golden Lion, a restaurant overlooking the water at Flagler Beach. “We talked and laughed all afternoon,” Jack said. “After several hours the waitress came over and said, ‘You two look like you really like each other. Are you married?’ Well, Barb told her our story and soon the waitress was calling her co-workers over to meet us.” That day was the beginning of their new life together, and they’ve been a couple ever since. Although they live across the country from each other, Barb and Jack talk at least once a day, usually more. They visit each other often and travel together to Jack’s softball tournaments and to see family and friends. “She’s a very sweet person, friendly and outgoing,” Jack said. “She’s a good companion.” “Jack is calm and compassionate,” said Barb, “If he makes a friend, it’s for life. I really love this guy.” Although they’d prefer to be living together right now, both have deep roots in their towns, and besides, Barb doesn’t particularly like Oklahoma and Jack doesn’t enjoy Florida. “Neither of us likes this arrangement, but at the present time, that’s just how it is,” Barb explained. “We’ll figure it out,” Jack added. “We know we want to spend the rest of our years together.” •

SPORTS WOLVERINES News and Highlights

Wesley Inducts Hall of Fame Class of 2013

Rising to the Top

Pictured (seated left to right): Mike Schroeder '06, Bruce Marine '64, Danielle (Sacchetti) Caton '04, Laurie (Catalino) Laise '04, Angela (Brown) Wagner '02, (standing left to right): Dave Roccio '76, Kelvin Bellamy '85, Sean McCullin '00, Garland (GR) Cannon '04, Andre Summers '02, Pat Schneider '03, Andy Ferrario '03 and Mike Feeley '73. Not pictured: Steve Colavito '71

Wesley College’s Athletic Department inducted 14 new members into its Hall of Fame on Friday, October 4 in a ceremony at Wells Theater. Assistant Head Football Coach Steve Azzanesi served as the Master of Ceremonies for the event, which was also attended by Wesley College President William N. Johnston, Director of Athletics Mike Drass and several other special guests. For more information on individual lifetime achievements, go to Winter 2013 WESLEY COLLEGE 15

Michael McQuarrie

Robert Ehrhardt

Jen Jacobs


Wrap up Men’s Lacrosse An extremely young Wolverines squad finished 6-9 in 2013, highlighted by a CAC overtime victory over Marymount, advancing the Wolverines into the CAC Tournament for the first time since 2010. The roster featured just seven seniors and four of the top five leading scorers were in their freshman seasons. Following the season, faceoff specialist Michael McQuarrie set Wesley records for faceoff percentage and faceoffs won and was named Second Team All-CAC. Head coach Bill Gorrow also earned his 200th career victory after a season-opening win over Immaculata.

16 WESLEY COLLEGE Winter 2013

Women’s Lacrosse Wesley showed off its largest and best nucleus of players in program history and finished the 2013 season with a 6-9 record. Seniors Jen Jacobs, Nina Cornog and Alyssa Batty set new Wolverine career records for goals, draw controls and saves, respectively, and head coach Debbie Windett became the school’s all-time leader in victories. Batty also finished the year ranked in the top 10 nationally in saves and saves per game while being named Second Team AllCAC. Jacobs and fellow senior Jorden Lutz also earned All-Conference recognition, giving the Wolverines the most All-CAC selections in team history.

Golf Senior Robert Ehrhardt was named a GCAA All-American for the first time and led the Wolverines to a second place finish at the 2013 CAC Tournament. Ehrhardt had one of the best individual

Twila McCrea

seasons in Wesley history, recording a 74.9 stroke average and being named First Team All-CAC for the fourth straight year. Ehrhardt also earned medalist honors at the Glenn Heath Shipbuilders Memorial after carding a CAC-record 140 (-2) over 36 holes, while shooting a second-round 67 (-4), the second best single round in CAC history. Ehrhardt also shot a second round 67 the weekend prior at the Hershey Cup, his second of three rounds on the year where he finished par or better. Freshman Mason Mendoza was also named CAC Rookie of the Year and First Team All-CAC, while Clayton Bunting received First Team accolades. Wesley also provided more history as Madison Leone became the first female in school and CAC history to participate in a men’s sports championship.

Women’s Track First-year head coach Stephen Kimes led the Wolverines to a fourth place finish at the CAC Outdoor Championships, more than doubling the points by Frostburg in

the process. With several injuries on the squad, Wesley still saw 18 school records broken in the winter and spring seasons combined. Senior Twila McCrea was named Second Team All-CAC in the 400-meter dash. She also was named All-Conference in the 4x100-meter relay, along with sophomore Stevi Carpenter and freshmen Taylor Lynch and Kerri Pagels. Following the year, senior Tristin Burris was named a Capital One Academic All-American, CAC Female ScholarAthlete of the Year and the CAC nominee for the NCAA Woman of the Year.

Men’s Track With trips to the NCAA National Championships in both indoor and outdoor track, junior Matt Bundy highlighted the season for first-year head coach Stephen Kimes. Bundy won the 60-meter hurdles at the CAC Championship in the winter to qualify for Nationals before running the second-fastest time in NCAA Division III in the 110-meter hurdles while also winning his second straight ECAC Matt Bundy

Championship in the event. Freshman Robert Wiggs was also an All-CAC performer in both the long and triple jump as 13 school records were broken on the year.

Baseball Graduation took its toll on the 2013 Wesley College baseball team, but the Wolverines still managed to record a 21-19 record with a trip to the CAC Semifinals. Opening the year with an 8-2 record, Wesley won three of its five CAC series and turned an NCAA All-Divisions record seven double plays in a 10-inning game against Mary Washington in the second round of the CAC Tournament. Following the year, freshman Trevor Mears was named the CAC Rookie of the Year while senior battery mates Jordan Lozzi and Corey Jefferson earned First and Second Team honors, respectively.

Softball Seven freshmen started regularly for the 2013 Wesley College softball team, which finished 12-23 and earned its first trip to the CAC Playoffs since 2011. In addition to earning All-CAC honors, first-year outfielder Steph Caracozza had one of the best years in Wolverines single-season history with a .412 batting average and 47 base hits. Fellow freshmen Sarah Saunders, Kayla Fromal and Allison Kraky also littered their names all over the school’s single-season record book, which is definitely a great sign for the future of Wesley softball. Junior infielder Ashly Bendorovich also had a career year, leading the squad with three home runs and 26 RBIs in addition to earning CAC Player of the Week honors. Steph Caracozza

Corey Jefferson

Winter 2013 WESLEY COLLEGE 17

CLASS NOTES To post your latest news, visit the alumni website at or email




During the All Class Reunion Dinner on October 5, Wesley’s Class of 1963 presented the College with a check for $6,730. This reflected all gifts from Class of ’63 alumni made to Wesley, last fiscal year through Homecoming. The Reunion Committee included Rosemarie (Gimber) Adamietz, Lois (Butterworth) DeFreyre, Keith W. Gabbett, Ellen (Pennypacker) Jackson, and R. Jim Jones.

Eric Mondschein has published his book, “Life at 12 College Road,” a collection of memoir vignettes.

Dan Schwamb has joined National Financial Partners Corp. Advisor Services Group as senior vice president, Business Development. He was formerly vice president of business development for LPL Financial Corporation, where he recruited more than 240 advisors with high levels of fees and gross production. Dan successfully led a top-tier territory, and was awarded LPL Financial’s President’s Award as a top performer.

’73 Kathleen Grispon writes, “After 38 years, I just retired from teaching special education for Spring-Ford Area School District in Collegeville, Pa. My husband John and I just celebrated our 35th wedding anniversary. It has been a big year for us both.”

’94 ’89 Nicholas Halladay Jr. and family recently visited the campus on their way to Rehoboth Beach. Pictured (left to right) are: Jane, Stanley, Peter, Alexander and dog “Kate” Halladay.

’67 Robert Sylvester reports that after 32 years in the practice of medicine and almost 46 years in broadcasting, he is making another change in life and moving back to South Carolina after serving the State of Tennessee at various levels for the last 10 years. He is retiring from the Methodist church as a pastor and from the National Guard as Regimental Surgeon at the rank of colonel. He is moving up the ladder in medicine and hopes to continue in broadcasting as a talk show host in the Palmetto State. Sylvester also reports that he is still writing with the aspirations of completing a novel soon.

18 WESLEY COLLEGE Winter 2013

Edward Furman has joined the Stevens Institute of Technology as an assistant coach for the 2013-14 basketball season after coaching basketball at various schools for 18 years. Most recently, he spent six years coaching girls’ varsity basketball at Phillipsburg High School. Furman currently lives with his wife, Shelley, and their three children, Jack, Cole and Sofia, in Easton, Pa.

’95 Pamela Daisey was named chief operating officer for Fellowship Health Resources, Inc., (FHR) in September, where she will oversee the operations and functions of all of FHR’s nine regions across seven states. She has been employed with FHR for 15 years.

’96 Greg Porter and his wife, Shauna, are pleased to share that they welcomed Kasen Gray Porter, born 8 lbs., 14 oz. and 21-1/4 inches long, into the world at 6:44 p.m. on July 30, 2013.

