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SOARING The Wesleyan Academy Newsletter ENE - FEB. 2020 ISSUE NO. 1

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Helping Hands Club Members

Community Service: Helping Hands WA has a new club and it's called Helping Hands. With Jose Luis Mass, Dean of Student Affairs, as their helpful leader, high school students have joined to give back to the community. Whether it be collaborating with the Make-A-Wish Foundation (look for their T-shirt sale), sending letters to the children in Yauco (under the theme "Ruta de la Esperanza"), coloring with the children at the San Jorge Children's Hospital cancer ward, or promoting recycling, this group of youngsters have accepted the call to serve.

Make -a-Wish

Bahama Relief Efforts

WA SPIRITUAL LIFE A Life Choice One of WA’s foremost goals is to lead students to a lifetime commitment to Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. This “leading” is accomplished through many learning opportunities presented to us in the classroom, on the playing field, at school retreats, during morning devotionals and at chapels. If we are willing to follow, our experiences will form us as we walk with God. There is no comparison to the overwhelming joy we receive when we see His hand in everything we achieve.

High School Chapel

WA's Spiritual Life Coordinator

Pastor Samuel Anza

Mr. Samuel Anza, WA’s Spiritual Life Coordinator, was officially ordained as a pastor on Thursday, February 13, Shout a joyful noise!

Worship Team

We Have The Spark! This group of students has ignited their talents to form a band called “Spark.” They can be seen in places where morning devotionals, chapels, and retreats are held, among others. Their message inspires us to let our light shine before others, and glorify our Father in heaven.

What's New? WA has a new look! While the official seal will remain, take a closer look at this new modern design developed by our Marketing & Admissions Department. Notice the defining elements: the EAGLE, the CROSS, the LETTER “W”, the COLOR and finally, the white TRIANGLE below the cross which represents faith, hope, and love.

ART EXPRESSIONS Art: Art Elective & Elementary Art

Senior Art Parking Design

5th & 6th grades work in teams to practice communication and observation skills, drawing only by listening to the description given by the other student. The results were amazing and they tried really hard.

High School Art Elective class has been working on selfportraits. On display soon!

Puerto Rican Week An annual event at WA, Semana Puertorriqueña is celebrated to heighten the Puerto Rican culture that is rich in custom and tradition. Both Elementary and High School students, under the direction of their talented teachers, go all out in folkloric song, dance, and poetry wearing traditional costumes. Also highlighted is the island’s Taino Indian heritage. Professors Idaliz Ortiz and Ramón Rivera were the lively emcees of this year’s event.

WA Goes Broadway! Under the direction of Professors Maria Castellano, Drama Teacher, and Jonathan Martinez, Choir Director, Mary Poppins Jr. promises to be the talk of the season. The student talent is impressive and the musical score like none other. The talk is that this is going to be a Broadwayquality performance! A can't miss event!

Modern Society:

A student's perspective Students prepared posters to express their concerns and problems of our modern society. Art is a way to heal and share with others. They used Picasso's cubist style and color palette.

EAGLES FLYING HIGH WA Alumni Feature Marcos Alvarado Ortiz Every WA graduate becomes a member of the WA Legacy Alumni Society. Marcos Alvarado Ortiz, Class of 2016, is in his Senior year at Escuela de Artes Plasticas de San Juan where he is further developing his talents as an artist entrepreneur. Marcos demonstrates his versatility working on art for podcasts, with private firms developing logos and graphic design, screen prints for weddings and other events, live drawings at private and corporate functions, and designing typography fonts. You will also note his signature on the mural at the school entrance depicting the school’s five pillars (Spiritual, Academic, Sports, Languages and Fine Arts). Using his God-given talents to His glory!

Senior Ring Ceremony

Girls in Aviation

Every Senior looks forward to that special day when they receive their school memento. Some students choose a school ring; others choose a pin or a necklace. In any event, a meaningful ceremony is held each year to present these to the graduating class. Eagles Forever!

Patricia Nanette Pérez Alomar from 9-2, represented the PR Chapter of Girls in Aviation at the "31st Annual Women in Aviation International Conference 2020.” Another Lady Eagle flying high. Congratulations!

Eagle Entrepreneurs We encourage entrepreneurship among our students. Congrats to Andrea Arriaga from 9th grade and Yulianno Arbulú from 12th grade for broadening their horizons by taking creative ideas to the next level. Andrea Arriaga, from 9th grade is Puerto Rico’s youngest businesswoman, is promoting her new skin care line with solar protection ANDREA ALWAYS YOUNG.

Yulianno Arbulú, from Senior class 2020 has followed his family entrepreneurship legacy and created his own clothing line named PANTHER.

SOAPS ANDREA Andrea Always Young Instagram: andrea_always_young

PANTHER Instagram: panther.est.2020

LEARNING ADVENTURES 12th Grade Physics Lab Project 12th grade Physics Lab students “sped” right through the assignment to: Observe features of various cars. Design a car (truck, van) for a specific group. Create a brochure that highlights the features and prices. "Sell" the car to classmates through a brochure, model, and give an oral presentation.

Fun Banana Facts The scientific name for banana is musa sapientum, which means “fruit of the wise men.” Bananas float in water, as do apples and watermelons. Hawaii is the only place in the U.S. where bananas are grown commercially. Some cultures use the fiber in the banana plant to make fabric and sometimes even paper. Bananas are technically berries. A cluster of bananas is called a hand, and a single banana is called a finger. Each banana hand has about 10 to 20 fingers. About 75 percent of the weight of a banana is water.