’97 Brian Hurd was recently named Smyrna Middle School Teacher of the Year. He is currently a seventh grade science teacher and has been teaching for eight years.

’00 Mollie Burns reports that she is living in Wilmington, Del. and working as an MS navigator at the National Multiple Sclerosis Society in Philadelphia, Pa. She has been with the society for four years and loves it. Kristen Kenney is currently working as an academic advisor at Florida International University in Miami, Fla., where she works as a career services supervisor to another Wesley alumnus.

’01 Mike Judy has recently been awarded State Coach of the Year by the Delaware Lacrosse Association for coaching Smyrna High School boys’ lacrosse. His team was also the recipient of the Sportsmanship Award.

’04 Nicholas Doyle and Gloria Quinn are pleased to announce that they welcomed their first child on April 24. Because the couple met at Wesley College, they honored their alma mater by naming their son Wesley Peter Doyle. Wesley weighed 9.5 lbs. and was 21 inches long. The couple was married in Tarrytown, N.Y. on March 26, 2011. Fellow alumnus Sarah Giercyk ’05 served as Gloria’s maid of honor. Nicholas works as a sports television producer and Gloria works as a public relations executive, both in Manhattan.

Maura Schafer was recently named the Delaware Interscholastic Athletic Association (DIAA) girls’ Outdoor Track Coach of the Year for 2013. Previously, she was named Indoor Track Coach of the Year for 2013.

’05 Melissa Gibbs announces her recent marriage to Kyle Moberg on July 26, 2013.

Kathleen (McDade) Testa, and several Delta Phi Sigma alumni gathered for a baby shower in her honor on July 10. Pictured from left to right are: Jessy (LaRocca) Parkes ’03, Testa, Lindsay (Dukes) Mumford, Leia Casey ’08, Brittney Habernak, Alex Hollywood ’05, Courtney Stewart ’04, M’06, and Jennifer (O’Mara) Parkes ’03.

’06 Kaitlin Callaway, M’12, was named District Teacher of the Year in Laurel, Del.

’07 Xylene Graves announces that she moved to Boston, Mass. and started graduate school in the fall at Lesley University. She plans on getting her Masters in Special Education to teach children with moderate and severe disabilities.

’09 Eric “E.L.” Lowry and Amber Oldham ’10 are pleased to announce their recent engagement. At halftime during the Wesley College football team's Homecoming win over Huntingdon, the former Wolverines football player and assistant coach proposed to Amber.

Winter 2013 WESLEY COLLEGE 19



Adam Hall has been hired as the head coach of the Ancilla College men’s soccer program. In the past, he has been an assistant coach at Mishawaka High School and was the technical director of the Junior Irish Soccer Club. Prior to that, he served as assistant soccer coach from 2008-2011 at Wesley College.

Portia Keith is a Wesley College graduate assistant in the Student Affairs Office, while she studies for her Master of Arts in Teaching. Portia also married in May, and she and her husband, Michael Smith, went to settlement on their first home.

’11 Chris Agar writes for the film site Screen Rant, where he posts weekly box office predictions as well as movie features. You can read his articles at

Kirk Brooks is currently a resident director for Wesley College. He is also a graduate assistant for intramural sports while he studies for his Master of Business Administration.

Abdul Hameed is working as a Wesley College graduate assistant for the Academic Support Department.

Charminta Brown reports that she has received a graduate assistantship in the Career Services Department at Florida International University in Miami, Fla., where she assists students with career coaching, resume critique and career development. She is currently studying for her Master’s in Higher Education Administration.

Geoff Kimmel is a Wesley College graduate assistant for the baseball program. He is studying for his Master of Business Administration. Reggie Millner was named Rookie Teacher of the Year as a seventh-grade math teacher at Mendenhall Middle School in Greensboro, North Carolina.

Melissa Earley is a systems and application developer at Highmark Blue Cross Blue Shield in Wilmington, Del.

Antonique Vinson is a resident director for Wesley College. She is also currently studying for her Master of Science in Cardiac Rehabilitation from Salisbury University.

’12 Aaron Benson is a Wesley College graduate assistant for the football program. He is studying for his Master of Business Administration. Katherine Brossard is a Wesley College graduate assistant for the International Programs Department, where she is also the international admissions advisor. She is currently studying for her Master of Arts in Teaching, completing her student teaching at Polytech High School in the fall 2013 semester.

Jacquelle Boone reports that she received an invitation to play volleyball for the USA Athletes International in July in Costa Rica. They had four games against two local teams and two national teams, and they conducted several clinics for children, teaching them volleyball. In February 2014, she has plans to try out for the U.S. Women’s National Team. Jacquelle currently works in Boise, Idaho for Vector Marketing, where she is currently in training to become a district manager.

Greg McKee was recently hired as a hydrologist by Geo-Technology Associates, a geotechnical and environmental consulting firm. Tanner Polce is currently Wesley College’s student success outreach coordinator, while he is studying for his Master of Business Administration. Jovoni Simmons is a Wesley College graduate assistant for the Office of Institutional Advancement. She is studying for her Master of Arts in Teaching. Jessica Taylor is a Wesley College graduate assistant for the Academic Support Department.

Melissa Savin obtained a full scholarship and research assistantship stipend to a graduate program at the University of Delaware, where she is studying for her Master’s in Water Science and Policy. Matthew Tappan is a Wesley College graduate assistant for the Academic Support Department. He is studying for his Master of Arts in Teaching. Elizabeth Wallace is the resident director of Gooding Hall for Wesley College. Susan Zhan is a Wesley College graduate assistant for the International Programs Department. She is studying for her Master of Business Administration.

IN MEMORIAM Edward T. McGee ’58

20 WESLEY COLLEGE Winter 2013

Priscilla (Reich) Fleming ’62

Alan C. Peters ’63

Sean Wise ’09

ADVANCEMENT Honor Roll of Donors Dear Alumni and Friends of Wesley:

“Make it a rule never to give to an organization, but rather to the people they can help.”–William McGinly


ach person whose name appears in this Honor Roll of Donors has not invested in Wesley. Rather, they have made a wise investment in the students of Wesley. The dollars contributed are making a difference in the lives of young men and women by enabling them to achieve their dreams of a college education and a life of opportunity. There are many worthwhile causes we can support, but what could be more worthy than the gift of education, and particularly a Wesley education? Our network of more than 15,000 proud and distinguished Wesley alumni will continue to grow because of the generosity of those whose names appear on the following pages. It is on behalf of our students, and with an attitude of gratitude, that I share fundraising totals for the 1,226 donors that gave 1,754 gifts between July 1, 2012 and June 30, 2013.

• Wesley Society Membership (gifts of $1,000+ annually) grew by 5% to 222 members. • The 1873 Legacy Circle which recognizes those that have included Wesley in their estate plans was launched with charter membership continuing through June, 2014. In tough economic times Wesley alumni and friends continue to support the students of Wesley College in ever increasing numbers. Your gifts are ensuring a bright future built upon the solid foundation of our past. Wesley College continues to proclaim to students – past, present and future – that “Great Things Await!” With Warmest Wishes,

Chris A. Wood Vice President for Institutional Advancement

The highlights of financial gifts to Wesley for the past year: • Overall giving increased 4.9% from the previous year. • Annual gifts totaled $1,337,756. • In addition, we had 36 major donors who provided gifts and pledges for capital projects on the campus totaling $1,508,052, which is in addition to the amount above. • The College received donated property that appraised for $3,625,000. • There were 366 donors who gave their first gifts to Wesley and 244 donors who increased their gifts from the previous year. • Giving increased from businesses and foundations.

Winter 2013 WESLEY COLLEGE 21

THE FOLLOWING LIST ACKNOWLEDGES total cash and tangible gifts received by Wesley College during the 2012-2013 fiscal year, which began July 1, 2012 and ended June 30, 2013. Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the information in this Honor Roll. If you notice an error or omission, please accept our sincere apologies and report the correction to Amanda Downes at 302-736-2318 or A Family Affair Joan ’62 and Wilbert Abele Active Environmental Technologies, Inc. Rosemarie ’63 and Helmut Adamietz ◆ Paul K. Adams Yalonda Adams ’95 ● AETNA Foundation, Inc. Power of Giving Campaign Frank A. Albero John R. ’60 and Linda D. Alder Ronald ’73 and Denise Allen Donald ’68 and Christine Almasy ● Garry Alston Lois Altvater ’59 ◆ Sandra Anders

David ’70 and Kathleen ’70 Archard ■ Arie E. Lattomus Fund Anthony M. Armstrong ● David ’58 and Gloria Armstrong David R. Arnold ’67 Artisans’ Bank ● Aston Glass Company AstraZeneca Gift Matching Program ● Jean ’51 and Louis Athey ATI Physical therapy John ’62 and Jae Atkins ◆ Sarah E. Atwell ’05 Douglas ’54 and Jill Auburn Steven ’00, M’04 and Margaux M’05 Azzanesi

“We both feel very strongly that having Wesley College in town provides a local economic benefit as well as showcases Central Delaware to the students and their families. The hope is that the graduates fall in love with the area, find local employment, and become active members in our community. Providing financial support makes perfect sense when you can help students and partner with a first class institution that gives back in many ways.” S COTT AND T ERRI B ROWN W ESLEY S OCIETY M EMBERS Bruce and Cathy Anderson ● Virginia Anderson Anonymous ● Kathleen Andrus ’77and Gary Traynor ● Peter and Patricia Angstadt ● Ann and Charles Rebar Memorial Scholarship Foundation Anonymous Anonymous Aramark, Higher Education ■

B & B Air Conditioning & Heating Co., Inc. ● George T. ’66 and Eileen Bachman Elizabeth Blake Bagnato ’79 ● Karen ’63 and Robert Bailey Ralph F. Baird David ’66 and Sandra Baker ● Jonathan ’70 and Donna Baker ● Lance D. Balderson ’61 Sandra Steiner Ball and Barry Ball ■

Howard M. and Lynn Ann Ballentine Bank of America Matching Gifts Program ● Thomas Barbieri Frank and Pamela Barile ● David ’81 and Susan Oztemel ’81 Barnes ● Randy A. Barnes Marie L. ’94 and Thomas Barnett Jack and Doryann '11 Barnhardt ● Judith ’74 and Stewart Barroll Suzanne J. ’64 and William Bartholomae Edward F. Basara Gary A. Basmajian ’82 ● E. Russell ’57 and Joanne Bassett ■ William and Jennifer Batty ● Thomas ’69 and Teresia Baumgardner ◆ Bayhealth Medical Center ● John ’69 and Claire Baylor ● William and Minnie Bazzelle ● Beth E. Bebb ’82 Christopher ’09 and Caroline Becker Douglas and Elaine Becker ■ Becker Morgan Group ● Joseph Beckett ’62 Andrew D. ’71 and Elsa Behler Norton ’69 and Terry Behney ● Cynthia A. ’71 and William Behrens Beiser Charitable Foundation ● Susan ’73 and Warren Beisler ● Louis Bender ● Melody P. Bender ’00 ■ Michael and Virginia Bendorovich ● Angela Benefield Heather Benesch Arthur ’55 and Gail Benjamin ● E. Bradford and Andria Bennett Joan C. Bennett ’60 ◆ Robert K. Bennett Wesley H. Bennett ’59 ● Bennett Detective & Protective Bradley ’62 and Anne Benson Daniel and Barbara Beres ● Robert M. Berglund Berks Regional Tennis Association Adriana Berrocal Thomas ’64 and Mary Berry ● W. Leland and Diana Berry Helga Beuing Doris Beverly Phyllis ’63 and Richard Biddle William F. Biddle ’86 Kathy ’78 and Kevin Biglin ● James ’93 and Lisa Binder ’93 Andrea Binford Susan A. Bird ’67 Charles T. ’63 and Laura Bishop Catharine H. Bitterman ’78 Gary ’64 and Lauretta Blackney ● David ’95, M’07 and Kelly Blaeuer Bob Moore Realty Company

WESLEY SOCIETY MEMBERS: Highlighted in blue

Years of continuous giving 22 WESLEY COLLEGE Winter 2013

John A. Bodenlos Carline Bois Lester and JoMae L. Boney ● Charles P. Bonini Colin ’91 and Melissa Harrington Bonini ■ Linda L. Bonnett ’67 ● Scott ’68 and Deborah Booth ● Dr. Julie L. Boozer Barry S. ’66 and Maureen H. Boskovich Margaret Bott Homer W. ’59 and Carole Boyer William ’74 and Taylor Boyer ● Doris ’45 and Frank Boys ■ Michael W. and Julia E. Brandenburg ● Robert and Mary Lou Brashear ● G. Ray and Kate ’51 Breeding ■ 'Breslin Contracting, Inc. Robert and Beverly Bresnahan ■ Ruth ’56 and Arthur Bright ◆ William ’66 and Joyce Brinley ◆ Patrick J. Brittain Robert ’54 and Virginia Brittingham ◆ Daniel ’51 and Marjorie ’51 Brook ◆ Carolyn B. Brown ’46 ● Frederick ’62 and Dona Brown Harold J. Brown Richard K. ’64 and Mary Brown Scott and Terri Brown ● Susan M. Brown Linda Broyhill ’71 ■ John Buchheister ’67 Anne ’62 and Lewis Buckler ■ Buckley Builders ● Anita M. Bullock Kyle ’08 and Sarah ’09 Bullock Kraiwinee Bunyaratavej Eileen B. Burge ■ Thomas ’79 and Carol Burn ◆ Chester W. Burns ● Bernard Burrows David and Ann Burton ■ Charles ’85 and Marie Burton ● Audrey Butler ’46 Camille A. ’75 and William J. Butler Mercedes Butler Eugene Byrd CABE Associates, Inc. ■ Robert ’73 and Lisa Call Josephine and Daniel Calnan ● Calvary Wesleyan Church Camden Mid-State Lacrosse Club ● Bruce S. ’74 and Brenda Cameron Donald R. Cameron ’74 ● Susan ’82 and James Camp ● Laurie Cancalosi Carol Caputo Duane Carlisle Arthur and Louann Carlson R.R.M. and Stephanie Carpenter

3+ years = ●

10+ years = ■

25+ years = ◆

Jeanette Carr Darrell D. Carrick ’79 ● Giulia Carter Susan Casey Michael N. and Jane D. Castle ● Suzanne M. Cavanaugh Gary M. Cecchett Century Engineering Robert Chagnon Randy and Melissa Chambers Kevin Charles Martha A. ’65 and Jack Chartier Coventry Health Care of Delaware ● Chick-Fil-A at North Dover Children & Families First Nettie M. Choice ’11 Stephanie Smith Christiano ’98 and Derrick G. Christiano ’96 ■ Sarah A. Churgai ’71 Edward C. ’66 and Allison Cialella ● CIC West, LTD. Cincinnati Insurance Company Cirillo Bros., Inc. George Clanton Reid F. Clapham ’65 ● Daniel ’75 and Elizabeth Clark ◆ David ’66 and Ellen ’66 Clark ◆ Kevin Clark Saralee ’60 and George Clark ● Daniel Coakley Debbie Cochran Jeffrey Cochran Maurice B. Cohill Jennifer Cohill OConnor Jill E. Cole ● David ’66 and Gail Colglazier ● Jacqueline Colon Margaret Combs William ’64 and Regina Conaway ● Tamera Conforth Lynn Conley ’69 and Matthew Krainski Robert ’67 and Patricia Conley Charles B. Conner ’61 James ’95 and Andrea Connolley Pamela W. Connolly ’68 Frank Connor John ’81 and Carol ’82 Constantinou Robert and Patricia A. Contino Stewart D. Conway Jessica Cook R. Jervis Cooke Phillip and Karen Coombe ● George Cornog Mary A. Costin ● Sherry Coulter Glenn A. ’75 and Emilie Courtney Jennifer Cousins David M. Coyne Janice Crane Lowell D. Crane Creative Financial Group ● Donald A. Crews Elizabeth A. ’70 and Leon Cronce

Margaret ’63 and Richard Crook ■ James ’54 and Kay Crouse Daniel J. Crumlish ’63 ◆ Richard ’69 and Maureen ’69 Cubeta Joseph C. ’95 and Deanna M’07 Cuccinello Tyesha Cuff Frank ’59 and Ingrid Culhane ◆ Diane E. Cunningham ’72 ● Tanaijha Cupe Ross Curatolo Jessica M. Curry-Keith Shelia G. Cushing Gerald and Catherine Cusick Custom Carpentry Cut Above, Inc. Malcolm D'Souza John P. Dadmun ’61 Sue R. ’61 and Grant O. Daino Dawn Dallas Robert Danielson Norrine ’82 and Joseph Danko ● Farid ’64 and Sheila Dardashti Gilbert Darlak Joyce ’82 and William Darling ● Stephanie Darling Richard ’63 and Beverly Darlington ◆ Charles and Ruby Dashiell ■ Donald L. ’72 and Debbie Dashiell Dave Reynolds Memorial Fund William ’65 and Ann De Costa Stéphane and Linda P. De Roche ● H. J. Dean James M. DeAngelo ’74 ● David Dearborn Donna and Ken Deckman Suzanne ’06 and Robert DeCray ● Delaware Auto Sales, Inc. Delaware Community Foundation ● Delaware Economic Development Office Delaware Electric Cooperative, Inc. Delaware Health & Social Services Gina Marie T. Delia Delta Dental of Delaware ● Dinah DeMoss Gladys Dempsey Louise Dempsey ’49 ◆ Shirley A. Dempsey ’62 Herbert T. Denny ’70 ● Lyron A. Deputy ’99, M’06 David ’66 and Lidia Devonshire ● James and Colleen Di Raddo ● Don ’67 and Glenna DiBlasi ■ Kevin A. ’91 and Tracey Dill Michael and Melissa Dill ● Mario and Carol Disabatino David ’67 and Justine ’68 Disborough Helene A. Diskau Thomas ’73 and Mildred Dixon Robert ’92 and Kristi Dobak ■ Geneva Dobbins Carol L. Doherty ’62 and