SCOUTING Mr. Albert Riddering (now 101 years young!) founded the WA Scouting program in the early 80’s under Troop 256 (now Troop 505). Since then, scouting has been a part of the Academy. Scouting is open to boys and girls. At WA, the Cub Scouting program was formed some 15 years ago. In addition to fostering values such as loyalty, honesty, joy, service, and kindness, to make them better citizens, Scouts are trained in emergency management, first aid, and survival skills from a very young age.  Per the BSA website, “the Eagle Scout rank has represented a milestone of accomplishment that is recognized around the world. Those who have earned the Eagle Scout rank count it among their most treasured achievements.”  Did you know that over the past several years, Troop 505 includes 28 Eagle Scouts? Talk about Eagle double-time – Eagle Scouts and WA Eagles! For more information on scouting for boys and girls, contact: Cub Scouts (ages 5-11),  Danny Brignoni 787-226-3635; Scouts (ages 11-18), Wilda Rodríguez 787318-7352.

Let’s Get Moving! Some Awesome Handstand Benefits A great activity for your core muscles and to get blood going to the brain Relieves stress; increases focus Strengthens shoulders and arms Improves digestion

LIFE AT WA Grandparents Day

National Honor Society Mural

Grandparents are undoubtedly very special people. Their unconditional love and sweet tenderness are God-given gifts to us that we forever treasure. At WA, Grandparents Day was February 28 this year. The second grade students especially celebrated this day showering their grandparents with love by way of a short program and heartwarming hugs. WA is a member of the National Honor Society and the National Junior Honor Society, under the charter name Ebenezer. Membership of this prestigious organization is open to those high school students who meet the required standards in five areas of evaluation: scholarship, service, leadership, character, and citizenship. These fine young students lead in setting the example for other students at all grade levels.

Student of the Year Antonio González Viera, Class of 2020 Congratulations to Antonio for being named as WA's Student of the Year 20192020! He recently received a special recognition at the Private School Association's annual Educational Congress along with other students from AEP member schools. Accolades!

Chess Club

The mind, like the body, needs exercise to keep it at its peak form. And, one of the best ways for kids (and adults) to exercise their minds is to play chess.

SAFETY Earthquake Safety Protocols Emergency Backpack and boxes are in every classroom and office with supplies that include a first aid kit, survival kits for the home, automobile, and workplace, and emergency water and food. There are enough supplies stored in every classroom to last at least 3 days.

New Evacuation Access Always on the move towards improvement, the main building now has a new emergency exit. This stairway at the front of the school provides an additional route for swift evacuation. Safety first!

SPECIAL VISITORS Miss Cornell and Mrs. Cora Visit WA! The school was buzzing with excitement last December to see Connie Cornell and Betsey Cora walking our halls once again, even if it was for a short time. Their visit was celebrated with a luncheon in their honor. Miss Cornell served at WA in several capacities for 42 years (now, that’s a life of service!) - as Science teacher, Director of Curriculum and School Director. Mrs. Cora served as Director of Admissions and Public Relations as well as High School Guidance Counselor. Both have since entered into the blissful world of retirement.

In this section, we will be introducing employees from different departments.

MEET OUR EAGLE TEAM Mrs. Cecilia Montes

School Director • Doctoral Credits in Educational Leadership, UPRRP • Master’s degree in Curriculum and Instruction, University of Maryland • Master’s degree in Christian Counseling, Luther Rice Seminary • Bachelor's Degree in Math Education, University of Maryland • Teacher for almost 20 years • WA Employee 15 years • Married for 39 years with Antonio Martínez, Physics Professor at UPRRP • Has three grown-up sons, all WA graduates • Four-time finisher of 70.3 Iron Man • Licensed personal trainer from Departamento de Recreación y Deportes • Homeschooled her three sons • Co-authored two books • Mascots: A cat named Taíno and a Rottweiler puppy named Maia • Hobbies: biking, swimming, working out at the gym

our eagle team

Katherine Rodríguez Primary-Elementary Teacher of the Year

• Born in Arecibo from a big family of 8. • Born and raised in a family with Christian values • Married to Juan Ortiz, Esq., mother of 3 children Mikaela, Flavio and Antonella • Master in Psychology and a teacher for the past 18 years, 10 of them at Wesleyan Academy • Favorite quote "Knowledge is power." • Loves books, nature and music.

Carina Reyes High School Teacher of the Year

• Ten years teaching; five at WA! • She has a beautiful daughter, Marina, who will be a WA Kinder graduate this year. • Degree: Master's in Education. • Hobbies and Interests: Going to the beach and reading. She has had the opportunity to travel to many countries and looks forward to exploring many more, God willing! • What many don’t know. She has performed as a member of the Philharmonic Choir with the PR Symphonic Orchestra and enjoys stage managing in her spare time.

María García, LPN Cafeteria Cashier

our eagle team

• 20 years at WA • Avid reader of non-fiction • Loves the Lord with all her heart • Mother of three; Grandmother of three • Licensed Nurse • Favorite Color: Blue • Favorite Hymn: Solo tu Gracia me ha Sostenido

our eagle team

Mayra Alexandra Rodríguez Encarnación Full Time Social Worker

• Master’s degree in social work from UPRRP • U.S. Mental Health First Aid Certificate. • Youngest of 4 siblings • Loves dancing, watching movies with her family and spending time with her nephews. • Christian dance group coordinator. Youth group adviser. (GOD ALWAYS FIRST) • Favorite day of the week - TACO TUESDAY!  • Loves working at W.A. Her Door Is Always Open.

Profile for WA marketing


The Wesleyan Academy Newsletter Ene - Feb. 2020 Issue No. 1


The Wesleyan Academy Newsletter Ene - Feb. 2020 Issue No. 1