Edgar Pittenger Dennis ’71 and Elaine Dougherty Dover Downs, Inc. Dover Federal Credit Union ● Marshall ’95 and Amanda M’06 Downes ● Richard W. ’70 and Esther Downes Michael and Laurie Drass ■ Nicholas L. Drass ● Allen G. Dreyfuss ’60 ● Kenneth Droddy Joy E. ’80 and Marvin Duffy Stephanie S. Dukes Virginia A. Dulany Ed and Ann Dulin Harry and Elizabeth Dunbar ● Margaret R. ’78 and John D. Dunham Carol Dunn ’66 ● Alan Dworkin M. Joseph Dwyer Patricia Dwyer and Connie Imboden ● Annette M. Dyer James H. Earl ’08 J. Caleb ’60 and Lana Eashum ● Donna ’73 and Kenneth Eberle Betty J. Ebert ’49 Ecclesia Family Worship Center Linda ’64 and George Edlin ◆ Edmunds Direct Mail, Inc. ● Education Department (Budd Hall) Edwards Project Solutions Steven ’77 and Kimberley Ekstrom ● Margaret Eldon ’51 Douglas ’65 and Lois ’65 Elliott Granville ’84 and Corazon Elliott ● Jeffrey ’88 and Alicia ’86 Ellis ● Employees of Miele Susan Emren William ’69 and Trish Emrich ■ Arlene R. Ensslin ’85 ● Elsie ’49 and Edward Erath ● Kadijha E. Erskine-Michel ’13 Erwin T. Koch Trust ■ Carlos ’97, M’00 and Danya ’00 Espadas ● Elizabeth Espadas ■ Esther & Morton Wohlgemuth Foundation, Inc. ● Thomas E. and Maureen R. Estrin Boyd Etter and Mrs. Linda Etter ● David G. ’73 and Johanna Eubank Lynn M. Everett ■ Beryl ’69 and Barbara Everist ● J. Carol Ewing ’69 Vincenza Fabber Fantini Research Steven K. Fenicle ’75 ● Nancy Fernetti Isabel Ferrari Carole J. ’64 and Alvie H. Fetzer Kathleen Finkle Nancy ’69 and James Finkle Sarah ’64 and Joseph Finnaren ●

Corinne ’85 and Donald Finnerty First State Orthopaedics, P.A. Eric W. Fischer John and Carol Fisher ● Julie A. Fisher Howard and Adele Flamm ● Priscilla R. ’62 (deceased) and David Fleming (deceased) Ann Marie ’83 and James Flood ● James Flood Guillermo Flores Anonymous Regina M. Flosser Glenn L. Flowers Paul J. Flyzik ’63 ■ Adele Foltz M’07 Thomas Fornicola James R. Forshey Linda Forst ’67 ● Kathleen L. Foster Dale and Jody Franklin ● Margaret D. Franklin ’02 Mary Lou ’61 and James Franklin Chris and Debbie Franz Mary L. Frey ’50 Lynda ’69 and Carl Freyler Friends of Frankie Vasfailo Furniture Barn, Inc. Chris ’94 and Dawn ’92 Furrule ● Keith Gabbett ’63 ● William ’74 and Gwen Gage Gage Personnel Richard ’59 and Doris Gallagher William ’63 and Dorothy Gallagher ● Lucille C. and Bob Gambardella ● James ’59 and Jane Gamble ● Laura Gambone Terri Gardner Margaret ’91 and Arthur Gary ● Joan ’69 and Bert Gateley ● Stephanie G. Gavin ● Roland and Nancy Gehweiler GenCorp Foundation ● General Electric Foundation Matching Gift Center Paul and Brenda Gerlitz Roger Getz ● Dawn Giaccone Rita Giaccone Charles L. Gibbs Jacqueline T. Gibbs James ’69 and Dana Gibson ● John W. ’66 and Antoinette L. Gibson Robert R. ’71 and Cynthia Gibson Michael H. Gilbert ’67 ■ Pat A. Gilbert Allan Gillis Glenn Gillis ● Jean and Hugh Gillon Joseph A. and Patricia A. Giordano Danielle J. Glanding ’96 Diane B. ’80 and John Gobeil Leonard and Lynda Gobright

Winter 2013 WESLEY COLLEGE 23

George ’53 and Carolyn Godfrey ● Leslee Godshalk Lynn Golden Margaret A. Goldstein Geneva Gonzalez-Morris Jane Gordon P. Jean Gorrell ’54 ● William and Barbara Gorrow ● Kimberly P. ’78 and David H. Graham ● Robert L. Graham (deceased) Rose Grammer Ray Grandfield Jane P. Grant Xylene C. Graves ’07 Esther M. Gray ’45 Kimberly Gray Edythe S. ’45 and Roy Green Roy ’67 and Patricia Green ● Robert ’67 and Diane Greenhough ● Frank Gregory ● Carol ’64 and Albert Griffin ● Leigh Ann and Robert Grill

Henry ’55 and Kathleen Hamm ● Jacqueline Hammond Claire P. Hamory Catherine ’68 and Robert Hankes ● Robert ’50 and June Hannah ■ Mark E. ’70 and Susan B. Hannum Jonathan Hardy Joyce Hargrove Richard B. and Dorothy Harper Robert and Linda Harra ■ Carole T. Harris ’56 Susan S. ’63 and Charles W. Harris Wayne Hartschuh Todd D. Hastings Richard Hauge Terry S. Haught Michael ’71 and Karen Healy ● Mary Ellen ’83 and Osmar Hebert Raymond S. ’69 and Lana M. Heller Vivian T. Hendricks M’07 George C. Hering Isabel ’67 and Donald Hermann ■

“In 1943 when the Methodist Peninsula Conference was recruiting for Wesley Junior College, the Rev. Morris approached my family and said he could probably get me a work scholarship that would cover room and board at Wesley if they could come up with the tuition. This opportunity changed my life forever. I will always be enormously grateful for it. I am happy to play a small part in passing on this great gift.” M ARIE GAMBILL S MITH ’45 John R. ’57 (deceased) and Jean F. Groff Harry W. Gross Brad ’95 and Allison ’98 Gudeman ● Darren and Patricia Guido ■ Jacqueline M. Hale ’73 ● Catherine M. Hall J. Michael and Yvonne Hall ● Mark and Michele Hall ● Robert M. Hall ’70 ● Nicholas ’89 and Kim Halladay Halladay Florist Guy S. ’72 and Jane Halliday Andrew L. Halverson Michael P. ’74 and Andrea Haly Keith and Betty Hamilton ● Mary B. Hamilton '67

24 WESLEY COLLEGE Winter 2013

Cynthia M. ’74 and James F. Herr ● Daniel L. Herrman ’76 Jeremy Heslop John ’73 and Gloria Hess ■ Paula ’97, M’05 and Kiel Hess Sandra L. Hetrick Ronald G. and Laura Hettinger Christopher B. Hicks Kirsten E. Higgins ’98 ● Carla M. High ’10 Highmark Blue Cross Blue Shield Delaware ● Deborah A. Hill ’80 ● Thomas Hinnau ’74 ● Glenn and Jean Hitchens ■ Norma Hitchens John Hoffman

Kenneth Hoffmann Susan ’79, M’06 and Kenneth Hoffmann Cindy R. Hoffstadt Don ’71 and Betty Hohwieler ● D. Wayne and Betsy Holden ● Lori A. ’89 and John Holford Joan Holland ● Robert E. ’65 and Cynthia Holloway ● Akeiba L. Holmes Rashon K. Holmes Vivianne Holmes ● Thomas S. ’55 and Sylvia Holt Thomas ’57 and Naomi Hooper ◆ Susan ’61 and Phillip Hope ● Hope United Methodist Church ● Christine C. Hopkins ’47 ■ Fred Hopkins Wanda Z. Hopkins ● James F. Horan ’96 Maureen T. Horan John Horton Brandon K. Hoskins ’11 ● Larry and Susan Houser Ronald and Cynthia Houston Lois Howell Michael ’67 and Barbara Hudock ■ Marie Hudson Mary P. Hudson ● Richard Huffine Michael ’67 and Georgia Huffman William A. Hufnal ’60 Judith L. Hughes ’74 ◆ Katherine M. Hughes ’71 ■ Patrick ’93 and Tina Hughes Susan Hughes Peter C. Hulem James R. Hultman Harry Humes E. J. Hummel Edith Humphreys ’46 ● Richard A. ’63 and Joan Hunt William and Theresa M. Hunt Joshua Hunter Mildred Hunter James L. and Cathleen Hutchison Cassandra Hynson I.G. Burton & Co., Inc. ● June B. Ibach IBM International Foundation ■ Kimberly ’90 and Michael Iles Independent Newsmedia, Inc. USA Independent Newspapers, Inc. Holly Ireland Christine H. Iten Ellen P. ’63 and Byron W. Jackson Charles and Eve Jacobs ● Charles and Virginia Jacobs ● Kathleen and Arthur Jacobs Kenneth and Barbara Jacobs ● Irene ’65 and Clayton Jacoby Gloria P. James ’73 ● Jeffrey E. James ’70

Kent James ’83 and Gwenn Solito-James ● Lois ’60 and Robert James ● James L. Fisher, LTD. ● Christine M’04 and T. Noble Jarrell ● Jasper County Anesthesia PC ● James D. Jefferis ’64 Steven and Barbara Jefferson ● Jessie Ball duPont Fund ■ Christopher ’03 and Amanda Jester ● John Burrows LLC Allen ’65 and Mary Lou Johnson ● Claudia M’01 and Ray Johnson Lois ’69 and Keith Johnson ● Peggy A. Johnson Phyllis J. Johnson ’69 Priscilla Johnson Steven and Kathryn Johnson Teresa Johnson Joel ’83 and Alice Johnston ● William and Susan Johnston ● Eleanor L. Jones ■ Linda ’75 and William Jones ● Robert ’71 and Karen Jones Roger C. Jones ’62 W. LeRoy ’53 and Betty Jones ■ Sandra L. Jones-Congleton ’72 ● Alfred E. Jordan Joseph Silvestri & Son, INC. David (deceased) and Jo Anne Joyner ● J. S. Judge John P. ’53 and Julie Justis ■ Nelson B. and Janet Kaczmarczyk Michael D. Kagan ’12 Steven and Lori Kahan ● Louise Kai ’13 Theresa M. Kalfass Fred and Mary Kaltreider ● Walter and Lisa Kane ● Anne Kapinus Allison Karish Sudie Karle ● Richard J. and Kathleen Kashmar Edna Kates Sharon J. Kaufman ’13 Anna Keane Paul W. Keenan ’71 ● Tripp M’10 and June Keister ● Amy E. Kellen ’08 Dana M. Keller ’12 Joseph J. Kelly Ryan Kelly Edmund W. Kelso ’61 ● Roy ’49 and Ruth Ann Kemp Joyce ’50 and William Kent Kent County Fund for the Arts Harvey ’64 and Jeanne Kenton ■ Dean Kerlin Patrice ’71 and Raymond Kerr ● Karen L. Kilborn ’72 Brian and Christine Killough Morton and Marcia Kimmel ●

Raymond ’71 and Joanne King King’s Tire & Lube ● G. Neill ’51 and Hazel Kinnamon Nancy ’45 and Bill Kinnamon Vernon and Jan Kirk ● Leonore B. Klesius ’84 A. Lynn Knable ’67 ● Gerald Knable Christopher G. Knight ’08 George and Brenda Knight ● Alfonso C. Knoll ’98 ● Jerry ’69 and Geri Kobasa ■ Greg and Dottie Kobasa Sharon Kocubinski Lisa Kooger Dina Kouveliotes Courtney Kozar Chad and Melinda Kragh ● Denise Kragh Kenneth J. Kramer Josephine Krause Rita ’97 and Matthew Kropiewnicki Charles ’76 and Angela Kuehner ■ Emily Kuiper Christopher ’03 and Amanda ’07 Kulak Catherine Kurtz L & W Insurance Agency ● Lorraine B. ’77and Kevin K. La Belle ■ Daniel Laguerre Lake Forest High School Christina M. Lambert Nancy Jo ’72 and Albert Lambertson Anne ’62 and John Landes ● H. James ’60 and Lorna Landis Laura Lane Marilynn Lane Reinehardt and Merlee Lange ● Jean Lavandowiski William Lawrence Barry R. Laws ’67 Dorothy Lawson ’87 ● Marcia and Philip C. Lawton Laxico Inc. Stephen Lebo ’74 ■ Alice Ledger ’89 ● Richard ’59 and Beverly Lee ◆ Robert Lee Cynthia ’72 and Stephan Lehm ● Michael ’73 and Yvonne Lehm ● Joanne ’66 and Glen Leib ● Crystal ’77 and Donald Leiter Linda A. ’69 and David W. Leitner Laura Lejman Maureen Lempke Jayne ’79 and Robert Lester ● Alan and Ellen Levin ■ Barbara Levy Liberty Mutual Insurance ● Liberty Tax Services Elizabeth M. ’06 and Robert Light ● Ross ’72 and Lynda Lillard ◆ Lincoln Financial Foundation ●

Matthew ’03, M’05 and Jennifer Lindell ● T. W. ’71 and Janice Lingo Little Caesar’s Rachel ’60 and Fred Livezey ● William P. ’49 and Elizabeth Livingston ◆ Pamela Lloyd Lockheed Martin Kevin Lockrey Lori L. Loller ’99 Chet Long and Susanne Fox ■ Doris P. ’67 and Craig A. Long Long Island State Veterans Home Jonathan P. Longest Richard ’50 and Susanah Looft ■ Connie H. Louder ’83 ● Lower Delaware Hockey Festival Team ● Robert ’74 and Courtney Lukens Tracey ’78 and Douglas Lundblad William and Bonnie Lutz ● Douglas ’74 and Judy Lynch Michael Lynch Walter I. Lynch William H. Lynch M&T Bank ● Timothy and Maureen Maccutcheon ■ L. Jane ’60 and Robert MacDonald ◆ Mary A. ’55 (deceased) and William MacFarland Ishida Machiko R & D MacIvor Paul ’69 and Judith Macolly Diana ’84 and Dennis Maczynski ■ Thomas Magee William T. Magee Brian and Isabel Maginnis Dale ’74 and Timothy Maginnis ◆ Grace L. Maginnis Barbara ’57 and Eugene Mahlau ■ John and Joanne Mahon Janet G. Mahoney ’63 ◆ Constance S. ’66 and Edward Malin Mark D. Malland Kevin and Linda Malloy Lori and Conny Malmberg Barbara ’66 and Dennis Maloney ◆ Harold ’48 and Cheryl Maloney ◆ Joseph ’97, M’01 and Heather ’97 Mangano Anne ’69 and Larry Manogue ■ Manolis Painting Co, INC. Ann P. ’63 and Danny Marchant Donna R. Marine ■ Dustin Mariner Eric Marlin John W. Maroney ’99 Nancy ’68 and Cerdric Marsh Arlene Marter Judy ’63 and Barry Martin ◆ Shannon Martin Toni Martin

Vinny Martino Fred ’83 and Carol Marvel ● Mildred H. Marx ’50 ◆ Beverly J. Maser ’04, M’07 ● Bettylou Mason ’62 Christopher S. ’97 and Erica Mason Harold ’55 and Mary Anna Mason Mason Building Group

John ’69 and Donna ’70 McNemar ■ Alyce ’67 and Doug McSwain Karen L. Meacham ’66 ◆ Adriana Medina Edidma Medina Ildaila Medina Ladma Medina Meeks Enterprises, Inc

“As a local elected official, employee of Wesley College, and parent of two Wesley students, I see the value the College brings to the community. The economic boost of the student body makes Wesley a vital component to the success of Dover and Kent County. I know by giving back, my donated dollars are going to provide students with an excellent education and that those dollars will come back to Kent County in jobs, the revitalization of downtown Dover, and an improved work force for further economic development.” J ODY SWEENEY W ESLEY C OLLEGE C HIEF I NFORMATION O FFICER Louise P. ’78 and James Massey Henry Mast Donald and Faith Masten ■ Joyce H. Matte ’70 Christopher B. Mattern ’07 Michael and Jane Mattern ● Mattern & Associates ● Mary ’60 and John Mattioni ● Patricia Maurakis ’51 ■ Max’s Auto Repairs David ’69 and Sandra Maxwell ● Philip B. and Pam May Sarah ’69 and Kenneth May Helen M. and Granville E. Mayo Sean B. McAndrew ’12 Sharon and Brian McAndrew Elizabeth A. McCaffrey Mary McCauley Betsy P. ’77 and Stephen A. McCormick Marsha ’74 and Greg McCullough ◆ Joseph and Elizabeth McCusker Joseph and Carey McDaniel ■ John ’57 and Edith McDonald ● William N. ’62 and Jill McDonald James G. McGiffin George ’59 and Dorothy McLaughlin ●

Timothy M’00 and Danielle M’00 Mello ● Michael E. Mendoza Larry J. Mercardante ’67 ■ Lorene Meredith ’44 ■ Gregory J. ’93 and Lesley A. ’91 Merritt Susan Merritt Yvonne ’69 and Neil Messick ● Michael and Lorraine Messitt Mid-State Insurance Inc. Dan A. Mikkelson Virginia Geyer Miles ’44 and Leland Miles Carol Miller Deena E. Miller Diane R. ’71 and F. James Miller Marcia ’65 and Kenneth Miller ● Maureen Miller Patricia W. Miller ’55 Vicky Miller Paul Mills Charles and Cecilia Mitchell ● Gail E. Mitchell ’59 Herman ’67 and Teresa Mitchell ● John C. Mitchell Rosemary F. Mitchell ’66

Winter 2013 WESLEY COLLEGE 25

Eric J. Moan ’08 ● Denise D. ’71 and Frederick R. Mogel Loretta Moik ■ Michael ’77 and Saralee Mollo Lorraine ’62 and Matthew Moniz ● Monmouth Park Daniel S. ’59 and Mary Moore Danielle Moore ’05, M’09 ● Dawn M. and Brian Moore Edward P. ’58 and Trish Moore Eric W. Moore ’91 Gail M. ’64 and John H. Moore Gregory V. Moore ● Joseph ’62 and Susan Moore Peter E. Moran ’07 Georgia P. Morgan ’59 ● Joan F. Morrell ’72 ◆ Jeff Morris Lydia Morris Robert and Mary Morrison ● Diane ’66 and Bill Morton ● Stephen J. Morton Bruce H. ’62 and Judy ’63 Moyer Robert Moyer ’10 MSK Partners, Inc. ● Thomas and Terry Mullaney Karen Mumford Lindsay K. Mumford ’07 Janice E. ’65 and Dan R. Murphy John ’57 and Elaine Murphy ■ Terry and Julie A. Murphy ● Ruth E. Murray Allen ’67 and Lela Mushett ● Elizabeth ’70 and Edward Nabb ● Grace Nace Ellen ’69 and Robert Nagler ● Edgar O. Naujoks Beth ’95 and Matthew Neal Joseph L. Neary ’04 ● Ned Davis Associates, Inc. Steven ’77 and Patricia Neilson ■ Wendy Nelius Carla Nelson Eric R. Nelson ’85 ■ Steven W. Nelson Janis C. Nesterak Thomas Neubauer New York Life Foundation ● Deborah Newman John B. Newman ’10 Martin (deceased) and Joanne Ney ■ Paul ’67 and MaryAnn Nichol ■ Raymond C. Nichols ’63 Donald ’95 and Marie Nickerson ● Karen Nickerson Carolyn ’62 and Angelo Nicolai ◆ Michael and Elizabeth Nielsen ● Judith Niezgoda Yvonne L. Nikolic ’09 Anonymous Gary C. Nocek ’78 Robert ’65 and Vernie Noecker ● Carolyn Nogal

26 WESLEY COLLEGE Winter 2013

Michelle P. Norelli ’72 Clarita Norris Richard L. ’62 and Janelle C. North Joyce M. Norton Joe and Laura Norwood Tom and Cathleen Nosel ● Nancy R. ’64 and William M. Nullmeyer Nurse Staffers, Inc. Carolyn Nye Marie L. and Richard Nye ● Mary K. O’Donnell Timothy E. ’79 and Jan O’Hara Suzanne M. ’63 and Jerry O’Hearn Brian O’Neal Mary O. O’Rourke ’83 Greta O’Toole Charles M. Oberly III ’66 Carletta Obermeyer Office Depot Daniel Oleszczuk Anonymous Paul E. Olsen ● Jessica Olson Carol A. Orr ’61 ● Sue ’71 and Lawrence Osborn ● Susan ’73 and Peter Ostrowski ■ Ann F. Ott ● Mary-Alice Ozechoski and Jacqueline Hodes ● David A. ’76 and Mary Lou Pack Michael P. Palen Allen ’68 and Linda Palmer Mildred B. Palmer ● Palmer Home, Inc. Steve and Zoe Paragioudakis Lorna A. Paredes ’96 Catherine ’63 and Dick Parker ● William ’79 and Melinda Parkhurst Parkowski, Guerke and Swayze Dallas F. ’62 and Susan Parks Howard ’78 and Jo ’78 Parks ● Eileen ’62 and Robert Parren Suzanne Parrott ’60 Joseph ’61 and Helen Parry-Hill ◆ Joseph ’69 and Virginia ’69 Paul ● Nicholette Pearsall Peninsula-Delaware Annual Conference ◆ William E. and Elizabeth C. Pennewill Betty ’47 and Morris Pennock ● Margaret ’82 and Thomas Pensack ■ Performance Enhancement Professionals, LLC Thomas F. ’71 and Debra Pergola ● Bonnie Perratto James ’64 and Jeanne Persinger ● James A. Peter ’62 Dewitt Peterkin ’72 Gary ’63 and Nancy ’62 Peters ◆ Pfizer Foundation Matching Gifts Program Donna ’80 and Richard Phillips

Kathryn ’61 and Charles Pickering ● Anonymous Linda D. Pierce ’69 Paulette Pierce John and Maliya Piergalline Richard J. Pilius ’71 Mark Pintavalle ’79 ● Cynthia Plattner Claudette M. Plourde Doris Plucker Tanner W. Polce ’12 Jennifer A. Post ’13 M. Charlene Poulson ’64 Stephen ’66 and Sharon Pound ● Carl E. Powell Premier Physical Therapy & Sports Preformance, LLC Arnold C. Price Lynn B. Price Paul ’62 and Maryann Price ◆ Dorothy A. and Sal Prisco Daniel Pritchett Proforma Preferred Solutions ● Mark and Anne Pruett-Barnett PSEG - Educational Matching Gift Volunteer Program PSEG - Power of Giving Campaign ● William and Nancy Putman ● Rebecca ’61 and Richard Quay ● Shanon L. Quetel James E. ’64 and Frances O. Quirk ● R.H. Fewster Painting Co., Inc. Dianne ’77 and James Rafferty ● Michael G. Rafferty Juanita C. Rainey ’91 Ramon Ramos Rebecca L. ’69 and Richard Ranalli ● Elmer ’66 and Marcia Randall Susan ’72 and John Randall ● Henry and Heide Ratliff ● Joseph T. and Constance M. Raymond Sharon G. ’62 and Lionel Raymond Raymond F. Book Jr. & Co., PA Karen ’87 and John Rebman ● Ronald Reck Carol A. ’67 and Richard E. Reed Carolyn C. Reed R. Jefferson and Judy Reed Robert D. ’65 and Barbara M. Reed ● Douglas W. ’64 and Diane Reeser John H. Reeves Joseph R. ’71 and Laurie Rendin Terence A. and Jane P. Rensi Ashley L. Rentz '09 Philip and Donna Reuter ● Marie ’54 and Aaron Reynolds ● John J. ’86 and Alisa J. Rhodes Darelle Riabov Harry Rice Alan ’53 and Priscilla Rich ◆ Michael Richards Anita ’44 and William Richardson ● Mark Richardson

Yolanda S. Richmond M'09 Jake Rickards Frances R. Riddle ● Lynn ’83 and Michael Rieker Deanna L. ’87 and Matthew Rigby Renee Rigby William Rizzolo Jay ’62 and Margaret Roberts ◆ Joe Roberts Alonzo Robinson Chad T. Robinson ’05 ● Douglas ’61 and Doris Rodeck ● Edna ’59 and Joseph Rogers James and Ann Rogge ● James and Marina Rogin ● Julie ’82 and Clair Rohe ● Kyle ’71 and Pamela Roher Julie ’81 and James Rooney ● Michael J. Root ’94 Dorothy J. Rossi Lisa Rossi Morton S. ’64 and Elaine Rostolsky Lauren Rouktis Alan Russell Muriel ’54 and Allan Rusten Anne W. Ryan Chris Ryan Melinda O. ’85 and Arthur Ryan Ronald S. Ryba ’78 Felina Sacchetti ’07 Patricia Sacchetti Partrick Saint Fort Charles and Susan Salkin Salmon Foundation ● Patti L. Sandy M’03 Scott ’67 and Margaret Santora Jeffrey C. ’90 and Karen A. Savin Ronald L. Sayers ’66 Margaret A. Scarborough Jason M. Schatz ’09 ● Mary Anne Scheffold Michael Schiavo Lorna Schmid Constannce K. Schmidt Jeffrey Schmidt Patrick J. Schneider ’03 Suzanne M. Schneider ’74 Barbara ’58 and John Schofield ● Karen ’71 and Paul Schofield ◆ Barbara Hall Schubert ’51 ◆ Rosalie Schuck Kristine ’95 and William R. Schultz Jay P. Schuman Roy L. Scott ’83 Linda ’63 and Donald Seay ◆ Second Step Corp. Abbott’s Grill ● Conrad Selewach ● Dennis ’65 and Judith Sensenich ● Beverly A. Serik James T. and Jean Seymour ■ Brian ’01 and Lauren ’02 Shanklin ● Marilyn ’72 and John Sheehan ● Robert M. Shields M’05

Sharon Shields Louis ’72 and Barbara Shockley ● Tracey L. Short M’02 Shure-Line Electrical, Inc. Elizabeth Siemanowski ● Kathie and Marshall Siler Jorie ’74 and R.A. Simons Carrye M. ’79 and Austin Sims Donald ’64 and Nancy ’65 Sinclair ● Richard B. ’71 and Robin Singer Evelyn Skinner M’11 Scott G. Slacum ● Joseph R. Slights Jr. ’57 ◆ William and Stephanie Slocum ● Cynthia S. and David Small Deneka Smith Jeremy W. Smith ’00 Marie Gambill Smith ’45 ■ Otis and Isalyn Smith Sarah Smith ● Thomas C. Smith Robert ’52 and Barbara ’52 Smyth Frank ’71 and Sandra Snyder ● Sharon A. Snyder Rose F. ’87 and Thomas Sombar Louise ’56 and Briggs Spach ● Fredric L. ’58 and Barbara Spain Robin Spangenberg ’11 Kelly Speck Melissa Speidel Cecile Spellman Peggy Spence Carolyn ’66 and William Spencer ■ Dorothy Spielmeyer ’63 Susan T. ’78 and Paul W. Spinello Sposato Irrigation Co. ● David J. and Jami E. Squitieri Albert A. ’53 and Orpha Stallone J. Gordon ’53 and Barbara Stapleton ■ Ali Stark ’64 and Frank Fantini ● State Farm Companies Foundation Matching Gift Program Richard and Mary Anne Stazesky ■ Melissa K. Steele Andrew Steen Jane ’71 and Stephen Steinfelt ● Craig ’72 and Susan Stephenson Harold and Minnie Stephenson Eugene ’65 and Evelyn Sterling ● Demetrius ’98 and Jenny Stevenson ● Courtney A. Stewart ’04, M’06 Stick It Gymnastics, LLC Maris ’66 and Anita Stipnieks ● Philip N. Stohlberg ● Johna Storck Barbara ’74 and Forrest Stricker ■ William and Okemah Strickland ■ Mark and Mary Stroock ■ Jonathan L. Stroud Priscilla P. Strudwick ● Grace Stuart Ann ’62 and William R. Stubbs Betty J. ’49 and Marvin Stubbs

J. Thomas Sturgis ● James Suggs William ’70 and Martha Summers Sussex Ventures, Inc. ● Linda ’66 and George Svok ● Richard ’84 and Kathy Swann George “Jody” and Crystal Sweeney Karen M. ’74 and John J. Sweezey ● T&M Associates T.C. Tryon & Sons, Inc. Lisa M. ’94, ’05 and Walter Taillon Matthew and Amy Tarnowski ● Robert and Shannon Tattersall ● Audrey ’60 and Francis Taylor ● Demetrius Taylor Gregory Taylor Lynda S. Taylor Lynne C. Taylor ’68 ● William ’73 and Lisa Tesno A. Albert Testoni The Frank Vasfailo III Memorial Scholarship Fund, Inc. The Matthew C. Sellitto Foundation The Sheridan Group The Whiting-Turner Contracting Company Thomas Building, Inc. Kisha Thompson Quinton A. Thompson Valerie L. Thompson James E. Thomson George Tietze Barbara ’73 and Gary Tilford ◆ Patricia Tonielli Adele ’67 and Richard Topham Judith A. Townsley M’00 David W. Treiber ’74 Heather C. ’90 and Rick Treml Thomas ’75 and Barbara Trento David and Alice Trimble ● Willard Truitt Susan ’65 and Barney Tubman ● Janice ’83 and Homer Turner Margie Turner Anonymous Richard ’54 and Roslyn Turochy ■ Jeannine Twardus Lauren E. Tyler Clinton ’72 and Barbara E. Tymes Anne ’75 and Walter Tymon ◆ Bret Underwood ’11 United Restaurant Group, LP United States Government General Services Administration University of Delaware School of Nursing Patricia ’84 and Joseph Vaccaro Kevin Valerio George ’90 and Elizabeth Van Dyke ● Van Dyke Family Foundation ● J. P. Van Tine ’96 Daniel and Rebecca Vanderwende Juan Vasquez

John A. Vaughan ’52 ■ Andrew M. Verlander ’05 Sherri Vickroy Norine Virden Voodoo Lacrosse LLC H. K. ’66 and Rebecca W. Vye Bettielou C. Wagner ’92 Antoinette ’92 and Brett Walder Jacqueline C. Walker ’03 Joseph Walker Kasey Walker Kathryn D. Wall Elizabeth C. Wallace ’13 Keith and Pamela Walpole ● Mark and Darlene Walpole ● Eleanor H. Ward ’64 Paul Ward Ruth Ann Ward ’62 Patrice Warren Robert ’71 and Penny Warren ● Diane Warrington Jill Warrington Brian and Linda Wasko

James ’73 and Patricia Wilcox ● Margaret Wiles Deborah Wilkins-Schiffer ’87 Wilks Lukoff & Bracegirdle, LLC ● Barbara ’58 and Robert Williams Danialle Williams Judy Williams Larry D. and Sally Williams Margaret ’96 and Marcus Williams ● Robert ’63 and Margaret Williams ● Walter and Joan Williams ● Jacqueline A. Williamson ’74 Harry ’70 and Karen Willis ■ William ’66 and Mary Jane Willis ◆ James Wilson and Britania Redington Wilson ● Susan M. Wilson-Banta ’71 ● Seth P. Wimer ’07 Deborah Windett ● Margaret ’73 and Thomas Winkleman ● W. Grason ’61 and Beebe Winterbottom ■ David ’67 and Patty Wittle ◆

“I wanted to become a Wesley Society “GOLD” member because I wanted to give back to the College. I had wonderful opportunities come about throughout my college career and so I wanted to show my appreciation.” E LIZABETH WALLACE ’13 Jeff J. ’97 and Silky M. Wason James Wearden ● William and Kimberly Weaver Ruth A. Webb Carolee ’57 and Jerry Weidner Richard ’55 and Barbara Weinrich ◆ Kathleen ’65 and William Weir ● Judith Weisinger Robert Wescott Keith West Kenny West David and Marie C. Whear ● Gray ’62 and Marian Whetstone Whisman, Giordano & Associates, LLC ■ Linda ’76 and Frank White ● Timothy ’70 and Jane White Joy N. Whitehead M’10 Charles E. Whitehurst ’73 Jamie Whitman-Smithe Willard ’70 and Margaret Whitney ● Joyce L. Wiessner ● Anonymous ●

C. Leslie ’54 and Elizabeth Wix Elizabeth ’55 and Jack Wolfe Chris and Lisa Wood ● Deborah A. Wood John ’76 and Maureen Woods ● Edward ’62 and Rosa Woodward Cynthia Wootten Robert ’73 and Marge Worrest ■ Amelia Wright ’58 Deborah Ann Wright ’09 Ryan W. Yakabosky ’96 Tadeusz and Lorraine Yancheski Stephen M. Yeager Jonathan E. ’76 and Dawn G. Yoder Dale R. Yost Robert Young Yvonne Hall Inc. Ann ’66 and Martin Zagari ◆ Rafael and Claire Zaragoza ■ Donna ’68 and David Zebley Louis E. Zeller Eleanor E. Zentgraf ’57 Brian C. Zimmerman

Winter 2013 WESLEY COLLEGE 27

$100,000 AND ABOVE

$2,500 - $9,999

Delaware Economic Development Office ▲ Delaware Health & Social Services ▲ Highmark Blue Cross Blue Shield Delaware ▲ The Matthew C. Sellitto Foundation ✱ ▲ United States Government General Services Administration ▲

Anonymous ✱ Aramark, Higher Education ✱ ◗ Lance D. Balderson ’61 Bank of America Matching Gifts Program ✱ Bayhealth Medical Center ✱ Becker Morgan Group ◗ Richard K. ’64 and Mary Brown R.R.M. and Stephanie Carpenter Charles and Ruby Dashiell ✱ Dave Reynolds Memorial Fund ✱ David ’66 and Lidia Devonshire ✱ Dover Federal Credit Union ✱ M. Joseph Dwyer Patricia Dwyer and Connie Imboden ✱ Esther & Morton Wohlgemuth Foundation, Inc. ✱ First State Orthopaedics, P.A. John R. Groff Estate Brad ’95 and Allison ’98 Gudeman ✱ Hope United Methodist Church ✱ Liberty Mutual Insurance ✱ Jane and Michael L. Mattern ✱ Gregory V. Moore ✱ Carolyn ’62 and Angelo Nicolai ✱ Palmer Home, Inc. ✱ Mildred B. Palmer Howard ’78 and Jo ’78 Parks ✱ William and Nancy Putman ✱ Robert D. ’65 and Barbara M. Reed The Frank Vasfailo III Memorial Scholarship Fund, Inc. The Whiting-Turner Contracting Company William ’66 and Mary Jane Willis ✱ ◗ Chris and Lisa Wood ✱ Rafael and Claire Zaragoza ✱

$25,000 - $99,999

Wesley Society THE WESLEY SOCIETY is comprised of individuals and organizations with a deep commitment to the mission of Wesley College and who pledge to become partners with the College in transforming lives of students. Wesley Society members are dedicated to advancing Wesley College through personal involvement and financial support of $1,000 or more annually, or an irrevocable planned gift. Proudly, Society members are taking the lead in providing the needed resources to maintain Wesley’s proud traditions and educate future generations. Wesley Society members enter a unique partnership with Wesley College. Individualized attention and privileged communication are hallmarks of Society membership. A Society newsletter, In the Loop, with messages from the president and other College leaders, personal visits, regional social gatherings and invitations to special events keep Society members connected and apprised of news and developments at Wesley. As a token of gratitude and a visible sign of support for Wesley College, a distinctive lapel pin and custom designed Society necktie are given to Society members to be worn at Wesley College functions.

Joan ’62 and Wilbert Abele ◗ Linda Broyhill ’71 ✱ ◗ Jessie Ball duPont Fund ✱ ▲ L & W Insurance Agency ✱ ◗ Henry Mast ◗ Larry J. Mercardante ’67 ✱ ◗ Peninsula-Delaware Annual Conference ✱ ◗ Salmon Foundation ✱ ◗ William and Okemah Strickland ✱ ◗ Whisman, Giordano & Associates, LLC ✱ ◗

$10,000 - $24,999 Beiser Charitable Foundation ✱ ◗ Joan C. Bennett ’60 ✱ ◗ David and Ann Burton ✱ ◗ Stephanie Smith Christiano ’98 and Derrick G. Christiano ’96 ✱ ◗ Roger Getz ✱ ▲ Robert and Linda Harra ✱ ◗ D. Wayne and Betsy Holden ✱ ◗ William and Susan Johnston ✱ ◗ Alan and Ellen Levin ✱ ◗ M&T Bank ✱ ◗ Lori and Conny Malmberg ◗ Donald and Faith Masten ✱ ▲ Harry ’70 and Karen Willis ✱ ◗

The listing at right includes all Wesley Society members who were current as of June 30, 2013. Wesley Society members contribute $1,000 or more within a fiscal year, and the length of membership depends on the gift level. Donors giving $1,000 - $9,999 are current for one year. Donors contributing $10,000 - $99,999 are 3-year members. Donors contributing $100,000 or more in a fiscal year are deemed Lifetime Members. Charter members joined in the first year of the Wesley Society’s launch. To learn more about the Society, visit


28 WESLEY COLLEGE Winter 2013

Charter = ✱

Lifetime = ▲

3 years = ◗

$1,000 - $2,499 All Poly Manufacturing LLC ✱ Bruce and Cathy Anderson ✱ Wanda Anderson Kathleen Andrus '77 and Gary Traynor ✱ Robert G. Andrus ▲ Ann and Charles Rebar Memorial Scholarship Foundation David ’70 and Kathleen ’70 Archard ✱ Arie E. Lattomus Fund ✱ David ’58 and Gloria Armstrong AstraZeneca Gift Matching Program John ’62 and Jae Atkins ✱ Jonathan ’70 and Donna Baker Sandra and Barry Steiner Ball ✱ Howard M. and Lynn Ann Ballentine Al and Mary Barranco William and Minnie Bazzelle E. Bradford and Andria Bennett Robert M. Berglund Kathy ’78 and Kevin Biglin ✱ David ’95/M’07 and Kelly Blaeuer Steven ’77 and Natalie Bomberger Colin ’91 and Melissa Harrington Bonini ✱ ◗ Robert ’54 and Virginia Brittingham ✱ Scott and Terri Brown ✱ Buckley Builders ✱ Thomas ’79 and Carol Burn ✱ Charles ’85 and Marie Burton Brian and Rocky Bushweller ◗ CABE Associates, Inc. ✱ Arthur and Louann Carlson Chick-Fil-A at North Dover Edward C. ’66 and Allison Cialella City of Dover ▲ John G. and Patricia A. Collins James ’95 and Andrea Connolley Charles and Holly Coursey Creative Financial Group ✱ John and Constance Curran Delaware Division of the Arts ✱ Delaware Strategic Fund ▲ Delta Dental of Delaware James and Colleen Di Raddo ✱ Don ’67 and Glenna DiBlasi Dover Downs, Inc. Michael and Laurie Drass ✱ Jeffrey ’88 and Alicia ’86 Ellis ✱ Boyd and Linda Etter Walter and Nancy Everett ✱ ◗ Priscilla R. ’62 and David Fleming (dec) Ann Marie ’83 and James Flood ✱ James Flood Adele Foltz M’07 Former Agents of the

FBI Foundation Michael and Sharon Frawley Friends of Frankie Vasfailo Chris ’94 and Dawn ’92 Furrule Lucille C. and Bob Gambardella ✱ James ’59 and Jane Gamble Stephanie G. Gavin George and Roberta Geier ✱ General Board of Higher Education & Ministry ✱ James ’69 and Dana Gibson ✱ Joseph A. and Patricia A. Giordano Leigh Ann and Robert Grill Mark and Julie A. Grimes Joe ’63 and Barbara Gross ✱ J. Michael and Yvonne Hall Kirsten E. Higgins ’98 Thomas Hinnau ’74 HRSA ✱ ▲ I.G. Burton & Co., Inc. Independent Newspapers, Inc. Christine and T. Noble Jarrell ✱ Steven and Barbara Jefferson ✱ W. LeRoy ’53 and Betty Jones ✱ Allison Karish Tripp M’10 and June Keister ✱ Dana M. Keller ’12 Kent County Fund for the Arts Harvey ’64 and Jeanne Kenton ✱ ◗ Morton and Marcia Kimmel Jerry ’69 and Geri Kobasa ✱ Charles ’76 and Angela Kuehner ✱ Mrs. Laura Lane Carolyn D. Lehman Johnson Lori L. Loller ’99 Long Island State Veterans Home Longwood Foundation▲ Timothy and Maureen Maccutcheon ✱ L. Jane ’60 and Robert MacDonald Jack Marine ’55 Estate ◗ Donna R. Marine Christopher S. ’97 and Erica Mason Mary ’60 and John Mattioni ✱ Dorothy and George McLaughlin ✱ ◗ John ’69 and Donna '70 McNemar ✱ Daniel S. ’59 and Mary Moore Eric W. Moore ’91 Joseph ’62 and Susan Moore MSK Partners, Inc. ✱ Terry and Julie A. Murphy ✱ Allen ’67 and Lela Mushett ✱ National Automobile Dealers Charitable Foundation ✱ National Management Resources Corporation ▲ Eric R. Nelson ’85 ✱ Newedge USA, LLC

Paul ’67 and MaryAnn Nichol ✱ Raymond C. Nichols ’63 Tom and Cathleen Nosel ✱ Charles M. Oberly III ’66 ✱ OJ, LLC Paul E. Olsen ✱ Steve and Zoe Paragioudakis Joseph ’69 and Virginia ’69 Paul ✱ Thomas F. ’71 and Debra Pergola ✱

Marie Gambill Smith ’45 ✱ Mr. and Mrs. Robin Spangenberg Sprenger-Lang Foundation ✱ ◗ Ali Stark ’64 and Frank Fantini ✱ Priscilla P. Strudwick Student Government Association(SGA) ✱ ◗ The Sheridan Group Bret Underwood ’11

Frank Fantini and Ali Stark ’64 enjoy the Wesley Society Wine and Cheese Social held at the Old State House on The Green during Homecoming Weekend.

Dewitt Peterkin ’72 Tanner W. Polce ’12 J. Edward ’58 and Nancy Powell Paul ’62 and Maryann Price Proforma Preferred Solutions Michael G. Rafferty Joseph T. and Constance M. Raymond Ron and Cathy Reck Walter A. ’50 and Jean Reimann Mr. and Mrs. John Riabov Frances R. Riddle Jay ’62 and Margaret Roberts James and Ann Rogge ✱ James and Marina Rogin ✱ Julie ’81 and James Rooney ✱ Alan Russell Daniel ’91 and Pamela Schwamb Darryl and Carol Scott ◗ James T. and Jean Seymour ✱ Scott G. Slacum ✱

United Methodist Church Higher Education Foundation ✱ United Methodist Development Fund United Restaurant Group, LP ✱ George ’90 and Elizabeth Van Dyke Frank and Lucille Vasfailo Harry M. ’60 and Janice D. Voshell ◗ Ms. Elizabeth C. Wallace Walmart Stores, Inc. ✱ Welfare Foundation Inc. ▲ James and Deborah Wentworth ▲ Wesley College Alumni Association Wilks Lukoff & Bracegirdle, LLC Robert ’63 and Margaret Williams ✱ James and Britania Wilson Seth P. Wimer ’07 Deborah Windett David ’67 and Patty Wittle ✱

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Where There’s A Will, There’s A Way. Leave a legacy of learning! A gift to Wesley College in your will or revocable trust enables you to support our mission and make a difference in the lives of future generations.

To include Wesley in your will or trust, consider this sample bequest language: I give and devise to Wesley College (Tax ID #510064335), located in Dover, DE, all (or state a percentage) of the rest, residue, and remainder of my estate, both real and personal, to be used for its general support (or for the support of a specific fund or program)

For more information about the 1873 Legacy Circle, or a planned gift to Wesley, contact Office of Institutional Advancement Cathy Anderson Director of Development 302-736-2410

A bequest is easy to arrange, will not alter your current lifestyle in any way and can be easily modified to address your changing needs.

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